Desire Confessions

Horny always

Im a 32 year old housewife
Mother of 2
Married 13 years
Just a Question i think only other women can answer truthfully
I have secret fantasies all the time.
None i would act on.
But is this normal.
I am horny often. I am a good mom and wife.
But if people knew my fantasies they wouldn’t believe it.
My latest is my son’s friend
I... [more]

Female porn stars

I have been watching and just adore a female porn star Natalie Minx, by far the best I have ever seen she is into everything I particularly love her in Pony Girl dress and actions she is so fantastic, Natalie has the absolute best cunt I have ever seen along with fantastic tit's and overall a great body her acting is better than most

Crossdresser fantasy

Well I am a crossdresser and I have a few fantasies one is to get raped and beaten well me and a few of my man friends set this up a little thing down town and we all agreed with what was going to go down so I got dress up in a blue dress that was down about to my knees in length pantyhose thongs bra heels went and parked my car on the street it... [more]

I made out with Samantha Bee

I met her at a party and we hit it off. We found a room where there wasn't anybody around. We sat on a loveseat and started kissing, then our tongues slid into each others mouth. After making out for about ten minutes, I began to feel her tits up over her shirt. She's got some pretty bit tits too. Then after about five minutes she had to go. I... [more]

Feeling the heat below

When I was out with my family, I had seen a sexy woman who was very busty and thick. I wanted to fuck her huge rack and cum all over them melons! Like she was really big up top … her rack were the size of two basketballs next to each other. I don't know if she had a boyfriend or not, but I wanted to talk to her, lust was building up and I wanted... [more]

Accepting my sexuality

So I'm approaching 40 and I am finally accepting who I am sexually. I have messed around with both genders and am finding lately that I am desiring to be with whomever. 3ways of all types, couples, getting Eiffel Tower'd, you get the idea. I walk through places playing the who would I fuck game. There have been several guys who I have just wanted... [more]

My dad

Never in my 25 years have I felt any type of sexy feelings towards my dad but lately I have the urge to let him see me naked. He’s coming to visit today what should I do?

Flashing dad

I’m a straight female. Lately I’ve been really horny. Always looking at nude women online. Lately I’ve been having the urge to go outside naked or topless late at night or early in the mornings. But what’s worse is lately I’ve been imagining my dad seeing me naked. He’s coming to visit today should I accidentally flash him?

How I became Bisexual!

My wife and I are both white and in our 50s. We recently hire a financial adviser to help with our retirement plan. Kevin is 25 very polite, well spoken, very good looking young black man. Over a period of six months we had met with him a few times and I noticed he would really flirt with my wife, and she would eat it up. Getting the attention of... [more]

Moms brother

Growing up i always had a crush on my uncle.
I always thought he was hot. I never told anyone and mom thought we were just close but I really had other thoughts.
Last Christmas was a big family get together.
I was hime from college and my uncle was staying a couple days.
My bedroom was in basement and there was a guest bedroom next to... [more]

Beach house cum

I went down to the annual beach weekend with my mom and her sister and my cousins some years ago. I was 21 at the time and it was us adults and my cousins 16f, 14f and 7m. We do it every year and I always have fun because I am the oldest and get to have fun with the kids but also hang with the adults. We have a normal beach day, super hot and... [more]

Brother in-law

Hi my Husband’s brother is a dork
Hes 8 years younger than my husband and
Is a first class nerd.
He come up this week to visit and will be here for two weeks.
My husband works evenings from 3 to 11
So its just him and I on week days.
John wears glasses is short and real awkward around women as far as i know he’s 24 and never had a... [more]


I really love having my asshole licked and sucked on. Problem is my boyfriend is scared to try it. I wash my asshole so well in preparation of a good licking. But he always chickens out on me and makes up some excuse about he's not feeling very well. If you are well enough to fuck me you are well enough to lick and rim my sexy sweet ass. Anyone... [more]

Glory to all !

I did something that my friends don't know about. We went to a house that I found out they were having a glory hole at. What they didn't know was that it was me who sucked them off. Before hand I had shaved really close. Then I took with me a kit I could install in the bathroom. It consisted of a glue on nail kit. After installing I painted my... [more]

Anal sex

Are there any women that prefer anal sex rather than regular sex. I have been reading stories here and some women really love anal. I just started fucking my girlfriend ass and rimming her something she was not into and loved it. Any other women love anal?

Older men

I have been reading a lot of stories about older men wanting to suck cock that are married or straight. I’m not judging because I’m 63 and would love to fuck a mans nice ass or have my ass fucked. I’m really not curious about sucking but I love anal. I never been with a man but love to fuck women asses. I been watching male porn and I love it. I... [more]

Daughter thoughts...

How many guys on here think or picture your daughter or step-daughter when you cum in your partner? I have a very cute 20 year old step-daughter, often fantasize about her and very often shoot my load in her Mum wishing it was her!

Stiff Cocks

Im a straight guy but I’m dying to drool all over a huge cock .I want to jerk a big cock off into my face and feel the warm cum drip off my lips. I would love to make a cock stand up real stiff right in my face . I’d suck it so hard and I’d want it rubbed all over my face - balls and asshole too. I think I’d cum just from sniffing the guys asshole... [more]

Full bra

There is nothing I enjoy more than a large breasted woman. Nothing makes me excited like a full bra. One of my old girlfriends (who given the chance I would pound her til I broke her hips) wore a matching green and black bra and panty set and I couldn't decide whether to leave them on her or tear them off her. A nice pair of fat round breasts do... [more]

My Niece

I lived away from home for about 17 years, and during that time I've helped my wife's niece financially, more than my wife knew of.
My Niece has had a tough life, 2 kids out of wedlock, worked for sometime as a stripper to survive. Got busted for drugs years ago.
Since I've moved back home, I've also been giving her money now and then.
Over... [more]

First time anal with male

I love anal sex with a women especially with a nice ass. Lately I’ve been having a desire to fuck a man in his ass. I’m straight and never been with a man. But I would love to fuck one in the ass. Especially if he is a cross dresser with a nice ass. Any men interested in my desire?


From a need, I have developed a desire to be forced diapered and treated like a baby by a woman. I long to be innocent and care free and loved and cared for. It's crazy I know but I can't get it out of my head

Cross dresser

I really desire to be with a cross dresser with a nice ass. I would love to have him dressed up in heels and thigh highs lace panties and bra and short tight skirt. I would love to have him come over and hang out. I would love to have him take off his skirt and admire him. Watching that ass walking around in my house. I would love to have him... [more]

How many women liked to be rimmed?

I’ve been with my share of women and girls over the years and it’s been my experience that some want their ass rimmed but are to shy to ask..
I’ll be down their licking them and they’ll lift their hips up high enough so the tongue will reach their butt hole, I never mind going in and around after it’s soaked with their juices but I’ve never... [more]

Panties lover

She was my aunt’s daughter- Lisa, my cousin, I’d known her since childhood. She was almost four years older than me but 16 looked quite mature with her big boobs and butts, and she had a tendency to follow me around whenever I visted my aunt. I was visiting from college during the winter break and had impulsively grabbed a couple of pairs of... [more]

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