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Strange Confessions

Cry in the night

I was at home recovering from major surgery. I had a nurse for overnight ( I know).~ She heard me talking in my sleep and~ came and finished me off.~ I don’t remember any thing`

Practically still a virgin

I am 37, a home nurse. I am embarrassed to say that I have only had sex one time in my life. It wasn't pleasant, it was unwanted, rape really. But its the only sex I've had so I can't be too choosy. I'm not pretty or sexy. Not my gift. Being nice doesn't get a man to want to have sex with you.

Wife Fantasizes About Werewolf Gangbang

My wife often fantasizes about and reads erotic stories about a girl being gangbanged by werewolves. Specifically by three or four brothers fucking her all at the same time. Funny thing as a side note is that she refuses to do anal and isn't a big fan of sucking dick, but in her imagination and stories the girl is getting her face fucked, and... [more]


Simple, for anyone who has not seen my wife’s breasts but would like to. Leave a contact email here.

What is a popper?

Can someone please explain what a popper is? What its used for where to buy?

All the way, Becoming a Sex Pig Degraded & Used

My Wife got SSBBW 385lbs. 5'6" Gross out fat dripping, stopped bathing, used Dude Wipes for quickie baths like an old whore in Mexican brothel. I could not fuck her, gross!
I began going to porn theaters, I have lived all over, I shit you not, Phoenix. AZ has some of the best Xrated theaters I have ever seen, great places for a BJ as you... [more]

From sheltered to wild and back to church and husband and kids

I grew up in a small town where my father was the police chief, my mother the secretary to the Lutheran Minister. I grew up with two sisters, bang, bang, bang we were one year apart. My father is exmilitary. We got a good education and when it came time for me to go to college I commuted to the small college twenty five miles away. I graduated... [more]

Bud Lite turned me gay

I had a few friends over at my house to watch some preseason football last weekend, and we were having a pretty good time. We were drinking beer and getting pretty rowdy, down in my basement room I had converted into a "game room". After the first game was over, we started running low on beer. I hollered upstairs to my wife and asked her if she... [more]

Boarding school stuff

I was in boarding school. My roommate was on my back humping me. I heard the door open, it was the headmaster for our 'school' level. He asked me to help him after school with papers. I sat beside him and he approved or disapproved, when he approved he patted my back and kissed me, when he disapproved he spanked me.
One night, it was winter... [more]

Snuff Slut Wet Dreams

I have had a lot of wet dreams about me magically being transformed into a sexy woman, gangbanged, then snuffed.
My snuff varies. A prolonged flying fuck. Several orgasms as the metal spike goes into my cunt and exits through my pouty lips. Various beheadings while I'm being grudge fucked.
I always wake up in a sticky mess and crying... [more]

I love his dirty dick after he fucked another girl

I married a guy who doesn't smoke, gamble, has a good job. He fucks other girls and comes home and fucks me with his dirty cock or has me stuck his dirty cock clean.

She let them

My wife admitted that before me…she thought letting guys finger her was nothing She said loads of guys did this to her, even the ones that didn’t have sex with her. Do you think most women let guys finger them like she did

Dumped Girls

I have been reading about women who were raped and found dead in dumpsters. I did not realize that there were so many women that this has happened to. Not all of the killers have been found.
I masturbate when I read the news articles and think about how sexy they must have looked and tight they must have felt when the light left their eyes. Am... [more]

Dumpster Babies

I love reading about women who toss their new born babies into a dumpster. I think these women are very sexy.

Back in the Yahoo chat room days...

I'm currently a married man in my early 50s and have been married almost 30 years. 20 years ago or so when Yahoo still had chat rooms, I frequented a couple of "brothel" rooms for cybersex. After a while, I created an alternate ID based on my wife and used it to become one of the "working girls" in one of the rooms. I would pretend I was my wife... [more]

Caught Wife With an Ebony Woman

I was shocked and very surprised to find my wife in our bedroom with an ebony woman sucking and and playing with each other's breasts, I couldn't make my wife suck my dick or do wife swapping. Yet I caught her having her tits played and sucked by a black woman and them kissing each other. I never knew my wife would do Lesbian acts with someone... [more]

Wet Dream at 55

It's been years since I've had a wet dream. To be exact I was in military basic training thr last one I had at 20 years old. My wife and I have been pretty regular, even if she's bot up to sex she'll wank me. She's had a pretty bad cold so we haven't pet in a few weeks. Last night before bed I was reading through the new posts on here and fell... [more]

T- girl Anything For Older BBC

I'm an alabaster pale Trans I woman who has had top surgery 36C cup. I have a micro penis that can barely get erect at 3". I am super fem, long natch brunette at 5'2" I get lots of wow! Hot from most straight men. I just turned 19 but beginning when I was 13 my slutty mom married a big black attorney with money enough to own her soul, his huge... [more]

Husband fucking a sex doll made me so wet.

