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Rant Confessions

Come on if the stories on CONFESSIONS Su

Obviously, admittedly there are some sick twisted mother fuckers on Confessions....fuck include me among them. Additionally, there are many vinilla, unimaginative, missionary only, cocksuckers, twat lickers and suckers, men who for some mental illness think they are women, some want to nurse the babies they can't have... [more]

Kill All Vegans

If any of you retard vegans are offended or think i'm fat, i'm made of muscle and could easily break the necks of you retarded ass vegan losers.
One time some retarded as Vegan came to my Barbecue and tried to destroy my property by forcing his veganism down everyone's throats before I tackled his scrawny ass and then I grabbed him by the head... [more]

Fibbing on your sex history

Why is it that women are prone to lie about the number of men they have slept with and men tend to add to the real number. My wife always maintained that she hadn't had anyone besides me, but I later discovered that I wasn't only not the first, second or even third, but she was doing someone while she was going with me.

What's With College Boys Lately?

I'm 56 and single and honestly I'm a bit of a cougar. I live right by a college town with plenty of bars to go to locally. I do often hookup with 1 or 2 a month and it's always a good time.
Lately I've noticed that college boys today are HUNG! Like this wasn't a 1 time thing and I hit the jackpot for 1 night. No, I had 6 guys IN A ROW all... [more]

Black Cocks Matter, Caucasian Women Surrender

I'm MWM 53, I encouraged my wife to capitulate to her secret, well disguised desires 20 years ago. Let's face it, be honest with yourself and those who can benefit from your becoming forthcoming. For example; today internet pornography is abundant, statistically, all porn today is 58% interracial sex M/F. Cuckolding, Cheating, BBC obsessions... [more]

Girls Do Not Look There Age

I have such a difficult time telling how old girls are nowadays. My 16 year old daughter brings her friends over and I swear they could pass off as college students. If I didn't know any better I would have tried shooting my shot and try getting with 1. Hopefully others feel and think the same.

I Can't Tell Ages

I can't be the only one who has said this but younger girls dress WAAAY too skimpy, even more so during the summer. I was hitting on a girl and we started hitting it off and her friend just came buy and blurted out she was 16, name was Alexa. Girl could have easily passed off for early 20s based on how she was dressed and with the make up she had... [more]

Why are women’s boobs so taboo

My bf had his friends over, I was in bed but I came downstairs to get a drink of water wearing his basketball shirt. I said hello to his friends but noticed them staring at something. I asked what it was and he just sheepishly pointed
It turns out because the shirt was so loose one of my tits were hanging out. “Who cares” I said my nipples are... [more]

Why So Angry?

Women need to stop complaining about being raped by their dad and others. They should take it as a compliment that they are desirable, and feel proud for making men feel good.

How To Really Make America Great

America needs to drastically change its laws for the better.
Rape: Capital crime. Execution within 2 weeks of sentencing with iron-clad proof.
Theft: Capital crime. Immediate execution if caught in the act.
Illegal possesion of cocaine in any form, heroine, meth: Capital crime. Execution within 1 week.
Gang tattoos on people: Immediate... [more]

Snob life

A little bit about me. I come from 'old' money and studied Women's Rights at a NW in Evansville. My goal was to be a Human Rights lawyer, but I can't get into law school. I am a lesbian, the other known lesbian in our family is an aunt. I did pretty bad on the LSAT so door is closed. I am not OUT. On penalty of being disinherited. "You do not... [more]

The Good Old Days...

I'm glad that I was born and lived the best years of my life when women didn't report "rapes". They just quietly went on with their lives instead of causing trouble.

No shows and ghosts

Why do so many people on sex personal sites represent that they are interested in actual sex but then either no-show or just ghost you once it comes down to when and where? Why can’t they just say they want sex fantasy chat or sex role play chat? I’d be up for that, but just say so. I’d say about 85% or more of people I try to make arrangements... [more]

Six Inches and Circumsized.

Been trawling this site for about 12 months and have had some great wanks reading some comments/stories.
Obviously a USA dominated site. Cannot understand so many of the hate comments towards other people when they express their sexuality.
We all have fetishes and if it is consenting and no one is hurt who cares.
Proviso please don't break the... [more]

Free now

I used to feel guilty about cheating on my wife. I wasn’t happy with her lack of attention combined with total indifference with sex. Excuses, it was all in my head, going through menopause had her off balance, her birth control method interfered with her sex drive, and I was either too attentive or not enough.
Well after 5 years of a very... [more]

Work With Me, People!

I accept that most of what is posted here is not real. Fantasy is fine! It's also not my place to pass judgement on anyone's desires or life choices. Unfortunately, a number of people seem unable to use the minimal grammar that would truly help others understand their tales. I'm spending a lot of time re-reading just to sort it out. Seriously... [more]

Bf forces deepthroat. How can i make him stop

I dont like it i cant do it but he pins me down to do it. It always feels like suffocating to death while he is enjoying cumming in me.

