"Forced" to Watch

When my wife and I were in our 30's ( we're in our sixties, now ) we went down to Key West on a scuba diving vacation. We were staying at a beautiful resort on Whitehead street. As we left to go to the dive boat, an older gentlemen who was staying at the same resort, was also leaving with dive gear, and we began talking. He was going out on the... [more]

Tennis Whites

Back in 1990 when I was working construction I had to travel to a jobsite 90 miles away. That required staying in a motel ( a national chain run by an Indian ) three nights a week. I had noticed that the rooms seemed to share a common bathroom vent. You could hear people singing, laughing, or talking, and I finally determined which room I could... [more]

Family photos

Whenever my mom or sisters would get drunk and fall asleep I would open up their clothes and take nude pictures of their bodies. I've been doing this for years and I have hundreds of private personal pictures of my family members naked bodies

Tricked Her

Just recently i found a beautiful teen at the beach about an hour from home. She had a white bandeau top and white bikini pants on. Sandy blonde hair, nice A-B cups breasts and a super tight tummy. Maybe about 5 foot tall with slender legs.
I chatted to her as we were sitting on the sand. I found out she lived near by and came to the beach and... [more]

Fantasies made into realities

I've become increasingly curious about different kinds of sex, not just positions , different men, different scenarios, etc.
I met a friend Greg. We began to talk about everything. Things we could never tell other people. We are able to confide in each other, our deepest darkest secrets and fantasies.
I want to take this farther by acting... [more]

Peeper's Paradise

The house next to where we used to live ( for 23 years ) was octagonal in shape and had floor-to-ceiling windows. It was up off the ground, and had a glassed-in laundry room and spare bedroom on the ground floor. Empty when we first moved in, soon it was occupied by two beautiful young ladies. They never bothered putting up curtains. C. was... [more]

Secretary and black boss

I am a 42 yr old attractive married white woman. Bruce, my 28 yr old husband is a jelous little sissy. I am a secretary in a large office.
Recently my hubby commented one morning on how I was dressed. I believe he said "My God, you can't go to work like that, people will think you're a hooker or somthing." I was wearing 4" heels, thigh hi... [more]

Naked Craving

Is there anyone else out there who experiences a craving need to be naked? I’m an older guy, almost 70, and all my life I have felt freest and most alive and energetic when I’m naked. I stay very fit, lift weights and swim every day, and have received very nice compliments from people who swim where I swim. I lift weights at home about half the... [more]

Exchanging Power for One Hour ( part 2 )

r. stood and looked in their cooler and whined, "J's almost out of beer, I need more wine, and we need snacks. And, I need some more tokes off that roach !"
It was briefly discussed that I, the lowly worm, should go back to their house for everything but j. and R. weren't comfortable with smoking weed on the beach. So, it was suggested I go with... [more]

Nailed the Ex Wife with my Best Friend

Last Saturday night by best friend and I got my ex wife drunk and we fucked her. I had no idea she was such a slut. A few days later she told me we got her drunk and took advantage of her and what we did was technically rape.
I said. "Not really. We videod it and that part where he's fucking you doggy and you're reaching out for my cock and... [more]

Came All over My Wife

Last night I was having a great fuck with my wife when for some reason I took my cock out and came all over her. It went all over her, her stomach, her tits, her face and in her hair. She screamed and went crazy. She hated it and is still furious with me.
I know I shouldn't have dome it and I understand why she is so upset but I can't help... [more]

High school experience

When i wad in high school, my girlfriend and i were pretty kinky. She would usually do or try anything i asked. We frequently had sex and on my drive home, i would pass by one of her friends house. Her friend always wanted me to stop so she could suck all the juices off my dick. Thats when i started to know about fetishes i need in my life.

Ball field

My first sexual experience happened on a baseball field. My gf at the time, walked me down to the dugout, pulled my pants down and sucked my dick dry. It was amazing, i had no idea what was happening. When i got to college, i was also on the baseball team. After a game, a girl in one of my classes was there watching. We talked about nothing in... [more]

My Wife's Confession

My wife made this crazy confession about a week ago and it's been driving me crazy ever since. I have no idea what I should do about it. We've been married for seven years and we are both 32. About 3 years ago we went through this really bad patch and decided to break up for a while. She left me and took a job as a live in housekeeper with this... [more]

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