Masturbation Confessions

I masturbate with a knife

Im 17 years old. My parents got these really weird silverware for free. One of them was a knife with a thick and heavy handle. I got really horny one day and was bored of just using my fingers. I looked in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to get filled from the inside. Now i keep the knife in my room and use it whenever the house is empty (cuz... [more]

Fountain of youth

I was at a bar at about 25 years old. One of the bar chicks I would talk to whenever I went there had a beautiful complexion and looked fairly younger than her age of 45. I asked her what her secret was and she jokingly laughed and said semen on her face twice a week. We laughed and moved on to other conversations. It was about 1 hour to... [more]

My friend

My female friend n room mate I would catch her master bating every night with a dildo or her fingers made me so hard I had to jerk off watching her till one day she saw me jerking n watching her thts when things got better she invited me in to jerk off with her but soon seeing her wet pussy up close n how hard I was I strted to finger her as she... [more]

Amateur vids

I love watching amateur video clips of guys allowing or setting up their attractive fit wives or girlfriends with total strangers or guys they’ve met.
Love seeing the females initial expression when she sees the other guys huge cock or her desire to get fucked by another guy. Love how the guy knows the stranger or friend is a way better fuck than... [more]

Gay n cd porn makes me hard

Hi like to watch gay n cd porn n jerk off I get soo horny watching n cute cd being fucked n I jerk off slow I like when a man cums in another man makes me soo hard I shoot a big load


My wife and i lived with her parents we lived downstairs and they lived upstairs;at the stairs to the upper floor where they lived was the bathroom my wife and i used and at the top of the stairs was the main front door with a large side window;one night i was in the bathroom in just a tshirt and about to walk out when suddenly my motherinlaw... [more]

Step daughters panties

When I was married I woukd go into my step daughters room n take out a pair of her thongs n jerk off in them I got so rock hard n pre cum leaked out but when I came I shot harder n thicker then I have ever done befor my step woukd walk around house in tee n panties no bra n her tiny pink nipples sticking out n seeing out line of her thongs made... [more]

Watched husband's friend stroke it

We have my husband's friend staying with us for a few days until he finds a new apartment. I know him a little but not too well. He's good looking and nice. My husband was at work and his friend and I were alone since I had the day off.
I came back from shopping and his friend was at the desk in our living room stroking his cock to porn. He... [more]

Panties why

I started at age 9 found sisters things in hamper next to my room panties bras got to trying on smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmelling wearing alot made me so happy at night as ive grown im a theif and panties bra fetish man

Milking in panties

I’ve been really into putting on a nice tight pair of nylon panties on and masturbating my cock through the panties with a magic wand until I explode in them! I then slowly take them off and force myself to eat my own cum out of them!! Mind you I have a large butt plug in the whole time!! Omg so fucking hot! I’m straight as an arrow and would love... [more]

I love my panties

Some years ago I discovered that I like to wear my wife's panties. I t started when she started wearing the polyester kind that feel kind of silky. They felt good on my skin when I used them to masturbate with. Then I thought, "Why not try them on? They might feel nice. They did. I loved it. I wore them for about 15 minutes and masturbated in... [more]

Hi-heel fetish

I love to masturbate using my wife’s hi-heels. Been doing it for years. I really like her hi-heel mules. They fit my cock perfect. Would love to hear from other guys who have this fetish. Maybe we could trade hi-heels. Leave your e-mail address I’ll be in touch.

Post-Workout Orgasm

I went jogging yesterday (it was so warm) in my shorts and tank/sports bra. I was teasing myself with the idea of jilling off after my run, and by the end of it, I was heated up and rearing to go.
I gulped down some water in the kitchen, pulled off my shorts and grabbed my purple dildo out of the drawer while I put on some Sade on pandora. ... [more]

My cousin

My cousin and I used to feel each others cocks and jerk each other off. I miss doing that. We were in our teens.

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