My hubby sucks his first black cock

My husband is a true cuckold. I am able to fuck anybody I want as long as they are black, his only rule for me. We have been living this lifestyle for several years now. When we first started he wanted to be there and watch. Now most of the time I meet my lovers at their place or fuck them here when the kids are gone. I have been with several... [more]

The woman next door

A couple moved into the house that their back yard meets my back yard. My wife and I became good friends with them. BBQs and bonfires with drinks. Stuff like that. They both are maybe 10 years younger than us and didn’t have kids. The husband worked 2rd shift mostly and the wife work evening restaurant hours. My wife and I work mostly from 8 to 6... [more]

Caught my wife watching interracial porn

For the last few weeks my wife has been getting up in the middle of the night. I will go out and check on her as soon as she gets up to see if she is ok. She has been telling me she just can't sleep so I go back to bed. The other night same thing. I woke up again about an hour later and she hadn't come back to bed. I got up and went to the living... [more]

Started gay. Ended straight

My cousin and I messed around a lot when we were younger. He popped my anal cherry when we were 15. He went really slow is the only reason I could do it. I tried to stop several times but he was persistent. I can only remember it hurting like helll. God it burned. For hours.
Then it kind of became regular. He just treated me like his fucktoy... [more]

Willy Wonka and Steve's BIG Dick Pacifier...

I have always sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember. My Mom and Dad tried to break me of the habit and I tried myself when I started puberty and growing boobs and pubic hair. I mostly stopped but it was always so comforting for me, mostly when I watched TV. I would often do it secretly if the lights were off.
When I turned 16, everybody... [more]

Caught cheating

We’re good friends with our neighbors. Have been for years. My wife has stayed home with our kids but just went back to work. I work from home and travel.
My buddies wife comes down one day. Middle of the afternoon. Rings the doorbell. I say hey come in what’s up. She makes up some bullshit about being curious about my job. What do I do all day?... [more]

Over the knee

I would love to have a good spanking, across a man's lap. I am called Brenda, and I'm 28.
Ten years ago, when I was 18, I got a spanking from my headmaster, for smoking. I went to his study
I had to take my panties down and lie over his lap, and he was sitting on a sofa. I had my bottom caressed and slapped. I started to wriggle and... [more]

Business travel

When I travel on business I always try to find some cock to suck, not sure why I have always enjoyed doing it but I just do. I got myself settled into my room and posted an ad then put away my clothes and took a shower. I came out and checked my email to find two returns already. First one I looked at was just about perfect, mid thirties nice... [more]

I love to serve

Im a black male, 42 yrs old, live in San Diego, and have a 8.5 inch thick dick that i love to sink into married women. I love it when she tells me how much better my dick is than her husbands while im plowing that pussy. I usually talk to her while im fucking her telling her things like, i want you to give your man this pussy when you get home... [more]

My step sister

When my mom remarried my step dad had two daughters, one was a year younger than me and the other was in her first year of college so she was never around as she lived in the dorms. Everything was pretty normal for about three months or so then one evening my mom popped into my room and told me that they were going out to dinner and something else... [more]

Always Hard

Quick question
Does anyone know a app or site online where I can send or receive pictures or talk dirty to a woman or couple I have never done this but want to try something new I love reading story on Naughty post but have not been in a relationship in over a year because I gained 25 extra pounds I’m 6:1 240 American Jamaican with about... [more]

Wearing my wifes panties

I wear my wife panties and it gets my horny as hell

I wanna fuck my best friend

Im a 17 year old girl. My best friend who's also a female has the hottest most banging body. Big tits and a giant ass and hips. It was her birthday a while back and she wanted me to go dress shopping with her. I reluctantly went inside the dressing room with her and help her try at. Least 15 dresses before she found the one she likes. That means... [more]

Alone at night

I was sitting alone one night and I heard a tap on my window,it was the woman across the street I didn't have my pants on and I saw her out of the corner of my eye after a few minutes I heard a whine,it was her saying that she needed my dick in her when I heard her whine and cry outside of my window I got an erection, I know she saw my hard dick... [more]

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