Cheating Confessions

Breast Feeding

I had my son when I was 18 he is now 19 we have always openly talked about anything, the subject came up on TV babies and feeding he asked how he was fed I told him he was breast fed and I explained it was very enjoyable for the mother, he said it was a pity he couldn't remember, I said of course you were to young, I said, at the time I was... [more]

Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon... [more]

What's your most taboo experience?

What is the most taboo experience you've experienced with other people? Let it all out share your " I did it even though I knew what I was doing was so wrong experience. "

Family secrets

What is your deepest darkest family secret?

I’m doing it again

Since meeting my husband he has always told me that his brother is an idiot, he is 4 years young then my husband and to be honest I’ve always kept away from his brother if we are at a family get together or just seeing him out and about it’s just hello how are you and that’s about it.
I got myself into trouble with a guy I was seeing behind my... [more]

Should I poke a needle hole in my wife’s “emergency condom”?

So my gorgeous and extremely amorous wife keeps a condom in her purse. I discovered it when we stayed overnight unexpectedly due to a snowstorm. One thing led to another and she proudly grabbed her purse and pulled out a rubber. We banged like animals.
Then it occurred to me that it was odd that she had a rubber for me. I’m ususlly in... [more]

She’s perfect, sexy but married, you can have her once, tonight;

Imagine the sexiest woman you can think of. ...but she’s married! Circumstances have placed you together alone. She is willing. It’ll be one and done. You’ll never see her again. WHAT do you do? Tell the details! Wives, would you? Tell us!

Adult expo

My husband and I were in Las Vegas last January for a little get-away. He’s a huge porn fan and I’m not. That’s why I was more than a little angry at him when I realized he had timed our get-away with a porn expo called the AVN adult expo. He also had secured a couple of free VIP passes, which would get us in the door ahead of the rest of the... [more]

Cocktail party quickie

My husband took me to a cocktail party at the house of one of his supervisors. He hasn't worked at the company for long, so I was meeting many of his coworkers for the first time. I was told to dress up nice, so I got my hair done, wore a blue sequins dress that was knee-high, and wore blue pumps. My husband wore a suit and looked great.
Later... [more]

Male strippers

I went out on a girls night a few months back and we ended up going to a male strip club. I ended up having sex with one of them in their change room. I’ve seen him several times since then and I’m married. I can’t seem to stop as the sex is incredible and he’s very charming and attractive. He’s a very confident and dominant kind of guy which... [more]

Wife & Colleague

I have been sleeping with my work colleague for about a year now. We are both married with kids. But we kicked it off at work and slowly our chatting became dirty and fantasy thoughts started to come out in our chats. And then it happened we had sex and it was great. She let me cum inside her. She blew and swallowed my cum. And ever since then we... [more]

Best friends

When I was 16 I had this one boyfriend he had the biggest c*** I’ve ever had. I live in an apartment complex at the time. So we would have s** In the laundry rooms on top of the washer and on the floor. We also had sex at the playground at night. We would get hotel rooms which were easy because we had friends that worked at the hotels. Anyway... [more]

My life serving other mens wives

This started some 50 years ago I was newly divorced and I had a son to raise that was under 3 years old so I worked hard to pay my bills and support my son and we were very close. I was very bitter about all women even the ones that I paid to watch my son while I was working.
As a carpenter in the summers it was very good if you had a steady... [more]

Friends Grilling

My husband's friend has been trying to seduce me for the last few months. I've been brushing it off. He is really good looking and knows it. He mostly makes comments and suggestions. But a few weeks ago him and his wife and my husband and I went out for a couple drinks. He suggested we head back to His house and get some food. When we got... [more]

Skinny waist.....was it me? Haha!

Few years back I was at a friends wedding and a girl in her mid 20s caught my eye. She really wasn’t anything special, girl next door looking, but had one of the tiniest waists I’d ever seen which really caught my eye. She was at the wedding with her bf who knew the groom but I could tell there was chemistry and as her bf was away chatting to his... [more]

Would love to be in a cuckold relationship!

I will confess, I would love to be the husband in a cuckold relationship!

Question for adults

Years ago I would play an innocent game on Facebook and sometimes chat with random women. This lead to Kik and some fun time. That has had not in a couple of years and I miss it. Are there any sites where only adults visit? I don’t want to sign up for a hook up but just a place for video chat.


I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.
I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP (since NP seems to be strict...), But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex
I have struggled... [more]

Naughty photoshoots

Been looking for somewhere to confess this for a while, and also to see if anyone else does the same! ;)
When my wife goes to visit her sister for the weekend I arrange photo shoots with amateur models from a well known website.
I’ve got two types of girls I like, slim/skinny 18-25yr olds with small boobs and tiny little bums, or girls with... [more]

Friend of the family

So, my sons friends mom got my phone number so they could hang out. The texting turned to her telling me how she is alone all the time. I made a joke about telling her I am good at keeping company, the next thing I know I am invited over.. we are both married. I arrived and she was in skimpy clothes. We sat down, the next thing I know, my cock is... [more]

Cheating while pregnant

I cheated on my husband when I was pregnant. It wasn't because I was excessively horny, though I did feel a small "spike" in the urge at month 5+. It was just really convenient. I was already pregnant so just screwing a guy was more like having fun. We could bareback and it was carefree. I've given birth, but I'd like to repeat this whole thing... [more]

Ghost hunt

My wife Linda and I with her new lover Mark decided to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house shortly after we married. Linda was 6 weeks pregnant when we got married and in high school she had several lovers and I knew all about them and was willing to share her with other guys after we married.
Linda wouldn't agree to share me but I had... [more]

Admin assistant

I’m a 45 year-old married woman and I’ve been working at an office for the past two years as an admin. assistant. This office happens to be a company that produces different types of erotic movies. I’m not judgemental so this didn’t bother me. One of the types of movies they produce are classy interracial movies, is how one of my bosses... [more]

Why does she cheat

My wife is very sexy and loving. We have a good relationship and sex life. She works nights as a waitress. And she goes out after work and gets picked up and has sex with men she meets. She has no boyfriend she just likes going out and getting picked up. She has been doing this for years and a friend told me she is promiscuous.
Can anyone tell me... [more]

Hotel joy

Back 2015 my husband and I were in Germany during the skiing season. I'd hurt my left ankle two days before and we'd arranged to ski with a few of our friends prior to my accident.
My husband went along as I knew he'd only be gone a few hours. The thing is when I took a shower I slipped because I could support myself with my damaged... [more]

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