Masturbation Confessions

I masturbate in my car

I love masturbating in my car in busy parking lots. I love to show my cock to older women.

Neighbor lady and girls nude bath peeping and masturbation

Our neighbor's house was under total renovation and they shifted to the temporary cabin house made in the backyard which had no bathroom. For bathing facility they made a topless temporary cabin adjacent to our boundary wall which was of 2.5 metre height. In the evenings when it is slightly dark, the neighbor's wife and three girls used to come... [more]

GF’s mom comes back to watch me

My girlfriend and her sister went to Florida on spring break and I stayed home because my classes started earlier. Remember I was living at her moms. Well the last night of their trip I was sitting in the den watching tv with her mom and couldn’t stop lusting over her large breasts. It got so bad that I was going to try and finish while we were... [more]

Love older men

I will make it short. My sex friend is a 45 year old man and I’m a 13 year old teen. I like it when he fingers my in my butt and I ask him to to it deep and hard while I suck him off. I love it.

Adventures Experimenting

Im a 22 year old female and I have had quite the sexual life so far and I just wanted to share a few things. I won’t tell all my stories but a few.
As early as I can remember I have memories of me as a little girl masturbating or doing kinda sexual things as early as around 5 years old. I would use my toys, barbies, and other items and rub them... [more]

Bus Driver

Back in high school I took the bus to and from school. I lived an hour away without traffic, so the bus rides home would take twice as long. One morning I woke up especially horny and decided to get one off before I got ready for school (I was around 17/18 at the time). As I was getting close my mom barged in telling me I was going to be late... [more]

Stranger jerking off on the bus

When I first moved out of my parents place I didn't have a car and took a bus to work. It took about 30 minutes each way.
One day I was sitting on a bench seat facing sideways. Just behind me across the aisle was a guy in between two rows of seats. The bus was mostly empty and I could hear his headphones. I watched him for a second, trying to... [more]

Gf’s sister cleans up after me!

I lived with my girl friend and her family for 7 years between 17 and 24 years of age. During this time I experience many forms of sexual opportunities from her mom and older sister. However this is one of my personal favorites. I was home alone with the older sister and she always showered in the afternoon before her 3 to 11 nursing shift, the... [more]

My lovelt naughty Graeme

I am a retired gentleman, a widower for seven years and last September my life changed forever.
I advertised for a gardener/handyman in our local paper, had no replies until one day this beautiful young man appeared on my doorstep. I thought at first it was a young lady and I asked him what he wanted. He said he was answering the advertisement so... [more]

Alone with my neighbors bra

I own a duplex home. I live on one half of the house and I rent out the other half to a tenant. I’m a 45 yo middle aged average guy. My tenant is 27 yo woman, long blonde hair, tight body and a killer smile. She asked me to make some minor repairs one weekend while she was out of town. So I went over, fixed what needed fixed, and found myself in... [more]


It all started when I was 7 years old. I am a man and I like women. I was saying at my sister's house for the summer. She was in her early twenties and I was in my thirties, and we had a very close relationship. She had some friends next door that would come over one of them had a little sister who was 9. The girl used to ride a bike all the time... [more]

My friend age 70 liked to watch me masterbate

I never thought my best friend and father figure would ask me to let him watch me have sex! We were very close and I saw him as a real man of God, and as a father, he had shown me what it was to be a real Christian.
Yes as a human I struggled with masturbation and he knew I had been sexually abuse for years. I will admit I had an issue with... [more]

Showing me his wife and more

I recently traveled to Detroit to attend some training for work. While waiting in line to check in to the hotel the guy in front of me kept trying to make small talk. He seemed like a nice enough guy but it had been a long day and I just wanted to get to my room and crash. After getting a good night sleep I headed downstairs the next morning to... [more]

Can't wait til I can go to a adult store

I can't order anything from the internet and not get caught, and can't go to a adult store until 18. Ugh it's so fusterating. I have a hairbrush handle that feels good but want to experience more.

Nude outdoors

I love to be naked outdoors and take any opportunity I can. I have a seven hour drive to work and I don’t wear pants for ninety percent of the trip. I masturbate the whole time. I try not to cum while driving but one day I went a little too far lol i just held the head of my cock in my fist as I came. Cum was shooting and dripping everywhere. I... [more]

Showed Wife’s Pics to a Friend

I’ve taken a few pics of my wife and showed a friend of mine occasionally in the past couple years. We live in different towns now and don’t see each other very often. Anyway, I sent him some pics the other day and he told me he was jacking off to them while driving to work. I got really hard thinking about him admitting that to me. I asked him to... [more]

Masturbation Chat

Sometimes when I masturbate I want to tell someone what I am doing. Is there a site where a guy can share his masturbation session?

Brother didn’t stop...

I’ve ready many confessions here about brother and sister and would like to add my confession.
Growing up I shared a bedroom with my brother he is two years older and when he was fifteen / sixteen he masturbated a lot.
Over time he did it so much that it didn’t bother me it was just what he did.
Randomly he would just get an erection and make... [more]

Who can remember first orgasm

Mine was in the back of my parents car, I was 15 my dad had said I could stay in the car while he gets some shopping and lock the doors.
As my dad walked to the shop he started chatting to someone, he was ages chatting so I started playing I could see my dad from the car I had my hand in my knickers, I’ve got myself very close before and stopped... [more]


I always tease my friend brother he is 16 and fancy me, for a 16yo he’s very confident he tells me he can easily satisfy me.
On evening my friend text me saying you gotta come see this, I rushed over and she showed me a video of her brother masturbating, he was leaning back in the chair totally naked, his dick was massive at one point he had both... [more]


My beautiful wife has sexy legs and feet!! I would love for her to sit on the couch in shorts and flats. She would have one leg crossed over the other. She would slowly swing her leg back and forth and let a flat dangle off her foot. I would masturbate and watch her dangle and tease. Se would smile, laugh and giggle at me as she teased and... [more]


We had couple friends over 1 evening for meal drink etc you know sort thing talking about well we was watching a movie and couple in movie made sex video tape well my friend said he like make 1 to but never had i said we have it was fun joking they said go on put it on so we all can watch joked about for while had few more drinks and after while... [more]

How can any man top this...

I’m a 32yo female been single for 7 months I’m not interested in wanting another relationship so I’ve been taking care of myself!
Up until the last 7 months I haven’t had to put much effort into masturbating, having regular sex with your partner doesn’t give you the need really so I have been trying many different ways of masturbating, I’ve... [more]

Hurry up 5pm

I’m alone in the tea room at work my pussy has been soaking wet most of the day want to go home and fuck my pussy with my favourite new toy,

Somebody was watching

This just happened today. I was masturbating in my bed with the door halfway closed. I didn't think about it because I thought the kids were asleep and I was going to be quick. I was picturing my wife bent over her desk at work by one of her young and cute co-workers and just hard as a rock. All of a sudden I notice somebody walking by my door. I... [more]

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