LGBT Confessions

My wife's Ex-husband

I sorta convinced Angie, my wife, too have me wear her panties. She thinks it was her idea. Her and her ex-husband's (Allen) daughter is 23 now and just had a baby. So Allen is over our house frequently. I took a shower yesterday when he was there. No one else was home yet. I walked through the living room with a towel on and Angie's skimpy... [more]

Gooning for hours

I'm a Tgirl little whore who is addicted to shemale cocks and lesbian pussies and have hundreds of panties and pantyhose to masturbate in!! My favorite thing to do while I'm watching horny porn is take a large vibrating finger dildo and vibrate my Tcock and at the same time put a vibrating butt plug in my Tpussy and do edging for hours..milking... [more]

Relaxing casual debut .

Well, I always wanted to be casual with a friend in lingerie. The other day a long time friend was in town for a business call and we decided to do business while relaxing at the courtyard at his hotel.
I decided I was going to wear some nice lingerie and some women’s shorts and a nice camisole and shirt.
While in the courtyard I sat in such a... [more]

Cum drainers

I love cock drainers . the ones who love to suck a cock for the cum .then suck the whole cock head to base for every last drop.. are there any like that in knoxville tn. real cum drainers?

GF wants to see

My GF and I were having sex and as we do often tell each other what we are thinking and fantasizing about. Recently she was very excited and said “I had a dream I want to come true. I watched a twink suck your dick. It was so hot!” Me being very excited and more replied “Fuck that’s hot! You’re a dirty slut aren’t you?” She moaned “Yes”. I said... [more]

Wife's Ex-husband

My wife and her ex-husband had a daughter while they were married. They divorced and I married her when the daughter was 3. Her ex is a very gruff, no nonsense kinda man. It's his way. Period. And I have developed such a huge crush on him!!! I'm 6'6 and he might be 6'. But he makes me feel so small and submissive. He lectures me (he lectures... [more]

Men or women

Everyone always asked me why I am with men instead of women.
women demand so much for so little in return. They maybe give an unenthusiastic blowjob and a loose pussy once a week. God forbid you ask for an intimate blowjob because her jaw hurts. God forbid you ask her to touch your balls because those are gross. God forbid you ask for anal... [more]

The Sissy In Me!

Every day that goes by now, I seem to be drawn into wanting more and more to dress and look like a woman. I love the thought of me looking and liking what they see and wanting to be with me in a sexual way.

I m a guy who gives other men blow jobs

I love please men orally since my wife died, I found men who would let me suck them off and I love to swallow sperm like my wife did of mine for 30 wonderful years She was a great cocksucker and now I feel like I am carring on for her to jsut give men oral sex


There were 3 times in my life that if I had the opportunity to relive, I absolutely would and do things differently.
First. Growing up, there was a boy down the road who was maybe 3 years older than I was. I was (maybe) 8 and he was 11-12. He wasn’t particularly attractive, but he wasn’t exactly unattractive. What he was though was hot for... [more]

First Gay Experience

It happened when I was in the high school, about 17 yo and went to camping with my friends. I shared a camping bed with Kevin, two-year older than me and well built compared to me. During the first two bight he would sun his hand over my body and stroke all over, softly massaging my sensitive nips. I pretended to be sleeping and enjoyed his... [more]


I am a man of 69 who has a degenerative disease and who wants to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I have always been straight but very curious about having erotic adventures with transgendered, crossdressers and others.
As an amateur photographer I would love to take nude photographs of these people. This desire is so strong that I hope I can... [more]

I really wanna have sex n fun let loose myself

Hey 19m here, Heres my story at the age of 11-12 i got introduced to the world of porn,then i became somewhat like addict to it. After sometime curiously I explored about LGBT content.. then i found out about myself that I'm Bisexual ( mostly gay). At the age around 14-15 i tried some dating site apps n tried to explore myself. I had some fun... [more]

Rate of Interest

Many years ago I (male bi ) was a residential mortgage lender for a bank. I made loans to buy or refinance homes. I was on a prospective call one day and met the borrowers at their small business, which was a kind of arts and crafts type shop. Turns out they were a gay couple and one was clearly the masculine one and the other feminine.
The... [more]

Just before ejaculation

I'm a bi man, 60, and love to suck cock. Anonymous meets are best, where my mouth is simply used as a warm wet place to thrust cock and as a big cumload receptacle. I love to be treated as a slut....his personal little cunt-mouth whore. The actual sucking, licking, teasing, nibbling, throating, slow and gentle, fast and eager, wet and sloppy or a... [more]

My husband and I swapped with two men

My husband and I have been swapping for 5 years. I’m 29 and he’s 30.
We went to Las Vegas for New Year’s and met Zack and Parker at a swinger’s club.
They were mid 20s, very attractive clean cut & professional looking men.
After a few drinks they asked if we’d like to swap.
I knew my husband had been with a few guys before me. Without... [more]

My husband and I swapped with two guys

My husband and I have been swapping for 5 years. I’m 29 and he’s 30.
We went to Las Vegas for New Year’s and met Zack and Parker at a swinger’s club.
They were mid 20s, very attractive clean cut & professional looking men.
After a few drinks they asked if we’d like to swap.
I knew my husband had been with a few guys before me. Without... [more]

Neighbor Boy

I'm a 50-year old married man who (unbeknownst to my wife) gets off on walking around naked in a small wooded area not far from our suburban house. I don't consider myself to be an exhibitionist, because I'm very careful about NOT being seen, and the woods where I indulge my fetish are very secluded. I'll dump my clothes in a clearing and walk the... [more]

Fridge magnet


Boyfriend's and my piss play

I(35m) get off on being pissed on, and I feel so, so lucky that I've found a partner who's into it too! My husband(33) and I met shortly after college and he's been pissing on my face at least twice a week ever since! Our favorite playtime is when I wear my "piss briefs", which I've had for so long they smell like a truck stop urinal, and lie down... [more]

My Anal Awakening

When I was 18 I went to Miami FL from NY and did odd jobs on boats. At this time in my life I was straight and had a fair amount of experience with girls and always liked that, but was always curious about sex with guys. Up til then I had never been with a guy sexually. My work usually involved cleaning or painting , or waxing or sanding or... [more]

Turning point

I never in my life thought about homosexual sex. Then one day I was picking up something way too heavy and popped an inguinal hernia.
Having a bowel movement popped me right out, so to east if I put salad oil on my finger and stuck it up my butt. That not only worked very well but felt really good, which made me wonder. I did have the surgery... [more]

My anal NEEDS

I'm bisexual and and have a fairly even balance between straight and gay desire, although always one or the other at a time. But occasionally I get into this weird mood where my need for anal pounding is over the top out of control intense. It doesn't really matter whether it's from a guy, a woman pegging me, or a wall or floor mounted dildo... [more]

Hypno sissy faggot CD,I love the cock

HI I am Seanette I am a closeted submissive obedient sissy hypno Crossdresser and I have been transfomed by watching 100's of sissy Hypno videos. It is true they changed me from a macho Pussy hungry man, into a fully shaved and lotioned submissive sissy CD.... and I LOVE IT ! OHH I get soo excited to Dress all feminine and slutty... I only LOVE... [more]

Straight Man Tries Bi

I had never been with a man sexually. I was married for years and got divorced.
After a couple of years of being divorced and not having sex and being too embarassed by my small penis to manage to get any women in bed, I placed an ad online and got a man to come to my apartment to have sex with me. He showed up and we both got naked. I started... [more]

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