LGBT Confessions

Nothing better

Than being on my knees, hands tied behind my back with my head in between a guy or a shemale's legs. Their hand on back of my head with a hard cock in my mouth. Moving up and down on it with my wet lips wrapped around their shaft. Slobbering, moaning and having them slap my face with it while telling them I love sucking cock. Feeling the warm cum... [more]

Marine friend home on leave

My friend was home on leave after having finished boot camp with the Marines. He was really horny and looking for some pussy but not having much luck. He was constantly thanking me for hanging with him, buying him drinks, trying to get him laid. My stock response was that’s what friends do. At one point, we’re just driving around and he makes a... [more]

Please control my orgasms....

Single, horny, shy transman that wants a cute girl to tell me how, and if or when she wants me to cum. I need help with my hard ftm cock and soaking wet hole. I'm not a good enough boy to control myself, please help.


I want to have a guy fuck my face and talk dirty to me while his dog ducks me from behind. Preferably outside, in full view from the road would be hot.

I want to suck black cock

I really really REALLY wish I could 1 ; it must be one of the best feelings ever, to have such a hot and warm thing inside your mouth, sucking and sucking until it just cums. Btw, I live in Valencia, Spain if any hot black guy is interested

Rough start in life. I was Molested by my uncle at a young age

I was very young boy ore-puberty my visiting uncle took me fishing in his custom van. He fed me beer told me what a little penis I had, that I'd be a much better girl forcing me to do things too him.Nothing about it was pleasurable. My body betrayed me buy cumming while he did me in the butt..
I've been confused sexually my whole life since... [more]

Sucking cock in -20

I met a bi top online and the pic he sent me had my mouth watering. We met and drove a short way to the woods. We got far enough back and I dropped to my knees while he whipped out his beautiful cock. It was already semi hard even though it was so cold out. I wasted no time taking him in my mouth and slowly mouth fucked him until he was full hard... [more]

Twine affair

As twin bro we have always shared bed till our early 20s until we went to different colleges to study. In those days we explored each others body, slept naked, watched various types of porn and even fucked the same homeless mid-aged women couple of times in their all holes. But in teen years we had deep gay sessions - kissing, mutual... [more]

On holiday

Ì was in spain not too long ago with 2 of my friends that iv worked with for the past 2 year so on the 3rd night we kinda got lost and ended up near a gay bar we didn't no until we order drinks so we ran out so went few bars and bought some alcohol back.
Went back to are hotel and we got wasted
My mate decided to take his top and we was... [more]


If u ever saw me in person u would never to think I like doing thing with men I have this look who if u saw me standing around minding my business u would think am dodgy criminal honesty just got that face tbh and all my friends are like roadmen tbf but nobody know that's deep down am a dick licker my friends are aganist gay like they dont mind... [more]

My first time

I went to my best friends house after our little league game. It was summer and very hot, so we took showers.’When I got out of the shower, I couldn’t find my friend. He was down the hall in his brothers room. I went in, and it was dark. I didn’t k is he had an 18 year old brother. My friend said, my brother has nudie mags. I could hardly breathe... [more]

From visiting neighbor boy to sweet daughter

I have sat down to confess this multiple times but always stop and put it off. When I was 10 I lived in a small town with my grandparents. My mom and dad divorced and while mom had custody dad left the picture. My grandparents always tried to just let me do what I wanted and decided that over the summers I would be able to walk about 5 blocks... [more]

Crazy night

Iv know this 1 guy for like over 2years now kinda like somebody I met from work and really start chiling after that its was always normal chill out so 1 night me and all are friends gathered to have a drink and where at my mate place that's iv known for 2 year so it was getting late rest or my mate are heading home I told em nah am staying behind... [more]

Wish I was still a cocksucking sissy fag

I was single for about 15 years between marriages and spent much of that time as a gay sissy cocksucker. This was in the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s. I stayed closeted, but ended up crossdressing quite a bit at home and sucked off a far amount of anonymous cock at adult theaters, ABS, and public restrooms. It was the best time of my life in... [more]

Wish I was still a cocksucking sissy fag

I was single for about 15 years between marriages and spent much of that time as a gay sissy cocksucker. This was in the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s. I stayed closeted, but ended up crossdressing quite a bit at home and sucked off a far amount of anonymous cock at adult theaters, ABS, and public restrooms. It was the best time of my life in... [more]


I was about 6 when my sister's got new panties and dresses. I was in there room when they were trying them on. They asked me if I wanted to try them on too so I did and there panties did feel much better than boys underwear. The panties were so soft and the way they would make me feel and look like I had no dick more like a girl. And then when I... [more]


One time I dressed in panties and a slip and had a blow job from another Crossdresser

My wife doesn't know.

I've been happily married for 23 years, We have 3 children and My wife and I have a great sex life. But sometimes I go to adult bookstores and suck off total strangers. I've never wanted to be fucked or sucked in return. I'm just aroused by the secrecy and and thrill of it, and if I'm honest I love sucking cocks especially at gloryholes.

First Time in a Porn Theater

It happened at a porn theater in L.A. , my first time having my cock sucked. I had gone in and sat in the middle of the back row. I was watching the movie and didn't see the man sit next to me. I had a raging hard from watching the movie. The next thing I knew, I felt a hand grab my cock and squeeze it gently. I had never had a man do that before... [more]

I'm a sissy faggot

I've been crossdressing for a few years but never been with a guy before. One day I was feeling really horny and after edging for awhile I downloaded grindr. Not long after I was talking with an older man. We exchanged pics his cock wasn't too big but quite thick. He told me he loves my smooth pussy. We made plans to meet and he asked if I mind if... [more]

I posed nude in a park

I was at this parking area under a tree waxing my car . This park is never used , there are no facilities there . No playground ,no nothing, just a tree filled field actually with a parking area . Anyway , It was hot as hell that day ,I went to car wash then head there to wax my car . I took off my shirt and was only wearing my shorts and my air... [more]

Piggy in the middle at just 15 !!!

When I was a young boy aged about 15 I frequented many local public toilets because I loved nothing better than sucking Thick Large chunky Cocks local toilets I used had a large glory hole between two cubicles and I loved sitting there just waiting for the Large chunky Cocks to be pushed through so I could suck em.......Sunday’s were... [more]

Fuck at a gay bar

I will never forget my first trip to a gay bar. I was lucky enough to date a beautiful TS for almost a year. It had been several years since I had sex with her and I was missing that something extra she had.
I decided to go to a local gay bar that had TS shows on Friday night. I arrived at 11pm but the show did not start until midnight. I... [more]


Can you tell if someone is gay just by looking at them?? When I was younger I could tell if someone sucked dicks just by the way their lips were shaped. And I was usually right too. Back then I thought that sucking a lot of dicks changed the shape of your lips and I could just tell that they sucked dicks. But here's another question. If you have... [more]

Loving cock

I have always cross dressed. My wife knows and we have fun when i do. But for the last 5 months i have been meeting a truck driver at a hotel. I dress as a woman and service his cock with my mouth and ass. I love it. he is so manly i just love how it feels when he is inside me. Nothing excites me like this.

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