Masturbation Confessions

1000 stroke challenge

Dear ladies - I am a healthy horny 50 yo male about ready to embark on a tortuous 10 day journey to 1000 strokes. For those that don’t know about the challenge I have to strike my hard cock each day starting with 100 strokes and adding 100 each day without cumming until I reach 1000 on day 10. This will be extremely difficult as I normally cum 1... [more]

Pleasure myself

Few months ago I became single after my girlfriend and I broke up. We fought a lot and she wanted to separate. She had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. Nice set of tits. Since we broke up. I peak on her Facebook every so often. I miss her so much. I would even find myself jerking off to photos of her. I noticed she started working out which she... [more]

Ladies, can you help me?

I know that my wife gets off with her "toys" every Monday night while I am out with my friends. I have no problem with this.
But... Whenever I ask her what she thinks about when she is getting herself off she tell me "Nothing. I just think about getting off."
So please help me with this...
When a woman masturbates does she usually think... [more]


It started one night i was masturbating in my bedroom and happened to look out the window and noticed my neighbor not sure if she could see me but wow how hard i got instantly im pretty sure now she seen because ive seen her undress since with the curtains open i so wish she would just touch herself wow what a turn on yum yum??????????

Wanking with girlfriend's roommate's dirty panties

In my first year at university my girlfriend Dawn shared a room with Ruth, and occasionally I would be there on my own waiting for her. I accidentally discovered where Ruth kept her laundry and on several occasions I masturbated with her dirty panties. It was very easy to cum as I rubbed the soft cotton against my rock hard cock, knowing it had... [more]

Alone time

When digital cameras became popular, I had my wife take some nude pictures of me. She did not want to be photographed herself, but I did manage to get a short video of us having sex. Later on she did not want to take any more pictures, but then I did some of myself when alone. It makes alone time so much more enjoyable.

Are there any girls who will send panties

I love masturbating I love masturbating in little girls dirty panties I love to rub their little dirty panties on my dick and squirt my big fat load of c** in their little.
I love to sniff the crotch and I love to lick their little discharge it tastes so good makes my dick so hard.
Are there any moms or dads out there who will send me a pair... [more]

Nearly walked in on me.

With some of my wife’s hand cream as lube, I enjoyed my alone time after replacing a leaking pipe in the bathroom cabinet. After edging for some time, my wife’s car unexpectedly stopped at the front door.
Getting my PT shorts on in a hurry, and being near a climax, the sudden fast movement made me cum. I could not hide the wet spot or my erection... [more]

Solo Sexual

On another site I described my profile as male solo sexual. Then I discovered the meaning is to prefer masturbation to sex. I promptly changed it to straight as I love sex. But I must confess, I masturbate much more than having sex!

Do you think my neighbor watches?

I posted on here a few weeks ago about how I have this fantasy of jerking off on my computer while my neighbor watches me. Instead of watching, the fantasy is that she catches me in the act. Anyway, our windows are parallel and you could see into mine. She is in her 60's. I think she did by the way. Recently I was in my backyard and she came home... [more]

Where to post videos of me mastubating

I play with my nipples all the time. I’m considering posting videos of them online, without my face showing. Where would you suggest I do this?

I used to Skype for bbw women

I am 31 years old and before they turned off AOL chatrooms I would skim through the chatrooms and find women in their bbw women in their 50's, 60's and I've been lucky enough to find women in their 70's who used to enjoy watching me jerk off. One woman one time requested to watch me shower and jerk off with soap suds. I miss it. Another time I... [more]

My friends mom let me finish...

I slept over my friends house because we worked late at the bar. That morning I couldn't really sleep. There I'm in the downstairs bedroom and I have this raging morning erection. So i figured I'll go to the bathroom, rub one out and get some sleep. His mom came down to do the laundry and clean the bathroom. She always did it even when if I was... [more]

Interesting ways to orgasm

Here’s something you don’t get asked everyday.
Is there anything you do in your day to day life, (if you really wanted too) can give yourself an orgasm.
Let me explain, my girlfriend while riding her horse can position herself just right to give herself an orgasm, obviously rubbing the right bits!
Are there any other hobbies, interest, day to... [more]

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