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bi married man

It has not happened yet.
I met this married man let us say he worked for a company
and came to my apartment to check something nothing happened then.
I got in contact with him I came out as bi.I have a problem in my apartment that
needs sorting before he cums.I got enough s toys for pain and pleasure.
I also have a few tank top dresses I wear... [more]

Married but… I’d love to meet a trap

I can’t get the fantasy of meeting a trap out of my head. Admitting that I’m married. She doesn’t care. Things continue to heat up until we know we need to be alone. When alone I find out her secret. But I tell her it’s ok and she’s still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. And we both act on our desires.

Bi curious

I remember when I was younger me and a friend of mine discovered jacking off together and we would talk about it and share porn all the time. He would stay the night with me and we would download porn to my PSP. We would sneak lotion from the bathroom and take turns fucking each other while we watched porn and presented it was a girl. We would... [more]


Ever since I was a teenager (early 2000s) the only porn that has been consistent for me is Trans porn. Back in the day i used a site (a yellow pages) and accidentally clicked on a link of a transsexual pornstar. Shocked I hit back but then curiosity got the better of me. I clicked the link again, looked at all the pics then looked to see I was... [more]

Becoming bi

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- Out of the Closet -
Bi-Sexual Male /... [more]

Closet Queer

I deep down knew I had desires for men since puberty. But I was in such deep denial. I bedded as many females as I could in my teens and early twenties. Mid 20s I was really wrestling with it and had met a guy through a phone connection and was very close to trying it. That’s when I met my wife. I convinced myself a steady supply of pussy would... [more]

Maine Crossdresser

I'm a simple crossdresser in Maine not shaved or beautiful but would love my first cock in my ass experience!! Name I go by is Cassidy five hundred yahooo.....

Whites service blacks

I am a white bi-sexual male who definitely loves everything about women and doing everything sexual with women but I also love as a white man to such a dark black man's dick and believe that it is something that should be done to honor and respect the black man I would never spit out a black man's cum I have always had more respect for a white... [more]

First Time Sucking Cock

I was 15 and my brother as 13, I had been jacking off for a couple years and loved looking at pictures of cocks. We shared a bedroom and one night about 11:00 pm I woke up with a very hard cock. I was slowly stroking it when I heard my brother turn over from his stomach and was on his back. I got out of my bed and went over to his and looked at... [more]

Gay NYE party orgy

My boyfriend, Joe, and I hosted our new years eve party last night. It was small, only two other MM couples, but we had a wild night. He greeted everyone at the door with a blowjob as they showed up, nobody wore a stitch of clothing the whole night and there was always some kind of sex happening. I didn't personally see much of the festivities... [more]

Not the Cruise we Expected

I'm 59 bi male, married. When my wife and I were about 38-39 we booked a cruise out of f!orida around the carribean. We were looking for some R&R and not really the party scene. Through a combination of cruise company ship change and misinformation exchange, we ended up booked on a cruise that was primarily for gay singles and couples. My wife... [more]

My Sissy reputation

I have started getting a reputation for sucking dick in my town. I’m 19 and don’t have a car so I walk places I need to go. But luckily people have heard that I’ll suck anyone’s cock for a ride. The Sheriff even had men suck his fat cock today. It was really hot. He didn’t even ask, he just pulled it out and told me to get in the floor of his car... [more]


So, my parents got divorced shortly after I came out as gay. I'm 75% sure it was due to my dad defending me to my mom's shitty family that led to their divorce, I know for a fact they had some snide comments about me when I was there, and my parents had to have heard some of it. Anyway, I never asked, he never said, and I haven't spoken to her or... [more]

Turned out

I was in my late 20s and inside my first year with the company. My boss was roughly 50, fit, handsome, confident, total alpha. One evening after the office had closed her asked me to stay and look over some reports I’d done. I came in and placed them on his desk, he came around behind me, pushed up against me and began going over them. I remember... [more]

Mrs. Greenturn

I was 15 a young boy looking for extra money. Every day after school i would stack fire wood for Mrs. Greenturn, she had a big house and used lots of wood for heat. Anyway she would pay me each day saying come back tomorrow. I did this for a week, she was very nice and would bring me something to drink. We were sitting down having a drink when she... [more]

Sissy Crossdressers in BUFFALO, NY

Hi I am a sissy submissive sexy crossdresser in Buffalo, NY and I am wondering if there are any others on Here that are Crossdressers? I would so Love to meet another and Play dressup and have wonderful Sex. I am 5'6" 145lbs fully shaved and lotioned completely silky smooth and hairless body.. I have tons of clothes, dresses, skirts, panties... [more]

Flamish Boy (me) has a BBC addiction.

I'm a 18 year old Flamish boy and lost my v-card to a Big Black cock once, and since then I haven't forgotten it. I haven't seen the BBC guy again and it's a shame cause now I want to have my holes filled with Big Fat Black Cock. Even tho he only fucked me for like 2 minutes, it was long enough to make me addicted for life. Did anyone else feel... [more]

Married man

I am a somewhat masculine man, but have always felt I should have been a women, but still attracted to my wife and women. I have been married most of my life, but I love to wear women’s clothes and suck cock. But lately my wife has not wanted sex, so I have been dressing and sucking cock. I do dress when she is traveling and enjoy cock (I only... [more]

I want dick pics!

I'm a guy, and I wanna beat off to some dick pics! Big, small, any race, idc. Not into pain blood or cp markslouie2127gmail

In And Out

What time do you get off? Probably at the same time as I"m balls deep down your throat, was the reply with a hearty roar. We had met online and arraigned to meet first where he worked then go from there. Kinda see what happens first there I guessed. Long story short, back at his place, what he had said most certainly transpired.
I sucked him... [more]

I am a pantyboi sissyfag

Love panties and dresses and pleasing men

Bisex couple gangbang

25f. My boyfriend Steve and I are bisexual, and last summer we had an opportunity we've both been waiting for for awhile. We've gone dogging regularly at a local park, but we've never had a chance to be properly gangbanged. We had told a few of our regular partners about some of what we wanted to try, and back in July we finally had enough to do... [more]

Knew It Would Be Good But This Was Amazing

A friend I used to work with was in town for a few days visiting family, called me up and wondered if I had time to get together for a few. Gave him my new address and Ian showed up later that night.
I knew from working along side him that he is gay so first thing I asked when he stepped in was how Dave is. Apparently they had split up almost a... [more]

I'am sissy slut

And so, now at 36 years old I can claim to be a perverted sissy, who loves cock, loves getting buggered by other men! Mother nature has been bad in developing my body, I have always been slim and with very feminine features, however I have spent my adolescence in a normal way with women! one day, at a party with rivers of alcohol I was approached... [more]

Black man white man orr woman love them all

I am bisexual coming up to xmas.I have not had c orr c
for a long time.cunt longer.there is this white married man.he will either cum
sometime in dec orr jan 2023.
then there is this black man on my estate.I seen him once some time ago.
then there is this woman from years ago.I want to see her cum.she goes into a pub.I am just now wearing a... [more]

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