Daughter's friend, part 2

OK, well, I went for it. My daughter's friend is 21 and staying with us for a couple weeks. I have always been attracted to this beautiful little creature, but had always kept my urges to myself. Except Today my wife had to take my daughter to the doctor. My daughter's friend stayed in the house and was curled up on the couch watching TV when I... [more]

I would go to my Aunt's house after school and summers

When I turned 13 I figured my mom was going to let me stay home after school and during the summer but absolutely no luck on that from her. She told me that there was no way I was staying home until I was at least 15 if not 16, I found out later that her brother had caught the house on fire when he was left home to his own care at around 14 so I... [more]

Actively talk to mom about sexual desires and exchange sex toys.

Im 24 yrs old male.Well for years now my mom new I was a bit off but she always kept it between me and her. Exposing myself,flashing her, jerking off to her sleeping, texting her explicit stuff she's known I've had a taboo kink for awhile. I got drunk last week and texted her and asked if she had any lube I could use. She replied right away and... [more]

My first orgy

I was invited to a party with my boss. he invited me to a party I was excited about going. He's a Doctor and is well established. I knew this party would be full of professionals as well.
We arrived at the party and it was more than I expected. The house was a beautiful mansion and everyone was so accepting and friendly. We had a few drinks... [more]

Wife thought it was a set up

We are older and retired, one day my wife asked me what I was looking at on my laptop and I told her porn. She said she wanted to see what I look at all the time so I showed her, she got a little turned on then asked if I wanted a blow job while watching it. When she finished up she came back up and looked at the screen, I had a video up of a... [more]

My mother in law and my massage....

I am a massage therapist and a physical therapist. I do massage therapy on the side or complimentary for my clients depending on their insurance. Sometimes I work from home but its rare. However my Mother in law (MIL) is a chubby polish woman with long blonde hair. She's been massaged by me before for sciatica pain and because its also relaxing... [more]

Leanne sexy step daughter

Leanne is my sexy mature step daughter I have fantasized over fucking her for a long while she gets better looking day by day brunette slim sexy lovely ass small but firm pert tits enough to keep her step dad interested.
There is 10 years between us so chemistry has always been there I'm sure she wants me to take her and fuck her over and... [more]

Wanting to get fucked

Wife is at work. Off the next two days. I'm looking forward to my neighbor bending me over and fucking me in the ass. 7 inch cock. Not too big. Not too small. So horny right now

Men in Pantyhose

I love the feeling of nylon pantyhose against my cock, balls, and ass. I've been slipping on pantyhose, stockings, garters, and panties for several years now. My wife knows but thinks I have stopped. I haven't. I have a strong desire to share my photos with like minded men. While I'm at it, I'd love to allow others to masturbate to my wife's... [more]

Sex with a man virgin

My name is Lisa and this is a true story
I waited a long time before I started dating after I separated from my ex husband. It was 14 years to be exact. I started dating this guy from The islands He was tall muscular, not bad looking but lacked experience. We went out quite a few times. He was really sweet so I tried to deal with his bad... [more]

Its My Husband & His Step Son

I am remarried for the second time, I have two sons by my first marriage, they are 15 &17. Recently about three weeks ago they went off on a fishing weekend and stayed in a log cabin, I have noticed something is different between them now as if they had a secret between them an understanding,
A short while after started to see each other we... [more]

Bad things

I do bad things in school and when I'm off school. I do it because I like getting spanked by my mom. She pulls my pants down and spanks me and I don't wear underwear. I threw a rock at a bus on Monday when my mom pulled my pants down I turned so she could see my hard dick. She looked at it for a long time.


Would any female would love or are curious to insert small animals (mouse or hasmter ,fish ,worms or others )in their pussy to have a very good orgasm ?

I get aroused by cutting myself

As I just stated I get aroused by cutting myself, I still live at home at the moment but sometimes (especially when I shower since I have time to do stuff there) I like to toutch myself whilst cutting.
One of my favorite fantasies is that I get drugged at a bar and pass out only to wake up in some disgusting guy or girls basement where he/she... [more]

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