His Keyholder

My husband suggested about six months ago that he would like to try chastity, initially I got a metal cage from my girlfriend who suggested we use it, try it then upgrade to a more comfortable small plastic one with an internal lock like her husband has should we enjoy it, she also gave me a set of cuffs and explained shaving, cleaning and... [more]

Expose me

I am a cuckold boyfriend. can someone expose me?

My Sister

My sister is 19 and I'm 20 she is really sexy but has no boyfriend which is surprising to me. One night I went to her place for dinner then I took a shower when I got out she was asleep. I saw her laying on her back with her arms on her stomach. My penis got very hard I dropped my towel I was now naked I walked over and put my hand on her mouth. I... [more]

Teacher fantasy

I'm a 17 yr old and I have fantasies of my female teacher sucking my cock. What should I do?

Addicted To Rimming

I've always been an ass man. A few years ago I was so horny I buried my tongue in my GF's ass. I loved how erotic it was. How it tasted. And everything else about it. Now, I am constantly checking out women's asses fantasizing what her ass would taste like. If I could I would eat it every day all day. Need a lick? :)

No way out of it

I've been cheating on my wife with another man for over a year. This happened a few months ago.
We have a hot tub out back on a deck. My bf and I were in it naked one morning. She was supposed to be at work. I was off. She apparently didn't have to work after all and walked out back. He was back against the side of the hot tub and I was in his... [more]

Grad party season

It's graduation party season. Kids across the country are done with high school and getting ready for the summer before adulthood kicks in. My neighbors' daughter just graduated two weeks ago and they had a party for her this past weekend. It got weird. My neighbors didn't let the kids drink at the party until very late when it was just family and... [more]

Want wear panties

I have the desire or urge to wear a pair of panties. I may a chance to buy a pair this week to wear while I am traveling.

Want to strip.

I want to strip for a women that is not my wife. I have been married for 28 years and am in good shape. I really want to strip down for another women to see me.

I love dick

I have a confession to make. I'm nasty. I love pussy and I love dick. I love being fucked. At first I told myself that I would only try it once. I just wanted to see what it felt like. It took me a while but I finally found some one to do it with. She was a tranny named Wanita. I let her fuck me. I told myself the sex was alright . Afterwards I... [more]


I still remember the first time I ever came. I was seventeen and horny as hell. But I had never shot a load. I went upstairs to my sisters bedroom while no one was home and put on a pair of her panties and one of her mini-slips. Then I found a pair of her panty hose and a skirt and put those on too. Then I put on a pair of her high heels and a... [more]

I love dick

I have to confess something. Years ago while my girlfriend was in the hospital having surgery for gall stones I was back at our house having sex with a guy who had the biggest dick I ever seen. It was 14 inches long and very very thick. To this day I have never seen another man with a dick that huge. And for awhile it seemed like every guy I met... [more]

I want to try slavery

First it was kissing feet then worship them then being slave and nowi want to be a bitch for every one even suck a cock and eat cum

Helping hand

I dated this girl and everywhere she went her friend would be with her, her friend was a very big girl!
The relationship was mainly just sex, after work each day her and her friend would hang out at my house, even if my girlfriend wasn't there her friend would be at my house waiting for her.
On one occasion my girlfriend was away for a week... [more]

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