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i miss sexting

I once texted with another man i met on line , he was the only on i have ever texted with . we ended up making our selves cum as we talked to each other , i only did it that one time . now i am in y sixties and i find i miss it so much , i don't know where to find another man to sext with ,

Want Sister-in-law

I think about eating and fucking my married sister-in-law. I sometimes masturbate thinking about and wonder if she does as well.


Would love to show off my wife and trade pics with men

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Walked naked at night through a park

Outdoor nudity makes me hot . It was late one night , about 3 am and i couldnt sleep , so i went for a walk and when i got to the park , i had the urge to get naked and walk. So i took off my top and bra , then my shorts and panties and hid them . I started to walk across the park and it was hot . No clothes with me made it more exciting . My... [more]

My sister

I watched my sister playing with her self Yesterday. I have had a hardon since can’t stop thinking about it. I which i would of thought of using my phone and video it.

I Wanted Her Brother.

I'm a gay high school boy that's not openly gay. I live in an urban city in a 12th floor condominium with my parents and older sister. I've been letting this boy who's younger than me, watch from a window of a building behind and one floor above, me masturbate and play sexually with myself. He doesn't know that I know he's watching. I do this... [more]

My wife’s niece

My wife has a niece that stays with us on the weekends. She would always sit next to me with the covers over and the lights off. One night I went into the bathroom to shower and I saw that she had left her phone in there. I was curious to go through her phone, and I went into her gallery and I saw tons of pictures of her, some completely nude And... [more]

Dark belly desires

Hi I'm a 50 year old Male. I don't know how or where I got it. I am bi and need to f*** a female and s*** a nice D. I have a belly stab desire I have for years. Only myself. I got interested in my belly when I was around 14. I started playing with it and experimenting. It developed very quickly into sharp objects. I got really excited when I... [more]

Do you want guys to see your wife naked

So I see stories all the time and the guy says I would love for some strange guy see my wife nude. So You take pics and dream of sending to friends and strangers. It is a turn on that is hard to explain. I would love to hear your story. I listed my email so it will come to me if you respond!!!

I want to be a sissy

I guess im like many men who live their public lives as macho men but secretly desire to be feminized and become a sissy slave pleasing the every desire of any man who wants to use my girly body. I would just love to find a man to feminize me from head to toe. i would even submit to permanent chastity or castration as long as that meant i would... [more]

Just left the adult bookstore

I just left the bookstore. I’ve been to many but this particular one was my first time. I walked into the arcade and they had gloryholes. Actual gloryholes that you can tell were in the design. I sat an patiently waited as I was super horny. I haven’t sucked a good cock in weeks. I heard the door open to the booth next to me. I looked in the hole... [more]

I desire women...

I am a 26 year old male happily married to the love of my life. I love her with all my heart but I feel like I have a dark side...
My paternal great-grandfather was a womanizer and left many women pregnant and I have been told his son, my grandfather, was a pimp. There are times where I feel I want leave my wife and just fuck as women as I can... [more]

If I don't get cock soon I'm gonna scream

I'm a bisexual man in lockdown with my wife, and while the constant pussy has been great, I really need some cock. I want to suck a guy off and swallow his cum while another guy fucks my ass. I'd give anything to be DP'd by two big guys right now.

I miss my fat ex-wife

My ex-wife was huge. Over 6 feet tall, big broad shoulders, with enormous tits and a gigantic ass. She had fat belly rolls and thick thighs almost as big around as me.
She was massive. I used to love it when she laid on top of me, crushing me with her weight and smothering me with her tits. I miss the feeling of her thunder thighs crushing my... [more]

I want a frumpy milf

I want a milf, but not a curvy hourglass-shaped milf. I want a short middle aged woman with huge tits, a belly, flabby ass, thick jowls, and skinny cellulite legs. I want the classic frumpy housewife. I want to suck those juggs, eat that pussy, and get that frumpy milf on my cock.

Daughter sleep ovet

Coming from an eastern culture where arranged marriages I have innocent 24 daughters who wanted come stay at the coast on a sunny weekend with me and stepfather, the husband was ok with but said only double bed as long give notice he gets a blow-up bed for her sleep in as this COVID being let up so as I was not working weekend we drove down early... [more]


Can a church going married sister be seduced by her brother.

Would you let your wife

Would you let your wife fuck another guy if it was just sex and not emotional envolvment?

Blow job

I am 50 years old and want to suck and be sucked by another guy

I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair. She has the most beautiful breasts (41ddd) and the softest and roundest ass. She’s kinda short and kinda round but so fucking sexy... [more]


I was a single mum 2 kids 17 and 18 living with brother and his wife well we moved to a seaside town and open shop was a nice place quiet compared to where was in London, well this mad started coming in placing an order then go car wait after while i sated trying talk to him well found had few problems ie people coming outside so he was very... [more]

Chinese takeaway

Was getting late 1 evening last summer been on the beach with hubby so we decided to get takeaway well lucky shop still open no one in so placed order hubby went sat on a chair and i was reading notes on wall few min later lady come back from the kitchen and i see she was leaning on top counter talking to hubby im not jealous but looked hubby... [more]

I love women of color

This is just a fantasy i guess , i am in my mid sixties , and i am so in love with Black women , I had my chances when i was a younger man to be with a few Black female friends i knew , but i was just to chicken to go there , always wondering what white people would think . Black women have what no other women have ! They have Essence , pure... [more]

Want to suck my friends cock

Hi all, Years ago we were at my mates 50th birthday and it was a big night. I have known him since I was 5 am now 58. The party was ending and my wife and I were sleeping at there house. My mates wife went to bed and it was just my wife, mate and me up. One thing led to another and we ended up fucking. She was on her back and my mate started... [more]

I want a fat woman to be my sex slave

I want an obese woman to submit to me and please me sexually. I want her to lie around naked, showing off her big fatty rolls and folds, her huge saggy tits, mountains of cellulite, and her massive flabby ass. I want to kiss her jowls and multiple chins, and smother myself in her mounds of flesh.
I'll call her "pig" or "cow" or "fatty" and... [more]

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