Strange Confessions

I'm going insane

Every where I go, there is always someone looking at me. I get on the train and I see people looking straight at me. I've taken down every picture in my house because their eyes always follow me. Idk when this started but its been a while now I've tried to ignore. I look in the mirror and assume maybe my nose is too big? Maybe I had a pimple?... [more]

Is it possible

Can you delete all the posts I have made?? I feel like I should have looked more before posting and now I have regrets..

Pee fetish

I'm a 27 year old female and I get this strong urge to pee on sofas, beds, upholstered chairs, and carpets or thick rugs. I only do it on other people's stuff, tho. I go on all kinds of dates with guys and let them take me home and get undressed; sex is optional, but I really cum when I pee on their stuff. I've done this over a hundred times, and... [more]

Is this common?

An ex girlfriend of mine would orgasm really quickly, didn’t matter how you went about having sex she would cum within five minutes, I’m talking every time.
She also never showed any signs she was about to orgasm only when she was having an orgasm, you could be gently caressing her then she is cumming.
I wouldn’t mind but she never wants to... [more]

Yep its true

I have a squirting pussy and it's pretty awesome


I've been called a little slut .... it's true i sucked my first cock at 10 years old was an adult cock and I haven't stopped sucking i also lost my virginity at a young age long before i started to menstruate... i don't wear any panties when i wear skirts or dresses.. and I laugh sometimes at married couples knowing that their wives are... [more]

Ex-Wife Strange Relationship With Me

I divorced my wife because of sexual and financial problems between us. She claimed she couldn't get pregnant, but she did when I forced fucked her good one night. There for awhile she teased me with her big milky tits, but that ended with the after birth blues. We no longer got involved sexually. That led to our divorce.
She moved out of... [more]


Would think the 3 times i got myself off plus the 3 rounds of finger blasting from my bf would be enough?? No not done yet just one hr till the licking starts and we can get out the toys and have more fun No pantie day has been fun :) did enjoy the feeling of my cum running down my legs we will do it again


So what is the oddest thing that you have used for lube?? because the ky ran out or you didn't have any?? Mine is crisco lol yep one time we didn't have any and didn't want to go to the store at the time but I really wanted to be fucked hard so we used crisco

Aware of this

I've always wondered why the men I've fucked always complimented me on the way my pussy looked a young girl i asked my father why are men so interested in a woman's vagina? he stated it's because it's suppose to look good and smell good always not just every so often that's why most women use perfume .... long ago women smelled so... [more]

Food fetish/game, warning gay and it gets nasty

My boyfriend and I have this contest running where we work our(and each other's) bodily fluids into our dinners, and then we try to figure out what went into it and whose it was. It started when we were hard up for cash and needed any way to make our cheap, boring meals more interesting; for instance, we have mayonnaise jars full of cum in the... [more]

Sitting grandma's dog

Our grandmother was given a 14-day cruise by the whole family for her 70th birthday. My parents agreed to take their dog with us for the time. My sister and I already knew the dog from our visits and we had played with him many times.
So we 2 girls were also chosen to take care of the dog. So feed it, walk it and all those things. We also had... [more]

Where is the weirdest place your cum has been?

As a 32DD girl I have had my fair share of cum on my tits over the years and have (mostly) enjoyed it. I have also had it in my hair and on my feet and it got me thinking.
Where is the oddest place your cum has been? I don’t mean just on another person. On a chair? On an animal (by accident I hope!), in your dinner? On a car bonnet?
I guess... [more]

Neighbors from hell story

They now are very remote and rarely look or think about them. I won't give names or locations here. But I wish I could. Today, they have money and power and took over the church I was baptised in as a baby. It sort of started back in 2000. And new neighbors moved in who were very noising kids, obese and loud yelling mother with a youngest son with... [more]

Otherwise straight

I'm attracted to women and pussy. I like sports hot cars building stuff. But when it comes to sex all I ever do is suck other guys cocks, fuck myself with large dildos and larger objects and let other guys fuck me in the ass. There are three places near my house where guys hang out at night, including me. It's more convenient to meet different... [more]

Dirty man

I really enjoy touching up in girls while they sleep. My daughter I like the most although her pussy hole is to physically small for me to fuck her. I make chloroform and use it on my best friends 12 year old daughter. I'm yet to actually touch her pussy yet but I will 100 percent get that tight bald puffy twat. Another is my god daughter, 9 years... [more]

Not queer friend

I wrote earlier about my friend who doesn't think he's gay despite all the things we do and have done in the past. He does other stuff that's outright crazy. He likes to call up our other friends and talk to them while I'm sucking his cock. He especially likes to call his girlfriend and have phone sex with her when I am about to make him cum. He... [more]

Lame category selection to choose from

First of all, who came up either the categories for this site and why can’t we add more?

Is Naughty Posts running on auto pilot??

The most recent posts are already starting to grow moss on them because they're definitely not recent. Something new just doesn't happen often enough around here. I'm sorry, but I will no longer in good conscience be able to recommend this site anymore.

Interracial Sex Fun

My slightly older wife and I have been married a while and started to get the seven year itch. Stacey my wife became a BBW after she gave birth. She love my sex tool and went along with pleasing me. She was friends with a ebony co-worker and constantly invited Brenda over to the house. My wife knew I have some interest in Brenda. Brenda was one of... [more]

Started sucking a dog

I just started sucking a dog in order to get a girl to do it. I am a guy in his 30s btw. Only prob is I like it more then I should.

Cum in food

My friend doesn't have too much so he appreciates it when I bring him the occasional hamburger or submarine. What he doesn't know is that he's been eating my cum for years! I did it for a thrill once but when I got away with it I just kept doing it over and over! He's not gay and neither am I. But it turns me on to watch him, my friend, eat loads... [more]

I like wearing panties getting fingered a guy but like grls

I like dressing up and getting women and old guys off online and the feel of my gfs dirty thongs! But, I now I want to go to New Orleans Red Dress Run and dress up have sex fcked 4 first and a glory hole any there.
I want to wear a little short dress and my fav white thong get groped and fingered and cummed for the first time missionary like a... [more]

I'm shivering so hard rn

So, I'm a minor but I have a lot of sexual fantasies and I want to like, say the ones I can think of atm bc I just can't talk about them with my friends;
• I really love getting my hair pulled and my arms and legs being restrained.
• I think I might be a bit of a masochist because I really love being roughly man-handled and spanked.
• I love... [more]

Little bit of heaven

I met this beautiful woman she's super sexy and she fucks like a porn should be perfect....the trouble started when her nine year old daughter came to visit...she's very liberated and empowered, she gets it from her momma I'm certain...but she likes to walk around in nothing but underwear...soooo one day her mother left to go... [more]

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