Norma 6 - Special Delivery

A few weeks after the party I will never forget, Norma called. “Could I borrow your card table and chairs?
I replied that she could and she asked “Could you bring them over for me?”
I told her I would bring them over in a few minutes. I thought about my last experience with her when I came with her sitting on my lap. I had relived it... [more]

Cheap Toupee

Since I was a teenager, I have wanted to be made extremely mpb and forced to wear a cheap toupee every day. It is an unusual fetish that also makes me horny. There is nothing about it that I understand, but there it is.

I Lovve Cum

I love cum, the taste, the smell, the texture, the warmth, the little seedy gel bubbles, the way it slides down my throat, the way it dries on my face, the way it feels on my skin, the way it dribbles out of my asshole when the wife shoots it in with her squirting dildo! The way it forms in the end of a condom and the way it tastes out of a... [more]

My first anal experience

I'm bi but I've never told anyone. I started stealing the penthouse mags from my grandpa's barn, which were great, but anal really piqued my curiosity. So what did 11 year old me do? I used my Boy Scout skills and carved and sanded a broken sledgehammer handle into a giant dildo. I mounted it to a base to make it easier to ride. Mom worked for... [more]

Kinky sex

My boy friend asked me if I fancied his best friend, so he carried me of the bedroom naked and he was sitting in our livingroom. I remember ending up on the carpet with my boy friend's dick in my mouth and his friend's tongue in my pussy. Felt so horny I can't even remember how many orgasms I had. After that day, now I have two guys taking care of... [more]


I walk around bottomless and strip naked in the car and when i am hiking in the woods. I have even walk inside kwik trip aldi’s and dollar tree only bottomless wearing nothing underneath but a shirt no one said a damn thing. And i won’t forget about driving naked on the hwy.


My 23yr old sd is making a coffee and I’m front of me as I’m stroking and typing this. Her tiny tight bum in her shorts looks ridiculous sexy and I can see it’s riding in her crack. Can’t wait for her to shower so I can sniff her underwear

Husband dared me to have phone sex with his friend

I put this under 'fetish' because I'm a hopeless flirt and my husband loves it when I do! So, an exhibitionistic wife and a voyeur husband!
One night my husband and I were getting ready for bed (read "sex") after a little wine.
I don't remember how it came up - but we were talking about a friend of his, that I barely knew - but who obviously had... [more]

Question for mother in laws

Do any of you mother in laws out there ever fantasize and their son in laws or more specifically their son in laws cocks? I have thought about my mother in
Law catching me beating off then showing me her nice melons or flashing me her pussy. I love a nice bush and I’m convinced she doesn’t shave. I
Imagine her letting me tit fuck here under... [more]

I Heard My Sister Having Sex

Just to get this out of the way, this is 100% true, swear on my life and the lives of my family.
Some time ago, about 3 years i guess, I was home sick. I had decided to go down stairs and watch tv in our basement. I guess my sister, we'll call her Chrissy, didn't know I was home. About 30 min after I'd gone to the basement, I heard her exit... [more]

I Told My Wife

I have been married for almost 35 years. We were talking about one of our friends son's coming out as gay. She thought he was probably experimenting and if it was more than that they should be supportive. I agreed I mentioned that a lot of teens and young adults experiment. She asked me half joking if a had when I was growing up. For some... [more]

Drunk At Party

I am a 52 year old man and have been happily married for 26 years. I was at a friends bachelor party, (his second marriage) and we went to a strip club, the Pink Pony in Tampa a fully nude strip club. There was a very sexy 20 something girl on stage that I just thought was so beautiful. I ended up getting some private dances. After the second... [more]

My little secret

I am 29 years old. I take my mom’s panties and use the for my enjoyment. I take them from the hamper I like the pubies entwined in the fabric.I put the hairs in my mouth

My wife gets turn on with wrestling me

My wife love to wrestle all the time. In jeans, underwear or nude. Any location inside or outside in the yard or a park. She is very strong and knows a what z as bout wrestling techniques and holds . I am happy she lives to wrestle since I grew up wrestling with many girls. She is extremely rough and talented in her skill level. After we wrestle... [more]

Sex with wrestling holds being used

My wife over time like to have sex using many different sexual positions and also using wrestling positions and holds. The hotter and hornier the sex is what we love. Always looking for a new way. I am one lucky guy

Playing doctor

This one girl and I would take off our clothes and let the other person look and touch them. We would get on top and bottom of each . We were too young for sex but we knew the way it felt was different from how we felt wrestling with each other. We had s lot of fun

Let my little sister's husband finger me

I was just getting over a lousy relationship with a much older guy from work.
It is pretty clear that I've a rep for being easy. Well easy enough to bed a guy on the first date - if it is going well!
Usually they do - I mean I don't accept every invitation. I like 'suits' - but I've dated college students, construction workers, etc. If they're... [more]

Tasting her on him

I’m an older bi guy and have been with many men over many years. Most of my gay sex romps are with men that are in relationships with women, married or otherwise partnered. I have many regulars but can’t seem to stop collecting new fuck buddies too. For about a year now I’ve been on a mission. I ask my sex partners to bring a pair of their wife’s... [more]

Work Wife

In the 1970s I was in college and in the summer worked at an enormous steakhouse restaurant in NY. It was a casual sit-down place with over 1000 seats. Very popular, great food and prices, very busy. There were about 200 employees, although not at the same time of course.
For whatever reason this place had a reputation and practice among the... [more]

Anyone else?

Anyone else pissed that there are no preteen sizes for, thigh-his & garter belts; crotchless tights/pantyhose/bodysyockings? I mean, the profet muhammad married a 6 yo & fucked her when she turned 9. There's places in the middle east where the saying goes, "if you want a happy marriage, then marry a 9yo."
Many 9yo girls are hot, ready, &... [more]

How could I resist?

My nine year old daughter invited some friends for a sleep over. I'm not going to say when this happened.
I was working in my home office at around 2 in the morning when my door opened and one of my daughter's friends stepped in wearing a night shirt and over the knee cute socks.
She ignored me telling her that she should get back to sleep... [more]

Top/Bottom Supply & Demand

As a submissive bi, I love to suck cock and take a deep hard pounding. I can and do top but that’s not my default mode and not my preference. The problem is this. There are lots of guys that want to suck and they are ready to go at any time. But horny guys that need to cum are less plentiful. Once a guy cums he’s typically not going to cum again... [more]

Eat pussy

Looking for female's in nc who would like to get their pussy ate until the sex or oral in return I finish you and leave

Jerked of at work

The other day I was way to horny at work. At lunch I went to the gym and on this day I was the only one there to my surprise. Well after my lift I really needed to jerk off. So I grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower and started jerking my cock. The thought of jerking it at work made me way more aroused. I came to the point of cumming so fast... [more]

Best time ever

This is fucking hot. I was at this club in Chicago about a year ago and there was a lot of transgenders there. I was talking to this pretty chic at the bar and agreed to go in the back with her. Next thing I know after a few drinks we started fooling around. I was kissing her and playing with her tits. She undid my pants and start to suck my cock... [more]

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