Strange Confessions

Shared my wife online

I love to make fake profiles on reddit and mewe and act like my wife as I find all the desperate hotwife pages and then pm the men nude pictures of her. It gets my heart racing and hands sweaty. I’ve done it twice now and deleted everything right after. Now I’m afraid someone might track her down and do anything they please with her. She doesn’t... [more]

How strange

A couple of years ago this woman walked pass my workshop, when I have a cigarette I stand by the footpath.
She would pass daily during the week, I’m guess going to work.
On a few occasions we’ve said hello, then spoke about weather and so on.
After awhile we are starting to make more of a conversation, this one day I asked if she was ok because... [more]

Any place any time

Returning to my car after shopping one day and as I approach my car the lady in the car next to mine had the door open, one foot in the car and one foot out, she had her skirt pulled right up and her knickers pulled to one side plucking pubes out with tweezers, her head was look down all the time when walking towards her.
Her head only looked up... [more]

Back to the coup.

About a year or so ago, I contracted a nasty penile infection from fucking a chicken. I treated myself with some animal antibiotics that my folks keep on the farm to treat sick animals, but it came back after a few days. After an embarrassing conversation with my mom, she took me to our local doctor who diagnosed and treated my non specific... [more]


I been molested since I was 11 by males. I am male. I was flattered when men who wanted to keep my boys underwear after they did sex to me. It was souvenir to them I guess.


When the urges hit me I would go to the males restroom. Hopefully another boy would be there. While using the urinal I would always lower my pants and briefs down to my ankles like a little boy. I just liked boys seeing me pee like that.

Hotel crazy

I searched the internet looking for a place to tell this story and happened across this site. Hope everyone enjoys.
I took a business trip last week for the company I work for. I do that every now and again to visit other work locations. I stayed in a Ramada hotel and for the first couple nights everything was normal. The third night I was... [more]

meds are depleting your testrone

Don't be to worried if your dick is getting smaller and you're developing man boobs it's all of a side effect of MORPHINE pills. One of the side effects they wont tell you about.
Fir seven years I have been on Morphine and I now have B cup boobs and my dick hardly ever gets up now and has shrunk several inches. Morphine kills your testrone by big... [more]

Gloryholes, love'em, or hate'em ?

Looking for other peoples opinion on Gloryhole's.
As for myself I can't get enough of them. I live in a large city, that has an adult theatre , three adult book / video stores, and they all have gloryhole booths. All of these places are within walking distance from my apartment, which make it really nice. However I've had to limit myself to... [more]

Gloryhole in the pool changing rooms

I never thought I could do such a thing!
Once or twice a month I meet with some of my best friends to have some coffee and shit chat about the kids and other important things.
The last time we met my best friend Steffi told us, she had heard that someone did holes in the walls of the changing boxed of our local pool. We laughed about it and I... [more]

I caught our son

You won't believe me but I caught our son fucking a hen last weekend. We've been on holidays for a week on a farm in the Netherlands (we're german). Our son seemed happy being there. One morning I found him in his bed with a egg in his hand. he acted a bit as if he has been caught.
I have to abmit, that me and my husband know that our boy has... [more]

Fisk's First Wife ( Part Two )

Fisk didn't even blink when I told him my wife wouldn't be joining us. He asked, " Can we go downstairs ? " I had a large " party room " that adjoined the laundry where I had some neon beer lights, a bar, a dart board, and some worn out wicker furniture. Beck came back with hair scrunchies, and acted a little disappointed my wife wasn't joining... [more]

Bondage plus

My wife since her youth had fantasies about having sex with his dad. Her mom died 2 years ago and since then I often made jokes about her dad would miss his wife and the sex with her.
We do mild bondage sometimes and I like to blindfold her and then play her dad, who touches and the fuckes her. she for sure loves these games.
Now I got her... [more]

Sucking the Dog

I did a whole lot of Sports when I was a boy. And I was able to suck my own dick at the age of 12. At 13 I wanted to suck another cock and was too scared to ask one of my friends. so one day I took our dog to my room. I touched his sheath and when the red tip showed, I took it in my mouth. he nearly fucked my mouth until he shot. I liked... [more]

Fisk's First Wife

My oldest friend was Fisk. We had been friends since kindergarten. We had fooled around, sexually speaking, having oral and anal sex, but, broke it off when he had some sort of guilt fit over the same sex thing, and drug use. We remained friends but had different interests. He went total redneck, was unable to talk about anything but car parts... [more]

My Little Bro!

I'm 18 and my little bro Jamie is 15. The other day I came in our room and he was masturbating looking at gay porn on the internet. I was like hey bro WTF! He covered himself and then I left the room. I came back like an hour later and he was still spanking his cock to gay porn. I was like how can you watch that shit bro? I don't know how but he's... [more]

My daughter's friend is hitting on me

I am a 42 yr old male. I'm a single parent of three children, 1 girl and 2 boys. My daughter is my oldest child she is 19 yrs old, and the two boys are 7 and 10. I lost my wife 5 yrs ago, to cancer.
Anyway my daughter's life time friend has started flirting with me and hitting on me. Making really sexual comments and jesters when no one else... [more]

Lounging in the nude

Our front porch has a solid wall around it rather than an open railing, and the steps are such that a person outside can't see onto the porch there either. I regularly sit out there on nice days in the nude, soaking up the sun and watching the neighbors walking by. When I see a hot young thing go by I am likely to stroke myself and if several of... [more]

Three some with a she male

I want to have a three some with a hot she made. My wife is into it. I told her she can get fucked by her. My wife wants me to get on top of her and let the she male fuck my asshole. She also wants the she male to fuck her pussy while I fuck her ass. She also wants us to both suck his cock. I think we been watching to much porn. But anyway were... [more]

Sniffing panties

I read a lot about men shifting women panties and getting turned on. But I never hear about women stiffing men's underwear. Any women do that or just us perverted men.


I been reading so much about guys wearing pantyhose and panties I went out and bought a pair of black pantyhose. They do feel good and I think I look good in them. I was even taken pics of myself posing. Pics of me bending over on all fours and with my pantyhose down a bit. Now I want to get panties.


I have been reading about a lot of men that like to stiff women panties. Are there any ladies out there that stiff men’s underwear?

Butt plugs

Are there any women out there that go out with a butt plug up their asshole?

Horsing Around

I've taken all types of cock in my vagina and it's been double penetrated by two penis's. For some strange reason I crave animal sex now and then. I do Judy's Dalmatian as she and Jon watches. I got to where I enjoy sucking Tucker's dick and being filmed by them when I'm doing Tucker. I would watch horse sex videos with Jon and Judy and learn how... [more]

Altercation with my girlfriend's ex husband

I was at my girlfriend's house. She is about 30 and divorced. Our sex life used to be great.We were alone and weren't expecring anybody until late, so right after lunch we started making out right on the couch. As we were having sex, next thing you know that loser of her ex husband shows up in a kimono covered only by a denim jacket and gets mad... [more]

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