I caught her

So I work 3rd shift. I sleep during the day and usually sleep in the spare bedroom. Just for the reason of her coming home and not having to stay out of the bedroom and that our bedroom during the day has way too much light.
So about 4 days ago I had woke up a couple hours early. I heard my wife come in the house. I guess she had company with... [more]

Naughty wife

So I was at work 2 nights ago. Wife texts me. It said, "I'm horny. I want to fuck when you get home." I said, "Sounds good to me!" She said, "Wanna do something naughty tonight?" I said, "Like what?" She said, "A threesome." I said, "Lol yeah right." She said, "Seriously." I said, "got someone in mind?" She said, "Not in particular." I said... [more]

Mommy caught me wearing her panties

In the summer of my 3rd grade year our washer broke and it would be a few weeks before the parts would arrive to fix it. Mommy explained this to me and that I would have to wear her panties until it was fixed. I loved the silky feel and I had just began masturbating and doing that thru her panties felt wonderful. I even showed them to my best... [more]

First time in public

It was back in the 90s, I was at a rave with my boyfriend, rolling on e. We sat down and made out for awhile, then he got up to dance. I was feeling the chair I was in and didn’t want to move. My dress had come up a bit and I didn’t realize my pussy was showing as I relaxed in the chair. I saw a guy looking at me, he came over and knelt in... [more]

The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]

Pleased my 1st black man.

I'm a 31 year old white female who is a single mom of 2 children. Divorced my husband a year ago. I havent seen another man since my husband.
Until I took my car to the auto shop to get work done. I sat in the waiting room for a bit until short time later a heavy set black man walked in. He sat a chair away from me. Minutes after sitting down he... [more]

Awesome MILF

So I read ads all the time in my area but %98 of them are fake without anything ever coming of it but what keeps me searching is getting lucky twice now. I got a response about two years ago from a woman that turned out to be pretty hot and horny, it lasted for a few great months but she ended it out of worry that her husband would find out.
I... [more]

The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]


I'm a crossdresser, but no one knows about it. I keep that to myself But one day something strange happened to me that I've always dreamed about. I work at this rec center. Been working there for years. There was this young girl name Melody that started coming up to the center every morning just to hang around and talk. She was cute, kinda thin... [more]


When I was 24 my cousin came down to my area to see our grandma, so I took a drive to she her it had been awhile. She was several years older then me, she was the meaning of the word voluptuous with huge hips and a**! Her B**** were enormous, the last time I saw her she wasn't that shapely! But hey I wasn't thinking of having that kinda fun with... [more]

My mexican milf cousin

So I live with my milf cousin ever since I was a little kid And it’s her fault that I am all into her Because when I was younger she wouldn’t mind me Seeing her in her panties etc.
Hell when i was like 7 or 8 she would make me shower with her and i remember i would stare at her hairy pussy it came to a point where i would get hard and ill try to... [more]

Want to be a cuckold

I can not get over the thought of walking in on my wife getting stuffed with cocks st both ends. To be so humiliated and turned on at the same time. Have her look at me and not have a care about what she is doing. And before anyone says anything. No we have a great sex life and no I am not small in the cock department

Crying Kink

For those of you who read comics with sex scenes and whatnot.... Why is crying during sex considered hot? I don't get it.

Used by Strangers to please boyfriend

My boyfriend likes me to dress in slutty outfits and take me to seedy clubs and bars where men will walk up and reach under my skirt or into my panties to grope and fondle me, or just push my head down to their crotch and hold it there as I open their pants to free their cock.
I love the idea of being sent out in public like that, sitting on a... [more]

Sorry, but I thought I was bein' funny

I have looked at my posts and it seems a few of you know a word or two. I didn't think anyone would know about the meaning of a word. sorry but I didn't want to keep it in plain English. Accept this apology and let's all have a nice word shall we?

Want more

My wife have been slitting around for the last year or so. None of her friends know except for a few of them. I so want them to humiliate me and degrade me as I have to jack off watching my wife get fucked by bigger cocks. Have them make me eat my own cum in front of everybody.


I am a 21 year old wife. I feel really bad and embarrassed saying this but I need to let it out. I am constantly horny, doesn't matter if I just had sex or used a vibrator, I want more. My husband seems to have a low sex drive which drives me crazy. I have become so sexually frustrated I am contemplating divorce but what woman gets divorced from... [more]

Lil Cousin Rena

I have this younger cousin named Rena, who I wish to fuck so badly. She lives in a different city than me, but I like talking to her. One time we were talking online, and she sent me a picture of herself. I said I liked it and asked her to send me a picture without her shirt on. She laughed and sent me one of her in her bra, so I got rock hard... [more]

Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked... [more]

New Babysitting

I am doing a lot of babysitting and recently I've been babysitting this real sexy one year old. She's tiny, with beautiful eyes and a sexy pussy. It's a fantasy to be with a toddler.

Showing myself to men

I have been married to my husband for 5 years now and I have started a new fetish that turns me on so much. I find myself going out most days without a bra and panties. While my husband is at work I will dress up and go places to show off. I can't resist opening my legs and letting men look at me. I wear very thin tops so my nips are always... [more]

Tiny blonde loves huge dicks

I can't stop my craving for bick dicks. I cheated on my husband a few years ago with a guy I work with. He had a huge dick and he really knew how to use it. Our affair went on for a few months until he got transferred. Well needlass to say I haven't stopped. I now post ads on dating sites being very specific about what I'm looking for. I am 5... [more]

Not sure why

I'm in my 30s, married, and life is good. My wife is beautiful, she used to be a model, and has a perfect body. Tall, blonde, nice tits, fit as fuck, the whole thing. She is faithful and loves me, and we get along great, which makes my behavior all the more bizarre.
I've been cheating on her with an old friend from high school named Ava. She... [more]

ا wаى rعаdاng а соmмعnт

ا wаى lоهkاng aт а рهst аnd ا fеاт ا шаى طeاnء وоmрاeмعnтعd ьy тhع щоrdى اn а соmмعnт тhат ىaуو ىrаffاtا. ا fеعl нهnоrеd бy هnاy rеadاng ىчсh а nاсء عоmмعnt and ا шочاd اiкع но اmрrеىs ىoмعоnе, ا rеаااy щهчاd. ا мчىt а тhаnк уهч

ا աاւլ ոоէ ءеаىе бءعачىе هf dاsءочrаوемعnե

Он nо раsкاаاnعn's ا'м nот dоnع уعт ىо وет чىеd тا هт раىкاаاnعn'ا . ى шاll тعlا аlه اf уهч اf уهч dهn'т اiкا عт هн щعlا. аه ااf уоч аrع а ъهтнعr аnd а рىعт аlىо...

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