Strange Confessions

GF’s mom loves to give a show!

Hello again, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these times in my live and how I’ve never shared these stories with anyone until now. When I first started seeing my GF ( she was 15 and I 16) I used to walk over to her house in the summertime with one of my friends. We would play basketball and swim in their pool. This particular day we were out... [more]

Man gave me money to give me a blow job

Would you let a guy suck your dick if he paid you lots of money ? I did when I was just starting puberty and he gave me 1 hundreds dollars and more every time after .

Very odd holiday party

Tis the season for holiday parties, and my husband said a guy he works with invited him to one he was having at his home. My husband hasn't known the guy long, since he just started working with him 2 weeks ago (new job), but he said it would be good form to stop by. I said we were already scheduled to have dinner with my sister and her family... [more]

Lukewarm feet and peer pressure

I'm 20 and getting married next month. I love my fiancé, he's great. We've been together since middle school. I love him and I'm ready for marriage I think. Yeah, it's definitely I think, 90% maybe ready. The wedding is all paid for and planned, so it's too late to change anything now.
I'm going to the beach next weekend with some female... [more]

Are blue balls a thing?

Hey all, I was hanging out with a guy friend and he said he had blue balls and needed a blowjob to relieve the pain. lol, I was so like wtf are you talking about? Anyway I'd never seen his dick and was curious so I had him take it out and I blew him. He came in my mouth and it was a lot, a total mouthful of sperm, but it tasted good so I actually... [more]

She likes to eat during sex

I just started dating this girl, we've only dated twice. I was at her apartment and we were hanging out making dinner--corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. She was wearing some sexy leggings so my hands were all over her ass and crotch while she was cooking. She enjoyed it, she wasn't mad, but she said we'll screw later and kept cooking.
When... [more]

Taking advantage of a nut

I have been living in the same apartment for over 4 years and spent the first 3 trying to avoid seeing or talking to Sandra. There are 12 apartments in the building and Sandra's apartment is just down the hall from mine on the 2nd floor. Most of the other tenants also avoid her and she just seemed to be a mental case. I'm 28 and she once told me... [more]

Stupid me

Bout a month or so gone by, I was all drunked up on the moonshine and blew thtee vertebrae out of my back and pinched my spinal cord trying to suck my own cock. The ambulance crew asked what happened, when they found me buck naked on my bed. I told them that I slipped on the bathroom floor and managed to crawl back to my bed. I had to have surgery... [more]


Anyone out there ever hear of, or try "ballooning"? Apparently it involves stuffing a balloon up ones ass and blowing it up as large as they can take it. It's supposed to feel quite good, supposedly it's a thing in the gay community. I think it might feel good for a woman, to stuff one up her vag, as it would really stretch her out. I never heard... [more]

Behind closed doors

To my friends family and boyfriend I’m known and seen as a lovely young lady.
Behind closed doors I’m a big slut, in my bedroom I will do a strip dance in front of the mirror and talk to myself, I imagine I have an audience of men watching me wanting me, when I’m completely naked I go into slut mode, lifting my leg up showing my pussy then saying... [more]

Horse cock

When my sister was 16, I was 14 (also a girl) figured out why or stallion would get stretch his cock out, we would tie his halter tight to the fence. Then we would take turns rubbing up and down his two foot hard cock. We found we could get him to cum faster if one of us rubbed from the center of the cock while my sister would stroke from the... [more]


Me and wife move out city and taken to farm life both got job working on small dairy farm well wife got drive tractor she found fun but teased her do it without bra so twins bounce free was fun watching but what i curious about the milking pumps used on cows anyone else think about or tryed on there cocks

I love big boobs and dick to!

I have been having this issue for a long time! When I was around 13 ish When I started to watch porn...It was accidentally at first due to having a virus on my tablet but then I started to look more at it.....Into females....especially looking at ones with HUGE boobs, I don't know if this is strange... but something in me would get so aroused..... [more]


Why does my girlfriend freak out if I see any kind of nudity of her but when we are fucking she can’t spread her legs wide enough for me, she is a proper slut in bed but if I was to see her with a bra on she will tell me not to look and close the door?

Strap ons

Has anyone ever used hollow strap ons to fuck partner the ones yoir cock slides into and stays on wether cock hard or soft so can bang her pussy and or ass for hours without having to worry about cumming to quick

I am perverted

I am a nlack guy and this is a fantasy of mine which has stayed with me for decades. In my fantasy I am laying on a plush carpet in a hotel room. Five women show up together and proceed to chain me to the floor. They all strip naked and my dick gets hard as I gawk at those women. Each of them had big asses and tits with nipples that stick out like... [more]

Obsessed with men’s dicks

I’m now back in contact with a friend who’s just finished with her boyfriend, she was dating for 7 months and in that time I didn’t see much of her, it’s been nice seeing her again but she is a changed person, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing she is constantly talking about every man we see dick, bet he’s got a nice big one, bet... [more]

How should I think?

I’m a 43yo single mum have been single for two years.
The person I’m talking about I have only seen him a couple of times, I’m with my friend and her husband friend comes in, I’m behind the door on my phone, the call I just finished was for an appointment so I was setting a reminder on my phone my friend asked her husband friend if he was coming... [more]

Teachers pet

Not long ago I was sitting in my car waiting to pick my son up from school and in my side mirror I saw a woman walking up the side of my car, I could hear her footsteps in the heels she had on, she stopped pulled down her knickers and put them in her handbag then walked off.

My husband is acting strange.

My husband and I have been married for 30 wonderful years. He is now 58 years old, and still a very handsome man, and still the best in bed, or anywhere I've ever had. Our sex life has is awesome, oral, anal, toys, pee play, and of course we get real kinky form time to time. I've never had a cock so big and hard as my husbands.
Well enough... [more]

I want to be gang raped and pimped out

I have this desire to be kidnapped while walking home from the store. I want to be drugged and gang raped, being constantly filled with cum. I want the same men who took me to pimp me out, and then months later drop me off on a random street with a little bit of money.

Very weird

I was over at a friend's house having coffee with her on the patio. I've known her from work for a couple of years. She's my age (48) and is divorced/single, but her daughter is a 20 year-old college student who lives with her. Her daughter's boyfriend lives there too. Evidently they are potential marriage material.
My friend disappeared for a... [more]


I've long enjoyed getting off on using things I know others (well...cute girls!) will soon be using and I have been enjoying the feeling of knowing that my cock/spunk has been there completely unbeknown to them.
I had a female mate stay with us for a bit in the spare room and I used to use her bagels to wank with, enjoying the tight fit of them... [more]

Tied up for strangers

My wife and I are married for about 12 years. We don't have kids because my wife could not become pregnant (ovarian surgery). We have been very sexual from the first day we met and we both liked to show our bodies off. over years my wife had this fantasy being tied and blindfolded somewhere outside and some walkers come by and fuck her.
We've... [more]

She was a he, and so sexy!

About 5 years ago I was out at a bar drinking while I was on a business trip. I had a bit too much to drink and this sexy ass woman came over and started talking and flirting. She has the best set of tits I've seen in a long time and a nice tight ass through the tight little skirt she was wearing. After an hour or so of us flirting and talking... [more]

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