Embarrassing Confessions

Please shame me for being a worthless sissy faggot.

My name is chris i wear bra and panties and sometimez men call me christine lol im a sissy faggot please feel free to leave me some mean cruel comments please feel free m o bounce 2016 gmai

I let him

I was in the shower a bout a year ago this happened.
My son and his friend was home.
I was drying off and i heard a noise.
I wasn’t sure but I thought it sounded like breathing.
I look and see a shadow under door.
My son and his friend was upstairs i thought i get towel and open door quickly and it was Tom his friend was on his knees peeking... [more]

Dribble cum

I've gotten old or maybe something else has happened? 42M Idk. But over the last 3 years I've had sex with 3 different women, and 2 of them were more than once, but OMG! Each time I get an erection and am ready to start pounding some pussy like I used to do. It happens!!!!. The last time I was making out with this new girl and we were on the... [more]

Small penis humiliation

I went to a Korean spa only for men and everyone must be completely naked. As I walked around, I felt shy and embarrassed because of my tiny pathetic white penis. But at the same time, I got a real erotic rush. Once I was sitting on a chair and my little penis started to get erect, so I quickly got in the cold pool.

How to cope with a stiffey at a royal garden party

Yes I know Monty Python, however I am of an age which puts in the at risk section of Covid-19 and old enough to have been able to watch The Python team on BBC back in the late 1960's. I have been married now for what seems like forever and enjoy every minute of life. Don't ask me how or why, however my husband and I got an invitation to a Royal... [more]

My Husband is a real Fucktard

First off we have been married for just 4 years. He thinks he's a real great lover. Lately he can barely even get an erection. His cock is pretty fat but it's only 3 and 3/4 inches fully hard. It's over 6.5 inch at the base and like 5.75 at the tip. I'm so fucking horny and need a good fucking. He fingered me and licked me but I need a cock in me... [more]

I think I gave my wife an STD

I think I gave my wife an STD. I am a salesman and travel extensively. Well I get lonely and so I have on occasion been with a prostitute. I was feeling a bit feverish and took some Motrin and that seemed to work. But I noticed a burning sensation when I urinated. I was going to see a Dr. when I got back in town. But before I could do that my wife... [more]

Oh No Grand Ma!

My grand lives with my parents. She is pretty active for her age. She is 92 and feisty old gal. She gets around pretty good for her age and her mind is sharp as a tac. I live on campus but frequently come home to do laundry and stuff. I still have my room upstairs next to grand's. The other week I came home during the day and I started doing my... [more]

I fucked up.

I went out drinking one Saturday night with some friends. We hit several bars on the local strip. I was pretty screwed up and I went to piss and when I came out everyone had left me. I sat back down and ordered another bourbon and a beer. I finished them and I decided I would leave. So I went out to my car and I sat there for a bit but finally... [more]

Pleasing Them

I got involved in my folks mid life sexual crisis. My mom and dad decided to get a bit kinky in their sexual activity. They was getting to enjoy being exhibitionists. They wanted to be caught by me. I could see thru their door opening mom naked on their bed smoking while playing with her cunt as dad sat on a chair smoking pulling his dick watching... [more]


Im a senior in High school and on the wrestling team.
I have a little brother that is 11 wrestling forfirst time this year.
Now my mom is hot. The guys at school have said so to me a tease me about it.
Well on one night we were home alone and mon was play wrestling with my brother on floor. Like she did with me from time to time.
They were... [more]

My naked wife Kay Murray

I have a very hot fantasy for everybody in the world to see my wife naked, especially her hot, meaty pussy! Just Google the followi ng: “my naked wife Kay”


5 minutes ago my wife walked in the bedroom and I hear NICE, I fell asleep watching a soft porn movie on Showtime.
Normally I only put one on when’s she’s shopping or at work but today we weren’t getting along and she laid down on the couch. So I thought, what the hell I’ll look at one...some of them aren’t bad but most are just two people fake... [more]

Get horny thinking about wife having sex with others

I get hard and wet thinking about my wife having sex with others , dont think she ever does in fact she has lost interest in sex for the most part but I fantasize about catching her fucking a guy and then me licking her pussy while she is getting fucked , I have asked her about it and she just gets mad and tells me I am crazy, but once several... [more]

Cock hungry husband

My wife found several pictures of me sucking a big cock many years ago. At first she was going to leave me, saying I was confused. I convinced her I wasn't confused at all. That I didn't really find guys hot or even pleasant to look at, But I did like to have sex with men.
After that we started watching bisexual mmf porn. I really gets her... [more]

I got caught

Recently I have been staying with my daughter and her husband after the birth of their first baby. I went to help out with cooking and taking care of the baby. They have a nice finished basement and it's complete with another bedroom and bathroom . I was sleeping down stairs and as I'm a older gal I need to get up during the night to use the... [more]

Friday night (DUH!)

Right now its Saturday afternoon and I had sex for hours late Friday night until early this morning. The nightmare is I don't remember who I had sex with. All I remember is being drunk and talked to a lot of guys at a club I go to often. I left with one of them and woke up this morning naked in a motel room on Rt. 1. I vividly remember the sex... [more]

I'd like to see a post that's newer than three days old.

It gets old fast when you see the same old posts for several days before some new ones show up. You don't need to visit this site more than a couple of times a week unless you want to catch a terrible case of boredom.

Husband on his knees

I know this is so wrong.. but when i travel.. i love to put on panties and nylons.. then kneel and take cock into my mouth.. the feeling of being so powerless is overwhelming at time..


I went on my first tinder date recently and it was nutz! I met her at a nice bar and we made initial niceties. She immediately starts with how many guys she has shagged on tinder. Tells me that she always makes guys cum on the first date. I was kinda grossed out but a little intrigued. I told her this was my first date in awhile and that I... [more]

Mom saw me naked ,how embarrassing ,at first

Im 19 ,home from school for the summer , an only child . My father is career military and is often abroad. The first Saturday I was home I decided to paint my room. It was hot that day , air was on,but i was still uncomfortable. So I looked outside and my mother had left for work,so I stripped down and started painting. After a little time I... [more]

I the smell of my dick and balls!

I like to run my fingers around my dick and balls and then smell them! Especially after a day at the office. Could this mean I’m bi or gay or something? It really turns me on sometimes!

Baby sit

After High school and before college I did some baby sitting to make extra money.
One of the people I babysit for had a twenty year old mentally retarded boy John.
John was a husky guy could get showers and stuff by himself and dress. But he was like having a kindergartner around.
They were going to be going on a cruise with my parents for a... [more]

Embarrassing moment

Waiting for my fiancee's parents to meet us at the airport, as were all flying out on a short holiday, my fiancee and I got more than a little horny.
Slipping into a disabled toilet together, we made out.
My fiancee loves anal sex and orgasms really hard that way.
Sliding my dick up her arse after she'd been sucking on my cock for some time, I... [more]

The cops caught us🚓

Me and my bf we're trying to fool around in the park one time, we were behind some tree on the grass, we had gotten undressed down to our underwear as we were french kissing, he removed my bra and started sucking on my tits like a newborn puppy. We rolled over and I got on top of him. I pulled down his boxers and took his cock in my hand which was... [more]

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