Masturbation Confessions

Wife loves to give guys wet dreams

My wife shyly admitted she sometimes lets herself think about how she might be affecting men.
I said, remember the time you wore your thong panties to sunbathe at the lakeside in State Park. (she picked a spot far away from any kids) = but men slowly began to gather nearby!)
It started one day when a fellow in a thong tossed his towel down... [more]

I know that it's wrong

I know that it's wrong but I can't stop. My daughter who is 32 years old just mowed back home. Her and her husband just got a divorce. Well my wife was going out for the day and I thought my daughter had gone with her. Anyway I was sitting on the couch and looking at porn on my phone. I had opened up my pants and had my cock out playing with it. I... [more]

Taking a break...the afternoon

It has been a stressful few days so I through I would take a break a masturbate. That was at 11:30 am. It is now after 3 pm and I am still going strong.

Working while masturbating

I great a thrill out of working from home hard and naked. No zoom calls, of course. Writing email and slack messages with my dick in one hand. Talking one the phone while slowly stroking my well lubed cock. Cumming just before a meeting and throwing on a shirt.

Bored with bating

I'm 64y/o and have been jacking of my 5" uncut dick since 1969. lately there's no excitement in the process. even when married, i masturbated in place of marital sex. does anyone have a novel idea for cumming by way of self-gratification ?

Got cought

When i was younger at the age of 25. My friend was 23 we decided to stay home at my house. We found an adult movie popped in the VCR and started watching we didn't know it was a gay lesbian p*** movie. People fight what we seen so we decided to have a little bit of fun. We both got undressed in my bedroom started watching the movie and decided to... [more]

My wife and her dildo

My wife and I like to masturbate before we have sex, we lay in bed and she uses a big 10 inch dildo on herself, 10 inch gives enough to hold on to, I jack , I will always use the dildo on her part of the time and she will jack me off. I can hold the dildo in her while I suck on her clit, almost like doing a 69 , with my right hand I will feel of... [more]

Jacking off at a public park and being videoed...

I have a large thick cock and I like to be watched..went to the local park, sat on a bench and pulled it out and started stroking it, about80 feet away was another bench with a table and a woman was on her computer..I was very obvious with what I was doing, and she noticed what I was doing..She turned facing me with her computer and she was... [more]



I’m completely obsessed with girls toes!!

I literally love feet and toes so much, honestly I masturbate to feet daily, I can go from start to finish just staring at some sexy close up toes on YouTube! No face tits or pussy, just toes!!

True story that nobody believes

I wrote this story for another website, and NO ONE believed it, so I thought I would post it here so you folks can disbelieve it. But, it happened!
At age 65 (I am now 78) I went in to the local Doctor's office for my Medicare physical. The Doctor, named Debra, was an attractive about 20 pounds overweight lady of a shade over 50.
No nurse... [more]

Bride & Bridesmaid's

I ran my own Wedding Photography Business for 25 years and was always very busy throughout the summer months.
I would start with photos at the brides home which meant photos in her bedroom, coming downstairs. Group shots of the bridesmaid's mum, dad. Leaving the house etc.
Many times the bridesmaid's would get changed into their bridesmaid's... [more]

Wife finally agreed

My wife and I have been married for 12 years, and our sex life has slowed to a 3x a month borefest. Not from either of our lack of desire, but we just have busy lives. My wife is 5'3 and had a big butt and huge boobs that are really amazing and are in good shape. We are both in our 40's and have kids at home.
I suggested that we begin to get... [more]

I'm a 67 year old amputee white man & i love being naked in side

Love 💘 wearing panties & leggings masturbating my old penis at night i get naked watch 📺 & masturbate just made a mass washed up & got dressed love looking at women's butts & breast


I absolutely love to jack off while wearing woman's panties and bras and I have to do it daily....I get great great pleasure doing it at hotels and leaving the curtains open hoping I'm being watched Larry

Father in law Secret

I have a confession my father in law and I have been keeping secret for the past 10 years!
My father in law is in his early 80's now.
But It all started during a hunting trip to Colorado.
I got a elk hunting permit and my wife asked me if I could invite her dad to on the hunting trip. So being the nice guy I am I asked him and he said... [more]

Bus Trip with MIL

I recently took a Bus trip with my mother in law to Colorado.
She asked me if I could do her a favor and go with her to Colorado on the Bus?
I said that I could drive her there, but she insisted on going on the bus.
I gave in and said I would be more than happy to go with her.
My mother in law is a 64 year old Mexican woman, she's short,a... [more]

My son is a perv like me.

My 25 year old son came to stay a week with us as he was transitioning into a new job. He left this morning so i went to strip the linens off of the guest bed and what dis i find? 3 pair of my 42 year old girlfriends dirty worn panties inside the pillow cases. Now i am a panty sniffer myself and was a little shocked at what I found. Now I... [more]

My fun in the shower

I was at public campground in the shower and me and this other guy were talking and he asked if I was Bisexual and I said I don't know so after the shower we both can out to dry off and he said wow what a cock and I looked at his and said yours is awesome and he came over and started playing with me and he got me so horny and I started also... [more]

2nd story about masturbation and neighborhood voyeurism

This is a continuation to my recent story about my neighbor watching my wife undress. I tried to avoid my neighbor who I caught watching my wife undress and masturbate. For 1 I was sneaking over numerous times the next few months watching his wife and daughter undress, lay in bed in just their panties or less. especially during the summer. I knew... [more]

I love it when my wife masturbates

When my wife starts rubbing her clit I know that it’s time for me to go down between her legs and get ready for her to squirt all over my face and when she’s done she will force herself on top of my face and make me lick her already soaking wet pussy until I make sure that she squirts again into my open mouth !
I don’t really care what anybody... [more]

Pregnancy test...

Me and my beautiful wife are trying to get her pregnant. I enjoy cumming inside her above all else, but what happens next is my confession. Every time it comes to the time of month where we can find out of she is pregnant I get turned on by her peeing on the test. At first I resist, but then I am overcome with the urge to get her pee-soaked test... [more]

The perfect finish!

I’m 53 and my wife is 56 we occasionally have sex that’s more down to me wanting it rather then her.
Awhile ago rather then having sex she agreed to let me put my cock inside her when I was about to cum.
When in bed together I will play with myself and when I’m about to cum, she will turn on her side and let me put the end in to finish.
It’s... [more]

I love watching people having sex as I jacking off

I really love waiting people having sex in the same room that I’m in !
I love to listen to them moaning and groaning as they are ducking each other’s brains out !
Even if they are in the next room and can hear them having sex I’ll still get turned on and start to stroke my cock until I shoot my load all over myself! And sometimes I’ll shoot my... [more]

My Wife has a Crazy Sister

Jeanie's sister is named Shelly, she works at a day spa as an on site massage therapist.
I really had no clue as to all she did, laws in our State are fairly strict so I doubted she did anything to risk her license.
One day I was working on a storage shed, lifting 12' long pieces of steel siding into place, and I had to stop because my back was... [more]

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