Cheating Confessions

Pussy licking

I love feeling my brother in laws tongue running slowly up my slit.


I have never told my husband that I used to regularly visit adult theaters when I was younger. Now it's nearly impossible to find one . I still think about all the things that would happen in the theater's and how incredibly bad they smelled. I was the reason that one got shut down for awhile because it was raided and I was busted and underage... [more]

It's not something I expected to happen

Big family party with lots of drinking and loud music. Approximately 60 people at the house, I've had a blast hosting it with my wife and everyone is having a good time. I go upstairs to the bathroom since everyone is using the one downstairs. I open the door turn on the light, lift the lid and start using the toilet. A couple shakes and I... [more]

Getting pregnant by strangers

I have long and sad personal experience with fertility treatments and alternative methods of conception, and when it works, I supposed it's a wonderful realization of a dream, but when it fails, it is really a massive expense and an emotional nightmare. My husband and I attempted everything medically available and had no success, so here's what I... [more]

It's my thing

When I was just a little kid the neighbors baby sat me everyday when I got home from school. I loved riding my bike ,the old man used to tell me to stay off the rocks , but most 12 or 13 year old kids never listened anyway. One day I was riding my bike on the rocks when I got in an accident , I feel on my ass and it made me scream and cry. He came... [more]

Doing neighbor's hotwife

I've been fucking my hotwife neighbor Carolyn for the last 3 months. It's a problem because I'm 20 and have been happily married for just 6 months and my wife has no clue. It started when my neighbor Tim and I were talking across the fence when we were doing yard work. He and his wife Carolyn are in their mid 50s. He mentioned they had been... [more]

I look younger

Everyone says I look like I'm 13 or 14. But I'm almost 19. I use this to tease older men. I pretend to be young and let them take advantage of me, I normally hit them up for money afterwards to keep quiet. you would be surprised on how many guys want to have sex with a girl when they think they are young. I think it's hilarious that they get so... [more]

OMG I caught my husband with 2 guys!!!!!

I caught him sucking another man's dick and getting fucked and I think it's hilarious. I can't believe it and when I caught them I hid and watched and for some reason I was laughing hysterically trying not to be found out.
We went to a big party out of town that friends have every year on their property. everyone was camping out so we could... [more]

Coffee stand

My husband and his buddies keep going to one of those bikini coffee stand's. It started getting to me , I mean why go ? Most say I'm better looking and have a way better body. Well it finally got to the point that I Said something. His friends and him said that they're not naked it's no big deal. I decided to go and see for myself. The girl was... [more]

Affair with a woman 30 years younger

Since two years i am having a sexual affair with obe of my ex students. I am 60 she is 30.
We love each other; i can talk and be intimate with her mzch better. We have real good sex; tried crazy things; bondage; watersports - she is open to everythin new..
My wife since 30 years is not interested in body contact at all; since 10 years. But you... [more]

Would it be ok?

So the wife went out of town to visit her sister in Florida. I would have gone but something happened at work and I had to work. I texted her the next morning and asked how she was. She said, "Good. Haven't been down here in a while. Horny tho. Real horny. Wish you were hear to fuck me." I said, "You could use your toy." She said, "Left it in the... [more]

Best blow job

When I was 15 my family sent me to my cousins to spend some summer time with them which was about 30 miles away.
One night when I was sleeping I felt someones hand rubbing on my crotch. I had no idea who it was so I was very scared. I tried pushing whoever hand it was away and I finally notice it was my 18 year old cousin. She tells me to be... [more]

Hall pass

When I seen how my wife was acting , and how she would stare dreamingly at a old friend of mine who stopped by for a week. He was on his way to work in Alaska. So anyway I could tell immediately that she was over the top attracted to him. I made a door hanger out of red cardboard and later that day I pulled her a side and handed to her. I told her... [more]

Caught wife

My wife is 35 years old and has had two kids but still looks great! We have a great sex live and never any complaints for her.
I was able to leave work early one day and when I got home I found her in bed getting pounded by a young kid that was hung like a horse. I just stood there watching them until she seen me standing there, she got up and... [more]

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