Sex Confessions

Any females curious about zoophilia ?

Any females had try zoophilia or curios about ? like dog sex or to put a snake inside their hole or hamster ? or had done it for real ?

Accepting cuckold

I am a divorced white male looking for a woman who will cuckold me. I want to be humiliated by her and her lover. I do not expect sex but glad to give oral. Sub Donny in Phoenix

What is the kinkiest/sex story you were ever involved in?

My kinkiest/sex story is...
My wife and I decided for our 25th anniversary to do something special and kinky. We agreed to set up a orgy but we had to be blindfolded. We weren't allowed to know who our partners were. I had a co-worker in his 20's(who she never met) for my wife and I don't know who she set up for me. We were in our bedroom naked... [more]

Not my fault, not my problem

I'm 22f, a senior in college, attractive, play on the softball team, and single. I have had plenty of dates, but I really don't have time for a boyfriend and don't really want one either. Between sports and school, I'm swamped. I have no time for a relationship. I'm planning on moving out of state after graduation, and know that I'll likely never... [more]

Blow job

I am a guy 55 and married to a chubby but lovely wife but I would really like to give a guy a proper blow job even swallowing it because it seems as though all the women enjoy it but obviously I don't know a guy who would let me I have often wondered if a gay guy might let me but unfortunately I don't know any so I'm asking for suggestions?

My friend's mom

I was at my friend's bbq. It was the 4th of July. I was drinking a bit and sometimes I would passively flirt with my friend's mom. Ive know them for 10years plus so i don't think much of it. Anyway, I went to the bathroom upstairs and no one was in the house. I knocked on the door and she said "I'm in here" so i said sorry and waited. When she... [more]

Teen Gymnasts

I will start by saying i have always had a thing for beautiful young girls in gymnastics leotards. I just love how they love and the leotards just make them so much cuter.
I won't say where i live, but i went into coaching gymnasts to enjoy the views and even better, the touching of the girls.
After a while i got bored and decided to try... [more]

Mom and daughter/s

Are there any mom/s with daughter/s that had done gangbangs togheder and been pregnant and maybe the husbands that have no ideea the baby/babies are not them ?

K9(dog sex )

Any girls curious to get fucked by a dog or other animals ?

I miss Craigslist Personals

I really enjoyed the freedom and ease of the personals section, I probably had a dozen or so adventures over the last three years. I am a closeted guy who loves to play with a cock now and then but on the outside I live a totally normal life. So the ads were a quick way to satisfy that urge now and then, all the other sites want a credit card... [more]

My wifes past

We have been married for 32 years and I had no idea about a part of her life before we got together. We are in our fifties now and still have a very active sex life which includes role playing, bondage and plenty of toys. We got together shortly after she graduated college and married about a year and half later. She had told me about a few... [more]

Mother in law fetish

Why is it I can’t get aroused anymore unless I am thinking about my mother-in-law. She is in her early 50’s and super hot. She has the cutest petite feet which I fantasise about rubbing and cumming on.

1st time watching my wife with a total stranger...

My wife and I had gotten into 3-some's and wife swapping soon after we got married at 18 yrs old. And I'd seen her expose herself to lot's of guy's / girl's. But the guys we'd had 3-some's with were friend's and the cpl's we'd swapped with we'd at least swapped a cpl of letters with and a few photo's as this was in the 70's long before personal... [more]


I am a married man but I have always wondered what other women think because although my wife does all of these things I wonder what other women think A question for the ladies. What is it like to have anal and what is it like to give a man a blow job and swallow it

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