I like men to tribute me

I like to send nude pics and see the cum a guy leaves on me. My husband does not know.

My gf's sex encounters

My present girl friend in her mid-30s likes sexy underwear – like a half cup bra that pushes up her ample breasts and leaves her nipples almost visible. And very sheer panties so that you can see her unshaven pussy underneath. She likes me to take her out when she is dressed with those and a very short skirt and a top that you can see her hard... [more]

Superbowl Party

One time I was at A Superbowl party at my cousins house. It was one woman there. At half time she went n the room and one by one all the men went n and fucked her. I didnt go n. After everybody left. She went and Took A shower. I ate her pussy for about A hour. She squirted so many times I lost count.

Touched my hairstylist (female) today, finally!

I've been going to this hairstylist every month for about a year now, and my hands are always on the arm rests. As time went on, I noticed she started putting the chair up to a height where my hand could easily fit right in between her legs, and she'd regularly "bump into" my hands throughout my haircut. Today, finally after all this time, I had... [more]

My mom is blind as a bat without glasses

Back in my teens when my hormones were raging and most of my spare time was spent stroking I wandered into my moms room to ask her something. I stopped when I heard the shower going in her bathroom and as I was turning around I saw her glasses on top of her dresser. I thought this was odd because she is blind without them and I mean bad, these... [more]

Drunken wife's regrets

My wife Molly and I went to my friend Dan's house to celebrate his birthday. He's the same age as us (34) and divorced, but his girlfriend Iris was there, as were two other of his guy friends. Just a small gathering.
We had a great time talking, enjoying the food, and drinking wine like it was water. My wife Molly and my friend's girlfriend... [more]

Twisted sister

My sister is four years older than me and has big tits and a big round ass. I was 12 and she was 16 when I first started noticing her body. One morning the two of us were just waking up and headed for the bathroom at the same time. I had a morning boner and when we met in the hallway she said something like oh my god you have a big old boner and... [more]

GF’s mom loved to see me!

My gf’s mom would come into her bed room while I was sleeping and pull the covers down because her sister told everyone I sleep in the nude. Anyway on more than one occasion I’d wake up and mom would be at the foot of the bed in her robe with a zip down front.with her hand down around her crotch. I rolled over the first time I woke up and... [more]

How can I go on about this?

I have the strongest desire to have sex with one of my sisters. I am the youngest of 2 boys, I have 3 sisters and once in a while I spend the night at one of their places. Each time I do, I get so hard thinking about fucking them. I don't know what it is, but whenever I go over there and see them in their tiny little shorts, my dick gets solid and... [more]

Stepdaughter . . . Oh My

I raised my stepdaughter from the age of 4. When she was 17 her mom was away for work and she just out of the blue asked me "dad what's a blow job." I was kind of shocked that she didn't know what it was. I asked her why and she said a boy at school asked her to give him one and not knowing what it was she said no. When I told her what it was she... [more]

Phat Ass

My mom has the fattest ass. And I mean PHAT. I’m a black guy and it is something I’ve always fantasized about since hitting puberty. I am now an adult and I still think about it and I have a huge fantasy of giving it to her doggystyle and unloading a huge load on her ass. I also have a foot fetish and would love to smell and worship her soles... [more]

Virgin Siblings

I had sex with my older sister. It was totally her idea though. We were under age and neither of us had done sex with anyone yet. My parents left us home alone. Obviously we were old enough to take care of ourselves. We were watching a movie and a sex scene came on. My sister asked me if I had sex yet with anyone. I told her no and then asked her... [more]

Horny always

Im a 32 year old housewife
Mother of 2
Married 13 years
Just a Question i think only other women can answer truthfully
I have secret fantasies all the time.
None i would act on.
But is this normal.
I am horny often. I am a good mom and wife.
But if people knew my fantasies they wouldn’t believe it.
My latest is my son’s friend
I... [more]

I was fucked by 20 guys during a school event

So this happened back in my school days when i was 16(m). To give some context to the story... My school was celebrating it’s 15th anniversary and had a huge celebration. We had a parade in the road and a DJ. And also since my school is really big and has a really big cricket ground, we also had space for a bouncy castle thats almost 2 stories... [more]

Mom into incest after accident.

At the end of last summer, mom was in a major car crash which kill dad. She walked away without a scratch.
After that we became even closer than before. But she started always touching me. We sit on the couch and she would lay with her head in my lap. She also spent most of her time in her robe and didn't even attempt to cover up when her body... [more]

Husband on his knees

I know this is so wrong.. but when i travel.. i love to put on panties and nylons.. then kneel and take cock into my mouth.. the feeling of being so powerless is overwhelming at time..

Female porn stars

I have been watching and just adore a female porn star Natalie Minx, by far the best I have ever seen she is into everything I particularly love her in Pony Girl dress and actions she is so fantastic, Natalie has the absolute best cunt I have ever seen along with fantastic tit's and overall a great body her acting is better than most


My cousin is a 19 year old model and she’s hot as fuck. I’m a 21 year old black guy and I constantly think about Dicking her down and she always likes to cuddle every time we hang out. Nothing has happened between us but she is so sexy. I have a huge feet and ass fetish and both her feet and ass are hot as fuck. Sometimes her feet smell so bad... [more]

I like to be trampled

I love to have women walk all over me. I think womens feet are beautiful, and I like the smell of them. I also know they can do a lot of damage. im always looking for women in Central Florida the would like to trample me. Sometimes I think about having my nuts stepped on

My roommates mother

When I went to college I was an out of state student so I was allowed to move into the dorm about three days earlier than in state students. I had no idea who my roommate was going to be yet as this was my first year at this college. I am and always have been a long distance runner so the first few days in my new dorm room I never really worried... [more]


I fantasize about my husband’s family all the time. Think its the forbidden thing? His brothers , dad nephews it doesn’t matter. When I am alone and play time I pick one and fill my dreams.

My helplessness within diapers and footed pajamas

Whenever I stretch baby pink adult fleece diapers over my hips pinning them in place, and then stretch 2 pair of baby pink fleece footed pajamas over them, my sexual excitement overpowers me, preparing me for sweet dreams, Where I Regress To Delightful Babyhood!

Cathys secret masturbation

I am a recently retired female business co-ordinator and I love to secretly park my car somewhere quiet and out the way just to masturbate, I love to find places i've never been to I once drove 80 miles to a place i saw in a brochure and spent a fair number of hours there on my own and masturbating lots of times throughout the day. I sat on a... [more]

Worked out in the end

When my cousin was at school she would suck and fuck anyone and i would use that to jerk off,we are both 26 now 2 years ago she had cancer,when she was having the treatment i started spending more time with her, talking about when she was younger she mentioned her bf would watch porn as she's in bed with him then he would fuck her,told her if that... [more]

Daughter's husband

Before my daughter began her relationship with Carl, I had a very sexual affair with him.
My husband and I had briefly split up when I discovered he'd been letting a young slut give him blow jobs at work when we were dating.
So during that break in our marriage and a few weeks after we got back together, I was involved in lots of extremely... [more]

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