Desire Confessions

Younger woman

The thought of having sex with a younger woman and getting her pregnant is a strong sexual turn on for me.

Sexual thoughts of girls in my school

I’ve had sexual thoughts about girls in my school, especially after sports, id see their sports bra if their clothes are really wet. Sometimes I would masturbate to one of my classmates, whose ass i has slapped a few times by accident, but enjoyed it at the same time. I’d imagine myself pounding on one of my girl classmates, even though she’s... [more]

Wanna forced my girl classmates mouth onto my dick

Whenever I have chemistry class I’d always enjoy it. Every time this girl would sit beside me and every time when she drops something she’ll bend down towards my crotch and from far it would look like she’s giving be a bj. Sometimes I wish I could just unzip my pants and force her to duck my dick off.

My Desire to be watched while I masturbate

I love dressing as a lady, I am a single naughty man in good shape, slim with long legs. I work in media, so it is acceptable for me to grow my hair long, its right down to my shoulders.
I have lots of lovely silky lingerie and I particularly like wearing chiffon pleated skirts and sheer blouses. I have been cultivating my breasts for years and... [more]

Any takers?

I live on the Canadian west coast, and I want to fuck an old lady, like really old. Some woman who is in her late 60's-early 70's I don't know what it is about them, I just want my dick sucked by some old grandma with her teeth out. And make her scream as I lick that pussy like no man has before in her life. It would be so fucking awesome. She... [more]

Adventures in cuckolding

I came awake slowly I was having a very erotic dream and my sex was in overdrive then I realized that I was actually not dreaming as Jess was slowly fingering me and I smiled still half asleep and then he was pushing my legs apart and I laughed softly running my fingers through his hair as his mouth moved between my thighs and I could feel his... [more]

Adventures in cuckolding

I was on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and Marcie my wife was on her knees above me her pussy just inches from my mouth and I was watching Carl's cock sliding in and out of her pussy and his balls were bumping against my nose and forehead with each slow stroke.
where was it that I had lost control of this wife sharing and Marcie... [more]

Stranger danger

I watched the original “psycho” and of course, the famous shower scene.
I thought to myself, what if instead of stabbing her, he opened the curtain and had sex with her.
Ever since, when I take a shower when my guy isn’t home, I just imagine a total stranger walking into my apartment and walking in on me and f***ing me like crazy.
Is that... [more]

She loves black guys

Right after I married my wife a close friend of ours and I were talking. She missed the wedding so she came later to wish us well. As the drinks came she Wouk slip me little details about my new wife. I had no idea she snuck out to be with black guys her entire tenure in college. She would date and have sex with white guys just to fit in. But she... [more]

Silky, worn panties.

I love a beautiful woman in sexy panties. I love the feel, the smell, everything about sexy panties.
I was houses sitting for friends (the wife is very sexy). The morning after they left for the trip, I went over the to check the mail, feed the pets. Before I left their house I went to use the bathroom. As I was peeing I noticed an open... [more]

Watched them

Crashed over a mates house the other night, he gave us the spare room and i passed out early, woke after an hour or so needing a piss and could hear fucking, snuck round down stairs and peared round the door to see him pounding his missus from behind, shes always been fit but it was fucjing hot to watch my mate pounding her from behind slapping... [more]

Phone sex

I love having phone sex. I love talking to a lady about whatever and jerking off. I like to tell her what I want to do to her. Anything goes. We’re just expressing our fantasies. If interested contact me


Does anyone know of any gloryholes in the Houston area? I really just want to go and suck some dick or have someone fuck my pussy for a bit.


We got married I was 19 my partner was 16 we've been married now 22 years , I still fancy my wife something chronic I'm not possessive jealous maybe but I would not want anyone else to touch her . She always looks smart and makes a big effort on her appearance which I like , She as fantastic legs always wears high heels and short skirts which... [more]


I want to get fucked in the ass by a hot tranny


I would like my girlfriend to dress me up in pantyhose with my ass exposed. I want her to lie me on my stomach and ass.

My Boss

My boss is significantly older than me and every time I’m in the parking lot alone and I watch him walk inside my job, I just fantasize that he walks into my car and forces me between his legs to suck him off. I don’t know when these fantasies started but being a younger girl, I just want him to force himself on me.

Richelle, I want you so bad

Sexy asian milf friend . She has such busty breasts, I can't stop thinking about her. Every time we hug, she presses her body against me and I feel every inch of her body and her big 80E breasts. When I am over, she wears thin nighties that allows me to see her sexy curves. Sometimes she doesn't wear a bra. Love those days. Got a chance to look... [more]


I love sexting with women. I like making up fantasy and texting them about how I would like to pick them up at a bar and bring them home. I like when they participate and tell me what they like. I tell them I’m gonna invite a friend over and we’re both gonna fuck her. I love it. I’m getting turned on now telling you about it

Black women

I love pretty light skin black girls. I think they have the best ass. I want to lick their asshole and stick my tongue in and out of her asshole then fuck her asshole

She male

I would like to be with a hot she male with a nice ass and fuck her asshole. Then I’ll like to suck her cock and have her fuck my asshole.

Phone sex

I love having phone sex. I like talking dirty and telling each other fantasy while i masturbate. I love to hear a woman sexy voice

Any dads in UK

Wanna share some bald? I need it

Horny and Touching Myself

Female in her 20s wanting to get off to descriptions of what you naughty men/women would do to me. Don't hold back details.

Strap on

I have been watching some porn where men are getting pegged in the ass by their girlfriend or wife. I've done some research and some women love fucking their husband's ass. I heard it feels really good when you cum because of your prostate being massaged. I don't know if any of you women are into that or may be interested in trying it.

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