Cheating Confessions

Caught my wife having sex but I didn’t say anything

I came home from work early yesterday, I was feeling sick and left at 10 am. It was MLK day so I had to work but my wife who is a teacher did not. I called her when I left the office but she didn’t answer. When I got home about twenty minutes later there was another car parked at the curb. I walked in and music was playing in the bedroom. I took... [more]

Fantasy of Discreet Sex with Jasmine

She's my Filipino neighbor. Her name is Jasmine.
I have fantasy of she allowing me to come over to her house. We get naked.
She sits on the couch. Legs spread opened with her heels on the edges of the couch cushions.
I get on my knees. I glance at her hairy pussy. I've always wanted to taste Filipino pussy. It's hairy. I run my... [more]

If she won't...

I work Monday thru Friday. Work hard. Sleep hard. Been married 15 years. Wife and I don't have sex much anymore. Maybe once or twice a month. Not due to a lack of be being chivalrous or a good person or charming. She just always has a reason why not.
Last night, I said, "How about you go get a shower and when you get out I'll get the lotion... [more]

I shared sex pictures and video of my wife on local site

Ok. I’m just a normal guy but I gotta admit that I wasn’t thinking of all the replies to the simple ad I placed to spice up the bedroom. My wife is a professional and we have been taking little videos and pictures of us doing everything naughty in the bedroom. We have been trying to get another guy or three to fufill a fantasy we have been... [more]

Wife is cheating and I love it

So I started a job 8 months ago working 3rd shift. Pays a hell of a lot more. Wife said she was cool with it because we would be able to afford better things. Unfortunately our sex life has suffered. I work 6 till 4am. Sleep during the day. We went from sex 2-3 times a week to once a week. Sometimes once every other week.
So last week I was at... [more]

I don't get it.

There's a mum who walks past my house every day to do the school run. She's overweight, unattractive, gobby, sweary, spits as she smokes and walks, clothes are scruffy etc. She has 5 children, under 9 one being in the pushchair. The oldest 2 are black, then the other two are white, then the one in the pushchair is black. Her boyfriend is black... [more]

Big old dick

Just had a belly full of my old neighbours sperm. Currently laying in bed while my husband is asleep, with the sloppiest stretched fanny ever!

Bathtub threesome

Over the holidays my husband and I went to partake in the New Year festivities in Las Vegas. We went with a small group of friends (6 of us) and all got rooms at the same hotel.
My husband was pretty pickled the whole time. He spent a lot of the time hanging with one of our male friends gambling and drinking, and I went with him often, but... [more]

Airborne affair

We met on the plane to PHX. I’m 30. She’s at least 45. I feel like a kid talking to her. She is wise. Keen wit. Charming smile. Great body
Six hours later I’m in her hotel room, fucking her pussy doggystyle and looking down at her butthole. I couldn’t help it - I stopped, pushed her flat on her belly and licked her cute, wrinkled, pink posterior... [more]

Walked In On My Girlfriend Cheating On Me

This was in high school, she was 16 and I was 17. All either of us had done up to that point was kiss, I had gone a little further with some other girls. Me and my girlfriend had a strong relationship (or so I thought). We had previously talked about having sex and doing other stuff and I was excited to be the first one she did sexual stuff with... [more]

I know it's weird

I have on multiple occasions paid prostitutes to jerk me off into my own face and mouth. I love when they are done and call me names. Recently I was able to meet a younger one and she really got off on it. She asked if I could let her do it in front of some of her friends. I agreed and we met them at a park. I have never cum so hard , having 4... [more]

Finally my wifey was bad

I finally caught wife cheating on me . I got rock hard the second I found out . She says she likes the way her fucks her and his cock is bigger. I cant get enough of her now, we fuck like rabbits and I cant stop eating her pretty pussy.
She's planning on seeing him again, I'm going to wait in the hotel lobby like a little lost puppy and wait till... [more]

