Desire Confessions

Obsessed with a boy ...

I volunteered at a summer camp as a counselor this summer, and met this sweet boy there, that I cannot stop thinking about. I have a few pictures of him from the camp, and I masturbate at them several times a day.
We are kinda "friends", and keep emailing each other, and I fantasize about what will happen next year, when I see him at camp next... [more]

Dad’s wife

I want to fuck my step mom. My dad started dating her when I was about 12. I knew what sex was and knew right away that I wanted to fuck her. They are still together and to this day, I fantasize about us fucking while I masturbate. She’s 55 yrs old this year and I’m 42. She still has a killer body. Great tits, nice ass. I fantasize about going... [more]

My neighbor

We went out with our younger neighbors to a dance club one night. We are in our late 40’s Andrew & his wife are in the early 30’s After several drinks it was time for a piss break. My neighbor Andrew followed. Him and my wife seemed to be having a great time dancing together. In fact they danced more than his wife and myself. I glanced over to... [more]

I want my boyfriends dad AND uncle

I feel disgusted with myself. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years. We’re both 18. His uncle and his dad are so sexy. His dad is a little shy, and just quiet and too himself. But I can see the way he looks at me sometimes.
His uncle on the other hand is always starring at me and calls me a little brat and teases me. I want to fuck them both... [more]

I want to be raped

I don’t think it’s really rape if I want it, but I just want someone to rape me so bad, like an old man or a married man. It’s my dream. I want to please a guy. It might be because my dad died when I was very little and never had a man in my life to help me with anything. Is it wrong of me to think this way??

Wife to resume :

Want my wife to resume sleeping with other men . We have done this in the past with 5 different male partners, one of which was a threesome . Which we enjoyed and this threesome went on for over 2yrs with him living with us . Mentioned resuming this recently and now tho she admits she did enjoy it very much . But now she is to old to fat ! True... [more]

Wife need to have sex for money

How do I talk my wife into having sex for money ?

What is your deepest fantasy?

What is your deepest fantasy? The kind that you think about often, but perhaps are reluctant to tell to your bf/gf/spouse?

New yoga pants

My boyfriend of two years knows I like working out and going to yoga class twice a week. He's also horny as hell and for my birthday bought me a couple of pairs of yoga pants that have a hidden opening in the crotch (made by Srirachas). Yes, he likes to play with my you know what when I'm wearing them and we have a good time. It's really easy to... [more]

Question for the girls

Would you be turned on if your boyfriend/husband told you his fantasy was to fuck and get fucked by a tranny or guy?
I want to ask her to have a threesome, I’d be happy to go MMF and watch him fuck her but only because my real desire would be to suck and be fucked by him too.
Ideally i’d love to do it with a shemale/tranny but I think... [more]

I’m someone else when I’m spun

I guess I’m a pretty jealous guy though I’m tall and handsome, I’m only averaged sized downstairs. Even though i do have that jealous streak, when I take stimulants I like to look at pics of my ex-gf’s pussy and pics on her fb page of her and her new bf and imagine watching him fuck her as she squirts on his big dick. I’d like to see her react in... [more]

GF’s daughter

I’ve been sexually attracted to my gf’s daughter (J) ever since we started dating. She’s 13 yrs my junior and is gorgeous with an amazing little body. Tiny little ti**ies that I’d love to suck on and an a** to die for. I frequently fantasize about making love to her and I c*m so much every time. I want to be alone with her, wrap my arms around... [more]

My new life

I have been divorced for over 20 years. I have shied away from getting involved with women again. I don’t trust them as I consider them quite heartless!
I recently started remember an affair I had in my younger years with a close relative? He was a devoted feminine crossdresser. As he revealed this to me, I remembered how excited I was?
He... [more]

Accidental Text

Wife accidentally included me in a text she was sending to two co-workers about the "cute, young" guy that was just hired in a different department. No explicit details, just that. I got rock hard.

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