LGBT Confessions

Gay pleasures

As much as is possible, given my job and my married home life, I try and make it round to Skips place every weekday afternoon.
He's twenty two years old, slim with lots of tattoo's and an ass that I simply cannot resist fucking.
We hardly ever have oral sex, as I'm too damn horny and hard by the time I enter his home. He's always naked and ready... [more]

Bi guys are dreamy

My older cousin is flaming gay. He's married to a nice guy (Brad) who's really handsome, and doesn't act gay at all. I (female) stayed with them for a week when I was changing apartments. They let me stay over.
From the outset I was getting cues that Brad was flirting a bit with me. I thought he was gay, so it was a surprise. Well we were... [more]

Teacher teacher

Every Sunday afternoon I visited Jacobs motel.
Waiting for me would be my music teacher, but the only organ I'd be playing with, would be his cock.
We never had long, and I liked it that way. We'd suck each other, usually in a sixty nine before he'd fuck me in all manner of positions.
It would be an extremely hard and fast fuck, and I'd... [more]

Al's place

Twice a week, usually Monday and Thursday, but sometimes on a Friday, I visit Al's home after he's text me. He waits for his wife to go to her twice weekly church evenings with their daughter, and messages me to call over.
When I get to Al's, who's sixty one, I'm thirty three and married too, he's invariably waiting naked for me as we both enjoy... [more]

Sucked off

I'm a married straight/bisexual construction worker who also cleans windows.
It was cleaning windows when I first had my cock sucked by a younger gay guy.
I caught him whacking off, so he invited me in when he saw the bulge in my shorts.
Offering me a blow job, I allowed him to lower my shorts and boxers, then suck in my dick. The blow job over... [more]

He's so cute

There is absolutely no doubt now, I'm bisexual and love it.
He's nineteen slim, loves being dressed up in female clothing and make up. And is so damn cute, especially that ass, I just cannot resist his pleas for sex.
Over the past few months I've fucked him countless times in my truck, in his parents home and now I even risk fucking him in my... [more]

Want sex

I am a old bisexual male.
I have a collection of skirts,panty girdles tights nighties.
I have also 2 belts straps.
sex toys.
on my estate you might not see a neighbour for months.
I have seen one black guy a while ago he said hello.
lately another black guy said sir to me.
I hope to see them again all I can do is to walk down past... [more]

Turning him straight

My son is home for the holidays and he brought his male friend to stay with us. I caught them sucking dick in a 69.
My son was not gay before we sent him off to college, but evidently he is now. I talked to my husband about this, but he's in denial. I have a female friend who said she would be into screwing him for fun (she's 39 and divorced)... [more]

Fucking his ass

Sick of my wife saying no to my advances for sex, I began to wonder if what my wifes nephew had suggested months before, was acceptable to me.
His comment was made to me, when he caught me stroking my cock in the work shed I have in our back yard.
He said it was a waste of cum, and I should at least feed it him, or empty my balls up his ass.
It... [more]

Going on my first date

I finally set up my first date with a man while I will be dressed in woman’s clothes in public.
I am so excited! I will be wearing thigh high stockings, a cheeky pantie and bra as lingerie.
As it is a casual date I will be in very low rise skinny jeans and a very nice white blouse with 3/4 cuffed sleeves.
I will be a bit nervous at first I... [more]

Wife's fantasy

Three days ago my wife told me she'd filmed the whole thing.
What she was talking about was something I thought I'd never accept or be involved in.
Her fantasy since we met, was to see another man fuck my ultra cute ass.
She's always enjoyed my ass. Licking and sometimes fingering it during sex, but I'd always said no to her using a dildo... [more]

Reservoir sucking

Most evenings now its winter, I take the dog out down by the reservoir.
My wife thinks its because it has a 'dry' trail down there.
But in reality its because I get my dick sucked by very eager and cum greedy men.
Some are younger, some my age of thirty four. But most are older and married.
I have a reasonably large cock at eight and a half... [more]

