Fetish Confessions

I m gay

I want a man to Fuck me so hard I i lump for years and I can't breath I want him to dick me down till I cum from my penis and my ass

Love older men seeing my teen tits

Ever since I grew boobs, I’ve been obsessed with showing them off to older men. I’ve been a DD since middle school and would go online pretending I was older and would post my bare tits online for men to see. I loved how men’s comments made me feel and I thought it was so naughty that I was still so young and they had no idea. Even when they found... [more]

Dog sex

I way to try a threesome with pet

"Head-less Husband

What's a man to do when his girl refuses to suck his cock? I'm 37 and my girlfriend is 49. She has a vibrant sex drive, I admit. Before we met I was happily single, going to sex dungeons and anonymous glory holes and experimenting wildly with my sexuality. Now since we've been together I've put the promiscuity behind, no more one night stands and... [more]

Zoom meeting

Zoom mtg
My wife likes to feel she is doing her part for the community. She joined a women's civic club and in no time at all was in charge of meetings. Prior to shut down we had hosted a meeting with a cookout so I knew all the ladies in the club quite well. They ranged in ages from mid thirties to 70. My wife and I are 30 and since we're... [more]

First time cuckold

30 male straight here, I responded to an ad a cuckold couple in my area posted. I was nervous but decided to give it a try. The couple was early to mid 40s. The husband agreed to only watch and masturbate to me fucking his wife. The wife was just average looking but the idea of it was a huge turn on for me. The wife was really impressed with my... [more]

I blew my 401k

I recently have become addicted to a cam site. I spent 100s the first couple of days. Yesterday I met the most coercive girl on there, she knows exactly what to say, I had 1200 in savings I blew it all on her just to tease me and call me babe. I had a little over $27000 in my 401k and I was teasing her with it, saying I was going to spoil her but... [more]


I had a photography job photographing a husband and his wife. We were in a sa l f place no one could see us. They both wanted nudes together. I got some good pictures. Yap he was hard.. they played with each other. She walked over to me and said join us nude. So I did. Was great. She told her husband to suck on me. He goes no way. She told me to... [more]

Trade pictures of m'y gf

Hello i am looking for someone to tade pics of my girlfriend she just turned 18 is not aware of what i am doing here if you are available

My bf trained me to hold my pee

We've been together for 5 years, and he trained me to hold my full bladder. When we started dating, I had a very small bladder and I would have to go very frequently. He got fed up with be running off to pee all the time, so he decided to train my bladder. He only has sex with me if I can hold longer than 24 hours, and when he finally gives me... [more]

I enjoy being raped

When I was a teen girl, I was raped by two of my male classmates. The problem is, I actually enjoyed it. After that incident, I would make sure I looked as sexy as possible around them. They both raped me a few times after that, and I enjoyed each time. Since becoming an adult, I've been participating in more reckless behavior to get myself raped... [more]

Lost my virginity, it was kinda non-con.

A few weeks ago, I went on a date with a guy I met through a dating app. This guy was super muscular and fit, which was part of the reason I was surprised he was interested in me since I'm kind of a chubby girl. He was super charismatic, outgoing and flirtatious, so eventually I confessed to him that I was a virgin.
Something changed about his... [more]

Looking in Phoenix

Anyone in the Phoenix area want to meet at a hotel and watch me fuck my wife she wants to get into other guy watching us and just maybe join in

Wife's year as a sex slave

My wife is a hotwife. She is 28, a tall olive skinned Greek goddess. In college we experimented with her dating other guys and girls. We got married at 25 and I confessed that I enjoyed her dating other guys. She liked black guys and Arab guys. So when she was 26 she met Damon at the gym he was a well educayed black man who was about 50. Big... [more]

Japanese porn

I'm a guy, over the past few days I have been obsessed with Japanese porn. Especially the onsen(hot spring) where they coerce her into being fucked by 4 or 5 guys at once nonstop. I imagine that it is me being coerced and fucked without having any control whatsoever. It gets me so aroused just thinking about it.

Wife’s dick pics

I recently found an old memory card in the basement and on it were lots of pictures of dicks. I am hoping it was just my wife’s porn stash but I am also a bit worried it might be all the men she slept with before me. There are about 30 pictures and one video and in the video you can just see a woman’s nipples as the dick spurts on them. I must... [more]


The most beautiful thing i have ever seen is my wife submitting to her bbbc bull and his best friend. Adyer a night of clubbing in a micro miniskirt and sheer top she came home and was DPed. It was so amazibg watchibg two black cocks slibding in and out of my wife. Her ass and pussy stretched out to accomidate them. Then watching her collapse... [more]

Pegged while sucking

I don't know why but I want a girl to peg me while I'm sucking a guy off.. Wouldn't mind if a trans person is fucking me or if the person I'm sucking off is trans. Just a fantasy I have most likely will never happen

Anal sex

My wife and I were fucking the other night and it was very raw, animal sex. I was fucking her from behind and caught the view in the mirror of her 32e breast swinging. I absolutely love this and went in harder. Is lipped out of her pussy and just rammed my cock back in. She moaned loudly and I came very quickly. She continued to push back against... [more]

Used underwear

I have been stealing my wife’s used knickers and selling them online

My GF’s Asshole

I love my girlfriend’s asshole. I can’t get enough. We enjoy all forms of sex eagerly and enthusiastically. But I must have my daily fix of her asshole and she knows it and loves it. It’s rare for us to wake and me not go down on her, with equal time for her asshole. I love to smell it and lick it. There’s something about it being submissive... [more]

Girl from chatroom

I recently participated in my first gangbang with a girl I met online. There were 12 of us taking turns on her. I did not enjoy it at all! I dumped my load and left as soon as I could. Some of the other guys were fooling around with each other and I don't play like that.

My hot aunt

I live with my aunt. She is very gassy, and loves to fart around me. She was in the kitchen making food, and I happened to be sitting right by her eating. She bent over to get something out of one of the cabinets and I turned around to see her fat ass next to my mouth. She farted so loud, and all I could smell was her nasty ass. My cock twitched... [more]

Friends mom

Was over my friends house this afternoon and his mom farted a couple times in front of me. I have not stopped jerking off to her doing that on top of my face.

Do you ever think about comments made about you penis ( especiall

I was told by my mother I had a very small penis when she busted me masturbating ( I was 17). I don't know if she was trying to humiliate me to get me to stop or just being mean, or cruelly honest. It affected me in a way I hadn't expected. Now her words , and the look on her face when she said them to me, pop up when I masturbate, and I hate to... [more]

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