Sex Confessions

Laps of Memory

I was a very naughty girl growing up. The things I use to do. I learned early on that alcohol and I didn't mix at all. It was a warm sunny April Sunday afternoon. A guy I knew called me up and said I should pick him up and we would get a bottle of wine and enjoy the day. So I was just 16 and I picked Jeff up and we went to a local park. Jeff... [more]

Gfs sister

When my gf was 17 she moved into my flat.her younger sister who was 13 used to stay over sometimes at weekend me and my gf had been out for some drinks and came home to find her sister had let herself in and was asleep on the couch which was fine.we-went on up to bed as normal,my gf always just slept in a nightshirt and I always slept... [more]

Going beyond

When Craigslist still had a Casual Encounters section, I started perusing it finding myself single at the time. I wondered about the t4m section thinking 'what the hell'... I did find some sissies and femboys in there, some were young sluts who loved much older men (daddy types) and decided to give it a shot. Before I knew it I had gone to bed... [more]

Me Balls Hurt

I'm not sure what is going on with my balls. But if I get aroused when messing around they get really sore afterwards. I was in a car accident years ago and I can no longer ejaculate. I still like it when my wife rides me. Her pussy on my cock feels great. It sucks not being able to shoot a load anymore. I have noticed that my balls ache like hell... [more]

Seduce and fuck my wofe

I would pay some one who could successfully seduce and fuck my wife. Her pussy is so tight. She can pull the cum of of your dick. If you can do do I’d love to see it happen. I don’t believe anyone would be able to get her to fuck. It’s impossible. She would never do it.

Finger play

When I was in college I dated this girl who was really into sex. She would do anything, anywhere, anytime. She would suck my dick while driving, ride me while driving, have sex in the park, her parents house, grandma's house, in her aunt's pool, or even at a restaurant. This woman didn't care where we were, if she was in the mood, we had sex. So... [more]

Wife en her friend

I read an article in a mens health magazine saying it was healthy to talk with ones spouse about desires and fantasies. So I brought it up to my wife one night while laying in bed. She agreed to be open and honest as long as I did the same.
We started with her. She told me how and where I lack in the bedroom. I did the same. At this point we... [more]

I was an older virgin

I was 30 when I lost my virginity. I had the urges, the desire for sex, but I felt like guys didn't find me attractive even though I thought I was cute. I lost my virginity in December 2011 to a guy that I didn't know that well. He was the one to initiate the conversation about having sex. I told him that I was a virgin and that he probably... [more]


As a 63 year old Male , I have spent my adult life in relationships with, and having sex with women.
Last year I sucked a man’s penis and made him cum. I loved it, even though I made him wear a condom.
I have wanted to suck cocks since I was a late teenager. Now I want more, and long to feel a penis in my mouth with no condom, so I can taste... [more]

Key Party

I got married in the early 90s and at that time people who wanted to had what we used to call key parties. A key party was held in someones home and the hostess would pass around a large jar where all the couples would deposit their car keys , one set of keys to a couple. After a time when everyone had been drinking for some time and all were... [more]

My wife likes fucking me

My wife really enjoys fucking me in the ass with large dildos. She gets pretty crazy and fucks me really hard. She bought a strap on and loves wearing it. My hole is sore and getting stretched a bit. She really gets off on using a 10.5 inch fat black model. It looks like a real dick with veins and scrotum. That sucker hurts. She loves smacking my... [more]

My wife Sees All and Tells All

My wife and i went to bed last night and the wife stared talking about some of our neighbors. She told me who was doing who and whose marriage was on the skids , that kind of thing. I asked her how she knew these things. She said we women tell each other things and men don't . For example last night she was with the girls talking across the... [more]

Wanna fuck my sister

S | 9 comments
Ok so I'm 17 and my sister is 14 I wanna fuck her before I turn 18 the closest I've GN often is fingering and licking her pussy and sucking her tits. I also have another 12 year old sister that t I like to do because one morning before any body in my house was awake she pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock. So every... [more]

