Strange Confessions

Nasty Dirty Trick

Wanted to get my friend-with-benefits to give more serious thoughts to her promiscuity. So I surreptitiously inserted three green M&Ms in her vag at the end of a session. Days later after much concern I confessed and we laughed and laughed.

Having sex with best friend

I was home lone except family dog he was in the front room. I was getting out of the shower and heading to my bed room I thought I close the door but I guess it was open a inch or two Iwas on all fours looking for something in the closet and the dog must used his nose to get the door open and come in he started to lick my balls and penis I told... [more]

Play with me

Trust me like a girl put me in a very short skirt make my makeup pretty parade me in front of your friends show me one of those vibrating sex devices that is wireless put it in me show me the remote and then send me about my way and y'all just pass the remote around then when y'all are ready to call it a day do with me as you will because by then... [more]

A secret of sex

A friend of mine sister wanted to have sex with me I said I'm married she so she started to play with my penis on the outside of my pants I told her to stop she kept on my penis got extremely hard and extremely horny and then she took my pants off and underwear was naked she got totally naked and she started to rub my hard horny penis around her... [more]

May need a second opinion here...

It's possible that I'm just being a prude about this, but this whole situation has been gnawing at me for a few years now, and I figured I need an outside opinion.
So; a girl I used to date told me once that she was raised by an EXTREMELY religious nutjob of a mother who never should've been trusted with a cactus, let alone a child. Among the... [more]

Back in high school (sad tale)

There was this one girl, she used to go out and walk down the road after dark all the time. I saw her a few times and asked her if she wanted a ride, she said no.
Later, I was dating another girl that was her friend and one time I asked what the deal was with her friend, by then I had seen her on the road several more times.
My girl friend... [more]

Unexpected Doings

I've been divorced from my wife for a long time. My son convinced me to visit him like old times to do some father-son bonding. He and his mother lived some distance from me. I was surprise how mature he became. My ex talked me into staying with them instead of the motel room I reserved. She put on some weight and her saggy tits seemed to hang... [more]

Fantasy Becomes Reality

It was Thanksgiving time. My younger sister and I went and spent the weekend at our mother's place. She had plenty of drinks available. My sister and I shared the guest room. I always had a fantasy of doing my sister because of her wide hips and her having a sexy broad looking ass. I had dreams of pounding her her hot ass when she bent over in... [more]


So a couple of nights ago, I went adult trick-or-treating and met two girls who claimed to be doing something called "cloving". Has anyone heard of this?
So this is when you don't wear underwear and let the lowest parts of your lady bits hang out.
My one friend wore a hooded sweatshirt and painted a skull on her face. The sweatshirt line was... [more]

Vintage chiffon/nylon babydoll nighties

I sure will.............Well being a male, in my middle ages I am right into vintage babydoll chiffon/nylon double or tripple layer sheer chiffon. Which I love to wear. I also love nighties with heeps of long long nylon ribbons which I love playing with both in bed and while watching TV
I love pulling the long ribbons slowly over my cock and... [more]

Letting Mom Do Her Thing

I'm an 18 yr. old petite daughter with big puffy areola breast staying at my 38 yr. old mom's house until fall when college starts. She's an alright flat chested mom but recently I been trying to ignore her. She started to talk to me about college life and what I have to be ready for. She keeps bringing up how my breasts might entice certain... [more]

Erection at the grocery store

Yesterday I stopped at my local grocery store to grab a few items. There was a young lady In line in front of me. she was wearing grey leggings and she had a perfect ass! I was searching for a panty line but could not see one. I snapped a couple of pics off her sexy ass on my phone and as soon as I got to my car I pulled out my hard cock and... [more]

This place or where not to be caught dead.

This is a really plain site. I can't help but wonder about the creators. What were they thinking. They had to realize the stories and confessions they would get would mostly be untrue made up fiction. So the intent was what? To drag any and everyone to new lows in writing . Seems the LGBT community should be so proud of the content here. Along... [more]

Finding Out That Grandma Is A MILF Slut

I thought I had a normal basic close family lifestyle but my brother and I found out differently. We gotten older and exchanged sex stories of our dates. Just the ones we didn't care for. We began to do things with dad. Fishing, hunting, drinking and some flirting that was kept a secret from mom. My brother and I shared an apartment and gave a key... [more]

I am not gay

I was married and had 4 daughters. Divorced. I am not gay, but always wanted to suck a dick. I did once after 8 years after divorce. I was so drunk, I barely remember it. Thinking about sucking a dick, makes my dick leak. I do not want kissing or cuddling. Am I weird?

Ghostly dream

One night I had a dream so real I woke up asking myself did it really happen? My dream was so weird and exotic at the same time. I dreamed about being raped by 8 ghosts from being caressed, sexed in all positions from oral, anal, and blow jobs. The weirdest part was that they were all guys. I woke up the next morning drained and very sticky. ... [more]

Wife's Panties

My wife hates wearing panties. Matter a fact, I don't even think she owns a pair, except for her swim bikini bottoms. She had a hysterectomy when she was 22 years old and she says panties have bothered her ever since. She prefers wearing dresses and skirts because again, she says pants bother her the same as panties do. So literally she is always... [more]

Getting lucky at the Casino

I’m a 26 yr old iron worker. I was driving back home after a 4 month job in Arizona and decided to stop at a casino in Oklahoma to spend the night and try my luck at the slots.
I was sitting at the slots and a HOT AS F**K asian girl sat next to me. Mie Lu has dark hair and a dark tan, short maybe 4’10”, flat chested but you could see her nips... [more]

Man wearing panties and bra and dress in public

I'm a straight man wearing panties and having a 9 inch dildo in my asshole and going in and out for a long long time to find out what it is like to be fucked in the ass and I am liking it so far and I think I will try to get a woman to come and help me out.

Really, on a first date

Joined a dating site for one month, got myself lined up with 3 dates and if the first one is anything to go by I’m looking forward to the next 2
Last Friday I had my first date in a long time, we met at a bar, I had pre-booked a table, and she was a really nice lady.
While chatting to her I must of kicked her handbag 3 times, it’s was more of a... [more]


Observational question…
I know everyone is different but how can women be miles apart from each other.
The girlfriend I’m with now loves having her pussy licked, she would happily have me sucking on her clit all day.
My previous girlfriend couldn’t stand having her pussy licked.
When it comes to sex surly you don’t have likes and dislikes it... [more]

Two fingers

Me and my girlfriend have some long mad sex sessions, we love having sex.
We have sex for two to three hours.
The reason for me telling you this is because no matter how much fucking her pussy I do, using dildos, tying her up, teasing her, bondage, fist fucking her, anal she will not and can not have an orgasm unless I finger her, I can do all... [more]

Daughter's friend

My daughter is 34 years old and she's been friends with this girl since grade school. Her friend had always flirted with me every since I have known her. Her flirty nature is just her personality, eventhough my wife and daughter say she's never flirted with other guys the same way.
My daughters friend came over yesterday to get some old photos... [more]

Stomach laughing fetish

So i’m a female(23) who has a kink for bellies which i know i’ve seen a lot of people on this site have.
Well i have kink for watching man’s stomach when he laughs. I think the movement of the stomach as he laughs is really hot and sexy, especially if he has a beer belly. I have fantasies to sit on top of a guy’s stomach and feel the movement... [more]

Cum Cubes

In a conversation I brought up to my friends both male and female if they ever swallowed someone elses cum. Almost all the men said no definitely not and wouldn't, some woman said yes but even most of them said no too. Well that got me thinking so I used a condom every time I had sex or masturbated to fill the condoms. Now most people would just... [more]

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