Wife's secret

So ive been married to my wife a couple years. I'm 37 and she's 40. She works in a small office setting as a legal assistant. For multiple reasons I have never been to her office. Either I've worked same time she worked or she's worked through her lunch or whatever. Found out recently that all her colleagues think that she's a lesbian and she's... [more]


I would not advise anybody to try this . Me and my wife had been married for 16yrs , in all that time my wife would always say to me that she had never ever cheated on me and never would , I had no reason to think any different so I would believe what she said . I used to work away sometimes one such time I was working with a guy that I had just... [more]

My wifes past

We have been married for 32 years and I had no idea about a part of her life before we got together. We are in our fifties now and still have a very active sex life which includes role playing, bondage and plenty of toys. We got together shortly after she graduated college and married about a year and half later. She had told me about a few... [more]

Pussy sniffing

My husbands friend gives the best oral. He sniffs your pussy thru your panties, rubs his nose up and down your slit then once you're wet he peels your panties down and does the same. He uses his nose and tongue and omg it's awesome

She doesn't have a clue I've seen her spread open

There is a girl I have known since highschool. She's married with kids. But we still talk. I am a regular at a very popular bar in our area. She also comes to it often. Either with her husband or with another girl I've known just as long. A couple months ago she was there with her friend. She came over to the bar where I was and we talked for a... [more]

Mother in law fetish

Why is it I can’t get aroused anymore unless I am thinking about my mother-in-law. She is in her early 50’s and super hot. She has the cutest petite feet which I fantasise about rubbing and cumming on.

1st time watching my wife with a total stranger...

My wife and I had gotten into 3-some's and wife swapping soon after we got married at 18 yrs old. And I'd seen her expose herself to lot's of guy's / girl's. But the guys we'd had 3-some's with were friend's and the cpl's we'd swapped with we'd at least swapped a cpl of letters with and a few photo's as this was in the 70's long before personal... [more]

Step daughter fantasy

My sexy 39year old step daughter's body gets better and better fit tight small tits wonderful ass so like her mom I'm imagining fucking her when fucking her mom it's such a turn on her mom benefits from the extra hard cock inside her as I pound her daughter.
I really need to get her daughter into our bed I'm sure she would want her step dad's... [more]

Hot tub

My wife her daughter 39 were in the hot tub wife got out left us 2 in there her daughter's so fit I had a hard on as we sat there talking I almost shot my load it was such a turn on seeing her body in all but her bathing suit what a body. When I got back to my room I fucked the wife for hours thinking if her daughter. Xx

Cute Step Uncle - Help

Hi all.
Ok, so my parents are divorced, and my dad has just remarried. She is much younger, which freaked me out at first, but now i really like her. Anyway a couple of days ago her younger brother came to visit, and stay for a bit, and he's cute. He is alot older than me, in fact he is twice my age, (I'm 14, he's 28), but he does not seem like a... [more]

I slept with my wife's best friend/maid of honor

We all went to Atlantic City for the night. She happened to be the 3rd wheel because some people cancelled last minute. My wife was passed out in the suite and I wanted to talk a shower. We were sharing a 2 queen bed room. My wife threw up from drinking all night and passed out snoring. I stayed up a bit talking to my wife's best friend. She's a... [more]

I'm a male with a rape fetish

I am a straight guy, who wants to be raped, by a guy, while my gf watches. A perfect scenario would be my gf setting it up and directing it. What drives this fetish?

I miss my wife

My wife passed 2 years ago, We were together for 14 years. In all ways the best part of my life. As time has gone on I miss so much about her. She was very different from any other girl I had dated, I found in time she really loved to have sex,
By looking at her, or talking to her you would not know any such thing. But once she had your trust... [more]

Tired of fucking mom

I'm getting so fucking tired of fucking my mother. I really loved it when we first started fooling around and she taught me all about sex. The first time she let me slide my throbbing cock up her tight hot pussy was probably the best night of my entire life, and I will remember it fondly for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, after 6 years of... [more]

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