Fetish Confessions

Smothered in ass

I once had a client that would watch Disney movies with me and at the end he would want me to sit my ass on his face and smother him, I was 260LB back then and always wanted me unshowered and wearing old and tight panties with lace; He always payed well and he would tell me I reminded him of his Granddaughter.

I just love REEK!

This is my confession. I'm totally obsessed with bad smells. I love it all, especially the smell of putrid hot vinegar just makes my man log go insane with anticipation even when I even look at a bottle of vinegar. Blocks of cheese are no exception! And I love when the city I live in has a garbage strike and they pile up all that disgusting... [more]

Large penis isn’t great

There are a lot of stories of people looking for guys who are hung. I didn’t realize I was hung until after high school and was with an older woman. In high school I would try to have sex ending with either crying because of the pain or refusal. I was 19 and a neighbor lady had me helping her around the yard. She was a huge flirt and easily... [more]


I confess I am a compulsive gambler who just got lucky.
I bought more womens clothes over the internet a wardrobe full of clothes.
I have not had sex for many years with male orr female I am getting more frustrated with myself I have even bought a sex machine.
I had loads of sex toys
straps belt paddles.
I went looking for this female from... [more]

What is a Cuckold?

A cuckold is a man who’s wife is used by other men to his displeasure. If he enjoys it he is not cuckolded. Another man pleasures his woman and he is incapable of stopping it. He is the weaker man.
To humiliate one cuckold I hung the wife’s wedding rings from a piercing in the foreskin of my dick. After we videotaped my decorated cock head... [more]

Rolling My Dick

I like to fantasize. I think about my petite step mom. On my knees with my hard-on resting on our coffee table I think of my mil standing barefoot on it. I use my hand to roll my dick back and forth pretending it’s her bare foot.

Tit pic

I get off on other men telling me they are jerking over pictures of my wifes big tits

Big White Women - 2

Standing and looking down at them I was jerking off my hard cock, asking who wants it first!! June arched her back up off the sofa and pleaded, 'Me first, I haven't had a cock in months,' and she burst out laughing. April laughed too, calling her a whore! June looked back up at me pulling her pussy wide apart exposing invitingly pink inside of the... [more]

Big White Woman -1

I always have fancied mature BIG white Women, preferably in their 40s for their ample jiggling boobs and bubbly ass cheeks. In my work place there were two – April and June, very jolly and care-free… care-free about body language with spilled boobs and swaying butts. They were still single but did have a number of flings with some young men... [more]

Sniffing friends panties

A friend I grew up with in school was an exotic dancer. Early on when she started selling pictures I decided to hit her up and got a few. I was not disappointed and finally getting to see her nude was worth it. We were still friends and talking to her was nice. She eventually left the stage and was killing it on OF. She had always confided with me... [more]

Sissy faggot

I'm such a sissy faggot. I post my pictures everywhere hoping to expose myself. I want everyone to know what a faggot I am. I don't care who knows or sees.


I don't know how it really started. When I was a young teenager, I never thought about doing anything like this. Somewhere far in the back of my mind I used to always wonder why girls could wear colors, styles,hair,shoes, that we guys couldn't. It bothered me a little. What if a guy wanted to wear high heels?? How come he couldn't?? Some of these... [more]

My favorite color

Whenever I give my husband a hand job he gets super hard . He loves the way I take my time , I love everything about it. I gently graze his balls and asshole and he moans with pleasure. Usually his pre cum shows up quickly and I play with it between my fingers and I lick at it too. This drives him crazy and I can feel his cock get bigger and... [more]

My wife giving me her golden showers

I love it so much that when my wife had I are in the shower together she will tell me to get down on my knees in front of her so she can give me my golden shower that’s past due for me . I noticed that she was drinking a hot of water just a little while before we went to take a shower.
So I already had a idea of what was going to happen to me in... [more]

Kissing wife

My wife doesn't like come in her mouth and the few times that she has sucked me she has always finished me off with her hands. I have developed a desire for her to have come in her mouth. I have started coating my lips with my come after I masterbate. Then I will go to where she is in the house and kiss her. Knowing that she has tasted my come... [more]

I want to be Cuckolded While Wearing Wet Diapers

I want my wife to put me in adult diapers, have me pee in them in front of her and her lover, and then watch them make love while they make fun of me sitting there in wet diapers.

Old neighbor lady

I have an older lady that lives next door to me we have been Neighbors for a very long time she’s in her early 80s now but when she was younger late 60s early 70s I would do all of her maintenance on her house and make sure her stuff was taken care of she was very attractive and I always let her know that I was interested by the way I looked at... [more]

Putting on a show

My husband made me have lesbian sex with his friends wife. I was so embarrassed about her sucking my pussy while our husbands sat stroking their dicks watching us. It was the most daring thing I had ever done. It all happed because I once told him I had lesbian fantasies.

Exhibitionist wife gets me horny - what does that make me?

We married at 18 & 19 in SoCal in the 60's
Miniskirts & bikini panties were the rage.
I'm not sure what I am - but I really get horny when guys check out my sexy blond wife.
This pattern started early: Once as we were leaving a friend's house in LA, I said to my wife, "we must not leave without saying goodbye to Rick - go give him a kiss... [more]

I like older men

I'm a man, and totally turned on by older men. I love sucking them, getting fucked by them, anything they want to do with me. I sneak around in adult bookstores and suck random older cocks, and meet up with a few regulars when my wife goes out of town. An older man with a hard cock can make me his slave, and I love doing whatever they want me... [more]

Ass smell during sex

The other day I was fucking my girl anal and pulled my cock out and just let it stand up hard without touching it and I could smell her ass on me, i love to smell her ass during 69 when I’m jiggling her ass on my face and when I’m eating her pussy from the back… but something about after anal when you can smell ass on you’r cock and you make her... [more]

Dirty panty fetish

This morning I woke up and found a pair of my step daughters dirty panties on my pillow this morning when I rolled over on my pillow I smelled something different . . I already knew that it was . Because the smell is very intoxicating. Nothing better than waking up to nice pair of dirty panties on my pillow in the morning.
My wife and her... [more]

Ass smell

The other day I was fucking my girlfriend anal, and when I pulled out I let my cock stand straight up without touching it I was still hard right out of her and I could smell ass on it. It turned me on so much, I love smelling her ass during 69 or from the back, but when you can smell it on your cock after anal I got so much hornier and started... [more]

Posting Naked Wife Photos

I want to post some naked photos of my wife that I have taken that she doesn't know about. Where should I post them so that many guys can enjoy looking at her naked body? It makes me horny thinking about a lot of guys coming while looking at her. So far, the only people that have seen her naked are me, her husband, and her doctors.

Cover my freckles in cum

I'm mostly straight but what to see my freckled face get covered in cum. I think it would be a turn on. I want to try sucking a strangers dick once.

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