I got off birth control a couple months ago and my husband is getting a vasectomy in a week. He loves to fill me up with cum. So he hasnt been as interested as normal in sex since hes gotta pull out and we both hate condoms. Ive done hand jobs...blow jobs...and sex and pulling out and anal sex so hes not deprived. I also will add my husband wont... [more]

Painful & Fun

I have the most intense orgasms when I am having a baby sucked out of me.

Find my wife's d***** in the closet.

I was cleaning up the closet, moving my clothes around period
Saw towel wrapped up. So I opened it and found 2 black d***** in it period one was about 9 inches pretty thick, and the other was a monster like almost the size of my arm. I don't understand why she has Them .
We really haven't had sex for over a month. Which concerns me a little bit... [more]

Is it rape, if you enjoyed it?

When I was 13 I was raped by two older high school boys.
I walked too and from school everyday. If I walked down the sidewalk from my house to the school it was 3 blocks. But if I cut across the football field it was only about a block and a half.
Any way one day I witnessed two older boys vandalizing some school property, and told the... [more]

Supernatural motivation for wife.

I was born with a micropenis that's too small to penetrate my wife.I have always pleasured my wife orally and with dildos. She loves it when I roleplay other men fucking her when I use lifelike pornstar dildos on her. She cums really hard to her Jeff Stryker dildo . Although she loves the idea of being fucked by other men with big cocks she... [more]

Peeking at my wife’s vagina

When we got our bathrooms redone, we had the doorknob changed. The cutout from the old doorknob was a slightly different shape leaving a small gap big enough to look through.
Every morning my wife showers at the same time and I watch her undress through the crack. She has the absolute best-looking vagina. I always imagine I am someone else... [more]

Laugh and belly

Hello. I love a woman's belly when she laughs.I love to see a womans abs contract as she laughs. Especially when she lies down and laughs. I don't mean fat, but an average stomach. When she laughs, the stomach somehow changes its line. It starts to twitch and shake. And it's beautiful to feel the motion of shes laughter and belly under my hand or... [more]

Would Other Women Take The Money?

Yes, I am a woman.
Yes, I know this is a weird question.
My answer to the following question is yes.
If you could get $5,000,000 (I'm in America, so adjust for the rate for your country) from the government, tax free; but the catch would be that you take the chance of being picked for the weekly snuff lottery for the next 5 years, would... [more]

Chocolate bar

I was seeing a woman who I work with and we used to have occasional sexual encounters, not full sex, in her locked office. One lunch we were fooling around and she took her knickers off and said " I'd like you to fuck me with this chocolate bar." So I was up for that and slipped it up her pussy and fucked her with it. She then said " now eat it "... [more]

I love sharing images

I don't know why but the thought of sharing images of my partner turns me on so much, she knows and is all into it also, dose anyone else have the same or is it just me

Glad I'm "Pretty"

I am 39 and I've been the girlfriend for fifteen years. His wife has told me dozens of times that if her husband had found an ugly girl she would have divorced him. I guess it's a back handed compliment, but I'm glad she thinks I'm pretty.

Her breasts

Many guys have seen my wife’s breasts and pussy, but I want more to see them. If you do leave your email address here

Punished for my wife’s past

My now ex wife was a pretty petite woman 5’1” with store bought tits (36d) she weighed 118lbs.
Her story was that When she was 7 her mother pimped her out to old men who would fuck her pussy and ass. She is very petite so it hurt. They didn’t care. This went on until she left home at 16. Her younger sister experience the same treatment. She... [more]

Daughter’s Disturbing Online Chat

Recently I stopped regulating my teenage daughter’s online history. That was a mistake.
Last night I checked for the first time in a few weeks, and discovered a very disturbing chat she had with another girl, apparently her age.
It started off fine, introductions, what games they like, etc. I had almost moved on, but then noticed a few more... [more]

Let my Neighbor watch me put on a show

I moved back in to my parents apartment, my bedroom on the 4th floor facing other apartments window. I was about 22 years old. One night coming back from work, I didn't notice but, the blinds where completely up from mother cleaning the room. About an hour later, without thinking of lowering the blinds, I was jerking off and a middle aged women... [more]

Gothic chick in MS

I've never told anyone this and It popped into my head today at work and figured I'd find somewhere online to share it.
I'm 31 now but back in MS I started messing around with this quiet Gothic chick, she was unpopular and most people thought she was weird. The honest truth was, she was actually really nice, just very quiet and reserved. It's... [more]

Did she

My wife of many years recently admitted that when she was younger, about 25 she had sex with a teenager. He was 17 and she told me that when she sucked his cock, she could taste his pre cum? Is this possible?

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