Work Confessions

Work From Home

I started my business during the pandemic and, by the time I had it up and running, didn't really feel like seeking out office space. I have slowly converted most of the basement at this point into my office and have even put paver stones and some landscaping from the road to the basement entrance as I've started to have clients and vendors come... [more]

Helping Husbands Career

My husband works for a large restaurant company. We met there he told me when we first started dating that he wanted a wife that was a slut in the bedroom and high class when they went out. We have been married now for 25 years he has done well and is a regional director. My confession is about what he doesn’t know.
When he got promoted to a... [more]

My wife asked me to suck her tits every morning before work

My wife has a hot body and we have great sex, but she started asking me to suck on her big tits every morning before she went to work. I enjoyed doing that, I usually ended up with a full erection and cumming while sucking her tits and making them real hard. I eventually asked her why she liked me to suck her tits before she went to work, and... [more]

Her bossed frenched my wife due to her camel toe

Wife was acting a little different last night in bed during our foreplay...
"What's up honey?"
"OK, promise you won't get mad?"
"OK" Damn, I hate this.... What's this sexy MILF been up to now?
"Well, you've mentioned a couple of times after I get home from work that my slacks are maybe showing more of my anatomy than I realize... [more]

Do you ever

Do you ever just feel real low? Like you can’t see a way out of a situation.
I have a wonderful family and life but sometimes stuff just gets on top of me and I genuinely don’t know how to fix it. I just wait it out and it often doesn’t take too long but when I’m in the thick of it I just feel trapped. Like I’m a failure and letting my family... [more]

Wife's stepdad

We had only been married 2 years, my wife and I were fessing up to each other about the sexual things we had done in our past. I was a little shocked when she told me that she had sex with her stepdad several time with mama's blessing, she said that a few times they were all in bed fucking together. I asked her did she think it possiable for us to... [more]

Best sex ever had

I had an affair with a Woman I worked with. I had the key to the office and we would sometimes go in late at night and read porn stories on the internet or look at porn with her sat an my lap with my cock deep inside her and my hands fondling her breasts. She had big sensitive nipples that were always erect and felt amazing. I could barely keep my... [more]

Night Drives

Don't be too disgusted with me over this confession. After all, I know my wife cheats on me. I have the evidence, even though she denies it.
Anyway, sometimes I drive people on the late shift for one of those phone app lift services. They're strict. For example, you can get reported for not wearing a mask. And they don't allow flirting between... [more]

Always Be Closing

There's a woman, Annie, that I've known for a number of years and she's really sweet and very sexy. I met her when she was trying to sell my former employer some ad space in a local publication. A few months back, she had heard that I went out on my own and reached out. She said, "I'm still with ___ and was wondering if you may be interested in an... [more]

Girl friends mom

When I was 16 I was at my girlfriends house, it was late, her mother told us goodnight, we thought she was in bed. My girl friends name is Ann, Ann was jacking me off when her mother walked back into the room, Ann's mother was scolding us, saying she did not want us to get cum on the couch, Ann never stopped, her mother acted like she was buying a... [more]

Leasing office affairs

When I was a property manager for a leasing office for rental warehouses in dade county Florida . There was a very sexy middle age woman that was working in the main office and I was the guy taking care of the warehouse property’s. So after a few months the woman in the office started to getting close to each other. At the end of the day we get... [more]

What Would You Do?

I teach creative writing at a trade school. I have suggested everyone investigate Naughty Posts. My oldest student has completed military service and entered school. Most of Naughty Posts’ writings that she chooses to discuss with me contains some anal intercourse and usually an older man theme.
Although her points seem to be legitimate I... [more]

Wife confessed old boss paid bellhop to suck her

Wife likes to share her previous sex experiences with me while we're in foreplay. Gets us both very horny!
She worked for an older guy, supposedly "leaving his wife" - who slowly seduced her at work. She was a virgin --- "he was patient" she says - slowly worked her pussy with his thumb - and then with 2 and 3 fingers. "Yes it hurt when I finally... [more]

Someones slut wife

So I live far from where I work and it made no sense driving home and returning for the Christmas party so I decided to pack clothing and showered at work waiting for it to start.
Simple enough plan and the rest of the guys left to get ready so I headed into the showers. What I didn’t know was the boss and his wife and the office lady we’re... [more]

I work with a bunch of idiots!

