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I sit on my slave stomach

Last night I got a massage for need a stomach sitting season. He is none other one he is doing my boot polish. I call him to my banglow to night and get 3000 rupees from him and sit his stomach for 1 hours I crashed his stomach with my full weight and order him to lick my boot sole I feel very good when that poor person lick my boot and I just sit... [more]

I sit on my slave stomach

Last night I got a massage for need a stomach sitting season. He is none other one he is doing my boot polish. I call him to my banglow to night and get 3000 rupees from him and sit his stomach for 1 hours I crashed his stomach with my full weight and order him to lick my boot sole I feel very good when that poor person lick my boot and I just sit... [more]

Doesn't sound that complicated, but apparently it is.

Our country's currently being ripped apart by full-on race riots, half of America thinks the other half should be nuked from orbit, and stunningly, there's still people shitting on Colin Kaepernick for protesting peacefully. You'd think the solution is peaceful protests, but somebody tried that years ago and my family still won't shut the fuck up... [more]

Where the fuck did COVID go

Remember back in February when everyone started freaking out about COVID?
Remember going into a lockdown because that was the safe and responsible thing to do, eventhough it would mean destroying our own economy?
Remember when the Democratic governors where arresting people who defied their orders, like the governors are Kings of the land?
I... [more]

Im tired !

I so wish my wife would find another man , im so done ! she doeas not like anything , or anyone , full married to her career and i mean fully , been with her 14 years , no sex for the last seven years , she use to date black men before we met , now i wish one would come back into her life and show her the world ! i truly mean it .

What the hell (at the pool)

Las Vegas is back open, and my boyfriend and I went on vacation for a few days at one of the hotels. They had a big pool and let's just say that no one was social distancing. It was crowded.
We were in bikini/swimwear and taking in some sun while drinking margaritas. My boyfriend was a little drunk, so was I, and we were in the mood for a... [more]

Women objectify themselves

It ain’t men doing it to them. They dress with their boobs showing, their ass hanging out, or at least in tight clothes to extenuate their bodies, then complain because people don’t take them seriously. They’re only seen as sexual objects. Well...yes. They say they should be able to dress anyway they wish. That’s true, but actions have... [more]


Fuck them niggers rioting.

I'm Going to Fucking Beat My Husbands Ass!

I can't believe this. My husband comes home and we have a pleasant evening until bedtime. It's been getting warmer outside so we turned on the AC in our home. At first I was really hot and I threw back the covers. My ass was facing him and he says hey babe would you not do that. I was like what honey. He said throw the covers back the way you did... [more]

Black I think

I grew up in what some people would call a racist home. My parents never had anything against blacks, and never talked bad about them, nor used racially slurs. Actually, my dad had several friends who were black. I was just never allowed to date a black woman. At the time they said it wasn't socially acceptable and our children would be shunned by... [more]

Rape Rant

The media often runs stories claiming that men who view porn or go to strip clubs etc are engaging in activity that desensitizes them to rape and sexual abuse. I say crap. When I see a raving sex-pot walking down the street in a tiny skirt with a bitchin' butt, hot tits and legs forever the last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt her or do anything... [more]

Covid is a scam

We’ve been lied to. As the number (real number) continue to be exposed, you will all see this virus is less communicable and less deadly than the seasonal flu. Overall deaths (deaths for all causes) are actually less this year than the previous two. Seasonal flu deaths completely stopped as soon as covid came into play. Ask yourselves why. This is... [more]

Female-on-male rape needs to be in the spotlight more.

I detest the way rape is depicted in our society when it's a female perpetrator and a male victim. Cannot stand it. If a male character has accidentally restrained himself, or has gotten too drunk to see, and a female character takes advantage of him, it's played for laughs. Flip the genders, and you have a special victims unit episode, but it's... [more]

Here's To All The Dirty Low Down Nay Sayers.

I just want to say hello and kiss my fucking asshole to all you dumb mother fucking jerk, creeps, retards, fuck wads, dipshits, who keep telling people here to kill themselves and dumb shit like that. Yeah you asshole fuck heads don't need any introductions you know who you are. Well suck my hairy smells nasty piss and fish smelling cunt. That's... [more]

What a body

Almost every weekend for the last 10 months my girlfriend's sister drops her daughter off at my house Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. My girlfriends sister is a chauffeur for a rich downtown lawyer who she drives to Myrtle Beach almost every weekend to golf. Her daughter is Hanna who is about 5' 3", not quite 13, has boobs and is just a... [more]

Never turned a women down

I’m here to tell you, never turn down a woman when she says she wants to have sex with you, I have several experiences were I turned them down and now I regret everyone of them. It’s better to try and not enjoy it then to live with the thought of what would have been!
So, if you have someone close to you that wants to be with you, I say go for... [more]

Dumd Ass Dick Heads

What I really love and find very entertaining is all the dumb ass dick heads we find on this site. You know the ones. They post and leave their stupid comments on OP' stories. They are entertaining though they usually are not well thought out or even coherent sometimes. On several occasions I have come close to wetting myself laughing so hard. I... [more]


It's funny how people bitch all the time about not having enough money to buy groceries for 1 week, but let a pandemic hit and these same motherfuckers all of a sudden have enough money to buy 2 months worth of groceries at once.

Stupid White Peoples

All you dumb ass white fuckers can kiss my big nigga ass. That's fucking right. You people are worthless fucking liars and cheats. I hope you alls burns the fucks in hell. You deserve it for all the centuries of murdering and tourturing us peoples of color. You steal ours music and culture from us. Yous be the whites devils and are a plague on the... [more]

Fuck him, we're having fun anyway

So I'm in Miami with friends for spring break and the asshole governor has restricted access to beaches and has closed down clubs and bars due to the virus. Fuck him, we've planned this trip for months.
Like the old saying about "when life gives you lemons," the governor cannot put the brakes on us having fun. We're partying and riding dick at... [more]

I'm so mad at my husband!

I'm so mad at my husband right now. We usually talk about things before making any big purchases. I was totally blind sided by what he did. I got home from work and like usual I hit the remote for the garage door. I stop at the mailbox and get the days mail. Then I started up the driveway. That's when I noticed four round taillights looking back... [more]

I hate Boomers!

I am so fucking tired of hearing bullshit from all you dumb ass BOOMERS! Tired of hearing this is what I did growing up. All the dumb shit that doesn't matter one fucking bit. Who gives a fuck what you did back in the day. I certainly don't. Tired of hearing only music and movies from your time are better than what we have. You fucking BOOMERS... [more]

Missing knickers

What is about women's knickers and bra's on washing lines makes men want to steal them? In my own experience I have lost many items of underwear off my washing line. It's not like our washing line is in our front garden, it's out back, but still I lose knickers bras, stockings from my washing line?
I have never heard of women stealing men's... [more]

The Four F Club!

Since I’ve been old enough to dig girls I always thought I’d remain single, this was because I was a good listener when I was younger and I’d hear my folks talking about their friends and relatives fooling around and cheating on their spouses.. who needs it, right?
At 13 or so I started hanging around with all the girls in the neighborhood and... [more]

8.3 years ago...and 3 days is asking to much!

Seriously, this site needs a buyer that can add some sales banners of adult products so they earn enough to keep it flowing!
I came back again after writing 3 more posts on Friday and there nowhere to be seen, then I start browsing some other posts and when I reached the end it tells me it’s 8.3 years old!
I guess this is like rummaging... [more]

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