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Desire Confessions

The Fucktoy Creed

I accept that my natural condition is that of a submissive fucktoy who recognizes that she desires and needs to serve men, to worship cock, and to be rewarded with sperm.
Further, to satisfy my sluttish needs through debasement, humiliation, punishment, and the free-use of my whore body.
That my own pleasure is secondary to that of men.
I... [more]


2 yrs. ago I spent 15 days in Gary Ind. lock up for DUI
I had gay tendencies, fantasies but only about older black men, no appeal regarding white guys whatsoever.
I am cute pretty feminine long blonde hair, girlie pretty much.
2nd day in jail black dude sits on my rack, ask me if I want to be his kid? Dumb, what was a kid in this scenario? ... [more]

M/F Black Couple Want White Women 23-57 For Threesome nd11

ISO 👀4 Adventurous hot horny curious White Women 23-57
For an exciting likely unusual interracial sexperience!
Black married couple 36 & 35 him 6'4" 243 her 5'8" 138 reside in Henderson, NV college educated, clean, DDF, add her 38D him 10" x7" NO HANGUPS WITH US!
We want to fuck you, eat and suck you, we know how to thrill new... [more]

Married man wants to suck cock

My desire started years back when I would get my cock sucked the feeling I would get felt amazing and so I was intrigued and turned on by how turned on my wife was sucking my cock as time went on weather having sex or watching porn I loved watching guys getting sucked off then my desire grew and I would watch guys suck girls off with fake cocks... [more]

Bitch for cock

I want to spread my legs and use my slippery gay little asshole to please a man’s cock and make him ejaculate hard in me with a masculine groan.

I am looking for a ruthless roast. I am a man with fat belly

I have exposure fetish and I am willing to disclose my identity.

Your opinion

Look to get lady's opinions on my cock...lady's drop your emails and I'll send you a pic....for your opinions

An old man telling about when he was young and learning about sex

After my parents got divorced I moved with my mother back to be near her parents. They found her a small house for rent back in the woods off a dirt road, it belonged to an old granny who was in the nursing home.
The bus dropped me off at the highway and I walked back to the house, about a mile. My mother had found a job working for the mill... [more]

Sharing my Asian wife

I’ve been with my wife over 28yrs. She’s currently 50. When she was 28 right before we got married. We got into wife swapping with a best friend and his wife. We did about 6,7 times. Each time last at least 5 hours. I have to admit. I really enjoyed see my wife being used by them. Seeing her being naughty with both of them turns me on a lot... [more]

UK wife pics

Looking for some In UK to share wife/gf pics,maybe more

Horny bottom

I have a burning desire to have a cock penetrate my hot ass. I want to feel it gliding in and out of my man hole. I want to ride a top and pleasure him to multiple orgasms.

Looking for 3rd in Texas

Looking for the 3rd person to get in in a 3some ,snap me for more details .!!! (people in TX ONLY) // Jayben_cats hub

Return to the great architect.

All these stories are written by AI (Artificial intelligence) with their sole intent to rewire your thinking and normalize hedonism. be careful that you don't fall for it and lose your soul.

BF & I A TEAM We Prey On Men Or Women We Seduce Have Sex AG

My man and I in our early 40's not married, Why fuck that. Been together 21 years. Tight loyal true in major Love! Met in REHAB 2002. Both Bi We were born horny we are sex addicts.
We operate together separate when necessary but always hook up together when we snag a willing, cooperative, curious victim. I get men and lesbians he gets men a... [more]

Sex with a married man

I am a 19 year old female who has recently started seeing older men (25) , but I always see married men and they look hot asf ngl😩 i wanna sleep with a married man or send him nudes or something lol


Perfection is when you come home after 6 months of being away and see that your wife has gotten the full body trival tattoos you always wanted. That she has her clit, labia and nipples pierced. That she has been spending nights with her BBC boyfriend who introduced her little white slut as to double penetration. That she stopped wearing panties... [more]

My pregnant wife

I never through I would be thinking this or ok with this but for some odd reason since my wife has gotten pregnant I kinda want to see another guy fuck her and cum inside her. I would have never thought this before but since she’s pregnant I feel like I would be ok with it. Is that bad? Has anyone else thought they would never allow their wife to... [more]

Like to Join

I’m a 38 year old female I want to watch other couples have hot sex and then I want to join in a clean your man’s cream pie out of your pussy


I love white cock in my young tight pretty pink Black Pussy. I like to role play and call him Massa as he treat me as his personal slave fuck my holes and breed my pussy. Make my pussy squirt by fucking my Asshole. I love older white men fucking my holes too cause they be yearning for black pussy and I love it!

