Serious question

So how do you know or realize that you're gay? I'm looking for some markers to help me identify if I am or not.

I give head

Can sucking cock turn me gay? I started a couple weeks ago and every time I drink now, I end up giving another blowjob. I've given 4 different guys head now but if it won't 'turn me' then I'm ok right??

I love giving head

Im a 19 yr old girl and i love nothing more than giving head. i usually have a consistent sex parter but when he's not around ill find some random guy at the store and ask if he wants a blowjob. it gets me so wet and i love having cum shot down my throat

Advice please

So here's the situation. I'm a 23 y/o man, I've been sleeping with a 20 y/o woman and we are basically a couple at this point, I love her very much. Problem is she is sexually a masochist and she has severe self esteem and emotional problems outside of the bedroom, she's attempted suicide once before. Would it be smarter for me to completely try... [more]

Wife loves women

I do not know how my wife does it but when we go on vacation she manages to always find some woman willing to have a great time with her. She is a closet bisexual and has brought women back to our room from mid twenties to forties and all of them have been a real good time. Some of them have only wanted me to watch or just have fun with my wife... [more]

I am attracted to my uncle and want to have sex with him

Oh, man. The things I want to do. For years I have felt this intense attraction to my uncle. He is about 40 or so, but he is such a beautiful man. Tall, handsome, brooding, sexy. Even just his voice - the sound of it could soothe all my worries. His hands are also just so beautiful, strong and gentle. I want them all over me.
When we make eye... [more]

Panties Pantyhose

I am obsessed with panties and pantyhose.. I love to lick and rub my wife through them.. When I see a girl in a short skirt I will do anything to sneak a peek up her skirt. I love it when I catch a glimpse of white cotton panties.

Win-Win for Married Slut

I've always loved sex and I've always had some financial woes. Fucking for money is like a dream job. I'm classy, though. I've never thought sex work was a bad idea, but being a hooker or making porn just wasn't really the right way to go.
I'm a married woman in my forties and I'm hot. I've cheated a few times, but I recently went on a couple... [more]

Since we have been Marred

Since we have ben marries my husband visits his sister nothing unusual they have always seemed close, but I have noticed its always when I am on my period, I don't allow him to have sex while I am on, I did it once it was so messy. I am thinking one thing, opinions please.


I don't know if I'm turning gay or what. I don't like guys like that but I get really turned on whenever I see or think about penis. When I'm drinking or high I end up sending guys naked pics of me and I once met up with one of them and I sucked his cock. This only happens when I'm drinking or high and I don't know why? I'm really confused.

Best Girlfriend

I have been in a wonderful sexual relationship with my best girlfriend since we were 16, we are both married now (23) and adore our husbands but we have continued our relationship, both have talked to their husbands about it so they are very aware but rarely broach the subject and just let it be, it appears they are quite happy to let the... [more]

Blow Job for the Team

I was Professional Athelete in Australia,we would get heaps of girls to do crazy stuff over the years.The best ever was a girl drove to our hotel and sucked the cocks of every bloke in my Team.A total of 20 including the reserves.Black Cock white cock it didn't matter she swallowed most of them.It was Crazy insane she was 21 and very good... [more]

My wife has turned into a Hotwife

My wife recently told me that she wanted to have sex with a black guy. Now we've been together for a long time and have 2 kids together and I trust her. I'm a protective man but not possessive or jealous. She said it had been a fantasy for a long time and she wanted to try it. Originally I was shocked at the idea but quickly became aroused by... [more]

Spanking times 3

Two neighbors , women in their 30's knocked at the door and my wife answered. They said I was jacking at the window yesterday while they watched me. They said they waved at me and holered at me but I kept on beating my meat. My wife called me to the room and asked me if that was true. Extremely embarrassed I said yes. She asked the ladies if they... [more]

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