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Masturbating in school

I know the title doesnt sound like much but it is
So i was kicked out of class because i was interrupting the teacher so he put me in a storage room which maybe was 10 x 5m big. After a while of doing my work i decided with my stupid 12 year old brain that i could jerk off right now so I unzipped the noodle in a room with huge ass windows two... [more]

Yoga. Pants

Just had to share this.
My best friend and myself were laying around her apartment one day about a week ago. Being bored, for some reason we started masterbating. At first just ourselves then each other. My friend is a 100% lesbian, I'm not, in fact this was the first time another girl as ever touched my body, let alone my pussy or tits. She... [more]

Just a bit of fun

The night before my hen night we started to think up some fun ideas to do on the night, one of my friends came up with the idea that we all liked and whoever wins can tell us all to do something and we have to do it.
The game was to text a male and ask dick size, whoever’s is the biggest wins.
The game didn’t go great, when we all sent our texts... [more]

Wife didn’t have a clue

When my wife came back from her friend house I asked how she was, she said she was fine, said to say hello to you and asked if you could fix something for her, what I asked, I don’t know she said, a wire has come off think it might be her hair straighteners, I said no worries did you bring them. yes in the bag by the door, ok I said will have a... [more]

She must have been playing with herself

Saturday morning my girlfriend had planned to go see her friend from work horse.
Her friend came in and I met her for the first time.
Before they left her friend said can I use your toilet before we leave, upstairs on the right.
After about 10 minutes my girlfriend said, she’s been a long time, yes it does seem so, another 5 minutes and my... [more]


Funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago, I share a house with two other people, 3 girls
One of my house friends said she would get me a few things from work.
It was only me and her in the house and she was in her room, I knocked on the door but no reply, I thought maybe she was sleeping.
I texted her while I was outside her door, as I walked... [more]


😀! Regards; Babied.

My Smile

Your Web Site Is Wonderful To Behold! 😀!


Hi Iim a17 year old girl who came home early from work last week and caught my dad in my mum's panties black tights and heels was the funniest thing I've ever seen he ran and has begged me not to say anything I'm not sure what to do it say any suggestions please


My husband was obsessed with going to a nude beach. Don't ask me why, he just was. He would ask me every summer if I was ready to go, and every summer I would say no. Until this summer. Call it dumb luck, blind fate, or a moment of weakness but when he asked last month I said yes. I didn't want to go full nude at first so I got a sexy see through... [more]

Huge dick!

I live out in the country and I walking by a farmers field. He had a sign out that read make my horse cry and win $100 bucks. So I asked if that was for real. The farmer told me it was straight up. Anyone who could make his horse laugh gets $100 bucks. I walked over to the horse and whispered in his ear. He began to raise his neck and head up and... [more]


I'm a straight male and I see men on porn fucking their ass with a dildo and the cum without jerking off. I tried it and it felt good like I was gonna cum and I pissed. Any suggestions


I am in fourth grade and there is this girl she was very pretty and she was wear skinny jeans and so we were in line going to lunch this kid decides to grab her jeans and pull them down and she was camando. the kid wouldn't allow her to pull her jeans up. all the kids ran out laughing i i didn't. i grabbed the kid and picked him up off his feet... [more]


I am in fourth grade and there is this girl she was very pretty and she was wear skinny jeans and so we were in line going to lunch this kid decides to grab her jeans and pull them down and she was camando. the kid wouldn't allow her to pull her jeans up. all the kids ran out laughing i i didn't. i grabbed the kid and picked him up off his feet... [more]

How's this for funny

I swear this really happened.
When I was 15 my dad, step mom and I moved to a new house. Everything was going great till I got sick at school and had to leave.
When I got home I went up to my room and took a nap. About an hour later I woke up not only feeling better but horny to. I got online and found my favorite site , found... [more]

Sorry, but I thought I was bein' funny

I have looked at my posts and it seems a few of you know a word or two. I didn't think anyone would know about the meaning of a word. sorry but I didn't want to keep it in plain English. Accept this apology and let's all have a nice word shall we?

ا wаى rعаdاng а соmмعnт

ا wаى lоهkاng aт а рهst аnd ا fеاт ا шаى طeاnء وоmрاeмعnтعd ьy тhع щоrdى اn а соmмعnт тhат ىaуو ىrаffاtا. ا fеعl нهnоrеd бy هnاy rеadاng ىчсh а nاсء عоmмعnt and ا шочاd اiкع но اmрrеىs ىoмعоnе, ا rеаااy щهчاd. ا мчىt а тhаnк уهч

Тه аւլ էнه عnعs եне раىкاаاnعn'ى...

Bạn biết vì những bình luan mà tôi nghĩ rằng tất cả các đều thích bài đang này...???

I was jillin' off one night

It was late at night and I was sittin'
up. It was 10 o'clock and the little
girl down the hall came in my room
and she caught me with my hard
dick in my hand and she looked at
me like she didn't know what I was
doin'. She looked at my dick like
she couldn't figure out what I was
doin' or why it was hard. She
asked me "what are... [more]

That about just about does it don't it

Sorry about lately, It's so stupid. I don't know about it all, really. I don't.

A Use Of Words.

I read a post and comments and I see now that maybe I should've used a little Punctuation, like Periods and Commas You know because after reading the post and the comments I see that maybe I wasn't right to look at comments and maybe I should've separated my words a little more, because in a post it said I sound stupid and I have a limited... [more]

¿ who are all of you and why do you comment

Its came to my attention that maybe certain people don't like my post. I don't mind if they don't, it's okay. To the following people I would like to apologize for my post. It seems that there was a miscommunication on the part of the person who posted. The words "I love you" and the name are not intended to be misinterpreted as being about a... [more]

Саn I post this ?

Okay so does anybody say "THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO" anymore ?

Does anybody have her phone number ?

I met a young woman a while back and when I asked her for her phone number she wrote it down, but when I called there was no answer, as it turns out I found out she gave me another number instead, and I read a comment and here's this if anyone knows Amy Heinz' phone number (she lives in Tn.murfreesboro (I don't know the area code) (her real name... [more]

Sirens again tonight

The time is 5:27 p.m. December 3, Monday night and again I heard sirens. Those police must really be trying to make me nervous again. I was sitting here not doing anything when I heard those sirens again.

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