HORNY BABY GIRL 18 Barely Bi and Horny AF

I'll avo id references expressed maybe implied catch 'em if you're sharp. I get it, sex with minors policy on here.
By the by I am open to any suggestions whatever 🚫 Corpes, animals urine, feces, blood. Anything else goes.
Shrink(s) diagnosed me ( Hedonistic, narcissistic, OCD sexual dysfunctional with impulse nymphomania.) Child sexual... [more]

I go to clubs to get groped

I am a 29 year old wife with a respectable life, good job and very strict parents. I like to think my body is ok. I have longish legs, a slightly larger ass than I should and 34e tits.
My sex life with my boyfriend is ok but quite normal. As a result I go to clubs and deliberately head for the areas that are a squeeze to get through and make... [more]

Anonymous gay lover at hotel bar

When I was maybe 40 and married I traveled to Washington DC on business. Before going I made on online connection with another married guy who was going to be there on business too. We arranged to meet at his hotel bar because his hotel was real nice and mine was cheap. His name was Rob, or at least that’s what he told me. I had two gin & tonics... [more]

Fucking My First Gay Twink

He invited me to his place so I could not wait. When I got there he invited me in the bedroom to get naked. We took our clothes off then he sucked on my soft cock. When I was nice and hard he wanted me to start fucking. He got into doggy position and I put my nice hard cock in his tight small ass. I pushed my cock all the way in and started to... [more]

Nude photos of wife

She thought I was kidding when I said I was going to post her nude photos online. When I show what I did, I know she will be so embarrassed, but I hope she feels a little excited.
Petty sure I am the only man that has fucked her since she was 18 years old, and I swear her pussy is as tight as a young girl. If I has know that as a young man, I... [more]

Turning her into a feedee

When my wife and i met 8 years ago she was 140 lbs and me 230. Married and 2 kids later she's grown and i love it. I find myself cooking her meals constantly and with as many calories as possible. She has just surpassed me in weight and its the biggest turn on. I rub her belly and she makes me suck her nipples while she cums with her vibrator.... [more]

Bbc for your girl

Any of you white boys want to see your gf/wife get fucked by my bbc? I’ve done it a couple times and like fucking they girls infront of them and you see her going crazy. Or you can send me pics of her and I’ll let you see me stroke to your girl. 10in and thick. Snap is Devantae93

I Took his Cock In

I answered a sex ad and got invited to a gay guys home. When I got there he offered me a beer. So we drank for a few minutes while we talked. Then we went in the bedroom and both got naked right away. He has a nice thick 7" cock he told me before I came over. There it was nice and soft. I could not resist and slid his cock in my mouth. It... [more]

I Luv Rimming Men Asshole

I love rimming men asshole. Feeling their asshole tightn around my tongue makes my pussy squirt. I eat men assholes the way I like my pussy eaten. I wanna suck a fart out their Asshole that’s after I’m fucking their asshole with my tongue


Will you suck and swallow me tonight?


I have been sexting a couple of females that I know 1 of them I have had sex with in the sat when she was married to a friend of mine. Yes he knew! 3 more don’t live in the same town as me. My wife is going out of town this week and I hopeful to get a couple of them to come visit


I’m a sissy, I admit it. My tight little faggot asshole needs cock! I need a real alpha man to take me and use me for his cock’s pleasure and fill me with his masculine seed til my asshole overflows with hot semen.

Mommy’s smelly cunt

When I was 4 I had my friend Keith over to play. I lived near some water and was not allowed to go near it without an adult. Keith talked me into going to the water and my mommy was frantic not knowing where we went. When she found us near the water she yelled at us (seemed kind of out of control to me) and said she was taking Keith home. On the... [more]

My cum-dump ass

I’m a retired male and love to go to bars looking for old, fat guys that just need a warm, tight, slippery place to put their cock and pump til it cums. I either let them fuck me in the back seat of my crew-cab truck or back at my place. I make sure it’s well into the evening so guys are on their way to being drunk. If they’re drunk enough they... [more]

My Gaping Asshole Need Dick!!!

When I was a young girl I use to sodomize myself but sticking things in my Asshole like the plunger baseball bat etc. Finally I got to an age where I can have actual dick in my Asshole. Of course the first time it hurt but my older boy friend kept forcing his dick in my Asshole to a point I love it!!!! I don’t need any lube in fact the less lube... [more]

Waiting to slide on your hard...

Naughty horny hot love to cum and watch you moan

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