Rant Confessions

Sorry I'm not as smart as you BITCH!!!


Amy Heinz I hate you

Why ? Check the motherfuckin comments you bitch motherfucker you know goddamn right what it means bitch whore you're a goddamn motherfuckin slut I don't like no goddamn more I didn't like you anyway bitch so do yaself a favor bitch and kill yaself

I am me..... The REAL Amy Heinz

To you, yes you! You know who you are you dumb ass uneducated mother-fucking mother-fucker that can only write stupid mother-fucking goddamn things in your limited mother-fucking vocabulary. I know you and you know you, but you don't know what I know about the things you mother-fucking know about, ya know what I mean right? The mother-fucking... [more]

Another damn text

My mom text me again and a text get this SHE asked ME IF I found the pack of cigarettes I text back asking WHERE and she text back saying THE CIGARETTES WERE IN THE TRUCK WITH HER AND SHE WAS AT A FRIENDS HOUSE! !!DO YOU FUCKIN BELIEVE THAT SHIT! !!???WHAT IN THE GODDAMN HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT SHIT somebody give comments please

Nu exista comentarii

EI KOMMENTTEJA ¡ ???????? ¡ Không có ý ki?n ¡ Pas de commentaite ¡ keine kommentare ¡ ??????? ¡ ??? ?????????i? ¡ accidenti a tutti voi ¡

Does anybody know what p.m.s. stands for? I'll tell ya

It stands for post man stress that's why they go postal

Damn the rest of you ¡ , I Don't give a damn now ¡

Why in the hell is all of this stuff so damn boring ¿

??????? ? ? ??? ?? ??? ?¿

Why does nobody comment lately?

Why don't the rest of the world comment, you're all chickenshit

If nobody's going to comment I will comment all by myself and I don't care if the rest of you comment on a goddamn thang

What's the deal with the stupid boom boom music shit

Please comment and tell me somebody

¿ does anybody think some of the new music ?

¿ What's the deal with new music tell me, I thought that the older stuff was better. Because every time I have gone out all I heard was some just crap playing on somebody's car stereo. It's that "boom boom" sh×t that I don't wanna hear at all (somebody comment) I will tell you this, I don't wanna mention any names of who I have thought are good... [more]

Jokainen teistä imeä koiran pähkinät

I don't like any of you

What kind of stupid ignorant idiots and fools post this garbage

Ya know first thing a lot of this stuff I read i don't like it one bit!

Hard to be a nanny

Sorry for the rant, but I left my job today because I am sick as hell of people's husbands thinking that I'm gonna fool around just because i watch their kids.
I was at my charge's house alone for a couple hours today after dropping them off for daycamp and waiting to pick them up when their dad came home. He went to take a shower and came out... [more]

Cellulite comments

I'm 38 female and married for 10 years. We're good, have one kid, and enjoy hanging out with friends. My husband is way into playing Pokemon Go and so are some of his game playing friends. We went out to play with a couple of his guy friends on community day and then have lunch and a few drinks. My husband reached the top tier level 40 in the game... [more]

Rest Stops

I just started dating this guy and we're at that point in the relationship where we can't keep our hands off each other. We recently were coming back home from a weekend away and the drive was long, about six hours. We were making good time but started getting way hot for each other. I started giving my bf road head but he said he wanted some... [more]


I hate it when my girls wear shorts over a leotard .they look so clumsy I prefer to see them with out the shorts . what do you think .

Words matter . . .

I just started dating this guy, we decided to be bf/gf, and we got naked and decided to have sex for the first time the other day. It was exciting, and I was way hot for him. Kissing him was such a turn on that I was majorly wet and his dick slipped right in and felt perfect. We were having a great first-time fuck when out of the blue he says "I... [more]

Women using Men's Restrooms

I was at a concert last night with my bf and the lines to the women's restrooms were crazy long. And they had maybe twice as many men's restrooms than women's rooms. I told my bf fuck that, we're missing the show, so I got in line to the men's room.
It was kind of amusing, I could see guys giggling, but I needed relief, so when a urinal opened... [more]

Husband jerked it to my friends

I was having a hard time sleeping the other night, so I go down to get some food at 2 AM. I walk past the living room and my husband was still up and on the computer. He was on my facebook page looking at pictures, which would normally be no big deal, but he was masturbating to pics of my friends last summer when we were at the beach in bikinis... [more]

Alone and horny after break up

It's been a shitty couple of days. I got to stay in a really nice hotel. The Aria hotel in Las Vegas. The weekend started off great. lots of laughing, sex and enjoying each others company. It was drawing later in the evening and I was somewhat buzzed. We were supposed to go to a late night dinner for his friends birthday. so i went to the room to... [more]

Fake or not, how about diversity

I've come to realise that most stories on this website are fake. I'm actually fine with that, but can we please stop telling the same damn stories with the same fucking kinks? I can't believe how many cuckold stories there are here. Be creative!

Is it just me?

I love reading these posts, gets me hard - until the minute someone puts their or their wives weight and measurements down. It totally ruins it for me. Your stories are great until I see for example 115lbs 34d- 28- 40 blah blah fucking blah. Ladies come In all shapes and sizes, there's no need to kill the story by putting all these random numbers... [more]

Makes no fucking sense.

Why the bloody Hell is it illegal to sale something that's perfectly legal to give away? Makes no fucking sense to me. A man can pick up a strange woman in a bar, take her home and fuck the living shit out of her, if she wants, and it's perfectly legal. If a man pays a woman to let him fuck her, it's a fucking crime. How does that make any fucking... [more]

I’m so jealous and very angry

My ex boyfriend is now dating again, it’s been over six months since we finished and I can’t stand the thought of him being with someone else.
I’m only jealous and angry because she is now having the sex I used to have with him.
I can’t get it out of my head knowing he is fucking another woman, it feels like he is cheating on me.
Why do I feel... [more]

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