I roofied my own wife

well to be honest, I knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, and watched every minute.
A pal and I had planned it as a fantasy. When the opportunity came along, it sort of started as a joke and ended up with my wife being used by several
of my crew and a guy no one knew.
It happened at our home, and a s more guys arrived... [more]

It actually happened

I know that a lot of posters claim that their confessions are true, but are obviously not. They're just dreamers. I'm not. This IS true. Genuinely.
Going back to the mid 70's, my wife & I had been married about 7 years or so. I loved her deeply - still do (we're in our 70's now). She's slim, smallish b****, and looked not unlike a younger version... [more]

Wet at work

I love wetting my pants, and I am constantly thinking about just letting go, even if other people would see.
Because of this, I wanted to wet my pants at work. I wasn't ready for anyone to see though, so I tried to let just a little out into my boxers.
After several minutes of trying, I had to start at the urinal and stop myself, and pull my... [more]

Client decks wife

I had a woman client for some time until she fell on hard times. I liked her,she was lesbian and we often had drinks together but she still owed me some money,the amount was actually small and i told her to forget it.
But not my wife,she didn't like this gal and was determined to collect so she began making calls to her demanding money no mater... [more]

Going to have a Threesome 😍

My wife and I were laying in bed last night, after having incredible Sex. She looked at me and said she would like me, her, and another guy to have a threesome. 🥰 How could I possibly say no to that? My wife is very attractive. So I got to find the right guy to help me wear her out completely in Bed. Any studs want to volunteer??

The Naughty Dare I'll Never forget

Years ago when the VCR was invented my Wife
and I were already into taking naughty polaroid
pictures, purchasing my first VCR made it even
better, every weekend I took naked pictures of
her and recorded her performing striptease for
me, it was a wonderful time. We were also into
fantasies and dares coming up with different
sexy fantasies... [more]

Little Packages Can Provide Big Pleasure

Back in the ‘90’s, I met a girl from Alabama on AOL. We’d never met in person, but we hit it off pretty well. I was an average height/weight (6-1, 180#) for a 20-something guy but my package was, and is, always a bit less than stellar. 😜. But Girls have never complained.
As we drove down the coastline, she started acting nervous and began to... [more]

Nude Beaches

Has your wife ever gone to a nude beach? Was it with you? Did you ask her to go? Was it before you were together? Was she with a boyfriend? My wife has been to a nude beach with me but also had been to the same nude beach with a previous boyfriend.

The thought control of BBC.

Ok, it's nothing new but indeed naughty and ever growing on my mind to the point of extreme attraction, desire and submission to allow myself to find a willing black guy with a huge uncut cock that I can put my hands down his pants, take his cock out , feeling it, rubbing it then begin kissing it, getting it harder and harder then begin taking it... [more]

Mature girlfriend fantasy

I know what I'm about to mention is not unheard of but indeed not for just everyone at that. So I have this fantasy regarding my girlfriend who is 62 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, huge firm boobs and big thick nipples, nice slim sexy body, and an ass that gets noticed and complimented many times over. We have great sex together and she wants... [more]

Confused and needed to say something...

I'm super manly 26yr Male. I've enjoyed crossdressing behind closed doors since the age of 10. I've been married and divorced twice already for various reasons. During both marriages I would dress up in my wife's clothes when they were away and at times would experiment with their toys. After my second divorce I moved back in with my parents and... [more]

Guy with belly button fetish of women

Hey I live in NYC, black 6'3 guy who has a belly button fetish. Is there women in nyc that their belly button play with?

The truth

Since the age of 12 iv always herd different men shag my mom and the local did used to thing but I tried ignoring 1day I saw cock pic saved on my mom phone and her sucking cock
Over the year I knew what she was up to so I instead of watching porn il listen to her get fucked and sometime il use her thongs or underwear to put my cum on It i have... [more]

I wished

I have this desire or fantasy if u want to call it that I wish my mom would like wank me off and tell me to cum for her always wanted to sit there and watch men fuck her while I wank


Past few years iv been working away from home in an indian restaurant and I usually stay on top of the restaurant nice amount of space
But 2 weeks ago while we was closed the boss come paid me a vist come to see how am doing and all nothing of the usually until he asked me do u want like make extra money I said how he told me ur going to have to... [more]

My wife is a slut and I love it.

I'll keep this short. Maybe if I get good feedback, I'll make more detailed posts about my wife and I. So please comment and let me know what you think.
We met 14 years ago on AFF. We were both divorced. She was so beautiful and her smile made my heart melt.
But she was also a dirty girl from the beginning. When we met she had already... [more]

Sexual Experience

Being a man in my mid twenties and having very little sexual experience, one girlfriend in college who I lived with for two years after college, I have met a woman that is everything that I want. Very attractive blonde 5 feet 5 inches tall, 120 lbs, smart, has a good job in a bank, great in bed. However she has admitted that she has been with... [more]


This older neighbor of mine he moved in above me. He always eyed me and I wondered what he was eyeing me for. I asked him and he told me he thinks I'm beautiful. Well, he invited me up for coffee one day and told me that he thinks i'm hot. i told him thank you. He said he's a real sexual person and likes anal. Now at the time i really wasn't... [more]

Femboi sexting.

I'm on a site called isexychat. And, everytime, I log in, I'm always asking if there are any fembois to sexy with. I'm straight, and all, but; when I do get in contact with one, my dick gets hard, and I literally want to fuck. Is that weird?!


I'm in Newport News, Virginia and want to suck cock/cocks. Prefer older white men but will consider younger. I'd love to receive a good face fuck. Can't host. Discrete. PM me.

What a neglected wife will sometimes do

I had just gotten out of the shower. I was toweling off my breasts and rubbing myself along my pussy lips. I had been so horny these days. My husband had quit paying attention to me. I took two fingers and rubbed them across my clit. I guess I was getting into it because I didn't hear the bathroom door open. There stood my nineteen year old son... [more]

Want to watch my mom-in-law dominated

I want to watch a few guys manhandle my mom in laws while she struggles. Want them to tear her panties off and fuck her rough. The whole time she is begging to stop because she is pride bitch. But after awhile she gives in and becomes a slut. Sucking and getting fucked and moaning loudly. She swallows all their cum.

Black Cock

I want to suck on a Black Cock. I wake up Dreaming of me Sucking on a Black Cock and him shoving it down my Throat. I Crave it Everyday. Where can I find a Dominate Male that would Enjoy me Worshiping his Cock. I want him to order me around. I want to be his Bitch when we get together. I want Him to Slap me and Bully me like he Owns me. I'm from... [more]

Couple fun

Hi everyone well get wright to it I am transgender women and two days ago I was walking around Lake mirror it's a local park in Lakeland FL and I passed a couple man and women walking to the park is a big circle around some water so the next time we passed the couple stop and started to talk to I found they like crossdressers shemales and trans... [more]

Mamma's Boy

I don't get the negative , some down right attacking the posters on this site. This site as other similar sites are for confessions. The things we do as humans, we know when they are wrong but sometimes Satan takes over our hearts.. Sex is our weakness, ad in isolation from the correct stimuli and you have incest.. Confessing anonymously seems to... [more]

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