I enjoy when you dress like that

I love when my wife wear's top's that will allow other men to see my wife's chest. Sometime's on the weekend or in the warmer month's at home doing thing's around the house, she would be wearing top's like this. I loved how she looked, she herself gave it no real thought, The chance's of someone seeing her were slim at best, so for her it was no big deal. She knew I liked it, so maybe at time's she would have fun with it.
After some time I found that I would like to see her while we were out like this. Dressed nice just a top that would be more open. At first I spoke of it, I said it like a joke, so that's how she took it. But after some time of me making more comment's like I did, she asked would you really like me to wear something like this when we go out? I told her yes for some reason It's a big turn on to me.
To my surprise, she was willing and very good at it and enjoyed seeing me get turned on by other men looking in her top.
How common is this?

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  • I love it too

  • My wife does not stop to think what she looks like at times. She wears these deep v-neck tee shirts and forgets to readjust the fit. Most of the time people can see the top half of her breasts. I like to watch the guys steal glances down her top and she is totally oblivious.

  • My wife is constantly dressing sexy and is always being hit on by men. I love it. Unfortunately it's very rare that thing's go any further, but when they do I enjoy every moment of it

  • Wife asked me what I want for my B-day. I told her I would like her to wear a very revealing top when we go out for the night. She dresses ultra conservative by nature. Well she did wear it and I was pretty impressed. I loved the attn she was getting.

  • I really love my wife being dressed very sexually she is a good looker with a great body and just about everything she wears gives me a horn, I love the way guy's perv on her

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