Desire Confessions

Want To Be Owned

I’m a 21 year old female and I’ve always had the fantasy of being completely owned by someone. I’ve tried dating and having more “vanilla” relationships but it’s not working for me. I want to basically be a house slave/wife and work freelance from home so that I can keep the house clean and always have dinner ready for when my... [more]

A love

I think with all the photos posted that you are most beautiful i have seen for a long time.
I see one here of a beautiful smile, one with very nice soft smooth skin and very wonderful eyes that reflect your smile to greatness.
I also see as I love long nails on males that your nails are of ones that would grow quite nicely and then have them... [more]

Sister's In Law Hot Nude Body

My gf's sister is hot. I haven't noticed it the first time that I saw her but man, I don't mean to be possessive or anything, but I want them both for myself. I started flirting her by kissing her in the chick when my gf's not around, hitting her ass and asking for a kiss, she sometimes get mad but she doesn't seem to tell my gf about these... [more]

Singles night

I been trying to my wife going to a singles night 1 to show her she very pretty lady and load men im sure try chat up dance buy drink etc etc while i keep eye on but also mingle till close end i go chat up and be lucky guy get to leave with is that good or bad ?


I would love to have a bbc take a picture with his dick and my tits

Ex colleague with amazing ass

I used to work with a colleague who always wore tiny skirts and high heels to the office. Whenever she got up from her desk I’d find an excuse to follow her so I could discreetly take photos or a video on my phone of her bum/legs to masturbate too that night! Over months I got hundreds of videos and thousands of photos of her to jerk off to. I... [more]

I’m so attracted to my sister-in-law

I will try to keep this short, I just need to get this out there. Maybe “vocalizing” will help me. My wife “Lisa” is several years older than her sister “Kim”. They could be twins, except Lisa is fair skinned, dirty blonde, and Kim is dark complected and dark haired. Lisa is a bit taller and bigger bottom as well. Their voices even sound the same... [more]

Falling for him hard

I've been separated from my husband for two months and have been spending a lot of time with a friend of mine and her husband. My friend is bi and thinks I'm attractive. I'm more into guys, but she's pretty and basically the three of us have been fooling around together. Her husband is hot.
It started out as just having fun--I hadn't had a... [more]

Love to Share Pictures of Wife

The thought of other men seeing my beautiful wife is hot. We are older but in good shape and my wife is one of those women that gets hotter the older she gets. Think Elizabeth Hurley, Jenny McCarthy, yummy.
Anyway, she has done professional boudoir photography and many sexy modeling pictures for me. She gets turned on being photographed and... [more]

Bikini sisters

I’m recently retired and as my wife is always out and about I’ve often got a bit of spare time on my hands. I also recently discovered social media and how stunning young women are very happy to post very revealing photographs!!!
Recently I have become very interested in the adventures of two 20 something Australian twins who have developed... [more]

It took 22 years

I moved into my first house when I was 24. I was engaged and had the life. My neighbour had two daughters in their teens. I got to know them chit chat neighbourly stuff. I was a handy guy and always lent a hand. Tami the older of the two became quite friendly and flirty with me, we would tease each other and my wife to be hated it and was a... [more]

Hotwife Bucket List

After you have been married for many years you try to think of some new ideas that will spice up your sex life. Gentlemen, I am looking for suggestions I can include on my Hotwife Bucket List. I am asking for some kinky ideas for a wife and husband to do together. Ladies, please share any suggestions you would be willing to be a part of. My... [more]

I love her tits and belly

There's this friend i love as a sister but her body is so attractive. she's a bit chubby, most of her extra weight is on her thighs and a big pot belly. her breasts are massive, her tum is big enough to give them some support but they're still way bigger. and her overalls make them look even bigger

Busty milf

I am a 42 year old woman and I want to show my tits to have men comment on them and jerk off


I am a aspiring sissyboy I have all kinds of outfits to dress in shaved smooth all over wig makeup different colored nail polish ! I am actually pretty cute fully dressed up!! But I really want a alpha male to make me submit to him and have him manhandle me anyway he wants

Any other Boston area people..

I have many naughty desires ranging from watching people, to being watched, to family, and other peoples wives. My gf is very sexual and loves to try to keep me satisfied with kinky sex in the bedroom and sending me very naughty pics and vids while I'm at work or away. But there are some fantasies i have not share with her yet and not sure how... [more]

Secret slut.

Im 22M I guess I'm pansexual. I had only been with one guy and he was way older then me , but I was soo Cock hungry, we had a 69 nd he let me fuck him, haven't told anyone that I'm pan. I was getting that craving again and I went to a bar at a hotel. I met this guy, we talked for 3 hours, and he asked if I wanted to meet his husband. Idk if he... [more]

Moms and Aunts please answer honestly

Are there any mothers or aunts out there that have ever let their sons or nephews see you naked? How did it happen? Who initiated it? Did it arouse you? Please tell me your story. “Please no trolls or rude comments, this question is posed to moms and aunts “

Obsessed with ass

I’m 30 y/o straight male that would literally do anything to a nice ass, I’m aroused now just thinking of seeing, sniffing, rimming & penetrating a nice tight one. With hopes of experiencing my first white ass.. my desires are in command. Let’s share, my BBC for your ass.

Be my first

I’m a 30 y/o male that has a strong appetite for a nice soft mature white ass. Would like to experience my first one & Allow my senses to be fed.

Let’s share!

I’m a athletic built 30 y/o brown male living in Va with a healthy appetite for a mature woman 40’s 50’s 60’s interested in my youthfulness.. let’s start with sharing words, pics then etc...

Housewife 60's

Both myself and my husband are in our 60's, quite active and still enjoy a great sex life. Recently my husband declared that he really wanted to spank me? Now this all came as surprise as he has never shown any urge to do this to me in the past. I gave an under taking to think about it and came to a decision that what harm could it do? So I told... [more]

Aching to sub.

I've been dominant in all of my sexual relationships by default but the idea of completely submitting to a woman and letting her use me however she wants with the explicit purpose of getting her off as much as possible and letting her control how and when I get off for her is an incredible fantasy I have.


I am a 28 yrs old female and I want to be molested

I’m not a pubic hair fan but...

I bought a pc from eBay and it was buyer collects only, I arrived at the house and was invited in, the couple were very nice offered me a drink and if I needed a toilet break, they said the pc is in the other room as I went into the other room a young slim girl was curled up in the chair, both her knees up to her chest and she only had knickers on... [more]

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