Revenge Confessions

Revenge for cheating

My husband of 5 years cheated on me at a work convention. Even worse he was not discrete and most of his office knows about it and word quickly got back to me. I was pissed to say the least. When I confronted him he begged me to forgive him and promised to do anything to make it right. After a few days thinking about throwing him out I told him... [more]

I want to set my wife up for a gangbang

I want to take my wife to a hotel, get her wasted at the bar, then bring her back to our room with a bunch of random guys and watch them fuck her raw.
I don't want her passed out. I want her drunk enough so she can't say no and can't stop it, but not so drunk she doesn't know what's going on.
I want it to hurt. I want her to struggle. I want... [more]


I want my wife to fuck a street dog

Hubby had small one

My name is Diane. I am forty two years old and married. I recently discovered that my husband visited a nude male spa, where nude massages were available by nude masseurs. When I questioned him, he first denied ever going there, but he eventually admitted going there, saying he was just curious.
Needless to say, I felt hurt and betrayed. ... [more]

First time trying Bi

Leave it my forgetful wife to leave a DVD in the machine. I was shocked, but not surprised when I played it. My wife was having sex with James, a good friend of ours. He is black, clean cut, and has a smooth muscular body. My wife was loving every second. James' big black cock was either fucking my wife's pussy, or in my wife's mouth the... [more]

I Did it Anway

A few years ago my sister lied to my girlfriend about me cheating on her. My sister didn't like her much and when she found out i was going to propose, this was her solution to stop me.
Well it worked and a few days later she dumped me and left. I was very angry at my sister, and it took months for us to fix our relationship and then slowly... [more]

How do I get my friends dad to fuck me?

I want my friends dad to fuck me so bad. I always masturate to his Facebook pictures but the thing is me and the friend don't hang out often and her parents are divorced. When I was skyping my friend I heard him masturbating and it made me so wet. I want his thick cock inside my pussy but I don't know how to get him to fuck me. I think he would be... [more]

My niece

Don't think I'm a pedophile, but I have a niece I want to fuck. I'm in my 40's and she is in her 20's. She always posting on Facebook about sucking Dick and how much she loves fucking. She's hot and pretty trashy really. If I had the chance I would fuck the hell out her. Funny thing is, I fucked her half sister years ago, but she was related... [more]

I fucked my cousin sister and I regret It.

She was cleaning the room and wanted me to hold a black bin liner as she placed the rubbish in the bag, she kept bending to grab the rubbish. My eyes couldn't stop staring at her beautiful ass. No one was home so I threw the bag grabbed her and started snogging, eventually pulled down her pants and began fucking her. Its been a week and I haven't... [more]

Ride me

i love for women to me,my huge clit 3" erect.
i was at beach sitting in a boat,when this girl came by,
"hai' she said
"oh hello kelly,wanna go boating"?
"yea" she climbed in , i started the boat it flew in the water.soon we were out in the open.i relax,took off my shirt,my pants ,i was in my g clit strained at the crotch,
... [more]

I love pervs!

Im a 17yo virgin and a female. People think im a goody-goody because i get good grades, go to church and barely have time to have a boyfriend. Between my survival training, sniper training, gym and ps3 i have no time! What my friends dont know is that i just want to loose my virginity to a dominant 30yo perv to fuck my brains out with his huge... [more]

I filmed my cousin naked

I started getting feelings for my cousin i know its wrong but i wanted her so bad no love or anything just sexual but i refused to even try having sex with her so i tryed filming her naked for months every attempt failed the most i got was her in a bra. So one day i spent the night at her house and i brought my camera for one last try. I woke up... [more]

What girl ages would be most intereted?

I am a 15 year old guy and I've had sex once. I am turning 16 in 2013. I am fairly decent looking, tanned, I am around 5 foot 6 and my dick is 7 inches. I am also quite muscly, have pretty big biceps and almost have a full six pack. I am not all that popular in school, but I have had a few really hot gf's and a few people request sex. So Could you... [more]

Little cuz

I no this is really wrong but i cant help it..
It started last year on vaction in florida i live up north and i have cousins down in florida and my grandma winters down there but one day me my sister and my two little cousins (im not going to say names) A (3) and C (6) and we played marco polo and my sister and A got out but me and C stayed... [more]

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