Desire Confessions

Straight guy that wants to suck dick

I don't consider myself to be bi I am not attracted to guys nore would i kiss a guy but I love to suck one until I get off then I feel strange like I did something wrong. I am in my 30s and have sucked 4 guys. But would suck one every day if I could. Is there anyone else like this

How do I seduce my little sister?

I am 21 and my sister is 15. I know... I know there's a lot of age difference. But I want her and I can't stop thinking about her. I have wanted her since I was a child. I was introduced to incest at a very early age. I don't know what to do. I am open to any suggestions and ideas.

Not getting enough

I'm 29f and pretty much in my sexual prime. My problem is my husband. He has a really low libido. I'm not sure if it's because he's Type I diabetic or what, but we only have sex maybe once a month. I dress sexy for him, make all kinds of advances, but he just makes excuses and pushes me away. It makes me feel really unfeminine and undesirable. I... [more]

Sex with a begger

There's this begger who I usually see everyday at a specific spot with her infant begging for money. Many times I just walk past her just to see her sexy body. i have seen many people stare at her while she breastfeeds her kid and my dick get's real hard seeing that sometimes I just wanna grab her boob and suck entire milk out of em. last week I... [more]

Guilty thoughts

Ok, I have a feeling I may get blasted for this. Last week my wife had taken our son to a wrestling meet and left our 17 yr. old(she'll be 18 in two wks)daughter at home. I came home from work a little later. I cleaned up and yelled upstairs to my daughter, I'll call her Julia(not her real name) if she was ready. She and I were going to the school... [more]

My wife gets biker gang raped

My wife Helen and I live in Kelowna B.C. Canada. We live in what used to be a very nice part of town. Recently a motor cycle gang has been taking over certain areas of town and businesses. And they began making huge amounts of money. Then just last month they moved into a house just down the street from us. My wife used to jog past there all the... [more]

I want men to catch me naked

I love the thrill of men seeing me naked. It all started a few years ago when I accidentally dropped my towel in my bedroom window and some guys got an eyeful of me in all my glory. I was embarrassed at first and quickly drew the curtains, but the thought of those random men seeing me naked soon turned me on, and I laid on the bed and pleasured... [more]


Married guy Have a strong desire to suck a guys Dick. Never have but find myself fantasizing about sucking off a guy.

I fantasise about becoming a porn star

I’m 23, I’ve only had one boyfriend; I was a member of the Christian Union at my university (I still kind of half-believe); I lost my virginity at age 21.
Despite all this, I would really like to appear in a porn film. Any kind of porn film.
Why does this appeal to me so much?
Honestly, I would like to see if I could go through with it. I... [more]

Want to share my wife’s pics

My wife let me take photos of her naked. I think she’s super sexy and I fantasize about other men cumming to her photos. I get hard just thinking about it.

I want more

I really want to have a 3some with another man or woman but I'm so scared of diseases out there. My hubby and I are so open with our sexuality. I'd really like to have another man service me. I have never been with anyone but my hubby.

I Like Older Men

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and before any adults start judging me I'd like to say I'm pretty mature for my age. But my thing is I like older guys, 20-30s. I'm not some slut who wants to sleep with every attractive male, though. But I don't necessarily want a relationship either. Sure I'm attracted to guys my age, but they're all so immature and... [more]

Sexually Obsessed With TGirl Sadie Hawkins

Anyone else crazy about Sadie Hawkins/Riley Kilo too? I've been watching tranny porn for I think 2 yrs. Went through so many awesome tgirls and then I kept coming across a video of her laying on a bed with a dildo up her ass, I didn't think she was that attractive at first or cared to look at HER - it was just all about seeing how nice of a dick... [more]

Like to show off my wife

My wife is very shy, always likes to have covers over her in bed, etc. She is petite, 5-foot-2, barely 100 pounds, small b**bs, but a really, really nice a**. I did sneak a video of her in the shower, but if she knew, she'd kill me. I have always fantasized about strangers seeing her naked, but I also know she's not into that kind of thing. But... [more]

Beastiality (dog)

I’ve been letting my dogs (I’ve had about 4 dogs throughout my life) but the very first time I let my dog lick my pussy and it felt so amazing! I was only about 11-12 years old. I always felt weird after letting him lick my pussy but I did it days later regardless. I now own a husky/malamute dog and omg he loves to lick my pussy lol I’ve been... [more]

Discovering Another Sexual Plane

Two men discovering another level of sexuality by sucking each other’s cocks and drinking their cum!

I wanna get knotted

I have fantasies about a dog taking me doggy style and fucking me till we knot does anyone have a dog that has some this and willing to let him do me I'm female

For your birthday

From time to time, my wife and I would go away for a long weekend. Most of the time we would stay in a cabin or a motel, This time we stayed at a nice hotel.
We went away this time for my birthday, and her only request was some place that had room service. I was good with that more time to go do what we want. She had been asking for a while what... [more]


I've always wanted to have sex with my niece. She knows I think she's attractive. When she was younger we use to play around a little bit in the pool. She would rub against me playing and I would throw her around and hold her up in the air. She was already hot I could feel everything. I stayed hard and she could feel it. She likes to uncross her... [more]

Ugh, I can't stop.

My name is Barry and I totally love sucking cocks. I cannot get enough of it. It is all that I think about. I wish that I could just suck cock for like hours and hours non-stop.

My wife knows I want to suck cock

A while ago i had an erotic dream where i walked in on my wife who was naked from the waist down and was squatting over the face of a friend of ours letting him lick her p****
In the dream he was totally naked laying on his back with a huge erection pointing skyward.
As i entered the room my wife had an intense orgasm and my c*** suddenly... [more]

Both wife/husband

Hi I’m 18 in a relasionship but I have a fantasy where I would meet an older couple40+, after drinks one thing would lead to another and the husband would allow me to fuck his wife in their bed, I would constantly talk to the husband and take instructions from him while I eagerly pound his wife (I’ve always admired attractive older... [more]

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

I want a girl to go down on me.

I have a bf of 5yrs but i have been wantingg a girl to eat me out. Jus the thought will make me horny. My bf eats me out but i really want a pretty clean girl to do it. I want to grab a handfulll pair of boobs. I wanna suck &lick em. Im horny now. Where could i find a girl near dallas tx to expierement w.? I jus dont want my family or my bf... [more]

Freaky mother in law

My in laws are seemingly very uptight and boring people. I have never even heard them swear or make the slightest off color comment. I had some documents I needed to print, and since I don't have a printer, my father in law said I could print them from his computer. I went to their house while he and my mother and law were at work. When I was done... [more]

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