What does he get from it?

My husband and I both will read some of the thing's on this site. I see a lot of men who want their girlfriend or wife to wear clothes that are allowing other men to see their chest. What is he getting from another man looking at his wife's chest? Open top's like peekaboo, here they are, what do you think.

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  • My husband insists on my wearing revealing clothes as well. It's his kinky turn on thing.

  • It is "things" not "thing's." It is "tops" not "top's." Dude, you post here often, even as a so-called woman, so clean up the grammar.

  • Not everyone has perfect grammar and or spelling. There is alot of people who are not even from North America. I have seen your complaints of grammar on alot of post's. Just calm down buddy.

  • + How many times are they going to post this?

  • I like it because, I know how nice my wife's chest is, and to see another man try to get a look and see for himself, is amazing.

  • Having a hot woman that other men desire is a total ego boost for the man, he wants to inspire jealously and feel the pride of having scored the prize.

  • Same thing as someone saying "nice car". Another man checks out your wife/girlfriend it is the silent high five, that says "well done!" The guys that get upset about this are crazy! I love it when my girlfriend wears a nice tight pair of pants, and a top that shows her cleavage loud and proud; guys check that out, I just smile and nod.

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