Desire Confessions

Mother in law

My MIL Vera is 74, Russian and a BBW. I really really want her and I think she wants me too. I walked into our kitchen the other day and she was bent over the table writing. I squeezed past her to get to the fridge making sure I brushed my c**k up against a**. As I did she pushed back against me moving her hips from side to side. I nearly shot my... [more]

Pushing my limits

I would really like my vanilla spouse to push my sexual boundaries. I don't want to make them do anything they aren't comfortable doing, but really want to know how far i will go. Any suggestions?

Girlfriend’s best friend is making me weak

I’ve lusted after my gfs best friend for awhile now. She’s attractive and I find her sexy. She’s staying over Sunday and I hope that she will find herself horny and want to be pleased. I want to slide my fingers in her and feel her tighten around them. I want her pussy on my face as I taste her and use my tongue to make her pussy cum on me... [more]

I love exposing myself but

Months ago I was getting dirty with my husband of 1 year. He whispered in my ear if I wanted men to stare at my exposed pussy and jerk off to me while I spread my legs in public. Something about that got me so wet and after months the desire grew stronger and stronger. Now when I'm out I make sure to never wear a bra or underwear and I wear skimpy... [more]

Sucking for Smokes and Weed...

When I was in my teens and just started High School, I got hooked up with other kids who smoked cigarettes and weed. I REALLY liked it! Some of the kids wanted to get high after school and I did a couple of times but when I got home, my Mom KNEW right away, I was stoned.
I got grounded for a little while but after I was free, I knew I couldn't... [more]

Submissive desires

I am a 18 year old guy and i have been wishing for years to be dressed from head to toe in female clothes and fucked so hard by dicks and having them in my mouth and ass, i want to have them cum all over me and inside me and make me a cum dump, fuck me so hard til i feel like i am not a man anymore and that my position in sex is always a... [more]

Girlfriends friend

My gf’s friend is staying over and I have the biggest desire to make her cum. I’ve fantasized about putting my mouth on every part of her sexy body but especially between her legs. I often find myself eating to know the scent of her and how she tastes when she cums. I would make her squirt all over my face before I even entered her. I know it’s... [more]

I get turned on at school

I recently started masterbating and i cant stop! At school i get turned on and ive had to go to the bathroom to do it. My spanish teacher is hot and i show myself off to him sometimes to see how he reacts. Usually i undo my top bitton on my shirt, but i started doing more. I go to the bathroom and take off my underwear and go back to class. ... [more]

Young waiter

I had been asking my wife to allow me to watch her and a young guy for sometime. After about 3 years of role playing and her flirting with younger guys not expecting it to happen while we vacationed in New Orleans it actually happened.We met him while eating dinner and he was telling us where to hang out.I saw the look in my wife’s eyes, and I... [more]

Birthday Gift :

Wife has a birthday soon . Thinking that since she will be 69 yrs . old would like to let her pick 6 guys to fuck her on her birthday . These 6 guys would tell her what they wanted her to do to them and she would preform actions requested . Would love to watch 6 guys do her watching her suck cocks while the other 5 explore her body . Sucking on... [more]

I wanna get knotted

I have fantasies about a dog taking me doggy style and fucking me till we knot does anyone have a dog that has some this and willing to let him do me I'm female


I love watching my partners get fucked. Love when they are taking hard dick. I watch her face as she is penetrated. I watch when she cums. Once watched my ex fuck the bedpost.

K9 and gay

I want a man to tie me across a coffee table so that I am on my knees while i suck his cock and he has his dog rape me. I want both of them to fill me with cum and if he wants I will suck his friends too!

How do I ask?

We were standing in a crowd full of people and were needing to regroup since we had split but we weren’t too far from each other. Well as we were about to leave my SIL almost backed into me (I put my hand on the backs of guys and on the hips of girls before they almost trip over me) so I put my hand on her hips and touched her ass since she’s... [more]

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