Am I still a whore, or am I just horny?

I am 24, my boyfriend is 53. Before I meet him, I was a wild, wild women. I love sex, I love sucking cock, eating pussy, walking around nude, playing with my self, very simple I love sex. Maybe because I waited until I was 18 to loose it, or because its my nature I can never seem to get enough. In fact I love it so much that before I meet my... [more]

Why I cheat

I was an extremely fortunate girl. In my introduction to sex, the first two guys that I was with were well endowed. Now here is where I not going to say so many inches, but I could grasp them with both hands and there was a lot left over. The only turnoff was that both of them were so white they looked like some kind of glow worm and while... [more]

I’m jealous of my friend

Hey everyone, I’m 26yo female who recently got married. Me and my husband has not had sex in almost a year! I thought when we got married he would at least fuck me that night but nope. It got close but then he just stopped touching me. I’m not sure what’s wrong, I don’t think it is me. I feel I am attractive, I am 5’4 125lb with dd tits. I was... [more]

I messed up big time

My friend has a cousin who is 16 and they live together at his moms house. One day I went over and he had went with his mom somewhere and his cousin told me I can come in and wait for them to get back. I went to the living room and sat down to watch tv and noticed a laptop open with pornhub up. I was like wow lol ok. She comes in like 5 min later... [more]


Why do they make knickers so pretty if we are not supposed to see them?

Sexiest thing my stone cold sober wife ever did~!

It has been a few years - but I guess what led up to this was a lot of sexy talk during foreplay with my wife the night before....
She's been having fun flirting passively with a bud of mine who has had a crush on her for 3 years. "Passively flirting"?....well, she doesn't say anything particularly flirtatious to him - but she'll wear a very... [more]


I was 13 Linda was my girlfriend , when we were at her house . A lot of the time her friend Sal was with her . At first i would sit at the side of Linda , we kissed . Then she told me to sit in the middle of them . I started to kiss each of them . One day i put my hand down the top of Linda's dress lifting her bra and feeling her boobs . Then i... [more]

I want my wife to fuck another guy

I really want my sexy wife to fuck another guy, preferably in front of me. But doesn’t have to be. She hooked up with our friend once, he fingered her but she didn’t fuck him that night, and now he is in a relationship, ugh! …it makes me so fucking horny thinking about her being a submissive little slut for a hung guy. Mmm and it would be amazing... [more]

Skipping my high school reunion

My husband was popular in high school and was president of his class. As class president he organizes his class reunions. I even help him. But, I cannot tell him why I haven't been to any of mine and why I steadfastly refused to go to my 20th high school reunion this year. He does knows that my nickname in high school was 'lollypop' as... [more]

Wife Has No Idea That Her sister Saved The Marriage

The short time I was married, I grew to detest my wife. I love her body shape especially the long tits that she has. That's what got me hooked on her. But shortly I found out she wasn't as open-minded in the sexual activity as I thought. I should off known marrying and older person has it's limits. Just when I was going to tell her I want to... [more]

Big Latino banged my wife

My wife and I regularly would go to the mall, walk around and go to the food court and have coffee, usually because we were board. Several times this really large Latino guy (he looked like a professional wrestler) would walk by our table and smilling gave me a mocking look which said to me he could easly take my wife and fuck her and I couldn't... [more]

Incest family

I’ve never told anyone this but this site looks like a good place to finally tell people. My family is incest. I was taught from a young age that family is the most important thing and without family you have nothing. I was taught to not produce outside of our family. It doesn’t have to be brother/sister but cousins also. My mom and dad are... [more]

Driving home after a night visiting friends .

We live in the UK We don't get to do it much now . Most Saturday nights we used to visit friends at their houses . They lived at least 30 miles away . My wife would always wear a dress . Our drive home is always through country lanes . When we have left our friends . My wife would remove her panties . So that i could finger her pussy sometimes ... [more]

I m gay

I want a man to Fuck me so hard I i lump for years and I can't breath I want him to dick me down till I cum from my penis and my ass

My First Time was Great

I started going with my husband my senior year in HS. He was only a year older than me but graduated 2 years before me. We were quite an item and I knew that he wanted to marry me and I was in love with but I wasn’t that experienced and had some desires that I’d wanted to do before I settled down.
So on my senior trip I seduced this guy and... [more]

Drawn to sucking cock

At one point in my middle age, my wife and I were on a cruise and left others to return to our cabin. While there we started warming up and my wife asked me to shoot my cum on her tits and then lick it off. I turned her down at that time and about 15 years later she passed away. So what did I start thinking about doing? Taking a load down my... [more]

Love older men seeing my teen tits

Ever since I grew boobs, I’ve been obsessed with showing them off to older men. I’ve been a DD since middle school and would go online pretending I was older and would post my bare tits online for men to see. I loved how men’s comments made me feel and I thought it was so naughty that I was still so young and they had no idea. Even when they found... [more]

Her breasts

I have sent many guys pictures of my wife. Many have seen my wife’s breasts. But I would like to send photos of her to anyone who has not seen them . Please leave your email on here and I will send them to you

Thought about being forced

I want a man or men to rape me. I want forced sex. I want to be treated like a whore. I'm 31 I'm a mom of 3 I feel like I shouldn't have these thoughts. I can't help feeling them. I just want a man or a few men could be at the same time or different to have their way with me. Use me like I'm a cum dump.

Best sex ever - First time anal

My wife and I have been going through a rough patch and she was pretty sure I was cheating on her. She asked me a couple of times and I said no but I don’t think she believed me.
After 28 years together we don’t have much sex but recently we had both had a couple of drinks and started kissing. I can only assume she was out to prove a point as... [more]

Finally got to watch my wife have sex with her bull.

I had a heart attack 3 years ago and with that have ED. Wife has been sympathetic and tried numerous things but I could tell that she really wanted a hard cock. I told her that maybe she ought to go out and find someone, but she always said that it would be strange and she didn’t think she’d be comfortable.
I sort of dropped that line of... [more]

Horny fwb

So this may be a bit vanilla for this site but when I was in college I made a deal with my Feb that we'd keep seeing eachother one night a year for the rest of our lives no matter where we were. I'm not married with 4 children and every year I go to celebrate the new year with friends ' but really go to get raw hammered by my friend. I love it... [more]

Dog sex

I way to try a threesome with pet

"Head-less Husband

What's a man to do when his girl refuses to suck his cock? I'm 37 and my girlfriend is 49. She has a vibrant sex drive, I admit. Before we met I was happily single, going to sex dungeons and anonymous glory holes and experimenting wildly with my sexuality. Now since we've been together I've put the promiscuity behind, no more one night stands and... [more]

Banged My Best Mates Wife Who Works At A Brothel

My best mate since high school let slip one night this his wife had started working at a brothel. I thought it was weird so pushed him a bit. Turns out it's this kinky place where you get to sleep with someone else's wife. A wives only brothel.
It didn't take too much googling to find the place. I knew what she looked like and even though they... [more]

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