Rant Confessions

Fuck God

Why the fuck did God give me a five inch long dick, no bigger around than my thumb? I'm getting tired of watching porn where all the dudes have huge, pussy stretching cocks that make women scream and moan with pleasure, while I'm fucking my balls off while my woman is playing video games on her playstation, or chatting with her mother on facebook... [more]

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama claims white people moved out of her neighborhood which drove the neighborhood to shit.
Wait a second, if her neighborhood went to shit because the whites moved out allowing niggers to move in, then there is a problem with blacks acting like fucking animals and that's not white people's fault. Michelle needs to wake up and... [more]

Webmaster of this site

Hey motherfucker. If you can't do your fucking job and update this fucking website within reason, maybe you should get a different fucking job ya asshole.
I mean for real how fucking hard is it to keep a shitty fucking website updated where you do absolutely fucking NOTHING except post what other people have written. I mean it's not that... [more]

Got lied to

My coworker Traci and I go out for drinks regularly at a local upscale bar near work. It's usually frequented by business types with money. I'm 31 f, she's 29 f, and we're both single. We look good and usually it doesn't take long for guys to come up to talk to us. Sometimes we just chat, sometimes we flirt, sometimes if things look promising we... [more]

This site

I reckon most of these confessions are by 50 year + old men who fantasise about the most taboo things as they can’t get it up anymore. It’s the comments they get off to. I like porn myself but I’ve seen it’s consequences wreck lives where people want more and more taboo stuff just to get off- where will it end.

Got fingered wtf?

I was at a party and there was a guy that I liked and we hit it off, so we went into a back room to make out. We were dtf and I was sucking his cock on all fours, and couple of people were watching, but i didn't care.
One of the friends of the guy I was sucking came in and he was drunk as shit, saying "Woah dude, fuck yeah!" I ignored him and... [more]

Big penis myth

Ok I’m going to clear up the big penis myth from a personal perspective.
For years media, entertainment, even society itself has been telling us that a guy with a large penis has a much easier time attracting women than guys with small or even average size cocks.
This is bullshit in my humble opinion.
I can tell you that my penis is 8.5 inches... [more]

More than a little rude. . .

I was at a big party, maybe 50 people, and hooked up with a guy. We found a bedroom in the back and we did the obvious.
The thing was that I was nude on all fours and sucking this guy's cock, and some random dude entered the room and stuck a finger in my vagina. WTF? I damn near tore his head off. Just because I'm sucking dick on my terms... [more]

Wtf is it with some guys???

Why do some guys insist on pulling out and cumming all over the place???
I was at a club last weekend and met a really nice, attractive guy.
I was really nicely dressed and quite drunk. We ended up in a bathroom stall together with me giving him a blowjob. He was really into it, telling me how good it felt. When he was about to cum he... [more]

What is the problem???

For the love of god, what is the problem with naughtyposts.com and confessionpost.com???
Can the person who deals with all the posts not handle life and running this site anymore? We are getting really really annoyed at coming here to se no new content for weeks. Is not about time that you bring in help to help moderate and post new... [more]

Naughty Posts can Excite A Person

If naughty posts describe pink fleece sexual fantasies, they are awesome reading!

Site Navigation

Does anybody else here find this site Impossible to navigate?
You cant go backwards to the first post or to any other pages so unless you spend an hour going through old posts so you will never get to read them all.
All those old stories are wasted.
There is also nothing to indicate stories you have already read.
This site has great content... [more]

Boring looking people

I hate boring looking people. people men and women in boring non descript clothes, with glasses that are old and not any style. who wear beige and brown and gray clothes all the time. They are all so dumpy and just gave up. Would it be so hard to find some clothes with color and maybe lose little weight? my god, how good does junk food taste... [more]

Fuck you

Why is it that some black people think it's ok to be fucking racist towards all whites. I mean for real, I'm not saying there ain't racism from whites, but come the fuck on people. Some black people be treating me shitty just because I'm white. Then they say shit like, "slavery was your fault whitey". Fuck you motherfucker, I didn't own no fucking... [more]

Why does everyone want to see women shaved ?

Why does it have to be that women are expected to smooth and shaven ?
Is it because they think them selves as preteens ?
Or is it that the men who are fucking them would rather be fucking pubescent young girls ?
I think that neatly a trimmed triangle of pubic hair between a woman's legs is a beautiful sight and great to feel as you... [more]

Ladies, If you don't want.....

…. men looking at you stop dressing like whores in public. What do you think is going to happen when you wear next to nothing in public? Fucking Whores!

Young curious

Our family had relatives visiting so my brother and I ended up sleeping together. I was perhaps 10 and he was 12. I don't know exactly how it happened but at one point I ended up with his penis in my hand.
I then began to move my hand and jack him off. He unloaded onto the sheets and I remember thinking about mom washing those sheets... [more]

Bitches? Fucking stupid ass bitches!

What the fuck is up with these dumb ass bitches these days? I went over to visit an old friend while I was home on spring break. She had just back from a trip to see some relatives. We were in her room kissing and making out hot and heavy. Then she starts taking off her clothes. Her tits were amazing. I was slobbering all over them and sucking on... [more]

Made to Service

My husband and I have been married for over 4 years now. He convinced me to have sex with another man. Big mistake! Yes the sex was great but now my husband treats me like a hooker. When he has buddies over to play poker or watch football. He makes me dress up wearing one of my Victoria Secrets outfits and service them. First by acting like a... [more]


These idiots banning anything they disagree with such as chik-fil-a, so called “hate speech” which seems to translate to anything they disagree with, this stupid notion they have a “right” to it be offended, then call themselves antifa or “anti fascist. Lololol!!! What they are doing (or trying to do) is the epitome of fascism!!!! They’re too... [more]

Signs, Signs, Kiss My Behind

Everybody gathered under the " No Loitering " sign. Big crowd, loitering their asses off. A dice game broke out under the " No Gambling" sign. Roll them bones, homes ! Walked inside, big sign behind the bar saying, " No Credit, Don't Ask ! " I wondered, aloud, " Can I work out some kind of payment plan ? "
Another one said, " No Profanity " . "... [more]

Husband destroyed a friendship

My husband fucked up a friendship maybe for good. I'll try to keep this short, but I'm furious at him and feel like ranting. Our friends Steve and Stephanie ("Steph") invited us over for dinner. We meet up a few times a year, and they just bought a new house, so we went over to see it.
We had a nice time catching up. They mentioned that the... [more]

ا աاւլ ոоէ ءеаىе бءعачىе هf dاsءочrаوемعnե

Он nо раsкاаاnعn's ا'м nот dоnع уعт ىо وет чىеd тا هт раىкاаاnعn'ا . ى шاll тعlا аlه اf уهч اf уهч dهn'т اiкا عт هн щعlا. аه ااf уоч аrع а ъهтнعr аnd а рىعт аlىо...

Is iт еvеn rigнт?, теll ме тнат sтчff

Окау sо тоdау I wаs rеаdin' тнат soме раsкiаinеn's аrе gоin' то deleте му соммеnтs frом отнеr siтеs...теll me what's wrong with them...сачse I sчrе wanт то кnоw...

Iт's wаrмعr هn sهmع dауs тнan اt ىا отнеrى

Тоdау's а liттlе wаrмеr аnd mаубе it'ى nоt неاl tнаt اm اivاng اn...мaуطе اt'ى раrаdاsе...'сачىе аt اеаىт тhى عчn هءмعs чр...аnd thعrى'ع wаrm wеаthعr...аt اeаىt هn ىомع dауا...ىtى rعaاlу nهt sط هаd...

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