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Fetish Confessions

I’m addicted to jacking off into my wife’s food

I have been cumming in my wife’s food for years now and she does not know about it. I first started a few years back with just cumming in cold foods such as apple sauce, yogurt, salad dressing and salads and ice cream which is a lot of fun . Then I started jacking off into warm foods which is a lot better. I would get off work before she did and... [more]

I’m a 27 year old bi guy that loves older men

I am a fit bi bottom and I don’t know what it is about older men that are 45 years old and older, but I love to chat with them and play with them. One of my most favorite things is to video chat while wearing a thong and plug and just let them vocalize while they stroke to my ass and nut. I’ve hooked up with men up to 58 years old and it is the... [more]

WIFE RESIST- Finally Submits to BBC not W/O a struggle

I am a fetish fantasy DOM cuckold freak. I, 13 years ago served 66 months in Texas DOC, Huntsville for morality offenses, pandering etc. Charles Man son's mother, A whore made Charlie watch her fuck her tricks she forced him to watch, bring drinks & light smokes after climax. Well, guess what, so did my mother. Difference? My mom's tricks were... [more]

Bf wears my panties

So my boyfriend loves to wear my panties! He dick is so hard in them and I get the benefit. Soon after he slips them on his nice dick is dripping pre jizz and I kiss it away. He gets very sexed up in my panties and our love making is so good. Katie

I would like to hear from Women

How many women know that boys or men are very attracted to their silky or lace panties? Do you know that boys or men that have access to your panties are using them to jack off in? Are they your clean panties and if so do they put them back in your panty drawer once they are finished and do they cum in them for you to wear? Do you know this and... [more]

Eat it all

For the men over 40 is it just me or does it seem at a younger age we would just fuck these one night stands. But over 40 we eat them out lick there ass hole the one night stands or is it just me . Like I always did this to my wife since are early twenties. But the bar whores I would just fuck but now at 50 I lick there ass hole eat them out good... [more]


Ain't it the truth? Regardless of fact, fiction or outrageous embellished fantasies, In spite Confessions is a fun forum.
This story all true, I'm writing for the following. Chronic pornography frustrated frequent masturbators, vouyers, as well as females all of whom are curiously disillusioned or doubtful.
Do you ever critically think... [more]

I'm 42 and I have a nice set of tits, they have always served me

I worked as a sales clerk for a high end jewelry store. I was hired for my looks, there were salesmen around to close the sale. One day a man came in and told me he wanted a ring for his tenth anniversary. I showed him several and he told me he wanted to look at a diamond ring, something special. But not engagement, this was the tenth... [more]

How I became a panty wearing chronic masterbater Part 2

So there I am wearing a pair of black shiny pantyhose and a silky white teddy. Laptop is on the bed with some of my favorite mature porn videos most likely Persia Monir porn. I position the camcorder facing the bed and start recording. I lay on the bed and my dick is already rock hard and it feels so good laying there rubbing my nylon covered... [more]


Any dudes sniff their own jockstraps?

Dirty ankle pink sock found in the main gym at the college

As I went to put away the yoga props back to the storage room inside the main gym at thr College. I saw a dirty pink Avia ankle sock left by one of the college women's basketball team. I made sure no one was watching and I put it in my pocket and then took a whiff of it man it smelled like sweet sweat with dried foot powder it got me hard!

Pantyhose fun in a spa center

I visited a spa center, and asked for a body massage. The female therapist was wearing short skirt uniform and silky pantyhose that I can easily see her crotch, some pubic hair and tiny panty. I got immediately super hard.
When I lie down, I was naked with a thin paper panty that cannot stop my dick pointing upwards. After a short while of... [more]

Curious please

This is my first affair Is there any tips or tricks on how to hide the cum inside your panties? I don't want to get busted by my husband and my young stud cum a lot

Pantyhose fun at a spa center

I visited a spa center and asked for a body massage. The female therapist was wearing a short skirt uniform and silky pantyhose that I could easily see her crotch, some pubic hair, and tiny panty. I got immediately super hard. When I lie down, I was naked with a thin paper panty that cannot stop my dick from pointing upwards. After a short while... [more]

Pantyhose fun in cinema

I have been in a relationship with a girl for a few weeks and had sex a few times. Once during sex, I expressed my fetish in pantyhose, and she just smiled, and soon we reached the climax. The next day, we planned to watch a movie, and when I met her, she was in black sheer pantyhose and a mini skirt, I was getting very excited. She said it is... [more]

Cleaning wife's pussy

The first time I had sex with my wife, gf then, I masturbated twice before I visited her flat. We we started flirting I took one tablet of medication similar to viagra.
I fucked her like a horny bull until her pussy was full of her own cum. I went down and licked her pussy clean, she was surprised and told me this is the first time a guy eats her... [more]

I want to be choked till passing out... i am male

I want to find a man who gets off on choking someone. while having sex.. while he is fucking my ass. i want him to choke me..and choke me harder and harder .. till i pass out. i want him to fuck me harder as i am passing out and feeling his hands pressing down on my throat as hard as he can.. i will let him go as far as his lust tells him to.... [more]

