Desire Confessions

It’s just what I like

I love to stealing and sniffing panties! When I was a kid I would masturbate with my mom and sister’s panties. I would steal my girlfriend’s panties along with her sister and mother’s.
I was the town pervert, stealing pantries from the local laundromat.
Today I’m still active using my wife, daughter, and niece’s panties for my pleasure. I even... [more]

I Want To Wear Panties

I have a desire to wear women's panties. I have in secret at times but I really want to tell my wife I would like to wear them around the house regularly, but not sure how to do it. I am not gay and have no interest in sucking cock or getting fucked by a man. I love women and pussy and that will never change. I just like the way they feel and... [more]

Wanting to be with a couple where she is in charge

I think about how fun it would be to do everything she asked while her husband was watching and getting hard and her telling me that I had to suck him off even though I'm not gay or bi, I just couldn't say know as she holding his cock up to my lips and pushing my head down on it letting him fuck my mouth telling me I'm her husband's new... [more]

More than a woman.

It may be over but it won't stop there
I am here for you if you'd only care -- James Blunt (Goodbye My Lover)
My name is Gabby, and I'm confessing this three years after high school graduation. Usually, kids are happy to be out of school as it means that they are knocking on the door of adulthood, but for me it was bittersweet. You see I took... [more]

My friends husband

Me and one of my really good friends was talking the other day and got on the subject of sex. Weve talked about it a few times but this time was a bit diffrent lol. Long story short we got to talking about the perfect dick size and both agreed to around 8in and i confessed that my fiance is around 6 but knows how to use it and she then tells me... [more]


My wife dose gave me sex is she fucking some one else

In love with my Sister-in-law

I love my sister-in-law: what I mean is, I'm in love with her. And I shouldn't be, but I don't know how to not be in love with her.
I've known her for just over 20 years- I first met this brunette beauty with an effervescent personality at a family function when she began dating my brother-in-law. We hit it off well, and have always enjoyed... [more]

Naughty friends

I have plenty of friends but none I can show my pervy side with. Anybody else looking for naughty friends?


OK it is time to search out other men that want a fantastic submissive crossdressing Gurly boi to suck their cocks. It has been 1 yr and I am desparate for COCK .. I get soo oexcited and worked up.. I GOTTA HAVE IT I LOVE IT and NEED it. I always do a fantastic job and always swallow and clean up..MY REWARD is Your Huge Cum load ohh my god I... [more]


I want to suck a big g black dick and then let him fuck my juicy wet white ass.

Laura,my love.

Laura is my daughter, and ever since she turned nineteen, I can’t stop fantasizing about her. I know it’s crazy and wrong, but I can’t help it.
Laura is five/ one and 110 pounds. She has hair the color of autumn and hazel eyes. I must say that I have never touched her in any inappropriate manner in the past, or will I in the future. Mine are... [more]

Mother-in-law fantasies

I’m having fantasies about my mother-in-law. I know a lot of people do have the same fantasy. When she’s around, I can’t help but stare at her body and that nice sound ass ass. oh look at her tits probably a C cup and wonder since she’s old-school. She’s probably got a really big juicy hairy pussy. I would love to eat. I look at her pictures and... [more]

Mother in law fetish

I moved in my mother in laws house in my late 20s my mother in law is salvadorean black hair olive skin in her late 40s it was love at first site,a mature sexy in all the right places,when I gave her hugs it felt goood,I started day dreaming about her like licking her asshole her pussy her small sexy titties it got stronger with time im sure she... [more]

Mother in law fetish

I moved in my mother in laws house in my late 20s my mother in law is salvadorean black hair olive skin in her late 40s it was love at first site,a mature sexy in all the right places,when I gave her hugs it felt goood,I started day dreaming about her like licking her asshole her pussy her small sexy titties it got stronger with time im sure she... [more]

Wrecked this pussy

You had a got amount of time this morning to fuck me good before I shower. And now after I’ve showered, put on makeup, pulled these pantyhose over my pretty toes thick thick thighs and fat ass you stand in front of me with that thick, hard beautiful dick. You better hurry up and spray these freshly lifted titties before I put this lotion on. ... [more]

Feminist don’t…

Since the sixties I’ve been a feminist. I read all of the literature ever written on the subject. I graduated from Baylor with a bachelor degree in philosophy and was a part of the whole women’s liberation movement. That being said, I must confess my desires towards other women. I know that as a feminist I am not supposed to view other women as... [more]

MIL at a family wedding

My Mother-in-law is one of the most beautiful and sexy women that I know. I fell for her beauty the moment I first met her: she was wearing some Daisy Duke jean shorts and a sleeveless button-up blouse that accentuated her nice rack. I didn't mean to fall hopelessly in lust for her, but she always makes me rock hard.
My wife has no secrets from... [more]

Is it normal to enjoy wife having sex with others

I think about it all the time and receive pleasure watching her go down on another guys and watching them fuck her and even enjoy going down on her afterwards myself, it's been a few years since we done this and I would really like to do it again just haven't got the nerve to ask her if she wants too.


FREE CUMHOLES!!! 33 yr old man willing to give up my ass to anyone who will take it. Trans welcomed too! Mouth and ass are ready to take dicks upon dicks. Wife wont blow you? I will! Girlfriend wont let u fuck her in the ass? I will! Sick of always having to pull out? Blow inside my ass! Sick of having to stroke on the bed after she sucks you till... [more]

Caught my daughter watching old young porn

The other day I went to my daughter’s room to say good night and she was watching a video of a 50+ year old guy fucking a young woman!
I told her I wasn’t mad just shocked by her choice of porn. She confessed it wasn’t the first time and that she has a thing for older men. She told me boys her age are lame, and that she finds older men... [more]

Before we married I asked my wife names of BJ's she'd given

We were rolling about fondling and necking and talking sexy and then talking dirty ....and I asked her how many guys she'd sucked.
She said smirking and laughing, "you want a list?"
"Sure. If you can."
"OK, I'll need to think about it and get back to you. Now get on top of me."
Couple evenings later she hands me a list of first names.
I... [more]

Have to admit

I am either bi or gay. Definitely not straight. In my 50's and divorced and my porn has gone from bikini teens to female bodybuilders to shemales to pretty much just guys these days.

I want to be taken advantage of sexually

I'm a 24f and I cant seem to get an o***** from anyone. Guy or girl. Unless it is heavy and forceful. I would love to have someone "kidnap" me and tie me up and do whatever they want to me. I want to be treated like a dirty slut.

Black girls

I'm a 55 year old white male. The past few years, I've had a strong desire to have sex with a young African-American woman.
I live in a city that has a lot of very hot black and mixed women. The mixed women who are light skinned with green eyes are a huge turn on for me. Porn stars like Cassidy Banks and Jade Aspen have the looks I'm talking... [more]

Sexy partners with mother-in-law

I want to ask my mother-in-law if she like to become sex partners. It be our nasty little secret and I know she love to do it. Just get together and fuck and suck. She’s older,short woman, pear shaped with a nice medium size bubble butt. She have big eyesbrows which usually means a nice big hairy bush. I totally want to kiss her a lot both of us... [more]

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