Cheating Confessions

Wife and neighbor

I suspected my wife was cheating with the neighbor guy when she started doing strange things. She has always been chummy with him, inviting him over whenever we invited friends and family, standing outside talking to him for an hour or so, just things like that. When I first asked her of anything was going on, she denied it and asked how I could... [more]

Getting this off my chest

So, recently I have been sleeping with my ex husband. He is in another relationship and I am remarried. Ironically, I left my ex husband 4 years ago after having an affair with my current husband. I know, messed up right? Just had to get this off my chest.

Married and all I crave is ass

I feel terrible about this. I really do. I've been married for almost 15 years now to a beautiful woman. We have our ups and downs but for the most part we are a happy couple. My biggest issue is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE anal and ass play and she does not.
I crave it constantly. I masturbate to anal porn and fantasize about fucking every woman I... [more]

Sister doesn't know I fuck her husband

She has no idea that whenever I'm alone with her husband he has his way with me. I can't help myself around him. I turn into a sissy slut and wear my wife's panties as he turns me out.

College classmate

Im 21 and currently in college in Virginia, I originally live in Pennsylvania. I also have a boyfriend from high school back in PA. I been in college for two years. When I started college I met a nice friend who is also my classmate in at least one class ever since I been in college. His name is Malcolm he is a foreign exchange student from... [more]

My child or what?

My stepdaughter has just given birth to a daughter. She is gorgeous, like her mum and gran. I however think she has a lot of me in her? My reason for this is that one day not long back. Both my stepdaughter katherine and her partner were visiting us. I was left alone chatting with her and as per talk got around to pregnancy, partner concerns etc... [more]

Found some old Polaroids of my wife...

My wife Debbie has always had a habit of not pushing her dresser drawers all the way back in. Drives me nuts. I'm always pushing them back in whenever I do the vacuuming (one of my weekly household chores). Last weekend while Debbie was at work one of the lower drawers became jammed when I pushed it back in, so I had to yank it out so that I could... [more]

Any dads here

What's the naughtiest thing u ever did

Hot AF weekend

So I work Monday thru Thursdays. 10 hour shifts and work at night. So my wife Cassie wanted to go out, get some dinner and do some drinking Friday night. She asked if she could invite another couple. Mutual friends of ours.
So we go out to a bar in town. Good food, live music. We are there a couple hours. It seems like we are done. Cassie... [more]

Unfaithfully happy

I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We dated for 2 years before we got married. The night before the last night we would be single, she asked if I was going to get laid my last night before we got married. I reminded her that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. She said, "I wasn't talking about you and I having sex." I said... [more]

Slutty Wife WARNING!

I first met my wife about 10 years ago at orientation for a new job. When I walked into the room I was instantly drawn to her, seriously the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I knew then i HAD to be with this girl! Throughout the orientation I would intentionally get got looking at her but I'd make sure I would give her what I call the "LOOK"... [more]

Bitch in Boots

I posted a week ago or so about me managing to get my cock back in my mates missis mouth, gave her a good facefuck n after months her giving me the cold shoulder i knew id get in her again,
saturday evening was BBQ at my mate house, loads us there, getting drunk etc and that bitch cassie was running around with pair brown fuck me boots on, with... [more]

Enjoying My Sisters

I have two sisters..... Both are elder ones
Kavya😍 and Sandhya😍
During small ages while playing chess I saw Kavya's cleav*** .On that day I got my first impression
After many years ... Kavya @age 22 and me at age 14 were sleeping in same bed with Sandhya@ age21 aside separately......
I accidentally felt Kavya's a** which made me hard.... I... [more]

I watched my wife give my friend a bj

I was helping my cousin put a roof on his house about 20 miles from my house,when during the process i needed my nail gun. So i went back home and there was my buddies car in the street in front of our house.
I walked up and through the window,I saw my wife topless on her knee's and my buddy Steve was skull fucking her. he was forcing her to take... [more]

My husband wants me to cheat on him

I'm 32 yr old female, fairly pretty, little bit chunky, but not bad overall. I've been married to my husband for 8 years, we have one child.
Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate and testicle cancer, and had to have everything removed.
Well out of the blue the other day he tells my he would like more children. Well being... [more]

The Day of the Hairy Anus

In the year 2009, when America was fully in the teeth of the Great Recession, for the first time in my life I became unemployed. I worked in industrial construction, and the work just fell off to nothing. I went on unemployment as many others had. I had been married for quite a few years, my wife having an excellent job with a major utility, and... [more]

Sister leads wife astray

A few years ago, my wife's younger sister went through a rough divorce and my wife started spending a lot of time with her. They began going to nightclubs and before long she was staying out half the night. I kept asking her about her activities and she would only say, "I'm not doing anything wrong." I usually slept through her arrival home, but... [more]

Facefucked the bitch

Mouths have passed since i last screw my mates dirty bitch of a girlfriend, i posted previous times on here as i wanted to share but couldnt tell anyone. she went all cold on me and refused saying it would never happen again and she claims to be “being good and faithful” i thought it was a shame but accepted it till a few hours ago. hanging out... [more]

Anal cherry

I’ve been married 20 years and my husband has never really tried messing with my ass. Every one in a while I masturbate and touch my asshole, it feels good, but I don’t really stick anything up there.
I went to a conference for work and on the plane met this guy from Dallas. I’m 45 and he’s 32. We talked on the plane and had a real connection... [more]

Used condom

Come home from work the other morning. (I work third shift.) My wife was still asleep. It was her day off, which means she was up late last night talking with friends. I showered, got something to eat, and then went to bed. My wife and I both sleep nude, so I thought I'd eat a little pussy, then a quick fuck. Well it was still a little dark in the... [more]

Lesbian affair

So every now and then my wife will ask if I have any fantasies. I mention the fantasy of a mff threesome. She always says, "I could've had sex with a woman back in the day but it's just not for me. Now a mfm threesome we could possibly do."
So I work 3rd shift in a factory. Off Friday and Saturday. Two weeks ago, we got let out 2 hours early. I... [more]

Her one nighter

My wife Linda used to fly frequently to Chicago to teach a few classes a week then fly right back. Her class usually consisted of 18-25 year males. We had been married a little over 15 years. I noticed how guys were always checking her out. Some would go as far a flirting even if I was somewhere close by. She couldn’t help it, she is very... [more]

I know because I live the life of a guy with a small cock.

Okay. For all you people out there that say, "Size don't matter" or "Bigger is not better" or "Sex is more than penis in vagina, blah, blah blah"... Let me tell you that you are more than likely in one of these catagories:
1. You are a dude with a small cock.
2. You are the wife or girlfriend of a dude with a small cock and your sexual... [more]

I crave inappropriate male attention. I don't know how to stop.

I'll just preface this by saying: I've been with my fiancé for about six years, and I have never once cheated on him. When I go out, I've never danced with/hugged/held hands with/kissed/slept with another guy in the past 6 years, 5 of which were extreme long distance in our relationship.
The issue is, I love male attention. To the point where I... [more]

Considering it.....

I have been considering cheating which probably makes me sound like a horrible person. I've been friends with my boyfriend for a number of years before we started to date, honestly I didn't want to date him because I had a feeling that things wouldn't work so well if we started to date. I was right.
We used to be best friends and then also... [more]

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