I just found out I'm pregnant

I recently spent an entire weekend with my black lover and now I am pregnant. My husband was away on a hunting trip and I invited my lover over to stay with me. We spent the entire weekend having sex and for the first time we didn't use protection. He came inside of me everytime knowing that I wanted his baby. I am not going to tell my husband... [more]

Husband wanted me to cheat

My husband has been asking me for years to sleep with other men. Well I finally did it and now I can't stop. I finally gave in about year ago and slept with one of husband's buddies while my husband watched. Since then I have been with several different men. Some my husband knows about but now I love doing it without him knowing. As soon as he... [more]

I love women

I have fucked so many women being married. I lost track at 50 women, every one has been special. Haters are going to hate, my wife isn't interested in sex. I go find women that are

Married but I NEED ass!!!!

I’m married. I know that is supposedly to be the line you don’t cross. My wife isn’t into anything anal and that is my biggest turn-on.
There is nothing sexier than the curves of a woman’s ass. There is nothing more erotic than anal. And there is nothing more taboo than eating a tight ass.
I haven’t acted on it but I need it bad. I hate to... [more]

I'm not gay, my butthole is.

I'm a 30 year old man, married for the past 8 years. I have never had any homosexual desires, and have always loved women and pussy. About a year ago, my wife and I were both drunk and stoned, and were getting kind of kinky one night, and she wound up fucking my virgin ass with her dildo. Holy fuck it felt good. I had never came that hard as I did... [more]

She cheated but it was for best

My wife and I had been married for 13 years. Our sex was good but not great and it had stalled. My last point was the dirty talk about her fucking others. She loved it. One day a neighbors son moved back with him from his time spent in the military do he brings him by to introduce him to us. Now I know immediately my wife saw something in him... [more]

In love with mal

I’m head over heels for you mallika. you rarely speak to me but every time you do i want to wrap you in my arms and hold you there. i even have a girlfriend so you don’t get suspicious. i don’t like her, but she’s good for sex. i don’t really think you care. you love your friends too much, you’re always contained in your own friendship bubble... [more]

Best friends gf is a slut

My best friend was seeing a gorgeous blondie called yasmin who had a body to die for and was a raging alcoholic, she would also get violent when drunk and had a sassy personality, she was on a break from my friend at the time and asked if she could cum over for a drink one weekend, so she did and we ended up fucking, the following weekend she... [more]

All I want for you

I've been married to my wife Maria for 5 years now. She is a 29 year old smoking hot Mexican woman. 5'2" and 120 lbs. Not fat by any means but not skinny. Perfect imo. Horny af also. Love a woman that likes to give head. Just come home from work and she says, "Go shower and sit and I'll suck your dick."
I'm 36. About 5'10" and 160 lbs. I work... [more]

He fucked the wrong sister

The summer after I graduated from high school I went to stay with my older sister and her husband. I was starting college in the fall. My sister was 21 and her husband was 22. One night while my sisters husband was out with his friends, my sister and I stayed up late. We mostly just visited and watched a movie before going to bed. We were both in... [more]

Best Gay hookup site

I’m a married guy, 30 years old. Really really want to suck dick and be fucked by a guy. First time thing, probably only time thing. Just want to experience it. Would like to be fucked by a guy and would also like to be fucked by someone transgendered. Separately on two occasions or together, I don’t mind.
I don’t know how to go about this as I... [more]

Office Parties, 2018!

Women who never cheat otherwise will do so at the office Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Again this year, bulls will be out ready to test your wife’s resolve. If she has been with you for years, she’ll enjoy the compliments, and her mind will race. She’ll wonder what to do about the bull’s advances. Will your wife tell you she’s been hit upon?... [more]

Cheating At A Frat Party

I was at a college fraternity party a couple months ago with friends and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend left the party early, around 12 probably. I had a lot to drink and started dancing with these two guys. Long story short… I ended up sucking both of their cocks.

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