Fetish Confessions

My lust for my best friends son

Right now I am staying at my best friends house while she is on a work trip and I am watching her son. Let me explain a few things about myself before getting into it .
This may sound crazy but I am new to this. I am 54, single and have never owned a computer until last month. I know it sounds crazy but my entire life i refuse to purchase... [more]

I stroke to pics of my wife being cumtributed

I like to watch other guys cocks grow as I show them pictures of my wife nude and stroke my cock to them cumming to her pictures and telling me what they’d do to her. She’s caught me before and ended up saving them to her own porn stash

Im a tights thief

I'm a straight man that has an uncontrolled tights fetish. I get so turned on by women wearing tights, I love the feeling of them and love wearing tights myself. I also cannot stop myself from steeling tights from women I know or someone who has them lying around in a wash basket, washing pile or from their tights draw. I have stolen them from... [more]


My fantasy is to be taken into a room full of wonen by my wife dressed as a sissy no panties and made to have a riding crop fight with the other womens sissies where we could only whip once each in turn while the women cheer yell and bet on the winner and laugh at our yelps and jumps as we jump with our knees almost at our chests as the whips... [more]


laying on the bed, just wearing panties. My husband crawls up the bed, and approaches my breast. My nipples are puffy and long because they are engorged with milk. He rubs his nose along my nipple, and then starts his deep suckling, That sweet tingly let down happens, and I can feel my husbands cock pressing on to my pubes. He pulls my panties... [more]

Best pantys you sniffed

Well the one day sitting at my step sister house. Her and her friends were going out. I stayed and chilled. Well my sister was to jump in the shower, she ran out to plug her phone in bent over and I seen these lil white lace thongs. She like my bad. I was like yummy. Well she got out of the shower. I can see into her room while she got ready to... [more]

Lover wanting to give me a treat

I'm married and my wife is dull in bed in the sex area. I have had a lover for the past couple of years. Its been great and We can talk about anything. In her past she had enjoyed sex a lot. I told her once that my fantasy is sliding into a cum filled pussy. We spent the weekend together before Thanksgiving She told me I might have a surprise for... [more]

My step moms feet

Okay, so I’m 16, and I’ve had a step mom for about 6 years. For the first couple years I knew her I never even thought about her feet or anything along those lines. Then, one night I heard my parents having sex, and I heard her moan. For some reason this sparked my interest in her and I started sneaking into her room and smelling her socks and... [more]

My wild fetishes and fantasies

I am curious about how and why I have some kinky desires from time to time. Some are no doubt borne of early life experiences.
There are definite humiliation aspects to some fantasies. I have always been attracted to women, hot girls, and have had sexual relationships with many girlfriends, and one wife. But I have also had bisexual or... [more]

Clean up

After your wife has been with another guy what is you favorite way to clean up. Or do you like to eat it straight from the source

I just love my princess doll

I have a doll of Elsa from the Disneymovie Frozen (which is canonly 21 years old) and she sleeps with me in my bad every night my gf isnt there. I love her a lot and sometimes I kiss her face over and over and stroke her and love her lots.
I am a 25 year old female in a happy lesbian (temporarely) long-distance relationship, a lot of friends and... [more]

Rubbing and grinding

It turns me on when I rub my hard on against a girls body. It can be any part of her body, I like grinding against her ass. Rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks and making her hot. Another great one is grinding against her pubic mound against the silky panties and feeling the texture of her pussy hair against my cock. When naked my best I’d... [more]

I love undressing my wife with her guys watching

I have always wanted my wife to fuck other guys, she agreed saying she wants to fuck much more and she knows I am serious I want guys with big dicks fucking her she told me that she fucks guys in our apt complex I was so hard after she said she is fucking other guys, I asked do you let them cum in your pussy? yes of course they cum in my pussy, i... [more]

I am a size queen, are you?

I am a married woman who loves very large penis size. My husband is average size, 6" long and average girth 5". My ex first introduced me to very large dicks and I have craved them ever since. His dick was 10" long and almost 8" in girth. I am a small woman, 5' tall 105 lbs but I could take all of him with no pain at all. I have learned with... [more]

I dress that way on purpose

I suppose I would call it a fetish, I dress to show off my body casually. I will wear a short dress or skirt with either a string thong or nothing on under it then leave my legs slightly open when I notice a man looking my way. I will wear loose fitting tops that show everything from my neck to my waist when I bend over and get that grocery item... [more]

Incest kink...

Hi Got a lot of stories I want to share here & will start...but lately been wanting to talk to a dad who does his daughter. Just find it hot kik; k1nkydadd.y or leave yours

Amazing wife

My wife is starting to come around to my panty fetish. She actually bought me a pair to match her most recent ones she bought. Today when i got out of the shower, she had laid that pair out for me to wear today. I have been leaking precum all day just wearing them and appreciating her open mind. I think i want her to lay out what pair i should... [more]

I have a fantasy of begin used by mystery older men

I have a really big fantasy of begin tied up, blindfolded and fucked by several older guys. But I don't want to know how many people are there, and I don't want to know who. I'm 18, will be 19 soon, and I really wanna fulfill it while I'm still in my teens but, I'm kinda ashamed of it and scared, plus I have a boyfriend and trynna stay loyal.
Idk... [more]

I like showing off for my neighbors

I've never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist but lately I've really started to enjoy showing off for my neighbors. On one side is a group of 20-something guys and the other is a couple. When my bf comes over sometimes I'll leave the curtain and windows over my bed so they could see me riding him if they looked. I'll talk dirty and... [more]

Panty lover

Hey I'm m32 and love the look and feel of panties. I wear them when I can and love to try and steal a look at someone's whenever I can. I have gone into friends bathrooms and bedrooms and found clean and dirty ones for me to jerk off with. I once was at a party and had a pair of the hosts panties in my pocket while chatting with her that I had got... [more]


I want all my old girlfriends to know that I am a pantyboy who loves to suck cock and jerk off on cam in front of strangers. Kurtie Pantyboy wears frilly lingerie and pretty panties all the time.

Hung Horse

I would love to be mounted by a stud horse. I think his clock would hurt so so good.

Bbc fantasy for me

I am always pondering how I could just get some bbc! I always watch bbc porn every second I get.
I have this fantasy that some bbc pulls up and picks me up. We go for a drive on some back roads. We get out & he bends me over. Rams his clock hard, slow & so deep. He brought a friend. His friend wants a turn. So they pass my pushy back and forth... [more]

Stomach sitting

I love it when a guy (who has weight on him like 200-250 lb) sits on my stomach... Forcefull.. Like the thought of not needing able to get up or having trouble breathing is like such a torn on for me is rediculous... Like you can sit on me any time anywhere around anyone it doesn't matter... I love it! You don't let me up until your ready wrether... [more]

15 minute bj

I like to on occasion put of some sexy lingerie, fishnets n heels then strut my sexy ass down the sidewalk late at night and one particular time a guy pulled over in front of me (I thought it was a cop but I was just some guy who was looking for some head) I got in, he drove me to an empty parking lot where I sucked his medium sized cock till he... [more]

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