Overwhelming bi curious

When does an overwhelming desire to be with a guy cross the line from Bi-Curious to gay. Being into anal play with a woman via strapons and beads leaves me wanting the real thing.

Camping with lesbians

We went on a camping trip with friends from my wife workplace and they invited a few friends as well, all told there was 12 of us. One of the families was two women with one son. My son wanted to camp outside in a tent for the first time so I thought that this would be a great time for him to do it. We were all sitting around the campfire and my... [more]

Dirty Panties

I was house sitting for friends who left for Mexico. As soon as they left I went to her room and found a dirty pair of panties. They were all wet looking with a strong smell and it got me horny. I licked the crotch, it was slick and I tasted cum but I was so horny I kept doing it. The more I sucked the more pussy I could taste but also a bunch of... [more]

A good suggestion for bully girls and their rival in love

If another girl dare to like the same guy that you want to posses , bully her in order to turn her in a foot fetishist for female feet , so she will only seek to worship a girl and forget about boys , maybe she can become YOUR foot slave ;)

Life goal

It is my life goal to get kicked in the nuts by Rhonda rousey ??????????

Love being squashed, heavy men on my chest

I have loved this for many years. I sit on my boyfriend sometimes and he enjoys my weight on him, but he seldom will sit on me. Years before I met him, I had very large men sit on me. I am about 200 pounds, and have had a man weighing about 450 sit on my chest. Feels best with no clothes between. I love the warmth and even the smell left behind... [more]

I don't know why I want to she's married

I was visiting friends who were having a party, someone's wife was showing interest in me, no she was hitting on me, we know each other but not very well. She's fat and ugly, my girlfriend is way better all the way around. I said hey what are you doing, don't my girlfriend is right there. Yea she said I want you to fuck me someday, as she walked... [more]

Those who hate sucking, please answer.

I wanted to ask men and women who say they hate sucking:
Do you really hate sucking or the smell and taste is the matter that bothers you? If it was someone handsome or cute like brad pitt, Jlo or dicaprio, would you suck?
Do you cheat on your partner with someone like them Please consider writing your gender.
Admin pls correct my writing if... [more]

While separated from hubby I had something with my father in law

About 2 years ago my husband I separated for almost 7 months, we even considered getting divorced at the time but thankfully after those months we got together, we talked and we decided to get back together again.
During those 7 months one evening his father came to the house to talk to me. He was concerned about what happened and just wanted... [more]

We don't know how to stop

We want to stop, we really want but we just can't.
at first, it was only my sister who had a sex addiction problem. it didn't help that she's an extremely beautiful woman (i can't stress how beautiful), and guys just lined up to try and seduce her. she lost her last job on the grounds of fucking nearly everyone in the office.
so she moved back... [more]

It hurts soo good

I get my kicks from getting kicked... I love getting kicked in the balls the harder the better (only by girls tho) this gets me HARD af! I've paid my ex gf 800$ to kick me before. mmmmmm soccer chicks ????????

Being a Sissy

My wife is turning me into a sissy for a long time I did not mind it was great fun but she is getting really serious now.
Initially many years ago I always wore sexy pantie and bra sets with nighties at home we both enjoyed that, about eighteen months ago we expanded and I was wearing suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then she started... [more]

My ex humiliated me

I broke up with my ex a few months ago because she was really clingy but I said i didn't want a relationship. I recently got a new girlfriend. Now I'll be honest, my ex was much hotter than her. To put it to perspective, my ex is a 19 year old brunette, 6"1, massive ass, 32dd breasts, strong and sexy. My new girlfriend is 16, has like b cup bras... [more]

Golden Shower

I've been friends with this woman for years. We're both divorced and go out and do some pretty crazy things. We were out drinking and smoking weed, we were both so fucked up we took a taxi back to my house, this has happened a couple of times in ther past. She sleeps with me in my bed and we never had sex and I never asked her for sex as much as I... [more]

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