Embarrassing Confessions

Molested by Furries at beach

It all happened so fast then it was over…
When I was eleven we went to the beach. We do a few family beach days a year. It was my dad and I with a few uncles cousins and friends of the family.
After some bbq I went swimming for a while. This day there happened to be a group of furries all meeting up. At one point there were over 50 of... [more]

I was very shy and introverted in High School

When I was in high school, I was very shy and introverted, but I loved to tease my teachers. The Older male teachers,I would always be assigned a seat in the front row and they loved to stare at my legs, so I tried to wear skirts every day and show them my many different color panties, they especially seemed to get turned on when I wore animal... [more]

Wife caught me

My wife caught me masturbating with a dildo and watching sissy porn. She looked at me and just laughed and told me never to expect to fuck her again. Since then, every time I try to initiate sex she just reaches into the nightstand and hands me one of her vibrators.

My Daughter and Son-In-Law

My daughter and her husband decided to stop by unexpectedly and caught my wife pegging me in the living room.

Wife Told Friends

My wife told her friends in front of me that I am a quick cummer and that I like to cleanup my cum from her breasts and pussy. She even told them that I like to use vibrators on myself while I jerkoff.

My girlfriends found out I was a cocksucker while we dated.

A few years later, my prom date, Meena, really kicked off my sissification by humiliating me, both of us naked, with her perfect, gorgeous, bubble butt, East Indian ass bumping into me, as I was deperatly trying to fuck her doggy style...she got fed up with me and knew I was just a mincing sissy bitchboi with a tiny useless clitty that couldn’t... [more]


I never bothered to tie the strings on my PE underwear less shorts till got them pulled down. I couldn't even remember the girls that were there or the jokers that did it. Now I can,t stop blushing when I see girls chit chatting about it and feel naked when I go to school every day.

Humiliated my boyfriend

I bought my boyfriend 'pajamas' that were extremely thin, short shorts. He likes to wear them without underwear, so you can clearly see his cock through the material. And he sleeps with no shirt, so he might as well be naked. One day I hid a camera in his room so I would know if he actually wore them. And I got this briliant idea. I went over to... [more]

Quick Cummer

I have been interested in this girl from work. On our 3rd date, we start messing around and I blew a huge load on her hand a couple of minutes after she started playing with my cock. I told her it had been a while and she said no problem. I went down on her to allow myself some time to recover and when I was ready I came up and started to fuck... [more]

Cum in front of mom

Got caught jerking off and mom caught me it was a turn on


I got caught by police who raised my home one morning. Said they had received information that child porn was being produced and or sent to/from my IPaddress?
I was devestated, spent night in cells and bailed next day. Left home at stepdaughter request can't see and won't see my grandkids again she said. Neighbours and friends all turned their... [more]

Facesitting in tights North East England

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England, just a bit of... [more]

Another secret orgasm

I dared to sit astride a pool jet in my sport club’s jacuzzi. There were 4 other people in there. My eyes must have glazed over as I ride the jet to orgasm with my costume pulled to one side. No-one could see for the bubbles, but they didn’t move until I’d climaxed. Maybe they enjoyed the show…?

Trying to sleep with a girl while drunk.

This is a really embarrassing story about a time I got too drunk and tried to sleep with a friend in our group.
It started out really well. It was the end of the work week so I went over to my co-workers house to smoke. He has a very weird living situation, if you've ever seen the TV show Shamless that's pretty much it. There are a lot of room... [more]

Erection at Doctors Office

I am 51 and was getting a prostate exam and got hard and cum on the table. I hadn't had sex in a couple of weeks but I have never done that before, I was very embarrassed. The doctor didn't say anything but I know he noticed.

Is nowhere private?

We were lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our back yard and my daughter and her school friends used to make full use of it on the weekends. One time, my wife had been teasing me by 'accidentally' popping a boob out of her bikini and bending over in front of me as I lay on a sun lounger, knowing I couldn't do anything about it with our... [more]

TWO mistressed

Several years ago, my wife's sister came to stay with us while she was looking for work in the area. I had always thought of myself as 'normal' (whatever that is!) sexually, although I preferred her to take the lead in our lovemaking and really enjoyed it when she made me perform degrading acts like sucking her toes, licking her pussy and ass and... [more]

Window cleaner

I had just finished dressing in black stockings, suspender belt, ruffled sissy panties and bra with breast forms. Putting on my short, red, lace skater dress followed by my three inch red heels, I decided to sit outside on my swing seat.
My back garden is fenced and quite secluded so I felt safe and wouldn’t be disturbed.
I was enjoying the... [more]

Sissy For Exposing

I have posted a lot of pictures on line . Hopefully will be seen , and humiliated . When someone approaches me and says I saw your photos ! When are you sucking my cock bitch ,

Me too

Now We’ve got kids, my eldest gone to senior school. It reminded me of my school. How boys touched me, touched us, any opportunity.
How do I talk to her about it. Hand slaps my bum or feels my boob. Boys bursting in to our changing rooms, trying to see us getting changed. But it was the school bus, upstairs, all seemed fine, on the way home, 3... [more]

Accidentally texted my brother

Yesterday I was feeling horny and bored, so I took a couple of nude selfies to send to my boyfriend later.
Eventually I decided on two I liked the most:
One showing me fully nude standing in front of the mirror in my room and one close-up of my pussy while I was spreading it open.
I felt good about it and sent them to my boyfriend. Then... [more]

Wife’s cousin caught me

Ok I need some help on what I should do. My wife’s cousins came over while my wife and her aunt went out for a girls night. She dropped them off and picked my wife up and picked them up after bringing my wife back home. Well during the time they were here I had them in the living room playing Xbox and I came into the bedroom and long story short I... [more]


Although now in my mid 20s I have always enjoyed possibly to much drink, to the point where I do lose my inhibitions and sometimes can be easily persuaded to try new experiences. My name is Maria and my mom is in her early 50s however she keeps herself trim and fit, and since my dad left us a few years ago she has no problem in attracting men of a... [more]

Forcing Her To Take It All

I’m not oversized. Others have taken my entire length. I need that. My girl and I are talking about the possibilities of marrying. She can only take me halfway without discomfort. She wants me to force the entire length into her. Slowly and without unreasonable pain of course. So this how we did it.
We got stoned and drunk to begin. I gagged... [more]

My Female Opinion Of Cock Size

The men I’ve been with were larger than normal. I really liked their big cocks. They felt great. The man I’m with now and love now is small average size on the scale. But I love him and it is the best sex I’ve ever had. All the other cocks are a distant second.

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