Fetish Confessions

Sitting with my tits out

I have the kind of big, second story porch, with big railings. You have to get pretty far up my stairs to actually see on the porch. I like to sit out there, braless, and pull my top up over my tits. No one can tell. I’ve had neighbors wave hello and be none the wiser while I’m basically naked from the nipples down. I’ve even had guys suck my... [more]

Wife pics

Looking for where I can post my wife's hot sexy porn pics she sends me all the time while I'm at work to make my day better.


I like Steve Steve sounds nice, yeah lets call it Steve...

Pussy masks

So i sell used panties but i have a new item that i am selling. I wear a disposable face mask in my panties for a couple days so that it gets all of my pussy juices dried up in it. I am selling these masks where you can smell my pussy all day and in public as well. Instead of carrying panties up ur nose, you can wear the mask because of the virus... [more]

Amazing pussy

So I start seeing this girl from high school after not seeing her for 30 plus years . We are both divorced and soon after our first date we started having sex. She had awesome nipples that were always rock hard , she sucked my cock really good , but it was her pussy that was the star of the show. Nice and tight for her age it gripped my cock and... [more]

WOW I had no idea

Well I measured the biggest dildo I ever had it is 8 3/4 around went 2hr only little ky at the start In some ways it kinda scares me now..

Female Ejaculation..

This is how my pussy squirts, and if I am peeing all over why the fuck do you Care???
What is female ejaculation?
Female ejaculation is when a female’s urethra expels fluid during sex. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but there is not necessarily an association with having an orgasm.
Scientists do not fully understand... [more]

My solo Nudist vacation...

Im 23, male and a while back I booked a weekend at this nudist resort about 3 hours away for myself.
I had a fantastic time, I live being naked whenever I can either by myself at home or in my room with others home, only one who knows of my little habit is my mom.
The weekend was filled with beautiful naked bodies, fun experiences and a... [more]

In another pussy

If I could deal with my feelings and the mental side of things I would love to watch my husband fuck another woman.
He has such a nice size cock nice and thick and a good length, it fills my pussy up and some!
Every push he does goes to the bottom of me and the stretching feeling is perfect.
I would love to see it going in and out of another... [more]

Skinny underweight / hunger fetish

I'm a bit nervous talking about this because I feel kind of like a disgusting perverted creep for being attracted to something unhealthy but I've just got talk about it somewhere. I think I have a fetish for very skinny people not like near death but definitely significantly underweight. Define rib cage and hip bones and the very flat concave... [more]

Toy play

Husband’s left handed I’m right this can be used to our advantage he dose most the Toy fucking
I do most the clit play as of late he is doing more, I like the way he dose it he is like way more aggressive on it then I am and sometimes gets a little rough this get me off quicker
But yeah he’s told me how he’s talked to other men about it and... [more]

Sniffing Wet Panties Hotel Guests

I work in an hotel as a cleaner and find myself alone in the room while guests are at breakfast. I'm a horny bastard and can't help myself from sniffing the knickers they leave lying around.
Yesterday, I was cleaning the room with a family. They have young teenage daughters about 14 or 15 and they just leave their wet panties on the bathroom... [more]

Fat Journey (male)

I gotta get this off my chest. The last few months I've been gaining weight on purpose because I've always liked bigger women and always wondered what it's like to be bigger myself. For me it's a hot thought. I've always been fit and thin all my life. It's just how I was built. Or at least so I thought. But then I started calculating my calories... [more]

I love tiny little micropenises!

I dearly wish more porn featured guys and girls sucking off teensy-weensy, tiny little cocks. Mainly because I've done it, and it's amazing, and I think more people need to know just how it feels to make a guy cum on your face when he was probably convinced he'll die a virgin. If a guy's cock can be mistaken for a clit, trust me, it's a fun... [more]

Jerking to cartoon character

I'm 40, and for the last few years I've been jerking off to the Meg Griffin character on The Family Guy. I can't stop myself. I get hard even thinking about it. 3 years ago a found a Cosplay girl who dresses up like Meg and I've paid her for sex.

My sexy step daughter’s dirty panties

I have had a fetish for panties my whole life. When i got married my wife's daughter was 10 and wasn’t a turn on but over the years she has grown and it turns me on so much to look at her now as she has grown up. She is starting to wear Victoria Secret and Pink panties and is so sexy. I was doing laundry one day and saw her dirty panties in the... [more]


I'm a normal guy. That is, I like women, pussy, sports, fast cars etc. But when it comes to sex the thing that turns me on the most is eating other guys' cum! All I ever do is suck cock, fuck myself with large dildos and even larger objects and let other guys fuck me in the ass! Even then it turns me on to watch straight porn while I'm sucking on... [more]

Virgin porn addict pervert addicted to humiliation

I am a 33 year old male virgin and I am very shy and intimidated around women. I am a total pervert porn addict and goon out for hours on end multiple times a week. Lately however, normal porn just doesn't do it for me. I have instead developed a taste for being humiliated by beautiful women. I like to confess what a pervert I am to as many... [more]

Chest sitting for hrs at a time

I love the felling of a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear soft sexy looking thighs i get so wildy turned on and so hard when a women is sitting on me i could spend all day long with a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs just talking about it turns me on ive had many girls in the past who have... [more]

Chest sitting for hrs at a time

I love the felling of a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear soft sexy looking thighs i get so wildy turned on and so hard when a women is sitting on me i could spend all day long with a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs just talking about it turns me on ive had many girls in the past who have... [more]

Made sure she caught me

Wednesday night Kelly told me at dinner that she was going out with her boyfriend that weekend,I said ok,,hope you have fun.Kelly looked at me and smiled and thanked me saying she always did .She told me her mans cousin was going to be visiting him this weekend and it would be wrong to make him stay at Bills house alone while she and Bill went out... [more]

Goddess magda

Hello slaves
I am a dominant sadistic Mistress looking for male slaves. And that is slave as in being owned and not just something you like to do 5 minutes a day. 
Boys, if you are not sure this is probably not for you. I am pretty strict, so if you don't like the idea of having no freedom, move along. What do I want from you is obedience... [more]

Porn arcades

Used to visit porn arcades. First to get my cock sucked through the gloryhole but it evolved into letting a guy shoot his hot wad on my body; chest, stomach, face. It didn’t matter where just as long as I felt that hot cum hit my skin

I like exposing myself to my mother in law

It all started about 15 years ago. My mother in law would stay the night to help with the kids while my wife worked 3rd shift. One night i went into the living room after everyone was asleep. I put on some of cable televisions finest softcore and started to masterbate. After a few minutes i heard my mother in law coming down the hallway, instead... [more]

Yep its true

Yep i have a squirting pussy and it's pretty awesome but you will likely say this is a lie
oh well your probably like my first, an ugly dork that when I asked to be fucked again or what about some oral so I could get off 2nd time we did it he told me "that is what vibrators are for" then later dumped me and said I was too much for him in bed... [more]

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