Strange Confessions

Fun with younger boys

I was 13 when a neighbor boy popped my cherry it was'nt so bad it hurt but felt good. That began my love for boys. I'm 35 now and still find a boy of12 or13 a better fuck than someone my own age.
My current young lover is 13 he's a slim light skin negro boy with an 8 inch penis that is constantly hard and full of sweet boy spunk. ... [more]


Me my wife and our boss went for a night out on the town , We got a taxi back to ours we was all a bit worse for wear our boss said I'll come in for a nightcap. So that's what we did my wife said she was feeling a bit sleepy so she went up to bed I followed her to make sure she was ok , She laid down so I left the room she still had her clothes on... [more]

Licking cum

I love fucking my wife in her asshole then licking the cum out of her asshole.


I’m a straight guy and like to dress up in black pantyhose and panties. Nothing else. I do this in the privacy of my own home. I also like to sick a dildo up my ass and put my pantyhose over it. It feels so good. Once I did go out of my house with a dildo up my asshole and drove around. It felt so good and naughty. When day at my girlfriend house... [more]

Pick an Alter, Any Alter

I'm a retired businessman, divorced, and I live in south Florida. Almost twenty years ago I met a couple who had moved into my condo complex, and they were from the Midwest. He was a hairdresser who was a favorite of rich old ladies, and she was an artist, specifically, a doll-maker. She made dolls from a variety of materials, and was given a... [more]

Want to suck Sadistic Former Coworkers Dick

How can I approach a former co-worker who made my life miserable on the job. He isolated me from other salesmen, sabotaged me at ever turn, and convinced others to ignore me, he is a genuine Sadist. I finally quit, he is still there. I'm a middle aged guy with time on my hands, and I have the Overwhelming Desire to Suck his Cock and call him... [more]

My love for dog sex

Well my name is Sandy, and experience all started when I was about 14 yrs old. I was on the back deck of our house playing. I started hearing strange sounds coming from my older sisters open bedroom window. I walked up to the window looked in and was getting ready to ask what she was doing, Then I seen for myself.
Now my older sister, Sara... [more]

Is it normal

Is it normal to have the feeling to have sex with my sister at the age of 15

White guilt experience: extreme humiliation

I have a close friend, C, who recruited me to join her for what she called a “white guilt experience.” I’ve personally never bought into the whole white guilt thing but C is a little more sensitive to it. She’s in her late 20s, I’m about 10 years older.
When I asked her what a white guilt experience was I couldn’t believe it. I’ve heard of... [more]

Sunday Sauna

I spent a few days at a resort a while back, and was hanging alone in the sauna really, really early on a Sunday morning when most people were still asleep. It was a public coed sauna, the rules were that you had to be covered, but you could still just wear a towel. No open nudity allowed.
Eventually an older guy came in, he was maybe mid 40's... [more]

Friend's daughter

So I was going out to this nightclub, and I usually don't go because I feel like I can't drink like I used to. I was standing in line when I looked over and seen this girl she was pretty hot probably 5'1 curvy, she had on a mini skirt with flowers all over it. The way the wind was blowing it pushed her dress between her asscheeks and you could see... [more]

Dogging......sort of!

Well that was unexpected...!
I was sat having a quick wank after my girlfriend had gone to bed last night when her dog that was sat next to me leant over and licked the end of my cock...!!
The rough tongue felt weirdly nice and instead of pushing her away, as I probably should have done, I just let her carry on.
The tickly feeling... [more]

I accidentaly raped myself

One night i was just layin in bed asleep then suddenly i had some weird shit happen to me. i was having some sleep paralysis and then got possessed. I then proceeded to jack myself off against my will, eventually i came but somehow the demon that possessed me kept stroking my dick and it felt painful, the demon then came out of my body and i was... [more]

Jose wants to eat sys cum out of taryns pussy

Jose is a cuck wanna be who is obsessed with imagining taryn, the girl who took his virginity, fuck her bf sy. He wishes he had a big French cock like sy and wishes he could have impregnated taryn like sy did.


I am always alone[comment if you want] and I am always having thoughts of what if I could do it again,school you know as a fantacy not really class you know in the fantacy all of my teachers[or look-alikes of them at the time] would all be sitting there, stand strip and dance as I watch[I am a guy I had good looking women teachers okay] I have... [more]

Alpha cum

I have a craving to suck the cum from a boys cock. The feeling of his dick in my mouth as he pulses hot cum into my throat is my biggest desire.

I want to get high and....

Have My first experience with a nice smooth dick of another guy. I want to worship it and tell him how much I like sucking him. Completely out of character for me as im a str8 masculine guy.

Would you

I know this sounds strange, but being a guy and having a really good buddy, if things got out of control and you and him had sex, would you wish that you were pregnant by him?

Self inflicted water sports incident

This is a 100% true confession that I never thought I would tell, even anonymously. I don’t really know if it is sexual or not. I don’t even understand it myself. I would welcome some intelligent comments or thoughts. Not just “you are sick.”
I am over 60 now and these events happened about 20 years age. I had never been interested in... [more]

Grappler by nature

I think about Sexfighting, a contest where you to people try to force the other to cum first. Making another person cum really speaks to my hunger to be dominant. But I'd love to betl challenged by a woman with equal desire for dominance, and the ensuing struggle, we'd go through to claim it.

Fucked a woman who refused to take off her socks. weird

On a business trip with a co-worker. I have wanted to fuck her forever. We were doing inventory at a remote site, and it was hot as fuck in the warehouse we were in, so we were both in jeans, tee shirts and sneakers.That night we went to dinner then to the lobby bar afterwards. I was buying her drink after drink, and finally she agreed to go up to... [more]

I fantasize about my younger self being molested

When I was a little girl (mid twenties now) there was a man next door who's porch I would write on with chalk. I like to fantasize about him catching me one day and grabbing me and getting turned on while he hollered at me, and starting to feel me and rub his cock against me. There was another neighbor who was a real pervert, and I fantasize about... [more]

Sleep Disorders

I come from a family with a long history of sleep disorders, including bed wetting, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, and sleepwalking. Many of us have had these things in my family.
I'll never forget the time my mom was in a sleepwalking mode and came into my room nude and crashed in my bed. I was a teenager. I checked her out big time before... [more]

Creaming to the Screaming

When I was younger was on a sleepover at a friends house. We were watching one of those medieval movies with lots of torture. His mom was watching to, and this part with a guy being lowered on some hot coals, and he is screaming and my friends mom goes, "Gorfff, humpth, ummmph", just loud so I can hear her, and I was like, what the actual fuck ! I... [more]

Would you eat another person?

If you could eat another person--alive or dead, cooked or raw, whole or in pieces, willing or not--and knew you wouldn't get caught or punished, would you? If so, who would you eat, and how? I know I would, and I'd roast my niece alive and take my time savoring every bite of her.

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