Desire Confessions

Florida Vacation

We are going to be in Fort Myers in April. I have convinced my wife to have sex with some men while I watch during our vacation. Does anyone know how we can contact men to fuck my wife?

Str8 man in STL looking to sucking big cut cock

I am a str8 white man looking to suck a big cock for the 1st time.

My wife spreading her pussy

I want to watched while getting fucked by husband

I want to be a very busy prostitute

I have wanted to be a prostitute since I was a 15 year old boy. I have always loved big thick hard cocks and hot cum. I LOVE having a mouthful of sperm. When I was 16 I asked a doctor if she would castrate me. She said I needed my parents permission unless they must be removed for medical reasons. That night I put a rubber band around my... [more]

Repair Man

I want some work done around my place. More specifically I want this work to be done while my husband is away.
What are the odds of an attractive worker showing up.. and fucking me senseless.

When my husband gets home, I want him to fucked my cum filled pussy unknowingly.
Sloppy seconds anyone?
I’ve had this fantasy for years now... [more]

Mother in law

Been showing my mother in law my penis in passing almost every opportunity I get and she hasn't said anything to my wife. Do I take that as a sign she's interested

He didn’t turn up in my room

Years ago when I was in my mid thirties I was on a training course which I had to stay overnight.
At night us group of guys were drinking and taking as guys do around the bar.
When I noticed that one guy kept staring at me, I felt uncomfortable to start with but as we all drank I started looking back at him and smiled.
For the rest of the night... [more]

Virgin needing dick

Im straight but i want to take a dick. Several at once preferably. The idea of 5 guys cumming all over me makes my dick so hard. I want someone to show me what a real man is. I need someone to pound my fkn guts out. Treat this sissy faggot like the piece of shit i am. Choke me and give it deep while i beg u to stop. Tell me take it bitch. Take... [more]

A walk in the park

I want to be followed. I want a man to follow me.. I want to walk faster and have him match my speed...
I’ll take a “shortcut” thru a trail.
I want him to know a better one, and show up standing in front of me.
“Are you ready?”
Tie me up to a tree just off the trail, rip my shirt open. Lick and suck my tits, making my nipples hard... [more]

Wife’s wet dream

My wife told me that she had a wet dream lately . In her dream, she was gang-banged by several guys, one after another. I was so turned on by hearing this. I need to ask more details about the dream.

Super Busty Asian bbw Amanda in NZ

Everytime I see Picts of Amanda in bikini on her Instagram I need the stroke my cock. Her tits are so sexy n huge I want to suck and fuck them wish I can see her boobs


When I was a young teenager I always dreamed about older women having sex with them during my teenage years I got the opportunity to have sex with three different wives while their husbands watched. I did not know what was going on. Or that it was called wife sharing. But now I feel EXTREMELY OBSESSED WITH THE idea . now I want to turn the tables... [more]

Now that she's 19...hi!

I first saw her in a club when she was 16, there with a chaperone, and playing an open mike. I fell in love right then and there, along with a mob of boys. But I knew I could win out over them.
But I had to wait. She needed to turn 18. She eventually did, but on the way, oh, my dear lord, the hormones took over and she ripened beautifully, up... [more]

Wife fucking my black friend

I can't get my wife to actually fuck my friends, she talks like she would when we are fucking but when i actually start arranging something she backs out, some of you guys that got your wife to actually do it give me some suggestions

Coming out in Indiana

I feel like I have to express myself or just go crazy with passion.

Lust for Tran bff

I have a beautiful trans friend I met a while ago at my best friends bachelorette party. We bonded over being from the same home town. Last summer she stayed with me during quarantine and one evening I saw her naked. Of course I’ve seen naked men and women but this was different. She’s was in perfect shape, flawless brown skin. nice perky tits... [more]

COVID be damned, I need dick!

COVID has scared me away from dick for the last year. But I don’t know how much longer I can last. I miss smearing my lipstick with the tip of a fat cock. And eye shadow covering my cheeks from gagging. Cum sliding down my throat, dripping down my tits or sliding down my thigh from my full pussy. On the next warm night in my city I’m going to mask... [more]

Let me sloppy suck you!

I’m a female drummer and I dress feminine when I drum. I wear skirts or dresses every time, but I do wear boy shorts or dark color tights underneath because you perverts always try to sneak a peak. I do love how men thirst after me, and truth be told I love to sloppy suck a dick. However, if you can take one of my sticks up your ass while I suck... [more]

I love cock but idk why

Im 32 yrs old and come from a small town. I grew up playing sports and banging girls and all the usual guy stuff. Im from one of those places where same sex activities r frowned upon so i never thot i would tell this story. Ive never been interested in guys at all but for some reason since ive been 30 all i can think about is cock. It got so bad i... [more]


I desire to be gang banged by multiple men I want to feel their raw dicks in me fucking cum deep in my tight pussy back to back fucking me like the dirty little bitch I am. Where are you men at lol I love all dick as you already know

Sexy milf Friend Teresa

Didn’t fancy her growing up but now she is in her 30s and a mom, she looks fucking sexy. Seeing pics of her busty tits in her tiny bikinis always gets me so hard I need to stroke my cock while scrolling thru her posts.
She’s got such a sexy look on her face I wish she would look at me this way while slowly sucking my cock on her knees and just... [more]

Shaving my mom-in-law’s pussy

I fantasize about seeing my Mom-in-law on n her one piece swimsuit and we are about to go to the hotel pool and she asks me if she looks good. I say of course but maybe you’d want to trim off your pubic hair sticking out from the sides. She blushes and goes ‘oh’ and I say nonchalantly that I could help her. She sits down and spreads her legs. I... [more]

Life long chuckhold

I have always thought about sharing any girl i might have with another guy my wife and i got married at 25 within 6 months i set her up for a 3some and we never really looked back i told her that i enjoy seeing her get a big cock and as long as we did this togethr we were having sex together i had trouble finding partners until i found a porno... [more]

How do I share my Penecostal wife again?

My wife was raised Pentecostal and attends a Pentecostal church, with that said let me get on with my confession. We were traveling from Louisiana to Florida and stop to stay the night at a hotel in between . After getting in our room on the second floor we hear loud music and people talking on the third floor. Wife call front desk to complain... [more]

Bbw mature church lady Patricia

A short bespectacled Asian BBW lady from my church, Patricia, I don’t know why i want to fuck her so bad. She’s got a huge belly and boobs and when she wears tight clothes and I can see every curve, I need to jerk off. I wish she would press herself against me. I want to tell her I love hugging her and want to hug her longer so I can feel her big... [more]

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