Desire Confessions

My english teacher

About two years ago I ran in to my old 10th grade English teacher at the local flea market, she didn't look like the teacher I would lust for every day, she had gotten fat but still had the pretty face and nice tits. I could tell that I wouldn't have any trouble in fucking her, the thought of fucking an old high school teacher was a big turn on... [more]

I want men to desire me and have sex with me

I really want men to desire me like when I was younger. I'm not like horrible or anything. But let's face it as you get older men stop desiring you. They want young girls . They don't realize that their older just like me. Young girls for the most part don't want men in their 50's . Unless they're looking for a meal ticket. They will just take... [more]

My step daughter gives me her virginity virginity

My wife and I have been married 15 years and her step daughter lives with us Spence my wife and her ex husband got divorced divorced about 17 years ago from a really bad marriage and her step daughter didn’t want to live with her father at all because he would hit and beat them when he was drunk !
So now she turned 21 last month!
So now my... [more]


I’m 36 years old and I desperately want to be spanked. I want someone to put me over their knee and give me a good hard spanking until I can’t take it anymore.

Panty wearer

I love to wear panties for years I wore panties in private but have realized that I wanted to wear them all the time. I tried different brands and styles but found that Jockey no panty line tactile string bikinis are my favorite. I wear panties 24/7 and love to wear them and just a T Shirt around the house. My wife is supportive and thinks my... [more]


Question for the woman and men can you feel when a guy drops a load in your ass. I'm sure you can feel it throb but how about shot in your anal canal?

Man with transgender desires

I’m a married trysexual I’d like to ! My desires has try anything once !
I’d love to a nice well h. Hung transgenders dick to suck on and make them put their hands on top of my head and push my head down on their hard dick and make me gag on it until they Cumm in my mouth and all over my face .
I’ve had guys do that to me and smack me in my... [more]

Extremely sexual

Hey. M 25 from Northern Europe.
I have since I was probably 12 or 13 been seriously sexual. I get horny from everything and have a whole load (pun intended) of fetishes. So if I could I would have sex everyday. A different fetish explored each day. But up here in the north it is extremely hard to find anyone on these online sex forums to meet up... [more]


My high school girlfriend was two years older than me and beautiful. We were sexually active and I was madly in love. Her pussy was intoxicating and I loved licking her pussy. I was infatuated with her panties and tried on a pair. To my delight I was super aroused. She was not to accepting of my of my infatuation and our relationship suffered... [more]

Young neighbour voyeur

I have new neighbors, a mom with 2 kids.
I've been invited to their welcome party and sympathized with her 16 years old daughter (I am 25).
As soon as most neighbors had leave, and her mom was talking with others at the door, she showed me the house, with her bedroom and bathroom with a view over my house....
She showed me this view with a... [more]

What’s it like to give a BJ?

I’ve always wanted to.
I’ve always wanted to suck another mans dick. It looks so delicious. I love giving oral to my wife but it just looks so much more fun to take a cock to the back of the throat and play with the balls and asshole. Rather than just lick something.
Can anyone describe what it’s like to give in to that desire for the first... [more]

My Wife the Grad Student

My wife is 39 and about halfway through her 2nd masters program. She’s still in fantastic shape, and will typically go to class wearing leggings and a very form fitting shirt of some kind. She’s also 5-10 years older than the average age of her class.
It turns me on beyond belief knowing that there are at least some of her male classmates that... [more]

My sexy wife's awakening

My wife wasn't a virgin when we met the first time and I quickly discovered that she had quite a sex drive. After dating 2 years we got married and she fell pregnant after 2 months.
While she was looking after baby at home the first 3 months, we engaged in a lot of naughty adventures to spice up our sex life - she even came to pick me at work... [more]

Gay man desires

I’m gay top man !
But I have been wanting to a bottom for a change. So my lover and I decided to go online to find a gay resorts that we can go to for a 2 week vacation together so we found a place in key west Florida it was a very nice place to go to. So we got there Friday afternoon walked around the area and found a nice little place off the... [more]

I want to fuck older guy

Im 24 now and Ive always wanted to fuck older guys. 50++ Idk why. I hope one day I could fuck one at least. I want to be loved by older guys. Older guys really make me horny. I just love how they fuck younger girls. And I would love to suck older men cocks. I want they cum inside me. I would swallow their cum too. I would kiss them passionately. I... [more]

Finally satisfied my curiosity and let a man fuck my ass

I’m 30 years old but as long as I can remember I’ve had bi curious ideas/tendencies from camping and playing with myself with another kid to trying to find a nice hung dick on Craigslist to suck and fuck to explore my curiosity. Late this summer someone messaged me to fix something on their house through Snapchat. So I came over we talked I fixed... [more]

Pantyhose Season

The weather is starting to cool down and lockdown doesn’t exist right now. I hope my favorite time of the year makes a triumphant return. Pantyhose season! For so long I’ve missed the sight of nylon covered legs. Bright painted toes shining through sheer hose in peep toe heels. And my favorite part is the best sound on the planet, thick beautiful... [more]

Hoe phase coming

I’ve gotten more attention from men being in my late forties than I did in my twenties. Most of the men on the apps I use, at work and I meet out are mid twenties early thirties. I love it. I’ve only been divorced about six month and I’ve gone on a few dates but no sex yet. However, I was married in my twenties so I feel like I need a hoe phase. I... [more]

Liar Husband

My husband is a cheater and a liar. I’ve only caught him once but now he’s great at covering his tracks. Well so am I. I always get home after him and I always greet him with a smile and kiss on the cheek. Little does he know my smiling face gets fucked and covered in cum before I come home every night.

Lift my skirt, Leave a stain

My kink is being fucked with my clothes on and walking around in public with cum on me. Yesterday my coworker bent me over the back seat of his truck in mall parking garage. I was wearing a cardigan over my blouse, black knee length skirt, black pantyhose and black heels. He ripped my nylons pretty wide grabbed my hair and fucked me pretty hard... [more]

Dressing for my perverts

I’m a damn near fifty years old, and at some point in all my sexual relationships men ask me to dress a certain way for sex. Schoolgirl, that’s pretty perverted but I still do it. I pigtail my hair, put on a blouse that’s to small and tuck it into my short skirt with my thigh high white stockings and Mary Jane shoes. Does that image make your cock... [more]

Let me spray your face

My legs are behind my head, you are on you knees at the edge of the bed. Give my wet hairy pussy a few licks before you use your teeth to slowly pull the plug from my tight ass. I promise I’ll squirt in your face.

Wet Work Panties

I have the perfect seat in my office. My cube is in the back with no one behind or beside me but I can pretty much see everyone else. I enter data all day for my job so my human interaction is almost zero each day. Everyday I wear slacks, tights and vibrating panties. And I vibrate on medium from 8:00 to 11:30, then I break for lunch, change my... [more]


I’m straight and never have I played for the other side or even thought about it but bruh I’ve been getting bricked up (turned on, hard) lately like never before by femboys or dudes that look really fucking feminine shit is getting outta hand to the point where I’ve been busting. Smh idk what to do anymore. Pain…

I really want cockgrowing in my mouth

Noticed that they have there cocks out and I can't keep my eyes off of there dicks and I will end up with them in my mouth and I really enjoy getting picked up by guys that would have a hard cocks out and I would be able to suck there cocks and let them cum in my mouth and that would really make them happy and I have a few guys that would have me... [more]

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