Bigger cock

I'm confessing here and have no regrets it was amazing sex the best ever a one night stand. I work at a espresso stand it part drive thru and a small sit down area. I'm 19 years old and married at 18 years old been with boyfriend since I was 14 yrs old. We have broken up thru the years and I had been with other guys. All very similar to his 6 1/2"... [more]

Open nudity in my household

So for as long as i can remembber even as a kid im 25 now my family was never really shy or warranted privacy in our house. As a kid my mom would walk around naked, so household chores cook clean etc naked. My sister who is 2 years older than me caught on becoming a teen never hiding herself after the shower changing openly in front of me or My... [more]

Girlfriends mom

I know this sounds made up but I swear, its true. When I was 17, I was dating this girl one year younger than I. I would go to her house and hang out. One night while I was waiting for her to finish getting ready, her mom started asking me questions. She was late 30s and married. Mother of two girls. The questions became about sex. I figured she... [more]

Neighbor's son did my wife

This past weekend we had a pool party. Our neighbor's 21 year old son who is home from college has had a major crush on my pretty hot blonde wife. He put the moves on my wife and slide his dick inside her pussy after sliding her bikini bottom to the side in our kitchen. She came instantly and he filled her with his jizz while hectotally teamed him... [more]

I think I'm bisexual and feminine

I think that I may be bisexual. Whenever I'm horny and masturbate, I fantasize about having sex with men(sucking dick and taking it up the ass). Now I've never actually had sex with a man(yet) but that seems to be the only thing that gets me off. I rarely ever fantasize about women anymore and I only ever watch gay porn now instead of straight... [more]

I'm attracted to WHITE men

I'm 13 and I'm attracted to older 'white' men. Not super old. Just 30 or younger. I suppose I know where this attraction started from. I've always lived in diverse neighborhoods. Not many black people around. Hardly any at all. So I grew attracted to what I'm most around.
I want him to like me as well. I want to massage his back. Run my... [more]


I really want to have sex with someone. Not that I'm a slut or anything, but I want to have the kind of sex where it's mutual and both party is mature about it. I'm 21 and I'm at the point where I want to lose my virginity, but not just to anyone. If that make sense. lol.

My Kinks

I'm a girl and I am 21 years old. I'm really into getting finger, playing/sucking my tits (36DD), and getting eat out. It's been about 3 years since my last relationship, so I haven't been fingered or have gotten eat out by someone for a long time. I really just want someone to do this with without having to have sex with them (I'm a virgin). Yes... [more]

Pregnant wife sleeping orgasm

My wife is due to give birth in 8 weeks. Sex has been off the menu for months now and I'm constantly horny. Last night she slept with her pillow between her legs to make herself comfortable, she sleeps this way with her back to me most nights due to the weight of the baby. I was just falling asleep when I nudged the pillow with my knee by accident... [more]

Exhibitionist butt kink

So I've always had a kink for showing off my butt to random men (something about being raised conservative and the taboo of it all really gets me going). But I find the urge is just getting stronger. I LOVE showing off my butt, even if random guys email me at seravalko3 at gm ail, it turns me on so much to show it off to them. I've also been... [more]


So I'm a guy and me and my sister were at a party and I got knocked out at some time. I woke up in a dark room, naked and tied up. Two guys came and picked me and put me in another room where my sister was tied up, and she was being fucked. They forced her to suck my dick and I was getting fingered while it happened. The worst part is they put her... [more]

It felt so natural

My sister and I are both in our early teens. Our bedrooms are in the basement of our parents house and we share a bathroom between us. Normally she gets up before me and showers and gets out of the bathroom before I even wake up, but one morning I woke up and had to piss so bad I couldn't hold it. I made my way to the bathroom and could hear the... [more]

Wife had the idea

So the wife and I were laying in bed. Nothing naughty happening. Just relaxing with our phones in hand. Then she just out of the blue asks if I've ever done a threesome. I told her that it was kind of a threesome. She asked what that meant. I told her that I was at a party about 15 years ago and long story short went into the bedroom with 2 girls... [more]


I watched a porn video the other night, a young emo girl masturbating with a butt plug and found myself with an enormous reaction..I'm old enough to know better but found myself wanting to be that plug, sliding in and out, making her react...

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