Embarrassing Confessions

NYC Sissy

Hi so many people have taken pics of me sucking their dicks that now their popping up everywhere. I feel so embarrassed but it turns me on.

I love young pussy and panties

Okay here's the deal I am a 37 year old white male I live alone
I am bisexual but unfortunately right now I do not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
I don't own a car or even have a driver's license i use the city bus to get around.
And I am disabled so I don't work so I guess I'm not much of a catch am ?
Hi have always love to Snuff... [more]

Found out guys are cumming on my pics

I got a pervy message on instagram from some guy I don't know, and he said he found my handle online. I searched it and found out someone has posted my facebook and instagram links on a cum site for guys to jerk off onto my pics. There were all kinds of comments like "slut wants to get used" and much much worse, along with pics of me with cum on... [more]

Blushing blowjob Barry

I was giving another guy a blowjob when, suddenly, a group of girls came busting into the room. They were caught off guard by seeing me in full deep throat mode. They immediately started laughing. They guy I was sucking immediately started cumming and he was holding my head against him. I could not pull off and took his huge load of cum. I... [more]

I cum way too easy

I'm a virgin (male), but I've had a bj. Ever since I started jerking off, I noticed I cum really easy. I can sorta control it when I'm jerking, but a few times in public my clothes or friction has made me cum. It even happened once in a movie, thank god it was dark.
I want to do more with girls but I know I won't last once I get inside... [more]

I received a creampie at my sister's wedding reception

I received a creampie at my sister's wedding reception. I was her maid of honor. The best man, who I had never met before the wedding, was super hot. We flirted a bit and drank and danced together at the reception. One thing led to another and we slipped away and found a place to make out. Before I knew it his had was up under my dress and... [more]


I’ll admit, I’ve posted fake stories on this site before- who hasn’t. But finally, something genuinely happened to me that is worthy of being said on here. I’m a young guy and I’m really submissive, so this is a bdsm sort of thing if you don’t like that probably not gonna be good for u. Anyways he was ordering me to do stuff like send pics and... [more]

Deepest desire confession

Okay this is embarrassing because I’m a 17 year old virgin and keep having dirty thoughts about fucking someone and calling them daddy and they call me their daughter and talking dirty and fucking hard in that role play of stepdad and daughter . I even think about having inside of me filled with cum . I’ve been fantasizing about a big cock inside... [more]


Yesterday, at work, I sent my girlfriend a pic of my hard cock, with a text saying that I couldn't wait to slide it up inside of her hot, wet pussey. 5 minutes later, I got a text back, from my mother, saying that she was tempted, but didn't think it would be very appropriate. Damn, I hate it when that happens.

I love to smell panties

I love to sniff dirty panties I have been trying to find someone who will send me some if you wii please please let me know your age your race your cup size and if you are shaved or if you are not. Thanks

Sissy dresses up as a girl and wears pink princess adult diapers

Hewwo me ish a sissy me lyk to wear me princess pink rearz adult babyish girly diapers wif unicorns and princesses on them and me lyk to dwess up girly in girly girl clothes me lyk to go wees and poopies in me diapers and suck on dummys me wish me had a mummy or babysitter to look afta me

2 inch penis

So, I was setting by myself in the local bar one night, waiting for my wife to get there. A couple of her girlfriends showed up and set down at the bar. I was sitting at a table across the room and they noticed me, waved, and we echanged greetings briefly, then they started talking amongst themselves. I noticed they both kept looking at me and... [more]

Thought it was my wife

We are renting a small house while they finish construction on our house. I started nothing things were just not the same when I would get home from work. I had a sick feeling my wife was coming home during the day and cheating on me. I purchased and set up hidden cameras through out the house. Unfortunately I wasn't able to check them for the... [more]

Bad timing

Last summer, I was driving through town one day on my way home from work. I was feeling really horny, as I often am, and decided to have a good wank on the drive home.
I stopped at a traffic light and unzipped my pants and pulled them down far enough to get my cock out. I was hard as a rock, and figured I could bust a real quick nut without... [more]

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