Fetish Confessions

My sister-in-laws panties

I was in the restroom at my in-laws and needed a q-tip. As I searched on top of the counter I got curious and looked under. Lo and behold my sister-in-laws clothes from the previous day. I was horny and saw her panties just laying there and I’ve been wanting to f*** her for a really long time now so I took them and smelled them. Her pussy scent... [more]


I used to have a phobia of being custard pied, I thought it would be the most humiliating thing in the world to have a custard pie go splat in my face. When in my last year of high school I found out that the high school production i was going to perform in was going to be Bugsy Malone (a musical where no one is left without a pie in their face)... [more]

My naughty fetishes

I'm a 24 y.o. girl with a couple kinks that I've never told anyone. One is when I masturbate--I put the back of my suction dildo against my clit and stroke the dildo like it's a cock to stimulate myself to orgasm. I don't wish I was a guy or anything but it feels so naughty and it's my favorite way to make myself come.
I also love to... [more]

Older women.

So though I have a gf and she is quite good and all is great,but I somehow am attracted to mature older thick women,I am 24 but anything like 35 to 47 is my range and I am always ready for one.Actually at times anyone older than me just turns me on.So somehow I end up on Kik looking for these mature women who masturbate and fondle themselves as I... [more]

B/F Dom

My wife and I had been into bdsm for three years. We had been to clubs, and to a couple of private parties. Having played with another couple, and with a single g/f, my wife figured that gave her a free pass to fool around. She had met a dom, online, and started an affair with him. She, mostly, topped me, and wanted to experience being a bottom to... [more]

Castrated by ex wife

For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would castrate me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy,
-she used to tell me that was where I belonged and how she so preferred my tongue to my cock and that removing my... [more]

Hot young children in shows

Is it me or dose anybody else find child actors sexy? My favorite at the moment is Raegan Revord who plays Missy Cooper, in the television show 'Young Sheldon', I'd fuck that girl hard.

Pregnant Neighbour

I have this thing for pregnant chicks, I had it all my life, when I was 13Years old the house next door had recently been purchased by a newly wed couple.Well the guy was average looking but rich his wife was hella hot and thicc and she was pregnant too.The minute I saw her I got hard as fuck.I went and snapped photo's of her ass and as many... [more]

Home alone

I was home during the day, rare because wife was at work, kids away. Wife texted to ask what i was up to, so i thought a bit before responding. I am very adventurous, wife not so much. So i responded "sorry was busy lying in bed in your panties rubbing baby oil all over myself, just thinking of you." I waited for a response. It took 15 min but she... [more]

I'm a creep

I take so many creepshots. Mostly of girls at work, and wherever else I can. Mostly arses and tits, have a good few downblouses. Made one brilliant upskirt. There's one girl at work who always wears low rise jeans and wears the most beautiful panties. I have a collection of pictures of 12 different knickers she wears.

Granny porn normal for you guys?

So, my bf watches granny porn. I look at his search history all the time because the minute I walk out of the house he's watching porn, and I like to see what he's watching. It's usually milfs and he's has actually searched for "granny porn". He's watched stuff with REALLY old women, like in their 80s. Is this normal for you guys? We're both in... [more]

Gloryhole Hubby

A few years after my husband and I got married we bought a home on a nice cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood to raise our kids. Over the Summer, we got to know our neighbors pretty well after being invited to a few parties hosted by various couples.
After a year of living there and becoming very good friends with a half-dozen wives/moms on our... [more]


I want my wife to have a one night stand with a big dicked stud, then come home and sit on my face with a messy cream pie while she tells me what she just did. telling me to clean her up in a condescending evil laugh in her words ,while she tells me every detail. How small my cock is and how she just got properly fucked from a real man. How she's... [more]

Swapping wife pics

For the past year i have been sharing pics of my wife with her best friend's husband. He has been showing me pics of his wife as well. Only problem is his wife refuses to take any significant shots while my wife loves to take extremely explicit pics and video. My wife's friend's husband clearly got the better deal. Now when they come over to hang... [more]

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