Would any females like to chat and exchange pics...this is a real question...id like to get off with some phone sex right now..im not bad looking I promise...5'9 Hispanic covered in tattoos...clean cut :-)

Love to expose my wife on bigo

I really love to expose my wife to others on bigo, and I show my wife naked, pretend she is showing herself, answer all erotic questions, i show her boobs, her butt, her pussy, but not her face


I need to say I'm sorry to Kendall for making her suck me off in the horse barn, she was so fucking sexy for her age, when she changed out of her riding pants she always took off her sweaty wet panties and I would take them and shoot my load all over every pair, I was sure she had stuck her hand in my cum on more than one occasion. Oh god then it... [more]


I'm 17 and I have a huge crush on this 19 year old girl but don't know what to do if I should talk to her or not any advice?

Playing while mom was sleeping

Stood over my mom sleeping on the couch last August and dropped my basketball shorts andstarted stroking to her sleeping looking at her cleavage after a minute or so I started moving her night gown top over and got her left nipple out an dlet me tell you my mom is 5'8 wish and maybe 190 shes not that like drop dead hot but her fits are massive... [more]

So thick

So my FIL admitted the other week he has always fancied me since his son brought me home and on many occasions wanted to fuck me. He has always taken me out to places just me and him without his wife etc. The other night I came downstairs and he was there and we just looked at each other he was in a nightgown and he just grabbed me and we staring... [more]

My man fingered my hole

After dark, we were making out in an alley. Kissing, hugging, increasing the heat and sexual tension. When he placed his hands on my ass, I undid my pants and bent over using a wall as my support and asked him to grab my buttocks and squeeze. He did it and grind his groin against me, few minutes of dry humping, he pulled down my panties and... [more]

Tested by wife and MIL

I've always been attracted to older women but my wife is several years younger than me. I'm 41 and my wife is 35. My wife has always been very close to her stepmother, "Jane", who raised her. She's 59 and always been beautiful and sexy in a classy way. Since my FIL died a couple years ago, she flirts with me when we're around, even in front of my... [more]

My wife's bridesmaids

I am 26 and my soon-to-be wife is 22. We met a few years ago but only started seeing each other about three years ago. I had quite a few women while in college and grad school; however, I am the only man she has been with. I took her virginity one night between her sophomore and junior years in college. We moved in together the week after we... [more]

My nephews' babysitter

My sister and her husband were travelling a couple weekends ago and they asked me to come to their house and watch the boys for the weekend. They're 12 and 9 so they're pretty fun to hang out with. I made plans with the boys to go to a Phillies game and some other stuff in the city. They were pumped. The problem was that I couldn't get there until... [more]

They got so much shit they don't know what they got

They have all this clothing piled over the house about 3 metres high on couches and chairs, beds and more, taking up around 3 rooms and she can't see she has a mental problem? "well fuck me" as gordon ramsay would say.

Chubby belly orgasm

I play with my growing pot belly to climax. I love the way it feels. The way it jiggles and bounces. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm obsessed with touching it, caressing it, pinching my new rolls...When I sit up straight it lays on my lap. I can pick it up now & can't hold it in anymore. And I do this all day long & no one knows...

Babysitting sex

I had offered to help a friend out babysitting her 2 boys , she had been having trouble getting babysitters as theboys were quite a handfull 10 & 11. She thought someone older may be a calming influence on them ( Im 45 ) I arrived at the house and the boys were watching a wrestling dvd and seemed quite polite and quiet. Ben the youngest asked me... [more]

Anyone else horny all the time, 24/7?

I work at home and by myself in a workshop. Rarely does anyone come to the shop and if they do they will make an appointment. So, I'm working alone all day while my wife is at work.
We are just past middle age and her sex drive has fallen off. This has led me to porn and masturbation, which she is happy about because I don't beg for sex all... [more]

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