Embarrassing Confessions

Myanmar Escort

I was visiting Myanmar last summer and picked up a local 'escort'.
During doggy I decided to try anal.
She didn't wave me off when I pressed my cock against her tiny butthole. It went in easy. I was close to cumming when she sneezed. Bright yellow shit went everywhere and a foul stench filled the room!
Funny part was she must have thought I... [more]

I'm a girl - step dad caught me on my pillow

I am a 17 yr old female.
(umm, more accurately - I was on a rolled towel - not my pillow for reasons explained here)
Alone in our house yesterday - I was in our one bathroom getting ready for a shower.
As I usually do - I lit 2 scented candles, turned out the lights, undressed and selected a very large, very fluffy towel.
I rolled the towel... [more]

Naked in window

OK, the main reason for this post is to see if I can still post here because my replies are just vanishing when I post.
To make it worthwhile though I racked my memory for something to share and dredged this up: when I was young, my bedtime in summer meant it was still light outside. The older girl next door and her friends would play out and I... [more]

Caught my dad & brother checking my 17 yr old girl friend's pussy

My usually modest 17 yr old girl friend was wearing her high-cut black one-piece bathing suit to my brother's pool party. A family gathering so it was not a thong-back - but it was high on her teenage thighs and showed a nice bit of her tight little ass.
But, man~! when it was wet and she was climbing the pool ladder it would slide right up her... [more]

Need to be ruined and fully exposed

You said u can help will you help ruin me brake me turn me in to a full time sissy whore i want to be blackmailed gangbanged and fully exposed using all my real details pls help me i will do what ever u ask of me.

Want advice?

Want some advice on a problem? Want to know why something is why it is? Want to be abused or berated? Am here to help. Tell me what’s up and I shall do my best/worst 👍

Sissy paul outed to family and friends

Ive been a filthy sissyslut for years never this bad i will never be areal man i hate pussy and love cock this is my life now

So confused

I'm straight but but am orally bisexual I know I could suck cock all day long,I'm so turned on about male ejaculation that my cock is hard right now thinking about it I absolutely can't wait for the first time my mouth gets fucked by a huge black cock,I desire that more than virgin pussy,men's assholes...GROSS kissing men ..GROSS but I want dick... [more]

Sexual abuse?

When i was a kid (4-9 yr old my step sis was 12-14) my step sister used to make me lay on her and shed tell me to rub her belly while i did. Now she calls it comforting tho i havent done it in awhile due to us being apart and having other relationships.
My question is, now that i am in my adult years ive noticed i may have a fetish for it. And... [more]

High school upskirt

In my PE lessons at high school there was a fat girl who would always sit cross-legged in her short PE skirt and not realise she was showing off her white knickers. I used to always make sure I got a good look up her skirt in every lesson and she never noticed.

Small penis

I am a 40 year old male with a small penis, its 2ins soft. I also shave my pubic hair off. I like to walk around the mans locker room and see the reactions of the other guys in the locker room when they see my penis. I like to shave my face in front of the mirror while naked and others will be standing next to me, trying not to stare at my small... [more]


I went to a bar to pass some time and have a drink or two when my wife was out of town. While there I saw a group of men hitting on one of her friends who was by herself. She looked very uncomfortable and scared so I went over to help her. I told the guys to back off and leave and they did. Then I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to her... [more]

Wedding approval

It seems strange, but even though I accept my role as a submissive man, I still suffer agonies of embarrassment whenever I am humiliated. My mother conditioned me well with frequent spankings, whether I deserved them or not! It didn't seem sexual with her, she was always so matter-of-fact about it. And she wasn't bothered if anyone else was there... [more]

Sex with men

I'm close to opening up completely about this. I'm totally in love with the fact that I'm seeking sex with men on an almost constant basis. I love it. Moreover, I will only assume the sub role. Being degraded is such a huge part. Countless men, all completely anonymous to me, have violated my mouth and ass. I also bait them to get... [more]

Looking for fun

Looking for fun (two blond girls) looking for a few dozen roses at the and of the night!

I'm curious...

Does anyone on here have a story of spotting someone you know in amateur porn? Like, seeing a coworker getting peed on, or a family member sucking off a dalmatian, or whatever? Was there a confrontation? How did that play out?

Should I wear a mini skirt and no knickers

So my boyfriend loves it when I don’t wear knickers. I do it quite a bit when we are going out as he loves it so much but now he wants me to wear what is basically my shortest most revealing skirt without any knickers. I’ve only ever worn it once and it only just covered my bottom - and I had to keep pulling it down to keep me covered. We are... [more]

No knickers

Does anyone know why it is that guys think I must want to fuck them just because I am wearing a mini skirt and no knickers?! Why am I not allowed to just enjoy the feeling without this sense that guys think I must be up for it? I love the vulnerability of wearing no knickers and do it lots but it’s just tiring that guys assume I want to shag... [more]

Cock ring

Having looked at the Ann Summers web page, I was interested in buying a vibrating cock ring with a remote control. Not being too sure about the quality or sizing, I decided the only way to make sure it was suitable was to visit my local store in Telford.
On arriving there, I waited outside until the shop was almost empty and walked to where the... [more]

She cross dressed me then beat me up

I was home just relaxing one fine Saturday, and I got a text from my female friend Christine. She’s a tall woman, about 5’10. Taller then me as I’m only 5’8. She wanted to come over for sex she said, I was all for it. I hadn’t gotten laid in months.
When she arrived she was carrying a black bag, she took out the contents of the bag and laid it... [more]

Huge dildo stuck in my wife's pussy

We went to the clinic to remove a huge dildo from my wife's pussy.

I married a prostitute

Years into our marriage I found out she had been sleeping with an older married man when we met, and for awhile after. She wasn’t really into him and she worked for him on the up and up. But he paid her rent and utilities in return for sex.

About me and my sister...

Actually It was about yesterday, I was really fucking horny, so I went to my sister's room, we are of same age, she was laying on bed, she has a B tits, I forcely groped them and pinched and twisted her nipples, she was resisting and start moaning, I immediately stopped doing that and realised what I have done, and we are not talking to eachother... [more]

I enjoy feeling like a female

I am a guy who is bisexual and with girls I’m straight and dominant. But on the Other hand with guys I like to be treated like a female sexually. Like I’m a bottom that just likes being submissive n feminized, I really LOVE dressing as a female from time to time and I even enjoy taking pictures of my feminine body only wearing lingerie or anything... [more]


I hated going to school because I was constantly getting harassed by group of boys calling me wimp skinny chicken. I used to ignore them and avoid them, witch was just about the only thing I could do. They used to sneak up behind me in the school hall ways and slap my butt to make girls laugh at me, specially with the ones that hung out with... [more]

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