Strange Confessions

I'm a girl with a very dirty mind.(in a very bad way.)

I get overdrive horny when I am high. I like to watch PETA videos about animals being abused in plants. The disgusting men in these videos turn me on so much. One time I c** to a video of men doing things to pigs. I don't know why but I do and I know I'm a terrible person

She Really Wanted to Kill Me

So, I hooked up with this married cunt I met in a serial killer discussion group. She and her husband liked to act out tortures and killings of some of the more infamous monsters throughout history. They would actually do the tortures, but, not follow through with killing though you could see it in their eyes. She told me she wanted to act out the... [more]

Writer's block and sex

So I've been posting on a site like this one and I've been getting quite a large following, each post that I do gets around 6000 likes. To be honest all the comments and attention was really addictive, it was the only thing that I cared four and look forward to throughout the day. The downside was I actually haven't had very many sexual... [more]

Semen facial

Back in the early 90’s I smoked weed, I bought it from a lady twice my age.
As soon as I had got some I would skin up and smoke it with the lady and be on my way.
On one occasion I had just bought some and was skinning up on her breakfast table, I was just about to tear a magazine for a roach and she said, no I’m reading that, I looked at it and... [more]

A surprise date

I was 43 years old just moved to Seattle didn't know anyone and decided to have a few drinks. I went to a cocktail lounge and sat back I noticed a thin brunette average height. She was very beautiful and elegant I walked over introduced myself. We talked she had a very sexy voice a bit deep reminding me of my daughter who is a good singer. I... [more]

Sex with a Downs

Been married 8 years (he's 12 years older than me) but the last 4 have been a problem. Hubby had a mild stroke and then was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He's had the all clear 2 years but the treatments have left him totally impotent. We've been to the doctors and they've tried but they've stopped taking his problem seriously until he loses... [more]

Spring break

A few months back, over spring break, I had the best sexual experience of my life, but it's had unexpected consequences.
I'm only 19, so when I say "best experience of my life" it may be not saying much, but I doubt it will get much better than this.
So I was at a beach party with my friends, when we saw a group of women around. They were... [more]

Peeper's Paradise

The house next to where we used to live ( for 23 years ) was octagonal in shape and had floor-to-ceiling windows. It was up off the ground, and had a glassed-in laundry room and spare bedroom on the ground floor. Empty when we first moved in, soon it was occupied by two beautiful young ladies. They never bothered putting up curtains. C. was... [more]

Exchanging Power for One Hour ( part 2 )

r. stood and looked in their cooler and whined, "J's almost out of beer, I need more wine, and we need snacks. And, I need some more tokes off that roach !"
It was briefly discussed that I, the lowly worm, should go back to their house for everything but j. and R. weren't comfortable with smoking weed on the beach. So, it was suggested I go with... [more]


R. asked me, when we got home from our beach outing with j. & r. what had happened during my hour of power exchange with r. I told her the truth and she made me strip, and picked over me like a mother chimpanzee. She didn't like the marks from the hot glass pipe, though they were small, nor the slight bruises from the ruler, yardstick and fly... [more]

Exchanging Power for One Hour

My wife, R. and I lived in a small beachfront community on a barrier island for almost 25 years. We befriended an attractive couple, j & r, who were neighbors, at first, then, moved to an area of the island that was closer to the beach. They were functional alcoholics ( probably still are ), j being a beer drinker with a twelve pack a day habit... [more]

Behind Glass

From the age of thirteen I'd always been bad to peep in windows and expose my erect penis, often while completely naked, often out in public. I also had ( have ? ) what's called hyperactive sexual compulsivity, something that has been impossible to control at various times of my life. As a young teen I did get caught, twice, looking in windows but... [more]

Twice-flashed, Still Shy

I'm a 63 yr. old man, happily married, attracted to no particular body type. I'm a person type, I know the biggest and best sex organ is the human brain. But, growing up as a teen, I knew nothing of sexual desire and relationships and my parents weren't very inclined to talk about it.
When I was 14, I went to see a younger friend ( he was... [more]

Cum on My Tits

Last night my wife and I came home from dinner and still fully dressed she got down on her knees in front of me, undid her blouse, took her bra off and said.
"Wanna cum on my tits?"
I came all over her tits and deadly seriously, she rubbed the tip of my cock all over her tits, spreading my cum all over them.
Then she giggled and said... [more]

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