Masturbation Confessions

Bra fetish

I confess that I am aroused by women's bras and that I like masturbating to them.
It all started when I was 14 or 15. There was this aunt that visited my family regularly and stayed in our house for some days. She was in her fifties at that time and she was far from being any attractive. However, one day when she was out I sneaked into the... [more]

I have never been with a man before and I am so ready

I have been masturbating for the past twenty years, dreaming of the day when I might be asked out and I am willing to do anything !! I would love to try anal, double penetration, fisting, spanking, role play, anything that is sexual, even if it is painful

Wife and I Only Masturbate

My wife and I have been married 25 years. For the past 10 we only masturbate together. We both enjoy it more. We talk dirty to each other and we will masturbate each other, but we have not had actual sex in a decade.

Teen boy Naughtiest secret

I love letting my 8 day old heifer calf suck my rock hard boner in the barn. I just go in late at night and hope not to get caught. I’m only 12 so it’s the best way for me to get a nut. Man their warm tongues feel so fucking good. I squirt my load right between their bottom teeth while they struggle to breathe I’m throat fucking the shut out of... [more]

Making a better jacking cock

I've always been addicted to jacking off my uncut cock. I think it's better to be uncut, because when I'm jacking, It's my foreskin slipping over my glans that makes me come. When I was 25, I realized that my frenulum was too tight and when I skinned back to expose my head, my frenulum pulled pulled back on the tip of my head way too much. I cut... [more]

Reading stories here makes me....

I want to confess that I regularly read naughty stories/confessions here on this website. I have anonymously posted some of my confessions , stories about me and my wife and my fantasies . Must confess that reading the content here makes me excited and often I end up masturbating after reading a few stories. The stories here have given me new... [more]

I love to pose at work

I love to rub myself at work and how my body of to anyone interested and get feedback

Wanking on speed

I love having a good wank on speed, I literally go at it for hours!! I think it’s funny, as my dick really shrinks on it to, when soft it shrinks to about an inch!!
But I’m insanely horny, so I wank away frantically and it grows to about half the size it normally would, but it feels absolutely amazing! I’ve done this for hours before, hard... [more]

Masturbation fantasies

I fantasize about my wife’s friends. I collect and sort their social media pics and masturbate to them frequently. None of them have any idea about it. I’ve kept an electronic diary on my phone for the last five years detailing who I was fantasizing about for each orgasm…

Ex is a porn star

A few years after we broke up while checking her IG was when it first happened. She had the links posted for her OF which lead to her PH account. We never did anything past kissing and grabbing so to see her naked and fingering herself was beyond any fantasies. Needless to say I made an OF account and subscribed. Talking to her was always easy and... [more]

Back to basics

OK, so I've been happily married for many years, so why am I masturbating again? Like many young men, I used to masturbate frequently until I got married. My sex life was completely satisfying, my new wife was as adventurous as I could wish for. Unsurprisingly (maybe), as the years have gone by, the need and/or the desire for sexual intercourse... [more]

Is she secretly masturbating?

I posted before about the couple above me who I would hear having sex occasionally, obvious from the loud banging of the bed right above my room at night. Most times I would take my pants down and masturbate to them. Anyway, its been a while since Ive heard them going at it. Im wondering if theres a problem possibly, but more importantly, is she... [more]

Get Horny Reading Stories Here

I have come multiple times while reading the stories here. I know a lot of them are likely not true, but some have to be and it gets me real hot. Especially stories of being groped, exposed, or something embarrassing/sexual in public. It just makes my pussy super wet and I pretend its me being exposed and fucked for men's use until I'm filled. My... [more]

Naughty masturbation

My once naive wife has of late become very very naughty, loves to flash off her bald puffy pussy and climax for voyeurs either outdoors in the woods or occasionally on invites to private rooms at hotels, she loves to masturbate her very sensitive clitty until she cums big for them, always with myself in attendance to keep things safe, she has on a... [more]

Make it a double

I am home alone today...what should I do? MASTURBATE! I am a couple of hour in and still going strong. I'm going to cum soon. Then I need to walk the dog and mow the lawn (the grass outside) then back to...MASTURBATING!

Caught by next door neighbour

Quite a few years ago, I suffered a period of unemployment. That meant I was at home at times when I usually wouldn't be there. One of those times was in the mornings when the kids were on the way to the high school at the end of the road. There was a steady flow past our house and I was amazed at how well-developed many of the girls were; some of... [more]

Caught my sister multiple times

This happened many years ago.
My younger sister stayed at my place for 2 weeks, but because my appartment was so small we had to share a room. It was no problem for either of us. She got the bed and I slept on an old mattress on the floor.
That night, about 20 minutes or so after we'd gone to bed, I started hearing soft sounds coming from... [more]

My Penis is Too BIG

Big dicks are bad. I have one and more girls than not will turn me down because they are afraid it will hurt them. I wish I was smaller.

I masturbate at work

I'm a 30 year old woman and sometimes when I'm getting horny (or bored) at work I start masturbating. I have a desk job so it's not that difficult to look like I'm doing my job when in reality I've got a hand down my panties, rubbing my swollen clit between my fingers. I've got a rather large clitoris, so it's easy for me to take it between two... [more]

First outdoor piss and orgasm

I got into videos of girls spreading their pussy lips to piss in public, or pissing all over themselves. So, I thought I wanted to try pissing in public for myself. I wore a g-string, a short leather skirt, and thigh-high tights.
I chose a hiking trial that isn't busy. It starts with a park and goes along a lake. I drank a lot but didn't need... [more]

Wife’s sexy soles and toes!

I want to stroke my rock hard cock and shoot sperm all over my sexy wife’s legs soles and toes! Her nice smooth legs, soles and toes turn me on! I wanna stroke my hard cock and shoot sperm all over her pretty smiling face! I wanna shot sperm all over her sexy tits!


I was sitting at home with my wife when she tells me her daughter is popping in, it's a nice day so I am wearing shorts, and her daughter always makes me feel horny, she is 26 with a good figure and she knows it, when she arrived she was wearing a vest top and no bra, she sat down and started talking to her mum, I was sitting to one side slightly... [more]

Admitting darkest desires

After years of keeping my darkest thoughts from my wife, girlfriend, friends and family i feel now to slowly let some of these thoughts out. The main reason for keeping thoughts like i have locked up inside of me is people will label me as a mental deranged pervert. Everyone men or women has thoughts like these in their lifetime but are afraid to... [more]

I love to masturbate pt 1

I am a 66 year old man, married, and I love to masturbate, I have been doing it all my life, I started at 14 watching my neighbour in the garden I would go out and talk to her and try to look down her top, get a hardon then go indoors and wank till I cum, I got braver and stood behind the dividing fence, undid my trousers and masturbate till I... [more]

Masturbation addict

I love to wank, I love the feeling when I cum, I am laying in bed now first wank of the day I've been reading the confessions and got so hard I needed to wank, I moved my mirror so I could watch myself wanking as I jayed there naked my hard cock ready for action.
I squeezed my cock with my fingers and pulled the foreskin back, wow it looks good... [more]

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