Desire Confessions

Fully naked and fully hard during Thai massage

I have had a few Thai massages now. The first and second were just very good massages, but the third included a happy ending. The happy ending massage was not the best but was worth the money. We knew from the start there was going to be a happy ending so the massage was limited in intensity and effort. She rubbed my bum cheeks slot and... [more]

Cumming n my little sister panties

When I was 16 and young. I use to get my sisters panties. And take them to my room. And cum on them. Idk y but I did. One day she had a friend are 2 stay over I stole thiers too and cover them too. And out them bk. So they can wear them.,

Bi married men

Any bi married curious males near Albany, Ga . ? If so hit me up for meeting.

I need

I want to be stabbed and gutted. My lower belly wants a knife in it. I enjoy it. It's my desire. I'm not a crazy person because of it. Somebody out there wants it. Well I have a nice belly for you.

What’s your kink?

I’m a 54 year old man and the older I get I realize how many different things really turn me on. I’ll start with 2 - I really love hairy pussies and assholes. Licking a fur box from behind with my nose buried in her ass cheeks is so awesome. I also have a panty fetish. Sniffing a well worn pair of sexy panties makes my cock stand up and getting... [more]

If you could, would you hire a porn star?

If the lotto went my way, I would put serious thought into it. I'm almost 50 so my taste leans more to the mature ladies because after a blow my wad, I'm done for the night. So I would pick someone I can have a conversation with, especially if I hired her for the weekend. Off the top of my head, I would pick Brianna Beach, Mandy Flores and if I... [more]

Put my dick in a sleeping girl

When I was in college I had a wierd relationship with a girl that was my girlfriends best friend. This happened on 3 different occassions. But I will tell you a out the first time.
So we would all hang out together and get drunk and I would always stay at there place. My girlfriend and I had a good relationship but I would get wierd... [more]

Shes a young tease

I had my sister and her husband come and stay with me over the weekend with their 2 daughters. 5 and 8.
My 8 year old niece is always happy to see me and follows me round like a shadow. Such a sweet thing she is, definitely one of my fave nieces. Anyway shes got this way of sitting with her legs spread right open. I let her use my phone and she... [more]

Naughty Married Women

Are there any married women that have the itch to have discreet sex or like erotic chat with married men?

Fetish cross dressing

Once I found a wet pair of mom's panties, there was no going back. Mom teased me by tempting me with all sorts of sexy lingerie and even high heels. This included pornography too. Lurid stories of mother son incestuous affairs. Mothers that seduced their own sons by flaunting their luscious long legs in shimmering pantyhose and "Fuck Me" 6 inch... [more]

Wife said she was still virgin after date.

She was 18 they were parking in lovers lane. They were naked and both trying to have sex. She said her viagina was so small and his penis big and thick. He was lined up trying to jam it in, he couldn't get it in. But it hurt the outer lips of her vagina, even the next day some. I say that counts. By the way she had sex with other guys before... [more]

Pregnant BBW'S

I cant help it but I love having sex with pregnant bbws. The fact that they are already big qomen is hot but to have that big bump is so sexy. I have had sex with 5 different pregnant bbws so far and wanting more. I am very oral and love to satisfy. if you want to get together.

I desire my niece's body

One night I slept over at my sisters place. She has a step daughter. One night, i slept in their guest room and their daughter came into the room to bug me. She was wearing this cute little sun dress to bed. I was in bed and she kept jumping on the bed trying to get me to get up to play with her. I wouldnt move so she came up to my face and sat on... [more]

Acting out? (How guys smell)

I'm 33f and divorced for 3 years. No kids. Don't have a boyfriend, though I'm attractive and have been hit on several times. I just haven't found the right personality to be with or live with long-term.
Needless to say it's tricky getting my needs met. I work long hours, and flirt a lot with guys at work, though no one in my department. The... [more]

Want to put wife to the test

My wife is 45 and still very attractive with a very curvy tight body. I’m 54 still in good shape who’s bee told I could easily pass for 48. It turns me on to see and watch my wife when we go out being flirted with by all types of men. She plays it off but I sometimes catch her playing the eye game with guys at bars. When we dated she told me she... [more]

A virgin mouth

70mwi dreamed all my life about sucking cock preferably with first timer

Any of you naughty people from Georgia in the U.s?

I was wondering how many of you naughty folks are from Georgia

I like Sissies traps and femboys

I am a guy and I really would love to meet a slim feminine guy,Sissy or trap,I just think they are so cute.And I see posts about them all the time but have never met one over the net or irl.

Wife has deep interest in black guys

To this day she be been married to my wife for 18 years.
When we met she wasn’t ready to get serious. I told her I would wait around for her until she was ready. I later found out she had a huge desire for black men.
Meaning she was in a sexual relationship with two but one for sure.
I never questioned her about this but it really turned me... [more]

Randy Doctor

I had an appointment at hospital today as I cant get a hard on and cum in seconds of entering my sexy bbw wifes pussy. Debbie came with me to give me support so I thought. She was wearing lo cut top her 38 gg tits spilling over and short skirt.
The doctor asked what was wrong with me and I explained my sexual problems, I noticed he kept staring... [more]

Any Cockold Men :

Any cockold men want to share there experience?

I like attention from men, I'm not a victim

I was out on a night out recently, and a guy copped a feel of my bum. A girl saw it and said 'i saw that, shall I get security or the police' I was polite and said 'no thanks I don't want to cause a fuss', but inside I was thinking 'christ, not another one, stop making something out of nothing'. Stop trying to make me a victim.
My bum has been... [more]

Girlfriends Cruise ship exhibition

My girlfriend and I were on a cruise ,we are in our early 20's , and we wanted to go the sauna. We stripped down and both were wrapped in towels and went in,nobody was there,nice, After a few minutes,I said to her loose the towel,let me see that pussy, so she she pulled it off her and spread her legs,I was sitting across from her and could see... [more]

Straight male anal play

I’m a 22 year old straight male. Married to an amazing sexy girl. I’ve never had any gay tendencies. Not interested in men at all. That being said I love anal play. I’ve had my wife lick and finger my butt hole before probably 2 or 3 times during sex/oral but I’m always embarrassed to ask and even more embarrassed after. I want her to do it like... [more]

I love tits

I love tits. Big tits, small tits, perky, saggy, I don't care. I love looking at them, feeling them, sucking them and being smothered by them. I want tits in my face all day.

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