I work with the biggest bunch of morons . How stupid can you get. These guys could fuck up a wet dream. So today the boss gave this new kid a really nice low mile 1965 Dodge Coronet to put tires on. This car has most of its original paint intact . The last tires were installed sometime in the mid 80's. The young kid took the dog dish caps off and... [more]

I installed video in the bathroom at my office.

I own an architect firm. We aren't very big and our office is a really nice older home built in 1932. It's a great old home. Very beautiful with large rooms and high ceilings. We were having an issue with office supplies being taken from a storage closet in the up stairs bathroom. It happens to be the ladies room. So all the ladies that work for... [more]

Oops I did it again

Oops I can't seem to control my urges...I make things worse..I do this..then time goes by..and I somehow find a way to outdue myself..its kinda impressive! A huge fuckin turn on..on how much damage I can do in soo little time! I want what I want! I lie to get my way! Who knows what I am capable next?!? All I know is I damaged this girls heart soo... [more]

I worked as a sex worker

I had some good curves when I was growing up but I was incredibly dumb, I would barely pass school. So one day, as I was returning from school, a guy walked to me and passed me a flyer, he told me to consider it and left immediately. I read the flyer and realised it was a job as a sex worker. I decided to try it out and ever since then I faked... [more]

Security guard watches director fuck a supervisor

This did happen but names are not real and I’m not going to name the plant in the UK or the company as they are a global manufacturer .
It happened ten or so years ago and is as fresh in my mind as the night it happened.
When you think of a director I guess you are thinking of an owner , not in this case as this is a global company so this guy... [more]

I still fantasize about my HR Manager

To one of my favorite corporate professionals.  You are one beautiful woman.  We met back in the late 80's and worked together for many years.
You always dressed with great style, neatness, and class.  On top of that, you had one incredible ass, that had a perfect heart-shape and it pressed tightly against the skirts and suits you wore to... [more]

Gonna get myself in trouble

My father has employed a new groom to help at the stables, she is 24 and most days she wears a vest top with no bra, she has very small breasts with massive nipples.
I’m a massive fan of small breasts, it doesn’t matter what work she is doing you will get to see her breasts.
The vests always seem to big for her.
I’m now hanging around her a lot... [more]

No Glasses = Be Still My Beating Heart!

Many people look different without their glasses on, especially when their facial expression is more calm.
My thoughts about this coworker is not from seeing him without his glasses on yesterday, as it wasn't the first time. I have kind of been a bit curious about this coworker, as he as appeared in my dreams before. Months ago, I had to tell... [more]

Beautiful Buxom Redhead I used to work with.....

We used to work together in central NC.
You were a beautiful buxom redhead with sexy full lips, long flowing hair, and quite the busty chest. Your big gorgeous boobs were spectacular and could fill a sweater extremely well.
You were very effective in your job, and our customers always spoke very highly of you. Regardless of the pressures of... [more]

Best blowjob ever

Had to do my first aid course and it was being held at another club 40 miles away.
Two days before the course a work colleague asked for me, are you doing the first aid course, yes I said, can I be really cheeky and ask for a lift, no worries I said nice to have some company.
I picked her up from our place of work, I didn’t know this woman, I’ve... [more]

Assistant Sucks Cock Part 2

About a month ago, I wrote about helping a big-titted, beautiful 35-year-old woman get promoted from working in the warehouse to becoming my assistant. She thanked me with a cum-in-her-mouth blowjob one night when we were the last two working in the office. This is the second part of the story.
Same scenario, we’re working late on deadline, and... [more]

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