Rant Confessions

Anyone else?

Anyone else pissed that there are no preteen sizes for, thigh-his & garter belts; crotchless tights/pantyhose/bodysyockings? I mean, the profet muhammad married a 6 yo & fucked her when she turned 9. There's places in the middle east where the saying goes, "if you want a happy marriage, then marry a 9yo."
Many 9yo girls are hot, ready, &... [more]

Top/Bottom Supply & Demand

As a submissive bi, I love to suck cock and take a deep hard pounding. I can and do top but that’s not my default mode and not my preference. The problem is this. There are lots of guys that want to suck and they are ready to go at any time. But horny guys that need to cum are less plentiful. Once a guy cums he’s typically not going to cum again... [more]

Looking for BBC isn't always easy

From my personal experience, I’ve been having sex with black men since I was 19. What I’d like to address is that is in 27 years and a whole lot of black men I’ve only had three men that I’d call huge, and by huge I mean that I held his cock in both hands when my finger couldn’t touch and had a hand and a half uncovered. That said I’m not a... [more]

Horny Italian

This guy who labels himself Horny Italian on this site comments on almost every post.I guarantee he’s about 5’5 and an out of shape 220 soft lbs. Fake tan, awful smelly cheap cologne that he buys at Walgreens. Loudmouth, fake diamond ring, disgusting yellow teeth, shit old tattoo on his flabby arm. Has no job skills, no friends, and no hope... [more]

Has your wife changed much since marriage

Are all women the same ? My wife certainly changed a little after marriage.
Sex was not as frequent.
She became a lot less willing to give or even get oral.
Then after our first child was born her change was more radical.
Sex became a chore for her.
Quit trimming her bush
Threw out her sexy lingerie, quit wearing it anyway
Quit any... [more]

People responds to sex personals

I am a guy. A bi- bottom. I place personals offering no strings attached blow jobs.
It irks me when someone responds
What are your stats?
Nothing about themselves, and why do you need stats?
Whether I fit your ideals or not, I am a willing mouth for you to stick your cock in and get it sucked, and I am a great cocksucker.
You get sucked, you... [more]

Normalize hairy women!

I wish it was okay for women to be hairy too. Hairy pussy, hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy arms... hairy all over! If a women wants to shave, that's fine too, but I wish society didn't shame women who have visibly hairy armpits or a snail trail/visible pubes around the bikini line.
People say it's unhygienic... false! a) it's okay for men, and... [more]

I mean ALL women!!!

All women should be subservient beings. They should not have any rights and be considered only objects to be used! Imagine how wonderful the world would be then! Just kidding, lots of love to all you gals out there.

I Hate Kids They All Should Be Murdered

That includes all of the dumbass inbred kids on this site who do nothing but hurl insults and try to be edgy.
Piss off the wrong person and you'll get murdered.
Most retards on this site are a bunch of uneducated losers.
I can tell by your poorly grammatical insults that you were all dropped on your heads.
I'm going to find where all... [more]

This is just a rant based purely on my libido

I so badly wanna be used by women ughhh i want them to destroy me and make me cum over and over again. I want them to peg me and edge or even overstimulate me idk at this point I just wanna be a dumb slut. I'd let them degrade me, praise me, whatever you want ma'am I'll do it aaaAAAAAAAAA.

My bf wants sex when i stay with him

My bf and I are at college and i stay at his place on the weekends. when i am there he wants sex all the time. when we sleep in bed i wake up to him holding one of my breasts and his hard penis poking my back and it makes me feel violated! should i move on?

Tired of being scammed

I've been tricked 2 times lately by a TS online. We go to hook up and out comes a cock. I have nothing against TS but atleast tell me up front so I can decline. I've tried it but I just can't get past a cock and balls slapping my leg every time I get going. I cannot bust when there is another cock involved.

Girls please shower before hookup

I'm sick and tired of trying to hook up with a smelly twat. I know you smell it, why would you expect me to enjoy that? If you have a yeast infection stay home!

Shauna Rae Should...

Shauna Rae should do her fans a kindness by taking up residence in one of the legal brothels in Nevada. She is being very stingy with her sexy little body.

Where Are You?

Where are the real men who know how to hunt, build fires, are gainfully employed & will just fuck me until I'm just totally exhausted & satisfied.

Attention Whores

Why are women, almost all ages and especially those who go out to clubs in their thirties, act like attention whores?

Dark Knight Sucks

There's a guy who goes by Dark Knight on here.
He's an idiot!
He's on the net, & instead of doing a search, he wants to argue with me & say there's no such thing as early onset puberty.
There have been girls as young as 2 having their first petiod.
I had mine at 7. It was traumatic for me. I was crying, thought I was dying. My mother... [more]

Should I carry on posting or just fuck off!

Hi all I recently began posting about the many times I have been caught whilst enjoying my many sexual perversions as I have heard them called.
A brief description of what I like is anal, bestiality, crossdressing, dildos, dogging, incest, gangbangs, gloryholes and as many combinations of these as you can imagine.
My question is should I... [more]

Slutting in a small town

I’m a 60 year old divorced male bi who lives in a very small town in Maine, and I’m a slut. That’s who and what I am. The reasons don’t matter. In truth I don’t even understand where all my submissive slut urges come from. By slut I mean I seek to convert almost any personal interaction into some form of sexual pleasure for one or the other of us... [more]

Calling out a Certain Troll

You know who you are leaving stupid comments on here calling posters an "Anti Incest Warrior" It's obvious you are inbred and your parents did a shitty job raising a retard like you.
I bet you are the same dumbass kid who threatened to call the FBI accusing people of Pedophilia? I bet you're also the same kid who comments "Foot Sniffer" on... [more]

Switching the blame

This started when I was 12, my friends Olivia and Amber were both 13. It went on from about 1998 until September of 2000. My neighbor Noah lived with his grandma and everyone knew them and she and Noah very popular. Noah who was a lot older than us had just graduated college and went to work in the city which is over 100 miles away. He only came... [more]

Dating Apps are too difficult because I'm dumb

Back on CL and PoF I used to get laid fine, but nowadays I don't understand how to use dating apps at all for sex. There's like some secret social code for how you're supposed to act/talk and I don't get it.
I don't want to play coy. I don't want to pretend to be looking for something other than sex. I just want to say, "this is me, this is... [more]

The Way I See It

Am I the only man who fe'els this way? I think that anytime a man goes out in drag, then he should be used like a woman, even if he does not want it. He will either learn to love it, or stop dressing like a girl.

Pathetic troll on Naughtyposts

Some pathetic troll keeps interfering with my Cock Daddy posts on Naughtyposts in the fetish section. The poor thing can create nothing of his own and cannot even get a woman to like him, so he resorts to ruining other people's enjoyment from their sex talk. Get a life, you miserable loser, if you are reading this. If you don't like what is being... [more]

I'm innocent your honours

I have been accused of having er unit technology,!underage naked picsx3 on my phone . Police raided my home and took away laptop and my phone?
They found nothing on laptop as I knew was the case, then after very thorough and using cyber units technology they allegedly found these images buried in my phone. Now my life is over.
Neighborhood... [more]

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