Fetish Confessions

I love hairy ass

I absolutely love sucking a hairy pussy, but what really makes my cock hard is to sniff and lick a girls hairy asshole. It’s so hot I just love to slurp up and down her hairy crack. I’m gonna jerk off just typing this!

High heel fetish

I'm 25. Female and I have a high heel fetish , weird I know . I don't find wearing high heels comfortable at all but they just turn me on so much. I live alone and sometimes I'd walk around the house nude in high heels. It just gets me so aroused . Even when I masturbate , I lie in bed naked with a pair of 6 inch heels on .
I have a collection... [more]

Willy Wonka and Steve's BIG Dick Pacifier...

I have always sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember. My Mom and Dad tried to break me of the habit and I tried myself when I started puberty and growing boobs and pubic hair. I mostly stopped but it was always so comforting for me, mostly when I watched TV. I would often do it secretly if the lights were off.
When I turned 16, everybody... [more]

I would like to make oral love to a woman

I am 35 years old and ever since I have been having thoughts about being alone with a woman I have been having the thought that I would like to not go down on her but suck her tits and lick her bush,if she's shaved on her pubic area then I would like to still do it I know I am being a very turned on and well, I guess I should say or not say "nasty... [more]

Does anyone remember porn

Okay so I was wondering what if I walked up to a woman and exposed my penis. it is not the kind of thing to do but what if I could. would she look at my penis and smile or would she look at it and laugh, I don't know. what if though right I have been thinking about it lately and I think 'okay,if I am not arrested I am okay' I would like to.does... [more]

Creampied and Shared Wife

Well, it has become the taboo subject for us, - as a couple that is. It started as a fantasy of mine, but has developed and I am somewhat liberated that I have the desire to let her have some fun with a few BBC's while I watch. For me IO want to fuck her last after they have creampied her pussy. Strictly no protection!

I would do/give anything for a girl to kick me in the nuts

I'm a 23 year old guy, and since my early teens I would've (and still would) do/give just about anything to get a girl to give me my first kick in the balls. I know it's kinda messed up, and I can't explain why I want it. Hell I've never even had my nuts hurt in any way in my life, so I have no idea from experience how bad it would hurt, or what... [more]

I want a girl to kick me

I am 23, and since I was a teenager, I've desperately wanted to get kicked in the balls by a girl. Fast forward to now, and I still have not got to experience it yet, and I just want to finally find a woman around my age who's up for making it happen, just to finally be able to experience it, even though I'm most likely gonna regret it...

Panties lover

Hi guys, I looove wearing n wanking in women's and girls panties etc. I tend to buy my lingerie in high st. stores, but I often feel nervous doing it. I would love to meet other guys in knickers, as I llove the feeling on my cock, especially satin pairs! Does anyone know where I can get girls satin panties??


I wold 2 be told what 2 do by men and woman dress up in what they want me to

Step-daughter's knickers and a hooker

For a while now I've been finding myself more and more attracted to my 18 year old step-daughter.
She's slim, cheeky and has a great smile and amazing tits..
Once she lifted up her top and flashed one breast "accidentally" and I can't get that image from my head lol
I've sneaked a look in her room a few times and wanked into her small... [more]

The real me

I admit that when my wife goes to wprk. I get dressed in womens clothing and have men over..i beg them to be their sissy cock sucker..at least two men every day I am a sissy fag cock sucker

My gaping lover

My partner has the biggest pussy ever. After having kids and the use of many pussy-stretching toys, my partner has developed a very loose vagina. So much so, that she can easily take two fists on the regular and can't always hold her bladder. I can't tell you how much this turns me on to see her vagina take ever larger toys and experience... [more]

Moms Thong

My Mom recently asked spoke to me about my sexual desires recently and mentioned that some of her panties have gone missing recently she said, I've noticed some of my panties full of your semen darling, remember when I came home from that party the other week early and got changed, I put my clothes in the laundry basket and after speaking to my... [more]

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