Masturbation Confessions

My Wife has a Crazy Sister

Jeanie's sister is named Shelly, she works at a day spa as an on site massage therapist.
I really had no clue as to all she did, laws in our State are fairly strict so I doubted she did anything to risk her license.
One day I was working on a storage shed, lifting 12' long pieces of steel siding into place, and I had to stop because my back was... [more]

Secret voyeurism of my wife

I've written a few stories of my younger life single or married. This particular story is very true and it's now been a few years ago. My first wife was a virgin and it was quite apparent our first night. I fucked her brains out and boy was she tight. After that night we got it going and she really got to enjoy sex maybe more than me... [more]

Peehole play

A few years ago, I discovered a wonderful aspect of masturbation that I didn't know existed. There was a video that I accidentally stumbled across on some porn website showing male and female urethral insertions. At first, I was horrified. But the longer I thought about it, the more turned on I became and wanted to try it for myself. The... [more]

Just a bit of training

I hired this new massage therapist lady, she comes right to the house to do it. Nice looking, about 25-30, pretty in a way, in what looks to be OK shape. I am 50, mildly heavy at 6' and 205#. I do work out some, so muscular.
The first session, I found out I was her very first client, she was fresh out of massage school. The surprise was her... [more]

I still think of him!

Now I know that this may sound weird but I masturbate to my elementary school love. I scream out his name because it is the only thing that turns me on. Well... Other than the thought of being raped. Man I want him bad!!


I masturbate most days even though I am married and I always swallow my cum. My wife loves to watch me luck it off her nipples. Do other guys like the taste of semen like me?

YMCA shower watching boy stroke and watch me get hard

For a number of years my wife and I attended a YMCA. It was no big deal to see all type if guys cocks while taking a shower. The sauna and steam room were known areas for guys to show off and maybe more.
The incident that really turned me on was a few times when I was showering a young 16/17 yr old spanish boy would shower across from me. I... [more]

Got Busted

The State I live in requires a license to do massages, and they are very strict about it, no sexy touching, no undraping no.. basically no fun of any kind, strictly therapeutic.
I did go to massage school, but never did the license stuff, but I ran ads, since I just love looking and toughing at naked women.
My 1st trouble was when my ad got... [more]

Masturbating in the lingerie Dept and caught

I have been a public masturbater for some years. I've flashed and jerked off from hotel windows no matter if on 1st floor or up a few floors. This time I was in Portland,Or on business. I like to go out after work and get off some of my frustration training trainees. This time I went into a department store in the main mall near downtown. I love... [more]

Public sex acts

Are there places around Maryland that a woman would be safe going to publicly masturbate? Like a nude beach or nudist community where public touching is okay. Or a park or rest stop where police or dangerous people won't be a threat. I want to be able to masturbate out in the open knowing strangers could be watching me. Or a place where I could... [more]

While on the phone

During lockdown I was on the phone a lot talking to my friends, I was masturbating and my friend called, I answered because she had some news I wanted to know.
I was talking for a long time so I gently kept myself going, I got myself very close a few times to having an orgasm, my friend knew I wasn’t paying attention and kept asking if I was... [more]

Got caught

I was in my room a couple of nights ago, making a naughty video of myself masturbating. It sounded really nasty to post it online, no faces, just lower body.
I got engrossed so much I did not hear my stepmom open the door, fresh sheets and pillowcases. It was a few seconds before I realized she was standing there in shock, I covered up... [more]

When you get the urge

At my friend house with her boyfriend, the 3 of us smoking weed, I got so monged out, when I came back into the real world as I opened my eyes her boyfriend was jerking himself off in the chair opposite me, when he finished he just stayed in the chair. I continued smoking!

Colonoscopy Nurse

I had a bit of rectal bleeding, not much but obvious. I got sent to Portland for the procedure, I live in a small town and no facilities here.
On arrival, I was sent to a room with the equipment, there sat a black lady, clearly a nurse.
She told me to undress from the waist down, I hesitated since she made no move to leave. Finally, I just... [more]

Brother's Wife..

I headed down to the family ranch last weekend to give my brother a hand, he is building a storage facility, and has one of those tiny sawmills so the plan is to make his own boards right off the place, it has lots of Fir trees.
I just sleep in this chair left over from when Dad was with us, it is electric and reclines flat of lifts a person up... [more]

Massage Exchange website

My wife and I were looking at maybe experimenting, but checking the sites, they are full of guys with dick pics, we wanted a more real experience, like friends first, etc.
Then we found this Massage exchange site, a fee to join but the massage stuff is supposed to be free.
We signed up, and waded through 40 pages of old people and single men... [more]

The most amazing party

My wife and I attended a coed (couples only) masturbation party. After about an hour of small talk and sodas (no booze allowed), people started taking off their clothes. Twelve couples - 24 people would soon be naked and masturbating in small and bigger groups. I told my wife it would be wonderful to see her on the couch masturbating and... [more]


I been woken a few times but never open eye or moved as know sound of wives toy and listing to her playing thinking I'm asleep getting hear her moan and shakas as she cums that's when i turn over saying good morning sounded like enjoyed that and got me excited up for more fun or i got to sort myself she never said no yet and nice just feeling nice... [more]

I want to get caught

I fantasize about getting caught masturbating by my beautiful cousin. She’s been single for a long time. But I’m afraid she will be mad and never speak to me again. We hang out together a lot. How can I or should I try to do it?

Wife’s pics

I love when guys stroke to my wife’s pics. I’d be willing to share some if you share your wife with me.

Cock flashing at home or in public

It's been a number of years now but after reading some of these stories, I remembered a time at home. We lived on a fairly busy street and all the high school kids waited for their bus right in front of our house. They also lived behind us somewhere so they walked by our house but a small home was on the corner. I liked to work out early in the... [more]

I jerked off to my granny in the bath!!q

When I was younger I decided to visit my granny and I saw her in the bath near the window she was masturbating herself I thought to myself what should I do?... Next thing u know I was jerking off to her she saw me then I jumped through the window and she started riding my dick like a Harley she fucked me Everytime I visited her she even let me fun... [more]

Co-workers dirty panty

My workplace has recently hired some women but they share the same locker room right now because they are renovating to build them their own. As it stands we share the space the process is if the door is shut you knock and ask if they are decent. If using the toilet or showering you lock the door until you are done. Our employer has provided us... [more]

That brings back memories

My ex girlfriend and me have a child, before collecting our son from school, I was having him for the weekend I noticed I didn’t have his wellington boots.
Me and my ex get on great now, we both have a key to each other’s house and I popped in to collect his boots.
Her car was in the drive, let myself in grabbed the boots and thought best have a... [more]

Roll on 5pm

Today is now a good day, just had confirmation my parcel has been left in a safe place, in that parcel is my new sex toy, roll on 5pm getting wet just thinking about it.

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