Masturbation Confessions

Old perv

Still love to wank at 72 and most of my fantasies are about teen boys or girls and I love them! I have an Eros Tek power box and anal electrode and I can go for ages. Sometimes I just run out of steam without cumming as I keep delaying. Other times I let it go to an incredible orgasm.
Fortunately you still can't go to jail for what you're... [more]

I love j/o while being watched

Im 19 ,fit , and as any teen , horny. I j/o pretty often , and i finally did it in front of others
I was at the gym where I swim , and went into the shower,while in there, I started to j/o . Somehow , out of nowhere, I never saw him come in , an older guy was watching . At first I was embarrassed ,but this guy kept looking even after I stopped... [more]

I can’t get enough feet and sexy toes!

I live feet, I’m totally addicted to feet! Right now I have a close up feet video on Youtube playing on my tv, and the hub on my tablet playing footjob videos!
I’ll keep edging like this now for well over an hour, like I do pretty much every night. Sometimes I think maybe I have a problem, but I just love it so damn much! I don’t think I’ll... [more]

First time seeing it irl

My older bro had his friend over and he stayed overnight. he's 19, kinda cute too. i'm a little younger and still a virgin and plan to stay that way for now. but i caught my bro's friend stroking his dick on the couch after he thought we all went to sleep. i've seen porn, so i know how guys cum, but seeing it in person was a trip.
he tensed... [more]

My son

My 17yo son called me into the bathroom so i went in and he was laying in the bath stroking his cock,I said he was naughty and left but kept getting that image in my head,a few days later he called me into his room i knew why but i still went in,he was on his bed wanking this time i stayed and he wanked faster shooting cum into the air,he said he... [more]

I let him wank over me

I'm 18 and have a 15 year old brother who i let wank over me, eveytime i walked past him he would look at my tits, so when we was alone last week i pulled my top up showing my tits,he was hard and i asked if he wanted to wank and cum over them,I don't want sex i just like the warm feeling when he cums on my tits.

At a restaurant

So my vice, my absolute addiction is masturbating, but sometimes just masturbation alone isn't enough, you have to do sometime forbidden to really get off. So I started to experiment around with going outdoors to do it. At first you hide in places that noone will ever see you like in a cornfield, or behind a building where you know for sure no one... [more]

My first time

I have played with myself before and nothing happens but this time wow. I'm 13 and I have as long as I can remember gotten hard. I sometimes sleep with my mom just when we are alone. My dad is out of town on a trip for his work. My mom was asleep and I started to feel it growing. I pulled down my underwear and I was playing with it. It felt really... [more]

No interest at all

I’m beginning to believe I have some sexual problem, I’m 26 and have absolutely no interest in sex or any pleasure for myself, I recently met with an old friend and she told me she can’t stop masturbating, she said she does it in the car at work basically anywhere she can quickly do it.
I never seem to get any urges to want to do this, I know... [more]

My daily performance

I am a handsome man in his early 40s. I have a forbidden pleasure I partake of several times a week.
I drive through a heavily used park, along a bike trail. I make sure that I have the all clear, unzip my trousers, pull out my cock and balls, then start to stroke. Most of the time no one can see what I'm doing, so I stroke freely. Sometimes I... [more]

Caught or catching someone self pleasuring?

Well of course the secrets out in our society now that nearly everyone pleasures themselves and some more than others.
What I’d like to know is how many people have been caught or have caught someone in the act? And of course there are those people that enjoy being caught by someone and they actually set it up..
I watched a movie recently were... [more]


I walked in on my 20yo nephew wanking in my bathroom,I was impressed with his size had to be close to 8inc,he grabbed a towel to cover himself up and i should of left but i didn't,it's been 2 years that i haven't had sex and i got carried away,I pulled the towel away and grabbed his hard dick with my other hand,he didn't even stop me seemed to... [more]

Caught By My Sister

I have always had a good and varied sex life and tried most things, this is only the first part. So lets begin.
I was 12 and had settled into my secondary school. I should tell you about my family first. My brother was in the RAF serving in Germany, my sister Wendy was at my school, I was two years younger than her. When my brother used to come... [more]

GF’s mom loved to see me!

My gf’s mom would come into her bed room while I was sleeping and pull the covers down because her sister told everyone I sleep in the nude. Anyway on more than one occasion I’d wake up and mom would be at the foot of the bed in her robe with a zip down front.with her hand down around her crotch. I rolled over the first time I woke up and... [more]

Cathys secret masturbation

I am a recently retired female business co-ordinator and I love to secretly park my car somewhere quiet and out the way just to masturbate, I love to find places i've never been to I once drove 80 miles to a place i saw in a brochure and spent a fair number of hours there on my own and masturbating lots of times throughout the day. I sat on a... [more]

“Everyone does it”

I suppose it must be true, that mom’s think sexual thoughts about their boys!
As a sixth grader, I would sneak around the shower in our back room and peep in the hole by the valve and watch my 4 year older sister shower. Mom caught me and would tell me to stop it because it was my sister.
Meanwhile my 2 year older brother was a nightly wanker... [more]

Almost caught at work!

So I was talking with another like minded guy about maybe hooking up for some naughty M2M play and was horned up something crazy. I went to use the bathroom and no one else was at the urinals at the time, so I figured I would jerk off real quick. Well I was beyond the point of stopping when another guy walked in! Like I said I was just starting to... [more]

I'm sickened by what I saw!

I have been working long hours and then was out of town for two weeks. I came home a day early and I figured I would surprise the wife. I was trying to be really quiet as I went up to our bedroom. Then I heard noises of my wife moaning out very pleasurably sounding. My heart was in my throat as I slowly opened the bedroom door. There she was... [more]

I love to be watched

Throughout my life I have enjoyed being watched as I stroke my cock. Doesn’t matter if male or female I just love being watched. I used to just take off my pants while driving around beating my meat I would stop in a store parking lot and park waiting for someone to come get in their car and see me. I had a few women watch me finish. Now I mostly... [more]

Jerking off

This is Kelsie, I am obsessed with jerking off to her. I love her hot thick body in those short tight skirts, I love her curly hair, big tits, and sexy legs. I jerk off to Kelsies pictures all the time. I imagine filling her mouth with cum while I play with her curls. Does anyone else think she’s sexy?


I love masturbation im 53 today and love playing with my cock and make video of it

A long written post just vanished! Do you have a copy!

Message to the site host... Hello, I wrote a long story of the time my gf’s mom gave me a show while in the shower, but it disappeared when I accidentally hit the post button with my stylus? Is there anyway you can retrieve it?

I masturbate

Hi i am a 30 year old mother of 2 I play with myself all the time. Several times a day I am always horny My husband has no clue lol He don’t have my sex drive. I can do it anytime We will be watching tv in living room And i will have a blanket over me or just in my robe. No one can tell i am doing it.

My Mother Inlaws panties

I am working on a large project at my mother inlaw's house every weekend, and I have been jerking off into her silk panties with massive orgasms, and leave them for her to find. Now she leaves her silk see-thru nighty out for me when I come over, and I soak it with multiple orgasms before I leave. I leave the door open so she can see and hear... [more]


Constantly jerk off thinking of my girlfriend being gangbanged by BBC'S just the thought of her being a little slut letting them fill her up with cum one after another gets me so hard

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