Want to suck cock

I desire to suck a cock and eat cum

Bra fetish

I confess that I am aroused by women's bras and that I like masturbating to them.
It all started when I was 14 or 15. There was this aunt that visited my family regularly and stayed in our house for some days. She was in her fifties at that time and she was far from being any attractive. However, one day when she was out I sneaked into the... [more]

Wife helps hubby

My wife started to play with my titys -feel them - suck my nipples and it felt very good we both loved it. she got wet and i got hard and horny. after a month of this she wanted to see if she could milk my nipples and i started to milk.she loved the taste after a few days she told her girl friend and she ask me if her and her friend could play... [more]

Molested by Furries at beach

It all happened so fast then it was over…
When I was eleven we went to the beach. We do a few family beach days a year. It was my dad and I with a few uncles cousins and friends of the family.
After some bbq I went swimming for a while. This day there happened to be a group of furries all meeting up. At one point there were over 50 of... [more]

I have never been with a man before and I am so ready

I have been masturbating for the past twenty years, dreaming of the day when I might be asked out and I am willing to do anything !! I would love to try anal, double penetration, fisting, spanking, role play, anything that is sexual, even if it is painful

I was very shy and introverted in High School

When I was in high school, I was very shy and introverted, but I loved to tease my teachers. The Older male teachers,I would always be assigned a seat in the front row and they loved to stare at my legs, so I tried to wear skirts every day and show them my many different color panties, they especially seemed to get turned on when I wore animal... [more]

Masturbation Fantasy

So here goes, I have a very sexually active mind, sex is always on my mind. I watch porn as a lot of people do , also read erotic stories, which also get me nice and hard, love being naked and hard reading stories.
I am married and seems life has fallen into a routine, uno, work ,come home and not really spend time together, seems we both have... [more]

2 to Start...

I'm a female in my late 40's and never had a 3some or more-some. I have a desire to be touched/groped by more than one man. For my first time, I think I just want to have intimacy. To feel hands all over my body and maybe a few kisses. Having my nipples sucked while multiple hands caress my body, making me cum from touch alone; then slowly... [more]


After a long time in trying, I finally talked my girlfriend into a threesome. She said it had to be someone that she could trust, so we selected my younger brother. My girlfriend is 5'1" tall and weighs 105 lbs. She's very-pretty and tight. My brother and I are over six feet tall and weigh 190 lbs.
It was a thrill to watch him work his cock... [more]

Enjoyable Old

I decided to camp out at a nudist resort. Not much people thereat the time. I've gotten to know a little bit about this senior couple. The wife had a hot looking body for being a retired senior. She was sort of curvy for being as old as she was. She looked sexy hot with her white hair when she wore her bikini outfit even though her body had a bit... [more]

Elementary Schoolgirl

I worked at an elementary school and spent time with 5th graders! I would be the assistant and had one kid I had to watch because he was a trouble maker! Well there was this cute little girl who really like me and it just so happened I would sit next to her a lot when we did experiments! Other times I would sit in back of room and she sat where I... [more]

Middle School Teacher

In middle school I had a teacher who often flashed me and some not all the other guys! It was middle school, but we didn't know all about sex, but we knew how good it felt to feel her up when the chance came up! When she showed movies in the movie lab, we sat in back and loved it when she would come by and stand next to us in the dark and let us... [more]

Wife and I Only Masturbate

My wife and I have been married 25 years. For the past 10 we only masturbate together. We both enjoy it more. We talk dirty to each other and we will masturbate each other, but we have not had actual sex in a decade.

Wife caught me

My wife caught me masturbating with a dildo and watching sissy porn. She looked at me and just laughed and told me never to expect to fuck her again. Since then, every time I try to initiate sex she just reaches into the nightstand and hands me one of her vibrators.

How I corrupted my girlfriend

I got with my girlfriend when we was both 15 we are now 31. She had only been with me sexually and isn’t that interested in sex. My goal was to get photos and videos of her being a cum slut whore and I can successfully say I have achieved it.
She has been with 51 men in the past 2 years and has been with mf couples and has now enjoyed the taste... [more]

Teen boy Naughtiest secret

I love letting my 8 day old heifer calf suck my rock hard boner in the barn. I just go in late at night and hope not to get caught. I’m only 12 so it’s the best way for me to get a nut. Man their warm tongues feel so fucking good. I squirt my load right between their bottom teeth while they struggle to breathe I’m throat fucking the shut out of... [more]

Linda gets Groped

Back at the beginning of the month my wife and I came upon a yard sale on a Tuesday. Turns out it was an estate sale of sorts, two young men were selling the belongings of their recently passed grandfather, and there was a lot of things spread around the old farmhouse. While I was checking out tools and some lumber I noticed my wife, about fifty... [more]

The uncontrollable urge

I have masturbated in front of my sister several times and always had huge orgasms

It's not

It's not ra## if you ask someone to do it

I really want to fuck my mom

I'm 19, i'm ftm trans and my mom is 40, and lately i just can't stop thinking about fucking her. when i still lived at home, i used to love hearing her getting fucked by her husband, i would get excited and sneak to stand as close to her room as possible to listen and masturbate. i always hated my mom's husband, i used to think it was just because... [more]

Tranny cum for my wife

Any trannys out their want to fuck a 43 year ol house wife

The Love Boat

My wife Margaret has a wealthy guy friend at work they flirted all the time one Friday he ask her would she be interested in making a lot of money she said yea sure what do I have to do he said meet me at my boat dock wearing something sexy and very reviling so she ask me about it I said hell yes we knew what was in store for her but we needed the... [more]

Old cock

For various reasons my cock no longer functions properly. I have always enjoyed pleasing women by licking pussy (fanny -whatever). So who thinks it possible that I might find a woman that would be satisfied with this sort of attention?

My mom

After dad passed me and mum got very close I was 21 she was 48 too good looking to be without a man and still sexy as hell.
I didnt want another man fucking her so I set about getting her into bed with me.
Took a little time but she was still wanting sex and I made it obvious I wanted her.
She would say its not appropriate but I could tell she... [more]

My Daughter and Son-In-Law

My daughter and her husband decided to stop by unexpectedly and caught my wife pegging me in the living room.

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