LGBT Confessions

Any crossdressers in the Petoskey area?

I am an older white male who hasrecently started crossdressing. My style is fashionable and not drag queen ish. I'm wondering if there are nearby that would be interested in meeting?

Stuck in the middle

I’m a bi male that has never felt truly comfortable with either gender other than in bed. Sexually I enjoy everything and am an appreciated sex partner by men and women. But socially, like at a party, where genders often group, I’m never comfortable. Guys always want to talk sports, cars, or hunting. I can keep up but frankly am just bored out of... [more]

Out, sort of, not really

I’m an older bi divorced male. I basically lead a double life. To my family and older friends, I’m straight and I don’t believe any are aware of my bisexual side. To new acquaintances, at out of town bars, traveling and to my girlfriend, I’m openly bisexual. I know at some point the two worlds will collide. I’m partially nervous for that and... [more]

Gag Reflex Suppression Training

As a bisexual man I love to suck cock and make a man cum in my mouth. I think I’m reasonably good at sucking cock, and men tell me I am. But I wish I could deep throat bigger longer cock. So I’ve started a training regimen to learn to suppress my gag reflex. Once a week I go to the local supermarket and buy a large bag of full size carrots. I like... [more]

I finally tried anal

I'm 31, straight but I like to finger myself when I masturbate. I recently got a plug and have been experimenting more. Last night I worked up the courage to make a grindr account and not even 10 min on the app I found a guy in my town that wanted to hook up. We traded pics and he was ready to go like I was. I have to be discreet so we met at... [more]

I'm bisexual

I (20M) am bisexual. Primarily like women (boobs = amazing) but when I'm in the mood I am such a buttslut. I enjoy blowing guys, and I give and receive cause its just enjoyable. Girls are still something special to me tho, so aint switching sides, just playing both lol.

I want sex with a TS Girl!

I dream about having sex with a swxy TS girl! I love to watch TS porn, I can't get this feeling out of my head. I live in Alaska and not many up here. Those that I've met are either are callgirls or are not attractive or completly nuts. I am open to a relationship but not necessary. Maybe a scratch I need itched but it's scratching mighty hard.

Beautiful Polizei With Huge cock

I lived and taught at University in Germany. I would see some of the most beautiful women I think I ever saw in my life. I wasn't bisexual or didn't think I was at the time but I'd notice some very beautiful Men also and my curiosity got the best of me. I knew ethics could get me fired so I just didn't pursue anything from the school, though I... [more]

I like being pissed on and humiliated (fantasy)

I'm a guy, and I love having other guys piss on me(face, mouth, body, groin) and call me naughty names like slut or bitch. If I thought I could do it without getting caught, I wish I could post up in a public restroom, like off the interstate or whatever, and sit in the urinal and let guys use and abuse me. I want a parade of men and boys and... [more]

Cam fun

I'm 31 male straight. I made a chaturbate account to do shows for women but I quickly figured out it's mainly men on there. I have been showing off for men, jerking off, spreading my cheeks, I cannot believe the money I'm making on there! Lots of desperate men out there..

Looking for crossdressing suggestions

I am an overweight older male. I have recently started dressing up at home. I love how the dresses feel on me. I do not think I am a girl, I just like dressing up
I also realize I am an overweight older male so looking good is out of the question.
I want to dress up and go out in public; but not sure where would be a good place.
I live in a... [more]

Lady to help with make up

I am a bi male experimenting in crossdressing.
I am starting to lose weight to regain my " girlish" figure
I am going out soon to buy a target-weight-dress to inspire me
When I lose the weight and the dress fits I want to celebrate.
I am planning on dressing up: dress, stockings, and jewelry and going to a nice restaurant or bar
The... [more]

Going Deep

I’m a married 34 year old guy but I have this thing to where I really want an older guy to fuck me in my ass snd do it in deep strokes and make me his play toy at least for a few hours I’ll pay for a room ?

Middle Tennesse crusing spots,

Are there any good cruising spots, not in Nashville, in the Middle Tennessee area?


I am a bi male and a nudist. I recently tried crossdressing for fun. I was cleaning out some stored stuff some friends had stored at my place and came across some skirts and dresses. I thought it would be fun to try them on.
I was already naked, so I slipped on a skirt. It was a real turn on.
Next I tried wearing them in public, again a turn on... [more]

Northern Michigan bj

I am a male snow bird. I'm heading home to Northern Michigan soon, Petoskey area. I'm looking for another male I can service on a regular basis; at least once a week. I enjoy doing both oral and anal. The bigger the better

Another cock sucking story

I was living in Boyne City Mi.
One winter night I got the itch to suck a cock. The weather was crappy but, I decided to go out anyway.
It was snowing but I drove to the I 75 rest area south of Vanderbilt. I parked and headed inside.
As I walked into the men's room a guy was walking out. We looked at each other. I must of had that look in my... [more]

The day I became a real sissy,

How things went from bad to worse. I was working a job in purchasing, our offices were in the warehouse. The men on the floor did all the heavy lifting and we did the stuff on the computer. I was never invited to, or even suggested to, join them when they went out for beers after work. It was two worlds, the men on the floor and the sissies... [more]

How I started sucking cock

As a kid I use to like reading the messages on bathroom walls. I wasn't sure what a blow job was, but I knew it involved dicks and reading about it got me excited.
As a teen I sucked a couple of dicks on a dare- but bot to completion
I would read the bathroom walls and fantasize about sucking cock the they came in my mouth.
I would beat off... [more]

Anyone in Middle Tennessee?

I am an older male that loves sucking hard cocks and swallowing cum. I am Northeast of Nashville in the White House area. Anyone close by that would like to meet?

My first double penetration

Before the advent of smart phones I would go to the local rest area to suck a cock.
I went there one day and saw a nice cock through the glory hole.
We decide to walk down a trail where I sucked him
Sometime later I was in a grocery store and saw him. He was a merchandiser. So we made plans to meet so I could suck him.
We eventually got to... [more]

Sissy faggot queer

Hi I am a real sissy faggot queer crossdresser I dress in women's clothing and I invite men over and suck their cock swallow cum and let them put their cock deep in my asshole and pound me so hard and explode in me I am from Lakeland Florida I love men and their cocks

bi married man

It has not happened yet.
I met this married man let us say he worked for a company
and came to my apartment to check something nothing happened then.
I got in contact with him I came out as bi.I have a problem in my apartment that
needs sorting before he cums.I got enough s toys for pain and pleasure.
I also have a few tank top dresses I wear... [more]

Married but… I’d love to meet a trap

I can’t get the fantasy of meeting a trap out of my head. Admitting that I’m married. She doesn’t care. Things continue to heat up until we know we need to be alone. When alone I find out her secret. But I tell her it’s ok and she’s still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. And we both act on our desires.

Bi curious

I remember when I was younger me and a friend of mine discovered jacking off together and we would talk about it and share porn all the time. He would stay the night with me and we would download porn to my PSP. We would sneak lotion from the bathroom and take turns fucking each other while we watched porn and presented it was a girl. We would... [more]

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