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Other Confessions

I love a meaty pussy

I have been talking to this girl for about 2 months now and we have went on a few dates and she’s been to my house a few times but it never got past making out or me grabbing her tits. I am not the forceful or pushy type so I would stop when she didn’t want to go further. Well 2 months is long enough to go without having sex or seeing her naked... [more]

Wife's Thongs/Panties Drawer

Anyone wanna see my wife's thongs and etc.?? I don't mind sharing pics... if so plz drop ur emails and ill shoot u am email sometime shortly after seeing/posting this.....👀

Meth masturbation

I love to smoke meth specialy jerk off and watch porn there is nothing like it wish I had a girl to smoke with dream come true

Cum tribute and story

Anyone willing to cum tribute my wife and tell me a story of what you think or what you would do to her and possibly sph me !!

Is it weird to want to swap bodies with my wife

Is it weird to want to swap bodies with my wife to have sex with different guys and to know what it feels like as a woman


Is there anyone that likes being fucked by a dog and likes sucking dog cock? drinking dog sperm?

Showing off my nude wife

I love to show off nude photos of my wife. You can dm me on instagram @BigDzz67. I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Getting to know my wife

I went to work for a big company in a poor country. I started to understand more about life in hard way. I had met this girl in the nightclub. She was so young and pretty and nowhere to go. She had asked for money so she would do anything for me if I could just give her some money. I took her back to my hotel room, and I tried to comfort her. She... [more]

High on betting


Wife Became A Swinger Slut

I've been trying to get my wife to swing but she kept refusing. She kept telling me she was overweight and didn't have a swinger's body. I kept telling her body was hot looking with her oversize tits and big areola nipples also her bush is really hot looking being dark hair and really fuzzy between her thick legs. She enjoys me eating her out... [more]

I love men and women getting turned on looking at my pictures and

I love to share my personal pictures and videos with other people it turns me on knowing I'm turning them on. I also love very dirty explicit sex messages And being called dirty filthy names.

Wife and her friend sucked me

My wife has said multiple times that she wouldn’t let a 3some happen or a swap or anything of that nature. I gave up asking. The other night her friend was over and we was all drinking and was done for the night and her friend asked if it was ok if she stayed the night and my wife told her that’s fine. We go to our bedroom and my wife is horny and... [more]

They thought I was passed out

I have been married to my husband for 12 years. I workout and stay in shape. I have 43c breasts.
My husbands friend was over and we were all drinking. I had a few then went to bed. A while later I heard my husband and his buddy in the room. My husband was sure I drank too much and passed out.
I let them think that. They took off my t shirt... [more]

I watched and probably shouldn't have

It was late one summer night (almost 10pm). i was just finishing up the work i was doing in the back yard when the bathroom light went on. i was standing right next to it so i looked up to see my 9y/o daughters' girlfriend. she always gave me an excited hug whenever she saw me. she would jump into my arms and wrap her legs around me. my hands... [more]

My UNAWARE Wife nude selfie

This is my Wife nude. She send me this thinking I would delete it.

Now my older neighbor lady is doing more than watching.

I posted a story about my older neighbor woman watching me masturbate at my window. I was worried about what she would or do but nothing happened I knew of. My wife and I were over to visit afterwards and she didn't act like anything happened. But when we were leaving she saw me look at her and licked her lips like she did when she watched me that... [more]

Curious about shemales

I am curious to know about sexual experiences of shemales. Shemales and others having sex with shemales, please share your experiences in comments.

