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Strange Confessions

Her past

I get really turned on thinking about my wife being fucked before me. Especially a certain teenager that had her when she was in her mid twenties ! He made her climax, plus she sucked his cock!

My cock

Where can I post pictures of my cock ?

Is my home being watched

Can I be watched by niebors on my TV and infrared tools from private places like pawn shop or police store. Only one thing I have to see no one has the right to do that and I don't care just hope that girls are watching. I got a good nut at McDonald's because I was jacking off in the dinning room and lot's of them watched me

Seeing my wife's niece

I am a tattoo artist, kind of a strange one as I only have 2 myself.
My niece has a nice sleeve and some chest work, she dreaming up stuff for her legs.
Anyway while she does have a favorite artist, she asked me if I'd do some cover up work. I said sure, stop by and I'll help you out. She stops by a week later and she was looking at some of my... [more]

Pegging and femdom

Is their any female who are interested in the role of having a guy who is into getting spun up and then having a girl strap a belt on and put a long fake dick in the harness and bending him over and slamming it up to the hilt inside of his face and then his ass and making him a little bitch and showing no mercy or concerns about anything else but... [more]

The Biggest Boss of the all broke me up and kept me for himself

I got a job working as a payables clerk in a mid sized company. I was dating Rafael before I got the job there. One night, I was waiting for Rafael to pick me up and the Biggest Boss of them all waited with me. He wasn't going to leave me alone after dark. So nice.
When Rafael showed up my boss was cold and distant and asked me if I needed a... [more]

I still want more to see her

I still want more guys to see my wife’s breasts individually. So far over 150 have Leave an email address here and I will send pictures

Druck Cock Sucking.

I have a great husband. (when sober) But when he drinks! He drinks tell he passes out. One night I had a few friends over for a cookout and he started drinking. He is not a mean husband in any way but just drinks too much. From the back yard to the living room one night, he passed out on the floor. Me and two of my friends tried to get him up off... [more]

Mardi Gras

Our Parish has a Mardi Gras dinner and party every year. It serves as one of the church’s major social events and a huge fundraiser for the school. One of the parishioners owns the local franchise of a well-known steakhouse and they cater all the food. Following dinner is a dance and casino games in the gym. The dress is formal, and it has the... [more]

Because I am fucked up

Simple confession here, but I didn't know what catagory to put it in. Anyways, I take my wife's little wand vibrator, that she uses infrequently and only on her clit and the opening to her vagine (never actually inside of her), and rum it under my nut sack, and then against my asshole, then I push down a little so my butthole opens ever so... [more]

Snuffed Sluts

I don't really want to be snuffed, but every time I read about some bitch getting raped and snuffed, I flick my bean as I imagine me going through what she might have gone through. I have stuffed dildos up my pussy and ass and taken roofies. I know, it's weird.

Found out I can see my neighbor naked

Never thought I'd be that guy, but damn something about her not knowing makes it so hot.
I was on my stepping stool trying to grab something from behind the fridge, when I looked out my window to my back neighbor and would see well into her room and living room. I freaked out immediately and got down but then had the idea to turn off all my... [more]

Panties at work.

I'm a regular guy, kinda rough around the edges. I work in a factory surrounded by other regular guys. Today i'm going to wear my pretty pink panties embroidered with roses and hummingbirds with little blue satin bows on the sides. I love it!

Husband sucks cock.

I'm 50 female and married. And it's hot as hell watching my husband suck another man's cock. It has been a long fantasy of mine to see it happen. It was hot. It took 20 years to find and try it. At first nope not going to happen he said. then it did. Any wife's out there ever do this?

Proportional Dwarfism?

I met this 22yo married woman who has proportional dwarfism; she looks like a 9yo.
We never spent more than a few hours together, and mostly on the weekends. She was so tight, and the sex was mind blowing. She let me do anything I wanted to do to her, and she was always eager to please. She would usually ask for a bit of money to help out on... [more]

Truth or Dare made it happen

My husband and I had never swing or swapped. Until we were in our 40's. My best friend Linda and I were talking one day after our daily lesbian sessions. Linda and I would get together every day for a little girl on girl fun to satisfy our lust full itch. Our husbands work together, and they introduced us to each other about 12 years ago at the... [more]

Broken in to do women's work I can't stop doing it

I was an exchange student in a latin american country. I lived with a family of three girls and one boy, he was older and away at college. Everyone spoke English so that was no problem. The problem was that as a 'girl' in the family I had to help fix dinner, set the table, do the dishes, clean the toilet, sweep the porch, change the beds... [more]

Whole scene is weird but I think my friend is a pedo

As far as everyone is concerned we're just a couple of regular guys, and we are. We're best friends because we smoke a lot weed together. However we have been keeping the fact that I have been sucking his cock secret for years. He doesn't consider himself queer because he's "never done anything" with another guy, including me. He says I'm the... [more]

Cyber sex

I want to have cyber sex with a man or woman. I have done it with a couple of guys, and it is a real turn on describing it. If you would like to experience it, leave a contact email here.

