Rest area crossdress

I drove to local rest area wearing jeans and t shirt putter wear and red lace panties with matching bra and garter. I go inside and get a map to be seen. I then remove outter clothes and slip on my mini skirt, slip my c- cup breast in my bra and put my shoulder length blond wig on. I apply my makeup and jewelry and slip my 4 inch heels on. My... [more]

Thoughts about female sports reporters and athletes..

Does anyone else ever watch some of these hot, sexy sports reporters interview athletes and think...These big black guys just want to carry you off into the locker room and have at you for days? I've seen the look on some athletes faces during interview, and, it's clear..These cutesy, sexy women reporters would be in huge trouble if left alone... [more]

How do they know?

So I met up with a guy I met from craigslist and sucked his cock. This morning my wife kissed me and had a weird look but didn't say anything. One girl at work looked at me weird a bit later too, how could they know?

Wife's sister is fit

My wife had her little sister over this weekend and oh my god do I want to fuck the life out of her. She's 19, blonde with green eyes and petite. She has the perkiest little tits and ass. During breakfast she came down without a bra and I could see her nipples through her shirt and you bet I wanked to the thought of that later on.

My daughter lost her virginity

My wife just informed me that our 14 year old daughter is no longer a virgin. This kid who has been coming to the house as her "friend" ended up being her boyfriend and he fucked her!
I asked my wife if she already knew about this, she told me that our daughter had told her they were boyfriend/girlfriend but they didnt want to tell me because... [more]

Just "friendly" visits...

A couple of years after we married, a "pal" of mine started gently pressuring my wife for sex. She didn't tell me about it, but kept pushing him off with a smile. Understandably, he took that to mean "not right now." Eventually, she did cave in, and he got her pussy. Once, twice, then two or three times a week. A neighbor, who was distant... [more]

I made my girlfriend abusive

I changed my girlfriend. She is a tomboy type girl, she's really strong and bulky and that. She quite think but not in a fat way, in a way where its spread evenly around the body like Kim k. She has a massive ass and double d sized tits. She wears adidas track suits and stuff like that. Overall she is really hot and strong and I like her in that... [more]

Sissy Fantasy

I started watching sissy trainers about 6 months ago. Now all I think about is cock. I'very never tried anything but I dress up when I'm in my apartment. My apartment manager is a 30 year old black guy who is buff. Every now and then randomly he will knock on my door to check on me. My fantasy is that he will come in and see me dressed up and make... [more]

The Time Was Right

We worked in adjacent components of a large organization and I was the new guy on the floor. She was a friendly, not flirty, nice looking blonde. We were both working on problem divorces and it was nice to have someone with the same problems to talk with. Neither of us flirted or said anything to indicate any interest beyond friendship and we... [more]

Happy birthday to an ex lover

Today is the birthday of a woman I fucked about a year ago. She is married with 2 kids and of course she was being a little whore opening her legs and sucking my cock while her husband was at home with the kids.
We live in different cities and she basically stopped responding my messages after we fucked so I guess she regretted the whole thing... [more]

What Happens in Vegas...

Here's my confession. I'm a computer programmer by trade but a males prostitute at night and get paid by guys to give their women what they don't have - a huge cock. You see, I'm one of those lucky guys to be born with a HUGE fucking piece of meat. Sure, it's caused me some problems in my life, but right now, at 29yo, I can make $1,500 easy 4-5... [more]

Wife's Panties

I love wearing my Wife's Knickers she is in her 50s and has Lacey one"S silky one"s and. pretty cotton ones the cotton ones are my fav. I'm not gay but just love the feel of them against my body.

Cheered me up

For as long as i can remember, i have dreamed of owning a BMW 7 series. Despite my age, 31, i was able to attain that dream earlier this year and buy myself my dream car. My wife was extremely supportive of the purchase and loves my car and how hard i worked to achieve this dream (and others). Unfortunately, last weekend, i was in a pretty bad... [more]

Beware Sissy Hypno

It works! I used to watch it as it turned me on and then it started becoming an obsession and now it's all I can think about. I struggle to get hard for my wife now but even thinking about giving my ass to a man gets my rigid.
I stopped watching it as I knew it was working but that's just mae my craving worse.
On the weekend I had a few... [more]

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