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Sex Confessions

Wife wears plug after anal

My wife snd I are swingers and she has meet this guy that is very well endowed she loves the feel of him in her pussy and now he’s training her for anal but for a few days after he’s been deep trusting her anally she can’t control herself and she can’t control her anal muscle and that leads to accidents is this normal or does she need to wear her... [more]

TRANS FANNY~Boi-Pussy? =Good Fucking Stuff try it!

Quick brief resume:
Sent to Tucson, AZ Engineer for big defense contractor located at DM AFB. Age:47 married, family in Pacific NW. Was Str8 past tense.
Tucson home of University of Arizona birthplace of Linda Ronstadt, several Hollywood Elites ( BFD) have multi-million dollar estates here. NO Adult Theaters plenty in Phoenix, 1or 2 adult... [more]

Getting a nice girl for my husband following my cancer

In my early thirties I lost my womanhood to cancer. My plumbing is all gone and I had a double mastectomy. I chose foolishly not to save the nipples. Reconstruction was a poor semblance and frankly left me with a bad taste in my mouth. But just as importantly losing all of my woman organs left me dead inside, I had not womanly feelings anymore. ... [more]

Another truck stop sex episode with wife

My wife and I are going to be stopping at a truck stop today in New Mexico to have some fun!! She is going to be standing out in the open where anyone can see and she will be completely naked! She wants me to bury my cock into her wet pussy and pump her until I unload my cum.! She doesn’t care who might see us. This is going to be hot!!

Sister was the best fuck

Who else has fucked your sister? My sister was 12 and I was 14 when her and I first started fucking. I was 18 I had my own apartment, My sister would come over just so we could fuck in private. Eventually we began to Make Love to each other she would stay the night with me sharing my bed. Looking back with all the other women I have fucked. I... [more]

Fake Tit Beach Granny

I went to the beach to get some hot sex action and I did. It wasn't with a hot young chick but with an old granny with saggy fake tits in a bikini. She was a redhead in a loose fitted bikini. My eyes was drawn to her bikini top that held the fairly big nice looking tits. I knew they was fake from the shape of them. They were kind of round with... [more]

Hooker robbed me

Ashamed to say it but I got fucked up in Vegas and gave in to one of the girls on the strip. She came back to my room and started teasing me. She offered me a line of what was supposed to be cocaine but I ended up passing out. I woke up at like noon the next day, my wallet, keys, watch, phone everything was gone! I told the hotel staff and they... [more]

55 and over community

I am 62 male. Fit and well. Just moved into a 55 and over community following losing my wife. There is a very active club house with lots of things to do. Club house and pool. One day following a happy hour two sisters invited me back to their home for drinks. They both lost there husbands and moved in together. As we sat talking one asked if I... [more]

I am mwm and want to hook up with mwm how do i meet them??

I really want to meet other mwm and get each other off. i think its so hot 2 mwm making out while wives at home thinking all is fine.. kissing and sucking each other and doing lots of nasty stuff knowing we are attached.. but i just dont know where a good place is to meet them and how to know if they are interested in you.. any ideas where to go?

Wife Bukake fantasy

I have a fantasy where my wife is in a bukake! Several guys stroke their big hard cocks and shoot loads of sperm on her face! He gorgeous smiling face gets coated with thick creamy sperm! Sperm coats her lips, checks, and cheeks!! She looks so sexy!


Im a 53 yo divorced bimom who have a fairly new relationship going on. Im what you may call a bbw and my current boyfriend wants us to go swinging. Im not sure how to feel about the idea, am i too old to go swinging?

My first one night stand with another man

It happened at the airport in Frankfurt. The company flew me business class and I was in the business lounge waiting the three hours for my connection back to the States on Lufthansa. Across from me was a man, he said he had just flown in from Beijing on his way back to Chicago. I asked why fly thru Frankfurt, and his answer was noncommittal... [more]

No nookie

I’m a 63 year old man I’ve got ptsd ,bipolar , anti social disorder etc. I haven’t been laid since June of 2002 I masturbate almost daily except when my anxiety is really high. I guess it helps reduce the anxiety but it would be much better if I could get laid .
I don’t have any income but I have housing so I can’t afford a hooker .
I’m a ... [more]

I Watch Wife Masturbate

This isn't a new development for us. My wife of 4 years and dated 4 years prior we've pretty much agreed after the first time we had sex that I wasn't enough for her sexually. We connected in every other way and it felt right being with her and she felt the same, just I was lacking when it came to bedroom stuff. I am actually have microphallus... [more]

Touchy brother

My brother once grabbed my breasts in the kitchen while y was doing the dishes. He always used to squeez my butt when my Mom wasn't around making it look like a joke. One day he went a step further grabbing my breasts, sliding his hand under my skirt asking me if Iliked it. I think I told him brothers weren't supoused to do things like that, ... [more]

Would you buy them?

I'm willing to sale pictures off my juicey shaved pussy and tits...and video of me masterbating....also used panties.....drop a comment with email if you are interested...

