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LGBT Confessions

First GH experience

I've never experimented with a guy but last weekend I found a local GH and decided to give it a try. I ended up getting head from a guy on the couch while we were waiting our turn. I came so fast I was embarrassed and left lol. Never knew these things existed.

Will need a plug soon

I'm new to the gay scene but I've been bottoming quite a bit lately and I'm afraid I'll need a plug full time soon. In the beginning my butt would tighten back up after a day or two. But I can just feel a difference now. I don't really know how to feel about it, I liked being super tight but I also feel like I have a little pussy now. Or atleast... [more]

I need help

I've been closeted gay for a few years now. Just hooking up with guys I've met online. Mostly giving head and such. I cannot for the life of me swallow a full load. I always end up spitting most of it out. I desire to do it, I look forward to it but as soon as it hits my mouth I am repulsed. I practice on my own cum and have the same results. I... [more]

Gay and married

My wife doesn't know it but I've been fucking my ass every chance j get when she's not home. I've never had a real dick but want one bad. It's been years and the urge is getting stronger.

He’s My Girl

So I’ve posted before about my conquests with these college guys. I live in a college town, I’m mid 40s divorced, make a good living, stay in shape, exc. I love to find these curious guys and turn them out. Some I keep around awhile, few are one and done. They always suffer post nut clarity the first time and ghost, but nearly all come back... [more]

Me,(68) Grindr Trans Woman (20) Hot "ass" Pussy

Nowadays old, horny limited choices and opportunities. FYI I'm not gay, bisexual no reciprocation type. Kid who sucks my dick says, "Hey you should download Grindr" Never heard of it but I took his advice. BTW lots of fakes, frauds, site full of games place to waste time, get your chain pulled frequently.
I'm in pretty good shape my 8.5 inch... [more]

NY hotel fantasy

I get off the plane in NYC and head straight for my hotel. I’ve booked a random hookup with a couple I’ve met online.
They’re a 40 something couple who’ve been curious about bringing another man into their bed. I’m an ideal candidate because I’m an out of towner who doesn’t travel often. I’m also looking k satisfy some “urges” and live out a... [more]

Ask but then never allow any conversation

Last year my wife and I discussed regrets on what we had not tried before we met many years ago. She regretted not having sex with another woman and asked if I have ever considered trying with a man. I said yes but my biggest regret is never being with a trans girl (sex/relationship/exclusive porn since I was a teenager).
We talked about planning... [more]

I've turned my boyfriend into a cock addict

So, a few years ago I talked my boyfriend Steve into sucking off another guy(a mutual friend of ours) while I sucked Steve. Steve has since gotten addicted to steadily riskier and riskier public bisexual sex. At first it was just walking through Walmart; he'd pick out a hunk and I'd come on to the guy, asking him to meet up with me in the men's... [more]

Incognito gay man

I have a fantasy about sucking and deep-throating a big cock while getting fucked in-the ass at the same time have sucked a dogs cock many time and enjoy taste. I've masturbated many times and eaten my own cum and loved it. So I m interested in sucking another guy's cock and tasting his cum. If I could find two \guys to suck and fuck e they could... [more]


I'm 46 male recently divorced. Yeagh, I have fucked around with men. Teens early twenties I went to porno theaters for BJ's bust and split. Married I got urges to watch porn and get blown, great relief wife failed to provide. Yes, on occasion I reciprocated with a hand job if the guy has a big cock big cocks attracted me yet were rare.
During... [more]

Where to meet

What site is out there to meet gay bi trans people for free without verifying phone numbers

I was born an hermaphrodite and raised as a girl

My mom wanted a girl and when she got me, that's what I became instead of a boy.
Had the operation when about 6, done in Mexico so mom could save money and it turn out not very good.
So I'm a girl and look like Barbie doll with a hole for a vagina that I also pee through. Still have a prostate and gonads inside me, take hormones and have a... [more]

Pillow Princess

I love being a Pillow Princess. I just lay back and let her take her time and munch on my pussy. Those pretty eyes looking at me as I squirt in her mouth Mmmmmmm Then we cum kiss. Gosh I need a pretty chick eating my pussy right now


I like dick. I have ever since the first time I had sex with a guy. (well, the first time I had dick was with a sissy). I want dick on a regular basis but I don't want anyone to know I crave it that much, or even at all. I think that's part of my problem. I really like having sex with sissys. They have some of the biggest dicks I have ever seen... [more]

My first time

I was with a man the other night and he asked me how I got started. I leaned over and took his dick in my hand and started to make love to it. I talked while I liked his dick and kissed it, rubbing my face with it. My first time? Well it wasn't something exotic.
We were mid teens and my friend borrowed his mother's car and he came over. We... [more]

Was I Born bisexual and addicted ???

