Desire Confessions

Licking girls assholes

I have such a desire to lick finger and eats girls assholes. I would rather do that first before eating-her pussy. Just the stigma of it being taboo is exciting. Also it’s such a personal part of a women’s body. We don’t get to see play,lick, taste and finger that pink little rosebud


I’ve always been fascinated by a girl and women’s pubic hair. When I see a hot sexy woman I try imagine what her pubic mound and lips look like. Is it shaved clean, is it thick and curly. What color they are. A blond girl with dark pubes it hot for me. And a red head usually has thick curly hair I’ve touched many a pussy and the best is to rub her... [more]

Paying My Husband's Debt

My hubby Donnie borrowed one hundred dollars from a coworker. One morning when Donnie had off he came to our apartment to get his money. Donnie didn't have the money and had been promising for over a month to pay him back. Reggie was this huge six foot four, balding , older black man from his job. Not someone you wanted to cross or make mad... [more]

Sister in law

My sister in law is a hot girl with a nice tight ass and perky breasts. I would always try to get a peek down blouse or dress to see if I can see the beautiful pointy pink nipples peeking out. I also take a peek at the back of her jeans to see her thong or g string. The one time I did look down the back of her jeans I was hoping to see what kind... [more]

Question about my sexy mom in law

Love my sexy mom in law, watched her changed a few times. she has got such a sexy body. she is 60. To cut a long story short, I noticed how she used to stare at my crotch a lot and I got really turned on by it. Today was her birthday and I sent her a pair of sexy lace panties. she didn't tell my wife and thanked me for it. I wonder what is on her... [more]

Her past turns me on

My girlfriend and I have discussed past lovers. It doesn’t bother me that she tells me about her 3 past lovers. All who she admitted had bigger cocks whether it was length or girth. She tells me how she loved how much rougher they were than me. Even when she tells me how frequent and more often they would have sex it turns me on. Her favorite guy... [more]


I want my wife and another woman to give me head at same time

I want to lose my virginity

So my parents were going out of town on a cruise and they sent a friend of the family to come check on me, my mom called me and told me he was on his way. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to lose my virginity, so I got completely naked and put on a towel and made it look like I was just walking out of the shower, I hear him open the... [more]

I love giant dildos

I love looking at sissy hypnos and T porn and fucking myself with huge dildos. I fantasize about taking lots of dicks and loads, being fucked in public, caught by my wife, whored out, passed around, cummed on and send down the street walking.
I love the feeling of having my ass stretched out and penetrated. The dirtier the better.
Funny... [more]

Horny wife needs and desires sex

My husband and I have been married a long time. About ten years ago he was in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair and unable to have sex. He can't keep an erection or ejaculate. I am at my wits end. He told me about a year ago to find someone and get what I need. I have passed the point of holding out for any hope he will do anything with... [more]

Do my wife

I want my wife to fuck other guys!
When we met she was married and said she loves to fuck but since we have been together I'm the only one she has fucked.
She knows she can have anyone she wants and can have it at anytime.
We have talked about this and she said she knows she can fuck anyone she wants but hasn't!
I would love to watch her... [more]

Sexual Intercourse

I want to fuck my sister just one time .. but fuck her good like 5 or 7 rounds at once ..

Want wife to watch me get pegged

I am a 49 year old married man who recently, when masturbating, has been thinking about my wife watching me get pegged by a young stud while I wear heels, thigh high nylons, panties, and her dress. I even think about my wife making out with the young stud to get him hard before pounding me. Have any other married men had this desire?

She wants him again

I am 43 and work for a surveying company. The guy that used to work with me eventually left to retire. The company replaced him with a young kid right out HS. His name is James a tall blonde good looking kid. He told me he moved away and left everything behind to follow his girlfriend who was going to attend college in the same city. After about 3... [more]

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