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Lesbian Confessions

Becoming girlfriends in college

I was at a frat party and there was a lot of alcohol and smoking stuff and there were a lot of people getting it on. I stood against the wall to watch, when a couple started having sex I positioned myself to watch him penetrate her. I rubbed myself silly and had an orgasm standing and alone.
I went back to my dorm and rubbed myself into... [more]

So confussed

I. Just want to know if many women have had sex with their sister? I'm 32 married but very bored. When I was younger 18ish my sister was 20, we had been out at club one weekend and fairly drunk when we got home, we were chatting in bedroom and came up about sex, as we chatted she pulled me in closer and said give me a kiss. I was shocked and... [more]

Would like to have a woman seduce my asian wife

My wife is asian. about 5 ft 115 pounds slim.. she is pretty straight laced.. would love to have a woman who is confidant and skilled enough to seduce my wife.. would like to have a woman come up to my wife while at a bar with me and try to seduce her.. would love to have her be with another woman.. live in atlanta area.. she does not know about... [more]

Ate Pussies of 3 Women 1st time I'm Married

Married, 36 two kids. Attended a lesbian spa party with lesbian college friend. Just a bunch of fun gals, drinks, BS, few laughs then, what happened next? Nude women many engaged in various sexual entanglements, watching was really turning me on, I was getting wet and excited. I wanted to walk up to someone I found hot and say, I'm new, came with... [more]


20 F…. I have always been interested in being breastfed by an older woman with huge tits. I’m constantly watching lesbian breastfeeding porn, I can’t stop thinking about it. It doesn’t help that my best friend is pregnant and her tits seem juicier and plumper than ever.. She would never let me touch so I wouldn’t dare even ask. Does any other... [more]

Going to senior high for the 1st time

I moved to a different girls school in 9th grade and saw 12th graders looking at my 40 breasts. they saw i was a shy,innocent girl with my long hair covering my breasts. after school, 2 girls were walking with me and we went to 1 girl house since no one was home. we smoked a joint and the girl gave me a shot gun and i decided to fall backwards... [more]

It's a about being a lesbian and man who loves her

In today's climate what I am going to tell gets negative reactions. I am a lesbian. In college I had a girlfriend, she was a hard core lesbian and was an out and out activist. I couldn't resist her and I know now that I was under her thumb and it was a toxic relationship. But at 19 I did what she told me.
My mother turned 50 and I went home... [more]

My Lesbian Fantasy

I (21F) am a 5’2 petite redhead with a toned bubble butt. One of my deepest desires is to have an older black woman, perhaps BBW, to have her way with me. I want her to shove my face between her huge tits, suffocate me with her fat ass, and bury my face in her plump delicious pussy…. Basically I want to be used. I’d loooove for her to destroy my... [more]

Fun in jr. high girls school

Me and my girlfriend were in 8th grade a long time ago. we got a new girl in our catholic girls school. she looked like Cinderella . we notice see had 40 dd tits sticking out so much, her buttons were about pop off. we looked at each other saying we want her ass. we followed her up the stairs and we could see her pretty pink ruffle panties though... [more]

The summer I discovered I was a lesbian

During the summer after my junior year I got an internship in Manhattan. I had to buy a wardrobe to fit in. I went out with a friend and on the platform waiting on the train two twenty something girls dressed up were kissing. Long sensuous kisses. I couldn't stop looking. I sat in the same car with them. They were holding hands and continued to... [more]

I Think I'm A Lesbian

I've been straight for as long as I can remember. I'm 36, just got married to my boyfriend of 5 years. Never had a problem sexually with him.
I don't know what changed in me but something happened to me. About 4 months ago, my husband and I were having sex and I just wasn't into it. I wasn't getting turned on in the slightest. I was barely... [more]


Waking up to her soft smooth curvy body is the most amazing surreal feeling I’ve ever experienced. She is just beautiful inside and out. As I run my hands over her curves and listen to her sleep I feel like I’m home for the first time in my entire life. Thinking about the things we did last night before falling asleep in each others arms, still... [more]

I'm married and have girlfrind

Just a question and looking for opinion?
I'm 45 happily married to a really super man but told him after a few years of marriage I'd like to explore lesbian sex? He gave go ahead but be careful. First time through dating site met girl, back to hers and sex was amazing, I knew this was for me. She turned out to be a nutter but that's another... [more]

Owned by a Bull Dyke

I am 27 very if I do say so, like super cute athletic 5'5" 121lbs. I fucked around with.men in high-school, tried marriage for 2 yrs. enough of that shit, forced to suck dick, ordered to swallow Then again single, men could really give a flying fuck about my intelligence and yeagh sure to my opinions. Most not even that sweet or romantic when... [more]

Wife and Girl Friends

For the first time in 3 years the wife and I traveled on vacation we went back to our home state to visit and rented a cabin for 10 days. While we were there she said she was going to have 2 of her best friends from high school come down for a day they hadn’t seen each other in over 3 years I said that sound good. I would go for a hike or fishing... [more]

I Can't Stop Thinking Of Her

This is probably nothing new or special but I'm deeply in love with my best friend for years. I'm 18 and so is she. She knows I'm a lesbian but can't take the hint that I want to be with her and only HER. She amazing. She's stunning. I can't have my life be without her.
When she had a boyfriend last year, it was killing me knowing she was... [more]

Sex with My BFs Sister

I'm Gina and I'm 19 and my BF is 21. His sister, Jackie, is 19 like me and we've been friends since pretty much the 7th grade. I always had a very obvious crush on her brother more or less when I got I got into high school. After my graduation party, him and I actually hooked up and from there we started dating.
Where my friend / his sister... [more]

