Embarrassing Confessions

Cuckolded by a pair of Rosa Chavez Metro Pumps

My wife and I met right out of high school. We lived together for several years before we got married. My wife always complained about her car's not being capable. For example she was trying to pass or merge onto a highway or get around a slower vehicle and she almost got into a wreck because her engine was to weak. She tried to get over but... [more]

Found naked pics of my parents having sex

I am an adult that lives with my wife and children and have a normal life, I am in my 40:s and my parents are in their mid 70:s
They are still active and have quite young minds so they travel a lot. My mom asked me to water her plants when they were away for vacation and of course I did. But this time I did something that I haven't done since I... [more]

A classmate's embarrassing incident

When I was in high school, there was a girl who had a rather embarrassing incident while running to our classroom. She was hurrying along to make it on time when her shirt got caught on the doorknob. The sudden pull from the door caused her shirt to get yanked up, revealing her midriff and chest area. It was a comical sight for the rest of us in... [more]

Wife seen naked accidentally by her co-worker

Tammy would occasionally send me selfies of herself while she was at work from a private room. Well one day she had finished making a short video and sent it to me but to her mortified surprise a male co-worker had previously sent her a work text and she had forgotten that it was still the current and open text and that she had just inserted the... [more]

Agh, why me?

My mom is so hot. Really, ever since I turned 14 I have been totally into her. It’s now been seven years and I still have my dirty dreams about my mom.
Her name is Karla Pena, and she is a great looking Latina who is only 45. She is a nurse who works at a nursing home, and on the side she plays guitar at church. Anyway, I have two younger... [more]

Very shy but adventurous wife

My wife, 40 years old with two grown kids, 5’ 2” and 110 lbs, nice body and grapefruit size chest is very shy but adventurous. On vacation in another country she went topless on the beach but very shy about it. She liked being looked at but had to be coached into things.
At a get together with some of my friends she got real embarrassed as the... [more]

I let a cop feel me up

I was out to lunch with a policeman who works at our courthouse.
He'd been flirting with me like crazy - and he knew he was pretty hot I guess.
He liked to embarrass me with some of the stuff he said to me. Liked to see me blush.
Sooo, this day I was feeling kinda flirty right back - and tired of being thought of as a kid. (I'm 23~!)
So - he... [more]

SoCal girls in the 60's took my cherry

I was 18, a virgin - just hitched from the east coast to SoCal. 1967.
Two young gals were friendly at my temp. job in an I-Hop in Pasadena. They invited me for a drive to the shore.. When we got there I found out it was a secluded cove that they knew about. We climbed down the cliff to a cool bit of sandy beach. I explained that I didn't have a... [more]

Foolish Indiscretion Wrecked My Life

My former wife and I were invited to a Christmas party hosted by one of her coworkers. As the party was winding down, I needed pee and on the way to the bathroom, I noticed a laundry basket of dirty clothes. With no one in sight, I discretely picked up a pair of men's underwear from the pile and hid in a closet where I sniffed them and... [more]

Spanked naked!

I got many spankings when a kid completely naked! They were primarily by my mom and a few by dad. I had to remove all my clothing myself. Sometimes it was because I finished a bath and was not allowed to get dressed. This was done to increase the tension and fear of what was going to happen. Even though I’m a boy I wasn’t embarrassed at all being... [more]

Mom spanks boy's bare butt - in front of girls!

I have to share an event that happened to me as a kid. This is a true story of my very vivid recollection of what I can only describe as a “demonstration spanking”! I When I was in elementary school, one of my best friends was a girl my age - Lenore. She was from a family of girls, no boys. I knew the youngest Lenore and her 2 older sisters Linda... [more]

Husband wears a thong swimsuit on the beach

My husband, sister and her husband went on vacation last summer together for the first time. My husband is European and wears a small tight fitting bikini swimsuit outlining his large flaccid penis. My brother in law, like American men, wears shorts. We are all in our 40’s and in fairly good shape. Before going down to the beach the first day... [more]

My parents

I've been informed by a friend of mine that my father is letting other men have sex with my mother,its all to do with him not being able to get an erection,who told you about it I asked my friend? Gerry your dad's pal,my friend Michael works with Gerry and he'd told him at work,just him I said, no that's the thing Michael said,there are quite a... [more]

I stopped caring who had me....

