Embarrassing Confessions

Public Embarrassment

I spank my husband every Friday. I often wondered if the neighbors across the street knew. I bend him over the couch bare and he opens his legs. His rear is facing a picture window. I imagined the women across the street knew, One day I met them grocery shopping. As we were talking one asked do you spank him every Friday, we love the view, ... [more]

I'm conflicted about the morality.

So, I(25m) got a digital camera for my birthday when I turned ten. Like most kids with a new obsession, I took about a million pictures a day for a year or so, then I largely forgot about it... Or so I thought, until five years ago when I was cleaning out my closet to move. I found the camera, and just for shits and giggles, I found some fresh... [more]

Grandma Joins And Shows Off

Never expected my grandmother to be so bold and forward with me. I never suspected she was a horny old slut and wanted my boyfriend in doing a threesome with her and me.
My boyfriend and I was at my grandmother's house. My grandmother stepped out for awhile. I started to be somewhat frisky with him and he loved it. I started playing with... [more]

Morning smells

My morning goes like this, light cigarette, make coffee, sit on commode. The smell of poop, coffee, cigarette wakes me up. Anybody else wanna share?

Car shaking

The reason why I go with my mom to pick up groceries is since we pull up for a pickup, we stay in the car. She had a tendency like my father and brother to shake there legs or restless leg syndrome. When we go, I tend to wear the shortest loosest shorts I have. This time was different. My brother wanted to go as well to get something at the... [more]

Showing wife's naked photos

I like to show naked photos of my wife to other men without her knowing. She would be very angry at me if she found out. I have shown her photos to 14 men so far. It excites me when they tell me that they want to come in her mouth, cunt and ass.
I want to post her photos on a website where hundreds of men can see her naked body exposing her... [more]

Humiliated in public

I know you guys want details, so here you go. I'm a 22 year old blond female with size D boobs and good hips. I'm thin, and have brown eyes with long eyelashes. Anyway, So I went to a mall and got an entire wardrobe change. Super cute: beige miniskirt and a tube top made of soft material, like a maxi skirt. Any way, I was on an escalator going... [more]

Groped and exposed while crowdsurfing at school

This left me horrified when it happened but years later, I can't help but laugh it off.
I was a freshman in high school. We were having a party at the gym, and my friends and I were dancing on one of those staging platforms.
My friend asked me if I've ever crowd surfed at a concert and I told her that I havent, but it looked like so much fun. I... [more]

Naked and tweaking

I never been one to be naked around clothed people. At my friends house both of us spun. He says"you can take everything off. You know?" I took a shower;shaved my pubes;went back downstairs. I dropped my towel exposing my clean shaven little dick. Barely 5 inches fully erect. I was ashamed of my lack of size. Embarrassed to be seen naked. Here I... [more]

My classmate had her skirt lifted in the middle of the classroom

This happened a few days ago.
My classmate had her skirt lifted by another girl while she was picking up her pen.
We were in our classroom, at a private all-girls high school, just minutes before the end of our lunch break.
This girl, who was very shy and quiet, did not want to blend in and was easy to pick on.
She always sat in the... [more]

I feel bad for this girl

This girl from school was really insecure about her stomach and would always post photoshopped pictures of her waist on instagram. Some girls wanted to expose her lies in the middle of the gym so they held her arms and pulled up her top to reveal her fat belly in front of everyone. They kept poking her belly button and squeezing her fat. She was... [more]

Vice Academy movie Ginger Lynn ballbusting and pedal pumping

Only one man in the Police academy class. He accidentally got locked in a van with 7 hookers overnight. A full classroom of female cadets training at the police academy with one male student. The teacher is crazy and she uses the one male student for examples. She knees him square in the groin to show the class of females exactly how it is done... [more]

I am a guy, and I like sucking black guys in public

I had been really horny and didn't have a girlfriend at the time, but needed some sexual relief. I had a couple of brief encounters with guys when I was a teen, I had been sucked and had sucked a friends cock a few times, and always had that itch to try it again, even though it was many years later.
Anyhow I decided to try again, my friend wasn't... [more]

I am a guy, and I like sucking black guys in public

I had been really horny and didn't have a girlfriend at the time, but needed some sexual relief. I had a couple of brief encounters with guys when I was a teen, I had been sucked and had sucked a friends cock a few times, and always had that itch to try it again, even though it was many years later.
Anyhow I decided to try again, my friend wasn't... [more]

Is Shithole Sex Against Nature?

