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How I became a panty wearing chronic masterbater Part 2

So there I am wearing a pair of black shiny pantyhose and a silky white teddy. Laptop is on the bed with some of my favorite mature porn videos most likely Persia Monir porn. I position the camcorder facing the bed and start recording. I lay on the bed and my dick is already rock hard and it feels so good laying there rubbing my nylon covered... [more]

No nookie

I’m a 63 year old man I’ve got ptsd ,bipolar , anti social disorder etc. I haven’t been laid since June of 2002 I masturbate almost daily except when my anxiety is really high. I guess it helps reduce the anxiety but it would be much better if I could get laid .
I don’t have any income but I have housing so I can’t afford a hooker .
I’m a ... [more]

Orgasmed for life

I sent my uncle naked pictures of myself and videos of me playing with myself until I come. I went to see him some years ago and we started kissing so passionately that I instantly got wet.. he pushed me up again the wall ans we kissed for some time until we went to the sofa. We kissed as I rubbed his cock feeling how hard I made him, he started... [more]

I Watch Wife Masturbate

This isn't a new development for us. My wife of 4 years and dated 4 years prior we've pretty much agreed after the first time we had sex that I wasn't enough for her sexually. We connected in every other way and it felt right being with her and she felt the same, just I was lacking when it came to bedroom stuff. I am actually have microphallus... [more]

Mom obsessed

I’m totally obsessed with my mom. I can’t get her body out of my mind. I’ve never seen her completely nude but seen enough. I love her perky little breasts and shaved pussy. All I can think about is pounding her pussy all day long and filling her full of my cum.

Wildest whore I ever fucked

I've had unprotected sex with dozens of street whores, and I've never even thought about going down on them, until I picked up this hot young whore last night.
I took her to my apartment and we got nuded up and jumped into bed and after sucking my cock for a few minutes, she layed back and spread her legs and told me to eat her pussy. I didn't... [more]


Any dudes sniff their own jockstraps?


Since I've retired I spend a good part of my day stroking my cock. I go on a website and chat with other guys. I really want my wife to fuck other guys. I share pics of my wife with the other guys I chat with

Touchy brother

My brother once grabbed my breasts in the kitchen while y was doing the dishes. He always used to squeez my butt when my Mom wasn't around making it look like a joke. One day he went a step further grabbing my breasts, sliding his hand under my skirt asking me if Iliked it. I think I told him brothers weren't supoused to do things like that, ... [more]

So confussed

I. Just want to know if many women have had sex with their sister? I'm 32 married but very bored. When I was younger 18ish my sister was 20, we had been out at club one weekend and fairly drunk when we got home, we were chatting in bedroom and came up about sex, as we chatted she pulled me in closer and said give me a kiss. I was shocked and... [more]

Dirty ankle pink sock found in the main gym at the college

As I went to put away the yoga props back to the storage room inside the main gym at thr College. I saw a dirty pink Avia ankle sock left by one of the college women's basketball team. I made sure no one was watching and I put it in my pocket and then took a whiff of it man it smelled like sweet sweat with dried foot powder it got me hard!

Can't believe I did this with my big brother

It's been 4 years - and I still get a funny feeling in my tummy when I'm around my big brother. It was only one hot afternoon, alcohol and young hormones.
I was a 21 yr old newlywed when my husband was deployed for the 3rd time to the middle east. Big bro was 27.
Pretty easy story to tell. My husband was always horny (and maybe I was too, a... [more]

Your opinion

Look to get lady's opinions on my cock...lady's drop your emails and I'll send you a pic....for your opinions

Wife double penetration

Recently we have been smoking weed every night, my wife gets horny and starts dirty talk.
She was riding her dildo and sucking my cock, she looked at me and said that she would like to try threesome or even more.
We agreed to go to a swinger club and there I fucked her with other two dudes. At one point she had a cock in her ass, pussy and... [more]

Watching Daughter On Cam Show

I'm often home by myself because my wife works late and often visit sights like Chaturbate to help me get off. Scrolling through the first page of suggested users I noticed 1 that looked very much like my daughter. 22 years old and she doesn't live at home. She rents a place with a friend of hers. I click and it makes me sure it was her because on... [more]

An old man telling about when he was young and learning about sex

After my parents got divorced I moved with my mother back to be near her parents. They found her a small house for rent back in the woods off a dirt road, it belonged to an old granny who was in the nursing home.
The bus dropped me off at the highway and I walked back to the house, about a mile. My mother had found a job working for the mill... [more]

Daughter Acting Like a Whore

My wife and I got married very young. I was 21 and she was 16 and you guessed it right I got her pregnant. To avoid going to jail I married her. We were just friends and she told me she was almost 18 when we started having mutual satisfying sex. A couple rolls in the back seat of my car was all it took and bingo she was knocked up.
Her mom said I... [more]

Practically still a virgin

I am 37, a home nurse. I am embarrassed to say that I have only had sex one time in my life. It wasn't pleasant, it was unwanted, rape really. But its the only sex I've had so I can't be too choosy. I'm not pretty or sexy. Not my gift. Being nice doesn't get a man to want to have sex with you.

