Fetish Confessions

I'm a sissy who loves other sissies.

I've not done this before last month for the first time. I chatted online with a website called "naughty cross dressers". I found someone who was young and pretty and like me enjoys wearing pretty feminine attire. I got up my courage and got a hotel room and invited "her" over. She was tall and good looking. Fully dressed as female she came in. I... [more]

Encourage the wifes to show more

I encourage my wife to wear low tops when mates or other men are around as i find it a turn on them getting an eyeful of her ample boobs, she likes the attention too

Sniffing dirty panties and tights!

I'm a 51yr old London UK guy and for many many many years I have loved having a good, long, hard sniff on females dirty worn panties as well as tights! I especially love it even more if they're very damp or wet with their natural juices, cum and even piss!

Really huge fetish urges!

For many years I have had a really huge love and fetish for tights, peep toe and open toe high heels. My main fetish for tights is that bad that whenever I see a female anywhere wearing them I instantly get hard.
But also its worse that 99 percent of the time whenever I see a female wearing tights, it makes me think and wish that I could be... [more]

Mistress needed femdom

I am looking and I'm in need of a mistress the dominate me to force me to do things that I would normally do make me submit make me suck dick things is that nature Make me her bitch

My Mouthsoaping Fetish

Ever since I was little I've had a bizarre fascination/obsession with having my mouth washed out with soap as a punishment. The humiliating feeling it causes is unrivaled, and has become a staple in my sexual experience. It started as a traumatic event when my mother did it to me after cursing at her at a young age. She shoved me into the bathroom... [more]

I want my wife to Pegg me .

I just want my wife to use a strap on on me and pound my butt.

Mesmerized Femboy

I have completely fell in love with erotic hypnosis.
Putting on a audio, and just sinking into my seat.
Its so calming, relaxing. I keep coming back, and it feels better every time~
The deeper i go the better i feel, and this lovely soft voice puts me under a sweet sweet trance~
I obey like a good boy, and it rewards me~
I keep... [more]

Smelly Femboy

So im naturally a pretty sweaty guy, and masturbating really makes me sweat.
Especially when i edge for long periods.
So i usually keep touching myself, lift up my other arm, and just take a big wiff~
My sweaty armpits smell soooooo arousing~
I love going in deeper and sniffing more and more and stroking faster and faster!
I do it... [more]

Covid and Used Panties

Having lost my job in the Covid lock down situation, I was desperate to do anything available but failed for more than last six months. In despair I used to have a pair of sandwiches or lunch and sit on the bench in the park nearby. In the past week I came to know of this kind-looking man, Mick aged in his 60s. He was retired and lived alone... [more]

I secretly cum in food I serve my female guests

Over the years my place has become the go to when my friends and I want to get together. Well, I've formed a habit of cumming in the food I serve my female guests and watching in awe as they eat it all up, thanking me for serving them, and often asking for seconds.

I shave my balls

I shave my balls and ass . I feels so good. Makes sex better.

Pantyhose Fuck

I love being fucked while wearing pantyhose.

I shave

I shave my balls and ass . It feels so good. Also makes sex hotter ,

Getty up

Wife use a ridding crop on my ass while I lick her juicy pussy


I have a really big thing for hot females with really clean stomachs and they are even better when they have a navel piercing. I love when I see pictures of females in bikinis and there stomach is showing and especially when they have cum on their stomachs and belly button

Posting wife pics online

I'm a bit submissive. i was in a cuckold chat room and i got a pm from a bull to show him my wife. i did and he commented how slutty she looked. it was a tremendous turn on to hear that. i asked what he would do with them and he said whatever he wanted to do. i got nervous and aroused at the same time. i asked where he might put them and he said... [more]

I Want My Aunt Fattened Up

I wish either I (or someone else) could encourage my aunt to eat and eat and gorge herself until she's addicted to food and being stuffed full, and massively fat.
She'd look so good incredibly round, with a huge soft gut, thick thighs, and a massive shelf rear. She's already a bit plump and overweight, but she'd look amazing at 300 or 400lbs... [more]

Showing My Mature Wife

My wife is in her mid 50's and still gorgeous and in great shape. She's also very naive. I bought her some capri ( knee length) leggings all different colors. She loves them and here in the South, wears them every day.. The thing is, they show off her ass and the shape of her vulva. She never notices, but everyone else does. I love the looks she... [more]

Fire fetish

I have a fetish for fire (female 25) and I love playing with fire.. thoughts of dousing oil over myself, soaking my clothes in it makes me horny and masturbate to it.. however just limiting these to thoughts I am living my life well.. are there more like me..?

Hard exposed nipples

I love the thought of exposing my wife to other people. She has very large breast with good size nipples that are always erect. I am always trying to get her to not wear a bra which sometimes she will. At the very least I try to get her to wear a thin bra that you can see them poke thru if she gets a chill. I also remove the pads from her bathing... [more]

While her mom and her friend watched...

I'm very shy and conservative, except when I'm not...
I drove my girlfriend and her mom to visit her mom's friend in my town.
I took my girlfriend from behind, under a blanket, while the four of us watched a movie. I went really slow, but there's no way those freaky adults didn't know I was doing the deed.
That risky / public / taboo shit... [more]

Bikini underwear

I’m a guy and I love to wear bikini underwear, string, thong all kinds .

Sniffing my aunts dirty panties

It all started when I was 15 and very horny staying over at my aunts house and needed something to give me a hard on so I started looking for a bra but came over something much much better it was a hamper full of her dirty sticky panties. They was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever found they was all dirty and sticky so I started to sniff it out... [more]

Wet Panties

Since my puberty I was always interested in girls used panties – any girls teen to mature ones. The sight of my current 19 year gf’s tiny little panties with a soft gusset and beautiful smell, would lead me pumping my hard throbbing cock in seconds. Yes, by this time I met my first gf, Liz. Once discovered my fetish she would allow me to lick her... [more]

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