Happily masturbating

I received a ransom email today stating that my computer had been hacked and that the sender would distribute pictures/videos of me ‘happily masturbating’ to porn unless I paid them $670 in bitcoin within 72hrs. The thing is, although I am a married heterosexual man, I usually jerk off to gay bareback porn - Xhamster - Sketchy Sex etc with my... [more]

I am confession

I am confident that I am a faggot hard on your left cock which I suck you concussion and permanent damage on my anus. I would help and the way you show yourself as being bitchier reveals women are better than me,and as far as I am concerned,I am getting fcuking up my loose anus,sexier from within,I am not saying it,the men in my proximity tell... [more]

I get off with my friend because there are no girls around

My summer break was boring. I went with a friend of mine to a river cabin his parents had and went skinny dipping. He got hard and I got hard and we played sucking cock and jerking off by the river. We went back to the cabin, and I leaned over the island and he got me good right up the ass. It's not the first time we've gone out there to fuck... [more]


I had always heard about Stormy Daniels and Trump, but never watched her porn. I watched some yesterday and must admit she’s quite sexy, in a slutty kind of way. I’d fuck her.

I Hate Kids

Kids are so fucking stupid especially on this site and naughtyposts where they accuse anyone of pedophilia, anti incest warrior, of being a liar like you dumbass kids shouldn't be on this site anyways and judging by how stupid and uneducated most of you retards on this site are.
It's obvious that the education system is failing because you all... [more]

Anyone else?

Anyone else pissed that there are no preteen sizes for, thigh-his & garter belts; crotchless tights/pantyhose/bodysyockings? I mean, the profet muhammad married a 6 yo & fucked her when she turned 9. There's places in the middle east where the saying goes, "if you want a happy marriage, then marry a 9yo."
Many 9yo girls are hot, ready, &... [more]

Top/Bottom Supply & Demand

As a submissive bi, I love to suck cock and take a deep hard pounding. I can and do top but that’s not my default mode and not my preference. The problem is this. There are lots of guys that want to suck and they are ready to go at any time. But horny guys that need to cum are less plentiful. Once a guy cums he’s typically not going to cum again... [more]

Looking for BBC isn't always easy

From my personal experience, I’ve been having sex with black men since I was 19. What I’d like to address is that is in 27 years and a whole lot of black men I’ve only had three men that I’d call huge, and by huge I mean that I held his cock in both hands when my finger couldn’t touch and had a hand and a half uncovered. That said I’m not a... [more]

Horny Italian

This guy who labels himself Horny Italian on this site comments on almost every post.I guarantee he’s about 5’5 and an out of shape 220 soft lbs. Fake tan, awful smelly cheap cologne that he buys at Walgreens. Loudmouth, fake diamond ring, disgusting yellow teeth, shit old tattoo on his flabby arm. Has no job skills, no friends, and no hope... [more]

Has your wife changed much since marriage

Are all women the same ? My wife certainly changed a little after marriage.
Sex was not as frequent.
She became a lot less willing to give or even get oral.
Then after our first child was born her change was more radical.
Sex became a chore for her.
Quit trimming her bush
Threw out her sexy lingerie, quit wearing it anyway
Quit any... [more]

People responds to sex personals

I am a guy. A bi- bottom. I place personals offering no strings attached blow jobs.
It irks me when someone responds
What are your stats?
Nothing about themselves, and why do you need stats?
Whether I fit your ideals or not, I am a willing mouth for you to stick your cock in and get it sucked, and I am a great cocksucker.
You get sucked, you... [more]

Normalize hairy women!

I wish it was okay for women to be hairy too. Hairy pussy, hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy arms... hairy all over! If a women wants to shave, that's fine too, but I wish society didn't shame women who have visibly hairy armpits or a snail trail/visible pubes around the bikini line.
People say it's unhygienic... false! a) it's okay for men, and... [more]

I mean ALL women!!!

All women should be subservient beings. They should not have any rights and be considered only objects to be used! Imagine how wonderful the world would be then! Just kidding, lots of love to all you gals out there.

This is just a rant based purely on my libido

I so badly wanna be used by women ughhh i want them to destroy me and make me cum over and over again. I want them to peg me and edge or even overstimulate me idk at this point I just wanna be a dumb slut. I'd let them degrade me, praise me, whatever you want ma'am I'll do it aaaAAAAAAAAA.

My bf wants sex when i stay with him

My bf and I are at college and i stay at his place on the weekends. when i am there he wants sex all the time. when we sleep in bed i wake up to him holding one of my breasts and his hard penis poking my back and it makes me feel violated! should i move on?

Tired of being scammed

I've been tricked 2 times lately by a TS online. We go to hook up and out comes a cock. I have nothing against TS but atleast tell me up front so I can decline. I've tried it but I just can't get past a cock and balls slapping my leg every time I get going. I cannot bust when there is another cock involved.

Girls please shower before hookup

I'm sick and tired of trying to hook up with a smelly twat. I know you smell it, why would you expect me to enjoy that? If you have a yeast infection stay home!

Shauna Rae Should...

Shauna Rae should do her fans a kindness by taking up residence in one of the legal brothels in Nevada. She is being very stingy with her sexy little body.

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