Lesbian Confessions

I had a lesbian lover once

I used to be babysat by this woman named Theresa. She had two twins (4 y/o) and a 6 year old daughter, named Rose. I was 10 or 11 at the time. I really can't remember.
Me and Rose became really close. It was a summer evening, when she and i were watching a movie called Lady and the Tramp in her room. She's on the bed, and i'm on the floor... [more]

Physical Therapist

I am a woman. I go to physical thermos for some nerve damage in my spine that’s created a lack of flexibility issue. (All from working out too much, go figure)
My physical therapist is also a woman. We spend a lot of time talking with her hands on my body. Now those hands have begun playing with my nipples and fingering my pussy. Insurance pays... [more]

Naughty Neighbors

So a few ladies in my neighborhood get together for “book club”. I love to read so asked to join. They sent me the Book Info and explained when we would meet.
The book was called My Birthday surprise and was a graphic lesbian porn story.
I was a little shocked. I read it and went to the meeting and was even more surprised.
Apparently... [more]

The Gym

I train at a small gym. I’m also a physical therapist, and will often use the massage room to work out the kinks for my clients after a rough training seesion.
I do it for men and women. The men don’t mind and always hit on me. I tell them they’re not my type, but I’ve been known to jerk them off every so often just for the fun of it.
The... [more]

Not sure what to think

My best friend and I got in a huge argument about something stupid. The result was that her and her husband stopped coming over , so my husband also lost a friend. I decided to go over to her house and try to work things out. I was actually very surprised in the immediate hug and crying and appoligizing the second she opened her door. So of course... [more]

The Dressing Room

I decided I needed a new bra for my 36 DD’s. I love Victoria’s Secret, so I went there and got flirty with a sales clerk. She helped me pick out a few, and escorted me to the dressing room. The problem was, I’d asked for 34 D’s. When she checked on me, I told her I was having issues, and that it had been a long time since I’d been fitted properly... [more]

Play with my nipples

I want a woman to suck and rub and flick my nipples. I habe 34 DD tits. I can cum from nipple play.

Women's Locker Room at My Gym

I am a 50-year-old woman. I work out usually 5 days a week, and I am in good shape. I'm proud of my body. I don't typically show it off because while I'm proud of it, I'm also usually conservative about it. BUT, I do notice women noticing me at the gym. So, lately, I've paid attention to that, and I've been more adventurous about things in the... [more]

Licking my neighbor

So, I usually come home from the gym and do a little yard work and let the dogs run around with me in the morning. It’s been hot still, or not hot but not fall weather yet in the south, so I can wear my shorts and workout bra while raking leaves and pulling weeds. I did a double work out this morning and came home extra sweaty so I took off the... [more]


I know most lesbians have an aversion to bi-curious women, and consider it an insult, which I can understand, but it is what it is. Just as you can’t control what you feel, I can’t control what I feel. I am happily married. I have a great sex life. I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want a threesome. I want to experience a woman. They don’t even... [more]

Wearing womens knickers

I love wearing women's clothes, particularly knickers, suspenders, stockings and bra. It makes me feel really sexy. It is great to put on a nice dress and top too and wander round the house when my wife is out. I would hate to be caught in the act. so embarrassing. But long to meet a like minded cross dresser for some Lesbian enjoyment

Playing with my bestfriend

So, when ever I come to my best friends house, we touch each other. We are both female and the same age but no one knows about us. I don't even know what we are. We make out naked, touch sometimes, but not the vagina. I'm dominate and she loves that. We even took pictures of our selves naked. I don't know if we had sex, we just make out naked and... [more]

I'm a straight girl, except when it comes to fat women

I'm a straight girl, except when it comes to fat women. I am obsessed with fat women: their bellies, their butts, their breasts, especially their big jiggling arms ... everything about fat women turns me on, but other than that I'm into men. I've lost attraction to women who've lost weight, and I've been turned on by women I'd never look at... [more]

Why doesn't my wife love eating pussy?

I am an older married man; wife and I both are not spring chickens. While I don't get to enjoy it as much as I would like, I am an avid, dedicated cock sucker. I love having a nice cumming cock in my mouth. I love cock.
I only wish my wife would allow herself to develop the fondness for pussy as I have for sucking cock. I feel she would... [more]

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