Masturbation Confessions

Caught masterbating (girl) by dad, what should I do?

The other day I thought I had the house to myself and was feeling pretty horny, so decided to masterbate. I was on my bed daydreaming listening to music and had been kinda grinding a pillow, which I guess is why I was horny in the first place. Iaid ony front, I slipped a hand inside my jeans and panties and just started stroking myself.
It did... [more]

My daughter

I have seen my daughter nude. I saw some pics she sent some boys on her phone and when she moved back in here i put a cam in the bathroom. I got a good vid of her striping down and getting in and out of the shower. I masturbate to this all the time. I want to fuck her so bad!

I got caught masturbating

I was in a store pickin' my shirts out and I went into the room to try
them on. I was in there for a few
minutes and my Dick got hard and I unzipped my jeans and started jerkin' off and there was a knock on the door. I heard a voice say "you've been in there for five minutes is there something going on in there?". I calmly answered "no there... [more]

Perverted encounter

I was sittin' in the livingroom one afternoon with a woman at her
house. We were talkin' about different things when after almost an hour she started smiling at me for some reason. I didn't know what she was smiling at me for but I sat quiet for a few minutes and she asked me if I noticed anything and I asked her "what do you mean?" and she said... [more]

(fiction) a woman with a dick

Susie was out one day by herself and she was shopping for jeans. The women noticed Susie acting
like something was the matter. One of the women walked over to Susie and asked if she was okay and Susie said "yeah I'm okay" and she asked where the changing rooms were and the woman said "in the back". Susie walked to the back and went into the... [more]

A visit to the doctor (part two)

I went back to see my doctor and
she expected me to see her again.
It was for another routine checkup.
I was sittin' there on the table as
she asked me sex questions and I
answered. She told me to lay down
on the table and I did. She said
"how can I put this, last time you
were here I could see you lookin' at
my titties, how would... [more]

My morning ritual

I have always woke up with an erection for as long as I can remember and when I was a teenager I would stroke it off just about every morning. These days I am in a post kids, early retirement and a wife who never wants to do anything with my cock phase of my life.
I wake up really early still, about an hour before she does, so I am the chief... [more]

Fun with friends

When i was younger, my friends and i used to masturbate together. we must have been around 14/15, and we would have sleepovers often because we partied a lot. only one of us was a virgin. we would all wear sexy lingerie that we had begged our mothers to buy for us and then we would use hairbrushes and curling irons (not plugged in) to masturbate... [more]

Chronic Masturbator

I am a 49 year old male. I am an addicted chronic masturbator. Masturbation is my favorite thing to do. Every day... several times a day a I watch porn spread my legs and masturbate my penis until I ejaculate. I love to tickle my nipples and also insert fingers and other objects in my butthole while masturbating. I have done this in front of other... [more]

I love to fantasize about p*s*y... And play with my d***

I love to fantasize about p*s*y... And play with my d*** Every day several times a day... I'm married but she has no desire... Right now I'm reading these stories stroking my cock thinking about sucking your pussy... Flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue.... Drew8x

Love it

I absolutely love to masturbate. Nothing crazy like multiple times a day. Once a day mainly. Twice on a day off. Wife rarely wants sex so gotta do it myself. Look at porn, bust one off, good to go.

Pretending to be passed out

I pulled the passed out bit on my step son years ago, he was around twelve or thirteen. We had thrown a really fun party for new years eve and my husband passed out right after midnight, I was in the living room sitting in a chair relaxing after cleaning up the big things like food and drinks after everyone left. I was wearing a fairly short skirt... [more]

Juicing the bird

I like to buy a whole turkey and heat it up to the warming oven temp about 180 degrees, it gets just firm enough to insert my penis into after about an hour. I put vegetable or olive oil all around and inside the neck opening then slide my penis into it. Tighter than any woman I have been with and feels awesome if you lay a few bullet vibes in... [more]

Caught jerking off to ex wife and black lover

I’m in a hotel and opened the adjoining room door and there is a party and they are watching me jerk off smelling my ex wife’s panties watching a video I have of her ducking her ex boyfriend in our bed. She loves his huge black cock

Ex wife caught me

So my wife was at work. I was off. I got horny and decided to masturbate. I was laying on the couch totally naked. My phone was in my hand looking at porn. Just stroking my cock. A car pulls up. I thought I had time to run out of the room. No chance. It wasn't my wife. It was my ex wife. We have a big picture window and she saw me dart across the... [more]


I was sitting in a chair one night playing with my dick teasing a girl. She was on her knees on the floor for a half hour. She looked up at me and and smiled and said ah you're not cuming. She pulled my hand away and reached her right hand to my dick and took it in her hand and played with it for a half hour until I finished. She stopped playing... [more]

Blonde girls and a dog

I want to watch little girls jack off a dog until it cums and I want to watch them suck the dogs dick. I want to play with my dick while they do it. It's a fantasy to watch one girl play with the dogs balls while another one plays with its dick and they take turns sucking its dick and balls.I would want them to be naked and when they finished with... [more]

A little girl caught me jacking off

I was sitting in a Park one day waiting for a friend to meet me. she said we were going to have sex, she was going to meet me and we were going to go to her place told me to play with my dick until I finished. She told me she would be there in an hour. I didn't have time to go back to my place and jack off and come back to the park so I thought I... [more]

Only a month

I was in between houses for a month and my gf suggested I move in with her bestie for a month as she had an extra room and could use the extra rent money. I agreed and it was working out great. I had to print some real estate paperwork and asked my new roomie if I could use her computer and printer. Its in her room and she usually leaves it on. ... [more]

Masturbating to ex wife want to get caught

I’m masturbating while smelling my ex wife’s panties and watching videos of us. I want to get caught, my wife calls out my neighbors name while I’m fucking her. If u text me number I will reply now. QA rd

Sitting alone

I was at home one day not doing anything when there was a knock on the door.It was noon and I didn't expect anyone to visit.I answered the door and it was my friend Jessica, I said to her come in I haven't seen you in a while.She came in and said she's been thinking about me lately and wanted to come over to see me. We were sitting on the couch... [more]

Bus stop experience

I was sitting alone one day at a bus stop waiting for the bus.I was sitting there for almost thirty minutes when a car pulled to a stop and a woman got out of the car and clos?d the car door and stepped back away from the car and the driver drove away.the woman turned and walked over to the bus stop bench and sat was a little warm that... [more]

Time with friends

I went to visit some female friends one day when I got there I knocked on the door and one of them let me in. I said hey to everyone and we sat down and we started talkin about some different stuff when Julie sittin in the middle across from me Whispered to Kristen "you don't have on panties do you" Kristen whispered to Julie "no I don't" and... [more]

I thought I lost my virginity to a toy ...

I started exploring my sexuality when I was about 11yo With little options (wasn't that imaginative), my kangaroo/bouncyball became my first makeshift sextoy.
I used to use it as a chair (like those fitness/balancing ball for offices) but on one day I was being adventurous and played around with the grips and decided to try insert one of them to... [more]

Sleeping or drunk girlfriend

My ex girlfriend is a heavy sleeper and when she has too much to drink she passes out. I touch her and put my hands in her panties and rub her clit. Eventhough she’s sleeping she still get so wet and I love eating her creamy love juices. I then slip a finger in her asshole and finger get ping tight rosebud.

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