Sex Confessions

Erotic body massage

I love giving my husband full body massages. I use oil, make sure to warm it up (unless I’m using the Nuru massage oil) and rub it on his body and mine. I rub my body all over his, starting with him on his back. I massage his dick with my pussy lips, as well as massage hos mouth and face with them, too. After I cum, I give him a hand/blow job... [more]

Office sex

I am a successful surgeon in my area. I have a practice with PA's and 20+ employees. I'm in my 50s and never married. I am and was too focused on my career to ever be committed to a man or family. It was a Friday night that I had a very Long week. I was in my office later then expected (which is common for MDs) and one of my employees was staying... [more]

Wife Peg

During the years that I have shared my wife we have often talked about what kind of guy she likes most. First off she prefers a married man because less chance of transmittable disease then she has only had 4 black men to date but she liked the experience's. the length of a guys cock means very little to her but she likes a thick cock and a guy... [more]

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it

The thing holding me back is that it's cheating and I never wanted to go there. I keep thinking, though, what's the harm in having an experience once. You only live once and what's the harm in having this one secret to savor. It would just be a one time thing just to feel it once
I found an ad on C-list. 2 men do massage and more as a... [more]

Delivery drivers #4 part 2

I had ordered my second delivery for the day but sat there trying go think of a way to make it more erotic. The only thing I came up with was putting on some lingerie, I headed upstairs and found a nice body suit that I had not worn in a few years. It is white and I always loved the way it pushed my breasts together and gave me a lot of cleavage... [more]

Size matters with this lady

How do you go about letting someone know I have a big cock!
I’ve joined a new company and been told a few stories about this one lady, I don’t work in her department but always see her with a lot of male attention.
The rumours are, if you have a big cock she will do just about anything!
I’m a good size above average but don’t have the looks to... [more]

A dare going out one night

A dare going out one night
It all started meeting up with the usual five guys at the pub on a night out with Stuart my husband. Charlie one of the guys didn't see me and was quite vocal ogling at the pictures in one of those girlie magazines of the readers wives and at first tried hiding the mag but the others Paul particularly Teased me asking... [more]

Delivery guy fetish #4

I decided that since the weather has been so cold for these guys a serious warm up was needed for them. I was feeling extra excited about doing it this past weekend that I did it twice in one day about two hours apart.
The first one was a repeat driver, I watched him getting out of his car and thought that I recognized him, he rang the doorbell... [more]


First off wife sharing is very exciting and guaranteed to bring excitement back to your bedroom but first it is something you have to agree on and have a loving relationship to begin with.
You see you will be watching her with another mans cock in her and you will have to be willing to watch another man fondle her breasts and kiss her with your... [more]

My dads best friend

I’m 19 and wanting my dads best friend to fuck me. He is 49 and single, whenever he is with my dad I have this overwhelming need to have him. I have this image in my head of him having a big thick cock and it only just fitting inside me, his big muscles holding me down forcing himself inside me. To me he is a real man.

I am straight but want to be used by Men

I’m a normal guy have been with a lot of women,But my first sexual experiences were with guys. When I was about 12 there were a few guys that I hung out with and we used to play a game I came up with called blind mans bluff. I convinced them that the girls in the neighborhood would play with us but they knew nothing of the game. I would blindfold... [more]

No penetrating sex life

My wife told me her friend and husband have not had penetrating sex for over 2 years, they watch each other masturbate. Surely at some point you’re gonna get the urge wanting to have a cock inside you or wanting to put your cock inside the pussy. Any truth in this?

Wife Peg

We usually don't do this but two of our married friends we sometimes invite over for some casual sex and we use football games for their excuse to get out of the house and I think their wives are happy to see them go.
Roger is about our age early 40,s and Mike is a few years younger that we met when he and his wife Jeanie bought a house just... [more]


Last night my boyfriend got a pair of latex gloves on and played with my pussy for ages, he was pretending to be a doctor giving me a thorough examination. He was opening my folds with his fingers, putting one finger in me and then playing with my clit, asking me where it hurt, etc! It was fantastic I gushed everywhere!

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