Masturbation Confessions

Nights out with the gf

On nights out with my girlfriend and having a few drinks, I often notice guys checking her out. She’s blond with sexy blue eyes you can easily get lost in. I’ve found myself thinking about these guys fucking her while I’m jerking. I start imagining that I wasn’t there and he started to actually hit on her, and how she would react to him hitting... [more]

Teaching my friend

After starting the senior school , it was all boys , so no girls . I had enjoyed experimenting with girls , but now i didn't see them . I had turned 12 , it was dark nights . So it was just homework and TV . No going out . At weekends i would spend time with my freind from up the road , Dave . We would walk in the woods when it was dry . Watch Tv... [more]

Love jerking off to p*** when I'm high

Horny in my body in my lingerie jerking off to p*** on high right now interesting for guys and shemales love to suck cock and I love anal to have some right now wish I had someone here wish I will find someone out I'm going to come come

Masturbating and Butt Plugs

I wear a butt plug everyday while my wife is at work and masturbate at least 5 times a day. I will sometimes use a vibrator on myself while I wear panties. I now have 5 pairs in my collection. I eat my own cum almost every time I masturbate.

Jerking off I'm high

When I get high I love jerking off watching p*** look s****** p*** in gay p*** I love wearing lingerie to and jerking off you can lube I think about one of my friends and you'll be pretty at your most of the time because he's f****** me with a strap-on I love being with guys that suck and swallowing anal and some more

How I started masturbating

I was 5 or 6 when I started to masturbate (I was just a curious kid back then) and I would hump my pillow or rub my thighs together. I remember taking my mother's catalogue and play it with my neighbour. We will choose an underwear design and decide the 'price' to pay aka touching each other or licking others pussy (which is so insane because we... [more]

High school

In the 10th grade, I asked my female friend if she wouldn't like to watch me "jack-off". She agreed to look at me while I got an erection and "played" with my tool. I think that I was pretty horny, because a shot of white sperm ejected out of my penis...ohh my God, it felt unbelievably good!!!

Masturbating after sharing wife's nude pictures

Is it bad that I masturbate while sharing my wife's nude pictures to other men?

Strange porn

When I start a jerk session, I usually start with some female masturbation porn or mutual masturbation. As I continue to stroke my cock, the porn changes to a threesome, maybe some face sitting or handjobs. But then, after edging for an hour or so it's like I'm drunk or something I will watch almost anything...pee, little people(midgets...not... [more]

I missed my hard dick

I was taking a medicine that caused erection and orgasm problems for the past year. I didn't want to masturbate but when I did, my dick was semi-hard, and it took a while to cum. I am finally off of that medicine, and I am back! When and where I want to. I get good and hard and I could cum in 5 minutes, but why? I can stroke and cruise the entire... [more]

Cant stop

F**k i cant stop masturbating to pregnant woman.. those big belly bouncing.. especially fake labors ooohh.. im so wet and masturbating on my vibrator now mmm shit i just squirt ohh yeahh

It's all I think about...

My wife is a long-legged Italian (heritage) brunette. Not a lot topside...only 36B tits. But her legs go on for fucking miles! By way of comparison, I'm 5'11" and she's 5'10" and still her legs are A FULL 6" longer than mine at the inseam. No shit. Beautiful heart-shaped ass with a long, deep, well-defined buttcrack. No tattoos. No piercings other... [more]

Caught my wife masturbating to porn

One day I came home unexpectedly from work to pick up some paperwork I had forgotten.
As I arrived home I noticed our bedroom curtains, which I had definitely opened before leaving, were closed. Instead of parking on the drive, I stopped a few doors down and walked back.
I entered the house quietly, and started to climb the stairs.
Half way up... [more]


Any ladies here would like to join me on skibbel Chat? Roleplay? Cam? 28m

Male nipple play

I started to play with my nipples whilst jerking off.
At first there was only a mild stimulation.
The more I caressed and pulled them, the more stimulated I became.
After a few days my nipples started to become enlarged as I played with them.
The more enlarged they became, the more I felt the stimulation as I played with them, especially when... [more]

Ass licking orgasm

I was licking my wife’s pussy last night.
As she became more excited I flipped her over and started to lick her ass.
At first she asked me to stop then started to squirm and gasp as she gradually surrendered. Before long she was thrusting back against my tongue as it explored her ass.
I continued to lick and push my tongue deeper into her... [more]

Wife's nudes

Is it wrong to get off by sharing my wife's naked pictures to other men, without her knowing?

Cum compilation

I would like to be featured in a cum compilation video. Gay men, bisexual men, bicurious men, and women would be masturbating to a series of hot guys with hot cocks shooting hot semen, and for 10-20 seconds in the middle of that, they would see my smooth, throbbing cock erupt, spraying a load all over my flat stomach. Then they’d cum themselves... [more]

Just feels good

It feels so good after not masturbating for a few days to come home, climb into the bed as my cock is becoming erect, and finally put my hand around it and slowly stroke. First i read some stories, then pull up some masturbation videos. I stroke faster as I watch the women rub on their wet and swollen pussies, slipping their fingers into their... [more]

When did you get your first handjob and from whom?

When did you get your first handjob that made you cum? I was in the UK and I got my first proper handjob when I was 14 from a girl who was 15. Her parents were out and it was the first time that we had got naked together. There was no intention for actual sex, just touching and kissing. She rubbed my cock until I eventually popped spunk over her... [more]

Secret faggot

I’m a 54 married white male , delivery driver. I masturbate in the back of my work truck on my lunch hour. I watch gay and sissy porn and chat on gay sites. I confess and admit to other men how much of a faggot I am. I’ve sent full naked pics to men. Some have said they are posting my pics on gay sites. That excites me so much , but worries... [more]

Masterbated thinking about my nephew

Uh..well to give the story context, I (20 something F) had been caring for my nephews and niece for years. Don't wanna give too many details, but, after I moved away, I felt terrible and wanted my relationship with them back, specifically the eldest. (We'll call him Daryll)
But as I lay awake at night I found myself imagining that relationship... [more]

Like to jack off for guys girls couples

Love to masturbate and take pics vids of myself cumming for people. Live on cam is best. Love doing cumtributes. Love to dirty chat on snap with anyone 18+. Share pics vids for mutual pleasure.

Shaking the walls

I’ve always wonder why my brother has to shake our bunk bed so hard it literally shakes the wall. I always sleep naked and generally hang around the house naked. Our parents don’t really care because I’ve been doing it for the longest time. For the past couple of months generally my brother will jerk off. I can handle that but other times he... [more]

Can you help me stunning woman

My wife doesn't think she is sexxy. I told her other men would gladly masturbate your photos and she doesn't believe me so I would like for somebody that likes my wife or video of you cuning to her pictures not too much..??

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