LGBT Confessions

I so really really want a young Asian tgurlfriend!

My wife can really suck my dick! But that’s it. She is traditional and missionary is fine, no anal....
Omg, I’m an ass bandit! I’m tired of finding bitch sluts to fuck....then I met a wonderful t girl. So sweet and nice. I was new and she was patient and helped me.
So yah my wife sucks me all the time but I need more.
But my t girl was... [more]

Gay cheater

I’ve been in a gay relationship for 15 years. We haven’t had sex in almost 8 years. About three years ago, I met a guy online and I went to his place. He fucked me like I never had been fucked before. I had never felt so used. I liked it. I started meeting him a couple of time a month for sex. Each time it got better. He talked me into a... [more]

BJ from fathers friend

I asked my father to ask his friend if I could borrow his Waverunner for the fourth of July holiday if he wasnt using it. A few days later my dad said go get waverunner , John was going away and wont be using it.
I went over and John asked if I wanted to go for a quick run on it so I am familiar with its workings , sure I said . So we towed it... [more]

Fucked in Argentina

I’m 44 and just got done serving an 8 year sentence in prison for trying to traffic drugs into the UK. I got busted in Argentina at the airport and did my time there.
Lemme tell you man, the prisons in Argentina are maybe a step up from Dante’s inferno, but not by much—absolute shitholes of human degenerate filth eager to fuck you or kill you... [more]

Am I gay

I'm a 19 year old male college student. At a drunken Christmas frat party off campus, I ended up willingly (I was not drunk) letting 30 guys ass fuck me over 12 hours.
I told them all to cum in me. I came multiple times hand free the hardest orgasms of my life.
I have a girlfriend and we fuck like crazy. But I'm masturbating and using a... [more]

15 boys in 1 day!!

A slight introduction;
So this day was my schools 10th anniversary day and it was the biggest event we had ever held. We have a huge cricket ground that was filled with different stands for games and a huge bouncy castle with a slide and so many other fun things! I was 17 back then (I’m 19m). I had just found out i was bisexual and was a massive... [more]

My first trip to Book store as a teen

When I was 19 I went to a Adult book store to check it out. I went to one about 20 minutes away so nobody saw my car. I went it,saw stuff on walls,products in display cases and counter,and saw a sign for video booths. I went through the door and went into a booth and inserted quarters . After a few minutes the stall door slowly opened a guy came... [more]

Learning to love it

Back when I was nineteen with my parents and younger sister away visiting my mums German father, I answered the front door at ten o'clock at night, thinking it was a dude who owed me money.
Two very large and muscular men pushed their way in and pinned me down on the sofa.
I thought they were going to rob the house. I was wrong.
A whole hour... [more]


I’m a curious male and would love to have phone sex with another male. Cross dresser, bisexual, gay, she male, straight it doesn’t matter. I just wanna masturbate with someone else. I would love to dirty talk, role play, cross dress, husband and wife. I’m open for anything. Lately I have a desire to have anal sex. Giving and receiving. I like hot... [more]

Holiday work

We travel over there once a month so I can work on his beautiful villa.
It's a free small holiday for my wife and I. And her uncle, Tom, gets me to build, plumb, electrics, plaster etc.
My wife also enjoys having a drink. In fact she drinks a lot and more often than not is drunk by tea time after drinking by the pool I help built, all... [more]

Wife's ex

Long before I even met and dated my wife, I had a six months long gay affair with a guy who just loved to fuck my asshole all ends up.
He literally couldn't get enough of fucking my mouth and asshole, and would often leave his home for work early, just so he could call by and fuck me.
I was single then and loved the feel of his huge cock up my... [more]

Family links

This could fit into a few categories.
Knelt up on our leather couch naked, with my friend Jay behind me fucking my asshole, my father and his youngest brother walk in.
They're supposed to be out fishing, but apparently the torrential rain stopped their two day trip.
My mom was out shopping with my sister, so I took the opportunity to have... [more]

