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Cum in food

My friend doesn't have too much so he appreciates it when I bring him the occasional hamburger or submarine. What he doesn't know is that he's been eating my cum for years! I did it for a thrill once but when I got away with it I just kept doing it over and over! He's not gay and neither am I. But it turns me on to watch him, my friend, eat loads... [more]

I like wearing panties getting fingered a guy but like grls

I like dressing up and getting women and old guys off online and the feel of my gfs dirty thongs! But, I now I want to go to New Orleans Red Dress Run and dress up have sex fcked 4 first and a glory hole any there.
I want to wear a little short dress and my fav white thong get groped and fingered and cummed for the first time missionary like a... [more]

I'm shivering so hard rn

So, I'm a minor but I have a lot of sexual fantasies and I want to like, say the ones I can think of atm bc I just can't talk about them with my friends;
• I really love getting my hair pulled and my arms and legs being restrained.
• I think I might be a bit of a masochist because I really love being roughly man-handled and spanked.
• I love... [more]

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Little bit of heaven

I met this beautiful woman she's super sexy and she fucks like a porn should be perfect....the trouble started when her nine year old daughter came to visit...she's very liberated and empowered, she gets it from her momma I'm certain...but she likes to walk around in nothing but underwear...soooo one day her mother left to go... [more]

Lock down about the tatters the common tatters

Its like some people out there in lala land want to make the lockdown covid time about them. People still trying to make themselves look relevant when they are no longer that important. Like, Blood on the dance floor and the people who want to tell a camera there story. There are other ways of telling it that most normal people do. Rather then... [more]

Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have sex afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with friends. One of my SD’s asked me to wear... [more]

Been in nappies all my life

I always been wear nappies all my life as my parents did not want to potty train me so i never learn to control myself so all way though school life was called a baby but i did mind that i love wear my nappy feel so safe in them and doctors have told me it to late now to learn to use a toilet

My cock size obsession.

I'm Stacey, a 27 y/o brunette and I work in a reputable hardware store. My confession is that I absolutely have to know the size of a guys cock if he is going to be around me for extended periods of time. For example work colleagues, friends, managers. Everyone except family, it is like an obsession. It started in school and it has never left me... [more]

Naked Mausoleum

I started visiting the local cemetery a dew years ago and found that the mausoleum is almost never visited by anyone during the week day. So I have been getting more and more daring by stripping completely naked and roaming the halls for sometimes two or three hours before I hear a door slam or voices and then I have to scramble to hide or gather... [more]

My mom ate my cum

I have a lips fetish and my mom has thick, full lips and when she smiles, i get a boner everytime. one day, i asked her to take a picture of her and she obliged.
the other day, i was bored and horny, so i went on my phone and started jerking to my mom's pic, thinking about how good it would feel to have her lips wrapped around my dick. then,i... [more]

I really really wish my parents spanked me.

I wasn't spanked growing up but I really wish my parents had never hesitated to bare my bottom and blister it soundly when i needed it. and I wish they still would even though I'm 29 along with other punishments like mouth washing, bare corner time, and figging.

Why do I want to get raped

I think about getting raped on the side of the highway or in a truck stop or rest stop yeah I'm a weirdo, Lol

Ass sniffing

I love asses. I’m a male and have a fetish for nice asses. I love to lick ass especially if it is a little dirty.


I see a lot of men in here that like to sniff panties. I did it once with my x wife. I actually love to wear her panties more. I wish I knew this when I was married to her she has two not latina daughters with nice asses.

Anal cum licking

I would love to know if any women out there would let me fuck your ass and then lick my cum out.


I’m a straight curious male and like to watch gay porn. But I sometimes get excited and jerk off. Any another men do this

My Wife Creeps PP

We lived at the beach, and early one June the daughter of one of my wife's co-workers came to visit us on her h.s. graduation beach trip. Her parents had moved away two years earlier, and she missed the area. She was an 18 yr. old redhead , an only child, spoiled, self-centered, and as precocious as she could possibly be. I was not looking... [more]

My Wife the Creeper

We'd been married for twenty years when my wife started her nightly forays I referred to as "creeping". It happened when we had guests stay over, and it didn't really matter who they were. The first one that I knew of was my best friend John. He was newly divorced, and we had celebrated by bar-hopping and getting high when we got back to the... [more]

Intervention for Grandpa?

My college classes have moved online and they sent us home from our dorms, so I'm back at my parents' house. My mom walked in the other day and said she had to go to the police station to pick up grandpa. I said "Huh?"
My mom told me that grandpa got busted again for jerking off in public. This was the first time I'd ever heard of this. She... [more]

School closures

Being home from school and bored.. I decided to try on my mothers shoes she has some that she calls naughty shoes.. when I opened her shoe boxes I found more then shoes she has several different sizes and shape sex toys ... being curious (it took some nerve but I figure) I would try it out.... being a virgin it was going to be hard to do but... [more]

I'm Horrified !

I was cleaning in my husband's study and I made a terrible discovery. I found a hiding spot a secret place in his desk. At first I was like what's this. I found several magazines. Dirty disgusting magazines. Magazines that are gay in nature with pictures of men performing oral and anal sex on each other and kissing one another. I was utterly... [more]

The Farmhand of my grandparents

During my youth I have stayed each holidays at my grandparents farm. They had 3 hand to help them on the fields and with the animals. I was yound and it has been excitung to watch the hands doing their chores. especially one of the boys, I had a chrush on. I was 10 at that time and I did not know anything. I was with him all the time and once I... [more]

Morbid curiosity.

I have to wonder how many people, historically, have died of horsecock. God knows we'll probably never know for certain, who'd accurately report that if they found the body? How many deaths have gone down officially as "internal hemorrhaging" when the person to find the body is the only one to know they were getting pounded by a horse?

Holiday orgy

It was an unexpected and special surprise event at our house during the holidays. We invited grandma to stay with us during the holidays. Grandma was a special open-minded person who was mom's dearest mother and my sister loved her dearly. Grandma sometimes embarrassed someone with stories about the family happenings that happened over the years... [more]

Water pistol

My brother has a battery operated water pistol, I fill it with warm water and put it in my pussy and pull the trigger.

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