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I want to get pregnant but I want him to force it on me

I live in another city and have another life. But growing up things were different. One night my mother pushed my father away, he was drunk, so he took it out on me. I was eleven. You don't think that you can take full penetration at eleven but you can. And you can get pregnant. I was sent to live with some relatives where I had the baby and... [more]

Wife confessed I wasn't the first to her butt

My wife had a long affair with her older married boss before we met. He'd talked with her many times about her letting him take her butt cherry - as he'd taken her cunt's virginity some months before. time he 'planned' the scene to fuck her butt. Flew her to NYC - nice hotel. Dinner and drinks. She knew what he wanted so, she told me... [more]

Enough is enough

My wife refuses oral. There is always an excuse. She will ask for things or favors and say she will suck my dick if I do it, then don’t. So I asked her. She said she just doesn’t like doing it. So I said, “I can’t go my whole life not ever getting head ever again.” She said, “You’re gonna leave me because I don’t want to suck your dick?” I said... [more]

Why am attracted to them

Why do I always seem to end up with women that open their legs easily…,
My first fuck
Lost my virginity at 15… girlfriend also 15 had been fucked twice before me!
Steady girlfriend
Steady girlfriend when I was 19.. she was 17..she had been fucked 12 times before me.
Her girlfriend also 17 had been fucked 30 times!
I got my mate a... [more]

Wife said she was a virgin until 26, but had 69 at 23?!

Yeah - she told me a long time ago that that guy over there, at the party, was her old boss - and he was the man who took her virginity. So, OK....
Then, recently in bed - we were talking sexy and making out and petting like crazy and "69" came up.
I whispered in her ear...."When was your first time doing 69, honey?"
"Well, I was 23 - his... [more]

His Slutty Aunt

My boyfriend wanted to show me off to his fifty something aunt. She wasn't home. While waiting we started to play around on her couch. I had my boyfriend's dick in my hand as we made out. His aunt stepped into the room and said, " You gave me up for this whore! You supposed to suck his dick, not hold it. " She pushed me down a bit and filled her... [more]

Is it a lot

My wife was fucked by 12 guys before me. Is this a lot?

Wife was only 18 but man she ......!

My wife and I were married in SoCal when we were 18.
So, picture a trim 18 yr old, 5'7", blonde, 130 lbs, tea-cup breasts and the sweetest little set of butt cheeks. (all my male friends called her "cute butt!")
What you can't picture is how much she enjoyed sex!
When I was drafted she first took me to a local forest, stripped down to her... [more]


This question for the ladies. Met my wife young she was 24 I was 17 we dated for a year maybe little longer and she cheated with a coworker. Said she wanted space and we went separate ways . Well did not take long for her to start coming around withing 6 months calling wanting some dick . Well got together again 30 years later still with each... [more]

Unsure Fantasy

I am a 40 year old single female and I love to flirt and tease. I have fantasies about being looked at. I wear short skirts to show off my long legs and low cut tops to show cleavage. When I go out to eat (sometimes by myself) I sometimes go without a bra or panties and fantasize about men looking at my b****** or up my skirt. My boyfriend knows I... [more]

My husband listened

I had been getting irritated with my husband, but I didn't want to lose my temper, so a few weeks ago he was walking around in his shorts and I just pulled his shorts down and gave him a hard smack on his bottom. To my surprise he didn't yell at me or smack me back - he never has hit me - he just looked at me and said "I guess I deserved that." I... [more]

I so want to fuck my step dad

A few year's ago my step dad gave me the time of my life by fucking me so hard and making me cum 5 times and I sucked and fucked his big cock big time then I bounced on it so fucking hard. Now when I see him I just want to rip his fucking clothes off and fuck hun so much and i want to squirt all over him anyone point I was going to ask him to... [more]

First Date

My wife and I have been together for 5 years, married 3 years. We have both been married before. We worked at the same place she’s 5’ 11’ tall blonde 35C, 25, 36 with nice long legs. I noticed her one day while eating lunch, she walked in the lunch room which was close to full when she came in and ask if she could sit across from me I had... [more]

