I have changed

When ever my wife goes on a business trip. Her boss comes over our house. He is very masculine and sexy. I put on women's clothes and become his sissy sex slave. I service his cock with my mouth lips hands and ass. He makes me beg him for his cock and I do. He uses me like a piece of meat. He sometimes has a male friend who I service too. I know... [more]

Wife and neighbor

I suspected my wife was cheating with the neighbor guy when she started doing strange things. She has always been chummy with him, inviting him over whenever we invited friends and family, standing outside talking to him for an hour or so, just things like that. When I first asked her of anything was going on, she denied it and asked how I could... [more]

My Pink Climb In Balloon Fantasy

I Want To Dream That: I stretch into baby pink fleece adult diapers and footed pajamas, with the pajama sleeves having sewn on fleece mittens, and the pajama collar having a sewn on stretchy fleece facial hood, and an unlocked lock, at my neck which will, once locked, seal and encase me completely within stretchy pink Heavenly soft fleeciness... [more]

Trans girl with weird fetish

I got a weird fetish for shoving bags of crisps up my ass along with the empty bags . what would you do to me and what brand/flavor would you use in my hole? how many bags ? i also love the bags being rubbed on my sissy clit too.

Banging Friend's Wife

My best friend separated from his wife of 4 years. He's really sad about it, and I've been consoling him by spending more time with him, going out to concerts with him, keeping him busy, and making sure he's not too depressed.
What my friend doesn't know is that I've been fucking his wife Barbara since they've been apart. I was always... [more]

Sexy wife swapping

When I dated my wife we were very sexually active and did a lot of crazy things. We were into swinging and orgy parties. She even fucked three of my friend while I watched. One in her vag, one in her ass, and one in her mouth. I also watched her bring home a complete stranger and have her way with him in front of me. Of course she watched me fuck... [more]

My own son's whore

The first time I let my son take me, he was 15. He was angry at me for sleeping around, so he subdued me one day, hit me, and told me he'd teach me to be a whore if that's what I wanted. He was already taller and stronger than me, so I didn't even fight much. There was no going back after that, so he started to do it more and more often. The truth... [more]

Things ive done

Im a male when i was younger my friend grg would spend the night and he would let me suck him off after a while i got a girl friend and i liked it better. I cheated on my wife twice with two different women and i liked it i came inside both women they liked it my cousins gf got drunk with me and my friends one night and she sucked me off and... [more]

Red wings

It all started in high school when my then girlfriend got real horny on her period. She loved it when I ate her out then fucked her while she was having her monthly visitor and I loved it too! Since then I haven’t dated any girls who were willing to try it. I did find a chick on Craigslist personals when that was a thing and we’d hook up once a... [more]

Met a pornstar I used to masturbate to all the time.

When I was a teen back in the 80's, I had an uncle who had a vast porn collection that I would sneak into and grab a VHS tape when nobody was home.
I was attracted to Taboo 3, that incest series that starred Kay Parker. It had other stars in it but Honey Wilder and Kay were my favorites. This was when hairy privates was still a thing.
Jump 20... [more]

Do you have a preference?

I'm aiming this question to the ladies mainly, but it's cool for men to answer, just let me know your gender. Do you like circumcised penis or non better? I've watched a lot of porn in my almost 50 years and circumcised just looks nicer. I know that non have tons more nerve endings and supposedly sex is better, but I'm just talking about looks.

