Lesbian Confessions


Lesbian but crave for dick every now & than

Just being honest

Lesbian but want dick every now and than but I believe it’s a fantasy

She did it better

One time I got heated with a friend that stayed over. She wanted me to touch her so I did and she said let me show you how to do it. I thought she was going to demonstrate on herself but she put her hand In my pants and started touching me. Then I was moaning a little. She put a finger in and I liked it right away. Then she started going in and... [more]


Please i want a girl or fem enby my age to straddle me and drag blades along my bare skin while she/they call me a whore and then choke me and make me fucking beggg. Im a 17 year old fem enby with too many fucking kinks <3

Jehovah's Witness lesbian

My wife belongs to a Jehovah's Witness church group. She has a ebony friend named Sophie. Sophie comes over weekly to do studies with my wife. My wife and I been married for some time and I let her do whatever interest her. Sophie is a heavyset ebony with large breasts like my wife. Sophie and I get along when she's over doing studies with my... [more]

Older but finally did it.

I am a married woman of 67 still enjoy sex with my husband. Who is mush younger. Although one thing was missing. I wanted to experience the taste of another woman. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity. My husband was away. I told a friend I was tired and didn’t want to go out. So I looked up lesbian bars in a nearby town. I dressed to the nines. My... [more]


Debbie loves anal sex

House wife and COVID-19

I am in my 30's. i have been married to my husband for 10 years. i have no experience having sex with others.
i have noticed lately that my husband sex drive is dwindling. i tried to find excuses for it.
i arrived at the conclusion that i am not getting sex nor he can get hard erection.
Few days ago my next door neighbor asked me if I am... [more]

Craving a shaved pussy

Lately I’ve had pussy on my mind. Even when a man is giving me oral and pounding me. I crave pussy. I want a woman to restrain me with my legs spread eagle..tied down. Then blindfold me and force me to cum over and over. Use many toys, dildos, fingers etc. then devour my holes and sit on my face. Fuck me w/ a big black strap- on dildo.
Then, my... [more]

Wish me luck

Gonna ask my lesbian friend tonight if I can look at her pussy, she has been promising for ages she will show me one day. I know it’s out of pity she is only offering to show me her pussy but today is the day, I’ve waited long enough and I’m wanting to see it. Wish me luck

Like a sniffer dog

I got a text from my mate sister asking if she can use my flat for a couple of hours, I said if you think I’m gonna let you in my flat having sex with a boyfriend you can go do one.
She said it wasn’t a boyfriend, what do you need it for then, she said my girlfriend.
Oh I said, didn’t realise, she asked if I wouldn’t say anything to... [more]

Lips make it work

I love to pack my sack, and nature hike for a few days or more. It never fails me, when I run into another girl, or group of girls on the hiking trail, whether it's the Appalachian Trail, or out West, If I begin dialogue with the one that turns me on, I just slow the conversation, and lick my lips. I get in their pants, or vice/versa in my tent... [more]

A new experience

Some years ago when I was 62 my husband passed away , I'd been caring for him for many years . I struggled after his passing and was introduced to a bereavement group, they were really helpful and we became great friend , especially with one woman. One time at her house while drinking wine , we were both a bit tipsy. I became a bit emotional and... [more]

Hot aunt i wanna bang

Hi this is me long time lesbian. Im 19.sorry for my english. I have this huge sexual fantasy on my neighbour aunt who is in her 40s.i imagine her taking advantage of me when I'm asleep. Whenever i go to her house, i catch myself staring at her body. Anyways she only lives in my mind, i cant act on it sadly

My wife’s brother

I’ve been married to my wife for over a year and I adore her, but over the last few months, I’ve been masturbating to pictures of her brother. I’ve only ever been with a man once and it wasn’t good at all, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about his cock in my pussy that his sister has eaten out.

Bus trip

I am Cindy 53 years old. I was on a bus trip alone . I sat in the front by our driver Donna. There was no doubt I was attracted to her. She was the best way to describe her is buxsum. And just beautiful. I watch her hips and ass as she walked up the aisle to take a head count. And her beautiful breast as she walked back to the front. As the trip... [more]

Lesbian porn, fantasy and my mind is blown

Ok, I have confession to make. First of all let me say: I am not gay, or I don't think I am, I am very sure I am not, whole my life I've been with guys and right now I have a boyfriend that soon will become my husband. I have never had feelings for girls, nor I flirted with one, nor I noticed I am attracted to them. Yes, there are very sexy girls... [more]

If youre a lesbian and wanna sext

509 279 5162

My step-sister

It all started when our parents got married we were both 16 and knew we were lesbians. One day me and my step sister were home alone in the pool and playing truth or dare, she asked me truth or dare I obviously said truth and she asked if I was a lesbian. We stared into eachothers eyes and somehow we started to make out, we got out of the pool and... [more]

Too young

I'm only 12 and I'm a lesbian, I really want to scissor another girl and I masturbate to lesbian porn all the time.

I'm confused

I'm very young but I think about having sex with a woman, I masturbate to lesbian porn all the time and I really want to have sex with one even though I like guys

The dildo

When I was 21 (i'm currently 25) Me and my friend ended up fucking (lesbian sex) . Me and my friend were all doing shots at the table there was about 4-5 of my closet friends there. It was about 12 at night me and her were a little tipsy but not drunk but we still got a uber to be safe, we took the uber back to my house and we sat talked then we... [more]

Vuja Day - I experienced something totally new and unexpected

I saw something I have never seen in the sex and drug scene, and I was sure I’d seen it all by now. There is a casual square in my city where a guy can go and either find just about any drug or contraband thing he’s into or at least get a serious lead on where to find it within a day or so. I’ve been hitting the neighbourhood on and off at least... [more]

Mom and her friend-1

Yes, it’s a real story. Soon after passing out of my high school I got a job at a town in different state. I needed a modest accommodation there and looking for someone known there. My mom was more enthusiastic and she got a phone number of one of her old friends living there. Let us call her aunt M. As arranged she would look for a suitable... [more]

Mom and her friend-2

I returned from office just before the evening and found my mom and M seated on a wide comfy couch with leg rests watching TV. I went straight to my mom to lie my head on her lap and my thighs conveniently across aunt M's lap. I declared: I am too tired today!! Aunt smiled nervously as she tried to act natural and place her hands across my thighs... [more]

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