Revenge Confessions

My boss fired me .

My boss fired me . I got caught urinating in the coffee pot in his office. His secretary saw me. I didn't say anything I knew it was useless. I got my revenge because I'm collecting unemployment. Oh well. He asked me if I had done this before . I said no . Truth is I jacked off in his fancy hazelnut coffee creamer. Oh well it was worth it. Good... [more]

I fixed him good the asshole.

My boss is a real jerk wad. Treats all us employees horrible. I decided to get him good. It had to be well thought out. I didn't tell anyone about it. I just did it. He owns the auto repair shop we are employed at . Several different employees use his pickup to get parts and haul things for work. I asked my wife for help . She asked some friends... [more]

Naughty Can Be Rewarding

My cheating husband led me into this. I was at my sister's house telling my sister that my husband might be cheating on me. She saw how pissed off I was so she spiked my coffee with some booze to calm me down. After I chilled out a bit I happened to look out the kitchen window. My nephew was siting out back with his new girlfriend. He had his... [more]

Am I a pedo?

For some reason, I like little kids.

I want older men..

I dont know why, but im younger than 15 years old, and I want to have older men... idk why,its not like I want some creeper, I just get horny to older men... 30+. Yeah, I do have crushes on kids my age, but I feel different for older men. Is it weird that I want to have sex with older men at SUCH a young age? And that I masterbated at a old mans... [more]


My wife was in the hospital after having surgery. Her mother came to stay for a few days and I have no idea why. This woman is a skinny self-righteous bible thumping know-it-all when in fact she knows very little about the bible. She claims to be a ‘Good Christian’ but being raised in the south is a bigot. She hates blacks and Mexicans that’s... [more]

Sister put panties in my dresser and told mom i stole them

My mom called me into the house. when i got there, she grab my arm and took me to my dresser and asked me what is going on. to my surprise, there was pantyhose, panties,bras, and make up. my mom said this is the 2nd time she found this. i tried to say i did not know about this. my sister said i was lying and my mom mom went to checking... [more]

I got a city warning about my car so I

My friend told me somebody reported me because my car is under repair on my driveway and it's not in the garage and a quarter to city code you only have so many days to fix an operable vehicle so I got pissed off and I decided to f****** other people's car by doing stuff like slashing their tires I'm cutting their wires cutting their brake lines... [more]

I got a city warning about my car so I

My friend told me somebody reported me because my car is under repair on my driveway and it's not in the garage and a quarter to city code you only have so many days to fix an operable vehicle so I got pissed off and I decided to f****** other people's car by doing stuff like slashing their tires I'm cutting their wires cutting their brake lines... [more]

I winged it on a parasail with girlfriend

I was at coquina beach with my girlfriend. She was against drinking alcohol. So she poured my drink out on the sand and it was a Long Island iced tea. I only had like one sip out of it. She said "you don't need that anyways" she gave me a water bottle from the cooler. I was pissed off because I paid for the drink and I had to walk all the way... [more]

Volunteer Cum Dumpster

I have a step sister a bit younger than me. She's sort of chunky with tits that kind of bounces, I deliberately walked in when she was showering to see her nude body. She did the same to me and said, " Very nice! " I guess we both was looking for dirty action.
Then one day when no one was home she barged into my room bra less with a thin... [more]

They did it

Well thanks for advice gave my man must say been many years and did feel good having real cock for change

Punishment for being a sissy

I was in my room ,dressed so girly in my bra and panties,,skirt and top with my hair,nails and makeup done.I felt so sexy and naughty and so alive because I am a male, dressed totally feminine ,,I am a sissy. I was watching sissy porn when all of a sudden my bedroom door flew open, and Robert quickly entered my room smiling like he just won the... [more]

Body For Sale part 3

We woke up early and I told her i wanted to stay a bit longer. “Well my boyfriend is coming home at 7, so you can stay untill then. But it’l cost you”, she said. I looked at her and was shocked of the girl she turned out to be. “No problem”, i said. “But what would you give in return? I have already ripped you apart yesterday”. “You can ruin me... [more]

Body for sale part 2

I asked what she wanted to eat. She said she doesn’t care, we could also order in and stay in the bed. But i told her no. I would go chose her outfit and she would go look for those buttplugs. “Are you sure that’s nessecary? I’m afraid that they would just fall out.” She said. “Just do whatever the fuck i pay you for” I snarled. She didn’t respond... [more]

Skinheaded Pricks

I am so pissed off, I was just shopping and some bald headed prick passes me and my wife in Walmart and he called her a stupid bitch and I said "DON'T YOU EVER CALL MY WIFE A STUPID BITCH YOU SKINHEADED PRICK.
The idiot gives me the finger and I grab the little prick by his shirt and demanded an apology and he pushes me and tells me to get the... [more]


If you tickle a girl when your inside her she grips on you while she's laughing.

Played with my roommates BF's semen

A couple days ago my roommate was having sex with her boyfriend and she definitely must've thought i wasn't awake. they clearly were trying to be quiet, but i still heard them. it made me really horny and i started fingering myself listening to them. they finished really quick, but i was still horny. i heard them get up and then go into the... [more]

I Hate Animals

am starting to fucking hate animals namely wild animals that attack humans on contact. Yeah fuck it I endorse hunting and executing of Wild Animals and to all of you dumbass hippies, WWF yeah wildlife fund not Wrestling which it should be fucking called fuck the Wildlife Fund, and PETA who all deserve a bullet to their brainless heads can all go... [more]

Sexual attraction towards my mom and sis.

I have a sexual attraction towards both my mom and my sis. Me and my younger sis have sex from time to time but with my mom it was just once that I grabbed and played with her boobs while she was asleep. I dont know if this is wrong or right and I dont know what to do.

Mothers how to punish your 18 yr old perverted son

As a strict mom with an adult step son , and 3 teenage daughters , living home with me, , my daughters found a micro cameras in our bathrooms. My perverted step son has been recording us women naked , long story short we punished him ,with his own medicine , we took held him down tied his wrist and strung him up in the living room and stripped... [more]

My doctor visit

So i just turn 18 , so i decided to have regular doctor visits . So i call and made appointment. I went in the next day to see Dr.Reed. He was over 30 , but had a nice built shape on him. He asked a much of boring questions . Then the exam started. " Open your mouth say ahh" . "good" he said. " Now take off your clothes and put the gown on ". Now... [more]

Im 14 and I just can't stop touching myself

I'm a 14 year old girl and I touch myself. All the time. I once did it in public toilets. I just can't get enough. There i said it.

I had an oragasim

I told my mom i was going in the bath well i did but before i went in i was watching porn so i was horny and i found information on the internet how to have an orgasism. the bath water was running and i moved over to the plugs where i placed my vagina underneath kept it there for about 10 minutes and i had an intense orgasism i do it everytime i... [more]


A guy of mine had asked me to come over and watch tv with him. when i got there we watched 3 hours of porn (gay, lesbian, strait) i hate how guilty i feel

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