Embarrassing Confessions

Medical records part 2

Further to my previous post..
Concerned about medical records
I finally found out that when she was 24 a 17 year old teenager had made her pregnant!!
Previous post.
When I was ordering a prescription online for my wife of 40 plus years, a section said medical records.
I said let’s look at your medical records...
She shouted, no don’t... [more]

Why does she like young cocks

Before me my wife was fucked by lots of guys. But most of them were five or six years younger. Why would she get naked and open her legs for boys when at 25 she was old enough to be their mother? she was pretty and could have had any guys her own age? I am puzzled!

Caught dressed as a girl while sucking a guys cock

I was dressed as a girl in an adult movie and i was seen by someone i know while i was sucking a guys cock now the person who saw me me if i service his friends every week he will keep my secret if i don't he will tell everyone what should i do

Wife wants to visit Glory Hole

We are too active in sex and have tried various positions and role play. From the Refrigerator Packing Cover we made a makeshift Glory hole and myself with wife takes turn to enjoy the effects of a glory hole fuck and suck. Now my wife says she wants to visit a Glory hole just to experience its original excitement and thrill for a change.

Our pre wedding medical, this really happened

This was in 1963, the State or Oregon required a medical exam to issue a wedding license, it's not that way now.
My wife to be Sharon and I went to a doctor in a small coastal town, he was an old guy in his 60's.
They put us in two separate rooms, his nurse told me to undress and put on a cloth robe, so I did.
The Doctor came in and did all the... [more]

Moms humiliating punishment

Any other mothersTeach their teenage son a good humiliating punishment strip him naked in front of his teenage sisters and his auntsPenis humiliation extreme punishment any other mothers try this method to humiliate and embarrass him nothing else Works cuz we caught him putting cameras in my daughter's bathroom and bedrooms watching us allNaked... [more]

How do I stop the wife from flashing?

My wife loves to wear naughty clothes. She has tops with huge armholes, from the side as she moves around her boobs are on display. She has some daisy duke shorts that are cut off so short that pubic hair and part of her vagina peeks out.
It happens so much that I get embarrassed by her antics.
She goes out into our back yard and sunbathes... [more]

Was she on the game

When I met my wife she was being fucked by a couple of lovers. But she had also had opened her legs for eight others as well since her husband walked out.
Her husband had left her, with a kid and money was short.
She admitted that the two lovers had helped out financially to buy basic stuff.
In the first few weeks when we met, I was at her... [more]

I got in the car with a woman and cummed myself

I was walking today around 10am and I decided to stop and take a hit of something. It was on the side of a hotel. As I took in this monster hit I went on cloud 9 for a time. As i started to come to as my senses came back i heard an engine it sounded like a 350z i thought it could of been the same 350z i saw a woman sitting in a few minutes... [more]

Overwhelming breastfeeding fetish

I’m 18 years old, and I’ve had really big boobs for pretty much my whole life. Since I was very, very young I always had prominent breasts and it was always humiliating growing up and having to deal with everyone making jokes about me “feeding” them.
But now I’m older and have only just recently realized I have a huge lactation fetish and... [more]

Getting Pegged for Years

The latest dildo is 8" around in 15" long. She gets a real cruel pleasure from fucking me with that thing is hard as she can!

His cock was stuck inside her

Discussing our sexual pasts one night, we told each other about some of the things each of us had done.
My wife said about one of her many lovers before me.
A little drunk at a party she ended in bed with a guy well teenager actually, several years younger than her!
He was fucking her and was just about to climax when his mates burst into the... [more]

Human trafficking is a crime

Sex tafficking is real. I was human trafficked for sex to make money for these indian dutch scotish and arab factions. These gangs work in conjunction with police in qld and get women housewives to mascrade as therapists from home and have sex with male and female clients and basically are paid to screw in their heads to have them under a trauma... [more]

Close call

I was out for a walk a few years ago. I went on to a nature trail leading into the woods. I walked further in to a private spot and took off all my clothes and hidden them away from view.
I was walking around the area for a half hour, then I was walking back to my hidden clothes, until I heard a couple of women a short distance away. They were... [more]

Embarrassed to admit this

My girlfriends niece Tamara lives with us since last September. She is 22 years old and looks like her father, which is not a compliment. She keeps to herself most of the time and has never been a problem. She has a part time job at the deli down the street but other than that only has one friend I know of a girl named Gail. I work 4 til midnight... [more]

Adult video place

I was barely 21, one day I was in a major city near where we live, and on a lark I went into one of those adult video places.
They had sex toys, videos, all sorts of things, then I spotted a doorway that had a sign on it saying video booths. I had heard of that but never went into one so why not?
I paid the fee and went back, a couple were in... [more]

There is a first time for everything

He walked in from school and there she was, in his kitchen talking to his mother and it was love at first sight. Her long brown hair and ample figure instantly drawing his teen attention. She was a friend of hers, his mother told him, and she just moved back into town after a few years away. A week later, he was on his way to her house for dinner... [more]

Free loader

A married woman without a working pussy is nothing but a FREE LOADER... living off you and worth nothing.....

Difficult To Discuss

"It turned you on, didn't it?"
Marie stared into Lori's eyes. "You, you know?"
"Tell me what he did, what you did."
"I didn't do anything at first. I just watched as he made it grow. And it did grow, it grew to a very nice size, a desirable size if you know what I mean. There it was all red and stiff with his hand running up and down... [more]

I fucked her while someone else saw us but she didn’t know

One warm sunny summers day my wife and I were out for a drive when we both felt a little horny.
Stopping in a wooded area we worked our way through bushes to a clearing that was hidden from sight of anyone.
Soon we got down to it, I had her top up bra off and had just pushed her dress up when I noticed a guy moving closer!
I was alarmed until I... [more]


I was a very shy around girls and didn't loose my virginity until I was almost 22 years old. It was with a girl that I knew as friends and she invited me to her room one night and we had sex. She had just broken up with her latest boyfriend and I was rebound sex for her. She already had sex with several boyfriends so she knew what she liked. She... [more]

One of my co-workers had no idea her cam was on

I was on a team meeting about a month ago one of my co-workers joined wearing pretty sloppy clothes but in this work from home environment I guess people just get comfortable. Anyways like fifteen minutes into the meeting I see her arms moving around and looked over at her video then watched as she lifted her shirt off right over her head. She was... [more]

My wife let me down, what should I do

I had heard rumours that a local youth had been seen coming of my house when I was at work.
I confronted my wife about this and she said I was talking rubbish. So I left it at that.
A couple of days later I was in a bar when some guys started sniggering and looking at me.
I asked why and they said it was my wife I should talk to!
Again I... [more]

Cutest girl

I saw the cutest girl right after I arrived at college. She was 5' 5" tall and blond. She was wearing a short skirt and when she sat down her skirt barely covered her butt. But I was not the only guy that noticed her and being shy I wasn't the first to ask her out. She dated this guy who lived in the same dorm as me and I learned that he had taken... [more]

Drunk Barefoot King

One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.
The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I... [more]

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