Revenge Confessions

Blow job princess

I have always enjoyed giving oral to a guy, not sure why but the sensation of sucking on a penis just gets me very turned on. My mom made me laugh so hard one time because I needed braces and when we were at the office talking with the dentist she told him that it took her forever to get me to stop sucking on my thumb. I just sat there thinking... [more]

Payback Racist boyfriend

Went to a party with a friend one night to let loosen up after a break up a few weeks prior from a long time bf. My bf and i were together for a few years till he started becoming judgemental about me and and black people. Picking fights with them. Dont like them talking to me. So i was done with it and we split. Was having a great time at this... [more]

How i became a cock sucker

When i was eleven a boy moved in next door. he had the greatest comic book collection ever. in those days there was little tv, and no internet, and comic books were the thing for boys. i would go to his house to read comic books. one day he told me that they weren't for free, that i could either pay him a quarter for each comic book to read or... [more]


The woman who I have called Gran for years, fortunately she's not related, has Altzeimers. She is only 62, but my Dad, who she adopted years ago, had her put into a home for her own good. I went to see her as we were very close when I was growing up. She didn't recognise me and as I had white Jeans and a white shirt on she thought I was a painter... [more]

Masterbating in school?

Ok so im in school right now as im typing this and sometimes i just started masterbating im 13 btw but im in school sometimes and i feel like i have to do it like ill be with my girl friends (friends who are girls not girl friends) and i ask to go to the rest room and im afriad that someone will catch me can u get in to trouble for doing that at... [more]

Getting even with big sis

Just got to confess I'm doing stuff with my brother in law, my sister has always looked down on me. We get on ok but I don't really like her. A few weeks ago I was alone with John, I was wearing this top where it kept falling of my shoulder so it showed my bra strap. At 14 I've got nice boobs and always get plenty of attention at school, the're... [more]


When she sleeping go into the room sleep closely

Reclaiming the estate

I am not close to my sister. She's 12 years older, so there was always an age gap between us growing up. Although we were both loving daughters to our parents, I grew up feeling second best. That was confirmed when our dad passed away earlier this year. (Our mother passed away 3 years ago). They gave most of their estate to my sister and her... [more]

Barry Blowjob

BarryBJ was on Wattpad and chatting it up with girls. He was flirting with bunches of girls and telling them sh*t like how he loved them. The truth is Barry was giving other guys blowjobs the whole damn time. LMFAO. The report is that he is very experienced at giving blowjobs because he is a pole hoe. I called him Mr. Blowjob or panty boi... [more]

Turning the tables

I recently found out that my husband of 21 years cheated on me. He had a threesome with a friend and his friend's wife when he was over at their place watching football. I learned about it from another guy who was there and told me about it.
I told my friend Nina at work that my husband cheated, and she suggested that I even the score. She... [more]

Do other women do this

I'm a white male, and I have a female friends who are also white when we are all hanging with our friends together and they eventually get into a conversation about there boyfriends cause 3 out of 4 girls I hang out with have black boyfriends. All of them tell stories how they suck the black cock and how huge he is or how great they fuck. Then the... [more]

How Long Will She Suffer?

I have posted in the past but without having a profile so there is not a record of my situation but here it goes..... MY WIFE SUCKS!
Actually, she doesn't suck, I wish she did. Her sex drive has diminished to what I thought was completely gone but I was wrong. I usually get some after being persistent for a while but I have pretty much... [more]

Enough Was Enough

Many, many years ago when I was a lad of fifteen, I got caught going down on a boy friend a couple of years younger than me, by his mother. It created quite a row, she told my parents. I had already been caught trying to look in her bedroom window, and caught masturbating when my mother and her walked into my bedroom without knocking. She had me... [more]

Wat i do in my spare time....

My names Bridgette
I'm 13
nd I'm in 8th grade(I wuz able to skip a grade)
I'm probably lke most teen girls..........I was first introduced to the sex world at the age of 11,it was a dare I was dared to go ina room wit a person dat the group choosed nd do somethin sexual wit him,I guess u could say I gave him a handie,nd let's just say he... [more]


I am a sixteen year old and my ex gf is fifteen. The first month of our relationship I whent over to her house. We ate dinner and her family was there. Her father is fifty and her mom is forty eight. Her twin sister is also there. After dinner my girlfriend and I do what we generally do and hang out until it is late at night. It passed twelve... [more]

My Dream Come True: Swinging with my wife's best friend

I had always had an eye for Anna and her husband and my wife and I had been good friends all while going through college. I secretly wished I could have sex with Anna now and again. I didn't know how it was possible that I could have love for two women as deeply as I did, but it was true. Then one day out of the blue, my wife, Allison... [more]

I do weird things to orgasm.....

I am a very weird person. i am an 18 y o blonde and guys are always trying to get me to have sex with them. but i like having sex with dirty old perverts. they turn me on so muchhh. i love to see their big cocks throbbing. i guess you could call me a prostitute even though i dont get paid. i really let anyone fuck my pussy. I do it with old men i... [more]

A drunken sister In law

I will try to forget dec. 5 2012 but it's hard my sister in law calls me drunk to pick her up I go take her home she didn't want me to leave so she hugs me just hugging her felt soo good.. She starts to kiss me I gave in !! We making out she gives me hickeys then we have sex ! With no condom !! what happend !!!!! So now when I see her I always... [more]

Prison Guard Buddy Records Rape and Abuse for Fun

I guy I've known since high school, Mark, is a CO at a state prison nearby. He's also a neighbor. At a party he had not too long ago, he showed a group of us recordings he too with his phone of young men being sexually abused. He says that agreed to have sex for protection so it's not rape. But the victims all looked under 25, where slim and... [more]

Cought masterbating

Im 12 years old and i finger myself allote im always worried that i am going to get caught im worried that my doctor will find out sometimes my step bro caught me but i was freaking out and so scared that he would tell my mom or my step dad i allways think about that and get scared that he will tell someone i told my cousoin she told me that all... [more]

Sex With My Bhabhi

Meri bhabhi bahut hi sundar hai..wo mere se kafi majak karti rahti hai..mai hamesha unke sath sex karne ke bare me sochta hu par kar nai pata..ek din mai bhabhi ke room me gaya to dekha wo so rahi thi..unki sari upar uthi thi aur unke thigh dikh rahi thi aur blouse se boobs dikh rahe the..mai unke lips ko dekhne laga aur unhe chumne ke liye... [more]

Sex with older men

I'm 17 and I've always been attracted to older men, like in their mid 30's. I just love the idea of having sex with someone older. I seem to be innocent with my friends and lots of guys ask me out, but i really just want a 30y/o guy shoving his huge dick up my pussy and i want him to cum inside... I also like to blow guys but people just find that... [more]

Taking advantage of the situation

Will try to make this brief. I've had a strong sexual attraction and desire to and for my hot, beautiful older sister for years. She's known, and to a good degree, not only allowed it, but participated.
She's been having marriage problems for 2 years or so, and it's gotten worse. I've paid her more attention and seem to have returned to my/our... [more]

Arizona girl

That a girl I went to school with had sex with a dog and had me film it. Her name is Jazmin Thornton.

Last day of work

I have just got a new job. At my old job, there was a really hot guy I like. They had a rule about employees dating so nothing happened.
On my last day. I went to his office, locking the door behind me. I moved around his desk and kissed him, grabbing his crotch. I freed his cock and sucked him hard, the feel of his cock in my mouth increasing... [more]

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