LGBT Confessions

Destined to be a wife

I am a desperate sissy looking to be discovered by a man. To have this man take me and put me under his control. I would dress, act and become the woman he desires. Sucking his beautiful cock, being fucked in my tight ass and becoming addicted to the taste of his cum. Dressing to please him in dresses, pantyhose and high heels. Taking the... [more]


I have been bisexual for most of my life. Always been a bottom. Been married to my wife for over forty years now. She knows everything about me. She found out that I was bi before we got married when we were teenagers. It never bothered her. And yes we have an open marriage. She's has her own boyfriend's over the years. I've been with quite a lot... [more]


There was this girl I was fucking, we were just fuck buddies. We were not girl friend and boy friend. We had made an agreement to just fuck. So when ever she was horny she could just call me and we would have sex. As we fucked more and more she began to play around near my ass hole and eventually started sliding a dildo in there. I had always... [more]

Bisexual guy 25, loves wearing thongs

Hey everybody, Im a 25 year old bisexual guy, who loves wearing thongs. I didn't come out yet. Im looking for some bisexual or gay guys who can help me come out or just talk about being bi/ gay. React with your snap. I will add you

How many guys have you let squirt in your mouth??

I've sucked a lot of dicks but I can only remember about 4 times when a guy or a tranny actually cam in my mouth. The first time that I remember was in a porno theater in the back room. Guys would go back there and do nasty things. I was back there watching and before I knew it I was sucking this guys dick when suddenly I felt this gooey... [more]

Crossdress and public walk dare

Hello there, I would like to dare myself crossdress and walking at night when nobody at the streets. Please leaves the comments what should I wear? I will buy the clothes and shoes for every comments posted to dare myself.

Risky past

Before all of today’s apps for gay hookups, in high school I used AOL chat rooms and met up with many men, mostly older than me. I had a few hookups with other boys in school, but they weren’t experienced and were often hesitant to go all the way.
The men from the chat rooms would meet me either at school to pick me up at the park across the... [more]

Is it lesbian ? Honest opinion

Me and mom used to live in an estate block so it was really cramped and tiny father was around and lived a normal standard life
I remember years ago my mom was friends with a lady living downstairs she age as my mom no kids just her alone and I remember I was sharing the same room as my mom but separate bed but they weren't far apart and 1 night... [more]

Confused and needed to say something...

I'm super manly 26yr Male. I've enjoyed crossdressing behind closed doors since the age of 10. I've been married and divorced twice already for various reasons. During both marriages I would dress up in my wife's clothes when they were away and at times would experiment with their toys. After my second divorce I moved back in with my parents and... [more]

Am I the only one who does this?

Do any other straight guys or girls have an lgbt fuck buddy? It's amazing, if you've never done it. I'm not into guys, but my neighbor sucks my cock like he was made to, and his ass is so tight and warm it's a work of art. He's pretty much perpetually horny, so any time we're both single we get in touch and he'll jump at my dick hole-first. I do... [more]


I met a stranger in a hotel in Chicago. He was 40 years older but we got along well. So well that even though we only met that one time, I blew him twice that night. I wish I could do it again.

Two guys from Philly

In the time before covid, I dated for sex at least twice a month and a great time was had by all.
I met a man on a dating site for Transsexual women and we began the usual chat. I being direct politely told him I was looking for a friend with benefits to meet with me now and then for some fun.
His reply was would you object to me bringing... [more]

Blowjob With Bestfriend

When I was a lot younger, a girl gave my bestfriend and I a blowjob at the same time. (we're both straight.)
Him and I were hanging out with a few girls at one of their houses (it was only us there). After hanging out for awhile, him, I and one of the girls went into a bedroom.
Him and I sat on the opposite sides of the bed and pulled our... [more]

Gang Licked

I was once held down in a van full of guys giving me a ride home from a hard drinking night. I was too drunk to drive. Once I got in, the feeling up of me began. My shoes and socks were pulled off, my shorts were pulled down and my shirt was pulled up. There were 12 hands and 6 tongues on me all at one time. Two guys were sucking my toes, one was... [more]

Work friend

I'm living in a place where I also work threw out lockdown and I share the place with another worker who also stay there but just the few days ago we both been feeling lonely and horny so now we both suck each other and i we fuck most night after his gf gets off facetime with him

I Gave My Straight Bestfriend a Blowjob

I'm a male in my mid-twenties and identify as straight, However, my first sexual relationship was with my straight bestfriend.
When I was a lot younger, my bestfriend and I would always have sleepovers and cuddle (I never thought anything of it). He was attractive but I didn't have feelings for him. I didn't even understand sexuality yet... [more]

Not Actually Bisexual?

I recently came out as bisexual (I'm a guy). However, almost everyone I've told has said that I'm not actually bisexual. They either say that I'm just a super horny young adult or that I just haven't realized I'm gay yet.
I'm physically and emotionally attracted to women, and only emotionally attracted to men (I have to develop emotional... [more]

HIV Sharing is caring

My Name is Robbie Bone, I have HIV and like to try and share it with others 07733445528. I'm a right filthy dog 😂😂

Three-day high-school fag

So; when I was a sophomore in high school(15-16 years old for non-usa people), my family had to move for my dad's work. I didn't much care, I didn't really have any bff's or significant others yet, I figured hey; change of scenery. One thing I did want to do was something I hadn't had the guts to do before; I wanted to try sucking some dick. I... [more]

Letting go

In the summer of 2019 I was reflecting on my life and frustrated with dating women .I was a 30 yr old single white male and tired of the dinners and dates that led nowhere .It was easy to quit dating for awhile and take stock.
One summer evening I was walking on the beach near the apartment building where I lived .I was... [more]

Gay understall sex?

So, I've heard plenty of rumors of how to low-key ask for sex in a public men's room. There's a supposed foot-tappimg rhythm if you're in a stall, if you're at a urinal you're apparently supposed to meet another guys eyes, and I read somewhere a guy had a pretty good track record of whistling known songs(he'd whistle the first line or so of... [more]

What if men could get pregnant???

What if guys could get pregnant?? Well, if they could everyone would know what they've been doing. lol. As for me, I'd probably have about 7 or 8 kids by now. So it's a good thing we can't get knocked up. Heck, I'd probably be pregnant right now.

Joe boy in LI

Back in the 90s when I was in my 20s I hooked up with a guy also in his 20s, we met in an aol chat room ctm4m after we chatted for a few days about meeting up for sex. We finally set a time and met in a hotel in CT. Up to this point I had always used a condom when f**cking guys. Joe had an amazing body and I ended up f**cking him without a... [more]

Nothing better

Than being on my knees, hands tied behind my back with my head in between a guy or a shemale's legs. Their hand on back of my head with a hard cock in my mouth. Moving up and down on it with my wet lips wrapped around their shaft. Slobbering, moaning and having them slap my face with it while telling them I love sucking cock. Feeling the warm cum... [more]

Marine friend home on leave

My friend was home on leave after having finished boot camp with the Marines. He was really horny and looking for some pussy but not having much luck. He was constantly thanking me for hanging with him, buying him drinks, trying to get him laid. My stock response was that’s what friends do. At one point, we’re just driving around and he makes a... [more]

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