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Embarrassing Confessions

Being mistaken as prostitute

I live near roosevelt avenue due to affordable rent , but sometimes I go out in short skirt and sexy tighs on rainy days with messed up make up . Being known as red district area of Queens , many men asked me how much I charge per hour , seeing me out a bra and sexy top and short skirt . I m not a prostitute but I love being mistaken as one . A... [more]

Wife was so embarrassed by her camel toe at work!

My wife works evenings in a large firm.
She often gets home after I'm in bed.
One Saturday morning she shared something with me at breakfast.
"You know those grey slacks that you like so well on me?"
"The really tight ones?"
"Yes. Well at work last night I was talking to a male co-worker at his cube - and I couldn't help but notice that he... [more]

Teenage daughters don't have morning wood, but....

It was pretty obvious she'd had one hell of an orgasm on her pillow!
I went up to wake my teenage daughter for her first day at her new job after graduating.
I tapped on the door - "You never know...." and walked in.
There was my blonde teenager fast asleep on her tummy, sheet down to the back of her knees, bare butt raised up on her pillow... [more]

Asked wife to share a naughty BJ she gave

She was pretty tipsy - otherwise probably would have 'cleaned' this retelling up a bit - to make her look less trampy!
That is what she usually does when sharing her sexy past - before we married. She was 35 when we married - and being a cute slim SoCal girl with long blonde hair - she'd had lots of sex by then. I get super turned on when she... [more]

Can't believe I did this with my big brother

It's been 4 years - and I still get a funny feeling in my tummy when I'm around my big brother. It was only one hot afternoon, alcohol and young hormones.
I was a 21 yr old newlywed when my husband was deployed for the 3rd time to the middle east. Big bro was 27.
Pretty easy story to tell. My husband was always horny (and maybe I was too, a... [more]

Fucking hot

It was a long five day weekend for me and my girlfriend.
We had been teasing each other for months I made her promise to do something extra slutty and dirty for me and she agreed.
Every trucker we passed she would flash her tits or play with herself.
Tiny five foot three a quarter petite long blonde hair. Large c-cup wide hips small shapely... [more]

Like showing my small penis.

I was 14 years old when i went to a beach with my parents. The mens changing room was one big open room with showers on one wall. When i changed into my suit whith my father i changed very fast so people couldnt see my small penis. My father had a big penis. We went to the beach and i kept thinking about the changing room and how every one can see... [more]

Let FIL into my pants

When I was 18, married to an Army PFC who was stationed in Asia for 12 mos - I was just too used to frequent sex with him. We made love all the time - everywhere, and we tried everything with each other's young bodies!
I was staying at my in-laws for the last 4 months of my husband's deployment.....so it had been 8 months since I'd been with my... [more]

I know it’s strange, but I would give anything . . .

To get up in Nancy Pelosi’s hot ass!!!!! Goddamn, she just looks like the biggest and dirtiest and most insane anal freak in the deep, stinky history of sphincter love.OMMFG, how I love her!!! I don’t just want to fuck that hot ass, I want to EAT IT,too!!!!!!!

Life of the party

I got plaster drunk in a party and an hours later I woke up naked on the kichen floor with guys sodomising me with a beer bottle. My clothes had been throwned out on the front lawn and forced to walk out to get them. I remember girls telling me " check your butt when you get home" I didn't know what they ment till I got home and discoverd... [more]


My wife knows that I like to wear knickers or panties, not frilly or anything, just plain black mini briefs similar to the little pants a lot us wore in the seventies. She doesn’t approve.
She has just come back from town and told me she has a surprise for me.
She proceeded to lay out four sets of matching satin lacy knickers and camisoles. I... [more]

Awkward crossing of paths

For the last four years I’ve been seeing my neighbour at gay meeting places. Four days ago I was at an area where men meet up for sex at half past five in the morning. Early bird catches the worm and all that.
A pick up cruised up and I thought ‘bingo’, I’m going to get a cock to play with. Then I realised it was my neighbour and I scarpered... [more]

Lied to my wife about my cocks size and now she fucks anyone

My wife is absolutely gorgeous and was a highschool slut and loved having threesomes but she was okay with waiting till marriage and said she was done with threesomes. I was really self concious about my size so I lied about having a bigger cock but told her we couldnt have premarital sex, after we married she just decided to pull down my pants... [more]

For Some Reason I Like Being Abused By Women

This is a long story but it's true. One time I walked in on my girlfriend fucking some other guy. His dick was huge. She made me sit in the chair next to the bed and watch him fuck her for ten minutes. During which she made me reach down between them and put my thumb and forefinger around his cock so I could feel it going in and out of her cunt... [more]

Paid mom to spank me

I am a 40 year old male, I have for over 10 years enjoyed being in panties, having them pulled down and spanked and have visited many mistresses to do this. I also enjoy small penis humiliation. about 5 years ago on mistress thought it would be funny to put me in a diaper because my penis is the size of a baby penis, and I have enjoyed being... [more]

Sexy GF

I have been dating a very sexy woman for over a year and she has started hinting that she is ready to get married. I love her and have been thinking about asking her to marry me but there is one thing about her that bothers me.
This sexy woman was my first sexual partner when I was 22 years old. She was 21 when we had sex for the first time. But... [more]

Oh well….

