Never trust hot girls

I was never popular or unpopular, I had some popular friends but that was it. There was one girl on my bus, she was extremely popular and insanely hot, with an hourglass figure and beautiful face. Anyways I expected her to be a stereotypical hot bitch, but she was so nice and would like never talk about her body or sex or ever admit she is pretty... [more]

My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of... [more]

Wife Confesses to being drugged on vacation

We had recently returned from an overseas vacation and I had noticed a marked change in my wife’s mood, there was clearly something on her mind so, I decided we needed a night out to talk things over and see if I could uncover what was behind this change.
After a number of drinks she admitted that she had something to tell me and made me promise... [more]


I'm in the military and instruct cadets. My wife keeps me locked in a chastity cage which can make the job difficult at times. Whether it being physical activity or because of the countless beautiful college age girls walking around. I find myself trying to get hard at terrible times. Such as when a girl would walk into my office to ask me a... [more]

Sexual tension with aunt

Not sure where
To start because for one, I'm insanely horny just thinking about this shit, and two it's putting me in a manic state.... so this might all end up an overly elaborate and convoluted mess with typos galore... but here goes...
So around a year ago, I visited my mom and aunt, which by the way, I rarely ever do. Last time I was down... [more]

Couldn't have gone worse

There was a massive house party on Sunday, and I got so drunk and high at it. Turns out I probably had sex all night. I barely remember it, but the things I do remember is I made out with my friend, me and my younger sister kissed (she's 12 and was as fucked as me) and I remember giving some 19 year old a blowjob. I woke up, there were 3 used... [more]

Great sex with a heavy older guy

Im 24 years old,name Claire. Im a Waitress at a diner, with an athletic body, blonde hair. I was dating this guy Brad since high school, we started having problems, and we ended our relationship in April. Very stressful for me and depressing. Weeks that followed I always had someone to talk to on my breaks to make me feel better about my break up... [more]

Caught wife cheating

I came home from work early last week, because I wasn't feeling very well. My wifes car was in the drive way, which was unusual, because she should have been at work. Also, the front door was locked, which is unusual if one of us is home.
So I let myself in and walked into the living room, then into the kitchen, but my wife wasn't around. I... [more]

Ex/clothes/Life/ not even sure pt 2

So my ex obsessed over her & miss the hell out of her (I won't say her real name so her fake name is Veronica) she was 5'6 and legs with out end, she had a hour glass fit body and ass cheeks that I could easily grab I convinced her to do squats every day by the end of the year her legs and ass look so sexy she loved wearing skirts during the... [more]

Sex at Church

There's this guy that I met at church about 3 months ago. We text back and forth, flirting with each other quite a bit. All the other teenage girls tell me he only wants me for sex, and I can confirm that by the messages he sends me. The thing is though is that I want sex too. I'm a virgin girl that's never even had a boyfriend though and I know... [more]

How do I get my friends dad to fuck me?

I want my friends dad to fuck me so bad. I always masturate to his Facebook pictures but the thing is me and the friend don't hang out often and her parents are divorced. When I was skyping my friend I heard him masturbating and it made me so wet. I want his thick cock inside my pussy but I don't know how to get him to fuck me. I think he would be... [more]

My niece

Don't think I'm a pedophile, but I have a niece I want to fuck. I'm in my 40's and she is in her 20's. She always posting on Facebook about sucking Dick and how much she loves fucking. She's hot and pretty trashy really. If I had the chance I would fuck the hell out her. Funny thing is, I fucked her half sister years ago, but she was related... [more]

I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked

I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked. She is adorably petite, with what I can imagine are spectacular breasts. She's a big tease tho, and had been telling me for years I'll see them sometime when we're all drunk. I don't want to do anything with her, i just want to see her naked cause it's really taboo

I'm a virgin

I'm a virgin and I want to have sex with a dirty old man. I want to have sexy with a extreme perv that I hardly know that just wants to fuck the shit out of me. That's how I want to lose my virginity.

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