TV night

After splitting with my wife fairly recently, a friend and I went out to a bar I'd never been in before.
Long story short, I got hooked up with a beautiful looking brunette. My friend tried to tell me something, but I was too tipsy and too horny to listen to his comments.
Taking the lady back to her place, we soon got down to kissing and feeling... [more]

I’m 29 straight male

I have a confession to make, I consider myself to be a straight guy, 29 living in rural Dorset in the UK and I’ve always wanted to try sucking cock. Have it slide into my mouth and down my throat and most of all, I want to have a guy cum in my mouth. I love pussy but this is a secret fetish of mine that I’ve had for almost 10 years now

Mates hole

Woke up a few weeks ago having my morning glory sucked. But I wasn't in the same bed I share with my wife.
And it wasn't my wife sucking on my dick.
It was Alex, a mate of mine I've known since we were in school together.
Alex is gay and has always wanted me to fuck him.
As soon as I realised where I was and who was so expertly sucking on my... [more]

My neighbors libido

His wife leaves the house around seven forty five, taking their two kids to pre school club. Then she drives to work.
He owns a building company and drives into his office, leaving home around nine thirty.
For the past fourteen months, every week day, and sometimes at weekends, he's been calling by my apartment, letting himself in and having me... [more]

Bum fun

I am not what you'd call good looking. More like rugged. Nor am I an Adonis. I like a pint and good food.
What I do have, is a high libido, far surpassing my wife's, and a cock which measures just shy of ten wonderfully thick inches.
Too many risks fucking younger women, and to be honest, they're not interested in a man like me.
However young... [more]

He doesn't understand

I (26f) rent a house and have a female roommate to share costs. We've lived together 3 years. We both identify as primarily straight, have dated guys on occasion, but neither of us have found the right guy for a long-term relationship.
My roommate and I have gone months at a time without having a boyfriend. We also have very high sex drives... [more]

Tran sport

Out with some mates recently for a late birthday drink, they decided to go onto a club they knew I don't like. I'd had a long day so I decided after arguing with them I'd take the cab home THEY booked.
On the journey home in the back of the cab, I began to wonder if the female driver, was in fact a female.
Challenging her as I'd had quite a bit... [more]

Doctors blow job

After a couple of weeks of having lots of sex, then a week without any, I got worried as my balls ached so much.
I went to see my doctor, who examined me. He felt my balls and cock which I just couldn't stop from becoming erect.
Smiling at me, he asked me to relax, then bobbed his head down and began to suck on my dick. I was eighteen just (I... [more]

Yes I'm gay, and proud it

I consider myself gay, my wife say I'm bisexual. Because I still make love to her on a regular basis. Which is true, we do make love everyday, sometimes several times a day. But that is true hot, steamy, shouting, screaming, love making romance, because I do love my wife very much, she is my whole world. But truth be known when it come to just... [more]

I gave my room mate a bj and loved it

My room mate and I were hanging out one night, he went for a shower and I watched tv .. He came out naked and went for a beer. He caught me looking at his cock and said Paul, do you mind if i stay like this ? I said sure , whatever .
I kept looking at his cock off and on , finally Jerry got up , turned off the light and I thought he was going to... [more]

Dog life

This happened when i was teenager and I've never told anyone since then.
My best mate at the time, owned a Labrador dog. It was always sniffing around me when I called by his house and sometimes it would try and hump my leg.
Staying over one night, my friend and his dad went out to get some fishing gear for the following day, leaving me to look... [more]

Am I gay

Discovering I absolutely adore anal stimulation was an accident of sorts. i was fucking my wife missionary and as she got close to orgasm, she pushed two fingers up my arse. It made me blow my load at the same time she climaxed and it felt utterly amazing.
After that I used first my fingers during masturbation, then a small dildo I bought to... [more]

Franks boy

When Frank came by to install my mum's new disabled bathroom and help me with the guest bedroom, I knew instantly he was checking me out. I knew from conversations over the phone he was married, yet the looks he was giving me, all said he'd love to be fucking my arse.
Living and working in the same house I grew up in, because of my mum's... [more]

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