Fetish Confessions

Cum Tribute My Wife Please

I think people cum tributing my wife is incredibly hot and I'd love for someone to send me pics or a video of them cum tributing her

I want to kiss my wife

I want to kiss my wife while another man fucks her and comes in her pussy.


I love watching my wife fuck other men ..

BDSM - Help! Need Suggestions

My wife stated this summer that she's into BDSM. Never in our 14 years of being married has she mentioned it. I'm on Fetlife.. I watch porn. I'm not really into the BDSM life. But I love to please. So I purchased a bunch of shit to start down that road. Cuffs, ropes, whips, clamps.. dildos, anal plugs.. you name it. I purchased it.
Last week I... [more]

I think I have a bath soap sexual fetish

I honestly think I have a fetish regarding bath Soap. I get sexually aroused just smelling bath soap on my wives skin. We can be out to dinner and I kiss her hand or arm and if she has a strong aroma of soap on her skin I am instantly aroused and want sex and it is all i can think about until we actually get home from dinner or anywhere we are... [more]

Lady’s dirty panties fetish

I’ve always wanted to be able to smell a pair of dirty women’s panties! Just thinking about sniffing a pair of dirty panties gets me turned on! I’m a man that loves to go down on a woman and eat her out all day if she wants me to! She can squirt all over my face and in my mouth but her dirty panties gets so horny after she wears her panties all... [more]

I cannot help but wear mom's panties and pantyhose.

I initially was intrigued and very curious about the intimate pretty undies girls and women wore beneath their regular clothes. This was the 1960 's and 1970's and I was barely a teenager. In the 60's pantyhose wasn't yet popular and in Junior high the girls wore full fashioned thigh highs attached to garter belts. The miniskirts were often at... [more]

Bondage s/m fetish’s

I’m a try sexual man that I’m willing to try anything in bed once if I enjoy it I will keep doing it !
I’ve been with guy’s girls transgender s
I love being with all different types of these people types of people ! When it comes to sexuality I’m very open minded!
I went out one night to a bar to have a few drinks and maybe kook up for the... [more]


Hi I guess...? I'm from South Bend In. I'm 100% straight but really want to suck a cock. I've never done it but I'm interested. No desire for anything anal only want to feel a penis in my mouth. I'm 100% virgin to this. Hopefully the person is small don't want a big dick. And possibly trans I guess.? Or dressed as a woman. I'm not attracted to men... [more]


My wife was cleaning her panty drawer and was going to discard several older pairs of French cut briefs. I asked if I could have them as I had a panty fetish and would wear her panties when ever I could. She was happy to give them to me. We then had a discussion about my fetish and she suggested that I should wear panties all the time. I started... [more]

Me Jane me looking for a hot BBC lover.

I'm 50 years old and five foot six inches tall. I have medium brunette hair and hazel eyes. I weigh 165 lbs. Have big floppy tits and a nice ass you can sink your teeth into or lay a big cock across. I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing a sexy black lover. I'm ready to explore any and all . I have long thought what it would be like to... [more]

I just love chubby black women.

Man do I love chubby black babies. They make me so hard. The first time I had one I didn't want it to end. She had the sweetest pussy . I could have licked her for hours . She gave me the best blowjob. Swallowed all my cum. Then when I got on top of her and she grabbed my ass it was like being in heaven. I filled her full of my seed. She spread... [more]


Ever since I let my wife use a strap on dildo on me I am addicted to she Male and tranny porn . My wife don't know it but my rosebud craving a hot tranny drop a load . Feel it throb around my sphincter as it pumps load after load.

I love sissys

I love sissys, or trannys, or crossdressers, or ladyboys or whatever you call them. They really turn me on. When I was younger every time I saw one my dick would get so hard. They were so different then women although sometimes it was hard to tell it she was a real woman or a tranny. But once I talked to her I could tell right away if it was a... [more]

What to be dominated

Want a guy to make me do kinky things for him.


I love to fuck my wife's dildos. Sometimes I put one in and leave it for hours. Love to get kinky when she is not home or I am alone.

Panty fetish

I love to wear panties and was able to share my desire with my wife. She supports my fetish and I now wear panties 24/7. I have thrown out all my male underwear and replaced them with panties. I don’t care what anyone thinks about men wearing panties as they make me feel great. I am so happy and take pride in wearing panties.


I love being barefoot, and having my feet played with is a huge turn on for me. Getting my toes sucked gets me going like nothing else, especially during sex.
Some guys won't do it at all, some only do it when I ask, and others really want to do it but are afraid it will freak me out. Only a few guys I have been with have gone straight for my... [more]

Friendly Nurse

I have always had a fetish of a Nurse seeing me nude, maybe because it is probably the safest place to be exposed.
Public streets or places like that can mean a jail sentence.
So, I go get checked out a lot, but most are rather careful, I suspect they have seen a few guys like me before.
Recently I went to the Urology clinic out in the... [more]

The sluttiest thing I've ever done

I find strangers online through kinky personals to meet in person.
My requirements are that they be tall, big (muscular or fat) black men (the darker the better). They have to be assertive and enjoy fucking petite, blonde, feminine, older white ladies in the ass. If they like to get a little rough, it's even better. They also must be really... [more]

I like to expose my buttcrack

When I was younger, there was a maid who cleaned the house where I lived... As time went by, I noticed that she wore jeans with a low waistband and most of the time when she bent down or sat down, I saw the Her buttcrack, usually showed one or two fingers of the ass... In that I started to discover my fetish with this situation. One day I thought... [more]

Looking for Tallahassee spankers

I am and have been searching for any spanking from male or female. Or both.

The day I got caught

One day I had the house all to myself I was 15 and had been experimenting in my mom's thigh highs and thong panties mine skirt and hills and was riding on her big dildos when I Here a voice it was my sister's boyfriend i didn't know he had a key then my sister walked in and then they both told me they would tell everyone about this are i could be... [more]


I been divorced for about a year and meat nice man a few months back we have not done anything and we were chatting and i said how x had promised to take to a sauna but never did man said nice if want can go now as a member private club i said dont have swimsuit he said dont matter all do naked there as long im ok about well was not sure but said... [more]

Female seeking male

Helli im 35 and im a sexual deviant. Many weird things turn me on but there is one in particular i want. I need someone with a big dick to fuck my wife and blow ur load deep in her guts. Rough with choking n nasty talk. Basically a staged rape. Muliple guys would b even better if u have friends but one will do. So anyone who wants to drop a hot... [more]

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