Sex Confessions

Good girl gone bad

I've always been the good girl, the one that pleases everyone and stays out of trouble. at 17, i just want to be a teenager and do something stupid for once, even if it's just once.
i have a thing for a music teacher (i go to a fine arts school). i was a crew member for a play that he was a musician for and we got along really well and talk... [more]

I want a Baby

I am a black guy and just want to have sex with a single or married woman,legal age,any race and get her pregnant.I have been wanting to do this for years.I hope I knock a woman up this coming year.I will be so happy.

A real crappy time

I was going hard at it with my girlfriend and i wanted to spice things up so i asked if i could do her up the ass ... anyway she accepted and we had great sex for a few weeks until my girl got the shits she was on the toilet for hours sometimes ...... one time i went in when she was finished and her shit smelt so good that i wanted that feel on me... [more]


I had a dream that a little girl offered herself to me sexually. I thought it was real, so I refused, and just masturbated thinking about it later.

Older sister with coaches..

My hot older sister was a dance team coach for a high school. Her girls performed at all of the football and basketball games, and would even appear for fundraisers. At the sporting events, she met very many male football and basketball coaches from other teams, most of whom hit on her and wanted to take her out for drinks.
I knew she not only... [more]

Neighbors daughter

I’m a 48 year old married Italian/Hispanic male who is very well in shape. I work out 5 times a week and almost competed in bodybuilding but decided against it.
Believe it or not my sex life with my wife was not going the way I wished it would have. My neighbors across the street are a very attractive couple. Many times I have caught myself... [more]

Best friend

I'm a fit, black hair white 22 year old female in college. I got this black friend named jermaine. He is a shy type who is between 250 and 300 pounds. But he is very funny. We are always hanging out, going to get something to eat, watch movies together. We study together since we have classes together.
For months I seen him struggle trying to... [more]

Im a guy and my best friend asked for a bj

Super long story short . my buddy and i were both 19 ,at his house ,nobody else there ,he went in for shower,came back in his room where i was hanging out ,and said dude,,Im horny as a mutherfucker,dropped his towel ,and said dude give me a bj,,i wont tell anyone .. .Ive know him since 1 st grade , and he always kept a secret,,, I said there... [more]

Would you let your girlfriend give someone a bj while you watch ?

Would you let your girlfriend suck your friend or friends cock while you watched .. We did it once and it was awesome .. no regrets for either of us ,

Neighbors girlfriend

My 25 year old neighbor had been trying to get me and my wife to go out and meet his new girlfriend. She happens to live about 30 minutes away. We decided on a Friday night and of course she was pretty cute brunette around 5’7 and nice round booty and perfect puffy tits.
As the night went on and we had drinks Justin asked me what I thought of... [more]

Love having my boobs covered in cum

I love getting cum on my boobs. Something about it just turns me on and makes me feel good. At least once a week my husband titty fucks me and I try not to wash the cum off for as long as I can. Two years ago on a trip I gave head to 3 guys but made them finish on my tits. Wow, just remembering gets me wet.

I wanted a woman to peg me...but this is what happened

I am a happily married man. I love my wife and we have no marital problems. We have regular sex but no anal & she does not lick my ass.
That said; i am addicted to porn and have been watching porn where the woman pegs her husband. I have been getting this deep desire to get pegged by a woman. My wife is too conservative and it will be an issue... [more]

I love Shemale

I like so much suck shemale cock!

Porn Addict

Honestly I love porn! Been watching since I was 11 and found my dad’s mags at 13. Tbh I just wish for one day to fuck a pornstar but one with a tiny ass especially Cameron Canela or Piper Perri. They both seem really fun and just nice. That’s it.

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