Masturbation Confessions

Why deny?

So my girlfriend gets in bed every night, and nights we don’t have sex, I feel the bed move and her breathing change to an excited level, after a few minutes of this movement and soft moaning or sounds of pleasure, I feel her body quiver with orgasm. And let’s be honest people, there is only one thing that makes a body quiver that way and it’s an... [more]

Tied up with thoughts

I am so obsessed with bondage! I can only masturbate to images of women who are completely tied up. I have jerked it to every hot girl at school, imagining them all bandaged out! I even fantasized about typing up my own mom and sister and using them. As an adult I would hire prostitutes just to tie them up and take pictures. I didn’t even do them... [more]

Tranny Porn

I'm 45 Single guy and the other day I was bored so I checked out some porn sites,
Well I happen to see tranny porn site,
So I clicked on the site,
I watched a couple short videos and I was amazed at how gorgeous some of these tranny's were!
I continued watching and I was so sexually aroused!
I got a hard-on!
I watched these sexy tranny's and... [more]

I feel disgusted

Since I first learned how to masturbate nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING can turn me on like my dad, and I feel so disgusted even writing this paragraph, but I can’t lie about it and nothing else ever seems to turn me on like he does. I get so horny, and wet thinking about him and I want to know if it has anything to do with me being sexually... [more]

Catch me

I want any female including the girls in my family to catch me stroking.

Ejaculation videos and exhibitionism

I love to masturbate from pretty regularly. I love my wife's pussy, but lately i have the most intense orgasms when I jerk off. This includes big loads of cum that sometimes hit me in the face or forehead.
Sometimes I record myself as I ejaculate. I rewatch the ones with the best cumshots. I'll watch them sometimes, and they make me horny... [more]

Norma 3 - The end of our petting

I was so aroused to have Norma’s foot resting on my erection. Norma made no effort to move her foot away from my erection. “I like the darker parts over your toes and your heels.” I whispered. “Do all pairs look like that?”
“Not all of them. I think they last a little longer with that. I like the way it makes my feet look too. Mmmm. That feels... [more]

Norma 2 The Loan

After my very first climax, I started to notice more women wearing those sexy nylon stockings that I first noticed Norma wearing. If I saw them dangling their shoes from their feet, I always became was Norma that started this incredible fixation I had for women wearing sheer nylon stockings.
About a year after that first climax... [more]

Wife’s soles and toes. Foot job fantasy

I just found a picture of my wife in a bathing suit when she was in her early twenties! She is gorgeous and has her left leg and foot extended so the sole and toes of her foot are showing. I am as hard as a rock! She has a beautiful smile!
I have a big fantasy confession! I would like to see my wife give a stranger a foot job. She would gently... [more]

I want to see a cock cum

Is there anyone out there that wants to mutually masterbate love black cocks

Used to send her home with a wet crotch

I was single parenting 3 kids....and after I got my kids to bed and it was time for my young future wife to go home to her apt. I would take her into my bed room, close the door, pull down her jeans and push her back onto the bed.
Then in just a very few minutes I'd thoroughly lick the her crotch so that she would go home with the crotch of her... [more]

I prefer toys over my husband

Pretty much what the title says. I feel kinda bad for it but i prefer to use my toys over my husband. He has a good cock dont get me wrong but just the pleasure i get from toying myself is the best. We still have sex but as soon as he leaves for work i open up my dresser and get my toys. I use dildos and vibrators. I also like watching porn where... [more]

After Hours

When I lived in South Africa, I was manager of a branch of a large industrial tools company. The branch was located on a moderately busy street and the front 'wall' was one plate glass window, fitted with reflective film to keep the office cool. That meant it was just a giant mirror from the outside. Most people couldn't resist looking at... [more]

Mommys masturbate to

Hello im a divorced 37yo mom of 2. My daughter is 17 and my son is 14. My daughter lives with me and my son lives with his dad. Last week i was laying down watching tv and got horny. I have a couple toys and use them a couple times a week. I decided to get my dildo out and started watching porn on my phone. After about 10min when im into it good... [more]

My weird obsession

I masturbate to men getting their penises cut off. The Ukranian soldier who got his dick cut off? If jerked off to that video countless times. The video of the brazilian woman who tied her husband up and cut his penis off? Same. If you have any videos of men getting their cocks cut off, I'd love to chat with you bet121208 at gee mail

Wife knows my fetish

She came home the other night from a girl's night out at a local spot. She is a blonde MILF. She was wearing a pretty short skirt....on purpose. For me. "Did you get hit on?" "Yes." "See anybody who looked interesting?" "Yeah, there were three suits at the bar who looked like they'd be nice to fuck." Bingo....

Public Masturbation

I am a guy who loves dressing in sexy lingerie, and showing myself off on a webcam site. While there, I pull down my panties and jerk off for the girls until I cum. Sometimes I will lick it all up for them. I would love to go on the site with another sissy and suck him off on cam.

Hot Wife pictures

Hi all, Have loads of nude photos of my wife and would love sharing them and seeing what you guys think, any one interested ?

I love to masturbate

I'm very oral so all my fantasies involve eating pussy and ass or sometimes sucking cock. Most involve women at work in a dominant role. I'm a 63 yo male. The is even a 30 yo male I sometimes fantasize about. I have womens briefs,panties,bras and even adhesive breasts to wear. You can see the nipples thru my sports bra too. I love smelling the... [more]


Love to masturbate looking at hi res pics of women's assholes. Also watching videos of them shit. Never thought I'd be turned on by that.

Finally time to properly jerkoff

Between kids bringing home and wife working from home I haven't had time to get deep into my masturbation practice. This is only the second time in the past two weeks I have stroked my cock and the first time to edge and enjoy some self-love.
I really like sharing my thought with my dick in my hand. It is freeing. My next adventure is to... [more]

The 43 year old virgin

It's sad really......I'm 43 and never been with a woman in real life. Sure I've masturbated and had sexual fantasies since I was In the 5th or sixth grade. I am smart, handsome kind---- and creative.... sensitive....and handicapped.I quess I didn't ever feel good enough.....In my youth I had model looks, people say I look like Leonardo Dicaprio... [more]

Looking to suck cock

I’m looking for a male to let me suck his cock when le he suck’s mine on a regular basis

Sexting Request

I’m male 58 and love sexting. I have gotten myself and the recipient into quite steamy conversations that has led to both of us masturbating and sending photo’s to each other. Would love to sext someone again particularly in Norfolk UK. Any ladies interested?

Vintage photos of my wife

When my wife and I got married we started taking nude photos of each other. These were kept in a cupboard in the spare bedroom. We had a clearing out some years later and decided to destroy them. I later discovered some slides, Polaroids and prints that had been forgotten. I decided to keep these secret and also post them on a couple of websites... [more]

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