Embarrassing Confessions

Gym showers

I was the youngest boy in our class at school, and after gym class we all showered together in this big locker room. I used to get erections quickly when I used the washcloth on the genitals, so I always tried to be quick.
Some of the other kids would notice and laugh, make fun of me. It was pretty bad, I was only 14 and just getting hair down... [more]

My mother married a queer WTF!

So my father died about 10 years ago and mom stayed pretty much alone. That was until a year ago. She meets this man. As soon as I met the guy and shook his limp sissy hand shake I knew he was light in the loafers. I tried talking to mom but she didn't want to hear it. I asked her what she was going to do on her honeymoon night watch him have sex... [more]

Male massage?

The place I go to has female "therapists", first thing I noticed was they all wore shorts and halter tops.
It took awhile until I became a regular, then some fun began, a happy ending from most of them, tops off, about it, NBD and sort of normal at many places.
I was going in once a week, way cheaper than dating.
No appointment needed although... [more]

Tired of being made fun of.

I am so tired of being made fun of by both men and women. My penis is only 4 inches long and 3.75 in circumference. Yes I know I'm small. I don't need you to remind me. I stay home and jerk off when feel the urge . I went to get a blow job one time and the girl said wow I should only charge you half cause that's like half a normal sized cock. If... [more]

Weakness for tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

A stranger fondled and exposed my tit in public

I was taking the bus home from work and as usual it was super crowded. I had a heavy bag over my right shoulder and a pile of books in my right arm so I found my spot, balanced as best I could and took hold of the handhold above me to keep from tipping over. Most people don't get off until a lot further down the line so I knew I was in for a... [more]

Wife fucking with another man humiliating her husband

My dominant wife, is the head of our household. My wife thoroughly enjoys her superior status over me and had a large collection of whips and paddles to keep me subdued. She gave me permission to write about my submission to her and her newly rejuvenated sex life.
When she learned of my secret desire to be totally dominated, she was more than... [more]

Drag brunch

My mother owned a bar and grill and to pick up extra money started a drag brunch. I'd help in the kitchen. The "girls" who were the waitresses for the brunch would tease me about being shy and cute, about having a girlfriend... Before opening they'd tell me I'd look good as a server etc... We had 4 girls as waitresses and three that were the... [more]

Naughty girl friend

I thought I was in for bit fun when girl friend said let's go bed and you get undressed then she tie me to 4 corners left room and come back with the cat and some food to she started rubbing over my cock and sh8the cat left room and hear her leavening home she returned about hour later and came see how was going car meow so she covered my cock... [more]

Penis pills

Yesterday was a long day on the farm working with our fish tanks, chicken coops, and vegetable crops. I came in before dinner with a bad headache. I asked my dad for some Tylenol. My mom said we don’t have any but there is a pack of headache pills in the kitchen drawer. I went in and the only pills I found were red ones so I grabbed them and... [more]

MM4M “Big Nigga Dick Spitroast”

Wife was out of town and I was craving dick bad, so I went on Doublelist to look at ads. One ad, “Big Nigga Dick Spitroast” sounded amazing! The ad said “two hard dick niggas looking to spitroast white sissy”. I am not a sissy, but I do love a big nigger dick now and then, so I responded to the ad and met them at a picnic table just off a hiking... [more]

Jacking off in the barracks

I was 19 and in the Army, on my bed in the barracks in just a tee shirt and socks, boxers on the floor across the room in front of my wall locker. My door was locked, so I felt comfortable I wouldn't be walked in on, I had my own room at the time. I was taking my time and really getting into it. Wiggling my little ass, moving my hips, caressing my... [more]

Victory Drive

My buddy and I went to the book store, went to the back where the booths are, he went right and I went left. There was another guy there but I wasn’t getting any action, so I walked down to the other end of the row. I shut the door and immediately a finger was fishing thru the gloryhole. I ignored it because I wanted to suck not get sucked, but he... [more]

Caught Sucking

My wife caught me sucking her bosses cock. Now we share his big beautiful tool. We will actually argue sometimes about who gets to swallow his load. I love to swallow him. They have started to dress me as their little slut.


Wow how how embarrassing making out that noise getting pounded by a person who shouldn't be pounding you, headboard rocking woman hollering and there are people in the house matter of fact your own mother and she can't believe her ears and you so horny and feel so good to you you don't care as you o o give it to me pound me as the headboard Bangs... [more]

I Masturbated To My Dad

I was 12, sleeping next to my father. He was completely asleep and unaware. I positioned my butt to his penis. I could feel it on my butt, slightly hard. I started masturbating. And he never knew a thing. I just didn’t want to die with that. I don’t know who to tell this to.

Didn't make it in time

The following is a true story. I was working late and was the last to leave. Locking up I felt the need to use the bathroom as I had an upset stomach most of the day. It quickly went and I decided I would be fine for the drive home. After five minutes the feeling came back and stayed. Thinking of a place to go I pulled into the mall and quickly... [more]

My nudes got leaked

I used to musturbate and have sex in school secretly. However, I did not know that people were taking photos and videos of me. I found videos of me kneeling down and begging while getting face fucked the most common video spread among my whole school and pictures of me musturbating or videos of me squirting was fucking common and then I got... [more]

So humiliated

My husband and I were drinking and having sex and playing with Ben wa balls when the door bell rang. I started to take them out before answering the door but he told me to leave them in so I did.
I threw on a terry robe and headed to the door followed closely by my husband. I opened the door to find 4 of my husbands friends. They came in and... [more]

Gay encounter

I was at a party one night with my gay friend. Most of the guys there were gay as well. Tgats fine i have no problem with that. Plenty of girls tgere too. Ill keep it short. I had several guys hit on me thru the night. I got drunk and horny. I told my friend i needed to go upstairs and lay down but loud enuff for everyone to hear. I went up n... [more]

Curiosity got me spanked

I was never sparked by my parents growing up, but was always fascinated about the idea as long as I could remember.
Once when I was 12, I was spending the weekend at a friend’s house when my parents took a weekend trip. He lived with just his mom and they had a lot more rules, and she seemed much more strict.
One of their rules was to never... [more]

If only i had not done it.

Why i did it i just don`t know as i really love my wife ,It is really embarrassing having an 18 year old local lad playing with is zip while trying to get me to suck him of again.It was my first time and at first he`d said no and then turned and unzipped his cock saying this is a one of.I feel so guilty now as he keeps pestering me for more saying... [more]

Just had a birthday

I just had my 70th birthday and my 46th wedding anniversary. I have only had sex with one woman my entire life. My wife was not a virgin when we got together 48 years ago. She had sex with several boyfriends before we started dating and has had many affairs during our years together. Whenever I asked about her fucking other men during our marriage... [more]

I fucked a really ugly girl.

I fucked a really ugly girl. I was at work and she knocked at the door and I let her in. I had seen her around but didn't know her name. There was nobody there but me and her. We talked for awhile about small stuff and then I told her that I had to start my work and she would have to go. She said she wasn't leaving. I tried to talk her into... [more]

Not one, not two, but three!

When I was in the army I sucked off guys who were passed out drunk. I walked in on my roommate passed out drunk with his shorts down and his hand on his dick. I tried to wake him. I shook him hard, even slapped his face, but he wouldn't wake up. So I locked the door and sucked my first dick. A week later a buddy down the hall got smashed and I... [more]

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