Cheating Confessions

Lucky meter reader

This past summer, my wife was laying out on our back deck, tanning while totally nude. The neighbors on either side of us are gone during the days, so she felt safe in getting that total tan. I was at work, but she heard the chain link gate to the back yard open and, much to her surprise, there was the meter reader there to read the power meter... [more]

Touching my friend

I’d been in situations like this before but just wanna clarify is it wrong to touch a girls ass and tits by accident? Like multiple times.

My Mother in law ten years ago

She lived alone in Florida and her house needed some repairs done so my wife and I went down for a week. We planned on going to the beach a few times while working on the house but as I started fixing things the list got longer.
My wife and I talked about it and decided that she would fly back home and I would stay at least another week to finish... [more]

42 and pregnant

I never would have thought that I would end up pregnant at 42 years old.
My husband and I planned our family out while we were young. Marred at 18, first child at 20, second child at 22. Oldest child is out of college, good job, and marred, second child in her senior year of college.
My husband has a very well established law firm, and is... [more]


My fantasy is candaulism-by-proxy. I want to send nude pics and videos of my wife, which clearly shows her face, to someone online and tell him to spread them all over the Internet, and to brutally expose her. Finally, I’ll mention which sites to not post them on, since I know some of my friends frequent them. I know he won’t listen to me, so... [more]

Not my boyfriend

I stay at in a university dorm and the RA’s (residential advisors) are really strict. Last weekend, it was really late and I was in my dorm alone because my roommate had gone home for the weekend. It was about 2:30 in the morning. I was up just watching YouTube on my phone when someone banged on my door. I looked through the peep hole to see my... [more]

Caught girlfriend giving a bj

My girlfriend and i were going to stay home in our own apartments this night,just chill for the evening .
So I ordered a pizza,which was going to be too much for me,so i decided to drop off half of it to Melissa. When I got out of the car I noticed that her parking spot had a different car in it and she was behind it in another spot. As i got to... [more]

I have slept with my MIL for, almost, 10yrs now

About two years into my marriage, my mother-in-law planned a visit at the same time my wife was forced on an impromptu business trip. Somehow, things happened and instead of guilt, it became our personal 'game.'
She has been widowed since before I met my wife. She usually visits during the holidays, and for a couple weeks during the summer. I... [more]


I was sleeping an woke to my mates daughter given me head I was amazing I blew she left my mate said next morning did you enjoy my daughter last night I sent her to your room :) she is 18yo yes I did BG smile has this happened to anyone


I love to look in ppl widows to watch them fuck or shower or finger .my next door a family of 4 females an they dad moved in I always peep on them watching them play with them self's using many things to fuck them with I cum watching them .an they dad walks around nude in front of them even with a hard cock which I seen the daughter suck ..has... [more]

Out of the blue

So I accidentally cheated on my wife on Saturday night...while on a night out with my giving a guy a blowjob.
All I can say is that I was really drunk not that that’s an excuse.
We were on a bar crawl with a few friends and we went into a bar towards the end of the night i’d Not been to before. We had a drink and it seemed good... [more]

I’m in trouble.

I’m a married man and happily. Been married for 10 years but for the last year I’ve been getting fucked by my boyfriend.
It’s weird to call him that but it’s got to that point now. We met at the gym and got chatting. A few months later we went for a drink after working out and he tried to kiss me. I pushed him off and we didn’t mention it... [more]

Suck husband

Suck husband cock

I haven't told my boyfriend I go to gloryholes

So this is something I've been doing since before we started dating...
We live in a pretty populated part of Cali where there are lots of porn shops/sex clubs with glory holes. I originally got into it because I liked the extra cash some people would slip me but I have student and car loans and a job that doesn't pay an incredible amount... [more]


Came home early an caught my mother in law getting licked out by our family pet she didn't know I seen her as she came hard .the next day I did the same. An caught her getting fucked by the family pet has anyone caught family members or friends doing stuff like this .

More guys are at least bi

There are more guys who are at minimum bisexual than everyone realizes. It's ok to be a man that likes having sex with another man...but being in the closet. No reason for anyone to know your personal business.
I was in the closet for the longest time. I just didn't want to admit that I was sexually attracted to men. I'm a married man and my... [more]

Old, but thinking of first affair

I'm 68 and my husband is 75. We've been married and faithful since 1968. We haven't had sex in 13 years. We've kind of been there and done that, and my husband's health is poor. He had a heart attack in '08. Our desire levels are pretty low. We are both retired.
I meet up with a group of seniors that take painting classes twice a week. Our... [more]

Got Pregnant On Business Trip and Husband Assumes The Child Is HI

I was traveling for business and met a rather handsome man at the hotel restaurant. I went back to his room with no intentions of doing anything but to talk and relax. I got caught up in the moment and we had sex. When he was about to enter me I asked if he had a condom and he said that he didn't. I wasn't on birth control (my husband uses... [more]

My wife and Andrew

The other night after coming home from a neighborhood party. I looked around and noticed my wife seemed to be feeling tipsy and a little flirty. The group decided one more shot for good times sake. We took our shots when I noticed my wife give one of our young neighbors Andrew a wink and he smiled back. I didn’t know what to think other than she... [more]

My girlfriend wants to fuck other guys too

My girlfriend says she loves me and what we have together ,but would like to be able to fuck other guys with no commitment to them what so ever. All while I watch.She wants me to be there with everyone that she's with .To see them do things to her and to watch her suck them off . She said think about it .
Am I fucking crazy,should I dump her for... [more]

Wife's boss

My wife on more than one occasion as mentioned to me that she thinks her boss fancys her by the way he looks at her and flirts with her . I asked her if she liked it she said who wouldn't it's nice to get treated like your something special , I also asked her if she fancied him she said he's nice but No she did not fancy him . Again I said why... [more]

I’m attracted to my boyfriend’s daughter

She just turned 16, and it’s like a switch flipped in my head that turned her from “kind of annoying teenager” to “teen sex goddess.” My boyfriend knows I’m bi but has no idea I’m fantasizing about his daughter when we’re in bed.

Daddy had sex with my aunt

I came back from school into the house and I dropped my things in my room. I then heard some sounds in the garage so I went there. I was a little scared so I quietly opened the door to see my pregnant aunt (Dad’s sis) being fucked by him. I was 15 years old at the time so I was so shocked that Daddy would do that my aunt.
I just quietly watch... [more]

Another Anal confession

I am a MWF, 42, and I’ve been sleeping with my boss who’s now 66 for some years now. Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the first time. There’s no one I can tell, so I’ll say it here.
I was late 30s, he was early 60s, very attractive, confident, established, respected, also married. One day, I thought out of the blue, he spun me around at the... [more]

I'm a teacher and had sex with a colleague o a field trip

I have recently returned from a field trip, taking the kids to an outdoors centre for a few days. All the kids were in dorms and teachers 2 to a room. 3 female teachers, one male so I ended up in with Tony. He is cute, most the 6 form girls have a crush on him and so do the female teachers under 50. Me included (I'm 26) he is 38 I think, but a... [more]

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