Cheating Confessions

Sister Wives

When i first met my girlfriend she said that she has a bestie girlfriend who she gets intimate with. On occasion i have watched them together and we have had two three sums together. Her bestie moved an hour away in search of new job opportunities etc. Its been over a year now and she is not having much luck, can't find a job that fits and her... [more]


We had a party at our house I mean me and my husband we have been married only 5 years.
Iam 27 and he's 31.
It a great marriage we get along great with no big problems.
Anyway at this party at outhouse everyone was having a great time snd those of us who smoked went out of the front room down the hall into the kitchen and then into a... [more]

Meeting a cybersex friend

This happened in 2009
I had been having cybersex with a guy around 400miles away ( didn’t want to be too close incase I chatted with a pushy Phsyco )
We hit it off and the usual what I wanted and what he would do too me if we met etc . Exciting stuff to play by especially on cam .
After months and months of cybersex we decided that we only... [more]


My biggest fantasy is to have a girlfriend who I help get ready for her date. I drive her to the guy's apartment, and the whole way there she talks about how nervous and excited she is. She ignores what I say to her. I drop her of at the entrance. As she opens her door she says, almost annoyed, "You know, if you had a dick, I wouldn't have to be... [more]

Another one

When I was married to my first wife her friend would come over and we would jump in the hot tub. She was smoking hot and I always wanted to fuck her. I would go in the bathroom, her clothes always laying there, and I would smell her panties. I would rub my cock on them and sometimes put a dab of my cum in them,
Fast forward 15 years. I ended... [more]

Wifey's cheataversary

My beautiful wife. I caught her at a fancy hotel onetime getting fucked by another guy. I was mad at her for about 2 hours then I became so fucking hard for her I had to cum inside her. She'fucks me so well I let her see her dick buddy whenever she feels like. I wait for her in the hotel lobby and when he leaves I rush up and lick her sweet pussy... [more]

Drunk wife teases friend

My wife and I went out with a friend who was in town for the holiday weekend on Saturday night. I hadn’t seen him in years, he is recently divorced. My wife and I met up with him at a lounge and went bar hopping. My wife wanted to dance and after a few dances I told her to dance with my friend. They danced a bit and it turned me on a little to see... [more]

Wanting to share sex with wife video

Is there a trucker out there who would like to see pictures and short video of my naked wife, and me banging her doggy style.

Horny Sissy

I am a horny sissy craving a male to make mad passionate love to me. I am aching to please a stiff cock with my lips and hungry ass. I’m smooth shaved and hot for lust.

Mother in law cock flashing with approval

Hi I have written about flashing my mother in law numerous times but things really changed day before yesterday.
With covid lock down we haven't really seen the MIL much over the last 18 months. Certainly bi haven't had the opportunities I used to.
She recently moved into a new flat and I have been helping decorate. So I have been round... [more]

I bred my hot sister-in-law

A while back, I posted a 'Desire' confession about the spark between my SIL and me. Shortly after that post, I confessed all my feelings to SIL, and asked if she could be discreet in meeting me while I was in the area for a seminar. To my great joy, she agreed to do so!
The days and nights we shared were the happiest of my life. We consummated... [more]

I want to suck a cock but I am married.

I have been watching amateur porn where the husband sucks a cock and swallows the guys cum. It is usually a cuckold video. I really get off watching the husband eating the cum. I am not into humiliation, but being told what to do is a huge turn on. I want to have my mouth fucked by a big cock, or a little cock and I want the load in my mouth... [more]

Girlfriends friend

I was with my gf at her best friends house for a party. I’m 32 my gf is 30 her girl best mate is 28 and her fella is the same age. My gf has known them for long. Previously my gf has told me her best mate told her she never cums from sex with her bf. And her best mate has heard me fucking the shit out of my gf once at her house. And she’s also... [more]

Best friend sent me video by accident

My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend and i didnt even kno until he accidentally sent me a video of them fucking. We have been together for 3 years and was talking about having kids and marriage and stuff. For all those years we always used condoms because we didnt want any accidents. Well one i got this video and there plain as day is... [more]

Girls night out

About ten yrs ago or so my Girls night out on Friday nights came to an end .
I was about 39 and nearing the milestone of 40 yet I still felt as young and free as I always had.
Flirting was a must on any girls night but it was never to leave the party just part of the nights fun , this particular night it got out of hand and left me with what... [more]

I am ready to help you, set questions.

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Cum quick

Have a question ever since I been with my wife 25 years I cum quick in her . But when I have cheated over 60 women either I can't cum or takes about 15 minutes when in them . I have had some tighter then her and looser still the same what gives.

Husband's friend made a pass

My husband and I were invited to his friends and his friends wife's house about a month ago for a cookout. Everything was going good we all had a couple of drinks before we started preparing the dinner. I was in charge of the grill while the others were inside prepping the fixings. I guess was a little buzzed and was enjoying the music as I tended... [more]

My wife Janet fucking around with my friend.

My friend confessed to me one night after we had been drinking that he had been fucking my wife for quite a while. She has a rep for being a pretty easy piece of ass, so he had decided to call her and ask her for sex.
He said the first time he called her and asked her to meet him somewhere, she declined. On the second call, he hit paydirt... [more]


I’m married female 49yrs old and really should know better .
I’m in the UK and this happened !
I had just left the M4 motorway on my own in my own car and was travelling about a mile when I thought I should have stopped for a peer break as I just passed the services , I got to the next junction of the dual carriage way and made my way back to... [more]

I guess I am just bad

My wife was headed downtown one afternoon, and on the way there is this small building that has a massage spa in a portion of it, the other section is an accountant we use for our taxes.
My bad luck, she spotted my car, (I should know better than to drive a red Camaro) even though I parked it in the rear as far out of sight as I could get.
I... [more]

My wife with my best friend

I have known my best friend Jim since high school. I met my wife Kim when we were 21. Jim and I hung out all the time. Jim would come over to the house and drink beers and watch TV and talk. There was always flirting between Jim and Kim. Each summer Jim would spend part of our vacation with us. Kim told me the first time she saw Jim... [more]

Caught the wife

I would never in a lifetime suspect that my on the reserved side wife would ever indulge in any sort of sexual activity, but even after 22 years of marriage, I have come to understand that everyone has secrets, and secret desires.
She got rear ended in her Van at a stop light, and it was a rather serious one, totaled both machines. The seat... [more]

Wife’s request

I work 2nd shift. Work till 10pm except for Friday where I’m there till 1am. She texted me around midnight asking if I’d be off at my normal time. I said as far as I know yes. She said, “You may want to be a little late.” I said, “Why is that?” She said, “Austin is in town and wanted to stop by.” I said, “What would he want this late?” She said... [more]

Tried to hide it

I am 45 and thought no one would ever realize just how badly i wanted to re experience someone really thrusting there cock in my mouth. I was 13 at the time and it was a one of experience i thought id never let happen to me again but recently while walking of the normal paths though a park i noticed a lad about 18 with his jeans half down, with... [more]

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