Family Confessions

Pretty cousin

I made out with my cousin at her birthday party at her room and later in life I gave her a kiss and felt something. For reasons we stopped talking but I wanna kiss her on her beautiful lips again.

Getting what she wanted

“I want you to fuck me!” I moaned as I slid my pussy over his cock. I slid so slowly as it was so big that I did not know if his dick would fit. Slowly but surely I took every inch in my pussy. It felt incredible. I paused for a moment to savor the feeling and started to slowly ride his dick. I looked down at my father and he had the greatest... [more]

Going To The Lake

I noticed Mom moping around the house one Saturday morning after Dad had been gone about three months. I asked her if she was feeling ok.
“I’m ok, I guess.” She replied absently. “Just feel bored…”
“Why don’t we go to the lake? Would you like that?” hoping to cheer her mood.
Her whole demeanor changed, “That would be great!... [more]

My mom-in-law Angelika

She turns me on so much. Love the way she presses herself against my body when we hug. She’s got the perfect milf figure I love with nice 85b tits which I’ve seen many times by recording her while she changes. Love her trimmed bush. I think her pubes will feel good caressing my lips. Because of covid she doesn’t visit so often now but I love... [more]

Old Aunt With Big Saggy Implants.

I'm 56 and divorced for the third time. All my wives divorced me because because other women wanted my endowment and I couldn't restrain keeping it in my pants. Even mom played with it when I was younger , it was our secret. Just before she past away she told me to help her sister, my aunt, whenever I could. She needed someone to help her out. My... [more]

I'm a bad mom

I'm 32f bi and my kids are 10f and 6m I openly have sex in front of them. Theyll watch attentively. Though sometimes I have to make them. If the person I'm with is into it. Ill berate my kids and insult them. Sometimes going as far as to physically punish them. Though I never sexually touch them, or let anyone else

She watches

I'm laying in a pair of silver satin bikini underwear 2 cock rings stretch around my dick and a toy in my ass I'm watching porn Asian street meat and slow jacking riding my toy my daughter laying next to me she wakes up and sees my dick all hard and looks up at me watches me as I can play with my dick I made her put on a leotard before she went to... [more]

Sniffing my Mums dirty panties

Laying in my bed masturbating my rock hard cock while listening to my stepdad fuck my mum and listening to her moaning and groaning and telling him that she was coming turned me on so much.... I love to imagine that it is me fucking or licking my own Mums sweet wet pussy making her cum all over my face.
I got up and sneaked into the bathroom so I... [more]


Everything on the internet about sex appears to be fiction, so I do not condemn you if you think this is also. The story about the man who finally fucked his sister n his sixties is implausible Why would he publish that when the relationship with his sister should be a secret?

Gramma's Pussy

You know what's weird? My grandmother, who is 96 years old, likes to get her cunt licked! I washed her and help her out of the bath one day and then just decided, why not? Instead of getting her dressed I stretched her out naked on the bed climbed between her legs and started to eat her out! She objected at 1st but stopped after a couple of... [more]

Single widow and teenage son

I at the age of 35 was left to fend for myself with my 10 year old son. My son
used to sleep in my bed. As years passed I knew my son becoming more cozy and hugging me and dry humping during the sleep. On night I felt his erect penis down my butt crack and I was petrified that I could not move thinking of offending or defending or an... [more]

Should I have a deal with my sister a blowjob for robuxs?

My sister is 13 and I’m 16 recently I found a way to get free robuxs not much it’s just like 30-50 robuxs. I brag to her that I have robuxs and she doesn’t.she gets mad because of that. She wants me to give her robuxs so I’ve thought how much control I have over my sister. So I’ve fantasized about her given me head and me pushing her head up and... [more]

Loving My Brother

Okay, so I'm a child of the 70'-80's. My name for this post will be (Samantha) I'm a 47yr old wife and mom of 2 and I own my own business. It's not a million dollar business, but it's very successful in my little town. So it covers my family's lifestyle. The reason I bring this up is to show that not all incest survivors are empty broken shells or... [more]

Hot Neice

I’m small and have brown skin and it drives my uncle wild. I want to play with his dick someday.

My partner's true identity...

For a long time now, I've liked my lovers younger. I'm a woman in her 40s, and I've always felt more fulfilled by the energy of a young man between 18 and 28. I used to date men in my age range or older, but once I traded the experience for the sexual vigor, I became hooked (I'm sexually... voracious, to put it mildly). My last boyfriend was fresh... [more]

Grandma Turned Into A swinger At Her Age

My sister and I love our grandmother. We live in a trailer with mom and dad behind grandma's house. We noticed strange people going in and out of her house since she met this guy who was several years younger than her. We told our folks about the strangers that shows up at grandma's place and her boyfriend being a bit younger than her that she... [more]

Had sex with my dad against my will but it paid off

I knew my dad had a massive penis since I was really young from going to saunas with him. Naturally, I felt comforted knowing that most likely my penis will also be of good size. Couple of years ago I've hit my age of puberty and my suspicions materialized - I'm currently 7 inches and I think I'll grow some more.
Yesterday after my workout I... [more]

Family Camping

We have gone tent camping every year for the past 7 years with my sister and her family. We always camp in State Parks but try a different one each year. This allows us to see the state cheaply as State Parks are relatively inexpensive. We also try to pick a park near a Walmart, just in case. On our first camping trip, our daughter was 8 months... [more]

Fishing and Sleeping

A few summers ago my brother Steve and I caught a halibut, but not just any halibut. My first fishing memory began a few summers ago when I was in Ketchikan with Steve fishing. Before we left to the dock we packed things like clothes, food, and some other stuff like that. Then we hopped on our bikes and rode to the dock.
When we got to the dock... [more]


Most non-hunters have a fixed assumption that hunting is only about the tags we fill. I’ve been a hunter since I was 4 years old, and I can assure you, filling a tag is the smallest part of the adventure. It’s not about the harvest, it’s about spending time with family in the great outdoors and creating memories that last a lifetime!
I was... [more]

Mom Shopping

A mother wanted help preparing her child for when he's older. The sensory stimuli from the bright lights, loud sounds, visually distracting and crowded aisles have triggered related behavioral issues in the past.
Like all moms with children, there are times when she does not have a choice and must bring her child to the store with her. She also... [more]

A Mother And Her Son

Life changed when my son turned seven. He was a “man,” and no longer willing to use the women’s restroom. I recognized pretty quickly that we needed to talk. My son was armed with a new set of rules to use a public restroom. I transformed myself into the caring mother standing outside the men’s room, staring at gentlemen going in to use it. I was... [more]

Like mother like daughter

In the 70's I was 19 she an underage girl trapped in a woman's body, hormones flowing. 36x22x36, no wasn't in her vocabulary, she couldn't get enough dick...When daddy found out we were having sex he insisted we marry and signed off on it. Shortly after we moved to an adjoining state where I made a better wage...We'd visit mom on the weekends... [more]

Showering with my son

My husband and I both showered with our kids until they got to the age when we realized it became different.
I saw both of my parents naked as a child. That ended with my dad way earlier than my mom, dad being somewhere before high school, and mom later. My dad was a truckdriver who came home late at night, and would wake me up to spend time... [more]

He's a man now

My name is Victoria, although everyone calls me Vicky. I am a single mother of one, my son Adam. I am 35 years old and my son is 18. I had Adam when I was 17. I was a young impressionable girl, when his father who was 32, seduced me with his smoldering good looks, class, charm, and his quite rich lifestyle. I was the envy of every girl I knew... [more]

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