Fetish Confessions

Norma 6 - Special Delivery

A few weeks after the party I will never forget, Norma called. “Could I borrow your card table and chairs?
I replied that she could and she asked “Could you bring them over for me?”
I told her I would bring them over in a few minutes. I thought about my last experience with her when I came with her sitting on my lap. I had relived it... [more]

Cheap Toupee

Since I was a teenager, I have wanted to be made extremely mpb and forced to wear a cheap toupee every day. It is an unusual fetish that also makes me horny. There is nothing about it that I understand, but there it is.

I Lovve Cum

I love cum, the taste, the smell, the texture, the warmth, the little seedy gel bubbles, the way it slides down my throat, the way it dries on my face, the way it feels on my skin, the way it dribbles out of my asshole when the wife shoots it in with her squirting dildo! The way it forms in the end of a condom and the way it tastes out of a... [more]

Kinky sex

My boy friend asked me if I fancied his best friend, so he carried me of the bedroom naked and he was sitting in our livingroom. I remember ending up on the carpet with my boy friend's dick in my mouth and his friend's tongue in my pussy. Felt so horny I can't even remember how many orgasms I had. After that day, now I have two guys taking care of... [more]

Husband dared me to have phone sex with his friend

I put this under 'fetish' because I'm a hopeless flirt and my husband loves it when I do! So, an exhibitionistic wife and a voyeur husband!
One night my husband and I were getting ready for bed (read "sex") after a little wine.
I don't remember how it came up - but we were talking about a friend of his, that I barely knew - but who obviously had... [more]

My little secret

I am 29 years old. I take my mom’s panties and use the for my enjoyment. I take them from the hamper I like the pubies entwined in the fabric.I put the hairs in my mouth

Tasting her on him

I’m an older bi guy and have been with many men over many years. Most of my gay sex romps are with men that are in relationships with women, married or otherwise partnered. I have many regulars but can’t seem to stop collecting new fuck buddies too. For about a year now I’ve been on a mission. I ask my sex partners to bring a pair of their wife’s... [more]

Pumped in the Theater

On a warm late afternoon in Colorado Springs, that same old feeling started to come over me again. I felt as if my body and mind was being taken over by spirit; a very horny female spirit.
I decide to go to the Eros Bookstore on Tejon to start my evening. It's an out of the way place, and I can relax a little and enjoy my drink. It's one of the... [more]


When I was little, I had a smokin hot babysitter. She was an 11! Blond hair, perfect skin, late 20's. She went barefoot around the house constantly, and her feet were perfect... porcelain skin, bright red nails. She would always sit in a rocking chair at one end of the coffee table, rocking and watching her soaps. I liked to "nap" under the... [more]

Femdom /strap on

This question for the ladies if your husband gives into you pegging him do you look at him differently . If he willing to wear your panties to bed if you ask is it a sign of him turning gay or bi or it's just a kinky side he willing to cross with you.

Anyone love girl farts like me?

I get so hard when I watch girl farting videos . The sight of tight cheeks ripping loud farts turns me on so much. I love to hear and see up close a rumbling asshole , I drip precum instantly . I wish I could have one of these beauties rip some huge farts right on my cock and yes I’d stick my face in her ass too. The videos of two girls 69ing as... [more]

Gf's daughter panties

I love taking my 19 year old girlfriend daughters panties and bra's. Her pussy smells so good. I love to smell and taste them before I jerk off into them. I think she knows I take them. I sometimes put them back on top of her laundry with wet spots in the crotch. She wears a 38DDD bra and I like to unload cum in her bra. I know she has worn... [more]

White man wanting to suck black dick

Iam a white man and I will like to meet with black men and suck his cock


I love to show my wife’s tits and pussy to other men. I love taking pictures of her. I love when she poses knowing I’m going to make sure to show her to as many men as possible. It makes me incredibly hard. I’m never going to stop.

Denial of pleasure

I’m a bi guy and I like when I’ve sucked a guy off and made him cum in my mouth and then he’s just done with me. He has no regard whatsoever for my sexual pleasure. He treats me as if I only exist to please his cock and make him cum. Period. Which I do. His denial of my pleasure makes me feel extremely submissive. Even though I desperately want to... [more]


I am completely obsessed with tickling the feet of beautiful women. I think about it, basically, 100% of the time I'm awake. I fantasize about ripping off their shoes and socks and attacking their poor, helpless feet with excruciating tickle torture while they beg and squeal and laugh. It arouses me to the extreme. I fantasize about sucking on... [more]

Ho Hummer Midwest Sucks

I'm living in the Midwest now and I hate it. Not only is it the 'bible belt' but it has to be the settlement of some of the most prude and sexually frustrated people I have ever seen. No bookstores with gloryholes or adult theaters.
I'm not ashamed of being a self-proclaimed 'crossdressing slut'. I take pride in the fact that when I am totally... [more]

Jizz on My Legs

I was getting used to going to some of the porn shops, bookstores with booths and theaters. I knew which ones were busy and when they weren't. I tried one theater near downtown Colorado Springs several years back.
As I walked in, the place was nearly empty but for one or maybe two people. I walked to the bathroom and fixed my makeup and came... [more]

Wife’s book club was crazy

My wife had her book club at our house last week (they rotate) each month. I’m pretty sure they drink a lot more wine than actually discussing the book, and they are all good friends though they don’t socialize together outside of book club so while I have met them before, I really don’t know them or see them.
So I went upstairs to watch TV... [more]

Wife trade

I love to trade pictures of my wife for another. I like to hear about what they would do to her. I like the thought of another man cumming in my wife’s face.

Where can I chat with dog lovers?

I want to chat with other dog lovers while mine licks my pussy. What are good websites and anonymous chats?

Watch me cum

I want to show videos of myself masturbating and ejaculating to women. I want them to watch as big loads of cum explode out of me, and think about how it would feel as I pumped their pussies or mouths full of my warm, thick jizz.

Norma 5 The Lap of Ecstacy

A few years have now blown past. I was now in college. As I had gotten older, my attraction to women wearing sheer stockings never waned. If anything, it became more intense.
Every so often, I would see Norma as she drove past, and she would smile and wave. Other times I would see her in the yard, and I would recall the earlier experiences I... [more]

Fetishes and worsening my addiction

The prospect of becoming completely dependent on porn and masturbation, while scary, is incredibly exciting to me. Every day I watch more and more depraved porn, and I want to sink as deep as I possibly can. Whenever I'm alone, I will have days where I do nothing but try and cum as many times as I can. I will wank myself into exhaustion on... [more]

Sucking cock with my girlfriend guiding me

Would enjoy my girlfriend blindfolding me and guiding, assisting and talking me thru sucking her Bull's cock.

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