Embarrassing Confessions

Motorcycle ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at... [more]

He saw me naked

I was eight, and we were spending Spring Break with them. He tickled me and I peed my pants. He took me to the bathroom and stripped off my wet pants and underwear and took a towel to dry me. He pushed the towel up between my legs and then stood me on the toilet and wrapped the towel around my waist.
He carried me to the room I was sleeping... [more]


My naked wife Kay has no idea that I am posting naked videos and photos of her all over the internet! Here is an example. She is completely naked and doing SLOW MOTION jumping jacks on a loop. Enjoy her bouncing naked fat!!! https://xhamster.com/videos/my-naked-wife-kay-12936791?from=share_mail

Wife caught me

My wife walked in on me laying in bed, jacking off with one of her dildos in my ass, and another one in my mouth. She had left for work, but forgot something and came back to get it.
She just stared at me for the longest time, without saying a word, then walked out of the bedroom and headed back to work. I'm a totally straight guy that's always... [more]

athletic boy with huge boner lost party bet

Hi, i am Matt an athletic and open-minded nudist. I am 25 years old and this is one of my stories:
Last Saturday I was with some friends on a party. We got really drunk and had a lot of fun. Back then we didn't know that the real fun had jet to come.
The party got really interesting when Sarah (one of my friends who looks very sexy, has huge... [more]


Feeling extremely horny, and having had a bit of a bust up with my husband over sex, I began to masturbate on the couch in our living room.
I didn't then own a dildo or vibrator, so after bringing myself to orgasm with my fingers and still feeling unsatisfied, I went and got a cucumber we'd bought the day before. Warming it under the hot tap... [more]


I really want to have a Dom but I'm scared of giving up control and don't have anyone I can trust with this. I just want to be used and fucked hard while I pleasure my master. How do I even make it reality without putting myself in a dangerous place. I'm a woman btw.

Naked for his father

I was changing into my bikini to go swimming at my boyfriends pool and since nobody was home , I didnt think much about leaving the bathroom door open for more room because the bathroom is very small.
Im 19 he is 27 . Im a hardbody by nature,i dont work out with small boobs .
I was naked and i reached to grab my bikini top to put it on and holy... [more]

Fair trade

I recently let my wife's male friend eat my wife's pussy while I got to give him a blowjob and make him cum all over my face. It was pretty hot and steamy.

Porn Night Gone Badly

I was trying to get into a fraternity and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to do so. I was charged with procuring some pornographic films for a beer bash after a meeting of the "Brothers". This was the early 70's before such things were easy to come by. I had a younger friend who worked with an old guy who kept a footlocker full of porn at... [more]


Well I really don't know where to start so I'll just come right out and say it, I'm a guy with very shapely and sexy legs. Many women have told me this after we've just finished having sex and they get a chance to get a good look at my legs. But I don't just have sex with women I have sex with guys too. And they tell me the same thing as well. I... [more]


Wife want go on a camping holliday next year not that i worried as bit turn on for me but she dont know when in tent light on that ever thing can be seen tell or not

Do i confess my past?

So this past weekend my boyfriend proposed to me in Paris and i said yes.
later on that night he admitted several sexual life events he though i should know and be honest about (cheating ex, sex with his friends mum etc) and he asked me if there was anything else.
while i did admit to a few things i left out that while studying at university i... [more]


I am 48 yr old man with a 4 1/2 inch cock !! Well it's a clitty now!! My gf is in the process of turning me into the sissyboy that I am

Step daughter

Due to wife working away a lot spend lot time surfing net and watch cam sites and try find girls who look like step daughter indian sexy body from what seen pretty 24 keep hoping 1 day when she at university and trying get little extra cash get see her teasing would love see naked and wank over

The Boy with the thin cock

I must say that, I’m blessed with a very thin cock. He’s not short, he’s 17 cm long but looking to my friends when we shower after sports or when we do our circle jerks as all teenage boys do, mine is very slim. Almost only the half of the other boys. My grandma, with who I could talk about anything and who I told it, had looked at it and said, it... [more]

Two pump cum

I ejaculated after two pumps

Tongue sucking

If my partner isn't up for sex or even a blow job, we have a nice compromise where she just jams her tongue in my mouth and I just suck on it while I jack off. It's so thrilling to me for some reason. She knows I like to suck dick too but this is just diffrent. I do my self while she just stays attached to my face.
Feeling it change shape... [more]

Stripping boys

Growing up I knew my step brother had a penis that was different. I didn’t know early on that it was because he wasn’t circumcised. One day my friends were all talking about it for some reason and I mentioned that my step brother isn’t. So they asked if I thought he would show them I said definitely no. So they came up with the idea of pantsing... [more]

Home made sex tape leaked by husband

My husband have filmed our sex act during various occasions
which he enjoys while in bed or bathroom and have also shown it
to me on our TV stating that it is better to view as pornography
and thinking us as porn stars acting in it. It is true, I too
feels horny while watching us in the action from various angles
and different... [more]

Breastfed at 12

Some weeks ago I accidentally met a good friend from school times at Stockholm in our youth. Its nearly 20 years ago and we had to talk so he invited me to his home last weekend. He has a nice wife and 2 beautiful kids. A boy of 12 and a girl of 2 1/2. we had a barbecue and talked about the old times. his wife knew most of the stories and we've... [more]

The day I turned sissyboy

The day I sucked my first cock I had been talking with a guy who wanted me to come see him I get there he is wearing a bra and panties and a babydoll we go in his bedroom talk for just a minute and he looked good standing there I reach for the front of his panties put my hand in there and pull out a huge cock he was a small guy about 5'6 130 but... [more]

My Wife wants to act in XXX pornography film

During our honeymoon days I to make my wife sexually active and educative used to show her xxx videos and have a good collection of porn material as library. Now while I go to office my wife becomes too horny and her hobby has become to watch the porn material. She have become an addict to it. One day while having sex she just suggested her... [more]

Caught masturbating

Wife left for work so I got out her suction cup dildo and turned on porn. She had apparently forgotten something because she walked back in and I was in the bedroom with a chair and her suction cup dildo on it and I was riding the dildo and jerking off to bisexual married porn


I'm a 48 year old male !! And I have a small penis !! I didn't know it was small untill I got to highschool ! Right after the first day of P E class!!! I was changing
and needing a shower I grabbed my towel headed to the shower ! Then stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a cple guys naked !! I was stunned my dick looked like a little nub and... [more]

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