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Sexually Obsessed With TGirl Sadie Hawkins

Anyone else crazy about Sadie Hawkins/Riley Kilo too? I've been watching tranny porn for I think 2 yrs. Went through so many awesome tgirls and then I kept coming across a video of her laying on a bed with a dildo up her ass, I didn't think she was that attractive at first or cared to look at HER - it was just all about seeing how nice of a dick... [more]

My sister seen my dick to many times!

So about 3 years ago my older beautiful sister seen over 20 pictures of my 1O inch penis. I sent them anonymously saying these are your brothers pics. She waited about 3 hours before she finally forwarded all the pics.(24 I think)so I lied and said I got blank messages if she could resend or describe what pictures she has and if there really [more]

Dog sex

I have a question to ask, I'm a 14 year old male and I'm in to women but I recently have been fucked by a dog and I always get nervous when I see him, he's a boxer and I don't know if the tip of his penis is going to poke the inside of my ass, and what's it feel like to have a full dick in your ass, is this mean I'm gay or bisexual or what........ [more]

Taking a shot with my wife's friend

I’ve been married for about 10 years and have 2 kids. I’m not unhappy in my marriage but not totally pleased either. Anyways, about a year ago, I started becoming good friends with one of my wife’s friends. We are together a couple of times per week since our kids share the same after school activities – sometimes with my wife and sometimes... [more]


I've always wanted to have sex with my niece. She knows I think she's attractive. When she was younger we use to play around a little bit in the pool. She would rub against me playing and I would throw her around and hold her up in the air. She was already hot I could feel everything. I stayed hard and she could feel it. She likes to uncross her... [more]

I want to be bred

I am considered an attractive woman. i am 34 and financially secure. i have all i want in life other than children. i am not into the conventional relationships all about love, engagements and marriage. i am a woman who feels the need to bear children and as many as i can possibly have before the change of life. my doctor has assured me i have at... [more]

I Like Older Men

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and before any adults start judging me I'd like to say I'm pretty mature for my age. But my thing is I like older guys, 20-30s. I'm not some slut who wants to sleep with every attractive male, though. But I don't necessarily want a relationship either. Sure I'm attracted to guys my age, but they're all so immature and... [more]

Paid my Maid to jerk me off...

I always had this desire to be touched and be jerked off by someone. Slowly i build up courage to start exposing myself to my house maid under the pretext of dropping s towel. Then i openly began to play porn when she used to enter the room and i used to masturbate. Once i grew in confidence.. One day.. I approached her from behind even though i... [more]

My friends sister

I first met her about 20 years ago, whilst we were in the military, and I fantasized about her regularly, but needless to say the opportunity faded. She is now recently divorced, and I want to fuck her.
I know that she knows that I had a thing for her back then, cause my friend told her, and he has also told me that she likes me.
Problem... [more]

Hot mom at practice

I am sitting at my sons football practics and this hot sexy mom walks up close to where I sit and is wearing brown tights and a shirt just covering her sexy tight ass. I keep close eye on her when finally she bends over to get something out of her sons bag. She stretched those tights tight and I could tell she had no panties on! I could see... [more]

Good girl wants to be bad

That I have had sex with just one guy. Waited to fall in love before I gave my virginity up. Anyway that relationship is now over and I have all this new-found sexual energy that I don't know what to do with....
I get attention from guys because of my E cup boobs, but I don't want to have sex with just anyone...
I get off on skipping wearing... [more]

Step Daughter

I have always had a thing for my step daughter. A few months back I was giving her a foot rub. (She asked me) She was looking at the computer and I was down by her feet. I couldn't help but get a hard on.
My back was kind of to her so I took my cock out and rub it against her feet. She couldn't tell the difference. My precum was all... [more]

My neighbor

One of my attic windows faces my neighbors house and their house had the master bedroom on that floor, I think it is the only room upstairs. I was in my attic going through some stuff and had just finished, I walked over to the door and just has I pulled the light off I looked over and saw the light come on in their window. It was the woman and... [more]

Preachers Daughter

I was at church last Sunday is when I found my self looking at the preachers daughter who by the way is only 13. To see her in a low cut shirt so you could look down and see her perkey ti**My guess a small b cup or a nice Full a cup with a Pink Victoria Secret push-up bra. As I turned back and looked behind me where she was sitting she had her... [more]

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