Bachelorette confession

I sucked and fucked a stripper at a private bachelorette party while the other girls cheered and whooped, he then fucked some of the other girls after me when he was ready to go again. Who else has done this...any stories to tell?

Totally under my control

I am so very happy, about three months ago my husband started talking about playing with chastity, I jumped at the idea helping him to select a chastity cage, we ordered a clear plastic one with internal locking device bit expensive but the reviews were great.
When it arrived I shaved him and gave everything a perfect clean before locking him in... [more]

Make my bf wear diapers

I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all day but definitely every night at 7 he is thickly diapered and put to bed at 8 . he hates it i love it

Mum's knickers

I used to sniff my mums knickers everyday. I'd wait for her to come home from work and get changed so I could put them over my face and breath her in while they were still hot and wet. I also used to suck her dildo, I managed to taste it once after she had recently used it. It tasted great.

Wildest party?

What is the wildest party you've attended? Not a swingers party or a sex party, but one that was regular, but ended up with some clothes coming off.
Many years ago my husband and I went to a party at a neighbor's house down the street. They thew a large one every summer for the people in the neighborhood. It was a BBQ, with people hanging out... [more]

Smelling My Mother's Dirty Panties

ÚI was eight years old when I smelled my mother's dirty panties for the first time. I remember at this age, I was at the peak of my preadolescent age of exploration and pleasure. Everyday I would play with myself and explore ways to do it that excited me and made me hornier. One of these would be stuffing my underwear with clothes or blankets and... [more]


Some years back now I bought a video camera and like many married couples made our own home movies , Also I used to get hold of porn videos and swap or let friends have a look at them . I had a video tape full of adult stuff of my wife , A guy I was friendly with one day asked me if i had any porn , I said yea I have a few tapes , So he said can... [more]

[No QuiteA] Wet Dream

I had an odd dream about a week ago. I was walking on a beach. It was a bright sun shiney day. I was completely covered with body oil from head to toe, and i was completely naked. No shorts. No Speedo. No banana hammock. No little bikinis. The water was on my left side, and i was right along the shore. There were just a handful of other people... [more]

Wife Loves Young College Student

We have been married 20 years and are in our early 40's. We live in a college town. Wife is a Corp Executive and I am a fast food manager. I often work on week-ends. She makes about three times more money than I do. Our son is in college and he has a friend (call him Shack) who is from Africa and brings him to our house often. I had noticed that... [more]

When I was a teen I wanked in my best friends sisters bed!

When I was about 15 I was staying round my friends house, now my friend had to get up early for his paper round and I didn't have to get up, so I stayed in bed.
After a little while I realize the house is really really quite! Then I remember of coarse, his mum and dad were on their way to work and his younger sister was out, I cant remember... [more]

Is it bad

I have questions to ask and things to confess
At my school some girls wear really revealing clothes and it's like really hard to not stare I feel like it's rude to stare even though I really want too but "is it rude to stare at someone who's walking in public wearing revealing clothes? "
I've been caught staring before and they just look at me... [more]

When AOL had chatrooms....

I used to jerk off on cam for married couples. It ranged from couples in their 20's to their 70's.

Bad boy

I haven't been properly spanked in a while, but I really need to be. I need someone to pull my pants down and put me over their knee and administer some discipline to my bare butt.
Bend me over the side of the bed and use a belt on me. Make me put my nose in the corner and stand there with my bottom on display. I've gotten discipline like... [more]

My shy wife the carer

About my wife , she his 30 yrs old good looking 36c firm boobs fantastic pins and a nice neat shaved pussy . That was my idea the shaved pussy it took a while before she let me shave her I tricked her , I was supposed to leave a strip of hair , But I made out I messed up so I had to take it all off , At the time my wife was a bit annoyed she said... [more]

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