Sex Confessions

Im not gay but

I want to fuck a girl who calls me a faggot during sex and spits my cum into my mouth after oral.


I really dont want to be i need some cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mabey even a pussy. ;)

Had sex with my music teacher and regret it

I got invited for a dinner date with my music teacher after my lessons had ended. I am already living alone, and thought that free dinner would be nice. I never imagined that he'd have an agenda with me. He spent the evening giving me compliments, and getting me quite drunk on wine. When we were quite full he suggested that I'd bend over the table... [more]

Masterbate WAY too much!

Sometimes i masterbate so much it makes my vigina feel like it is going to fall off! A couple weeks ago, i was in my friends room and we were doing makeup so we were just in there then she got nail polish on my toe nails. so we got in the bathtub together and she was just joking around and she put her leg around me and i'm a freak so i started... [more]

My bestfriends boyfriend and I.

I fucked my bestfriends boyfriend when I was mad at her because I was in love with him I feel bad... I know your about to write bad comments, so go ahead..

Not always with my baby...

Ok so ive been in a relationship since feb. and i love my baby and everything, but long distance relationships are a pain in my ass.and im happy with him when im around him, mainly because we have sex like rabbits, my baby can lay the pipe. but lately ive been neglected and been seeking pleasure from my friend who shall be called the marine. i... [more]

I want

I really want to participate in a gang bang. I fantasize about guy after guy after guy fucking all my holes.


While sitting on the 7th floor balcony I jerked off my sisters husband..... I'm ashamed of it on the sense that I want to do it again and more.... while on vacation and sitting by the pool with my sister, i was waiting for my husbands phone call to pick him up from the airport and my sister mentioned that the reception was better from the... [more]

Beatriz is a wild curvy Latina

I hooked up with sexy curvy latina .. My first time having some Spanish P***y ,she was amazing riding and suck ...I'm 37 guy ,she was in her 28 ....hope she contact me again ,I want more of her sweetness

Wanted Him

I don't have a regular fuck buddy. I get fuck whenever I get someone interest to fool around with this fat slut. I pal around with mom and her good lady friend who has a regular male friend that she fucks. I started to get interested in him. I know he's much older than I, but when my mom's friend gossips about him to my mom, I get intrigue with... [more]

Mother Son

This may come as surprise to many here, but my mother and I began a sexual relationship when I was 28, and she was 49. At the time my stepfather was dying of cancer, and I believe this was the catalyst for this happening. My mother propositioned me during a breakdown, and things just kinda went from there. This relationship continued for 5 years... [more]

I want my uncle to fuck me

I have known my uncle for sixteen years now. He got married to my aunt (mum's side) when i was five years. We have known each other for so long with this zing of affection. I feel him so much 😭.i think he feels me too coz. He loves hugging me to feel my 32b sexy breasts. I just want to fill his cock im my twat. Somebody please, how can I seduce... [more]

Sheila Ortega

Anyone else watch Sheila Ortega the porn star from Venezuela?
Oh my God, that woman has all the right curves in all the right places. Hot is an understatement, she makes my dick so fucking hard, I can't stand it. Seriously, every time I watch one of her videos, my dick gets hard like it did when I was teenager.
I watch porn, but never has my... [more]

I’m a Sugar Baby

I have a couple of “Daddies”. One just eats my pussy weekly and one that I have sex with...once and a while he brings a friend and I do them both. The money and gifts are great. The sex is unbelievable. I might make myself available to more men. I like it.

I’m his bitch.

I am a woman in my early twenties, and I am the fuck toy to a man in his late forties. I do whatever he tells me to, whenever he tells me to. I actually have a higher sex drive than him, but when we fuck, I am one hundred percent his bitch. He clicks his fingers and I’m on my knees with his cock in my mouth. When I’m on my period he fucks me in... [more]

For the love of dick

I want a sexy guy to pick me up kiss me passionately and treat me like his princess. Slowly kiss me down ny neck and undress me to my thong and then roll me on top of him while i undress him and suck his cock get you fully hard and roll over to have my thong slid over and ass licked and fingered then slowliy insert that dick in my ass while my... [more]

Role Reversal

I fantasize about my wife catching me wearing her panties. She then makes me dress up with stockings and heels. she puts makeup on me. Then she puts on a strap-on. She puts me on my knees and makes me give her a blow job. Then she turns me around and slides it in my ass. She completely dominates me. Afterward, she pushes me down to lick her pussy... [more]

Naughty Cuckold

Im a chastised cuckold, and am very submissive and obedient to my wife, but what she doesn't know is every Sunday night she visits her mom and I know where the chastity key is and free myself. Then I call her daughter's best friend to come over and she lets me have my ways with her. Being so submissive all week long, this is my one chance to be... [more]

Girls nightout

I was 17, my sister wqs 19 , my parents went out for 3 day trip to see my grandmother, so I was excited to play games all day , but my sister has so other plans she invited 5 friends to our house for night out ,I didn't ratted her out turns out that's a right thing i have done in my life
After 12 I went to sleep but my sis and her friends... [more]

Mexican Lesbian Sluts

I don't know how to begin, but I'm enjoying my relationship with the two Mexican mature broads across the street from me. They would wave to me and I would wave back. We would say hello to each other and chat a bit. About six months of this they motion me to come over to their place and handed me a drink. They weren't sexy or hot looking but had... [more]

Wanna fuck all the wrong women!

I am married but my wife has been sick for three years. I have not had sex. She has dementia and sex is out of the question. I have been faithful. However that shit is wearing thin. I want to have sex but it seems with women that are forbidden. I have been off the scene so long that I must be doing something wrong. Maybe because I want to fuck my... [more]

My love for dick

I love to suck dick sometime but how it started was In my 30s I go to a book store to get my dick suck But one day ever-one wanted to get suck So the fist time in my life I was doing the sucking I suck three dick that day The nexus few years went by I fond I like sucking I was not gay had a get sex life... [more]

Wife's Toy

Looking in my wife's panty drawer found a large 8 " black dildo when asked about it she her friend gave it to her as a joke but has used it a few times when I worked late . I'm 55 wife 46 two grown kids . Sex wise wife little prudish but the new toy has turned that around .While having sex she would fantasize about a black man it was kind of a... [more]

Helped our relationship

Earlier this year my wife and i started having issues. We been together since we were both 21 were are both 32 now. We have a 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son.
Earlier this year we started having alot of issues and fighting alot. Couldnt agree on decisions together.
Well she started hanging out at her friends house where she threw get... [more]

Chest sitting turn on

Back a numbers of yrs ago i was with a girl about the same age as me at the time we was both in our late teenens early 20s.Both of us very much into sex after about 6 mts of datting i got a phone call from her asking for me to come up so i did i went to her place like normal got out of my car went to the door and to my suprise she was drested in... [more]

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