Fetish Confessions

I let my dog lick my cock and balls

My step brothers have this big female pitbull that usually always stays at home. I usually visit over there from time to time, and I bond with their dog alot, I actually take care of the thing haha. Anyways about 6 months ago I was in the kitchen bored as fuck. My step brothers were doing some dumb shit in there room and it was only me and the... [more]

I'm not gay but would love to fuck a FTM trans

I want to have sex with a female to male trans. I don't even care if "he" is hairy as long as that ass and sweet little pussy are smooth. Muscular? 5 o'clock shadow? Sure. As long as he's clean, has a tight little stomach and smooth pussy and ass and I'd be in heaven.

I have an oral fetish

I have an oral fetish....I LOVE it all in my mouth, tongue, nipples, pussy, fingers, toes, and my all time fav...ass. There is nothing I enjoy more than using my mouth to please a woman.
Sadly, my wife doesn't enjoy receiving as much as I love to give so I'm stuck fantasizing about it and fantasizing about what it would be like to taste another... [more]


When I was 24, my friend and his wife took me to some girl's house, we met her there when she got home from work. We walked into her house and she said she had a run in her pantyhose and she couldn't wait to throw them away, and she walked into a bathroom just off the livingroom and came back out without pantyhose. She was about 20, skinny, really... [more]

Guys with long hair

Man buns get me so wet.

I like big dicks...

...and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny When you're jacking off in bed You're thinking 'bout giving head I know you do I do, too I love dick and so do you

Do women like a dildo

I am in a pair of panties and am putting in my ass a 9 inch dildo and I will get let a woman get a little bit of it in and out of my asshole with her asshole on my mouth and she is going in and out and I am eating her hole till she gets off.

Man wearing panties and bra and dress in public

Are there any women who would like to be able to dress up with a man and make him up to look like a woman and her and her friend go out for a drink with him and take him to the bathroom to get a dildo and then he would have to get it to work in and out of his ass for the first women to come in to see.

Little panties

I know that I love wearing panties and now I am liking it in my asshole so I'm going on a dildo in and out and I think it feels good.

The Filipino lady.

Their is a pretty Filipino lady. I stuff pillows in a shirt I climb on top in a straddle position looking at her picture I printed out. I put her picture on top the same length of the pillows I climb on top sitting straddle position I am moving up and down kissing her picture. I keep on until I e*********. We went to a wedding and we heave we hug... [more]

Crazy but fun

I admit to being a bit perverted, I get a kick out of the dancing girls here in our State, and have fantasies about my 32 year old wife getting up there but she never has.
I also watch a lot of porn videos, the blatant sex act types don't do it for me but when some woman, preferably a wife shows off, that is hot. Most are just fake, or... [more]

Wanting to swallow a nut

Would love to get high and suck a big black cock. Till he made me swallow every drop. And then smoke a little more and have him Fuck me till he cums in me. This cant be so tough gotta be a black guy the likes to smoke and have sex. I only want a black male though. I think interracial is so sexy. Damn I want to be used. Married wm 40. Guess I'm... [more]

Big Woman Fantasy

I want to be crushed by a 500+ lb woman, then fuck every one of her holes and cum in her ass.

Mom FEMINIZED me to get her way.

My mother told me she was disappointed that she didn't have a daughter. Not wanting to make her unhappy I tried my best to be the girl mom always wanted.
I went to cosmetics school to learn how to apply makeup and do hair. I always had a knack for it because mom had me show me exactly how to do feminine things. I learned how to wax mother's... [more]

I like to expose my buttcrack

When I was younger, there was a maid who cleaned the house where I lived... As time went by, I noticed that she wore jeans with a low waistband and most of the time when she bent down or sat down, I saw the Her buttcrack, usually showed one or two fingers of the ass... In that I started to discover my fetish with this situation. One day I... [more]

Dirty imagination

Simetimes when I fuck my fiance I'm putting fingers in her mounth. Recently she started to give blowjob to them. She actually started to put them in her mouth by her self, and act like she is giving oral sex. When she does that I'm starting to imagine that she is sucking actual cock and we have threesome with another man. Also when this happens I... [more]

Very odd fetish.

I am a 35 mwm and I like to meet mainly older guys cruising in the forest preserve. I like to ask them to cum on my ass while I’m bent over with my cheeks pulled apart. I don’t mind sucking or jerking them or even sex to get them there as long as the Promise to shoot on my bare ass. It is such a turn on!

Walking around nude in the woods

There's a secluded wooded area just outside of our upscale suburban subdivision that surrounds a local power station. Unbeknownst to my wife, I like to walk around in these woods in the nude, fantasizing about watching her getting fucked by one or more of the neighborhood hubbies.

Panty wearing sperm lover.

So I love sex on meth because it allows me to fulfill my sexual appetite. When I want sperm thick cocks and dirty panties I go online make a couple posts looking for men with girlfriends or wives who want to smoke,and have nasty sex. If their women don't come with for what ever reason I have them bring some of her dirty panties for me to... [more]

An Mature Black Man

I am a mature, seasoned, elderly black man. I am retired but my wife still works. When she leaves the house in the morning all dolled up I actually fantasize about her having sex with other guys. Sometimes the fantasy gets so overwhelming until I have to masturbate just to relieve myself.
We no longer have sex but I have made it very clear to her... [more]

Don't hate me

I hate fascists, I hate white supremacists. I was arguing with these skinhead fucks, MAGA hat wearing rubes, 4 of them, just by myself. I was alone. But these Nazis marched into McDonald's with their red MAGA hats while I was there and I wasn't going to let it pass. Anyway, and I wish I didn't have to admit this, but, they actually ended up being... [more]

Making a lesbian out of her friend

I work in a women clothing store when a mom of my best friend came in. she said her daughter, Katie, wants to move back home after breaking up with her boy friend who she told never to leave town with. before she left, she stole money from me so she could move away with.now she wants to moved home because she was broke and was kicked out of... [more]

I love dog cock

I love sucking dog cock. But I love it more in my pussy pushed all the way in till he knots with me I love when he pushes hard

Beastiality, misogyny, raceplay. why did i do this to myself

Turn the clock back 4 years. i just became an rcmp officer, my dream come true. and then,
back in high school i played softball. right after i graduated, i was walking home from getting dinner with some friends when an older man approached me. somehow i wasn't freaked out or anything despite how large and menacing he looked. we got to talking... [more]

What turns a sissy on??

Almost everything sexual turns me on. If it's about being a sissy, I'm turned on by it. But what really turns me on are three things.....
1. Cum dripping from my ass. This really turns me on for some reason. I guess for me it means I just satisfied some horny guy with a sack full of cum.
2. Dressing like a whore in High heels black... [more]

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