I'm a 22 year old girl attracted to a 16 year old guy

I feel terrible about this - disgusted with myself for feeling this way about someone so young. He's young enough to be my little brother or something, but I can't help how I feel. I know him from work, though we don't work with each other as often as I'd like. You want to know the craziest thing about this? I'm a LESBIAN. Yes, a lesbian.
I... [more]

My stepdaughter the fucktoy part 9

So i left the last post with the update my partner was going away for the weekend, unfortunately that didnt go through so i had a weekend without getting my dick wet in her daughter.
however valentines day evening i had that dirty blonde slut dressed in red stockings and corset bouncing away on top my dick again before i had to go pick her mother... [more]

Blowjob for a friend

I've been friends with this guy now for a very long today. Basically have been best friends since 8th grade. Since then we have obviously grown up and have our own lives and so we don't see each other as much. We are both married, in our late 20's, but we usually find time to see each other here and there. We've never been in a relationship with... [more]

Anyone ever been there?

Straight question: has any of you ever felt attraction to any of your siblings?
the reason i ask is because recently, i've been seriously having the hots for my younger sister (i'm a guy). don't get me wrong, i wouldn't act on it, but i've found myself very attracted to her these last few months, and it doesn't help that, unless i'm going crazy... [more]

Spit Roasting

I'm really getting interested in Spit Roasting; getting cock in both ends at the same time. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have a well hung white guy plowing my ass slow and gentle and hard and fast before seeding me ... and at the same time have a big black uncut cock sliding in and out of my mouth --- making me work on his big cock head... [more]

What would your wife do if she knew that you .... xxx.

I saw this on the Jack n' Chat site and thought it would be interesting here.
You fill in the blank where the xxx's are.
Again -- the question is --- What would your wife do if she knew you... xxx?
In my case it would be .. divorce me if she knew how much I love to suck cock and that I have sucked more than 175 cocks in the past four... [more]

Bus ride but that's not alol

Yesterday early evening I was on the Grey Hound bus from Moses Lake to Seattle after visiting with one of my past GF and before the bus had traveled 15 miles down the highway the gent that was sitting next to me if I wanted the window seat and I told him no problem and went back to reading my novel.
He kept asking me questions and I was becoming... [more]

Broken leg

My best friends wife had her leg broken. I should mention she is my wife's best friend as well. So we went over to console her and have some drinks or whatever. She was laying in bed with her leg in a cast propped up on a pillow . I grabbed a marker to sign her cast and right in my face was her exposed pussy. I had to stare I'm only human. The... [more]

A randy care worker

I remember seeing some posts on here by care workers who did naughty things with their male clients. I confess that although I haven't gone as far as some of these posters, I am a bit naughty. It started a few years ago with a client named Harry, who sadly died just a few months ago, he really was a little darling. Me and my care partner at... [more]

Caught by wife

One recent morning, I told my wife when she left for work, that I would be "dressing up." She smiled and said "have fun." She called me at fifteen minutes to Noon, and said, "Honey I'm sorry' but I forgot to tell you that James was coming by at Noon to shampoo the carpets." James is our regular carpet cleaner and does our pool cleaning and... [more]

Pregnant by my uncle

Im 19, I've been screwing my daddys brother for 2 years. I'm now due to have his baby in March, and his wife, my aunt, has just announced she too is pregnant and due in july. We've gotten close lately because of our pregnancies, so I'm over their house quite alot. That doesn't stop my uncle fucking me hard while my aunt takes a nap. It feels so... [more]

I asked my husband to fuck my sister

I know how weird this could sound but my sister had just divorced and she was very down and depressed. My sister is a very good looking woman but the entire divorce had taken a toll in her self confidence.
I love my sister and I trust my husband. I knew a good fuck was just what she needed to get over things. I asked my husband if he would like... [more]

I got drunk and fucked 2 of my boyfriend's friends

My boyfriend was out of town and he told me it was OK if Id go to this party because a lot of our friends were going to be there. I went and was having a great time until I got too much to drink.
I still dont know how I went from the living room to the upstairs room and I still dont know if maybe they put something in my drink, but all of a... [more]


I am a older teen that is about to go on a date with a boy that's in a few of my classes. However I'm not sure if it's an actual date or like he was joking around, were going to a movie and he said he'll pay and while I trust he'll do as he says i know its because he's a man of his word, I am honestly not sure if he's interested. We flirt a lot... [more]

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