Cock in Pussy

We have been married for more than 10 yrs now and still enjoy sex introducing novelties in our relationship. We always sleeping in nude feeling each others naked warmth. Lately, my wife, lying on her back and thighs widespread, loves to have my hard throbbing cock deep inside her cunt and asks me not move or little movement on her command. In that... [more]

My wife tells me to fuck her if I need to while she sleeps

I never have.
Well, OK, not often....she has awoken to me playing with her panties, pulling them down - squeezing her cute little cheeks, reaching under and between her legs while putting the tip of my finger in her vagina.
I'll get some baby powder and put it on her bottom, mount her butt cheeks and slide my way between them to a nice orgasm... [more]

Loose wife

I knew that I wanted to marry her the first time that we fucked. She was very loose and on the first push, I was balls deep into her. I loved that it was so easy to be fully into her. I knew that she had fucked many guys including a friend of mine that had a really long thick dick. He loosened her up and I was happy about it.

Would you have married her

Can I ask for your honest opinion
My Wife at the age of 15 or 16 was getting fucked by several guys, she was well known for opening her legs for any guy, she loved cock simple as that. At 17 she was pregnant, two kids and 8 years later I married her and could understand why 21 guys ( many one night stands) before me liked fucking her.
she was... [more]

The things you do

My girlfriend and I are wanting to go away for 3 days and we screwed up. We have no one to watch our dog. I asked her to ask around and check with her friends. She said her friend Darlene would do it on one condition that I have sex with her. Now Darlene is in a word fat. I asked my girlfriend if she would be ok with it and she said "its just... [more]

Ever stupidly ask, "including me - who's the biggest you've had?"

My wife is very attractive, very sexy to look at, has a very sexy mind, and is a big flirt - because she knows it.
She was very experienced when she married me at age 35. (Me - 43)
She says things like, "girls like to look at men - men like to look at girls - it is all so natural!"....and is very 'mature' about sex, and her personal experiences... [more]

Gangbang Wife

I met my wife at a gang bang when we were freshman in college. A guy knocked on my door and said that a girl was fucking for $20 in room 212. I was still a virgin and went upstairs with the money. There was a line of five guys in front of me. As one guy came out, a guy took the money and let another guy in. When it was my turn, I had watched six... [more]

Sexual Cravings And Desires

I know what I'm doing is sinful and wrong. My sexual cravings and urges has returned in my mature years. My husband's sexual desires kind of faded out. I guess being married for a long period made it fade out. But for some reason now that I'm hit the forties mark my desire to be satisfied has increased. I really don't want to cheat on him because... [more]

WI see my hubby different no

We are in our forties, married fifteen years, good marriage, last week there was a story in newspapers about sports star and girl friend, she said he was abusive, but they played sex games and he used a paddle. two days later my husband came home with a hairbrush, said he was going to spank me, and to take my jeans and knickers off and go over his... [more]

Used Wife

I was really attracted to a girl that I first met when we were sophomores in college. I was about to ask her out but then she started dating another guy. She had several boyfriends before I finally asked her out when I thought that she had broken up and was single.
I didn't know that she was still dating him when she agreed to go out with me... [more]

Obedient adoring husband

I am the husband of 'strict wife', she showed me what she had sent after she sent it, and she told me to reply, that she wanted to see what I would say. So yes, what she described how we got together, our kids thought we were a good fit, how the spanking started, all true. I accepted that I am more a submissive guy, that she is very dominant, I am... [more]

Why do serious girl friends want you to cum in their mouth

Every girl friend I ever had - at one time or another during our relationship - moved into position and let me know without doubt that they want me to finish in their mouth when they go down on me.
Frankly I prefer to be inside their vagina!...between their soft thighs with my balls nesting against their little butt hole!
One girl, a nurse in... [more]

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