Fetish Confessions

Perverted pedofille fantasy

I have a have a perverted confession that sex offenders and pedofilles turn me on and very young girls under 10. I love wanking over them an HD adore cute bums in leggings.

Yep I sniffed and tasted it

I was fitting a laminated flooring in a flat, the customer was a stunning looking lady, long blonde hair, skinny waist and massive tits.
She was dressed showing her midriff with a cutdown top, fuck she looked hot.
She stayed in the kitchen talking to me while I was fitting the flooring in the hallway.
I was clearing up with the vacuum cleaner I... [more]

Sensitive breasts

I really love having my breasts touched. I want to be tied up, naked and blindfolded on my bed. I want a man to caress and massage me all over. I like the idea of warm olive oil being rubbed into my skin. When he starts touching my breasts I'll really unwind. I want my breasts played with. knead the flesh and tease my nipples. Then I want to feel... [more]

Armpit Fetish

I don't know why but recently I've developed a bit of an armpit fetish, from a voyeuristic point of view. When I see a woman in public raise her arms and expose her armpits, I get turned on. It's like she's exposing an intimate and private part of her body, almost like she's opening her legs for me. Ladies, when you raise your arms and expose your... [more]

Fetish for Italian men

I really love good looking Italian men. As far as celebrities are concerned I absolutely adore Al Pacino. Even at his current age he's still a 10 out of 10. The same can be said for Sylvester Stallone and Lou Ferrigno. Most of the boyfriends I've had are also Italians. And Italians truly are the best lovers in my opinion.

Sevret ass hole Sniffing,licking going rong

I Am From A small town from india Aged about 27 i am working in a Co Operative Society As A accountant that society had 4 Staffs 1 Attender
among 4 Staffs i alone was a male Another Mrs Puspa Lili Markada she was a divorced Christan women was a Manager aged above 36 years Sharmila was 30 yrs &Another is pooja 25 yrs female co worker i was... [more]


Spank me then fuck me. Iam a guy.

I thought he was lying

I responded to some guy here quite awhile back , we started texting on a chat app. Any way he told me that his beautiful wife was a bad drunk and that when she would pass out he would let guy's do her. I went along with it but didn't believe him. Couple weeks ago he texted me late at night and said it might happen. I told him some of the things I... [more]


I’ve worn girls panties for years I love the feel of them , any type will donfrom lacy thongs to plain cotton. It started when I was a kid wearing my sisters

Impregnated my Daughter's Daughter's Daughter's Daughter

Firstly, when i was 17 i first had sex with my then girlfriend. She was 16. I got her pregnant a few months later. We stayed together for about a year, but when my new daughter was only 6 months old we went our separate ways. I'm not to proud to say that i didn't really keep in touch and as a result i didn't see my daughter grow up. I did regret... [more]

Silver fox fetish

I'm not going to lie, there have been times where have been attracted to older men. Especially If they have managed to take care of themselves and keep a good body. The wisdom lines and the salt and pepper hair look is just so cute to me. Not to mention the idea of an experienced male who knows how to please me makes me wet.

Cum tribute my wifes pussy

Im looking for guys to cum all my wifes pussy pics. I have had a few guys do it for me and it makes me so hard

Caged Cuck

Lady Alabaster had come to the basement to untie me from the cumstained futon. She was naked and the man she had invited over had shaved her pussy overnight. She let me stretch, then tied my hands behind me and put on a leather hood. I was forced into one of those cage-like dog kennels, for big dogs, but, still pretty cramped. "I'm going to get a... [more]

A buddy of mine is so hot

I was introduced to this young, confident, braggadocios guy by my daughter as they had been friends for a couple of years. I'd heard her talk about him from time to time but wasn't until I met him in person that I realized what a good looking, hot young guy he is. Anyway, we seemed to hit it right off and despite that he's in his mid 20s and I'm... [more]

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