Cheating Confessions

I'm scared

All my life I have been addicted to exposing myself to strangers. I have had many miss carriages and one abortion. As you can imagine some men are all over me when I do my thing. I'm worried now because I may be pregnant and what if it's not my husband's. I can't tell him what I do he would never understand. And what if the baby isn't his and it's... [more]

Milky orgasm

Just woke my husband up by bouncing on his cock while he sucked on my breasts, milk oozing down his cheeks, then that lovely tingly let down happened, i cum all over him while he guzzled my milk!

I want to share

My wife and I have been married for 8 years know. Go thou with she loves the thou of a gang bang but she's to shy to I need help we don't know anyone is part of the problem

Some Kids Mom

I am a coach for a PeeWee football team.
This year one of the kids moms is really hot. But not in a flashy kind of way.
She doesn't show it off but she has an amazing body.
I stick around after practice and flirt with her and lately I think about doing her while I'm doing my wife.
It is difficult not to look at her huge tits when she is... [more]

Bored at the store

I'm currently with my wife shopping. Bored out of my mind because she has to go down every isle. A buddy of mine is close by so when he gets here I'm gonna "try on" some clothes and suck his dick in the changing room

First time

My wife and I went to Bristol one weekend for her to be fucked by an acquaintance of ours. We waited till about six pm gor him to arrive. My wife was waiting for him nervously on the bed. He came in said high told my wife to come to him and as she stood there he kissed her so animalistic that it instatly made me hard. She moaned as he stroked her... [more]

Is it wrong to cheat?

I am in a committed relationship since the past one year. We are going steady and if everything goes well we might as well be married by this time next year. I love her a lot and we do have a lot in common, the intimacy is good too.
Lately, however, I have been having feelings about cheating. I dont know how right or wrong that is. I still love... [more]

He thinks i squirted :/

2 months into our relationship with my boyf i was still a little shy around him. We got pretty drunk one night and he started getting horny and wanting sex. I was 2 embarrassed to say that i had a massive boil on my inner labia. So i turned lights out and we started kissing, he put his hand down to my pussy and started to rub my clit, the more i... [more]

Hot for teacher

I've been married 13 years and work as a secretary at a local school. My husband and I have two kids, a nice house, and our relationship is good, except the fact that we hardly have sex anymore. He's pretty much lost interest. We have sex maybe once every two months and it's usually boring.
I've become friends with one of the new teachers at... [more]

Hook hand

Many years ago, i found my dads vintage porn stash. I remember this one particular porno i watched, and i still fantasize about it today, an old man gets caught perving, he has a hook instead of a hand, and a redhead rubbing her beautiful pussy on his hook. Please help me find out what its called? Thanks

Is he a?

I have this friend who sucked a cock once, does that make him a cocksucker? Because it was just once

Started with pictures and videos

My husband is unaware of the fact that I know that he for along time has been showing my naked pictures and even videos of us having sex to his friends. I found all this out when he left his phone behind one day. I have written about this before here. It's now become my addiction to have him show his friends everything. Which has turned into an... [more]

My secret

During the summer, actually it was in early August. We had all of our friends over for a BBQ and party. There wasn't any specific reason just a party. Many of us swam during the day in our pool ,so most of us women were wearing bathing suits or bikini tops and cut offs like I was. As the day went on many people got very drunk , I tend to flirt... [more]

Business trip

I went to a conference out of state with five other co-workers and all of us are women. We had a great first day and the second day was a little more challenging which led to three of us sitting in the bar restaurant having dinner and drinks decompressing. We were having fun and after about two hours one of the women left to go back up to her... [more]

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