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Daughter dyked out on the floor

My daughter is 18 and about to attend college on a softball scholarship. I'm a single dad. She works out with friends from her HS team often so there's always people over.
I came home early the other day and my daughter was in a 69 with her friend Brooke. They jumped up and covered themselves, but really that was too bad. They looked nice with... [more]

"Best friend"

When I was a young boy I used to hang out at this park at night. It was my secret queer place. No one knew about it until one night after a party. It was late when me and my buddy left. We parted ways except he turned and followed me unseen. He knew something was up when I headed away from my house. I never knew he was there hiding in the bushes... [more]

Good boy

Even though my body is "female" I love being treated like a "good boy" in bed. I want to suck cock like a good boy <3

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Modeling for an older boy

Between ages 7-11ish I was very into the idea of showing my penis to whoever wanted to see it. It was a thrill. I would ask my friends or other kids (guys and girls) in the neighborhood or at parks if they wanted to see me pull my pants down. Most of time they laughed and said no, but there were lots of times were they said sure! Until I got in... [more]

A wild night in Cuba

Lol what a week! Put it this wife and I met up with about six other people and decided to go in town to party one night in Cuba. We all crammed into one taxi and me laying across everyone in the back seat. There was two guys who were doctors who were friends and they had their female friend with them, one was gay for sure but while I was... [more]

Dildo achievement

I am a sissy and put a whole 12 inch jelly dildo up my shitpipe. I am so proud of myself right now.

Are Bi Women more acceptable than Bi Men? Why

It seems to me that Bi women are very acceptable in both fantasies and in real life but Bi men do not seem to be as acceptable both in fantasies and in real life.
Why is that? In your opinion what is the reason for this view? I’ve known women who are Bi or have had Bi experiences that even seem to be put off by the idea of Bi men.
Any... [more]

Fucking my roommate's ass and mouth.

I don't know what come over me. I never have been with a guy or even wanted to be. Ive always gotten lots of pussy, but most women don't want sex 4 or 5 times a day. That want I need, I constantly jerk off at work and at night, even after I fuck a woman. Anyway its been lock down now almost 3 months now.
A week into it one night my roommate... [more]

Glad Times have Changed. Whew! Wee!

Back in the 80's when I was in high school things were so much different. For those of you who were my age back then you understand. You couldn't just be who you were without maybe being attacked or beaten. You didn't come out of the closet either. Yeah there was Boy George and Elton John and then you had Rock Hudson. Yes the AIDS scare and... [more]

Brotherly love

Were probably a limited few who are loving this lockdown. Well I am anyway.
I'm a nineteen year old bisexual guy, with a twenty two year old step brother (Same mum). Someone who had recently split up with his girlfriend and is back with mum and me.
The reason they split up, is she found him on their back garden decking receiving a blow job from... [more]

I think I turned my bf BI, and I like it!

Oh sweetie you have to experience watching two guys fuck!!! I convinced maybe con’d my bf into fucking a gay friend of mine. We all got drunk and a little high. I slipped my bf a Cialis and kept getting him hard with his pants on. After a few hours of this my gay friend said if I wouldn’t get him off he would. He pulled my bfs cock out of his... [more]

My MMF Sex Weekend

I (21 at the time) had a bf (also 21 at the time) who was bi in college and he could take a huge cock in his ass. The first time I watched him take a cock in his ass I masterbated so hard I bruised my clit. We found a guy on an adult dating website. The only requirements were:
1) Fit and definitely not FAT
2) Between 25 and... [more]

I can’t believe I did this

I’ve never told anyone this before and I guess since it’s completely anonymous I will confess something.
My college gf was home visiting her parents. It was Friday and I came home quite drunk and as soon as I stepped through the door I stripped down completely at the door and headed to the shower. My roommate at the time was a tiny guy. Maybe... [more]

I want to get pounded by another man

I have been bi curious most of my life, it has gotten to the point where I put condoms on items like carrots or anything shaped like a cock, and fuck myself because it feels amazing. I am not sure why I am like this, I do not like men, but I enjoy the feeling of a carrot up my ass. Going in, and out, getting thicker as it enters my ass, spreading... [more]

Incest/male bonding

Reading about guys’’ experiences with older male relatives and how much they’ve liked it and sometimes becoming a discreet/secretive regular thing, knowing it’s wrong but so badly wanted by both sides (when it’s wanted/consensual) gets me so turned on I sometimes wish I were in their shoes...
It woke up a side of me I didn’t know I had and it... [more]

My Partner’s Brother

My partner’s brother is a few years younger than us. He is straight and married. He is taller than my partner who is 6’3” and is very masculine. He has a nice package from what I can see through his jeans. I often jack off thinking about him dominating and stretching my hole raw while calling me a faggot and a slut. It’s all I can think... [more]


Any men like to play with dildos in their ass

I want a video of.........

For a very long time now I've loved being fucked in my ass. And I've also loved dressing like a whore. But what I really want most is for someone to fuck me in my ass while I'm dressed like a whore and make me a video of it. I want to see myself getting fucked. I want to see someone's big dick doing in and out of my ass. I want to see them shoot... [more]

Middle School Slut

When I was in 7th grade, guys at school would tease me about being gay and making sexual jokes. One day, a popular guy big into sports that teased me came up to me at lunch and in front of the table told me “you can have my dick” to embarrass me. I had enough of bring teased. After school, I went up to him and asked “so when can I have that... [more]

Fantasies keep growing

I am a married man. I will admit to giving another guy a few bjs in the past, but lately my fantasies are growing. I want to know what it's like to have sex. I want to know what it's like to bounce and moan like a slut. I want to know what it's like to be taken by multiple men at the same time. I want to swallow dozens of loads and be covered... [more]


So I'm straight have a gf never found guys attractive but recently I want to be forced to suck cocks and get fucked I don't know why I love my gf

I gave my best friend a blowjob ,it was unplanned

We were just hanging out ,burning a few , and talking about all kinds of stuff ,and I said to him ,do you think girls like sucking cock ? Or just do it because its what you do ? He says you want to find out ? I said how can we find out ? He said blow me ,then you'll know . I said no,im good and the night progressed .
Then he says come on dude,my... [more]

I so really really want a young Asian tgurlfriend!

My wife can really suck my dick! But that’s it. She is traditional and missionary is fine, no anal....
Omg, I’m an ass bandit! I’m tired of finding bitch sluts to fuck....then I met a wonderful t girl. So sweet and nice. I was new and she was patient and helped me.
So yah my wife sucks me all the time but I need more.
But my t girl was... [more]

Gay cheater

I’ve been in a gay relationship for 15 years. We haven’t had sex in almost 8 years. About three years ago, I met a guy online and I went to his place. He fucked me like I never had been fucked before. I had never felt so used. I liked it. I started meeting him a couple of time a month for sex. Each time it got better. He talked me into a... [more]

BJ from fathers friend

I asked my father to ask his friend if I could borrow his Waverunner for the fourth of July holiday if he wasnt using it. A few days later my dad said go get waverunner , John was going away and wont be using it.
I went over and John asked if I wanted to go for a quick run on it so I am familiar with its workings , sure I said . So we towed it... [more]

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