Fucked Son's Bully

This completely sounds like a pornhub video and I understand why people wouldn't believe this. My son has never been the aggressive type, very passive, timid. He's very easy to walk over and his last 3 years of his highschool a bully did just that. He would cry every time he came home talking about whatever his bully did. His last year of... [more]

Fucking my wife’s arse and more!

This is a long story, maybe a little boring but may help if you’d like to fuck your wife in the arse.
I love my wife’s company and for many years we had a very good sex life. Not too wild, never anal but we did have a threesome with an escort once that she enjoyed. That all ended about 6 years ago.
Menopause combined with us both working flat... [more]

Desperate to be cucked

Im desperate to watch my wife fuck other men. She is 30, weve been together since 19. She had a reputation for being a slut before we dated, one that was well deserved. I want to watch her fuck all them ex's again, in our bed

I NEED TO SUCK DICK!!!!! I’m a Girl

I’m one of those girls that loooooove to suck dick. White Cock Black Dick Fat Dick UnCut Dick Young Dick Old Dick Taken Dick I suck it all!!!! Watching a dick fuck my face makes my pussy squirt. The more the merrier. I’ve suck 2 dicks at the same time to just dudes lining up for me in staircases of school and apartment buildings as I suck their... [more]

Oil lab tech at CAT dealer in Jackson, Mississippi

Back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s the oil lab tech at the CAT dealer in Jackson, Ms was the biggest Cum dump in the entire state. She hid there right under every one’s view. She could suck a cock and drain it in less than 3 minutes. At lunch and after work if you got there first you could get a blow job or actually take a short drive and get... [more]

Forbidden Sex Can be Awesome

We'd been married about 2 years, living overseas, and we were so young 19 year old.
Had a wild party at our apartment complex. We were both very buzzed and late so we headed back to our place. A friend of my husband tagged along as he was way to buzzed to drive.
He crashes on the couch, and we passout in bed. I guess that I'd been asleep... [more]

Gang bang for wife

I’m looking for several WE experienced guys to give my pretty wife her first gang bank

Big Cock for my pretty wife

I am looking for a make who is VVWE to give my wife her first big Cock. She is very nervous but desperately craves it

Wife’s sex addiction

It started about 15 years ago my wife is now 43 years old and still can’t get enough sex man or woman we started when she was 28 I would invite my friends over to watch the game and drink and one night she got drunk and started kissing my friend Billy and then next thing I knew they were going at it on the sofa in front of everyone she was cunning... [more]

Moms friend

I was 15 , my mother was in hospital, multiple heart attacks , Dad was working extra long hours, so was I staying at one of my mothers friends homes.
I got to skip school and watch TV all day , so I was happy enough .
Moms friend had no kids , her husband worked , and she figured I needed company I guess . She sat with me and talked about... [more]

Taken Wife

Is their anyone else out there that would like to watch as a group of young guys with big cocks fucks their older wife till she gaping in both holes and pouring out their young cum

I like big cocks and have been lucky

I became a size queen shortly after I lost my virginity. I went out with my boyfriend for over a year, both of us were inexperienced, and we sort of learned together. He joined the service and I moved out with him. Not married as of yet and I got a job on the post. He got deployed, I worked with a lot of black GI’s and they’d ask me if I was... [more]

Giving up our cherries when we were fifteen

When we were teenagers we always went to the fair that got set up in the parking lot of the mall in the fall after school started. My friend Milly and me went that Friday night, we were dropped off by my big sister and she told us she would pick us up at midnight.
We wandered around and and around and this guy kept walking with us and telling... [more]

Fucking my First Gay

He invited me to his place so I could not wait. When I got there he invited me in the bedroom to get naked. We took our clothes off then he sucked on my soft cock. When I was nice and hard he wanted me to start fucking. He got into doggy position and I put my nice hard cock in his tight small ass. I pushed my cock all the way in and started to... [more]

How head feels in ass guys

I would like to know if you can feel the head of the cock deep inside your ass? Can you feel it as it goes deeper? Describe feeling. I have been curious for a while and would love to try this after sucking one too.

Ex Vegas Hooked - No Jackpot For Me

There are 21 legal brothels in Nevada. Prostitution is illegal in 7 counties. Including Vegas ( Clark) Reno ( Washoe) Carson City others. Yet, in Vegas alone there are 30 times as many sex
workers available than all legal brothels combined. True story people. Skeptical? Call Hookers for Jesus now Pink Chair ask Annie.
Pimped, Escort... [more]

Taking a Long Cock

I answered a sex ad and got invited to a gay guys home. When I got there he offered me a beer. So we drank for a few minutes while we talked. Then we went in the bedroom and both got naked right away. He has a nice thick 7" cock he told me before I came over. There it was nice and soft. I could not resist and slid his cock in my mouth. It... [more]

I am evil i watch porn i want fuck woman hard get her pregnant

I want fuck a 18 year old virgin & throw her on the bed & fuck her tight sweet wet perfumed fresh flower puss hard until I bust a nut in her & get her pregnant & she screams with pleasure.

Double penetrion

My wife and me enjoy anal sex and she wanks while I fuck her bum. It’s strange but I think she prefers sex this way now but she used to be very bum shy. I’m pretty sure she wants a cock in her pussy and one in her arse. Any ladies on here practice this?

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