Work Confessions

Harassed (I think)

I think I just got harassed at work. I'm 27f, married, work as a sales rep for a fairly large company. My boss is 39f, she's married but going through a divorce, and she's been dating a male coworker who is 40. We all know about their relationship. It's no secret.
My boss asked me if I'd be into having a threesome with her and our male coworker... [more]

Female boss\manager\employer foot worship

most women who are boss in their workplace make some trustful worker massage their feet, but from now on listen to me and when she ask you to do that just ask her if you can kiss and lick them, tell that you would gladly do that

Foot worship in the workplace

I hope and i find strange that until now not a single female boss took advantage of her role to demand to one of her workers to bow down and kiss her feet, but at least you can finally tell about it here for the joy or everyone :D

He's hot

I, 20f, just started working for my father in law who is 49. He's a business owner with about 300 employees in businesses that cover three states. He hired me basically due to nepotism, but I'm good at answering phones and doing administrative work. I do a decent job.
I had only known him as a family member, but seeing him work is amazing... [more]

Got fired

I got fired for screwing a guy at work. We were working late, and we're salaried, so it's not like we were getting overtime. I'm 36 and divorced and hadn't had cock in three years, and this guy and I have been flirting for a few months. We didn't think anyone was around at 7:00 PM on a Friday, so we had a quickie in my cube. He felt great and we... [more]

Company Christmas Party Gets Hot...

My wife and I were in our early 20's and had been married for about 3 years. We had gotten into swinging as soon as we got married and had swapped with several other couples as well as having lots of threesomes. But most of our fun was from going out and letting my hot wife expose herself to strangers. She'd gotten into exhibitionism when she was... [more]

Perks of the job!

I’ve told this story to just about everyone I know, a few years back I was fitting some fence panels for woman guessing about 55 halfway through the job I cut my right hand, it looked worse then it was just lots of blood, the woman noticed the blood and said let me have a look, she said come on let me clean that up, sitting in her kitchen she said... [more]

Air Force Bitch...

I’m a male and I knew a female in the Air Force that was a total Bitch, but she was also hot and sexy and I wanted to fuck her and do all kinds of naughty and nasty things with her. She was always bitchy and kinda mean and I finally had a chance to see her outside of work and her tits were wonderful in her shirt and the rest of her body was quite... [more]

Im straight. Until he walked through the door...

I am straight and happily married and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy sex wity my wife and never thought I lacked something. That is until two years ago. I took a jobwith a small Coffee and Tea packaging company owned by the man I want to make love too. Ive seen him changing shirts at work. His chest is sold and perfectly adorned with hair all... [more]


11 years ago me and my dad moved in with his girlfriend and daughter I was 27 at the time and believe it or not I was bullied by the daughter, she was 23 and a bitch, she made life hell for me and also made things uncomfortable for my dad.
She spat in my food told her mum I had been trying to touch her, she hit me all the time and made me pee... [more]

Gave it up to my boss

Back during the recession in '08-'09 my company was undergoing a lot of downsizing. At the time a lot of people in my department were getting laid off. I was the only one in the family working, and to keep my job I told my boss I'd give him blow jobs, which I did. We did that weekly for a month before he said he wanted some pussy too. I agreed to... [more]

Boss foot worship

This time i will be completely direct: i want the stereotype of the female attractive boss that take advantage of her role to be worshiped by her workers to become a real and a normal thing , it is beyond exciting , so if you are that kind of female boss in your workplace then just find a submissive and discrete worker and explain to him that from... [more]

I support workplace bullying

I want to know directly from the workplace bullies why exactly you do that and how it make you feel, and also what's the best reaction that you love to cause and if you like the fact that it also affect the life of the humiliated person outside of the workplace

Gay Sex with my Boss

I was 19 when I started with my company. I had knocked up my high school sweetheart and gotten married strait out of high school. My boss was in his late 30s and had gotten a divorce, because his wife caught him giving his best friend head! I started out as a helper in the maintenance department and met him one day by chance in the elevator. He... [more]

Gay Sex with my Boss

I was 19 when I started with my company. I had knocked up my high school sweetheart and gotten married strait out of high school. My boss was in his late 30s and had gotten a divorce, because his wife caught him giving his best friend head! I started out as a helper in the maintenance department and met him one day by chance in the elevator. He... [more]

Dont leave your shoes at work ladies

I work overnight in a call center with a minimum staff. At night, i cum in ladies shoes that they leave under there desk. Flats, heels and sandals all get the juice.

I love workplace bullying

And i want to read the comments of those who love it just like me, we are anoynmous here so if you secretely love when your boss enslave and humiliate you in order to make you deserve your money then tell it , i am a natural born suck up so i want to meet other people like me here and know your experiences of bullying in the workplace, you know ... [more]

Last Resort

I was recently fired from my only job, and my bills are piling up. I am so worried about making ends meet that I have started considering selling explicit videos, selling underwear and socks and pictures, ect. I have no idea where to find clientale though for such services... ~ V.M.

Had to walk the talk

Awhile back I started a new job and I had to shadow my line manager for 6 weeks.
Over this time we spoke about many things not just work.
When it came to personal life she never have much to say, if I mentioned boyfriends she would immediately say, waste of time, when I did get some answers out of her it sounds like she doesn’t have much luck... [more]

The girl that should have been a boy

I work as a horse groom at a busy yard, I team up with another groom to muck out a block of 18 stables. The person I work with is a girl and she should of been born a man. She stops and lifts her leg to fart, she talks like a bloke and when she does use the toilet she comes out still pulling up her jodhpurs showing her big pants.

My first ship

I went to sea as a cadet when in was 17. I looked a year or so younger than my age and I was pretty rather than handsome. When working on deck withe the crew I used to get sexual remarks. As the ship was trading mainly in the tropics I was lightly dressed. I started to cock tease the sailors, I started going about in just shorts, no shoes, no... [more]

Dominated by colleague

I have a female colleague who is higher in management than I am, but in a different department. I work with her off and on but not for her.
A while ago another female coworker asked me why I let this woman dominate me so much. I didn’t feel like I had let her. I try to be cooperative and work well with her and since she is more influential in... [more]

The View

I work in a small car repair facility. It only has three bays and now we only have one bathroom after the ladies room pipes froze and broke over the winter. The boss is too cheap to fix it. So what he did was give all the employees a key of their own. When anyone needs to use the bathroom we have a key on a hook for the customers we take down and... [more]


Most of you will probably think I'm a right bitch ,but I was a pretty teacher in the late 70s that always dressed nice in short skirts heels,sometimes stockings ,but my passion was spanking ,my pupils were from 7-11 years old and at least once a week I would have a boy in front of the class with his trousers and pants down around his ankles used t... [more]

Annoyed at people watching my dick

I'm a guy in his 30s, used to play sports in high school and even modeled a short time. But the older I get I get annoyed when people watch my dick print through my pants. I pretty much can't wear anything light colored. I work around a lot of women and have caught several checking me out. To be honest I'm well hung per ex girlfriends and women... [more]

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