Masturbation Confessions

Somebody was watching

This just happened today. I was masturbating in my bed with the door halfway closed. I didn't think about it because I thought the kids were asleep and I was going to be quick. I was picturing my wife bent over her desk at work by one of her young and cute co-workers and just hard as a rock. All of a sudden I notice somebody walking by my door. I... [more]

Naughty facebook update made me horny

A few years ago I found a woman about 22 had left her facebook logged into a public computer. I posted an update saying how good 'my' new vibrator was. I got turned on writing it as I hadnt been able to do anything with myself for a week before.

Secret public masturbation

Love to sit behind the wheel while parked in a parking lot where women walk by not knowing that I am masturbating. I would be embarrassed if they knew so I am careful but still love it when they come to get into the car parked next to me. I like summertime when I can see their bare legs and follow up into their crotch knowing that they probably... [more]

Pole Climbing and Masturbating

I have this real shiny 2 1/2inch diameter brass pole 8 feet in height. I polished this pole to the best shine ever and I wear light clothing as my skin would just stick to it. I wrapped my whole body around this pole, holding on to it so tight as I could feel the smooth shine as I had rubbed my penis along its smooth shiny surface as I am... [more]

Friend over

As a school hol had my friend stay over we only 15 and she very pretty big boob ebony girl well that night as going bed she asked if had night dress she could use i said i sleep naked so dont have any and got undressed and got in bed naked she looked unsure but took bra of keeped knickers on well we chatted for while then she said was going sleep... [more]

Wife hoping

During week my wife works in city so stays with family there but missing our fun has own bed in her daughters room she 24 but wife started teasing me with her cam under duvet showing her pussy as plays with but holding so can watch me rubbing myself to turns me on thinking daughter might be watching to but wife said be embarrassed if she see her... [more]


My husband always teased me about a lady waxing me down there something never worry about but was close husband birthday so i get nice smoth and found instead just lieing there what husband had said was in my mind and found was getting horny and had rised legs spread wide making easy for waxing found was getting wet and after girl pulled strip of... [more]

I know where that’s going

I’ve been helping my dad all day clear out one of his workshops I have a bag full of bits and bobs I’ve kept that we’re going in the bin. One item is the thickness of a cucumber and about as long with a handle on the end facing upwards, I have no idea what it’s used for but I know where it’s going when I get home.


I masturbate

Night shift

Wife works as night security guard on her own in big office well was teasing her one night as not seen for few days well got her flash her boobs and after while got her take top and bra of then lift skirt remove knickers put feet on desk and play along with me was fun after we finnished was chatting for while and office phone rang was a security... [more]

My hot neighbor

When I was 14 I lived in a house where my backyard connected with the neighbors backyard behind me. My neighbor I’m gonna call him S Lived there. He was a 17 yr old white boy that went to school with me. I’m black. I thought he was so hot but I never had the guts to tell him. Every day I would mast****** thinking about him. One day I opened my... [more]

Old yahoo chat rooms

I posted this on Fetlife but i thought you guys would enjoy. When I was 13 I would get home from school earlier than everyone else. I used to get on yahoo messenger and join the chat groups under school and education. There were always older men on there who wanted to chat with younger girls. It turned me on so much. I started chats with a lot of... [more]

Shiny scented love

I love shiny things. I have at moment a few large size chromesteel bearing balls that are about 3 and more inches. As well I have very shiny brass tubes at a foot in length and 2 inches wide. What I like is the shiny objects to me are very sensual and sexual to hold in my hands. I like to rub them all over my body almost in the sense as if I am... [more]


As a 45 year old lady missed out lot things well 1 evening hubby talked me into putting swimsuit on under clothes and we went local gym we had a young collage lad 18 staying with us at time so he come as well and he got 3 tickets for spa and sauna i never tryed so new to me and the lad but hubby used a lot well first we all went in sauna wow hot... [more]


I love watching hubby wanking in front me and shot load over boobs but like see 2 doing hubby said if find pretty ladyboy then ok so any pretty sexy ladyboys in essex want cum with us lol over my boobs that is


Iim 45 year old indian lady and find young teen girls so amazing fun never do anything bad but would love be friends with all them and come to me to teach how to masterbate want show where everthing is how touch and watch them doing as well

OMG how good was that

Not much of a confession more of a story, I had a casual boyfriend more of a fuck buddy really, things started slowing up only seeing each other a couple times a month.
My friend (male) who I neglected while having fun with my fuck buddy has always had a soft spot for me I’ve never lead him on or given him any signs I’m interested in him that way... [more]

What do you think?

This happened before I met my husband, a few weeks ago he told me when he was 18 he masturbated in front of a girl because he felt sorry for her, he said she was a big girl and was upset at the time about never having any attention from boys and she thought she would never get to see a real dick in her lifetime.
He said while she was sitting down... [more]

Not enough feeling

I masterbate every single day multiple times a day ever since I was 10. I'm now 30. Somehow I don't have carpel tunnel.
Doing it with lotion feels amazing and ultimately overstimulating, but I can never get to orgasm from it. I always tug dry and as a result I don't get much out of blowjobs. It feels nice but nothing ever cums of it. This always... [more]

Mutual masturbation

I started masturbating when I was 11 yrs old. I had just made the jr high cheerleading team and my coach told all of us girls to trim our private parts because our cheer shorts were short and she didn’t want our pubes to show. So I went home and got one of my dads razors and shaving cream and started trimming. That’s the first time I touched my... [more]

Caught by the neighbor Part 2

Have you ever fantasized about catching someone masturbating? I have a hot fantasy of seeing someone through a window or finding their nude pictures online. Someone watching me would be a huge turn on and I use that to get hard when I need to.

Am I still a virgin?

So I was at omegle and I had the camera turned on. I kept on touching my breasts and my nipples because the guys there said so and I'm a huge ass sub. So I haven't had sex, ever. IDK what happened but one man on omelet told me to finger myself, so I did. I inserted one and then two later on and I bled. Am I still a virgin or not?

Caught by a Neighbor Part 2

I often wonder how other people masturbate. Some times I go online watch cam 2 cam sites ... it is a thrill to show off and watch others cum. My wife almost was caught by the exterminator masturbating on the couch one day. She thought she was all alone and sat back, legs open and starting rubbing her clit. She saw his shape outside the window as... [more]

Wish I appreciated when I was younger

Way back when I was a young girl 17 - 21 I dated a few guys, I lost my virginity at 17 and didn’t have sex again until 21 in one year I had sex with three others before meeting my now husband and never been with anyone else since.
The last guy I had sex with I liked a lot but he didn’t like me as much, before we had sex we used to fool around... [more]

Teen smell

I need the smell of teen girl sweat to jerk off.

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