Caught step dad in 3 way

My brother was home visiting for the holidays, he brought his slutty girlfriend. I was walking up to the house one night and could see them in the window. Sherry the slut was on our step dad’s lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. Her top was up around her neck and he was playing with her big fake boobs. Then my brother comes in to view, and... [more]

Amy Knows Best

Mr "comment" guy is such a troll with a tiny little cock that cant get hard enough to fuck the eye of a sewing needle, which is why he wastes so much time here posting stupid shit over and over and over. If he had a cock that worked and could please anything he wouldn't be here. AMY knows best!

Step-Brother Sex Introduction

My mom was in a interracial relationship in the late 90's. My sister Kristin and I are 15 and 13 at the time, we are 18 months apart in age. Moms future husband at the time has a 16 year old son. He would be both of ours 1st lover. Carl is muscular, athletic & confident in himself, within 2 months of us meeting him and going on a summer vacation... [more]

Caught jerking off to ex wife and black lover

I’m in a hotel and opened the adjoining room door and there is a party and they are watching me jerk off smelling my ex wife’s panties watching a video I have of her ducking her ex boyfriend in our bed. She loves his huge black cock

Walking the dog

Everyday for better than a year I walk my dog along the same path. For the last few months an older man has been walking by his front window nude. I have always just smiled and kept walking. He has gotten to the point where he is masturbating as I walk by. I probably should have called the police or told my husband but I kept it to myself. Monday... [more]

Jose wants to eat sys cum out of taryns pussy

Jose is a cuck wanna be who is obsessed with imagining taryn, the girl who took his virginity, fuck her bf sy. He wishes he had a big French cock like sy and wishes he could have impregnated taryn like sy did.

Mother In Law's Panties

My mother in law is quite a bit older than me (60+) but she is still quite attractive and sexy in a kinky kind of way.
I have a huge fetish for her panties and can't get enough of them! I love to look through her hamper always hoping to find her worn Vanity Fair nylon panties mixed in with her bras and pantyhose!
When I find a pair of her... [more]

Sorry I'm not as smart as you BITCH!!!


A Use Of Words.

I read a post and comments and I see now that maybe I should've used a little Punctuation, like Periods and Commas You know because after reading the post and the comments I see that maybe I wasn't right to look at comments and maybe I should've separated my words a little more, because in a post it said I sound stupid and I have a limited... [more]

So many thoughts running through my mind

I am happily married to my sexy wife, however, I have been recently fantasizing about all sorts of things that involve other men while having sex with my wife. If there are any married men out there that would like to discuss bi curious fantasies and our wives, please leave your email address in the comment section.


My little sister is expecting, she's only a few months pregnant with her husband's baby, and she's already lactating. Which is a HUGE turn on when we fuck. I also get to go bareback on her since she can't get pregnant for now.

Are you a female in London, UK 🇬🇧 interested getting pregnant?

I am a fit and well hung black man and I live in London, UK 🇬🇧. I was wondering if there is any adult female 18 and above out there searching for a man to breed with? I can assure you that you will enjoy the best sex of your life. It could become addictive, all I want from it is someone to breed on a regular basis. You can keep the baby or... [more]

It happened

I met with a woman at the office to have a meeting, during the meeting I noticed she was lookin at me smiling. I didn't ask her why she seemed happy, after ten minutes in the meeting I felt a little cool air on my dick, then I remembered that I didn't zip my pants up when I was in the mensroom so I sat there and she asked me if I've ever been... [more]

Amy Heinz I hate you

Why ? Check the motherfuckin comments you bitch motherfucker you know goddamn right what it means bitch whore you're a goddamn motherfuckin slut I don't like no goddamn more I didn't like you anyway bitch so do yaself a favor bitch and kill yaself

My lust for my best friends son

Right now I am staying at my best friends house while she is on a work trip and I am watching her son. Let me explain a few things about myself before getting into it .
This may sound crazy but I am new to this. I am 54, single and have never owned a computer until last month. I know it sounds crazy but my entire life i refuse to purchase... [more]

Watching me

I found out my boyfriends been sending my nudes to his friends AND coworkers and telling them he wishes he could watch them all take me at one time. I’ve inly ever had a 3sum so the idea of several guys is scary.
They are saying VERY interesting things about me and idk how my boyfriend likes it so much. Should I confront him? Should I be open... [more]

I am me..... The REAL Amy Heinz

To you, yes you! You know who you are you dumb ass uneducated mother-fucking mother-fucker that can only write stupid mother-fucking goddamn things in your limited mother-fucking vocabulary. I know you and you know you, but you don't know what I know about the things you mother-fucking know about, ya know what I mean right? The mother-fucking... [more]

My bi sexual confession

I’ve always been athletic and attractive. Never really had any problems attracting or dating females I liked. While in College I watched a beautiful brunette get used by 3 guys at a party. I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it and it stuck in my mind forever. I for some reason focused my attention to one guy in particular who had a very nice... [more]

¿ who are all of you and why do you comment

Its came to my attention that maybe certain people don't like my post. I don't mind if they don't, it's okay. To the following people I would like to apologize for my post. It seems that there was a miscommunication on the part of the person who posted. The words "I love you" and the name are not intended to be misinterpreted as being about a... [more]

My Friend Jessica (part two)

I sat sipping on my coffee for nearly half an hour looking at her and I said "I don't think you can", she said "yes I can, you can believe me" and I smiled and said "after what we did in the bedroom". we sat quietly for an hour and I finished my coffee, it was cold, she smiled and asked me "when are you going to get over her" and I said "more... [more]

Саn I post this ?

Okay so does anybody say "THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO" anymore ?

Three girls me and a dog(continued) (part two)

The girl in the middle sat on me and looked down at me and said "your dicks no better than the dogs " the other two girls laughed and teased me saying "the dog fucks better than you can" after a few minutes the girl on the left side of me leaned down and kissed me and said "she won't fuckin" and the girl on my right side said "you won't be... [more]

Does anybody have her phone number ?

I met a young woman a while back and when I asked her for her phone number she wrote it down, but when I called there was no answer, as it turns out I found out she gave me another number instead, and I read a comment and here's this if anyone knows Amy Heinz' phone number (she lives in Tn.murfreesboro (I don't know the area code) (her real name... [more]

Sirens again tonight

The time is 5:27 p.m. December 3, Monday night and again I heard sirens. Those police must really be trying to make me nervous again. I was sitting here not doing anything when I heard those sirens again.

Not sure if I should say anything

My wife was really drunk on Saturday night, when we got home she laid on the bed and we had drunk sex. She was nearly passed out, which she is cool with us having sex while very drunk, even her passed out. I came in her and got up, leaving her with her naked with her legs slightly open on our bed. I opened the bedroom door and walked out to check... [more]

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