Work Confessions

Innkeepers secret

My wife and I own and run a 12 room B&B on Cape Cod. We have some help but do a lot ourselves. It’s hard work and long hours. My secret pleasure is when a young couple stays with us. Almost always they come to our B&B for its quiet, romantic atmosphere. Their activities almost always include lots of youthful and energetic sex. I would never... [more]

Ms pat miss pokey

I confess I fucked my manager at work in the dry storage of a dennnnies restaurant. For months I had been ogling her big wide ass. I perversely fucked her hard from behind as I watched her ass cheecks quiver and enjoyed her loud screams when i bottomed out deep in her tight old pussy. I had no mercy on ms pat as she called me a young fuck and not... [more]

Work Teasing Pleasures

I worked in the city with the main office on the 3rd floor, the 1st floor had 15 +/- women at separate desks handling customers, There was one girl that work on both floors. We would go in the back staircase to smoke, Over the years I got some nice views up her skirt, and up her short's legs where I could see her panties.
She was blonde... [more]

Landlord's surprises

We rent out a single-family home with an above ground pool. The tenant's wife (use Anita) called about a pipe was leaking downstairs in the furnace area. I usually enjoy going to the house during the day, when she was home alone.
For this trip it was a good day, temp around 75. I pulled in the front parking area. I rang the doorbell, then... [more]

Weird thing happened

Ok so I work at McDonald’s and was running drive thru and this girl comes to the window and as I give her the food she asks me if I can give her some special sauce. I asked what special sauce? She then reply’s the thick creamy kind. In my head I’m like what. So I said idk what your talking about. She reply’s yes you do, think about it. I want... [more]

THE BJ I would have loved watching my wife give

Visualizing my wife having sex with her previous lovers has always been a big turn on for me. I wish she had videoed some of them! She wasn't promiscuous before we met - but she did enjoy men!
This is one experience she told me about one night as we were having sex.
My 5'8" sexy blonde 19 yr old wife worked in a courthouse for a few years -... [more]

I am going to steal her panties

I am Plumber and a young lady called me about a small leak in her plumbing system. I stopped to look at the job yesterday and said I would have to return today to do the job. she will be at work when I get there and will give me the code for the lock.
I was amazed at how sexy this young lady is. fucking gorgeous! perfect tight body. My plan is... [more]

Work Pleasures

This one job had 5 or 8 women working in the office. Any one day, at least 3 ladies or more would wear tight pants exposing a perfect cameltoe, Most of them will wear short skirts, or dresses with a high slit. Fridays they were mostly wearing tight jeans.
I had a private office where I could sit at my desk and fondle my cock without anyone... [more]

Fucking a married woman

I'd been working with a beautiful 41 year old married woman for about a year and I was 22. She talked to me about her husband was the only man she'd ever fucked her whole life and said that he had a cock that was really short and very skinny and said he had only fucked her for less than a minute Everytime he fucked her and she had never had a... [more]

Tales of working the front desk

I got a job in college part time working the front desk of a motel across the street from the college. I worked the afternoon shift and got off at nine (five to nine, part time). A couple registered for two rooms. The daughter was with them, she was a stewardess, a flight attendant today. She had the other room. She is the one that called... [more]

Hubby watched wife

I gave my wife a lift to work as her car was booked in for a service/MOT, my wife must have forgotten that I was also due to pick her up after work, I got to her office half an hour early so that I could miss the rush hour traffic.
As i walked into her office building, which was fairly empty, I walked down the corridor to her office as I... [more]

Taking advantage

I have a good student who is among the top of the class. She is kind of a goofy girl but stays on top of her work. Pun intended. She volunteers like most students in the honor society and has been part of a program for tutoring special needs kids. She has been working with a disabled student who is wheelchair bound and cannot really talk... [more]


My first job out of college when I was 22 was at a bank in Boston. My boss was a late 40s cutie, professional dress and nice body. Not super pretty but sort of that sophisticated stuck up type of look that made you want to take the stick out of her ass and replace it with your stiff cock. She was divorced and not seeing anyone. I just knew she... [more]

Four dope boys:)

I was dressed in schoolgirl outfit walking through the ghetto, when I seen 4 young black guys on a corner, before I knew it I was holding two of their hands and led behind the store, they all started fondling me and pulling up my skirt, when they all pulled out their huge black cocks, I got on my knees and started stroking two at a time and... [more]

My Senior Slut

This summer I began a small lawn lawn care service for the older aged women in my neighborhood. Some of the ladies I grew a sexual fantasy for while I mowed their lawn. They be out sipping coffee or tea outside watching me mow their lawn. Most of them would be wearing a housecoat or robe. I fantasize what it would be like to be sexual involved... [more]

The redneck daughter next door

The business next door to mine is owned by a heavier woman in her 50's, and her daughter works there part time. Kayla is a cute blonde, very country, but she's also spoiled rotten and has a shitty attitude. But I want to fuck her so badly. She's got a beer belly, but she's not fat, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tattoos everywhere. Not usually my... [more]

Sexy young wife flashes me at our work

I was a maintenance man for the county for decades. My wife worked for the county as well.
We met, dated got married....and she is one hell of a fuck! Very sexy mind. Dresses just a little sexy at shorter skirts and dresses.
Long blonde hair, glasses she looks like Mrs Professional....but is just too sexy so sexy in... [more]

Unexpected benefit

I was between jobs and was shopping in the garden shop Lowes one day pricing some plants when I met up with a woman that I had assisted in my previous line of work. We made small talk about gardening, and she told me that she was looking to hire someone to help her. She asked if I would be willing to give her an estimate on doing the work? I... [more]

I am looking for a lady employer that

Want her employees to worship her feet

Secret underneath

I have an important meeting today. I’m wearing a dark suit, crisp white shirt, a power tie … and red lace panties underneath. I am a straight male.

Please tribute my wife’s pictures

Nothing turns me on more than someone cocking or cum tributing my wife’s dirty pictures.

Perverted truckers

Any truckers want to talk about the best waitressses or restaurants with the best asses to look while at truck stops

Confused Delivery Guy

I am a 24 years old delivery guy at a top package delivery company. I regularly work out and in good shape and decent looking. I usually get assigned to a very affluent neighborhood. The orders from one of the houses always have request for signature at delivery. That means that I have to hand over the package to a person living at that house and... [more]

Flying j best

I’m headin west, I think I’ll stop in alb nm and bend ms pat over my sleeper bunk and shove my thick cock between her ass cheeks and slid it till my balls smash againts her dimpley ass cheeks. Then I’ll shove it deep in her asss! As I keep her head pushed way down, I put a foot on the side of her fuckin face and beginspanking her hard as I ran... [more]

My sexy wifes work stories

This was about 20 years ago,My wife is a 10.Red head,5,9 inches tall.36 tits,And for some reason has always turn me and all men on,By doing some of the most inocent things ever.Well she was working at a Company that had this railing if you will,That was like 15 feet ubove the floor of this area,Where anywhere from 10-35 male coworkers would be... [more]

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