Fetish Confessions

Looking for Maine zoophiles

Any other animal sex freaks on here that live in Maine? We might be neighbors and not even know it!

I'm obsessed with a friend's daughter navel

I'm a 43yo bisex woman with a huge navel fetish. My best friend has a very hot now 27yo daughter and I'm literally obsessed with her. She Is a curly brunette, with a fit body, tanned skin, and her navel drives me crazy. I always dream to be able to tickle it all day long. When she was way younger I was able to tickle her hot belly button in... [more]

Eating ass

I love a woman with a nice bubble butt. But I really love eating her ass. I love when they go crazy as I stick my tongue in and out of her asshole. It makes me so hot

Outdoor activities

My husband kind of knows about some of this, but not all of it. And certainly not the sex.
I've always been a bit adventurous and enjoy outdoor sex. Lots of my ex boyfriends have fucked me outside, or in different places. I have a large clit and labia, and also a very high sex drive to match. My husband knows he can't match my libido, so he... [more]

Sharing panties...

So I have had a kinky fetish for panties my whole life... . There's just something about the scent of a woman that's hypnotizing.. it can make my cock rock hard instantly.. I have been sniffing and licking the crotch clean from my girls panties since shortly after we met.. The only thing that is a struggle is that I have to get to them before she... [more]

Being watched

When I was 19 I met a man at work who I thought would be fun to play with. He was 10 years older than me and we just hit it off. I caught him occasionally looking at my breasts or ass and I must admit I played up a bit, leaning over when I really didn’t have to and once climbing up a rather tall ladder in a skirt and asking him to hold the ladder... [more]

In front of your friends

Any girls out there interested in giving a bad boy an otk spanking with my legs spread while your friends watch. So they can see my ass cheeks get redder while my cock gets harder.

I Love Sausage

Not sure when I first noticed. But I love tube steak, sausage, pecker, whatever you want to call it. I just love seeing them and touching them. I love to kiss and lick on them. Oh boy how I love to put them into my mouth and suck on them. Yes I do. I also love a mouth full of nice big hairy nuts. Sucking on a nice warm cock that has been in... [more]

How to bring it up?

I'm a married woman, 40s. I'm very happy with my husband, and while he keeps me satisfied in bed, there's something I've been missing for a long time.
When I was younger, I was very liberal, sexually speaking. I experimented a lot with my body and sexuality, and early on I discovered I was driven crazy from having multiple sexual partners..... [more]


I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and... [more]

Girlfriend loves guy on guy porn

My girlfriend and i are both 20 . She likes guy on guy porn. She'l say oh Brian look at this or look at that. She comments boy i'd like to see you suck on a cock or have yours sucked . Im fucked i think . Never really thought about sucking a cock, but would most likely let a guy suck me for her Any thoughts without bashing ?

Mutual public spanking

My girlfriend and I were walking on the beach and as usual we stopped and I pulled down her shorts and panties and started spanking her. It was late at night and noone else was around. After a while she pulled down my shorts and was spanking me. We were totally into it. Smacking each other's asses and grinding cock and pussy. Suddenly we... [more]

Showing me her ass

I was 5 or 6 when a neighborhood girl would pull down her pants and wiggle her ass at guys. I would often tease her. After the mooning she would go in a tent and lay on her tummy with her her pants off. She loved having her ass played with. I was more than happy to oblige. Had no clue but knew I liked it. Been an ass man ever since.

Spanked in front of your friends

I would like to lay across your bare thighs with my legs spread while you ladies spank me.

My ex gfs forbidden younger sister

So I got with my ex back in secondary school, I was 16 going 17 and she was 15 going 16, yes we still fuvked when I was 17 and she was 15 at that age she knew I like the underage fetish and used it all the time to make me cum, and the idea of a young teen school girl was planted skip ahead 3 years and my gfvat the time sister was developing nicely... [more]

Canine delight

At home a few weeks back, I dropped my contact lens as I was getting ready to go out. I'd not long gotten out of the shower and only had a towel wrapped around me.
Kneeling down to find it, I immediately felt our dog sniffing at my pussy and ass. Then within a second or two he began to lick my pussy and asshole.
It made me jump a little, but it... [more]

Would you say this is overboard?

The reason I ask is im 23 and one of my fetishes is sniffing panties, and it all started when my gfs sister turned 14(3-4years ago) I noticed her wearing less clothing and well how can you not help but notice, and I start to see her underwear change from cotton panties to thongs but I'd never see them in her wash pile and it got me thinking I know... [more]

Strait Cocksucker

So I admit it, I tried sucking another guys cock and I really liked it! I was having drinks with a coworker and eventually the topic turned to sex. And it also came up that I wasn’t getting any at home anymore. Then he asked if I had ever sucked or been sucked off by another guy, which I replied “Hell no” He then told me it is more common than you... [more]

Older women

Anyone here have tips on picking up older women? I’m a guy in my mid20s, and I’ve always been attracted to older women (talking about 10 up to 30 years older than me). I’ve always dated women my age because I was embarrassed about my preference, but now I’m ready to do something about it, doesn’t matter if it’s in person or through dating apps... [more]

Catching little brother sniffing my panties

I could not beleive that my own little brother was laying naked on my bed with a pair of my black silk panties wrapped around his very hard cock with another pair of my white lace dirty panties over his face sniffing them while wanking off.
At first I was just so shocked to find him sniffing his own sisters dirty panties. Then I was shocked at... [more]

They think they know

Over a period of about four months, I kept on getting people telling me they ether knew or suspected my wife was having affairs with different men.
Apparently men would call by our home when I was on my late shifts and not leave until just before I arrived home.
One of our neighbors even told me, he could hear my wife getting fucked. Or that's... [more]

Is this a turn on for anybody else, or just me?

So there's a few dog posts on here, but I was wondering if anybody else here has ever had a dog piss on them. If not, I highly recommend it. It's the hottest thing I've ever had happen to me, he got done fucking me in the backyard, his dick popped out of my ass, and a few minutes later while I'm still lying there in his yard, basking in the... [more]

Bestiality isn't fucked up enough, apparently

So, first thing first; new here. Please be gentle. Second, as you can tell from my username, I'm a deeply fucked up individual. I'm a bisex male, I'm primarily into male dogs, but I'll also hook up with a female. I've seen too many vids of guys fucking dogs for that to ever be my primary interest, not judging, I'm sure there are plenty of dogs who... [more]

I Like Watching Men and Women Peeing

I have enjoyed watching men and women pissing since I was 5 and accidentally got to watch my 17 year old aunt squat and take a strong piss right next to my face while on a family camping trip. I had been playing under our camper as it was hot as hell and under the camper was cool. As I lay there, my aunt and a couple of friends she had met at the... [more]

Crusty panties

On a church trip in high school we stopped at a beach. A girl I had a crush on left her undies sitting on the beach in the van. I saw them and immediately picked them up and sniffed. They were the rankest, funkiest thing ever. But that didn’t matter. I was hooked. I’m sure I’ve sniffed over 100 different women’s panties now. We were both 16... [more]

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