Embarrassing Confessions

Is it ok to masturbate on bed whilst wife is trying to sleep?

Rried for 13 years. My wife is gorgeous (I am not!)
A couple of years ago I was trying to get some action from the wife in bed whilst she was tired and in the end we agreed that it was ok if I just wanked myself.
We are quite sexually active and we have sex 2 or 3 times a week.
Since that first occasion masturbating next to her in bed... [more]

Keep getting horny on the back of her vespa

Im a 24 year old guy. I have been getting a lift on a vespa scooter from one of my moms friends for the last few weeks as my car is out of action. Every time i ride with her i get a raging erection behind her on the bike. Its very embarrising especially when i need to get off the back of the vespa and i have a big tent in my jeans. This woman is... [more]

Booty hole fingered and exposed

I’m a male 26 my girlfriend fingered my butt hole for disrespecting her on several occasions and filmed and took pics and made me agree to post them online for a month so I did, once the month was over I was allowed to delete them off the site, I thought it was all over until I discovered that several pics still show up on the search engine in... [more]

How do I get out of this one?

I met a girl six months after her boyfriend had dumped her, we have formed a nice social relationship together.
We have both admitted to each other our feelings but continued to just hang out and be good friends.
We hold hands, cuddle and kiss.
Two weeks ago we had an amazing day, nothing special really just enjoyed each other’s company, nice... [more]

Hate my vagina

Do other girls hate the look of their vagina, I can’t stand the look of mine, it grosses me out I think it’s disgusting. I’ve googled vagina modification, I’ve even looked at vaginas to see what kind of a vagina I would like and can never find one. Life is so unfair I wish I was born a man

Any Suggestions?

My boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other a few months ago. He's well endowed, around 8 inches.
Neither of us came out first time. We advanced pretty quickly, the same day we lost our virginity we showered together . He bent me over, his hands on his back and rubbed lube all over my ass before fucking me.
More recently we decided... [more]

Very small penis

I’m really interested in this guy at Uni but not yet met him to talk too.
We both look at each other and have that I like you and you like me look.
My friend at Uni seems to know just about everyone, if she don’t she will find out.
Since I have told her about this guy she has gone out of her way and spoiled things for me.
She has not done it... [more]

I Sometimes Masturbate Thinking About My Older Sister

When I was younger I walked in on my older sister when she was in her sexy panties and bra. She was about 25 I was around 17.
After this experience seeing her very sexy body and lingerie, anytime the house was empty I would sneak into her bedroom and try on her sexy panties and masturbate on her bed.
I was always very careful as I never soiled... [more]


I met this girl at a bar and we immediately got along great. She is very pretty. We started flirting and she admitted that she likes a good spanking. I admitted that I suck other guys’ cocks. She said she was turned on by my Blowjob habit. We ended up at her apartment. She demanded that I strip out of my jeans. I complied and hoped it... [more]

Too young for this?

I'm 15, and my girlfriend makes me go to school with a cock cage and an 8 inch butt plug in my ass. She is extremely dominant and into that kinky shit, and I would never tell anyone, not even annoymously on here the worst of what she's done to me. It makes my heart race and makes me scared when I think about it. But I fell in love with her before... [more]

Strange smell

My fanny smells strange, I played with myself this morning, I've washed my hands many times and can still smell the same odor and it's not pleasant.

I stuffed an uncooked thanksgiving turkey

You read that right, I LITERALLY did that to a whole uncooked turkey before putting it in the oven. No idea what came over me and I've NEVER done so before, lord have mercy on my soul...
On that note it wasn't that great, masturbation and sex toys are better.
So this is a warning to anyone who looks at a store bought, uncooked turkey funny... [more]

I am a pathetic faggot with a tiny dick.

Omg I can't get my tiny dick hard for a woman it sucks because I am good looking with a decent personality, just have a problem with pleasing a woman sexually. I would love to be a cuckold for almost any woman, I love being dominated and told what to do, would love to be forced to wear bra and panties sissification basically Chasity and butt plug... [more]

Serious std question, kinda worried

Could I get an std from someone else's cum in my crack? So I let this guy cum on me in my car (it was a lot) and then I masturbated, I felt it leaking down into there and it felt really wet. After we were done I dropped him off and went home. When I went to clean up there was a bunch right there that I wiped off so I'm wondering if there's any... [more]

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