Staying the night at my friends house. We were both 14 and always horny. Jacked off together a lot and even jacked each other off a few times. Spent a lot of time naked exploring different things even tried sucking each other several times but never tasted each others cum. For weeks he talked to me about fucking. It was all he would talk about... [more]

Down Low Lesbian

Are women who like effeminate men secretly gay? My wife and I wonder about her older sister. She has always been attracted to guys like Boy George and the lead the singer for the Cult (back in the 80's at the height of their popularity). Her husband is very effeminate, his best friends are openly gay. They've been married for nearly 10 years. SIL... [more]

I discovered that my wife has been cheating on me for YEARS

When my wife left the house the other day to run some errands, she left her laptop open on our kitchen table and it hadn't gone to sleep yet so I decided to hop on and poke around a bit. Now I wish I hadn't. I stumbled across a subfolder of another subfolder that was buried in one of her "business" folders. When I opened it, I was shocked to... [more]

Indecent proposal

43 (f) was asked by a dear friend if I would have sex with her husband. He is a good looking guy, in good shape. I know she has had some surgeries and sex is not comfortable for her anymore. I am married, but wouldn't mind something new and different. I can't believe I am actually considering this.

Michigan State University.

The other day I let one of my professors finger me in exchange for an A on a test I failed. I was talking to my friend about how I completely blew it on my test. I girl in my dorm overheard. She found me later and told me how to get an A. He has a reputation for being an old pervert. I let him pull my yoga pants and underwear down and play with me... [more]

Take & Give

I recently attended an out of town business trip for a three day seminar and trade show, each day of the show we worked 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. I was befriended by a nice couple, after show we drank and dined together , on the last day the show ended at 4 pm, the couple invited me to their room for drinks, after few rounds we were talking of sex... [more]

How to be a naughty "student"?

My girlfriend is a teacher. I was kinda turned on when she told me that she punished naughty students to stand for the entire lesson. Spanking is not allowed in school. As I was a good boy in school, I was hardly punished. I want to experience the feeling of being punished like a student especially when my girlfriend is a teacher. I told her to... [more]

Information needed

My confession is for the benefit of some of the girls that are thinking of having sex with an animal. I did that several times years ago. What I didn't know was that male animals can become very dominate and aggressive when it comes to mating time. I also wasn't as aware or careful as I should have been about the size of some animals penises. An... [more]

Figuring a way to fuck my best friend

So here's the story. Me and my bestfriend have known eachother for a long time, around 6 years(I'm 18 now) We hung out quite a bit when i was younger, then I moved away for a couple years and we didn't talk to much. So I ended up moving back to my home town, and I ended up finding out that she's 2 houses down. From there we always hung out... [more]

Fucking The Handyman, Part Two (The Threesome)

Mark couldn’t make our “date” for Saturday night, since he was going to be at an out-of-town wedding reception with his wife. So we set it up for Friday night and PROMISED him that we’d have him home by midnight. Mark’s wife has always liked Mac so she had no problem with this at all. Told him to have fun. Little did she know how much fun Mark... [more]

Best orgasm

I dont know if other people do this, but if you are a girl and you havent tried this i highly suggest you do. I have an oral b electric toothbrush i like to use on my clit and i rub it around until i hit my g-spot. But for the best orgasm i have a playlist of songs that i listen to that make my orgasm out of this world amazing. Included in the... [more]

First Time

I'm a retired 74 year old widower living alone in a condo. My wife passed away six years ago. I've had sex with a couple of women in the building, but mostly I watch porn and masturbate. I have a few films and also watch porn on my computer. I've been watching men sucking each other, especially older men sucking young cocks. I thought I'd like to... [more]

Everyday pleasure

I masturbate everyday. I use my hands, and then get markers and go all up in myself. Its an addiction...

Straight male into lingerie

I am a straight male and love wearing sexy panties, bras and nighties, my wife likes seeing me dressed that way around the house recently I have started with suspenders, stockings and heels just begining to walk comfortably, my wife has started to apply makeup and a wig whenever this happens I always get a roaring horn and she either gives me a... [more]

Adult confessions, stories and questions

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