Cheating Confessions

Big Latino banged my wife

My wife and I regularly would go to the mall, walk around and go to the food court and have coffee, usually because we were board. Several times this really large Latino guy (he looked like a professional wrestler) would walk by our table and smilling gave me a mocking look which said to me he could easly take my wife and fuck her and I couldn't... [more]

My First Time was Great

I started going with my husband my senior year in HS. He was only a year older than me but graduated 2 years before me. We were quite an item and I knew that he wanted to marry me and I was in love with but I wasn’t that experienced and had some desires that I’d wanted to do before I settled down.
So on my senior trip I seduced this guy and... [more]

Finally got to watch my wife have sex with her bull.

I had a heart attack 3 years ago and with that have ED. Wife has been sympathetic and tried numerous things but I could tell that she really wanted a hard cock. I told her that maybe she ought to go out and find someone, but she always said that it would be strange and she didn’t think she’d be comfortable.
I sort of dropped that line of... [more]

Horny fwb

So this may be a bit vanilla for this site but when I was in college I made a deal with my Feb that we'd keep seeing eachother one night a year for the rest of our lives no matter where we were. I'm not married with 4 children and every year I go to celebrate the new year with friends ' but really go to get raw hammered by my friend. I love it... [more]

My friends Dad fucked me

I spent the night at my friends house we were both juniors in hs . She had agreed to a babysitting job so her Mom took her at 7am on her way to work. I stayed in bed she said leave when you want. I went in the bathroom which has a door to the master bedroom and my friends bedroom. I got mixed up and by accident I went into the master bedroom wher... [more]


I first learned of my desire for cock when I was in the Air Force and took showers in the open stall with black guys. I couldn't believe how big their cocks were and how hot their bodies looked when wet. I had always thought I was straight until when I was in basic training. My eyes went straight to their cocks and at night I would think about... [more]

New Escort

I am a 51-year-old male and I just started seeing an escort every Friday that is 20 and looks a lot like my middle daughter. We roleplay the daddy/daughter thing and I love it. I feel like I am actually fucking my daughter and it is the best sex I have ever had.

They finally found out

My wife and I spend a lot of time with another couple. My wife and I are in our mid 40s and so is the other couple. Dave and I have a lot in common and my wife Vanessa and Dave’s wife Stacy have a lot in common. We hang out on the weekends together every weekend. Dave and Stacy have a pool so in the summer we are at their house and in the cooler... [more]

Have You Ever Vaped Weed?

I've been using weed vaporizers for several years

Caught cheating with friends wife

Well me and my friends wife got caught cheating. Here’s the back story. About 6mo ago I went over to my friends house. I’ve known him and his wife before they was together. They got together about 6 years ago and got married. I would go hangout often and was close and never really had to call I could just pull up. Me and my wife have been together... [more]

Cheating wife

To all men don't care how rich you are how fit or how perfect you think your relationship is. Your wife ,girlfriend, fiancee will always cheat . Don't trust them at all have your way with them make them your cumdumpster cause if you don't someone else will.

Does she want me to fuck her?

I’m divorced and my neighbor Tina frequently stops by for some seemingly made up reason. She always mentions her husband is working all the time and invites me to play tennis or ride bikes or go hiking. She asks very matter of factly and innocently, like her husband wouldn’t mind and it’s a just friends thing. I do know him and don’t need drama... [more]

Wife and ex internee

My wife had a day off, while I was at work but due to some extra job I have to stay longer than normal time, I told my wife. After finishing my work I came home and my wife was not there I asked the children they told she went for grocery and will be back soon. Once she came back, I was drinking and the children already went to their room. She... [more]

Fucked my bestfriends gangster boyfriend

So I am a white girl, with a fat ass like it’s the main thing everyone always talks about when they notice me. I have green eyes an black hair. Alright long backstory short I ended up needing a place to stay for awhile an my friend an her sureno boyfriend offered me their place. My friend would work during the day an her boyfriend would sell drugs... [more]

Friend and her mom.

Last Sunday, I went to my friend's house for some project work, she was not at home so I waited, her mom let me in and serve a tea, her mom's hug cleavage was bursting out of her suit, I was just keep staring at it, she sat beside me, I started pressing her with my elbow, and then grabbed her big boobs, I dragged her to bedroom and fucked her... [more]

Bad baby sitter

Two wives catch there baby sitter fucking our husbands and they are mad. she thinks see could out fox us, but we let her think that. we took the kids to moms house and asked her for help cleaning the garage. we put knock out pill in her drink and told her we were going shopping. we saw on camera, she past out. so we rolled her onto her back on... [more]

My cum on the ground, another guy's cum inside my girlfriend.

I stripped nude and went outside on my balcony to masturbate and cum while my neighbor and her girlfriends watched. They watched me masturbate and cum many times. My pretty neighbor Paige, who lived directly across from my front door, honored me by allowing me to strip nude, masturbate, and cum while she watched several times. I just could not... [more]

Suspect Wife starts having sex with a guy

I strongly suspect my wife had osex with at least one online for a while. What are others opinions on it?
Actually I’m not really super jealous and care more how she acts towards me directly. So she had this lustful crush on another man, hey men and woman have basic desires what are you going to do? Below are some facts around this... [more]

Watching the wife

I work 2nd shift and don’t get off till midnight. My wife works usually till 6pm. It snowed the other day so she didn’t get home right away like she usually does. We have a ring doorbell that alerts me when someone gets close to the door. It alerted me about 7:30pm. I checked and it was her. She walked in and had a friend with her. I was on a... [more]


Have you seen the pic of Nancy’s huge fun bags? I’ve heard her caucus is huge also. Does anyone have a pic of it?

Mom picked me up after stealing at the store

Me and my friend in jr.high did not have any money. so we would steal to get what we want. we got caught by my neighbor who worked there. she called our moms about it. she drove us to my house where our moms were waiting for us. we were told not to wear mini dresses, but we were in our knee high boots, black pantyhose and peace sign neck chains... [more]

My Aunt

I’m cheating on my girlfriend with my Aunt. I know it’s wrong, but I’ve never felt such passion or desire with anyone else. I’m going to hell.

50 year anniversary

On Oct 28 my wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary, what she doesn't know is that for most of them I have been a panty wearing cocksucker. Growing up I always had an attraction to panties, I use to take my sister's panties and wear them to school sometimes, or out to play, this continued into adulthood and when I got my first apartment I... [more]

Me and my wife made an agreement

So me and my wife have have swung/swapped a couple times but it’s only been with same race. She has agreed for either swinging with a different race couple or possibly finding a single guy/girl of a different race and we try that out. She says she wants to try a bbc and asked me what I want to try. I told her since she wants a bbc I want to find a... [more]

Necked and petted, came~! with BIL

My husband told me to have a good time - "maybe flirt a little and come home and tell me about it. Maybe give a couple panty flashes, too?!"
I was heading out on a very rare "girl's night out" with two friends from work.
I was wearing a simple blouse and midthigh khaki skirt with a slit that my husband really likes!
Anyway - after an evening... [more]

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