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Revenge Confessions

The craziest camp experience

Ok so i am a 19 y.o girl named Ashely and this happened last year. So school was just about over and the week after school let out i was going to a relationship camp(i dont know why my mom signed me up for that class, i didnt even have a boyfriend at the time) but my partner was the guy i had a crush on for 2years and it was boys ask girls and was... [more]

I love porn

I love watching and jerking to porn is that bad and girls end me pics of their vagina is it bad tht I ask for them the r so sexy they make me horny as heck I love vagina and making. Out makes me horny and I love ass

Me and my cousin

So I was at my aunts house they had gone to a wedding it was just me and my cousin ( she was adopted ) we were both 14 at the time . So we were home alone it was preetty late cause it was dark outside so we were watching spongebob then she got up and said ima get in the hot tub you wanto come with and of course I said yes so we made our way to the... [more]

Sex with the ex!!!

I cheated on my ex husband with the guy I'm with now.
I divorced my husband and ended up with my lover aka the actual boyfriend that I am with now.Nut me and my ex hubby started having sex lately and its the best even though I am the other woman because he has a girlfriend.I know that we can be together only problem is my boyfriend won't let... [more]

I let a neighbor see my wife Kimberlee naked

I was bored one night and couldn’t sleep when I decided to go for a drive around the neighborhood. I got out of bed. Kimberlee had taken her meds and was passed out naked beside me. I wanted to have some fun with her. We have a window at the head of the bed. I had Kimberlee turn so her feet were towards the window. I gave her the pillow and... [more]


Idon't know why but I want to be fucked by a dog so badly. I know you can't become pregnant doing so and I am in a extremely happy/healthy relationship of 2 years. But I got addicted to watching bestiality porn; its the only kind of porn that gets me wet instantly. Something about bending over and being taken over by a pitbull or a rottie ^.^

I didn’t forget

I fuck this guys wife and daughter we go on hunting trips with to Colorado. He always steals the good spots or takes a shot from somewhere way off so you can’t get the kill. I started with his daughter the second time it happened that we went. I saw her in the lobby and asked her to come look at something for me and my cock was out for her to take... [more]

Revenge on my cheating boyfriend

I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my friends. i came on to his best friend and fucked him. i took a selfie with his cock in me and sent it to my now ex!

Pllow Humping

Ihave since I was really little. I liked the feeling not knowing it as sexual. I'm 12 and LOVE it. I slide myself along the pillow. Naked is the best way. I do it on a hard nose of a stuffy sometimes. It feels really good. I can only do it REALLY late at night because I share a room. I also don't want anyone walking in on me. I feel sexy... [more]

Ogasm trouble...

Iknow its a gay title but couldnt think of anything else and I also know this has nothing to do with sex but i couldn't find any other catagories that would fit. I'm 13 and recently learned how to masturbate and have been every day maybe twice a day for a month. But now I can barely feel my orgasms, i use porn but it still doesnt make me feel the... [more]

Putting my baby momma on blast

She was my girl but found that bitch talking to other guys and talking about meeting up and prolly already been fucking so she just my baby momma now. She for the streets. Our son just turned 2 and she ain’t had to work bc I’m out here doing it all and letting her stay at home. Y’all want her nudes add me on snap Devantae93. She a 31yo white girl... [more]

Caught stealing my husband

My best friend came home after 6 years. everyone could not believe how much she change in that time. she looked like a model with her waist long thick black hair, her big boobs almost popping her buttons off her dress. all the men were checking out there new girl in a mini dress. later at the party, i was looking for my husband and found the 2... [more]

Caught stealing my husband

My best friend came home after 6 years. everyone could not believe how much she change in that time. she looked like a model with her waist long thick black hair, her big boobs almost popping her buttons off her dress. all the men were checking out there new girl in a mini dress. later at the party, i was looking for my husband and found the 2... [more]

Going clubbing

I’m not a big clubber and rarely go out. But seeing as my ex was my last piece of action, i needed to get laid. My ex, Stephanie, cheated on me so i wasn’t feeling up to meet new people.
Fast forwards to the night, my friends and i got pretty drunk and were having a good time until i saw my ex grinding with the guy she cheated me with. By the... [more]

38 year old daughter moves back home after stealing moms money

I lost my job, had no money, so i called mom to pick me up at the airport. my suitcase turned up missing, later i found mom put it in a locker and did not say anything.she thinks mom forgot about me stealing money the last time i came home.so know i lost all my clothes. so we get home ,mom went to a room and pulled out a old box full of your jr... [more]

Giving it up

It am 19 and in my Sophomore year in college. I had just broken up with my first love the previous week, the boy that I had dated all through high school. He called me on a Tuesday and wanted to meet. Reluctantly, I drove the two hours back home and met him at in the school's parking lot. He tried to apologize for sleeping with another girl... [more]

