Cheating Confessions

Having a the biggest penis in town

Since I was 12 and I was in the locker room showers after my 7th grade basketball practice and all 11 boys on my team saw my huge penis and I was surprised that all the other boys had penises so tiny. And the word spread all over town. I mean it was and still is exactly 9.7 inches long and the girth is exactly 6.9 inches when I have a erection... [more]

Wife was huge slut in college

Over the weekend we were on vacation. Wife was in shower and we were running late. I looked up the dinner reservation email to call the place to tell them we’d be late.
The name of the restaurant shared a partial name match with her ex boy friend. I found an email chain of some emails they were sending each other years back when he was away... [more]

Does neighbor need more than conversation?

I'm 60 yo divorced male and have neighbors who are 60 ( "Sara") and 82 (" Ted"). Nice folks but lately she has been chatting me up more than usual and going out of her way to let me know how old and tired Ted is and that it's leaving her feeling lonely and ignored. She doesn't say anything about sexual performance directly, but talks about Ted's... [more]

Want to experience older woman

Hello I'm 38 very good looking guy want to fuck a gilf or milf much older chubby clean and that can handle there pussy getting lick and loves too squirt or want too experience it Springfield IL if you are in the area I would love meet you have some funn

21 & Still seeing 78yo man I met in my previous relationship

When I was with my previous boyfriend, we got a little adventurous at some point there and long story short, we ended up meeting a 76yo guy that lived nearby who we found on an adult personals site because moth my ex and I had a bit of a fantasy about me sleeping with a "dirty old man" that we both had different but mutually complimentary interest... [more]

Dirty Panties

Steve loves to pay homeless girls for their Dirty Yummmy Panties. I LOVE too Lick Their Dirty PANTIES. Steve only likes the panties when there golden yellow and Crusty. YUMMMY yummmy.

In search Patricia h c-c-n

Still have pictures of you dresses for fucking. And still got the videos of me fucking you for hours high on speed and talking dirty to you. George was pissed when he found out and I was turned on when he caught us, I hope he had his revenge

Friends wife showing pussy

I spend a lot of time at my friend and his wife's home. She is absolutely beautiful. Just to keep it short, basically she caught me looking at her legs one day. She looked at me and smiled, opening her legs very slightly, teasing me. I was transfixed and she knew it.

Friends wife showing pussy

I spend a lot of time at my friend and his wife's home. She is absolutely beautiful. Just to keep it short, basically she caught me looking at her legs one day. She looked at me and smiled, opening her legs very slightly, teasing me.
I was transfixed and she knew it. She slowly let her summer dress ride higher and higher as we spoke, her husband... [more]

Wannabe cuckold

Was cucked many years ago by wife when our friend seduced her. mix of anger but found my wrist was getting worn out whenever I thought about her with another guy. years later I still hope she gets seduced again! sadly not likely to occur but it still fires up sexual energy when thinking of this. I envy those whom have or are indulging in more... [more]

Hello there. What can i do for you

Hello there. What can i do for you hehe thanks

Sister inlaw from mexico

As a manager at the restaurant I heard this cook girl she was 18 that year we were together I was 40 he's dark skin Mexican girl long black hair sexy and things started going a little South but we'll talk to her sister before in Mexico that's where my wife came from too and we married so we paid $1,800 to have you know get her across the border we... [more]

Wife is sexless

So i get very lusty and do a lot of phone sex. now these operators i talk with have no reluctance to fill my head with perverse thoughts of abuse etc.
i spend way to much money on them but since my wife has no interest i keep catering to this behavior.
if anyone wants to tlak about their wives or would enjoy having a submissive kinky txt... [more]

Cheating and Affairs

If you have been cheated on, how did you find out and did you care or not?
My ex wife and I had a difficult and just overall bad relationship. There were of course some good times too. Just not that many. And perhaps more importantly the good times we did have were not that memorable. She was fit and attractive in a Midwest wife. She had... [more]

What the wife was really doing

I’ve been at a 3rd shift job for about 6 years. My wife works day shift. She mentioned that she doesn’t like being at home alone at night. She asked if I would be ok if a girl friend stayed with her during the week. She says girl friend as in girl………friend. Not girlfriend. I told her I had no problem with that. She has a work friend that comes... [more]

My wife

Has always slept with other men and I’ve always liked to hear about it. 10 years on she has got it down to a fine art and we keep it away from our home. She loves me being a part of it and I do too. I’m 44.
She travels for work, stays away once or twice a month, usually premier inn, different placed across England.
She always books an extra... [more]


I was 29 when I lured my husband's cousin into sex. He was spending a week with us and knew I'd be alone with him when my husband went to work. I knew his was horny because he had been checking me out the whole weekend. He was so young I couldn't resist sneaking into the guest room when my husband left for work. He was still in bed and woke him up... [more]

Thanks for approve

Hello there. What can i do for you hehe thanks

Need a young lady to spank me

I'm a bad boy need to be spanked severe punished from a girl

I was a bull once

I never told this to anyone and maybe 4 people in my life know this but I was a bull for a couple for a while before the pandemic.
The first time it happened, the wife was very attractive and the guy was decent looking and had an average size dick and wanted to spice things up. Long story short they heard from a friend of a friend that I'm... [more]

Alternate lifestyle

In high school I was one of three girlfriends in a poly relationship. I was the youngest, by the time I went to college he had graduated, number two girlfriend had two years to go and number one girlfriend was studying abroad. I was picked to keep him company and I lived with him.
We are now much older, he is 36, number one is 35,number two us... [more]

Mutual masterbation

My girlfriend has a super hot best friend. We have had two drunken 3 sums together. Now her best friend wants to do masterbation videos and send them to each other. My girlfriend must have told her how huge my cum shot loads were. I shoot 4 to 5 large spurts of jizz when I come. So far she has sent me 3 videos and plenty of pics. So my first... [more]


I would like to trade photo,s of wife

Kansas fun girl

Mmnnn I'm ready to do this girl! Let's just do it! Phone is fun but I need to be inside of you! Can't wait to slide my cock inside you and kiss your full lips and suck on your amazing tits! So fucking hard just thinking about it!

Wifes affair

For many months I'd suspected that my wife was having an affair and my suspicions were right! It was the usual stuff like I'll be a bit late today hun! She always kept her phone close to her except this one time! Her mother called in and they were yapping away in the living room then as I walked out the kitchen I noticed her phone on the worktop!... [more]

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