Family Confessions

Wife Has No Idea That Her sister Saved The Marriage

The short time I was married, I grew to detest my wife. I love her body shape especially the long tits that she has. That's what got me hooked on her. But shortly I found out she wasn't as open-minded in the sexual activity as I thought. I should off known marrying and older person has it's limits. Just when I was going to tell her I want to... [more]

Incest family

I’ve never told anyone this but this site looks like a good place to finally tell people. My family is incest. I was taught from a young age that family is the most important thing and without family you have nothing. I was taught to not produce outside of our family. It doesn’t have to be brother/sister but cousins also. My mom and dad are... [more]

It Was Disgusting Seeing Them

My husband wanted oral sex from me but I always thought that was nasty so I told him I'm not into that and won't do that. Time went by and he started to treat better and wasn't cranky to me. I began thinking he was cheating with someone and getting oral sex. I hid a mini camera in our room. I confessed to my mom that her son-in-law has an oral... [more]

Mother unknowingly loves eating cum!

No one pisses me off more then my mother. She has a way of getting under my skin and a way of ruining things for me. So about a year ago I discovered revenge therapy! I get my revenge on her and she doesn't even know it!
Every day I cum in her food, some times drinks and other things and I sit back and watch her stuff her mouth with gobs and gobs... [more]

In Response to My Aunt

Guess I’ll be there too.
My Aunt was a beautiful mature redhead woman. She was tall for a woman 5’10” blue eyes big tits and a wide thick ass. She always dressed very nice. She wore very sexy lingerie. I snooped around and saw her sexy panties and bra’s.
She even wore body shapers or girdles. She discovered I was jacking off in her worn panties... [more]

One magnificent night with my aunt

A couple of years ago my family was visiting my mom's sister in Virginia. We had been there a few days and my aunt is quite the drinker. She loves red wine and often would get pretty drunk towards the end of the night. One of those nights, I was up late with her and was drinking a bit while the rest of the family went to bed. She asked if I wanted... [more]

Pics of my sister in underwear

My sister is 15 and a few days ago her phone didn't work, I had to go get it fixed, when I got it back I was able to use her phone and I found lots of photos in her gallery of her in her underwear, would you like to see them?

My Aunts Offer

At times i stayed with my aunt i slept in the spare room, i did have thoughts about her i shouldn't have, the reason she didn't wear a bra, her blouse was undone by three buttons i could see her nipples, she saw me looking i said sorry she said its ok, i use to have a wank in a morning before i got up thinking about giving her a tit fuck, one... [more]

Want to fuck Mom.

Me(16) and my older brother(18) are fapping on my mom from since we have watched her in bikini last summer, she has a really amazing thick body. And we both can't resist anymore towards her, and want to fuck her, we don't know where should we start from. Please give us your suggestions.

Mom loves my cum and she doesn't know it!

No one pisses me off more then my mother. She has a way of getting under my skin and a way of ruining things for me. So about a year ago I discovered revenge therapy! I get my revenge on her and she doesn't even know it!
Every day I cum in her food, some times drinks and other things and I sit back and watch her stuff her mouth with gobs and gobs... [more]

I want my sister to lick me

Hi my name is Becca, I'm 17. I have a little sister, her name is Paige, she's 14, and I keep having dirty fantasies about her.
I think she's cute (I'm bi). She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She's kinda skinny but is starting to get this great ass and these perky little tits.
But then she's also kinda spoiled. It feels like she always gets... [more]

I licked my brother's balls

(i'm a girl btw, my name is Paige. My brother is Daniel he's a year older)
When i was 14 i licked my brother's balls. We used to play a lot of games together and one time we played Mario Kart and got really competitive.
We made a bet that whoever won the next cup could demand the loser to do anything.
He won, and he told me i had to... [more]

Dirty Mother fantasy

I've always had this dirty fantasy about my mother. She's not young, she's 69 years old and she's not hot, she's actually overweight but for some reason I have fantasized about having sex with her many times.
However as time progressed my fantasies about her changed.
I have this dirty fantasy of how I would love to see her get brutally gang... [more]


When I was 12 and my brother was 16 he wanted to play doctor. He humped my leg during the process and shot his load on my leg. A couple of days later we started to play again and he had us suck each others dicks.

Extra lessons

My daughter always struggled with maths and I made the decision to get her extra lessons at home,I thought things were going well and was surprised when chatting with her tutor that jodie was still really struggling! That could all change quickly though Mrs Bailey! What are you implying I said? Why don't you sit in with us tomorrow evening, jodie... [more]


I've always had a hairy pussy,my husband loves it and I'd never given a thought about shaving it until I saw my daughter becky getting changed with me at the gym,she's 21,it looks so much more hygienic down there I said,I don't know why you don't shave yours mum she said,ill give you a hand,I thought what the hell and when we got home becky said... [more]

Wife has decided not to wear clothes at home anymore

When we had our first child, my wife said no more clothes for me at anymore. I hate them. She hates to many things on her at the best of times. So 7 years ago she started to not wear any clothes at home. She is completely hairless and has piercing many places on her body so looks great. She puts on clothes when we have visitors but there’s is not... [more]

Husbands large penis

My sister has always wanted to visit a nudist beach. Her husband would not be open. He passed last year and asked me and my husband if we would go with her. It was a bucket list for her all three of us are in our late fifties and in fair shape. My sister and I have not seen each other naked since high school. We went to south Florida for a week... [more]


Does anybody want to role play dad/daughter or brother/sister? 21 F here

Smoking women

I've always had a thing for women that smoke. I guess it started with my mom. She was a heavy smoker and a single mom with three sons.
I was about 12 and shared a bed with her. I would wake up early in the morning as she sat at the dresser getting ready for work. She wore sexy undies and bright red lipstick. She would smoke cigarettes the whole... [more]

Caught my son jerking off

I feel really bad. I was cleaning the house yesterday and I walked in on my son jerking off. He is 17 and I know boys will be boys and do that but I know it embarrassed him a lot. I quickly told him I’m sorry and shut the door and walked out. He was fully into it with his pants off. He didn’t even see me at first bc he had his phone with what I’m... [more]

Living with my Mom.

When I was 7 My mom and Dad divorced and never saw each other. My mom is a single mother. She has decided to not to marry anyone, she just says that she don't trust anyone, she only trusts me. As she doesn't have anyone in this world, I am taking this as an advantage. I am 16 now. I used to sleep with her and even she has allowed me to suck her... [more]

It finally happened. I had my sister in law

I've always wanted my SIL. Well this is a long story but it finally happened. I was home early from work yesterday. I came in, showed, shaved everything very clean.
I went to my room and laid down completely naked and started to slowly tease my cock and balls. After 30 minutes or so, I decided to scroll through my contacts. Then I came across... [more]

Lucky man

I can die a happy man! Bet there's not many men out there that can say they've seen most of the women in their family naked! It was purely accidental at first, my wife spray tanned her sister in my kitchen and I peaked at her through a gap in the door! I managed to see everything but then took it a step further and drilled a hole underneath the... [more]

Mother-In-law Wedding Present

I never expected my mother-in-law being so naughty. My newly wedded wife's mother tried to please me. My wife was married for a short time before a divorce. I guess my newly wed wife told her mother that I threatened to leave her if I don't get a blow job. My wife was shopping and I was snoozing on the couch. Suddenly I felt my dick being... [more]

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