Fetish Confessions

Openly pissing in the guys toilets at a festival made me feel hor

This summer I went to a festival, and as usual the cue for the girls toilets was huge, but there was none for the guys. Me and my friend joked that we just just go in the guys toilet area. She joked but my view was fuck it why not, it's the same portable toilets, just the other sde of the fence. I marched in to the guys section and suddenly... [more]

Trade wife pics

I've always wanted to share my wife with another man or men. I think she is very hot for 40 year old. Let's trade pics. Don't worry. I will send you some naked pics. That's what turns me on. I want to know what you think and tell me what you would do to her if she was naked in you're bed right now. Don't worry about offending me. You won't. Really... [more]

sucking and swallowing

Ok so I am a shared wife for these last three years and I have found out that almost every every guy we have met with usually gets around to asking me if I swallow when I give head or is it to disgusting and how dose it taste and smell.
I have thought about this a lot some of the guys cum smells a little like bleach and tastes really bad but if... [more]

Best Foot Forward

I'm a 22 year old female and I just moved to Florida. I've noticed that there are a lot of guys into feet. I started getting pedicures and wearing sandals and flips flops to work and the guys are always checking out my feet. This is so fucking cool! The other day I just kicked off my flip flops and went barefoot in front of all the guys. I got... [more]

I'm a woman with a pregnancy fetish

Oh... You, the man out there who had a fetish for pregnant women, with whom I was open to all sorts of play... You and I experimented with positions good for a pregnant woman while I played one, extending my belly as much as I could, looking at best 4 or 5 months pregnant. For a simple one, you'd lay back, and I would ride your cock, while... [more]

J / O Fodder

Wife was shopping for cock, online. We had played with a couple of guys, but none had large cocks. Like me, they were an average six to six and a half inches. She found one young guy who had a nice one, perhaps eight or nine inches, but, she didn't like his tats, and he lived more than a thousand miles away. Others didn't pass muster due to... [more]

Watching my husband

I read a lot about men liking to watch their women get fucked by other men but are their any woman that like to see their man get fucked by another woman. I don't hear much about this. Like to hear some feed back.

Wannabe Feedee Desperate to be Fattened, Looking for Feeder Wife

I desperately want a loving wife to feed and fatten me up massively. Like 400lbs or 500lbs, maybe immobility. I want to have someone stuff me, encourage my gains, and cuddle/fondle my gut. I want to be a food-addicted hog, beached on the couch or bed, too fat to reach my c o ck and needing help getting off.
I desperately want that, someone... [more]

Over mum's knee

I'm a 50 year old guy that still lives at home with mu! Im.not gay but not really interested in getting married but as im.under mum's roof I obey her rules at even at my age I still go over my 72 year old mothers knee for a bare bottom spanking i love it she knows that too y not we both not hurting anyone well except me lo?

Licking ass

I love women's butts. But I also love to stick my face between the cheeks and lick there asshole. Do any women out there like this done to them?


I have to confess, I'm a crossdresser. And I've always loved seeing women wearing fishnet stockings. To me it sends a message. It's like she's saying: " I'm horny, I want some dick, I feel sexy, I'm a nasty bitch, please someone fuck me". And I've noticed that women who wear fishnets get a lot of attention. So, it's no wonder that when I dress up... [more]

What are friends for

15 years ago I got myself a job working in a restaurant, within a few months I become really friendly with two others working at the restaurant.
The two are girls 27 and 24 and I’m male 26, the two girls lived together house sharing, they said that a room is available at the end of the month and it would be great if I took it, I still lived with... [more]

Finger in the butt

Every once in a while, my bf will ask me to put a finger in his butt and press on his prostate while jerking him off. It doesn't turn me on personally but it works for him.


So some guy on my Snapchat (premium) decided to ask for me with my feet playing in my urine .... now it took me daaayyysssss to figure out if I wanted to do it. But at first he offered me $30 , then $50 , then $100 for 5 different videos (4 min a piece) and I did it ... I felt weird at first but now I specialize in videos , pictures , fetish... [more]

I know this is weird

So one evening when I was really bored and horny I looked at one of my dogs who was licking himself. I am not sure of my train of thought but after several minutes I had my dining room table pulled apart and my peanut butter covered cock hanging thru the slot.
The two of them were under the table licking away on my cock and it was feeling... [more]

Pathetic strip club customer.

I am a 49 year old male who goes to a certain strip club and pays my favorite stripper to slap me around, pinch my nipples, and punch my balls ( not to hard yet) only have done it twice, going there to see her again tonight, she just turned 22, its my new addiction. Any ideas or suggestions for me, I will report what happens in my next confession.

Why shaven pussies

Why do so many men want to see women with their with no pussy hair ? Is it because they secretly wish they are pubescent and really want to fuck little girls ?

Want to fuck a guy in a kilt

I'm a single female but I've always liked what guys look like in kilts. So sexy. I'd love to have sex with a hot guy in a kilt while a group of guys in kilts play the bagpipes and watch.

It turns me on

When I see a girl rip a fart. There is so much fart porn - I just stumbled upon it and it makes my cock hard to see and hear a girl blasting farts from her tight stink box. I don’t know how I’d ever bring it up to a girlfriend, but I would love to have my face between her slippery ass cheeks when she releases her booming farts.

Naked in the house

Recently with the hot weather in the uk me and my husband have been walking around the house naked.
The house we live in is a sun trap and all rooms are hot.
We draw the curtains and walk around the house in our underwear.
One day my hubby said I can’t be bothered to put on shorts and sat in the chair naked with the fan on him.
After a couple... [more]

Foot Job

I have a foot fetish for woman’s feet. It’s real bad. I live in Florida and most women wear flip flops or sandals year round and that just feeds my fetish. Sometimes woman tell me it’s obvious because I am always checking out their feet. Most don’t mind and some even go out of their way to be sure I get a look.
I started dating a co-worker... [more]

Up skirt

I don’t have any stories like are posted, the best I can contribute is.
I collect my son from school everyday, a few days ago while waiting in my car, a woman riding her bike stop and spoke to the person in the car parked in front of me.
She had one foot on the ground and the other on the pedal, I didn’t notice anything until she spun the pedal... [more]

Sniff sniff

I’m still good friends with my ex girlfriend and her friend, we have been separated for over 2 years now.
I’m at my ex girlfriend house with her friend and my ex said her daughter has called and needs collecting from the station.
When she left her friend ask how I am, I said life could be better, she asked if I had met anyone yet, no I said... [more]

Naturist but not

I guess I would consider myself a naturist, but there is only one problem. I can't stand for others to see me completely naked. I don't care if people catch a glimpse down, up, or even from the side from what I'm wearing, but I don't want to be just nude.
I never liked wearing clothes when I was kid and now that I have gotten older I like... [more]


There is nothing better than flashing some guy your hooha. I have been doing it for years starting when I was teen. I'm married now and my husband encourages me to do it. I met my husband when I flashed him at Hardee's. I once again had a dress on no panties on when I went in to get something to eat. As I looked around for a table I noticed one... [more]

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