Desire Confessions

Having a threesome with 2 asian women

I was 24 and I had been working with a married Asian female for over a year when she ask if I would have a threesome with her and her sister and I said definitely I will. So they came over to my apartment and when I opened the door I had only a towel around my waist and they both just stared at my semi erect cock bulging out so I just took it off... [more]

I really want to seduce my mother in law

She has been giving me mixed signals, earlier she was texting me and now she texts but stays alert, I think my sister in law saw our messages.

I love cock

I must admit I’m a slut. I love to fuck.,I’m 19 and love older men . I was so horny last night , so I went to a bar. Sat at the bar and had a beer while checking the room out. Had on a short dress with no panties. I had plans to seduce somebody tonight. I notice the men were looking at me and that got me very wet. The music was nice and some... [more]

My teacher

I was a senior in high school. I just turned 18 and ready to graduate. I had this male teacher who all the girls were crazy about . I always sat in the front so I could open my legs and let him see my bare pussy. I thought it was fun teasing him and I’m thinking he would not do anything . I wanted him too. I was having sex anyway but I prefer... [more]

Money for pussy

I was 18 and working a part time job paying hardly nothing. I also loved sex and wanted it all the time . I was really tired of not having money but I was taking care of my mom so I couldn’t get a full time job yet. There was this older guy who live next door to us and was always telling me how pretty I was and I should come over sometime. He was... [more]

Let a stranger fuck me

I was at a party and was getting really tipsy. I thought I better get home cause it was getting really late. Some guy say he would take me home and I agree. He was handsome and smelled good. I was really horny for some reason. I open my legs and was rubbing my pussy. He stopped the car and said let me do that . I put the seat back and he put two... [more]

Hitchhiking for sex

I’m a teenager girl without a car so I hitchhike to get around. Men always pick me up and they always want to flirt . I don’t mind cause I love attention especially if it’s sexual. One time this older guy picked me up and I noticed he was packing . I decided to open my legs with a short skirt on . I had no panties and I was wet just thinking... [more]

What do I do ladies please tell me what to do

I’m not going to lie to you wonderful woman out there. I am wanting to admit that I’m wearing a very tiny tight pair of pink gstrings right now and I need to tell someone that wants to hear me say it. You will be able to see what you want from there and if you embarrass me or make me do something else then I am just not able to say that I refuse... [more]

Servicing Cock at Maine Hunting Camp

You’re out hunting and it’s been slow. You encounter another hunter, an older man. You can’t quite figure out why but there’s something about him that attracts you..physically, sexually. He just seems to be in control of himself and his surroundings. He mentions he’s hunting with a couple of buddies and they’re around somewhere. You start... [more]

I guess I’m a slut

I’m a 33 yo professional woman. I have a masters degree in business. I earn a nice salary in a mid level management position for a large bank. I’m attractive with a nice body and I stay in shape. I have a nice boyfriend but they never last and are a revolving door. Why? Two reasons: First I fear commitment. Second, I’ve had every STD there is and... [more]

Any other housewives in here that like to clean the house naked?

As soon as my husband leaves for work and the kids are out the door I take off all my clothes. I love being naked all day! I go about my daily work in the buff with all the window blinds open. We do not have any neighbors that are close enough to see in but I do get 3-4 deliveries each week. I often wonder if any of them have got a glimpse of me... [more]

I want to see my friends wife naked

I have wanted to see what my friends wife looks like naked for years. We are both married and I have even mentioned to him before I’d show him pics of my wife if he showed me his but it was a big hell no from him. We are all in our late 20s and they have been together longer than me and my wife. I have tried to peek down her shirt, look under her... [more]

Public humiliation

I want my mummy to dress me in a skirt ,blouse,panties ,tights and heels no wig no make up and parade me around a busy shopping centre for all to see I want to be laughed at and feel the extreme shame of it all

Trade pics of my wife

I’m still looking for new people to trade pics with. You don’t have to be married but prefer at least have a gf. My wife is 25 and would like around the same age but will look at all. Add my snap Jharp556 and send sample and age in first message

Cock sucked

I need my cocked sucked

Having sex with my neighbor girl

I had a girl who lived next door to me All my life she was 2 years younger than me and she had the same boyfriend since she was 11 and he was my age and we played baseball and basketball all though school and we had been in the locker room showers many times and he always had the smallest cock in there and I always had the biggest cock. So she... [more]

I'm not gay but I've been with a few guys

The first time I saw a older guys erect penis I was 8 and he was a was 15 and lived next door. One day I was at his house and he ask me if I wanted to see something cool. And I said yes and we went to the barn and he pulled down his pants and layed down and started jacking off and I was very at awe at the size of his cock and when he shot his cum... [more]

Wife's Past

I have huge desire to hear from my wife's ex-boyfriends how they fucked her and what the craziest thing she did in bed with them, I would like them to describe what did she do the horniest time she fucked them. Every night I masturbate to stories I imagine hearing from them.


Every time my boy friend has sex with me he milks my breast he makes me soo horny,im a bimale with 34 b breast . i love it when he sucks my titty milk out.can any one relate to this?

Gurly brat

I would love to meet cute as hell feminine girly boy brat she's versatile size doesn't matter to me I'm masculine man but I will suck on your clit and make it cum I'll eat your ass too baby I want to come home and find you in my boxers and got your hair pulled back how cute and that makeup on and wearing one of my dress shirts and you got some... [more]

Her Hot Young Looking SSBBW Aunt

My date and I was spending the weekend at her aunt's place. Her aunt is a very big and heavy but not a very fat woman. She has a shape that would make her hotter if she was a hundred pounds or more lighter. She has very big tits, nice shapely legs that black nylon stockings on them would turn someone on like me. She's kind of wide down there... [more]

A stranger fucks me good

I was 18 and very adventurist. I love doing new things and taking chances. I started to have sex when I was 15. The first time was with a older man who thought I was older. He fucked me so good , I got to the point where i wanted it all the time . I prefer older men because they have no cut cards when pleasing you. I was at a friends house who... [more]

Humiliate my wife

I get turned on by humiliating my wife . its just with phone sex operators. my wife is sexless and since we had to get married way back when i've never detected an interest in me as male. i've had affairs with other women and since it was just for sex i dont think i can be that bad in bed. i think they would not have spent any time with me if i... [more]

Stranger fucked me

I went to a bar with a few friends and had a little too much to drink. I was mostly tipsy and very horny. I was having a ball dancing with all the guys . I must admit I looked hot in my short skirt and halter top. The men were definitely into me and I loved it. One guy was really handsome and sexy. I knew I wanted him . The bar was dark and a... [more]

Would you fuck my wife 42f

Would you let you wife play I’m really trying to get her the right person that she can’t resist.

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