Masturbation Confessions

Masturbating with a Massage Stick

Usually when I masturbate it's with my hairbrush. This time I wanted something bigger. I'm a virgin so I've never really had anything bigger than a brush in my pussy. Last night I found this long wooden massage stick. I was desperate to be fucked So I lubed it up and put it in. It hurt so bad at first and I started bleeding but I didn't care. Once... [more]

Masterbating husband

I love to watch my husband masterbate. The cum shooting up out of his cock and landing back on his belly and face really turns me on. He will masterbate for me anytime I ask him too. However the other day I had to run some errands and would be gone for a few hours. Well I managed to complete my errands a lot quicker then I thought I would. So... [more]

Masterbating husband

I love to watch my husband masterbate. The cum shooting up out of his cock and landing back on his belly and face really turns me on. He will masterbate for me anytime I ask him too. However the other day I had to run some errands and would be gone for a few hours. Well I managed to complete my errands a lot quicker then I thought I would. So... [more]

Phone sex

I m a straight male and like to have phone sex with bisexual men. I actually cum jerking off to them talking to me.

White thighs

I have many fetishes I have picked up over my lifetime. This one is directly related to intergration. I had my first orgasm at 12 years old. After that I would jerk off several times a day. Just to set things in context I am a black guy. So to continue , this was during the civil rights era. I was transferred to an almost all white middle school... [more]

Cumming on her while she sleeps

I know its bad but i like to masturbate on my wife while she sleeps. See, my wife has issues faling asleep on her own due to health issues from the past, so she takes medicine that knocks her out. I mean really knocks her out. And so when i get home from work at lunch time she will sometimes take some so she can sleep for a few hours during the... [more]

Giant Bear

This is really weird because I’ve never told anyone I do this but I am a 33 year old women and I love masterbating I mean I have sex with my boyfriend all the time thank goodness lol but when I’m alone I always have the urge to get off. So recently at the fair my boyfriend won me a giant stuffed bear and it’s been sitting on a chair for a couple... [more]

Growing up with two big sisters

I'll start by telling you this is real. No names
I'm 53 now, my two sisters are 55 and 58 so I was the baby brother.
We were what they now call latch key kids, single mother who needed to work, so oldest sister picked us up from school etc and looked after us until mum got home.
We lived in a two bed flat and as kids all shared a room and... [more]

I Love Watching Men Masturbate

When I was around 13 I was spending a couple of weeks at my Aunt and Uncle's house and one day my Aunt had gone shopping with her kids and my Uncle was at work. I was kind of bored so I wondered around their back yard which was fenced in. I looked through a knot-hole in the fence and saw a man probably in his 30's laying on a patio lounge chair... [more]

Regrets about what I've done

I've been getting caught up in showing my wife's pics and vids on the cuckold sites. The pics I've shown to basically anyone and and will use 2 screens to show vids on roulette sites. I hate to admit it but I cum very hard with another guy watching her vids and commenting on her.

I'm addicted to sex, porn and masturbating

Hi I'm 19 years old I have a high sex drive, I've been masturbating since I was 12 I wouldn't panties and just a short dress and lay on the couch and touch myself. my brother's bestfriend would come and watch me through the window, the first time I saw him watching my I got wetter and I masturbated even longer. I kept doing this every night. On... [more]

I post my nude photos online

I have a hot body and post my naked photos online. Its a huge turn on to know others see me with a huge hard on

Jerk in school uniform

I like to put on my school gym uniform and jerk on chaturbate. The pleasure of masturbating on cam with my school uniform is very intense. i like the sweat smell of my uniform as well.

Orgasm with no orgasm feelings

I’m female so I don’t know if this makes a difference, this morning when I woke I started playing with myself then my phone rang, the only people that call my landline are my parents, I stopped what I was doing and had to quickly go visit.
In my why to my parents I said to myself, ok I will finish what I was doing later.
Done what I needed to do... [more]

New Toy

Heyo! A few months ago my room mate (who is also F, late 20's very petitie) got me a body wand per my request as a gift for graduating. We are both really close and rather open about our sex lives, and she certainly has no reservations talking to me about her boyfriends package. We even have an ongoing joke, as we are both bisexual, that when I... [more]

Behind closed doors

Amazing what goes on behind closed doors, my mate who I’ve known since school is a very successful person, he has a great business employing lots of people, he has the house the cars and the trophy wife to match.
It’s nothing unusual for my mates wife to drop by and say hello to me, the last four months she has dropped by three or four times a... [more]

Little sister watches me jerk it

My sister and I live together to share expenses and such. We’re both in our early 20s now. When we were teens she once caught me masturbating to porn. She said she wouldn’t mention it only if I allowed her to watch.
It surprised me how much more fulfilling it was masturbating in front of her rather than using porn. It reached a point where if I... [more]

Literally just happened

I was enjoying my favorite past-time of public masturbation 2-4 am early in the morning. At a bus stop enclosed seating area, driving at night at 60km/hr you are not going to notice someone stroking it in there, from either direction. Pretty cool right? Except for one draw back, it sits infront of a T-section stop. Although it the off street is at... [more]

After seeing the news

I was watching this news thing about this girl who posted a video of a s*x offender trying to offer her a ride in his car. I’ve recently been masturbating to the idea of being asked to get into a car and being seduced and taken by older men. Is that weird? Help!

She did it in my bed

My friend stayed at my house, my boyfriend stayed on the sofa that night.
While chatting in bed she told me that she has been feeling so horny lately and keeps touching herself, she said it’s probably to do with her period.
About 10 minutes after turning the lights out I could tell she was touching herself, I pretended to be asleep, we were... [more]

It looks disgusting

I filmed myself masturbating and my pussy looks disgusting.

Porn is Trumping Reality

I’m a 25 year old woman. When I was a teen my room was right next door to my brother’s and I would hear him jerking off all the time to his porn videos. A couple of times I snuck into his room when he wasn’t there just to watch some of the porn to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t get it. I thought it was incredibly stupid. But then... [more]

I masturbate to thoughts of my drugged wife

A few years ago, on vacation, my wife's drink was drugged in a casino. We had already gone back to the hotel room before it really kicked in, and I didn't do anything, just looked after her and she ended up ok.
Sometimes when I masturbate, I think about how drugged-out and wasted she was. I think about the vacant look in her eyes and how she... [more]

Pussy licking and weed

I’m female 37 and my confession is 11 years ago I was a pot head, smoked a lot of weed every day, the only friends I had at the time also smoke weed so no real friends.
I was made redundant from my job and got a good pay off.
Me and this one guy would always hang out together mainly just for company for each other.
I would have flashbacks about... [more]

Me time

I picked up on something my friend said and now do it myself.
I called my friend and asked if she wanted to meet, she said she can only do lunch this week.
Wow I said, wish I had an exciting lifestyle like you, most of my evenings are free.
She read out her diary, Monday this, Tuesday that, Wednesday that again, Thursday me time and Friday.... [more]

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