Wife Smelling Daughters Panties

I came home from work early and my wife was masturbating while sniffing our daughters panties. The bedroom door was open so she didn't notice me. I watched for a minute then when back to the living room and made some noise so she would hear me. She came out of the bedroom a few minutes later. Not sure what to think of it. It kind of turned me... [more]

Girlfriend turned into a Swiftie

We're both 23 out of college and my gf just became a Swiftie. She always listened to her but last year she went to a concert and not been the same. nbd but she's starting to dress like her and it's kinda strange. she'll wear short skirts or dresses with tights that sparkle. one outfit was very weird my friends made fun of too was she wore shorts... [more]

Young and curvy the Mr. really likes me

Sorry to offend, but it's the way it is. I worked for a family business and my job required me to work closely with the husband wife team. I was a young girl, taking six hours a semester. I happen to have a heavy chest and wide rear end, and the Mr. likes curvy women. It turns out that so do black men.
A friend of mine, more curvy than me was... [more]

Doing A Foster Mom

I'm at that age I'm constantly horny and want to get off. My girlfriend and I see each other a lot. She lives in a foster home. We been necking on the couch a lot. She would jerk me off while necking on the couch when her foster parents are asleep. I didn't know we was watched by her foster mom at times. Then one weekend I stopped by to see her... [more]

Revealing Top

I am a very busty woman with 34 DDD bra size I have my own business and I recently hired a guy to work in my office but he keeps looking at me with lust in his eyes, is this just my imagination should I terminate him or just ignore him?

Her breasts

There has to be more guys out there who have not seen my wife’s breasts. Leave a contact email here and I will send you pictures

My first time just happened in my sleep with my older neighbour

Im 19 and my neighbour is 68. my parents are out a lot and were friends with my older neighbour, so they gave him a key to watch the house and check on me.
this morning i woke up and he was rubbing his penis in my face while i was sleeping. this is the first time ive actually seen a guys penis in real life before. ive never had one out and... [more]

Denying your pussy sends the man next door

As a kid my mother told us that women's liberation and power rested on one thing, denying your pussy to men. One week, she told us, and a man will do anything you want.
Well she forgot one thing, there us a lot of other pussy out there. My husband brought her home and had her pussy on my bed.
That's the difference, man will fuck any pussy... [more]

Cry in the night

I was at home recovering from major surgery. I had a nurse for overnight ( I know).~ She heard me talking in my sleep and~ came and finished me off.~ I don’t remember any thing`

Practically still a virgin

I am 37, a home nurse. I am embarrassed to say that I have only had sex one time in my life. It wasn't pleasant, it was unwanted, rape really. But its the only sex I've had so I can't be too choosy. I'm not pretty or sexy. Not my gift. Being nice doesn't get a man to want to have sex with you.

Wife Fantasizes About Werewolf Gangbang

My wife often fantasizes about and reads erotic stories about a girl being gangbanged by werewolves. Specifically by three or four brothers fucking her all at the same time. Funny thing as a side note is that she refuses to do anal and isn't a big fan of sucking dick, but in her imagination and stories the girl is getting her face fucked, and... [more]


Simple, for anyone who has not seen my wife’s breasts but would like to. Leave a contact email here.

What is a popper?

Can someone please explain what a popper is? What its used for where to buy?

All the way, Becoming a Sex Pig Degraded & Used

My Wife got SSBBW 385lbs. 5'6" Gross out fat dripping, stopped bathing, used Dude Wipes for quickie baths like an old whore in Mexican brothel. I could not fuck her, gross!
I began going to porn theaters, I have lived all over, I shit you not, Phoenix. AZ has some of the best Xrated theaters I have ever seen, great places for a BJ as you... [more]

From sheltered to wild and back to church and husband and kids

I grew up in a small town where my father was the police chief, my mother the secretary to the Lutheran Minister. I grew up with two sisters, bang, bang, bang we were one year apart. My father is exmilitary. We got a good education and when it came time for me to go to college I commuted to the small college twenty five miles away. I graduated... [more]

Bud Lite turned me gay

I had a few friends over at my house to watch some preseason football last weekend, and we were having a pretty good time. We were drinking beer and getting pretty rowdy, down in my basement room I had converted into a "game room". After the first game was over, we started running low on beer. I hollered upstairs to my wife and asked her if she... [more]

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