Sex Confessions

I can't stop cheating

In the 7 years I have been married, I have had more affairs than I can add up. I never considered cheating before I got married, but as soon as that ring was on my finger, I used every chance I could to jump in bed with another woman. One time my wife and kids went out of town for 3 nights. The first night I had an ex girlfriend of mine and her... [more]

Bbc pounded

So im a white 45yo guy with a very tiny penis. I have been having sex with men on the downlow for many years. I am into some real kinky and nasty stuff. I recently got into being a black new world order slave. I travel to a different city to meet with guys so i dont run into people i know. I meet with mostly if not all black men and i bow down to... [more]

Being Shared

In my teens I had a reputation at school, I suppose I was the school slut as I went through a lot of boyfriends and had sex with all of them. And being teen boys they made sure all their friends knew that they had fucked me.
After I had been with one of my boyfriends (Steve) for a few weeks he arranged for one of his friends, Ian, to come... [more]

Giving pleasure

Would you lick your wife's clit while she is being fucked and then clean them both up after he cums in her pussy?

Swinging in the sun, spain

Was swinging for a while & my fantasy was mmf we did it all with many watching too especially in the sun that was the best my girlfriend squirted with both cocks inside her she was sat on a black cock & I was from behind quite a sensation another cock rubbing against mine makes me exposed made quite a talking point for the rest of the holiday such... [more]

Surprise at the Massage spa

I went in for my regular weekly massage at our local place downtown, it is in a shopping center complex, and perfectly legitimate.
There are normally three women on staff, over time I have had a massage from all three, with the older lady that owns the spa the best of all, so I typically ask for her. She is slender, probably middle 50's, and she... [more]

Reverse confession

I'm curious how many married women prefer sex with married men (other than their husband) over single men when you have an affair.

I want the guy down the hall

I have a crush on the guy down the hall, I won't make a move as I think he has a girlfriend. But I have this fantasy............ We are passing each other in the hall, I brush up against him & he grabs me & pins me up against the wall. He holds my hands up above my head & rams his tongue down my throat, I can feel his cock growing harder as he... [more]

I took my shy wife to a Casting Couch interview

I took my naive, obedient and curvy wife to a casting couch interview. I told her it was a business meeting. I got my wife high before we left and once there I told her it was really an interview for artistic modeling. The interviewers conversation loosened her up with flattery and funny stories and more 420. I was breathing hard with... [more]

Cheer Girls and Sport Heroes

1967 We had been dating over a year. In that time we made love four times. Ricky just didn’t seem interested. My sex life was about once per month. I would go down on him and he would finger me.
After a game I was changing from my cheer outfit. Hoping for some loving. Ricky startled me. He was wearing my cheer sweater and skirt! His erection... [more]

Threesome turned into a gang-bang...

My wife Lynn and I got married at 18 yo and only a couple of weeks into being married we started taking nude pictures of my sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 redhead wife. And within a couple of months were having threesomes with a couple of my friends. One who was named Mike who we'd been with several times and on one occasion had even swapped partners... [more]

Young and old

When I was 20 I fucked my Mom’s friend when she was 50. When I was 48 I fucked that woman’s granddaughter when she was 18. I never got the her daughter.

Awsom wife

I confess that i let my wife sleep around with guys when ever she wants and with who ever she wants to. She goes out and finds guys to have sex with she even brings them home to our bed we have been merried for 4 years and i love the way she is i love it when she tells me how big a guy is or how sweet his cum was i just love it when she tells me... [more]

58yo wife, free to meet other men, and I do.

After 28 years of boring marriage, I left my husband and met and later married a handsome sexy man with a very open attitude to marriage who was 16 years older than me. I was 47 and he was 63. We moved to another town for a fresh start together, and straight away he encouraged me to wear short tight skirts and open tops to show off my curvy... [more]

Ex wife's boyfriend

First off I am trans but here we go I was over in New Port Richey Florida when I seen my ex and her new boyfriend in the mall and I started walk up to them it was crowded and when I walk by him I reach over and grab his croch and kept walking he turn and look and I wave he smiled so I was sitting in the food court and looking for him and about... [more]

Sex Slave 3

As I have said before, I have learned that I love sex, and I especially love sucking on dogs. My master has had me suck off so many dogs that I can't remember how many. Master has me dress in a sexy outfit and has me first tongue the dogs mouth. He likes me to really get dirty licking and tonguing the dogs mouth and he films me. He then has me... [more]

Fondling Ronda...Again

Not long after my first experience with Ronda, my uncle and her mom took all the kids and moved out of state. I thought it was forever. Little did I know the job wouldn’t work out for my uncle and they would be back early that fall.
But in the meantime I continued trying to get some action with other girls my age. I had been trying to get into... [more]

Penetrating Ronda-Part One

I hadn’t had an opportunity to play with Ronda for a little while. They only stayed at my grandparents’ house a short while. Then they stayed elsewhere as they looked for a new place of their own. By the time they finally moved into their own place it seemed like about a month after my last attempt to fuck Ronda. I was ready to try again.
The... [more]

Penetrating Ronda-Part Two

My tongue was pretty tired. I was really enjoying the taste but a cramping tongue wasn’t what I was looking for. I slid up her torso like a snake. I had left my pants and underwear on the floor. As I climbed up her young, soft body I raised her night gown up over her tits. They were noticeably bigger now! I squeezed and kissed them. How soft they... [more]

I want to be beautiful

I love that white sissy right here on it video I wish I was her she's taking a nice black dick if I was beautiful I could take him to and I'd probably take them two three and four at a time. God I wish I had some dick right here right now but I'm bisexual so I've got to eat me some pussy too cuz I like that that tranny right there so fine man I'd... [more]

Girls that squirt...

You girls that squirt, what is it? I had a fuck buddy that was/is a squirter, and it was thick like my cum..and she made a lot of it..after she would cum and squirt, she would go down and clean it up....piss ain’t thick. Don’t need a guys opinion.. Lady’s ?

Deborah from Germany

Deborah had a large pair of breasts and one day she gave me some ass in public.

Wife Felt Up at Club

My wife has always expressed fantasies about making out with a stranger, but always too timid to really give it a go. We were at a club one night just grabbing a couple of drinks together, and she made an idle comment about a gentlemen across the room being a young cutie. I parked it in the back of my mind for a few minutes. Next time he headed... [more]

Trucker’s Wife

I was living right next door to a trucker, his wife and two c***dren. One boy and one girl. What he did not know was that his wife was me before she was him. While she was walking out, I put my dick in her cunt and she smiled. Each time she left outside the door, I started to fuck her.

TRUE STORY: My Girlfriend’s Massage

My gf and I have been dating for a couple of years. We are both in our early 40s and she has the body of a woman half her age. We are very open with each other about everything. Especially our sexual needs and fantasies. One of her fantasies that she had told me a few times is that a male masseuse would getting extra handsy.
For her birthday... [more]

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