Desire Confessions

Watching my older sister

I used to wait for my sis to come home from her waitressing job. Sh would take off her uniform in the kitchen, and I could see her beautiful bush thru her pantyhose, and her nipples thru her bra. I was always rock hard seeing that. Did she know I peeked at her? I jacked off for years thinking about her.

Christmas Office Parties Ahead!

We all know that sex and work don't mix. Except when they do. And we're talking Christmas office parties here. Bosses will be on the prowl, but it won't seem like work. Employee spouses will be there. There will be alcohol.
That married woman you see at work and just can't get out of mind.
That guy who is seems just a bit stayed but is... [more]

Want my brother in law

I have the hots for my brother in law. Any time we have a family gathering, I find myself flirting with him and vice versa. It's usually innocent stuff, complements about looks, hugs with hands that stray a little, or talking about sex in a joking way.
Last night my brother in law came into the kitchen when I was there alone chopping... [more]

Home Alone

I'm all alone again tonight and wish I had some company. I would love to have my ass played with and my cunt licked to warm me up. Then i could take I nice, lovely cock inside me. Pussy or ass...doesn't matter. I want to be fucked rough and have my clit played with until I cum.

I love to trade pics

I love to share close up pictures of my d... I would love to trade close up pics of pretty p.....!


I have a pretty dominant personality, but recently I’ve found a desire to be more sexually submissive to a woman. Can any dominant women help train me?

Jail bait

19, female. From ages (14-17) I used to talk to older guys, sometimes as old as 45. I had naturally big breasts for my age and I would talk sexually and exchange pictures or videos (nude). I’ve done this hundreds of times (not meeting in person) although I wanted too. And I’ve finally realized how wrong it was at the time that I was basically... [more]

Sucking first cock

I have been searching on CL, and i see plenty of nice cocks to suck, but i am afraid of catching something. What does everyone else do? Do I insist on using a condom? Sucking a condom doesnt sound to great. Would love to feel cum fill my throat. Any advise?

Im a perv

I love & have had incest sex & look @ all types of porn & now fantasize about young girls 14-17. Whites & Mexicans with hairy pussy. Slim chubby & bbws. Looking for like minded people to chat with.

The coffee stand

For the past few years I been going to one coffee stand some 13 miles from home daily. I fantasize and just want to reach out and take hole of three of the gals that work there all in their late teens and early 20's and have become friends with them over the years and my favorite became pregnant and close to her delivery date she was going to... [more]


I’m a female and I desperately want to be tied up standing up and blind folded and let a group of women have their way with me. Let them finger me, lick me, play with my nipples, lick my ass, stuck things inside me, whatever they want. But just women.

What I enjoy out with the wife

I am lucky to have a beautiful wife, who is willing to do thing's that excite me.
I have asked my wife to start wearing top's that are lower cut or more open, even to some degree more sheer without a bra on.
She has done this at home without me asking and I get excited when I see her that I asked her if she would wear thing's like this when we... [more]

Would you really like to see me dress like that?

My wife was on top of me while we were having sex, as I was looking at her chest, I told her that every guy once in their life should be able to see her chest. She said you think so? I said it would only be fair.
The next morning I wake up to the smell of coffee, my wife had gotten up and brought me a fresh cup. She lay beside me and we talked... [more]

Ruff it up

Ok so I've always liked a ruffish sex. I like been told what to do and how to move. To be dominated in a tame way wheee a guy tells you to spread your legs and bed over is totally sexy. I'd like to be pinned up and my body completely taken over by someone else

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