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Second time dating my wife

The first time I dated my wife was while we were freshman in college. We were both virgins and she didn't want to have sex so I broke up with her. Fast forward three years and we started dating again. We were both sexually experienced then and got right to fucking almost every day our senior year.
She told me that she was almost ready to have sex... [more]

I was a virgin

I was a virgin when I started dating my wife. She believes that I had sex with at least two women before her and I have never told her the truth. She has told me about her previous boyfriends fucking her and it excites me that other men enjoyed her before me. When I think about other men coming inside her, it always make me hard.

I gave in to peeging

So my wife has mentioned her fantasies being with two guys at once and doing me with a strap on. Well I let her have her way and have me with a strap on . I enjoyed it so she done it a few times. Well one day she came to bed and I told her to put it on. She looked at me and said what the hell I ain't good enough. I told her not that but she did... [more]

Treating hubby

Last year had big argument with husband cuss a friend of his come round wish him happy birthday and i lost it slapped her shouted walked out and i did know the girl chatted etc. well was near shop near husband and see her and apologized etc. and asked how husband was she said not been round since that day so said shell be go visit him she said ok... [more]

Sexy cousin Eva

This all started in the 80's, I was a teenager then and my cousin Eva was living with us she was in her early 30s and I have always had a huge crush on her!
She was gorgeous she has a voluptuous body from head to toe mmmmmm.
I was always around her, hugging her, holding her hands, I would stand behind her when she was sitting down and rub her... [more]

Girlfriend sharing

My girlfriend of ten years has satisfied most of my sexual needs and wants but what turns me on the most is seen her with other men especially some of her exes I get so hard and can’t control my need to jerk off as she’s sucking a big cock and my favorite thing to do after they cum in her is to eat her sweet juicy pussy on some occasions I’ve even... [more]

Wife never talks

My wife never wants to talk about the many times that other men have fucked her. We go to a nice upscale restaurant about an hour from where we live and we have an great meal and several glasses of wine. My wife is usually pretty drunk by the time we go to the bar next door. I usually get her seated at the bar and then tell her that I forgot my... [more]


How many men should a woman have sex with before she gets married? When I proposed my to my girlfriend Friday she said that she would marry me but she wanted to have sex with more men before the wedding. She had sex with two men before me but wants to have sex with at least ten before we get married. I told her that I would think about it. So... [more]


So I met my wife on a swingers site. She was a single involved long-term with couples she knew for a long time. She also hooked up with single men. The thing is that when we became a couple these couples friends of hers expected me/us to play with them before they would be friends with me. I told her no, I'm not trading sex for friendship. So... [more]

Condo Wife

My wife after having gained some weight had decided that she was no longer attractive to other men. I tried to convince her that she still was but she wouldn't listen. We decided to go to Florida to get out of the Massachusetts winter and rented a condo. We were at the pool and there were other couples and two single guys there. The two guys kept... [more]


My wife and I had been together for two years and married for five when I asked her if she was feeling the seven year itch. She said that she had been thinking about how she had liked the variety of guys that she had fucked in college. I told her that I had also enjoyed the variety of girls that I dated. I asked her if she wanted to swap partners... [more]

Gf sexting

I have broken into my girlfriend's phone and snooped around. There was no reason really, just boredom.
We used to sext a lot before we moved in together, so I checked her messenger apps for anything interesting.
There wasn't much stuff, mostly her chats with friends. Then found a couple of chats with guys she went on dates with, but... [more]

Am a alone on this

Interested in what percentage of people on this site ( guys) get really turned on thinking about their wife’s previous lovers.
I get so hard thinking about them getting her naked, playing with her tits and then getting between her thighs, before giving her a good fucking.
All the different types of cock that have been inside her.
Them forever... [more]

Former Wife Now A Renewed Slut

Sometimes people can change. I found that out with my ex wife. I was in my twenties and she was in her early thirties and divorced. I married her because of her long saggy tits. She let me bang her good when I was horny in the early stage of our marriage. I found out she wasn't into oral sex. She let me insert and play with her dark hairy pussy... [more]

Do other men remember what their high school girlfriend felt like

I had a high school boyfriend named David. He was super hot and I was too and I still have my high school body, but even better since I work out every single day without fail. David was the first guy I ever made love with. He stayed at my house for 2 weeks and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and made love in my house, his car, in our friends... [more]

Wife's naughty change

As a married couple of 12+ years We've enjoyed our sexual personal and social relationship as husband and wife, and it has allowed us to grow in our professions and be able to trust one another. The wife has auburn reddish hair 5'4" 124lb can dress up in a cocktail dress business suit, or cutoff jeans and a tank top. Will sip on wine or chug a... [more]

Bi dad

Never ever thought I was bi. Was I ever wrong. Im married and bi. Wife don't know tho. I love to crossdress, got onto creaglist and found another crossdresser. We got together and played some. Then he asked if he could play with me n cuck me. I was very nervous. So he did and I liked it. I did the same to him. Now I like dressing up and letting... [more]

Longtime Desire

I hunger to lay with a black man and stroke him and suck him off!

Mother in law's panty pleasure

My widowed mother in law stay with us since last couple of months. When my wife is on tour, I have usually noticed that my mother in law come to my bedroom and touch and massage my genitals so long until I don't cum out; and then apparently let me just stripped throughout the night.
One night, as usual when my wife was on tour, my mother in law... [more]

Wife's previous lovers

When I first met the girl that became my wife 5 years later, she was dating a guy I know. I wanted to ask her out but didn't because it wouldn't have been right to try and break them up. About 6 months later they broke up and I asked her out and we dated for about a month. Then summer vacation came and she went to her parents about 250 miles from... [more]

Ex Wife was NEVER Sexual with me now she’s a SLUT

My now ex wife was 21 when we first start dating and I was 25.
Our relationship was strained often. Up front she told me of her religious beliefs and wanted to take things slow sexually. We dated for a couple of months and we never did anything. Then she disappeared for a couple of months. No way to find her if I wanted to as this was before... [more]

College Wife

My wife and I got married right after I graduated and we moved to the city where my job was. She had one more year of college and went back to finish. We were almost 1000 miles apart and started having phone sex. One night the subject of it not being as good as real sex came up and my wife said that a solution to that would be if she got a... [more]

After Wife's Night Out

After your wife has been out on a date with another man and they had sex, when she gets home do you prefer to fuck her well lubricated cunt or to eat his come out of her before you fuck her?

Shaving my gf's pussy

I filled the bathtub to have bath together with my gf. We have been horny through about half-a-day’s foreplay and took to continue with the foreplay in the bathtub. We spent about half an hour in the tub submerging ourselves facing each other– my hard-on peeping though the waterline, while, her ample boobs and areolas liked too erotic for me. She... [more]

Wife's question

My wife and I have sex usually twice a week. She also loves to give head. She says easiest way to keep me level headed is to keep my balls empty.
So about 2 months ago she was giving me a blowjob and she stopped. She said, "Would you ever let me fuck you?" I said, "You fuck me all the time." She said, "I mean like me with my strap on. You bent... [more]

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