Embarrassing Confessions

Don't want him to be upset

I want to tell my husband that I don't want him to share me anymore. At first it was like a once in awhile thing . It has now become way to common of a thing. It's been over three months since he and I have been intimate alone. I tried talking to him about it and thought it was going to at least slow down. He called me from work and said to get... [more]

My uncle

I don't know what to do I'm only 14 and my uncle is 31.I had a dream about him and I. It wasnt that bad it was just every holiday when I saw him we would end up alone and talking but we were both flirting. And in the dream I was so happy but I couldn't stop thinking about all him day.all I can think is I want to be in the same room as him and just... [more]

Shower time

Im 18 and sensed that come shower time an attendant kept looking down at my cock,he`s a nice guy older and married,At first it was embarrassing but then i got a strange kick out of it and would soap it up and it would go semi hard,After a few more visits i started making sure i was last and dry my hair with my cock bouncing around and sure... [more]

I let an old man touch me on the bus

I was sitting in a window seat, beside him on an overnight bus. He seemed normal, just an old poor guy, maybe in his 60s. We exchanged some small talks and quickly went back to mind our own business.
But then I felt asleep and woke up to the feeling of his hand on my thigh. It was dark outside and the bus was dimly lit. I dont know why but I... [more]

My roommates

I am 19 and am working towards nothing. My parents kicked me out the week that I turned 18 because they were unhappy and found out I was doing some recreational drugs, just pot and coke but they flipped out and through me out. I had no where to go except my friend who is also my dealer’s apartment. He is 25 and let’s me stay here with him and pay... [more]

I didn't expect to like it

I moved school to a rougher area. From my first day onwards it's been non stop bullying. I just couldn't fit in because everyone was so different. They had to randomly select what subjects I'm doing, and one of them was food tech (cooking). That's the problem one. Everyone is a popular girl, all of them. And most of them are hot as well. There's... [more]

Never trust hot girls

I was never popular or unpopular, I had some popular friends but that was it. There was one girl on my bus, she was extremely popular and insanely hot, with an hourglass figure and beautiful face. Anyways I expected her to be a stereotypical hot bitch, but she was so nice and would like never talk about her body or sex or ever admit she is pretty... [more]


I'm in the military and instruct cadets. My wife keeps me locked in a chastity cage which can make the job difficult at times. Whether it being physical activity or because of the countless beautiful college age girls walking around. I find myself trying to get hard at terrible times. Such as when a girl would walk into my office to ask me a... [more]

Couldn't have gone worse

There was a massive house party on Sunday, and I got so drunk and high at it. Turns out I probably had sex all night. I barely remember it, but the things I do remember is I made out with my friend, me and my younger sister kissed (she's 12 and was as fucked as me) and I remember giving some 19 year old a blowjob. I woke up, there were 3 used... [more]

I let a taxi driver finger me on the street

Long story short: i unbuttoned my shirt to halfly expose my boobs and lifted my skirt up. the driver fingered me. It was in a traffic jam. I'm pretty sure people saw it. Did u ever do something similar?


A guy friend I know was house sitting while his parents were away, and had some friends over including me. It was 3 guys and 2 girls. We had some beer and were smoking weed and basically having a normal good time. I had the hots for one of the guys, and we started making out. He broke out a roll of condoms for everyone, so we all decided to get... [more]

My penis feels tingly

So I had an encounter 3 days ago with a local college guy I met online. What we did was mutual masturbation, followed by cock on cock frottage. I jerked him off and rubbed my penis on his as I stroked him. My cock was kissing his cock and he cummed all over mine. It was hot. I felt my penis tingling shortly after this and it's still tingling now... [more]

Someone is excited

My new boyfriend has a long dick, we were in the kitchen, he had sweat pants on and we were messing about kissing and touching each other.
I put my hand inside his pants touching his dick, he got nice and hard then my mom walked in seeing his hard dick in his pants.
We both panicked and turned away from my mom, but it was to late, she had... [more]

Spanked By Mom

I am a male in his late 20's and still living at home with his parents while I attend college. If I misbehave, I still get a spanking on my bare bottom from my mom. She puts me over her knee, pulls my pants and underpants down and applies a wooden backed hair brush to my upturned bare bum cheeks. I cry hard and kick my bare feet in the air like a... [more]

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