Desire Confessions

How many would like to try

I’m a married man that would like to try sucking and dick and let’s a man cum in my mouth and fuck my ass

Fun on the road

My wife and I have had many experiences driving down the hyway. Several years ago she agreed to strip down naked in the car and flash any trucker that was looking. Truckers have seen her 36 c cup tits, her nice firm ass, and her nice puss lips. As time went on she began to give me road head with her ass in the air pointing at her window. We have... [more]

Straight man first time

Ok i am a 33 yr old straight male but for the past year ive had an undeniable attraction to cocks. Not men just cock. I jerk to the thought of cocks all the time now. Men, trans anyone with a cock. I want to try one so bad but i dont kno how or where to go and it needs to be discreet. Ive posted on here numerous times and i just cant find any... [more]

Help finding horse and/or dog cock free to play with?

I don't know why, but I am extremely into the idea of licking, touching, sniffing, and just immersing myself in horse-cock and dog-cock... I have no access to dogs or horses in my day-to-day life, but I desperately want to play with them and pleasure these animals. I just want to taste their cum and make them happy... I live in Oregon, in a... [more]

Pure Pleasure Rochester Mn

Would anyone meet me this morning in the video booths at PP I will make the drive but want to know if anyone will be there.


Confession to make. In my past posts I’ve talked about my friend Jim with the beautiful uncut cock. When Jim comes into town I can’t wait to see him. I can suck on his cock for hours, my heart beats like crazy just thinking about it. When he finally cums, it’s fantastic. When Jim comes in this time I want him to fuck me in my ass. Something... [more]

Surprising night with mothers best friend

Last week I found out my mothers’ best friend had a similar affinity for films as I do, which I wasn’t previously aware of. We wound up talking about it a bit then we grabbed some take out and headed to her place. After eating we sat down and watched a film.
About 45 minutes into it there was an uncomfortable moment with us as there was an... [more]


I am a 45 year old man. I have a small penis thats 2ins. soft and only 4ins with an erection. Its skinny also. I say its the size of a 11 year old boys! I have been shaving my pubic hair off. So i really look like a 11 year old now. I like to go to nude beaches and walk around and try to find a family with young children! Boys or girls doesnt... [more]

Love trans girls

My favorite porn is trans porn. I love the way they bend over and the panty shots are the best with the bulges showing on each side of a thong. So hot bent over. Casey Kisses is my fave. Long legs and smooth beautiful body. My dream girl. Would love to slide into her tight ass. I would do whatever she wanted. Any guy would. If they say they... [more]

Best Sex I Had Wasn't With My Wife

I'm married, and I have great sex with my wife, but the best sex I've ever had was with a fwb in college. She did anything I wanted, dressed up in the sexiest outfit I've ever seen, and came in her so hard I compared it to fucking the universe. I think about that sex often, and I don't think my wife will ever compare.

Victoria Garr is so sexy!

Also known as VicaTS. Yes, she is trans has a cock but she only smashes a gorgeous chick named Milla. Like watching 2 lesbians, only one has a dick that doesn't strap on. I find it so erotic, and if I were there watching in person I don't think I could keep my hands off of either of them. I've only ever sucked my own penis, but seeing her's pop... [more]

Very curious

Many years ago I got drunk with a friend. I was going through a divorce and it was a very bad one. Hadn't had sex in about 7-8 months. My friend started saying things like. I'd do anything for you, you need to release some stress, I'll help you if you want. I looked at him and said I'm not sure what you mean. He put his hand on my crotch. And said... [more]

My housemaid

I was 15 my housekeeper was 35,She was attractive but had small boobs.1 day i was getting out of the bath i she walked in/i just stood there looked at her my dad was in the flat so i just walked up to her.Held her head pushed her downd and slid my cock into her mouth.she took the lot.After What seemed like 20 minutes i pulled out and blew all over... [more]

Wife sucking dick

My wife confessed that she sucked a black cops dick to avoid getting a dui, she said she enjoyed feeling of and smelling the big utility belt he had on, she was 19 years old, she give him her phone number, he called several times ,her mother answered and could tell it was a black man, she told her mother what had happened, her mother said that... [more]

More than expected on a new experience

I am a 39 year old married man. Two kids. Go to church every Sunday. I'm not a little guy either. I grew up on farms, doing real man's work. I stand 6'3 and 230 lbs. It's embarrassing for me to say, and I know I'm fumbling my words. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, ive always wanted to give someone a bj. The thought is just fascinating to me... [more]

Tots is tits

If I got seduced by a woman that I later find out is trans... I think I do them.
I wouldn't take it in the ass but I would suck their dick maybe even take the cum in my mouth. I might fuck their ass and let them suck my cock.
Gay, straight, bi...doesn't matter. I am seeking to give and receive pleasure.
It would be exciting, and I... [more]

Wife wants big cock

I have tried for 2 or 3 years to get my wife to let me set her up with a big dick, she has finally said she was ready to try it, I ask her if she preferred black or brown or white, she said just which ever you find and which the easiest for me to get, she says she won't disipoint me or him. I am ready for this too, I love to see her get her big... [more]

Spanking Fetish

I am 21 year old boy I have a spanking fetish I am craving for it ,I can't find any one to spank me please give me some idea for getting spanked by a lady When I was in 9 th standard my english teacher once spanked me from there I developed a fetish

Gay thoughts for a K-pop singer

I don't even know where to begin. To give you some background, I'm 25, a male, and I'm a fitness trainer.
I got into K-pop a few months ago, solely for the music before I fell into the trap like everyone else.
There's this group I started listening to a few weeks ago and now I'm mentally having sex with one of the members.
He keeps... [more]

Wife and some bbc

My wife and I watch a good bit of porn, she has developed a desire for some black cock, I don't have a problem with it as long as I can watch and get sloppy seconds, she is ok with that, there is a bar that we go to that is about half and half black and white, when we go in there the guys look her up and down, I think she can find her a big dick... [more]

Where can I find those legs?

Not really a confession or too naughty, but I fantasize about those beautiful ladies on the flight cabin crew. Those uniforms and those wonderful legs in hose. I just want to look and maybe touch….I fantasize and question in my mind “would a flight attendant be interested in a handsome and fit guy gawking at her legs and maybe touching over... [more]

Panty boy

I would love to attend a panty party where only panties can be worn. Men in sexy panties prancing around in a group.

My wife’s perfect natural tits

My wife has big natural amazing tits. I can tell my friends think about them. Sometimes I think about them watching me fuck her and seeing those big tits bounce. It is pretty hot.

Showing myself

I have always loved to show my bulge. I have nice muscular legs and played soccer my whole life so I’m comfortable in short shorts. I also have a decent sized cock with a nice vein and I’m circumcised so you can see the head of my cock through my shorts very well. I typically go commando or I wear compression shorts when I’m at the gym.
I love... [more]

Looking for instructions

Am looking for some self spanking instructions...i love BDSM and spanking but i can't do those from where I am from so am looking for some self spanking instructions, ideas... I ruler,belt,brush, charging cord,hand... I just love ass being spanked... Am 20 year old submissive women here would love to hear n do ur suggestion, instructions ideas.

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