I'm scared

All my life I have been addicted to exposing myself to strangers. I have had many miss carriages and one abortion. As you can imagine some men are all over me when I do my thing. I'm worried now because I may be pregnant and what if it's not my husband's. I can't tell him what I do he would never understand. And what if the baby isn't his and it's... [more]

I'm a girl with a very dirty mind.(in a very bad way.)

I get overdrive horny when I am high. I like to watch PETA videos about animals being abused in plants. The disgusting men in these videos turn me on so much. One time I c** to a video of men doing things to pigs. I don't know why but I do and I know I'm a terrible person

My first time Bi

I am 50, married, and have an urge to suck cock. I want to kiss and lick and suck it and caress the balls and feel his cum spurting in my mouth. I definitely would NOT Kiss a man, But would love to hold and suck another mans Cock.
If I could find another similar married man I'd also love to be Fucked. Definitely.
Just NO kissing, my Cock just... [more]

Milky orgasm

Just woke my husband up by bouncing on his cock while he sucked on my breasts, milk oozing down his cheeks, then that lovely tingly let down happened, i cum all over him while he guzzled my milk!

I can see you

My wife and I went away for a week and stayed in a nice little a frame cabin along a small river. The close's cabin to us was about a hundred yard's. The people we rented from were nice and it looked like for the most part there son maybe 20 was the one who took care of anything the renter's needed. He was nice and very helpful, even let us know... [more]

The step daughter

So I have been with my lady for the last 5 years and raised her kids without any help. As her youngest daughter grew up I had to deal with her wearing stuff that would show of her tatas. She also had no problem flashing me even in front of my lady. My lady didn't find anything wrong with it because she had a bra on!
Her older daughter who is 21... [more]

Perverted pedofille fantasy

I have a have a perverted confession that sex offenders and pedofilles turn me on and very young girls under 10. I love wanking over them an HD adore cute bums in leggings.

I walked in

I'm only 16, so i don't have that much experience with sex other than porn, but i saw something over the weekend i'm really fixated with.
i was supposed to be out with some friends, but plans fell through so i went back home. when i walked in i heard moans and... "wet" noises, coming from upstairs. So i take a peek and there's my sister, this 19-... [more]


Can anyone recommend where I can find something similar to truck stop sex for gay men but for women? You know how men go to the woods or truck stops and get fucked or get blow jobs? I want to lick pussy. I’m in the atlanta area.

Yep I sniffed and tasted it

I was fitting a laminated flooring in a flat, the customer was a stunning looking lady, long blonde hair, skinny waist and massive tits.
She was dressed showing her midriff with a cutdown top, fuck she looked hot.
She stayed in the kitchen talking to me while I was fitting the flooring in the hallway.
I was clearing up with the vacuum cleaner I... [more]

Chris and Bruce

Sitting here embarrassed with myself but realising I can't stop myself with what is happening but I need to confess what is happening in my life. Chris rang me up on Wednesday telling me to wear wraparound skirt blouse but no undies and buy a dog collar to fit me. This obviously was the first part of the blackmail and humility and to meet him at... [more]

Not sure what to think

My best friend and I got in a huge argument about something stupid. The result was that her and her husband stopped coming over , so my husband also lost a friend. I decided to go over to her house and try to work things out. I was actually very surprised in the immediate hug and crying and appoligizing the second she opened her door. So of course... [more]

The Dressing Room

I decided I needed a new bra for my 36 DD’s. I love Victoria’s Secret, so I went there and got flirty with a sales clerk. She helped me pick out a few, and escorted me to the dressing room. The problem was, I’d asked for 34 D’s. When she checked on me, I told her I was having issues, and that it had been a long time since I’d been fitted properly... [more]

Surely you must know

Recently returned from a 10 day holiday with my gf.
The gf got chatting to another couple that are from where she had grown up so had plenty to talk about.
I got chatting to her bf that was basically a bit of a wet drip.
The funny thing is I had been checking out his gf walking around the pool before meeting them.
Her bikini bottoms are the... [more]

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