The Slut With In Me

With this crisis going on and making me stay home has gotten me craving real person to person sex. Also being at senior age doesn't help. Then Jon crossed my mind. He's my girlfriend's ex boyfriend. They been apart several years. I always wanted to hump him but didn't want to destroy my friendship with Janice. Janice knew I didn't mind that... [more]

TS Jenny

I saw Jenny while in Chicago for a business trip. She is really hot. I was licking her everywhere. I moved my cock on to hers. She reached over to the night table, I thought she was grabbing a condom, grabbed the lube and put it on her hole and my cock. Positioned me, grabbed my hips and I slide into her.
I was so surprised and excited I... [more]

Dominant Wife's 3som

My wife and i have been married for almost 20 years. Sexually speaking she has always been dominant in our relationship. She was that way when we were dating and she hasn't changed one bit. i remember once she told me she wanted to date some guy while she and I were about to be married. I went crazy but she said she was going to have this guy... [more]

Threesome dreams

I have been having a recurring dream about having a threesome with my wife and another guy. We are in our early 30’s, and fit. She is a stunning blue eyed brunette, is 5’7”, 125 lbs, and has a perfect pair of C cups. If you need a visual look up Leah Gotti, but with a little lighter colored hair snd blue eyes. In my dream we meet up with a guy at... [more]

Staying with my hot little brick

I'm a senior in HS and school is out for the virus. I've been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend at her apartment. She lives with her divorced mom. Her mom is cool and has been letting me sleep over. Their place is a tiny one-bedroom apt, but we sleep on the floor on a futon. My parents don't really give a shit about me, so they don't mind... [more]

Wife did not know man's C O C K grew to an erection

Ours was an arranged marriage. My wife was from a remote village and came to the urban area for job. On the first night after the lights were off I started removing her cloths one by one and myself got nude. Since it was dark we could only feel each others body. I slowly kissing her lips, sucked her boobs and fingered her hairy pussy. As she... [more]

Let my son fuck me.

At 42, I have completely given up on everything. I don't care about anything at all.
I walk around in naked front of my now 19 year old son. A two years ago he just grabbed me and push my mouth to his cock. I let him rape my mouth and swallowed his cum. I just lay on the bed most days and he comes in and fucks me multiple times. Pussy ass my... [more]

Wife still loves this after 35 years

When we first got married it was maybe a few months and she told me one night after a wonderful love making session that if I ever wanted a blow job just ask but if I wanted to just stick it in her mouth. I was a little surprised about it but she was serious using phrases like just whip it out and grab my hair and wake me up by shoving it in my... [more]

Lucky night

I was reading thru the ads on a popular hook up site and most of the time I never get a reply back on the women for men part of it. I read this ad a few months ago and it read something like Mid 40's married looking for a nice guy to give me pleasure and will also return the favor. It read something like that anyways so I responded to it because I... [more]

Anal sex?

Hello my name is Katie and I'm almost 18. Well in about another month. My boyfriend Josh likes anal sex. We have regular sex and oral sex also. The anal sex I don't enjoy so much. I'm trying to but it feels very uncomfortable. Basically makes me feel like I have to go. I want to please him but if it doesn't ever feel good I can't see continuing... [more]

Trying It on For Size

Last summer my girlfriend and i went to her friends wedding, they were the prefect couple, young , smart and both professional people they had it all.
it turns out they did not have it all , he had the smallest cock in North America and the wife was tired of never cumming during sex . She told my girlfriend that he couldn't ever lick her pussy... [more]

Foursome Sex with Boss and Foreign Representative

I am married for 18 years and sex is a rare act as my husband is too busy and comes home late and tired. Two months back I had to attend an Official Tour some 3000 Kms away from my workplace. Another lady co-worker also accompanied alongwith our Boss. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome... [more]

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