Queen neighbour.

I confess I not had sex with a man for a long time.
my neighbour a queen spoke to me.
I think I confess too much.
I told him in a note.
I would like to sleep with him yes orr no.
I would like to wear a nightie in his flat.
I am wearing a stretch black dress just now.
knickers and tights.
I hope he says yes orr no.
I would buy the drink to... [more]

Halloween cross dressing innocent

I was dressed up in my sisters clothes when I was very young.
I was mistaken as my sister meaning another sister.
I add maybe later.
I crossed a railway line.
I got spanked for that.
now they have both surfaced.
I have not got female clothing and straps for punishment.
I am bisexual.
I want to dress up in front of either a gay queen orr... [more]

Breast Feeding

I would absolutely love to watch my husband get breast fed. Would love to watch a woman offer him her milky tits to suck and feed on. I am totally fine if you would like to fuck him afterward. In Kentucky if interested.

Smothered in ass

I once had a client that would watch Disney movies with me and at the end he would want me to sit my ass on his face and smother him, I was 260LB back then and always wanted me unshowered and wearing old and tight panties with lace; He always payed well and he would tell me I reminded him of his Granddaughter.

I just love REEK!

This is my confession. I'm totally obsessed with bad smells. I love it all, especially the smell of putrid hot vinegar just makes my man log go insane with anticipation even when I even look at a bottle of vinegar. Blocks of cheese are no exception! And I love when the city I live in has a garbage strike and they pile up all that disgusting... [more]

Large penis isn’t great

There are a lot of stories of people looking for guys who are hung. I didn’t realize I was hung until after high school and was with an older woman. In high school I would try to have sex ending with either crying because of the pain or refusal. I was 19 and a neighbor lady had me helping her around the yard. She was a huge flirt and easily... [more]

Up my older mum's skirts looking up

For years I have been looking up my older Mum's skirts and she seems to let me anytime we are alone even though my Dad is still at home with us. Why would she let me do this with her when she has a husband can any Mums answer this one for me please!!!!!. It all started the when I got an accidental look up her skirt I was 17 at the time and she... [more]

I caught my wife having sex with our best friend

I came home early one day and I was walking down the hall way and there was a bath towel laying on the floor I walked into the bedroom and my wife was on all fours our best friend the dog was licking her pussy inside and out I could see she was horny and saying that feels so good I had my phone out video her and the dog she must have been so horny... [more]

I had relations with our family dog

When I (23F) was an experimenting teen, curiosity led me to try things with our boy dog. Im certainly not the first girl to find that a dog's tongue feels really, really good. It was way better than my fingers!
When I was a little older I became curious about him humping people and one day I got on the floor (fully clothed) and let him jump up... [more]

Nips play

My nips are too sensitive and I love them being nibbled, stroke and then sucked by my partner. On other time he or both would stroke, lightly bite and suck on each others tits and nips while massaging our cocks using lube. As expected we end up in deep ass fucks ...

Does she still think of them

I get turned on thinking about my wife’s sexual past.
She had three guys fuck her by the time she was 15.
Pregnant at 16, separated after 6 years of marriage.
Then 12 more guys before I met her.
Including a threesome with two teenagers one aged 16 and the other 17 when she was 24.
I wanted to know everything and she told me most of it.
Then... [more]

I want multiple girlfriends to fuck

I’ve always been a person who love woman and love sex. I think polygamy is okay and should be fine as long as everyone is okay with so I want multiple girlfriends to fuck and I want to want my girlfriends fuck each other while I watch them
I also love very submissive and obedient girls that do everything I tell them to do and love really rough... [more]

My desire to have sex with sisters

I’ve always had a desire to have sex with two sisters have multiple girlfriends at the same time and watch them fuck. I love threesomes and just the thought get better excited. I also like submissive woman that will do anything I say every very kinky stuff. I just really want this to happen is all really have to say.

Too many lovers

When I met my wife she was 25, divorced .
I think that she opened her legs too easily if I am honest.
Give me your Frank opinion after you have read this.
By the time she was 15 she had opened her legs for three guys .
At 16 a fourth guy got her pregnant.
After six years of marriage they split.
Then in the two years before we met she (... [more]


I confess I am a compulsive gambler who just got lucky.
I bought more womens clothes over the internet a wardrobe full of clothes.
I have not had sex for many years with male orr female I am getting more frustrated with myself I have even bought a sex machine.
I had loads of sex toys
straps belt paddles.
I went looking for this female from... [more]

My best friend's dad

This sounds cliche’ and I’m sure there are plenty of similar fake stories on this site. Believe it or not, this really happened because I was naughty in my younger years.
I’m also not telling my age because it would sound really bad. lol
I had sex with my friend’s dad.
It was 1999, everyone was worried about Y2K and I was well into double... [more]

Showing wife’s wet pussy

Well so far I have been able to Email short videos to several guys me sliding my cock in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. Also video of her giving me a blow job, sucking on my balls.! It’s a super hot turn on knowing other men are watching this and probably jerking off to the videos. Knowing her naked body is causing other men to shoot their loads... [more]

One of my mothers friends

My mother has a friend that works in a beauty salon where my mother gets her hair fixed, this lady is short and fat frosted hair, looks like a woman that does hair, she does however have a big set of tits. My mother was having a tough time trying to tell me what she had to say, this womans name is Linda, Linda loves to suck a young mans dick, she... [more]

Innocence 1953

As a teenage man in 1953 I lost some of my innocence. My friend’s mother was an attractive married woman. She seduced me into what she called “kissing” her private area. She had read it in a book about a French couple. I asked if French women kissed the men’s privates (as I had heard of blow jobs). His mother just said “no”.
It only... [more]

What is a Cuckold?

A cuckold is a man who’s wife is used by other men to his displeasure. If he enjoys it he is not cuckolded. Another man pleasures his woman and he is incapable of stopping it. He is the weaker man.
To humiliate one cuckold I hung the wife’s wedding rings from a piercing in the foreskin of my dick. After we videotaped my decorated cock head... [more]

When Is Big, Big Enough?

I believe if my pecker was no bigger than my middle finger I could satisfy any woman. Who has not finger fucked a woman to an intense orgasm?

Rolling My Dick

I like to fantasize. I think about my petite step mom. On my knees with my hard-on resting on our coffee table I think of my mil standing barefoot on it. I use my hand to roll my dick back and forth pretending it’s her bare foot.

Out Of This World!

It would be extra terrestrial and jut plain “out of this world” if I could beat my meat with a moon rock or even a small meteorite. I knew a woman that used a Mars bar but that’s not nearly the same realm.

Didn’t Hear Me Cumming!

My Tinder hook-up was surprised and jumped back when my semen hit her forcefully in her face. She said,”I didn’t see that coming!” And laughed. When I looked down I was reminded that she was cross-eyed. She had a great sense of humor and was a hell of a good cook.

A REAL confession

When I was a junior in high school (about 16 years ago) I had a best friend who was extremely into this girl who wasn't really into him. She would string him along so he would buy her things and do things for her but never actually slept with him. My friends dad worked over nights so it was an empty house.. The 3 of us were hanging out in his room... [more]

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