Me and my boss went to a conference in L.A. afterward we went out for drinks to celebrate and we both got a little drunk. We went back to the hotel where we made love. It was amazing and spontaneous and he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world. The problem is he's married and so am I. He has a 12 year old boy and I have 8 and 6 year... [more]


My husband was obsessed with going to a nude beach. Don't ask me why, he just was. He would ask me every summer if I was ready to go, and every summer I would say no. Until this summer. Call it dumb luck, blind fate, or a moment of weakness but when he asked last month I said yes. I didn't want to go full nude at first so I got a sexy see through... [more]

Big one

I got a big one. I say big because it's 11 long and thick is my wrist. Guys wish they were me and women wish they were with me. I fuck more women than most men dream of. Sounds like the perfect life doesn't it? It ain't. It fucking sucks. Yeah women want to be with me, but only once and only to fuck. Everytime I find a woman to date she breaks up... [more]

Amazing wife

My wife has always been turned on since the first time we had sex twenty or so years ago. We met in high school and on dates we would have some pretty awesome make out sessions then the first time came where we were getting pretty far and she just loved it. She was telling me how good it felt when my tongue started licking her and she is so verbal... [more]

This weekend

Joe, who is my husband has been begging me for years to fuck another man for him. I finally agreed to do it this weekend. He is so excited that he already booked a hotel room and contacted some guy he works with. He showed me this guys Facebook page and he's kind of hot, so now I'm getting a little excited. I think I'm going to get waxed tomorrow... [more]


Okay ladies, here is the question.
How many of you have been asked to flash your vagina in public by your boyfriend or husband?
My husband keeps asking me to wear a skirt with no panties while we go for dinner. Then he wants me to flash my vagina to some unsuspecting guy. I keep telling him that I will get arrested, but he says no I won't... [more]

Size Incompatibility

I'm dealing with an issue with my new boyfriend of three months. We just started finally having sex, and we're both 19. We were both virgins before we dated. The issue is that he's really big. I'm a small person, 4'10" tall and 95 lbs. He's 6'4" and 230. His dick looks like it's about 8" but of course I'm not going to measure the thing. It's just... [more]

Trailer Park

I live in a trailer park, and yeah, there's a lot of stereotypes about people who do, but I can say that most people are totally normal. I'm 60, my wife died of cancer 2 years ago, I've been recovering from a heart attack from last summer, and I can't work and had to downsize and retire early before I can collect social security. That meant... [more]


I know this may sound extreme to most but me and my wife have a great sub/dom relationship and we are always looking for different things to do and try and recently my wife had me on my back and she inserted her her high heels while still wearing then down my pee hole ,my God it was painful but erotic too her laughing as she was in and out had... [more]

I love to masturbate and I masturbate to my friends

My name is Tim. I'm 58 years old. Masturbation is my favorite sexual activity, and I masturbate a lot to my female friends. My top five masturbation friend muses right now are: Liz, Tina, Sheryl, Kathleen, and Jolie. I will add Karen to the list, although she and I are really no longer friends. Jolie is the youngest at age 49. Karen is the... [more]

My nieces

I forgot what day it was but I remember I was told to watch over my nieces again while everyone left the house and my nieces were asleep at the time so I put on a bunch of clothes to make me sweat heavily (even more than the summer already makes me do) while I went for a long run with their little small spoons down my pants under my balls and... [more]

Bred by Male twins

Spent a 3 day weekend fucking twins who were 32 years old. I got pregnant with twins, they run in my family, and my husband believes the kids belong to him.
Three days of laying in bed getting fucked almost nonstop by two men who hadn't seen a woman in 16 months because they were in most northern part of Alaska doing scientific research. They... [more]

Kinky Asian Stepmom

I had a good buddy named Frank during high school. He lived with his separated dad. I went into the military after graduation. Frank and I kept in touch. Learned his dad remarried to a younger Asian woman. Frank wrote to me saying his stepmom was not right in her head. That she was weird and kinky and he has to masturbate for her and she would... [more]

Dad / daughter

I wanna fuck my dad so badly but idk how to... i saw his previous search history (i always look when he leaves his tablet at home and i masturbate to what he watches) and he had dad/ daughter porn, idk if he just watches it bc its hot or does he want to fuck me? i always walk around pretty naked and i hear him fuck my mom so good, like shes always... [more]

While Hubby is Away, Momma is Gonna Play!

My husband of two years is a miserable little dicked sissy boy. He never buys me flowers or even takes me out for a nice dinner. His idea of fun is watching some stupid movie on Netflix while drinking Mountain Dew Code Red. He makes me buy all my dresses and clothes from Walmart. He is such a cheap bastard. I would divorce him except I have no... [more]

I'm a self proclaimed wussy boy

I was raised by my grandmother who was very strict Catholic. She made me go to mass with her and church all the time. But I knew I was different than other boys. I found myself thinking about other males and found myself wanting to do things I knew grandma would not like. Today I am grown up and living and working in a quiet little town. I love to... [more]

The View

I work in a small car repair facility. It only has three bays and now we only have one bathroom after the ladies room pipes froze and broke over the winter. The boss is too cheap to fix it. So what he did was give all the employees a key of their own. When anyone needs to use the bathroom we have a key on a hook for the customers we take down and... [more]

Wanking my crankster like a prankster.

Well I have been a masturbator since a young teen. Once I discovered how good it felt I would do it whenever I felt like it. One day I closed my bedroom door and I began wanking to my much older brothers dirty magazines. My mother knocked once on my door and then she simply walked in catching me spanking it. She flew into a rage and then she took... [more]

Toe Sucker

I have a younger brother Jared who is has always been a very strange person. It all started when he was around eleven years old. I walked in on him sitting on his lower bunkbed sucking on his own toes. He immediately jumped up like nothing was going on. When I said something about it he said I was mistaken and he was simply biting off a piece of... [more]

Bad swap

For 6 years now my husband has suggested that we try swinging, and for the longest time I thought it would be a disaster, and it's now been confirmed.
I finally said yes, I'll try it, and he went and found a couple into it from social media. I'm 30, my husband is 35, and the couple he found were in their early 20s. They weren't married, but... [more]

Wife's sicko desire?

I have been married to my wife Jenny for about 4 years now. Things have been pretty good up till now. Our sex lives were always good. No, more like fantastic I thought. But about a week ago Jen told me about her desire. She told me that she wants to have oral sex and possible vaginal sex with several of our horses. At first I said your joking yes?... [more]

Rest area games

The rest area had one car in it when I pulled in. I parked across the parking lot from it. When I came out of the bathroom the car had moved and parked next to me. As I walked up to my car the guy next to me turned his interior light on. I looked in his car and I saw that he had his dick out and was stroking it.
I got into my car and... [more]


I made out with a 55 years old man in his car when I was 25. I am a girl working away from home.I used to travel in cab whenever I need to go somewhere.This guy was my regular cab driver.
He was a very good person, soft spoken, helpful.We exchanged number and started texting in WhatsApp.
Our normal random chats gradually turned into... [more]

College roommate

I met Chad in College. He introduced me to his hot gorgeous looking girlfriend. After a few months he knew I had the hots for her.
One night after going out with them drinking he agreed to take me home since I was feeling a bit tipsy. He even undressed me and it wasn’t long when I felt his hand rubbing my cock. I didn’t know what to think being... [more]

My New Pal!

It all started when I began sharing nude pics of my wife on a website for just that. I became friends with a man who is a truck driver , ( long haul man ). We both have very similar backgrounds. Grew up in families with religious back grounds. Our wives have very similar bodies, ( a bit on the tubby side ). Then at one point his wife died. We both... [more]

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