Cheating Confessions

Masturbation Fantasy

So here goes, I have a very sexually active mind, sex is always on my mind. I watch porn as a lot of people do , also read erotic stories, which also get me nice and hard, love being naked and hard reading stories.
I am married and seems life has fallen into a routine, uno, work ,come home and not really spend time together, seems we both have... [more]

Sexy pictures each day

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My wife is a slut and I just love it

I'm a european man and I'm married a black Brazilian girl. She have a really nice body (south American ass, nice boobs, latina). I noticed how other man's check her when we going out, and she like to get the attention.
In the beginning she was very dirty, she suck my dick everywhere, in the car , in park, at cinema, on the beach, in train. I was... [more]

Found condoms hidden in my wife's underwear drawer

My wife works full time at the local library. I work out of a home office, so I have plenty of alone time to get naked and stroke to porn. I've never had a panty fetish, but last week I thought it might be fun to jerk off using a pair of my wife's panties. As I was rummaging through her underwear drawer, I was shocked to find a box of condoms... [more]

I cheated my husband with his boss

Me and my husband are married from 2021, is a fresh marriage. I have 28 and him 30 years. He works for a car rental company, and in the summer is very busy at work because is holiday season.
He ask for holidays but his boss told him this is impossible for the next two months. I was thinking I cannot loosing my summer holiday so I had to fix... [more]

Fucked my sister in law

My sister in law is 18, I’m 30 and my wife is 28. Her sister came to stay with us for two weeks at the start of summer, we have a pool and a big house so we were happy to have her visit. She’s smoking hot. She looks like my wife but younger, and slimmer, like before my wife had two kids. Anyway, she stayed with us, wearing short house shorts and... [more]

Caught husband

Caught my husband jacking off to fat girls. I immediately went through his history and he was looking at so many weird things. Ranged from massive weight gain to being cuckolded to being eaten by a giant woman. I'm not really sure what to do. I will probably just ignore it but apart of me either wants to eat until I'm huge or start flirting with... [more]

Please cut off my dick girls and the wv

I'm saying that won't my dick to be hurt by a girl who is loving to hurt my dick and ever way they'd Girl wants to do then cut off my dick

Wife needs fuck

Y’all big dick guys tell my wife Margaret what you could do for her that my 5 inch dick can’t do she likes in in all holes and be creampied she wants to try interracial too

Foot obsessed

Want phone sex with a girl I know talk about me wanting to cum on her soles so bad imasterbate constantly fantasizing I'm Cumming all over her bare feet soo obsessed for her feet only. I am married and secretly masterbate for Molly's feet having phone sex while I jack myself off mmmmm

Sucked Random Stranger

I sucked off I random stranger at a XXX video store over the weekend. I stopped by on my way home and stopped in their theater booth. The booth I went to enter I guess didn't lock and someone was already in there. He invited me to jerkoff with him. I figured fuck it, I like seeing guys jerkoff. After about 5 minutes he asked if I wanted to... [more]

My Wife

My wife and I are in Meds of a guy to stretch her we talking vagina and anal must be at least 10 inch’s and big girth and must fuck bareback and cum in her one time thing or maybe turn into more let’s se

Best Friend and my wife

My best friend Jason got a divorce about a year ago he hasn’t been with a woman in over a year I told my wife Margaret we are going to help him out we told him to go enjoy our condo for a week he excepted Margaret went down with him he thought she was just letting him in and doing things up for him and I was coming after work to pick her up but we... [more]

Fucking my employee

I am 53 and have been married 31 years. I have been fucking a 22 year old girl that works for me for the best 3 weeks. She loves to suck dick and lets me do her anally both of which my wife won't do. I feel like I am 20 years younger.

I let my next door neighbor fuck me in the ass

I am a 48 year old male and over the past month I have let my biker next door neighbor fuck me in the ass bareback. I found him on I knew he was close, I didn't know he was two doors down. I like coming home to my wife with a cum filled ass. She has no idea.


I have a very very lustfully intense fantasy about my wife fucking her nephew. Thing is I'm almost certain they have but she continues to deny it. When I confess my fantasies to het about it she becomes very turned on with lust as i am. We then continue with a lot of lust filled for play and super intense orgasms. Does this mean she really is... [more]


Every Friday night I get a different hooker that I fuck without protection then come home to my wife. I have fucked over a hundred different hookers and the wife has no idea

Teenage mistress

I need to get this off my chest. I've been with my fiancée for the past 8 years now. I'm 33 and she's 31. I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but for the past 6 weeks I've been having sex with another woman behind her back. As if that wasn't bad enough, the woman in question is our next door neighbour's 19 year old daughter... [more]

Bronwyn got a yellow top on

Bronwyn has a yellow top on to day I perv on her while she feeds her animals her nipples were so big this morning could clearly see them I got so hard thinking about cuming on her saggy boobs mmmmmmmmm She knows I watch What should I do next

Trade wife pics?

Hey! Anyone want to trade wife pics?

Dick pic

I was horny and masturbating when I snapped a pic of my hard dick and sent it to my friend. She said, nice. I asked if she wanted to see it cum. She said yes. Then a took a video of me stroking hard and fast, then cumming all over my hand and stomach. She said I have to change my evening plans.
Unfortunately I didn't get a video in... [more]

My wife

I tell my wife to go have fun with other men she says nah shes good but i really want her to have a good time i think she is doing it anyway cause she comes home late from work now shes working weekends and her check is no bigger i just hope shes enjoing her self and i hope she leaves him with a smile on his face cause she is good i like knowing... [more]

Taking the plunge

My wife and I have been talking for years about spicening up our sex life. She never said much until about a couple years ago. She said that she would be ok with some of our fantasies but not while our youngest is still at home. She didn’t want to do anything crazy and risk the boy waking up and seeing something he shouldn’t.
Then last year... [more]

I got pregnant with my ex-boyfriend

I come to you with this confession:
Last summer my fiancé and I decided it was time to have a baby. I stopped taking the pill in July, but still a little unsure I asked him to take it out for a while before I got used to it.
In this way, two months passed. In September I met my ex-boyfriend at the market. We talked for a while, he... [more]

Camp Fun

Husband and I went camping last month and had a wonderful two weeks stay. It was a nice campgrounds that has three different section you can stay in. One is for the families, another is for adults and the last for the partiers. That way every one can enjoy themselves without being too bothered.
Towards the end of our stay, we were up late... [more]

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