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My first time Bi

I am 50, married, and have an urge to suck cock. I want to kiss and lick and suck it and caress the balls and feel his cum spurting in my mouth. I definitely would NOT Kiss a man, But would love to hold and suck another mans Cock.
If I could find another similar married man I'd also love to be Fucked. Definitely.
Just NO kissing, my Cock just... [more]

The step daughter

So I have been with my lady for the last 5 years and raised her kids without any help. As her youngest daughter grew up I had to deal with her wearing stuff that would show of her tatas. She also had no problem flashing me even in front of my lady. My lady didn't find anything wrong with it because she had a bra on!
Her older daughter who is 21... [more]

Prick teaser

Since moving into my new property I’ve become good friends with an elderly lady two doors away.
She was the only person that knocked on my door and welcomed me and introduced herself.
Since that day I’ve always looked out for her, I’ve got shopping for her, done some DIY etc.
One day a knock at my door, I had not long been in the shower so only... [more]

Married woman who wants a woman for sex only -

How does a married woman go about finding a woman for sex only without using an app? I don’t want a relationship. I just want pussy. I don’t know how to go about finding a woman that’s in the same boat as me.

Beastiality (dog)

I’ve been letting my dogs (I’ve had about 4 dogs throughout my life) but the very first time I let my dog lick my pussy and it felt so amazing! I was only about 11-12 years old. I always felt weird after letting him lick my pussy but I did it days later regardless. I now own a husky/malamute dog and omg he loves to lick my pussy lol I’ve been... [more]

Should I go for it?

So the fittest girl in my school thinks I am hot, and has arranged to meet up with me. She lost her virginity when she was 12 and is down for everything- I've been dreaming about her for 3 years and now she wants me. The only problem is her ex, she broke up with him last week. Today him and his friends beat me until I couldn't move, and stole my... [more]

Want to be dominated

I'm a guy and I want to be dominated. I don't mind either by a guy or a girl, I prefer dominant girls but I also like sucking dick so I don't mind. Nothing is out of bounds, it is completely up to the other person what things we will be doing. I am open to anything. So if anyone is willing to dominate me or wants to please leave me a way to... [more]

Hairy Pussy

I’m wondering if what happened to me as a 18 yo boy has stayed with me all my life so far.
I was helping my dads friend on a job, he was a builder and I would do all the clearing up for extra money.
This one job was in a block of flats, I was up and down the stairs so many times, having a rest at the bottom this French lady opened her do and... [more]

Do you ever hang around your house naked?

I started hanging around the house naked quite sometime ago and insist my wife do the same. She is a very pretty girl and I want to watch her sexy walk when she is nude. It feels good when my penis swings back and forth when I walk. I don't like feeling closed in so all the blinds are kept open and we have a
lot of windows.
I do confess I... [more]


I’m sixteen and had sex twice, I watch lots of porn, I’m so wanting to know what a creampie feels like, I know this can’t happen in real life, don’t want to get pregnant. Is there anything I can do / make to simulate the feeling of a creampie.


Does anyone else get turned on by cartoon characters on TV? I don't know if it's normal or not, but I get a raging boner watching hot cartoon women. I especialy like the hot mom on American Dad and Leela from Futurama. I've even wacked off to Marge Simpson. It kinda seems a little strange, because they are not real people. I havent told my wife or... [more]

So Horny

My husband is out of town, and for the last two hours I’ve been watching lesbian porn while rubbing my pussy and playing with my super hard nipples...I’m so overcome with desire I don’t know how to get some satisfaction! I especially like the scenes where they lick on each other’s nipples-that turns me on the most. I imagine being in that position... [more]

I’ve been a bad boy, mistress

I’ve been a bad boy, and I need a dominant woman (or more than one woman) to teach me a lesson by making me her sex toy.
My body needs to be used for your pleasure, mistress. My cock and ass can be used however you please. Bend me over and take me with a strap on and force me to cum from it.
I’m ready to be used and taught a lesson... [more]

Son work friend, what an experience

I’m a single 41yo mother of one, I had my son when I was 16, his father left when he was three months old.
I’ve had a few relationships nothing long term mainly because of not wanting to upset my son.
The last 6 years I’ve not had any sexual contact, one I don’t have the disposable money to go out to socialise! two I don’t get the time to go... [more]

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