Cheating Confessions

I get massages and my wife doesn't know.

There is this place I know of, they do massages and happy endings for those of us that are regulars is sort of normal.
Two women run the place, just a 3 bedroom house at the end of a long driveway, nice and private and no chance of someone's wife spotting the car parked out front.
Both women are pretty, older but well built, and don't mind... [more]

Luck me poor wife came third

A few years ago I worked away only coming home at weekends.
During that time I had an affair with a married woman and we had regular weekly sex.
Then one week after I had fucked my lover on the Monday, I was in the hotel on the Wednesday evening, got chatting to another woman (again married) and ended up fucking her in bed that night!
For some... [more]

Wife in lingerie

I want to share my asian wife pics with face

Wifes pics

Like her pics passed around her face and bush shows

Cock sucker

I suck cock in Iowa 52216

Wife wears mom’s used panties

To turn me on, she’s wears it to work. And then I fuck her in it, while her mom is in the next room. Sometimes I fuck her on her mom’s bed in her mom’s used panties when her mom is out. She likes to look at how she looks bent over in her mom’s panties while sucking my cock. I guess to see what I like to look at. Would love to have both of them as... [more]

Wife fucked her friend

Wife had a female friend over last night. They wanted to watch a movie. The three of us were in the living room. I was in my chair. They sat on the couch. I was making drinks and we all had a few. Wife's friend pulled out edibles. I can't have that due to work doing random drug screens. Wife and her friend did.
So about a half hour later I see... [more]


We are in Mexico for a wedding and my kids have a bunch of friends attending. There has been this one girl who has been hanging on me, I’m 52 she is 20. I thought it to be fun but didn’t think much of it.
At the bar last night, I was sitting with my wife and had my hand on the back of the chair. This girl came up behind us and laid her chest... [more]

Big ass Indian milf Angie

Every time I see her in her yoga pants, I feel a throb in my pants and an urge to press my crotch against her big sexy ass. Angie has such a sexy look on her face all the time. Want to kiss and lick and fuck her big Indian milf ass

Two fucking wife

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I started going out with my girlfriend who later became my wife she was having regular sex with two guys.
Obviously at arranged days in the week so they didn’t bump into each other!
Told me at the time they were past relationships... but several years into our marriage admitted that she had been fucked by... [more]

Reply to comments made

Why doesn't anyone Reply to stories and comments anymore on Naughty Posts????

BBC cheating

Long time ago my girlfriend at the time now my wife for 20 years. Cheated on me with a black guy . She was older then him and I both me and him 20 and her 25. Anyways we split up and I know she was fucking him for a few months and I was fucking her on the side bareback. For some reason it turn me on now knowing she was getting some bbc I know his... [more]

Taller is better

I would like to find a very tall woman in Nashville or close by to fulfill my desires of sex with her. Respond to post please.

Minor AFB

We met 25 years ago at a Party. You were drunk, your friends left you, and you were frantic about getting home. I saw you and gave you that ride.
2-3 weeks later I ran into a girl who worked with you at the beauty salon. We got to talking and she told me the story of you getting a ride home from a party and that you couldn’t remember anything... [more]

Is it normal to think your daughter is hot?

I would never have sex with her but she is so hot she’s not pretty like she’s actually really hot, am I a bad person?

Straight and ready

My girlfriend, fucking bitch has no idea i love sucking cock

My school crossing gaurd wife

I found out a month ago that my wife who is school crossing monitor has been fucking a cop that is always around her i raised hell with her but she says she has to do this to get totally fucked she dont want to stop even if it means divorce she says he has a big dick and knows how to use it he is black they meet at a friends apartment... [more]

I told my husband everything

Yes I told him today, I could no longer contain my guilty pleasure. He took it way better than I thought he would, he didn't shout or scream at me, but gently asked for all the details. I could tell it was turning him on, he isn't blessed with a large penis, however I could see my details were getting him excited.
I started at the... [more]


Looking for hot femboys to suck my hairy balls

Helping Sister

My older sister agreed to let me stay at her place after being released from the hospital. I have about a month to finish recovering from a car crash which left me temporarily incapacitated and unable to care for myself, currently pretty much confined to bed on my back. Also unable to relieve myself at all sexually, and I am so fucking horny!! My... [more]

My parent's neighbor doesn't know that he is raising my kid

During the summer before I went to college, I had a steamy 2 month affair with a neighbor's gorgeous 24yo housewife. She and her husband lived down the street from my parents. It all started when I mowed her lawn for a fee. I went into her house to get payment. When she came out she only had a robe on. After getting payment, she asked me to stay... [more]

Sexy girl you are in Mobile right now

Everything is good with you and me big brother

I want to fuck my friends girlfriends so much

I am such a naughty boy. I dream about their shaved pussies nonstop. I want to lick them, fuck them and just be a terrible friend. It is so fucking dirty and hot!
My friends don't know how fucking raging hard my cock is when I secretly look at their girlfriends lovely asses, imagining them naked and masturbating to their Instagram pics, rubbing... [more]

Bar maid

My girlfriend has a German barmaid costume. I wore it once for a Halloween 10k run we were in. After the run, we hung around the fairgrounds listening to the band and drinking beer. It was fun. I got teased and whistled at :)
For the Superbowl, she was going to wear the costume for me and my best friend but she had an aunt that died suddenly... [more]

Cheating is a new thing

Jerry came back to the table and Susan and I went to the ladies room. No sooner were we in there that Susan said, “Mary you are in for the ride of your life tonight. He is hot.” Trying to looked shocked I say, “Susan, I’m a married woman.” Grinning she says, “So am I dear, but if your not going to take advantage of that hunk of man tell me, I will... [more]

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