Strange Confessions

Men who need cock sucked

Hello I'm in 90731. Ready to suck your big cock anytime. Discreet DL and will swallow.

With Dad's approval

I remember the day that my life completely changed. I was your normal kid growing up and didn't cause much trouble. You could say that I was kind of a momma's boy. My stepmom spoiled me rotten and we were usually together most of the day.
My stepmom is beautiful. She is tall with light blonde hair, and my dad went out and bought her a nice set... [more]

Anklet education

I was at our local bowling alley, there was a couple there in their middle 30's or so.
The wife had on a dress, a bit odd to be bowling in but what I found interesting was she wore a very beautiful bit of jewelry on her leg.
They were on the lanes next to my wife and I, so we were talking a bit. I happened to mention that I found her piece of... [more]


It appears that some of you haven't traveled to different countries maybe you can't afford it or you just like to live in your momas basement...
I was doing contract work on what you might call 3rd world counties ( LAOS-Cambodia-Vietnam-Thailand) and a 2 years in Indonesia..
Let me tell you something about sex in those countries...Parents... [more]


I'd like to come home and find my partner fucking the guy who had a crush on her.

Oh what should i do

Well I had been single for a while again. The ex left me with a ton of bills ( credit cards in my name I didnt know I had) Money was tight. Had a friend tha that had a company and need some extra help so he asked me to do so. I was winter time and he said that it would be easier if I stated at his house so we could get an early start. So p... [more]

You never know what to expect

I was asked to go and represent the firm at a three day conference out of town, so I did. Arriving I find after driving for six hours to the venue, that the conference had been cancelled at the last moment and rescheduled for the following month. It was a long and frustrating drive home, and I'd been unable to reach Jason on the phone to let him... [more]


You would be shocked if you knew what girls do for a little money... and you would even not believe at the age that some girls are starting to do that... if your daughter doesn't get allowances and comes home with a new pair of shorts or shoes/sneakers/t-shirt .. you can bet she did the naughty

Porking out

I accidentally gained 20 lbs, which gave me a little belly and some jiggle. I liked to rub the fat around and see how much I could grab. When I was weighed at the doctor's office, I was told that I was overweight. Hearing that while my naked chubby belly was plopped out awakened something new in me. I wanted more people to tell me I was getting... [more]


I’ve chosen strange for this story because...
Rolling back many years I dated this guy when he ejaculated he showed no emotions or body language.
We dated for about 3 months and in that time I never knew when he was about to cum.
Occasionally he would say he’s about to cum but you could never tell buy what he was doing or face expressions.
It... [more]

What will my friends say

3 months after moving into my flat a single man moved in next door, me and two of my friends watched him move in and we all agreed he’s creepy.
Whenever I’m talking to my friends they will always ask about my creepy neighbour.
I know I haven’t been the most pleasant neighbour, I always pulled a face when I saw him but being honest he’s not done... [more]

My ex has a fan siteI now chat w/her everyday & buy her content

My ex does not like me but through a buddy I found out she has a fan site and does camming. I anonymously chat with her daily and buy all of her content. She has no idea it’s me. I watch her masturbate, fuck and suck different dudes and chicks. I blew it with her but I still get to “be with her” virtually. I love watching her fuck mostly.
I... [more]

I pretended to be drunk

I had just graduated high school. A month or so before I had came home drunk and couldn’t even remember getting in bed. I woke the next morning naked in bed and had a feeling my dad had I undressed me.
So I came home early one night not planning this but when I came in I knew mom was at work so a pretended to be drunk all at once. I had thought... [more]


When i was growing (on my younger days) i experimented with sexual objects as often as i could ... but nowadays i find it hard to believe on what young girls are experimenting with.. now a widow and getting getting used to the internet searching methods i accidently got into a porn site and to my attention a very young girl had someone... [more]

Cooped up

My husband and I are both white and we live next to a black couple that are swingers. I made my husband get his first interracial sex on with the woman and man. We are both now bisexual and I enjoy seeing him suck another man off to climax. He takes it deep in both ends. I love our new neighbors and they said they have more to show us.

Wife worked for a Urologist

When I met my wife Patricia, she was a nurse working in a clinic for a male urologist.
I really had no idea what her job entailed, I did know she was paid one hell of a lot of money, in the $80K plus full benefits range.
Quite a bit more than I made running my Texaco gas station.
I also noticed one other thing, Patty seemed to prefer giving me... [more]

Dog Licked My Cock and Balls

When I was young a friend showed me how to Jack Off.
Later on he says watch this.
He called in his Dog and Jacked off while his Dog Licked his cock.
He said Try It.
I started jacking off and his dog licked my Cock And Balls. Felt Awesome as his rough tongue lapped my balls and head of my Cock. I always would Shoot off a Huge Load. When... [more]

Has to be with being a transvestite & a fantasy to maybe try?

Well I first started out as a C-dresser way back I did it really 4A short time it just consists of just wearing stockings & a garter belt & I was happy with that & I would than master bait & than stopped it for many years I,, I had thought that was the end of that, & now fast forward to now/a few yrs now. So where to start & explain what happened... [more]

A pretty interesting day

The other day I was abducted by martians and was made to have sex with their queen to give birth to a new powerful species. When she orgasmed, steam came out of her nose and ears. All and all it was a pretty interesting day.

The sitter

I'm a mom at 33yrs. We had a boy as a sitter, 15, when hubby and i go out sometimes. i know he liked to look at my cleavage and i like when he did.
Sometimes hubby and i went out really late and the sitter stayed the night in the spare bedroom.
One day, after the sitter spend the night, i was doing laundry and noticed.. one of my panties was a... [more]

Tastes like beer

I picked up this chick friday night at a local bar and took her to a motel for a quick one nighter while my wife was out of town for the weekend. She was decent looking, average body, 28 years old, not real hot, but definitely doable.
We went into the room and stripped naked and jumped into bed together. She started sucking my cock, one... [more]

Regular guy... sorta

I appear to be a regular guy, normal, straight. So then why does it turn me on so much to suck cock? I like sucking cock! It just feels right to have another guy's hard on filling my mouth. But that's only half the fun. The thing that turns me on the most is swallowing other guys' cum! I love to be in public right afterward, in the coffee shop... [more]

Is it normal that my son stares at my breasts?

Yes, it’s normal. Boys and men do things sometimes without realizing it. One time my mom told me she wanted to talk me when she got home from work. I was probably in trouble for something. My mom had changed into a tank-top and shorts. I was standing a few feet from her as she was talking. When we were done talking I walked away and I overheard my... [more]

Wicked Parents

What I'm going to confess was done in past. My wife and I bonded with our gifted son. I was walking down the hall and my son's door was a bit open. He was stroking his cock while looking at a nude women magazine. I envied him because mines was average size. He has a very long snake like dick. He was holding it with both of his hands. I was... [more]


My name is andrew lethcoe and I like to look at pictures of womens feet. my wife is just getting too boring.

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