Embarrassing Confessions

My Wife wants to act in XXX pornography film

During our honeymoon days I to make my wife sexually active and educative used to show her xxx videos and have a good collection of porn material as library. Now while I go to office my wife becomes too horny and her hobby has become to watch the porn material. She have become an addict to it. One day while having sex she just suggested her... [more]

Caught masturbating

Wife left for work so I got out her suction cup dildo and turned on porn. She had apparently forgotten something because she walked back in and I was in the bedroom with a chair and her suction cup dildo on it and I was riding the dildo and jerking off to bisexual married porn


I'm a 48 year old male !! And I have a small penis !! I didn't know it was small untill I got to highschool ! Right after the first day of P E class!!! I was changing
and needing a shower I grabbed my towel headed to the shower ! Then stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a cple guys naked !! I was stunned my dick looked like a little nub and... [more]

Classmate's Dick Show

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was in classes with us. During the last month of the grade the class was free as the teacher was on leave and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something big under... [more]

Peeped while my Sister masturbated

We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving... [more]


Hi I'm an 18 year o!d guy that has his mum come over once a week to bath me I told her was no need but she said I'm too lazy to do anything so she will come over to do it properly and she is very scary but it's very embarrassing having it done at my age

My Wife has No Filter.. A Cautionary Tale

My wife and I have been married for 2 years. We met, fell in love and got married all within a little over a year.
Things were great while we were dating and all the way up until a few weeks before we were married. Then on a night out with some of her friends to celebrate the pending nuptials I met her ex bf he is a black guy. Really it’s not... [more]

Like peeing my pants

Sometimes when i drunk i like peeing my pants it feels good warm and wet

Not my porn collection.

I asked my neighbour to feed my cat for two days, when I returned straight away I could see my flat had been cleaned, I immediately went next door thanking her she said she couldn’t bear seeing the mess so had a quick tidy up.
I didn’t think for one minute she would go in my bedroom, I know I had a few porn DVD’s on the floor and by my tv, she... [more]

Never been so embarrassed

My car wouldn’t start after work I called my boyfriend and he said he would get eddy to collect me and have a quick look at the car, eddy said he was unable to it going and gave me a life back.
On the way back he said he needed to pop into the supermarket I sat in the van while he got some shopping.
He had been gone ages and I really wanted to... [more]

Groping a grown up girl from behind

While roaming around a crowded Fair with a lot of people, I saw a big girl just moving in front of me alongwith her friends bending down and trying to cross the barricade through wearing a half skirt. She was just half way through and I cupped her pussy under the skirt from behind and felt an electric shock push and blasting down her vagina on my... [more]

Fingered a girl's pussy

During the summer vacation we cousins and neighbor boys and girls used to play together at anyone's house. All were of the age of 8 to 10 years. While playing in my house we had a room with no windows but two doors of which one was permanently locked. So I suggested we will go to that dark room and closing the door and putting off the lights we... [more]

Moms boyfriend took nude pics of me

I needed money to get my car inspected , it needed tires and brakes and I was broke . At 19, my job didnt pay much .So Im lounging at our pool thinking of how to get car fixed knowing my mom wont let me use her new car , So my mothers boyfriend asked me if I wanted a loan to take care of the car. I was so happy I could finally drive my car... [more]

Hotel embarrassment

I always feel naughty when staying in a hotel. I was going to be away from my wife for 3 days. I had brought a couple pairs of her panties and a bikini bottom with me for my "alone" time lol. I enjoy wearing them and getting in touch with my feminine side. I had a small tshirt on, and the bikini bottoms and I decided to be brave and leave my... [more]


My older sisters panties were so desirable.


I've fucked an orange.

Sometimes feel gay.

When I was 5 my family moved from a country home to a home in town.
By the time I was 6 I had made some pretty good friends down the street. Three brothers. One my age, one younger by a couple of years and one four years older.
As time went on we began to have sleep overs at one another's houses.
At probably about 7 or 8, when I would stay at... [more]

Caught cumming against washer in utility room

I am a 64 year old guy and I had my first washing machine induced orgasm this morning. I have what most would call a tiny cock that is basically inverted when flaccid and was wearing cargo shorts this morning while doing laundry. I leaned forward against the washer while folding towels and it was vibrating at just the right frequency to create a... [more]

Massage hard on

Is it ok to get hard during a normal body massage?

Dad watched us

I was hangin' with my boyfriend in our game room downstairs and we were both feeling a bit randy. He asked if I wanted to go to my room, and I said no, my dad sleeps in his room nearby mine, so we should just have a quickie where we were downstairs. My dad works graveyard and sleeps during the day.
We started fucking doggy and omg my boyfriend... [more]

Grandpa's Endowment

Mom usually cleans grandpa's house now and then. One weekend she asked me to do it because she had a commitment that day. Grandpa was mom's father-in-law. Mom warned me that he might embarrass me. He lived alone for some time since grandma passed away and has certain bad habits. Me being 18 and always like getting extra money, told mom I could... [more]

In public

I have always had an humiliation fetish especially in public I have came close lots of time to doing this I want to dress up in my French maids outfit black tights and heels ,wig and some make up would love to go to a busy supermarket or shopping centre would love everyone staring.pointing and most of all laughing at me ,anyone out there done... [more]

I have a one inch penis

My ex-gf told her friends that Im tiny, and now they all laugh when they see me in the street. Someone told my mum too :(

Four girls I know of

What I only found out about a few weeks ago I know is partly my fault. I haven't told my girlfriend about it and am not sure if I should. I live in a rural area in a small ranch home. The closet house to mine is well over 200 yds. away. I work in commercial sales and am rarely home before 7 or 8 pm and my girlfriend is usually only here on... [more]


I'm a dad to twin girls of 20 years old I have a!ways had a big fetish for spanking my wife is so vanilla but I know the younger generation take things in their stride I'd so love to b spanked by one of them or both they dress so great, heels stockings etc Should I ask them or mabey leave my pc on a fem dom spanking page ?

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