Masturbation Confessions

Wearing panties

I'm a guy, 61, home alone, wearing tight black pnties and If a man was to knock my door I would suck his cock

I only watched

The TV was on as I approached the Family Room. The TV volume and my step-daughter's noise were pretty equal, which slowed my approach. Her hand was down her pants and she was masturbating. I stopped in my tracks in hopes I was not noticed. I listened, watched, and wanted to be a mior so that I could participate. Ever since I am very quiet hoping... [more]

I've started giving guys oral sex

So, I Moved away from home last year and into a brand new place down south. After a few days, I kinda started having horny feelings about guys cocks. I went on Grindr and found it surprisingly easy to get a hook up within minutes. The first guy came to my flat and I sucked his cock for about 15 mins til he came. I wanted it in my mouth but backed... [more]

Am I normal

I'm a straight man I live on Birmingham uk: but its been years since I've been with a woman and it's beginning to look like it's not going to happen anytime soon : so I started wearing women's panties and I've wanked and sucked some guys to see what it's like ideally I'd like another straight guy to wank and suck with in the ukbut how do I find... [more]

I can only cum to daddy fantasies

Jfc. How good of a lesbian am I if I can only cum to fantasies of my dead dad touching me? I can't even date or have sex because no one will cater to my fantasies but heterosexual men I'd never let touch me.
In my favorite fantasies, my mother and father fuck me together. I walk in on them having sex and when I go to walk away, daddy drags me... [more]

Uncontrolled lust

So i have always been the pervy one in my family for as long as i can remember. My dad had been home from having surgery about 4 days when it happened. I was taking care of him while my mom ran to the stor. I had given him his meds and he got Comfortable on the couch i sat with him knowing he would fall a sleep. As he slept i began touching his... [more]

Naughty hubby

I am 65 and i like dressing in my wife's panties when she goes to work .....

How many times have you…

My girlfriend told me one of her work colleagues masturbates up to 12 times a day and her record is 27 times in one day. So putting it out there how many orgasms have you had in one day?

Hardcore Hairbrush Anal

I spent an hour fucking myself hard in the ass with a long hairbrush handle. The handle is about 5-6 inches long.
I lubed my asshole and pushed it inside of me slowly, then I started fucking myself faster and faster. I slammed it all the way to the base and giving my hole what it wanted. A hard, fast pounding.
When my ass began trying to... [more]


The Mom was kiss in me as her daughter was jerkin me off then they both grabbed my hard cock an made me cum!!!


I was 30yrs went to see my mom. I was in bed with a hard on so started to jerk off, my mom walked in my room and just stood there did not turn around and leave! So I got harder and longer then I started to cum!! She just stood there and watched, she then left my room. So after that I walked into the rest of the House naked,my Mom turned to me and... [more]

I get weird when im horny

So ive been jerking off for 25 years and its always been fairly normal. What i jerk off to has always went thru phases like 6 months of cumshots, then titfucks, etc. Well for some reason recently ive been having gay thoughts when i jerk. White stockings really turn me on. One night i was jerking and i remembered i had a pair of my exes there. I... [more]

Want to share photos of wife

Like to post pic of the wife naked and would like cum tribute

Awkward moment with grandma

Early 20s i was staying with grandma and after some time i started to peek in while she was sleeping. It stared kinda by accident but grew. As i creep in i notice she was lying on her back this is rare, i shut the door. Its now dark only the light through the window i rest my hand on her sholder to test if deep asleep, nothing, i slide my hand... [more]

Flirting with delivery man

Hi all
Just letting you know what happened when delivering water the other day
I got the phone call I’m out of water and didn’t really want to do as it was down at Matcham until I worked out who the customer was
Every time I’ve delivered to her before she is wearing gym gear so I thought I’ll do it just for a perv
I got to her place and the... [more]

Suckin Cock

Can any guys out there suck their own cock?

Fantasy ass play

My wife refuses all anal sex, so I have taken to fantasizing about a young (29) brunette BBW at work and I fantasize about giving her frequent rimmings and anal french kisses while I masturbate. I love you, lindsey!

When I was younger

When I was 13-17 I had a best friend one day he asked me if I did it? I said yes well he asked me if I wanted me if I would mbate with him I said heck yes! I was already hard we both took off our shorts and started stroking our cocks we came together in a few minutes it was fun to see each other come! We would get together a few times a week and... [more]

Owned by a male Master

19/June/ 2021
I am a 39 year old white Aussie male
I am a Slave
I have been owned by a 24 Year old man for approximately 15 months now
I am a edge addict
I am a big boob addict
I am married to a Amazing Woman
I am in a sexless marriage
My owner has permanently banned me from all sexual contact with my wife
I have been... [more]

My neighbor

I meet with the same guy each month and we watch porn together, masturbate and edge. We try and go as long as we can. Once that was over two hours of edging. No matter how long we edge - it is sharing such intense pleasure with another man and then sharing in a wonderful release. We both love it a lot.

Maturbating On Phone

Me and girlfriend at the time were on facetime and she text me saying moan for her so I moaned for her and she did it back. A few minutes after we did that I started to masturbate under the blanket I was under in my bed and she saw my hand moving cause I was jerking off and she said its okay if I jerked off and she started moaning so I asked her... [more]

Masterbation in womens clothes

I love dressing up all pretty and taken pictures and video of me jerking off.sometimes I will fuck myself in the ass while I jerk off and act like a little whore. I would love to find a lady that understands and wants to fuck me. im dressed now wanking off just thinking about it.

Wife in her underwear & more

Angela and I have been Married for 22 years and i love taking naughty pics of her in underwear and nude with her permission. I have viewed lots of sites with guys showing off pics their wives and girlfriends etc and fantasise showing her off too. I dont want her to be shared with anyone. I love the idea of other men looking at my wife in her just... [more]

Beach car park

Hi all
Whet to the beach yesterday for a surf at lakes beach on the central coast I pulled up at the far end of car park there was two cars already parked anyway I got out the car and started putting my wet suit in the right way and glanced over to see a couple kissing pretty normal for here
Then all of a sudden the lady gets out the car and... [more]

Never did I imagine this

I caught my next door neighbor masturbating. We are both stay home Moms and our kids were all at school. I went over to her house and the door was slightly open. I went in and went to the living room. Her back was to me - I guess she was naked and there was lesbian porn on the tv. She was moaning and her hands seemed to be between her legs. ... [more]

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