Revenge Confessions

I diserved what I got.

I awoke staring at the sealing unable to move any part of my body. This is when I heard a strange voice say,"Good morning you cheating bastard". I tried to speak but was unable. It was like my eyes, and brain were working but the rest of my body was paralyzed. That's when this large breasted chubby women bent over my head and looked into my eyes... [more]

Revenge Sex tape

My EX Gf aka stuck up bitch always had a mean streak to her. 5 months after we Broke up she send me a Video of her Banging another dude. probably to get a rise outta of me To bad I told her: -To Bad Bitch I Fap all over your Video... Send more material - She never text me again

Sex with my friend

Me and my friend hav been friends since he was orn and we had sex the other day. im 13 and oh god it felt soo good

Little girls masterbaiting

Wow... Look what the world is coming to now a days.... 7 to 11 year Oldsmobile, humping pillows talking about getting an orgasim....

Touched my sister

Well she was sleeping and i touched her on the butt very softly and gently but i realized she was not disturbed so i started rubbinng fast and hard. i knew the chance i had so i slipped her pants down a little and touched her bare ass. what a wonderful feeling it was

I love having cam sex

So I'm a 23 year old guy, I love sex as most men do so it makes me no different. However I usually get more excited when I jerk off for other women on cam. by this I mean she has to be doing the same. It is really hard to find women who are willing to go live on cam and masterbate with me so I figured if i posted something here i would have more... [more]

Dear Mr Rivers...

Dear Mr Rivers, you know that person you refer to as the office idiot well he’s been fucking your wife.
Remember four months ago when you said if I don’t stay behind and help I better start looking for a new job, as you know I did stay and help I also helped myself to your neglected wife (my line manager) we stayed till 2am that night putter your... [more]

Is it bad that I want to cuck my father with a white man?

Every time I’m getting fucked by my boyfriends thick white cock, I want to send a video to my father, a black man. It would just be of his huge cock pumping up into my little pussy at first. I know he would watch it but he wouldn’t recognize me. And then send him a video of my boyfriend bringing me to a shaking orgasm eating my pussy. I would be... [more]

Real doggy style

I love getting f***** by my dog. its so different and better than my husband, or any man for that matter. i love how wet and fast it is, and how dirty i feel after. i love getting knotted. if guys had knots at the base of their dicks i would be the happiest woman in the world.


I am 16 year old boy and i love small girls with tight pussy.I want badly to eat a small cute girl ,lick her and pleasure her.Make her scream. I can't get it out of my head, but i want it so bad!!!!!

Hey help

I am 13 I am a girl and I watch porn a lot I don't know how I got the habit but one day I walked into my brothers room and he was watching it and then I looked it up and I liked it and I wanted to watch again and now I watch it mostly everyday and I want to stop please help and my friend don't like me that much and I hate sports I want to watch tv... [more]

Can i marry my sister husband as she is unable to have sex

Hi my name is saranya. I am from tamilnadu. In our family there are 5 sisters and two younger brother. All sisters are elder to me and are married. My age is 26 years. My brothers are now only studying 10 and 8th std. my third sister got married 5 years ago and she is not having child. Her mother in law is scolding her now and then for not having... [more]

I want to fuck and getting my cock sucked

I'm 21 years old guy, I never been sucked off by anyone. I want to get my cock sucked. Just to know how does it feels like. I always wanted to fuck somebody, but I never had the opportunity to do it. I wish I could fuck so bad..

I'm 14 and I want to have sex

I just turned 14 a few weeks ago and I want to know how it feels to have sex or suck a ****

SMALL love

Im 16 year old , i love small cute girls and i want to pleasure one so bad. i need advice

I really need to get fucked by another man

I have tried craiglist before but it seems like nothing works. I live in north hudson New Jersey.... I have had sex with two guys before but this time I am really horny

Two cousins, two virgins

I've had a cousin the same age as me that has visited me for a couple weeks every summer since we were 4.
When we were 13, we had been left alone and were watching tv. We were bored and began searching channels one by one until we found a channel not programmed... it was showing hardcore porn. We were both embarrassed, but couldn't avoid... [more]

I don't want anymore abusive relationships

My vajayjay is apparently like a magical box, I have moves like your personal pornstar, I love to tease only for it to be that much more better for when you've had enough and want to destroy me, hehe. I like to role play to an extent. I do have an extreme fantasy but that doesn't get sheared till we've grown a bond and that I am extremely... [more]

My very last confession , my virginity was taken at age 15

This is my very last final confession on this demented stupid site , I may as well move on after my final story is published and come clean about why I’m here for the final time . I made confessions that I am a virgin , but now I don’t believe that to be true , because I’m not a virgin . I have not been a virgin ever since the age of 15-17 years... [more]


My fiancée is bisexual. She was dating a girl but decided she liked me and my cock better. I’m not a controlling freak. Right after she makes this decision we all have hotel room together before our flight home. My fiancée and I have sex all night while the ex is crying. She cries the plane ride home. Then, after a couple weeks, she becomes... [more]

Fuck her

My former friend posted some nasty shit on my facebook, so I fucked her boyfriend. He didn't need much convincing. We had a good time. I went back for seconds a couple of days later. Fuck that bitch.


My wife had become cold and had stopped having sex with me. She started going out without me a lot and I suspected that she was cheating on me. It started with me cumming in her shampoo bottle. It made me happy knowing she was rubbing my cum into her hair every morning. Then I started cumming on her toothbrush. Finally in her food. One evening I... [more]

They swallowed but don’t know it

So I had a relationship on the side with this woman at work. She lived near work and was recently divorced. I would go before work and at lunch and we had awesome sex. So one day I stop by un-expected and bam, she’s doing some other guy. I call her out, she says whatever, and that’s it. Wrong, I still have your key dumbass. That’s right you and... [more]

Pay back

When I recently got caught cheating on my gf of over 2 years I was really gutted and felt so bad about it, recently I was at a club and my ex and white a few of her mates where there but didn't think much of it, when I needed the loo was shocked that I was grabbed by the girls into the ladies my hands tied behind my my back and to a pipe my ex... [more]

I hate this Tranny guy , I wanna ruin his life with the truth

I was 10 years old and I confess that I hate this Tranny guy , he is a member of the LGBT community and I wanna ruin his life by a anonymous report to the police that he did indeed rape his baby sister before he became a damn F***ing Tranny . I want to somehow make the truth come out of his past , that not only is he a Gay person , but a tranny... [more]

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