Funny Confessions

I saw my crushes dick

When i was 13 i moved into a new town i was in 8th grade so i had all the goods.34d breasts a large ass like a Mini nicki minaj's ass.anyways i became popular even tho school was in the middle and cliques had already formed. my ASSets made me rlly popular.i was invited to lots of sleepovers and such.anyways the bathroom were getting remolded and i... [more]

I'm a girl and Im bullying a guy, and I'm proud

There's this one guy, a shy awkward skinny unpopular ugly waste of space. Everyone bullies him, me the most because he gave my friend a black eye. And I love humiliating him and beating him, in front of people because it's not only funny but it makes me wet. He's so weak and defenseless, and one time he pushed me and my guy friends knocked him... [more]

High school threesome

In high school my best friend, Amanda, and I were emo/High attention whores. We would do anything for attention. Make out in public. Have sex with each other in front of guys. We did all sorts of slutty things.
But the thing that stands out the most is we had a friend, an emo boy named Terry. His older brother, Josh, would always bully him... [more]

They got so much shit they don't know what they got

They have all this clothing piled over the house about 3 metres high on couches and chairs, beds and more, taking up around 3 rooms and she can't see she has a mental problem? "well fuck me" as gordon ramsay would say.

Tried to give myself a blowjob

I remember watching a porn video back in my highschool year's in the early 90s. It showed Ron Jeremy on the beach giving himself head before being found by Lovette. I thought that it was so cool that Ron could suck his own penis. My highschool mind immediately thought about giving myself oral sex. i tried to make the oral dream come true... [more]

Wtf it's making me type another letter why can't it be 3?

Hey I need help getting my cat to sleep can u help me FUCK YOU GUYS

You're disgusting

When I first met my girlfriend we couldn't keep our hands off each other.
She had 3 children so having sex was take it when you can.
We were laying in the park on a lovely sunny day well away from the main walk ways, she had really short shorts on, we were both laying on our front and I slipped my hand up her shorts and started fingering her, I... [more]

Can't look at her in the same way

I'm male and I love a big hairy fanny, so you will understand how I can't look at my neighbour in the same way after seeing her big hairy fanny.
I took a couple days off work to decorate my bedroom, I was cutting in around the window and saw my neighbor walking back from the bottom of her garden, she was in her bathrobe and half way down the path... [more]

Mates confession

My mate told me he was staying in a posh hotel for 3 nights with his girlfriend.
Technically he shouldn't have been there, his girlfriend was on a 3 day course and he went along.
He told me he was hoping to have plenty of sex but his girlfriend was on her period so no sex for him.
The second day why his girlfriend was attending her course he... [more]

Not seen them since

I have a workshop that backs onto an alley, it's not overly used mainly by the school kids when school ends.
I only go out the back when I'm wanting a smoke, the fence is only five foot tall so I lean on it for comfort.
Went out for a smoke lent on the fence and not one but two female runners both squatting down having a piss, one run off still... [more]

She is only after one thing

Two years ago I was on holiday, I met this girl and it was sex sex sex we were fucking each other all the time, couldn't ask for a better holiday.
We exchanged numbers to keep in contact, when I got home I heard nothing from her, no return calls or texts, kind of thought she told me a pack of lies and maybe has a partner/ husband.
Six weeks... [more]

Be careful what you wish for!

Ever wished you could have sex as when you want.
Let me tell you it's not the dream I thought it was.
I met a girl and we both got on like a house on fire!
First night of meeting her we are both having great sex, then again as soon as I got it up again! And so on.
In the morning sex again, soon as I was hard again, sex again and so on.
For... [more]

Biggest I've ever seen!

The pub I go to daily! Organised a day trip to France, I knew most of the people but not all.
We were picked up at 7:30am and started drinking on the coach, can only had been an hour and the coach had pulled over for most to have a pee stop.
Everyone run into the bushes finding a space to wee, I got my place and pulled down my knickers, while I... [more]

Awkward escort experience

I recently hired my first escort and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life. I perused the site and found the girl I was interested in. There was no face pic but the body looked amazing so I called, inquired, and gave her directions on outfit and how to get to my place. A couple hours later, she pulled in my driveway, I looked out... [more]

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