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Our Sexual History Revealed

My son and daughter thought that my wife and I had only fucked each other since they knew that we started dating in college. They knew that we had started dating freshman year when we were both virgins. But what they didn't know was that we went separate ways and dated other people until we got back together in the spring of senior year. They also... [more]

DIL's Sexual History

When my son found out that his mother and I fucked many other people before we got together for the second time, he decided to ask the woman that he was dating to marry him. He had thought that since she had been fucked by six men before him that it was too many until he learned that his mother had been fuck by eight guys before I finally fucked... [more]

Husband is only attracted to fat women

No, this should be no surprise to me, since I've been around 300 pounds since I met met husband and he says I'm beautiful. But I find it odd he only likes fat women.
His celebrity crushes are Kelly Clarkson (when she's bigger), Aidy Bryant (big woman on SNL), Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson when she was fat.
When I mention someone like... [more]

Need advice about dating older

Soooo I'm 19f and dating a man who is 58. He has a daughter who is 24. I don't think she likes me very much, what can I do to have a better relationship with her?

Wife said to "rape" her if I need to while she sleeps

My wife told me years ago - If I want to "rape" her while she's sleeping - to go ahead!
She admits that it is sort of a gentle rape scenario in her imagination.
"I'm sleeping and a man is taking and using my body for his pleasure!"
The thought of it turns her on. "I'm not a tramp - he's just taking me .....sort of like a rape?"
She sleeps in... [more]

The answer may be castration

My best girlfriend was having a major problem with her husband he was constantly being an arsehole eventually she discussed it with her doctor who advised probably the best way to have him permanently calm and nice was castration although she had a surgeon that would do the operation her husband would have to agree, seeing she had all their... [more]

Julie got Gangbanged

I found out something about my wife, Julie, that I never knew before. We were talking after having sex Saturday before going to sleep and she told me that she had been gangbanged both in high school and college.
In high school her second boyfriend took her to a party and most of the football team was there. When she walked in, she noticed that... [more]

Fresh Start

We've been married for almost 20 years. I few years back our sex life was almost nonexistent. My wife, Kim and and I had a few serious talks. With raising kids, work, and the daily grind, we'd let our relationship die. Being at a crossroad we knew something had to be done. Our sex life was the primary subject. . We both wanted to put a kick back... [more]

My Wife Wants to Become the World's Fattest Woman.

In the past 2 years my wife has been steadily gaining weight. Now normally I wouldn't care but it's kind of out of character for her. She has always been on the chubby side and at times she has been clinically obese like during her two pregnancies (around 300lbs at the heaviest) but she has always managed to diet back down to under 200lbs. But... [more]

I'm in love with my father's employee

I'm 23 year old girl and my father is a rich businessman. For many years my father had a driver who also used to pick me from school and he also was a gardener and a handyman.
I have seen him since I was a child and had a crush on him.
During my school days when he would pick me up, we always spoke a lot while he drove.
One day when when we... [more]


Whose idea was it for your wife to fuck other men? In my case it was my wife. After three years of marriage she decided that she wanted to fuck other men. She told me that we could stay married if I agreed and if I didn't agree she would leave me. I didn't want her to leave so I agreed that she could fuck other men. In the next five years she... [more]

Bi Interracial Sex Play

We been married a while and began to explore and open our minds sexually. I guess it was an aging phase we went thru and started to experiment. Wife was gun-ho to go try a swinger's club. We found an invitation from a local swinger's club group hosting a meet and greet for people interested in and wanting to swing advertised on the internet. You... [more]

My cute wife likes men to look - gets us both hot

My very cute 26 yr old wife likes it when men check her out.
She tells me about catching them looking up her skirt, down her blouse, up her short-shorts, etc.
She sets up situations which seem innocent - and gives them nice teat and crotch shots.
Bending over in loose tops while braless in a store, or around the house with male friends... [more]


I love it when my mother-in-law pees on me. I love showering with her afterwards. I love our lesbian affair

My wife

Although I've been happily married for years I love dirty Internet sites and chatting with men about sharing my wife and watching her get fucked by 3 or 4 guys,it's purely been a fantasy until a few months ago I fell asleep while texting with a guy! My wife saw my phone and read everything id wrote to other guys,id also taken a few sneaky pictures... [more]

Sharing my wife with my friends

I was always thought by my Mom to share things with others My buddy visited us and I let him sleep over on the couch .He was expressing to me he had had no sex in a long time and want to know if I could hook him up with some I told I think I have someone in mine , I got up and went to the bed room and there was my wife always nude in bed just... [more]

Dynamics of relationship have changed now that wife knows I dress

Ok well I am a crossdresser and my partner is fully aware it has changed the dynamics of the relationship we used to have, I would have said before being caught that I would have gone mad to know she might be talking to other men, but we now have a female led relationship where she has encouraged me to talk to men online and flirt with guys who... [more]

How I met wife > Her bikini panties flying in the sun!

I stayed at a commune in SoCal yrs ago.
A new member joined our small classmate of a girl already residing with us. "Commune" = an older couple who hosted 6 young people in a 2nd fl loft - sharing food, rent and utilities at a very low price! (not a Chuck Manson thing!) afternoon shortly after this new member... [more]

Can I trust her

I have met a lovely woman who was previously married.
She is 57 and I am 60. I have been seeing her for about two months, she has her own house.
A couple of times when I was there, a couple of guys called round at different times. she went outside and was talking to them.
When she came in after the last one called round, I asked her who they... [more]

Couples roleplay

Me and wife are married for 9 years and so far our marriage is rocked by one or another unfortunate events. As a result of that our sex life was very plain vanilla and boring.
To spice things up we have started with various roleplays. Once I surprised her by offering a Friday night massage and set up there room work candle, romantic music and... [more]

Exactly like husband's mother

I am often asked if I am my mother-in-law's daughter, because I am EXACTLY like my husband's mother. People will say "you and your mom are twins!" before I point out she's my husband's mom.
We are both 5-foot-3 plus-sized brunettes with brown eyes. Our body types are nearly identical (c-cup boobs, really big butts, medium tummies). We have very... [more]

Watching Doctor Examine my Wife

I have always enjoyed showing off my wife to other men. While we lived together after college, I encouraged her to wear halter tops and short shorts or short skirts and dresses. Many men got to see a lot of her skin particularly when she was bending down and her breasts would almost fall out and her butt was visible to anyone behind her.
But the... [more]

Super Sized Mature Slut Threesome

I never thought I would be a threesome sex mate for this slightly older red headed oversize woman and her male sex friend but she is open-minded and love to please us sexually. I met them at a meet and greet for this swinger's club. I didn't expect to form a relationship with because they was slightly older and she has a ssbbw body. I was sitting... [more]

Daddy Issues!

This happened in 2015.
I was cleaning my cabin cruiser at the marina when my boat neighbors came by with friends. Instantly the women tried to get me hooked up with Luna.
Luna is not my type but being polite I joined them for drinks.
She’s an emo goth chick and 25. I was 37 and divorced for 4 years.
She was wearing a black bikini and was... [more]

Husband is stretching his penis

My husband has always had a small penis. When we met and got married he was about 3.75 inches erect and about an inch soft and really skinny.
It's not that sex with his small penis was awful, it was just boring. I never felt much and he was always slipping out. I never had orgasms. He hated his penis.
When I got pregnant, we chose not to... [more]

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