Embarrassing Confessions

Feeling stupid

My friend and I are into daring each other into things. We have done some really stupid things. In the last year we have dared each other into some sexual things. She double dared me into sex with the old guy who lives in the house by the river. I went to the door and started flirting with him she watched me go in the house and she kept watching... [more]

Worst track record for sex probably

I’m a submissive guy and like I was happy to have a girlfriend especially a dominant woman. Now a year on and I feel like I might have the worst track record for sex than anyone. So I didn’t have a single relationship until I was 18. Not even a kiss. At a family convention when I was 17 my 18 year old 2nd cousin who’s a guy took me into the... [more]


I'll shower every morning and I'm busy all day so my knickers get sweaty. But the last afternoon my pussy smells a little whiffy like ammonia, then i have to shower again. It's not std because my husband is my only sexual partner and I was so worried about my smell, that I got all testings done. Health wise I'm good down there. So why am I whiffy?

Anal shame

Last week I watched a video my husband and I made a few weeks back, after we had a few drinks. I was on my knees, ass up, face down on the bed having the best anal screw of my life. My husband was squatting over my ass with his feet on the bed. It was deep and extremely orgasmic. He pulled out and splashed his seed all over my ass which dripped... [more]

I was a slag

When I was 14 I used to hang around with a group of 18 year old boys. They'd always flirt with me and I guess i loved the attention. One weekend they asked if they could see my tits so I flashed them. They took it in turns kissing me while sticking a finger up me. I just sat there and let them do it, they even stuck their beer bottles up me and... [more]

Embarrassing Hookup (Tampon+Drugs=Disaster)

Once when I was 19 I went to chill party at a friends dorm where we were all doing mdma and having fun. I ended up getting a massage from a guy friend of mine and we made out for a bit.
We went to his place and were going to fuck but I couldn't get him inside me so I gave him a bj and we went to bed later.
I woke up the next morning and... [more]

Boss and my roommmate

I have been living with a girl I knew from college for the last 6 months. She is pretty and fun and I have always had a crush on her, but even though we flirt we were always just friends.
Until recently she had a boyfriend and would spend a lot of time at his place but since she broke up with him we have been hanging out more. Last month I... [more]

Im 41 and a virgin

Probably because i have zero confidence because i also have a 3 inch penis. having said all that i dont really care. im happy masturbating and probably want to suck a cock more that have sex with a woman.

Forever farting female

During and after sex my p#ssy farts uncontrollably for quite some time so i either have to time the sex just right so i can queef it all the way out or go ahead and go out in public and just let my p#ssy fart away. But they're loud and people do notice.


I am 18 old girl with spanking habits and spanking needs. Anybody 50+ wants to spank me regularly?

My sister

So basically, there is this guy who lives in my neighbourhood and i can see his bedroom from my bedroom window and this guy has been bullying me for years. He is alot bigger than me and there isnt really much i can do and he is a real tyrant, even when im with my sister who is 20 btw, he doesnt hold back. This guy has serious nerve he even walked... [more]

Spankings When I was a Teenager

I was spanked by my mom many times in my late teenage (ages 16-19) years. Mom also spanked me a few times in my earlier years, but my spankings were accelerated in my late teens.
It all started when the school librarian spanked me in school for not returning an overdue book, after being asked to do so for many months. When she had had enough... [more]

Spanking girl

I am 18 years old girl. I want to be spanked every evening by the older man 50+.

I've posted my real name with my sissy pics onlne

Iam a naughty boy Iam a chronic masterbation addict Iam also a very kinky cross dressing Sissy this takes all of my spare time Iam so addicted to exposure its got to the stage were I post my pics with my real name so stupid and embarrassing but I can't stop

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