Masturbation Confessions

Never satisfied.

I’m 22 female and I’m never satisfied after an orgasm.
I’ve had many boyfriends and for many reasons other then the above we’ve not lasted.
I’ve been single and frustrated for a long time now.
I give myself as many orgasm as I can, as soon as I’ve had an orgasm I want another and another.
As much as I like sex my main goal is the orgasm.
One... [more]

How does this sit with you?

I’m just seeing how this sits with other people.
A few weeks ago I admitted to my friend I haven’t had penetrating sex for over 8 months, she asked what are you two doing, I said I masturbate in front of him, she found this very strange.
As a rule I don’t have sex on my period, one of my periods went on longer than usual and my boyfriend was... [more]

Sexual massages with younger cousin

My cousin was much younger than I when she asked me to hang out with her a nights. Because I had a car, she'd ask me to take her to the mall and movies, but she'd always want me to watch TV in her bed with her after I brought her back home. Her parents would be asleep by 10pm, and one day she asked me to massage her. I gave her a long massage and... [more]

Masturbating to sister

My sister and I are visiting Mom over the 4th holiday. Tjhey just left to go visit friends. I grabbed a pair of my sister's worn panties and am masturbating into them right now. I am going to cream them and put them back into her suitcase .

Masturbation on a nice ass

I love a woman with a nice bubble butt to lay on her stomach and spread her cheeks apart and masturbate on her asshole while she tells me to fuck her ass. She lifts it high in the air and arches her back as she says she wants it up her ass. Then I want to explode all over her asshole.

I jacked off into her panties

Im 17 and im at my best friends house staying the night because his grandparents wernt home for the weekend. So we ended up getting shitfaced and its about past 3 or 4 am. My friends sleeps before me so i can do whatever i want in his house. I sneak into the laundry room for his grandmas sweet dirty panties. I find none but i didnt give up. I was... [more]

Fun with you!

I love to stroke other men off and then lick all their tasty yummy seamen up. I like to do this while we watch movies of men fucking women. I kind of feel like a woman myself. I have sucked cock before but not taken one in the ass yet. I guess I'm waiting for the right guy to show me the way. I love to dress up in ladies clothes and I shave my... [more]

My girlfriends see thru pants

Few days ago I was leaving the buffet with my girlfriend and kids. My girlfriend is little more curvy with a big ass. My girlfriend wore black leggings that were little see thru and she was wearing a pink thong underneath. Got me excited. But what got me more exciting was when I was sitting on the bench and kids were busy playing the claw... [more]

Sleep over

Last Christmas I had my friend Billy stay over. We watched some movies and played our guitars and video games. Billy brought with him some X rated movies. They were really hot ones of women and men having group sex. I was so turned on. Billy told me that he masturbates while watching them all the time. I confided in him that I also masturbate. So... [more]

La Femme Ankening

I have always masturbated by leg pressure ( lying on my side with my penis and testicles pressed as far as possible up between my thighs and hanging out the back, then moving my outer leg up and down to place pressure on my penis base) it is such a nice way to masturbate called Ankening.
About seven months ago I got into wearing panties all the... [more]

Fun with cameras

I went and bought a mini spy 1080 P camera and I found a great hiding place in my parents bedroom on their dresser right next to the bed. They have so much on their dresser it wasn't much of a challenge to hide the sucker. You want to talk about great video. I got video of them fucking in just about every position you can think off. I even got... [more]


I found a blue thong and a black bra I am wearing the black bra with my girlfriend's panties and stuff inside if I have boobs and I'm wearing the blue thong and stroking myself in it I like the way it feels around my cock and with the string in my ass and also looks like I actually have a pussy

Wanking my crankster like a prankster.

Well I have been a masturbator since a young teen. Once I discovered how good it felt I would do it whenever I felt like it. One day I closed my bedroom door and I began wanking to my much older brothers dirty magazines. My mother knocked once on my door and then she simply walked in catching me spanking it. She flew into a rage and then she took... [more]

Step daughters panties

When my wife and I moved in together I found myself having random fantasys about my 2 step daughters. they were 12 and 14. I caught myself looking at their bodies and even started peeking in their bedrooms and the bathroom when they shower. Finally got to a point where I would jerk off in their beds with their dirty panties, cum in them and put... [more]

My first orgasm

I was 14 the first time I had an orgasm. I had seen soft core porn on cable before but it never did anything for me. One day, I was being a snoop and looking in my brothers room, just hoping to find anything interesting. I found a tape in his closet and played it on my bedroom tv. It was a homemade video of a man massaging a naked woman. He was... [more]

Seeding the grass in the park

I go walking nearly daily on a concrete path that runs through the park. It's a couple of miles long. Sometimes I'll walk the dog, sometimes I'll go by myself, and sometimes I'll walk with a friend.
Two months ago I was walking with a friend. We're fit but in our mid 30's, attractive married mom types. It was a weekday in the mid-morning, so... [more]

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control
There is a SUPER SEXY MILF named Mandy who lives next door. I get rock hard for her all the time. She is about 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. She has firm, tiny breasts and tiny hips. I’ve always imagined she must be TIGHT inside. They asked me to house sit for them while... [more]

Hardest I Get

I get hardest when I'm jerking off in front of a fully clothed woman or girl regardless of their age. They may show some skin but only clevage or some leg, no tits hanging out and no pussy. It's better when they smile that smile that says how pathetic they think I am, or when they laugh and tell me what a low life I am. The best times are when... [more]

Step daughter caught me

I woke up late one Saturday morning to an empty house. I got up, went to the bathroom and had something to eat. I got a text from my wife that her and the kids were out shopping. Our daughter and my step daughter and step son. My wife is a few years older than me so my step kids are older than our daughter. I am a 6 foot tall relatively fit and... [more]

I've Discovered Camming

I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock! I am a widowed 55 year old woman, still attractive I’m told, and I have just discovered camming. A friend of mine got me into it. So I can be naked in front of a thousand people, masturbate and squirt all over the fucking place with everyone watching, and get paid for it?
Where the FUCK has this been... [more]

I need to cum

My pussy is so wet it’s throbbing. It hurts to move. I can feel my cold kitty juice dripping down my pussy and onto my legs. My fingers are shaking typing this. I’m not allowed to touch myself. I feel like one tap on my swollen clit would make me cum. I want cum all over my naked body. My nipples are aching and hard. I have goosebumps because I’m... [more]

My secret

I always get soooooooo horny before, during, and after I take a shower or get in the pool. Anyone else get this?

Caught by Neighbor

I have a recurring fantasy that involves me at home alone masturbating to some homemade video my wife stars in. It begins with her stripping, masturbating and ultimately us fucking with her begging for it harder. A male neighbor accidentally drops something in my backyard and comes over, hears the tv on and steps on the deck to look through the... [more]


I'm 16(g) and I feel like perverted comments turn me on so much and just imagining creeps looking at me up and down eating me with their eyes just makes me feel wanted can you comment something for me


How do women please themselves? I'm so lost

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