Masturbation Confessions

Teases Me

Step daughter is a senior in school and likes to dress hot like. She wasn't aware I down bloused her when I got a chance. She has long skinny saggy breast and I wasn't aware at the time that the ends of her breasts was huge areolas. When my wife was out shopping Carol, my step daughter was showering. I wanted to see her body. I secretly peered... [more]


I find that masturbation is much more fulfilling and pleasant then any cock ...i simply enjoy it ..many times i finish myself off in front of my husband

If I could turn back time!

Many years ago when I was 15 I was flirting with a boy from school, at the time I had only ever kissed a boy.
He was very pushy to go further then just kissing, after school at his house he wanted to touch between my legs, I remember saying no but I don’t remember how I agreed to watch him masturbate.
Nothing happened after that experience, I... [more]

Horny like hell

I'm always horny. Ever since my ex left me I have been. Still jerk off to her almost everyday. Share her pics so that others comment and I jerk off.

Naughty wife

My drunk wife confessed to having slept with over 100 men and now it’s the only thing I think about when I masturbate.

My Nephew Has Got A Problem

While on an important call, it happened. I tried to get up and move out of his line of fire, but he was standing so close to the couch that I couldn't; at least not without a fight, and that would surely have alerted my boss. After spewing some additional cum on my arms, my skirt and my bare legs, he shook his cock around a bit and then walked... [more]

My deceased moms 55 yr old cousin.

Found myself living with T since junior school. She had a nice full figure. I was 17 and spoilt.I had witnessed her semi naked for years as she discreetly left doors open when we were alone,obviously i masturbated a lot. One day i walked into her room when she was only wearing a medium length shirt. I knew she had just taken off her nickers. Would... [more]

From friend's house to home

Several years ago when I was still in high school, I was visiting a friend, who only lived a couple km from me. There were a couple roads and a couple of wooded trails between his place and mine.
It was evening, and I had to go back home.
I left my friend's place and started walking down the first path, which forked toward the highway down one... [more]

My friend keeps gaining weight

A friend I have a sexual history with has gained over 100 lbs in the last year and a half. I always liked fucking him because he was chubby and it was hot to watch his potbelly move. Since his weight gain, he's a lot wider and softer. His potbelly turned into a big fat gut. Every time I see him, he's fatter. It's making me horny as hell. I keep... [more]

Mother in law

Many years ago over 3z0 if exact i started dating my wife .i was 17 .well her mother was blonde busty woman id say 50 curvy .u could see she was good looking in her day but still something sexy about her .well it started i was using bathroom and some of her underwear was hanging drying . dont know what came over me but i touched it and got aroused... [more]

Window view

The end of the school year means exams ... and of course they end at different times
Somedays i would hang around with my friends other days i would head home
one morning after one exam i headed home and to my surprise i could hear some noises coming from my parents bedroom... it was the middle of the week so my father had to be working ... [more]

Masturbation Hot Pool

There are natural hot pools in the mountains that I frequent and clothes are optional. I go in the morning and there are a group of guys , not always the same ones in the pool naked. I was shocked the first time I saw this guy get out of the water with a hard on , sit on a rock and jerk off. Then one after another the rest did the same. I was the... [more]

Drunk wife facial

My wife passed out drunk last night so I jerked off on her face.

Mother's knickers

This was quite a while ago. My Mother was getting ready to go out for the evening when I saw her leaving the bathroom and couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing sexy underwear that made me instantly rock hard. She was wearing a black see through bra that just about contained her big breasts as they bounced along as she walked (I could clearly... [more]

Nude Hike

Several years ago, I used to hike through a nearby wooded area in the summer.
One hot, summer day, I walked through the woods and past a logging road, further into the woods, and up a couple trails. There was nobody around, so I stripped down to only my shades and left everything else in my backpack, and hidden it away from view.
I started... [more]

Wanking over UK Television Presenters

I love to wank over UK Television Presenters including - Ruth Langsford, Fiona Bruce, Sian Williams, Carol Vorderman, Mary Nightingale, Susannah Reid etc. They really get me horny. I also make fake pics of them in Photoshop spreading there legs and showing off there lovely cunt and tits. For me they are a real turn-on, very Milfy and serious all... [more]

Masterbation club

I am a happily married 35 year old woman who lives in a conservative suburb. A friend in my neighborhood invited me to what she called a social club of several woman in the community. It involved nude yoga and getting centered.
Twice a week we get together strip naked do hot yoga and then masterbate in front of each other. There is no... [more]

Wanking whenever I can

I just love to wank wherever I can.
I wank in the woods, in my bedroom, in public toilets, anywhere that I feel is safe. I wank over pictures of mature ladies. Also I like to film myself shaving my cock, balls and arse. I find this particularly arousing.
If you would like to know more about what I do, please do not hesitate to ask.
PS: I am... [more]

Avril Obsession

I am totally obsessed with young Avril Lavigne. From age 18 to 28 I couldn't get enough of looking at her photos and videos. Google "Avril Lavigne Makes Me Horny", and you'll see me looking at Avril on the cover of Maxim magazine and having maximum pleasure.

My sister Suzy

My younger sister Suzy had always been cute, but when she blossomed into womanhood, she became a knockout! I watched with jealousy as the guys began vying for her attention, taking her on dates, kissing her at the end of dates and trying for more (I used to peek thru the blinds and watch her come home). She had always been a flirt, and included me... [more]

Panty sniffing and wearing

I Had stepdaughter perv marriage. She take shower show every morning and place panties an bra purposefully on top of all dirty clothes so I see them I believe. I wear them all day play in chat room video chat I had fun. Then later on I lay on her bed jack off in dirty panties wishing she walk in catch me

Lesbian or FFM Porn

When my husband is gone and I need to get off quick, I use an electric toothbrush and watch lesbian or girl girl man porn. Why am I curious and so turned on by this?

Riding naked in the woods

One night, I decided to bike to this wooded area, and as soon as I rode to the back of the woods,I would leave my clothes in a hidden spot and bike back naked. I went as far as the road next to the woods, and even walked to the middle of the road and came on the spot. The road was dark and quiet. I went back to the spot where I hid my clothes, got... [more]

Naked walk on my street

When I was 15, late at night, I felt really daring, and had the crazy idea to sneak out of my house, and walk down my street naked.
I was already naked, and the only one awake. I opened my bedroom window and snuck out into the warm night. I walked around my house, down my yard and driveway, until I was on my street, barefoot, naked and horny. I... [more]

Nude walk outside

A few years ago, I walked down to a small wooded area at night. Since there was nobody around, I took off all my clothes and walked into the area naked, with an erection.
I walked down the lake side to where it joined a walking trail. There was also a small hilltop overlooking the lake in one side, a quiet road with some houses on the other... [more]

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