Would you really like to see me dress like that?

My wife was on top of me while we were having sex, as I was looking at her chest, I told her that every guy once in their life should be able to see her chest. She said you think so? I said it would only be fair.
The next morning I wake up to the smell of coffee, my wife had gotten up and brought me a fresh cup. She lay beside me and we talked about what we would be doing that day. She asked if I enjoyed myself last night and with a big smile I said very much, and you? Very much. You said something last night that I have been wondering about, but it was during sex so I was not sure if it was a real thought or just sex talk. As she was saying this I had a feeling it was the all men seeing her chest thing, I was right.
I said that she has such a perfect chest, it just came out. Would you like other men to get a look at my chest? Would that excite you? It's ok, you can tell me the truth, you know I love to excite you. I said if you were able to wear top's that let other men see more of your chest and see how perfect they are, and we could enjoy that together then yes I would.
Are you sure? Because if you are, then we can start today.
That began the beginning of a whole new sex life.

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  • My husband took all of my bras and threw them into the trash telling me I didn't need to wear them for my size is perfect and all should be able to see what I have.

  • I never told her she had to get rid of her bra's. She has some shear bra's and some that are half cup, so they don't cover her nipples. I have a hard time wondering if those are even sexier than not wearing one.

  • Your wife seemed like this is something she has thought of before you even asked, maybe she has done this on her own before. At least now you get to enjoy it together

  • I love when I see a nice looking woman wear a top that shows more then you would think, it's great she is willing to please you and I'm sure she like's it when she knows a stranger is looking and thinking I want those

  • That's nice, often my wife dresses real sexy, she is a good looker with great body, smile and personality, I love being with her shopping watching all the guys eyes almost pop out and trying to get a lingering perv

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