A few years ago actually was more like five or six years ago we got a free trip from Pinnacle automotive to Cancun. It was super close to where anniversary so we decided to go anyways a long story short I had a broken arm and a sprained ankle from laying my motorcycle down my wife got hammered drinking vodka and tequila and so I was having a hard... [more]

Sucker's on this site

For the first time ever, what I'm about to write will be the gods honest truth.
I am 14 years old, male, and yes I obviously live at home with my parents. I will however turn 15 next month. July 2nd to be exact. Yes I have friends and yes we hang out, laughing at old people. If you have to ask, you are old.
Me and my friends write some of... [more]

Fun with brother

Me and my brother growing up had a lot of fun. I'd say it started when we were 14, he was a year older and not exactly sure what sparked it but we would 69 a lot. His cock is amazing, 9.5 cut and big loads, reminds me of Peter North. I'm kinda surprised we never got caught. He was more submissive then me at the time. He sucked me off everywhere... [more]

I like it

I’m gay and I always thought my dad was an attractive man. He visited me at my house and stayed for a few days. He went to go take a shower and when he got out, he walked around in a towel. He saw me look and said it was said and that he likes that I’m attracted to him. He took his towel off and said “do what you want” so I sucked him off. It kept... [more]

I have a burning desire to make love to my mom.

My mom's gone now but she and myself both had a strong attraction to each other. I constantly sniffed her wet panties and it makes me cum so hard. Mom continues to barge into my room when I'm masturbating. She enjoyed seeing my erection. She would stand there and watch me as I STROKED MYSELF. I would see her smile and lick her lips. I continued to... [more]

In love of black pussy - 2

Next day (Sunday) she came as usual to work in my condo. I was still in my bed naked enjoying my morning hard-on. But before she started working, she entered my bedroom kissed me on my mouth pushing her tongue into my mouth. I drew her into my bed and made her naked. Literally I tore her bra and then quickly parted her legs and rolled her panties... [more]

In love of black pussy

I was eyeing this cleaning maid of my condo for quite some time. She in her late 30s is very fat showing much of her bursting boobs through her blouse and ass cheeks through her short skirt. This Saturday I stayed at home and by looking at her hovering the floor brought me a hard-on. I was slowly started to stroke it my cock over my boxer. With a... [more]

I'm a sissy who loves other sissies.

I've not done this before last month for the first time. I chatted online with a website called "naughty cross dressers". I found someone who was young and pretty and like me enjoys wearing pretty feminine attire. I got up my courage and got a hotel room and invited "her" over. She was tall and good looking. Fully dressed as female she came in. I... [more]

Encourage the wifes to show more

I encourage my wife to wear low tops when mates or other men are around as i find it a turn on them getting an eyeful of her ample boobs, she likes the attention too


This happened over 10 years ago when Craig's List was till doing personals. I was in Cleveland for work. I had a few drinks and was horny so I started replying to personal ads. I did W4M and MW4M (as you had a better chance of some guy wanting to watch his wife get fucked). This guy replied that him and a girl would come over for $200. I told... [more]

Sloppy seconds

I walk in the door about 6am. I work 3rd shift. Wife is asleep naked on top of the covers. One leg hiked up. Her glorious pussy saying hello to me. I walk up to her side of the bed and kiss her cheek. She turns over onto her back. Her eyes are barely open. I kiss her on the lips. First one is a peck. Second one is a long, juicy french kiss. I say... [more]

Duty Keto Nutriment

If you’re looking to admit defeat fat then you procure to prove this sort trendy impost keto nourishment plan-

Sniffing dirty panties and tights!

I'm a 51yr old London UK guy and for many many many years I have loved having a good, long, hard sniff on females dirty worn panties as well as tights! I especially love it even more if they're very damp or wet with their natural juices, cum and even piss!

Really huge fetish urges!

For many years I have had a really huge love and fetish for tights, peep toe and open toe high heels. My main fetish for tights is that bad that whenever I see a female anywhere wearing them I instantly get hard.
But also its worse that 99 percent of the time whenever I see a female wearing tights, it makes me think and wish that I could be... [more]

Confessions of an 18 year old virgin

I am 18 and have never had a girlfriend , never kissed a girl, had sex, etc...The farthest I've ever gone with a girl is a hug, and that was 3 years ago. I don't even enjoy porn anymore because it just depresses me. The thing is I can't stop jacking off because if I do i'll have a boner 24/7. I did a rough calculation and I've masturbated about... [more]

Sister in law

I have a few boats for fishing and have been described as a bit fanatic about it. I have never been married but have a son and live pretty much a life of fun. One evening when I was over at my brothers house I told him I had to get going because I was headed up to such and such lake in the morning around 5 am, his wife was sitting there on the... [more]

K9 part 3

It was about a week before my boyfriend came around again. He drove by the club, and told me I needed to be clean inside. So when I got home, I used a couple of glycerin suppositories, just to hurry the effect up, and make sure everything was out.
He brought the handler, who brought a big Belgian Malinois.
"Wow!" I thought. "That's a nice... [more]

K9 Fantasy to Fact, part 2

The next level was reached spontaneously. After my dog's performance inside me, I had two fantasies. One, to do it again, with a bigger dog. Two, to have a man piss inside me, if he could do it while maintaining an erection.
So there I was with the cop, and I decided he would be my man for the pissing part. When he drove by the club, I asked... [more]

K9 Fantasy to Fact

This is a collection of spontaneous real events amalgamated into a story. I figure it's more fun to read that way. I'm a male.
When I was 15, I was doing laundry in the garage, which was right next to my bedroom, late at night after my parents went to bed. There was a torrential rainstorm, so we let my dog, which was a large male, stay in the... [more]

Wife loves bondage

She absolutely loves being restrained for sex and told me like two months into our marriage that I could have her anytime I wanted and as we talked about it she told me that tying her up and making her do things was a huge turn on for her. Over the years our collection of toys and gadgets has grown a lot and most of it has been purchased by her... [more]

First elbow deep fisting

Hi I am a crossdresser and love being one I have this friend who has a 10 inch thick cock and I love it well this morning before he went to work he came over and ask if he could fuck me and fist me I said the good fucking yes please I didn't know about the fisting so we talked for a little when he gave me the great fucking like always he ask can I... [more]

Mistress needed femdom

I am looking and I'm in need of a mistress the dominate me to force me to do things that I would normally do make me submit make me suck dick things is that nature Make me her bitch

Camping trip

My girlfriend and I used to go camping along the canal. We would drive down this long farmers lane to where the canal crossed a river. We camped there because it was quiet and most people didn't know about it. That and we could camp there for free.
So we were camping there one weekend, and it was late when a group of people showed up to camp as... [more]

I still love it

When I was a kid my parents decided to let me stay home without a baby sitter on summer break. After the first day I became bored and started digging around in their room. I found some porn mag's and a few books. I got so turned on I was stroking all over the house. I couldn't wait for them to leave for work in the morning. Well it only lasted a... [more]

My neighbor

I meet with the same guy each month and we watch porn together, masturbate and edge. We try and go as long as we can. Once that was over two hours of edging. No matter how long we edge - it is sharing such intense pleasure with another man and then sharing in a wonderful release. We both love it a lot.

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