Strange Confessions

Is it normal that my son stares at my breasts?

Yes, it’s normal. Boys and men do things sometimes without realizing it. One time my mom told me she wanted to talk me when she got home from work. I was probably in trouble for something. My mom had changed into a tank-top and shorts. I was standing a few feet from her as she was talking. When we were done talking I walked away and I overheard my... [more]

Wicked Parents

What I'm going to confess was done in past. My wife and I bonded with our gifted son. I was walking down the hall and my son's door was a bit open. He was stroking his cock while looking at a nude women magazine. I envied him because mines was average size. He has a very long snake like dick. He was holding it with both of his hands. I was... [more]


My name is andrew lethcoe and I like to look at pictures of womens feet. my wife is just getting too boring.

Fantasized by older seducing and molesting me

Ever since I was little, I wanted an older woman to seduce or use me for her gratification. (I'm a guy). Any women ever want to do this to a boy or young man?

What do you suggest i do?

I'm a married woman in my early 50's. My husband is almost 10 years older, but definitely doesn't look his age.
We've been together for over 30 years and in the beginning I was a virgin, but soon came to love sex and wanted it very regularly, which pleased my man, as you can imagine. But in later years I find that I need sex less and less but... [more]

My Son Dances With Bananas

I spent the day mowing my lawn and I have no idea what that idiot son of mind does when i'm not looking but when my wife returned home from the Mall, she tossed my Bananas off the deck, and I asked her why and she said "They were completely bruised." I just bought those Bananas the other day and now they've been bruised and I wonder did I buy... [more]

Is this normal

The first time me and my boyfriend (both legal teens) touched one another was great! We had each others hands down our pants. His older sibling was in the room(they share). They had no idea because they had headphones in and were gaming. We were also out of sight. I feel guilty for being fingered with someone else in the room.

Titless But Has Big Bush

I recently is having sex with my horny 42 yr. aunt. She's doing this behind her husband Joe. She wants to be my MILF. She isn't happy with her A cup tits and her husband won't pay for a tit job. She has let her bush over grow her groin area to get attention from guys since she has no breasts. Well she gotten me, her horny nephew, addicted to that... [more]

She's My Cum Dumpster

My grandmother knew I was doing drugs. She decided that she needed to reform me. She sat me down and said, "We need to have a conversation." I could tell she was jittery. She pulled a bottle of booze out of her cupboard and fixed herself a drink to calm her nerves. She first began telling me how much she cares and loves me and made sure she cave... [more]

Being Helpful

I'm a volunteer for this church group that helps the elderly in maintaining and fixing their property. I was assigned to this elderly senior who lived in a mobile home. I seal coated her roof and began to clear the lot overgrown with grass , shrubs, and small trees. Edna constantly served me snacks and treats. I never saw her dressed in anything... [more]

I had this urge

It was right after my first wife and I got married, we were both barely 20. She was a tiny little thing, 4'8" and 93 pounds. What she had was a large set of boobs.
I had noticed that everywhere we went, men checked her out, and I mean everywhere, and every age.
One day we were at the gas station (1962 so they still did windows, checked tires)... [more]


My stepdad.... my dog.... I do not want to feel dirty but ive had such explicit thoughts.. its wrong i know. it helps my self confidence.

I knew she was a bad girl

Between the time she accepted my request for a date, and the actual big night, I struggled mightily with whether or not to tell her that I had - entirely by accident - seen her giving another guy a blowjob; not once, or even twice - but three separate times! All different men - each one black...not that that matters.
I still remember the first... [more]

First Trip

I was 17, a cadet on my first ship. Things took a turn when we got into the tropics working on deck with the seamen, we were all stripoed to the bare minimum because if the heat. I was 17 but looked younger and blessed or cursed with a hairless body. I knew I was pretty, found that out at boarding school. What the sailors said they would do with... [more]

Virgin with the wild fantasies (raceplay..etc.

Ok so I’m a 24 black man who yes, is a virgin. I started watching porn around the age of 12 my first fav star being Sophia Sutra. As I grew older & my hopes of every being with a woman dwindled I began watching more naughty fetish porn such as cheating gf porn. The thought of being cheated on & being surprised into a cuckold situation has always... [more]

Family affairs

Obviously I am not the only person to have had sex with a sibling or aunts or cousins, but i believe my story is worth writing about.
At 12 years old I started exploring my sisters body who is 2 years younger. Mostly I started fingering her pussy. She enjoyed it and encouraged me. As we both grew into our teens it progressed to mutual... [more]

Wild experience

In 2018 I went on a Job related trip to Brazil . The company spared no expense and put me up in a beautiful hotel.. My meetings were from Wednesday to Friday and free time from Friday night to Monday morning when I was scheduled to return to Miami..
I am over 6 feet and in great shape since I love sports. I noticed that in the area where I was... [more]

I came in my ass

I had an operation a while back, to make my penis longer. The doctor cut the suspensory ligament at the top of the base of my penis, which is what holds it straight up when it's erect. It gives me another two inches of penis length, but my penis no longer stands up when erect, it hangs straight down.
It also allows me to bend my erect penis... [more]

Wife, Friends, and how far

I asked my wife to tease my golf buddies. She was reluctant at first, but now I am concerned.
We golf on a regular basis and the start/stop place is my home on the course. The first time my wife was swimming in a string bikini. The guys went wild and my wife must have liked it too as she did me good when they left. As time went on, she became a... [more]

Who wants to cum

Looking for girls who like to 69 while we spank each other. It's a wild combination.

Secret Affair

I'm suppose to be her best friend. Best friend don't get involved with your boyfriend but I do. Ever since see introduced me to Sam and talks about him I envied her. I asked her how she caught him. She confessed her cock sucking skills helped her. She was sort of flat chested compared to my big breasts. I started to flaunt my cleavage to him and I... [more]


I find that every black will fuck anything that's white and has a hole that means men or women.... i'm a 375 lb white woman and the only think that comes my way is black men i know they'll fuck just about anything but i will not bring myself to that low level... my excuse is if you can't find a black women to fuck then why would i... [more]

Married my girlfriend s mom

Three years ago I asked a young woman out. Shortly after We stopped dating. Her mom called me two weeks later. A year later I married her. She is 25 years old. I hope I made a good choice. Best sex I ever had..

Licking your own cum

My girlfriend likes when I lick my cum out her pussy. I just can’t get into it. I do sometimes because she asks me to.

Incubus Lover for wife👿

I have had a desire for a sexual entity, or male sex demon also known as an "Incubus " to fuck my wife.They are believed by many people to have sex with women while they sleep. They give women erotic sexual dreams and can open them up to the many pleasures of taboo sex. And can in some instances stimulate or give weird tingly electrical type of... [more]

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