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Family Confessions

My wife

My lovely wife loves to share

My first masturbation was to my mother

The first time I masturbated I thought of my beautiful sexy mother. I was 13 and we were home alone. She gave me a big smile and welcomed me home as she carried a basket of laundry downstairs.
She had on her sexiest outfit, the one I loved the most. It was a white crocheted halter top she paired with these long cotton white pants. She... [more]


My wife has a half sister who is 13 years her junior, When she was about 15 her mom (Not my wife's mom) called and asked if her half sister could come live with us because she was too much for her mom to handle, In reality her mom was just done raising kids and didn't want to be tied down any longer since she was an oops baby and 12 years younger... [more]

Once his work wife now his other wife

This a confession or a story about what happens when you are isolated and lonely. I'm speaking about COVID isolation. I worked for a man and was his favorite, I had lots of privileges and I got paid a lot more than I deserved. There were expressions of intimacy and I got kissed and he called me Baby. On more than one occasion I held his hand in... [more]

I seen my brother

Came across this board and figured this was a good place to post this. I am 16f and I’ve had sex twice before. First time wasn’t that good and hurt but second time was better. Both times was with my bf. We broke up a couple months ago and since then I’ve been masturbating pretty often. I usually go to the bathroom to do it or I do it late at night... [more]

It was fun one time.

I got divorced 4 years ago and am now 43, Last month my best friend who is also 43 and I went out with my sister who is 47, We were staying at her house and when we got back from the bar she went upstairs to her room for a minute and my friend and I mixed some drinks, After a few minutes we thought she was being a wuss and had gone to bed so we... [more]


I set my mother up with an old friend that I used to work with,he worked with my father also,dad passed away 6 years ago now,I just sent him a photo of mum and he said that she was fit! I told him to text her and see what she says, a couple of days later he messaged me and said that he was taking my mother out for a drink, you owe me one I said... [more]

My mother and me on a big date

My mother and I are 50 and 22 and have an amateur nude web site. My mother is gorgeous and sexy and we have passed our self odd as 36 and 28 and no one knows except a couple of her girlfriends.
Our site is such a hit not only because of what we show but what we dont. We never show our faces. We always cut our feet out of our pictures. ... [more]

My mother and me on a big date

My mother and I are 50 and 22 and have an amateur nude web site. My mother is gorgeous and sexy and we have passed our self odd as 36 and 28 and no one knows except a couple of her girlfriends.
Our site is such a hit not only because of what we show but what we dont. We never show our faces. We always cut our feet out of our pictures. ... [more]

What just happened!

My wife and I attended a wedding and luckily it was close by to her younger sisters place so we stayed there for the weekend. The plans were to head into town later in the evening and a uber was organized for us as we all were planning to get wasted.
We met at a friend’s house for pre-drinks and made our way into town. We went to the club and... [more]

Orgasmed for life

I sent my uncle naked pictures of myself and videos of me playing with myself until I come. I went to see him some years ago and we started kissing so passionately that I instantly got wet.. he pushed me up again the wall ans we kissed for some time until we went to the sofa. We kissed as I rubbed his cock feeling how hard I made him, he started... [more]

Mom obsessed

I’m totally obsessed with my mom. I can’t get her body out of my mind. I’ve never seen her completely nude but seen enough. I love her perky little breasts and shaved pussy. All I can think about is pounding her pussy all day long and filling her full of my cum.

Watching Daughter On Cam Show

I'm often home by myself because my wife works late and often visit sights like Chaturbate to help me get off. Scrolling through the first page of suggested users I noticed 1 that looked very much like my daughter. 22 years old and she doesn't live at home. She rents a place with a friend of hers. I click and it makes me sure it was her because on... [more]

Daughter Acting Like a Whore

My wife and I got married very young. I was 21 and she was 16 and you guessed it right I got her pregnant. To avoid going to jail I married her. We were just friends and she told me she was almost 18 when we started having mutual satisfying sex. A couple rolls in the back seat of my car was all it took and bingo she was knocked up.
Her mom said I... [more]

Time of the month

I knew she was due on her period as her knickers have been smelling so strong and ripe the last few days. Now I’ve just heard my 23yr old step daughter in the bathroom peel of her pad and heard her gorgeous cunt peeing and as soon as she was done I went in there to sniff the air of her pissy little red pussy and am now tasting her bleeding mess... [more]

Uncle Love

My Uncle is tall and strong with a long veiny huge dick. He loves watching his brother stretch my holes. He likes to watch first than take the pussy like he loves stroking his dick watching me suck my fathers dick he be asking me if I like my father cock in my holes then he kisses me then he tells his brother to tear that young pussy.
When I... [more]

My hot Chinese mom

I’m 55 today. Raised by my mom, by a single parent. When I was 13 just came to the states. I drilled a pencil size hole on our bathroom door. So I can see my mom and other aunts or mom’s friend’s pussy when they use the bathroom. The most turned on is my mom’s pussy. My cock instantly hard soon as I see her pussy. This went on for a year till we... [more]

SHE & HER FRIENDS:) Call it Blackmail, Emotional Extortion.

