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Work Confessions

Caught co worker and blackmailed

I went to the bathroom at work and it’s a 1 stall bathroom in the back of the shop for the workers. The door wasn’t locked and as I open the door I see my co worker on the toilet with his dick in his hand watching porn. I said oh shit sorry and shut the door back. He comes out soon after and walked up to me and said hey man I’m sorry about that... [more]

As an employer

How good is to be superior to your workers , to look down on them ? for those who already do this: how good is to have your feet worshiped by your inferior workers ? for the male employers, how good is to have your dick sucked by your inferior workers ?

Young Guy wants his 40 yr old boss bad

I’m around 25, and really want to fuck my 40 year old boss, or at least trade nudes. Shes not that attractive or anything, idk why i like her but the thought of her naked gets me rock hard. She just left her husband, and I have her on Snapchat. But I’m also in a happy relationship and she’d kill me if she found out anything like that.

He took us in the ass and now he owns our pussy

So I'm not a little girl. I work for a family business, there are two women in the office. She is also not a little girl. I screwed up and cost the company a lot of money. I was given a choice, pay it back, or give up my ass to him. He made her witness it, so she knew not to screw up. My ass was virgin, so was hers. He made me get completely... [more]

I took a second job selling door-to-door

I have been reading these posts for some time now and I feel like it is my time to contribute. This happened back in the early eighties between my first and second year of college. The economy was not great, and I had a job washing dishes and I took a second job selling door-to-door. It is interesting what you find when you are continuously... [more]

Work Party

I am a 30 year old male, and though I consider myself heterosexuals, I enjoy sucking cock, I have since I was 12 and sucked a 16 year old neighbor's cock. The feel of a nice hard cock in my mouth and the feel and taste of cum in my mouth as I swallow it is the best. Now in May a girl I knew in high school was hired at my company, she asked me... [more]

Zoom call

During Covid my wife's garden club decided to have zoom meetings. Our computer was in our bedroom and had a large flat panel with a glare screen.I say this since at an angle you didn't know if it was on. Things were starting to open back up so the ladies were talking about in person meetings again. This month was still going to be zoom and I... [more]

Wife’s X-mas party photos

My wife just had her Christmas Party at a site only accessible by walking 900 yards from the car park and the pathway isn’t all that lit also, dark enough for me to drop her off and pick her up walking to and from the venue.
Late that night she rung and told me she was ready to be picked up so I started making my way to the venue. I live about... [more]

Clients hot wife

So today at work I was at a house cleaning the windows and it's a large house and they have an entertainment room up stairs. So I was cleaning the windows and there was a old I phone on the lounge it was on charge and eveerytime I've been there I've always wondered why it was there so today I decided to have a look at it and I tried to open it and... [more]

Promotion Photographer

I do professional photography of clients and their products and one client wanted me to promote their latest camper van.
I decided it needed to be photographed out in the wild and organised it to be towed through the beach and then up onto the mountain top amongst nature and left there over the weekend.
So the owner and his wife drove myself... [more]

Work Wife convos getting more Kinky

So me and a co-worker would really consider ourselves, "Work wife, work husband", as we both are taken. We work in a large office building with separate room with cubicles.
On weekends me and my work wife would usually do overtime and we were the only ones in our room, probably really on the floor, with no camera in our room so we got relaxed... [more]

Girl has sex with manager after that ignores her

Hey, so I recently went to a work event. I was only planning to go for around an hour or so and then leave as I’m a lot younger than my colleagues, we speak a lot at work however outside of work I couldn’t imagine hanging out with them.
I have been the youngest one at work for months and everyone at work are in their 30s-40s. Around 2 months... [more]

My teacher wife

My wife is a high school teacher. I’ve been wanting her to be naughty at work but she will not do it. She’s 34 and is very attractive. I text her throughout the day and have tried to get her to send me pics under her desk or touch herself at her desk but she won’t do it. Idk why but that would turn me on and be so hot to me. I know those boys in... [more]

It just worked out

I got married just before I graduated HS, as I had gotten pregnant. I wasn’t really crazy about my husband, he was a year older than me, extremely attractive, attentive, hardworking, and well a standup guy, that did the right thing. Getting married, kinda screwed up both of our lives, he dropped out of college and joined the military, and I put... [more]

Making a career for myself

I retired after 48 years in the business. I went in when I was in my late twenties, looking for a job where I could make real money. They were advertising for recruits, offered a signing bonus. The recruiter got a bonus for every guy they hired, girls weren't wanted. This was man work out in the field. Before hiring I had to take these tests... [more]

My gf at work

My gf works at a company that does remodels to houses. She is the office manager and has her own office in the building. She will send me nudes and videos of her touching herself and things like that randomly through the week. My question is what gets her so horny at work? I’ve asked before and she said she’s just thinking about me throughout the... [more]

What was I supposed to do…

Seven years ago I started a new job and within four months was fast tracked supporting the CEO on a business proposal to a client.
It was an oversight stay and being honest I didn’t contribute towards anything really.
The meeting was at 09.30 the evening before the CEO and I were going over numbers in the hotel bar, she said let’s go to my room... [more]

Stress relief

Over a period of 5 months I’ve been texting a female colleague and I’ve only seen her 3 times.
She takes over from my shift 2 hours after I finish, before I leave I text her any issues that need to be addressed.
Being polite I started asking how was your weekend, evening and so on.
Over the 5 months we have started asking each other personal... [more]

