Desire Confessions

Straight guy that wants to suck dick

I don't consider myself to be bi I am not attracted to guys nore would i kiss a guy but I love to suck one until I get off then I feel strange like I did something wrong. I am in my 30s and have sucked 4 guys. But would suck one every day if I could. Is there anyone else like this

Ask Me Anything

I've posted two stories on here now as part of a surprise for my husband. He dared me to confess online and when I have enough stories I will send him the link. Some things he already knows about me, other things will be a naughty surprise.
Maybe you all can help by asking questions about things I've done, fantasies, etc. I will answer... [more]


Has anyone ever sucked off a Horse? I don't mean a big dick, I mean a four legged Horse? If you have, what dose his cum taste like?? I would love for one to drown me with it!!


I love sexting with women. I like making up fantasy and texting them about how I would like to pick them up at a bar and bring them home. I like when they participate and tell me what they like. I tell them I’m gonna invite a friend over and we’re both gonna fuck her. I love it. I’m getting turned on now telling you about it

How do I seduce my little sister?

I am 21 and my sister is 15. I know... I know there's a lot of age difference. But I want her and I can't stop thinking about her. I have wanted her since I was a child. I was introduced to incest at a very early age. I don't know what to do. I am open to any suggestions and ideas.

My curious sister

I have been getting on my sister’s favorable side, because she is so sexy and I’m way past the guilt feelings. First, my sister is the type to try new experiences. I have kissed her and I’ve felt her luscious body. She hasn’t let me fuck her, but she has gone down on me a few times and those encounters were extraordinary. Some people may think is... [more]

Sexually Obsessed With TGirl Sadie Hawkins

Anyone else crazy about Sadie Hawkins/Riley Kilo too? I've been watching tranny porn for I think 2 yrs. Went through so many awesome tgirls and then I kept coming across a video of her laying on a bed with a dildo up her ass, I didn't think she was that attractive at first or cared to look at HER - it was just all about seeing how nice of a dick... [more]

Desire humiliation

Im a man who secretly wants to be humiliated and dominated by a woman or a group of women. I want to be made to wear humiliating clothes, my orgasms denied or controlled, and body used for my mistresses pleasure. The thought of one or more women forcing me to cum by pounding me with a strap on makes me really hard.
But I’m not submissive. How... [more]

Any females curious about zoophilia ?

Any females had try zoophilia or curios about ? like dog sex or to put a snake inside their hole or hamster ? or had done it for real ?

I want more

My husband and I bought our house a year ago. The house needed some updating, and over time we started getting things done. One day he was at work and I was painting a room that was to get new flooring put in, we had gone to the home center and picked out what we wanted. At that time we had set up a time for someone to come out to take... [more]

Naughty Women

Quick question to all of the naughty women: I’d like to hear about what is your most sober and free experience in which you seduced a guy against his will/desire or which you spontaneously initiated the encounter unplanned?

Lifetime fantasy

Question to all the naughty women here...what is your most desired sexual desire/fantasy? One that’s both realistic and also maybe you on the fence about of if you’d follow through if opportunity presented itself! Can’t wait to read some...😈

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

Crossdressing with my wife

Recently I put in my wife’s panties to see her reaction when she woke up and saw me in them. She got horny and loved it, she giggled and took pics. I’ve done it more and the last 2 times I wore one of her skirts and last time wore a bra. How do I get my wife to want me to dress even more? What I mean is I wanna wear makeup, shave everything and... [more]

My girlfriend's bestie

My gf has a female friend who is way sexier than her. I am attracted to her friend. Yesterday when me and my gf were getting physically intimate, I wasn't getting an orgasm. Finally I managed to get one when I thought of her friend. I and her friend occasionally text on academic stuffs and nothing more. But I am craving for her and keep browsing... [more]


Married guy Have a strong desire to suck a guys Dick. Never have but find myself fantasizing about sucking off a guy.

Trading wife's naughty photos

Years ago I had a friend who would play photo trade with me, He would come over when my wife was away and he'd bring his naughty pictures of his wife
to trade for some of my wife's pictures, anyone else ever do anything like this?
Seeing all his pictures and him seeing my wife's pictures was fun to say the least, and sometimes we would trade... [more]

Normal guy with a dirty desire.

I am a young mid 20s male. I'm in a fantastic relationship, long term and we just got engaged. She is beautiful and keeps herself in great shape and is amazing in bed. My friends and family love her and so do I. BUT..
I have a huge desire to suck a thick cock. I cannot stop thinking about dropping to my knees and un zipping the trousers of an... [more]

Husbands, finish this sentence...

Husbands, finish this sentence: If my wife only knew...

I think about fucking my step dad a lot

I'm 16 (seventeen in March) and my step dad is 38. Whenever I see him, I have so many dirty thoughts. I'm pretty sure he wants it to because last week, I had just gotten out of the shower and he accidentally came in and when he saw me naked, his eyes went huge and he kinda bit his lip. He just said sorry and left. I stayed in the bathroom and... [more]

I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her... [more]

I want my cock sucked so bad

I'm 18 and really want my cock sucked, but I don't have the balls to go out and date and all that. I wish there was a way to do it discreetly and quickly for fun and not have to pay a prostitute and all that. Like Tinder except you just post nudes and meet up.

Not getting enough

I'm 29f and pretty much in my sexual prime. My problem is my husband. He has a really low libido. I'm not sure if it's because he's Type I diabetic or what, but we only have sex maybe once a month. I dress sexy for him, make all kinds of advances, but he just makes excuses and pushes me away. It makes me feel really unfeminine and undesirable. I... [more]

My wife knows I want to suck cock

A while ago i had an erotic dream where i walked in on my wife who was naked from the waist down and was squatting over the face of a friend of ours letting him lick her p****
In the dream he was totally naked laying on his back with a huge erection pointing skyward.
As i entered the room my wife had an intense orgasm and my c*** suddenly... [more]

My age

I constantly lie to men about my age. I think it's funny that they think I'm old enough to have sex. I wait until they give me a look then I hit on them. I have been with over 20 and one was like and old grandpa looking man

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