Fetish Confessions

Panties .

Ever since i was 4 , i have enjoyed playing with girls and getting them to show me their pussy , i was always ready to show them my penis . Where we lived in England , there were not many boys . None my age . As we got older i would get the girls to let me touch them and get them to touch me . When i started school , it was mixed . I liked to... [more]

Panty wearer

Yes I wear bras and panties. My wife knows I wear panties. I love to steal panties so I can smell crotch. It’s a rush and major turn on. I love going to where people dump clothes out and rummage through and find them. If I find both bra and panties I put them right there as long as there not nasty. If I find red bra or red panties I always taste... [more]

Bbw obsession

I am happily married to a beautiful and fit 28 year old woman. However, when I’m out I constantly find myself obsessing over women who are much older and bigger. My ultimate fantasy is to be dominated by a bbw woman with a huge belly who is over 60

Student Doctors

I went to my female primary care physician because I had a rash on my balls. The nurse checked my vitals and told me to take my clothes off, put on the johnny that tied in the back and that the doctor would be in shortly. When the doctor stuck her head in and asked if I was ready she also asked if I minded if student doctors also were there during... [more]

I enjoy cleaning my wife

I enjoy eating my and other men's cum from my wifes pussy.

Many animal stories

Live to share experiences and much more for those few women that have the apatite

Male addicted to IR cuckold porn?

Idk what it is but Ive been addicted to BBC Cuckold porn for over 6 yrs. Even after ruining my marriage of 13 years I still cant stop. I dont know what it is about the hotwife lifestyle that gets me going but its the only thing that gets me hard just thinking about it. Especially when it when it involves a hubby sharing his beautiful naughty wife... [more]

Pantie addict

I steal young panties and masterbate with them. Cousins, friends, laundry mat, girls locker room, anyone else addicted to lil panties?

Love nakedness!

I love being naked outside! It is exhilarating to me. Wind blowing through your ass and balls and cock. In the sunshine, in the open, exposed!
I try to be respectful but I don’t mind it if people see me. I got a pretty private yard on a little traveled road. In the mornings, I will spend thirty minutes or so drinking coffee or whatever... [more]

Get turned on by my wife’s past

Does anyone get turned on thinking about your wife’s sexual past.
I do, especially when she has been fucked 18 times before me.
Three guys had fucked her by the time she was 16.
In her early twenties, she had sex with two teenagers ( 16 and 17)
She had sex with both of them at the same time in her bed…. But it only happened the once!
Anyone... [more]

My wife, too, asked if she was still sexy

Yeah, my wife asked me if she was still sexy after her 35th BD. I said 'hell yes!'...but, you know how it is, that's just a husband being kind - she thought.
5'7", 135 lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes....great butt and legs, Nice 'medium-mouthful' breasts and really cute pink nipples.
I said why don't you get yourself a thong and we'll see what... [more]


I want a girl who is at least 22 years old or older who loves to handcuff my both hands as tight as possible and tie up my legs as tight as possible so I can't move while she sits on my chest or even sits on my face for however long she wants. She can also tickle my armpits as well as a form of humiliation for as long as she wants.

Knickers and more….

I recently gave one of the ladies at work some clothes for her kids as mine are slightly older and had grown out of them. We don’t often work in the same office but occasionally our schedules match so we arranged a catch-up.
She stayed over in a local hotel and we grabbed a coffee before work the following day. After coffee I suggested she... [more]

Warm pleasure

I have an what i think is an weird fetish. HEAT. feeling warm air floating over my naked body and dick (also the smell) makes me instant horny. sauna,hot tubs... putting a hairdryer,fanheater,spaceheater or radiator nearby while masturbating makes it 100 times better... discovered it in my childhood while holding the blowdryer on my dick. my... [more]


I have a confession to make. I’m a sissy fag. I love feeling like a girl. Also, I have this fetish. I love POOP! I love the awesome smell. I love to spread it all over my body. I actually EAT my own poop. Love the way it slides down you’re throat. Yes I’m a nasty little fag.

DL bttm cum dump

So I am in the closet bi bttm cum slut who loves to swallow get cum shot on my face I absolutely love to be bred like a slut in heat and love them to be BBC with it all being filmed to be posted online I even cheated on my wife at the time with a bbc who rage fucked me and breed me deep I even went home and kissed her after sucking his cock. I... [more]

And I'll come bisexual

Up till I was 55 years old we watched a lot of p*** it got me into I wanted to be with a guy want to see how it was my friend introduced me to this guy we both sucked and f***** that night first let me f****** I loved it and now we cross dress in lingerie

Wife asked me if she was still sexy

When my wife asked me if she was still sexy, My answer was hell yeah! and to prove it I told her to wear only her white short shorts with no panties and just wear a thin white t-shirt this was the mid 1990's and we had been married for about 10 years, She was in her mid 30's and was 34 x 29 x 36 with c cup tits and when her nipples were hard they... [more]

I love the smell of my wife's butt

She doesn't even realize how much her butt turns me on. I playfully try to bite her butt and sneak a full sniff of her ass. I constantly take a whiff of her seat when she gets up and leaves the room. I have masturbated to the scent of her ass in our couch. The more I've done this, the more it's grown deeper. Of course I am sniffing her panties... [more]

Caught out crossdressing

I have been crossdressing for about 15 years with my wifes support but only at home or on driving holidays and wearing panties and other Femme under wear mostly daily, what a dill today I was cleaning our windows inside wearing panties, bra and 4" platforms my wife was not home without realising I just walked outside to clean the windows from... [more]

My guilty pleasure

I have a fetish for panties and other sexy women's under clothes. Dressing ultra feminine at home is arousing and I feel normal jerking my penis. It's not a trans or gay thing, it's a satisfying sexual experience only fetishist understand.
I hear all the time married people complaining about blah bedroom time, cheating. Let your kinky side free... [more]


I love fat women and married to one .

Mutual piercing

My wife and I both agreed some time ago to have sexual piercing done, my wife had four holes two each side in her labia's while I had a Prince Albert, after everything healed I began putting two red heart shaped padlocks in her cunt while she elongated my hole to place a blue heart shaped padlock through my cock head (it was quite uncomfortable... [more]

I am so horny, I’ll fuck anything

Hi! I am 12F and I’ve been hypersexual since I was 7. I masturbate almost daily for 1-3 hours and it’s gotten really bad lately bc my fingers and usual “toys” (humping my pillow, large veggies, pens, etc.) haven’t been enough to satisfy me. I watch lots of porn and have been watching incest and dog sex porn since I was 10. Now my friend has a dog... [more]

Fetish Fantasies became reality

So I met my husband 22 year's ago via a chatline.
I was 1 month away from my 23rd birthday, he was 37.
I've always been drawn to the older guy. He lived down south and I'm up north east.
After 4 weeks of talking he finally came up to visit.
He had already sent me a picture but he didn't know what I looked like.
As soon as he pulled up... [more]

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