Masturbation Confessions

Masturbating for my Mum

I recently found a video of my Mum masturbating on her bed while she was talking dirty. It got me so aroused. I have always sniffed my Mums dirty panties while I jerk off since early teens. She was so descriptive telling the watcher how wet her cunt was as she finger fucked herself with 3 fingers.
She then shocked me by saying my name and telling... [more]

Public toilet masturbation.

I remember when I was quite young this happened to me when I was around 12 or 13
There’s a place near where I used to live called Chalkwell park, Essex uk. Now near the Play apparatus there was a public toilet, where this happened.
I was a horny fucker back then, and on my travels that day I had come across some lady’s underwear, felt... [more]

I can’t get enough of feet and toes!

I don’t know what it is about the female foot that drives me crazy, I love everything about them. Whenever I check out girls I always start at her feet.
I’ve found myself fancying ugly girls because they have perfect feet!
There is this video I get myself off to every single night on this well known video shareing “tube” site... [more]


Been cumming all day nice to have you home to help me too bad its because of covid..

Oops just spent

Oops just spent 30 min masturbating time to turn off the porn and go do something else

Uh I don't know

Welp gotta go masturbate why? Just cause its fun :)

Oops, I spent the last hour, masturbating!

I should have been finishing a work project, but I got the urge to jerk I am. My wife is sleep so I am keeping my moans quite but when I pop it is going to be huge. I wish you could watch me!

Dad, Can I have a few girlfriends spend the night?

Sometimes I jerk off thinking about my daughters girlfriends.

Not much

Go away I'm batin

This one time

One time when I was like 8 or 9 not for sure.. I know it was before my inner lips dropped I put clothes pins on my lips and danced around the room 3 on each side I liked the clanking sound they made so I did it again a few times

Finding my G spot

So here’s how I found it i was 17 a virgin i had gotten myself off a few times that was about it was doing lots of clit play it was the summer i turned 18
Anyways my sister was staying with us and one day she asked if i knew what the g spot was i said nope but later I got on the internet and looked it up it, its easier to find if your good an... [more]

Pee slot stretching

I am, 65 yo, without a woman for the last several years. I watch lots of porn and spend a lot of time in self pleasuring in various ways. Now I try to stretch my pee slit - can insert my index finger using lube and most often climax through it. I am going to stretch it further! I have also pierced the lower skin-cover of my cock and fitted a... [more]

I must be a dude

I am a single 24 F currently between boyfriends. I must be a dude, I can’t keep my hand out of my crotch. I masturbate every where, the car, shopping, Starbucks! I love edging myself all day long and when I am not touching myself I am thinking about it. Fuck I need to get laid

Watching masturbate

Want to watch someone masturbate to my wife or my daughter. It’s been turning me on thinking of it lately and the only thing making me really cum. Turns me on when were out and I see ppl checking them out. Anyone else? Male or female

Want to watch someone masturbate to wife/daughter!

For awhile now I have been thinking a lot about watching someone cum to my wife or daughter. Anyone else? I find it a big turn on when out in public when I see ppl check out them.

Naughty video

So, my wife and I often will see someone on tv or out in public and if they are hot, we will tell the other. We've been married 15 years and are confident in our relationship. We started a new show on Netflix and my wife saw the main character and she said, "Ok, now I'd definitely let him fuck me." I said, "You think he's hot?" She said, "Hell... [more]

Open fly

Many times I walk with my pants unzipped and my penis showing. I pretend that I forgot to zip then up, but it's right there for all to see.

Butt Plug

Sometimes when I jerk off I use my wife’s dildo I’m my ass. I find it gives me a more intense orgasm. Now I am thinking of getting a butt plug so I can wear it under my clothes when out and about and even into the office. Wearing a butt plug while interacting with my coworker is a definite turn on for me. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Public masturbation, somewhat

One of my favorite things to do while masturbating is taste my pre cum. I love it! When I eventually cum I rub my cum all over my face. One time I was masturbating in a public bathroom stall and walked through a shopping mall with my dried cum on my face. I could feel it harden but nobody notice (or said anything)

Self sucking

I lost so much weight that I can get a substantial part of my cock in my mouth, and lick my own balls. I really went to town tonight. Involuntarily moaning, licking, sucking. And then I came in my mouth, and swallowed.

Spying on neighbors with telescope

I have been spying on one of my neighbors with my telescope. I live out in the country and they are about a quarter of a mile down the road. They do not have one single blind or curtain in their house. I watch for hours in the evening, as soon as it starts getting dark. They are a younger couple. I have seen everything. They both walk... [more]

Horny 14 year old

I'm always so horny and jerk off whenever I get the chance, none of my female friends want to act on our horniness so I always end up just jerking off. I like older women so if you are older than 30 and a woman obviously please comment and I will reply

I used to have a fat fetish

This is uncomfortable of me just thinking about it, but here goes. I am 18 years old. For the past seven years I have had a fat fetish.
I would get off to fattened cartoon characters and people in real life. It disgusts me. I never sought pornography of the material though I did watch SSBBWs when I was younger. Frequently I'd go to Furaffinity... [more]

I just had to

I rubbed one out in my car watching my 21 year old niece load her car up😬. She has an amazing ass and was wearing grey tight sweats you could see threw them they were so tight. What a body🤤


I have jacked off watching my mother-in-law changing and showering for many years. It started over 30 years ago. I have wanted to plow her since high school. My father in law has cheated on her many times and she just looks the other way. She claims that she knew what I was doing all those years acting like I'm such a deviant . If she knew all... [more]

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