Funny Confessions

Just a chart

I would like to romp one of my hot sis in-laws but never got that chance any sooner, now that I got saved I pray for you also to get salvation

OO How To Suck Penis OO

1. Lift penis gently using your thumb and one finger. 2. Move your lips closer to head of penis. 3.

Humiliating my best friend's roommate

My best friend got a new roommate who's really shy and awkward. She hates going out and is always chilling in her room. Whenever my friends and I need a good laugh, we go to her bedroom and take pictures of her sleeping in her underwear. One time we pulled her panties down, spanked her and left the room laughing. Another time we gave her a wedge... [more]

Lusting For SILs Dimpled Firm Ass

Have lusted after my SILs bottom for 3 years. Until…….she came to stay with us a few days. Entered her bathroom immediately after she returned to her room. Ohhh my….what an odor! We could also hear her farting in her sleep.
Now when I stare at her dimpled derrière in her yoga tights those smells come back to me and my cock refuses to respond... [more]

Fiancé Won’t Be Outdone

My fiancé Danielle is very competitive even sexually.
My younger brother and his fiancé spent a few nights with us. One night we accidentally left the baby monitor on. When we heard some activity we just had to voyeur a little bit. Cooz we call her was sucking Ajax’s dick. She was taking it all the way down to his balls and then flicking his... [more]

MIL Is A Widow Of A Preacher

She is over 60yo and has been widowed for years. I left my laptop open where she would see it and recorded her peeking at it.
It was playing a video of me railing her daughter dogstyle. MIL was hilarious making trip after trip past my laptop at times pausing to take an extended look.
I’d love to capture her rubbing that old fat grey cunt... [more]


I passed out drunk last weekend. My fraternity brother tea bagged me and another spread his butt cheeks on my nose. Hilarious! They sent me the vid. There were also two girls abusing me. One pissed on my face. The other (this is the good part) was pissing on my limp cock. Yep you know it. LOL Already spilled two loads watching the girl part of the... [more]

]] Funny Nasty Mean Revenge [[

I cheated on my wife for over a year. I thought she knew nothing. She plotted her revenge as she waited and hoped my affair would cool off and maybe end.
Eventually she very enticingly said let’s have some kinky sex this weekend. Of course I was all right with that idea. She handcuffed me hands and feet to the bed while I was still fully... [more]

Urologist Erections?

I have not had an erection in about two years. I went to the urologist for another concern. As he was handling my penis I started to get hard. In particular when he was inserting different items into my slit. What the hell? Anyone else have a similar experience?

Creampie in the ice-cream

My husband used to travel on business trips from time to time. We love each other a lot, we love to have sex a lot, and we love to do kinky stuff from time to time.
Once he was about to go on a business trip for a week and I told him that I was about to make a home ice-cream with his semen and eat it while he is on the business trip. He liked... [more]

Toilet Paper Folding Money

She’s an attractive woman but mean and intolerant. I pay my installments of my fine to her. She tries to humiliate me somehow every time I go into her office.
To get back at her I touch the $20s to my butt crack. Sometimes I wear them in my butt crack on the drive to see her.
When I’m payed up and no longer must see her should I send an... [more]

Pissing On His Fire Hydrant

Blind drunk I had my little pecker out pissing on a fire hydrant. Some girls were giggling and making dumb comments.
This cop and his partner asked why I was pissing on HIS hydrant. Drunkenly and laughingly I just answered “woof woof “.
It’s alright officer I identify as a dog. That’s when the lights went out. I awoke in jail not the dog... [more]

Taco Casa Burrito In Taco

OMG our shift manager is so hot. He does almost every girl at least once. I’m scared to though. I’ve never done the nasty. The girls were talking. He pinches his own nipples. LOL what is that about. He also touches their buttholes when he cums. Doesn’t stick his finger inside just kinda rubs or touches it. Sounds weird to me! I’d die of... [more]

Is Romance Dead And Buried?

Please answer. Do women enjoy romance and gentle, loving screwing in these days? Or do they just desire to be mistreated, rough fucked and sodomized?

Mom Rubbing Daddy’s Belly

On vacation as a little girl we were at the playground. I ran back to the cabin for something.
Daddy was sitting and mom was on the floor between his legs. Fully clothed they were slowly and lovingly caressing each other with their hands. The odd thing that I didn’t understand was her head bobbing.
Not knowing anything I could only think... [more]

Furry Feline Fuckers

My friend unexpectedly became my “friend with benefits”. She has never never been interested in sex with me until.......the cats. We were high and drinking wine when her cats began their mating ritual. Mating cats have a very sexy passive-aggressive ritual.
Suze got so fucking horny. Soon I had mounted her cat style and was biting her neck as... [more]


I once caught my brother standing naked on the back yard door flashing his penis at the girls next door. He had no idea I had come home from school with my girl friend tip toed behind him, pushed him out and locked the door. I remember the girls next door running up to the fence watching him struggling to get the door open completely naked... [more]

She ate my pu$$$

She ate my pu$$y in front of her hubby. Omg, now they both want me to stay the night. I am willing to stay the night only if I sleep in the middle, lol

Wife Was Frank With Me Wednesday

Wife said we need to be frank with one another. She said you be frank tonight and I’ll be frank Wednesday. Wednesday she punished me with a strap-on while demanding I call her Frank.

Porta Potty Freak

Haven’t actually done it but. Have an almost irresistible urge to touch the tip of my tongue to the seat of porta pottys. Especially if a hottie goes ahead of me.

Celebrity Cock

Anyone here seen celebrity cock or bulge in person?

Accidental Shootings

I was cleaning my cock before sex and it accidentally went off in my hand. I stalled in the bathroom until she went sleep. My worst date ever.

Begging Pegging n Kegging

I beg Peg for a pegging.
Not now you promised we’d go kegging.
Begging I said remove your legging.
Your pathetic begging for pegging.
Get us that keg
While I find my strapon third leg.
You’ll take your pegging with me on top
And you’ll be begging Peg the pegging to stop.

B I T C H now get me another beer. I’ll drink it while... [more]


I was driving my lorry through a local town this afternoon and I look at people, when it’s safe to, and I spotted a young man jogging. He had very snug fitting jogging pants on, similar to type women wear, which showed his cock and balls off. I did a double take as I like to see young guys in track suits and look at their cock bulges but this was... [more]


Ever looked carefully at a an old woman’s exit hole? Not the least bit erotic. Actually it’s disgusting. My rules; They are no longer edible after 23 years. And never look directly at one in the light if it’s older than 45 years. 🤢🤮

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