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Would love to hear more stories from panty lover's and what they do with them..For me I've been collecting and masturbating in them since I was a teenager and I know there are so many others out there who love to do the same..I also love masturbating in fishnet pantyhose and have many bras and mini skirts that I dress up and masturbate and video... [more]


I want to suck c*ck all the time! It thrills me to make other guys cum in my mouth! I like to be in public after sucking, secretly knowing that I just swallowed another guy's cum!

Anyone else unable to resist urges

I'm unable to resist the urge to touch little girls while they sleep and have even planned a rape. I've touched my baby daughters vagina and I'm sure if it would fit then I'd have raped her by now. This only happens when I smoke crack or sniff cocaine. Just wanna know I'm not alone

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How young would you go if you could ?

Question to both men about girls and women about boys. Please state if you are male or female

Obsessed with Interracial Sex

I am trully obsessed with watching white women getting fucked by black men. The way blk guys bring out their raw sexual energy and oen them sexually. I live the contrasts of skin tone and the over all taboo factor to it all.

I love exposing my girlfriend navel

Every night I make sure that my girlfriend navel Is exposed while she Is sleeping. I slightly lift her shirt enough to uncover It and I leave her like that. Knowing in general that her navel is exposed without her knowing turns me on a lot.

Love men to flirt with GF

My girlfriend is only 30, 14 years my junior with big fake tits and she turns me on so much, im obsessed with her wearing skimpy low cut tops and short skirts whenever my friends or workmen are around the house encouraging her to flirt and let them see as much as possible which does annoy her a little but we tend to have very hot sex after with... [more]

Photos of my Sister

Back when I was a teenager, in the days long before cell phones, my sister had given me an old chest of drawers that she and her boyfriend no longer needed. As I was going through it I discovered a strip of photo negatives. The negatives were small and I was unable to make out what was on them and on two of them looked like they could be of my... [more]

Public toilet rule

Recently I've developed a new rule for myself when I'm alone and horny in a public restroom (and not expected to be somewhere).
The rule is that I'm allowed to piss anywhere in the restroom but the toilet itself. The toilet bowl is NOT to be pissed in.
I cannot leave the restroom before I've emptied my bladder on/in walls, floors, sinks... [more]

Your Panties

If I have been to your house, and you are a woman, wife, daughter, mother, sister, I have found your panties and either sniffed them, jerked off into them, or taken them. If you have a hamper in your bathroom, I have taken your panties out, sniffed them, jerked off into a pair and probably taken them. If you have a laundry room, I have checked... [more]

Anyone wants to talk?

Hey if anybody wanna share their fetishes with me my instagram is @luciferspussii I don’t judge anybody just wanna talk and be on the same page with some one ???

Step daughters knickers and tights

I love to steal tights, knickers and other clothes items from my exes 19 year old step daughter. I am forever fantasizing about her every single day, she is absolutely gorgeous and her body is amazing. Whenever I'm around her I'm trying my best not to let her know or catch me perving over her. I have stolen so many pairs of her knickers and... [more]

Step daughter fantasy

When i used to live in the same house as my step daughter who was 15 to begin with I used to fantasize and hope that she would come onto me down stairs on the sofa while her mum was in bed upstairs. Alot of the time she would be laying on the sofa in her school uniform which included a really nice pair of black 40-60 denier opaque tights and I... [more]


Dose any one know of website that can help me come better sissy and and good task site.

Why does it turn him on?

I was molested when i was a kid for several years by my step dad. It happened over several years until i was into my early teens.
When i was dating my husband i told him my history. Now he ask me about it all the time.
I tell him details and telive it with him telling him everything.
He won’t admit it but I think it gets him aroused. We... [more]

Doctor's Question

When I have my annual physical my doctor always asks me if I am sexually active. When I say yes he asks me if there is anyone besides my wife and I tell him no. However last year I told him that while I only have sex with my wife, she has sex with me and several boyfriends. Then he asked if she used protection with the other men, I told him that... [more]

My wifes little sissy

I was 16 when I got the girl next door pregnant and my parents made me quit school and get a full time job and marry her . She was very dominant with me from the begining and had full control of me in every way . She locked me in a chastity belt and started feminizing me ,I would come home from work and get dressed up in what ever outfit she had... [more]

After dark in the laundry room with milf/cougar lingerie

I love to head down to the basement when it is late, where the laundry room is. Each unit has each own washer/dryer. Love to check out what my female neighbours wear. I love lingerie, not to wear but how they feel. Just came up from checking out what on neighbour put in the dryer.
This one particular blonde neighbour wears only thongs. She's... [more]

Fat boyfriend

I try to keep my chubby chasing in check but this quarantine has kicked it up a notch. I have a really big bf that is 6'3 and he weighed 410 at the beginning of the lock down. 2 months into it and he's up to over 450. Years ago, he got as high as 600lbs. However health issues made him drop weight. Crazy thing is, he's on the carnivore diet and was... [more]

I love secretly wearing sexy womens clothes

It is a really good thing they didn't have the internet around when I was younger. All the sexy things I see on there. I would have bought everything I see on Amazon. I would have stayed broke. I love all the high heels I see, I love all the panty hose and stockings I see on there, all the body shapers, the girdles, the breast forms, the wigs. I... [more]

My amazon prime ex wife’s ass

I met my future ex wife during a week if business on Oahu Hawaii. She was babysitting a friend and out of a bad marriage. I pursued her relentlessly and after a night of dancing and an impossible moon she accompanied me to my hotel. We undressed after the warmth of dancing all night and I was so very pleasantly surprised by how this stranger... [more]

Had to do what I made her do

When I was in high school, I met a girl who was a couple of years older than me, and she took me to her place at lunch hour for sex. Seems simple enough, right? We got naked, she got between my legs and sucked me off. Ducked my cock, ass and balls, made a point of spreading my cheeks and shoving her tongue right up inside. Finished in her mouth... [more]

Anal Sex

I am a forty something married woman. I’ve been married nearly 25 years and have had very little interest in vaginal sex since I had kids. My husband is average (from what I’ve read), and I can hardly feel him inside me at times. We’ve only had anal sex with a clit vibe for 15 plus years. The longer we’ve done it, the better it gets. I can’t get... [more]

Gassy Pregnant Wifw

My wife has always been open about farting. She didn't do it a lot, but I still enjoyed it when she did. But ever since she got pregnant, she has been really gassy and farting all the time. She is letting me stick my face to her butt as she loudly farts. On May 17th I was promoted at work and she was so happy for me. She decided to congratulate... [more]

I have a stomach fetish, anyone else?

I'm a young girl, and as long as I can remember, I've been attracted to the male stomach. Some of my fantasies Include:
*Rubbing a man's stomach
*Listening to his stomach growl
*Playing with his navel
*Feeding a man and rubbing his aching belly (I don't have a fat fetish)
I'm very embarrassed by this fetish, and I often catch myself... [more]

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