COVID-19 Locked Down!

Ok so we've been told that we're in locked down and just so happens that the misses and I are visiting her parents and can't return home just yet.
To be honest we're not ready to leave JUST yet even though we can cause we live in the same state just a few hours by plane and a 24 hour casual drive away.
The reason not yet ia because my wife's... [more]

Lucky grandson

I've not long turned 50 and for the last 5 months my 16yo old grandson pops in to keep me company,2 months ago when he came round told him i was feeling old he said you don't look it you look hot, within half hour i had his boxers around his ankles and his cock in my mouth,now every monday evening is are time untill his mom picks him up,the last... [more]


Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

Laps of Memory

I was a very naughty girl growing up. The things I use to do. I learned early on that alcohol and I didn't mix at all. It was a warm sunny April Sunday afternoon. A guy I knew called me up and said I should pick him up and we would get a bottle of wine and enjoy the day. So I was just 16 and I picked Jeff up and we went to a local park. Jeff... [more]

True confession about first time I had sex

The first time I ever saw a grown up woman nude was my mother. I wasn't even interested in girls yet until the first time I saw my nude mother. Now that's all I could think about was the opposite sex and how I could see more. My mother was a very heavy drinker and I really hated her when she was drunk. That all changed when I started to find mom... [more]

I've always loved wearing high heels

When I was young teenage guy, about 16 or so, I always wanted to wear sexy high heels. I'd seen many high school girls wearing them and they looked so nice in them. I wondered why guys couldn't wear them too. One day while home alone I got up enough nerve to try on my mom's high heels. They felt great and looked nice on me my feet too. From that... [more]

Gfs sister

When my gf was 17 she moved into my flat.her younger sister who was 13 used to stay over sometimes at weekend me and my gf had been out for some drinks and came home to find her sister had let herself in and was asleep on the couch which was fine.we-went on up to bed as normal,my gf always just slept in a nightshirt and I always slept... [more]

My dad touches me drunk

Last night daddy and i were drunk and my mom was asleep. we were watching a movie together and i put my legs on his lap, he started to rub them up and down and i already started getting wet. he then stopped at my thigh and i felt his hands were cold so i spread my legs a little bit and guided his hand between my thighs telling him my thighs are... [more]

I Get Off From Oral Orgasms Better

I'm a Bi-sexual female who loves her pussy licked eaten by females, males and K9's. It gives me really great sexual orgasms. I guess it started when I was spending time at my girlfriends house. I slept with her in her bed. I woke one early morning horny after partying the night before. I was too busy playing with my breasts and clit that I didn't... [more]

Old perv

Still love to wank at 72 and most of my fantasies are about teen boys or girls and I love them! I have an Eros Tek power box and anal electrode and I can go for ages. Sometimes I just run out of steam without cumming as I keep delaying. Other times I let it go to an incredible orgasm.
Fortunately you still can't go to jail for what you're... [more]

Going beyond

When Craigslist still had a Casual Encounters section, I started perusing it finding myself single at the time. I wondered about the t4m section thinking 'what the hell'... I did find some sissies and femboys in there, some were young sluts who loved much older men (daddy types) and decided to give it a shot. Before I knew it I had gone to bed... [more]

Morbid curiosity.

I have to wonder how many people, historically, have died of horsecock. God knows we'll probably never know for certain, who'd accurately report that if they found the body? How many deaths have gone down officially as "internal hemorrhaging" when the person to find the body is the only one to know they were getting pounded by a horse?

First time public

Well wife had found a item she been looking for but had drive ipswich to collect so as saturday went to get then do bit window shopping after well after the first few dozen or so shops was standing in changing room area while wife tryed a dress on i chosen well when she come out in well i was wow so sexy so much gave instent hard on and found out... [more]

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

I need a very young t girl for my girl friend

I need a friend and a lover. I need my cocked sucked every day. You need a cock down ur throat. We can play with each other nipples. We can take turns cumming in each other’s ass and we can sixty nine sucking big beautiful penis. Where are you baby??

I need a cute very young t girl friend

I love to get my cock sucked. Love it. My wife sucks good and eats my cum....but that it. Nothing else.
I’m a horney kinky guy.
I was introduced to a beautiful T girl and I feel in love. I mean what not to love?
I first saw her photos and got so hot. Beautiful, nice big tits, great lips and mouth, excellent tight ass....and a big beautiful... [more]


I am a sissy who is home alone like many of you are for the next few weeks during this lockdown. i am looking for some ideas that i can use to punish and humiliate myself to give me something to do and to amuse others. Please let me know if you have any ideas. i can post things as i do them.

My 11 year old daughter is dating 30yo

I found out my daughter is dating a 30yo guy that she did babysitting for. I helped her hide it from Mom. I saw him at Walmart a few days ago and I shook his hand and said hows it going and he said very good!

I so really really want a young Asian tgurlfriend!

My wife can really suck my dick! But that’s it. She is traditional and missionary is fine, no anal....
Omg, I’m an ass bandit! I’m tired of finding bitch sluts to fuck....then I met a wonderful t girl. So sweet and nice. I was new and she was patient and helped me.
So yah my wife sucks me all the time but I need more.
But my t girl was... [more]

My wife made a confession today

My lovely hot wife and I have been married for 24 years this October. Lately she has not been as interested in sex as usual. I asked her if something was bothering her. She said it was just female issues and that it would be ok. We both see professionals on a weekly basis with personal issues. I mean a shrink. So she comes back from seeing her... [more]

Watched a guy rough up my wife

My wife is 33 and we decided to try the cuck thing. She likes being dominated but had no idea the guy she was talking to on the internet was a mean bastard! I told her I was just going to watch and not interfere. He slapped her around and rough fucked her. She was crying and struggling with the stuff he did to her. When he was done he walked her... [more]

Me Balls Hurt

I'm not sure what is going on with my balls. But if I get aroused when messing around they get really sore afterwards. I was in a car accident years ago and I can no longer ejaculate. I still like it when my wife rides me. Her pussy on my cock feels great. It sucks not being able to shoot a load anymore. I have noticed that my balls ache like hell... [more]

Seduce and fuck my wofe

I would pay some one who could successfully seduce and fuck my wife. Her pussy is so tight. She can pull the cum of of your dick. If you can do do I’d love to see it happen. I don’t believe anyone would be able to get her to fuck. It’s impossible. She would never do it.

Finger play

When I was in college I dated this girl who was really into sex. She would do anything, anywhere, anytime. She would suck my dick while driving, ride me while driving, have sex in the park, her parents house, grandma's house, in her aunt's pool, or even at a restaurant. This woman didn't care where we were, if she was in the mood, we had sex. So... [more]

At the club

For years now I have developed certain kinks and fetishes. One of them involves public sex (fingering, oral, etc). At the dance club I frequent, there is this cougar mom, Sheila, who kinda likes me (or at least likes to tease me), she pretty much knows I wanna fuck her and she knows I get a hard on on the dance floor when we dance together (it's... [more]

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