Masturbation Confessions

A promise is a promise

I'm a guy who has an online friend in another state. Our chat has gotten into flirting close to cybersex at this point. she made a comment about me masturbating one day so I went to the bathroom with the camera and took a video, saying since you're obviously thinking of me doing it, I might as well show her. She had some minor surgery that has... [more]

Almost got caught masturbating at work

I may look like a guy, but I'm actually a little sissy fag who just recently started wearing panties(I'm wearing some cute striped ones right now). Anyway, today at work I was thinking about my panties and how they made me feel cute and feminine and got really turned on. I was so horny that when I was sent to my lunch break I went into the break... [more]

Was addicted to masturbation when I was young...

When I was young I got addicted to masturbation. My 1st introduction to it was by an older cousin who seemed to get turned on jerking off in front of me and eventually talked me into jerking off while he watched. But I soon found myself jerking off when ever I got the chance. An it seemed to really turn me on to walk around naked when no one was... [more]

Goddamnit It, Me

I was hoping to work on some stuff yesterday, but I ended up spending the entire day watching porn. I'm a 24 year old woman so it takes a bit of time (about an hour typically) to build up arousal. I was able to get wet a couple of times, but I had yet to feel the big one where I'm just exhausted ad too sensitive to keep going. When I thought I... [more]

I Love Masturbating So Much...

I don't think I could ever commit myself to someone in a relationship or even have spontaneous sex. Self gratification is enough for me. Even though I have fantasies when I pleasure myself, I am never in them. What I end up imagining are scenarios where random people are intimate with each other. It's not as if I have a masturbation addiction... [more]

My Asian wife

I got a cute Asian wife I brought to the u.s. from vietnam. I been with her for 4 years. Happy as can be. I'm a white male that has lived here in states my whole life.
In last few weeks I have had a friend of mine who is black joking with me when he would see my wife and tell me the sexual things he would do to her. Even jokes with me saying... [more]

K-popping a boner

Lately i've been jacking off a lot to K-pop videos. All those cute young Korean chicks in their mini-skirts, Daisy Dukes and crop tops shaking their Asian asses really agrees with my cock. I'm into Asian girls, and while most of it is pretty tame, a slice of it is great soft core porn change of pace. I don't even feel all that dirty about it... [more]

How much masterbation is ok for a girl?

Hey, I'm a 19 yo girl, single, but i have occasional one nighters or hook ups with friends, otherwise it's just me. I feel like maybe i masterbate too much, but it's one of those subjects no one talks about so i don't know.
I usually wake up horny, and a bit wet, and can't help slipping my hand in my PJs for a play. When I've cum it's right in... [more]

Please send pictures and videos

I love to watch men and lemon masturbate !!!? If there is anyone out there who send me a video of themselves masturbating I would be most grateful. Thank you.

Mom's gift

My mom walked in on me while I was masturbating when I was probably 14. I was completely naked, and on my knees in front of the full height mirror in her bedroom. She was supposed to be out for at least an hour more. I was terribly embarrassed and very shocked by the whole situation. She was shocked too, but she did not tell me it was a bad thing... [more]

Just to know....

So my wife claims that "she's just not in the mood" ALOT! So when she passed out I went and found her vibrator, peeled back the silicone and cut the wire..... So lets see how long it takes for her to notice this, I marked it in my calendar. If she's truly not in the mood then she won't notice her favorite toy doesn't work anymore. :)

Ex gf sister

So I have a fantasy about my ex gf sister she is really beautiful I jack off to her daily

Smelling My Mother's Dirty Panties

ÚI was eight years old when I smelled my mother's dirty panties for the first time. I remember at this age, I was at the peak of my preadolescent age of exploration and pleasure. Everyday I would play with myself and explore ways to do it that excited me and made me hornier. One of these would be stuffing my underwear with clothes or blankets and... [more]

[No QuiteA] Wet Dream

I had an odd dream about a week ago. I was walking on a beach. It was a bright sun shiney day. I was completely covered with body oil from head to toe, and i was completely naked. No shorts. No Speedo. No banana hammock. No little bikinis. The water was on my left side, and i was right along the shore. There were just a handful of other people... [more]

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