Strange Confessions

Stretching My Vagina

My husband wants my vagina to be loose. He can easily get four fingers in me know and we are working up to him being able to fist me. We work on it every night and I enjoy it but I wonder why he wants my vagina to be loose. Is this normal I always thought men wanted it to be tight.

Wife’s Cum delivery

If I send any men out there a bottle and return package would you cum in it and send it back where I can inject it in my wife’s pussy and she think it’s mine all I want is your cum dick size and race nothing else

Horse Lover

I have a strange obsession with my beautiful big palomino stud horse when I watch my husband bring him in to breed or mares I get so fucking honey and wet looking at his massive dick and gallons of cum that he shots my husband noticed I alway fuck him hard after we finish breed or mares he ask did I want to try to have sex with Golden Boy he... [more]

Sinful But Really Kinky

My husband talked me into wife swapping and swinging. Our swinging with our dear friends Lisa and Joe went to next level. Us gals put on a show for our husbands. It started when Lisa and I talked about our pet dogs. I have a dalmatian and she has a brown lab. We wanted to try sex with our dogs. We secretly started to mess around with them behind... [more]

Pee boy

I'm a older married white male. when i'm alone in the morning while i take my shower,before i turn the water on, i'll lay on my back,put my feet up one wall as far as i can, thrust out my dick as far as i can and piss away. i try for my mouth. if i'm lucky, i'll get alot in my mouth. i spit most of it out, but not all. would be willing to have... [more]

It turns me on

I get really turned on showing my wife’s breasts to individual guys. So far over 50 have seen them individually. Just leave your email on here and I will send you them.

Tastes my bestie but in a way even I didn’t expect

I found out my ex friend often watched or listened to me and my husband have sex. We didn’t hide we often got excited with someone attractive that stayed with us that mutually turned us on, or we couldn’t control ourselves. We’ve gone to bed early when friends visited or someone was staying with us over not wanting to be alone or what have you... [more]

Fun on the farm

Hi, I am Cory again here to confess some more about my true-life sex stories
back many years ago when I was living on a farm, I must have been 19 years old, and I took the job and house on the farm after being told my job and signing a 20-year contract with the farmer, he led me to the house where I would live for a short time. Every day at 4 am... [more]

Wifes gay friend

I'm a 43 year old straight married guy or so I thought! It all started during a party at our house,one of my wifes friends Stuart is gay and I never really paid much attention until that night when everyone had left and my wife had fallen asleep on the sofa,me and Stuart were in the kitchen and he asked how often Paula and I had sex! I don't know... [more]

My wife then and now

Anyone want to see pictures of my wife at 39 and at 74 Leave your email address

I am into girls fkin animals..

I get turned on when I see animals humping animals.¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯

I wanna be an incontinent bedwetter

I'm training my body to lose my bladder control. I want to be a leaking mess that needs to be dependent on pull ups and diapers. I wanna wake up in a piss covered bed and be unapologetic about public accidents. Be hot to have a bf or gf that would encourage me to be a stupid bedwetter.


I really want to show photos of my wife’s breasts to individual guys or girls! Leave your email on here and I will send you them.

I got turned on giving my nephew enemas

When I was younger I had a bit of an enema fetish. I would often get together with one or two friends I knew, and we would give each other enemas then have sex.
I thought I'd outgrown it until I was asked to help my nephew with an enema that he had to have before a doctor visit. I figured it wouldn't be a problem.
I was a bit wrong. doing... [more]

Licked in the dark

In the dark of the night I went into the bedroom and saw her there. Unbuttoned her onesie, flipped her around and parted her little cheeks as wide as they could go. I couldn’t see but I could smell where the hole was. I dug my nose and sniffed the smell of butthole. I dug my tongue as far as it could go and was surprised that it was only about the... [more]

Wife's Strange Behavior And Antics

We've been married awhile and was happy with the sex with my wife except she doesn't blow me. I found out she can be naughty when she wanted to be and learned show naughty she was when her aunt lived with us for a while.
Her aunt is an attractive busty mature woman that wears glasses. While she was staying with us , I felt a bit uneasy... [more]

My wife’s past

I get turned on discussing my wife’s sexual past history with guys. Anyone know of any sites that I can do this? Or individually?

Dealing with my Daughter

My oldest daughter is a real handful, and I mean that in multiple ways. She’s just eleven years old but acts like she’s in her twenties. Already thinking, talking and acting out things she shouldn’t be. She’s not my biological daughter but I’ve been raising her since a year old. Anyway she’s already developed a body and her mind is following far... [more]

White girl came to our hood looking for sex

I'm part of a gang that has a lot of street thugs and some criminals. But I don't follow them in their daily activities and I'm probably the least dangerous-looking here. I go to school and all, but they treat me just like one of them. We're like brothers. We're all black and one look at our neighborhood would make most urban people uneasy. So I... [more]

Beating off in my best friend's house

Growing up, my bisexual fantasies were fueled by my best friend Mark and his older sister Maureen. I never fantasized about having sex with them together...the fantasies were always separate.
After college, Mark went off to law school and I got my first job while still living with my parents. I went to visit Mark one long weekend (a five-hour... [more]



Hard to call yourself a "man" when

I'll start off by saying, the only way my ex wife and I would have sex is through use of our strap-on we named "Thor" and other toys. We would take turns fucking each other. That night, she was super aggressive and said I was gonna get my ass wallowed out. I've never had a more intense, squirting orgasm like that night.
After eating my ass and... [more]


This might sound strange but my wife away visiting family and i stayed behind to look after things well other night was round her friends smoking bit weed and said it been wedding anniversary but the wife was away so nothing special this weekend well she said well maybe not if want help her out get sort of a treat curisley i asked ok whats that... [more]

Wife caught me with a guy

I've been happily married for years and straight as you can get! Well that was until 6 months ago,an old friend came round to visit that I hadn't seen in years,he was always a bit out there growing up,sitting down drinking a few beers,Barry started talking about his sexual exploits and that he swings both ways,im pretty up with the modern world so... [more]

S P H the Worst or the Best

Wife and I love SPH. The best for me is semi-public. The best semi- public humiliation that she has committed was at her school reunion. Her one and only high school boyfriend was nicknamed “mule dick” because of his locker room presence.
At the reunion I heard her lean towards him and quietly ask “How’s Muledick?” He asked “How’s... [more]

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