LGBT Confessions

Am I Gay?

I’m a guy. I went to a costume party last Halloween dressed a cheerleader for laughs. Everyone laughed and joked. But later after I was getting pretty drunk and guy said he wanted to show me something. In front of everybody in that room he pulls out his dick and pushes me to my knees and told me to suck it. He pressed the head against my lips... [more]

Crossdressing in Storage Unit Gets Crazy

I started crossdressing after I bought a house at auction. There were boxes of the previous owners stuff. I went through the boxes and discovered a bunch of nightgowns, bras, and panties. Something stirred in me. I locked all the doors to the house in case someone dropped by. I then undressed and tried on all the lingerie. i was little too big... [more]


Horny fag in the uk for gay phone sex

Frat Hazing Surprise

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a... [more]


Years ago I used to love crossdressing. I had all kinds of girly things. It made me feel so naughty and sexual and it got me some wonderful sex. But that was many years ago. A family member came to stay with me for a few years and I had to throw all my girl clothes away and haven't dressed since. Now that family member is gone and the urge to... [more]

Threesome Revelation

My ex and I had things lined up. We were going out for drinks and then back to my buddies place. My ex was winding him up all night, rubbing his crotch and telling him she couldn’t wait to taste his cum. She had done foursomes before with three guys and bragged about how much cum she milked out of them. I was getting horny watching her be a slut... [more]

My twin brother and I(fantasy, before anybody asks)

My twin brother and I, well call him Steve and me Dave, we're in our twenties, share an apartment together. What our parents don't know, or maybe they do, it wouldn't surprise me much, is that we're a bit more than roomies. I'm a shemale, and a damn convincing one if I say so myself. I live most of my average day as "Debbie", and Steve goes a... [more]

Gay bar fantasy

I've been having this fantasy of sucking cock in a gay bar restroom. I follow someone in and start peeing right next to him, but I allow my pink panties to show. He notices them and says "nice panties". He notices that I'm looking right at his cock, he grabs my hand and places it over his cock. I start stroking it then he says "get on your knees... [more]

Panties in the park

I love wearing nylon panties. I started as a teen and have worn them ever since. I also love sucking cock and getting fucked. I have a park nearby that I go to cruise for horny men. I wear just a t-shirt and a pair of nylon running shorts slit up the sides with my lacy nylon vanity fair panties on underneath. I always make sure they are showing as... [more]

Chance meeting

As a teenager I was always struggling with my sexual orientation. I loved girls and tonguing their beautiful pussy's, but I also enjoyed sucking cock too.
Most of the guys I've sucked off will tell you, it's the best blow job they've ever had.
One of the men I met by pure chance in a park, was the first guy to fuck me. I just knew as I was... [more]

Straight teen's first blowjob was from a man

I was tricked. Or, seduced. Whichever you prefer.
This older guy that I met, talked me into going over to his house for some other reason.
It's a long story.
He talked me into pulling my pants down. That's when he started rubbing me. I couldn't help getting hard. It seemed that I was always hard at that age.
He asked me if it felt ok... [more]


I was feeling horny one night and went to one of those adult peep show places hoping I might get lucky. I watched a few movies and decided to go home. When I got out to my car I saw a tall feminine looking guy come out of the peep show headed to his car too. It just so happens that his car was parked right next to mine. I took a chance, rolled... [more]

She helped me figure it out

In h.s. i was with my gf from grade 10 almost thru graduation. We really loved each other, but something was always missing and she knew it. We would have long heart to heart talks about anything and everything on a daily basis and she was my best friend. One night we were fooling around and she just stopped and looked up at me and asked me if i... [more]

Two dads

Nearly all of my family and friends think of me as straight. And outwardly in society I am.
However last spring I met a new neighbour who changed my view of sex and myself.
His name is Eddie, but I now mostly call him 'daddy'.
Since last spring, I visit daddy every chance I get. His wife is disabled and knows only too well, we fuck when I call... [more]

A neighbors wife

Hi everyone I am a crossdresser from Lakeland FL. My neighbors wife came over this morning and ask if I would let her husband fuck the shit out of me while she watched and I said yes. So get over there and he is on the couch with a hard on and the only thing I could say was holy shit his cock was 12 inches long. Very very thick I knew I was in... [more]

I sucked my best friends c8ck

My best friend and I are both hanging out at his house ,its like 105 outside so we went in his pool . Afterward we go into his room and take off our bathing trunks and put on shorts . About a half hour later he says when we were changing you were staring at my cock , I saw you , I was embarrassed and said ,yeah , I was ,secretly comparing I... [more]

Gay in closet

Im 56 gay in the closet my wife has no idea i suck cock and swallow cum im in a sexless marriage. I love cock inside my butthole raw and bareback and cum in me. Love kissing a man and wear panties

Big win for LTGB

My shemale and lesbian friends..We came together on monday to celebrate the Supreme court's ruling towards the LGBT community! Even two conservative judges ruled in favor..It's about time! We really got into each other's body in every way possible..I for one have now been acknowledge in the group as a sexy shemale and was fucked and sucked into... [more]

Not Queer?

Me and my friend have been having sex since we were young boys. He's older and pretty aggressive so I have been the one sucking his cock and getting fucked for all these years. Because he's never or rarely touched me he doesn't think he's queer! His proof is that he's never eaten cum and never had another guy's cock inside him. He thinks of me as... [more]

Got fucked now confused

So I always considered myself straight but yesterday a cross dresser throat fucked me and fucked my ass like in porn and now want more I don't know why. I didn't know she or he was until the cock come out

Never gay but now found soul mate.

For the last 12 weeks, I have been cumming in my roommate Tommy's ass several times a day.
Here is the back story. Tommy is very feminine looking. His hair is long for a guy and is not muscular has very little body hair at all and is mistaken for a woman alot. I never minded when if we sat on the couch and he snuggled against me I caught... [more]

Weird quirk

I'm a guy, and I get hard as a f***ing diamond when I see a shemale with an itty-bitty cock. I've sucked off a bunch of micropenises, sissies really, and I love bottoming for them, especially when attached to a tranny.

Friend got angry

A couple of my good friends are Mike and Laura. We grew up in the same neighborhood, have attended the same schools, etc. We usually get together and play games, go skateboarding and stuff. We also sometimes fool around together sexually with Laura, though she's not really a girlfriend type. We think of her more like a sister.
We were at... [more]

Pirate suit

I used to spend a lot of time with my uncle when I was growing up. It was messed up, but he'd fuck me in the ass.
The thing about it is that my uncle would always wear a pirate suit when he fucked me. When I'd walk in the door, if he was in his pirate suit, I knew my ass was his to be tagged and bagged. He'd say in pirate speak, "Take off yer... [more]

Am I gay?

For the last 6 years, starting at 11 years old, I let my friend next story fuck my ass at least once a day. He was 17 at the time.
The first time I slept over at his house, he got me high on weed. We were on bed and pulled on to his lap and started kissing me, I didn't resist and a few minutes later my short and underwear were off and he was... [more]

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