Masturbation Confessions

Jerked of at work

The other day I was way to horny at work. At lunch I went to the gym and on this day I was the only one there to my surprise. Well after my lift I really needed to jerk off. So I grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower and started jerking my cock. The thought of jerking it at work made me way more aroused. I came to the point of cumming so fast... [more]

In my mouth

Continual orgasm into BBB m m y mouth Fi I’llling me up

Teen JO

When I was a teen I use to lift my legs while jerking off and let the family dog lick my ass. It felt incredible!

I cum easier to gay porn than straight porn

I've always considered myself bi-curious, although I've never told anyone (homosexuality is severely frowned upon in my small town). I'm married with kids, and I love my wife, but to be completely honest, she just doesn't do it for me anymore. Not even a wiggle. She gained a ton of weight after the babies were born, and her libido has always... [more]

Got caught

I was watching porn and my friends son open the door and said can I join you he is 19 I said ok he said you suck I said yes he said get down and do it ok he got a big one and cums a lot yum he said your a great cock sucker yes I been doing it since I was 12

Mil’s socks

I stole a pair of my mil’s socks that I love to masturbate into, I’ll sneak them back to her once I’ve added a few more loads to each of them. Love thinking about her walking around with my cum around her feet without her knowing.

Breasts, Boobs, Tits (continued)

See part 1.
I attended college for one year and basically had no action. After the first year, I left school when I felt like failed more courses that I took. I was highly frustrated because there were so many girls there who had large boobs but I was too shy to ask for a date. During the following summer, I worked odd jobs and masturbated... [more]

Wife old sex tapes

Recently, I was cleaning my attic, when I found some old CD's. I started checking them and found old pictures of my wife with her friends at university. then one of the cd's came with a back surprise, she was dancing and striping and touching herself, then a male voice is heard encouraging her for more, then he joins her and start touching her... [more]

Slowly lick your cum....

I love mastrubatuon, I also love sexual humiliation. I often search ways to be humiliated and show my wife. She went from 0 sex to making me cum and eat it daily and rides me pretty often as well. When we began, I figured she'd be all about making me wait, she's just thr opposite. She keeps me drained, although I eat it all back up! She and I... [more]


My cum gives me a stomachache, usually when I swallow the whole load.


When I was in my 30`s (and married to my hot wife , (in the late 80`s) I bought a gay sex magazine from mail-order , I couldnt believe how much it turned me on. I loved the nasty pictures of big boners fucking ,sucking an semen. I jacked off to it for weeks.

For the neighbour

I was out watering my plants one night when my neighbour came out. I was completely naked and he has enough lights to land a plane. He saw me and came over to chat. Ever since, anytime I was out I was naked. He worked in his yard a lot to I would walk around and show off. He would come over to chat and I would pretend to drop something. I would... [more]

Pop the cork

Many moon ago when i wan a young teen this happened. It was a hot summer and I would stay up very late and adjust the fuzz on the cable just right I could see the soft porn movies with pretty good clarity. I had never orgasmed or cum! I had made up my mind that this was the year and so I started a nightly routine in which is tune in my fuzz ling... [more]

1st time jacking off

I often think about the first time I ever jacked. I was 13 years old, and I went to a friend's house, who was always a little strange. His grandmother told me he was upstairs, and I could go right up to his room. I called out his name and he told me to come into the bathroom where he was in the bathtub filled with bubbles. I couldn't see his body... [more]

I beat off instead of having sex

I am married, but for some odd reason, I'd rathere jerk off instead of doing the deed.
Not sure why that is, but I have been like that pretty much my whole life.
This is my second marriage, and have been like this thru both of them.
I like to stick things up my butt while jerking off. I do it a lot in the shower with shampoo bottles... [more]

How Old For First Vibrator

My wife wants to buy our 13 year old daughter a vibrator Apparently she has been sneaking into our room and using my wifes. I think she is to young but my wife started using one around the same age. Your thoughts?

When I was 8 I stole my mom’s vibrator.

When I was around 8 and I was watching my mom’s boyfriend play battlefield, and in battlefield you can have your own custom name tags. Once he died a custom name tag popped up and it said “PornHub” right when it popped up my mother covered my eyes so I got curious and looked it up. I clicked on the link and of course saw sex tapes on there, I... [more]


I've been on showitoff. Com and posting pics and vids. Ive met several guys and girls that I masturbate with.

Channel surfing

I started my day jerking off to our photo album, particularly pictures of my mom and sister. Not kidding, I really like imagining them both tied up on my bed.
By the afternoon I was jerking off to that Wednesday show on Netflix. I was picturing Jenna hanging upside down in my basement helpless as I do my thing. Later I found an Audrey Hepburn... [more]

Love the beach

A few years ago my wife and i went on vacation at beach that we usually go to once a year. A couple days into the vacation, my wife wasn’t feeling good and wanted to sleep so i told her i was going to the beach for a while.
Walking on the beach there are beautiful girls everywhere. Everywhere you look there are cute girls , i especially like the... [more]

Can’t stop

I don’t know why or when this started , but lately i’ve been obsessed with cuming in my pants and wearing them. I’ve always liked masturbating in the car, outside or public places but this is new. I’ll be jerking off, say in the car on my way to work in the morning and just as i’m about to cum i’ll put my penis back in my pants . I feel it... [more]

My cousins

Every summer we used to go visit my dads family in Ireland. I would always stay in my cousins room, my mum and dad had the spare. When I got older she had a double bed we shared. Her brother used to creep in and get in the bed, I woke with the bed moving. When I opened my eyes Mary was looking at me, put her finger to her lips to be quiet. I was... [more]

Gonna set a record

I’ve jacked off every day for the past 3 weeks now. Sometimes twice the same day. What is your record?


I stroke myself off at least 5 or 6 times a day. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house I walk around either naked or in my boxers, when I get horny I pull it out and masturbate. Sometimes the wife is sitting next to me on the couch or laying in the bed next to me reading. Whenever the urge hits me I do it. My wife doesn't seem to... [more]

Visiting family

I'm a 45 yo guy the past weekend I went to visit family out of town,
We partied and when everyone went to bed I went in the room I was staying in and got a little high on some crystal,
Well I get really horny when I do crystal!
I started to look through the drawers for panties or something that would feel sexy,
I opened a drawer and I found a... [more]

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