Desire Confessions


I had a dream last night that my wife went out with a couple of girlfriends. She texted me that she would be coming home soon and she wants to indulge in one of my fetishes. She told me to look in the bag in her closet and change into the clothes and put a blindfold on, turn out the lights and lie on the bed. I looked in the bag and saw womend... [more]

My wife and Andrew

I have a confession. I was able to convince my wife to make out with Andrew a young military guy we met at a bar.
We all had beers together and I saw his cock at the urinal. This was Friday and then as mdh again Saturday which I told my wife how I think he was the one and she easily agreed. We fucked hoping we could get it to happen and long... [more]

I want it..

I want to be a victim of pedophilia..I've liked the idea of it since I was 5. Just the thought of it makes me wet.

Used Condoms

I’m in my early 20s (f) living with a friend from college. She has recently started dating a guy that I have known for awhile but have only been acquaintances. He’s very good looking, tall, and out of my league. My roommate is a gorgeous blonde so they’re the perfect couple. Anyways, a couple months ago I started getting turned on by listening... [more]

Like see wife take a big cock

Be a nice Valentine's you can come over and get the ball rolling on this large penis massage woman would be great to

Facesit Issue

Hi everyone,
I have a confession. Right to the point, I love being facesat by females. I am a male living in Chicago. I always fantasize about women sitting on my face in shorts, panties, tight yoga pants or of course nude. Many times I fantasize this being a one time thing. We meet somewhere, she sits on my face, I give her pleasure and go our... [more]

My new stepson has got the most perfect sexy bubble butt i ever

Please i need new at this a 45 year old just married housewife and i met my new stepson yesterday who is visiting us right now and omg im going crazy lol...
This kiddo is only 13 but he is one of those cute little gay bubble butt mexican boy toy hotties that wear tight fitting Levis jeans and omg i swear i never saw such a round and... [more]

Sexy encounter with optometrist

I recently went for my annual eye exam, something I quite like because the room is calm and dark and I listen to my very attractive optometrist softly asking if it's better with this lense or that lense.
Last time I went she needed to look in the back of my eyes and got out her little device. She had been flirting with me up to this point and... [more]

Wife’s aunt

I have a crush on my wife’s aunt. We flirt a lot and we have confessed our desires. She is married And we have both agreed we cannot do anything , so we flirt and tease each other. She is 65 and I’m 50. We have a strong connection and we chat all the time. I didn’t expect this to happen but it did. I think of her a lot. My marriage is solid and... [more]

Soft Sucking...

Am I the only woman like this? I discovered sex pretty early in life. It wasn't actual sex but it was "sexual". I accidentally saw my Dad naked after a shower. He had a big floppy fat dick. Seeing that did something to me forever.
When I got to be teen and sex became of real interest to me, I loved looking at guys dicks when they were soft but... [more]

My mind is going crazy...

I fell in love with these two girls I went to school with I've lived them a long time and wanted to ask them out a did so and both turned me down but damn if I don't want to just take them tie them up and get both of them pregnant. Like I have thoughts of knocking them up every night taking them out to dinner and everything no matter what I've... [more]

My friend and her

Before I got serious with my girl my young coworker had a serious crush around her and just blushed anytime she came by to visit me. I told Linda about him and he thought he was cute, a little too short but very nice looking. He would make comments about how built she is and how he liked her boobs. One day i invited him to go downtown club with us... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Celebrity hottie

For some unknown reason I have this huge urge to see Dove C getting plowed by a hot huge black guy. Her beautiful flawless white pale skin against his jet black skin. Her thick gorgeous full lips wrapped around his huge pole. Then listening to her hot sexy voice as she takes in his long black pole. She is just the hottest cutest sexiest white... [more]

Wife’s Friend’s Voracious Pussy

My wife was talking to her close friend the other night and had her on speaker. Friend was complaining about being horny but her husband was busy with other things. Now the friendship dynamic here is an interesting one, so when my wife asked her friend if she needed to send me over to satisfy her, friend didn’t even flinch.
Instead she said, “I... [more]


A friend of mine's husband is a gynecologist. I've known him for a couple of years, and purely on a friend level, he's very attractive: handsome, funny, and a joy to be around. I don't tell my friend that when I come over that I have as much fun seeing him as seeing her.
Anyway, I was due for a routine gynecological exam, didn't have a doctor... [more]

Wife and a BBC

My wife says she wants to have sex with a BBC. Should I let her have a BBC?

Why she loved sex with blacks

My wife stated in college her first sexual experience with a black guy that she unexpectedly hooked up with had her lusting for blacks for a long time.
Even though she would date and hang out and have sex with white guys her desire for sex with black guys was always something she could not stop.She would hang with her friends until late around... [more]

I shared her

Right after my divorce I met a girl named Kim. Small country town where the white girls are cute and well built. She had known me as I used to Coach her little sister. She really wanted nothing more than to have a night with me. I wasn’t totally ready to start dating again and my weight lifting kept me busy. We wound up going out and having sex... [more]

Improper cravings

The context: I've been married 10 years, my husband and I are both 30. We were high school sweethearts. Our relationship is pretty good, but boring. When we were in our teens and early 20's, we talked a lot, had sex a lot, and things were good. After a decade of marriage, well, things are kinda "blah." We still love each other though. He only... [more]

Watching my wife, now I want it for me

I have been watching my wife have sex with other men for years. She will have sex in front of me and she also goes out and has sex with men without me. I have always enjoyed this and I really enjoy cleaning her with my mouth after her lovers cum inside of her.
Now I want to suck cock and have guy cum in my mouth. I have started fucking myself... [more]

I am married and wear my own panties 24/7

I am a married man in my 50's and I love to wear panties 24/7. I only buy, and wear my own panties. I love the feel of panties and love how it makes me look femmy and sexy in them. My wife knows that I wear panties and she is ok with it but, would much rather i be a man a real man and wear men's underwear but, she deals with it. I also have a baby... [more]

Feeling the heat

I [19f] just started working for a large corporation. I'm an admin assistant, and it's my first "real" job, the others were shitty retail gigs. The thing is that my department is filled with fit, handsome, age 30-45 DILF types. Some of them are so hott.
What I like about the guys in my department is that they are smart, professional, and have... [more]

My sisters man

My sister and I are both married and I had a huge crush on her now husband for years and I’m honestly jealous that she married him and gets to have sex with him. I genuinely think I have a better body and I want to get with him... but I love my younger sister and I’m not sure how to ignore it anymore.

I want to be degraded (22F)

I've never really had kinky sex or anything, just watched videos, but my biggest fantasy is being used and degraded like a filthy little slut.
I love to imagine being surrounded by hard, horny guys, having every hole fucked at once while many more wait to use me. The thought of being called names while I get used makes me so wet.
I haven't... [more]

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