Family Confessions

The uncontrollable urge

I have masturbated in front of my sister several times and always had huge orgasms

I really want to fuck my mom

I'm 19, i'm ftm trans and my mom is 40, and lately i just can't stop thinking about fucking her. when i still lived at home, i used to love hearing her getting fucked by her husband, i would get excited and sneak to stand as close to her room as possible to listen and masturbate. i always hated my mom's husband, i used to think it was just because... [more]

My mom

After dad passed me and mum got very close I was 21 she was 48 too good looking to be without a man and still sexy as hell.
I didnt want another man fucking her so I set about getting her into bed with me.
Took a little time but she was still wanting sex and I made it obvious I wanted her.
She would say its not appropriate but I could tell she... [more]

I’m horny for my mothers goddess soles

I was visiting family with my siblings and mother for the sake of seeing them again. I simultaneously love and hate to see my aunt and mother for the fact that they always walk around barefoot. I have a strong foot fetish and the two of them are ignorant to the taunting positions they place there soles in, especially my mother. Earlier today she... [more]

Father in law

I always had a fantasy of my wifes dad fucking her,he's a kinky bastard and given the chance I think he would! He always came to our house on a Sunday so I hatched my plan,our bathroom door is broken and won't shut fully leaving a gap of 6 inches,karla had just got in the shower when Alan came in,take a look at this in the bedroom Alan I asked... [more]

Mum and dad

We had a family get together a while back and after looking through the old photo albums mum said she was sure she had some old films of us as kids,sure enough there we all were playing around back in the eighties when the video went all funny then the picture came back showing a bed,enter my naked mother my dad and my husbands dad Jack!! Everyone... [more]

Secret film

My wife hosted a girls night at our house,she was setting up the living room with balloons and all that stuff whilst the dining table had lots of lingerie and skimpy knickers,my mother was coming,my sister,my sister in law,mother in law and a few friends,I was banned from downstairs but little did they know I'd set up a hidden camera,I was getting... [more]

Caught By Mom

I got caught jerking off when I was 13. From then until I went to college my mother kept me locked up most of the time in a chastity cage because she thought masturbation was a sin.

To my surprise

We were at my brother in law and sister in laws house this weekend they had a party Saturday night lots of handsome men and women my wife was pretty drunk and flirting when I went to bed I woke up about 5:00 the next morning and my wife was still not in bed I herd her moaning in the other room and I had to see I was happy she had picked up a guy... [more]

Lingerie fetish

Starting when I was around 12 I started stealing my moms underwear. I also wanted to have a sexual relationship with her. as soon as I could I got to Babysit for my Aunt and Uncle. It also gave me me a chance to steal my Aunts underwear. Bras, Panties, Slips and Girdles from both. Any chance as well my friends moms. And more sexual fantasies from... [more]

Stepdaughter Grazed my Penis

She's getting to that hot as hell stage and it's taking a toll on me. Her tempting young georgeous body puts me in a staring trance with nasty thoughts of her. I get so aroused that I want to f__ her but restrain. After the other night's good night, I don't know what to do. I was admiring her cute ass, standing tits, and clearly visible nips... [more]

Surprised by daughters life

As a recently retired chap,my daughter trisha asked me to make her and her husband Richard some fitted wardrobes,easy as my profession was a carpenter,most days I worked on the wardrobes for them,with both of them at work I had their house to myself,I had to take apart an existing wardrobe and emptied it of a few boxes,sitting down on the bed... [more]

Borrowed money

A few years ago I was in a pretty bad financial situation and my dad bailed me out to the sum of £20000,it took a while but I'm now back on my feet,id repayed almost 3 quarters of the money back and out of the blue my father said forget about the rest of it but you'll have to do something for me! Yeah of course dad anything, what is it? I want to... [more]

My wife’s stepdad loves her pussy

My wife told me about her mothers Polaroids… naturally I found them and made copies I’ve beat off to them for years stealing her G strings and thongs and fucking my wife in them… she always talked about how her stepdad would stare at her tits when she was a teenager and over the years I thought how hard it would be to watch her get fucked by her... [more]

Sisters Licking

My wife Margaret’s sister Atlee is sexy as hell if always wanted to fuck her eat her anything sex her husband is a nerd he could careless about his sexy wife she came to visit us for a weekend she knows Margaret has a bull Jason we were all drinking and Atlee said her husband wouldn’t have sex with her she was watching Margaret stroking Jason’s... [more]


I would love to see my wife eating my creampie from my daughters pussy.

It was part of my wife's job

When my wife worked for the city she had to sometimes fuck or suck one of the supervisors or you would be fired, it was a black ran city, when she told me about this I made her quit, the damage was done, I still let her fuck one of them sometimes. she has taken a few pictures I enjoy

I love being raped

I love my grandpa so much I wish he could just come kidnap me and hold me hostage so I could be his little dog on a leash forever. He used to touch and rape me almost everyday when I lived with him and I actually loved it. I want to have his babies so bad. He’s so ugly and old but turns me on like no one else can & is the only male who has truly... [more]

Breastfeeding, Diapers. and making money.

I'm a 26 year old single mother. Who's having some issues with the other tenants that live in my building. You see I have 7 children, and I've never been married.
I got pregnant at 15, not sure who the father I was quite promiscuous when I was in my teens, and still am. I was 16 when the baby was born. My mother was barely making ends meet... [more]

Troubled niece

My niece Victoria has just moved out of my mother's house and into her much older new boyfriends place,he treats her like shit and only wants her for sex but she can't see that,a couple of weeks ago she moved back in with my mother,id had a few drinks after work on a Friday and decided to text her saying I hope he treats you OK,you don't need to... [more]

Dirty dad

I caught my dad spying on me in the shower,im 46 and he's almost 70! I hadn't locked the bathroom door properly and it creeps open 6 inches if you don't! I lathered soap all over my body and just happened to look up and could see my father at the door! And worst of all playing with his cock! I decided to put a little show on for him! I massaged my... [more]

Natural Breeder

I am very educated have a Masters in electrical engineering. I have three homes close together in Northern Utah mountains. I have a condominium in Salt Lake for business. I’m thirty seven and currently have six children by four different women. I take very good care of them and in turn they take care of me. Three of my ladies are fair skin light... [more]

Saw my mom's big clit

So a while ago I came home and saw that my mom was passed out on her bed, probably from drinking too much at the party she went the night before.
She was lying on her back, fully nude. I had never seen her naked before and was curious, so I got closer to get a better look. When I saw her pussy I immediately noticed her huge clit. It must be at... [more]


A few years ago before my wife had her salon she does spray tans aswell as cut hair,she used to spray people in our kitchen inside a special tent,being the pervert that I am I drilled a hole underneath the door knob and enjoyed the view and filmed everything for my personal pleasure,I saw everyone,from my entire family to all our friends wives and... [more]

Daughter controls us

My daughter is our Mistress and controls our sex life, I was only fucking my wife in the arse or solo masturbating when we had a family conference and decided our daughter should take over immediately I was locked in a cock cage, that has been on for three months however our daughter has been arranging well hung male friends to fuck my wife three... [more]

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