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Revenge Confessions

Fucking Our Man

I love fucking my Ex and sending him back to his bitch. I’m sure he was cheating on me with her and she knew all about me. If only she knew her man be fucking my pussy and Asshole raw cummin inside my holes missing and loving this pussy - he don’t even wash his dick after he fucks me I imagine his bitch sucking my juices off his dick I be fucking... [more]

Sexy Ex

Sexy bitch I use to fuck

My wife cheated on me and I got even

She had an affair with a 6'4" man with huge muscles and a bulge in the front of his pants that let me know that his cock is huge and next to him I probably look like a girl because of my small size down there. I knew that I would get even with her and it took me a while but I did it. I decided that I would suggest an affair but I wanted to feel... [more]

Big sister revenge

When I was 6 I would steel my old sister sweet , she found me one day doing it and said one day I get you back for this . I forgot all about her saying that so carried on taking her sweet as I got 12 years old my body started to change but not as it should my chest start to grow breast and my penis was starting to get smaller so my parent sent me... [more]

Fucked My Bully's Boyfriend

Me and this girl Jackie. We've hated each other for years! She has bullied me and insulted me for WAY too long. Saying how she's "hotter" or "more popular". I got sick of it.
Before school ended she started seeing this guy and I'd figure I'd try my luck and add him on insta. He actually adds me back, we started talking and I guess he has no... [more]

Gy fantasies about my cousin

Im only 14 but I keep having gay fantasies about my male cousin everytime I get in the shower I think about him and then start to masturbate (for a little more arousement I starting finger my butthole) and I can't stop then when I get done I start watching gay porn
Im actually looking for a gay male to actually experiment with in Oklahoma... [more]

Paying the price

My boy friend found out I had cheated on him with another guy. He invited two of his friends over for drinks, carried me out naked in front of them telling me to keep my legs spread. Never felt so humiliated in y whole life, but I guess I had it coming.

I want to be Raped - I want it like that.

Think about it, If you wanted to be taken and used with out being hurt will you do it like I did? Or even being raped by your own dog. Many girls do it now I know I do. I am sure your mom will understand like my mom does. She had no choise. My girlfriends had to show my mom whats up with things and everything came to an understanding. What about... [more]

Took care of myself

My wife didnt want to fuck so i rolled on my back and jerked myself off. she rolled over and watched me cum all over my stomach. she was sorry that she didnt let me fuck her after that.


My wife of 24 years has known since before we were married that I love to dress as a woman and get fucked in the ass a couple of times a year at least, since covid hit I haven't had much opportunity so my wife suggested visiting a gloryhole as she could tell it was really getting to me.
I asked if she was sure she was ok with me being used by... [more]

Dirtiest thing you done to a partner

Before me and my ex split up I was having an affair. I would come home after fucking and have her give me a blow job

Wife gets revenge part 2

My wife continued to have sex with Steve, without telling me any of the detail. I stopped visiting the naturist club mostly because she would really show off with Steve and although the other members were very nice, some of them were laughing at me and I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of watching me squirm.
She had joined an art class... [more]

Wife gets revenge

We met when we were both 18. She was a virgin. Married at 21 and having a good sex life into our 30’s. She was gorgeous - pretty face and slim with small tits and a full bush - the normal style at that time. She was never flirty or sexy with other men. After years of pestering her I got her to strip on a Nudist beach on the South coast of England... [more]

Wife Exposed!

My wife is both very curvy and extremely naive. I always leave part of the curtain open. I expose my naked wife to the guys who peaked. I do it on trips, and at parties, She never seems to be aware that horny guys are watching and why she is always getting looked at with lustful eyes by guys when walking. That excites me

I secretly want a 100% submissive wife

I am a human rights activist. For years I have fought against oppression, subjugation, hierarchies, inequity, and imbalances of power. But I secretly fantasize about having a submissive wife. The truth is I want a woman who will obey me, submit to my direction, give her body to me for my pleasure, and seek to please me. I dream of dominating her... [more]

Is it normal

I'm a 24 year old guy, an I love having sex with underage women, virgins or even sluts that want me to take advantage of them.. it's unbelievable just how many are out there... I can't stop... I love the inexperience of them, an there tight barely used pussies... being fucked by me! Sydney Australia specially the west, is insane.

Best Day Ever

When I was 16 my whole family went camping; grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins etc. One of my close cousins, Justin, had just recently been married. He married a 22 year old hispanic girl named Cesilia. She was medium height with big perky tits and a nice tight ass.I was 16 and very horny, I fantasized about her a lot and every time I thought of... [more]

Older women

I'm 17 and one of my biggest fantasies is to fuck an older woman. I've been trying but with no success so far.

