Revenge Confessions

want to make my wife Whore

Hello Frz i m kami from Pakistan , i m married and my wife name is saima she is so hot having figure 34.26.36 , i fucked her to much . i want to make her whore and i wish she have to fucked her self from my boss , as i get promotion . i wish i get money from peoples who pay me and fuck my wife . i wish atleat 10 men fuck my wife at a time .

I want to make my wife w h o r e

I Hello Frzz. My Wife name is saima she is 25 years old her b.f is 34.26.36 . she is to hot i f u c k her daily . when i see s e x y movie where gang bang done one girl f u c ked by ten men , i wish my wife should do like this and ten men **** * * * my wife the real b i tch in front of me .

I want to make my wife prostitute

Hello frzzz i m kami and my wife is saima , she is so hot 36.28.36. i enjoye sex to much i wish she server herself as prostiture i really lik eif some one fuck my wife and pay she is to hoottttttt. i wish some one burst her ass hole with his long cock.fuck that bitch as hard as he can.


My ex-girlfriends best friend fucks me with a strap-on once a week and calls me faggot for it. Everyone but my girlfriend knows I am gay. Tom P LA

I masterbate at age 8

I started masterbating at age 7 and it started with my older cousin showing me porn he would show me it when ever me and him got a chance and one day i went home got on to my computer and looked up porn i started playing with my self and now i cant stop please help!

Does she want it?

I'm 15 and I have a very gorgeous girlfriend. We havnt had sex but I have fingered her. However we were planning to go further and I was going to lick her out but once I took her shorts off she just closed her legs and refused to open them:/ does this mean she doesn't want it? Or was I just being to fast? If so can anyone let me know how to get... [more]

Karen is gorgeous...

Hi there, I am a 35 y.o. father with a beautiful 9 y.o. baby girl. I love her to bits and would never do anything to harm her. I just have this dirty habit of using pictures of her to help me when I pleasure myself. I'm getting her into modelling now so I can always have fresh pics of her in sexy, revealing outfits.
I have also started digging... [more]

I want to fuck my friends hot blonde mom

My friends mom is 51, and im 16, and she is VERY lustful. She always talks flirty around me and smiles at me a lot. She has big tits (implants), and plastic surgery, which makes her look younger and hotter. If im honest, Im 8.1 inches long, and 5.6 girth, and I think if she could see me get out of the shower or see me in my boxers, she might make... [more]

I can't stop

I get so turned on when girls send me naked pictures. Like so much that I can't stop myself from maturbating. Sometimes I even cum from just thinking of ways to fuck the girl in sexting. I'm a male and I love to sext girls! Sext me girls 13476925133


My dad somtimes gets really drunk when my mum is overseas and im like alone with him.......and simtimes when he is druck he fucks me and it feels so good...... Now he fucks me even when he is not drunk..... I love sucking my dads dick(i am a 12 yr old male)

My buddy and me

So my buddy and I were watching the game this past Sunday. I am bisexual but as far as I knew he was straight. We had both been drinking but weren't drunk. Half time hits and I just help myself and reach over to play with his cock. So im rubbing it a bit. He says, "What are you doing?" I say, "Playing." I unzip his pants and go for his bare cock... [more]

I will never find the girl

All i want to do with a girl is piss in her, and fart in her face. yes i know im messed up but i dont care im human. its sad to know i will never find a girl who likes that plus, likes to piss herself. is that so hard to ask? -Bane98

Man on man

I recently meet another man at his home for the purpose of me sucking his cock. I got there and we went right to his bedroom where we undressed. He got on the bed, on his back, and I got between his legs and put his wet dick in my mouth and began to slowly suck and lick. I kept going down on him deep throating his cock. Whenever he came close to... [more]

Coworker is a tease

I work work with a woman that is a A number one cock tease user. The only thing that she knows about work is sucking or fucking management.
Funny as Sharon is so fucking stupid that she doesn't realize is that they fuck her but she either isn't doing the right one or they are taking advantage of her.
Now with us coworkers she'll deliberately... [more]

Can any one really tribute my wife and send me?

If you can any one bull tribute my wife for me... I will show fully naked show my wife.. Please comment here... Send me your email address... I will show my wife naked pic... Comment here..

I like sharing pics of my exgf and current gf naked

I have loads of filthy pics of my ex gf on my laptop I keep hidden from my current gf. I also have a few dirty pics of her too that I don't need to hide from her. The trouble is I really get off letting other guys see them and wank over them. As the Internet is so dodgy I have only posted about 5 pics and none with faced or recognisable features... [more]

Why I cheat

I was an extremely fortunate girl. In my introduction to sex, the first two guys that I was with were well endowed. Now here is where I not going to say so many inches, but I could grasp them with both hands and there was a lot left over. The only turnoff was that both of them were so white they looked like some kind of glow worm and while... [more]

Me and my sex friends

We did our evil manovers together,A day came when we had a little party at my house we were four in number just a friends get together and a girl who we all no as a sex love.after take some drink i went to her and ask her if she was intrested in having sex with me since my other three friends were still enjoying them self,with this statement i... [more]

I have a sexual fantasy to be Gangbanged

I'm a shy 16 year old girl. I'm like really shy and people often think I'm so innocent. But I secretly have this sexual fantasy to be gangbanged by a bunch of men. The more guys the better;) I imagine them taking off my clothes for me, touching me, feeling me up and fucking me in all my holes. I imagine them giving me all the attention, making me... [more]

My bad thoughts

My 18 yold daughter has turned into a very hot girl and I have been jerking off with her panties and bras fantacising about doing porn with her even though she is a very conservative and proper girl and would never do it. I have thought about her like this for a few years and now that she is older it is getting harder .. to control.

Me and my ex

So i was with this girl and she wanted to have sex but her parents got home now her parents suspect sumthing and i feel bad now i am 14 and so horny and looking for girls that live in the bay area that are down to fuck because me and my girlfriend brokeup

School bitch

This girl in our high school was always bragging about dating any boy she wanted, because she was sexier than us. I remember we mixed sleeping pills in her drink and left naked in a room with the door wide open. She was so knocked out she doesn't remember she got sucked and fucked in the ass with beer bottle and video taped the whole time. She... [more]

Things I want

Im a 15, almost 16 year old GIRL I Want to give a guy a blowjob!! I want to dirty talk over texting! I want to make money from sex, or oral Sex I want a guy to eat me out like there's no tomorrow!!! I want a guy to tease me during sex, teasing turns me on like crazy!

Showing off my big cock

My last confession got a lot of bad feed back and I love it. Here's another story. Back when I married and we had one child and we wanted one more but my wife couldn't get pregnant again and I was 29 and my wife was 27 . So my wife ask me if I would try to get her 29 married sister pregnant and I agreed and it took my wife a little while to talk... [more]

My girlfriends mother :/

So I was at my girlfriends house and I had been licking her out when her mum walked in. I just managed to get out from under the covers before she came in but I know she knew what I had been doing.
The next time I went to her house her mum answered the door and asked me to help her with something quickly. (My girlfriend didn't know I was in the... [more]

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