Desire Confessions

Lovely Young Woman I work with

I have this beautiful early 20’s woman that works a few feet from me. She is very friendly and enthusiastic which makes her that much more sexy. Today she wore a tight white turtleneck shirt that really accents her body. Tight little waist and big boobs. Looking at her is like looking at the sun. I can’t wait to get home so I can jack off thinking... [more]

Wife’s new friend

I’m a 56 year old married m wife is 42
I am no longer able to satisfy her like I once did. I discussed with wife that I wanted her to be sexually satisfied. I refuse to take any medicine. It takes a while before I can get semi erect. I went looking for an ad for young men with large thick girth. I found a very young 25 year old white male named... [more]

Fill me up

I'm a 42 year old white male. I have never had a real dick up my ass. I have been fucking myself with large dildos and vibrators for almost 20 years now. Something is missing. Cum...lots and lots of it. So, I guess my question is, how do I go about getting fucked raw and having every drop of every hot load of somewhere in the ballpark of 1000 men?


I want to mutiple men to bang my brain out or treat me as I am their slave for days long

Horny wife

My wife has always been very hot looking,for at least 10 years of our 25 year relationship I’ve been obsessed with watching her have sex with someone,over the years I’ve blindfolded her told her to think it’s another man,she has never done it for real but we have always fantasied together about it,even where she works we’ve had fantasies about men... [more]

The Lust of it All

I have this burning passion in the forefront of my mind, this overwhelming desire that tries to take over my actions. I want to get a woman pregnant. The act of it all is appealing, the raw sexual attraction, the nails dragging, the biting of flesh, the release. The desire to see our labor bare fruit and the erotic display of a woman with child. I... [more]

Should I tell my wife?

I really need to have gay sex. I'm not gay but I really feel the overwhelming desire to try it. I'd be fine of she were present but I can understand that might be an off putting ask.
She and I hardly have sex anymore because her sex drive has taken a serious dive. We've talked about it some but she finds it difficult to open up about it. ... [more]

Give it to me Big Boy

I sometimes fantasize by being dominated by a big strong man. Some of my favorite men to think about are Jean Claude Van Damme or Dolph Lundgren (Especially him). Thinking of his amazing physique for He-Man. I love the idea of him taking me mercilessly, ripping my clothes off but gently holding me. He makes me feel so tiny and delicate. I want to... [more]

Craving you

Big mac and fries wouldn't go amiss, right now.


I would like my wife to be seen masturbating . She would like to masturbate on my brothers bed .

Biker types

I have a big fantasy to get fucked by bikers. I'm 19 and female, still live at home while I go to a Christian college nearby, and come from a conservative, very religious family. My parents are anti-tattoos, drinking, all of that.
We have a Harley Davidson shop down the street and I love seeing the guys and girls hang out and have fun on warm... [more]


I am hooked on cheating wife and cuckold stories. Mostly the ones that are humiliating. I love the thought of my boss or someone I know fucking my wife. Not just fucking her but humiliating me about it. Knowing that I lick her well-used cunt after. Stopping over to our house to fuck her no matter who is there. My family or friends seeing her go... [more]

Should I hook up with younger women?

I've always looked really young for my age, I'm 35 and just recently somebody mistook me for being 16. A couple of the girls that have been hitting on me or around the ages of 18 & 19 and 23. I'm honestly not sure what to do.

My Goal is a 10 inch Cock

Ive only ever been with one guy who is not very thick and only about 6 inches, but i need more! I want to have a nice thick cock to fill me the way i wish. I want to feel and see it in my stomach! I have a dildo but nothing beats the real thing!

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