Strange Confessions

Sucking my own cock

I've been gay as long as I can remember. I've enjoyed playing with myself, fingering my ass hole, and sticking things in my ass as long as i can remember. I even sucked my first cock at the age 9. My 14 yr old cousin came to live with us on the farm for a few years. He opened me up to the fantastic world of gay sex. He would go get my sisters... [more]

Yummy, that’s good.

I have recently started to lick my wife’s asshole when she is sound asleep. Now, my wife has always been a sound sleeper, and I had never thought about doing it until recently. I’m glad I did. Her asshole was great. I don’t do it all the time, but when I get the craving… well. As far as I know my wife has no idea. Trust me I would know; she’s not... [more]

Αντρες για ολους

Ειμαι 63 ομοφυλοφιλος απο τα 30 τοτε καταλαβα οτι οι αντρες ειναι απαραιτητοι και για τους αντρες.Οταν εβλεπα την γυναικα μου ποσο ευτυχισμενη ηταν οταν γαμιοτανε αποφασισα να γαμηθω τοκανα μπροστα της με τον γκομενο της της αρεσε να το βλεπει απο τοτε μαζι με τον γκομενο της μου εφερνε και μενα αντρα.

Περπατημα το βραδυ μονο με την κιλοτα

Τα βραδια οταν μπαινει ο γκομενος της γυναικας μου στο σπιτι εγω βαζω κιλοτα παιρνω τον σκυλο και περπατω οταν γυριζω αφου το αγορι τελειωσε με την γυναικα μου γαμαει και μενα μπροστα στην γυναικα μου.

Why I love this site

Why I love reading these stories, they give me inspiration to tell my husband about me.
You see we don't sleep with each other any more, and one condition of me sleeping around is that I have to tell him what I did with my lover ect ect.
It's none of his business as I just as soon as have him but the prick won't get Viagro and he only stays... [more]

Do you do this

Quite often when I am turned on I sneeze.Is this common?

Paid to pleasure his mates

My husband and I have a lot of fantasy talk when we have sex or sometimes afterwards if I am still horny and want some sloppy seconds.
One day he asked me whether I would sleep with one of his friends behind his back if that friend offered me $10000 dollars. Feeling naughty I said “if it was Chris I would do it for $10 (I was squeezing his... [more]

I Honestly did not Know they actually existed

I had the strangest experience this past weekend. Only my first month here and I walked down to the pub. Now my job requires me to be in top physical condition and I not only take that seriously, but I also enjoy working out too and I am buff.
So at the pub this lady starts to talk to me, really flirting and saying how she liked my... [more]

Bf makes me talk about my abuse

My boyfriend makes me describe the abuse i went through growing up while he jerks off on my face. I know it’s wrong, but it makes me so wet!

Man's best friend

When I was about 13, there were a few times when I jerked off and let my pet husky lick the jizz off my cock and hands. She seemed to enjoy it, and got rid of the evidence better than a sock or kleenex. That bitch really knew how to use that long tongue of hers.
Now that I think about it, she was better at giving head than my wife. More... [more]

Only trans vids?

For some reason I only seem to like to masturbate to transsexual videos. Rarely straight and never gay. Not sure why that is.

Looking for Supernatural hot wife seduction🥵

I would love for my wife to open up sexually to have sex with a sexy guy with a big cock while I watch. We roleplay this with lifelike dildos of porn stars and she has really powerful orgasms that go on and on and tells me how she loves big cocks inside her.When I mention how I really would love for her to do this with any guy she chooses in real... [more]

Food of the gods

Eat pussy, Lick assholes, Chew on bloody tampons, Drink breast milk, and eat certain sweets off their bodies. Women are my favorite food.

Fucked a Grandma

My best friend all through school was murdered our senior year. It really messed me up.
Now that's been 20 years ago and my daughter just graduated and I took her back to the little town where I grew up. I drove by the house where my buddy grew up and I saw his mom in the yard. She'd always been good to us kids so I pulled in the driveway. It... [more]

The Staller

I’m being stalked… by another woman. I can assure you that I did nothing to lead her on. I’ve barely even spoken with her.
My name is Victoria and she is Francis, or Fran for short. I’ve heard people call her Fran the Man. Anyway, she lives few blocks from my apartment complex and works in the building next to my office. I’m a funeral director... [more]

Halloween cross dressing innocent

Please excuse my confession.I had basic education.
in my apartment now.I am a lot older.
I have skirts tank top dresses some panties
tights nighties.
I also have punishment straps riding crop.
enough sex toys too many
estim butt thing nipple clamps.
both parents are deceased.I moved away from where I use to live.
many years ago.I met a... [more]

The Wife

Would you like to see naked pictures of my wife. Please leave your email address here

Daughter's sleep over .mm NM

I raised 4 daughters. Nothing weird there, no problem in being their dad.
My one daughter was always having her girlfriends sleep over. She was always involved in a lot of school activity and we only lived about a 10 minute walk away.
Now our basement has an uncovered wall and I remodeled it for the girls bedroom.
Our upstairs has two... [more]

Sexwork is fun but can get strange

My partner was working as an escort when I first met her and I made it plain she had to stop if our relationship was to go anywhere. She didn't like doing it but she needed the money so she came up with an idea. Now we charge people (Usually guys although we've had couples come to us) to watch us getting it on, then after we've finished she will... [more]

Drunk last night.

I'm 50 and my wife is 45. Wow she got drunk last week at the water park and back at our room I let another drunk guy fuck her. Can't believe it happen. It was hot

I like watching zoo porn but am not attracted to animals

This is the first time ever admitting this to a single soul. I started watching hardcore porn at around 10 years old, after being introduced to and around the world of sex from an even younger age. I started watching zoo porn a few years ago and even though I’m not attracted to the animals themselves, I enjoy watching the videos. It repulses me... [more]

My Neighbors

I am a 26 year old female and I bought a house in a nice neighborhood. Shortly after I moved in this past summer I was sitting on my back porch drinking a beer after cutting my grass and I heard someone getting spanked from my neighbor's house, I could hear a crack and then someone cry out in pain and even a "I'm sorry mommy" and "I won't do it... [more]

Pleasuring Myself W/ Old Memories

So I recently told my gf about something I sure I repressed since I think was wrong. As far as I can remember around 5 or 6 I can clearly recollect seeing my mom and my step dad have sex and I can always hear her moaning. When I was 9-10 I would hear them late at night and unsure when I developed a habit of sitting outside their door and... [more]

Is it normal

Is it normal for a woman aged 24 to have sex with a 17 year old teenager

My best friend and I share a porn folder

I talked them into it step by step over time... Nothing too pushy, just normalized talking about sexual topics with them first. Then I brought up sharing porn as a joke... and one thing lead to another, and now we share everything. *Everything*. We save what we like, and we share what we save. We both add to it. We separate things out, so if they... [more]

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