Will she ever?

I have a great wife, in great shape love's to have fun, and love's sex. I have been reading on this site about a woman who will wear revealing outfits for their husband's. My wife like's to dress nice and knows what to wear to get me going. Not revealing she just looks great in it.
I started asking her if she would maybe wear something a little more revealing showing her chest more. While having sex I will bring this up and she will ask me what I would like to see and happen, and if I would like other men to notice. She knows by asking me it gets me excited.
But when we are getting ready to go out she will seem unsure about it, and ask to maybe do it another time. Not to screw it up I say sure. Can I get some help here? Is there a better way to be asking? I have such an urge for other men to see how nice her chest is, and I want her to enjoy it.

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  • Take her out to a nice bar. after a few drinks ask her to go to bathroom and then remove something, then come back. by then she is relaxed, happy and horny.

  • Take away her bras, and any shirts you can’t see through.

  • It took a bit for me to get my wife to carry through and do this. She asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her go out to a nice dinner and she wear a revealing outfit. She did !

  • Wow lucky you

  • Not every word that ends with "s" needs an apostrophe.

  • That made me LOL, mostly because I thought it too.

  • Oh geez the punctuation police showed up

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