The helpers tip

Katie and I had flooring put down in three room's, one carpet and two wood. We went to one of the big change store's to get it done and they in turn sub it to a contractor in the area.
Katie, is in great shape and often will wear outfits that show a lot of leg and or a nice look down her top. A long time ago, when we were still dating I picked her up to go for a hike, She was wearing hiking shorts and a loose top. I said dame you look amazing. Katie said thank's I was hoping you would like this outfit. We like to go to the beach, and Katie will wear a bikini that looks like it was made for her body. Once we got in to the car for the hike Katie said, you really like my outfit? I said very much,You have great legs and I love the loose tops. Katie said she was glad, when we go to the beach she is only wearing a bikini and people see alot more, So she thought this would be ok and if someone other then me were to see down her top they would still be seeing less then at the beach.
Katie was kinda right I thought, at the beach you see lots of people in a baththing suit, and were we hiking know one but, I was going to enjoy seeing her all day.
After some time Katie knew I enjoyed when she had on outfit's that show more of her then you would expect, and had found that what made if even better is when I would see another guy trying to look down her top. Katie would dress nice just a bit more revealing then the norm. Sometime's on a ride home to keep me going she would ask if I saw anyone checking her out. At that point she was still wearing bra's but they were lace and covered little of her chest. Katie would tell me that at some point she new a guy was trying to get a look so she would try to make it a bit easier for him.
After some time had gone by I had asked her if she might be willing to not wear the bra? Katie asked if I would enjoy that and said I only have a B cup so it's not like they would see a lot, I said yes I would love it, and at the same time thought, to another guy there is a big difference, as would I and that's why I was asking.
So over time Katie began to find place's to go and not wear a bra and that was great to see other guy's trying to see as much as possible, and I love to see in her top and see her hard nipples.
Now that you have an idea of our way of thing, Katie thought at home she can go braless anytime, the first day was just a scoop neck top and no bra, so when you saw her you knew she had no bra on and if she bent over enough you could see down her top a good bit.
Katie thought the boss was a bit stuffy and only wanted to get the work done, he would notice but keep to his work, The helper was very happy to see how Katie was dressed and took a look whenever possible. Katie was very happy to show him what she could when possible.
The next day, Katie had on a nice wrap around skirt and a nice linen top that she could wear on or off the sholder and no bra. In the right light you could see a siliwet of he upper body and tell just how nice her chest was. That day the boss was not in the best of mood's and seem to be harder on his help. So Katie thought this would be a good day for her to do what she could to make the helper's day a little better.
At one point they were just about done with one of the room's and the helper was to get the other room's set up. Katie new we had to get a few thing's out of the room for them to work, so she went in and started to take thing's out bending over for the help as much as possible, Katie asked him if he would help her take a large coffee table out knowing when she would bend over across from him he would get a good look down her top, they started to take the table out when they found that you had to take the leg's off to get it out. When the boss heard this he told his help to get what he needed to take the legs off the table. Katie thought this might be a chace for him to see her panties, so while he lelf to get a wrench she fliped the table and sat crosslegged ready to help, when he came back in to the room her saw that she was sitting facing him with a clear view of her little white panties.he got down to start taking one of the leg's off as Katie was leaning forward to help, now he had a great look at her chest and hard niples and a great look at her panties with her leg's spread.
Katie was getting hot just knowing that he was looking, any chance he could, he did, Katie showed all she could with the time she had.
The next day was to be the last, That night Katie said she had a lot of fun and wanted his last day to be his best day, I asked her what she had in mindand she said she would have to play it by ear.
When they drove up they came up in there own car's. Katie was again in a nice little skirt and a nice little top a bit thinner and looser then the day before. When they came in the boss said it should only be a few hour's work but his help would stay to help put thing's back into the room's. This made Katie's nipple's hard right from the start. ofter a while you could see that they would be done soon and the boss would go. When Katie knew the boss was heading out she left to go to the bedroom and thought he would like to she here without her panties on. When she came back in the area that he just finished we said thank's very much, and off he went.
Katie asked the helper if he would be able to sit for a minute and relax and have some ice tea He said that would be great after this he would just head home. So as he sat at the kitchen table, Katie poured him his drink and did a little cleaning up of the kitchen table, doing all she could to show him her tit's as much as possible in the time they had left. After about 5 minutes he said he should start helping with the thing's that had to go back into the room. Katie new this was close to the end of his time there, they started with smaller thing's and when they got to the coffee table they took it in, and Katie sat down to help, he looked up at one point to realize she was not wearing any panties and kinda did a double take when he did. Katie saw this and just smile at him, and said do you have what you need to do this? He looked at her not sure how that was meant, and said I have everything I need. As Katie sat across from him giving him a good look down her top and a good look at her pantieless pussy.
He said the boss can be a bit of a pain but this job was by far the best he had been on with him. Katie said that was good to hear, she said you need to have some fun at work if possible. He then said if you don't mind me saying so, you are a very beautiful woman. Katie said well that is always nice to hear, Katie asked if he had a girlfriend and he said not for a while, Katie said well maybe that's why you think I am beautiful. He said know that she looked great everyday. Katie said well I'm sure you would rather be around girl's your own age. He said if girl's my own age looked like her that would help. Katie said do you like older woman? He said he never really thought about it, but if all woman looked like her, then he would be happy. Katie said that was very nice to hear and wished he would let her do something to thank him. He looked at her and said that's is very nice but he could not take money, Katie said Well I would like to give you something other then money. He looked at her and said sure. Katie said let's finish the table and if you would close over the door. as fast as he could he finish and closed the door. Katie said come over this way, she was now on her knee's and he was standing in front of her. Katie unzipped his pants to see he had a nice hard on. Katie slipped it in her mouth and looked up at him and asked were would you like to cum? He looked her and said wherever she wanted. Katie told him she wanted to kiss his cock a little more but want him to cum between her leg's, after a moment Katie took her top off and tok his pants off and laid back and said Please?
He dropped to his knee's and slid inside her, he started slow and then she said harder please harder, He did as she said and it did not take to long before he came, as he got on his knee's Katie sat up and said let me clean you off and once again she sucked on his cock hoping now he would cum again but in her mouth.
That was the most fun my wife has had while having work done on the house.

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  • We were getting ne laminate installed in the dinning room and living room and the third day all three worker took me over and over for nearly three hours. Funny part of it was they only wanted to fuck my pussy and my ass and the youngest of the three and the biggest he had to have me four times. He's been coming to visit me nearly every chance he gets even been in our home when my husband gets home from work.

  • That story made me so hard, love it. I want my wife to do that

  • It took some time before she would do thing's like that, but it was well worth the wait

  • Your wife is a keeper!

  • Yeah, you don't have to tell me. She love's it.

  • Good story!

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