Desire Confessions

I've always loved wearing high heels

When I was young teenage guy, about 16 or so, I always wanted to wear sexy high heels. I'd seen many high school girls wearing them and they looked so nice in them. I wondered why guys couldn't wear them too. One day while home alone I got up enough nerve to try on my mom's high heels. They felt great and looked nice on me my feet too. From that... [more]

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

I need a very young t girl for my girl friend

I need a friend and a lover. I need my cocked sucked every day. You need a cock down ur throat. We can play with each other nipples. We can take turns cumming in each other’s ass and we can sixty nine sucking big beautiful penis. Where are you baby??

I need a cute very young t girl friend

I love to get my cock sucked. Love it. My wife sucks good and eats my cum....but that it. Nothing else.
I’m a horney kinky guy.
I was introduced to a beautiful T girl and I feel in love. I mean what not to love?
I first saw her photos and got so hot. Beautiful, nice big tits, great lips and mouth, excellent tight ass....and a big beautiful... [more]

Belly available.

Anyone want a belly to stb and g. Dark desire.

Mom's Huge Breasts

I desire to continue to use and play with my mom's huge breasts. Dad wanted to see mom tease me with her tits after she told dad she saw me taking a picture of her huge naked breasts. "Why don't you let him enjoy them like I do. I know you like to flaunt them, otherwise you would of made Jake delete it off of his smart phone." is what dad said I... [more]

Blow jobs

Any men out there like to give and receive oral to a guy in his late 40s? Just a fantasy would like to try.

Want to lick butthole

I have a strong desire to lick 9-12 year old girls’ little buttholes. I have never done it before (except when I was also a kid) but I really really want to. I think little girls are cutest at that age and it would be an awesome experience. My ideal situation would be giving them a bath and washing their butthole thoroughly, then getting them dry... [more]

Saw her undress

I was at my friend's house, chillin' in his room and playing video games on our laptops. His mom came home from work and she's 39 and very pretty. She came by to say hello and she looked really nice, wearing a floral dress that went right below her knees, pantyhose, and pumps. She said she was going to change, but that she would make us dinner in... [more]

Cum eating

A few years ago I came in my wife’s mouth , then she surprised me with a passionate kiss. Naturally she saved the cum to spite into my mouth saying ,”you want me to Swallow it , you try it”. She was being very playful and came off super sexy.
Well , now whenever I masturbate I still remember that and eat my cum. I’ve been doing this for years... [more]

Rate My wife's explicit pics ?

I think she's hot and want to what others think.

I'm a 50 year old woman who loves cock

I know lots of women say they hate getting random "dickpics" but I love them. Show me your cocks.

Shared my girlfriend with a Stranger!

We were on our way home from the Mall , and it was just getting dark out , I dared Glenda to take her pants off & Masturbate as I drove!
Off they came,Glenda layed the seat back and was playing with her pussy!
I asked her do you want to be seen by a trucker? Glenda took her top & Bra off! We were coming up on a truck , Glenda looked up as we... [more]

I need someone to help fulfill my fantasy

I’m an 18 year old virgin with huge DD tits. my areolas are so big and brown they have a 3 inch diameter. I want someone to eat my pussy till i squirt in their face and mouth and i want to be toyed with a vibrator. this has to be done in a mall because that is the only place that i can meet up. If anyone is free to eat my pussy and bring a... [more]

Not straight?

I am a straight middle aged male. Who has had fantasies about giving and receiving bjs Never have. Just think i would with right person.

Looking to fill my needs

Have watched porn for many years..Never seemed to have any luck with women. Got hooked on shemale porn and found there bodies so beautiful...I have discided its all about the cock and the need to find some ..Live in western pa is

I Desire Mom To Stop

I have been trying to get my mother to seek help from a therapist or shrink. At first I thought it was cool, but now it's out of control. She enjoys watching my cum come out. I don't know what happened in her head. Was it the porn she knew I had on my lap top, her age, not dating or what. Maybe it was me that made her berserk.
She saw the... [more]

I want try sucking cock

I am a 58 year old man and I have had the desire to suck cock for many years but Never have. As I get older I find this desire getting stronger. I am married and love sex with my wife. I love to wear things because I like the feel of the sting up my crack. It makes me want to be on my knees in front of alpha male,s cock.

How do I seduce my little sister?

I am 21 and my sister is 15. I know... I know there's a lot of age difference. But I want her and I can't stop thinking about her. I have wanted her since I was a child. I was introduced to incest at a very early age. I don't know what to do. I am open to any suggestions and ideas.

Truck Stop BBC

Let me start by saying I am a married man in my mid 50’s, and up until yesterday I considered myself to be straight. I was on my commute to work and had stopped at a Travel Center/Truck Stop to take a leak and grab something to eat. The bathroom in the place was huge with a row of urinals on the right with partitions from floor to ceiling and... [more]


I just have to confess to someone. I so want to be a fag boy and have my rectum stretched open wide by a nice sexy older hairy bear. Are there any sexy bears who would like to fuck the shit out of my young sexy 19 year old ass? I would love to rub your hairy body while I suck your big fat cock for you. I just love older hairy men. I do I really... [more]

Lusting over stepdaughter

My stepdaughter is 19 and she is very petite blonde and attractive. Cheerleader thighs and butt and very pretty.
I recently started to go through her underwear drawer and I started smelling them and masturbated to them a few times and in them. Now I can’t stop and it’s all I can think about doing when she’s not home and my wife is out of the... [more]


We have a black friend that creampies my wife and i cleanup. He also loves to cum down my throat.


Right now I’m laying in my bed naked wishing a man will walk through my door and fuck me, I’m so wet I want my pussy full of cock

I want to fuck my mother

Im a 19 year old female and I've never seen myself as a lesbian. My parents got divorced before I could remember and i was raised by my mom. She's a conservative Christian and would kill me if she finds out about this. We've always had a close relationship and I only stopped sleeping in the same bed with her after I got to middle school. We would... [more]

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