Didn’t Mother Nature make it “exit only”, painful and odorous for good reason? Why do we ignore all the signs of nature. Really I want some answers. Not childish “your a faggot or your mother” comments. Some mature and intelligent comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

Semen Soaked Stripper Stipend

I give my dead presidents cum facials then fold them for my pocket.
I pay my favorite titty dancer with them. The first time she questioned why they were damp. I explained and she said “ no really why are they wet?”
I just smiled. I’ll take them back I said. She said “No I’ve got cum in my ass and in my belly already, a little on my hands... [more]

She Was Eating A Huge Corndog

Just saw a cute chubby eating a long brown corndog. Instant boner. I’m so fucking horny. I’d buy her all the corndogs she could eat if I could stick just one mustard covered one in her shitter. I’m a horny fucking pervert sitting here at the convenience store with my dick in hand. Where’s the mustard?

I still wonder

This is really more guilty than embarrassing, but that's not really an option, so here goes. I was pulling into an interstate rest stop back in, maybe, '06, when I got there there were two people sitting at the picnic table, and one car in the lot. As I got closer in the process of parking, I saw that the two people were actually a woman and a... [more]

Looking At My Butthole

I’m Gwenna 16 yo and work at Wendy’s. Just found out that my butthole is exposed when doing doggy. OMG! Now I can’t relax thinking he is looking. My boss promised he wouldn’t look anymore. Can I trust him? I don’t think so. Really.

Grown Woman’s Panties

Our neighbor an attractive divorced lady asked me a 14 yo boy for a favor. While she and her kids were gone for the weekend I was to feed their dogs and cats.
She gave me instructions for the pets and then grinning gave me additional instructions. “Stay out of my bedroom. I know how teen boys are”.
Grinning she continued. My undies are in... [more]

First Adult Dick You Touched But Didn’t Fuck Or Suck?

Give us some details please.
I was 7 yo boy. My grandfather was about 55 yo and very sick. Grandma had to work so I stayed with grandfather. She said now if he has to go to the toilet you’ll have to help him. He could stand but couldn’t withdraw his dick to piss.
I would pull it out and hold it for him while he pissed. It was a nice dick... [more]

Spit? Swallow? Both? Neither? Your First Cocksuck.

I was a 16 yo girl in a 62 Chevy. I went down on him in the front seat parked on a deserted gravel road. My first time. Had never given any thought to what I’d do when he shot.
He determined his own fate. When he was close he pulled his dick out of my mouth and finished in his cum rag which he kept under the seat.
Didn’t taste semen until... [more]

Love to experience this

I’m a 20 year old guy for some reason would love to be spanked and humiliated over my mummy’s knee but in a very public place for all to see I’d love to experience the Shame and humiliation of it all I know we probably would get arrested but I’d think it’s worth it

Playing with my mom's silky panties

I love using my mother's soft silky nylon panties when I want, I love the feeling of the soft silky nylon wrapped around my throbbing cock as I want. I all so love to sniff at her dirty panties, I lay a pair open over my face so the wet sticky gusset is over my mouth and nose so I can smell and taste her on them as I wrap a second pair around my... [more]

Warm Saggy Sack

It’s bad enough to expect me to watch her be used by huge cocks. I refuse to touch his balls. And I will not clean her up after he is finished. I will not be cuckolded.

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