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Male virgin looking for sexting buddy

I’m a 16 year old virgin, the reason being is because of my small cock (5 inches), I just don’t have enough confidence. So I’m looking for a sexting buddy (female) who doesn’t mind my size and wants to exchange nudes and even some videos. If anyone is interested, my kik username is AReins_
Also, I'm not judgmental at all when it comes to girls, I... [more]

Friends and more

I want to see my wife getting fucked by a guy with a huge cock for some time now. its a big turn on for me and i feel she is ready to try now its time for my fantasy to come true

I want to fuck my uncle

Im gay and im 18 and my uncle is 45, ive liked him since i was 16, he has had two wifes and they have dumped him and i know he hasnt had sex in almost a year. now i am 80% sure hes straight and ive had dreams where we fucked since i was 16 and i dont know how to ask him if he had the same dreams or if he has feeling for me. i love looking at him... [more]

Spanking my daughter

I have 3 kids, the youngest, a girl, is 10. They are all bad kids that regularly get into trouble, but my girl is the worst of the lot. My wife lost interest in disciplining them, so it now falls to me to do the spanking and grounding. It seemed like normal spanking wasn't doing the trick with my girl, so I now make her take her pants down and... [more]

My age

I constantly lie to men about my age. I think it's funny that they think I'm old enough to have sex. I wait until they give me a look then I hit on them. I have been with over 20 and one was like and old grandpa looking man

Me to rp

Would won't a could t rp and catch me playing with my self in my truck then show me how to suck and be Pegged by the female to in north ga

Opposite doesn't want this

I am a small, unassuming, generic white guy. In fact, I'm often confused with other people because I'm so generic white. The funny thing is that I am most attracted to supersized black women. Tall and real fat is my favourite. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find many big black women who would fuck or even date a small white man. I did manage... [more]

The changing room curtain

Myself and my wife decided to go shopping we both had a day off mid week so it's much quieter to browse , My wife wanted to look for clothes as usual so we ended up in a clothes shop, She picked up various outfits to try on while I waited outside the changing room , There was one other guy there standing by the changing rooms I assumed he was with... [more]

Any females curious about zoophilia ?

Any females had try zoophilia or curios about ? like dog sex or to put a snake inside their hole or hamster ? or had done it for real ?

Car show

This happened to us a while back now me and my wife who was quite young at the time decided to go out for the day because it was a really hot sunny day . We jumped in the car and set off heading for the coast on are journey we spotted this show ground that was full of all sorts of motor vehicles . Now I'm into that sort of thing but my wife's not... [more]

Looking to be naughty

Looking for someone willing to trade pics an videos of partners with. I have an uncontrollable desire for swapping naughty an filthy pics/vids. My partner acts shy but loves it. After pics who knows what could happen. Hit me up if your intrested . no limits at all.. Tg865833 gmail com. We are waiting


I'm very needy when it comes to relationships and if I don't have someone who can fulfill my desires like physical contact physical connection in any form being taken and dominated, I'm a very sexual person and need shit like that all the time, (I'm a masochistic babygirl and I fucking love having a daddy) I become disinterested, I need someone... [more]

Showing wife

It all started with my phone I would take photos of photos with a scanner at first it was normal photos , I had some of my wife on my phone dressed normally I would show my photos to friends sometimes , when it got to my wife's photos they would pause and look a bit longer I liked them admiring my wife . I never took rude photos of my wife with my... [more]

I love spanking

And I love both to spank and to be spanked. is there anyone else out there who feels the same way as I do?

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