Cheating Confessions

I want a married man to wank over my pictures

I am a mum of three ... big boobs I want a married man to cum tribute me and send me a video of it , it turns me on so much thinking about it I can send pictures ;)


The offer.
Take the small amount of redundancy and risk everything.
Stay and risk losing out on any further promotion by refusing his offer.
Suck his dick, get him real hard and let him fuck my pussy and arsehole. This way gaining promotion and securing my and my husband's future and home.
Wasn't much of a choice, was it.
Now eight... [more]

Walked in

I just got done masturbating while watching my wife fuck a guy she works with. Got off work and walked in to see my wife naked and riding her co-workers cock. She was very much enjoying it too. She saw me and got defensive. I started taking off my clothes. She asked what I was doing. I sat down in the chair in the bedroom and said, "I'm gonna jack... [more]

I can't stop thinking about men using my daughters

I think about it all the time! Some guy creeping on them and I know he is but I don't do anything to stop it. fuck I'm a bad dad!

Cohort trip

I cheated on my girlfriend this weekend. I'm male, 24, and in grad school. I'm in a cohort with about 20 students and we basically take all the same classes together. We went on a trip out of town to present papers at a conference and my girlfriend couldn't go with me as she had to work.
To save money, we roomed together at the hotel, with... [more]

Feel awful about it

Quick confession. Been married 2 years. It's been nice. We don't have kids or want any. My husband is great. I went out for lunch with a friend and a guy friend of hers. They are not dating. We had a nice lunch and went back to my friend's place.
We were chatting, drinking wine, and things seemed nice and a little flirty. The guy asked if we... [more]

Husbands away

My husband is away right now. He's working in a different city, so I entertain myself with an older neighbor's huge cock. He's forty nine, I'm twenty six and he's the best lover I've ever had sex with, certainly the biggest cock I've ever had fuck me anyway. I just love riding his enormous shaft and he never fails to make me climax multiple times... [more]

Cam Girl Addiction

I have had a 2 year addiction to cam girls. I've been married for 9 years, but I've never been with another woman other than my wife. This is probably why I find cam girls so exciting, I would never physically cheat on my wife, but something about doing it online makes it seem less harsh. Does this constitute as cheating on my wife? How do I stop... [more]

Roomies Mom

Went to my roommates house for the weekend when we were in college. He went to bed I stayed up and his mom sits next to me and starts rubbing my crotch. I said “ can you do that?” She said yes can you.
In minutes we were in the spare bedroom going at it. This room was right between her room where her husband was sleeping and her sons room... [more]

She retired with a bang

I cheated on my wife for the first time yesterday, but I don't think I did anything that any other guy wouldn't do.
I work in a small office with 12 people, and our secretary Laura was working her last day. She's worked there 22 years and is 58. We closed the office at 2:00 for a combo holiday/going away party. She's a divorcee and has a bit... [more]


Catherine and I have been married for nearly 10 years. She is 9 years older than me. When we met we both decided to confide in each other about our past partners and lovers. Through the years we shared our confessions and neither judged the other. As time went on she became curious about other girls in the present. So I asked her if she was... [more]

Ladies confess your most orgasmic cheating experiences

Ladies only. Tell us the experiences that gave you the best orgasms.

Stay over

A couple of years ago, my husband was away on a course for a week and I was to stay with my friend and her husband for the week he was away as I just could not face being on my own for the week. Anyway I packed a small bag with essentials for a stay away from home, a couple of changes of clothes and underwear, tooth brush, and other... [more]


I've been happily married for 15 years and have two beautiful kids. I'm 36. I love my husband dearly, and he is still a great lay. His dick is average, 5", but there are no issues. He's a wonderful lover and provider.
I have a female friend with whom I have lunch on occasion. I don't even remember how we got on the subject, but she mentioned... [more]

I accidentally got my brother's wife pregnant

Me and my brother's wife have been fucking since one year. My brother doesn't satisfy all her dirty fantasies. With me she becomes the women she is. She craves everytime we fuck. Moans till she cries with pleasure. We tried everything . Just everything. From rimjob, pissing , femdom, making her my slave. Just everything. But the last time we... [more]

Damn good Christmas present

So I just got home at 2am. No, I didn't have to work. I was already home. I got a text from Brandy. Brandy is a woman I worked with at my previous job. We have known each other for 10 years. We have been fucking off and on for about 4 years.
Brandy and I went to college together. That's where we met. We got a job after graduation at the same... [more]

Merry fucking christmas

I'm so fycking drunk rite now I manot should be here but fuck me its christmass and my cunt fuck wife just kikis me outa oir hous cuz i fucked her sidter My wife cometo bed and bee like let me sucj yure cock and i like ramd it inti her mout and shes like what thr fuck like you got pusssy juce on your cock you taste like my sister yu ficking ass... [more]

Mother Daughter threesome

I don't really know how it happened but it did. I've been in a serious relationship with Lisa for about six months. She's 52, four years older than me and a great cock sucker I thought. That's before I got involved with her best friend Tammy and Tammy's daughter. Tammy is the same age as Lisa. I always was turned on by how Tammy looked since Lisa... [more]

Give her a second chance?

I recently learned my wife cheated on me. It's odd, because I thought our relationship was great. It was with a friend from her high school who was in town and hit her up for a lunch date. I've never met the guy, but she said he's gay and his male partner was also going to the lunch too. I do know that this friend dated my wife for a bit when they... [more]

Fun with an older guy

When I was in high school I used to buy weed from my brother's friend's older brother. He was in his late 30's and engaged, but his fiancee was never around and he would flirt with me nonstop. Sometimes he would invite me to festivals and concerts and it didn't help that I always dressed in my skimpiest clothes.
One night when I was 18 we went... [more]

Update to little nervous

I recently post before Christmas in a post called little nervous. Here is my last post
I'm little nervous I been with same girl for the last 5 years. I'm 25 and so is she. Her name is Samantha , She is a great girl to be with. She cooks well. Sex with her is great. She got a nice thick booty. 36 d tits and weighs Probaly 135 lbs. Great... [more]

My wife goes on a date

My wife has a date tonight. She doesn't know that I know. I even know who the guy is who's fucking her.
I know she's been fucking someone (or more than one) because when she came home after her last "girls' night out" I was in bed and she thought I was asleep; she undressed and her thong was gone. She pulled it out of her coat pocket all wadded... [more]

Cheating Renewed My Self Esteem

I'm confessing here to tell other women that having an affair may renew your love for your husband. My cheating wasn't planned but it happened. After 20 yrs. of marriage my sex life with my husband ended. He has no desire to please me. Maybe it's because when I aged my body started to change. I always was a plain looking person and the fact that... [more]

Restaurant sex

Took my wife Andrea out to a local restaurant six weeks ago. She asked me as we were waiting for our deserts, why the three guys across from us had not stopped staring at her.
I knew exactly who they were and told her not to say anything. I also said we'd skip desert and get the bill.
My wife headed off to the ladies and I saw all three men get... [more]

Boyfriend loved when i sucked off roommate

My boyfriend and I went swimming over a friends house . We arrived and went outback, hung out a little , then our friend Paul says lets get in the pool . We swam for a bit, then getting out ,I noticed he had big one in his tight trunks, not hard at the time , just a big package . I said to my bf Steve, omg he has a big one eh ? . he says I guess... [more]

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