Desire Confessions

My curious sister

I have been getting on my sister’s favorable side, because she is so sexy and I’m way past the guilt feelings. First, my sister is the type to try new experiences. I have kissed her and I’ve felt her luscious body. She hasn’t let me fuck her, but she has gone down on me a few times and those encounters were extraordinary. Some people may think is... [more]

Have you had sloppy seconds?

I've been trying to get my wife to have sex with another guy so that I can have sloppy seconds with her. She says that I'm messed up in the head but I really want to do this. She wants to know if many men have had sex with their wife after another guy has already come inside her. If you have had sloppy seconds with your wife, please let us know... [more]

Me at work

Hello how to start i am a happy married lady in my 40s i wofk in a restaurant witch is great i like it very much everything was fine up to about a month ago when this young lad who is 19 started working with us his always joking and flirts with me i could not see any harm in flirting back witch was fine at first but its growed and he as a crush on... [more]

Let me be your whore.

I'm a bisexual male and I really want to suck me some dick tonight. I live in Mobile Alabama and my email iS b i b a b y b o y t o Let's talk about it.

Willing to Show Naked Wife Photos

Does anyone on here want to see naked photos of my 70 year old BBW wife? We have been together for over 48 years and married for 46 years since right after we graduated from college. I don't believe that she has been fucked by anyone since we got together but before that she had four boyfriends in college that fucked her during her freshman and... [more]


I desire anything pussy or cock I was gonna suck a dick it's gonna be a big black cock

2 men

I'm letting my man share me with another while he watches. After, he wants to double penetrate my p**** w the other guy until they both explode inside of me. Is this common for a man to want this?

Southern Oregon wanabe cocksucker

I really want to suck a guy off, but the STD thing is a real bummer and preventing me from doing what I desire.. would like to meet a married man who wants to be sucked off..and if all goes well can meet up regularly. I’m eating my own cum right now, but would like to have it from another hard on..

First Time Cock Sucking

I'm a straight guy but would like to suck a big black cock 😊

Cocksuckers and std’s

You guys that suck cock, what do you do about STD’s??

Mother in law

I have this desire to fuck my mother in law one time when we hugged goodbye accidental or not she gave me a quick peck on the lips. She’s married but I know her husband doesn’t fuck her properly she’s 53. She has a fat ass. I want to stick my cock in her pussy and fuck the shit out of her until she CUMS all over my cock. I also want to stick my... [more]

My wife’s sister

I am sexually attracted to, and desire to sleep with my wife’s sister. I think she knows that I want her because I do feel some sexual tension when we’re around each other. I also fantasize about having a threesome with my wife and her sister.

I secretly like cock

Im 34 and have been straight all my life but for some reason the past few years when i jerk i get extra horny when i think of cock. Ive been wanting to try one real bad. Well one night at my friends, i stay there alot hanging out n stuff, i got real horny and i finally went for it. He was at the counter making food and i walked up behind n pressed... [more]


My stepdaughter is hot,20 years old,a body to die for,I often wank over her,I spy on her when I can,I've gone one further this time though,I've bought a mini spy camera,I installed it her bedroom and waited to see her naked!! It was awesome,I couldn't take my eyes off it!! But I was in for a better treat,she's started going out with a boy that... [more]

Love to have my uncooperative wife gang raped

My mature attractive wife blonde buxom we haven’t had sex for a couple of years and would love to show her what she’s missing by guys filling all her holes and me joining in

I'm curious

I love find a couples share me and be there slave I I'll let them both do anything to me is there any couples want share me And I never suck a cock before I need someone teach me everything bout it


I'm male, but I love wearing women's clothes in public. I've worked three volunteer office jobs in female mode and was always treated like "one of the girls". Being seen and treated as a woman feels natural to me. I've had my hair cut in a female style, and I really enjoy the experience of being pampered in a salon.
I have a need to post... [more]

Engaged Gilfriend

I noticed my wife during our freshman year of college. She was an attractive blonde with a very sexy figure. I got up the nerve and asked her out. She told me that she went home every weekend to help her father take care of her mother. So I asked her to go to the movies with me on Thursday evening. She accepted and we watched the movie and then... [more]

Fucked by huge cock

Once I was cold and looking for a warm place to sleep. The guy ask me to suck his cock and I did it was the biggest cock I've ever seen and I sucked it with fever until he asked me to sit down on his huge cock which I did and it felt amazing once my ass opened we changed positions and he got behind me and drove that huge cock deep inside me and... [more]

Cant stop thinking about cock

I suppose I've always had a bi side,my friend and I sucked each other off when we were teenagers,30 years ago now,I've been married to my wife for 15 years and had no thought whatsoever about being sexual with men,that was until I bumped into my old friend a couple of months back,I was in a pub after work alone on a Friday afternoon and my old... [more]

I want a BBC GangBang

I’m 24, 6’3 white slut with a petite body & a girly plump booty! I’m a guy but I want to be fully dressed as a girl with perfect round tits (C-cup) & Harley Quinn hair while I wear thigh-high socks & a skirt with bright pink panties & bright pink bra while a couple of black guys are jerking sitting on a couch smoking a bunch of blunts, while I’m... [more]

Must be getting older

When I first met my husband the one thing I didn’t like was his ball sack, I guess he has “normal” size balls but not a “normal” sack, it hangs lower then his penis.
Being honest I’ve never liked looking at them and on occasion they have got in the way!
Now 14 years married I love them, I like pulling on them sucking them and stretching the... [more]

Should I and how to seduce my own father?

Hi all,
I am a 40 year old male. Bisexual and recently mostly gay.
All my life I never had a good close relationship with my father.. he was kinda distant, coarse and strict... and I was kinda sensitive, hungry for his love... and I believe that is one of the reasons why I am gay...
Anyway, as I mature, I realize I cannot change him... [more]

Wanting to meet for fun times

Hi we live on the central coast nsw anyone want to have fun anything goes

Stages of hardness

My husband cock is lovely, it’s a very nice size for me, my favourite cock firmness is 3/4 firm and when it’s just starting to grow.
My least favourite is when he is rock hard, it doesn’t feel comfortable inside me it’s like it’s to hard.
With it’s 3/4 hard it’s more flexible and smoother going inside me, he takes longer strokes and my pussy... [more]

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