Straight or gay

Even though I visit his bedroom every working day to fuck him, I still see myself as a straight married man, whose wife no longer wants the lustful rough sex I enjoy.
When I visit Alex, the sex is extremely rough, as I like fucking him that way. He too loves the treatment my eight inches gives his mouth and asshole. However it's never romantic... [more]

Gay pleasures

As much as is possible, given my job and my married home life, I try and make it round to Skips place every weekday afternoon.
He's twenty two years old, slim with lots of tattoo's and an ass that I simply cannot resist fucking.
We hardly ever have oral sex, as I'm too damn horny and hard by the time I enter his home. He's always naked and ready... [more]

Bi guys are dreamy

My older cousin is flaming gay. He's married to a nice guy (Brad) who's really handsome, and doesn't act gay at all. I (female) stayed with them for a week when I was changing apartments. They let me stay over.
From the outset I was getting cues that Brad was flirting a bit with me. I thought he was gay, so it was a surprise. Well we were... [more]

Teacher teacher

Every Sunday afternoon I visited Jacobs motel.
Waiting for me would be my music teacher, but the only organ I'd be playing with, would be his cock.
We never had long, and I liked it that way. We'd suck each other, usually in a sixty nine before he'd fuck me in all manner of positions.
It would be an extremely hard and fast fuck, and I'd... [more]

Al's place

Twice a week, usually Monday and Thursday, but sometimes on a Friday, I visit Al's home after he's text me. He waits for his wife to go to her twice weekly church evenings with their daughter, and messages me to call over.
When I get to Al's, who's sixty one, I'm thirty three and married too, he's invariably waiting naked for me as we both enjoy... [more]

Sucked off

I'm a married straight/bisexual construction worker who also cleans windows.
It was cleaning windows when I first had my cock sucked by a younger gay guy.
I caught him whacking off, so he invited me in when he saw the bulge in my shorts.
Offering me a blow job, I allowed him to lower my shorts and boxers, then suck in my dick. The blow job over... [more]

He's so cute

There is absolutely no doubt now, I'm bisexual and love it.
He's nineteen slim, loves being dressed up in female clothing and make up. And is so damn cute, especially that ass, I just cannot resist his pleas for sex.
Over the past few months I've fucked him countless times in my truck, in his parents home and now I even risk fucking him in my... [more]

Want sex

I am a old bisexual male.
I have a collection of skirts,panty girdles tights nighties.
I have also 2 belts straps.
sex toys.
on my estate you might not see a neighbour for months.
I have seen one black guy a while ago he said hello.
lately another black guy said sir to me.
I hope to see them again all I can do is to walk down past... [more]

Turning him straight

My son is home for the holidays and he brought his male friend to stay with us. I caught them sucking dick in a 69.
My son was not gay before we sent him off to college, but evidently he is now. I talked to my husband about this, but he's in denial. I have a female friend who said she would be into screwing him for fun (she's 39 and divorced)... [more]

Fucking his ass

Sick of my wife saying no to my advances for sex, I began to wonder if what my wifes nephew had suggested months before, was acceptable to me.
His comment was made to me, when he caught me stroking my cock in the work shed I have in our back yard.
He said it was a waste of cum, and I should at least feed it him, or empty my balls up his ass.
It... [more]

Going on my first date

I finally set up my first date with a man while I will be dressed in woman’s clothes in public.
I am so excited! I will be wearing thigh high stockings, a cheeky pantie and bra as lingerie.
As it is a casual date I will be in very low rise skinny jeans and a very nice white blouse with 3/4 cuffed sleeves.
I will be a bit nervous at first I... [more]

Wife's fantasy

Three days ago my wife told me she'd filmed the whole thing.
What she was talking about was something I thought I'd never accept or be involved in.
Her fantasy since we met, was to see another man fuck my ultra cute ass.
She's always enjoyed my ass. Licking and sometimes fingering it during sex, but I'd always said no to her using a dildo... [more]

Reservoir sucking

Most evenings now its winter, I take the dog out down by the reservoir.
My wife thinks its because it has a 'dry' trail down there.
But in reality its because I get my dick sucked by very eager and cum greedy men.
Some are younger, some my age of thirty four. But most are older and married.
I have a reasonably large cock at eight and a half... [more]

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