For your birthday

From time to time, my wife and I would go away for a long weekend. Most of the time we would stay in a cabin or a motel, This time we stayed at a nice hotel.
We went away this time for my birthday, and her only request was some place that had room service. I was good with that more time to go do what we want. She had been asking for a while what I wanted, I would tell her I just want to spend time with her relaxing.
Shortly before we left, she was still asking. This time it was on a weekend morning and she had just gotten up, I was in the kitchen making coffee, She came into the kitchen in what she went to bed in. A long t shirt that she had cut the neck line much deeper and cut off the sleeves and made the arm hole's much deeper, it came down just past her butt. This was one of my favorites, she has many nice thing's to wear to bed, but she knew I loved to see her body as much as possible.
She asked me again, what do you want for your birthday? I looked at her and said I want you to answer the door for room service wearing that. She smiled and said well if it's early and I'm tired you just might get your wish.
We got to the hotel mid afternoon, and planned to look around the area for a bit, then come back, get dressed and go out for dinner. I asked her if she would wear something nice but more revealing than the norm. She asked how so? I told her, some kind of top that would allow me to look into her top and see her chest. And then said you know for my birthday. She laughed and said I will see what I have, I did not bring a hole lot.
She came out after a shower in a nice skirt and a wraparound blouse, and said well how do I look? It was the truth that she always look's good, but she was asking if her outfit was what I was hoping for. She told me I had seen the blouse before, but she had always pinned it, and now it was not pinned. She leaned over in front of me, and I was able to see a lot of bra, I asked if she had a bra that had less coverage and no padding, I hate padding.
She told me the only other bra she had like that was what she would wear to bed, and I'm not sure you would like me to wear that out, with this top.
I told her that's just what I would like her to wear or know bra. Really? If I wear that one depending on how I am sitting our waiter might see more then you. I told her I was good with that, if we have a male waiter then he will have a great night. She smiled and said you nut's, are you sure? Yes, please.
We had a very nice dinner and my wife had enough to drink to relax her, and we had a good looking young male waiter. It was a win, win night. And once we got to our room, she teased me about how much the waiter could see, and told me that he was not good at pretending he did not notice. I asked her if she wanted room service for breakfast, she said that would be great. We knew we were heading into town early the next morning. She went to change to relax and for bed, I told her she did not have to wear much, She said she did not plan to. She came out in her tee shirt she had cut up and said would you have liked me to wear this to dinner, I said now that would have been really nice and I'm sure the waiter would have loved that. She joked and said, maybe we will have a guy for room service and I can let him in, would that excite you. Yes, that would,
The next morning I had gotten up early and was sitting out on the balcony, and my wife had just gotten up to brush her teeth and wash her face and comb her hair. I heard the door knock and looked into the room and my wife came out of the bathroom and said are you going to get the door. I said, but it's my birthday will you get it? She said you see what I'm wearing don't you? Yes I do and I love it, and I think the guy with our breakfast will too. My wife went to the door and looked out the peep hole and saw that it was a guy and a young good looking one too. She looked back at me and said here we go. We had a small table in our room for him to put our food on, as I looked in to see them, I don't think he even noticed me on the balcony. My wife cleared the table for him to put the food down, the hole time he was just looking at her body and was very aware that her chest was easy to see. After putting down the food he started to head out and she said wait, let me give you something, she went to her purse to get him a tip and from my view and his as she bent over could she had hard nipple's and that her areola was puffed out. Dame, she looked good, after he left I went in and laid her back on the bed and once again fucked her while asking her if she would have liked him to have taken her? all she said was I was hoping you both would have.

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  • I love that.

  • Very hot! You have a great wife.

  • Sweet! Just plain sweet!

  • It drive's me nut's when I see a woman like that, and you can see it when you want.

  • This is amazing, it's fantastic that your wife will do this for you. You know she enjoy's the attention right, to be looked at or wanted, her knowing the guy is getting excited from seeing her exposed. Dame she's good.

  • I want to see your wife, I want to feel her breast's, and bend her over and go deep and hard. Thank you.

  • Wanna see my dick because it's hard now. You can imagine it pounding inside of your wife's pussy or ass

  • She is just leading up to getting a couple of extra partners, might have them already

  • I would say your wife will soon be getting an extra cock or two

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