Work Confessions

The Worse Boss in the World

There is a young sales guy works for me and his wife is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. From the first moment I was introduced to her on a corporate outing, I was obsessed. I knew one way or another I would be sleeping with her. Her husband is young and ambitious and I searched for a way to open up an opportunity for me to get with her. Dan... [more]

Fringe benefits becoming too much

I've been working part-time as an accountant for a small take-out restaurant. I never really needed the job, but the owner was an old acquaintance, and he was desperate for help, so I said I'd do it. I work for him about 10-15 hours a week in the evenings.
My boss is 43, married, but very flirty, and I could sense his interest in me by the way... [more]

Best job for sex?

Got invited to a house warming party, I didn’t know many people as the party was a work friend.
I was in the kitchen listening to stories being told and this one guy said about how many women he has had sex with.
He is a second hand car salesman, he went on to say he has lost count of how many women he has fucked.
According to him he gets women... [more]

Filthy talking work colleague

Two months ago I started a new job, the girl I’m working alongside is one filthy talking girl.
She does not hold back with her words, she goes into great detail, many of times I’ve had a hard on listening to her.
She talks about having sex with her boyfriend all the time and she is very animated with it.
Couple of weeks ago she found out her... [more]

Oh my

Our office Christmas party list has just been put up, if it’s anything like last years I might put my name on the list.
I’ve worked for the company for 15 years and only been to three Christmas parties.
The reason for only attending three is because I’m a mature lady, the parties are more for the youngsters.
Last year party ended with me all... [more]

What’s she doing?

At work I see this one female customer every day at the same time, we always say hello and have a couple minutes chat.
This has been going on for two months now, the short conversation we have about day to day stuff has now lead to it being more personal.
She has been saying she is not happy, needing a little extra in her life and wanting more... [more]

Girlfriend taken advantage of by her boss

My girlfriend took a job as a waitress in a small restaurant, I didn't know at the time, but she was groped mercilessly every single day she worked there. It had started with the men in the kitchen copping a feel of her boobs when she had her hands full of plates. She knew that breakages would be deducted from her wages, so had to put up with it... [more]


Anyone out there have parents of students you teach, tell you private, personal information? I love to hear their stories and really love when they come onto me wanting me to help them fulfill childhood fantasies. Huge turn on to hear others fantasize about me.

My fantasy

I know it's bad but I've always fantasized about being at work and going down on my boss. He's the type of guy who doesn't get girls often but I wanna show him a good time.


I am a professional in a job where i am respected in the community and have been for almost 20 years. After my wife goes to work, i put a pair of her panties on to wear to work. They feel so good against my dick, and its exciting to know im wearing them and people around me nor my wife know anything about it.

I learned a ton about an employee recently

I have a small, but successful, web design and development business. There are 6 people on my team. I started the business. There are two developers, one sales person, receptionist/office manager and an accounting/billing person.
at the end of the last quarter, my accountant called me and told me we needed to talk. It was urgent. He informed... [more]

My nephews' babysitter

My sister and her husband were travelling a couple weekends ago and they asked me to come to their house and watch the boys for the weekend. They're 12 and 9 so they're pretty fun to hang out with. I made plans with the boys to go to a Phillies game and some other stuff in the city. They were pumped. The problem was that I couldn't get there until... [more]

Touched while babysitting

When I was in high school, I babysat this boy once. He was ten and already a pervert. He kept asking to see my tits and would grab them when I walked by. I didn't get mad though just laughed and told him to knock it off.
Later that night we were on the couch watching a movie. He kept looking over at me. I was wearing a button up pajama shirt... [more]

No shower until I check out your panties

My wife is letting her boss do whatever he wants to her. She's denying this. Until the other day my wife said how would you like to not have a car payment on our new car? I said how's that going to happen. Then she confessed to sucking her bosses dick. He said he would payoff our car if I would set in a chair and give me to him for one hour. I... [more]

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