Cheating Confessions

Cheating on Saturday Morning

My wife had taken the kids to soccer one morning. I was home alone catching up on some work. We've been friends with this couple for years. She is a seamstress and has been taking up my work trousers for years. Off the rack trousers are always too long for me so she takes them up so they fit perfectly.
She dropped in unexpectedly with a pair of... [more]

Horny wife

My wife has always been way hornier than I am. She has had a boyfriend for the past 6 years of our marriage. The three of us have been living together for the past year. She and I have sex twice a week. She and her boyfriend have sex upwards of 5 times a week.

Cheating on my Husband with a Woman

My husband and I and our best friends, another married couple about the same age as us, in our mid thirties, rented a cabin at a remote beach for a weekend away together. The guys love their fishing and spent most of the time out fishing leaving us girls alone at the cabin. We didn't mind. We loved just lazing around at the beach. It was so... [more]

First time

Wife ate pussy for the first time last night. She's 47. Better late than never. Said she liked it

Wife wants to play

Two years ago when our kids went off to college my wife came to me and said that she has been a good faithful wife and mom. She followed this by saying she wanted to ask me something and for me to keep an open mind. She told me that she felt the need to try some new things sexually and wanted to have sex with a man she knows from work. She told me... [more]

Porn star looks like my wife

There is a porn star who looks like my wife. I didn't close out the video on my phone and my wife opened up my phone and saw the video. My wife was surprised at the similarity and joked that she could be her twin.
A week later my wife asked if she would look good with a tramp stamp and clit ring. I was like hell yes! and I asked why. ... [more]

Want my wife to start whoring :

We have been together for over 20 years and have had many men in our lives sexually. Five (5) is the correct number of men we have had sex with intimate sex . Long term threesome with very much younger male .
Now due to financial hardships would like her to begin selling her body . But she is telling me she is much heavier than she was when... [more]

Want my wife to start whoring :

Need help convincing my wife to have sex for money.? Since we have been together she has had 5 other men and we have had long term threesome with much younger male long term over two years we all lived and fucked together. Now she says to old and fat no actually true . Need advice

Wife is pregnant with black lovers baby

My wife just told me that she is pregnant with her black lovers baby. We have been married 25 years and have 3 kids of our own. Our kids are grown and out of the house. I had a vasectomy 10 years ago so this wouldn't happen. My wife said that she has been trying to get pregnant for some time because she wants all of her friends and family to... [more]

Caught my wife with our dog

I came home early from work the other day and when I walked into our living room my wife was bent over and our German Shepherd was on top of her. When she heard me she tried to get up but the dogs knot was still inside of her and they were stuck. She was so embarrassed that she started crying. I was surprised but I was also turned on. I told her... [more]

Is it wrong? Having sex with my friends daughter?

It is wrong that my want to fuck my friends daughter? We've been flirting on and off, and she's come out and said to me fuck me already, we've been sexting for over a month now. She's 19 I'm 43 I've know her since she was 4. She's babysat for us a few times, we go to family events together, she has a steady boy friend.

Over the weekend

I cheated with two of my husband's younger employees over the weekend. It happened multiple times and they were together each time. They were here for 4 days doing repairs and maintenance to our home. My husband was in another state purchasing equipment and then transporting it back with his partner. In all my life I have never done the sexual... [more]

My white wife has sex with black men

My wife of 20 years has been having sex with different black men for about the last two years of our marriage. Over the last 2 years she's had sex with 25 to 30 different black men. All of the men she is with have very large penises. That is one of her requirements in order to have sex with them. she post ads on various sites explaining exactly... [more]

I want to find someone that...

I can share my taboo sexual desires with and be open and nasty with no limits. It would be all about us having another person to get really horny with and just go crazy making each other orgasm discreetly.

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