Groped her

I was out for a run one night and it was after dark. I hadn’t seen any foot traffic until I noticed a woman walking toward me. It looked like she had a nice set of tits.
I adjusted my path to run around her. When I got within reaching distance I reached out and grabbed hold of her right tit. It was large and firm.
I just kept running. She... [more]


I like to swap my wife photos

Showing the wife off to old vets

My wife has always had a soft spot for our veterans. She really appreciates what they sacrificed for our country. I also wanted to do something for some vets that were residents of a veterans nursing home. Since I am an artist I felt I could break up their days with some classes. My wife jumped at the idea and so we contacted the local home and... [more]

Letting my wife be seen nude

I want.as many men as possible to see my wife nude, either in pictures or for real. I've taken.nudes of her without her knowing and I've also managed to get her hairy pussy seen for real. I get seriously turned on by it because she doesn't know. I've exposed her on a beach, on honeymoon and at home and each time she had no.idea her goods were on... [more]

Showing my cock to girls

I love being seen nude and try to.let girls see my cock as much as I can. My favourite was when I was seventeen and I let the girl who delivered our newspapers see me. I left the front door open so that there was only the glass porch door closed. As she delivered the newspaper I stood naked in the hallway pretending to dry my hair. I saw her look... [more]

Beach Trip Was Worth It

I didn't intend to spend the whole weekend at the beach but I did. I went down there to masturbate to the vision of bikini gals on the beach in their swimsuits. I'm in my mid thirties and enjoy masturbating thinking of the various women I see at the beach and would like to poke.
I always wore big loose swim trunks to wank my cock while... [more]


Can’t really say this anywhere else and found this site and can say it since nobody knows me lol. My cousin has a horse and I go to her house almost every weekend. I’m 16f and shes 16f. Little while back when I was over her mom left and we was just hanging out and she asked me if I’ve ever seen a horse dick. I told her no and she told me they are... [more]

Full time nudist

I’m in England and now I’m 16 and legally can have sex if decided to be a full time nudist. I been doing it nearly 6 month now and love it
I want to open my own business soon doing fully nude hair cuts but for now I do it from home. Some men ask if they can be naked while I cut their hair, which is fine. If they are polite I always push my... [more]

I Love Halloween!

Kids love me. I had 8 girls give me their cell numbers or gmail tonight. I think all of them are preteens. All of them are sexy.

Married Bi Male

Any bi married males in the Albany , Georgia are neighboring towns. That what be interested in meeting?

Going out

Looking for somewhere to go out in Essex/London where the Mrs can wear a short skirt and no panties to show off her pussy without getting into trouble, would love to see her getting hit on and groped whilst I watch from across the room and is she wanted to she could take further and get fucked and let me watch .

Caught friends little sister

I show up to my best friends house un announced all the time. We are both in our mid 20s and his little sister lives with him bc their mom isn’t a fit mom. His sister is 15. The last time I went over he wasn’t there and I had nothing else to do so I walked in and was about to call him and tell him I’m here. I walked in and figured his sister was... [more]

Wife says no to beastly

I have ask wife about letting the dog join us she says no but two day ago I felt the dog licking her as we fucked And she did not stop him do you think she is going to let it happen?

I think I might have learned to love dick

I had a friend since I was in kindergarten. We grew up together. Now we get together ever so often to have a beer, play video games and talk. He had been not been getting along with his wife and complaining about her. My game room has two recliners with a table between them facing a TV screen the games are hooked to. We finished a game and just... [more]


Do any women still wear girdles or on piece shapewear? Not trannies or cross dressers and not obese women. Just sexy thick women. And do you have sex or have you had sex while wearing them?

I wonder

Do women get turnd on when breastfeeding?

Sucking my first cock male

L was young like 13 hitch hiking older guy picks me up puts he's hand on my leg and l get a hard on then tells me to take off my clothes so l do lm naked with a hard on he stops car and pulls he's pants down and l see hes cock he moves me over and starts putting hes cock up my ass it hurts a little then he stops l move over to my seat he tells me... [more]

Sucking my first cock male

L was young like 13 hitch hiking older guy picks me up puts he's hand on my leg and l get a hard on then tells me to take off my clothes so l do lm naked with a hard on he stops car and pulls he's pants down and l see hes cock he moves me over and starts putting hes cock up my ass it hurts a little then he stops l move over to my seat he tells me... [more]

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