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Can anyone recommend where I can find something similar to truck stop sex for gay men but for women? You know how men go to the woods or truck stops and get fucked or get blow jobs? I want to lick pussy. I’m in the atlanta area.

Middle School Chicken Hawk

After physical ed. I watched for Bobby. I was 15, so was he. I was a skinny, self-conscious dork with a bad complexion. He was a taller, but still skinny half-retarded dork with a unibrow , horn-rim glasses, and effeminate mannerisms.
I was okay at sports, he was hopeless. This made him the target of bullies. I empathized because, sometimes I was... [more]

Sex and Drugs and Rockin' His Pole

I was 19, he was 15. We were in a sports bar, I had sneaked him in, but it was chaotic, all about college football. We had each taken a Quaalude and smoked a joint of Colombian marijuana before we arrived, and began drinking cheap draught beer. We were into the game, and he was going crazy over " all the hot college bitches ! " I introduced him to... [more]

Where can a guy give blowjobs?

In my youth I could have guys lined up to let me suck their dicks and swallow their hot thick loads of cum. Or they could fuck my ass all they wanted and cum deep inside my ass, I loved when it leaked out and ran down my legs. Adult theatres, adult book stores, rest areas, camp grounds, it didn't matter. The fact that I wore garters with... [more]

Girl Time

It's been a really long time since I experimented with a girl. Overall I'm more attracted to men but I do find some women to be incredibly sexy. I want to feel another woman's breasts pressed against my own. Her plush, full lips kissing mine and her skilled hands playing my body and drawing forth moans and mewling of pleasure is what I crave. I... [more]

Watch Queen

My friend j. had been a little pissed at me since I spent part of an afternoon with his wife, letting her torture me ( with a plastic ruler, a wooden yardstick, a fly swatter, a heated glass pipe,a cigarette and a stiletto heel ) and force me to perform oral on her. He was way too skittish and way too gay to have ever done the same for her. My... [more]

Got caught wearing panties at the laundromat

I consider myself a closeted crossdresser. Although not passable by any stretch of the imagination, I will at times, go outside late in the night while dressed in lingerie. I try to go out a little further every time I try it and have managed to walk a couple of houses down. I have gotten honked at and cat calls, which really gets me going.
I... [more]

Horny fantast

I just want some dick. i'm a gay high schooler rn in the u.k. and the hormones are driving me mad! I want to drop out of school and be a slut for guys. I want to suck multiple dicks and get fucked all the time. I want a master to make me beg for his delicious cock and treat me like a slut. I want my friends to abuse me, if they feel horny they can... [more]


There's a girl that lives inside me. Her name is Stella and she's a whore. Every time I get horny she tries to come out. I can control her up until that point. But I have to fight to keep her under control once I start getting horny. Stella is very cute and has a beautiful shape. She has a huge appetite for kinky sex and she loves to show off her... [more]

Someday I wanna take a break..

As a young trans guy in a queer relationship, sex usually ends with a very satisfied partner and a very indifferent me. Mostly because I am the dom every single time :/ it's sad because I get turned on very easy and just left alone. My partner loves being submissive and gets bored giving pleasure than receiving. Sometimes I want to just be shoved... [more]

First glory hole

I remember walking into the rest area bathroom, it was like all of the other bathrooms on the outside. Nothing special, until I entered the stall, then I found a whole new world to me. It wasn't anything elaborate, just a partition wall with drawings of dicks, and sayings written on it with a hole in it.
I sat down on the toilet, I saw the... [more]

How would you seduce me? (CD anal virgin)

I'm all glammed up, hoeish, and sitting by the bar. How would you convince me to leave with you? What would you do to get me to slip my thong off and present my anal virginity for your taking? How would you enter me? What positions would you fuck me in? What would you whisper in my ear while your cock is buried deep inside me? Would you call me a... [more]

Signs of Bi/Gay Father in Law

Does any one have any idea if you can tell if your father in law is bi/gay?? I know crazy question huh? But I have a feeling he may be in a closeted bi guy myself and have a gut feeling he may be as well?? Any suggestions?

What more could I want?

My wife and I have been together 30+ years, but without sex for the last 10-years or so. She's a fine blonde, big tits, tight pussy and loves to suck cock. Problem is -- so do I. She recently informed me she has taken a black bull lover... a younger man, much larger cock and with greater staying power.
She thought she was punishing me when... [more]

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