Work Confessions

Being naughty

I hate when my husband gets home from work before i do...... it doesn't give me time to clean myself up... I 've been married 22 years and have 2 children and for the past 3 years i've had an office affair..... I've had more cum running down my legs going home from work then my husband has pumped into my pussy in 10 years...

Just good coworkers

At a work celebration I drank a little too much and I implied to a female coworker (Beth) that I was bi, well truth be known i believe I came out to her but in all fairness I was drunk. Anyway the next business day she didn’t say anything and our interactions were normal - whew dodge a bullet there. She must have chalked it up to the whiskey. I am... [more]

Neighbor Convinced Me To Work For Her

My neighbor Roxy surprised me when I answered the door. There she stood with a six pack in her hand. "It's been hot these several days and I thought you could use something cool to drink, plus I want to ask you something as a favor." she said to me as I invited her in. She was wearing a sheer summer dress which enhanced her breasts that sagged... [more]

Guy with a Gift

My wife worked for a guy with a very unusual gift. He wasn't good looking, witty, or charming.In fact he was quite nerdy, a little overweight, and had a very monotone cadence to his speech. But for some reason women would hang on his every word, and actually do whatever he asked them to. I'm not sure if it was hypnotism, or what, but it never... [more]


Could I kindly have some feedback on my friends YouTube page under the name talkshowgod and what he could do to better his videos.

I showed my wife's naked pictures to a friend she works with

For awhile now I've been showing semi nude and completely nude pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she works with. The first few times think he was in shock and was sort of speechless but has gotten to the point he now asks for certain poses and I try to help. One of the best comments he has made is "I'm going to kill you because now every... [more]

I'm a teacher, and this lockdown is killing me

One of the best parts of being a teacher is all the pretty girls I can look at every day. But with this lockdown, I haven't seen anyone in weeks. Most are not even posting on social media. I miss seeing their cute little faces, bodies, cleavage, and more. I really want this to be over soon so I can go back to fantasizing about all my little... [more]

Hot for new boss.

We got a new boss the other day. Man is he hot. I just can't stop finding reasons to go talk with him. He's not married but has a GF. I think he is like the most sexy man alive. I mean he looks like JFK Jr. Yeah that sexy and good looking. I watch him walking down the hall following him. Gorgeous ass! I wonder what he is like in bed and want to... [more]

She Couldn't Help Herself.

When my wife and I were first married our sex was great , we did it often and for hours. i those days I could cum 2 or 3 times a night and not think anything about it.
We both worked . me out of town and she in an office downtown. She would often talk about the people she worked with. One night after sex she was talking about a temp who would be... [more]


All the bosses should make the workers worship their feet in order to remember them who is in charge and to keep them obedient and loyal

My confession

I often sit at my desk at work with my dildo in me.

Office help

I’m a 43yo woman and leading up to Christmas we hired extra up, he was a young man and very quiet and I saw him looking a naked pictures on his phone, I surprised him and said does your girlfriend know you do that, it was a picture seeing him trying to cover up he replied saying he didn’t have a girlfriend, I said that would explain why you’re... [more]

Educating Melissa

I'm a male High School teacher, and needless to say, sometimes it's "hard" to be around basically full grown women who enjoy flirting with their teachers. There was one girl in particular I found difficult to resist. She was a fiery redhead with pale skin and a great body that she loved to display. She would wear low-cut shirts revealing her... [more]

Lick your bosse's feet

Ask her if you can make it become a part of your job

Consuela the cleaning lady

I work in a high rise office building where they employ a contractor to clean the offices. They are mostly Hispanic young women and quite a few of them are very nice looking. Consuela was one of them. Her duties included the floor where I worked. The company would come in after 6:00 when most people had gone home for the day. I work late quite... [more]

Rupert's bike

It's just past the anniversary of Rupert pulling out in front of my van.
I hit him making him fly off his bicycle towards the ditch by a farmers field, not too far from his family home.
The front wheel on his bike was crushed, but the young man, other than a few bumps and bruises was ok.
After taking him back to the house I'd just been doing... [more]

Her Hubby Might Have Found Out

I met a married couple on a Saturday at a company party. They are 15 years older than myself. Wife is cute and sexy and we were attracted to each other. I gave her my phone number. Her hubby is a nice fellow and has a higher-up position in another department.
I work nights. He of course works days, M-F.
I hoped I’d hear from her and she... [more]

Work fun

Moaning I suppose about my wife lack of cock sucking attention at work to a colleague, has lead to a whole new world of sex for me.
We were overheard when I explained I love having my dick sucked, but my wife no longer entertains me that way, or any other way for that matter.
A couple of days later a young guy who'd not worked at our place for... [more]

Do you get off at work often?

While I worked in a white collar job, I had a cubical next to an engineering that liked to tell me his kinky thoughts he’d have at work and how he fantasied about the women that worked there.
Well we worked next to each other for over 4 years and he apparently became very trusting and rightfully so because this is the first time I’m repeating... [more]

Elderly fun

This is a story or a confession, you guess which, about the time I once worked at an elderly home. I was nineteen then and seen I guess, as a very pretty girl.
I'd been working at the lodge for about nine months when the daughter of one of the residents, asked me if I'd have a quiet word with her.
She got straight to the point telling me her... [more]

I crossdressed in the military

I served for 8 years in the military. As a pansexual male I would have fun with all sorts of my coworkers. But my favorite thing to do was wear lingerie or just some panties and a bra underneath my uniform. It felt so sexy and naughty. I definitely had fun with a few of my superiors and officers. Let’s just say on deployments I became very popular... [more]

business woman's assistant foot worship

Is there any business woman that require foot worship from her assistant ? :D

Why not hire someone?

This is general question to the folks that provide this site for naughty poster.
If it takes 3 days to post some of the posts, why not hire someone?
I mean if you’re interested in the success of this site. Think about it, people get in a naughty mood and come here to read and post their thoughts and have fun. However they don’t stay in a... [more]

Any female boss that take advantage to do sexual harassment ?

If you are tell it here, i love this kind of stuff and i find it really intriguing , i want to know how many women in charge take advantage of their role to make someone lick their feet , even from another woman :D

Harassed (I think)

I think I just got harassed at work. I'm 27f, married, work as a sales rep for a fairly large company. My boss is 39f, she's married but going through a divorce, and she's been dating a male coworker who is 40. We all know about their relationship. It's no secret.
My boss asked me if I'd be into having a threesome with her and our male coworker... [more]

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