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The place i live was away from my own house. A big village and i stayed there for 6 months. After the work i used to take bath and have dinner in another house.
That house was few distance away from the house i live. It was 1 of our friends house , he works with us. So after a month i saw a WOMAN used to go that place where i used to eat at... [more]

My Huge cock finally found a woman to love

Most guys think having a huge cock, like mine is (almost 12 inches and very thick) is a great thing. Well it not. Most women just can not take a cock that size. They think they can take it, but all screamed in pain as I push in. Also their pussy's feel to tight it almost hurts my cock.
I'm not gay, but for most of my life, I'm 25, I had turned... [more]

Drug addicted mom

So my mom left me when i was 6 months old with her mom. She only came around when she needed bail or money. It was a toxic relationship to say the least. So things roll along for almost 30 yrs before i hear from her again. Her mom (the woman who raised me ) is long dead and gone. I never married, or dated. I poured myself into my... [more]

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Ladies and men - youngest age you would go if you could ?

This question is for women mainly but men can answer too. If you knew that nobody would ever find out, or you would never get into trouble, wha is the youngest age boy or girl you would go for or if the opportunity came your way? Women should answer about youngest age boy and men should answer about youngest age girl they would like
A Special... [more]

Camping strangers

My girlfriend and I went camping at a very secluded place. Matter a fact, in the 3 years we had been going there, we never saw one other person, until this night. We had been there all day fishing and swimming. It was getting later on and we decided to eat, when this car pulled up. Three guys and one girl got out. They asked if we minded they join... [more]

Co worker

Im 24 year old white female with a athletic body. Recently in april I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 39 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or... [more]

My wife nude

I have dozens of nude pics of my wife. I like to show them to guys .

Sex finally

20 years ago when I bought my house, my realtor lady was hot as fuck. She is and was a classy rich horse farm girl. I wanted to fuck her back then, especially after she came over to my house one night to have me signed papers for the house I was buying. It was late October, so chilly outside. She didn't have a coat on, only a sweatshirt. She... [more]

When I stop masturbating for days, I have many gay thoughts

Im not really embarrassed by it, but I think people here would be interested in this.
I usually masturbate several times a day. Usually I think about women, though I often think about guys who are extremely feminine, or trans women.
Recently, I started to be anti-porn due to the fact that it often leads to ED, because "real" sex becomes less... [more]

My wife has told me all about her sex life with guys.

She told me that she first had sex at 13.the guys were 16 to name it she has done at house party with anywhere from 5 to 25 guys. Danced naked. Got gangbanged more times than she can remember. I said you have any idea. More than a hundred. She said she fucked men as old as 85.she has big tits even at 13 yrs old. I could go... [more]

A lady online is offering to pay me for sex.

Should I say yes? I’m scared, because she thinks I’m 18 but I’m really 14 and she’ll find out for sure when we meet. She wants to film it for a website.

Never thought she would do it

This happened last year around our anniversary, her parents watched the kids for the weekend giving us some time to have fun. We went out and she had a bit to drink with dinner then kept it going when we got home. She then began getting very horny and asked me what my darkest fantasy to do with her would be, kept trying to get me to tell her my... [more]

She just does not want it anymore

My wife is in her forties and still enjoys intercourse as I have always given her plenty of foreplay both oral and with toys then usually I use my cock on her for a bit then more oral for another orgasm. Sometimes I have came in her but it has never bothered me tasting my own load as I used to suck myself off when I was younger. But for about the... [more]

My husband's fantasy

My husband shared his fantasy with me right after we married. He confessed he wanted to watch me be with his friend. I was sickened by it and refused. To be honest, he pushed quite hard about it and we almost split up over it.  We have been married for 23 years in November, but last summer he finally got his wish.
We were on vacation and we... [more]

I'm mentally a whore

Compared to a lot of people I know, I'm innocent. But truth is, one day, I'd like to go out there, get high off of pot, get so drunk I don't know what the fuck is going on, get some tattoos. Yeah, it's not a big deal to you, but I can't wait until I'm 18 so my parents stop telling me what to believe in. I can't wait until the day I lose my... [more]

Nervous young guy at my glory hole

I have a glory hole set up and have posted on here a few times with some of the experiences. I had a younger guy show up last weekend, really nice cock but was very hesitant to put it thru the slot. I told him I would just put my mouth up to the slot and let him control how much he wanted sucked. He was really turned on by the idea of the glory... [more]

Younger guy came to my GH yesterday

His cock was amazing, he was already getting hard as it came thru the slot. I lightly ran my fingers around it and just licked the tip as he hardened up with a slight upward angle. Wonderful head on it, very smooth and large, I licked it hard while holding him firmly and felt his pulsations as I did so. I teased him for a good ten minutes then... [more]

My Maserati is a Panty Dropper !

Wow I can hardly believe my luck guys. My Maserati Gran Turismo is a bonefide panty dropping machine. Yep to date I have had hot steamy sex with get this 6 sexy bitches in my car. Oh and that doesn't count the 3 blowjobs I have also gotten while driving. It's amazing how a hot car gets the ladies all hot and steamy. Yep they go for a ride and then... [more]

Caught on video

Recently, my wife & I were at a reasonably small gathering at a friend's place & there were a few folks there that we didn't know. After a couple of hours though we were all pretty well acquainted & drinks were flowing.
My wife is the sort of lady that prefers to chat with guys, she can't be bothered with the gossip chat & whatever women go on... [more]

Sister in law seen naked

Long story short I had to take a leak after a conversation with my brother. I went to the bathroom. The door was slightly open so i did a quick knock and opened the door. As soon as I did I heard the water running but it was too late. Saw my sister in law bare naked, front towards me, and I quickly took it all in and said sorry and shut the door... [more]

Me and my cousin

I'm 49 and my cousin is 48 i remember the day that me and her were in her room it was 16 and she was 15 it was on a saturday we were watching or playing nintendo when i decided to take a chance and ask her if she would let me touch her breasts and her nipples i did'nt know what her reaction was going to be ,so just when i was about to ask her my... [more]

Stripper for a night

A friend of mine was putting on a bachelorette party of her bestfriend. She had hired a stripper, but he canceled at the last minute. It was the eve before the party and she called me asking if I could help her find a replacement. We literally called everyplace we could think of with no luck. We were sitting there out of ideas when she said most... [more]

I love being dominated and submissive

Ive always enjoyed being told what to do and when in relation to sex.
On several occasions my boyfriend would tell me to show his friend my tits,so I'd take off my shirt and let him look . I actually enjoyed this very much while somewhat embarrassing . I had to stay naked one night while the same friend was over during Game of Thrones . After the... [more]

One and only cuckold

I convinced my wife to do a cuckold once. It never happened again after that. I had been asking her to have a threesome with me and another guy. I figured it would be fun. She naturally said no for quite sometime until one night I got a little too horny and a little too drunk. I told her all the requirements were hers and I would say nothing... [more]

Age Gap Sex AMA

I fucked a man 32 years older than me. I’m 21 (f) and he is 53. Nothing makes me feel dirtier than fucking a man my father’s age.

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