A 'bad experience' converted us into lesbians

Mexico for Spring break. We went with this local to a party at a house on the beach. I was bent and twisted and stuck inside a dog kennel and my friend was told if she didn't get the money I would be sold to whorehouse.
She tried everything to get the money together, she was taken to the whorehouse where they told her I would be sold. She... [more]

Lesbians looking for God's foregiveness

In my house there were three girls. Number one daughter got pregnant in the tenth grade. Number two sister got pregnant in the twelfth grade Number three daughter was the religious one, the one that stayed virgin.
In college I met a girl who asked me to join her prayer circle. She worked at a gym and was into physical fitness. I followed... [more]

Falling in love with my coworker

While I was in college the lesbian wave was happening. I think just about every girl was experimenting, including me. I could kiss alright, that seemed to be innocent fun and I liked kissing with a girl, much more than putting up with a guy kissing me. I was a 'tittie' girl, rubbing your face into a girls tits has it's own rewards. I liked... [more]

Me and my co worker

When I was 17 I started work as an insurance clerk at my fathers company. There were mainly girls in the office and we had lots of fun talking about boys a sex stuff. I made a particular friend her name was Tracey. After going to the cinema together in the main town we would catch separate buses to go to our own homes.
One particular Saturday... [more]

Always wanted to be with an older woman

I'm 43, bi, and I have always wanted to be with an older woman. I love women in their 50s and 60s. I constantly look at older women porn, and touch myself. I tease Mr clit until I cum. I want to kiss them, play with their titties and pushy. I want to suck on their hard nipples and call them mommy. I'm so horny, now I want to touch myself.


I'm in a relationship with a man. We have been together for more a number of years, and I love him very much. When we started dating, I told him immediately that I also love pussy, and that I'd had some very erotic relationships with a few women. He and I had an understanding. If we were going to be in a monogamous relationship, I was welcome to... [more]

Insatiably Horny

I (20F) love sex with men, though I have always known that I NEED to try pussy. I’ve just never acted on it. Grew up as a churchy gal, and I was extremely sexually repressed. I knew I wanted to try sex with both genders. Though I remember having wild fantasies about my pastor’s wife, who happened to have the most breathtaking set of tits I’ve seen... [more]

My wife and I like to pretend we’re mother and daughter

I’m 38 and my wife is 23. She looks younger, though, and sometimes when we go out we like to pretend we’re mother and daughter. We’re still very much on a date, but she’ll just call me “mom” and we’ll act like we’re sneaking a kiss and hoping nobody saw us.

Caught naked

I had lesbian sex in an all girls boarding school. I changing into my sport clothes in the dormitory, when this girl walked inn. She began touching me because there was no one else there. I was top less when she grabbed my breasts telling she had locked the door. I remember she was sucking my breasts, sliding her hand down the front of my shorts... [more]

How Two Single Mothers Found True Happiness

We had been vying for the wrestling crown since high school. We both enjoyed the sport, but also had a secret desire for each other. We never revealed it, worried about what others would think.
Years later, we encountered each other again at a wrestling tournament for women. We recognized each other immediately, and felt a flood of emotions. We... [more]


I confess that bible does a grate musterbation job. the weed rolled with its pages is soooo strong . crystal lines sniffed from its hard cover gives you a splendid high. cumming on it is sooooo hot and wooooooow im the chosen son of the greate Satan!!!!!

Girls school

I was 17 when my science teacher offered to coach me with my up coming exam after school. She took me to her home and began to touch me sexually. She put her hand under my skirt, rubbing my pussy over my panties. I was so embarrassed when she bent me over the back of her sofa, pulled my panties to the side and found out how wet I was. It was hard... [more]

Oktoberfest Cinderella pisses girls off

We knew a girl show off. she loved wear a short, to small and tight Oktoberfest type dresses to get all the men staring at her, shacking her hips,wiggling that long hair around like she was Cinderella. but we were lesbians who would love to fuck her. my girlfriend said she needs a haircut badly and a good spanking. we asked her to go outside... [more]

Back in 1996

High school graduation was only a few days past , and my last summer as a carefree teenager was upon me. I spent the time thinking about LA, my future home, and about a career in music.
It was on one of those hot South Texas nights that I got bored with my Sega Genesis and went to the convenience store for a drink and some snacks. My dad had... [more]

Two timed

I once had lesbian set with my college teacher. I had never done it with another female, but she got me so horny I end up in bed with her in her apartment. I remember she was sucking me with my legs in the aire, when her husband walked inn, slid me to the edge of the bed and anally fucked with his wife lubing me with my own pussy juices... [more]

Wife Tried it

So last night the widow woman (mid 50s fit and cute) down the road came by. The wife and I were having drinks and she joined us. We were all getting loose, the women were both flirting with me and with each other, though I took it all as playful fun. As the evening moved on she kept nudging closer to my wife until they were kind of holding each... [more]

An ongoing affair

I (f 44)have been having an affair with my boss (f 56) for over ten years. We’re both married to men, both are stagnant but comfortable relationships. We live in a deep red state so coming out is not an option and we’re both pretty satisfied with the arrangement. We love each other deeply, take trips together, dinners, exc. And the sex is out of... [more]

First time

I’ve been reminiscing recently about my first sexual experience. In High School my best friend and I were both determined to save ourselves for our future husbands. But teenage desires were strong and curiosity kept growing. She and I were both cheerleaders. She lived literally across the street from the football field. So I’d stay the night with... [more]

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