Cheating Confessions


I have always had this disire to watch my first wife fuck another man.
She was too conservative and church goer
We got divorced and I found me a gorgeous woman her name is Tina.
Tina is 2 years younger than me.
She is hot.
4’11” sandy blonde petite with a round tight ass.
Tina loves sex and i told her when we got married she ever wanted to... [more]


I want to see my wife seduced by another. She cheated on me a few times over the years. And kinda made me this way. I forgave her every time mainly because i was with many women when we were younger. Have not stepped out on her in years. But the thought of her fucking another man Gets me hard. How can i get her to except this?

My wife

I want someone to seduce an have a affair with my wife. I want them to fuck her hard.

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My dog

I just was browsing and getting horny and my dog kept bothering me. So he started licking me I get on my knees aand he mounted me a nutted in my ass Of god he raped my ass its sore now

Wife’s cousin

I fucked my wifes cousin Kim all the time.
Can’t share everything but kim was staying with us while she wAs getting divorced with her 3 kids
I was sitting on the couch with her she was sorta laying under a blanket
She put her feet on me
My wife was not due to be home from work for a hour.
Kims daughters and my son was on floor watching... [more]

Fwb for wife

Looking fir someone to seduce my wife. 35 miles south if cincinati Won’t happen overnight will take building a friendship first by working s part time job for her

Wife’s Confession

We’ve been married 25 years our sex life was good throughout those years. My wife had cheated on me with four different men through those years. We didn’t really have an open relationship but she knew I believe that I forgive her each time. So he came to a shock to me when we was sitting around alone talking. She was a little horny at the time... [more]


A teacher at my child’s school caught my eye over the last year. She is now our in house sitter since COVID on days my wife goes to work. I work from home and we chat alot. She is engaged. Our chats have become more flirtatious the past few weeks. She snapchat friended me and now we chat on there alot. She ‘accidentally’ showed me a nude on her... [more]

Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.
My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to... [more]

Affair with mother in law

Been having an affair with my mother in law for years, I love her, even more than my wife, sex is fucking great with her.
We are always fucking whenever she leaves the room, last time was last night. The three of us were watching a movie and then wife left because she was tired and wanted to sleep, as soon as she got in our room her mother gave... [more]

Mother i law

I was married about a year
We lived next door to my wifes parents.
My mother inlaw was in her early 40s
I was 21 at the time.
She was petite like my wife but never really was attracted to her till one night i was upstairs and saw the light come on next door. I looked and it was my mother inlaw. Lets call her Lisa. She was in bathroom. The... [more]

Living with a Hot Wife

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. It's been a great 15 years. We met online. She wasn't specifically looking for the person she was going to marry but if she found him that would be cool. She was divorced. Her husband wasn't really into sex all that often and she was (and still is). He only wanted sex once a week at most. She wants sex... [more]

My wife

I set my wife up with a huy i work with. She don’t know about it. I just knew if the right goid looking guy would hit on her she would eventually give in.
It took him almost two months.
She go to the store and i would tip him off and he just happened to run into her.
The only ruleni had with him was to always at my house.she started going to... [more]

Married indian woman Fantasy

Here is my Fantasy : so one of these days, when im at a club, iam abducted by a stallion He takes me to some rural place (photo) and keeps me there for couple weeks , tied to bed or locked up. All he does is give me food, drinks and fill my pussy to breed me.He comes iin the room, fucks me 5-6 times a day. come inside my womb and go away. Until he... [more]

Young man

Well I work as a security guard in London and due to this lockdown not got home see hubby in while we chat all time tex video call etc well we have been having some work done in the office I work at and have to keep eye on workmen and yes fit young good looking etc well had been texting hubby and he was playing as normal teasing me about them must... [more]

The big payback

My husband is a cheating SOB! I gained a little bit of weight (15 ponds) and he stopped having sex with me, we would do it like once a month and it was trash because he has low stamina and he's boring, he doesn't eat pussy or anything exiting, hes just a Internet creep, im a vary attractive women with a great body and i constantly get attention... [more]

My wife is a slut

We have been married for 10 years. She was sleeping with a guy when we first met and continued to do so while we dated. We started sleeping together after about a couple of weeks of dating. She was up front and honest and told me she was still sleeping with her fuck buddy. She knew she had me when I went to go down on her and she still had his... [more]

Young neighbor mows the grass

I work long hours at my construction job, so I have been paying for the yard to be mowed for the past couple years. Our neighbors son John graduated from high school and stayed home to attend the local community college, so he agreed to take on the job. He is well built, nice normal innocent acting young man.
Our house is a little secluded... [more]

Husbands friend

I always thought my husband’s friend Mike was sexy.
Never ever thought about crossing that line till one night my we were out and my husband got called into work.
So muke fave me a ride home . I wasn’t that drunk but had a good buzz going.
When we got to my place i went to get out , his truck sets gighercand o fell out and hit my elbow. mike... [more]

Tiny cock

My husband of 10 years is not very blessed down there.
He is and yes i have measured. 4 inches on a good day and not big around.
Saying that yes sex is good just sometimes you want fucked if you know what i mean.
I ended uo cheating last year with a guy I work with. He is married also but his cock was huge.
We were out drinking after work and... [more]


I was 26 married worked in a factory. My husband was a truck driver.
I always got hit on at wirk. None stop every day.
I always laughed it off and was a flirt myself.
Never cheated.
Don’t get me wrong i liked the attention but never step out on my husband.
Of course i got turned on by it. A couple guys i worked with were hot. All was good... [more]

Pretending to be drunk

My sister and i went out drinking last year
Her husband stayed home with out kids and my husband was at work.
When we got home i didnt drink much so i drove but my sister was waisted.we got in house and John my brother inlaw was making fun of how drunk we were.
Ni he is cute and always thought my little sister had a hunk for a husband but i was... [more]

My wife

Would love ti find someone that would seduce my wife. Shes 50 now would love to find a younger guy to secretly seduce her without knowing i know.

Married but...

I've been married for about 15 years. I love my wife. We don't have sex as much as I like, but I guess that's too be expected after you've been married as long as we have. My confession is that I suck dick. I've had a male fuck buddy for about 4 years now. I'm off tuesdays and wednesdays and I work late nights. When she goes to sleep, I go out... [more]

Mom cheating

I caught my mom with my grandpa and figured found out they have veen having an affair for years.
Grandpa was akways icer when dad was at work for years.
I use to love hanging with him.
I guess i was too young to realize what was going on.
My dads father was a big guy 6 foot 4 and heavy built . I can remember him always over but until i got... [more]

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