Strange Confessions

Fucked a Grandma

My best friend all through school was murdered our senior year. It really messed me up.
Now that's been 20 years ago and my daughter just graduated and I took her back to the little town where I grew up. I drove by the house where my buddy grew up and I saw his mom in the yard. She'd always been good to us kids so I pulled in the driveway. It... [more]

The Staller

I’m being stalked… by another woman. I can assure you that I did nothing to lead her on. I’ve barely even spoken with her.
My name is Victoria and she is Francis, or Fran for short. I’ve heard people call her Fran the Man. Anyway, she lives few blocks from my apartment complex and works in the building next to my office. I’m a funeral director... [more]

Halloween cross dressing innocent

Please excuse my confession.I had basic education.
in my apartment now.I am a lot older.
I have skirts tank top dresses some panties
tights nighties.
I also have punishment straps riding crop.
enough sex toys too many
estim butt thing nipple clamps.
both parents are deceased.I moved away from where I use to live.
many years ago.I met a... [more]

The Wife

Would you like to see naked pictures of my wife. Please leave your email address here

Daughter's sleep over .mm NM

I raised 4 daughters. Nothing weird there, no problem in being their dad.
My one daughter was always having her girlfriends sleep over. She was always involved in a lot of school activity and we only lived about a 10 minute walk away.
Now our basement has an uncovered wall and I remodeled it for the girls bedroom.
Our upstairs has two... [more]

Sexwork is fun but can get strange

My partner was working as an escort when I first met her and I made it plain she had to stop if our relationship was to go anywhere. She didn't like doing it but she needed the money so she came up with an idea. Now we charge people (Usually guys although we've had couples come to us) to watch us getting it on, then after we've finished she will... [more]

Drunk last night.

I'm 50 and my wife is 45. Wow she got drunk last week at the water park and back at our room I let another drunk guy fuck her. Can't believe it happen. It was hot

I like watching zoo porn but am not attracted to animals

This is the first time ever admitting this to a single soul. I started watching hardcore porn at around 10 years old, after being introduced to and around the world of sex from an even younger age. I started watching zoo porn a few years ago and even though I’m not attracted to the animals themselves, I enjoy watching the videos. It repulses me... [more]

My Neighbors

I am a 26 year old female and I bought a house in a nice neighborhood. Shortly after I moved in this past summer I was sitting on my back porch drinking a beer after cutting my grass and I heard someone getting spanked from my neighbor's house, I could hear a crack and then someone cry out in pain and even a "I'm sorry mommy" and "I won't do it... [more]

Pleasuring Myself W/ Old Memories

So I recently told my gf about something I sure I repressed since I think was wrong. As far as I can remember around 5 or 6 I can clearly recollect seeing my mom and my step dad have sex and I can always hear her moaning. When I was 9-10 I would hear them late at night and unsure when I developed a habit of sitting outside their door and... [more]

Is it normal

Is it normal for a woman aged 24 to have sex with a 17 year old teenager

My best friend and I share a porn folder

I talked them into it step by step over time... Nothing too pushy, just normalized talking about sexual topics with them first. Then I brought up sharing porn as a joke... and one thing lead to another, and now we share everything. *Everything*. We save what we like, and we share what we save. We both add to it. We separate things out, so if they... [more]

Equestrian lusting

I have been for a while, wanted to play with a horse cock. I want to JO one or even go so far as to taste a nice hard horse cock. It's a question so hard to ask, but... Anyone have an idea how to get that fantasy fulfilled? I am Male, 55, bi. But have that desire to try. Help??

Sexually worshipping Satan

Does The Devil like it when my girlfriend and I beg him to watch us fuck and to let us lick him sweetly?

Her breasts

I have sent many guys pictures of my wife. Many have seen my wife’s breasts. But I would like to send photos of her to anyone who has not seen them . Please leave your email on here and I will send them to you

Aunt's arms

My aunt is my mum's sexy sister. She is 60 years old but looks much younger. She is gorgeous in general but it occured to me the other day she has such sexy arms! She is a very feminine medium build with plenty of flesh on her arms and wears skimpy t shirts with pretty bracelets on her wrists Her skin is so smoothe and I like to rest my head on... [more]

First time cock

My sons gay friend gave me a blowjob in my upstairs bathroom on his birthday,it was just a little get together with him and a few of his friends and my wife and I, it was late,I needed the toilet and whilst I was having a piss my sons friend gavin comes in and tells me to move over and took a piss with me! I knew he was gay and didn't think... [more]



Read Wife's Diary

I read a several entries, over the course of several years, that she really liked being a wrestling cheerleader in high school because she could see the outline of all of the guys' dicks. She goes on to write that she wants to go to high school wrestling meets in this area (large metro area here) so she can look at the high school guys' "bulges"... [more]

Somebody's watching

I never told this to anyone and I think it's about time... to tell about my first time. Here we go...
It was the summer of 2015. I was 18 and living in a small Texas town, population of less than ten thousand. I couldn't wait to leave for college that fall, even if it meant leaving my girlfriend, Casey. Though I had great time wuth her, I felt... [more]

Canine love

I have a big male black lab. That loved to watch me jackoff. I'd lay on my back on the bed while jacking off, shoot my load on my chest, and try to hit my mouth. He would jump up on the bed and watch me. After I shot my load he would've it off.
One day while I was beating off.he jumped up and stood over top of me. His cock was about 6 inches... [more]

Wet Games

Now in our 60s, my wife and I have been exploring new sexual experiences, now that kids are grown and gone and we have time to experiment. For example, neither of us have been into watersports or pee games, or so we thought.
We are avid outdoors people and like to hike. Being older now, our bladders fill up faster and so rest stops along... [more]

Do it doggy

I was 12 and I was laying off the side of my bed playing with my pussy when my Saint Bernard came in and started to lick my ass and it felt good then he moved to my pussy and was really licking it and making me have feelings I never had so I got down on all fours and he jumped up and I started to play with his dick and it popped out and it was big... [more]

Asked for directions and got a surprise

When I 13 I was walking home from a friend's house and it was late when a car stop and asked me for directions and I couldn't hear him so I got closer to his car and when I got closer I noticed he was naked and asked me if he could suck my dick. I told him I'm not gay and I'm not into doing things to guys. He said you don't have to do anything to... [more]

Kinky Doings

It started with me and my brother experimenting in getting off sexually. I teased him with my cone shaped tits. Then he began to jerk off looking at my cone tits that my areolas practically took over making my nipples point out on them. I would cup them in my hands and began letting him suck them. I began enjoying him sucking them and letting... [more]

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