Sex drive

So I've gone quite a while without sex, I think probably 3 years and I haven't really had any desire to. I've recently started training to become a fitness model and I've started to take supplements and work out a lot, since then my libido has been through the roof, I think about sex all the time. It's like the most turned on I've ever been x10... [more]

Busty bitch

There is a girl in my grade who is around 4'11 and very slim, but has a huge huge rack for her size. When her tits hang out they jiggle and it makes me so hard. I record her when her tits are out and jack off to them. I want to suck her tits so so so badly and titty fuck the shit out of her.

Sissy for Females

I want a somewhat Domme Woman to dress me up in diapers, and ruffled
(Locking?) plastic panties over, under a pink very short frilly sissy dress, ruffled ankle socks, white mary-jane shoes, a white satin sash, tied in a big bow in back, a pig-tailed wig, with pink ribbons, and invite her lady friends over to tease, and babysit me, and tell me how... [more]

Posting on Craigslist

I was looking thru the casual encounters like I always do, I have actually had pretty good luck with getting sex on there. I have had guys come over and suck me off just because they want to do it. I have been able to hook up with one woman who asked for my number and told me she had a great time and wanted to do it again.
This ad however... [more]

Wife's sister

My wife's sister and I have been having sex, she thinks it would be hot to get pregnant like it's her husband's. No one would ever know except us but I'm not sure how to feel about this. I do want to keep having sex with her so I think I don't have a choice if she's serious and I'm pretty sure she is. Thoughts?

Order dispatched and should be with you today

So excited I've bought my first sex toy and it's being delivered today.

I want to see my wife forced gangbang

My wife told me she was gang raped in high school. She has no idea I watched the video. She started and enjoyed every second. Well I never said a word and we been married thirteen years. The other night I got up in the middle of the night. I looked down hallway and seen my best friend shooting his but all over her face. Neither know I seen them... [more]

Can't look at her in the same way

I'm male and I love a big hairy fanny, so you will understand how I can't look at my neighbour in the same way after seeing her big hairy fanny.
I took a couple days off work to decorate my bedroom, I was cutting in around the window and saw my neighbor walking back from the bottom of her garden, she was in her bathrobe and half way down the path... [more]

Dream girl

So my friend is staying the night and she is sleeping in these short shorts and she has the most amazing ass. If she would go with it I feel like we could have the most amazing sex two people have ever had. I feel this vibe when we are together like ive never experienced in my entire life. This could be what everybody can only wish for, but all I... [more]

I'm not asking for much!

I want to have sex with a black girl and have her pee on me. Is that to much to ask?

Low libido but...

I have lost interest in wanting sex but when my boyfriend and I do have sex it's the most amazing feeling ever, I have the most intense orgasms and I feel amazing after.
Once this amazing feeling has passed I have no desire for wanting sex again.
It can be months before we have sex again, I know when I'm having sex I'm screaming yes yes keep... [more]

In her mouth

The only way I will eat my own cum is out of my wife's pussy if our cum has co-mingled or if I masturbate in her mouth. She does not like the taste of cum but will if I french kiss her after unloading in her mouth.

My confession

I meet men from Craigslist and other places to show them naked pics and videos of my beautiful wife while I suck them. I love hearing what they would do to her while my mouth is on their dicks.

Niece's former friend, now 21 yr old college student..

When my niece was in school, she had a best friend "Danielle" (name change), whom I did well with, liked, and always thought..That girl gets older, she's going to be hot as hell, and I'd love to have at her when she is. Fast-forward to now, when they're both in college but rarely, if ever, speak anymore (some sort of falling out), but I've... [more]

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