Sex Confessions

Early experience affected my adult life.

When i was about 11yrs old an 18yo guy talked me and a 9yo girl to come in his house. He eventually got around to showing us a playboy magazine. And got the girl to agreeing how beautiful the girls were and then telling her how beautiful she was and how she could be like one of those girls. Then suggesting a pretend photo shoot having her undress... [more]

My Older Step Brother

I'm a 17 year old girl with a 19 year old step brother. His name was Elliot. My step brother was hot. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, nice body structure. I was at my friends house and Elliot texted me "Can u come back home? I want me and my baby sis to have a lil bit of fun." I texted him back "Oh really? What kind of fun do u plan?" All... [more]

$100 for my panties

My friends and I were at a club dancing, playing and having a great time. Several guys had bought us drinks, all of which I turned down, and my body had already been felt up dozens of times while dancing. We had been there for several hours and I was ready to go to another place that was less dance club and more food so we could eat and relax a... [more]

Sister in law panty sniffing

I was married 29 yrars to a very sexy lady. She was 17 when we me and I took her virginty. She was 5'4" 105 lbs with 34 b breasts. She was known in her small town for sucking older men but never giving it up. She was the hairest lady I had ever had sex with. She had juvinile diabetis since 11 yrs old. After 26 yrs of marriage it had killed her sex... [more]

Who's the Dad?

I just found out I am three months pregnant. I dont know who the dad is, it could be one of five guys. My parents have told me I can't come home. None of the potential fathers are in my life anymore. I don't know what to do...

My girlfriend is making me mess with my wife

I am married but have been in a pretty steady relationship with another woman. She is insanely hot and I can't control myself when I'm with her. She has this sexual power over me and lately has been making me mess with my wife while we are having sex. When I'm inside of her I can't think for myself. Lately her thing is making me call my wife while... [more]

Asian massage parlor

I had sex at an asian massage parlor last friday and i secretly recorded it without getting caught. i wore a baseball cap with a tiny camera hidden in the front and never took it off. but i made the stupid mistake of showing it to my friends and one of them uploaded it on the internet. thats bad enough but if the parlor finds out that i made a... [more]

Trip to the Liquor Store

Okay so I have a confession. I am a 39 year old Divorcee. So, I went up to the liquor one Friday 2 weeks ago to get a couple bottles of wine. While parking I notice 3 young men standing around. I recognized 2 of them and knew one of them as being the son of my friend and neighbor I said hi and so did he and then he asked if I would do them a... [more]

Married Ohio guy with a secret

So, I remarried last summmer to an incredibly beautiful/sexy wife. We met when we were both still married and had a steamy love affair. Our sex life is amazing, but I have recently found myself wanting something more. I find myself daydreaming about “being with” another man. No one in particular, but the thought of a sexual experience with... [more]

My boyfriend watches me with other guys

My bf loves to watch me suck off other guys , no penetration thats for him only he says. I have done it 3 times so far.
Last summer was my favorite time because one guy wanted to take nude pics of me doing whatever poses he asked for. The best part was when he had me spread eagle and took close up's . It was so erotic. After the picture session... [more]

Friend and I give sensual massage to my wife

Wonder if anyone has actually done something like this?
I’ve had a fantasy that begins with me giving my wife young sexy wife a full body massage.
She’s naked but covered with a light sheet. Blindfolded and wearing headphones with relaxing music. (Possibly had a few drinks)
Here’s the twist.
A guest massager(or masseur) arrives and joins... [more]

Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?

Where is the most unusual place you have had sex or what to have sex? How naughty were you? How risky were you? Please give age and gender

I Sent Julie Home Messy And Without Her Undies

Years ago I was dating this woman I worked with. Her name was Julie. She was an accountant and, on the surface, very conservative and “prim and proper” looking. But, beneath the surface, she was as very horny and naughty girl! One day, after work, we went to my apartment. When we got there, we started “getting into it.” We ended up on my bed... [more]

Ive secretly wanted...

Ive secretly wanted to be "kidnapped" or held against my will and used as a sex slave for older people but i cant seem to find where i find those people

Aunt and Nephew

Hello. I've recently found this site and want to express to everyone how great it is to have something like this. Although it is for confession I'm not looking to get something off my chest for the sake of being forgiven or anything but more to just share what I see now from being on this site is more common than I thought.
We always had a fun... [more]

Feeling a Slutty

So I have a confession. I'm a 40 year old divorced women with 2 sons in college. I have a good job and live an average life I guess you could say. Well one Friday night a couple weeks ago, I was going to the store to get a bottle of wine. I saw my neighbors 16 year old son outside with a couple of his guy friends. I of course said hi and... [more]

My Older Nieghbour

I am a gay male to female tranny, 32 years old, slim, fit and attractive. I have been cultivating my looks for years, being careful with my skin with night cremes etc. I have done breast exercises and used enhancement crème so that my breasts have become naturally larger, not to big and I love them! I have long dark hair worn down past my... [more]

Fantasize about wife getting fucked on a girls trip

Often I have fantasized about my beautiful blonde wife to come out of her sexual shell and show that animal side. I can envision her going away on a girls ski trip, they go to after ski having a great time meet some other well to do guys, hit the hot tub for some prosecco and music. As they sit there and the prosecco flows some of the guys and... [more]

I would secretly love to be in an amateur porn

Im in my very early 20's and have fantasized about being in a homemade porn.
Ive never told anyone ,its locked away in my head for my enjoyment . I think about how neat it would be to have a few guys undress me ,squeeze my tits and nipples , and me sucking them hard and getting serviced by them and sucking down all of the guys loads . just have... [more]

Gloryhole help

I'm male and live in a decent sized town. There are a handful of sex shops with gloryholes, and I've checked two of them out. I was hoping to get my dick sucked or fuck a hotwife type, but every time I've been there it's all been guys. No women. The last time I did let a guy blow me, and it was nice, but I'm really into women. I like pussy... [more]

Sharing nude photos of wife with friend

My wife A very sexy girl. (Victoria secrets level) very very much out of my league.
She is a Hispanic/European/Carib Indian blend. Long brown hair. Honey colored skin green hazel eyes.
She’s a down to earth (even shy) doesn’t recognize her own beauty sorta girl.
Rough and tough daring , comfortable around the guys etc.
Anyways... [more]

The first time

I still remember the first time I got to touch a real penis, I could feel myself getting turned on by the second as I ran my fingers up and down its length. He was dark skinned but the ring around his cock where the foreskin had been cut off was pink, veins popped out all over the shaft and his testicles where much larger than I expected them to... [more]

Got cousin’s wife pregnant

I have been sleeping with my cousin’s wife for a while now. She had a baby in December and I’m the father. My cousin doesn’t know. He couldn’t get her pregnant. He is my uncle’s wife’s son so we don’t look alike and the kid looks just like me.

Adventures in cuckolding

Lisa and I have had several get togethers with men so far and at first we just found the guys in adult mag,s that ran adds.
Not all of them were fantastic and this is about one of those.
Her and I have subscribed to west coast swingers and we get a mag every month and for several nights we go through the men's adds to see what is out there.
... [more]

Raw Power

I intentionally get pregnant with random men in order to have abortions. I never tell the guys about it. I do this as a form of sacrifice. I'm a devout occultist (not a Satanist, there's a difference). Knowing I will get knocked up puts my mating instinct into overdrive and gives me the strongest orgasms of my life.

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