Biggest cock

I had a male cousin and he was a year older than me and I didn't like him but we would measure are cocks and jack off together and my cock was 4 inches longer thicker anyway he was going to basic training for the army and ask me to look out for his wife while he was gone for 6 months. The night he left I fucked his wife and I swear her pussy was... [more]

Kate's Revenge: I Deserved It

I met Kate, online, in the early '90s, the dawn of the internet. She, too, was a late bloomer- a virgin of 23. I was 29 and had only a few lovers before her. We met up, hooked up and eloped (got married in secret) all in less than 12 weeks. Sex was, OK, but it was steady. Her inexperienced teacher, me, couldn't teach her much. Regarding "oral", I... [more]

I abused my friend

My friend and i were sharing a box of wine, she can't handle it like i can. when we went to sleep in the same bed later she was completely out. that's when i started touching her. her breasts first then i rubbed mine on hers. but i soon touched her between her legs and ultimately fingered her. i used her hand on me too. now i'm sober i feel all... [more]

Touched my cousin sis

It was raksha bandan n i had gone to her place to stay. At nite v slept next 2 each other...at around 1 am ...i woke up n saw that she was facing me i got a little excited n started 2 touch her boobs...n play with them after some time she wrapped her hands around n started 2 pull me towards her boobs, i followed her move n started sucking her... [more]

Office sex

When I finished high school a teacher got me a job working for small company as an office clerk. There was an old Mexican man who worked there, he was the bookkeeper. He would touch me, like touch my butt cheek, or touch my breast. I was too young to know what to do. One afternoon he locked the door to his office while I was in there and he held... [more]


I'm a 20 years old Indian girl. I had never have sex. And at this time, I'm kinda so eager to have sex with someone. I would love to have hard sex with man on top position. Is there anyone interested to have sex with me?

A sexy Hispanic lady

I was installing the internet at a new restaurant yesterday. The owners wife was there helping him set the place up. She is Hispanic and very attractive. She was wearing a pair of white leggings that really showed off her hot body and very fat pussy. I was so fucking hard that I had to go in the bathroom and stand in front of the urinal and jerk... [more]

Fucking Another Guys Younger BBW Wife

For the past few months I’ve been fucking another guys 34 year old BBW wife. I met her online and slowly talked her round to meeting up and hanging out. Before long I was enjoying her body and pleasuring her and then full-on fucking her like crazy.
I love that I pleasure her more than her own husband. Hearing her moan and make excuses to be... [more]

I am feeling so guilty

I am 40yo married lady. I have 17yo son. Well the story starts about one year ago... I got the feeling that my son is gay. His behaviour towards his male friend was changed. I was too afraid that my son could be a gay.
So i visited one of the doctor & i told her about my sons behaviour. Doctor advice me that in his age its normal towards... [more]

Sex at the Bar

One time, my friend, Renee and I were at a bar together. I had just gotten fired and decided to drink away my sorrows :(So anyways, I had WAAAYYY too many shots. Some hot guy walked in, but he was already wasted as shit. I said some real slutty things to him, cuz i was totally out of it and drunk. He started touching my body. He rubbed my sides... [more]

My Boyfriends Brother

I am 16 and I slept with my boyfriends 13 year old brother, not only did I sleep with him, I took his virginity, and we BOTH loved it. I was at my boyfriends party and his brother was there and my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time that night, I made him go, but he didn't make me, and so he went to sleep after we took more shots and smoked... [more]

Sex in public with stranger

Went grocery shopping and an employee approached me asking if i needed help. his energy was charged with interest. i felt breathless and nervous but i did need to pee so i asked where the restrooms were. he showed where they were by walking me to the back of the store where they stock boxes, etc. i went to pee and was starting to get aroused... [more]

Girlfriend's nudes

I have been in a relationship with my girl and she's absolutely great (she doesn't give me any problems). She is physically attractive and beautiful.
She does allow me to take photo of her nude, in lingerie or compromising positions. It drives me nuts and she allows it even though it isn't her thing.
What also drives me nuts on the side, is... [more]

Ex BF Jody too my anal virginity

So about 4 weeks ago Jody called me and said i should stop by at his place , and its not new for me to do that , so i went there on my way home and he put me on his bed and made me swallow his cum. I was ready to go home to my hubby and kids but then he said he wants to fuck , i mean i was already topless so he just pushed me on the bed and my... [more]

Sniffing Dirty toilet paper

My girlfriend’s niece came by to our apartment cause she got locked out of her house. She stayed and had to use our newly cleaned bathroom. I went to the bathroom after she used it and saw toilet paper in the trash can. I knew it was hers because the amount that she used was a lot. I picked it from the trash and started smelling the paper, her... [more]

Exposing my sissy side

So ive dabbled with cross dressing before but last weekend I was feeling extra kinky. I went out and bought sexy heels, stockings, a dress, bra, wig, even makeup.
I shaved my legs to get the full experience. I was so excited to dress up and look sexy. I had fun getting dressed. I’m thin with a pretty effeminate body and face so everything fit... [more]

Does she want it or not?

Okay I'm 15 and me and my girlfriend have been together for a while now. I have fingered her but that is all we have done so far. she said that she wanted me to lick her out so of course I would happily do it for her! but the other day when I was about to do it she just closed her legs and refused to open them! I was wondering if this means she... [more]

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