Sex Confessions

Abused by step-father and his son

I had sexual relationship with my stepfather and his son for two years.
It started when I was 14. I was living with my mother and his son, who was two years older than me in my stepdad's house.
I guess, I should have noticed his interest earlier, before my mom got married to him ... he was very attentive to me, always trying to sit next to... [more]

New fetish

So my wife knows that before I met her, I had sex with a guy (multiple times a week for over a year). She knows that I was the bottom. A week or so ago she said she wanted to fuck me with a dildo. So we did it. Her with a strap on. I must say I loved it.

Video store I used to visit

I used to live about an hour from an all night adult video store and it had booths in the rear of it, this was back in the early 90's when they were more popular. Sometimes there would be sex going on back there and I received a few blow jobs now and then from some of the women. I went there one evening right after work which was not my usual time... [more]

Best Friend and I Nail the Ex-Wife

My best friend, let's call Him Dave, and I have known each other since we were kids. We grew up together, went to school together, were best man at each other's weddings and have been close all of our lives.
We're in our early 40s now and we've both been divorced, him twice and me once. We got this crazy idea that we should Spit Roast some... [more]

House cleaning

My girlfriend and I used to clean houses for cash and one time a customer that we usually did once a month asked us how much we would charge to do it nude. My girlfriend did not even wait before telling him we would do it for an extra three hundred dollars, I was shocked at first then laughing because I knew the guy would not pay us that much but... [more]

My husband is a cuckold

My husband and I have been together for a few years (we're both about 30) and have always had good sex. Last year, he told me he was into the idea of being cuckolded by a bigger black guy and watching me with him. I was hesitant at first, especially because the guy and my husband had already talked about it, but it was actually such a turn on... [more]

(Female) Sex with my teacher

The summer after my sophomore year in hs, I had sex with my english teacher. His wife went to church with my mom, which led to me babysitting for their son over the summer.
A couple days a week, I went over in the morning when his wife left for work and stayed until he came back a couple hours later. We would talk and hang out a lot of days... [more]

Teenager behind me

I live in a good area but the houses are pretty close together and the neighbors behind me have a teen age son. I am in my mid forties and one morning I was walking from my bedroom to the bathroom and noticed him sitting there staring out his window towards me. I probably should have not done anything but part of me was a little turned on thinking... [more]

My threesome

Several years ago I was on a dinner date at a upscale hotel. Now I had several dates with this man so he was no stranger. While dining a black man came over to our table, he was a friend of my date. He sat down with us and we all talked had a few drinks. Let me stop and describe me, blonde,white,5'-2", 120lbs,37D breasts. I was wearing a... [more]

Friday nights for wife

Every other Friday my wife (42) and myself go out to several sports bars or dance clubs in our area. It is agreed if my wife finds a young attractive guy she has the ok to flirt with him and do whatever they both please. It has been one of her deepest fantasies and now I am more than happy to let it happen.
Usually starts with my wife flirting... [more]

I must be unique

I started pleasuring men early in my life, my brother was the first one to introduce me to giving pleasure. I had no idea what I was doing other than him telling me what to do and giving me reassurance that I was great at it. I learned early on that the faster and harder you do it the quicker it is over, especially with young men. Rather than be... [more]

I will be the first to admit it

I am addicted to sex. I am a female, mid thirties, married and I love sex. I love having sex with strangers, co-workers, husband and neighbors. When I was younger I truly drank to much and would pass out waking up sometimes with guys on me, clothes off having a great time. I also never was awake for some of them and woke up with cum in just about... [more]

Deep Desire to Impregnate Women

It's as simple as that. I've had a fetish to breed with any willing and capable female, then do it again if she wants or move on our separate ways. It's not just the sex and pumping a load into a fertile womb, but knowing that I'm the cause of the changes their body is going through, is beyond satisfying for me. I've had it accomplished once by a... [more]

Leaving nude pictures of wife for others to see

I have always taken nude photos of my girlfriends and then my wife and after a few initial cases where people saw them be accident, I found it quite exciting to leave them to be discovered on purpose. I always do this in a way that someone finding them most likely thinks they have done by accident. I can tell you first about one prolonged and... [more]

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