Revenge Confessions

Death to All Rednecks

This is a message to all of you white trash proud boys; you want to storm the Capital because your Fat Orange King is a sore loser and refuses to accept defeat and you want to cause terrorism? Well guess what we ANTIFA are going to fight back and we're going to bring the fight to all of you.
Operation exterminate all rednecks will begin before... [more]

Wife pussy

She always had a wet pussy and was submissive

I Hate All Women

Women are Trash all they do is complain about Men and they act like the world revolves around them. No you dumb bitches Women are trash and deserve to be treated like trash and I want nothing to do with Women in fact I wish all women in this world would all die and the world would be a better place.

Want to show naked pictures of my ex girlfriend to my dad

My dad still talks to my ex but I want to show him her tits and body for some reason just for the fuck of it should I show him her body or no?

My shy wife

My wife is 5’4” Hispanic .
She was 36 years old at the time.
She agreed to get a massage eventually
she found out that I had cheated on her earlier during.She got massage from a Panama man .He was at least 6ft 6 inches.
We got to the hotel went in and my wife said let me get in to a towel.She came out dropped the towel and got on the... [more]

My shy wife

My wife is 5’4” Hispanic .
She was 36 years old at the time.
She agreed to get a massage eventually
she found out that I had cheated on her earlier during.She got massage from a Panama man .He was at least 6ft 6 inches.
We got to the hotel went in and my wife said let me get in to a towel.She came out dropped the towel and got on the... [more]

Giving it back

I was at this party where this one chick was really drunk and being a real nasty bitch but just toward me for some reason. I didn't know what her deal was but just avoided her for the rest of the evening. Later, I had to use the bathroom but on my way I passed a bedroom where I saw someone passed out on the floor. I took a closer look and it... [more]

Wildest Day Ever

One time some thugs wanted revenge on my brother for something that he did. One of them said to go on a date with him and they’d call it even. He told me to wear a strapless dress with no underwear so that I could flash my pussy and that he wouldn’t touch me. When I got to his home, he took me inside where five other men and my brother were. They... [more]

The man who fucked my wife is dead.

The man who fucked my wife is dead.
At last the slime has changed to dung.
I happily know the burial date -
last week and where the turd was flung.
So one day I can find the grave
And spit and piss and shit on him.
I only hope he suffered long
With searing agonising pain
Before he left this lovely world whose life he'd not deserved to... [more]

My manager said "Yes" his Corvette for my Hot Wife

Our Trailer was on a double lot and behind our trailer the previous owner had a mechanic shop lift installed and it was brand new. A small workshop with tons of car parts and lots of tools. I even found a hand drawn map that had a certain area marked. The location was where I found my 1970 Mustang Convertible 428 super cobra Jet. I got the car but... [more]

Anonymous fun

I'm a 23 year old male looking for anonymous pics and videos.. you don't have to tell me your name or any revealing information about yourself.. If your over 18 and horny I would like to see how far you will go an.. Just leave me your email and we can have some fun and no this is not a website advertisement

A birthday to remember

My wife (Sam) bought us tickets to go see a ACDC tribute band at a hotel about an hours drive away. It was her present to me for my birthday. She had also booked a room at the same hotel so we could stay the night & not worry about driving back home.
On the day of the gig, we arrived at the hotel about 2hrs beforehand. We settle into our room... [more]

This story...

After reading "NEVER AGAIN" on here I went to bed. As I laid there I was very restless thinking of the storyI couldn't get it out of my head. Soon I found my self stroking my manhood. My left hand moved up to my nipples as I cold I got very aroused.I continued to remember the story and soon got out of bed went into the next room and found some... [more]

James taught a hard lesson.

For flirting with other girls, I was taught a lesson by Garima, Racine, Carly, and Hannah. They stripped me down to me lacey thong panty and made me perform oral pleasures on Naksh, Dev, Jake, and Manu. I was severely throat banged by those guys. The girls thought it was hilarious. It was so very embarrassing.
Just when I thought it... [more]


I Masterbate in my room while watching lesbian or insert porn but it's getting boring I'm 12 and I also watch webcam on porn I made an account Plz help me!!!!

13 and horny.

I spit in my pussy when I masturbate.. im only 13 and want sex really bad. Im going to wait. I watch porn..wanna know what it feels like

I Cum Blasted Her Neighbor and Her Daughter

I had to get revenge on my lady friend. We dated for awhile. Then I found out she cheated on me while I was out of town with a guy nearly half her age. Linda who lived next door to my lady friend and my lady friend's daughter, found out about it. They felt sorry for me. I always had some interest in both of them. Linda has very long saggy tits... [more]

A fantasy

My wife and I met when she was studying to become a nurse and I was driving for UPS. she worked as a waitress and I had stopped for lunch and we talked and soon I was stopping there whenever I had the chance and we dated for awhile and became engaged then we married.
We started a family right away but after our second child we decided it was... [more]

I posted all of my wife’s porn(group ours and solo) online

I posted many of our videos and pictures online.
After our 4th child our marriage was very unstable. I more or less forced her to do gangbangs, pegging, and prostitution To “shame” her for one time cheating, well making out with someone at a New Years party.
Total count on film was 37 random men we never knew names for. But I recorded less... [more]

Massive cumshots

I use my massive cumshots and ability to product massive volumes of precum to get revenge on my enemies.

A dirty revenge

It really came as a surprise when my wife told me that she wanted to separate from me (after 20 years of marriage). I admit, my first reaction was disappointment and then anger took over. I thought long and hard about how I could take revenge on her. Through a pharmacist friend of mine I got something similar to KO-drops. Anyway, a rape drug. It... [more]

Sexy daughter

After my wife died i started playing with my 23 yr old daughter she didnt really seem to mind comming to my bed whenever i asked. i never fucked her but i did make her cum with my tongue on two occassions it was great at the time but now,,,,, she has moved out

Blow Hard

I sucked my little brother off and I enjoyed it. I can't wait for my son to be born so I can do the same for him.

My girlfriends girl

I have been fantasizing about my girlfriends daughter. She has got an awesome set of tits, well I haven't actually seen them but for her age they are outstanding. She does things like hug me for no reason and press her tits against my chest then walk away with a big grin.or she will sit with me on my bed with shorts that are loose, her legs open... [more]

I am young

Once i look at these i get a boner i am only 13. there is one about a sluty 14 year old girl masterbaiting while in a movie with her family and one guy notices, i want a slut like that so i could bring her somewere and fuck hef brains out. i wish women would be like that so i could fuck some one, im just ready to have sex i love wet pussy ... and... [more]

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