Revenge Confessions

Pay back

I invite my two girl friends to my home swimming pool. I caught my brother peeping on them changing into their bikinis through the back window. Told him my Dad would whip the shit out of him with his belt. He was so worried I would tell him, he said he would do anything to keep it secret so I made made him strip naked in front of my girl friends... [more]

Cum on your wife and daughter

I once worked with a guy I really disliked. Details aren’t important, but he was a total dick. However, he had a smoking hot wife and even sexier college aged daughter and on his desk was a picture of them at the beach, women in bikinis. If I worked late or on weekends and nobody was around I would masturbate and squirt cum all over his women... [more]

A Lesson She'll NEVER Forget

My wife and I have been happily married for 6 years and the only dark cloud in our life has been her younger sister. She is an evil, but incredibly sexy bitch and has been taunting me and teasing me for years. She knows I want her badly and she does everything to make my life miserable. I hate wanting her and being turned on by her and I hate what... [more]

I want to have sex with my sister

I want to have sex with my sister, she used to blow me when she was 13 and I was 14 now she is 14 and I'm 15 so I want to fuck her pussy I have condoms so it's nothing to worry about but I'm nervous to ask her to have sex with me because it's been a year since she blew me. Any advice on how I should ask her to have sex with me.

I'm fucking my son kindergarten teacher Paula

Paula is my boy kindergarten teacher, she is beautiful, blonde, blue eyes, perfect ass, and married, that's not an obstacle, as she is my slut, she is hot....loves cock sucking and getting up her ass. Even the fact she is married and getting it make us both hornier. Sorry hubby....

Punishing her ass

My slut of a wife cheated. I don't mean she had sex with someone other than me, I mean she went out and did it without my permission. Our rules include permission. Breaking them is cheating. Cheating requires punishment. Punishment is usually sexual.
She doesn't like anal. She really hates it. So, I figured out a punishment. I had her post an ad... [more]

Is it just me?

I am a 37 year old recently divorced woman and since getting divorced have changed from a respectable loyal lady into a complete slut. We got divorced as my husband had a one night stand with a girl at work. I am sure it was just a drunken, isolated thing but I after I found out I couldn’t stop imagining his cock inside her, and when I tried to... [more]

Wife in Chastity

About a year ago my wife felt guilty for screwing a guy at her work party when she got drunk. She begged me not to leave her. I didn't, but I did lock her in chastity belt for the past year every time we weren't together. I have not allowed her to have an orgasm since she told me, however she is required to suck my dick any time I want. I... [more]

I want to f**k this older lady in the neighborhood

I want to fuck a beautiful lady in the neighborhood who is probably 20 years older than me. But she's so beautiful! I just want to bury my head into those beautiful breasts of Cindy's and suck them all night long, not to mention all the other stuff I'd love to do with her!

I got molested by my mothers friends son

Okay a while ago my mom introduced me to her friends son (I'm a guy) we where both like 10 and so we hung out almost everyday. One night he told me if I could take off all my clothes with him and we could cuddle I'm like "no" and then he took off all his clothes and he said "do it if your cool" I was really dumb and I did it. We cuddled naked and... [more]

I'd like to die

I hat e my sel f.

She's getting braver

Me and my wife of 12 yrs have an active sex life and she will do whatever I want her to do and I mean anything if I really want it. So almost 2 yrs to the day we went for a drive just do she could "flash" some truckers and it started with her just unzipping a hoodie of mine with nothing underneath exposing her breasts. Since then she has flashed... [more]

Black mamba

Who wanna suck this black mamba? Comment.

Dog Sitting

My name is Emily I have posted here before..
With my Mum being away for the week I basically had her place to myself. She and my step-dad have a German Shepard named Patches that my Mum had asked me to make sure was fed every afternoon.
He's a lovely dog, he's very big and very smart and has always been so so friendly. He has really... [more]

Stripped By Stripper

I play rugby for a local village team, one saturday night we had a stripper, the lads was all talking about what she might do in her routine anyway it was just banter between the lads or so I thought.
They was teasing me as I had just turned 18 and was now playing in the adults side for the first time this season.
Soon it was the stripper who... [more]

Really not sure what to do

Ok well I am a crossdresser and my partner is fully aware it has changed the dynamics of the relationship we used to have, I would have said before being caught that I would have gone mad to know she might be talking to other men, but we now have a female led relationship where she has encouraged me to talk to men online and flirt with guys who... [more]

Im Serious

Hi im pauly, pauly the penis. Im AAAAA Penis. Im a dick forreal though. When i walk my balls are where my legs are supposed to be. And my girlfriend is a booty with legs.

Brother's wife

I head out to a place called Rooster Rock near Portland in the summer, it is a nude beach on the far east section.
I do it to get some jollies, nice looking women everywhere.
On the far end are some trees, and some people go into that area to avoid the hot sun, and also to do some showing off.
I see a lot of people getting naughty in there... [more]

Needs Help

I have been trying to get rid of my shyness by getting a fwb. i think that way because i can get rid of my shyness by having sex. dont try and comment because u think im a girl (im 14 and a male). so yeah, i just needed to get that out. i need advice if this is a great idea to get a fwb to get rid of my shyness or not -Bane98


SOOOOO guys i hump my stuffed animals and pillows im like 12 ill be 13 in febuary i spelled that wrong lol but any ways like every day i hump something i cant really stop and it kinda makes me feel sick after im done even though it feels sooooo good..... how can i stop humping or not let my parents see without feeling bad about it! IS THIS EVEN... [more]

What can I use as anal toys?

I want something thick and smooth to put in my ass. A dildo isn't acquirable so anyone have suggestions?

Best ever

I'm thirteen years old and I masturbated for the first time today.
So I had a pretty bad day, and I got a shower. When I was done, I went and got the massager. I laid down on my bed, turned it on, and put it above my clit. After I laid there for five minutes with it vibrating on my pussy, I felt myself climax.
I can easily see why guys do it and... [more]

I like it!

When i have sex with my girlfriend, we do several different positions. The last is doggie style where it cum. A while ago I started putting my thumb in her asshole while fucking this way. It gets me so turned on and I cum a few minutes after putting my thumb in. Last week while doing this, I removed my cock from her pussy and put it in her... [more]

Is this bad?

Well im 14 & i have lots of sexual thoughts.i watch porn & i send naked pics to complete strangers.i want to have sex with anyone.if someone ask for a naked pic of me i send them it right away .i masterbate alot.but its not the same as actully doing it .i cant help myself .is this bad?

I recorded my brothers football player friend showering

Okay, so he got to my house after practice and he asked if he could shower and my bro said sure and then I ran to the bathroom and put my iPhone in a make up bag in record and then after he got done I watched the video and he jacked off in the shower. It was soooo hot.

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