Fucking Co-Worker's Wife

4 years ago I hosted a work party. I have a pretty big place so I invited co-workers and said they could bring spouses. This 1 couple, James and Katlyin, they both got pretty hammered. They lived pretty close so at the end of the party I offered to take them home. I got to there place, walked in James, went back to walk out Kat from the car and... [more]

I'm a career prostitute

I'm 39 and been a prostitute for 21 years now. I have no exit plan and no desire to quit. Ive had serious relationships in the past but I always choose the career when given an ultimatum (happens every time!)
Sometimes (rarely), I meet someone who came to pay me very good for an hour between my legs...only for them to blow me away due to... [more]

He pushed me away

Well it all started a few months ago when my last child started college. I decided to get a job so I had something to do. I was on my second husband because to be honest I was kinda a wild child in my first marriage and before I got married. But I tried to be a good wife with my second husband. After the kids were gone I tried to spice things up... [more]

Thank you Gift

I (m45) have been mentoring this girl (f27) for 5 years. Yesterday was my last day in this job and she offered to hook up with me, which I took.
I think it was a thank you gift from her as she’s always contributed her success to my guidance.
Yesterday, the office had a farewell dinner for me as I was a long-time employee with them. She was... [more]


Always wanted to visit a nudist day spa. At a company meeting in Arizona. Asked a colleague if he would come with me. We have worked together for several years. He said he would. I am in my late 40’s and co-worker early 50’s. We undressed in co- changing room. My breasts are still somewhat perky and small but firm nipples. My friend undressed... [more]

Unfortunate mix up turns hot...

Right after my wife and I got married at 18 yo I was working part time in a convenience store owned by a guy in his late 50's. It was in the country and was kind of a gathering place for him and some of his buddies at times. They'd go in the back and drink and play cards and it wasn't unusual for one of them to meet up with girls there and take... [more]


I’m a senior manager at a firm, and I have been told that I have what is described as a boss-lady energy.
There’s an intern [m20] from the accounting dept at my firm that I’ve had flirty tension with for weeks. By a random series of events (too long to bore you with here) we ended up at a concert…just the two of us.
At the show, I ordered us... [more]

Fucked Grocery worker

I used to work as a maintenace engineer and visit stores once a month to fix the lights. Met this one girl who worked at sainsburys and her partner worked there too in the bakery. She was flirting with me i knew she wanted it. I asked her what time she finished and then waited to pick her up. Took her back to her flat fucked her tight little pussy... [more]

Coworker Is A Cougar

I started working at a dollar store just as a summer job before going back go college. One of the full time workers, Mary, was very friendly towards me since my start. She's married, 54 years old, an averagely build woman, fairly attractive I guess.
A week ago I told her I planned on quitting because school was starting up. I still had to pack... [more]

I got my first BJ from an older co-worker

In the early '90s, I was about 20 and still a virgin, working full time as a file room clerk for a government contractor near Washington DC. I had a steady girlfriend (now my wife) who lived about an hour and a half away, and at that point we only saw each other every other weekend.
I had a female co-worker who was a notorious flirt. She was... [more]

I am all for

Employers that suck the dick of the male employer and worship the feet and kiss the ass of the lady employer because i understand they are superior to the employees , and so long as we can agree that such sincere act of adoration won't be used to blackmail or cause some other kind of problems , so long as we can agree that it won't cause any kind... [more]

Wife confessed to giving blow-job at work

My very sexy yet modest-in-public wife confessed to me when very drunk last night that last year, before she quit - she had followed a male supervisor into a small copier room at her work.
"He said he wanted to show me something - but when we got in there he stood in front of me - looked into my eyes - and started removing his suit... [more]

Hot Special Needs Girl

I work in a special needs facility. Generally speaking I work with teens up to about 25. My latest person in need is a 19 year old girl, Christina. Sweet girl, obviously things are wrong with her mentally but damn she ended up with a hot body.
More often than not, I have to help her dress. A female caregiver is supposed to do that but where I... [more]

Wife had to give her boss head

My wife shared this event with me, it happened a few yrs before we married:
When she was a 25 yr old secretary in the county building - the elected county treasurer was her boss. Married guy with 2 kids, late 40's. A little pudgy - but not bad looking my wife said.
My wife is now drop-dead sexy - and when she was 25 she was innocent and... [more]

I'm a Awful Assistant

I am an aid for special need teens and adults. I got a new girl to watch, Christina. Sweet girl but she is VERY well gifted as in her tits are HUGE. I often have to help her change and I can't help but get hard and more often than not I have to run to the restroom to jerk off and get rid of my boner. I feel bad but I literally can't help it.

New Girl Wants To Move Up

Name's Ryan (39m) and I work for a pretty large company and last year I got a promotion with a enclosed private office. A couple month ago we hired a woman whos name is Jenna (I think she's around 25). Gorgeous slender woman. Long blonde hair, firm ass, fairly large breasts, smart on top of it all based off her work.
Three weeks ago she came... [more]

Coworker Likes Side Meat

Me and my coworker work retail. A dollar store more specifically. We're both in our early 20s. Her name is Rachel. She's pretty attractive. Someone I always thought was out of my league, even more so since she has a boyfriend.
On a slow day, my just waiting by the register with no one in the store, I hear Rachel call from the stock room so I... [more]

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