Cheating Confessions

I love incest - I'm 18

I can't get enough of incest. I love the thought of a mother teaching her son sexual positions and teaching him how to pleasure a girl. I love the thought of a sister and brother fucking under the covers while home alone. I don't know if I would ever actually do it but if it was my aunt or something (she can be very sexual around me) I wouldn't... [more]

Girlfriend caught having sex with her brother-in-law

It happened in 1966, my best years as I was only 18 years-old. I come to my village during one of the long weekends working for a company in another part of the country. I was standing with my best friend on the street corner, when two girls walked out from a house about 100 m away. I recognized one of the girls but the other I have never... [more]

My wife’s secret affair

I found out my wife 45 year old attractive Wifey was having an affair with a 20 year old summer intern
I knew something was wrong when she started making up excuses for not wanting to have sex. This was very unusual. The summer was almost finished when in the middle of the night her phone went off. I noticed her looking at a text when I... [more]

I have a weird fetish

I have always had a weird fetish , I like to eat food that either has a man's cum on it or that's been in my pussy. Therapist are a joke , they have done nothing to help. I just continue to do it more and more often.

Cock for the blues

So the back story is I went cold turkey on men and dating to focus on my studies at university. But now that im done and looking for a job i decided to find a man.
My bf and i have been together for a few weeks now. Hes 67 and im 23. Im just sprung on older guys, something about the taste of a mature cock really gets me horny.
So heres the... [more]

Unmistakable sounds of sex

I got home early one afternoon, really early about 1:30 which was unusual for me. I did not send any messages to my wife figuring I would surprise her. I arrived home and the lawn service truck was parked along the road in front of our house. I do not know why but it struck me as odd that I did not hear any equipment running. I walked thru the... [more]

Mental anguish

The summer before last I was forced , some call it rape , some call it sexual abuse. We were camping near a popular lake with some friends. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. I remember how incredibly hot it was , that night after everyone was heading to bed , I told my husband I needed to shower. I felt disgusting and stinky from... [more]


My MIL is just 8 years older than me. I started fucking her even before I knew her daughter. She was 31 years old the first time I fucked her. She has the hottest pussy anyone could imagine, and its even tighter than my wife's. Now I'm married, I still fuck her at least once a week. Her best friend lets us use her house. Neither my MIL's husband... [more]

Collateral damage

I had a post for well hung black guys to fuck me and fulfill a fantasy of mine , my husband was out of town and my daughter was over at her friends for the week end. I was at home enjoying three huge black cocks using me however they wanted when I got a text that my daughter was at the door to unlock it and let her in. I put my robe on and went... [more]

Doing more than a favor

I am a white girl in my mid 20s and look nice, I was in a financial bind and had to sell my box chevy. the guy I sold it to was someone I worked with and he said if I would take him by his place he would get the money and take me home since we lived on opposite ends of town..He was black. when we got there he invited me in and and I thought... [more]

Helping my husbands friend

My husband has been incarcerated for about 3 years. about 2 months ago he asked me if it would be ok if a friend that was getting out stayed at the house till his family could come get him. I said well I don't know who is it, he said White. well first of all White is black and I have met him only twice. the only thing I remember about him was... [more]

Cum filled kisses

The bf likes to stay late with the boys playing bball so i get a ride home from his idiot friend. i give him a big juicy kiss when he finally decides to come home. What he doesnt know is that i suck his friends cock all the way home and the weird taste in my mouth isnt from eating salty snacks


I watched as my third wife brought a dog home to fuck her.he was to young and unable to control. I made her suck his cock instead.

Thinking about my Ex cheating makes me cum!

My Ex cheated on me years ago with a work mate of mine. Broke us up, It killed me at the time, only months after having a child with her as well. So it hurt like hell for a very long time!!
Anyway years later, completely moved on, no pain looking back anymore at all. I've now found that while building up to an orgasm, be it with my wife or... [more]

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