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I walk around bottomless and strip naked in the car and when i am hiking in the woods. I have even walk inside kwik trip aldi’s and dollar tree only bottomless wearing nothing underneath but a shirt no one said a damn thing. And i won’t forget about driving naked on the hwy.

How I got over my acne

I used to do yard work for this neighborhood lady. She was a very attractive and cultured woman.
After I finish the jobs she had me do, we'd sit on her back porch drink iced tea and have a conversation. She talked about everything impressed a 14 year old boy like me.
One day after work we're talking and she asked me if I had a girlfriend or... [more]

The restroom guy #2

The guy in the park restroom told me to wear a skirt with no panties underneath I said ok sir he said go home and put one on he said give me your address and phone number I'll text you and pick you up ok sir he said nice he said I want you to pull my shorts down and blow me he said look at me with my dick in your mouth he took a picture of me... [more]

Giving head

I just came back from the park on 3-18-23 I went to the restroom to take a piss and some guy came in and told me your that guy that I saw in the van last week giving some guy head I said so he said want to suck me yes he was pushing my head all the way down on him saying you like that dick queer yes he said good do you swallow yes he said oh good... [more]

Love all dicks

My friend just told some guys at the Lake that I like giving head and they both took them out. and said here you go cock whore suck it. he said you suck better then my wife for now on your going to be my cock wife ok anytime

Colorado Slut CD

The First Amendment Bookstore in Colorado Springs was a great place to visit in its day. Private booths with the occasional gloryhole made it my favorite hangout to polish up on my skills of giving great head.
I was in the habit of dressing up in sexy lingerie under my street clothes so as to not arouse suspicion to my intentions, that is... [more]

Love my mother in law.

Mother in law moved in with us, as the wife is her oldest daughter. The wife is 45 and her mother is 60. Yes we also got married in HS and our children are all grown up.
Tell you right now this isn't a banging the MIL story though I wouldn't mind as she's is hot as shit and is serious about her looks and health.
No my thrill is she is into... [more]

Question for ladies

Is it true that some ladies like to see guys together, the way guys love to see girls together?

Boi-Pussy Rimjob

After hanging out in adult bookstores with theaters or booths, I developed a voracious appetite for cock. I like them when they start out flaccid, and then after working them up, I get them to be as hard as steel. There's nothing more satisfying than manipulating a fleshy
I picked up makeup tips and gathered ideas on how to dress to dominate... [more]

Crossdresser looking for a shopping companion

I am an older male who has recently started crossdressing. I live in Northern Michigan tip of the mitt area.
I am looking for someone, preferably, female that would like to go shopping with me. I'm hopeful of developing a platonic friendship so, this is not an excuse to try and get sex.
I enjoy clothes shopping and browsing tge stores. I would... [more]

In The Beginning...

It didn't take long for me to realize that I was destined to crossdress and get my rocks off by teasing and giving handjobs to older men in adult theaters and bookstores. I enjoyed the attention and enjoyed the feeling of success when I could launch a volley of cum from a man's cock onto the seat in front of him. Older men were much more generous... [more]

Why did you become a hotwife

When I'm at the shore I normally stay with my aunt and uncle. They are quite a pair; they are both in their60's and take pride in keeping themselves in shape which I think a lot has to do with my uncle' heart condition.
Anyway, the last time I stayed with them, I arrived unannounced with my boyfriend, which normally never bothered them. ... [more]

Going rate for barely legal panties?

I was wondering what people pay for used panties? Any insights appreciated.

ADVICE PLEASE - Previous lovers used panties

I am a 32 year old woman and since 14 I have been collecting and hiding my panties when I have worn them after sex. Not every pair of course, I wouldn’t have the space, but one pair from each man. I currently have 12 pairs of panties with white cum/pussy juice stains on them. I sometimes take them out and masturbate as I look at each pair and... [more]

Zero the Dog

As I was to be on a long vacation from next Saturday, I joined my friend Liz to her place last evening. I was greeted by her and her Lab dog, Zero, at the entrance of her home. I could not sleep properly in a new place. At about mid-night I heard some muffled noise from the next room. I got up and went out to see whether Liz is ok. The door was... [more]

How to get my sister watch porn.

How to seduce my younger sister. She is 19 and I am 22. She is kind of innocent, and it was me who tell about porn and sex. Actually, Once someone DM her someone DM video. At that time it was blur, she had no idea what it was, She show it to me. There was a porn video. I explain her what it is. I talk her thoughts text. Even shown a girl... [more]

Wife's past

Married 17 years, both prior divorced. Both mid sixties. Enjoys weekly sex. 4 months ago started to get onto each others past after family losses on both sides. She opened up about shit I never dreamed of; swinging. At first she was reluctant about the deets. "Oh hell no, you opened that box", it honestly took 2 months of talking after work and... [more]

Anyone from south georgia?

Wondering if anyone in here is from south georgia. If so what part?

Dream about sucking my dick

Every few months I have a dream in which I'm sucking my own cock. I can't do it in real life, but in the dream I'm surprised how easily I can do it. It's like "Oh damn, why didn't I figure this out before?" The dream always ends before I cum.
I'm straight, and have no interest in sucking anyone's dick, but I'd suck the hell out of mine if I... [more]

Going to try on dresses today

I am male. Lately I have been increasingly interested in dressing up like a lady
I managed to find a couple of dresses and a skirt but, I didn't try them on before buying them
Yesterday I went to Catos dress shop. The sales lady was very helpful and understanding. I found a nice plaid skirt on sale.
She let me go in the dressing room to try it... [more]

Visiting a dress store

I am a bi male who is exploring my feminine side. I have recently had the opportunity to try wearing a dress. I primarily did around the house. I am not open about this yet
Today I visited a dress store.although it was awkward at first but, the sales lady was amazing. She helped me get comfortable talking about it. She encouraged me to try... [more]

Tanned legs

I love women with sexy tanned legs, especially if its fake tan. Its fun to watch them walk around drunk in high heels which are too big for them. Then when the wind blows up their dress,as usually happens, you can see streaks of fake tan on their sexy arse.Magic!

Surprised at Walmart

I was in Walmart today browsing in the pharmacy and discovered Walmart sells sex toys I may go back and buy a vibrating butt plug.

LA Nights

Well, I am not proud of myself for having done this.
The wife of a friend of mine, I will call her Carol for this confession, was in dire straits after her husband, my old army buddy, of 17 years died of cancer last year. She now has to raise her two daughters, ages 16 & 12 all alone. Carol was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, but she married... [more]

66 year old man needs a good spanking

Is there a woman who would be kind enough to give me a really good bareass spanking. I haven't had my bareass spanked good for me since my thirteenth Birthday when my mom pulled my pants down and spanked my bareass I live in the Sayre Pennsylvania area.

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