Desire Confessions

My Pink Climb In Balloon Fantasy

I Want To Dream That: I stretch into baby pink fleece adult diapers and footed pajamas, with the pajama sleeves having sewn on fleece mittens, and the pajama collar having a sewn on stretchy fleece facial hood, and an unlocked lock, at my neck which will, once locked, seal and encase me completely within stretchy pink Heavenly soft fleeciness... [more]

Fetishizing women’s pleasure

I confess that my greatest enjoyment sexually always involves a woman’s pursuit of her personal sexual pleasure. Without that element, without seeing or knowing or hearing or reading about or experiencing a woman’s drive for orgasm by any means at hand, my desire is muted. My greatest pleasure in sex is a woman’s sexual mind. And although I... [more]

I love my breasts to be suckled

I'm a guy, and when I was younger, we had cats. One morning I woke to my nipple being suckled by a cat. Instead of getting weirded out about it, I felt good. Today, I have a breast pump and I suckle myself when ever I can. I wish my breasts would fill with milk and someone could suckle it out of me.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

I love this site. I write erotica and I love all the ideas I get from reading the answers to questions like this. So tell me what you've done.
My sluttiest moment was when my husband was pimping me out on an escort board years ago. I would fuck men in our bed while he was at work, sometimes one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then he... [more]

Anal with a man

I want to fuck a gay man in his asshole. I want it to be nice and clean shaved. I want to rim it first and get it wet. Then I want to slide my cock in. I want u to tell me that you love it in your ass. I'll fuck u all night b

Fucked in ass

I'm a straight male and like to play with dildos. I would like to have my ass fucked by a real cock. I would like to see u in the mirror fucking my ass. I'll lie on my stomach and spread my ass open for you. U can fuck me any way you like. I want to feel your cum in my asshole.

Want my wives ass fucked

I would love to see my wife get fucked in her ass while I watch. I want her to tell me how good it feels and how much bigger you cock is. I'll spread her ass open for u then I want u to pound her ass. She loves it in her ass. It drives get crazy. I want to watch and jerk off.

See my girlfriend with another woman

I want to see my girlfriend with another hot woman. My wife has a bubble butt and a small waist dark hair and nice tits. I love to see you both in black lingerie and heels. I want to see you make out while I watch and jerk off. Could not see my wife with another man but a woman yes. I want to see you lick each other's pussy and asshole. It would... [more]

How do you approach mature women?

I'm a guy in my late 20's. I've recently realized I'm very attracted to older women, late 30s onwards. They're the kind of women I find intellectually most stimulating, and sexually more attractive (when I watch porn, it's usually about younger guys with older women).
Thing is, I don't know the first thing about approaching a mature woman with... [more]

Getting aroused in my sleep (wet panties)

I have started waking up in the morning feeling very turned on and seriously wet. My panties are wet front to back. I have been this wet before when thinking about sex or when being touched, and I have had sexual dreams, but never woke up this horny and I can't remember any dreams at all. I am 18, live with mum, dad, older brother and kid... [more]

Pics of girlfriend

I like to send nude pics of my girlfriend. But I want you to respond to her on how good she looks or want u want to do to her. The dirtier the better. That would turn us both on. Thanks

My Insatiable Hunger For The Touch Of Baby Pink Fleece

The touch of baby pink fleecy adult diapers and 2 pair of footed pajamas of the same material stretched over me, Is Psychologically Overwhelming, And Impossible To Resist, So I Will Not Try to struggle out of them; Just Enjoy The Sensations That they produce! From A Happy Adult Baby.

Anal sex

I'm a straight man and I love to fuck women in the ass. I love bubble butts. I also like to stick dildo in my ass. I have one up my ass right now. I've been pegged twice by two different women. But lately I have been thinking about a real cock up my ass. I'm not attracted to men but I been watching gay porn lately. I would like to lie on my... [more]

Phone sex

I love having phone sex while jerking off. Either with my wife or not. Try talking dirty to your husband the next time he calls. Tell him you're lying on the bed in lingerie and your rubbing pussy. Tell him you're really horny for him and u can't wait for him to come home and bend u over the kitchen table. Tease him use your imagination. Or you... [more]

Anal sex with cross dresses

I want to be with a cross-dresser. I want him to come over in a black short dress, thigh highs, and heels. I want him to take off his dress only and walk around like that. I want him to bend over and tease me with his ass. I want to take him into my room and lie him on his stomach. I want to massage him and play with his asshole. I want him to... [more]


I'm a straight man and want a woman to peg my ass. I have played with dildos up my ass but I want to get pegged.

Pictures of male butts

I'm interested in exchanging pics of male butts with nice asses or with lingerie on. Send me your email

Anal sex

I'm a straight man. I love anal sex but my new girl is not into it. I've been watching male porn and the men really love getting their ass pounded. I would love to fuck a man in his ass and watch him love it. I want him to tell me to fuck his ass. Anyone interested reply

Shared wife

My desire was to have my wife have sex with a friend and I! I didn't think she would ever do it but I was wrong, she agreed and she enjoyed every minute of it! Now she is looking for guys she knows on a social site that are interested in threesome's. I love my wife and I always will, she has my support for anything she wants to do or try.

Anal Curious!

I am a 54 years old married man. For years she will sometimes play with my asshole while giving me head. Sometimes she just rubs around my hole with her finger, sometimes she actually penetrates me with a finger or even two. Every once in a while she will even rim me and fuck me hard and fast with her fingers! Any and all of it feels amazing to me... [more]

Advice needed by a college age female

I'm a 21-year old college junior (soon to be senior...yay!) in need of some advice. I consider myself attractive, and although I get asked out on plenty of dates I've only had three boyfriends since high school. Lost my virginity as a freshman in college to boyfriend #2, just broke up with boyfriend #3. I think I might be bisexual because I've... [more]

Suburban desires

So, I'm a 40yo mom of three who lives out in the suburbs. I totally fantasize about Fucking the teenage boys in the neighborhood. I want to be the local slut mom who lets the boys have their way with me. My ultimate fantasy is to have a bunch of them over my house at once and let them all take turns on me all day. I’d let them do whatever they... [more]

My wife's nudism is driving me crazy!

My wife and I are both in our mid-50s and have been married over 30 years. We did not engage in pre-marital sex so it wasn't until our wedding night that I discovered she wasn't really interested in sex--e.g., she recoiled the first time I went down on her, so I stopped doing that immediately (even though I thoroughly enjoy it). She did allow me... [more]

I love Cum

I love the taste of a mans cum. I would love to swallow multiple cum shots!!!

Watch my husband

My husband and I were talking about weird desires and talked about 3sums, p0rn, and much more and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to be present while he was with another women, but I would love to set up a man or woman to have sex with him and take video that I could watch. Sort of like a home made video but just for me in a way.
This is not... [more]

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