LGBT Confessions

Hard to find a man I can suck him off

I’m a married man that can’t find another man to let me suck his cock and let him dump his hot load of Cumm in my open mouth and have him pound my ass balls deep! I love having a man tell me what to do to make him happy. I’ll do anything I mean anything I don’t really care he wants me to do for him what ever he wants I’ll do it! If he wants to... [more]

Hard to find a man I can suck him off

I’m a married man that can’t find another man to let me suck his cock and let him dump his hot load of Cumm in my open mouth and have him pound my ass balls deep! I love having a man tell me what to do to make him happy. I’ll do anything I mean anything I don’t really care he wants me to do for him what ever he wants I’ll do it! If he wants to... [more]

Man that loves sucking dick

I love sucking on a mans soft cock to make it get hard in my mouth ! The felling I get knowing that he’s getting hard in my mouth let’s me know how he is enjoying me sucking on his cock ! I really love it when they start to moan and tell me how I’m such a good cock sucker ! That makes me start to suck his cock harder and faster and I make sure... [more]

My transgender fantasies

I have been Curious about being with a man much less a transgender person ! I’m a man but I always have thoughts about having sex with a man or transgender people
Until last week I decided to go to a lbgt nightclub to see if I can find someone that I can meet with and make a connection with that person no matter what or who they are I don’t... [more]

Love Interracial Porn, but....

Interracial porn is the only kind I watch. I love watching white girls being used by BBC. The only thing that I hate is sometimes when a girl gets an oral cumshot, then spits out cum. I can't understand why anyone would want to do that. I love sucking cock, and being given a huge load to swallow is the reward. Why waste such an amazing gift? Bugs... [more]

Celebrity Closet Crush

About 25years ago I began a homosexual relationship with a famous touring married country musician. My wife knew, his didn't. It lasted off and on for about 12 years.

Im so quricky!!! I got my son pregant!!!!!

Im so silly and goofy. I accidentaly got my 6 year old son pregent!!!! (im so silly!!!!) So, we waerw at his berthday party and i was vuting the minectaft cake. I cacdentaly stpat in his food (woopsi!11!!11)🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭. The next day he gave nbritch to my grand son (he is ungly as fuck 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

Bisexual cuckold

I met my girlfriend 2 1/2 years ago. We had coffee and hit it off very well, and took a walk and started passionately kissing one another over looking a beautiful lake. I asked her if she wanted to come home with me and she later admitted she was afraid if she said yes I would think she was a whore. We managed to make it only into the kitchen of... [more]

Cock sucking encouragement

My exwife was a bit of a freak in bed. She wanted to know what my naughtiest fantasies were. I told her that I’d like for her to fuck me and another guy together. So she let me do this several times.
Then one day she told me that she would like to see me sucking another guys cock. After that admission, she started bringing home play girl... [more]

I'm a sissy father and husband

My wife is giving me female hormones and her my daughter is having there black boyfriends enjoy my mouth and ass-pussy and I'm enjoying it. I'm dressing up as a female slut, I have 38c breast now, I'm 145lbs, blonde,

Elvira is Gay

Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) announced that she's been in a 19 year relationship with a woman.
Do I care who she's been sleeping with in her own bed? No, I don't.
What irritates me is that the LGBTQ community is now all up in everyone's face about it, and praising her for coming out.
Yeah, the same people who persecuted her for years as... [more]

I’m a bisexual married man

When I was growing up I was the only boy in my family I had 3 older sisters! I’m about 4 years younger than them !
We lived in a really small house !
Over time my sisters would make me wear some of their clouts! At my age I didn’t know better !
As I started to go through purity ! I knew that I was a boy but i felted like a girl trapped in a... [more]


When I was a young teen I secretly dressed in sexy women's clothes. There was no online stores to get whatever you wanted by mail. There was no Amazon where you could buy sexy outfits and have them secretly sent to you. Back in those days I had to physically go to the store and muster up the nerve to buy the stockings I wanted or the heels I... [more]

Revenge is Salty

I had pissed off a younger playmate by cumming in his mouth, without any warning. I had never done it before. We were doing a sixty-nine on a discarded car bench seat, in the woods. I just lost it in a fit of passion. He crawled off, spit, retched and told me, forcefully, to never do that again. I swore to him that I wouldn't, and never did... [more]

Dirty panty Tgirl whore

Sunday today and I've been masturbating my Tcock in my favorite cum filled panties all day while watching my favorite shemale porn videos!!I'm soo addicted to shemale cocks I just can't get enough of them Cumming and being sucked and all the orgies they get to have ..I want my Tgirl girl friends and I to start uploading our own videos we have been... [more]

Unfulfillable attraction to older men

Every 2 or 3 months for about 2-4 days I have this unfulfillable attraction to older gay men. Like I want to be naked with them and kiss passionately touch each other suck his cock and let him make love to me? Is that normal? The rest of the time I’m way into women and pussy and all the gay stuff is a huge turn off.


I'm a Bi guy that loves being fucked bareback. I know it's a bad idea doing something so risky, but there's nothing that turns me on more. Knowing that a guy's cock is buried deep inside of my ass without a condom, and that he's going to fill me with his load makes me so horny. Especially in the missionary position, with my legs wrapped around... [more]

My best friend dad

I have a good first experience story i would like tp share with you, my best friend who i used to go sleep overnight at lived in the outer area of a small town and they are not close to anything within a few minutes drive, so anyway i used to like sleeping there and me and my friend would play games all night and we actually played a little... [more]

My hubby's birthday

I'm a 25 year old gay man. My husband, Steve, and I are swingers; our only two rules are, consenting adults only, and the other has to be present to watch(or take pictures, or get their jollies off with someone else, depending). For Steve's birthday last month, I arranged a party; called up all our friends who might've been up to it, and Steve and... [more]

Sissy for Wife's Lover

On Becoming A Cuckold
Part 1
So, my wife came home and found a bra that was not hers.
She immediately accused me of having an affair.
I said it is my bra … not some other women’s bra. It is mine.
She stopped yelling and just stared as I took off my T-Shirt and put on the bra.
Even though it fit me properly, she said I don’t believe you.
So... [more]

Sex on choir tour

A true story...
I have been in a choir for many years and am a closet gay.
There is a man who asked for several years to.share be room with me on the choir tour, but as I could afford my own room I said no. So, one year I do not have much money, so agree to share... I am middle aged and he is 70.
So, I have a huge double bed to.myself... [more]

Sissy crossdresser

Hi everyone i am a sissy crossdresser fr Lakeland Florida and I want to gangbanged by 10 men with long or short thick or thin cocks but most of all I want all 10 men to cum inside my asspussy and be humiliated and videoed tape. The whole time

For future reference

I am issuing a press release today, announcing that I am now both gender-fluid and species-fluid, as well as non-trinary -- I.e.., not solid OR liquid OR gas (although on many days I will likely contain some of one more or all three) -- and my pronouns henceforth will be zgxk, rdnoj, agnmot, ij and bleen. Kindly correct your records accordingly.

Been curious too long

I've been curious for a while now about being with another man. I want to suck cock so bad, the mere thought gets me hard; and to take a cock to make me cum so hard.

Total Slut

I have been sucking My big Brothers and all his friends cocks for weeks now, but what I really want is my next door neighbors BBC. He is in his 50’s and built like a bodybuilder. Maybe I can set it up so he sees me sucking my brother and friends and that will break the ice.

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