Desire Confessions

Mom fantasy

I always fantasize my mom getting fucked by other men and i want someone to fuck her infront of me

Oh God, Angie!

I am completely and permanently in love with Angelina Dehn, the gigantic trap, hip-hop, rap and pop artist from Sweden, who is known by the single name "ANGIE". Everything about her and her look and her style is total perfection, down to the smallest detail. I've never seen anybody so perfect. Even her body art and her hair are perfect. Plus... [more]

I love to film myself masturbating

I love my body I think that I have a big sexy ass. It turns me on to record myself masturbating , I am not brave enough to show it to anyone so i just watch it while touching myself.
Totally naked, I stick my ass up, twerk and spank my self with my hair brush. I also am a anal slut i love fucking myself with a huge dildo inside my asshole. I... [more]

Sexual tension with step daughter

I was drinking on a friday and had a few glasses of wine with my step daughter. She is a perfect blue eyed blonde. Smart sexy and she's into being told what to do; thats for a later confession. When she was a younger teen, I caught her using a back messager on herself by accident. I saw a smudge on the wand and licked my finger to get it off... [more]

Cock worshiper!

I love the thought of giving pleasure while sucking a cock! I want to suck a cock or maybe more on a daily basis! I live in a very rural area near Sunbury, Pa. I need to be very discreet, but crave t hug e experience of sucking cock! I have a fantasy of sucking more than one, the different feeling of two cocks and the different tastes of their ... [more]

Looking for a nice cock

I'm near Sunbury Pa and I'm clean discreet, but I desire to give a man head! I'm very good at sucking cock and would love someone to sit back and enjoy some pleasure! I'm a bottom so no need to reciprocate,all I want is to taste your cum!

Giving head fantasy

Done this once before in my younger years but now i'm looking for a regular budy who will let me suck his cock on a regular basis. i fantasize about this almost daily. i'm not into going out and asking strangers, but how else can you meet someone who will want the same as you?? So here is my post. Ready for someone who reallly wants to suck your... [more]

Blowjob fetish

I’m a virgin so i’ve never sucked dick before and i’ve always wanted to practice on someone random and have them teach me how to do it. I still want to do this to someone

Love cock

I'm near Sunbury,Pa. And I desire as many cocks as I can find, I love the way the head of a cock feels as it slides in and out of my lips! I also love to feel a man's balls slapping on my chin as I'm beening facefucked! And a high fantasy of mine is to get fucked doggie style while sucking a gorgeous cock! And then there's that delicious cum,I... [more]

A Chance Meeting

Noelle Peterson, the one that got away. All through high-school and halfway through college, I'd had a crush on Noelle Peterson. She'd disappeared halfway through college, just did not show up for year three. Of course there were rumors; a girl that hot doesn't just go off the grid without causing a disturbance in the force. I'd heard several of... [more]

A Chance Meeting 2

I got a call from my friend Steve with some startling news. I couldn't believe it, Elaine was fucking Brian Matthews. It was hilarious. That motherfucker was practically a Marsupial. He was built like a kangaroo. He had a really tiny upper body, and a huge almost womanly ass, and a big gut. Then to top it off, he had a long pointy nose and an... [more]

Watching her enjoy a large cock

I'm 67, she's 65. She thinks she's too old for stuff. I disagree, as she is still very desirable to me. I can't give her what she needs, as I have ED. I'm hoping she'll meet some one who can, and quit being such a stick in the mud. Would love to watch her take a big one, but she says no.. Would you like to share your wife, or ever asked her about... [more]

Gay slave

I am a gay slave and would love to have a cock up my arse, in my mouth and one in each hand.


I am a mature gay slave and would love for my master to castrate me and cut off my cock.

Suck my cock Felicia

I love when you are in your yoga outfit. Those tight pants and your ass look so good in downward dog. Your tight top without a bra. Your sexy tiny Asian tits begging to be sucked hard. Those lips and the way you smile so wide makes me so hard, I imagine you kneeling in front of me and sucking my cock slowly with that slutty look on your face... [more]

Forever a cocksucker

It all started when I was a young lad a friend of my older brother would spend the night at our house he would sneak over to my bed and quietly wake me up the first time I was confused because when I opened my eyes he was leaning over my face and he was holding his cock in his hand rubbing the swollen head on my lips I just froze but at the same... [more]

Group sex

I love cock and fantasize about group sex, with me having a cock up my arse, a cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand.


I fantasize that my master forces me to take female hormones and to make them work better castrates me.

Curious cock sucker

Middle aged guy and I'd like to suck cock. I've been thinking about it for years and it gets me really worked up. I love watching bi porn and have a dildo that I practice with. No one knows

Desire His Sexual Needs

I never thought he would force himself onto me but glad he did. He's a bit younger and never expected him to be so open-minded to older heavy set females like me. I got to know my neighbor and dear friend this past year. His friendly attitude got me interested. I started to keep his favorite brand of beer in my fridge. I would ask him to give me... [more]

Wife and stripper

For the last few years I have really wanted to talk my wife into going to a male strip show. As far as I know she has never been into that stuff. She is fairly reserved so I don’t know she would ever go for it. I want to see how she would react to watching some young stud strip in front of her. I fantasize about her grabbing his d**k and giving... [more]

Happy Birthday Richelle

Busty Indian milf I have always wanted to fuck and lick. I wish I could fuck you when you turn 46, you fucking sexy slut. Happy birthday! Love to see you in your sexy bra n panties while you kneel in front of me sucking my cock. I want to lick your asshole while you finger your sexy pussy

18th Birthaday Porn Debutante

Months ago I met my next door neighbor. He invited me to swim and well it became a regular thing, swimming next door. But then a few poses and risque pictures. Then some nudes and movies added to the pictures. And skinny dipping, and sex. I find it extremely arousing, knowing the world may be watcihing. We are now involved and I am hungry to do... [more]

Wife wants a baby

We have been married for five years and a year ago we decided to have our first child. After six months of trying we were both tested and while my wife was fine, I have a very low sperm count. We were told to only have sex when she is fertile so that my sperm count could build up. We did this for six months and she is still not pregnant. My wife... [more]

Huge cock

Ive been wantind to fuck my bestfriends dad since i meet him when i was 13 i spent the nite there alot and seen his 9 inch cock hard and soft one nite when i was 16 and a virgin i heard him up at 1am so i walked in the kitchen nude his cock got so hard that he told me the nite of my 18 bday we would get a motel room and we did we both got naked as... [more]

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