Brother's girlfriend

One night after I went to bed my brother and his girlfriend came home and went into his bedroom which was next to mine. I could hear them on the bed talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying. Then my door opened and my brother's girlfriend was standing there naked. My brother was behind her and he pushed her into my room. He looked... [more]

I let my dog lick my cock and balls

My step brothers have this big female pitbull that usually always stays at home. I usually visit over there from time to time, and I bond with their dog alot, I actually take care of the thing haha. Anyways about 6 months ago I was in the kitchen bored as fuck. My step brothers were doing some dumb shit in there room and it was only me and the... [more]

Bride wears beige

My bride wanted to wear a beige dress for our wedding but her mother wanted her to wear the traditional white wedding dress. My bride didn't think that it was right to wear white which indicated that she was virginal since we had been living together (and fucking) for two years. My bride also had two previous boyfriends; the first for a year and... [more]


My mother died when I was 12 and my Dad never remarried. My Dad died at 18. I got married at 22 but, I lost my wife to cancer after 35 years of marriage. My grown children left the nest a few years before my wife died. The only living older relative I have is my Mother-in-law. She was born in Italy and has been widowed for decades. We get along... [more]

This Site really is full of morons

Like the commenters on this site really are stupid as fuck you all come here because you would never say shit like you do on here in real life because you all have no lives or jobs outside of this dumbass site

Cock craving

During the day I don’t think about it much, but at night I want a dick so bad.
Last night I masturbated with another man on cam. We didn’t chat or talk, just stroked to each other. I came first, him shortly after.
I know I would cum so hard if I had cock in my mouth. Just it exploding in me would be enough to do it.
I put a realistic... [more]

Rock and Roll Bar

When I was stationed in Korea I brought a 22yo private back to my apartment one night and sucked his dick. I asked if he wanted to suck my dick and he said yes, as he was slipping off my boxers I asked if it was his first time sucking a dick, he kinda laughed and said "I'm from California" lol
He was hot - 22, about 5'7", maybe 130lbs, about... [more]

I'm not gay but would love to fuck a FTM trans

I want to have sex with a female to male trans. I don't even care if "he" is hairy as long as that ass and sweet little pussy are smooth. Muscular? 5 o'clock shadow? Sure. As long as he's clean, has a tight little stomach and smooth pussy and ass and I'd be in heaven.

Don't dwell on the past

I don't believe in incest as a adult but as a preteen shit happens that's life dont dwell on the past , i am two years older than my sister and I pounded her late night a few times not proud jus shit happens, she asked why u slept with mom I said shit happens and I said why u looking disgusted but ur nipples hard, and she admitted it turned her... [more]

The last 10 Updates here

Judging by the horrible grammar and spelling the last 10 confessions were written by the same moron

I have an oral fetish

I have an oral fetish....I LOVE it all in my mouth, tongue, nipples, pussy, fingers, toes, and my all time fav...ass. There is nothing I enjoy more than using my mouth to please a woman.
Sadly, my wife doesn't enjoy receiving as much as I love to give so I'm stuck fantasizing about it and fantasizing about what it would be like to taste another... [more]


When I was 24, my friend and his wife took me to some girl's house, we met her there when she got home from work. We walked into her house and she said she had a run in her pantyhose and she couldn't wait to throw them away, and she walked into a bathroom just off the livingroom and came back out without pantyhose. She was about 20, skinny, really... [more]

My sister has a only fans account

A few days ago I found out through one of my friends that my younger sister has a only fans account. That evening I signed up and found her page. I never thought i would pay to see my sister nude ley alone masturbate while watching her. My sister is a very attractive girl with a stunning body. the best part was she is in her bedroom which is next... [more]

Got my wife's sister pregnant

My wife and I have three kids, all healthy and good looking. Her sister is married to a nice guy who turned out to be about zero sperm count. No way could they afford to do it in any clinic, then my wife asked ME to "help" out?
Like wow, I was surprised, but she explained that this way would be best and it would not be some stranger and they... [more]

The pawn wife

My wife is a ex meth user she had pawned everything sometimes I wonder if she pawned her body for dope. She don't work so I the bread winner. We got into it the other day next day she goes and pawns her ring . I have GPS in all are vehicles. I told what she go pawn she said her ring needed gas money of course her cogs what not. So its are... [more]

Why can’t I say no.

I was so scared of hurting his feelings. I said no initially but he convinced me anyway and I agreed.
So I knelt down, unzipped his pants and took his dick in my mouth. Once it touched my tongue and I heard him groan I knew it was too late, there was no going back. I had another mans hard dick in my mouth hitting the back of my throat.
I... [more]

A lot older

Started having massive arguments with my gf she suggested we have a break for a few weeks and see how we both think and feel.
I started going out a lot more drinking with some friends I was loving the single life, I was a bit drunk at this bar and started dancing with this woman, she was a lot older, both groping each other I’m licking her face... [more]

Guys with long hair

Man buns get me so wet.

I like big dicks...

...and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny When you're jacking off in bed You're thinking 'bout giving head I know you do I do, too I love dick and so do you

Sissy maid

My room mate Bob didnt allow me to dress feminine in his house. I couldn't help it , I had to dress up often , when the urge hit I had to do it because I wòuld start feeling bad and the longer I waited the worse it felt . I went to see a doctor and after a complete examination he told me there is nothing wrong with me ,that it is all in my head ... [more]

I Like to start fights at Movie Theaters

I go to Movie Theaters and the moment everyone applauds during the Happy Ending I start punching the guy next to me for no reason and beat him up and then I hit the guy in front of me and he hits me back and we get into a fight in the theater.
I hate it when people applaud during Happy Endings and so I start punching people until they punch me... [more]

Revenge is Salty

I had pissed off a younger playmate by cumming in his mouth, without any warning. I had never done it before. We were doing a sixty-nine on a discarded car bench seat, in the woods. I just lost it in a fit of passion. He crawled off, spit, retched and told me, forcefully, to never do that again. I swore to him that I wouldn't, and never did... [more]

Pay back

I hate to say been having problems with hubby as i work in city he lives on the coast and due to this bug we have not seen much of each other but i loged onto home cam system and see him getting bj from some working girl well i work nights as a security guard and there been some night work going on and got chatting to nice workman told him about... [more]

Taken avartange

As might read my payback confession well i started my rounds a few nights later and the same workman there we got to chatting and i said how i enjoyed how like find a spot and do again he said ok so we did that and again next night was doing again 3rd night but his workmate must be curious what he was up to and followed and was spying on us when i... [more]

Could not wait

As told been having fun with 2 workmen well-started work at 10 and only cleaning crew about working way down so i went on round got the top floor and the workmen were there i went sat on a chair watching them and soon found my hand was inside my trousers touching myself as so horny and soon took of and sitting there legs spread playing with there... [more]

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