Embarrassing Confessions

Female biker friend

A female friend of mine rides dirtbikes. I wouldnt have much interest in motorbikes but i was over at her house a few weeks ago and she had the bike out doing some maintenance on it. She was just finishing up when I arrived. We chatted in her garage as she put away her tools and other bits then she said, i just want to take the bikd for a quick... [more]

I was sick while playing tennis at school

Same girl here who recently posted about showing off my knickers during PE lessons, well I've remembered another embarrassing and rather gross story I wanted to share.
I would always wear big white knickers in PE under the short skirt I was forced to wear, and used to love letting everyone get glimpses of them as my skirt rode up on my fat... [more]

Spanked and humiliated by gf

I had a 20 year crush on a female friend who I met in university. She was 15 years younger than me, and I fell in total love with her. But, she said no and wanted my friendship. We became very close over the next 20 years. During a bad breakup with my gf, she asked me to rent a room from her. I moved in, as a friend. We became close and she... [more]

Me and my sister wetting our knickers

When we were younger, me and my sister used to play together in our garden all the time, and this being quite a few years ago would always be in dresses. If one of us needed to wee while we were outside, instead of dashing in for the toilet the sister who needed to go would say "Me wet" then crouch down and wet in her knickers, making sure the... [more]

Up Wife’s Butthole

DirectTV would not help us. Had to take my wife to the ER. Remote totally inside her colon. Told me she accidentally sat on it. One in a million shot she said. If I can’t get a new remote free of charge I’m switching to Dish.

I love to masturbate in front of girls

I love to (and have to) show my nice dick to beautiful Ladies and girls and to strip nude, masturbate, and cum while they watch me. -Glenn Willis


A lifelong experience of lack of control of my bowels and bladder. Not total lack of control but plenty of accidents. Doesn’t bother me as much as it did when I was young. I just handle it. Sometimes it is even comforting. Saw a video once of a female shitting her panties. Kinda cool.


I’ve been felt up in clubs before, a little at school. On Saturday afternoon was the first time on a bus. I never saw it coming! I wasn’t sure what he got from it either, he didn’t get off, didn’t get in my knickers. I sat down, them moved up to let him sit beside me. I was heading to town to meet my mum. I was wearing jeans shirt, coat... [more]

Exposed my wife went too far

My wife and I live in a condo, downtown in a major US city. My wife is hot, nice tits, ass, legs, pretty face, and long flowing brown hair. Our condo faces another condo building, where the first floors of the buildings are restaurants, bars, and shops. It’s a busy block. I came home from work on Friday and it was dark, I looked up at our second... [more]

My Wife Told Her Mother and Sister

I just found out my wife told her mother and sister that I have a smaller cock. They have been joking about it for years without me knowing.

Had sex w my sons friend, now 4 boys do what they to me.

F/44 - divorced 7 years, son is 16. One of my son’s friends was telling me I’m good looking, beautiful and he even said I'm "hot"! He made me feel good and sexy. What happened was one night my son was at his fathers and this young boy came over unexpectedly but i let him in because he was alway so sweet to me and that evening I took his cock my... [more]

My pretty neighbors watched me masturbate and cum -Glenn Willis

My Pretty Neighbors Watched Me Masturbate and Cum!
I would strip nude and masturbate in front of my pretty upstairs neighbor every day. She would walk by while I was masturbating and I would cum when she looked at me. My cum would squirt out 5 or 6 feet several times……… She was so beautiful wearing a dress and high heels every day. I would cum... [more]

Looking up teen's skirts

Recently I was asked to speak at my daughter's senior high school class.
The girls all wear uniforms.....and since they seem to hate the slacks, my daughter says - they all wear skirts.
And being modern girls - they hate the dress code length of their skirts - so they all roll them into sort of mini skirts my daughter shared.
So, I'm sitting at... [more]

Showing off my knickers at school

I was always the fattest girl in my year at school and I had huge legs, as a result my skirts would never fit me properly. As well as being fat my legs were also very long, we were made to wear short skirts for PE lessons and I couldn't wear shorts under them as they would have shown too much cos of their length. Gym knickers were too tight on me... [more]

My wife and her gay friend

My wife and I cheer for different hockey teams. We made a bet that the losing team would have to give oral sex. We watched the game with her gay friend. When I lost she told him about it and said that he can have the bj. I argued of coarse but she wouldn’t back down. She now has pics of me with his load on my face. She loved it

Wife's Bathing Suit

My wife's bathing suit is a couple years old and the elastic around her legs has stretched. This causes the openings around her thighs to make a gap allowing her outer pussylips to show if she stands or sits a certain way. She's worn this suit in public a lot so a lot of guys have seen things they shouldn't. Nobody, including me has said anything... [more]

Your Biggest?

I’ve been dropping some big ones lately. My personal best is 1 9/16” across and 14 3/8” long from blunt end to tiny pointed tip. Not bad for young thing huh?

Took too long to get sexy photos of wife developed!

Before I deployed my wife agreed to let me take some sexy photos of her to take along with me. (yep - they were for me to use while masturbating!)
I was 19, she was 18 at the time.
So we go deep into the forest near my parents house in Mass.
We find a small sunny clearing and spread the blanket out.....and begin sharing a bottle of wine. On... [more]

Cocksucking addict

I love love LOVE sucking cock! Big, small, barely there, human, dog, horse, I don't care, I'll suck off anything that doesn't run away fast enough. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to find enough guys at once to do a proper blowbang, but I'd love to!

It felt so good! Stripped nude with my prick out in front of her

It felt so good to be stripped nude with my prick out in front of her
I would strip nude and masturbate in front of my pretty neighbor every day. She would walk by while I was masturbating and I would cum when she looked at me. My cum would squirt out 5 or 6 feet several times while she watched. She was so beautiful wearing a dress and high... [more]

Young girls don't be dumb like me or you will suffer.

It was the summer between 8th grade and freshman year high school. I told my mom and dad I was sleeping over my friends house, and she did the same. We went with two older boys and camped out in the woods. We were getting drunk and played spin the bottle, To get to the point I was the one it kept pointing at. I got taken turns on while my friend... [more]

Embarrased of my big clit

So me and this guy from school were dating and I made the mistake on sending him some pictures. We broke up and apparently he showed them to some other people and now people are saying stuff. I told him before I even sent a picture of my pussy that I am self conscious about it bc I have a much bigger clit than normal. He assured me that it was ok... [more]

I wore a butt plug to the shops!

This is pretty mild compared to some of the stories here, but its a big deal for me.
I've been getting used to wearing a butt plug and I finally built up the courage to wear it to the shops! It was so scary it felt like everyone could see right through my leggings. I waited till an aisle was empty to bend right over and pick something off the... [more]

A N A L y z e t h I s

Correy told me she loves pooping. The bigger and the longer the poop is….the better it feels. As long as it is not too hard and dry. She and I are wondering. Is anal anything at all like pooping? It must be similar right?


Halloween night a neighborhood girl friend and I got so fucking high on sugary treats.
Sydney and I started sticking stuff in each other’s butts while muff diving in sixty nine.
Don’t know what she shoved into my tiny butthole but it was a total rush. I totally packed her chocolate starfish with everything. Skittles, peanut M&Ms, candy corn... [more]

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