Masturbation Confessions

Swimming pool flashing

I’m female 56 but this was 20yrs ago when I was 36
Every Wednesday 20yrs I would go to my local swimming pool for a ladies hour so between 4 and 5 pm only women were allowed to swim
After that anything would go .
I had noticed that some young guys would go to their changing rooms at least 30 mins before the end of ladies hour and I figured out... [more]

A day on the boat

I had just bought my first boat and got it ready for a day on the lake. I asked my friend I knew from high school if she was free and she said yes. Meeting her at the boat launch she was surprised with how nice the boat was and jumped on board. Going around the lake and stopping in the middle I turned down the music and asked if she wanted to go... [more]


I'm fucken my own asshole and stroking my dick and I am Starting to like it in my asshole

I’m going up

Me and my husband haven’t had sex together for over four years, we are both happily married, we are at that point in life those days are in the past.
We both still please each other in a different way and I do it more then him.
Now whenever one of us wants to please the other we masturbate, not together.
I will say, I’m going up and he will... [more]

Super slow motion

My confession is, my ex boyfriend ex girlfriend was a photographer, she filmed him close up in super slow motion ejaculating.
I watch this all the time, it really turns me on, I have it on my phone.
When you study all the movements of his cock just before ejaculating it makes my mouth water, the ejaculation part is out of this world, the colour... [more]

Just wanted the ground to open up

Just knowing he knew what I had been doing is now a massive turn on for me.
At the time I was mortified and so embarrassed.
Two weeks ago I had a lazy day, called in sick for work and stayed in bed all day.
The morning was going very slow so I watched porn and had an orgasm, a short time later I’m back watching porn having another orgasm.
My... [more]

Can't wait for my new toy

I recently ordered a new vibrating dildo and it is supposed to be here by the end of the day Tuesday. I ordered the All American Whopper 7 inch vibrator. I can't wait to have it inside of me and turn it on.
I have a couple of other dildos and vibrators. And I continue to enjoy them and I have enjoyed masturbating with them while being watched... [more]

My aunt

I went to the bedroom to check on my passed out drunk aunt. She was living with us for a while, I pulled the covers back and pulled her top down to expose her nice tits, I pulled her pants down enough to see the hair on her pussy, I then just stood there looking and enjoying, I jacked myself off and cum some on her tits and the rest on her face... [more]

What a pussy I am

From her first day at work I’ve been winding up a female work colleague, she is so funny and believes everything you say to her, I told her I live naked in my house, she would ask don’t you get cold, what if someone knocks at the door.
I explained, just turn up the heating and answer the door naked, wow was her reply.
Hopefully you can now read... [more]

Do I need help

Is it strange that I prefer masturbating then sex.
I’m a 43 year old married mum, my husband works long hours and is exhausted when returning home.
We’ve not had sex for a long time, the few occasions when he has wanted sex I’ve made excuses.
I’m happy in my marriage and lifestyle, after taking the kids to school I Potter around the house doing... [more]

Worst timing ever

Ok picture the scene, I’m on my bed watching porn on my laptop, nice hard cock building myself up for the finish, and I’m cumming, up my chest, belly, on my hands down my cock and in my pubes, lovely.
The second I finished someone is knocking on my front door, actually someone is trying to bash my door in, continuous knocking and a voice shouting... [more]

When I masturbate....

I'm short (5'0"), with large breasts (34DD) and nipples that are small and sensitive. I consider myself to be of average in appearance even though I am considered to be fat. I really do enjoy having sex with men. I love stroking a man's dick, sucking him, hearing his enjoyment. I love having his dick inside of me and letting him have his way with... [more]

Chasity cages

Has anyone ever put the key to the lock inside of the chastity cage? Or locked on the lock or glued it in?

My friend's panties

The following is a true story. I've known my friend for seven years. We went to high school together and are close. She's 5'6 with light blond hair and bright blue eyes. My friend has always been small for boobs and was glad she had a nice ass. I flew into town to visit for a few days when my hotel reservation got cancelled. No other hotel had... [more]

Butternut squash

When I’m super horny I use a butternut squash to masturbate with. Love it when I eventually get it in my pussy.

It just happened, no time to think

My brother in law is young and very trendy, he’s also very confident and has an amazing masculine body.
He’s always happy and very cheeky and he’s not shy.
This happened two years ago and it only happened the once, he had come to see is brother but he wasn’t in, I made him a drink and he started telling about all the things he’s been up too, I... [more]

Water pistol

My son has a battery operated water pistol, I was having a clear out and I put the water pistol to one side.
I had a thought in my head that I wanted to try, this is very unlike me to have thoughts like this.
Before I was going to throw the pistol away I cleaned it and filled it with warm water, standing in the bathroom I put the end just inside... [more]

Looking forward to a good wank

Tomorrow my wife will be going to see a friend of hers (Shirley - I would love to fuck her!). It is nearly midnight and I'm feeling horny in anticipation of having a really nice long wank session when she has gone out. I'm thinking about watching some porn videos first, to get myself in the mood, then looking at the pictures I have collected of... [more]

I came the hardest for him…

I’ve only ever fallen in love with women, have only ever felt the strong urge to watch their cum face at the hands or mouth of me… and I have only ever felt the tremendous ore for a powerful woman, that ore which is so different to how I’d feel towards a successful man. Not even a women solely with a powerful title or job role, but if she carried... [more]

You know what's hot

Watching compilation porn of young fit guys jacking off and shooting cum on their own faces. I love watching their faces, watching them stroke those hard young dicks, their expressions as they shoot ribbons of cum onto their own faces. So hot.


I dont know why but for some reason I decided to keep track of all the times I jerked off in the month of August. As of today I'm at 93 times that I've cum and 27 times that I did it and didn't cum. With 2 days left in the month it's quite possible and almost certain that I will make it the 100 marks for masturbating in a month!

Best Penis Replica

So i moved into my first Apartment and i got lost of house Warming gits from my parents. In one of the boxes i found a new Dildo And at 1st I was a little embarrassed that my mom would put this in a Box for me. So after a long day of moving in and unpacking i used it. It was so life like it wasnt huge but it was a really big one. I love useing... [more]

Wearing panties

I'm 61, male. I live alone and I'm wearing plain white full brief panties: although I have a friend who comes over after an evening at the pub for mutual masturbation and some cock sucking. This started a few months before covid so I didn't see him all through the first covid year (march 20 to March 21) and we still haven't resumed our... [more]

With a little help from my Friend....

When I was 12, I was hanging around the house on Christmas break when an old bubby of mine showed up. Wayne had been a real good buddy during elementary school, but had moved across town before entering Jr. High
We hung out around my neighborhood and he invited me over to his house. I called my Mom and got the OK and we hopped a bus... [more]


Today is my birthday and I was just wondering what to get myself for a birthday present. I think I want a 9 inch dildo. I haven't had a dildo up my ass in a long time. I know if I get one I'll probably start acting like a little whore again. I used to have dildos a long time ago but had to get rid of them. The big one I had sure felt good in my... [more]

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