Work Confessions

Use her tits

I have been trying to get my wife to hook up with a guy from her work. She works at the hospital in administration and he works across the hall. She told me he always flirts but a month ago she asked him out for lunch. Talk was all they did. Part of his deal is she tells me everything in detail. She knows how it turns me on hearing about her past... [more]

Assistant Sucks My Cock

I’m a 60-year-old supervisor in a facility that includes an office area and a warehouse. Based on my recommendation, a 35-year-old woman, cute with a beautiful set of tits, was promoted from working in the warehouse to become my assistant. She’s smart, and has a college degree, but somehow never got a chance to work a professional job. I would... [more]

I want to kiss and lick the feet of my lady employer

I would love to do that as part of my job , even in front of other workers that probably would love to do the same , it could be even included in the work contract

I wish that lady employers would express their wish to get their

Feet worshiped by the employers

Work friend

Last October husband and I separated and I went to stay with my brother in London and got myself a job as a security officer and was helping with my problem and started relaxing and opening up to another guard at the swop over time staying and chatting as was half-hour till my train would come, well one day he arrived and he could see I was bit... [more]

The cleaning lady

The cleaning lady at the company i work with is going to retire. Bless her soul. She has been a great asset of ours and we wish her well at her next pasture. This means we were looking for a new cleaning lady.
My colleagues informed me the new cleaning lady was a young moroccan woman by the name of S. When i first laid eyes on her, i was... [more]

Worship the feet of the lady employer

I knew from an article on the net that there actually is a workplace were the managers make the employers kiss their feet , i would like to talk with them

Nadine Becomes a Hot Wife Part 1

Hi my name is Nadine and this is my story about how I went from a flirt that only had sex with two men to a hot wife slut, taking three cocks at once.
A little about me first, I am 5’4” with 36 DD breasts and a tight ass. My hair is long auburn leaning more to the red, and my eyes are blue. If you wish to see pictures of me then search Nadine... [more]

Nadine Becomes a Hot Wife part 2

I then broached the subject, was he okay with what I had done, and held my breath waiting for an answer? He let me wait a few more seconds then said you sound like you enjoyed yourself so make the most of the last night you have together, see you soon, make me proud, I love you. The teasing flirt slut came out of her shell and responded with I... [more]

I try and seduce guys with my eyes

I work at the hospital and sometimes I get really horny so I look at every guy that passes me in the hallway and make eye contact with them and try and hold it and try and bob verbally tell them I want to get fucked. It’s fun and makes the day go by quickly. Sometimes I take my panties off under my scrubs just to feel naughty while I do it ❤️

Watching me

My husband and I Own a business. We had a couple of store fronts for years, before moving solely online.
Our storefront had large windows- floor to ceiling. And we had coverings over them, The kind you could see out, but not in. When you walked into the store, you faced the counter and main displays. Behind those, another floor to wall window... [more]

I really love him, but IDK . . . . .

Back before Thanksgiving last year, I went to work for a smallish temp agency that schedules, prepares reports and provides staff for product inventories to certain types and sizes of stores in our area. I began by doing simple administrative work but soon was also involved in supervising te inventories, too. By New Year's Day, I was... [more]

My angry manager

When I was 21 I worked as a barman. A new manager took over. She was late twenties, 6 feet tall and would’ve weighed over 200lbs. She had an enormous ass, huge boobs and always dressed in tight, provocative clothes. She also had a bad temper. Most of the staff left within a few months of her arrival and I was one of the last to still be... [more]

Boss is a Flirt

My boss is 51-year-old former television reporter who loves to flirt with all of the men in the office. I’ve worked here a little over two years, and she’s rubbed her ass against my crotch several times, talked about her sex life and stood way too close to me too many times to count. She’s got a apple-shaped ass and 36C titties, so the attention... [more]

Pretty please

Please , to all the female bosses\managers out there , consider to include foot worship among the duties of your subordinates, there are people that would be more than glad to satisfy you :D

Men are easy to tease!

Men are so easy to distract in the business environment. I’m glad they are keeping their hands to themselves more, because it makes it easier to tease them. Bending over instead of squatting to pick something up. Crossing and uncrossing our legs, dipping our shoes. The sound our heels as we walk and for us thicker ladies, the sound of our nylon... [more]

Workplace temptations!

I’ve been working from home for a year now and in two weeks we all go back into the office. That’s terrifying not only because the virus is still out there, but because I’ve nude from the waist down this whole time. And I’ve been jerking off four to five times each day. It’s very difficult to hide hard on’s in a suit. I’m afraid even the... [more]

My interns face is comfy!

I caught my intern in my office sniffing the seat of my chair when I came back from lunch. So being the opportunist that I am, I took off my skirt and tights and sat on his face until I came. It’s been three months and he keeps getting better. I think I’m going to hire him.

Weekly blowjob

A few years ago I worked at a family run printing business, I was just a labourer, tidy up, move things about basically anything.
Only one other person smoked and that was the boss daughter, she was admin sorting out sales and delivers, she acted like she was in charge.
During my time there I got over fifty blowjobs from her.
On our smoke break... [more]

When Your Mom Is A Nurse

Rebecca Bosworth struggled into her tight-fitting nurse's uniform, wriggling her body to fit the dark blue material across her ample bust. She had always been a big girl up top and the standard-issue uniforms strained against the thrust of her 42DD chest. If she got a uniform that left room for her big assets, it would billow out over her hips... [more]


Past few years iv been working away from home in an indian restaurant and I usually stay on top of the restaurant nice amount of space
But 2 weeks ago while we was closed the boss come paid me a vist come to see how am doing and all nothing of the usually until he asked me do u want like make extra money I said how he told me ur going to have to... [more]

I Blackmailed My Mother

My mother Bethany Griffith was CEO and sole owner of a small but profitable advertising agency called Womankind. My father's business interests were immense, varied and complicated. I walked into mother's cavernous office and closed and locked the door behind me. Me locking the door was not lost on her. Mother's hair and makeup were perfect as... [more]

Wife's co worker

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and things seemed ok , we both work and on weekends I spend my time fixing up our house, she does the shopping and does other things like cleaning , a real normal life
Lately the wife seemed distant from my, she was on the cell more than usual and when she went to work she would dress looking like a... [more]

Wife's coworker

I recently asked my wife if there were any guys at her work that talks to her in more than a professional manner. After a couple of drinks, she fibally confessed to me that a guy named Jaysun has made some comments to her a couple of times. I dared her to send him a flirtatious text and see how he would respond. She said no because she thought I... [more]


Back in 2016 I had decided to do some job training at a rehabilitation facility back in South Carolina. I was quiet and stayed to myself, I had caught the attention of one of my supervisors and the work I was putting out. As the training went along we struck up a friendship, we flirted with one another from time to time. She was older than me but... [more]

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