Sex Confessions

Husband has no idea

I started a house cleaning business about ten years ago and my husband cannot believe the money I make doing it. The truth is I get paid in cash a lot so it is more than he realizes, I make more because I have some really nice male customers who pay me extra to work naked. Some are younger and some are older but they all love it when I strip down... [more]

Cuz in my bed

My aunt and uncle are going through a ruff patch and lost their home. My parents both work really good jobs and have a lot of money. They would have helped my aunt and uncle had they asked, but they didn't. The day they were being evicted they called and asked if they could move in with us for a few day. Well that few days has turned into a few... [more]

Threesome took a turn I was not expecting

I am single and have never been married, I became friends outside of work with a guy after selling him my boat. His wife is very beautiful and a little wild so one evening when I was over at their house she told me that I should spend the night instead of driving home. I of course told them not to worry if they thought I had to much to drink then... [more]

Roommate caught me

So I share a two bedroom apartment with a buddy from work. As far as I know, he is straight. I am bisexual but haven't done anything with another guy at the apartment. We have the sock on the door rule.
Well a couple weeks ago, I got off work around 7pm. He wasn't supposed to get off work till 10pm. A former lover that moved out of town texted... [more]

Deep sea sex

I used to work for a deep sea observatory and research lab on the ocean floor in the sea of Japan. We had several scientists aboard who studied everything from ocean life to marine biology. I was intern studying ocean life as I worked on my master's degree. The first week I was there I learned these people were dirty. They would openly run around... [more]

Naturistcampsite in S. France

Me and the missus decided we would like to spend a couple of weeks at a naturist campsite in the South of France. She always sunbathes topless when she can and we have gone nude at some beaches in the UK (eg Brighton).
So we booked up for a fortnight at a site in Martigues (this is just outside Marseilles) during end of June beginning of July... [more]

The birds and the bees at 27

I’m male and years ago I house shared with 3 other people, I only got to know one person on a personal leave and that one person was not very confident and dare I say it, not very good looking!
Most evenings we would spend time chatting about anything and everything.
On a few occasions I had asked her about any relationship but she would never... [more]

Loose or tight

Is it an age thing?
I’m 32 single and always chasing pussy, I’ve always like the tight smooth young looking pussy, love slamming into a tight pussy.
Well that’s what I thought until I hooked up with this one lady on tinder.
She had one massive hairy pussy, once inside it felt amazing, super sloppy and as for the wettest, you could drink from... [more]

Thank god for the police

When it’s nice weather I drive to my local park on my lunch break from work.
On one occasion when I pulled into the car park I could see two police cars, the police were talking to a man that looked very angry.
I got out and spoke to the person in the car parked in front of me.
Guessing late 40s lady, she said the police had been there since... [more]

Surely not

My boyfriend work friend has a new girlfriend, on many occasions when he is drunk he will drop his trouser and start singing.
Embarrassed to say I have had a few sexual partners in my time, but none of the men I have had sex with have a penis the size of my boyfriend friend.
he is really big, I've only seen it when he has been waving it about... [more]

Interfering People

People local to me have started putting two and two together and now I’m getting dirty looks and treated differently.
I’m renting a place close to where I work, I return home at the weekend.
I’m 37 and become very friendly with a 55 year old widow.
She is a really nice lady and she has lots of friends and family visiting her.
She lost her... [more]

Sex has become a mess

Sex has become a right mess with my new boyfriend, I won’t let him cum inside me so he pulls out and shoots it everywhere. I wouldn’t mind if he had some aiming but for some reason he can’t cum without making a big mess, on the covers the floor even on my bedside table. Wherever he points his dick it doesn’t come out in that direction.

Was I wrong...?

I'm a feminine gay high school senior now and attending a public school, my older sister by four years attended a private girls' school. My last class let out more than a hour before my sister's did and, I would sometimes walk home to my house with her boyfriend who was a senior in the same school as me, I being a freshman. My parents worked and... [more]

Top of the Afternoon

Deidra was a friend of my wife and myself. We had met her in the D/s lifestyle. At one point she was working down the street, just a few blocks from where we lived. I was working at home in those days, and she and I would often meet for lunch. My wife worked almost thirty miles away. She had topped me a couple of times before, at a semi-public... [more]

Found the G spot

I have a friend that I met at the nude beach who is a rather large African American man. To go along with it, he has a HUGE cock. 9 inches long - cut - and has to be 6 or 7 inches around although I haven’t measured it.
We got together because he likes to suck my cock. Not sure why - I’m pretty normal size at 6.5” and a little bit bigger around... [more]

First lesbian experience? (Virgin)

Okay! Basically one of my close friends and I have been getting very intimate with each other, well let me explain. Recently she texts me sexually about the things she wants to do to me and I’m not gonna lie, it turns me on so much but the whole idea of being actions behind it kind of scares me but I want it. She tells me about how she wants to... [more]

A vet with extras

My with for 20 years is a vet and she rares for the animals on the farms around us. Wo don't have kids but we are still in love and have regulary sex 3-4 times a week. No perversions just sucking and fucking.
Last weekend my wife came home from a appointment on a farm near us. she came to me and said, we have to talk. She confessed, that the wife... [more]

What do you fantazize about?

I'm 53, divorced and live alone. The last one night stand I had 3 years ago. No man from then on. Daughter and Son visit me from time to time (Birthday or holidays). For some years I have a lot of fantasies. Mainly about sex inside the Family. Sometimes when I'm in the right mood, about dogs or monkeys too.
You out there, is there anyone who know... [more]

Craving my best friend's cock

As a guy,i want my best friend to bang me over and over again,i want his cock deep in my throat so that i can gag repeatedly.i want to feel his cock deep in my ass that scream in pleasure

Giving blow jobs

The first time I gave a blow job I was around twelve and I was camping out in the backyard with a friend, we usually had more of us but for some reason the others could not join. We did the usual thing for back then bringing out snacks, setting up our sleeping areas and of course getting porn magazines from my dads stash in the garage.
We stayed... [more]

Smell of that pussy

I love eating pussy. Always have and always will. I have eaten a lot of pussy over the years. Some smell good, others not so much. I went down on this girl I know last week. I hava to tell you that she has the most amazing smelling pussy I have ever smelled in my life. Her smell alone was enough to make me orgasm. I mean it, I have never smelled a... [more]

I miss my 1st husband

He was not the most productive man and did not have a lot of drive to succeed but he would pleasure me until I could hardly breathe. He would literally go down on me until I was pushing him off and he could stay hard forever, even after he came once. He would have an orgasm and just keep on going getting hard again in like two minutes. His penis... [more]

Rental apartment

I added an apartment above my garage when I built it because I live just a few miles from a large university. I have rented it out steadily for the last twelve years or so with very few issues and mostly to women for some reason. I did not choose them that way it just always seem to be that women were the first ones to respond to my ads or had a... [more]

Lady down the road

I grew up out in the country with corn fields all around. There was a neighbor who lived about half a mile down the road, old Mr. Kessler lived there by himself for years. When I was 14 he passed away and the house sat empty for a couple years before someone bought it and fixed it up, moving in.
My parents used to leave me home alone all the... [more]

Older female co worker

When I was 17 and back in the late 80’s working at a large retail store there was an older married attractive lady 46 who I always caught staring at meet whenever I walked by her Dept or in meetings. She was attractive with the most perfect ass I had seen on an older lady.
One day we were paired up to work late and we were the last two to leave... [more]

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