Can I take picture's of you?

I love my wife's body, and her face is beautiful. After we had gone out to dinner one night and were sitting watching a movie, I was thinking of how good she look's. I started getting excited about how she look's when she wear's something a little revealing when we go out.
I asked her if I could take some picture's of her wearing something revealing? She smiled and said and what are you going to do with the picture's? I told her just look at them. She said you see me all the time. I said I know but not like that.
Then she asked me what do you mean by revealing? I told her some with a top that is open more without a bra, some showing her leg's, just showing how nice her body is.
My wife has always been great about trying new thing's and like's to get me excited. So she said ok you have to give me a few minutes to find something to wear. When she came back, she had a white sleeveless button down top on and a denim skirt I like. She thought I might be able to see through the top, but in our light you couldn't.
How's this? You look great and I wish we were going out now, Where do you want me to be? I asked her to lay on the couch, She did and looked great, but her outfit was not revealing her body as much as I had hoped. I asked her if she would unbutton her top more so I could see more of her chest. She did, but, laying down just made it so her top stayed close to her chest, I told her that I was hoping to see more of her chest. So before I thought of how she could pose so I could see more, she unbuttoned her top all the way and pulled it open exposing her chest completely. Wow, that's much better.
When I was thinking of taking picture's of her I did not think she would let me take picture's that revealing, but if she was willing then I going to start taking picture's.
I took several pic's and she changed position's a little. So I asked if she would change into something else, that I could see more of her whole body. The only thing I have would be a robe, none of my dresses would show as much.
She came back out in a little silk robe, She opened it enough to see her chest and I got glimpses of her panties, I asked her if she would take off the panties? Off came the pantie's, I was so excited by how willing she was letting me take picture's like this.
When done while we were having great sex, I had told her I hope they come out good and wish I knew how best to do so. She said take them over to the camera shop in town where you got your camera. I was then even more surprised that she would let me, let anyone see them, let alone a place we both go into from time to time.
She said it's a small place and they have always taken care of us before. So the next day I called to ask if that was something they could and would do. He said sure just bring them in later in the day and he would develop them after hour's and I could pick them up first thing the next day.
I was nervous dropping them off and even more picking them up.
When I did, he said great subject, you need better lighting, and showed me some different setting's on my camera that would help.
A few week's later we went into town and I told my wife that at some point I wanted to get a filter he told me about so I could take better picture's. Why don't we get it now? I was surprised, somehow I thought she my want to stay out of there for a while longer.
Ok, let's go, When we went in I could tell he remembered me, and now he was seeing my wife only with clothes on. I got so excited thinking that could look at her knowing how she looked fully exposed, and she was just acting as if it was just another stop at a store.
When we left she asked if I was happy we stopped in to get the new filter? Yea,very happy! Then she said do you think he realized I was the one in the picture's? Yes, I'm sure he did! How did that make you feel? I told her it was incredible. She looked at me with a smile and said, I was hoping that would excite you. Do you think he was thinking of me without clothe's on? He saw you, but only as you were in the picture's.
From time to time we dropped off more picture's, and once in a while when I am at work she will send me a text letting me know she is in the camera shop just looking around, she love's to tease me.

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  • I have a few picture's of my wife, and have shown them to a few guy's, It's great to see their face when they see she is exposed. I like to hear their comments.

  • I wish my wife would let me take pic's of her

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