Sex Confessions

Im in love with a married man

When I was 18 I started to work at a restutant where I met my first love who happened to be my manager. I knew he was married and had a couole of kids. At first I had no feelings for him at all but as months passed by I began to get a little crush on him. Soon after he got my number and we would text untill one day he asked me to be his gf. At... [more]

I love it when my wife acts like a whore in bed

I love my wife and respect her very much, but I love it when she acts like the sluttiest little whore when it's time to fuck. I get rock hard when she wants me to fuck her and do all sorts of nasty stuff to her.

Wife's casual start

When I 1st met my wife, she was her sister, she was wearing a short mini skirt barley covered her butt, A button down blouse no bra only sheer to toe stockings and 4" high heels. She was gorgeous and flirty and we were mutually attracted to each other. She exchanged her number and the next day She called me, and I picked her up on my Harley, and... [more]

My neighbor, my teacher

Today I will teach you, as you might have guessed, and what you’ve been waiting for, pure hardcore sex. Now, you horny boy, fucking a woman’s vagina can be extremely exhausting - both for me and you, so be prepared for the workout of your life! And trust me, since I’ve been so neglected, I’m going to expect extra from you.”
She reached between... [more]


I like sex


I'm 35 n I let a gay dude suck my dick when I was 16. It was the best bj ever and I kept letting him suck me every chance I got , started fucking him in his ass a lot then one night I sucked his dick . It was my first time sucking dick but I was good cause he filled my mouth with cum in 30 seconds . I fell in love with sucking dick after that !... [more]


I sucked a chubby 24 year old gay dick once in the county jail. He was my roommate and I caught him jacking off and seeing his thick and hard dick I grabbed it and slowly jacked it amazed by the gearth I felt my dick get harder as I go down on it until I gagged and sucked til he cums in my throat, after that he sucked me off. L

Jail bird

I was in lock up at the county jail 8 months. My roommate was a 20 year old chubby white gay boy. After 3 months I was horny and I was on the bottom bunk so I just lay there and jack my dick , I found myself thinking of this chubby gay roommate , one day I stand and catch him jacking his dick . As I look I see how fat his dick is. Without thinking... [more]

Best pussy

What’s your favourite type of pussy?
Many of us have fucked different types of pussies, I can honestly say my favourite type is a big loose pussy hole.
A big loose pussy hole has many advantages, it gapes at all times, it gets super wet, it also makes lots of squelching noises (when pushing in and when pulling out) easier to fist fuck, it looks... [more]

Affair with my brother's wife

I had an affair with my brother's wife first of all I lived with my brother and my sister-in-law and one day it was just me and her and her kids at home we were horse playing around and she push me down and then jumped on my laps and said I got you can you reach down and kiss me of course I kissed her back ever since then we've had an affair for 5... [more]

Girls Fucking Their Brothers

We see stories of guys fucking their sisters. Why don"t we see stories of girls fucking their brothers?

My aunt is so pretty

I follow my aunt on IG and she has very sexy legs,ass, all of it. I wanna go to her house and kiss her lips and suck her tits. I sometimes kiss her cheek but I want more. I wanna feel her body and make love to her. Wish me luck! 💝

Grandma An Old Slut

I lucked out. I decided to stop by grandma's house to get something I left behind. It was very late at night and figured she was out enjoying herself. I pulled in her driveway and noticed her lights on and figured she decided to end the night out. The door was locked and I had a key she gave me. I opened the door and thru the mirror reflection I... [more]

Personal glory hole

An ex girlfriend of mine Amanda moved in next door to me she don’t know I lived there. She was the first person I had anal with and she was a horny as fuck. Anyway that was ten years ago so I wasn’t sure what she would say or do. I’m out in the back garden cutting the hedge and she comes out both my wife and her husband are at work and kids at... [more]

I gave another guy a BJ and loved it

I'm 55 and single. For the last ten years or more I fantasized about touching and sucking another guy. I'm not sure what brought it on as I did not always feel this way, but the older I got the more interested I had become and decided to see what it was like.
I met a friend in a local club I belonged to and we hung out together quite a bit... [more]

Masochist turns dominate

Last night I lured my 24 year old roommate into my room to perform oral sex on me. Normally I am a extremely masochistic kinda female, love to be put down and pretty much beaten, I like feeling out of control and used. I deliberately go after older men because I like the way they feel when they take advantage of me. The strength of a 30-40 year... [more]


Me and my boyfriend are into all kinds of sex including buggering each other
but he wants to take it further he wants to tie me face down on the bed while he gives it me up the arse, as i said ime into buggery, I've only known him a month, to let some one tie you up needs a lot of trust a friend if mine had a bad experience with bondage,
The... [more]

Having sex with wife ..

The gardner come to our house once a week , he starts to clean , cut , .. in the garden .. once i hear him our side , i take my wife to our bed room , open the window close the cartens and statr to have sex with her .. we both know he can hear us , but he cans see us ..
to make sure he hears us , i look from the window at him , he continues with... [more]

Worst and best

Worst sex ever? Mine was getting drunk at a party and giving head to some bloke I had only just met and he came as soon as I put my mouth around his cock and then fell asleep by the time I had swallowed.
Best sex was when I fucked a boy from school at a party and as I looked up I saw his two best friends watching through a crack in the door. It... [more]

My wife had a wild past

I asked my wife to share her sexual past with me and did I get a surprise. She had a boyfriend in high school and her first year of college. He was her first. He would sneak into her bedroom through the window and she lost her virginity to him. He was more experienced than her and they tried lots of things. She learned to suck his dick like a pro... [more]

Moms 52 yr old cousin called T.

Sadly due to bereavement i lived with T and her two sisters. T being a spinster spoiled me and we were often alone as the others worked away in business. Aunty T as i would call her always left the door open when undressing or washing and since 8 yrs i was regularly seeing her semi nude from the rear. She had a full figure but only a few extra... [more]

Coming out

I like sucking dick black dick preferably as I said relationship with women I prefer the f****** men I like sucking cock and having them come in my neck I like to be bent over and g********* by 20 black women huge cock I could do the cock everyday I'm feeling good enough I loved it I love black cock

BBW Experience

I was visiting Lagos, Nigeria in 2018 and rented a budget hotel. In the evening while I was having a bottle of local bear sitting alone, this hotel boy came to me and asked whether I wanted ‘anything’ for the night with meaningful lusty eyes. I always had ‘something’ about BBW and I thought I should try it here. I asked him my choice adding that I... [more]

Renewed My Sexual Relationship

I'm going on 74 and still get horny. This guy Jon used to cheat with me because of my big boobs and the fact I was Bi-sexual. I was in my late 50's and he was in a relationship with my best friend who knew I was interested in her but didn't want to get involve in Bi-sexual activity. I use to go to the local nudist camp and my friend's boyfriend... [more]

I like ass holes

When I was sexting with a girl a few weeks ago, I saw her ass hole in a video of her masturbating and I thought it was so hot. Now, I have a fetish for the anus of a girl. I really want to make out with a girls ass hole and stick my toung all the way in it.

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