Work Confessions

My first ship

I went to sea as a cadet when in was 17. I looked a year or so younger than my age and I was pretty rather than handsome. When working on deck withe the crew I used to get sexual remarks. As the ship was trading mainly in the tropics I was lightly dressed. I started to cock tease the sailors, I started going about in just shorts, no shoes, no... [more]

Dominated by colleague

I have a female colleague who is higher in management than I am, but in a different department. I work with her off and on but not for her.
A while ago another female coworker asked me why I let this woman dominate me so much. I didn’t feel like I had let her. I try to be cooperative and work well with her and since she is more influential in... [more]

The View

I work in a small car repair facility. It only has three bays and now we only have one bathroom after the ladies room pipes froze and broke over the winter. The boss is too cheap to fix it. So what he did was give all the employees a key of their own. When anyone needs to use the bathroom we have a key on a hook for the customers we take down and... [more]


Most of you will probably think I'm a right bitch ,but I was a pretty teacher in the late 70s that always dressed nice in short skirts heels,sometimes stockings ,but my passion was spanking ,my pupils were from 7-11 years old and at least once a week I would have a boy in front of the class with his trousers and pants down around his ankles used t... [more]

Annoyed at people watching my dick

I'm a guy in his 30s, used to play sports in high school and even modeled a short time. But the older I get I get annoyed when people watch my dick print through my pants. I pretty much can't wear anything light colored. I work around a lot of women and have caught several checking me out. To be honest I'm well hung per ex girlfriends and women... [more]

The mirror

My wife took this job working in a women's clothes shop for this guy and his wife , She said the guy was ok when his wife was about but when she wasn't he would say suggestive things and squeeze past my wife at every opportunity. She said other than that he was harmless , Anyway he would give me a good discount on anything i wanted providing i... [more]

Think I fucked up his marriage

I [24f] have been working as a bookkeeper for a small catering business. We only have 12 employees. I don't work at the kitchen, but a couple blocks down at a small, one-room office space that we rent.
My boss, who is 47, is way fun, more like a friend than a boss. He would come to the office a couple times a day to talk about business and... [more]

Clients keep getting erections

I am an osteopath, not long qualified, but decided to set up my own practice. I see a mix of clients and help them all. It's all very hands on, and for clients for hip back or leg issues they are usually in just their underwear.
I have noticed slot of my male clients getting aroused, from semi's to full erections popping out. It doesn't bother... [more]

Desire to suck off Sadistic coworker

I joined a company as a salesman but soon it became obvious one particular salesman had undue influence and control over the others. He viewed me as a threat and manipulated the others into avoiding me. He sabotaged me at every turn, until finally after a year or I just quit. Now, the desire and a mental picture constantly comes into my mind of me... [more]

Christmas party

I work at a bar, and we closed early for our Christmas party. It was mostly drinking, talking, and listening to music, but two of our coworkers got drunk and started fucking on the pool table. They were always flirting, so it was not a big surprise. As we watched, pants started to drop, as did mine. I have a bf, we've been dating for a month, but... [more]

Obsessed with my wife sucking patients at work.

When my wife 25 years old now first cheated on me it was with a 70 year old at a senior home she works at. She is known as the hardest worker around and the boss ladies fight over having her in their hall.
Anyways the old man was flirting and she said everything happened so fast. He grabbed her ass and she froze. He took her not saying not as a... [more]

My colleagues wives were jealous that I was flirting with their h

I was working in a realestate office for commercial realestate.
It mostly was male realtors and I was more of a administrator and receptionist
I was wearing dresses that were inappropriate for the office.
I had been somewhat flirtatious with to of the Realtors that were married in the office. The one realtors wife must have known about me... [more]

Airport exposure

I was traveling for work and my Colleagues thought it would be funny to try to tease some of the security people at this small airport were flying through using my body.
I was wearing a long blouse and tights on our way to the airport. The blouse was long enough to cover my bottom as long as I kept my hands at my side. But if I were to lift... [more]

Ugh, He Did It Again

So today is Wednesday, a.k.a. Hump Day, a.k.a. My pussy is dripping wet all morning. Why? Three letters: J - O - N. Same Jon at work who got me turned on at work before Columbus Day (or the newly-known Indigenous People Day).
He's already at work by the time I get there. A few minutes later, I am starting to drip and it just continues. Drip... [more]

Muscles Make Me Weak, Even at Work

Oh where do I begin? It was an innocent Friday before Columbus Day and I just wanted it to be 4 PM so I could start my three-day weekend. There was barely anyone in the cubicle farm and one of my co-workers was talking to a male co-worker in the cubicle next to mine. I don't remember the conversation other than them talking about their plans to go... [more]

I am in lust after a marketing woman at work

Ever since the first time I saw you I have wanted to bend you over the desk. The other day, we were joking around as usual and you told me you wanted something from me. You said, "You have to figure that out" I hope its the same thing I want from you. I need to be inside of you.

Universal language

Has anyone here ever fucked someone who did not speak/understand your language and you didn't speak/understand theirs?
I'm 36, own my own business doing framing, drywall, and plastering, and I recently did work on the house of a Filipino client who was in her 30s. She spoke English, but her mom, who was likely in her late 60s, didn't and lived... [more]

A new found love for cock

Theres a new intern at work. The boss has him paired up with me to get him trained. He is a super sweet guy but dumber that what he comes back with from coffee runs. A week ago he wore gray chinos that were very form fitting. He must of had been watching me sucking up all the caramel from my frap because his already tight pants got tighter and... [more]

I feel better

I asked a woman at work that i've known for years out on a date today. She at first said no to a day next week because of a family get-together, then when i pushed a little about another time, she daid "i don't think so". Fine. No hard feelings. We're adults. Anyway i have a laminated headshot of here at home, and about an hour ago i shot what... [more]

Following husbands wishes

I am a average 53 yr old woman who enjoys sex a lot, lately my husband has been having trouble with erections and sex has been slow for about a year now. he told me on more than one occasion that I was free to find someone to fill my needs. my job requires me to inspect client apts weekly to make sure they are being kept clean at the assisted... [more]

My boss fucked my girlfriend

We had a happy hour in May where wives and girlfriends were invited. We are mostly men and only a few wives/girlfriends showed up. After a couple of hours it was just my girlfriend, my boss and two other guys and we were all pretty drunk. My girl was in a very flirty mood and my boss was monopolizing her attention. By the time I noticed it was... [more]

#metoo'd in the '80s

I appreciate that we are making strides to end sexual harassment in society, but some of the stories of people who are getting accused in the #metoo movement make me shake my head.
I'm in my 50s now, but back in the '80s I worked for a time as a news reporter. I can't tell you how many times someone touched my ass or asked me out even though... [more]


When we first got married I asked my wife if she had ever been with anyone else other than me , She said No I've only ever been with you . Has the years past I would ask her if she ever wanted to go with anyone else , Again she said No that made me happy knowing she was happy with are life . Six month's ago my wife asked me if I knew anyone that... [more]

Hot Friday Afternoon

It seems that all the most fun stuff happens on Friday. Maybe it is because
about a third of the people take the day off and the rest of them are thinking
about the weekend. And thinking about fun things to do not related to work!
Anyway, it was Friday afternoon, and my office-mate Becky and I were looking
out the window watching the few... [more]


Some years back me and my wife worked for a old guy I would do all the odd jobs and my wife would work in side doing the housework . At first we both liked it but working and living on the premises was starting to take it's toll , Anyway we was always working for little money we was stuck in a rut really no way out , Then John the boss one day... [more]

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