When I was 12, adults were constantly warning kids 9-18 to stay away from two city parks especially near the boat houses toilets, don't dare. And the State Capitol after dark. The warning, mostly for boys concerned "Queers" this is where they molested and raped young boys. Well, absent a high police presence probably true but hyperbolic.
Me... [more]

I'm An American Girl

I'm 14 and my mom works alot. No dad in the picture.
Just before Spring Break, I started dressing as a girl and wearing gaff panties in public away from my mom.
A lot of guys thought I was a woman and I swallowed their loads for cash. I felt so naughty, sexy, and powerful.
Just a couple of days after my Summer Break started, I met the man... [more]

When I was an apprentice plumber

Right after I graduated highschool I got a job working for a local plumbing company as an apprentice. I traveled with a journeyman plumber each day, he started off a pretty nice guy but as time went on he changed. One day we were working a long shift and he offered me a "black molly". I took it and he ended up talking me into giving him a BJ. The... [more]

Decided to give it a try

I fucked a cute 19 year old on a back road. No condom no lube I'm not sure how it even worked but it was damn good. I've never done anything gay in my life until then. I'm ready to do it again lmao.

I think my neighbor is gay

I live in a nice gated neighborhood in a small town. The property across the street from me was recently developed and a house was built. A guy moved in last weekend and I'm pretty sure that mother fucker is queer. I'm not going to put up with it. I'm not the only one in the neighborhood that's pissed about it either. There has to be something we... [more]

My Youthful Seduction

Fifteen, A runaway from Denver now broke, hungry and lost on a road 20 miles out of Joplin, Missouri and 10 pm not a house in sight, 1st time ever saw fireflies, it would soon rain.
As I continued on the desolate dirt road where some hillbillies dropped my dumb hit hiking ass....real funny! Lights, A guy around 40 stopped, I got in told him I... [more]

Jealous bf

I have been seeing a guy i met in a mens bathhouse and then asked my wife to date men and we have had great sex and when he eats me out its amazing but my intent was to see him for a while then move on and earlier this week i had sex with another man and then told him thinking he would stop but instead turned him on and asked me to have a... [more]


Have you ever kissed a man?? I have.
Have you ever kissed a man while dressed as a sissy?? I have.
Have you ever kissed a man while in bed naked and he was on top of you. I have.
Have you ever sucked a man's dick?? I have.
Has another man ever sucked your dick?? They have.
Have you ever spent the night in another man's bed?? ... [more]

Had sex with a married man

Met him online and after sexting for two hours i gave him my address. I took a shower and before i was done he was here. We had sex almost immediatly in my living room. Then yesterday i got off work early and was texting him and his wife was at work and invited me over. The day before my wife was at work. But i went to his house and we had sex... [more]

Prep pill/unprotected sex

Yesterday went to another married mans house i am also a married man and was unplanned. I thought he may have had a condom but did not. It was anal sex on his kitchen counter and he pulled out but started to cum in me. Went to my doctor today for another blood test and then got prescribed the prep pill. It was awesome sex but did not want him... [more]

Young but legal

The man i normally see has been out of town and i posted another ad and he always sends me a message 22yrs old top ready..i am 51. No my wife does not know but met him in a public parking spot that i know of yesterday early and had sex. It was safe sex but he was the youngest i have been with and yes i asked for his ID before anything happened... [more]

Earring fetish

I am a 21-year-old gay man, and I have a unique fetish.
I am totally turned on by men with earrings or stretched ears. I myself have stretched ears because for some reason they just turn me on so much, and I get incredibly horny around men with pierced or stretched ears (and the bigger the stretching, the better).
But the weirdest part is, I... [more]

Is it that l am bi curious or is it l am bi

I have a lot gay sexual fantasy

Underage gay sex

When I was about ten, my uncle(who was an older teenager) caught me watching him masturbate and asked if I wanted a closer look. This resulted in a mutual masturbation session, it was just that one time and we never talked about it(though we remained close). Nowadays I fantasize about being walked in on in a similar situation, and how far I'd take... [more]

Feeling horny

When l was in my 20s had a friend when we alone make out suck and jack each other off have been really horny for friend to suck off

Good head

I'm not gay but ive been using grindr to get head. It's so easy to get head from guys, feels just as good to me. Just can't get caught lol.


I've never done anything gay before but I've been talking to a guy I met on DL, cute Hispanic guy, keeps inviting me over to have sex. I'm tempted to go buy some condoms and fuck him.

Have I Turned Gay?

I have been married 8 yrs. 4 yr. old daughter. When I was a teen I would let older men suck me off, I always felt so guilty after I would cum just wanting to leave with my trick money.
My wife is a give it up only when she's ready, seldom once a month maybe. I tried hookers I can't stomach those dead fish greedy bitches they only get hot for... [more]

Private gay massge

Was a guy i found on craigslist years ago and its been a couple years since i had one and saturday while my wife was working i checked to see if he still done them. Yes i paid some money but well started out a massage but when he was in front of me i pulled his shorts down and his cock went into my mouth. While rubbing the oil on my ass he also... [more]

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