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250 Times

I knew that my wife had sex with two other men before me when we were in college. She fucked her first boyfriend for six months and the second for two years before we started dating. In each case she told me that they had fucked 4 times a week. Based upon that, the first guy fucked her about 100 times and the second guy fucked her about 400 times... [more]

Sharing is an act of love

I used to shoot my load listening to my neighbour fuck some girl. I would imagine what my wife would sound like with him and that got me hard and stroking. I got hooked on wife sharing/cuckold porn. Pretty soon I became a premature ejaculator. After 5 minutes of sex I'd cum and say "sorry" to my wife and she would say that "it's ok" but one time I... [more]

Traditional wife

I would love a wife with old school values. One who is very feminine and makes my life easier. One who takes pride in her work and above all else loves cooking, but also irons my clothes and keeps the house beautifully. also, she'd have to take pride in her appearance. Being beautiful to begin with of course,but must love to dress to please me... [more]

Failed D/s-relation pushes me into submissive cravings

My SO have wanted a full on BDSM relationship with me taking on the Dominant role. We have gone from Hotwifing to an open relationship over the past few years.
The problem has been that she cannot comply entirely with my demands and orders (even though she still insists she want this type of relationship with me). I have a hard time connecting... [more]

Love being middle aged

My wife have a pretty great relationship. It’s unlike any I’ve ever had. She’s not the slightest bit jealous of me looking at other girls…or guys. I’m not the least bit jealous that she points out hot guys and what she’d love to do to them if she had them naked at the house. Now that we are middle aged and the kids are gone, life got more... [more]

Innocent looking wife has sexy fantasies!

My young wife, mother of two, sunday school teacher, PTA member....told me she fantasized in high school about being fucked on the bench in the boy's locker room by the whole football team. They just took turns mounting her and cumming in her as she lay there, willingly.
After she read about it in a Penthouse mag she discovered under a couch... [more]

Gf comfortable with her friends

My GF works as a stripper at a topless bar. In fact that is where we met. I used to go to the bar just to watch her dance. While I enjoyed watching her dance I also enjoyed the other guys watching her dance too. She has a knockout body, slim with toned legs, cute tight butt and medium size pretty titties. Before we became bf&gf we had a little... [more]

The Three Of Us Under One Roof

I don't want to brag but it happens that I have a relationship with two bisexual women. You might say they are lesbians because they enjoy kissing each other, sucking licking each other's breasts and kitty. They also like an open minded male like me that enjoy sex and social activities who can be discreet.
We enjoy nudism, group sex parties.
... [more]

Helpless at the gym

For anyone who has read my other posts on this site, I am the one that posted unsure fantasies. I like guys looking at me and I like being tied and helpless. One evening my boyfriend and I were going out but he wanted a workout at the gym before we went out so I went with him and waited in the lounge area for him to get done. I knew he wouldn’t be... [more]

Wife watching

My husband cheats on me with a few women. They all have bigger tits than mine. I admit I want to watch. And be told the truth.

Blackout Drunk Wife

My wife is a blackout drunk. She passes out at least 3 or 4 times a week. We have tried rehabs and detox clinics many times but she just keeps drinking. We have been married 5 years. For the past two years if my buddies are over and she blacks out, I let them take turns fucking her. She will sometimes get fucked 6 times in a night. She wakes... [more]

Careful of what you want

First I am 60, my wife is 59. She is in fabulous shape, a very attractive woman, 5'8" 125 lbs 36B's.
Now I've a heart condition and suffer from ED.
Anyway she said I'd fanatized about watching her fucking someone, would she be able to fuck someone by herself first just so she could get used to the idea. Also she would feel safer if she... [more]

How do I deal with having sex twice a year?

