Lesbian Confessions

Lesbian porn, fantasy and my mind is blown

Ok, I have confession to make. First of all let me say: I am not gay, or I don't think I am, I am very sure I am not, whole my life I've been with guys and right now I have a boyfriend that soon will become my husband. I have never had feelings for girls, nor I flirted with one, nor I noticed I am attracted to them. Yes, there are very sexy girls... [more]

If youre a lesbian and wanna sext

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My step-sister

It all started when our parents got married we were both 16 and knew we were lesbians. One day me and my step sister were home alone in the pool and playing truth or dare, she asked me truth or dare I obviously said truth and she asked if I was a lesbian. We stared into eachothers eyes and somehow we started to make out, we got out of the pool and... [more]

Too young

I'm only 12 and I'm a lesbian, I really want to scissor another girl and I masturbate to lesbian porn all the time.

I'm confused

I'm very young but I think about having sex with a woman, I masturbate to lesbian porn all the time and I really want to have sex with one even though I like guys

The dildo

When I was 21 (i'm currently 25) Me and my friend ended up fucking (lesbian sex) . Me and my friend were all doing shots at the table there was about 4-5 of my closet friends there. It was about 12 at night me and her were a little tipsy but not drunk but we still got a uber to be safe, we took the uber back to my house and we sat talked then we... [more]

Vuja Day - I experienced something totally new and unexpected

I saw something I have never seen in the sex and drug scene, and I was sure I’d seen it all by now. There is a casual square in my city where a guy can go and either find just about any drug or contraband thing he’s into or at least get a serious lead on where to find it within a day or so. I’ve been hitting the neighbourhood on and off at least... [more]

Mom and her friend-1

Yes, it’s a real story. Soon after passing out of my high school I got a job at a town in different state. I needed a modest accommodation there and looking for someone known there. My mom was more enthusiastic and she got a phone number of one of her old friends living there. Let us call her aunt M. As arranged she would look for a suitable... [more]

Mom and her friend-2

I returned from office just before the evening and found my mom and M seated on a wide comfy couch with leg rests watching TV. I went straight to my mom to lie my head on her lap and my thighs conveniently across aunt M's lap. I declared: I am too tired today!! Aunt smiled nervously as she tried to act natural and place her hands across my thighs... [more]

Mom’s girlfriend won’t stop hitting on me

My mom’s girlfriend is a total perv and won’t stop hitting on me. I’m 15, I’m not into girls, and I don’t want to fuck you, Beth!

First sexual experience

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t start until I was nearly 15, and didn’t develop more than little breast buds until I was in college. But I was a cheerleader in HS, as was my best friend. She was an early bloomer, very outgoing where I was reserved. She was also very sexually expressive where I definitely wasn’t. I’d stay nights with her... [more]


Twice a week I go to a friend's house to do yoga, since our gym is closed. Usually it's just three of us, all women from the neighborhood. The last time we met up we finished exercising and were just hanging out, when one of the women made an offhand comment that she was feeling randy. We laughed, talked about sex a little, and it came out that... [more]


I have been sleeping with my best friend's mom for a few months now. My best friend has no idea and she believes that I hate her mom and her mom hates me.

Oh my god they were roommates

I know how this is gonna sound, it's gotta be some kind of cliche or something.
So, about a week ago I told my boyfriend I didn't wanna risk either one of us taking the bus across town just to fuck. And he broke up with me.
I was devastated. I still am, I mean we've been together for months, I thought this was something serious. But, I'm not... [more]

Mother daughter relationship

When I married my wife she already had a daughter with a guy. Her high school sweetheart got her pregnant and when he found out, he freaked out and left. When we met, my wife was 33. Her daughter was 16 and I was 27. Jennifer, my wife, and I dated for 2 years before we got married.
So, fast forward to about 6 months ago. We have been married... [more]


I used to have sex with my ex-husband's mother when we were still married. Now we're divorced and I'm dating his mother. She is way better in the bed than he will ever be.

First experience with another woman

I want a lesbian relationship. itwould be ncie to hang out with a woman who is compatible and we're on the same wavelength and can make a life together.i just don't know where to begin. i went to a club once and got noticed but felt really insecure about whether anything would happen and whether it was right atthe time. i never called back one... [more]

Gf’s sister is bisexual, I had fun listening to them on the phone

There was a phone downstairs at my gf’s house that I used it to listen in on my gf’s sister and her female co-worker. I became suspicious about what was going between the sister and her co-worker because every time she’d call, sis would take the call in moms bedroom.
One Sunday evening everyone was watching football in the family room and when... [more]

I have a lesbian fantasy/dream

I had a dream once after watching a softcore movie on cinamax and a year later, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm 25 single, no boyfriend or serious dates for almost 6 months. Never had a lesbian experience either and too nervous to act on it, but after reading stuff on here, I thought I'd share.
So I'm driving down a lonely back highway... [more]


Have you ever got caught up in a moment and so into something that nothing else matters? I am married, and yes have enjoyed female closeness on a few occasions, we have always been discreet until a small Halloween fancy dress party we all attended. In total I guess there were 20 couples and a few singles there, we all knew each other and got on... [more]

I found out I liked girls in a special way

I grew up in a conservative family and was expected to go to college and get married and have a family of my own. In college I went abroad for a semester to France and I stayed with a family who rented a room to me.
The lady was in her thirties and she spoke English and she asked me if I enjoyed my body. I had no idea how to answer and... [more]

Craving creampie

I am married to a woman and it has been 16 years since a man came inside of me. I can't stop thinking about being filled with a man's seed. I need it. My body and mind crave it. If someone doesn't fill me soon, I don't know what to do.

First time

Had a friend from work come stay 1 weekend to get out london and spend bit time at coast well we went window shopping good time in early evening hubby took us to park we normally go as like going on swings and walk on beach well on way home got takeaway sat indoors eating watched bit tv well come bed time hubby said he sleep on settee so my... [more]


Wifey was asking me what i like for my birthday in few weeks i laughted said i have fantasy but tell anyway said like her friend stay over weekend and being gentelman would let have my side bed i sleep settee and well yes they went bed and her friend see pair hand cuffs fixed to head board laughted abouot saying so what do with them wife embassed... [more]

Now I’m confused!

Having a conversation with my girlfriend and her friend and we started talking about lesbians, my girlfriend said she could never be a lesbian not because of it being the same sex but for not having the penetration, she said the touching kissing etc is lovely but to feel like she is having sex is the penetration part of it, even her friend agreed... [more]

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