Work Confessions

Co-worker asked for help

She wanted help setting up her security cams that she bought without realizing how involved they would be to hook up. She wanted to be able to monitor it online as well. When we finished up that day her package had ten cams total and everything was going great. I went home and started thinking about it, I set everything up for her and the pervert... [more]

Caught in the storeroom

I am n my early 30s ,5-6 120lbs nice b tits and I am a night stocker at a large store. we dress casual as its closed to the public as we stock the only management there is a team leader and about 10 other employees I am 1 of 3 girls that work at night.
early one morning as I was in the storeroom getting some restock I was abducted from behind... [more]

Need to know

Going back probably 90s my wife used to work for a supermarket chain which the name has been taken over know , she worked in the office so was on the phone a lot , During this time she told me one of the stores she would talk to a guy who would flirt with her , He would say you sound nice also has time went on said to my wife we will have to meet ... [more]

Caught and I didn't care

My work place had a Xmas party last week. Yeah it's weird that they wait till the end of January but whatever. They rent out a large cabin. It has a Jacuzzi on a deck outside. Lots of room. Everyone brought food and alcohol and a guy brought his PS4 and some games.
Long story short, the head boss left early. It was late, around 10pm, and it... [more]

Xmas party

Every year my company has a Xmas party. The boss rents out a large cabin and everyone brings food and liquor. Cabin has like 5 bedrooms,two bathrooms an indoor jacuzzi, etc. There is about 25 of us hanging out, drinking, playing cards, watching football.
I'm not much for football. I was talking to one of the guys. He's a techie like I am. He... [more]


My Asian wife has become a hotwire now and is comfortable with me watchin now as she screws other men.
One day we were Driving up to Truckee had stopped for gas at a small town called Auburn.
When we left there a hitch hiker was thumbing a ride so I stopped and picked him up.
He looked clean and was around 30 or so and we introduced... [more]

Relationship via text

While fitting a kitchen I got chatting to the customer (married lady) we had a lot in common, laughing, joking etc.
I kept in contact with her via text about the job, times, deliveries etc.
Towards the end of the job I was waiting on a parts that the lady had changed her mind about.
I said I hope the job is to your satisfactory blah blah blah... [more]

My uncles bar

When I was 22 years old, I started working in my uncles bar. After taking a week long class and spending a couple weeks tending bar with my uncle, he started letting me tend bar by myself. It was a small bar, in a small rural town. Several of the local women were notorious booze whores, and would do just about anything for a free drink. One night... [more]

The Worse Boss in the World

There is a young sales guy works for me and his wife is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. From the first moment I was introduced to her on a corporate outing, I was obsessed. I knew one way or another I would be sleeping with her. Her husband is young and ambitious and I searched for a way to open up an opportunity for me to get with her. Dan... [more]

Fringe benefits becoming too much

I've been working part-time as an accountant for a small take-out restaurant. I never really needed the job, but the owner was an old acquaintance, and he was desperate for help, so I said I'd do it. I work for him about 10-15 hours a week in the evenings.
My boss is 43, married, but very flirty, and I could sense his interest in me by the way... [more]

Best job for sex?

Got invited to a house warming party, I didn’t know many people as the party was a work friend.
I was in the kitchen listening to stories being told and this one guy said about how many women he has had sex with.
He is a second hand car salesman, he went on to say he has lost count of how many women he has fucked.
According to him he gets women... [more]

Filthy talking work colleague

Two months ago I started a new job, the girl I’m working alongside is one filthy talking girl.
She does not hold back with her words, she goes into great detail, many of times I’ve had a hard on listening to her.
She talks about having sex with her boyfriend all the time and she is very animated with it.
Couple of weeks ago she found out her... [more]

Oh my

Our office Christmas party list has just been put up, if it’s anything like last years I might put my name on the list.
I’ve worked for the company for 15 years and only been to three Christmas parties.
The reason for only attending three is because I’m a mature lady, the parties are more for the youngsters.
Last year party ended with me all... [more]

What’s she doing?

At work I see this one female customer every day at the same time, we always say hello and have a couple minutes chat.
This has been going on for two months now, the short conversation we have about day to day stuff has now lead to it being more personal.
She has been saying she is not happy, needing a little extra in her life and wanting more... [more]

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