Nobody dares to contact The Law much less go to court. Extortion, blackmail, A shake-down? Two attorneys basically told her, "Lady, you're shit out of luck. your only recourse paths are walk away or have him, well.....A vague suggestion"
What's the deal, you ask? Her and I have 3 kids 4-12. She wants custody as I am moving to Israel no... [more]

Catching parents

Last weekend I went over to my friend Sophie i was supposed to stay for the weekend long story short she wasn't feeling well so I decided to go home her mum drove me home.
Got home about 11 pm my house was in darkness so I went in and tip toed up stairs so not to disturb my parents half way up the stairs I heard moaning coming from my... [more]

First dick I sucked

It was in my early childhood, probably around the age of 10 when I sucked my first cock. I grew up on a large farm in Kansas. We lived in the traditional two story country house. My bedroom was on the second floor and my parents on the first floor next to the living room. Most evenings the entire family would gather around to watch TV and if it... [more]

I Cum In My Moms Bras And Panties

I don't care if people think its weird. My mom is hot as hell. I nutted in so many of her bras and underwear. If ever given the chance, I'd fuck her.

Saw Daughter On 4chan Post

I saw her in a amateur .webm thread. It was 100% her in our pool sucking some guy off. She doesn't have a boyfriend so I don't know who he was but the girl was no doubt me daughter.


When I was 16 years old I spent the weekend with our next door neighbors their daughter at the time was was mid twenties. Our parents were away on different business trips. Our neighbors had a pool. Joy, our neighbors daughter invited me over to swim. I wore, by mistake, a thong swimsuit to impress. At the time I had no idea that I had a large... [more]

Sons morning glory

Just thinking of a time when I was sharing a bed with my son. This must have been 2 decades ago. I woke before he did and as I climbed over him to get out of the bed I noticed he had a huge election. Obviously his dream was a very good one. I couldn’t help at the time to touch it. Not sure why I needed to feel it. It was so hard though. Not as big... [more]

Only way to take control

My nephew adam is 14 and for about 5 months he has been using my house to masturbate.lately i have come home and found his spunk in my bedroom, tissues everywhere and he started going through my pantie draw.I didn't care that he used my home i just wanted him to leave my house as he found it.I come home to confront him and caught him in the... [more]

Moms panties at work

Many years ago I used to secretly wear my mother panties. Mostly just to masturbate then return them. On a few occasions I would wear them when I went to work and masturbate in the toilets on my breaks. I would then return them to her drawer. Not sure how I got away with this as I never cleaned them before returning them.

Dad Spooning Me

Just laying in my parents bed naked with my pierced nipples hard with my father spooning me with his dick deep inside my pussy. He just finished making love to me. My father loves kissing me while makes love to me. He’s pulls his dick out my pussy for me to suck it He always cums in my pussy. He likes to eat my pussy when my mother calls me just... [more]

Should I tell her?

My daughter is 19. Very slim and quite tall. My wife on the other hand is 5 foot tall, has an hourglass figure with 32DD breasts.
My daughter’s boyfriend stays at our house quite a lot but as he comes round when we have generally gone to bed we often don’t know if he is here.
This morning my wife got up and went into the bathroom to shower... [more]

Happy new year

We went to my wife’s cousins house for new years. He and his wife took us to dinner and later we went dancing. Our wives were both early 40(?’s at the time and hot hot hot. They were both wearing little short dresses that barely covered their asses. Her cousin Stevie and I left them alone and let the guys go apeshit over them. Every time I looked... [more]

Mother in-law birthday present

My sister and I had gone with my husband , to a nudist beach and she saw the size of my husband’s penis. He is big, flaccid and erect! My sister had an idea that our mother, on her birthday, could have a male stripper. We invited her close lady friends, five of them and me and my sister. My husband was fine with it! He would undress down... [more]

I used my dads foot fetish

My mother was always a bitch and rude to me behind my dads back so I decided to get revenge somehow after many failed attempts I remembered my mom shaming my dad about his foot fetish so I decided to get my dad hooked on my feet so I could control him since my mom was denying him his fantasies. after exclusively going barefoot for a week I decided... [more]

I want to share her pics and jack off

My daughter is 25 and hot. For some reason I get very turned on when others would check her out and sexualize her. I have this fantasy where I share her pics with a guy and jack off together to her pictures. I know I would get more turned on by his reaction to her than anything else. I want to hear how they are turned on by her and any and all... [more]

Father in law

My father in law Joe found out that his sweetheart of a daughter and myself were regulars at a dogging area,apparently he was told by one of my friends,I always went to the pub on Saturday nights and so did he,it was near the end of the evening and I bought him a pint and we sat at the table, surely Gary was winding me up telling me about you and... [more]

A special gift from my mother and me to a special fan

My mother Mary Louise and my nude website has been a huge hit. Although we are 50 and 22 we pass ourselves off as 36 and 28 on the site and people believe it. I love when people tell us how sexy my mother is. And every night when I come home from work I talk to her about my day and she talks to me about hers. We sit close to each other, just... [more]

Watching Mom

10 years ago when was 16 (M) I was up stairs in the dad’s man cave/office looking though boxes of stuff when I came across a box DVD’s there were several that wasn’t marked just in a blank case I thought they were blank and I needed a couple to use for a project I had coming up for school. I took them back to my room and put them beside my... [more]

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