Masturbation Confessions

New year's resolution

I'm kinda a pervert and enjoy shemale porn , I want to stop and get married and lust after I'm married wife if I could, I want to repent. it's my new year's resolution to quit this year, it's ruined my life since I was a teenager. jesus forgive me

First sexual experience

When I was 8 we lived in Morocco. There were reasons at the time that I did not attend school. The climate was hot,father's was a large secluded garden garden fruit trees and a pool. I wore just a pair of shorts and was quite often naked. There was a staff, maid, cook and gardiner. Sometime in the afternoon I would chat with the Gardiner in the... [more]

First sexual experience

We lived in Morocco at the time, I was 8. Big secluded garden, fruit trees warm climate, swimming pool and no school, paradise. We had a staff of 3, cook, maid and gardiner. The climate was warm I wore nothing but shorts, and quite often not even shorts. To set the scene for this, in Arab culture a boy is as attractive to a man as a woman... [more]

Going to visit mom

Just pulled over into a rest stop at Brooklyn near the Hawkesbury bridge on my way to visit mom just thought I’d let you know what I am about to do I’m wanking my self so I don’t get hard around mom ,she wears only a light cotton nightie this time of year and I can see right threw it her nipples are always very firm pointing at me witch started... [more]

Panty Lover

My wife has gone completely off sex due to the menopause although she usually wanks me off every couple of weeks or so as she feels guilty. I’m fine with this and trying to understand what she’s going through, I don’t put any pressure on her at all bout it, although I long so much to be touching her and going down on her, even just a glimpse of... [more]

Need a perverted daddy

I used to have a premium snapchat and sext my followers but it got taken down so i made a new one and if anyone wants to exchange pictures and vids drop your snapchat down below. I prefer a dominant daddy who can tell me what to do and i can send my tits and pussy to

I want her panties!

I have been jerking off to the sexy news anchor on my local news channel for years now. She is so fucking sexy and beautiful. and she is almost 50 years old. I googled her name and her address showed up. I want to break into her home and steal some of her underwear and pantyhose. But i noticed she has a alarm system and cameras all over the house... [more]

Jerked off in grocery store bathroom

Last night i was at the grocery store and there was a mother and daughter in front of me. the mom was maybe 35 and her teen daughter. both were very attractive. The mom was wearing black leggings and the daughter had on light blue leggings that showed off her thong line perfectly as well as the moms sexy thong. i passed them up and when they... [more]

Growing out of Puberty

When I was around 10 there was a neighborhood girl 9 or10 when we were playing in a shed, she wanted to play doctor and we got undressed. This was the first time I seen a naked girl, and enjoyed looking at her p****. She had me lay on the table while she fondled my C*** and B****, I liked how her hands felt. Then she had me get up and she laid... [more]

My brothers semen

When I was 18 I had dated but was still a virgin. I was curious and lusty. I asked my brother what was wrong and he said he'd need to see me naked. I blushed and said no way. A few days later I asked him to let me see his penis and I'd show him my boobs. He did and I did and he got really erect, stroked himself to orgasm. I had never seen such a... [more]


NOT A REAL STORY!!!I was sneaking around one day and I found something strange in a family members bed. Nobody was home so I took a look and it was a vibrator wand. I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up. Once I found out my heart immediately dropped and J started shaking. But I was intrigued. I turned it on and carefully pulled down my pants... [more]

I Read the posts and lick my pre-cum

Women, do you do this?

Wife gets her gear off

My wife and I are regularly at the beach swimming tanning walking as you do we have been seeing the same guy iat the top of the sand dunes the last couple of times we have walked the beach last time the guy was wanking himself when we walked past my wife made out how disgusting it was to do that but I thought it was hot so a couple of days later... [more]

Vacuum blow job

So as the title says, I gave my self a blow job with a vacuum.
It started off with me cleaning my car. I’d been horny for days so I thought I might try using the vacuum my self since I hadn’t had a blow Jon in many years.
This is a vacuum where you can adjust the sucking power, so I turned it way down. I put my cock to the vacuum and quickly... [more]

My sisters friend

When I was 11 I was shy while my sister was more out spoken she had a lot of school friends girls and they used to meet at our house every Friday night. When they started to turn up I used to go up to my bedroom to be out of their way.
There was one friend who was always nice to me, always talked to me and always used to shout up to say bye when... [more]

Stepdaughter naughty teasing

My stepdaughter at 18 grew into a beautiful young woman. She was still living at home and this one morning, I went downstairs passing her bedroom where I noticed her door was ajar and heard some moans. At first I thought she was in pain, as I went to open the door I noticed legs were up against the wall and realized those moans were sexual... [more]

While alone in the house

I love fucking my wife up the ass, and have bought her a number of butt plugs and anal dildos.
What she doesn't know is when she's at work and I'm at home working, I like to fuck my ass with her dildos or butt plugs while wanking off.
First couple of times didn't do anything, but now I love lubing up and sliding her 8 inch beaded glass dildo... [more]

I masturbated in my 9th grade typing class with 20 other........

In typing class one time I was sitting in the very back of the room. I was extremely horny that day and started getting a hard on. Everyone was busy with their assignment and not paying any attention except to what they were doing. I couldn't help myself and under my desk I unzipped my pants and started touching myself. Before I knew it I had my... [more]

Unexpected phone sex.............for

I was working as a plumber at a bar and was unloading material out of my truck when i noticed the lady that worked at the eye glass store next door. she was blonde, tall and gorgeous. she had on a yellow dress that was so fucking tight i could see her panty line which drove me so crazy that i had to step into the wash room to crank one out. i... [more]

Should another girl watch a girl

I am still confused, after masturbating for hours thinking what would I have experienced.
So my neighbor visited for an egg. She asked what I was doing and I replied masturbating. I was just being honest and expected her to chuckle and move on. Instead she asked if she could watch. I was caught off guard and told her, let me get your egg. So she... [more]

Jerking to an Instagram woman

For the last year I been obsessed and jerk off at least 8 times a day to this chick on Instagram named BlueJay.
No nudes, but I find her pictures impossible not to jerk off to. A week after I started following her I dump my girlfriend as I didn't want to cum to anyone but Bluejay.
During the lockdown I work from home naked and jerking to... [more]

Getting caught

Recently been staying at my mom place and am 24 year old guy after staying for few day I thought to my self i cant meet for sex so why not have a wank so I decided to take all my clothes off put on some porn as I was wanking my mom come threw the door she never nock just open the door and right in front of her am naked on my bed like a star with a... [more]

Roommate in stretch pants

I have always been a straight girl. The same goes for my roommate. Lately I have been getting aroused when I hear her masturbate and moan. She has no idea and it's not that I try to listen, but she gets a bit load sometimes. OK so I have no interest in another girl.
I was reading, get to know your clit, when she came home from the gym in the... [more]

First time girl thought

I am learning the art of masturbation. I read, experiment, and use my imagination. I just had a first. I got-off while watching my neighbor sun bathe in her back yard. I imagined her seducing me to the point of no return. I have never been attracted to girls. What is wrong with me?

My friend 15 year old sister

Am 21 year old and last year I stayed at my friends house like a normal sleep over I know family they know me very well so 1 night around 2am I went to go get a water as i was walking i walked past his sister room her room door was a bit open and I saw her masterbating she didn't see me but she herd me walk past so I pretend nothing then few min... [more]

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