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What is it you you females and made up baby names?

Black woman invent all kinds of names like Loucheiz, Jerqwinick and all girl names have to a qua in them somewhere.
White woman invent their own spelling for common names. That way I guess the child has to spell their name to everyone the rest of there life and have their misspelled on documents forever more. Harley is now Harleigh. Brian is... [more]

Single AF

My fuck buddy just called me to say he doesn't want to fuck anymore...damn...that sucks.

I hate cats

I'm a Service Tech and have come to HATE cats. Most houses with cats reek of cat p i s s. Over flowing litter boxes that are usually in the utility room where I have to work. I learned early on in my career it's worse if you go outside for fresh air then come back into the stench of a house.
I don't know how cat owners live in a place with... [more]

I tried to commit suicide over bullying on Naughtyposts.com

I was bullied so much I was put in hospital for an overdose of pills and cutting my wrist and stomach after so much abuse for 3 months. don't go on there. they are evil.

I want to shit over your face

I want to shit on your face ice-arse!

My friends saw my dick

I was snap chatting nudes to this girl and halfway through I accidentally sent a picture of my dick to my Snapchat group chat. (I'm 17 and are group is really diverse age wise so most people are adults). Most of them were really cool about it and told me not to worry but there's a small group who just ignored the issue completely and that worries... [more]

New wife is not a princess after all

I'm 44, and got married to my wife, who's the same age, five months ago. It was her third marriage, and my second. When we met, we had awesome chemistry. We only dated for two weeks before we decided to get married. The attraction was hot, heavy, and immediate.
She's also a CEO for a medical supply company and makes a ton of money. I had... [more]

Thought I was open minded...guess not!

I always kinda thought I was open minded. After reading a lot of confessions it tells me I am not. I skip the gay/bi guy sex BS. read to many married/Bi guy stories and it was clear they now chasing dicks to suck because they can't get any pussy not even from their wives.
What we don't need is more tranny crap. Guys chasing the ultimate thing... [more]


Is there another site with frequent updates? This site has gone down hill. No updates for ages. Posting this april 25th 2017


Reading on this site about men referring to themselves as "sissys" and their wives as "mistress" makes me want to vom. Seeing the sentence alot on here "I'm a sissy and mistress fucks my ass, but I'm not gay" makes my eyes burn in to my skull. Oh you're gay alright, you're as gay as elton john in a glittery tutu at gay pride. Be a man for gods... [more]

Sick fucks

Anyone else sick of seeing the disgusting paedophiles storys. Some openly admitting abusing their young children? Why isn't something being done about it? Go and die you sick fucks

Quitting this site

This site has went to hell in the handbag. Lucky if you see updates anymore even in a month. I use to really enjoy this site, but it's gotten just totally ridiculous of late, so I may check back in a year or so. Gone fishing for a better catch!

The big LIAR on this site

Type in the word 'ronnie' on this site in the search box, and you will see a lot of different bull shit stories by a supposedly 14, 15 or 16 year old girl. (In 3 months 'shes' aged 3 years go figure) well this is not a little pretty teen who likes having her nipples played with. This is my dirty old fat as fucccck, butt ugly ex. I found all these... [more]

The taking over of the sports bar..

Have to be honest here..And no, I am nowhere near a racist guy...But, will say..The overtaking of the sports bar I frequent, which is a good mix of people, by largely PR and African-American people, who play loud, on your nerves, and, in excessive succession, music on the juke, don't tip the servers or bartenders if they even pay their damn... [more]

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