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Honey Blow Job

Have been married 36 years and to keep things interesting sexually , I asked my wife to tell me three things she wanted to do that we hadn’t done before. She got embarrassed and told me that I was a pervert, but about a month later she brings a small container of honey into our bedroom. Tells me to lay back and enjoy, then starts to slather my... [more]

I don't want to live.

My wife has told me she is involved with another man. She met him at the gym. She said it started innocently and now they are sleeping together. I had no idea anything was going on. She seemed happy. She was even still having sex with me all the time. I thought things were great. I help her clean the house and spend lots of time with her. We do... [more]

My Lover Too

Being a fat girl you don't have sexual activities much. John, maybe my future step-dad, might become become my lover too besides my mom. Mom is seeing and dating her best girlfriends ex boyfriend. Mom doesn't mind me peeking in when they are having sex. Mom asked me to be more friendly and open to John since he might become my step-dad. I think... [more]

I was turned into a pig

I was dating this girl back in college, I was your average hockey player, I was pretty athletic, but after I met this girl everything changed. We started talking then after a while we hung out, she made a massive dinner and a bunch of desserts, when I started to struggle to eat she made me feel bad so I ate almost everything, by the end my belly... [more]


Ok first…
She works for me in a higher end management position.
We’ve worked together for a year now, I always thought she was beautiful but just not my type.. so I never even thought about going there…
She went out with COVId, and for some reason I missed her terribly. When she came back we had time together and I realized that I’m deeply in... [more]

Wife just told me her sexual history

Just two nights ago, my wife of 14+ years spilled the beans of her past. We were out to dinner, had some cocktails and she was feeling pretty good. On the way home we started talking very platonic about cheating and why people do it, and is it wrong entirely..etc. Just a married couple chatting away. She says, "Let's get the kids to bed and meet... [more]

Wife of 14 years. All of a sudden a freak in bed

We've been married 14 years. Our marriage is perfect. The love is there, emotion is there. I can't complain one bit. The sex started to get stale about 5+ years ago. Almost scheduled sex. Or better yet, in the morning, she'd be laying on her side.. I'd do the.. "Can I?" poke and rub.. I'd have to ask in the evening if she's coming to bed anytime... [more]

Sad state of affairs

One of my teenage daughter's friends is very mature for a fourteen year old girl. Thay are close friends and we have met this kid's mother who happens to be divorced but in various relationships. After meeting the mother I can see why the young girl is a bit beyond her years. Both my wife and I have noticed that this kid is quite flirtatious which... [more]

I'm hooking up with an older co-worker

I’m 18 and got my first job working at a cell phone store. Joergie works there too and looks like Emma Watson. She’s 27 and beautiful! She has pail white skin, big brown eyes and her hair is dyed gray. Her style is Harry Potter. I can tell she takes a lot of time with hair and makeup. Everyday she looks like a model! She’s by far the hottest girl... [more]

Sisters hot tits

Me and my sister have always been close. i used to spy on her in the shower and when she'd change when we grew up. she's almost 3 years older than me. well, she has always had huge tits and got attention from guys as long as i can remember.
i think she knew when i was spying on her when we were teens. we're now in our 40s and just last year she... [more]

Wife hired me a Tgirl Escort

My wife, quite simply, is the best partner a guy could ask for. There are many reasons for this but the most relevant is the fact she is down for anything in the bedroom. There is nothing she can’t suggest to me or I can’t suggest to her that we won’t be understanding of and try. Which brings me to my story.
My wife told has always told me... [more]

Is my friend telling lies

My friend told me her boyfriend was asleep naked on top of the bed, she said she very gently and slowly started licking the end of his penis, taking her time she said his penis started to move.
Without her boyfriend waking up she said she watched his penis get fully erected, her plan was to sit on it but moving about on the bed woke him.
Is this... [more]

How I met my wife

In 1989 I was 21 I was chatting up this girl also 21 we both had an interest in horses, we talked for a couple of hours and I said, there is a party close to where I live, would you like to come, sure she said is it ok if my girlfriend can come too, girlfriend, you have a girlfriend, yes, ok yes that’s fine I said.
As soon as she hooked up with... [more]

Do I get out now

Met a 36 year old girl from the internet, we get on brilliantly, she is really good looking, has a great figure, her own business and property.
What could go wrong…
I’ve only known her 2 weeks and she’s told me she used to take steroids for weightlifting, been married and divorced, had orgies (mainly to make her husband happy) jilted her to be... [more]

Wife at Glory Hole

My wife asked one day out of the blue about glory holes and whether they actually existed. I told her that they did and she asked me how I knew. I told her that the guys at work told me about a place and had invited me but I had never gone since I got plenty of sex at home. My wife said that she had heard about them from a longtime friend of hers... [more]

Bride wears beige

My bride wanted to wear a beige dress for our wedding but her mother wanted her to wear the traditional white wedding dress. My bride didn't think that it was right to wear white which indicated that she was virginal since we had been living together (and fucking) for two years. My bride also had two previous boyfriends; the first for a year and... [more]

Lonely Widow Becomes Gilf

He's my meals on wheels guy and I enjoy his attention and company from time to time. I think of him as if he was there for me as a replacement for my deceased hubby. I guess I provoked him by having him spend some of his delivery time listening to my woes. He was a younger volunteering man helping senior citizens like me. I never really thought of... [more]

In hindsight it was obvious

Recently was told about an ex girlfriend she’s now dating another woman. Now looking back the signs we’re there, we watched porn together and she committed more about the females then the males.

I’m really sorry Karen… but

You are fully aware when you grab my balls and pull them I shoot my load, why did you do this when I was fucking you doggy,
I had no time to react, I was on a down stroke when you pulled my balls tighter, the natural thing was to how deep inside you and let it go.
You knew full well I was cumming inside your pussy but I didn’t see you reacting... [more]

Is it wrong

Me and my wife tried molly together and loved it. We would have sex for hours and talked about maybe having a threesome or something. One night we took it and my friend came over to pick up what I got for him. My wife and I were just starting to feel it . When my friend Walked in my wife heard us talking and came to say hello. He was playing with... [more]

Don’t make my mistake

Can’t believe I’m missing good sex so much, the relationship I’m in now is amazing all but one thing, good sex.
My previous boyfriend really knew how to please me, can’t believe I’m saying this but he would caress my pussy with his fingers for ages, it was like being in a trance felt wonderful, he would then give me little kisses and as he kissed... [more]

Experienced women

All of the women that I have ever had sex with had sex with several guys before me. All of them had sex with more partners than me including my wife. I have had sex with six women including my wife and she has had sex with over 30 men.

What is it I do so wrong

Me and my friend love going out together, we both dress very sexy and show as much as we dare.
My friend is not so fussy when it comes to men, me I’m very fussy, I like a well groomed man that takes control when he has a woman beside him.
I can honestly say that me and my friend have made a name for ourselves, we do pick up a lot of men, we also... [more]

I really like her, but I am not the only one sleeping with her

For the last two months I have been seeing a very attractive divorced woman.
She is 28 years old, I am 26.
I see her once a week, we go out for a drink and sometimes a meal and then back to her place where I fuck her, usually a couple of times.
When we are out she seems very popular, seems to know quite a lot of people, especially guys who chat... [more]

Wife Breeding

I have been chatting with a woman about marriage, but she wants kids and I am not able.
So, I asked her if she would agree to a mixed family with her being bred by a (1) white, then a (2) Black, (3) then Hispanic, and an (4) Asian breeder. Our names would be on each birth certificate, but we would have a multi-racial type family with four kids... [more]

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