Would love to have some suggestions

Hello, I'm 21(F) here,So I like voyeurism but where I'm from it's not easy to do that . Still I try to do it many times in public places like mall, college, garages, friends or relatives house. Those times i become naked and take my pic in different embarassing positions and even walk around . I like the feeling of it very much. It makes me wet... [more]

Emmy's scent

My best friend's niece has always been absolutely beautiful, stunning. Years ago she had what I thought was an innocent child crush on me. We all went on vacation together, and she insisted on sitting with me or on me. On one occasion I was sitting in a chair on the balcony in my swim trunks, her in a bikini, and she came and sat on me knee. ... [more]

Wife pic/video sharing

I'm looking to share wife or gf pics pics or videos,I've got some good pictures and videos of my wife playing on her own if someone fancies sharing thier content with me

Dad diapers and spanks me

I am a 29 year old male who grew up in the foster system. I have been fascinated by wearing a diaper since my early teens, shortly after that I wanted to be spanked then diapered. About 2 years ago I made contact with my biological father and we started to talk and hang out, about 18 months ago I confessed to him that I enjoy wearing a diaper... [more]

Do i really like old men?

Around my preteen years i was introduced to porn by friends. I wasn’t fully aware this exploration was too soon. I began to only take interest in grown adults by the time i was 15. I would fantasize about random men i would see in public that caught my eye or even male teens much older than me i would flirt with. Even fantasizing about a very old... [more]

My wife found her porn videos her ex sent me

My wife is 30 and we have been married three years. The week of our wedding her ex sent me thumb drives of 50 porn videos of my wife. The note was watch tgese and see of you can still marry her. I kept the videos and watch them as my porn. My wife is asian americsn and dayrd a black football player. They are both fit. Plud dhe had an... [more]

I love to sniff panties and cushions part 3

Today I got to sniff my boss's chair.
My boss is petite but very active around the office/workplace.
She is constantly up and down the halls with a very positive attitude throughout the day and when she gets back to her seat she will lay there exhausted and sweaty, meaning she has to be leaving off a scent to her chair when she relaxes there... [more]

Pissing on strangers

I want to go to a public restroom and have my husband sit on the toilet and fuck my ass while spreading my legs so I can piss on men masturbating while they watch us fuck.

Twisted way of very perverted sex

I have had this desire for a long tiem but can never get anyone willing to do the unthinkable.. this is what I want to do..
Lay down naked on my back and have a man who has a knife so sharp it will cut a tissue in half that is dropped on the blade.. then I want him to touch it to my sternum bone.. and slowly without pressure.. move the blade down... [more]

I love forcing girls to starve

I'm 25yo sadistic dom who's into forcing girls into starving and making them skinny. It's my biggest fetish. When my slave pass out for not eating for days , it's such a turn on for me. I wish I could find a slave I can control online and starve her as much as I can

Sext my wife !?

Who wants to sext with my wife..? Anything goes you can ask/send etc just about anything you want.!!! Be as dirty/naughty as possible if so.!!! Drop your emails and ill email y'all her email.!!!😅😜😁

Want a perv to slice me open with knife while i watch

I am male 5'7 165..i have fantasy with a pervert who likes knife play.. I want him to use a knife so sharp.. tissue paper will cut just as it touches knife.. I then want to lay naked on my back.. and as he touches the tip of the knife at my sternum bone.. without using pressure.. slowly starts drawing the knife down to my pubic bone.. the knife... [more]

AFRICAN AMERICAN ENTREPENUER. RE ' bout white pussy piss uff!

New to this forum white homie said, "Dawg you gots to tell your tale about white tail and their cracker men."
Hell no, not doing this to put y'all down my Hockey Homie kept ragging about me posting anonymously on here. I'm no writer as you'll see.
I'm 45 having graduated from Howard Univ. Like that embarrassing word salad VEEP ... [more]

Miss my mother in laws panties

I'm glad she moved out but damn do I miss going into her hamper and just inhaling all her dirty panties and busting loads in them. I even looked through all of her belonging hoping to find some sort of set toy but never did :/ I'm trying to find a way to get into her house one day just to raid her dirty undies just one more time, and maybe bust a... [more]

My secret thrill

My buddy is coming over. He won't know it, but I'll be wearing my pretty pink panties with the blue silk bows.

Obsessed with anal sex

I am a 32 year old mum of two and recently discovered anal sex.
My husband and I separated last year for about 6 months and I briefly saw a guy I met in the gym. He had a great body but no personality so it didn’t last long. We had sex only once. It started with the usual blowjob and then I sat back on the bed and started playing with myself... [more]

Stepdaughter Smoking Addiction

I have had a smoking fetish for a long time.
The past few years I have become infatuated with my stepdaughter's smoking (she's now 31).
She is a beautiful blonde with a smoking hot body, and her smoking is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
I love everything about her smoking her Marlboro Light Menthol cigarettes: the way she holds it between... [more]

Is it ok?

I am in my late 50s, a chubby widow for nearly 10 years but sexually active and love hard fucks. This young man, may be 35 yo, visits me twice a month to look after my household needs and we do shopping together at that time. We gradually came to like each other and have sex in all forms and positions. But recently I have found that while eating... [more]

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