What I enjoy out with the wife

I am lucky to have a beautiful wife, who is willing to do thing's that excite me.
I have asked my wife to start wearing top's that are lower cut or more open, even to some degree more sheer without a bra on.
She has done this at home without me asking and I get excited when I see her that I asked her if she would wear thing's like this when we go out. For some reason when I see some guy looking in her top and getting a look at her chest and even better her nipples it drives me crazy.
Why is it that I enjoy other men see her chest?

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  • I'm not sure if I am a chest man or not, but when I see a nice looking woman with a top on that allow's me to get a look of her chest it has always excited me. Your wife, has made many a man happy, keep it up. It never get's old.

  • It's an odd thing. My wife was brought up ultra conservative so to this day out in the general public she will layer up shirts to play her sexy perfect figure and ample breast. Behind closed doors she is a nudist. If you are a nudist as well she has no problem you seeing her naked. Beats me I just roll with it.

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  • I love other men seeing everything my wife has to offer. She has been pleasing me for the past seven years by wearing sheer blouses and no bra when we go clubbing. She must get hit on a dozen times a night when we go out. Every once and awhile I even let her play with one of men that hit on her. She likes it so much she even goes to the super market with here tits hanging out nipples showing. She fucked several guys she met while shopping. Right now she is working on trying to get together with one of the guys behind the meat counter.

  • I think you sort of enjoy knowing other men get to see what you believe only you’re supposed to see.

    Why not take it up a notch and let her wear a short skirt and no panties? I think you’ll enjoy it more when you notice other guys seeing your wife’s pussy.

  • I do the same, but often I take her out and tell her to wear some sexy with easy access. She will wear something low cut or a short skirt, and after a couple or few drinks I will tell her to take off her panties or bra and she always does it. After a couple of drinks she loosens up a lot and will do anything. We went out one night a few weeks ago to a hotel resort with a dance club in it. We were having a great time and we went out for some fresh air. She had a very sheer blouse and tank top underneath with a bra. I told her to take off the bra and she did, and I told her to just wear the tank top, but she didn’t like the way the black silky tank looked with her skirt so I said just wear the sheer blouse then and she did. This was completely see through, more than I thought it would be. In the dark it was barely noticeable but when we went inside and the lights were flashing on the dance floor her nipples were fully visible. We went to sit by the bar which was more lit up and her full round breasts and nipples were on full display in the see through top.
    I took some pics of her sitting at the bar and others at the dance floor, with a flash on, her tits were just bare under the thin black see through blouse. When we got back to our room after about two hours she looked in the mirror and her mouth dropped! She said “I didn’t know it was this transparent!” She said “I showed my tits to everyone in the resort!”
    Not everyone but everyone at the club maybe 100 people and staff and the staff and guests in the lobby and the halls and the people in the elevator ride for sure got to see her big tits. She was embarrassed and turned on.

  • Bro thats very normal with men. My wife doesn't wear panty while wearing a body hugging dress, skirt or thighs.the dress fits thightly on her gorgeous asset & the men get hard on. That turns me on. & Not only men, young boys think the same. So i dared her to go to Walmart wearing a mini with no panty. Forget about the men, our 14 yr old son came to me & said " hey dad mom is looking very sexy today did u notice". I m enjoying it.

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