Fetish Confessions

My wife’s date

My wife is gorgeous, 5’ tall 105lb with a perfect ass. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a couple years. I’m dominant and she is submissive. About 99% of the men who fuck her are black men, she prefers huge cocks on them. Usually she either enjoys them at parties but sometimes we invite men over and the bull and I will work her over until... [more]

New fetish

I have to confess. I seen a girl get licked by her dog. And omg did I get horny. Seeing his big long tounge go inside her pussy and her moaning. I got so hard. Now I think I got a new fetish. Girls and dogs. It's so sexy I love it. any girls who plays with their dogs sc: Andyc2104

I guess I'm a Feeder

All my life I have always loved bigger women and the thought of a big woman getting bigger excites me. I always thought I was weird or the only one with this burden. I tried living a normal life but every woman I have dated I subconciously gotten them bigger by encouragement. I am 31 years old from Ohio and at the point of wanting to give this a... [more]

I get horny

I'm straight but I get really really horny when I watch gay porn or look at cock

I like to be used

I like white me to use me....I’m a young black girl

Women with salad cream fetish hit me up

I like women who like to lick salad cream off a big cock the smell has to turn them on to as I get turned on naturally by any women who likes to sniff my meat balls

I’m into sounding

I started reading about sounding and purchased some sounds on line. I love the feeling of the rod when I put in my pee h::. My wife thinks it is painful and not natural for a man to be turned on by this. Are there any lady’s out there that think this would be a turn on to them or am I just a freak?

Our first time

I've begged and begged my wife to have sex with others while I watched. On Friday we worked out all details and she picked a couple guys she knows from the old area we used to live in. She called them and they were down so the next day we took the 3 hour drive there and rented a hotel. The guys showed up we had some drinks and slowly got started... [more]

I like being otk and spanked

Ever since I was little I've loved getting my bare bottom spanked. I would go out of my way to get spankings from anyone that would give me one and this continued well into my teens and then it came to a halt and I considered going to a professional but I was far to embarrassed to talk to anyone about it then one day I went with my aunt to help... [more]


I’ve seen a lot of stories on here recently written by both men and women about chastity. Ladies can you explain the appeal of locking up your man’s cock? And men why are you agreeing to such a restriction that sounds kind of painful? To each their own of course but I’m just curious about it since it’s appeared a lot here.

Rough sex, rough day

I like rough beatings during sex, and I have since I was like 13. I like having my hair pulled, and especially stomach beatings. But something went wrong recently, I went to a club and got talking with a guy, and I got drunk so I let him and his mates take me back to his apartment. After I told them I liked beatings, they abused me all night. I... [more]

Forced growth?

I read a list where people shared fetishes and desires and one woman said her secret fetish was men being forced to grow breasts. Is this a real fetish? What would you think as a man if your wife or girlfriend wanted to force you to grow breasts?

Dominance or something else?

It seems like many posts on here lately are about women making their men wear panties or cock cages or otherwise turning them into sissies. Not judging anyone. What you’re into is your choice. I’m more curious. Whats the appeal? Why would a woman want to do this to her man and how are they getting their men to go along with it? Is it about... [more]

My craziest fetish

This may sound strange but I love reading stories about dogs licking women’s pussies....the idea of having a big dogs tongue on and in me makes me crazy with lust..what turns me on even more is the idea of a hot guy stroking his hard cock while watching a dog slowly tongue me until I come ??...(while I’m tied up....mmmm yaaass)

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