Cheating Confessions

COVID-19 Locked Down!

Ok so we've been told that we're in locked down and just so happens that the misses and I are visiting her parents and can't return home just yet.
To be honest we're not ready to leave JUST yet even though we can cause we live in the same state just a few hours by plane and a 24 hour casual drive away.
The reason not yet ia because my wife's... [more]

My dad touches me drunk

Last night daddy and i were drunk and my mom was asleep. we were watching a movie together and i put my legs on his lap, he started to rub them up and down and i already started getting wet. he then stopped at my thigh and i felt his hands were cold so i spread my legs a little bit and guided his hand between my thighs telling him my thighs are... [more]

My wife made a confession today

My lovely hot wife and I have been married for 24 years this October. Lately she has not been as interested in sex as usual. I asked her if something was bothering her. She said it was just female issues and that it would be ok. We both see professionals on a weekly basis with personal issues. I mean a shrink. So she comes back from seeing her... [more]

Wife share.

Ended up sharing my wife with our old neighbour. This was after we had moved away.But I got him severely attracted to her.When we lived next door we'd have a beer and id show him nude pictures of her on my phone.He said she was too damn hot and asked me to send him a couple.So I did and said "I know what you're gonna do with those" to which he... [more]

Married bi curious

Any married bi curious males in Southwest Georgia ?

Wife's Lunch Hour

My wife goes out with the girls for lunch one day a week. I got suspicious and started checking her panties after she put them in the hamper. I found dried sperm on them. I became suspicious when the lunches lasted 3 hours. I then decided to follow her one day, she had lunch for an hour then drove to a small apartment in the ghetto, a Young black... [more]

Bullying in school and why i love it

Bullies should make the losers worship their feet in order to remember them who is in charge and to keep them obedient and loyal, bullies are so superior and charismatic and so about get adored

Hot for wife’s sister

Married for 39 years to a good woman, but still want sex with her younger sister. I have a serious crush on this lovely woman. Have not progressed further as neither of us want to hurt my wife.

Pregnant again

I'm 19 and pregnant for the second time. Not married. My boyfriend and I don't feel the need or think it matters to do so. I get my health care for me and my children from the state. It would cost a lot to have me on my boyfriend's coverage at his work if we did marry. I want him to tie his tubes after the baby is born but he is resisting. He... [more]

Cheating Mother!

I recently overheard my mother on her cell phone with another man. She has been married to my stepdad for about 5 years. I was 11 when they married. My dad died in a helicopter crash in the army. I thought mom loved Jim my stepdad but after hearing parts of her cell conversation I'm not sure anymore. Not sure about anything now. Jim has been... [more]

I will kill my self if I........

I will kill my self if I ever look at another woman or man in lust and or jack off or use porn or commit adulterous acts. I promise to god and the universe.

Wife’s sister

I had an affair with my sister in law She was staying with us for a couple months. We had sex almost every day. When my wife would be in shower we would fuck . We were all in hot tub once and she was stroking me and my wife had no clue. Yes i was a shit. But she was so hot.

Married with a gf

I had been married for just under two years when I started my affair with a co-worker. My wife was about 8 months pregnant when it started. My co-worker was sexy, flirty and fun. We would have sex at work, after work, meet up on the side of a road, I'd skip my college classes and meet whenever and wherever we could. Some of the most exciting times... [more]

Sharing my wife driving home

My ex and I decided right from the start that we would have an open relationship. We spent a wonderful night out clubbing with one of her ex bfs. When we got to the car I invited them both to share the back seat. By the time we got out on the highway it got very quiet behind me. Then I started hearing rustling noises finally kissing and... [more]

The ex starts

I've been divorced from my ex for about 15 years. I've been remarried for 7. It was a bad divorce. But as of like 3 years ago, we are now civil. Won't be like it was but at least we are friendly-ish.
So 3 weeks ago, she texts me asking if I still had the nude pics of her. I said, "I dunno. Maybe. If I do it's on the micro SD card from the... [more]

Sexy wife

I would like to watch my beautiful and sexy wife do a strip tease and dance nude in front of an audience. I would like to see her masturbate to orgasm in front of the crowd. Every cock in the crowd would be rock hard! They would be turned on watching my hot sexy wife!

Cheating on husband with his brother

I feel so guilty right now. I ended up crossing the line and slept with my husband's brother. I mean the sex was great and it was a turn on for me. He has been trying to get me in bed for months now. My husband's brother is very competitive and gave me the best oral I've ever had and my husband is good at oral. What's even worse is that when I... [more]

Love cheating on boyfriend

I love cheating on my boyfriend when he is not at home. I do that mainly for the adrenaline that I get out of it. I love my boyfriend, but I have really great sex with my lovers knowing that we could get caught. My boyfriend is quite big (1.90) and relatively muscular, so what really makes the whole thing exciting is the idea that the man that is... [more]

My First 3sum

8 months ago I met a woman at work. We are the same age and kind of hit it off. A few months into our friendship she confessed that she and her husband would swing every month or so. My friend is gorgeous. Tall and skinny with beautiful mocha colored skin. Her husband who I met a couple of times is a hunk of a man. 6’5”, 250lbs of solid muscle. He... [more]

My wife Karen

After our second child our sex life had slowed down some and we were down to maybe 3 or 4 times a month having sex but I thought about it a lot and I missed the excitement so I started watching porn to gear my life up again and it worked and Karen reacted to it also laughingly asking what in the world had gotten into me .
I told her and she... [more]

Pleasant surprise

I'm a 37 year old married man. I've been married 8 years. Wife and I used to be very sexually active and sexually adventurous. But the past few years it's died off. I've been bisexual for the longest time. Wife knew that I had done some oral things with men before I met her but thinks that was the past.
So about 2 weeks ago I was on an app... [more]

Yoga instructor

My husband knows that I come home late on Wednesdays, as I go to the gym for yoga class after work. My yoga instructor is a guy who is 25 and gorgeous, great biceps and six pack abs. (I'm 37f and need to tone up, haha.) He's friendly and goes out of his way to learn our names and be personable with people in our class. That is an attractive... [more]


I got off work an hour early last week. I pull in walk in house like I always do. You know the story. I walk down the hall and just like i have heard in many a stories My wife was in bed with the neighbor. The door was open i could see them before i got to opening in dresser mirror.
He is 10 years younger than us. She was straddling him riding... [more]

Let's hear about losing your virginity.

Ladies and gentlemen tell us about your first time.

Subtle but blatant flashing

So here we go .. I am engaged.. however my fiancé’s sister stays with us. In the evening I wear short pants that are baggie when relaxing on the couch - perhaps watching a movie or series or whatever . She normally sits across from me at an angle .
Sometimes when we are watching alone - I subtly place my leg up in a comfortable position and... [more]

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