Strange Confessions

Somebody's watching

I never told this to anyone and I think it's about time... to tell about my first time. Here we go...
It was the summer of 2015. I was 18 and living in a small Texas town, population of less than ten thousand. I couldn't wait to leave for college that fall, even if it meant leaving my girlfriend, Casey. Though I had great time wuth her, I felt... [more]

Canine love

I have a big male black lab. That loved to watch me jackoff. I'd lay on my back on the bed while jacking off, shoot my load on my chest, and try to hit my mouth. He would jump up on the bed and watch me. After I shot my load he would've it off.
One day while I was beating off.he jumped up and stood over top of me. His cock was about 6 inches... [more]

Wet Games

Now in our 60s, my wife and I have been exploring new sexual experiences, now that kids are grown and gone and we have time to experiment. For example, neither of us have been into watersports or pee games, or so we thought.
We are avid outdoors people and like to hike. Being older now, our bladders fill up faster and so rest stops along... [more]

Do it doggy

I was 12 and I was laying off the side of my bed playing with my pussy when my Saint Bernard came in and started to lick my ass and it felt good then he moved to my pussy and was really licking it and making me have feelings I never had so I got down on all fours and he jumped up and I started to play with his dick and it popped out and it was big... [more]

Asked for directions and got a surprise

When I 13 I was walking home from a friend's house and it was late when a car stop and asked me for directions and I couldn't hear him so I got closer to his car and when I got closer I noticed he was naked and asked me if he could suck my dick. I told him I'm not gay and I'm not into doing things to guys. He said you don't have to do anything to... [more]

Kinky Doings

It started with me and my brother experimenting in getting off sexually. I teased him with my cone shaped tits. Then he began to jerk off looking at my cone tits that my areolas practically took over making my nipples point out on them. I would cup them in my hands and began letting him suck them. I began enjoying him sucking them and letting... [more]

Wife Only Wants Anal

My wife on 30 years only wants anal sex now. We have sex 2 or 3 times a week but she will only let me do her anally. This has been going on about a year now. I'm fine with it but it seems strange.

Letting the boy inside this man be taken

I’m 60 but to this day recall clearly when I was about 10 and an electrician doing work at our house molested me briefly. Nothing hardcore, but I was trying to reach a toy or something on a shelf and rather than just grab it for me he he lifted me up so I could get it. He was a big strong guy and easily lifted me, but did so by grabbing me between... [more]

RSO in pee hole

I inject RSO directly in my pee hole using a hollow urethra sounding device. It absorbs really fast and gets you high AF.

Wife squirts in friends drink

I had one of my friends over and me and the wife wanted to fuck. We told my friend we was gonna watch some tv and talk and be back out shorty. He knew what we was gonna do we just didn’t say get out we fucking lol. Well when he walked out he left his gator aid on our dresser. Me and the wife a freaks and I got her to let me use some of his bottle... [more]

My girlfriend kinda raped me? What do you think

So we was drinking and doing the white. It come to an end i fell asleep and my horny girlfriend stuck a 6" dildo up my ass and started fucking me.. Eventually i woke up to my ass gaping and talking i felt violated but loved it at the same time.. She thinks its hilarious but really its rape right? I have no thoughts at all about acting on it, sure... [more]

Just Fantasies

I would never want this to really happen to me. . . but the thoughts are erotic to me.
I have very raw fantasies of being gangraped and snuffed. I enjoy snuff art and vids of women who are petite White Irish like myself.
I squirt so hard when I wank to these fantasies, pics and vids.
My favorite snuff pics and vids are impalement... [more]

Why are so many strong women leaching off men?

I have been in & out of many relationships with women
my mom 7 sisters are all strong women they work help care for their husbands finically as long as they help them! i wanted a loving wife just like them to keep it in the family the 50/50 type of love you scratch my back i scratch yours!
but while dating & i have noticed a lot of the so... [more]

I love seeing girls kiss their dogs

I love it. It’s so sexy. Just wish i could find more of it ;)

Dreaming of being my wife

I have been having dreams of being my wife and having sex with guys and sometimes two guys at once. Most of the dreams I wake up as her and I’m completely nude either in a hotel room with the windows wide open and I’m standing there in front of the window then all of a sudden there’s a guy or two guys with their dicks out having sex with me. The... [more]

They Enjoy Masturbating

My mom recently remarried. Now I have a step brother and a step dad. Mom and I learned that that our step family members has a strange masturbation fetish. It became a regular thing in our house. I don't know if they did that openly together before becoming a part of this family. I caught my step dad choking his chicken out in the hall peeking in... [more]

Boarding School

I went to a small boarding school and we had chores. One of my chores was to clean the bathroom in our hall on Saturday. To clean the bathroom I wore my swimgear and while the showers were on I washed the walls and floors. The toilets and sinks I washed with buckets of water. Sometimes, I lowered my swimsuit and walked around with my penis out... [more]

I ( F33) have been sleeping with a gay man and I love it.

One of my best friends is gay, however he is really good with his hands. Like really good. Since lockdown started he’s been fingering me in return for BJs and occasionally anal. He watches porn while hes inside me, as he really isn’t into women. Is it bad that it turns me on to be used like that?

Sibling love

My sister is 83 she is the oldest sibling.She is 26 years older than me .I am the youngest and she is the oldest sibling. We are the only 2 remaining siblings.I have been divorced for % years no childern. Her husband died almost 2 years ago.She has on child who lives acrossed country so I became her soul support. She can not see well enough to... [more]

Wife flashed clerk while on her period...

Nothing gross about it.
My 32 yr old slim sexy SoCal born wife and I were looking for ways for her to flash (butt cheeks, nips, crotch??) and get us both she said she'd go to the mall shoe store wearing her short white jeans skirt, with the slit. She's noticed a cute older guy working there. now this girl is a Sunday school teacher -... [more]

Sexciting day

When I was in prep school South of Boston I was hitchhiking with a friend. A couple of girls picked us up in a custom van. This happened in around1975. My friend got up front and I went in back to the "moon room" this girl got me SOOOO high. I was still a virgin. She started kissing me and rubbing my dick making me extremely excited. Then she... [more]

Is it me

Am I alone in getting turned on showing my wife’s breasts to guys or women. So far over 130 guys have seen them. Most have seen them individually by leaving their email address. Does anyone else get off by showing their wife’s breasts.

My Bitch

I am a 42 year old male and I have a female mixed breed german shepard, pitbull dog. I have been eating her pussy and fingering her for the past month. She has been licking my balls, ass and cock for two months. I am working up to make love to her. I can't wait to spend my time sexually with her.

I'm confused

So I was sitting at a table with my family and I was sitting right next to my cousin and after we were done eating he kept touched my thigh. ( and at the time I was 9 now 19) but I was confused and I didn't know if it was an accident or if it was on purpose. But I'm so confused I know I should let it go but something about it feels nasty and... [more]

Grandma Friend

If grandma only knew her friend was a voyeur who enjoyed looking on to people in sexual misconduct she would flip out and report it to her church pastor. My sister and I sort of enjoyed being exhibitionists to her. Our grandmother's friend would expose her long empty tits and play and suck them as my sister blew me. She would sit in the chair... [more]

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