Gross Confessions

This actually helped me get clean

I'm a woman btw. I was already an alcoholic by the age of 13 and a drug addict by the time I was 15. I started out with beer and moonshine and eventually progressed to wine, bourbon and vodka, the same way I later started out with weed and worked my way up to meth. I lived in a pretty bad neighborhood, my mom was hardly ever around, we lived on... [more]


Sometimes I (NB17) genuinely want to be fucked. I know it’s weird to go after older people but, being babied and taken care of would be so fun. Older men have commented on my body and it makes me feel things. Sometimes I want them to take advantage of me, and then treat me like I’m the world.
I know it’s disgusting but I needed to get it off... [more]

Coffee with a twist

My supposed best friend won’t pay me back the 10 grand she borrowed last year and is still pleading poverty but turned up at my house boasting about the holiday she has just booked. It really got me pissed so I went into the kitchen to make coffee for her and blurted it out to my husband. He took the coffee I had just made, pulled out his cock and... [more]

Just wondering

I 15 male and my older brother we used to give each other a hand job then a blowjob some times we tried to fuck each other and we played truth or dare and I just want to know if there is anyone else who did stuff like this

I am such a sick tease

I've been like that since I was 16. I'm 30 now, 140 pounds, 5'10, with long dark hair and D-cup tits and big but firm ass. The latest incident happened yesterday and now I constantly masturbate to it. I met up with my friend that afternoon. She had gone shopping with her mother, then took her son to soccer and while she was waiting for him, she... [more]

I'm messed up

I had a hard day at work yesterday. Didn't arrive home until after midnight. I tossed the door open and set my keys on the counter, racing to my bedroom. I sighed a breath of relaxation. I pulled off my shirt and pants, then my underwear and bra. I shuffled around the room, searching for a towel. My dog Jake barked happily at my arrival, tossing... [more]

I was bad

Long story short, I used to let my dog eat me out. Best feeling ever, that long, flat tongue could cover my pussy totally. (Before you ask, yes his mouth was cleaned and so was I, and I cleaned us both after.) He'd do it willingly, I'd sit there with my legs spread, curious of what he'd do at first, he was gentle then he'd get a little rougher and... [more]

I love when my doggy licks me ♡

When I'm alone, and have the time to do so..I look into my doggy's eyes, pat him, and smile...whilst slowly whipping my cock out..I then get a block of butter, and smear it all over my cock..and let it go it's course~... It feels great when she does so, I never forget to reward her with some treats, pats and kisses after.. ♡ Needless to say... [more]

Wife's sperm breakfast

I prepared an omelett for my wife today. I woke up early, and watched different types of porn, amateur, homemade, bisexuals, gay and lesbians until I nearly exploded. Then I jerked off in the plate I will use to whisk the eggs. I added black pepper, salt and cheese. Added the eggs and prepared a healthy breakfast to my horny bitch

My wife and anal

Maybe someone can answer a question for us my wife loves to be ass fucked I fuck her in her ass almost every night I’m a average 6 inch’s fair girth and she has no problem when I fuck her ass and cum in it but when other guys with dicks that are about 8 inch’s or more with bigger girth fuck her ass she can’t help it she shits herself when they cum... [more]

Friend and his twin brother in my wife’s asshole

As promised Margaret went to Jason’s house last night to our surprise his twin brother Justin was there he ask if Margaret would be into letting both of them fuck her and she gladly said yes they all got naked and she started sucking Justin’s dick and he and Jason are twins both have very big dicks Jason is eating her pussy when Justin cums in her... [more]

Friend ruins my wife’s asshole

My friend Jason has a very big dick it’s a good 9 inches and about as big around as a 20 oz coke bottle he fucked my wife Margaret in her ass hard and rough she wanted him to treat her like the slut she is I loved jerking off watching them but he ruin her asshole so bad she shit herself when he pulled out she couldn’t control her ass muscle... [more]

Wife's Nasty Pussy

I have been married 30 years and for the past 10 my wifes pussy smells and tastes disgusting. It fucking stinks. I refuse to go down on her and rarely fuck her.



I ate my Wife's Uterine lining!

I just got all fucking beastial while she was on her pad, went down on her, pleased her big time and pulled that fucking tampon out and ate the bloody lining! Now in my culture, (White, redneck/biker/headbanger)
It is a right of passage to get your red wings. Had mine since I was 16 and repeated it multiple times in my life. But this was the... [more]

Walked in on something truly abhorrent

This happened decades back but I wasn’t able to forget it. Never fully have, I just thankfully buried it. I often slept over at my best friend’s house when we were teens.  Sometimes when we got older I’d crash at his place or he would mine. Just a normal thing.
One time when we were teens, I walked in on something truly unexpected, somewhat... [more]

Yes this gross thing happened one insane moment in time

I was attracted and clearly in an obsessively seemingly insane mood one day several years back when visiting a friends house. I always wanted to f*ck her but she supposedly was happily married. She was a naughty flirt like me and we often had phone sex because my voice drives women crazy.
One day while visiting, she and her husband went to bed... [more]

Uninhibited in the woods

I enjoy getting naked in the woods. It's very free and liberating and uninhibited and sort of primal. But I also enjoy squatting and shitting when I'm naked. Don't know why this would sexually excite me so much but it does and I usually jerk off before or after or during. It's always very remote and no risk of being caught. So it's not an... [more]

Something to drink?

Whenever my female neighbors come over I always make sure that they have something to drink topped off with my cock stirring it And hidden camera in the bathroom there’s just something about a woman pissing and shitting or changing s tampon that excites me. I also like comparing their pussies,if by chance I hire one of them to clean my house I try... [more]

Ohhh Crap T*rds !!!

I won the “wish bone” last turkey day. I wished my peenie would get as big as my mother’s t*rds.

Cock breath

My wife mother was getting re married in Vegas she ask if I would go with her . On the way to vegas she started blowing me we pulled over I bent her over the car and fuck her balls deep dropping a load. Had her suck my cock clean of all the left over jizz . We were running behind rushed to the chapel her mom was getting married . She gave her mom... [more]

What would you do?

If you stumbled upon a couple coupling on a picnic table in a dark corner of the park would you watch them finish? If he removed a filled condom and left it would you touch it? If she wiped with a tissue and left it would you examine it? What would you do?

I know where I contracted it.

I know exactly where I contracted the Chinese virus. From a cheap stripper in a low end titty bar. She was drunk and I do love drunk gals. Plus if your a great tipper the drunk gals allow more liberties.
The lap dance started out with a reverse headstand where they stick their ass right in your face. Whew she stunk like old ass! I turned my... [more]


I am so embarrassed my dad was in bathroom and I walked in while he was jerking off. I froze I. Shock and he came with me watching.

Semen Makes Her Gag

She won’t allow me to ejaculate inside her mouth. She can’t get past the thought of those tiny swimmers finding the spaces of her teeth and gums. And maybe even swimming up to her nasal areas. She even thinks they make her butt hole itch. Crazy girls!

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