Fetish Confessions

Wife Services My Friends

My wife and I share a fetish where she services all of my male friends, well my four close friends. They come over 2 or 3 times a night and my wife is to service them whenever they want during the night. Usually, each of them gets off twice in the 6 or 7 hours they are over. The entire time she is with us getting us beers and snacks she is... [more]

Good girls don’t pee

I’m a soft, fat girl who loves the feeling of a full bladder, but I’ve been a very bad girl. The longest I can hold is 5 hours! I need to hold longer, but I need a strong daddy to train me. Tell me how long to hold! Make me punish my naughty bladder and urethra for wanting to pee! I’m full of piss now as I write this, and my poor bladder is... [more]

Cleaning my Wife

Does it make me gay if I love to lick another mans cum out of my wife pussy or ass naked men or big dicks only turn me on me on when I see them fucking the hell out of my wife or she’s sucking one

My black slut wife

I'm a white guy 35 years old and I'm married with a black woman 27 years old. In my country black pussy is something exotic, majority here is white people. I know man's they would like to fuck my wife.
When we used to had sex my wife always talk dirty that she want to have two big white cock's and to fuck other man's, and this drives me crazy... [more]

I want men to lust over my gf's pictures

So I have a gf, and we love each other very much, the thing is that I find her very attractive and feel like its a waste not to share her beauty with more people. I want to share her nude pictures and have comments on her of all kinds of naughty, no limits, but all anonymously. Is there a website where I can do that?

I am an Insatiable HORNY 33 yo Tennessee Girl

I hae never had sex, anally or vaginally and I crave to have someone teach me all the naughty things I have missed, I am single and ready to do anything

Tight Yoga Pants

I'm man in my late 30's and I get so turned on by women in tight form fitting yoga pants. Women all over are wearing them these days. Hard for me to not get excited looking at all kind to asses. Big , bouncy, bubble, apple, pear shaped..all kind of them on display.
Went for grocery shopping and a woman was wearing tight but sheer pants and I... [more]

The perfect one

I fucked my teacher the day after I graduated from high school.


I love to be a sissy and prance around in my lingerie and panties.I would very much like to find a man to pleasure and be his little fuck hole.

Neighbours Panties

I have a neighbour in her mid 60's, i think she is a widow who asked me if I could do a few handyman jobs for her. They were simple, replace the faucet and shower head in her bathroom, hang a ceiling fan in her bedroom and install a clothesline post in her back yard. I go over with my tools to install the faucet and shower head one morning. She... [more]

Eating Cum From My Wife's Pussy

I have developed a huge fetish for eating cum from my wife's pussy. For years it has just been mine but lately, she started fucking one of her co-workers and I have been cleaning her 3 or 4 times a week. I love tasting another man's cum. I want her to find another guy to do on the weekends. Hopefully, his cock is bigger. I and the guy she is... [more]

I shared my wife with multiple men on our vacation

We were on a 10 day trip and the last 4 days I shared her with a different guy each time on seperate occasions. The last day came in a midget guy who had a decent sized penis.
This is the first time ever that she was shared with other guys.
Since the day that we returned back from the vacation I keep scouting for guys with small stature. If you... [more]


50 man went to target to buy a new bra and panties for myself. Got to the checkout and the female checker ask if i was shopping for my wife. I just said no there for me she just looked at me so I pulled my shirt open so she could see my bra. She rang everything up and wrote something on the receipt when I got to the car i looked at it and it had... [more]

Penis Sleeve

Recently I bought an 8" penis sleeve. It added length and girth on my cock. I put it on without letting my wife notice. The moment I fucked her in the pussy, she stared at me told me, this feels like a bbc, in ten seconds I came but continued fucking her. She did ride some huge cocks, I think the biggest was 10" during a business trip when she was... [more]

Personal Shopper

A couple of years ago, before Debenhams closed, I booked a personal shopper experience at the store. Booked online, I said that I was looking for new lingerie and a sexy dress. I clearly stated that I was a male and they replied saying that would be no problem.
At 10.00 am, I presented myself to the department and wa shown to a changing room by a... [more]

Sharing my unaware wife’s big tits online

I’ve been married to my wife 5 years but have been dating since hs. I was her first and no other man has even seen her naked, which is unfortunate because she has an amazing curvy figure with huge DDD tits. Recently I’ve been very turned on with the idea of showing other men her tits. She’s very shy and conservative so would never be up for it so... [more]

Smooth shaved

I love to shave my cock and balls smooth. I imagine being naked with another man and having same sex. I want to suck a hard cock and swallow cum. I also want to ride a hard cock and feel it pulsating in my hot ass.

I’m an extreme feedee

I love being a fat piggy . I love over eating until I can barely move or stay awake . I always loved being fat and eating as much as I could and it became my life when I was a teenager . I first hit 300 pounds in the 7th grade and I was over 400 by my senior year . My feeder and I met my junior year of high school and my now husband has fed me and... [more]


I was doing a mature student's degree at college, but there was a lot of home study involved in it. Consequently, I spent a lot of time at home alone. I would masturbate once or twice a day, and then I became curious about cross dressing. I started taking my wife's panties out of the laundry basket and wearing them while I was 'studying'. My... [more]

Cum milkshake

My wife does not like to swallow, many times I begged her to swallow my cum and she refused. So, I started coming in her milkshake every day for a month.

I love wearing panties

It all started when I was 11 years old and my mom was doing laundry and we needed to go to the store. All of my underwear were in the wash, so my mother grabbed a white satin panty from my sisters drawer and she told me to “put these on” and hurry up and get dressed.
So I did.
At first, it felt weird that I was wearing panties and I was scared... [more]

I don't know if i can stop

Today I took a new step.... I am a straight male w a girlfriend and have never had any sexual encounter with a another male, but I want to confess this, I read confessions on here daily and and usually have my cock and balls in a pump while doing it, I love edging and seeing my cock and balls super plump. I'm normally just under 7" but can pump... [more]

Changing room

I love cross dressing and will often visit a well know store that sells sexy lingerie, uniforms and sex toys.
I love ro try on the outfits and once changed in the cubicle, will often ring for assistance to request a different size. I would be dressed in either lingerie or a uniform eg maids outfit when the assistant opens the door.
My local... [more]

Chicken haulers delight

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ms pat gasped as ripped her nylons to let her big wide ass checks bulge out as I had her bending way over in my truck sleeper. Her black polyester work pants I yanked down to her knees before pushing her head down till her tits were smashed against my mattress. Smack! I spanked her hard and asked, so who buryed there cock in you... [more]

Belly button feitish...

Ever since I was 5 I had a belly button feitish. I'm 22 years old. Male who lives in the Bay Area. I must admit had some experiences with playing with belly buttons but never to the extent I wanted to. I'm only attracted to girls and honestly those that are skinny. I know it may seem werid but the the slimmer the better. I love small waist and I... [more]

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