Cum in sandwich joke went wrong

My girlfriend plays a lot of practical jokes on me and I do some on her, and lately they have gotten a little sexual. Recently I was at home and I thought alone, knowing my gf was on that time of the month and so I would not be getting sex I decided to rub one out (she won't do anal and I don't get many BJ's). As I thought I was alone I pulled it... [more]


So my friend who I’ve been friends w forever brought up a three some w me, him, and his gf. And I’m not really interested into his girlfriend at all. I’d fuck her but I’m not attracted to her whatsoever. I’m a straight male. However I have been fantasizing sucking my bestfriends dick while getting head from his girl. Im not really attracted to him... [more]

Showing off the wife

Some years back we bought an somewhat modernized old style house with floor to ceiling windows, even in the bathroom. Only problem was before we had renovations, we while we had the right wallboard, had to temporarily install a shower rod in the middle of the oak window frame to shower.
I wondered if I turned the blinds so that while it gave... [more]

Altercation with my girlfriend's ex husband

I was at my girlfriend's house. She is about 30 and divorced. Our sex life used to be great.We were alone and weren't expecring anybody until late, so right after lunch we started making out right on the couch. As we were having sex, next thing you know that loser of her ex husband shows up in a kimono covered only by a denim jacket and gets mad... [more]

First time with a man

I was at a club one night and I started to to this guy. We were bull shitting and he asked me if I like to do coke. I said yes and he said follow me to my house. I get really horny on coke. We started doing some and I felt that feeling coming on. He asked me if he could put some on my cock and suck it off. I said sure it felt so good. Then he took... [more]

First time with a man

I was at a club one night and I started to to this guy. We were bull shitting and he asked me if I like to do coke. I said yes and he said follow me to my house. I get really horny on coke. We started doing some and I felt that feeling coming on. He asked me if he could put some on my cock and suck it off. I said sure it felt so good. Then he took... [more]

Hilda German Wench

I just graduated at 18 from a small farming community. I wanted to earn some money that summer for college. When my folks owned a small farm, I use to do chores that my parents expected out of me. At a cattle auction, a mature German woman came up to me and asked if I was interested to do farm work for the summer. "My husband and I pay good." she... [more]

Is it bad that I fantasize about being abused?

I was never abused, but I have always dreamed about it, even when I was a little girl. I liked to think about my neighbors touching me, or teachers or older relatives. And I still do. Now I sometimes role play being a little girl with my husband. Thinking about it gets me off almost instantly. It’s almost like I wish I had been abused... [more]

For the Love of A Petticoat

My fascination with petticoats started at a young age. We lived in an old Victorian home that had a stair case leading to the attic. I was the youngest in the family of three girls and one boy. One day when everyone was away and bored, I went up to the attic to see what was there. I found three big trunks, each one had girls clothes. To the right... [more]

Does my wife want to or not?

I have been married to my wife for almost 20 years now. In all that time she has very conservative about sex, not really wanting to do anything taboo. She is a plain Jane sort of a woman only wanting sex in the bedroom.
A few years ago I pushed the envelope and asked her if she wanted to hear my fantasy. It took several times asking, but she... [more]

Fetishizing women’s pleasure

I confess that my greatest enjoyment sexually always involves a woman’s pursuit of her personal sexual pleasure. Without that element, without seeing or knowing or hearing or reading about or experiencing a woman’s drive for orgasm by any means at hand, my desire is muted. My greatest pleasure in sex is a woman’s sexual mind. And although I... [more]

Having wet dreams

Lately I have been having wet dreams about our pastor's sexy wife. Every time we are alone, she gets flirty and allows me to look down her blouse or dress she is wearing. In my dream we are alone at the church and I walk up behind her and kiss her neck. She giggles and says, "I'll give you twenty minutes to quit that!" So I keep on giving her... [more]

Hottest threesome ever

My teenage daughter and I were doing the naked nasty together one afternoon, like we occasionally do after she gets home from school. Normally we have a good two hours to mess around before my wife gets home from work, but unbeknownst to me, her boss closed up shop early for the day and sent her home two hours early.
We were in my daughters... [more]

I love my breasts to be suckled

I'm a guy, and when I was younger, we had cats. One morning I woke to my nipple being suckled by a cat. Instead of getting weirded out about it, I felt good. Today, I have a breast pump and I suckle myself when ever I can. I wish my breasts would fill with milk and someone could suckle it out of me.

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