Revenge Confessions

My very last confession , my virginity was taken at age 15

This is my very last final confession on this demented stupid site , I may as well move on after my final story is published and come clean about why I’m here for the final time . I made confessions that I am a virgin , but now I don’t believe that to be true , because I’m not a virgin . I have not been a virgin ever since the age of 15-17 years... [more]


My fiancée is bisexual. She was dating a girl but decided she liked me and my cock better. I’m not a controlling freak. Right after she makes this decision we all have hotel room together before our flight home. My fiancée and I have sex all night while the ex is crying. She cries the plane ride home. Then, after a couple weeks, she becomes... [more]

Fuck her

My former friend posted some nasty shit on my facebook, so I fucked her boyfriend. He didn't need much convincing. We had a good time. I went back for seconds a couple of days later. Fuck that bitch.


My wife had become cold and had stopped having sex with me. She started going out without me a lot and I suspected that she was cheating on me. It started with me cumming in her shampoo bottle. It made me happy knowing she was rubbing my cum into her hair every morning. Then I started cumming on her toothbrush. Finally in her food. One evening I... [more]

They swallowed but don’t know it

So I had a relationship on the side with this woman at work. She lived near work and was recently divorced. I would go before work and at lunch and we had awesome sex. So one day I stop by un-expected and bam, she’s doing some other guy. I call her out, she says whatever, and that’s it. Wrong, I still have your key dumbass. That’s right you and... [more]

Pay back

When I recently got caught cheating on my gf of over 2 years I was really gutted and felt so bad about it, recently I was at a club and my ex and white a few of her mates where there but didn't think much of it, when I needed the loo was shocked that I was grabbed by the girls into the ladies my hands tied behind my my back and to a pipe my ex... [more]

I hate this Tranny guy , I wanna ruin his life with the truth

I was 10 years old and I confess that I hate this Tranny guy , he is a member of the LGBT community and I wanna ruin his life by a anonymous report to the police that he did indeed rape his baby sister before he became a damn F***ing Tranny . I want to somehow make the truth come out of his past , that not only is he a Gay person , but a tranny... [more]

Pay Back

My marriage and sex life turned sour. My husband all he wants is for me to peg him and tug his cock at the same time on a weekly basis. I'm thinking of getting revenge for not pleasing me. Making him a cuck. My lovers would be my son and his buddy. They are in their early 20's. I have seen their penis's. They're bigger and nicer looking than my... [more]

Pissing !

My boss is such an asshole that I have taken to raising my dress and pissing in his coffee pot in the mornings. Last time I even had a yeast infection. I hope I gave the bastard something. I hate his fucking guts. I have even taken out his lunch from the fridge in the lounge and rubbed my ass and pussy on his lunches. He deserves it for the... [more]

Revenge is the best

I found out my husband is screwing his secretary at work. It came as a bit of a shock. But apparently everyone at work knows about it. Made me so mad. I decided I would get my revenge. So I decided that I would fuck his boss. At first I was a bit chicken. But then I thought about him and his fucking slut bitch. It became very easy and so I did it... [more]

Getting Back!

I work at a place that sells just hot dogs. One night I was alone for about 40 minutes when the boss had to run home to help his elderly wife who is a shut in. While he ran home we got our usual crowd of drunks coming from one of the many topless joints up the street from our place. They always come in late and want food after they have been... [more]

Punish my husband

My husband is an asshole and very racist. When I try to talk to him like an adult me gets pissed off and tells me to shut the fuck up if I don't sometimes he punches me.
I want revenge which may sound petty. I think the best way to get back at my husband would be to get fucked by a black man with a BBC. I want to have foreplay and rough hard... [more]


When I was 13 my boyfriend of 16 would pick me up to take me to school he would force me down on him till he would cum. I hated him for that but worse I did not want to ride the bus and if it wasn't him, some other boy would fuck my mouth so I did it. but the tables are turned now 10 years later I turned him into my cocksucking fag if he wants my... [more]

I mooned my mother-in-law.

I've never mentioned this and I'm not sure she has, either. She was staying with us a few years ago and the wife was gone out with baby was asleep. She was about 55 at the time.
We got into a discussion about how she thought I wasn't right for her daughter. Though I have a good job and take care of and love my family, I still... [more]

Getting even

Okay. Two months ago, I caught my wife red handed fucking another guy, and she is mad at me. She says it my fault for coming home early. I guess I'm a little confused as to why shes pissed at me for catching her fucking someone else. What really sucks is for a couple of years now I've been trying to get her to have a threesome, and she kept... [more]

Gets me every time

I confess I love phat, ripe, protruding pussy lips

:) smooooth

I just shaved, I can't stop fondling my soft balls; guess I'm going to have to masturbate.

I'm 21 years old guy and I want to get a blow job

I want to get my cock sucked. Who would like to give me a blow job ?

I fucked my husbands brother twice

Same time last year i fucked my husbands brother. Long story short ive been with my husband for eight years 100 percent faithful. My husband on the other hand has been unfaithful off and on ive caught him cheating several times. He is also verbally and physically abusive. Well one day he didnt come home for two weeks he was out cheating and I was... [more]

Never told anyone

I watched my best friend being used by a group of strangers. She was passed out drunk. I never told her that I witnessed it , even when she made a police report and was trying to figure out who and what happened. It was 3 year's ago on New years Eve. When I was getting to a party I saw her staggering into an area surrounded by trees and bushes. I... [more]

I just found out my cousin is a stripper

I have a cousin that I have wanted ever since we were teenagers. I am now 31 and she is 26 and I found out she is a Vegas stripper. All I can think about now is going to Vegas and finding out what club she dances at. I fantasize about finding her on stage, giving her a huge tip and getting recognized by her. She gets a big smile on her face... [more]

Interesting Turn of Events With Our "Friend Couple"

About a year ago, I was hanging out with my best friend from high school and having an after hours beer at his business. Mark and his wife Angie graduated 2 years behind me, but he and I have been life-long friends. That night we were talking about taking trips (my wife, Cindy loves to travel too) and our favorite places. We had recently visited... [more]

Blow job princess

I have always enjoyed giving oral to a guy, not sure why but the sensation of sucking on a penis just gets me very turned on. My mom made me laugh so hard one time because I needed braces and when we were at the office talking with the dentist she told him that it took her forever to get me to stop sucking on my thumb. I just sat there thinking... [more]

Payback Racist boyfriend

Went to a party with a friend one night to let loosen up after a break up a few weeks prior from a long time bf. My bf and i were together for a few years till he started becoming judgemental about me and and black people. Picking fights with them. Dont like them talking to me. So i was done with it and we split. Was having a great time at this... [more]

How i became a cock sucker

When i was eleven a boy moved in next door. he had the greatest comic book collection ever. in those days there was little tv, and no internet, and comic books were the thing for boys. i would go to his house to read comic books. one day he told me that they weren't for free, that i could either pay him a quarter for each comic book to read or... [more]

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