Sex game

My wife and I and our 2 friends were playing this dirty game. Whatever you rolled (activity) you had to continue until it was your roll again. I rolled oral and a penis. Everyone laughed and her husband pulled out his dick. I didn't know it was a possibility in this game. My wife and his watched me sucking. It was finally my roll. Oral and penis... [more]

S E Cupp

I want to fuck SE Cupp

She has to know, right?

So, I am having an affair with my boss who happens to also be my best friend's husband. I am his administrative assistant/personal assistant. We work together five days a week. Outside of work I am super close friends with both him and his wife. We spend a lot of casual time together on the weekends.
I have also been having an affair with my... [more]

Wanting to buy women's underwear

I would like to wear women's knickers/panties and wondering were to go to buy it in London? Would it gross out the sales girl?

Wearing sexy panties

Hi, for years I have been wearing sexy female panties, bras and nighties with my wife's consent and support, on the slack I am smallish in the penile and testicle area so they just fit me fine however my wife calls me "grewsome" because when I get horny I am pretty large I measure 6 1/2 and am reasonably thick so panties are off the scale then but... [more]

Couple of divorcers

At 44, my older sister has divorced twice already. her last husband dumped her for a 19 year-old bimbo.
i've been divorced from my first and only wife for 5 years now, and pretty much haven't even dated anyone since. through both our respective divorces, we supported each other and strengthened our bond even more. if we were certain of anything... [more]

For all you dim witted men who cannot please a woman

It is not a race, I do not want to orgasm in 10 seconds. Start slow, kiss my lips then my neck. Kiss and lick that really sensitive spine of mine, linger between my shoulders as goose bumps fill my back. Kiss, lick and nibble on my rump, spread my cheeks and lick me starting at my anus and ending at my tail bone. Ignore my vagina for the first ten... [more]

My bfs uncle

My boyfriend was living with his uncle, me being 20 at the time, my bf 23 and his uncle about 42ish i guess, so i stayed most the nights round there and i went to town ine bight without him, he had work early next day and i got back at about 3 in the morning, his uncle spottes me getting back in a taxi and saw me suck off the taxi driver for... [more]

My butt

I have more to offer a man other then my ass, why does ever guy I date only care about fucking me in my ass. It's getting annoying. I'm pretty,I'm5'6" I weigh 128 lbs I have 36 d boobs and a fairly flat tummy. But every man I've been with just wants to screw me up the ass. Let me tell you something some of you men are too big for that it hurts... [more]

I lied about my age

I lied about my age to this super hot guy named Adam. We started dating but after we had sex a few times he started asking why he couldn't pick me up at my house. So I told him my age, he freaked and broke up with me. His friend said if I want to get back at him I should sleep with him, so I have been, he is way rougher and I think he tricked me... [more]


I'm not sure why I was picked for this and I'm not even sure where it came from but it happened.
There's nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush...but everything changes when that crush happens to be a male model who initially strikes up a friendship with you built on how really sweet he is. He has millions of fans but I'm a friend now. He... [more]

I want to pay him back

I recently found out that my husband has let some of his friends touch me and more. They have done some pretty disgusting things to me. This all happens when I'm drunk and passed out. What I found out is my husband undresses me in front of these guy's and then they do things to me , while my husband takes pictures. I do want to divorce him I want... [more]

Secret to Share

Need to confess that Im a married man, a 40 year old bearded bald tattooed construction type who secretly slips on my wifes panties and paints my toes when the wife leaves me for the weekend. Ive created craigslist posts and taken photos of myself ass in the air for men to review. Ive never actually been with a man but ever since finding so much... [more]

First cuckold experience

I had my first cuckold experience last night. It was totally strange but really fun at the same time.
I met this couple at the bar i was at. They came in to watch some of the games on yesterday which is why i was there and we got talking. For some reason, i hit it off really quickly with Jane to the point where i was mildly uncomfortable that... [more]

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