LGBT Confessions

I still believe I’m straight even after a ass pounding.

Im 31 year old white guy. Y’all attractive average build with a nice tool to park. Back in July I got a service call to fix someone’s A.C (social media friend) I went over got his system back right. Upon meeting him I could tell and feel he was hitting on me. I’ve been curious since my late adolescent years and at one point sucked my own dick for... [more]

Gay threesome

I'm in a polyamorous relationship with two other guys. We all live together, and while it's not nonstop 25/8 fucking because we do have jobs, we do get up to shit at times; probably three days out of five, if one of us wants a blowjob, somebody else will accommodate. Then, every Friday, we all draw straws, and for the next couple of days it IS... [more]

One Way To Fall Asleep

Last night around 11:30 my next door neighbors son Jimmy (mid 20's) knocked on my door. He'd been at his buds place partying and was so hammered/stoned that he forgot his house keys and cell. Did'nt wanna wake his parents and did'nt wanna walk back. He'd seen that my lights were still on so took a chance and asked if he could crash at my place for... [more]

When dad saw me jerking off

When my dad saw me jerking off he walked over and took his robe off and he was naked with a hard on and told me I was old enough to get my first blow job and pushed my hands off my dick telling me that I had a nice big fat cock and he was going to show me what a blow job feels like so I told him to go for it and he did. When he put it in his mouth... [more]

When dad saw me jerking off

When my dad saw me jerking off he walked over and took his robe off and he was naked with a hard on and told me I was old enough to get my first blow job and pushed my hands off my dick telling me that I had a nice big fat cock and he was going to show me what a blow job feels like so I told him to go for it and he did. When he put it in his mouth... [more]

Last night’s dream

I’ve been having trouble sleeping this week so an hour before bed I smoked an entire joint hoping that would help. Well it did. It also caused me to have a wild fucking dream.
In my dream I was at dinner with my gf at one of the hotels we’ve stayed at. She suggested we go for a night cap. The bartender was friendly and as it was quite dead in... [more]

First time I saw a glory hole

The first time I saw a glory hole I didn't know what it was I was at the library doing a report and had to take a pee so I went to the bathroom and went into a stall and when I was going I noticed a hole in the wall and then I heard someone saying but your dick in and said I'll give you this and put a 100 dollar bill in the hole I was only 13 I... [more]

Cross dressing punishment

My girlfriend caught me cross dressing and called her sister, Lorna, in to see me. They quickly took advantage of the situation and told me that Saturday night they would be completely dressing me up and taking me to a Drag Queen show.
Saturday came and they had me remove my body hair, Bathe in fragrant bath water. They both were in the... [more]

First time adult drive in theater

I was a teenager, already wearing panties, already sucked my friends dicks and let them fuck my ass. I found the drive in theater in Dallas years ago, and surprisingly was let in at 17 years old. I remember watching the movie and playing with myself until I had to go to the bathroom.
I entered the bathroom and stepped up to the urinal and... [more]

Proving what I have done

My girlfriend knows about my cross dressing and that I am bi-sexual. I have told her about stopping at rest areas and changing into female clothes, a wig, and turning the interior light on to apply makeup. I have told her about me sucking cock after dressing. She said that she believed me but that she felt that my stories were embellished... [more]

Remembering the old adult theater/book store days

62 year old male. I remember in my 20’s going to the theater while wearing my garter and stockings with my pretty panties under my pants. Looking at the rows of magazines while also looking at the other men there. I would look for men that were looking at me. I would kneel down to the lower magazine rows when they would rub their crotch, I... [more]

Bi Couple

I want to fuck a guy while he eats my wife’s pussy and let her suck his cock while I fuck him also and let me cum in his mouth to share with my wife

Whats your favorite bj position?

I love reverse face f$$king. I love laying on my back, hanging my head over the edge, and feeling his hard cock thrusting in my mouth. And of course having him shoot his cum down my throat.

I sucked my best friends cock

My best friend and I , in our teens , went to his parents mountain house together one Friday night , later that evening we both went to the bath house for showers , we both had girlfriends but for some reason i kept looking at his hard body , he looked great wet and i kept sneaking peeks at his cock. We got back to their cabin ,, i took off my... [more]

I live a double life

I live in a very liberal part of the US. Everyone I know is super liberal, protrans rights, antitrump, sjw, etc etc.
But deep down I cant stop thinking about worshiping MAGA men and their glorious cocks. They truly are the real men of this world and I want to be red pilled with their ideas of patriarchy, homophobia, and antifeminism.
I... [more]

A secluded handjob

We traveled down a Maine logging road in my truck and then followed a rarely used footpath to find a secluded spot on the river in the warm and windless September sun. Our closeted homosexual desires are about to get a rare opportunity to come out and play. I strip naked and lay back on a flat angled rock with the warm sun fully on me. I close my... [more]

My Little Pantyhose Princesses

Shortly before summer break of this year (2022), I started using only products on my sons (8 & 6) that have lavender or T-tree oils in them - shampoo, conditioner, soap, bath oils and lotion.
They developed gynocomastia, swelling of their chests.
I gave them androgynous names when they were born (Bailey & Dana) in case they wanted to become... [more]

Learning to be gay

I always thought I was straight, but I let a man take me. It felt so natural. Now I want it to happen again. I think I've become addicted to the feel of a man inside me, already

Is this kosher?

Years ago, I was sitting at the local drag bar, when an older man in a yarmulke spot down next to me. Everyone greeted him as rabbi and I was curious as I had come close to converting to Judaism.
He kept buying me drinks and it wasn't long before I was following him home. We went upstairs, got naked, and soon were sucking each other's cocks... [more]

I did it, I gave a blowjob to the neighbor

I’ve had a man crush on my neighbor and wanted to suck his dick.
I finally did it. He told me that he broke up with his girlfriend and I said now you need to find a new friend to give you blowjobs. He asked if I was offering, he was half joking but I sensed that it wasn’t a complete joke. I smiled and said yes. We went to his camper... [more]


I am a white male 59 very manly and love women here’s my problem I do not find men attractive at all but I absolutely love the male penis I want to perform oral sex on a man and want him to fuck me analy I love wearing womens bras and panties and lingerie I have worn makeup I have used dildos on myself and have swallowed my own cum I love to have... [more]

Party BJ

My wife and I went to a small party of about 10 people. Lots of alcohol and weed. We played truth or dare. We played for a short while before the dares became sexual. Lots of kinky stuff going on, mostly heterosexual stuff but a few bi things between the ladies. My wife asked me truth or dare and I chose dare. She smiled and dared me... [more]

Slowly completing my outfit.

Yesterday I posted on here that I had just bought a sexy pair of 6 inch red high heels. (can't wait until they come). Well today I just bought a pair of black pantyhose to wear when the heels get here. ( I already have a pair of fishnet stockings too.) I've always wanted to have heels like these, but I just have never had this kind of privacy... [more]


Some time ago I posted a questionnaire to see how much of a sissy some of us really are. There are no right or wrong answers. Just have fun with this. This is part 2.
1. Whenever you see a sissy, does your dick get hard?? _____ yes _____no
2. Have you ever went out in search of dick?? _____ yes _____ no
3. Have you... [more]

Shaved or not shaved?

I am a bi male. I love sucking cock and eating pussy. I especially love them wit full bushes. What about you? Do you prefer them shaved or unshaved?

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