Desire Confessions

I love love skinny chicks who love anal

I love and adore all women but I can get fixated on a type from time to time. Right now I am jonesing for mature skinny white chicks who love anal. When they are face down and ass up shotgun style their buttholes seem larger. As my usual fare is chicks with lots of tits and ass I love the contrast. Are there any skinny or super skinny white... [more]

School girls

I was having meal and drink with my house keeper other night and we were just chatting about stuff we had done in past where what etc when she told me about her and a mate fancied an art teacher and before went class went toilets removed bra and knickers and sat in front row of class and how they use tease him with flash of pussy and hard nipples... [more]

I want to fuck or be fucked by an older guy

Omfg I can’t stand it anymore its so hard to be 18 and I can’t be the whore I am in public. I just want someone to stick their rock hard cock in my ass and call me his good little boy or let me suck him off and swallow his sticky cum…


Hey ladies i am a Latino guy who has this desire of breeding women who are in the need and looking forward to get pregnant. I was wondering if there is any adult female 18 and above wanting to get bred. This desire has not only a fantasy but a willing to help women who want to get a baby or just get creampied. I have what it takes as my seeds are... [more]

Love sucking and being sucked

Ill suck all over as im being sucked

If dreams could come true

My dark secret is I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, unfortunately I don’t have the courage to do it in front of anyone, I’m a single mature lady and since separated from my husband I’ve done this for my on enjoyment.
I do reveal myself when I’m out and about but only when it’s safe to do so ie when no one is about, I’ve sat on the park swings with... [more]

Lusting for Mother-in-law

I met my future MIL shortly after dating the woman I would marry. When I first met her, I was so surprised: MIL didn't look old enough to be a mother- I actually thought she was an older sister. When I first saw her, she had come from a different room in her house, so I saw her insane side profile. I realized as I instantly became hard... [more]

Fuck my wife

I would love to watch my wife mistreated in a threesome

My wife is a good slut

Its a wonderful to have a wife that will fuck man or woman black or white and want me to watch

Any woman up for the challenge?

Long story short my mom and dad split up. And I've been obsessed with my mom. I've got an idea. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out. So what I wanted to happen is for 1 or how ever many lucky woman want to try and become her friend and also get to her and make her realize to stop being closed off and be wild. So calling all women in... [more]

I want my p*say eaten

I would love to have some one eat me out all day. Just the thought of a tongue on my virgin p*say drives me crazy. I don't care if it's a girl or guy.

I'd love to fuck a horse

I would love to have this dream come true. Anyone need a girl to fuck their horse. Wink wink

Chest sitting

Love it when a hot sexy looking women is sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs

Love to watch

My wife and i are in our fifties, we have tried all kinds of sex over the years, what she wants and about all she wants is to suck a big cock in the back seat of our car and for me to watch her suck the cock off and swallow, the car can be in our garage or anywhere she is willing to fuck and suck any man i want her to. we have 3 regulars all 3... [more]

Lusting over my sister-in-law

I first met the sexy brunette who would become my sister-in-law twenty years ago, when she began dating my brother-in-law. She has a bubbly, outgoing personality, and is curvy in all the right places. After some time, she married my brother-in-law. Over the years, we became closer and we've always enjoyed being together with family. I've always... [more]

Sister-in-law lust

I first met the sexy, vivacious, brunette with the effervescent personality, 20 years ago, when my brother-in-law brought her to a family gathering. They were dating at the time, and married shortly after. Over the years, she and I have enjoyed each other's company at family gatherings.
A few years after she became my sister-in-law, she and her... [more]

Mama fucking

Has anybody out there ever caught their mama fucking unmarried mamas often let a man come home with them and they are not wanted for anybody to actually watch them but when they have been drinking get where they don't care much , you have never been turned on as much as you will be then

Wife wants to have sex with my dad

After discussing fantasy’s with my wife I learned that she really wants to fuck my father. I’d love to set this up as my dad is old and hasn’t had any in a long time. How would I go about approaching this subject with my father? How could I “accidentally “ send him pictures of her to see how he responds?

Chest sitting turn on

Would love to have a women right now sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs

Enjoy the anticipation. I always do.

My gf is 63..looks much younger. We have passionate sex and nothing is off limits. We will try anything just for the kicks.

Want to be raped by a gang of women

I am 51 years old and a man.I want to be raped by a gang of women.I want them to have their way with me.And force me to do things.

Shy Straight Guy Loves To Suck Dick

I sucked my first dick a few years ago at the age of 48. Total I have only sucked 7 dicks. Sucking dick and swallowing cum are amazing sensations. My girlfriend knows about my yearnings and allows me the privilege. But I am very timid and shy about finding candidates. When I find my next dick I am going to passion lately lick and suck the dick and... [more]


I want everyone to see my nude of me and my wife. I have some hanging on the wall of my den. When our family and friends and strangers come over I usually take them down. But this one time a friend of ours came to fix my computer. I told her that I did not feel like take the pictures down and I asked her if she care she just shruds her shoulders... [more]

Where in wv are the big black cocks

I live near charleston west virginia and ive been wantingto suck some big black cocks for some time i want to know what it feels like to have my throat raped and havea black cock all the way down my throat when you cum, what do i have to do to get throat fucked by black guys please will you fullfill my dream ill do anything that you tell me to do... [more]

Adopted son and spinster mom in bathroom.

She definitely knew i had been watching her for years because she would always say i must go and wash my face,when she said this even at 8 yrs i would follow her down hallway and go to my room to watch.Always saw her nice full bare bottom even at 46,standing at sink soaping her pussy and listening to the squelch of her rubbing.When i was 16 and in... [more]

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