My wife is 72 years old and has absolutely no interest in sex. She used to give me what she called hot coffee blows wherein I would make up a pot of coffee on a Sunday morning and bring her the paper and she would alternate between taking sips of hot coffee and sucking the head and frenulum of my penis. You want to talk about "hot"... Even in my... [more]

Guilt, Anger and Sucking Cock

I got divorced at 60 about a year ago. Was having trouble adjusting and was struggling with feelings of anger and guilt and confusion. I realized though the divorce freed me up to pursue a lifelong curiosity and desire. To suck cock. Little did I know it would be the cure-all to my divorce hangover. Now I suck cock 3-4 times a week, and more if... [more]

My girlfriend has suggested that she would like DP

She likes anal sex and we have talked about having a second join us to DP her.
We are concerned about crazy people and desease.
Who can offer realistic advise as to finding find a guy for a one nite encounter that will please everyone without drama or fear of crazies?
I'd also like to watch her enjoy sex with a stranger, she would like... [more]

Wife likes topless parties

My wife has always enjoyed going topless on the beach and likes guys seeing her titties. She has nice size pretty titties and I don’t mind her showing them. Lately she has gotten into showing them when I have friends over. Again I don’t mind because they are nice to look at. One of the times when I had friends over and my wife was having fun... [more]

Changes & More Changes

I still work from home on my computer. i am 5'3", my wife is 5'8"
i felt very lucky when such a beatiful women took interest in me since i'm short & wiry. The first 6 months of our relationship was great; she let me fuck her in any hole & position, even threesomes with her girlfriend.
shortly after we found out she was pregnant, we got... [more]

An old flame

I went out with a girl in high school. She was a year older than me. We ended on bad terms. She cheated on me during the summer and I was told about it. I confronted her and immediately broke up. The rest of that year was horrible. She went full on psycho. Moved lockers to the one right next to me even though we were in different home rooms... [more]

Blackmailed cheating ex-wife for 4 years

I caught my ex-wife cheating four years ago. I was suspicious when I noticed her hiding her phone and being more secretive and going out more often. I got her phone while she was in the shower one day and found lots of messages between her and her sister’s husband. Lots of names of places and times, but that’s it. Those times aligned with time she... [more]

Unsure Fantasy follow up 2

To understand this post you probably should read the first two postings. To shorten this one up a bit if you’ve read the other two posts I like being helpless. Being tied to the bed is about as helpless as I can get. My boyfriend’s friends tied me up at my request for my boyfriend’s birthday. I loved it and so did my boyfriend. His friends seeing... [more]

She likes it nasty

Me and this new girl I was introduced to agreed to become fuck buddies. She invited me over to her house because she told me she hadn't had any dick in a very long time. I go over her house and soon we are rolling around in her bed getting ready to fuck. She gets my dick really hard and puts it between her legs. I know she is nasty and loves to... [more]

How to get my gf to shave?

I’ve been dating my gf for 5mo and she doesn’t shave her pussy. I have asked her multiple times if she can shave it but she keeps saying she likes it natural. I told her I’d be more interested in eating her out if she shaves it but she said that’s how she likes it and if that means I won’t eat her out she doesn’t care. She is 20 and said she... [more]

Wife’s point of view

Hello I am a married 33yo women. I see a lot of posts on here about guys wanting to try this or do that or whatever it may be. If you guys will just hint this to your wife or express how you feel about wanting this or to try that, it can go a long way. My husband who I married when I was 24 has hinted things before and it actually turned out... [more]

Wife is damn near a lesbian now

Several months ago, my wife expressed her interest in an open marriage. I told her I’d like to discuss why she wanted it. She said that first, she thought it would be beneficial to both of us. We have kids but they are all grown and out of the house. She said she wouldn’t have even considered it while the kids lived at home because it would... [more]

First time I licked my 18 yr old wife's bottom

First time I licked my 18 yr old wife's bottom!
(this isn't about butt-fucking a is as the title says. Kissing & licking bottoms. In the real world - NOT every man or woman wants to butt fuck.)
This sexual experience was with my 18 yr old sexy blonde wife in southern California. We were 18 yr old newlyweds.
One sunny day we took a... [more]

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