Fetish Confessions

My mom buys me nylons

I always had a thing for legs in silky nylon pantyhose. At just 13 or so I became so fascinated that I finally just had to try on my mom's pantyhose. At 13 I was always very horny and frequently erect. I wasn't very good with girls however mom conspicuously left her nylons on the towel rack to dry. I thought I was alone after borrowing mom's... [more]

Used panty

200$ for size small and a cup bra every week

Neck fetish

Why is it so hard to find other females like me? I have a fetish for women necks its not a sexual thing its just something I enjoy, and I honestly feel like I'm the only female that into what I like. Its so annoying. I would love to find more females to talk to about it, but its always a guy and I find it so hard to talk them about it. I cant talk... [more]

How did you discover your fetish?

Here's my story!
I was watching UFC while my GF was there. She said she wants to be an MMA fighter as well. This was just to flirt a little bit. Anyways. So we ended up in the situation where we were wrestling (she wanted to wrestle with me). So I knew that I had the better ground game than her obviously so I let her choose the position we... [more]

I am a flasher pervert

I have been doing this since I was barely a teenager and my Aunt caught me jacking off. I was horribly embarrassed but she took me into my bedroom, sat me down and talked to me. She told me masturbating was normal and I should enjoy it. She also told me it is even better if you have someone else help, than she made me take off my pants and she... [more]

I want to try it

I recently moved to Suffolk Virginia. I’m a married white guy that moved from a place without many black people. I have always found black women gorgeous and now that I am seeing them everywhere...I hate to admit it...
All I think about is how amazing it would be bury my tongue in a black woman’s ass. Of course I love sex in every way but... [more]

Our kink and the neighbor

My wife and I have been married 15 years. She keeps herself in excellent shape. She's 5'4" and about 110 lbs. Small c-cup breasts, big, firm booty, muscular thighs. Large galaxy style tattoo that starts a bit below her armpit on her left side and goes down her butt cheek and ends on the back of her thigh. Nipples pierced, belly button pierced and... [more]

My hotwife

Hot wife wants cock

Condom Cum

I have lately started to using my friends cum to use as I lubricant when having sex with my wife. She doesn't know that I am using cum to lubricate my cock before I penetrate her pussy. I pre soak my cock with his cum and I insert it in. I have once turned the condom inside out and fucked her hard with it. The fun of it is amazing I must say and I... [more]

Does anyone know a real incest video ?

So I’m going to be honest I love porn, specially incest porn, I would never do it but I love it ! I just really wanna see a real incest video for once cuz all of them fake ... Does anyone know a specific real incest video ?

My gf wants other guys? I wonder

After getting together my gf gave me a blowjob in the bathtube. Later on a call she asked me if i would let or want my gf to taste other boners as well. It is a hot fantazy to me so i said if it makes my gf happy I would not mind. She backed out with saying something like I only say this cause I also want other girls. Right then I said I was just... [more]

Bra fitting

I want to go to a store and get a bra fitting I am a 50 year old man and I have called two stores that will do fittings for men should I do this what do you think. I am nervous about doing this and would like to know if any one has ever done this. I don't need a bra but would like to try this

I Wonder What CND's Feet Smell Like?

I remember when CND CaptainNintendoDude from Youtube became the first person in line to get a Nintendo Switch and if there is one thing that turns me on is his legs, I love it when he wears shorts and cute socks as well. I would watch his livestreams and get really hard at the sight of his legs and having his socked feet on camera most noticeable... [more]

Want to do the Toenail Sandwich Challenge?

Here's a new challenge for you Tiktokers and YouTubers out there, it's the Toenail Sandwich Challenge.
It involves wearing Flip Flops to a Subway and ordering a $5 Footlong Sandwich.
Then after ordering your sandwich take your flops off to go use the restroom and put your bare feet in the toilets.
Then exit the restroom and go to your... [more]

They Call Me Underwear Boy

My Name is Jimmy and I have a confession so back in Middle and High School I had realized I had a fetish for Underwear and Socks and it turns out I was more turned on getting stripped to mine along with the sight of other's in theirs's. I think it all began in the locker room in middle school after I stripped down to my white cotton briefs and... [more]

How I started

I know this is crazy . My wife goes to a swingers club. One night she came home early and told me that she had a surprise for me. She had me get naked and tied my hands and feet to the bed post. Then walked out. When she came back in she was with a pretty black girl
Both of them naked. I was thinking hell yes I was getting lucky. The black girl... [more]

Our Hot Springs trip last Summer.

I was watching some porn sites the last couple of years, trying to do it while the wife was asleep, not sure she would like it.
My favorite was one called "Nao", a Japanese gal that goes to outdoor Jacuzzis in Japan. My wife looks a lot like here and she is also mostly Japanese, so it was a fun fantasy and I liked the reactions of guys that saw... [more]

Are any of those porn movies real?

So I was watching some porn and I always search for lesbian girls cuz I don’t like seeing dicks.
So the website recommended me a “real homemade Russian mom and daughter”
And I was like , da fuck?! Is this shit real ?
So I checked it and I’m not sure but they really really look alike and the way the video is made, they switch who’s recording who... [more]


Ever since I could remember I’ve had a fascination with soap. I remember as a kid wanting to be the one to unwrap the new bar of soap for the shower and be the first one to use it. The smell, the fresh feel of the name engraved in the bar on my skin and the large size in my hands got my excited every time. I wanted to try every brand and variety... [more]

My Undies

I cant believe how shocked I was to find my stepdad naked on my bed wanking while sniffing a pair of my dirty panties. God the shock and anger. But very quickly gave way and I was confused by it to confusion and intrigue.

Any girls here sneaked semen into food or drink?

I like to jerk off my bf into my cooking, usually to be eaten by some unsuspecting girl he's attracted to. We find it such a hot kinky secret we share with each other.
Sometimes I jerk it straight in. Sometimes when he fucks me he wears a condom and I put it in using the condom. Sometimes he shoots his cum into my mouth, then I spit/dribble it... [more]


I wear satin panties and I do anything to be dressed up like a woman in lingerie. I’m wearing green satin panties right now and I will do anything for someone who would love me to do anything you want

Ass play

I'm retired and my wife still works. Everyday after she leaves the house I break out my toys and go to playing. I have an 8 inch dido that has become my assholes best friend. I love the feeling as it slides up my ass as far as it can go. I'll leave it inserted up to 2 hours as I play with my cock.
I have metal sounding probes that I insert in... [more]

Sister in law

The past year and a half I’ve been cumming into my sister in law’s panties. I have also stolen them. And I’m pretty sure I’ve stolen most of her underwear, can’t wait till she buys more because I’m going to keep snatching them lol

1st Time Cuckold

My wife Sharon is a tiny little thing, barely 4'8" and 93 pounds. He figure is close to perfect for her size, she is a beautiful little doll like woman.
I had this crazy urge to share her, I struggled against the idea out of fear she would get angry, perhaps even leave me.
Then one day while we were having a few drinks I blurted it out, also... [more]

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