LGBT Confessions

For the Love of A Petticoat

My fascination with petticoats started at a young age. We lived in an old Victorian home that had a stair case leading to the attic. I was the youngest in the family of three girls and one boy. One day when everyone was away and bored, I went up to the attic to see what was there. I found three big trunks, each one had girls clothes. To the right... [more]

Sex in my 20’s

When I wanted sex in my 20’s I could have almost any woman that I wanted. I loved older ladies, in their 40’s or 50’s. They enjoyed having me eat them until they had a couple of orgasms, let me fuck them until I had my orgasm inside of them, then they went crazy when I would go back down on them giving at least one more orgasm while I licked... [more]

Wearing panties as a boy and then as a man

I was about 13 when the boys that fucked my mouth and ass gave me my first pair of panties. They enjoyed teasing me about being their slut, letting them cum on me and inside of me. Teasing me about swallowing their loads of cum or having it shot inside my ass. Teasing how when I was with them that I was more of a girl than a boy and I should at... [more]

Kind of in shock

My wife was always telling me I looked like a girl from behind. I have a girls ass. one day, home alone, I decided to try on some of her clothes. I loved it. I started to do it more. then I bought my own and a wig. then came the makeup. I could not stop. it felt so good. I felt so feminine and I loved it. I started to notice the cocks more when I... [more]

My secret wants

I see the way guys comment on girls butts online and all that and I am a young 20 year old man who has never been gay or had gay experience but I have been told I have abubble butt and all I want is to see a board or something with several guys talking about my butt and to use me or have sex with me the way they would a womans’ butt.
This isn’t... [more]

Cock Worship

In middle school we had this kid in our physical education class who was effeminate and terrible at sports. It made him the target of bullies. After we would dress out, he would return to the locker room and shower, and take his sweet time dressing. His cock would slowly erect, and it was fucking HUGE ! He would caress it from time-to-time... [more]

Lovin it

Spent the weekend with a friend, and started giving him blowjobs. I've now sucked him off numerous times and let him cum in my mouth each time. On Friday, he was ready horny and came lots. I swallowed every delicious drop. He says I'm really good at it. I took him down my throat without gagging, let him fuck my mouth, then jerk off while I sucked... [more]

TS jenny

I fucked ts Jenny in Chicago on Saturday night. I slipped it in her and came in her ass. She came on her stomach.

Obsessed with black cock [UPDATE]

This is an update to the confession I posted on this website a few days ago, and I wanted to get into more detail and ask your opinion on it. Thank you for reading!
I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany. I recently graduated from college and currently work from home and have a very comfortable life that allows me to have a lot of free time. I spend... [more]

As a teen, I had to pose nude for neighbor

When i was a young teen,and my parents were not home , I would run around in the backyard nude because i loved the feeling of my cock/balls bouncing around free in the air. I'd lay on the ground or knell and jerk off too, not cumming to make it last as long as possible, I would also slap my cock from side to side and other stuff,then jerkoff and... [more]

First bathroom blowjob

Driving home from a night out partying, had to stop at the rest area for relief.
I entered the toilet stall and looked through the hole in the partition, the guy next to me was stroking his dick. It was not too long, and nice and thick. I couldn’t help but watch him.
He turned to give me a better view and I saw him looking at me through... [more]

Wife caught me in gay sex

I am a 38 year old marred average looking male, with 2 children. Ever since I suck my first cock when I was only 10 years old, I've been hooked. Their was 2 boys one a year younger, one two yrs older than me, that lived in the apartment across the hall from us. We played together every day, our mothers would usally visit in one apartment and send... [more]

Seeking a man or she/male with a less than average sized cock .

I'm a tall guy in his 60's who loves wearing ladies lingerie. I would like to meet either a tranny, or a man who has a smaller than average penis who would love to have someone play with and suck your cock for hours on end. I would also love to offer you my bottom so you could fuck my ass and fill me full of your cum. Please no cocks over 5.5"... [more]

I want a transwoman

I am a straight single man who lives a normal life I have a good job a car on my own my own place and even a family. But I really want to experience being with transgender woman. I want to be able to be not only sensual but passionate and rough with her. I want to be able to do her doggy style while I reach around feel her cock. One day I hope.

Any guy near Manchester uk?

This is far fetched but is there a guy near Manchester who’s willing to hookup. I’m male and 18. Leave a comment and let’s see what happens

Im straight,I thought ,now having gay thoughts

Im 19 ,have dated girls , but secretly have the desire to suck a cock . It started last summer , my friend and I fooled around with a female friend we have ,and when she was sucking him ,I got excited and couldnt stop watching ,wishing it was me sucking him . What should I do ?. Should I tell him ?

Im 54 mwm always wanted to be with a guy

I have always wanted to suck a cock ,lick it , feel a cum load in my mouth. Pose naked for pics , jerkoff while being watched ,jerk a guy off and so much more but , to this day , never done any of it . .but I really need to want to chat about it , my fantasies .. yours .. or more


I have to confess. I hid it for a long time but here's the real truth. I love dick's and pussy. But I think I love dick more. Why?? Because getting dick is easier then getting pussy. Well, for me it is. When I want some pussy I have talk to the woman, take her out to dinner, take her on long walks, take her to the movies and do all sort of things... [more]

Caught Crossdressing and Loved It!

When I get the house to myself and I know I’m not going to be disturbed, I like to indulge in my secret passion of crossdressing.
This morning was one of those days and after my morning shower I sifted through my considerable collection of undies, costumes, wigs etc for something sexy to wear.
I chose a black lace waist cinching corset which... [more]

I became a halfway house cocksucking slut

I had to spend some time in a halfway house before I was released and i lived in a 40 man dorm. My bunk mate was friendly and after a few days we started talking about our sexual encounters. He was wrapped up in a blanket as it was winter and cold in the dorm. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. As we talked he kept reaching in... [more]

My first time

As a young boy I found masturbation and I started doing it regularly. As I got a little older, I began to fantasize about different sexual situations when I masturbated but never gay fantasies. That all changed one day when I was walking down the alley to my friends house and I found a book lying on the ground and being an avid reader I picked it... [more]

How I get myself hot

The best way I've found to get myself in the mood when I'm alone is to dress up in a tight mini-skirt, black fish nets, a nice fitting bra and high heels and prance around from room to room in my house. I love the way it makes me feel. Dressing like this makes me so horny. Sometimes I'll even watch tranny porn while I'm dressed like this. By the... [more]


I've had the same girlfriend for about tens years now. And she's never sucked my dick. But that's ok. I don't mind at all. You see, when I want my dick sucked I go to my other friend. She gives the best head I have ever had. Heck!! She's a freaking pro at it. She makes me cum so many times I get exhausted and weak. I can hardly move. I have no... [more]

Feel dumped by a lesbian

I fucked a lesbian friend of mine, and now I'm in love/heartbroken. She's Lisa, a 37 year-old lesbian who has been in a same-sex relationship with her wife for 16 years, legally married to her for 10. I'm a 27 year-old single male and we work at the same place, but in different departments.
I've been friends with Lisa for about a year. She's... [more]

Married but, love to wear panties 24/7

I am a married male and I love to wear panties 24/7. I do not own or wear men's underwear at all. My wife knows i am a submissive panty wearing sissy and she is ok with me wearing them and other things. I have dressed fully in the past before I met her and even gone out to a gay club to watch a drag show which i loved so much and knew and felt... [more]

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