I have finally had to admit to myself that if a really fit young woman and a similar man were offered to me for sex, I could only pick one, I’d pick the man. I suppose that makes me a homosexual. I’d like both and have a sexy threesome so bisexual with a definite leaning toward men.

He made her pregnant

I recently found an old diary that my wife had kept.
Reading it I have found out that many years ago after her long term partner had left her, she got friendly with a local teenager.
Apparently they ended up having sex, which resulted in her getting pregnant.
She lost the baby when she was two months pregnant.
She was 26 and he was only... [more]

Wife lacked confidence.

My wife lacked confidence and was taken advantage by many guys during high school and college. When a guy asked her out, she would immediately agree and most of the time fucked on the first date. Most of the guys that fucked her never asked her out again which didn't help her confidence at all.
She got to be known for fucking on the first day so... [more]

Ex Wife Has New Boyfriend

Some context is that my wife and I divorced officially 4 months ago, it was mutual so no bad blood. We still live under the same roof she just sleeps in the guest room now. She doesn't have anywhere else to live seeing how her parents are out of state.
About a month ago she started seeing this guy, Luke. Never really met him but he does often... [more]

Sex with my pony part 2

After my uncle had untied me he put harness
me lead me to stall lock my harness to ring in the stall
He said you are now one of my farm animals
and this is a breading farm . So you will be
be fucked every day by one of my animals .
He left me then a hour later came back to
inject something in to my breast then said this
Will help you... [more]

Want to see someone satisfy my wife

My wife has never been with another man and is in her early 50s. I have significant ED issues and even with pills I can't get a great erection. I'd love to see her take a nice hard cock again. She's very shy and traditional and would never consider it, but she has been very patient and understanding with my condition and she deserves to have... [more]

Sex what my pony

I lived on my uncle farm from age thirteen as parents had died in a car accident
Be his Neice he treat me well on my 15
Birthday he gave me a pony. I looked after
One day why give him rub down saw his cock
Hanging so I got on my knees took it in my
Hands and started to lick the tip it started to
Go hard so I started to suck it for a... [more]

I am male and just let my sister know that I wear panties

My sisters dressed me in girl clothes when i was very young until my mum made them stop. I think she realized that I LIKED wearing panties and skirts.

I got pantsed and they took pics

I came home somewhat drunk Friday night. I live with my GF (we’re both 23) and two of her BFFs were over with her watching a comedy.
I hung with them a bit but fell asleep in a corner of the sofa. They were goofing around and decided to pull my shorts and boxers down to my ankles leaving me fully exposed. Then they wrapped some tape around my... [more]

Stiffy pills

I was struggling with ed so I went to the doc and asked if he prescribe viagra to give me a boost, as it were. He was very sceptical about it and told me it may help, may not help. He diagnosed high blood pressure and now I’m on four different pills plus statins and now my erections are history, labido low and I’ve become (even more of) a grumpy... [more]


I once got my clothes stolen in the school gym bathroom and thrown outside on the front lawn. I couldn't do anything else but run out to get them completely naked. and embarrass myself in front of three girls that were outside. I remember boys laughing and girls saying "don't forget your underwear" I found out later they had taken a video... [more]

Hubby bought me a super short dress

My husband bought a dress for me that is much shorter than I'm comfortable with, so I usually just wear it around the house for him when I know we're going to get frisky later. One evening, he convinced me and my bestie to dress sexy when we were going out for drinks so he could sit across the room and watch us flirt with the guys that hit on us... [more]


My wife gave me her phone to check something she wanted to send on WhatsApp and went to do something in the kitchen. After I checked the post, I happened to see that she was chatting to our married daughter, Judie. In the 'preview' box, I could see that Judie had mentioned me and my curiosity got the better of me and I snooped.
After the usual... [more]

On the trail

My wife and I use to meet her cousin and his wife and a group of their friends at a state park half way between our homes. We would all bring our horse and camp for a week in the fall. Sometimes it would be downright cold for the week and other times fairly hot. Anyway my wife always got it in her head that we had to do something wild and crazy... [more]

Spied on while fingering gf

Before we were married, my wife-to-be and I used to grab every opportunity to make out. We had gone to the coast one day and found, what we thought, was a secluded spot among the sand dunes in the shadow of an historic castle. We lay down, started necking and I soon had her jumper pulled up and her jeans and panties below her hips. She was 18... [more]


My wife of many years and me were having sex a couple of years ago. I was stood behind her, she was bent over the end of the bed and I was fucking her brains out. Or so I thought.
I was just about getting there, getting ready to come, my wife was making all the right noises when she blurted out “Oh God. Deeper, fuck me deeper. Oh God Mxxk, your... [more]

The day I got married

Getting horny reading the posts here. I was a quiet girl, homebody girl. I had no interest in dating. My mother's best friend had a boy who was sixteen and he was going to go to the junior prom and he needed a date. He had his driver's license and it was at the country club. He came to the house, my father took him back into his study to give... [more]

Embarrass me

I'm married but I have started to develop a fetish for wanting to be made embarrassed sexually. My fantasy includes being embarrassed in a public setting in front of strangers.

Naked brother

My brother came home bangging on our front door. I was shocked when I open the door because he had no clothes on. He just told me "don't say anything to my Mom and ran up to his room. It was the next days when some girls from school told me, some older boys had bully stripped him in our comunity park. Aparently he paniked and ran a whole block... [more]

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