Lesbian Confessions

Two timed

I once had lesbian set with my college teacher. I had never done it with another female, but she got me so horny I end up in bed with her in her apartment. I remember she was sucking me with my legs in the aire, when her husband walked inn, slid me to the edge of the bed and anally fucked with his wife lubing me with my own pussy juices... [more]

Wife Tried it

So last night the widow woman (mid 50s fit and cute) down the road came by. The wife and I were having drinks and she joined us. We were all getting loose, the women were both flirting with me and with each other, though I took it all as playful fun. As the evening moved on she kept nudging closer to my wife until they were kind of holding each... [more]

An ongoing affair

I (f 44)have been having an affair with my boss (f 56) for over ten years. We’re both married to men, both are stagnant but comfortable relationships. We live in a deep red state so coming out is not an option and we’re both pretty satisfied with the arrangement. We love each other deeply, take trips together, dinners, exc. And the sex is out of... [more]

First time

I’ve been reminiscing recently about my first sexual experience. In High School my best friend and I were both determined to save ourselves for our future husbands. But teenage desires were strong and curiosity kept growing. She and I were both cheerleaders. She lived literally across the street from the football field. So I’d stay the night with... [more]

Naughty little lesbian girls

Naughty, I guess this refers to being naughty when you are a kid. I lived with my Uncle and Aunt when I was a teen, sharing a room with my same age cousin Louise.
We had twin beds but everything we did we did in front of each other. We were discovering our sex and our clits and out tits. We showed off in front of the mirror, and laughed at... [more]

School for girls

My parents enrolled me in all girls Catholic boarding school to keep away from hanging out with boys. I was 14 and slept in a bedroom with three other girls. One night two 16 year old girls walked in and sat on the edge of my bed and began sexually touching me. My three bedroom mates pretended to be sleeping because they were scared of them. I... [more]

Being taught sex lesson by baby sitter

My husband & I were raised in a religious upbringing. So sex was vanilla. Just put it in & cum in me. I thought that was my duty. I did not mind it. We had this sweet teen babysitting for us. I really enjoyed her company. One day she asked me, "Mrs. Johnson does a grown woman's pussy taste as good as a young girl's?"
I was shocked & What are you... [more]

Grandma's Slut Friend

Mom and I secretly pleases each other. She confessed to me that grandma's friend seduced her while she showering at the campsite where she camped with granny. Mom learned that grandma's friend was a lesbian and it was her that got mom interested in female to female play. That is why she kept a strap-on in the bedroom, she and dad secretly do a... [more]

The new girl at work

So, first of all thank you for reading this. I'm a first time poster here and I hope you like this story.
I am a 30 year old woman who has gone both ways for a long time. I would say I am experienced and enjoy both men and women. Because I go both ways I haven't latched on to just one. But I am ready. When that person comes along.
Well at... [more]

Circumstances led us down the lesbian path

In 1989 I was 16 and met Ashley. She thought she was a lesbian and wanted me to help her find out. We started with kissing on the lips, some boob touching and we got on the bed and went all the way, eating pussy. Maybe we weren't lesbians but we discovered pussy and we didn't stop.
In 1994 a guy fucked me and got me pregnant. Ashley wanted... [more]

My Mother-in-Law

Recently my mother in law and I made plans to do some shopping. She came over to my house and was in my bedroom as I tried on some old clothes to see what I should keep or toss to get an idea of what I might want to buy. I was changing in and out of clothes, so was semi-nude at times, but didn't think much of it as we chatted away. I had a bathing... [more]

Even if we belong to men we are still a couple

My growing up life was on the bad side of terrible. No father, not even a name. Mother an alcoholic and usually unemployed. Raised by my grandmother who was too old. Sister into gang life dropped out of school. I finished high school because I didn't like boys and didn't get pregnant.
My first love was Maggie in junior college. We had to stay... [more]

We want to be serviced but don't want him to stay

I'm a 38 year old lesbian/bisexual. I live with my partner, also a lesbian/bisexual. We are bisexual in that we like a man to give us sex, and then leave.
We live in a big city and there are many bars and places to go to pick up men. When one of us manages to get a good candidate and take him 'home' the other one follows. We like to give... [more]

Uninhibited BBWs

My ex girl knew I had fetish for youthful bbw gals. While she and I was out and about she would point one out to me and say, "Interests you?" I would say to her "Yep" or "Not curvy enough." She would ask me why do I like her then because she's not a big female. I would confess to her that I enjoy her blow jobs. She didn't like the idea of me... [more]

Squirt in my mouth

I’m a 34 year housewife I love my husband but lately I have been thinking I want another women to have sex with I’ve never tasted another woman’s pussy before and I want to now I would like for her to be a squirter and fill my mouth with her cum and I also would like to see what it feels like to be eaten out by another women help me if you can... [more]


I had a lesbian affair with a woman I met through the internet behind my husband's back. I was sucking her pussy when a guy walked in totally nude and anally fucked me doggie style. There's a difrense between lesbian and bisexual. I ended up with face smeared in pussy juice butt hole fielded with sperm.

What should a boy do if he likes pantyhose?

I like pantyhose and girl's socks in general and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction whenever I wear them. I am a boy and I can't wear this dress normally and I think I would like to wear this dress even under my pants. What should I do? It has messed me up mentally and I can't stop this habit. It's not close to me and I have a feeling... [more]

What should a boy do if he likes pantyhose?

I like pantyhose and girl's socks in general and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction whenever I wear them. I am a boy and I can't wear this dress normally and I think I would like to wear this dress even under my pants. What should I do? It has messed me up mentally and I can't stop this habit. It's not close to me and I have a feeling... [more]

I think I want a woman for a change

I think I would like to be with another woman I’ve been married for 18 years to a wonderful man but lately I have been watching woman on woman porn and it really turns me on I’ve had this thought about a year now and I don’t want to mess up my marriage in any way but I have a desire to be entertained by another women any thoughts on this

My wife and her friend:

For the first time in 3 years the wife and I traveled on vacation we went back to our home state to visit and rented a cabin for 10 days. While we were there she said she was going to have her best friend from high school come down for a day and probably spend the night they hadn’t seen each other in over 3 years I said sure. I figured I would... [more]

Full moon

A few years ago I was visiting a friend Angela. Angela is what you would call a ‘hippie’ while I am more traditional. I am married but my sex life is blah.
The week I was visiting her she mentioned that she is invited to a full moon ritual and wondered if I am interested in coming along. She told me to come with an open and adventurous mind. I... [more]

My sister is pleasing my wife

My wife and my sister are having sex every weekend they go get a hotel for a day and night and have sex all day I don’t know if I should be mad or not I do think it’s hot as hell but it’s my sister

I Am Attracted To My Best Friend

I have sexual feelings for my best friend. Her and I have been close for years. We are both married but I would love to have an affair with her. I masturbate frequently to the thought of having oral sex with her.

Housewife needing pussy

I’m married to a man been married 17 years I’m 43 years old 6 ft 228 lbs but I really want to spend a weekend with a true young lesbian I want to be eat out by a pro and her show me how to eat her like a pro I’ll pay for the room and meals I want to go on a date one night in public my husband will not be there any but he’s horny now thinking... [more]

A fantasy never came true

Before a few yearsy wifevand I were in a party, she was in black short dress revealing her round ass and round firm boobs. With her black hair and fit body she was real hot chick.
Around 22:00 hrs one girl came over and over to chat with my wife, her eyes were staring at every detail of my wife's body. When we were leaving the girl came with her... [more]

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