Sex Confessions

I want to be raped

Recently i have been obsessed with a rape fantasy. i am a 34 year old woman. i am fit and I'm told attractive. i have small breasts (32c) i want to be taken and forced have some stranger violently have me and tear off my clothes.
i actually started taking late night walks in a park near my home. i wear flip flops, loose fitting sweat shorts and... [more]

First experience

My first experience happened when I was about 10, I was staying at my friends place for the weekend and he had a younger brother around 7, every time we’d all play fight or hide and seek he’d always seem to touch me, I didn’t think nothin of it to much but later on that Friday night he ran into the room naked while me and his brother were playing... [more]

Any butt exhibitionists?

I love men's butts. Straight, gay, anything, doesn't matter. If you like showing your butt then DM me pics on insta: sheyobu20. I get so turned on when a random guy or exhibitionist flashes his bare ass, even if it's just for fun.

My first gay experience

In my late 20s, I finally acted on a gay fantasy. I went to a notorious adult book store that had those booths you could watch videos. I left the door slightly open and turned on raunchy gay porn. I watched as the door slowly opened and this older guy comes in. I nod so he knows its ok. He sits beside me and begins touching my cock. I reach... [more]

Gang Bang Slut

Remember my youth. I met this guy and married him. He was endowed and had stamina. I was several years older than this man and all my previous husbands I divorced because they couldn't satisfy me. He asked me when we was dating if I was into swinging and told him I have that desire to get pleased We shortly got married and started going to... [more]

I'm nasty slutty

I just want to be fucked by strangers, dogs, objects, etc. I wanna choke on cock and squirt everywhere. Currently I'm in my car with a fake dick in me Cumming wanting to be fucked like the whore I so want to be. I wish to be filled with cum in every hole. I wish I was named glory hole, then everytime some one used one I'd be getting the feeling of... [more]

Is it weird that I.........

Masterbate to sex videos of me and my wife fucking? No we are not divorced. Yes she is still alive. Yes we still live with eachother. Yes we still have sex at least twice a week. A female friend of mine says that's not normal. She says if my wife was satisfying me, I wouldn't need to masterbate.

Special Delivery

I've posted several experiences my wife and I had years ago when we were in the swinger lifestyle starting when we were first married in the 70's at 18yo and were in the lifestyle for over 20yrs. After that we had a few threesomes with guys/girls we knew well and 2 couples. But it's been about 10 years since we've had any sexual experiences with... [more]

Cock obsessed

I have always been “straight”. I love women. God, I love women. And my wife most of all. She gives me a semi just walking around the kitchen. She has a body to die for, and cumming inside her is my favorite way to spend time.
But also.
I have cravings. Especially when I’m high. I want dick. Hard, smooth, throbbing, CUMMING cocks. In my... [more]

My hot little wife was a prostitute

When I Met my wife hot little 22-year-old Russian prostitute working in Dubai… She was The sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time… When I met her at a famous club frequented by Russian girls wearing tight little T-shirt with no bra and I could see her nipples sticking out. Needless to say after that night she became the only fuck ever had. She... [more]

Step Mother Fantasies

My father married a younger woman when I was about 10 and as I got older I started to become very aroused by by the slightest touch my cock with spring as hard as a rock I was 13 at that time.
Later she used to love her bedroom door and I was always curious what you doing standing naked in front of the mirror she was so sexy nubile Lebanese... [more]

Bi dad

I'm 64. I'm a bi dad. My wife don't know that I've sucked cock before. I so want to do it again. I'm paralyzed now but still want sex. Wife goes to work and I want so badly to suck someone again.


I want to have hott sex with a red headed bearded Caucasian in a suit and tie. I want to peel his clothes of him and treat him like a God in bed. As he returns the favor and treats me like his hott little caramel dessert.


All I want to do is ride Travis Kelce's face. That is all.

Fishing trip

My husband invited me to go fishing with him and a friend of ours, would be a weekend thing sleeping in a tent, he has never ask me before. If this his his way of trying to get me to fuck both he and his buddy I will shock them and say i had rather fuck than fish and I had rather suck a cock than fuck. I like the thought of a tent.

Amazing how quickly you can change your mind

A friend of a friend took a liking to me but I wasn’t interested, that was until she got drunk and asked me to shave her pussy because it was soft and fluffy, she still has a soft and fluffy pussy, never got round to shaving it, to busy pumping it full of seamen

Chest sitting turn on

Love it when a women in shorts is sitting on my chest softly squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs i could spend hrs at a time with a women sitting on me love the feeling of being sat on and sexy soft legs squezzing my face have had this happen to me many times in the past nothing gets me more turned on when a hot sexy looking... [more]

Tyler's Granny

My friend Tyler spends a lot of time with his Granny, and tells me she's a very special woman. Two days ago he invited me to go with him when he went to visit her. At first I wasn't interested but when he said I's never forget it, he got my attention.
When we got there I was introduced to this 85 year old woman who actually looked good for... [more]

Nice lady and her mother

A lady i know who owns a bar ask me if i would take a look at an electrical problem her mother was having i told her i would the lady and her mother have huge set of tits i told her i would not charge anything if her mother would go around the house with no bra just a tee shirt both these women are pretty much sluts so i knew she would do it... [more]

Ibiza sex

Well it’s been 18 months without cock so I’ve just returned from Ibiza where I’ve acted a total slut, I’ve had more men in a week than my entire life. Three guys in one night, a married man on holiday with his kids, facials and DP - feel a slit but a liberated one.

I love raunchy pornography

Lewd and LUXURIOUS porn gets me wet.

Aunt And Her Roommate

I love being with my aunt. Mom's nasty minded sister. I was seduced by her one afternoon in the bathroom. I didn't know she came in to use the toilet when I was showering. Then I heard her say, "Nice! Can I help?" I was masturbating my hard horny cock. I thought to myself caught in the act. "I'll show you something to look at to help you cum." and... [more]

Fuckin young

I fucked my brothers girlfriends wee sister is that a bad thing

Very large penis

Purely an observation question, me, my husband and are two friends who are also married are having drinks, chatting away and the guys are showing each other things on their mobile phones.
My husband shouted out, no way babes have a look at this, I could guess it was going to be something rude.
It was a short video of a black man having sex with... [more]

Cheerleader Fantasy

I brought a young friend with benefits to my neighbors house that I was house/pet sitting for. She dressed up in my neighbors (16yr) daughters cheerleading outfit hanging in her bedroom closet. Had great sex on her bed. Also found some dirty panties in the laundry I took home.

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