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Masturbation Confessions

Highschooler skips panties!

Don't know why this has got me so hot tonight as I sit here.
(This is a true recording of a conversation with my daughter)
My 18 yr old daughter mentioned at the dinner table that her "dumb locker-mate" (girl with the locker above hers) told her this morning, "darn, I forgot to wear underwear today!"
My daughter said, "what?"
She replied... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated

Flicking My Clit

Always horny and now that I found my clit, I am hooked on playing it. I rub it too often sometimes I do without thinking. And I caught myself doing it a couple of times with someone near. Living at home you are rarely alone. I love to pull my jeans up tight. Not only does it show my fat toe, the way guys like, it puts pressure giving a little... [more]

Touching Myself While Driving

This was some time ago, before cellphones were the norm. I was a substitute teacher, and my boyfriend was studying booklets to get into a police academy. He got very excited by the thought of me masturbating and describing it to him. Part of his thrill was knowing that I would never lie about anything sexual. If I said I'd do it, I did. 100%. So... [more]

Wife’s Flats

My wife recently bought a new pair of flats! I want her to sit in a chair wearing shorts. I want her to cross one leg over the other leg and kick her leg back and forth and dangle a flat on a bare foot! Dangle that flat off the tip of her toes! I want to jerk off and watch her tease me! Oh yes!!! Shoot my load while I stroke my hard cock!

My brother and his gf

My brother just moved back in with me and my mom temporarily. He has a gf that lives with him and my mom let her move in also since it’s just for a few weeks. He has his old bedroom which is next to mine. I’m 16 and don’t have a gf at the moment but I’ve had sex a couple times but it’s been awhile so I’m always horny. I decided to listen to see if... [more]


Since I've retired I spend a good part of my day stroking my cock. I go on a website and chat with other guys. I really want my wife to fuck other guys. I share pics of my wife with the other guys I chat with

Usually prim wife shares a little of her sexy past....

("Masturbation"? well, I will use this conversation for later masturbation~!)
Wife and I were watching a movie recently on TV....scene cut to two people having very very active sex in bed. The bed was shaking, there was a good bit of very convincing grunting, the gal was grabbing the head board and hanging on for dear life! It was great! She was... [more]

So naughty watching bud enjoy view of my wife's anus

I'll cum for years remembering last Friday night!
Got super turned-on watching my wife laying under my best friend as he spread her cheeks and stared at her young anus while licking her cunt!
She is one of those women who are blessed with a clear pale pink snug little anus in the flawless creamy crack of her ass! She could be an anus model for... [more]

Mutual masturbation

24yo female. I really like mutual masturbation. I’m single and I have mostly guy friends. I know how guys are and they jerkoff alot so why not do it together. I have masturbated with 3 of them (apart from each other). It started when I caught one of them in his bedroom and I heard him watching porn and I knocked and he said one min and told him it... [more]


I used to have a female friend who used to announce “I’m off for a wank” and promptly wander off. We could be at a party, her house, my house, camping, festivals, just about anywhere. She never asked me to join her and I never felt I should follow her. As far as I know she never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. She wasn’t attractive or... [more]

Girlfriends mothers knickers

My girlfriends mother has sorted me out a key for her place as I need to drop things off from time to time. Today I masturbated with her underwear over my head, with my nose in just the right place and smelling her scent, I can’t get enough of her smell! When I have sex with my girlfriend I think of how sweet the smell is and imagine fucking her... [more]

Husband wont let me touch his asshole

I have a husband of 2 years and i want to finger and lick or atleast touch his asshole but he wont let me! When i am jerking him off i will lube his cock with coconut oil and play with his balls and let me fingers slide down his taint and close to his asshole but he has always told me he doesnt like for me to get near it. Lately ive been noticing... [more]

My aunts panties

Years ago I would go through my aunts hamper and panty drawer. She had big panties because she had a big ass. I would sniff pick out the pubies entwined in the fabric and put them in my mouth. I had a few of her panties I would put the ones I had back in the hamper. And take new dirty ones for my pleasure. She never said anything but I wonder if... [more]

Best friend masturbation

I have two friends that are sisters. I'm close to both but one has always been more sexually open to me. We have masturbated together for a few years now and share porn. She's into girls so we have never had sex but it's fun to see her nude when we hang out and her orgasm grunts are sexy. The other sister knows what we do but has never made a move... [more]

I’m a Nasty Whore Bitch

Lemme give you a visual.
I just showered - I didn’t dry myself off - pussy is dripping wet - My gaping Asshole is wet inside - my nipples are hard with my piercings in them oh yeah my pussy is pierced too. It’s thundering outside as I lay across my bed wet with this huge vibrating anal plug in my Asshole playing with my pussy watching porn... [more]

Cam wank while swapping pics?

