Embarrassing Confessions

Invading privacy

I have lived with my uncle Dominic and his wife Carmella since I've been 10 years old. I'm 23 now and uncle Dom died when I was 19 and he was just a great guy. Aunt Carmella was always hands on with me like a mother. She did everything for me and still does like making meals doing my laundry and cleaning up after me. The only bad thing is she... [more]

Mom caught

I just commenting on a post that reminded me of something that happened to me.
I just got home from school.
I came in and went straight to the bathroom.
I walked in on mom in the middle of masturbating and froze for a second then turned and hurried out.
It only took a few seconds but remember every detail and had many of fantasies over it... [more]

Secret panty sissy .I so wanta be caught with pantys and bra on

I have to make a confession. im a secret closet sissy boi. I could meet you on the street but you would know I had pantys . the truth is id be looking at you bulge in your jeans. all the time id be wishing you new my secret and make me suck your cock. I so wanta be caught dressed naughty and made suck men off.

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I visit the nude beach frequently

A long time ago, I was a 29 year old employed as an engineer and working tempoarily in India. I had heard stories about Goa having beaches where nudity was allowed and arranged to spend a week at Calangute beach.
I arrived in October after the monsoon rains were over and the weather was perfect. Immedately I went exploring, wearing a T... [more]

Be fuck by girlfriend dog

My girlfriend work nights so it only me and her dog in the house at night . So One night I had a shower was sitting naked on the bed when the dog came over started to licking between my legs it felt good so on got on my knees so he could lick my Ass he start to lick my ass felt great his tongue then he climbed on my back spread my legs to hold his... [more]

Wife outs me

My wife and I were out to eat with another couple this past weekend. We hadn't seen anyone in months due to the quarantine. So, we were out and having cocktails. My wife (Steph) talks to the other wife (Jessica) about everything. Even when it's probably not appropriate. So, jessica says to my wife, "So, i guess you two had a lot of sex over the... [more]

Helping the homeless too much?

Kind of a long story but this has taken place over the past year and I want to confess: I belong to a volunteer group and once a week we bring bag lunches to a homeless community living under an overpass into the city. I started doing this when I was a few months pregnant and stopped working full-time. As my belly grew so did my boobs and a couple... [more]

Caught by my wife

I told my wife when we first met that I liked dressing up as a woman. When we moved in together, my then girl friend got me to go outside dressed, she would accompany me on long walks all around town. Later on she talked me into going out to a few bars with her, with me being dressed as Joanne. We would go home after the bars closed & my girl... [more]

Blushing blowjob boy

My name is Jamey and I totally love performing oral on many different guys. I have this urge to slurp them off on a daily basis. When the other guy is in my mouth, it is so amazing. I feel like my life purpose is being fulfilled. When he fills my mouth with his creamy goodness, it makes me think that I did a good job to receive that... [more]

I want to piss myself

Often when I'm sitting on the couch and have to pee, I have a strong urge to just let go where I am and piss myself. It doesn't feel sexual, and it isn't tied to any substance use. I'm perfectly capable of getting up and going to the bathroom, I just don't want to. I'd rather wet my pants and the couch. I've never actually done it. I always... [more]

Help green and yellow looking puss.

I have green and yellow puss coming out of my cock after fucking this woman at work. I thought it would be ok. The first day it seemed like it burned a bit when I took a piss and now about 11 days later my cock is filled with this yucky smelly puss. WTF! I told the bitch she better get checked out. She said that she was fine but I thinks she gave... [more]

With a guy's wife while he watched

A guy I work with asked me to fuck his wife. She met me at a company function and asked him to set it up. The guy told me their marriage is open and it’ll be OK. The only stipulation was, he had to be in the room watching. I told him I’d do it because it didn’t make since to turn down free pussy. I went to their place. She came out wearing short... [more]

Wearing girly babyish print adult diapers

I wear girly babyish print adult diapers with unicorns and princesses that are pink and another that have butterflies that fade wen wet and I dwess up in girly girls clothes

Gobble Boi James

My name is James. I have a craving for giving blowjobs. It is a little embarrassing. But I recently had eight guys at my apartment at once.
The plan was for me to just slurp their cocks off...one after another. But a few of the guys wanted to double-up and have two cocks in my mouth at the same time. So, I did some of that. It... [more]

Came in the Sauna

When I was in 9th grade bout 15 I went to a really nice resort with my parents. I was an average boy, skinny and barely hitting puberty. This resort had a killer spa with a big foggy sauna full of cedar wood and glass walls. I remember how it smelled so good, kinda like warm cinnamon and all week I kept going back to spend time in the sauna. ... [more]

Dorm room dare

I am a nineteen year old female. My first year of college I was very shy and afraid I wouldn't fit in. An older girl was nice to me and introduced me to several of her friends. After a few weeks of hanging out with them and getting invited to dorm parties they told me if I wanted to be part of their group, I had to do a dare. I was told to show up... [more]

I came on my face

I remember having video camera sex with a young lady from the Bronx. She was ugly but had a nice body. I was horny as fuck. I started jerking off on camera and was stroking my dick so hard that the cum blast shot up and hit the side of my face. She laughed but she enjoyed it. I should have came on her!!!

I got busted sharing pics of husband

My husband saw the naked pics and embarrassing videos of him on my texts to my sister. She’s 2 years younger than me and we’re best friends. We share everything. He likes to be humiliated of his size and loves it when I force him to do degrading things. It started when my sister told me that my husband was perfect, he is good looking, a nice guy... [more]

Humiliated by the Wife.

This past Mother's Day was a good time with family and it ended up being very embarrassing also. My wife was playing with some of the grand kids. Our one grandson who is almost two years old needed his poopy diaper changed. The wife volunteered to change him. She was cleaning him up and she asked me to come look. I went over to see what she... [more]

Cousin In A Crop Top

I met my cousin so many years ago, when I was 13. She was 19 and pretty cute. I stayed over her place one time it was like a family slumber party. She came out of her room in a crop top and pjs. I really dis not give a damn she a was a cousin because she was so cute and sexy! I could see her belly button exposed at the bottom of her shirt. It was... [more]

College CD

I was living in the dorms at my college. We had 4 room houses with guys in one house and girls in the next. I became really good friends with one of the girls next door and we started dating. We would talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. I admitted to her that growing up I would steal my older sister's panties and wear them... [more]

Hotels you have to love them

At a wedding, we had a room at the hotel where the wedding reception was taking place, wife and I invited to the wedding of one of her work colleagues. As always way too much to drink, so at the end of the night I said I had, had enough to drink and was exhausted from the long day and was heading to our room.
I managed to get there without... [more]

Massage gone awry

I went to get a massage from an online coupon. My wife at the time (now ex) was a former massage therapist and stressed they'd always be professional, and told him essentially that upon meeting. Well, the new guy appeared to be gay and a probable cross-dresser. I'm not judgemental that way, so I went ahead with the massage. He did my glutes... [more]


I love my neighbours wife. I always like to do favour for the man jst because of his wife. I wonder if this woman already noticed

Wife menopause

Last year my wife announced that she was going through the menopause which was a surprise to me as she is only mid 40's.
To celebrate she insisted that we take a vacation to a safari park in Africa, personally I would have rather gone to a beach, however a happy wife leads to a good life. I must admit once she hit the big M, our sex life... [more]

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