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My cuckold life has stepped up

So my wife Suzy has been exclusively fucking black men for the last 4 years. In that time she has been bedded by over 50 men, some of the long term ones have fucked her over 100 times. I was always allowed to fuck her after, then it became only after every 10th fuck she had which spurred me to egg her to have more sex with her lovers. Then it was... [more]

Girlfriend made me taste myself

My girlfriend says I always eat your cum .. your turn . I was like ,what?
She said I want you to taste it too . She had me sit in a chair and jerkoff .
She pinched my nipples and said ,so how do you like it ? You always pinch mine.
I kept jerking,didnt say anything , then she starts talking shit,come on pussy boy ,cant cum , jerk that cock ,i... [more]

It developed over time

My 39-year-old uncle and I had started getting closer over the past few years. I grew up living in the same town as him, but never really visited him much. After him and my aunt got divorced, him and I started to talk more, and tease each other. I used to crack jokes to him, and flip him off while I drove by. He'd laugh it off, and flip me off... [more]

Finger while she sucks

She fingers my ass while she sucks my dick. I have to lay down while she does it or I’ll fall when I cum. I love her.

Mature sex

I have been tryi g to get my wife to cuckold me for fifty years she always refused. When she got to seventy she had a sudden change of mind although she did not want me watching.
We posted her details on a cheating site at the beginning og 2020., by the end ov the year, despite the covid
Lockdown she had been vucked by fourteen divferent men... [more]

Secret sex with a minor

So im 19 years old and I met this young girl who's 13 on Instagram right after she added me she started texting me and telling me that she was really horny and that she wanted to get fucked ,then she started to send me nude fotos and videos of her naked and playing with herself ,soon after that she said if I was interested in fucking her and I... [more]

First time....a Wisconsin boy

First time I was 13 and playing Park & Rec baseball in Wisconsin. Coach's son was 16 and often slapped me on the ass after running the bases. One night after our game, coaches were meeting so he walked with me to his dad's car and we got in the front seat. He was rubbing himself and I thought he was just straightening out his cock in his... [more]

My drunk ex-wife

I was planning on divorcing my 2nd wife after my son graduated from high school, I was putting up with her until then just so there would be no drama for him. She had and still does have a great body, no idea how I guess some people are just born that way. So anyways she got completely drunk during his graduation party and after everyone left at... [more]

Surprised i got them to have sex

My wife and myself are both 33 we been together since we were both 21. We have 2 kids together. We love each other very much. She has very good shape figure, blue eyes, blonde hair, c cup breasts, big booty from all squats she does.
We both work full time jobs, and are heavy involved with the kids and their activitys. Stressed for other things... [more]

Sex Slave 3

Its been awhile but as I have said I am a Sex Slave, and yes I enjoy it very much.
My Master has made me do all kinds of nasty things, sucking cocks, taking pictures and videos of me being naughty, being pissed on, eating cum, playing with dogs and so on. He has ordered me to write more on what I do so I will tell you my latest adventure. He... [more]

Old man across the street

This story is from when I was with Martha, my 3rd wife. We lived in Portland, on the East side, mostly single family homes there at the time.
A guy named Pat lived across the street, he was a widower, he looked to be 65 or so but said he was 77.
He came over on many of the nice evenings, always brought a few beers. It took awhile but I... [more]

Anyone want to hangout?

So I’m a guy and I have not had sex in ages and was wondering if anyone wants a one night stand or a friends with benefits type thing. I’m 19, straight, and looking for someone in my age group. I’m in Sacramento California. If you want to, I can promise you that I last for more than an hour and the longest 4 hours. Could go longer but haven’t... [more]

Cum Eating

My wife always makes me clean her up after I’ve cum inside her or even if I’ve cum on her. If she wanks me off she always feeds me my semen from her hand. This usually gets me hard and excited again. If she sucks me off I have to be prepared to receive my load in my mouth when she kisses me.

Tied to bed fantasy turned into a sex craving cock hungry wife

I always teased my hubby when he would tell me just wait to see what happens if I tie you to the bed whenever I touched his butt in public. One night I had a few drinks cause I wanted to loosen up after my workout. He gave me a filled glass of wine and began to kiss me in the neck. Then said have some more while I please you. Ended up drinking 3... [more]

Should I Ask MIL About When She Learned We Were Sexually Active?

When my wife was still living at home before we got married, we used condoms for BC. No one ever told me not to flush them down the toilet, and I figured no one would see them in the trash that way.
We were both 20, dating for 2 years, when I went to see her after her minor knee surgery earlier in the day. She whispered to me that her Mom told... [more]

He eats me out everyday but don't expect bj. Why??

My boyfriend (18) eats me out everyday. I'm 17 btw. But don't expect blowjob often. he loves licking me down there, whenever he is free he will do it. Before living together he used to sneak in my room, we cuddle for hours and he go down there. he eats me out like it's his meal. Even I give him blowjob it's not like I'm bad at this, he actually... [more]

Landlady turned slut

This is a true story based on how my wife told it to me after she became a slut ... My mature wife and I manage several apartments...She usually wears short skirts and stockings in her office on Fridays and as she is the only person who works in the office she is free to do as she pleases...and she does....she loves it when guys come in to pay the... [more]

Step daughter fantasy

I have been fantasizing about my step daughter (Lilly) for years I can't stop thinking of her, I make little passes at her like smacking her ass, give her kisses to the cheek and a few on the lips (no tongue,yet) asking her if she wants me to wash her back when she is going to shower she giggles and tells me"just my back?"we cuddle and watch TV... [more]

Where are the straight bi gay men at

Looking in maryland/delaware for guys interested in guys

First college experience

First week as freshman at UW-L, just starting classes on Monday and sat next to a walk-on football player in a early Psyc class assembly. I know I was staring at his if he had a banana in his pants.... He started a conversation....where you from? Have a GF?, Play any football?, Like to run? Thought these were strange questions... [more]

How to have sex with mom?

Hello I am an 18 year old boy and my mom 47 years old. I would love to fuck her with a gorgeous body let me describe her: • wears a very sexy 4 breast; • has a very sexy big ass; • long black hair; • I am not a leg or foot fetishist but I have sexy legs; • slim. she is married, how can i fuck her?

How to have sex with mom?

Hello I am an 18 year old boy and my mom 47 years old. I would love to fuck her with a gorgeous body let me describe her: • wears a very sexy 4 breast; • has a very sexy big ass; • long black hair; • I am not a leg or foot fetishist but I have sexy legs; • slim. she is married, how can i fuck her?


I been craving dick omg help

Serving the community..

I miss riding the train into the city. That’s not something people say often but I do. However, I don’t work in the city. I’ve been working at home for years before the pandemic, but the train was my human interaction time. I got dressed up everyday in my tightest work dress and heels, and wait to catch one of those well dressed men staring. Then... [more]

Naughty Auntie Thanksgiving Part 2..

I hear the shower cut on while I’m laying on the bed. I get up get naked and make my way into the bathroom. Finally i got to see it all. She’s facing away from me when I climb in which is a great view of her plump brown ass that I’ve already enjoyed. She turns around and I was impressed. Amazing big tits that hung some but not to much with... [more]

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