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Fuck this Site

Remember the website JustRage? That shithole is dead but apparently some of these Websites like this one where people post confessions that allow anonymous comments on every post gets the same amount of stupid childish morons who think they are tough behind their keyboard by hurling insults and leaving very retarded comments on every post there... [more]

Foot Sniffer Commenter

Hey Foot Sniffer commenter you're a retard and have no life and have an obsession with the foot sniffer poster.

I Hate Feet, Fags, and Niggers

Fuck you foot sniffer, my sister loves to suck my dick just because you can't have her don't mean you can talk shit about me.
I hate Gay People a bunch of loser faggots who should all be lynched because they just wants dicks while I get my sister's pussy.
Donald Trump was a great President but you dumbfucks voted for that Miserable old fuck... [more]

Rant on the Foot Commenter

Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every... [more]

This site makes me want to kill myself

This site is all incest, gay and pedo promotion propaganda and not real confessions.

Too many childish comments

Seriously people your comments on certain posts are childish and shows there are way too many underage children pretending to be grown adults on this site who were either dropped on their head or naturally inbred case in point the Retarded Foot Sniffer commenter who clearly has no life at all along with the Commenters about child molesters in the... [more]

The Fat Family

I live across the street from the fattest family ever. These people eat so much they cant even afford cable. Two big fat adults, and two sinfully ugly fat girls. And on top of that, they're stupid lowlifes as well. They have the only basketball hoop at the foot of their driveway in the whole neighborhood. They put it up about 5 years ago to... [more]

Fat Neighbor Jelly Belly Smelly Kelly

I'm angry at fat people who come to my home and ruin my furniture. One fat-assed whore sat on my wooden glider rocker and now it has a permanent squeak! Thanks alot jelly belly smelly Kelly. I can understand why the airlines charge your big bertha asses for two seats, you ruin the cushions forever. Someone needs to start a BIG ASS FURNITURE... [more]

I Want to beat the shit out of everybody

Too many goddamn stupid people on this site leaving stupid comments that they wouldn't say to someone's face and they all need their fucking asses kicked.

Foot Sniffers

This weird Ass Girl named Catherine in my Class really grossed me and everyone else out in class one time after this boy named Jacob who wears sandals over his socks every day to school and his socks are always dirty and his feet really stink. However that didn't stop Jacob from taking off his sandals in class and stinking up the damn room. I... [more]

A Man Tried on My Dress at Walmart

I went to go try on clothes in the fitting room and left my dress as I went to try on clothes and then after I went to try on another outfit some man walked out of my Dressing Room and was WEARING MY DRESS. I was completely horrified as I called for assistance from a Walmart employee and showed the man modeling in the store with my dress on and... [more]

I Hate My Ungrateful Subscribers on YouTube

You know it really is a lot harder being a Youtuber than it looks when you find yourself making more videos to get more subscribers and yet some people really act like ungrateful selfish brats anytime you make something to please them and they unsub from you because they hate it. Well you know what fuck you, you can go to Hell, I don't want your... [more]

Horny been pissed

I can't understand men as general, wanted a girl to have a long hair, big boobs and bug bump. I thought while you banging, you shouldn't care about all those features. I'm dead wrong. Fuck you all with your imaginary girl, which I believe in Japan they already created that's it called a robot life partner. So, go fuck those robots. Go crazy on... [more]

Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly

Me and my family was trying to have lunch at McDonald's until a man wearing a straw hat, overalls, and bare feet went inside McDonald's and he was holding a Banjo too and as McDonald's Employees tried to let the man know about the Dress Code Policy, he stands on top of the counter playing his banjo and singing Old MacDonald to the annoyance of... [more]


All you Fuckers are Fucked in the head you should seek help

I sit on my slave stomach

Last night I got a massage for need a stomach sitting season. He is none other one he is doing my boot polish. I call him to my banglow to night and get 3000 rupees from him and sit his stomach for 1 hours I crashed his stomach with my full weight and order him to lick my boot sole I feel very good when that poor person lick my boot and I just sit... [more]

I sit on my slave stomach

Last night I got a massage for need a stomach sitting season. He is none other one he is doing my boot polish. I call him to my banglow to night and get 3000 rupees from him and sit his stomach for 1 hours I crashed his stomach with my full weight and order him to lick my boot sole I feel very good when that poor person lick my boot and I just sit... [more]

Doesn't sound that complicated, but apparently it is.

Our country's currently being ripped apart by full-on race riots, half of America thinks the other half should be nuked from orbit, and stunningly, there's still people shitting on Colin Kaepernick for protesting peacefully. You'd think the solution is peaceful protests, but somebody tried that years ago and my family still won't shut the fuck up... [more]

Where the fuck did COVID go

Remember back in February when everyone started freaking out about COVID?
Remember going into a lockdown because that was the safe and responsible thing to do, eventhough it would mean destroying our own economy?
Remember when the Democratic governors where arresting people who defied their orders, like the governors are Kings of the land?
I... [more]

Im tired !

I so wish my wife would find another man , im so done ! she doeas not like anything , or anyone , full married to her career and i mean fully , been with her 14 years , no sex for the last seven years , she use to date black men before we met , now i wish one would come back into her life and show her the world ! i truly mean it .

What the hell (at the pool)

Las Vegas is back open, and my boyfriend and I went on vacation for a few days at one of the hotels. They had a big pool and let's just say that no one was social distancing. It was crowded.
We were in bikini/swimwear and taking in some sun while drinking margaritas. My boyfriend was a little drunk, so was I, and we were in the mood for a... [more]

Women objectify themselves

It ain’t men doing it to them. They dress with their boobs showing, their ass hanging out, or at least in tight clothes to extenuate their bodies, then complain because people don’t take them seriously. They’re only seen as sexual objects. Well...yes. They say they should be able to dress anyway they wish. That’s true, but actions have... [more]


Fuck them niggers rioting.

I'm Going to Fucking Beat My Husbands Ass!

I can't believe this. My husband comes home and we have a pleasant evening until bedtime. It's been getting warmer outside so we turned on the AC in our home. At first I was really hot and I threw back the covers. My ass was facing him and he says hey babe would you not do that. I was like what honey. He said throw the covers back the way you did... [more]

Black I think

I grew up in what some people would call a racist home. My parents never had anything against blacks, and never talked bad about them, nor used racially slurs. Actually, my dad had several friends who were black. I was just never allowed to date a black woman. At the time they said it wasn't socially acceptable and our children would be shunned by... [more]

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