LGBT Confessions

Cant control it

I am a 55 male married to a bbw wife 51. Like a lot of guys I loved her slutty past and wanted her to continue. She is very flirty and I have told her countless times that I want her to have fun with other men as long as she tell me every detail. What she doesn't know is that when she calls me and told me she was flirting with this guy or that... [more]

I'm a sissy who loves other sissies.

I have become a total sissy. I don't care for macho men with muscles or tattoos. I love delicate feminine pretty bois in pantyhose and panties. I love to become their lesbian lovers.

Bi sexual and lost.

So I recently came out to my wife as being bi sexual. I’ve told her in the past but she shrugged me off and never acknowledged it at all so I felt like I wasn’t out yet. Anyway that coupled with some health problems has forced us into a divorce. So, now I’m really excited to get back out there and see what Kind of trouble I can get into!! I’m... [more]


How do I ask my wife to arrange a gangbang for me

The End is Surely Near

I just saw a news segment about a high school who cancelled its proms this year for fear of being sued if they banned boys from wearing gowns and girls from wearing tuxes. God will not much longer tolerate our identity crises", but will instead simply wipe us from the face of the earth. . . . . again: fully and finally. We are diseased and... [more]

I think I might be gay

I believe I'm totally gay. Not just gay but a effeminate sissy too. I started wearing my sisters and mom's things early on. I always imagined I was a pretty girl and prefered to socialize with girls. As a preteen I had my first experience sucking cock. I enjoyed it and found others who shared my fetish for wearing frilly undies. My mom and sister... [more]

Brother and I

One summer, when I was like fourteen, I walked in on my older brother Steve watching our dad's porn collection(this back when that sort of thing had to be on a tape, not from the internet). We both knew that if he'd found out, dad would have been pissed, so I told him I'd keep my mouth shut if he'd suck me off. I'd jacked off plenty, but I'd never... [more]

My New Friend

Hello, firstly I should tell you that I'm a gay male and live in the UK and secondly that I am retired and single as my partner passed away three years ago.
Earlier this week I was sitting at our local coffee shop at one of the tables outside enjoying my drink and scanning the newspaper, when a lovely lady asked if she could join me. When I... [more]

What does it feel lik

I am a male, but have never had another guys cock up me. But fantasise about having one. Anyone had a cock up them , that can describe what feelings you get when a guys cock slides inside your arse?

Sissy Kristi Swallows

I had cross dressed since I was a child trying on my sister‘s panties, and although I tried to suppress it for many years, I always came back to that desire of wearing sexy lingerie, and other women‘s things. It was a girlfriend named Jeannie , a cute but kind of crazy girl of Japanese descent, who figured the whole thing out and got me to accept... [more]

First Time Gay

I would like to hear real instances of first time experiences especially between a young and a very mature person. How Doug all start.

Should i tell him

So i have a very close friend who's gay, we've known each other for over 4 years and he came out to me In the first year and I didn't mind it cause I've always supported LGBT
Every once in a while when I change my hairstyle or decided to wear reading glasses he'd tell me that I look hot and joke about me being hi type and I'd just laugh and... [more]

How to seduce uncle ?

I like my uncle. He's so hot and handsome, and I think he's got a big dick, because I saw his bulge when he wore short pant. but he's straight. how can i seduce him, i want him to fuck me so bad?

Please fuck mee

I'm straight but I have sucked 4 different dicks in the past. I haven't had a dick in my mouth in a long time.i really want to suck dick I like to fuck my ass with a dildo and jack off . I watch gay porn a lot hoping to meet a hard dick or two . I like the girly fags . Until I find a real dick I will keep fucking my dildo

Closet case

I like dick love sucking dick I've only sucked four dicks . I've sucked the first two several times and the others only once . The first two dicks I fucked them in the ass. I tried to let my first dick fuck my ass when I was 19 and it hurt really bad. Years later I had a black friend from NY. After we got cool he started sucking my dick . As I... [more]

I sucked a gay dudes dick

I was at a party one night feeling pretty good, it was pretty late and the party was basically over as I stumbled to the couch and sat down. I looked to see there was no one else in this room accept this guy on the couch passed out. As I lay there I see this guy's pants were unbuttoned then I see his soft dick hanging out. As I kept looking at... [more]

Kinky find at WalMart

I'm a 22yo gay man. My boyfriend (30) was grocery shopping last week, and found a used condom in the bathroom; wasn't discarded, he said it looked like it had been left for further use. He and I both have what you might call a "risky" streak, so naturally he knew we'd have use for it. He tied off the top, tucked it in his jacket pocket, and... [more]

What if it’s too big for me

I really want to be played with and fucked by a guy.
But I am worried that his cock will be too thick that it will hurt.
I want to take his cock in my mouth and suck it.
I want to feel him enter me, hold me close to him and walk me round the room, joined together by his cock while he fondles my penis and balls, before bending me over the bed... [more]

Better sooner than later

When I was way littler my mom married my step-dad, he's pretty cool. He comes from a rural area that even has mountains and is mostly a lot warmer than the state we live in which only has a few summer months that's warm. We went to visit his family after him and mom got married and it's funny because all the kids who were mostly older thought I... [more]

Wife’s Boss

Wife and I are an attractive mid 40s couple. We’ve been married close to 20 years. I am, and always have been a closeted bisexual. Any attempt to breach the topic over the years has been shut down by her. That’s one area she just can’t go. So I live in the closet. A couple years ago she got to feeling guilty about hiding something from her past... [more]

Merry Maid

I have always been a sissy. Determined to put myself in a maids life. I love cleaning and performing chores. This is not a fantasy of clothing but a real feeling of enjoying serving as a female maid. To be employed as a uniformed live in maid. Required to sign a legal contract that seals me in my fate. I have served before but just temporary... [more]

Just wondering

I hope I can get some good answers. I'm a bi married man. I love to bottom. But I can't get hard when I'm having anal sex with a guy. But if I'm on my back and I pull my legs up I can cum and not touch myself. I'm still soft but it's the best organism I ever had. When I have sex with my wife I get hard as a rock. I was just wondering if this... [more]

Destined to be a wife

I am a desperate sissy looking to be discovered by a man. To have this man take me and put me under his control. I would dress, act and become the woman he desires. Sucking his beautiful cock, being fucked in my tight ass and becoming addicted to the taste of his cum. Dressing to please him in dresses, pantyhose and high heels. Taking the... [more]


I have been bisexual for most of my life. Always been a bottom. Been married to my wife for over forty years now. She knows everything about me. She found out that I was bi before we got married when we were teenagers. It never bothered her. And yes we have an open marriage. She's has her own boyfriend's over the years. I've been with quite a lot... [more]


There was this girl I was fucking, we were just fuck buddies. We were not girl friend and boy friend. We had made an agreement to just fuck. So when ever she was horny she could just call me and we would have sex. As we fucked more and more she began to play around near my ass hole and eventually started sliding a dildo in there. I had always... [more]

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