Work Confessions

I work with a bunch of idiots!

I work with the biggest bunch of morons . How stupid can you get. These guys could fuck up a wet dream. So today the boss gave this new kid a really nice low mile 1965 Dodge Coronet to put tires on. This car has most of its original paint intact . The last tires were installed sometime in the mid 80's. The young kid took the dog dish caps off and... [more]

I installed video in the bathroom at my office.

I own an architect firm. We aren't very big and our office is a really nice older home built in 1932. It's a great old home. Very beautiful with large rooms and high ceilings. We were having an issue with office supplies being taken from a storage closet in the up stairs bathroom. It happens to be the ladies room. So all the ladies that work for... [more]

Oops I did it again

Oops I can't seem to control my urges...I make things worse..I do this..then time goes by..and I somehow find a way to outdue myself..its kinda impressive! A huge fuckin turn on..on how much damage I can do in soo little time! I want what I want! I lie to get my way! Who knows what I am capable next?!? All I know is I damaged this girls heart soo... [more]

I worked as a sex worker

I had some good curves when I was growing up but I was incredibly dumb, I would barely pass school. So one day, as I was returning from school, a guy walked to me and passed me a flyer, he told me to consider it and left immediately. I read the flyer and realised it was a job as a sex worker. I decided to try it out and ever since then I faked... [more]

Security guard watches director fuck a supervisor

This did happen but names are not real and I’m not going to name the plant in the UK or the company as they are a global manufacturer .
It happened ten or so years ago and is as fresh in my mind as the night it happened.
When you think of a director I guess you are thinking of an owner , not in this case as this is a global company so this guy... [more]

I still fantasize about my HR Manager

To one of my favorite corporate professionals.  You are one beautiful woman.  We met back in the late 80's and worked together for many years.
You always dressed with great style, neatness, and class.  On top of that, you had one incredible ass, that had a perfect heart-shape and it pressed tightly against the skirts and suits you wore to... [more]

Gonna get myself in trouble

My father has employed a new groom to help at the stables, she is 24 and most days she wears a vest top with no bra, she has very small breasts with massive nipples.
I’m a massive fan of small breasts, it doesn’t matter what work she is doing you will get to see her breasts.
The vests always seem to big for her.
I’m now hanging around her a lot... [more]

No Glasses = Be Still My Beating Heart!

Many people look different without their glasses on, especially when their facial expression is more calm.
My thoughts about this coworker is not from seeing him without his glasses on yesterday, as it wasn't the first time. I have kind of been a bit curious about this coworker, as he as appeared in my dreams before. Months ago, I had to tell... [more]

Beautiful Buxom Redhead I used to work with.....

We used to work together in central NC.
You were a beautiful buxom redhead with sexy full lips, long flowing hair, and quite the busty chest. Your big gorgeous boobs were spectacular and could fill a sweater extremely well.
You were very effective in your job, and our customers always spoke very highly of you. Regardless of the pressures of... [more]

Best blowjob ever

Had to do my first aid course and it was being held at another club 40 miles away.
Two days before the course a work colleague asked for me, are you doing the first aid course, yes I said, can I be really cheeky and ask for a lift, no worries I said nice to have some company.
I picked her up from our place of work, I didn’t know this woman, I’ve... [more]

Assistant Sucks Cock Part 2

About a month ago, I wrote about helping a big-titted, beautiful 35-year-old woman get promoted from working in the warehouse to becoming my assistant. She thanked me with a cum-in-her-mouth blowjob one night when we were the last two working in the office. This is the second part of the story.
Same scenario, we’re working late on deadline, and... [more]


I do bit house cleaning on side but family funreal come up and had go north for that and one the old men i work for said he give me lift and stay hotel so give lift back next day well we went north and he droped me at familes then he went of to his hotel later that night about 11pm i called him asking if we could chat and would he come get me and... [more]

Use her tits

I have been trying to get my wife to hook up with a guy from her work. She works at the hospital in administration and he works across the hall. She told me he always flirts but a month ago she asked him out for lunch. Talk was all they did. Part of his deal is she tells me everything in detail. She knows how it turns me on hearing about her past... [more]

Assistant Sucks My Cock

I’m a 60-year-old supervisor in a facility that includes an office area and a warehouse. Based on my recommendation, a 35-year-old woman, cute with a beautiful set of tits, was promoted from working in the warehouse to become my assistant. She’s smart, and has a college degree, but somehow never got a chance to work a professional job. I would... [more]

I want to kiss and lick the feet of my lady employer

I would love to do that as part of my job , even in front of other workers that probably would love to do the same , it could be even included in the work contract

I wish that lady employers would express their wish to get their

Feet worshiped by the employers

Work friend

Last October husband and I separated and I went to stay with my brother in London and got myself a job as a security officer and was helping with my problem and started relaxing and opening up to another guard at the swop over time staying and chatting as was half-hour till my train would come, well one day he arrived and he could see I was bit... [more]

The cleaning lady

The cleaning lady at the company i work with is going to retire. Bless her soul. She has been a great asset of ours and we wish her well at her next pasture. This means we were looking for a new cleaning lady.
My colleagues informed me the new cleaning lady was a young moroccan woman by the name of S. When i first laid eyes on her, i was... [more]

Worship the feet of the lady employer

I knew from an article on the net that there actually is a workplace were the managers make the employers kiss their feet , i would like to talk with them

Nadine Becomes a Hot Wife Part 1

Hi my name is Nadine and this is my story about how I went from a flirt that only had sex with two men to a hot wife slut, taking three cocks at once.
A little about me first, I am 5’4” with 36 DD breasts and a tight ass. My hair is long auburn leaning more to the red, and my eyes are blue. If you wish to see pictures of me then search Nadine... [more]

Nadine Becomes a Hot Wife part 2

I then broached the subject, was he okay with what I had done, and held my breath waiting for an answer? He let me wait a few more seconds then said you sound like you enjoyed yourself so make the most of the last night you have together, see you soon, make me proud, I love you. The teasing flirt slut came out of her shell and responded with I... [more]

I try and seduce guys with my eyes

I work at the hospital and sometimes I get really horny so I look at every guy that passes me in the hallway and make eye contact with them and try and hold it and try and bob verbally tell them I want to get fucked. It’s fun and makes the day go by quickly. Sometimes I take my panties off under my scrubs just to feel naughty while I do it ❤️

Watching me

My husband and I Own a business. We had a couple of store fronts for years, before moving solely online.
Our storefront had large windows- floor to ceiling. And we had coverings over them, The kind you could see out, but not in. When you walked into the store, you faced the counter and main displays. Behind those, another floor to wall window... [more]

I really love him, but IDK . . . . .

Back before Thanksgiving last year, I went to work for a smallish temp agency that schedules, prepares reports and provides staff for product inventories to certain types and sizes of stores in our area. I began by doing simple administrative work but soon was also involved in supervising te inventories, too. By New Year's Day, I was... [more]

My angry manager

When I was 21 I worked as a barman. A new manager took over. She was late twenties, 6 feet tall and would’ve weighed over 200lbs. She had an enormous ass, huge boobs and always dressed in tight, provocative clothes. She also had a bad temper. Most of the staff left within a few months of her arrival and I was one of the last to still be... [more]

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