Desire Confessions

Transfer encounters

I’ve had a few transgender encounters over my year’s
Needless to say I didn’t regret any of my encounters
I was getting the best of both worlds !
Perfect body’s no doubt about that
I went to a bar 1 night for a few drinks and I looked down to end of the bar countertop and I noticed someone that caught my attention so I told the bartender... [more]

Thinking of wife

My wife and I just had our 46th wedding anniversary and when we have sex I still think about the many guys that fucked her before me. I get really hard when I stick my dick inside her. I have suggested that she could have a boyfriend for many years but she has never had one. The other day she told me that a man at the grocery store had talked to... [more]

Who wants my wife

My wife told me that her and her sister were talking. My wife told me that she would let me fuck her sister without any rules for 24 hours. She said as long as I can find a clean guy she has never met with a dick bigger and fatter than mine. I am a solid 8" and slightly above average thickness. She said she wants me to find a guy that will get... [more]

Gf ready for threesome?

Hi there quick question everyone. My girlfriend and i have been together for 7 years and lately i have been putting a dildo in her pussy and fucking her with it while she sucks me. She has been loving it she tells me. I also asked if she gets really horny when we do that and says oh yeah. I want to have a threesome but idk about her. With what she... [more]

My wife was easy

My wife and I have been married about 9 years, we were in bed fucking and watching a porno flick, I have been wanting to see her fuck and suck a very big cock so I told her while we were watching that I would love to see her get a big cock, that I think all women should get a big dick every once in a while, I was a little shocked when she just... [more]

I’m still in shock but thank you

One of my husband clients offered us his boat to stay on for a long weekend.
It was a beautiful boat, we are only using the boat to sleep not sail, he showed us about and how to use things, he said you can’t use the toilet while in the harbour, we can use the toilets and showers in the boat house.
We went for a drive and he pointed out some... [more]

Looking for a panties man

Please can someone help me I have really dirty panties and I Really need a man who loves sucking juices out them I’m wet mist days .. get in touch

Easy going wife

My wife and I have been married for almost ten years, she has not had much interest in having anyone join us for sex. We were in bed fucking and watching a porno disc, we were watching a woman sucking a big cock, I told her that I would love to watch her sucking a big dick. She shocked me when she calmly said , find one and you can watch me fuck... [more]

I want you so bad

I met you when I was 16 and only saw you that day, but I fell in love with you. I thought about you everyday. I didn't see you again until I was 20, we smoked a joint and made out a little. I woke you up in the middle of the night by kissing you as you slept on the couch. You kissed me back and we moved to the floor. I felt you up and sucked your... [more]

Support Group

I want to start a support group for other fit, attractive men like myself. A group that meets in church basements, recreation centers, VFW posts and other places that support groups meet. The men in this group would sit in folding chairs in circles and in church pews or wherever and confess to each other what they fantasize about: wife's little... [more]

Seeking older men

Want to be fucked abused and passed around by a group of old men. Not fussy what race just want old men


I sucked my first cock when I was about 25 years old. I was stationed in Germany and sexually inexperienced. There was so much sex in movies, in the clubs seems everyone but me was having sex. One day I was just so horny, so obsessed that I could no longer stand it. I have always had gay thoughts and tendencies and lucky for me my first guy was a... [more]

Be a sissyboy to older

I want to find an older man to dress me in panties lingerie or slutty outfits and make me a sissy slut boytoy


Wife said I could take as many as I want as long as I cover her face in the photos but sometimes I forget to do that oops ;)

So back when the sitcom Friends was in its prime

Who did you think was the hottest, Rachel, Monica or Phoebe? Presumably if one would go with you, Where would you have taken them on a first date?

Helping a friend

When I was 36 I was very good friends with my now husband friend parents, 3 or 4 times a week I would pop in on the way home from work and say hello, I have a lot of time for them, they helped me out when I really needed help.
My husband friend moved back into his parents houses, we are also good friends.
I also really fancy him, he’s so sexy... [more]


I’m good friends with a school mum, we chat most days waiting for the kids to come out.
I didn’t see her one day so I stayed sitting in my car, then she scared the life out of me, creeped up behind the car and shouted through my window.
I stayed sitting in the car while chatting to her, my eye vision was at her waist height and she was showing... [more]

Mutual self pleasuring.

It wasn't until I was married that I starting taking care of myself regularly..because my ex wife was a freak about it, which I found out about it some 10 or so years into our marriage..she started telling me all about her self pleasuring while we had turned me on to hear about all her places and methods while I'd grind my member slowly in... [more]

Bbw wife has skills

My wife of 12 years has just confessed that she has been looking at porn that has multiple men and one female. So I asked her if that was something she would enjoy doing , and she very voraciously said yes. Now, my wife is kinda bigger but is still attractive. My question is this. She is involved very actively in our community, which is a very... [more]

Who else loves a female's Full Hairy Bush?

Before posing this question, it' important to point out that I love my wife's extremely hairy bush and ass. It's not just hairy, but mega-thick from front to back.
Her furry tract is so close-knit, it resembles a large "afro" between her legs, especially after she steps out of the shower. It is full, huge and perfectly shaped as she does do a... [more]

Pre cum

Talking to my friend who has recently finished with her boyfriend, she still a bit upset about it.
She was mainly talking about the things she misses now not with him, then she asked me do I miss anything that I did with an old boyfriend, not really I said, I’ve now replaced those things with new things so no.
That’s not the true, I do still... [more]

I have a crush on my girlfriend's mom

I'm 19. She's 55 and is hot and sexy. Whenever I'm at my gf's house all I want is to be around her mom.

Helping out the hired help...

My husband and I retired from teaching in the big city and moved to a farm in Virginia. We are both in our 50s and the place keeps us busy and in good physical shape.
This June we had a big storm roll thru the countryside and the wind blew down a corner of our pole barn. Luckily we didn't loose the tractor or the boat but there was a lot of... [more]

Curious and Drunk

Hey everyone out there in confession land!
I'm Andy a straight guy living with a Uber gay femboi cousin.
It was a hot July day and me and my cousin Kevin were at the house drinking a little and smoking a little bit of herb. We have always been there for one another since childhood.
I am close to my 40's and Kevin is around 50ish, it was a... [more]

Doing Someone's Grandmother

I can't believe I'm doing sex with someones grandmother or great grandmother. It may be because I'm young with an endowment, have stamina and can please her very well. She turns me on with her nice looking thick body with young looking round breasts, tasty hairy snatch and cum sucking mouth and enjoys my dirty talk to her.
I'm glad I moved... [more]

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