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Lisa and I were going out and would be gone for several hours, she wanted to have the Sara feed and let the dog's out at some point while we were gone. Sara was a 20 year old girl who lived down the street.
I had been asking my wife to wear top's that were more revealing for a while now, sometimes she would, and sometimes she wouldn't. This time she was,
Just before we left Sara came over to talk to us about the dog's. My wife was in the kitchen so I got the door, we spoke a little about feeding the dog's and letting them out. My wife came into the room, and Sara said wow look at you. Lisa was dressed and ready to go. Her outfit wasn't that revealing, she had a nice skirt on and a button down blouse unbuttoned one button lower than her norm and no bra, and in the right light it was a bit shear.
To me, it was, Sara is just noticing she was dressed nice not that she could tell she had no bra on and could tell that easy.
First I thought to myself, yes she does, then I hear my wife say thank you John like's it when I don't wear a bra and some kind of loose top. I was not ready for that response from my wife, I thought just a thank you would be nice. I looked back at Sara with a little embarrassment, she just smiled and said you guys go have fun, the dog's will be fine.
We went out, had a great time. When we got home Sara had left a note saying dog's were good they ate and she took them for a nice walk, hope you had fun.
A week later, after I had gotten home from work my wife told me that Sara had called and asked if I could help her move a few thing's at her house. Sara's mom worked a lot and was not home that much and Sara's father had left year's ago. So I asked my wife to let her know I would be over in about a half hour.
Sara and her mother look very much alike pretty, slim, and great hip's, not big just nice. Sara played sport's in school and still like to run. When I got to the house, it was hard not to notice her outfit. A pair of short's that when you saw her you thought now those are great leg's and wow you have a great butt. And a simple v neck tee shirt with no bra, Sara like my wife have a small chest. I had never seen her without a bra on, I could tell her nipple's were a bit hard. She said thank's for coming over, her mother was going to do it later after work, but she knew she would be so tired. So she thought it would be nice to have it done before she got home. I told her it was not a problem, and glad she called so I could help.
I spent the next 45 minute's moving thing's around and looking at how nice Sara's body was. Some thing's that were better to move with two people she would be across from me either bending over to pick up her end or clearing thing's off. I could see down her top easy enough to she her nipple's nice and hard, and when she was facing the other way I could see just how nice her butt was and how firm her thigh's are.
After we got down and I was ready to go she came over and thanked me, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I told her to call me anytime if she wanted help, it would never be a problem.
After that if I saw Sara when I was with my wife she always had a bra on, and if she stopped by knowing Lisa was not home or I went over again to help her, she never did even in the colder weather. It was so nice to see Sara.
Sara is 22 now and look's great, and my wife will still wear her loose top now and again when we go out. I am so very lucky

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  • I think you need to have Sara over without the wife again

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