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My wife at home will often have a tee shirt and know bra on, and as it gets colder, some other pull over type of top.
When we go out she will change and put a bra on and put on some other top.
I asked her if she would go without the bra sometime? Why, where, when? Was the response.
She started to go without a bra, but preferred to wear a pull over top. Some had a nice vee neck and some scoop neck. She looked great, you could tell the true shape and size of her chest, and it was easy to see when her nipples got hard.
I asked her if she would wear a button down or some other top I could get a view of her chest without the being blocked by the material, she just said she prefers to wear the pullover.
She has a smaller chest, but when we are out and you see her you can tell she is not wearing a bra, and when her nipples get hard it's even better, which is often. Why only pullovers?

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  • It's better than with a bra, I like nips

  • I thought I understood, then you said she has a smaller chest... so who cares?

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