Anyone like a cam wank while swapping pics of our lovely wives/girlfriends/boyfriends? Candaulists, cuckold or anyone who just fancies a wank! All welcum

20 Years

About twice a week my girlfriend goes to bed early. I always stay up for about another 3 hours and masturbate over my favourite actresses. I've been doing this for 20 years. Some actresses, such as Jodie Whittaker, have made me cum more than my girlfriend ever has or ever could. I am never going to stop doing this.

Wife Walked In

My wife walked in on me masturbating while using a vibrator on my ass while stroking my cock. We both kind of freaked out and she doesn't want to talk about it. Things are awkward between us now.

Wank on cam over our wives pics

Anyone like to wank and cum on cam over our wifes pics? Single or groups

On the road flashing truckers.

A couple days ago my husband who is pretty vanilla was horny on our trip back from an overnight stay. We were tired and he took his shorts off and was in his boxers saying how horny he was. I am in the passenger seat and he starts playing with my tits and i decide to take my panties off and spread my legs. He suggests i flash some truckers so i... [more]

Panty Sniffing

During my late teens /early 20s I masturbated looking at porn mags. I saw an ad for used panties. "Wear em, smell em and Jackoff too!" So I got the idea to steal dirty scented panties from my friends sisters & moms. I would sneak into the bedroom of my friends mom to get panties & bras. For the sisters it was easier because the hamper would be in... [more]

Handy Andy Handy Annie

I have two puppets named Andy and Annie, whom I love to act out scenarios with… exotic scenarios.
They are swingers who don’t mind that I watch them do all of their nasties. They do anal, cunt busting, and all kinds of sucking!
They invite me into their games, and love for my hands to go all they way up their holes. They demand that I do it. The... [more]

Watching porn

I don’t know why but I’m a 64 year old man I’m single and not dating so I’ve been watching a lot of porn mostly bj’s women masturbating some lesbian .
Lately when I find myself watching straight bj porn I find myself as much to the cock as to the woman giving the bj and I wonder if I would stroke and suck another man’s cock .
I guess at the... [more]

E-stim ideas

I’m looking for creative ways to use my 2-channel e-stim. I can easily take max power on my balls - and cock when I sniff poppers but need more. Hands free orgasms aren’t my thing for some reason. Love to hear from you.

Fisting myself

Every other night after everyone is asleep, I go to my room with lube and fist myself fantasizing about a group of people Fisting me at a party or at an event outside.


I had a dream last night. My girlfriend was naked and fingered herself in front of my friend. He wanked off watching her. It was really erotic watching.

Jacked off in front of her

I love the great outdoors! I decided
One hot summer day to wear a thong and go swimming in a mountain stream. When I got there it was full of folks half naked having fun in the cold water. I stripped off and walked around in the water in my little black thong. One brunette who sat with her husband noticed me and watched my cute ass. I played... [more]

I love masturbating thinking about my mother

My mother was so sexy and erotic. In the summertime she would wear thes halter tops and long white pants. Sometimes she would go barefoot, other times she would wear open toe sandals. Her thighs were large and her hips were wide and when she wore her top and those pants you could see maybe two inches of her bare belly, and she always wore them... [more]

Showing off the wife

My wife thinks it is fun to send me videos of her masturbating at work in the public bathroom. I think it is hot also. But recently, I started in on a new kink that is soooo hot. I broadcast her masturbating videos on Omegle.
I love watching guys blow their wads hard to her videos. A lot of the time the guys think it is a live video of a hot... [more]

I Jerk Off To My Mom

My mom looks really good for being in her late 40s. It also doesn't help that she wears a lot of clothes that shows cleavage and having huge tits. She came into my room in a bathroom the other day to grab something and I could see her nipple. I was hard instantly. I can't be the only 1.

I Like To Tribute

I'd like to cum for them all. Moms, daughters, wives, anyone. I'm 19 years old and I can cum A LOT!

Idk why i fine it so Arousing

Soo yeah i keep having dreams where i am seducing my father. I know its not normal but i masturbate to the thought of it. When i am Intimate with my boyfriend i use the thought of my father to Climax. The orgasms are so Intense my body Trembles. I find myself hugging him longer and harder so i can feel him. Im a 24 year old perverted daughter and... [more]

Her personal nude

See me naked and jerkoff give me all of your cum baby

I Masturbate In Front Of A Mirror

20F and as the title says, I masturbate in front of a mirror. I can't explain why I like it so much. The view of myself rubbing my tits and fingering myself just turns me on. Maybe I liked lesbian porn, tried watching and didn't feel anything. Tried being with other women, wasn't that either. Just something about me being in front of a mirror.

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