Desire Confessions

I fantasize about being gang-raped by girls

I have a fantasy of being ambushed in my own home by my 13-year-old daughter and her two best friends. They would trip me, tie me up, and tear off my clothes, my bra, and my panties. They would taunt me while they stripped and fondled each other, and then they would take up their positions: one at my pussy, one with hers right in my face, and... [more]

Attracted to son's girlfriend

I have a desire to squirt a load of semen onto the cervix of my son's smoking hot girlfriend. Of course I don't bring this up to my son or wife. Can anyone relate?

One of my daughters friends

My wife and I took our daughter and a friend to the beach for a vacation one summer, they were about twenty at the time so we barely seen them the whole time but it was still fun.
We were headed back after spending the last day on the beach and they both came back still wearing their bathing suits just throwing on a pair of shorts over the... [more]


Any ideas how I can give myself a creampie, I watch a lot of porn and so want to feel what it’s like have cum in my pussy. I want to be able to do it when I cum, I want to feel it dripping out of my pussy. Any homemade ideas???

Cock after cock

Anybody that knows me would never believe the thoughts I'm about to say.
I'm a 42 year old lady, I'm a wife and mother, my relationship with my husband is ok, we both love each other, we get on well with each other but nothing exciting.
Sex with my husband is ok, we both enjoy ourselves, unfortunately we've been doing the same routine for... [more]

I flirted with an underage girl online

My marriage is a mess. I am lonely and am sexually frustrated. Recently, a younger woman contacted me. She was sweet and we flirted for a long time. She was into the same thing I LOVE...anal and ass play. By that time I was insanely horny, then she told me her age.
After first I was freaked out but at least online, I thought, it might be fun to... [more]

Pregnant and horny

I'm 25 and living in a relationship with the best girl in the world. We love each other and trust each other completely. how much, I could tell you. It makes me hot to write about it and my girl and me often talk about it while we fuck.
It has been nearly 3 years ago when the older sister of my girl was fresh married and pregnant. First it was a... [more]

Finally getting cocks in my mouth th

Been wanting tosuck cock since I can remember, I only got to suck my best buddy one time and that was it ! I always dreamed of more cocks in my mouth but didn't want anyone to find out. When I was about 17 , I started to fuck my older cousin in the ass but never blew him. Now I think about all times I could have tasted his hot cum squirt down my... [more]

Choke me out thanks

(17 m) I'm super horny right now and I really want a guy to hold me down and choke me hard until I pass out over and over again and throat-fuck me into oblivion thanks.

Use Me

I really like being choked out and the idea of breathplay. I want someone who will make oxygen a privilege that can be taken away whenever he wills it. I want someone to use my mouth for their pleasure, never mine, and fck my mouth while they choke me out to the point that I pass out then continue to brutally face-fck my unconscious body until I... [more]

Couch pussy

As I sit here and write this, my 30 year old stepdaughter is asleep on the couch. She doesn't realize her shorts are slid to the side as she sleeps in the fetal position and I am looking at her pussy. She is nice and shaved with a perfect little pink pussy. Oh what I wouldn't give to pull my dick out and slide it in that perfect pussy.

Nudist coming out of the closet

I have always liked walking around nude but was not able to get myself to do it in crowds.
I finally made the big first set, I called a nudist club and have a appointment.
The first visit it’s mandatory to take a guided tour naked.
I’m really excited but nervous at the same time
anyone done this or have the desire to do it ?
Please... [more]

So you want to be nude

I’m a well fit mid 60 year old guy that has always liked being naked. In the privacy of my home I dance, garden, work out, and swim nude.

I finally got enough courage to contact a Nudist Club and set up my first visit
I was told that a nude tour with a guide is mandatory for first timers..
Being open and free not to hide with other folks... [more]

Athletic white male Seeking dominant woman to cuckhold me

I am athletic 50, great shape, I definitely prefer women but have had strong desires for sexy muscle men or a man with a big one, especially black men.

Hungry for more!!!!!

I want to suck a big juicy cock and swallow every drop!!!!!!!

Sissy faggot boy

I am a sissy faggot boy and I would to be humiliated buy people calling my phone it's that I just want to see how it would effect me. What do u all think

Unexpected fun with my daughter-in-law

Almost since my son married, I have fantasied about his wife. Over the years I have seen a few nice pics of her but nothing like what happened a few days ago. I have seen down here shirts but never a good view of those lovely breasts. So I went over to take something to there house and she was home alone and when we spoke I could tell something... [more]

Fantasy thoughts about my wife

I have been married for many years now and have always liked viewing my wife showering or changing clothes and her not being aware that I was voyeuring her.
Before she realized that I was spying on her, I would put our cam recorder in the bathroom and film her. I would then get excited to watch her on the cam later. Of course she figured it out... [more]

I love my wife's nipples

When I first met my wife, she loved being naked. But when unable to would put on loose fitting clothes and rarely any underwear. I happened to come to her house before we were married one day and she was wearing a long baggy tshirt and I was captivated by her as she was walking around the house in this tshirt without a bra and her breasts were... [more]

Dog fantasy

I've heard of women fucking their dogs but I'm a guy and have a craving to see my cock inside a bitch! My girlfriend has a small dog so that's not an option but wondered if anyone has a female dog that they fuck? The thought of the fur and wrongness of the fuck has me hard every time I think about it!

Blow job

I need my cocked sucked in Iowa

Naked all the time

When my wife and I got married, we spent a week at a relatives cabin in the deep woods of the Adirondacks. We were naked for the entire time unless we went into town then got dressed but immediately off came everything back at the cabin. My wife actually started getting undressed on the way home. We were able to walk around the yard and take small... [more]

Sissy faggot boy wants to be exposed

I am a sissy faggot boy I love to get dressed up thongs pantyhose bra mini skirt and a top and invite men over and have sex with them I love to suck cock and get fuck in my ass I love when they cum inside me [my ass] I swallow to but mostly in my ass I go out all dressed to [in public] and love all the looks I get I do not care what other people... [more]

Obsessed with Anal

I am a married man with kids and grandkids. And this is my desire. At 13 one of my older cousins talked me into fucking him in the ass. The deal was he would let me fuck him, if I let him fuck me. I didn’t want to, but he kept at it until he convinced me to try. With a little lube, and lots of patience I did fuck him and it was really good! When... [more]

Her friend and co worker

Does anyone have a wife that has nothing but hot friends? I’m talking about friends of course that are married but hot as hell.
Sexy attractive well fit even classy friends.
My wife has a friend named Iris who is a very attractive Hispanic lady. They’ve known each other for many years but Iris seems to just get better with age. No matter where... [more]

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