I can't stop cheating

In the 7 years I have been married, I have had more affairs than I can add up. I never considered cheating before I got married, but as soon as that ring was on my finger, I used every chance I could to jump in bed with another woman. One time my wife and kids went out of town for 3 nights. The first night I had an ex girlfriend of mine and her... [more]

My curious sister

I have been getting on my sister’s favorable side, because she is so sexy and I’m way past the guilt feelings. First, my sister is the type to try new experiences. I have kissed her and I’ve felt her luscious body. She hasn’t let me fuck her, but she has gone down on me a few times and those encounters were extraordinary. Some people may think is... [more]

Drinking Breast Milk

My daughter in law after she gives birth produces a lot more milk than the baby drinks. She freezes it and then gives it to the baby when her milk stops. Their freezer was full so about 500 ounces were put in my freezer. She forgot about it and started the baby on regular cow's milk. When I told her about the breast milk that was in our freezer... [more]

What a Thrill!

So I'm not a kid any more, but since around 1st or 2nd grade I had friends with whom we'd do 'sissy' things. Pull down each other undies, a little touch. By the beginning of Jr. HS, we had progressed to jerking each other off, and attempting pentation, anally. I did a stint in the military and when I returned hooked up with my old friend and we... [more]


I like to top when 69ing. The wife complains that my nuts are smothering her and causing a form of claustrophobia. I think she’s just making it up. Am I wrong?


I had my wife rubbing my cock. I asked if she wanted me to rub Miss Petunia. She said, " No, that's what I'm rubbing.". That's what we call your little thing. You're in a nightgown and panties! Its hard to be manly when she talks like that!

Bbc pounded

So im a white 45yo guy with a very tiny penis. I have been having sex with men on the downlow for many years. I am into some real kinky and nasty stuff. I recently got into being a black new world order slave. I travel to a different city to meet with guys so i dont run into people i know. I meet with mostly if not all black men and i bow down to... [more]

Sister Wives

When i first met my girlfriend she said that she has a bestie girlfriend who she gets intimate with. On occasion i have watched them together and we have had two three sums together. Her bestie moved an hour away in search of new job opportunities etc. Its been over a year now and she is not having much luck, can't find a job that fits and her... [more]

Wife loves to give guys wet dreams

My wife shyly admitted she sometimes lets herself think about how she might be affecting men.
I said, remember the time you wore your thong panties to sunbathe at the lakeside in State Park. (she picked a spot far away from any kids) = but men slowly began to gather nearby!)
It started one day when a fellow in a thong tossed his towel down... [more]

Being Shared

In my teens I had a reputation at school, I suppose I was the school slut as I went through a lot of boyfriends and had sex with all of them. And being teen boys they made sure all their friends knew that they had fucked me.
After I had been with one of my boyfriends (Steve) for a few weeks he arranged for one of his friends, Ian, to come... [more]

I get a buzz watching wife flirt with my buddies

She does, too.
But you must get her drunk before she'll admit it.
I came home the other day to find two of my friends sitting across the living room from my young wife (5'7", 135lbs, blonde)
She was sitting in our big wooden rocking chair with her knees up, and bare feet spread to the sides of the chair bottom. In that position, in those very... [more]

I know that it's wrong

I know that it's wrong but I can't stop. My daughter who is 32 years old just mowed back home. Her and her husband just got a divorce. Well my wife was going out for the day and I thought my daughter had gone with her. Anyway I was sitting on the couch and looking at porn on my phone. I had opened up my pants and had my cock out playing with it. I... [more]

Giving pleasure

Would you lick your wife's clit while she is being fucked and then clean them both up after he cums in her pussy?

Taking a break...the afternoon

It has been a stressful few days so I through I would take a break a masturbate. That was at 11:30 am. It is now after 3 pm and I am still going strong.

Working while masturbating

I great a thrill out of working from home hard and naked. No zoom calls, of course. Writing email and slack messages with my dick in one hand. Talking one the phone while slowly stroking my well lubed cock. Cumming just before a meeting and throwing on a shirt.

I have a breeding kink...

I'm a 23 year old single mom and I get so wet whenever I think about getting bred over and over.

Swinging in the sun, spain

Was swinging for a while & my fantasy was mmf we did it all with many watching too especially in the sun that was the best my girlfriend squirted with both cocks inside her she was sat on a black cock & I was from behind quite a sensation another cock rubbing against mine makes me exposed made quite a talking point for the rest of the holiday such... [more]

Where to meet people into chatting about incest

I am new Here I am 21 a momma of 2 but when I was younger my brother who was 2 years younger than me would fuck me . I never thought anything of it but now I am an adult and I am trying to find like minded people into conversations about incest. Cant find any places. A lot of you seem really interesting.

Surprise at the Massage spa

I went in for my regular weekly massage at our local place downtown, it is in a shopping center complex, and perfectly legitimate.
There are normally three women on staff, over time I have had a massage from all three, with the older lady that owns the spa the best of all, so I typically ask for her. She is slender, probably middle 50's, and she... [more]

Sniffing mother in law panties

I used to take care of my girlfriends house and her mom and her used to leave me right when they would leave me I would go upstairs and start sniffing her panties every pair I would get out the dirty clothes like 10 pairs and put them all on my nose even cum on some and rapped it around my dick also one time o figured out her moms phone password... [more]

Reverse confession

I'm curious how many married women prefer sex with married men (other than their husband) over single men when you have an affair.

I want the guy down the hall

I have a crush on the guy down the hall, I won't make a move as I think he has a girlfriend. But I have this fantasy............ We are passing each other in the hall, I brush up against him & he grabs me & pins me up against the wall. He holds my hands up above my head & rams his tongue down my throat, I can feel his cock growing harder as he... [more]

I am sure this will be an Judgmental and Unpopular Opinion

To start I am kinky and am very open to trying most anything sexual at least a few times. One time doesn’t not cause me to make a decision on enjoying something or not.
Some of the things I enjoy doing, viewing, fantasizing about, thinking about, that turn me on and would be open to trying. I will not say which I’ve done and which fall into the... [more]

Mother-In-Law and My Huge Cut Dick

I devised a plan for my MIL to peek at my huge erection while I pretended to sleep. Smiling she took two prolonged glances. Sometime later I overheard my MIL and wife talking quietly and giggling. Heard my wife say “Yes I know....he thinks it’s big.”

Male-Female Medical Ass Play

I find the plastic applicator nozzle for hemorrhoids uncomfortable. I apply the cream to my finger and then insert my finger up my butt. A few times my wife and I have simultaneously treated each other’s rectums in such a manner. My wife gets a little rough and goes too deep sometimes. Ouch!

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