Embarrassing Confessions

Paul exposed

I've become a sissy slut I can't fight it anymore the urges to expose my self as a sissy slut using my real name are crazy but I'm doing daily destroying my normal life friendships with lots of people because iam a weak minded perverted faggot it's taken over my life I spend at least 6hours a day jerking wilst posting disgusting pics and vids of... [more]

Big fat pussy

Well I dont know how to say this. I guess I gotta start somewhere.
Imma black man who was once in my teens and twenties was fit, tough as nails due to martial arts and growin up in da hood.
Now I'm 40, over weight and although I am still tough and intimidating on the out side to my younger coworkers, deep down im really just a big fat... [more]

Showed mude pics of wife

I have a friend nude pics ofof my wife. He jerks off to them and it's now embarrassing when we go out together. What can I do to change this

Afternoon School Bus Ride

I grew up rather naive -- regularly attending church with family and sheltered from the world outside. I took the bus to school each day with the other kids and was one of the last stops on the route.
I remember one day when I was 14 years old .. the bus had its normal shaking and vibrating, and also with the some bumps due to new... [more]

A Great Night

My wife and I went for a long weekend at a hotel in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we got really drunk and had a great night.
We went back to our bedroom which overlooks the Mountains and got very horny, I undressed her at the window and we had amazing sex which lasted a very long time. what we did not realise was... [more]

Step brother found my toy...

One night I decided to get out my lovely little vibrating toy and had a fantastic time with it. It was really late at night so no one in my house was awake except me. After I was done I went to the bathroom and cleaned it. I swear that I took it with me to my room and hid it away like I usually do. I woke up the next morning and found my step... [more]

Saw my brother jerking and cum

My brother is aged 15 and I am 19 year old girl. We both sleep in the same room but on separate cots at both ends of the room. I am a sound sleeper and wakes only in the morning too late. One night I had bad dream and just opened my eyes stark awake and as I was lying on my side facing the brother's bed opposite I astonishing saw the horrible act... [more]

Jerked as my neighbor Aunt watched

My neighbor Aunt used to frequent our house and chat with Mom and others
at any awkward time. That day there was no one at Home except me. Sitting
in the drawing room I was jerking and was just about to cum and this
neighbor Aunt (she is too gorgeous and booby and have big butts on whom I
had always googled and jerked at... [more]

I asked my mommy to spank me with her belt !

My parents were a very good parents, they never argued and were very cooperative. Especially they were very strict when there was a need to punish us when we did something wrong like skipping school or class, being late, not doing home work, not listening to our teachers or just misbehaving.
For such situations my dad had leather strap (made of... [more]

Steps panties sooo wrong!!!

Been sexually attracted to my stepdaughter since she was 13. I used to jerk off while thinking about her lookin at a picture. She developed pretty fast at that early age, big breasts, nice thick legs with a angelic young pretty face. I started fantasizing about her while fckn my wife and would cum so hard my wife enjoyed it. I didn't get in to... [more]

Steps panties sooo wrong!!!

Been sexually attracted to my stepdaughter since she was 13. I used to jerk off while thinking about her lookin at a picture. She developed pretty fast at that early age, big breasts, nice thick legs with a angelic young pretty face. I started fantasizing about her while fckn my wife and would cum so hard my wife enjoyed it. I didn't get in to... [more]

Sorry now

At the time it was arousing but now almost 15 years later its become embarrassing each time I see girls I grew up around. Some were my age at the time between 14 and 17 but some were also younger. I was so obsessed with exposing myself it got out of control. Those girls are women today, friends with my sisters and 1 who now works in my wife's... [more]

Found pics of my sis naked

Omg, i borrowed a handset from my sister and i was going through the phone and found naked pics of her. She has her tits out in most of them, but there are a couple of her fanny front on. One image is of her legs open. I looked at them at then closed the phone shaking. But i want another peek. Even sharing them has crossed my mind. Lol. Any... [more]


Hi I'm a 48 year old married guy who still gets out over his mummy knee at least once a week for a bare bottom spanking the shame and embarrassment is wonderful I'd love friends and family to know mabey the people in here could help?


I was 24 when this happened and have just decided to tell anyone really to get it off my mind,
I was looking after a neighbours house while they were away for the week, they were due back late on Friday afternoon.
On Thursday evening after taking their dog for its walk, I went into their bedroom and rummaged through her underwear draw, I... [more]

Hosed down my doctor

I went to the doctor because I have a condition called hyperspermia, which means that I produce an abnormally large amount of semen. Normal male ejaculations are around 2 to 5ml, but my ejaculations are typically 10-12ml. It's odd and doesn't seem right, but sometimes this condition is linked to fertility issues. My wife and I are trying to have a... [more]

I think they knew

I was getting ready for work the other day and was running really late, struggling to get my makeup on in the bathroom mirror etc. My husband walked in on me with his dick in his hand and asked if I was up for a quickie. I said, "No, I'm really late for work," but he kept pawing at me under my skirt, and I said, "Well, okay, but make it quick." I... [more]

Same douche

Same douche boy writes half of these, and they're not even good.


When I was 11 years old in 1979 I was spanked in class for wetting myself and had my bare bottom spanked over miss Taylor’s knee was extremely humiliating but for some reason I liked it , my mum is loud, bubbly very buxom blonde lady and I asked her to spank me over her knee in public I wanted to experience this don’t know why , my mum said I was... [more]

Motorcycle ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at... [more]

He saw me naked

I was eight, and we were spending Spring Break with them. He tickled me and I peed my pants. He took me to the bathroom and stripped off my wet pants and underwear and took a towel to dry me. He pushed the towel up between my legs and then stood me on the toilet and wrapped the towel around my waist.
He carried me to the room I was sleeping... [more]


My naked wife Kay has no idea that I am posting naked videos and photos of her all over the internet! Here is an example. She is completely naked and doing SLOW MOTION jumping jacks on a loop. Enjoy her bouncing naked fat!!! https://xhamster.com/videos/my-naked-wife-kay-12936791?from=share_mail

Wife caught me

My wife walked in on me laying in bed, jacking off with one of her dildos in my ass, and another one in my mouth. She had left for work, but forgot something and came back to get it.
She just stared at me for the longest time, without saying a word, then walked out of the bedroom and headed back to work. I'm a totally straight guy that's always... [more]

athletic boy with huge boner lost party bet

Hi, i am Matt an athletic and open-minded nudist. I am 25 years old and this is one of my stories:
Last Saturday I was with some friends on a party. We got really drunk and had a lot of fun. Back then we didn't know that the real fun had jet to come.
The party got really interesting when Sarah (one of my friends who looks very sexy, has huge... [more]


Feeling extremely horny, and having had a bit of a bust up with my husband over sex, I began to masturbate on the couch in our living room.
I didn't then own a dildo or vibrator, so after bringing myself to orgasm with my fingers and still feeling unsatisfied, I went and got a cucumber we'd bought the day before. Warming it under the hot tap... [more]

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