Cheating Confessions

Rock and Roll Bar

When I was stationed in Korea I brought a 22yo private back to my apartment one night and sucked his dick. I asked if he wanted to suck my dick and he said yes, as he was slipping off my boxers I asked if it was his first time sucking a dick, he kinda laughed and said "I'm from California" lol
He was hot - 22, about 5'7", maybe 130lbs, about... [more]

Got my wife's sister pregnant

My wife and I have three kids, all healthy and good looking. Her sister is married to a nice guy who turned out to be about zero sperm count. No way could they afford to do it in any clinic, then my wife asked ME to "help" out?
Like wow, I was surprised, but she explained that this way would be best and it would not be some stranger and they... [more]

Why can’t I say no.

I was so scared of hurting his feelings. I said no initially but he convinced me anyway and I agreed.
So I knelt down, unzipped his pants and took his dick in my mouth. Once it touched my tongue and I heard him groan I knew it was too late, there was no going back. I had another mans hard dick in my mouth hitting the back of my throat.
I... [more]

A lot older

Started having massive arguments with my gf she suggested we have a break for a few weeks and see how we both think and feel.
I started going out a lot more drinking with some friends I was loving the single life, I was a bit drunk at this bar and started dancing with this woman, she was a lot older, both groping each other I’m licking her face... [more]

Sissy maid

My room mate Bob didnt allow me to dress feminine in his house. I couldn't help it , I had to dress up often , when the urge hit I had to do it because I wòuld start feeling bad and the longer I waited the worse it felt . I went to see a doctor and after a complete examination he told me there is nothing wrong with me ,that it is all in my head ... [more]

Pay back

I hate to say been having problems with hubby as i work in city he lives on the coast and due to this bug we have not seen much of each other but i loged onto home cam system and see him getting bj from some working girl well i work nights as a security guard and there been some night work going on and got chatting to nice workman told him about... [more]

Taken avartange

As might read my payback confession well i started my rounds a few nights later and the same workman there we got to chatting and i said how i enjoyed how like find a spot and do again he said ok so we did that and again next night was doing again 3rd night but his workmate must be curious what he was up to and followed and was spying on us when i... [more]

Could not wait

As told been having fun with 2 workmen well-started work at 10 and only cleaning crew about working way down so i went on round got the top floor and the workmen were there i went sat on a chair watching them and soon found my hand was inside my trousers touching myself as so horny and soon took of and sitting there legs spread playing with there... [more]

Vacation reward

My husband and I have been married for quite a while. For the majority of our marriage I have been a plus size woman. I finally decided to do something about it. I called a nutritionist to get a diet together that would help me lose weight but would be sustainable so I wouldn’t crave junk food and get off my diet. I also started going to the gym 4... [more]

My ex's secrets

My first wife and I had a great sex life and she was always wanting lots of sex. She also had a secret. She had natural black hair on her head but she was blonde haired from the waist down. You can imagine how much of a turn on this was. She also always told me that she was faithful to me for our 13 years of marriage. We've stayed in touch... [more]

Slut girlfriend

At 16 and 17 years old, most guys just want laid. They don't care if the girl is married material or not, we just want the girl to put out. I was no different. I dated a girl who I knew was a slut. She admitted to me on the night we met that she had sex with her own highschool teacher. So I knew then she was easy. I was right, and we fucked later... [more]

I said no and almost wish I hadn't.

There was this woman, barely 26 that I met back in college, we hooked up and it was crazy sex, sometimes 3 times a day, she was always ready.
I was this close to asking her to marry me, we even had talked about where it might be good to raise a family, etc.
Then, I found out about her student loans, how she managed to run up over $200K in debt... [more]

Dorion Griffin hypocritical raping womanize

USAF airman Dorion Griffin host of podcast Talks with Griff & personal trainer wannabe Guru Instagram @griffsofficial is a sex predator who manipulates and takes advantage of vulnerable wombmxn so he can collect sextapes and pussi. Just another fakeass disrespectful dtf fuckboi playing mind games. EVEN moor pathetic, dickappointing, dishonorable... [more]

Hooker Hill

I confess, when I was stationed in Korea, I was walking up "hooker hill" one night by myself, drunk, it was a week night and nobody else was around. I got pulled into one of the little "bars" by a pretty Korean prostitute. She pulled me in and locked the door, hiked that tight miniskirt up around her waist and she wasn't wearing any panties. She... [more]

Shame I did what I did

I’m not giving my name ,I’ll just say I’m married female 42 5’ 1” size 16 so plump
I had an internet fling with someone who lived down the road from me but at the time I had no idea where he was from .
He was 5yrs younger married too
It started with sex chat and flirting on an internet chat site
Then to caming with no sound as it was late... [more]

I want to know what's it's like to suck another man dick

I have never had a dick in my mouth so I would like to.know

Deep desires

I’ve been married to my wife for decades and we’ve experimented sexually down several paths. This includes foursomes, bisexual experiences, pegging, and allowed a guy to shoot his load in me. For several years my wife won’t go back to the playful lifestyle we once enjoyed. I now fantasize about her becoming a queen of spades inviting the the... [more]

Finally caught

I’ve been married to my wife for about 10 years. I’ve been cheating on her with a guy for about a year now. She refused sex for about 6 straight months prior to me hooking up with another man. She also wouldn’t allow me the privacy to masturbate.
It started off with him giving me blowjobs and then I would go back home. It was selfish but once... [more]

Married but missing ass

I’ve been married for about 15 years and we recently moved to the small, rural town of Smithfield Virginia. I have never cheated on her but with all of the beautiful visitors to this cute town, all I keep thinking about is burying my tongue and cock in woman’s ass.

Being A Help

I didn't know that the neighbors next door was so open minded sexually. My recent marriage to Dale was so boring. I decided to work in my flower bed. My neighbor waved over to me to offer me a wine cooler. While sitting on her patio and chatting, thru her glass sliding doors I saw her boyfriend walking about bottomless with his dick hanging. It... [more]

Can't wait

Going to hook up at lunch with my "work husband ". Can't wait to have him between my legs. He fucks me so good and so deep in ways my husband can't. We've even had sex on the job. He tends to satisfy me so much so that I guess I perk up or something bc my husband tends to be more attracted to me on the days I hooked up and will initiate sex. There... [more]

Cock sucker

I have sucked a LOT of cock ,,I mean A L O T .I started sucking my brother off when I was very young. He told me that I was the best little brother ever and introduced me to a few of his friends . Soon I was sucking about ten guys off two or three times a week but I still craved more . I was addicted to the whole experiance from sucking to making... [more]

First time

The first time I watched my wife fuck another guy, we were on vacation. We were on the back deck of our cabin rental in the hot tub when the neighbor guy who owned the cabin came over to reset the breaker. He was standing there afterwards and I offered him a beer for fixing it. Then my wife said he should join us. We were all laughing and having a... [more]

Felt used…but I liked it

I’m married but I’ve always had the desire to sleep with another man. Even before I was with my Wife I’ve wanted to know what it felt like to have another mans cock buried in my ass.
I spent so long looking and trying to arrange a hook up that would never come back to me. I went on Craigslist, joined dating sites under aliases and finally got... [more]

Greedy cow

Standard Friday evening, fuck the wife quickly then go to the pub, return home drunk and fuck her again. How was I supposed to know Richard three doors up was fucking her while I was at the pub. That’s three fucks in one evening, greedy cow.

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