LGBT Confessions

My Buddy And I

My best friend and I sucked each other off almost daily starting in the 8th grade. Later when we got girl friends we still sucked each other at least once a week. I miss it

Old dark secrets

No one would think of me to have an extensive experience in giving blowjobs.
It started when I was in my late twenties. I was in a jacuzzi chatting with the man opposite me when I felt his feet touching my dick. I gave him a smile and carried on with what we were discussing.
He offered me ro have a drink at his place, which was very near, I... [more]

Crossdresser feeling so feminine

I have been a crossdresse since my twenties and now I am 61 and just love being feminine I have been having sex with men for many years and still do I pretty sure that's what keeps me young I love a man's cock in my mouth but when he is deep in my ass it feels so good and I feel so feminine and very much like the sissy I am not going to change... [more]

Childhood gay experiences

So, in middle school I was friends with these three brothers who lived nearby. When I'd sleep over, which was almost every night in the summer, we'd all sleep in a camper they had on their property, which I thought was pretty cool at the time because they had privacy and a TV and an n64, which was kind of a big deal then. One day the younger... [more]

So I met a married man on an app

So I am a straight man. I am 28 years old and I’m a virgin. I really wanted sex and I kind of got into gay porn a while back and more heavily lately and thought I could fuck a guy if it was right. I was really horny, downloaded Grindr. I found a man that was married and that was kinda hot, I know I am a bad person.. I went to his house and saw the... [more]

So slow uptake


First time I sucked two cocks in one day

Years ago I had finally given into my desire to suck a cock, and loved it.
I started going to the mall, a local crusing area, and would suck cock.
I went there and a guy was in the restroom. I sucked his cock
When I was done I went out into the mall figuring I'd head home. As I was walking I came across a guy I had sucked on a previous... [more]

My ex knows I'm a sissy but wants this dick anyway

She just got through calling me a little while ago. I can tell she wants to get back together. She likes it when tell her how good a lover she was to me. Quite a few times when we were in bed together, she would use her dildo on me. She always ask me if I were gay. I would always say no. She would always play in my ass with her 8 inch dildo and... [more]

Turns out I'm Straight but...

*2007, on Sony PSP browser searched Guys Gone Wild after hearing about Girls Gone Wild. It was first time I'd seen a "penis" I exited fast found AfterEllen thought I was called Lesbian. (Pride is Approaching, June 1st? And I've been having 2007 thoughts round 3 AM.) Then thought I was transgender ftm but I'm Cis Boy. You'll* see!

Love men too

Wish that I could meet a man

First time giving a bj

As a kid I would get excited reading the graffiti on the bathroom walls, without knowing why
I eventually began fantasizing about sucking cock, but didn't know how to meet anyone ( this was before the internet) (I did try once but didn't take him to completion)
I was in my 20s and saw a message on a bathroom wall with a phone number. I called... [more]

The first time I swallowed cum

I started giving bjs in my 20s. At first it was just a couple times a year. As time progressed I started wanting it more frequently. I would always suck himbuntil he came in my mouth but never swallowed
Several years ago I started thinking about what it would be like to swallow.I started fantasizing about it.
I had decided I wanted to, just not... [more]

If bisexul and single could you do a same sex relationship?

The question is in the title. Personally I could easily be in a fwb with another guy- even roommates, but not a romantic one

My best mmm threesome

I had a guy I regularly serviced. He told me he would love to watch me suck another guy. I like to be watched, so we made arrangements for a third guy to join us.
My friend sat in a chair. The two of us got naked, we put a blanket on the floor. He sat on , leaned up against the sofa and spread his legs.
I knelt between his legs and started... [more]

My wife's Ex-husband

I sorta convinced Angie, my wife, too have me wear her panties. She thinks it was her idea. Her and her ex-husband's (Allen) daughter is 23 now and just had a baby. So Allen is over our house frequently. I took a shower yesterday when he was there. No one else was home yet. I walked through the living room with a towel on and Angie's skimpy... [more]

Gooning for hours

I'm a Tgirl little whore who is addicted to shemale cocks and lesbian pussies and have hundreds of panties and pantyhose to masturbate in!! My favorite thing to do while I'm watching horny porn is take a large vibrating finger dildo and vibrate my Tcock and at the same time put a vibrating butt plug in my Tpussy and do edging for hours..milking... [more]

Relaxing casual debut .

Well, I always wanted to be casual with a friend in lingerie. The other day a long time friend was in town for a business call and we decided to do business while relaxing at the courtyard at his hotel.
I decided I was going to wear some nice lingerie and some women’s shorts and a nice camisole and shirt.
While in the courtyard I sat in such a... [more]

Cum drainers

I love cock drainers . the ones who love to suck a cock for the cum .then suck the whole cock head to base for every last drop.. are there any like that in knoxville tn. real cum drainers?

GF wants to see

My GF and I were having sex and as we do often tell each other what we are thinking and fantasizing about. Recently she was very excited and said “I had a dream I want to come true. I watched a twink suck your dick. It was so hot!” Me being very excited and more replied “Fuck that’s hot! You’re a dirty slut aren’t you?” She moaned “Yes”. I said... [more]

Wife's Ex-husband

My wife and her ex-husband had a daughter while they were married. They divorced and I married her when the daughter was 3. Her ex is a very gruff, no nonsense kinda man. It's his way. Period. And I have developed such a huge crush on him!!! I'm 6'6 and he might be 6'. But he makes me feel so small and submissive. He lectures me (he lectures... [more]

Men or women

Everyone always asked me why I am with men instead of women.
women demand so much for so little in return. They maybe give an unenthusiastic blowjob and a loose pussy once a week. God forbid you ask for an intimate blowjob because her jaw hurts. God forbid you ask her to touch your balls because those are gross. God forbid you ask for anal... [more]

The Sissy In Me!

Every day that goes by now, I seem to be drawn into wanting more and more to dress and look like a woman. I love the thought of me looking and liking what they see and wanting to be with me in a sexual way.

I m a guy who gives other men blow jobs

I love please men orally since my wife died, I found men who would let me suck them off and I love to swallow sperm like my wife did of mine for 30 wonderful years She was a great cocksucker and now I feel like I am carring on for her to jsut give men oral sex


There were 3 times in my life that if I had the opportunity to relive, I absolutely would and do things differently.
First. Growing up, there was a boy down the road who was maybe 3 years older than I was. I was (maybe) 8 and he was 11-12. He wasn’t particularly attractive, but he wasn’t exactly unattractive. What he was though was hot for... [more]

First Gay Experience

It happened when I was in the high school, about 17 yo and went to camping with my friends. I shared a camping bed with Kevin, two-year older than me and well built compared to me. During the first two bight he would sun his hand over my body and stroke all over, softly massaging my sensitive nips. I pretended to be sleeping and enjoyed his... [more]

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