Embarrassing Confessions

Crush on Aunt

I'm 27M, my Aunt is 4 years older than me.
When I was age 10 I started to realise how beautiful and attractive my Aunt is, 5.7 tall brown straight hair, body like a model. Anyways I'm having trouble because now that I'm older and know what incest is I feel embarrassed and ashamed.
I used to steal her clothes [sometimes wear them] stroke my... [more]

My prim Sunday school teacher flashed truckers

My lovely trim blonde 38 yr old wife confessed to me recently that she in fact had some experience with "flashing tuckers"!
Now - you'd have to see her and have known her to realize what a departure this is for the image she has nurtured for years in the professional world she lives in. She presents herself as being very conservative in her views... [more]

Was I just overreacting when?

I was just getting out of the shower today and saw my sexy little girlfriend and she was just sitting on the bed and had a xxs size pink thong in the hand with it extending towards me. I don’t know what you want but put them on (never seen them before) so she doesn’t even look at me really and said I was going to be the one wearing them. I said I... [more]

Caught Masterbating by my Son and his three friend's

OMG, I was having some alone time in the backyard, Everyone was gone, My Son went to the movies with his friends,, But He came home early with 3 of his friends, I was totally naked and spread playing with my Hitichi and Dildos , Just as l started Cumming , l heard something, Opened my eyes and there they all were, Right in front of me, And they... [more]

I masturbate in front of beautiful ladies

I love to (and have to) show my nice dick to beautiful ladies and to strip nude, masturbate, and cum while they watch. -Glenn Willis

I didn’t expect that

My mom was coming to visit for a couple of weeks, so I was cleaning the basement bedroom and bath for her arrival that evening. My husband got home from work and was helping me. When we finished, we both showered in the basement bathroom and one thing led to another and we started having sex on the couch. As he began to cum he stood up and I got... [more]

Laughing stock

Recently my gf and I was playing and I was fully dressed fem wise and tied to a chair waiting for for her to ride me but to my horror she opened the door and in walked my mom , my aunty ,my cousins and some if my gf mates I was so humiliated with the laughter and me on camera I’m so mad at her but she thinks it’s so funny

Sex with my sister

Me and my sister were the only girls out of 6 kids and we would share a bunk bed, so one night she climbed down from the top (beacuse thats were she slept) but she was naked and i was half asleep and asked her where she was going but she just ignored me.
skip ahead a couple of mins she gets in my bed and starts kissing my everywhere but then... [more]

My sister’s boyfriend keeps sneaking into my room at night

He comes into my room late at night to do it. I don’t know why I haven’t told my sister or anyone else. It’s to the point now where as soon as I go to bed at night the main thought running through my head is wondering when he’s going to come in to my room. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. What makes it worse is that I definitely do find him... [more]

I confess to being a sissy who enjoys Eating-Dick-Balls

I have many friends of friends who have recently discovered me being a cross-dressing sissy faggot who enjoys wearing women's clothing to feel more girly. I also have been put on blast on face-book by my ex-girlfriends friends and family members for how i had treated them in the past which i do deserve the Karma but damn i can't help it i just... [more]


I was 15 years old when my brother grouped me in the shower. I didn't know how easy it was to open a lock just by pushing a pin through a little hole. I was soaping up when he sneaked in with his friend and grabbed my boobs. "No used screaming" he was telling me because my Mom was in the super market. I was so embarrassed when he told his... [more]

How I became a BBC slut. Part II.

Part II ...
After the video, my girlfriend, Cindy, got up to make some drinks which I sorely needed. Jill whispered to me, "I know you're a cocksucker", and "you need to worship and accept your new role in life.” “You are not a man, no.” “Not after you wrapped your sissy lips around that first dick. You are a sissy, bitchboi, and worse, a... [more]

How I became a BBC slut. Part I.

Isn't it so true!! The 'normal' whiteboi and girlfriend are so predictable now. This is how I went from a ‘straight’ guy to begging my innocent white girlfriend to cuckold me with her friend “Jill’s” friend, “Marcus” with his BBC.
My girlfriend couldn’t believe the difference with BBC’s and thanked me for being honest with her, and true to... [more]

BBC Sissy C0cksuccker. Part I.

Isn't it so true!! The 'normal' whiteboi and girlfriend are so predictable now.
This is how I went from a ‘straight’ guy to begging my innocent white girlfriend to cuckold me with her friend “Jill’s” friend, “Marcus” with his BBC.
My girlfriend couldn’t believe the difference with BBC’s and thanked me for being honest with her, and true to... [more]

How I became a BBC slut. Part II.

How I became a BBC slut. Part II.
Back to the three of us watching the IR Cuck video. When the video wrapped up with the girls boyfriend sucking off an incredible BBC and getting a facial from the BBC out of respect for his girlfriend and a real man, her bull...and because she told him too, there was no question things were about to change for... [more]


I have already confessed to being an avid masturbator.
My Lady forced me to humble myself by posting some nude photos of me. I suffered and, at the same time, I felt a strange feeling of pleasure. I am helpless and the size of my cock is really modest. As I continue to masturbate, my wife would like to continue exposing myself to be humiliated by... [more]

Getting paddled

My wife paddles me.The other day we were on our way home and she said I think your do for a paddling , When.we got home she sent me to our room to get ready . She always waits a little before she comes in and I get nervous because I know its going to hurt . When she paddles me its the real deal , its not for fun or for play its for punishment... [more]

Is my …

Oh s my dick small it is 12.5 cm add my ig for pics naughty_152007

Nudist beach

My husband and I are in our 50’s , married for 30 years. On my bucket list is visiting a nudist beach. I want to do this as a couple. We are in fair shape. My breasts are a “C” cup and nice smaller nipples. My husband, I think, has a penis on the larger size. He will not do this bucket list for me and tells me that he fears getting an... [more]

My husband makes me an exhibitionist

My husband chooses my outfits everyday and more and more he wants me wearing see=through blouses, tight tops and no bra. He makes me wear button downs but unbuttoned most of the way and tops with big armholes to show my sideboobs. I want to please him but I feel like a whore wearing that stuff. He even wants me dressed these ways in front of... [more]

My tiny cock

This is my tiny dick whean is erect its 10 cm.

Wife Shaves Me

I have a small penis about 3.5" hard. My wife likes to keep me shaved because she says it makes me look like a little boy and with a small cock like mine it fits me better.

Caught stroking my hard cock

I was lying on my roof terrace naked in Spain last week and I felt really horny. I lay back and covered my hard cock in sun cream and then started stroking my length. I opened my legs and rubbed my fall balls. I had been doing this for a while and then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my next door neighbour was watching me. I'm 54 and... [more]

A tranny gave me a handjob

Some time later in Hollywood, i saw a cute slim blonde haired blue eyed tranny with great legs named Chris who had perfect and real tits and a cute pixie haircut. i asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock. He said that he would like to have me do that to him. So we went to a wooded lot and I asked him if he would give me a handjob first and he... [more]

Second Date

I went back to a womans house after our second date and we started messing around. She undid my pants and when she touched my dick I started cumming. I hadn't been with a woman in a couple of years. I was so embarrassed. We messed around some more and I went down on her till I was hard again and we started having sex. I lasted about 2... [more]

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