I love winter

I love winter. Around September through March my wife "puts on her winter coat" as she says. She stops shaving her armpits, pussy and legs. Her legs don't get very hairy at all. Her armpits and pussy get quite hairy though. I love it. Looks so sexy when she gets naked and all that hair is there.

Let my friend jerk off to my wife

Saturday night was fun, we had a party to celebrate my buddy’s birthday at my house. He’s recently divorced and being transferred to another city soon. It was a birthday/send off party. Once everyone left my wife went to the bedroom. He and I stayed up drinking some more, and we decided to go in and get my wife to hang out with us, we walked into... [more]

Caught my wife

I woke up the other night to find that my wife was not in bed. I walked down the hallway and as I approached my son's bedroom I could here my wife moaning. I was shocked and stood there not knowing what to do. I listened carefully at the door and could here say, "yes just like that keep going". I could here their skin slapping together and knew my... [more]

The First Time I Made A Boy Ejaculate

The first time I made a boy ejaculateI was 16 (he was 15). He was my first real boyfriend. I had seen pictures of penises, even erect ones, in health class. But, his was the first one I saw for real. We had been dating for a couple of months. Our kissing had turned into full blown “making out” and that had turned into exploring and petting... [more]

MIL loves me cross dressing

I have worn panties, bras and nighties since I married, my wife and mother in law know, like and support me, three months ago my MIL brought over a sleeveless PVC black dress with PVC panties that she got off the net they fit perfectly and are so comfortable I wear them all the time at home, she has recently extended my cross dressing by... [more]

Perpetually engaged

I met my girl a few years back on a dating site. She's ten years older, which I love: I was always into older women. We're engaged to be married and she's pregnant with my baby.
We met on that website while actively looking for partners with each other's characteristics. She wanted a tall, buff man, younger so he had a strong sex drive (I was 25... [more]

Daughters 38e tits

As a father should I be looking at my 23 year old daughters huge tits imaging her on all fours and my cock deep in her tight pussy. She's driving me crazy

Prime minister

Anyone like me find our pm sexy every time she talks she gives me a hard on and I really would love to fuck her. I'm a 45 year old guy. Be honest

Boyfriend Claims To Have “Accidentally” Cum In My Mouth?

I have had the same boyfriend (Craig) since my junior year in high school. We are both in college now, going to separate schools. We see each other every couple of months. This past weekend I was visiting him at his school to attend his winter formal. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks and were both pretty horny. I had just started my period... [more]

Cum on my wife

Who wants to see a video of my friend cumming onto a picture of my wife?


I want to be fucked. hard.

My hot Mother-in-law

I will never forget the day I met the woman who would become my mother-in-law. She was wearing a green sleeveless button-up blouse that accented her nice rack and set my heart racing as I got lost in her deep cleavage. She was wearing some " Daisy Duke" styled cutoff blue jean shorts, and I became so f**king hard looking at her. Her voice was... [more]

Have I missed something?

This page is my sanctuary, has been for 2 years. I pop back on after 3 weeks hols and its turned into a pile of dog shit? Wtf has happened? resume normality!

Mother-in-law Lust

My MIL is 46 (for reference, I am 28), and I am very attracted to her. I’m not sure if it’s because I know my wife will look like her at her age, but she drives my brain wild! Every time I’m with her, I end up stealing long glances at her voluptuous DD tits. Summer is both my favorite and least favorite season to be around her, because she has a... [more]

When i finally fucked her

Iv always fancyed fucking this girl cassie for years, so when i got the chance i took it, took years but i got my dick in her and she loved it! her boyfriend was at work and i went round for a cuppa, i couldnt even imagine what would happen, my chance came when we where about to go out and she dropped her tea over the kitchen floor an she was... [more]

I got her hooked

I ran into an old girlfriend this past weekend. We chatted and were both glad to see each other and it brought back a memory I still think about today.
I remember hanging out with a friend and she wanted to hang out with us. I told her she could but she would have to give us both a blow job. When she finally came into my room I reminded her of... [more]

First time swinging didn’t go well for me

My wife and I were curious to go to an adults only club, a swingers club. We discussed swapping partners beforehand. My wife has only been with me and I with her. She is 21 and I am 22, dated since high school and just got married in June. Anyway, we talked about swinging, we said the other person could go as far as we wanted and that the other... [more]

This happened about five years ago

I lived in another state in a subdivision of about 500 homes, everyone was pretty nice and I do miss living there actually. I was on a popular social media site and this person asked if anyone could help her out as her garbage disposal was backed up and leaking under her sink. I messaged her and told I could be over shortly and packed up a few... [more]

Got pregnant in a parking lot

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months. He had to go out of town for business right when I was ovulating. Even though he had left me with a little deposit that morning I was still feeling really horny and needed more cum in me. After a little champagne at home, I decided to go out and get a drink and maybe get some... [more]

That about just about does it don't it

Sorry about lately, It's so stupid. I don't know about it all, really. I don't.

Gave a ride home

I've been working thirds for about 6 months. Other night one of the girls needed a ride home. It's on my way so I was happy to help. Just a lot of highway. So, about a quarter of the way home she asked If I wanted gas money. I told her no. She said, "Well, I should pay you back somehow." I told her she really didn't have to. She reached over and... [more]


I had this fantasy of being castrated told my wife about it while we were having sex so she called a ladie friend who was a urologist and they castrated me

My fantasies

Wife and I were horny, naked and in the pre sex touching phase. She asked me what my fantasies are. I said, "Well, I have a few but nothing I'd like to share." She said, "Oh I got to know now." I said, "I don't want to start a fight." She said, "Just tell me. I'm super curious. Come on." I said, "Ok. First one. I want to catch you having sex with... [more]

Caught step dad in 3 way

My brother was home visiting for the holidays, he brought his slutty girlfriend. I was walking up to the house one night and could see them in the window. Sherry the slut was on our step dad’s lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. Her top was up around her neck and he was playing with her big fake boobs. Then my brother comes in to view, and... [more]

Amy Knows Best

Mr "comment" guy is such a troll with a tiny little cock that cant get hard enough to fuck the eye of a sewing needle, which is why he wastes so much time here posting stupid shit over and over and over. If he had a cock that worked and could please anything he wouldn't be here. AMY knows best!

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