Revenge Confessions

My girlfriend fingered my booty hole.

I’m a male 26 and my girlfriend is 24 and she got the ultimate revenge on me, I remember one week I was giving her a hard time and even got into it with her 19 year old little sister on the phone and ended up calling her a bitch, when I got home from work my girlfriend told me that her sister told her about me calling her a bitch and said her... [more]

My girlfriend sister got me punished

I got into it with my girlfriends sister and had to let my gf finger my butt

Ex Wife Pushed Me Too Far

My ex wife is an incredibly sexy woman, the sexiest woman I have ever known, but she is an evil bitch. We've been divorced for over 5 years now and she has remarried. Sex with her was the best sex of my life and none of the other women I have been with since her have come even close. I have always been crazy about her and she has always known... [more]

I became the sissy

I was in college and AOL first started up. I remember getting free hours when you signed up. I quickly began to see hot pictures of women and then some of men in panties and lingerie. These started turning me on. I showed my buddy the AOL and some of the guy in panties and bondage pics showed up. He started calling me gay names and I was... [more]

Fuck my stepfather

I fucking hate his guts, Him and my Mother don't even know that i read her messages saying how she wants to feel him inside her, like FUCK NO! I just wish I was with my real dad in Providence RI because he was more fun then my STEPDAD who I don't really want to be my STEPDAD like he can go Fuck himself, I mean it's not that hard. That's what I... [more]

What should I do

I have photos and videos of a girl I was seeing using her fingers and vibrator and sucking them clean after. My question is what do I do with them now she has decided she doesn't want to get together anymore.

Girlfreinds mom

My girlfriend was married her mom didnt like her hubby and we worked together. he worked away and it was easy to be with her i got on well with her sister and her mom really well to . Her mum was small lady old but big boobs it was summer and we were all in the garden her my gfs hubby had come home unknown to her and i had to pretend to be her... [more]

Auntie part 1

She has cheated on my uncle for years he knows about it it but do t say anything. i was there the other day she said could i bring the wash basket down when i come out the loo yes i said i took it down i was in the kitchen chatting to her she didnt know i knew waht she dose but i was out with my mates and i saw her down a dark ally getting butt... [more]


I've cummed on many of my 83yo MIL's (Dottie) panties and bras, I've climbed in her bed naked, humped her pillow, put precum on her toothbrush and inhaler. I've pressed my semi hard rod against her backside getting an item off a shelf for her, I think she knew what I was doing, after that day she now kisses me on the lips at family gatherings and... [more]

Fucking my Ex GF

My Ex GF didn't marry me, instead she married someone else.
Since her marriage, I have seduced her many times and fucked her and made her swallow cum.
Technically we both are happily married. But I just wanted to revenge and make her feel like a slut, I revenged her for not marrying me.
Did i do right? I feel like a loser and I am scared , if... [more]

Fucked my Ex GF

We were GF/BF since high school but she didn't marry me and married some other guy. After 20 years of her marriage, she was in town on vacation. I invited her for coffee, took her for a drive, drove her around for about 5 hours , talked about marriage issues and all , In those 5 hours, I didn't even get her anything to eat or drink or even... [more]

Parting shot

My wife's father was a rotten person to the core. She blamed him for the worst part of her childhood. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer and was in his final days. He was unable to speak, but could hear just fine. I decided to tell him everything he never wanted or expected to hear. Since he hated black people so much, I explained in full... [more]

My ex-wife's panties

I've always been turned on by cute little women's panties and my ex-wife had plenty of them. After the divorce and I was leaving our house for the last time, I got an idea....I pulled out her panty drawer and jacked off all over her panties. Then to hide the evidence I mixed them all up like tossing a big panty salad.

Pee time

I have started to wear ladies lace panties under my trousers.I pick a random place then wet myself.I love to feel the warm pee running down my legs and the wet panties rubbing on my cock.

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