Post Op Trans Girl Fucks High-School Bully

My whole life I never felt right. All through my school life people made fun of me for having a feminine figure for a "male". 1 guy in particular was always super mean to me. From elementary to high school, this guy Ryan was so relentless towards me. Even slapped me around a few times for even talking back.
A few years after college, I finally... [more]

Fucking Our Man

I love fucking my Ex and sending him back to his bitch. I’m sure he was cheating on me with her and she knew all about me. If only she knew her man be fucking my pussy and Asshole raw cummin inside my holes missing and loving this pussy - he don’t even wash his dick after he fucks me I imagine his bitch sucking my juices off his dick I be fucking... [more]

Sexy Ex

Sexy bitch I use to fuck

My wife cheated on me and I got even

She had an affair with a 6'4" man with huge muscles and a bulge in the front of his pants that let me know that his cock is huge and next to him I probably look like a girl because of my small size down there. I knew that I would get even with her and it took me a while but I did it. I decided that I would suggest an affair but I wanted to feel... [more]

Big sister revenge

When I was 6 I would steel my old sister sweet , she found me one day doing it and said one day I get you back for this . I forgot all about her saying that so carried on taking her sweet as I got 12 years old my body started to change but not as it should my chest start to grow breast and my penis was starting to get smaller so my parent sent me... [more]

Fucked My Bully's Boyfriend

Me and this girl Jackie. We've hated each other for years! She has bullied me and insulted me for WAY too long. Saying how she's "hotter" or "more popular". I got sick of it.
Before school ended she started seeing this guy and I'd figure I'd try my luck and add him on insta. He actually adds me back, we started talking and I guess he has no... [more]

Gy fantasies about my cousin

Im only 14 but I keep having gay fantasies about my male cousin everytime I get in the shower I think about him and then start to masturbate (for a little more arousement I starting finger my butthole) and I can't stop then when I get done I start watching gay porn
Im actually looking for a gay male to actually experiment with in Oklahoma... [more]

Paying the price

My boy friend found out I had cheated on him with another guy. He invited two of his friends over for drinks, carried me out naked in front of them telling me to keep my legs spread. Never felt so humiliated in y whole life, but I guess I had it coming.

I want to be Raped - I want it like that.

Think about it, If you wanted to be taken and used with out being hurt will you do it like I did? Or even being raped by your own dog. Many girls do it now I know I do. I am sure your mom will understand like my mom does. She had no choise. My girlfriends had to show my mom whats up with things and everything came to an understanding. What about... [more]

Took care of myself

My wife didnt want to fuck so i rolled on my back and jerked myself off. she rolled over and watched me cum all over my stomach. she was sorry that she didnt let me fuck her after that.


My wife of 24 years has known since before we were married that I love to dress as a woman and get fucked in the ass a couple of times a year at least, since covid hit I haven't had much opportunity so my wife suggested visiting a gloryhole as she could tell it was really getting to me.
I asked if she was sure she was ok with me being used by... [more]

Dirtiest thing you done to a partner

Before me and my ex split up I was having an affair. I would come home after fucking and have her give me a blow job

Wife gets revenge part 2

My wife continued to have sex with Steve, without telling me any of the detail. I stopped visiting the naturist club mostly because she would really show off with Steve and although the other members were very nice, some of them were laughing at me and I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of watching me squirm.
She had joined an art class... [more]

Wife gets revenge

We met when we were both 18. She was a virgin. Married at 21 and having a good sex life into our 30’s. She was gorgeous - pretty face and slim with small tits and a full bush - the normal style at that time. She was never flirty or sexy with other men. After years of pestering her I got her to strip on a Nudist beach on the South coast of England... [more]

Wife Exposed!

My wife is both very curvy and extremely naive. I always leave part of the curtain open. I expose my naked wife to the guys who peaked. I do it on trips, and at parties, She never seems to be aware that horny guys are watching and why she is always getting looked at with lustful eyes by guys when walking. That excites me

I secretly want a 100% submissive wife

I am a human rights activist. For years I have fought against oppression, subjugation, hierarchies, inequity, and imbalances of power. But I secretly fantasize about having a submissive wife. The truth is I want a woman who will obey me, submit to my direction, give her body to me for my pleasure, and seek to please me. I dream of dominating her... [more]

Is it normal

I'm a 24 year old guy, an I love having sex with underage women, virgins or even sluts that want me to take advantage of them.. it's unbelievable just how many are out there... I can't stop... I love the inexperience of them, an there tight barely used pussies... being fucked by me! Sydney Australia specially the west, is insane.

Best Day Ever

When I was 16 my whole family went camping; grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins etc. One of my close cousins, Justin, had just recently been married. He married a 22 year old hispanic girl named Cesilia. She was medium height with big perky tits and a nice tight ass.I was 16 and very horny, I fantasized about her a lot and every time I thought of... [more]

Older women

I'm 17 and one of my biggest fantasies is to fuck an older woman. I've been trying but with no success so far.

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