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I want my cock sucked so bad

I'm 18 and really want my cock sucked, but I don't have the balls to go out and date and all that. I wish there was a way to do it discreetly and quickly for fun and not have to pay a prostitute and all that. Like Tinder except you just post nudes and meet up.

Desired to have sex with BF's Brother

Many moons ago when I was almost 13, I had this desire that my best friends brother would be my first lover. He was a few years older than us, very athletic and muscular. A weekend in the early 90's saw me staying over to spend the night at Sarah's home, she was my best friend since elementary school. We had already prepared for bed and all when... [more]

I want my mother in laws pussy xxx

Hi I have been very happyily married for around 7 years now and from the moment I met my mother I wanted to fuck her , she is 51 years old now and looks better than ever her name is Kathy she's about a size 12 blonde hair blue eyes tanned skin and a ass to die for , I fantasise about day in and day out I wank over her underwear when ever I get the... [more]

Feel bad confession/question

I have sexual desires against my aunt and cousin, my aunt's name is Alexandra and my cousins name is Jennifer both fake names for privacy. Alexandra is my aunt by marriage and Jennifer is my first cousin, I feel really bad because I have sexual desires for both of them and there my family, my cousin Jennifer me and her have been close for as long... [more]

Public touching

Has anyone had sex on a bus or Train? Or plane? Or done other stuff? With your partner or a stranger? In veiw of everyone. Have you been groped or dry humped in public places? I'm keen to know how many of you have experienced it, I've always wanted it to happen to me.

I want more

My husband and I bought our house a year ago. The house needed some updating, and over time we started getting things done. One day he was at work and I was painting a room that was to get new flooring put in, we had gone to the home center and picked out what we wanted. At that time we had set up a time for someone to come out to take... [more]

My first

I've seen stories about Milf's or cougars and get hard just reading and thinking about my first. When I was 16 my moms friend Linda came to stay for a couple weeks. Linda was 42 divorced and a beautiful redhead. One day my mom and her were sunning by the pool enjoying there margaritas, I was hooked the first time I seen her in her swim suit. I... [more]

Pussies and Guns

I want to get fucked with a pistol. Preferably against my will while being humiliated and assaulted. I want to feel threatened knowing that a man could kill me while practically raping me, by shooting a bullet through my pussy. I think I would enjoy it, and wouldn’t be able to control the pleasure.

Should i try?

It's me again from the Honestly need a milf confession. So I have this friend that I've known since middle school and his mom is honestly a petite milf and I've thought about talking to her on messenger and trying to subtly seduce her or turn her on in a way what are your guys thoughts of what I should do or say?

Want to try a cock in my mouth.Glenwood estates Sparta mi

Want to try a cock in my mouth!

Just a thought

One day I just want to order some pizza and pull the delivery driver right in the house and let him fuck me. I want to bend over and let him out his cock inside 0f me then he Will leave and I will eat pizza :) haha!
Then there's this hot guy in the shoe store he's so fucking hot & he knows I want him I know he wants me too he's the manager I... [more]

If you had to pick

Hi Guy's, If you saw a nice looking woman in her early 30's in good shape. Would you rather? Be able to see in her top, B Cup, Husband says look great, or See up her skirt? Either with or without underwear. As much as possible tastefully done.

Honestly need a milf.

I'm a 16(almost 17) young man I am about 5'8 and a still a virgin. I hear my peers at school from both genders talk about their sexual activities in broad daylight and it frustrates me. I watch porn so much to the point it makes me feel pathetic. I have a a fantasy of having a milf have sex with me and make me feel wanted and want me. It depresses... [more]

Will she ever?

I have a great wife, in great shape love's to have fun, and love's sex. I have been reading on this site about a woman who will wear revealing outfits for their husband's. My wife like's to dress nice and knows what to wear to get me going. Not revealing she just looks great in it.
I started asking her if she would maybe wear something a little... [more]

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