Desire Confessions

Why do I want strange men to see naked pictures of my GF

I have always felt this way! I want guys to see the person i'm dating naked and comment on the way they look....I don't know why.

Going down on boss

I'm a guy with has the desire to go down on my boss. I want to be his cockslave and be humiliated by him as I drain him.

Can someone help me better myself?

I have a boyfriend who I really love and want to have a future with, but I constantly have these desires to have sex with random people. To get a "sugar daddy" or get kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. I doubt I could even have this happen cuz I'm chubby and ugly, and I don't really want these to happen but when I think about it, I get very horny... [more]

I'm so horny

Fucking hell. I really want to be kidnapped and fucked while tied up. I know it's wrong and shit. But damn, just thinking about it gets me so fucking wet. I have a boyfriend and have told him this about me, but we are unable to do anything about it. He promises to tie me up and shit when we get our own place, but I want it now. I want to be fucked... [more]

My Wife Wants a Girlfriend

My wife is Bi, and I adore that about her. We met on-line and lived in different cities, so we chatted about everything for a long time before we met in real life. Thorough our chats, I figured out that she was (is) Bi. She was embarrassed a bit at first, as she had kept it as her deep, dark secret.
I told her that I was completely okay... [more]

What should I do to get my wife to gangbang

What do you do to get your wife to start swinging or gangbanging She is strawberry blonde big natural boobs a little curvy we live at Wyong nsw is anyone that can help me

Sister in law

This past year the wife & I lived with her sister and I grew an obsession with her, got to the point where I would smell and masturbate to her dirty underwear. Their would also be times where she would have underwear on her bed that she plans to change into and I would cum into them.
During the summer we would sleep with our door cracked and... [more]

Step Son

I want to blow my step son. I want to take his cock in my mouth and feel his cum. I want his cock to touch my face so bad. I have wanted to blow him for a long time. I hope one day I will be get to. His mom does not know about this fantasy.


Im a w/m straight and love gloryhole porn. Love it so much that I want to be on the receiving end and service any cock that gets pushed through the hole. I love anonymous sex acts so does anyone know the best place to find gloryholes? Do you think men mind that it may be a guy doing the sucking or do they need the orgasm as bad as I need the glory... [more]

Beach boobs

My wife is Exhibitionist I think
Today we went to the beach for a swim the surf was very small which my wife loves she was wearing her usual gstring bottoms and a boob tube that makes all her features stand out she has a curvy body with a set of amazing big boobs and dark little nipples mmm so hot
Anyway we went in for a swim and the first... [more]

My mom-in-law's asshole

Every time I think of my mom-in-law, I think of her bent over my dining table, ready for me to spread her butt cheeks and lick her asshole. She would purr like a cat while i licked her for hours. The closest I have now is licking Irene's used panties everyday.

My wife desired bigger cock

Kathy my wife and I have been together for 20 years. She is 37 and I am 42 years old. I am Latino and my hot wife is Native American and White. Kathy was a virgin and she has only been with me sexually. I have a 6 inch cock when hard. I thought we had a good sex life until recently. My wife is 5'5 about 160 lbs.Long straight brown hair. Brown... [more]

I want to suck and feel

I have always wanted to know what it would feel like to take a dick.... Keeps me up at night and is driving me crazy. What's wrong with me.

Treat me badly

Want to ride a girls face even tho im a guy i want a girl completely dominate me or her come home fucking a big black cock and i sit there and enjoy i just want to be a toy if you want to add my snapchat joshua_felt2020

Why i am suck a cock and balls loving women

I was in my first year of my marriage ( i was only 19 years old) and my husband and i got drunk really drunk with his best friend. my husband and i moved to the bedroom and started fucking and it felt great.I had quite a sexual power over my husband . He was not a wimp but he would do as he was told to get his dick caress ( for a better... [more]

Wrongful Desires

I know it's wrong, I feel guilty about it, and wish I could get the idea out of my mind, but I can't. For months, I have increasingly had feelings for my son, but not those a mother should have. I keep thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. I wondered if my son, Jimmy, had thought of sex with me. However, I do remember he often... [more]

Shared Wife, if our family only knew....

I let my friend fuck her. We had always talked and fantasized about her showing off sexually with another guy in front of me. When we go out, she loves wearing short skirts and no bra or panties, flashing and showing off her body. One of my friends was visiting from out of town and after a few drinks at our house, she was feeling pretty relaxed... [more]

Kitty needs milk

I’m a kitty cat today. I’m on all fours, tail plug in, wearing my sheer catsuit. Waiting for you to fill my bowl up with your milk.

Jerk Myself

I love a nice slow sensual jerk off, whether I’m doing it myself or someone else. If it’s just me I use just enough coconut oil where I still have some friction with a tight grip. I love doing it while sitting on the floor of my shower. But my favorite place is in my warm bedroom, back against the wall, butt plug in, sitting on the floor. And... [more]

Be kind

Why are there so many angry comments. Find your kink here, read and release. Everyone is so mean, be kind.

I need a big load

I’m bored of my sex toys. They fuck me and vibrate me till I pass out but they don’t cum. I want to be bent over my desk, panties pushed to the side and filled with warm cum. I don’t care how long you last as long as your load is big.

Your cum

Men please eat better and exercise. Women like myself and men who like to swallow don’t like your sour cum. Please appreciate our services by making better life choices.

My perfect cuck husband

My hubby has a cute cock that I love to nibble on. But he knows I need big cocks to please me. He’s the best cuck, watching him cum while I get fucked helps me cum. If another man doesn’t want him in the room then he can’t have me. My cuck hubby is the best I’m a lucky woman. Have a good day.

He thigh gap and I

I want to stand in mirror with a beautiful woman with thick thighs. She can either have her thick thighs oiled up or be wearing the softest sheerest pantyhose. But I want to slow fuck her thigh gap and watch my cum slide down her legs.

I need a big load

I’m bored of my sex toys. They fuck me and vibrate me till I pass out but they don’t cum. I want to be bent over my desk, panties pushed to the side and filled with warm cum. I don’t care how long you last as long as your load is big.

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