Sex Confessions

A private party that changed our lives.

We are a married couple and have been married for 48 years. My wife was a 16 year old virgin when we married and when she was 39, she had a hysterectomy and on night, when she was 42 and we had been married for 26 years, we went to a private party at a friend's apartment. Everyone brought their own drink and my wife loves margaritas, so we took... [more]


Hi my name is Scott and I love sex with men I get dressed up like a woman and invite men over for blow job or toet them fucky ass I love to taste cum and also in my asshole I was have sex today with man and he kept calling me faggot and queer and it felt so rite and so I guess you coy say I am a sissy faggot queer I love men they the rite thing to... [more]

A private party that changed our lives.

We are a married couple and have been married for 48 years. My wife was a 16 year old virgin when we married and when she was 39, she had a hysterectomy and on night, when she was 42 and we had been married for 26 years, we went to a private party at a friend's apartment. Everyone brought their own drink and my wife loves margaritas, so we took... [more]

Sub Fantasy, what is wrong with me?

I am a very feisty and dominating girl, I listen to no one and do whatever I please, obviously I am dominating in the bed room too...but here's the thing..I want someone to put me in my place so bad! I want a man to overpower me, tie me and do whatever he pleases with me..pinch and suck and bite my nipples and have me ride him, cum in me, over my... [more]

Crying during anal

It happened again. I went to see an escort. I offer $200 for anal and she reluctantly agrees. There are two types kinds of anal sex. One is where she's uncomfortable with it but lets you have your fun because she's your girlfriend or you paid her. The other is when she stuffing her face in a pillow hoping you don't notice she's falling apart... [more]

Lack of sex got me writing

Mentioning sex gives my wife a tension headache even if she brings it up. I think she has sexual aversion also because she will find ways to put it off even when she acts like she wants it later on. Recently we discussed fantasies, we got so hot and heavy about the thought of a threesome with another woman (so she can experience tits/pussy) and... [more]

Pony C O C K

Hubby pestered me about trying a cock extension sleeve. Eventually I gave him the go ahead.
He bought two. One was a pinto colored black and white pony shaped extension. L O L, I said no way. But something intrigued me. The big head with the rather sharp knobby ridge around it’s circumference. As I pondered it for a few days I was thinking... [more]

A N A L Second Hole?

Have any of you experienced the feeling of a second hole or sphincter about 7” deep inside the ass?


Who here gave up their virginity in a vehicle. If there was blood how did you explain the stains to friends and parents?

He Kept The Condom

High school buddy and I shared an apartment in college. I went home for the weekend because his high school girlfriend was visiting him.
He had told me often that they were not sexually active. But when I returned he had a different story. He showed me the bloody bed where they had lain. He said “Look behind that curtain.” On the window sill... [more]

PATHETIC little prick

Hubby and have had some awful screaming matches lately. Once I was exceedingly cruel. Or so I thought. Shouted so the world could hear “Your cock has never satisfied me. I long for cocks I’ve had before. Normal sized cock from real men.”
He looked devastated but at the same time he was lightly touching his trousers and I thought I saw a bulging... [more]

Itchy Butt Hole

Some days my butthole is really itchy and feels so great to rub with toilet paper. What causes the itching?

What Trips Your Orgasm

What pushes you over the edge (trips your trigger) when your close to orgasm? I have a few. 1. I think of my jr high boyfriends cock in my hand. 2.The one who is fucking me presses his finger against my rear hole. 3. I say something like “Can’t you fuck me any harder?” Humiliating stuff.


Heard some guys laughing about stuff. I think they said it was normal and hilarious to sniff a girls butthole.
I think they said while doing it doggy they all admitted to at least occasionally smelling their own fingers after touching or fingering a girls ass.
Is this true guys? If so you guys are morons and so totally gross. Never touch... [more]

Young Adult Mississippi Teen Will Have My MIXED RACE CHILD

First of all please forgive any bad punctuation and grammar.
When we boarded the Amtrak Sunset and headed to Florida for a visit to Walt Disney World before taking the same train the other direction back to California. It was just like the beginning credits of that old "In The Heat of The Night" TV Series.
I don't care if I piss off White... [more]

Looking for fun

Male 31, looking for a girl to phone or cam with. Also interested in content. I have cash app. Let me know if you're interested. Srv1149 at g male.

Covid Money

Back in 2020 when covid hit and we all went into lockdown, we weren’t sure how we were gonna handle money. My job was going to pay me for all the time we would be in lockdown. Problem is that my wife’s job wasn’t and the government hadn’t passed the bill to give us any relief.
We were talking and my wife said, “Well, I can always make money... [more]

Rimmed His Perfect Butthole

After years of pestering me to rim him I at last relented. In exchange of course. You build me a patio and I’ll let you sit your hairy muscular ass right on my face. Right in the middle of the patio at high noon.
He had a perfect hole. Slightly brownish with tight wrinkles and tiny straight hairs.
He straddled my face. His hard, lean ass... [more]

She Abuses My Man Nipples

When I’m fucking her pretty good she will sometimes abuse and use my nipples. Pinching, pulling, biting and sucking. Hurts so much at times I almost lose my hard-on. The thing is sometimes I really love it. I fantasize that she or some other woman will take it further with me.

My modest PTA wife confesses her 'biggest' is now in the family!

My wife seemed a little flustered at my brother's dinner the other night.
Their son brought his new girlfriend and her single dad to the dinner.
I finally got my wife to talk about it a few nights later as we lay in bed.
First of all - she had baby-sat that girl before.
I asked why this was uncomfortable for her.
My wife said - "Yeah, it was... [more]

Texting for spice

This is a little longer confession, but it happened recently.
After six years of being together, my girlfriend said our sex life had gotten a bit stale. We still have sex regularly and she still cums, but I could tell she could keep going. So she showed me this challenge on Tik Tok where a guy asked two girls to call each other's boyfriends to... [more]

Up river without a paddle

I am 28 years old, a single mom to a 3 y/o boy. I dont get help from his father.
I recently met a guy through my friend while on vacation in AL. I live in IL he lives in AL. I met him in July and August when I went back for my friends wedding, we ended up messing around. This guy is going into the Navy at the end of the month, has told me prior... [more]

Wife photos needs tributes

I’m willing to send my wife’s spread wide pussy photos for tributes. Any of you cocks that can provide this service are encouraged to let me know.

Tie and tease game

This is one of my favorite sexual games. My wife does it to me a couple times a month (I wish she did it A LOT more!).
It's usually best if the lady ties the man's hands to the bedframe, or spread eagle, arms and legs, both. Tying behand the back is a bad idea, because this is where he will be lying and it's uncomfortable. Once she has... [more]

It's your sex I can smell

I want to be savagely beaten. I want him to hit me, I want him to slap me so hard he splits my lip and then while my mouth is filling with blood and my cheek/lip swells I want him to force me to take it in the mouth. I want him to make me do things I don't want to do. I want him to hurt me. Pull my hair, push me down, throw me around. Treat me... [more]

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