Sharing my Asian wife

I’ve been with my wife over 28yrs. She’s currently 50. When she was 28 right before we got married. We got into wife swapping with a best friend and his wife. We did about 6,7 times. Each time last at least 5 hours. I have to admit. I really enjoyed see my wife being used by them. Seeing her being naughty with both of them turns me on a lot... [more]

Pantyhose fun in a spa center

I visited a spa center, and asked for a body massage. The female therapist was wearing short skirt uniform and silky pantyhose that I can easily see her crotch, some pubic hair and tiny panty. I got immediately super hard.
When I lie down, I was naked with a thin paper panty that cannot stop my dick pointing upwards. After a short while of... [more]

Would you buy them?

I'm willing to sale pictures off my juicey shaved pussy and tits...and video of me masterbating....also used panties.....drop a comment with email if you are interested...


I have a fantasy of watching my wife getting fucked! She is very timid and i have talked to her about it for a few year's, She is a nice looking woman in every respect but lack's confidence, Our sex life is slowing down, but still good. When men flirt with her she get's quiet and don't know what to do. She love's the attention! I tried to have a... [more]

She doesn’t know that I saw

My wife and I went to a friends wedding at a nice hotel, and all the friends booked rooms in advance. We danced all night and drank a lot, and when the wedding party was over some friends of the groom invited us to an after party in their presidential suite. We got there, it was bumping, music blasting and the living room set up as a mini dance... [more]

Fucking hot

It was a long five day weekend for me and my girlfriend.
We had been teasing each other for months I made her promise to do something extra slutty and dirty for me and she agreed.
Every trucker we passed she would flash her tits or play with herself.
Tiny five foot three a quarter petite long blonde hair. Large c-cup wide hips small shapely... [more]

Beyond fucked up

It's been a long time I mean six years since I've had sex. Not since my senior year in college and we were both drunk. I'm five foot six red hair large breasts a little pudgy slightly chubby. I'm not ugly just painfully shy.
I was house sitting for my sister while she was out of town. Taking care of her dog and house. The neighbors had a dog... [more]

Curious please

This is my first affair Is there any tips or tricks on how to hide the cum inside your panties? I don't want to get busted by my husband and my young stud cum a lot

I've turned my boyfriend into a cock addict

So, a few years ago I talked my boyfriend Steve into sucking off another guy(a mutual friend of ours) while I sucked Steve. Steve has since gotten addicted to steadily riskier and riskier public bisexual sex. At first it was just walking through Walmart; he'd pick out a hunk and I'd come on to the guy, asking him to meet up with me in the men's... [more]

Time of the month

I knew she was due on her period as her knickers have been smelling so strong and ripe the last few days. Now I’ve just heard my 23yr old step daughter in the bathroom peel of her pad and heard her gorgeous cunt peeing and as soon as she was done I went in there to sniff the air of her pissy little red pussy and am now tasting her bleeding mess... [more]

Pantyhose fun at a spa center

I visited a spa center and asked for a body massage. The female therapist was wearing a short skirt uniform and silky pantyhose that I could easily see her crotch, some pubic hair, and tiny panty. I got immediately super hard. When I lie down, I was naked with a thin paper panty that cannot stop my dick from pointing upwards. After a short while... [more]

Pantyhose fun in cinema

I have been in a relationship with a girl for a few weeks and had sex a few times. Once during sex, I expressed my fetish in pantyhose, and she just smiled, and soon we reached the climax. The next day, we planned to watch a movie, and when I met her, she was in black sheer pantyhose and a mini skirt, I was getting very excited. She said it is... [more]

Uncle Love

My Uncle is tall and strong with a long veiny huge dick. He loves watching his brother stretch my holes. He likes to watch first than take the pussy like he loves stroking his dick watching me suck my fathers dick he be asking me if I like my father cock in my holes then he kisses me then he tells his brother to tear that young pussy.
When I... [more]

UK wife pics

Looking for some In UK to share wife/gf pics,maybe more

Horse Dick

I want some horse dick. I wanna get underneath the horse hold his dick in my hand smell his dick rub it all over my face stroke it jerk it then suck it under it should his horse cum down my throat I wanna choke off of it. I wanna takes it cum and rub it all over and in my pussy and Asshole and then get on all fours and position myself so the horse... [more]

Cleaning wife's pussy

The first time I had sex with my wife, gf then, I masturbated twice before I visited her flat. We we started flirting I took one tablet of medication similar to viagra.
I fucked her like a horny bull until her pussy was full of her own cum. I went down and licked her pussy clean, she was surprised and told me this is the first time a guy eats her... [more]

Horny bottom

I have a burning desire to have a cock penetrate my hot ass. I want to feel it gliding in and out of my man hole. I want to ride a top and pleasure him to multiple orgasms.

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