Cheating Confessions


A few years ago actually was more like five or six years ago we got a free trip from Pinnacle automotive to Cancun. It was super close to where anniversary so we decided to go anyways a long story short I had a broken arm and a sprained ankle from laying my motorcycle down my wife got hammered drinking vodka and tequila and so I was having a hard... [more]

Sloppy seconds

I walk in the door about 6am. I work 3rd shift. Wife is asleep naked on top of the covers. One leg hiked up. Her glorious pussy saying hello to me. I walk up to her side of the bed and kiss her cheek. She turns over onto her back. Her eyes are barely open. I kiss her on the lips. First one is a peck. Second one is a long, juicy french kiss. I say... [more]

Duty Keto Nutriment

If you’re looking to admit defeat fat then you procure to prove this sort trendy impost keto nourishment plan-

Sister in law

I have a few boats for fishing and have been described as a bit fanatic about it. I have never been married but have a son and live pretty much a life of fun. One evening when I was over at my brothers house I told him I had to get going because I was headed up to such and such lake in the morning around 5 am, his wife was sitting there on the... [more]

Camping trip

My girlfriend and I used to go camping along the canal. We would drive down this long farmers lane to where the canal crossed a river. We camped there because it was quiet and most people didn't know about it. That and we could camp there for free.
So we were camping there one weekend, and it was late when a group of people showed up to camp as... [more]

17 years later, my wifes affair turns me on.

When my wife turned 40, she was having a mid life crisis. Her job wasn't fulfilling, she was raising 4 kids, and I was not attentive as I should have been. There was a barely 18 year old boy who used to run errands, and help our watching the kids. Sort of a mother's helper. In September when his last year of HS started he started hanging out at my... [more]


Well since this covid crap is over it's time to get out there and bareback every hoe I can. Being stuck at home after work thought me and they wife would fuck more nope less. Tired of asking for it or saying just pull your panties down. I have slept with about 50 to 60 women over 20 years. Last few years before coved 3 was real pickie. Gotten... [more]

I had sex with my buddies girlfriend

My buddy has been in love with this girl for a long time. He finally worked up the courage to ask her out and she said yes. They bought a house together and plan on spending their lives together. That is until I messed things up. I had gone over to his house to fix his garage door opener. He was gone but her girlfriend was there. One thing led to... [more]

A change in the wind

My wife and I have been married for 20 years this past April. We have two grown children who are out of the house. I work long hours and have to go out of town twice a year for weeks at a time. Just part of being a regional restaurant manager.
So about 6 months or so ago my wife, Stacy and I were sitting having some drinks. She said to me, "So... [more]


Is that this just a rendering quirk of the game engine, or the hardware itself? We care about our children, and need to make Board Game Arena a protected place for them. To activate this special occasion, be certain you're taking part in on Steam, then find a lonely Christmas tree on “Death from Above” and slap some decorations on that dangerous... [more]

I'm keeping it a secret

A few years ago when the Seahawks won the super bowl we had a Superbowl party. We had a friend and his wife and two other friends over. After the game everyone was celebrating hard. My wife and the other woman were dancing around almost like dirty dancing. Booze,wine and beer were flowing and spilling everywhere. The girls started getting a little... [more]

I cheated

I'm the towns known prostitute now I'm pretty sure, for the past 3 months and 17 days I've been having sex with the men in my town for money or sometimes for nothing sometimes I don't get paid. I've been cheating on my boyfriend he doesn't have a clue about me having sex for money as he lives in a different town. I have turned numb when It comes... [more]

Exposed wife

Trying to find a good way to let my friends see my wife naked without her knowing or accidently. I know its kind of pervy but it would be so hot knowing they have seen what is under her clothes. She is has great large tits and my friends have made comments on them. I actually sent one of them a pic (no face) because he always said he wanted to... [more]

Unexpected Slut

My girlfriend and I attended a party that her son-in-law and her daughter was hosting. Her mother-in -law, Rose, was helping out. Rose is about the same age as my girlfriend but has a shapeless looking body. She and I would chat somewhat when were together at someones house. She always hugged and kiss me when my girlfriend and I left the social... [more]

Hot wife

My wife is 22 and I'm 37 .she has a playboy type body and loves to show it to men white or black and I like to watch I told her one night after we make love she could date black men if she wanted to but I want to watch them make first she said no but she met this black man and after a date she told him she was married and I had to watch... [more]

Women are all sluts

Women all cheat if they find a guy with a bigger cock,My wife is a solid 10+, when we got married she said all men under 8in should be cheated on, and all women hate small dicks. Since I'm only 7in I knew we would have an open marriage, I let her screw any guy she wants, as long as she tells me about the entire fuck session and sits on my face... [more]

I feel like such a slut

I love sex, I love stranger sex even more and have been with several men over the past few years. I answer crazy ads that they post looking for lonely women or anyone that will have sex with them. Quite a few of them have been very surprised when I actually show up.
My last one was in March, went over to this sixty something mans house, his eyes... [more]

Bi dad

I'm married, wife would goto work. Get on creaglist and have a guy come over and suck him off. Did this a bunch of times. Even tryed a friend. Now I want it again. I'm bad I know...

Christmas Gift

I was invited to my girlfriend's work Christmas party. I knew some of her lady co-workers that works with my girlfriend. I guess I woofed down a bit too much of the free drinks there and her co-worker Sally did too. My girlfriend is four years older than me which doesn't bother me. Sally is a divorce woman about six years older than my girlfriend... [more]

Virgin Brother

We had a cookout this weekend. I was smoking meats all night so they would be ready for lunch. Noon everyone was there. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. By 6pm it was just me, the wife and my brother Steve.
The three of us were in the pool. My wife said, "So Steve, didn't bring ur girlfriend?" Steve said, "What gf?" She said, "Ur... [more]

Seduced by brothers wife

We had never gotten along until I turned 22 and my other brother ,his wife , sister in law and myself went dancing one night. While we were all dancing I couldn't help noticing how good her pushy looked in her Jean's and kept looking at her all night wondering if she shaved it or not and if not what color her Bush was. I'd see her almost daily at... [more]

Wife is naughty

So we finished putting up a privacy fence and a deck and a hot tub. We had our annual memorial day cookout. Wife was naked in the hot tub when our company got there. She invited a friend of mine into the hot tub. He said, "Oh I would but I didn't bring a bathing suit." She stood up and said, "Well, being clothed is optional."
So I look out the... [more]

We got the house

My husband and I had an offer for a house. There was another couple trying to outbid. So I went to the owner and made a deal. He accepted our bid in return for anal on the spot. He didn't expect me to say yes. He was actually pretty good. But that wasn't all. I had to agree to sex at least once a month for the next year.

I'm in trouble

I have an unusually small vagina, so when I have sex with a guy, he has to work to get it in. My husband isn't very big, and that's a good thing because of my condition.
I cheated on my husband about a week ago with a guy from work. We snuck off during lunch to have sex in the back of his car. He is big, a lot bigger than anyone else I've ever... [more]


I been having few problems with wife last year she works in city and stay with family only come see me weekend but cus vires only see 1 weekend in 2 months well i have a home help to do things and we normaly sit chat have smoke and been getting on well she know about my wife and she told me about her x who knocked her about put down so hated men... [more]

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