Lesbian Confessions

Teenage Lesbian Relationship

I'm 28 and have always been a woman excited by younger girls. I have been involved with women since my school days. I recently met a girl 16 whilst out shopping. We were in the same shop and began to talk about clothes. There was a huge rush of adrenaline as we chatted and i asked her to have a coffee with me. Over coffee we exchanged numbers and... [more]

Getting Stronger

I’ve made a few comments on different topics, hinting at my situation. But I’ve got to admit what’s going on. My husband is a baptist minister. We’ve been married 21 years, it’s pretty good overall. But there’s this woman, she’s recently divorced, 33 years old, she’s struggling with same sex attraction. She’s had a “lesbian past” as she calls it... [more]

Hired an escort for my daughter

My daughter came out to us fairly young, but was too shy/nervous/scared/awkward to ask any other girls out, not even after she started high school. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and (with her and my wife’s permission), started researching independent escorts in the area. My daughter actually picked her favorite out of a list of... [more]


I’m tiny and cute and I know it. When I see a fat girl, I purposely flaunt it...I love that look they give me when they know how much hotter I am! I love the fact that some of them even want me for their own but they know they never could. I love being a little tease.

Personal taste

Like most women, my man is very interested in trying to get me to think about some sexual act with another woman (friend or coworker). We have been together for 6 wonderful years and I couldn't ask for a better partner in life accept for this persistent quirk. Anyway, over the years we have graduated sexually into a more open/honest relationship... [more]

Not sure what to say

I've been having a fling with a female friend of mine. We're both late 30s. She's divorced, just started to identify as lesbian, and I've been happily married to a man for years. We both have teenage kids in high school.
It started last month when she made a pass at me when she came over to chat and have coffee. I'd never been with another... [more]

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done

I realized I preferred women about a year after my husband died. I realized I was attracted to my daughter when she turned 14. By the time she was 16, I fantasized about her every day. I never acted on it, though, because that was still a boundary I wouldn’t cross back then.
I still had to do something to let off some steam, though. I... [more]

Too close?

I'm 24 now and been with my best friend (same age) for about 10 years now. We're super close and do everything together. I don't think I'm a lesbian. But starting about four years ago. We started to kiss each other on the lips. She did it first and I felt good about it so we just continued . As time passed by things got only racy. When I'm over at... [more]

My Indian Lover

I am a 21 year old white girl, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have had many on and off relationships with both men and women, ive mostly had relationships with older women. Ive recently had an affair with a 28 yr old indian woman. I must admit indians have a different style when it comes to foreplay for example she would rub her big nose all... [more]

Les get to it

My best girlfriend told me her Mom thought I was really cute. I am 18 and her Mom is 35. My friend said she had some homework to do and was going upstairs and leave me with her Mom. Her Mom said darling ru dating anyone and I said no. Honey since my divorce I have had this feeling that I want to try lesbian sex. Have u ever had the desire to be... [more]

Suburban housewife club

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood. It's fairly upscale, with a lot of nice parks nearby, good schools, and away from the city riff raff. The people are really nice, many helped us unpack and move in, and we got to know people pretty quickly. It was a warm welcome.
I made friends with three women on our street, and we've... [more]

Lesbian I don’t think so

My girlfriend friend is a lesbian, my girlfriend said her friend has always been with the same sex and she’s never known her to have been with a bloke.
I can now say differently! I’ve never spoke of this for obvious reasons.
Two months ago I was out on the drink, before getting drunk I saw my girlfriend lesbian friend in the same bar, had a... [more]


So about a year ago I found out my ex wife had lesbian sex with a super hot milf, unfortunately I don't know details and I'm sure she's been with other girls, even though she now has a boyfriend. She denies that anything happened with that woman though. Embarrassed? Probably not. Maybe it was just something special, who knows. But, when her and I... [more]

Lesbian grooming

I am a 28 year old female my husband passed away unexpectedly 18 months ago, I work in a large legal firm a very good job about 8 months ago a shy, timid 19 year old country girl came to work there and I was tasked with most of her training, she was very pretty and had a nice sexy body so because I have previously had a couple of lesbian... [more]


My wife works in a supermarket during her brakes she got talking to a girl from another department , She told me they got on really well , Anyway they ended up good friends my wife told her that she was married , Karen my wife's new friend said she had just ended a relationship and told my wife she was a lesbian , Anyway one night me and my wife... [more]

Loraine 2

A little while back I submitted a confession about seeing my wife using her dildo while watching lesbian porn and shouting her best friends name . I wanted to say to my wife what I had seen and heard but that would embarrass her , So I had a thought , I would tell my wife that she was talking in her sleep she would believe this because she had... [more]

Overcame temptation

One of my daughter's friends recently came out as a lesbian. She's only twelve years old, so I think she's extremely brave, I'm glad her family supports her, and I'm proud of my daughter for standing by her.
She's sleeping over here tonight, just for fun. Girls being girls. However, when she and I had a moment or two alone together, she made... [more]

Am i a lesbian?

I have just started at college, having fun, joined sports teams etc. I started to feel like i was noticing other girls bodies more, thought i was getting self conscious, but i wasn't. The sports facilities are old and there are some open showers, no one seems to shy to use them, so with all my sporting activities i was seeing alot of naked girls... [more]


One night I came home 2hrs earlier than normal I came in through the garage into the kitchen , I must have been quiet I guess I could see the TV was on through a gap in the food hatch , Then I could not believe what I could see my wife in the easy chair fucking herself with a dildo ,she was watching lesbian porn she would never watch porn with me... [more]


I am married 29 yr old with a 5 yr old son my marriage has been rocky since I found out he cheated on me. Recently I became friendly with a tomboy type young woman who works at the local home store,she has been flirting with me for awhile a week ago she helped to the car with some plants and when they were loaded she took me in her arms and... [more]

How people change

3 years ago I dated a girl for just over a year, sex was amazing, you name it we were trying it, she was one cock hungry lady!
Things fizzled out after a year and we went our separate ways.
2 weeks ago I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen for ages and ages, he told me my ex has been living with another woman for 3 years, from what he told... [more]


So I'm a girl, 18 sharing a University dorm with my roommate . She's the same age as me , we take the same course and have been roommates for about a year now. Let's just say , she's really hot. Beautiful smooth long blonde hair, 32C, hourglass figure and 5foot 6, just slightly shorter than me.
I'm Bi, she's lesbian . We both know each others... [more]

Older women

I am 19 never had a lesbian experience but I seem to be attracted to older women in charge I fantasize about pleasing them by eating there pussy, I don`t know what to do

Found out an acquaintance is bisexual.

I'm a 46yr old MWF. My husband and I have had an open marriage since the beginning 10yrs ago. In that time I've had many experiences with group sex, interracial, and other women.
I've recently had a fairly new friend confide to me she's bisexual also. She's a gorgeous woman with an hourglass figure. Since I found out I can't keep my fingers out... [more]

I had a lesbian lover once

I used to be babysat by this woman named Theresa. She had two twins (4 y/o) and a 6 year old daughter, named Rose. I was 10 or 11 at the time. I really can't remember.
Me and Rose became really close. It was a summer evening, when she and i were watching a movie called Lady and the Tramp in her room. She's on the bed, and i'm on the floor... [more]

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