I was forced by an ex boy friend - ended up pregnant.
While I was pregnant 2 old lovers I'd broken up with came sniffing back around. I let them have all the sex they wanted with me.
One day - I did the one guy at lunch time - nd the other in the evening. I let them both have me.
Near term - my Dr let me now the baby had congenital medical... [more]

Wife Caught me Looking at Transexual Porn

I've never been into transexuals until a friend sent me a set of pictures to mess with me. They were this very sexy trans woman, Bailey Jay! I didn't let onto him that it did anything for me, but it did! In a big way! Bailey is so sexy, my curiosity got the best of me and i wondered if I could be attracted to a person with a cock. I love cum, I... [more]

Wife Caught Me Eating My Cum

I have been eating my own cum for almost 30 years and love every drop of it. My wife had no idea I ate my own cum when I masturbated. She recently caught me jerking off a licking my cum off of my hand. She asked how long I had been eating my cum and I told her since I was 12. She said I was disgusting and needed help that I was obviously gay. ... [more]

Can you contact my now ex boyfriend about his secret

I was coming to my now ex boyfriend’s house to walk in the door and get shocked to see. He was walking in 6 inch stilleto stripper heels with a hot pink mini dress, thigh highs and wig and dark pink almost fushia in color. I think it was at least 7 or 8 minutes I watched him walk around the house and he was more like a sissy to be honest. I never... [more]

Mother in law knows

My mother in-law knows I like panties and pantyhose. My wife has told her. My mother in-law visits us about 4 times a year. My mother in law always leaves her worn panties and pantyhose on top of her travel bag when she visits. I have complete access to those panties and pantyhose without being seen. My mother in-law knows this. Is she leaving... [more]

My neighbours seen my pocket pussy

I woke up really horny in middle of the night and went to grab my fleshlight for some solo fun.
I played around then I put the toy on my desk thinking about going for round two, but ultimately I fell asleep.
I woke up late and saw that my blindfold roll came off the window mounting...
Anyone who used the backyard entrance could clearly see my... [more]

Let a stranger finger me in a pool

Before I married I went out a lot. Lots of parties, night spots with friends.
A married couple invited me along one night to a pool party with friends of theirs. I love to swim - they knew this - phoned me up - and off we went. It was at a pretty fancy condo - nice pool.
OK, so I'm not usually a tramp - so a little back story...
I needed to... [more]

Came so close to a DP

I was out of town with a wealthy boyfriend - staying at a nice hotel with a bar and dance floor. I was 28, my date was 61 yrs old. We'd been using the pool before we came into the bar, so I was wearing a shorty robe over my bikini bathing suit.
We had drinks. My date doesn't dance, but he knows I love to. So, he was OK with a couple of guys... [more]

I really did it

I pulled my sisters panties out of the laundry basket

Teacher fucked my wife's teats when she was a teenager

Wife and I were sex-talking in bed ....
"First time you saw a hard penis?"
"That would have been my high school history teacher."
"Whoa!!? Show me his picture in your year-book!"
I didn't get it; he wasn't tall, a bit over weight, kind of a babyface with long sideburns (this was the early 70's). She said lots of girls had crushes... [more]

Wife - who seduced whom?

Well, not really embarrassing...I mean it had been building for a couple of years. This thing between me and my husband's best friend.
It was inevitable I guess. (we certainly fantasized about it enough!)
His best friend told me he knew we'd do it one day...had known it for some time. Said it had to do with the increasingly flirtatious stuff I... [more]

My wife's first time

My wife, Ginny, and I started dating when we were freshmen in college. We were both virgins and she kept saying that she wasn't ready to lose her virginity. I was always horny and really wanted to fuck her.
I decided to take her to a frat party one Friday night. I figured that I would get her drunk, since there it was known that there was always... [more]

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