Desire Confessions

I have a burning desire to make love to my mom.

My mom's gone now but she and myself both had a strong attraction to each other. I constantly sniffed her wet panties and it makes me cum so hard. Mom continues to barge into my room when I'm masturbating. She enjoyed seeing my erection. She would stand there and watch me as I STROKED MYSELF. I would see her smile and lick her lips. I continued to... [more]

Mother in law gets an eyeful

I'm 53 years old and still in reasonably good shape and recently took up cycling. I bought a half decent bike and some lycra shorts and started pedalling around my local area.
I then got an idea of biking the 8 miles to my in laws, having a cuppa with them then biking back. I had a pair black lycra shorts which showed off a healthy bulge but I... [more]

My lustful desires met

Having been born with a very small micro penis that barely protrudes from my pubic area I was always teased in gym class and avoided taking showers. I dated a few girls in highschool but they quickly lost interest when they found out I could only grind myself on their clit and couldn't penetrate them. Needless to say when these girls told their... [more]

Need to get it off my chest

Ever since I was about 10year old I used to share a bedroom with my mom and dad but they used to do thing when I wasn't there.but when I turned 12year my mom been divorced for 2year and I still shared a room but different bed and I would turn around an will see my mom getting fucked by a man and it happend for years.
Am 24 now and my mom still... [more]

Pantyhose wearing and

I would love to see my wife get very drunk give her a sex pill and when she gets horny take her to the sex store and get her to suck cocks in the glory holes and film her see her covered in cum and then take a few in her pussy and go to the hotel and call a few friends that have wanted to fuck her and I will love to hold her pantyhose legs by her... [more]

Me all way loving wearing stockings letting men com in my mouth

I never told no one I'm being wearing stocking when I was able to I'd get all dun up in stockings go out looking for cock suck cocks for years told no one.but I can't stop am I suck

My dream fantasy

Iv fucked many women in my52 years but iv ever loved 2 .and those 2 are always in my hear and my mind . lets start the story i dated a girl at 16 and we had child together . at 20 . we moved in togethe and one of our neighbours use to say hi and truth i use to say love to fuck her . . anyway few years went by and me n wife drifted apart . then one... [more]

I want a big black cock to suck

I'm a older bi guy that's talks to my female friend alot she is the only one who knows I'm bi she like sex with black guy which turns me on , I have been with four white guys but I want a big thick black guy to suck and swollow can you tell me how to find one and how to approach him about it

Wife enjoys flirting and being a tease

We've had a couple of episodes where my wife dresses seductively while on holiday away from prying neighbors, where She's openly flaunting herself, not in a whorish sense, but in a seductive manner. Partially open blouses with no bra, a flimsy dress that comes to the knees but when she sits , she pulls it up and crosses her well toned legs giving... [more]

Woman of my wet dreams.

My wife and I have a friend, Wendy, who works at a store we frequent. A couple years ago I went in to buy some ice. Wendy had a tank top on that day and reached into the chest freezer to grab me a bag and exposed two most beautiful tits I've ever seen. I could see every thing except her nippel covered ... [more]

Naughty wife

Hi my wife has a good body she is 46 and was a little over weight a few months back and started doing Pilates to tone up
When she first started she would wear loose outfits but now she’s wearing the tightest little outfits and the last week it looks like she has got rid of wearing any underwear as well
Any way I can’t stop getting hard every... [more]


Over the years I have let my wife use a strap on. Now I crave the real thing bad from a tranny. Live in LA does any know where I can meet one.

Nude mother-in-law

My mother in law pops out in front of me with transparent thongs after bathe and very often completely nude while changing. She comes close close to me without her panty and robe open out. She keeps the closet door open while having bathe. I have seen her sexy body number of times. Does she wants to have sex with me ?

I remember you

You're 30 now and getting fat, but I'll always remember you at 18, your taut nubile body, your perky little tits that were just big enough to fit in my hand, and your smooth tight pussy squeezing my fingers.

Take you

Bend you over, thick thighs fat ass, fuck that dripping pussy, make you scream make you cum, fill you up, fuck you raw, breed you and make you mine.

Busty Polish granny neighbor

Short white hair, small figure with some nice big boobs. When she wears just a tight top and does her gardening, I find myself taking a video of her because I want re watch her bouncing big tits in slo mo while I jerk off. Wish I could sniff her used bras and panties. She bends over without bending her knees to mend her garden and her ass looks... [more]

Cock-slapping Irene Rose Wee

I fantasize about grabbing this mature Asian Chinese lady from church Irene Rose Wee and just slapping her face with my hard cock while she knelt in front of me and her repeatedly saying “oh yes I love it, slap my face with your hard cock, I am a dirty horny bitch”

What do you think would happen if i do it in real life?

Do you think children and teenagers would point at me and laugh at me? would they mock me? would they photograph and film my exhibition naked in public? would they try to hurt me physically? would you call the police? would the boys put their dicks out of their pants and send me to suck all of them? would they try to kick or grab my balls or penis... [more]

Females that like to watch guys jacking off

I Love to have people watch me jack off until I cum. They don’t have to do anything just to watch. 18-80 I don’t care..... want to see me stroke until I bust a nut???? Amongusactiveplayers18@ g mAil and we will talk

I want to fuck my cousin

She is 33, married, 2 kids. I am 50 m. She and her husband are poly. She is so damned sexy, and I just want her so bad. I am not sure how to approach her....


I love to give rim jobs.

Servicing her

I love going down on my wife after she has a good sweat workout on the exercise bike .

Hot tattoo

Mmm what a hot tattoo

Looking wanting

Does anyone live in Australia that reads these posts please let me know we are a very horny couple who loves to share

Naughty delivery

Hi I deliver water on the central coast the other day I turned up at my next job already thinking about what Alison was going to be wearing she is a sexy little blonde normally but today she had dark hair so fucking hot she was wearing the tightest denim jeans and a little black top when she turned side on I could see a bit of boob mmmmm she’s so... [more]

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