Sex Confessions

Sexual tension with aunt

Not sure where
To start because for one, I'm insanely horny just thinking about this shit, and two it's putting me in a manic state.... so this might all end up an overly elaborate and convoluted mess with typos galore... but here goes...
So around a year ago, I visited my mom and aunt, which by the way, I rarely ever do. Last time I was down... [more]

Great sex with a heavy older guy

Im 24 years old,name Claire. Im a Waitress at a diner, with an athletic body, blonde hair. I was dating this guy Brad since high school, we started having problems, and we ended our relationship in April. Very stressful for me and depressing. Weeks that followed I always had someone to talk to on my breaks to make me feel better about my break up... [more]

Sex at Church

There's this guy that I met at church about 3 months ago. We text back and forth, flirting with each other quite a bit. All the other teenage girls tell me he only wants me for sex, and I can confirm that by the messages he sends me. The thing is though is that I want sex too. I'm a virgin girl that's never even had a boyfriend though and I know... [more]

I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked

I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked. She is adorably petite, with what I can imagine are spectacular breasts. She's a big tease tho, and had been telling me for years I'll see them sometime when we're all drunk. I don't want to do anything with her, i just want to see her naked cause it's really taboo

I'm a virgin

I'm a virgin and I want to have sex with a dirty old man. I want to have sexy with a extreme perv that I hardly know that just wants to fuck the shit out of me. That's how I want to lose my virginity.


So I randomly got on my dad's computer and started scrolling through family photos. Then I saw pictures of my parents naked. I totally get that married couples do that, and I've seen porn before, but when it's your parents, it's just awkward.

Please Answer

How young is the youngest you think someone should lose their virginity?


This is going to sound worng but I want to have sex with my aunt. She single never married but I dont know

I am obsessed with my algebra teacher

This is reall strange and all but I am obsessed with my algebra teacher. I don't know why but I find her insanely attractive but she really isn't. She is the most nice, patient, coolest teacher I have ever had. I find it impossible to pay attention in class each day because I just think about her all hour. I feel really bad about it because I'm... [more]

Christmas Sex Gift

I don't want a woman to buy me anything this Christmas;I just want a woman,any race,married or single,to offer sex to me as a gift.You can see I am cheap and easy to please:) Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

My 14 year old body controls me.

I hate the things my body makes me do. I'm a guy and my body makes me wanna masterbate, have sex ALL the time. It makes me wanna find out how to touch girls breasts without them noticing and my ways work. I wish I could satisfy myself but I just can't. I have never had a gf ( sad I know) and because if that I'm always lonely. I hate it. Can... [more]

More than friends?

Im a 19 yo female and i'm having a huge crush on my best friend! Ive been in love with him for about a year now, he is 25 and we met 2 years ago. I love to cuddle with him or sometimes i sit on his lap just to feel him... The other night we were cuddling and we both fell asleep... When i woke up i felt his morning wood on my leg! It was HUGE i... [more]

Confused Teen.

So im an 18 year old girl, and ive always been into guys, but i have a friend who is a lesbian. Last summer we got really drunk, and kissed. One thing led to another and well, soon we were going at it. Its the only gay experience I've had. But i cant stop thinking about her, i touch myself at night when i think about her, but i don't know what to... [more]

Sisters knickers

Okay I need to get this off my cheast. I was at home alone one evening, my family had gone to the supermarket. I decided to gone onto an online web chat site, looking for a cute girl to talk to. Its a bit weird but used to do this alot before masturbating, i was 15 at the time.
so i went on and almost instantly i met this very hot women and she... [more]

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