Revenge Confessions

Paid and laid

Im a 34 year old black male who drives on behalf of Uber and one night I picked up this beautiful white girl who had bright red hair she must had freshly dyed. Nice set of perky tits and a very nice thick curvy ass, she is a 22 year old college student
I picked her up. We talked the whole ride, she was telling me she just had a fight with her... [more]

Feelings for step daughter

She was only 7yrs when I med her and her mum,once she was 14yrs and growing hair,I started to have this feeling as she was also had no problem to undress at my presence.because she was also beginning to develop boobs I wanted to touch them.eventually I did when she was sleeping and I end up touching her vagina also.because of this,when ever she is... [more]

Season of giving

Today while I was at my friends house playing games, he went to the store to get some more snacks. Just as he was leaving his brother (age 25) and his brothers friend (age 24 btw im 17 and im bi) were coming in, they came into the basement to say hello to me and they each sat on either side of me. The brother asked me if I was a virgin I told... [more]

I want to have sex!

I'm only 12 years old and I don't even have my period yet. I love my body though accept I don't know hoe to master ate right cause I never get it! But ever since we learned about puberty at school view anted to have sex with guys! At night I get undressed and just sit there rubbing my nipples and vagina. I feels good but not orgasm great. I want... [more]

Any girls out there

And girls 14-16 wanna chat on Kik post yours below please and send a pic to me after I ask

Only other 14 year olds can help me with my problem.

Alright so for staters I am 14 yo and have always wanted to see somebody my age completely naked. Where they are completely exposed. If anyone can help me with this I would be so greatfull thanks.


Iam ramantic boy. I like to watch u rubbing your pussy your clit.i want to watch you fingering yourself

Stolen panties

I steal my friends panties ive stolen atleast 20 pairs of her panties oh oh ohhh god im cumming now in her panties oh oh oh jesus ugh ugh god im shootin my cum into her panties and then im putting them back in her pantieeee drawer oh oh ohhh god another load oh oh ugh!!! im going to taste my own cum Mmmmmmm!!! its so fucking tasty and creamy... [more]

I fantasize about my co-workers

Whenever i have to work with 2 particular guys i always think of dirty things i could do to them. About one bending me over the break room table and having his way with me or throwing me up against the wall and screwing my brains out. Or the other one taking me out to his badass truck and just going at it. And the best part one actually does yard... [more]

I like fucking older men

Hey, my name is Calli and I confess that I LOVE fucking older men.
I'm only 14 years old, and I know it's wrong but the thought of some 30 or so year old man fucking me, a teenager, turns me on :)
Email me for some fun, and if you want to cam sometime you can find me on omegle if you put in
Purple Macaroni
or you can email me at... [more]

Sex in the loo

i am woman with a 3"clit,it is almost always erect,i wear a specially design panty that allow my clit to b free,so i can rub it any time.
1 day i was at the loo in the office,it was after work,but i stayed to finish some papers.i can pee from it, so as i was in the loo,in walk jessy my boss. the door was open & she saw me standing ,
"i... [more]

I need a lesbian girl........

Im a 10 yr old girl i want a lesbian friend 8-12... if ur intrested u can email me... my email is email me and if u like me and i like you u can come over my house sometime.... :) so email me. this is a real 10 yr old girl.
i have brown hair and hazle eyes my hight is around 5ft my bra size is 34B my shirt size is like a M... [more]

dont judge please

Hi im 15 and im still a virgin and most would be proud but some would be shocked. im onw of those good girls and i hate it! im tired of being a virgin!!! Some guys at my new school call me cute and im 5'1 or 5'2 yes im short.... 32B. wanna know what makes t worse? my brother whos 14 ISNT a virgin! that makes me feel soo pathetic if u wanna talk... [more]

My Dream Come True: Swinging with my wife's best friend

Looks like this one didn't get posted the last time I tried, but it's true as I'm standing here.
I had always had an eye for Anna, and her husband and my wife and I had been good friends all while going through college. I secretly wished I could have sex with Anna now and again. I didn't know how it was possible that I could have love for two... [more]

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