Revenge Confessions

This story...

After reading "NEVER AGAIN" on here I went to bed. As I laid there I was very restless thinking of the storyI couldn't get it out of my head. Soon I found my self stroking my manhood. My left hand moved up to my nipples as I cold I got very aroused.I continued to remember the story and soon got out of bed went into the next room and found some... [more]

James taught a hard lesson.

For flirting with other girls, I was taught a lesson by Garima, Racine, Carly, and Hannah. They stripped me down to me lacey thong panty and made me perform oral pleasures on Naksh, Dev, Jake, and Manu. I was severely throat banged by those guys. The girls thought it was hilarious. It was so very embarrassing.
Just when I thought it... [more]


I Masterbate in my room while watching lesbian or insert porn but it's getting boring I'm 12 and I also watch webcam on porn I made an account Plz help me!!!!

13 and horny.

I spit in my pussy when I masturbate.. im only 13 and want sex really bad. Im going to wait. I watch porn..wanna know what it feels like

I Cum Blasted Her Neighbor and Her Daughter

I had to get revenge on my lady friend. We dated for awhile. Then I found out she cheated on me while I was out of town with a guy nearly half her age. Linda who lived next door to my lady friend and my lady friend's daughter, found out about it. They felt sorry for me. I always had some interest in both of them. Linda has very long saggy tits... [more]

A fantasy

My wife and I met when she was studying to become a nurse and I was driving for UPS. she worked as a waitress and I had stopped for lunch and we talked and soon I was stopping there whenever I had the chance and we dated for awhile and became engaged then we married.
We started a family right away but after our second child we decided it was... [more]

I posted all of my wife’s porn(group ours and solo) online

I posted many of our videos and pictures online.
After our 4th child our marriage was very unstable. I more or less forced her to do gangbangs, pegging, and prostitution To “shame” her for one time cheating, well making out with someone at a New Years party.
Total count on film was 37 random men we never knew names for. But I recorded less... [more]

Massive cumshots

I use my massive cumshots and ability to product massive volumes of precum to get revenge on my enemies.

A dirty revenge

It really came as a surprise when my wife told me that she wanted to separate from me (after 20 years of marriage). I admit, my first reaction was disappointment and then anger took over. I thought long and hard about how I could take revenge on her. Through a pharmacist friend of mine I got something similar to KO-drops. Anyway, a rape drug. It... [more]

Sexy daughter

After my wife died i started playing with my 23 yr old daughter she didnt really seem to mind comming to my bed whenever i asked. i never fucked her but i did make her cum with my tongue on two occassions it was great at the time but now,,,,, she has moved out

Blow Hard

I sucked my little brother off and I enjoyed it. I can't wait for my son to be born so I can do the same for him.

My girlfriends girl

I have been fantasizing about my girlfriends daughter. She has got an awesome set of tits, well I haven't actually seen them but for her age they are outstanding. She does things like hug me for no reason and press her tits against my chest then walk away with a big grin.or she will sit with me on my bed with shorts that are loose, her legs open... [more]

I am young

Once i look at these i get a boner i am only 13. there is one about a sluty 14 year old girl masterbaiting while in a movie with her family and one guy notices, i want a slut like that so i could bring her somewere and fuck hef brains out. i wish women would be like that so i could fuck some one, im just ready to have sex i love wet pussy ... and... [more]

I like it too much

my sisters boyfriend came over... my sister fell asleep and me and her bf were talking.i realized I gave a huge crush on her bf. He started talking about how he likes guys and stuff. Well things started to enhance. I went to the bathroom and he was naked on my bed when I came in my room. Oh it was marvilouse he set p candels and turned the lights... [more]

My husband lost a bet...

So my husband lost a stupid bet with his best friend. I can tell his best friend has always liked me by the way he treats me and looks at me. He is married, as are we. Husband told me that terms of the bet if he lost is that his friend could make a move on me. I laughed and thought ok- whatever. So he can try to touch my boob or something? Is that... [more]

How i became sex slave in Algeria

I met this girl on a dating site invite me to visit her in Morocco ,So went to see her in Morocco was met at the airport by a woman and man . The woman told me she was the one i had met on the dating site and the Man was her brother so went with them to the car park to there car, me and woman got in the back her brother in the front we chat why... [more]

Have you ever done a revenge sex?

My ex dumped me for another girl, so I fucked her ex as revenge.

Cum Coffee

I caught my husband having an affair. She was some dopey little slut and he promised not to see her again. He told me she had only ever given him blowjobs and that wasn’t really cheating. Yeah, Right!!
I thought “fuck this” and decided that if getting a bj was t cheating then giving one mustn’t be either!
I am quite flirtatious naturally... [more]

How my wife made her Girl friend

I love dressing in female clothes but always did when the wife was at work or way business trips , So one time she was on a business trip i took a week off so i could dress all week she was to come home Friday but on Thursday afternoon she came home i was in kitchen dressed in her red dress . lace bra panties with 3" heel ,I had no way of her... [more]

Had enough

I've had enough of my wife's lack of respect for me and ignorance to me.
During the day I try getting close to her and touch her but she fights me off like I'm some stranger. Even in bed at night when I got to hug her.
She says bad things to me and really mentally hurts me.
When all this covid shit is over, I'm going to take her to a... [more]

I’m going to Hell and I’m gonna Fuck the Sodomites to death

I seen that Hell is coming soon to the earth, I’m going to hell when I die, but before I go to my new home in Hell, I am going to Fuck the Drag queens and the the LGBTQ community to death, and by what I mean by Fucking them to death, I mean pulling down their pants and I fuck them to death until their spirits leave their bodies. Than I’m gonna... [more]

Pillow Sex

Okay so I pillow sex. I started at 11 and I am 12 so I'm not very experienced. Right now it is 12:39 AM. I've been looking at lesbo and straight porn while humping my pillow. I feel as if I need to stop because I have school tomorrow. It's so addictting! I seriously cannot stop!!!

Sex time

It was a long day i invitd some girls thay came to my thay took off ther close me too and we had sex


Looking for some women to trade pics with

Oh it feels so good oh

I have a big teddy bear almost my size and I would wet its penis (tail) and my pussy and stuff its penis up my wet pussy and moan and say things like "fuck me daddy fuck me so hard I break oh" sometimes I would pretend he was raping me. The we hump for a bit and I say something like "wow that was a-amazing d-do it a-again" he would fuck me again... [more]

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