Lesbian Confessions

A fantasy never came true

Before a few yearsy wifevand I were in a party, she was in black short dress revealing her round ass and round firm boobs. With her black hair and fit body she was real hot chick.
Around 22:00 hrs one girl came over and over to chat with my wife, her eyes were staring at every detail of my wife's body. When we were leaving the girl came with her... [more]

Horny for women, but only when I’m pregnant

I’m mostly straight, but that changes when I’m pregnant. Whenever I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been *extremely* horny for other women. I’m on my third pregnancy (and probably last) right now, and some days even just seeing another woman turns me on.
My husband knows, and he understands. As long as I give him a heads-up so he can either work... [more]

A lady just asked me out!

An older lady (40s, fit, tan and blonde) asked me out at work last night. I’m not even into women, but I was so flattered I said yes anyway and gave her my phone number. The only thing is, I’m 16. I think she thinks I’m older. Should I tell her?

Kissing Cousin

My first lesbian experience was with my slightly older cousin. She's four years older than me with boobs that I wished I had. We was partying at her best friends house. Her friend is a thick curvy gal with legs some gals would wished they had. We was boozing it up and exchanging our fantasies. I started seeing other gals feeling and kissing each... [more]

Nipple sex

My first experience in nipple sex was with my duplex neighbors. I've been living in the duplex several months. I learned that they swung. The wife was was a bit older than me but had big saggy breasts and usually dress bra less exposing the cleavage of her tits. I've been with women around my age but not someone a bit older than me. She and I... [more]

Wife’s lesbian experience

I caught my wife having lesbian sex with her long time friend Kim. She came to visit us she had just separated from her husband of 22 years. They have been best friends since middle school. She flew in and was spending a week. We went out for dinner and drinks a couple nights before she was leaving. We came home and had a few more drinks. Her... [more]

Wife’s best friend

I caught my wife having lesbian sex with her long time friend Kim. She came to visit us she had just separated from her husband of 22 years. They have been best friends since middle school. She flew in and was spending a week. We went out for dinner and drinks a couple nights before she was leaving. We came home and had a few more drinks. Her... [more]

Putting On A Lesbian Show

I've matured and gotten very open-minded for my husband. We started wife swapping with his co-worker and his wife. She and I never gotten involved with each other only been used by each other's spouse's. I decided to spend a day with her window shopping. We bonded to each other very much. I bought a bottle of wine and we headed out to her place to... [more]

My Les Friend

After a fairly long time Liz my lesbian friend came to visit me over the last weekend. We had les relationship since our college years. I was too happy to receive her and in the evening we got engaged remembering our past years. Before too long she was letting me stroke her hair and shoulders. Within a few seconds I was stroking her tits. They... [more]

My fantasy

I've never been with another girl before, but I have a fantasy of being woken up by a lesbian having sex with me.

Married woman that now has desires for other women

I’m a married woman for 10 years to a good man but he has stopped giving me what I really need. We haven’t had sex for almost 6 mounts now . And I have been having crazy desires to be with another woman . I’ve been watching a lot of girl on girl porn and it has been getting me so turned on that I am to the point of wanting to be with another woman... [more]

Wife wants to try something new

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. Early on in our relationship we exchanged secrets about each other and fantasies. My secret is that I have had sex with men. She asked what kind of experience. I told her mutual cock sucking but I have been fucked by a guy. She asked if it was a one time thing that I just didn’t do again. I told her... [more]


My husband once forced me to have lesbian sex with his friend's wife. They both sat there rubbing their dicks watching us having oral sex on the floor. I felt so humiliated when they held me over the back of the sofa and told her to corn hole me with a black dildo. I remember her saying I had tight butt hole as she pushed it all the way inn. It... [more]

Wife’s transformation

My wife is 47. We have two kids that are grown and out of the house. She’s 5’6” and about 225 lbs. Well, she used to be. She’s always had a fantastic ass. Thick thighs. Huge tits. Dunlap belly. She couldn’t see her pussy in the mirror.
About a year ago she decided she was tired of being fat and she wanted to lose weight. I told her she was... [more]

A show for my husband

A couple of years ago me and my husband went to a strip club together as a birthday treat for him. I had never been to one before and thought it would be fun to enjoy watching the girls together, and later we could talk dirty about what we had seen while we fucked.
I had never been in a room with so many bare breasts, it was amazing. After a... [more]


I'm still home alone and need sex . So I have just phoned a woman friend invited her around to sleep over and some food and drink . I had a surprise for her I told her let yourself in. Because I will be sat here naked watching my home made sex videos of me playing with my self masterbating squirting and cuming on camera. Trish and I have flirted... [more]

First lesbian sex

What was your first lesbian experience?

Lick me again and again and again (part 2 of 2)

Part 2….
My girlfriend’s fingers on my pussy and her tongue on my asshole created an intensity I’d never felt before. An orgasm was building from her rubbing my clit and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My climax began at the same moment my asshole relaxed a little, opening up to let the tip of her tongue slide inside my ass. When someone... [more]

Lick me again and again and again (part 1 of 2)

During a girls night out about 10 years ago, a few drinks in and a couple rounds of Truth or Dare, a friend admitted she'd never licked a pussy. Move forward about a year, her husband was being promoted and they were moving back to Oz- we live in the US. He moved immediately and she stayed behind to sell their house and wrap up things.
The... [more]

Girls school

I was 16 when my parents unrolled me in an all girl catholic school. They didn't believe boys should be in the same boarding school with girls. The always said that marriage and sex was something for grown up women. I remember our teachers were all nuns except for the principal that was a priest. I always felt embarrassed about standing naked... [more]

New fantasy

I am a single mom and I find myself thinking about an 18yo that looks like she's 13. I get excited thinking about undressing her and taking her over and over.

Lesbian how loves spankings.

I am a lesbian who loves to get a good spanking. i was moving home,so i called a old girlfriend. she has a new girlfriend who has very large tits. she had a wild idea to have sex with her girlfriend. so we work out our fantasy, i want a spanking bad. i got to her house and started to getting drunk. so i start this by spilling red wine onto her... [more]

Dressing my boyfriend

I am a lesbian who is roommate with a male i started having sex with. i planned a vacation where i was at the airport and i was going to meet my boyfriend. i went to the trunk of the car and left his suitcase in the trunk. so we get there and i admit i forgot his suitcase. but i had mine full of pink clothes and ready to dress my new little... [more]

Straight, but have a lesbian fantasy

I had a dream once after watching a softcore movie on cinamax and a year later, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm 25 single, no boyfriend or serious dates for almost 6 months. Never had a lesbian experience either and too nervous to act on it, but after reading stuff on here, I thought I'd share.
So I'm driving down a lonely back highway, it's... [more]

It jut happed

I was 22 when I shared the rent of a house with two college girls. I was shocked when one of them came into my bedroom, laid in bed naked beside me and began touching and kissing me. I was trying to avoid her kisses but ended up with her tongue in my mouth, her hand rubbing my pussy and asking if I liked it. I was embarrassed about it but... [more]

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