Sex Confessions

I loves it in my arse.

The title says it all. I love being bent over and spreading my cheeks then feeling a nice hard cock sliding it. I love how my big tits bounce and sway back and fourth as I'm getting plowed good. My hubby has a little thin pecker. He's not much good . I so need a man who can make me feel the way a woman should. Where are all the sexy men who know... [more]

My first time encounter was more awesome than I expected.

I'm a 19 year old male. I've had relationship since junior high with girls. It was never earth moving , 4th of July type experiences. I enjoyed being with them but I always felt like something was missing. Well until now that is. There was this young guy a little bit older than me I met at the Rock climbing center. We just hit it off. We go... [more]

Fucked 5 black men last weekend

I’ve been with a few black guys but that was 18+ years ago. I recently got up the nerve to let a black guy that comes by my office 3-4 times a week know I wanted to suck his dick. He’s always been very friendly with me and I figured what the hell. Why not. It was last Friday and he came in on his usual delivery. He’s semi attractive but has... [more]

MFM Threesome

Looking for some advice or suggestions. I approached my wife about a MFM threesome and she insists she does not want us to do that. We have a great relationship btw and I have no worries at all. It totally turns me on as long as it’s with a guy who has no desires to do anything with me.
So when my wife and I watch porn together before sex, I... [more]


Today had an away football game for my son closer to New York. My wife and I took my son. But couldnt help but notice a lot of black guys there walking around with white or gray sweat pants on and you could see serious bulges. These black guys were seriously packing. It stood out. My penis would be as big erect as they are just limp.
But the... [more]

Amazing Sloppy Seconds

A while ago, I met a new 18-years old co-worker (let me called him Frank here). He got very close to me because we lived close and he always gave me a drive. For Thanksgiving this year, my GF and I decided to have a party with our friends in my apartment. After getting late, all the other friends go home, but Frank stayed longer because his place... [more]

Exposing my wife for friend to see

So this is where things went to the next level..... I have always had this desire to have others to see my wife naked. I love sending pics to strangers and accidentally let a friend or neighbor see a naked pic of my wife off my phone. I act like I am embarrassed but I love to expose her. I am always trying to get her to go without a bra. Her nips... [more]

My wife is the best

After hearing stories all over I fell really privileged. My wife is the best little slut ever. Yep she's tops . She sucked her first cock at age 12. Fucked her first boy a year later . Yeah beat that . She was knocked the fuck up twice by age 15 . She gave the babies up for adoption and made two couples very happy . Then I met her at age 16... [more]

I wish I could

The day after having sex with my wife, I smell her vagina on my penis. I love this, but I want to taste it! I usually will spit onto my cock, and lick my fingers after stroking myself. I wish I could just suck her juices directly off my penis. I am not even bothered by it mixing with the come I deposited inside her, quite the contrary. I enjoy the... [more]


I'm 16 and probably had well over 100 fucks in my life and i've never used a condom. I'm surprised i'm not pregnant yet but i just can't seem to stop! i love the feeling of sex. I'm not afraid to cheat even though i'm in a relationship. I just like having more than one cock. i've cheated well over 20 times. I feel bad but i just can't stop.

Fucked a granny

Met her on tinder, thought I just chat and she turned out to be a cool lady. Mostly I wanted to suck those 85F Tits! She’s really petite so the tits were really big on her. Loved the way she licked my balls and sucked me. Loved licking her pussy. It was so smooth and wet. Was surprised to find her pussy tight. Loved the way she told me to fuck... [more]

Afro American Males are wild for sex .

I'm a divorced 52 year old gal. I'm 5 ft 6 and weigh 170 lbs. Have short hair , green eyes, big floppy tits, a nice ass but not overly big. I have a bit of a belly but my legs and arms aren't fat. Like having those huge flapy wings hanging down under your upper arms. Nothing like that. My pussy is nice and very hairy.
I have found that afro... [more]


I keep having sex with my flatmate. His girlfriend is here almost every weekend and he's in my bed almost every week night. No one else in the house knows as we're really secret about it. I know I should feel guilty about him having a girlfriend, but she's such a bitch that I think she kinda deserves been cheated on. Am I a horrible person?

Fun at school.

My husband and I met attending a Christian private school. We were both rebellious and liked pushing and bending the rules . Infact we met in detention. Me for being tardy too many times and he for wearing his cowboy boots. We had a dress code and boys had a hair code. Greg was always breaking the dress and hair codes. We had chapel service on... [more]

Love to chat about Wife’s hot past, fantasies

Anyone else like to hear about their wife’s hot past, or talk about fantasies they have about their wife?

I want to hurt my husband when on top

The bitch face that he makes when he is in pain turns me on. Like it does something inside me. Cant do it often, but i slap him . Hard. In the heat of things I get off as his face becomes like he will cry any moment. I also want to squeeze his boobs hard and choke him.

My hubby cant do anal

Husband's dick is not strong enough to do me anally. After trying for a while he apologises.

From Russia With Love

I answered an ad for a mechanics job. It was a Russian inter related family auto business. The mom and daughter ran the front office. They seemed very happy with me and my work. The mom would smack my ass at times and the daughter wore down blouse tops teasing the customers. Now and then I saw the daughter with her hand in her cousin's pants and... [more]

It felt so good

I don't know what other category to put this in, so I put it in the venting one.
Anyways, every other year of my life, I was this goody who never broke the rules. I always thought that flirts were weird, and I was so inexperienced with guys that it wasn't even funny. Considering my Chrisian upbringing, this was the good thing, right? I thought... [more]

Women are...

...Way naughtier than they will ever let on publicly. It isn't just some of them, it is about ALL of them.
Get them in a position where there is no chance of being caught, treat them nicely, and often even the most prudish housewife will be reaching for your dick.
If anyone else is around, they will usually reject you without fail.
I am close... [more]

Ex daughter

My ex daughter in law is hot but the biggest hoe . I want some of that ass

The joy of huge penises

My wife and I used to play with hugely hung black bulls. I will never forget one night one of our bulls who was eleven inches and very thick was fucking her and she began having her first vaginal orgasms. He would slowly fill her completely and then start pounding her cervix and every five or 6 strokes she would come again. After that it if the... [more]

Watch us have sex

If anyone wants to watch me and my fat pig have sex post your email and I'll send you videos and pictures so you can watch her and beat off

I am gay I love sex anal and oral and public outdoor sex I love t

I love being with gay guys sucking cock and swallow cum and getting my ass fucked

Small penis & wanting to share me with bigger?

In our mid 30s and married for 10 years.
Our sex-life like most became less frequent to about once a month.
Not that it was ever great, he was always conservative in bed, intercourse lasts about five minutes and he has a small penis.
A couple of years ago he commented about penis size and this led to sex toys that gradually got bigger.
With... [more]

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