Fetish Confessions

Pantie sniffing

I love the smell of my wife panties after she wears them all day. She caught me a couple times sniffing think she puts them a certain way in the hamper see if they been moved. She will call me a sicko when I sniff them in front of her. Girls I cheated with did not mind when I sniff there after I slide them off of them. Anyway sons girlfriend came... [more]

Why do men love to see female genitalia?

Every guy I know loves to get a peek up a female's dress, see a nipple pop out sometimes, watch women in sexy clothes. Women seem to know this and dress to attract, some them complain when males act up.
I don't get it, women are pretty much the same under their clothes, so logic would make one think it's not exciting.
But I have had a few women... [more]

Cumslut wife

I'm finding out my wife is a real cumslut. I have found pictures that she has posted of her eating some guys cum. Apparently she loves cum and found these pictures on the internet. She even had pictures of her sucking a dog and eating its cum. There are dozens of pictures of her having men cum on her face, in her mouth and all over her body. ... [more]

First time I gave head

I was 24 and determined to give a blowjob. I found a guy on craigslist, and meet up with him at his house, he rented a basement room over by the college. We talked for few minutes and I took off everything but the purple thong with blue waist band, he kneeling on his bed slowly pulled his dick out of his sweet pants, I said if u lay back I will... [more]

Prank calling a mature bbw

Used to prank call my next door neighbor when I was early 20s. She was about 50. She was short and fat but had super huge tits. Pretty face and always smiling. I would always call from the pay phone n hang up after saying “ i love your big tits” and eventually I would stay and hear her response. We started talking. She would say thank you when I... [more]

I want a spanking

I really want a spanking, I want to be stood in front of someone, and pants and panties pulled down and put over their knee. Spanked until I’m begging for mercy and even in that I don’t want the spanker to stop.

Doesn't Mind

My wife freaked me out and I love her dearly for it. I like to see guys poke my wife doggy style and watch her huge long tits hang down and sway. Then one day I jokingly said to her, "I know you like to get it doggy style and have your tits swing, would you let Ricky do you as I watch. " To my surprise she smiled and said " Yes ". Ricky was our... [more]

Can't Suck Just One Cock

It is so true, if you suck cock just once you'll never be able to stop. I tried it once and loved it so much, now my wife has me go out dressed as a girl to find random strangers to blow. I don't want it to stop either, I want to suck as many cocks as I can to make her and I both happy.

I rlly want to feed someone and it’s embarrassing

Lately I’ve been really obsessed and overwhelmed with constant thoughts of breastfeeding my boyfriend and other men I think are attractive. Just them laying in my lap, nipple in their mouth, asleep still latched on. And if they woke up, they’d just go right back to sucking away all my milk until they fall asleep again

Pin Hole

Flating with two guys and girls. I have a gf and what I tried to do was to have sex with my gf with a used condom with cum already. It was a thought for a few months but I decided to go ahead. One of the flatmates had sex with his gf I picked up the condom and poked a few pin holes. When my turn came to have sex with my gf I rolled up the condom... [more]

It takes three

Her husband watches, transfixed, as their friend's cock presses against the full wet lips of her cunt.
"Mmmmm," she moans, as she lowers herself onto him. She takes in the unfamiliar cock slowly, enjoying its unfamiliar girth, the subtle differences from what she is accustomed.
"Ahhh . . . " She settles onto her friend slowly, until she... [more]

I love pressing my belly

It's probably weird but I love pressing my belly, it's an interesting way to have an intense orgasm. I've never done it with anyone but if I did I would want something heavy and sturdy like a book pressed into my belly right below the navel. I would also welcome having my navel prodded the deeper the better! I have never met anyone else with this... [more]

Gangbang my gf

So 5 years ago I met my gf. I am not the cheating type at all but there was love at first sight so I left my gf at the time and got with this girl. I was absolutely in love and it seemed she was too. As time went on I found out she cheated on me. As mostly anyone would, I flipped out n left her. I loved her so much I couldn't stay away tho so we... [more]

The things I do

I’m sick of trying to find good, real sex stories and getting nothing but fake fantasies, that clearly never happened. So, I’ve decided to write about my real sex stories I've experienced. Now I may not be the best writer, but everything is real. I test lots of sex toys, explore my partner’s body and even try threesomes, all while documenting it... [more]

Pregnancy Risk

This is going to sound horrible but... I’m married but I fantasize about risking pregnancy with a stranger. The idea of cumming inside a woman without protection drives me insane. (I’m in the Hampton Roads area)

Pink satin panties

When I was 22 fresh out of the Marines I started dating a 34 year old dancer and she started me wearing panties. She once had me wear panties in the car. My cock was dripping through the satin. She asked me if I dared get out of the car in just panties. She jokingly started to drive off. She had me. I told her I would love to wear them for you... [more]

Stomach sitting

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed being sat on. On my lower stomach, right on my bladder. There's a crazy sensation that goes right through me when someone is grinding their full weight into me. Especially when my bladder starts filling up. Being helplessly pinned down and dominated by someone is a great feeling. When I am lying on my... [more]

Hired a Masseur for my wife

I have always had this fetish, I like guys to see my wife in various states of undress. She knows about my kink and wears clothes to attract, often no bra and sometimes not even undies.
Finding situations where she can show off is difficult, as anyone who has tried it knows. We did have a few successes but most were just glimpses, a down blouse... [more]

Navy Blue Leotards

I have a serious fetish for navy blue leotards (tights) and faded blue jeans. I dress up in my leotards and ripped blue jeans (criminal clothing) and have sought out women dressed in blue jeans and navy blue or black socks or women wearing navy blue or black leotards and pretend to them I have escaped jail and want to turn myself in before I am... [more]

Mature ladies in girdles

I love seeing mature ladies in girdle panties. Reminds me of my sexy mom in law and when I started noticing her panties. Best thing ever when I want to fuck her so bad at least I get to sniff and lick her panties all the time, sometimes still warm from her body heat right after she dumps it into the basket. It’s the first thing she does after... [more]

I like gaining weight for some reason

I started working from home last year and it gave me good opportunity for frequent snacking. I also stopped moving around as much. 6 months in, I had my annual doctors appointment where I found out that I had gained a little more than 30 lbs, putting me at about 20 lbs overweight. Somehow, hearing the doctor call me overweight awakened something... [more]

Dress up time

Being a very passable and relatively young crossdresser I regularly get dolled up and go for a walk in areas where some guy will chat me up. Their ages range from oldies down to teenagers and at times even younger ones try it on. I'm usually dressed in a very short skirt or dress with dangerously high heels which took me forever to get used to... [more]

Hot Tub rental place

Ever since my wife and I married, she was 19 and I was 20, I had this urge to have her let strangers get glimpses of her body.
At first she resisted the idea, but going without a bra seemed to turn her on.
One day we went to a fancy restaurant, she had on a black slinky dress with a very low cut top, by then she had figured out that letting her... [more]

Stealing Panties

I am a girl, an adult now. This started when I was young, with my best friend at the time. We were always borrowing each others clothes and stuff, yah know, regular girl stuff. It wasn’t really sexual. I don’t think it is now really, even though I have always been attracted to other girls. I have stolen panties from at least four different girls... [more]

Took the wife to an adult video store

I like to watch porn, but my wife doesn't have much interest, at least that is what she says.
The stuff I like is tough to find, it mostly has to do with exhibitionism, women who get off on flashing, and sometimes being outright obvious about it.
Most guys love to look, I know I do anyway.
It sure took some talking but finally she agreed, we... [more]

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