Desire Confessions

Jacking off in his mouth

I picked up a young looking guy and we went to his place and as soon as we walked in we took off our clothes. His cock was 11" and I am 7". We are both clean shaven below. I started jacking him off as he was now hard and dripping pre cum I was licking it all up. After a few minutes he dumped a huge load of cum in my mouth and face. I used his dick... [more]

The excitement of watching my wife with other men

Just want to share my desire for watching my wife having sex with other man.
It has been going on for over 15 years.
It started after she had a 6 month long affair with another guy with my permission.
At the time when she told me she had been chatting to this handsome guy 5 years younger than she is, that she meets for lunch breaks at the... [more]

How to get a good A** F***ing

Point A: I love my wife. She is hot, sexy, great . . . She is the kind of women that doesn't want her man to be a sissy, she wants him to be a strong, confident, manly man - Point B: What I want is to submit to a good ass fucking. How do I get from point A to point B?

I know he is using my panties

My name is Susan. I am a 55 year old single mom. I live with my son who is 23 . For some time now I noticed that he must have been in my panty draw. ( somehow this turned me on ) The other day as I was cleaning I found a green pair of bikinis under his pillow. Yes they were mine. This turned me on to no end . I laid down on his bed and started to... [more]

Anything with anyone at any (legal) age!

What most people don’t know is I would love to do anything with anyone, literally if anyone asked to play with my dick I would say yes!!
Be it from a 18 yr old girl to a 80 yr old man, all anyone has to do is ask and I’d let them!
In fact I’m meeting a guy from grinder later to suck his cock, we’ll both be masked up and by the end, the only... [more]

I'll get the strap-on

I'm 32f and I've been a butt girl my whole life. I like looking at a nice ass wether it's on a guy or a girl. Whenever I run a 5k, I like to line up behind someone with a nice butt-- hahah, why not right? Over the years I've discovered that not only do I like looking at a nice ass but I also like playing with a guys butt.
One thing I know... [more]

My daughter's panties

I love sniffing my 25 year old daughter's panties... and I wear them whenever I can. Masturbating in them arouses me, thinking of my cum against her pussy next time she wears it...

New Orleans Nurse

I'm from Alaska and work in the oil industry, in the late 80s I was at LSU doing fire training for a few weeks. I went to spend a weekend in New Orleans. At the Cat's Meow I met a nurse who was a Cajun girl from the area and she was also in New Orleans for some kind of class or something. We were fooling around in that Cats, making out and I... [more]

Guaranteed orgasm for women

For all of the ladies that have a hard time having an orgasm or finding the g spot. I highly recommend, if u feel super comfortable with your partner, lying face down while masturbating, have your partner behind u and before you climax have him use his finger to finish. I always have multiple orgasms, the best I've had in my life whilst hitting... [more]

Night light

By night light...

Panting to read my naughty confession

I Am Sexually Excited, And Waiting To Read My Naughty Confession!


I am a 47 year old man. I have always loved women, and still do. The female form is so amazing. but every once in a while I get the desire to explore sexual acts with a man. I am not attracted to men at all. I just wonder what it would be like to suck a cock or get fucked in the ass. I have been pegged many times and I love it, but I have a desire... [more]

Wanted what you weren't supposed to?

Has anyone ever had oral sex with either of their parents or seen them naked and vice versa!? How did the first time happen for you?

Belly gut.

I want to be stabbed in the lower belly. Many times very deep. And then slowly slit from side to side so my guts can be played with. And watch them fall out. Oooo.

Straight black male curious about bwc

I am a black male, and for the most part I am only really attracted to women. However, a few years ago my lesbian friend decided to pop in a gay porn while we were chilling together. In one scene there was this really muscular hung older white guy getting his ducked sucked and for some reason it turned me on so much. I couldn't get it out of my... [more]

Straight black male curious about bwc

I am a straight black male but I have this overwhelming desire to suck a bwc. Not just any bwc. I want a big strong hairy muscular daddy type whose hung and circumcised. I cant think about anything else latelt for some reason

Fun evening

Was a friday evening and my step daughter had come stay with me and wife for weekend very pretty girl but never miss behaved well we was having drink and watching tv and a lady friend visited a few years older then step daughter she had drink with us and we put music chanel on and our friend started having dance something she called grinding well... [more]

Can't stop thinking about doing it

I'm 50 now but when i was 27. I was going through a divorce. Me and a friend went out drinking. At the end of the night we were in my car. He said you know I'll do anything for you. I said yes i know, he put his hand on my crotch and said anything!!. Surprisingly it turned me on so i asked to see his. He pulled it out and i started to jerk him... [more]

What I Want Most

In My Opinion: What Can I do, To Convince My Wife To Breastfeed Me? I Would Be A Good Baby/Husband, For Her, And Wouldn’t Even Mind stretching into An Adult Pink Fleece Diaper, and Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, if it would turn her on, And Begin Our Feeding Process! She knows my intentions, but, so far, hasn’t granted me permission To Latch On, And... [more]

Im sucking cock in wayne mi.

I really love sucking cock.i do swallow.lick and suck on balls.

I love watching guys fuck my wife when she is willing

I like sharing pics and hearing opinions i like to watch her get laid when she is feeling freaky and wants strange dick

Fantasies about anonymous cock

I have daydreams about hitching across the country and back, and sucking off every guy I meet along the way, or pissing in a urinal and the guy in the next one sees me spying on him and pimps me out to all his buddies as punishment, or finding a semi secluded alleyway so me and a random flasher can get weird. This is a relatively recent perversion... [more]

One sniff and now I'm obsessed

I was crushed when my wife of 28 years left me, I was 47 have 3 grown kid's but not much else. I felt my life was over and lost all confidence in myself and felt it was too late to start over when I had nothing to offer another woman. I was using social media a lot and began messaging with random women all over the world just looking for any... [more]

Rope Sex Slut

There's nothing more to get you turned on than rope sex. I decided to try it and that's the only way to be fucked. I had the hots for this guy but he was already involved. He had me interested when he told me and his other about his ex-wife. His other had no desire for it. She went away for the weekend and that was my chance to connect with him... [more]

I get turned on by abuse.

Stories about abuse disgust me, but they turn me on so much and I can’t even get off if there’s not some kind of abuse going on. I can’t even hear a story about someone else being abused without getting dripping wet, even though I feel so badly. I always end up masturbating to their stories, imagining myself in their place.
I was never abused... [more]

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