Cheating Confessions

Cheating wife

I'm Paul and have been married to my wife Sarah for 25 years,we still get on as if we've just met,I had no reason to even imagine she'd be cheating on me until one evening,she was taking a shower and had been in the bathroom for what seemed an age! The bathroom door had always had a little hole in it just under the knob! I kneeled down and took a... [more]

I think my teacher is a pervert

I'm kinda hesitant to tell the principal because, 1) she's our substitute teacher so she'll be gone in less than a month anyway, and 2) I feel like I'm the only one who finds it innapropriate, and I don't want him to think I'm the one twisting/perversifying the situation.
For the past few days, she has found a new way to punish students who... [more]

Is the Gospel originally in Hebrew or Greek ?

Hello It is a reality of life that you will suddenly die one day and possibly soon. So you have to find out who our savior is? Before you die and face him. List of additions to the Original Bible ? Go to and find out the TRUTH before it is too late Piece

Wifes big tits

My wifes slim nice ass big tits I want to see guys cum over her tits use her fuck her hard over and over till she begs them to stop. Fill her full of cum she swallows all the cum you give her.

My daughter

Confession a few years ago I get s call 4am to come collect my daughter from town drunk.
I went to collect her park up a way from the place who took her in, get there shes wearing a low cut top and hot briefs so I cant help but look.
Walk her to the car I hold her tight and put my arm around her taking in her ample tits.
Must explain me and her... [more]

Wife asks the big question

My wife and I have been married for 17 years. Our sex life used to be spectacular. We had sex like 2-3 times a week for 10 years or more. Then I got a better job at a different place. Ours increased and so did my stress level. Our sex dropped off dramatically. Our schedules keep conflicting and due to the increased stress, I’m now having trouble... [more]

Effection for help with bills

Male 65 years old will help with bills to go out with an attractive women 18 to 50 years of age!

I want to try a dick

I am a married male, and lately I have been wanting to suck a dick and get fucked by another man. I am not attracted to men, just their dicks.

Wife is cheating

The other night my wife came home and I was horny. She was reluctant to have sex at first but got into it. While I was playing with her pussy she seemed very wet. I started to go down on her and she tried to stop me at first which is not normal. I proceed down and started licking her and it tasted different. As I looked at her and spread her... [more]

I'm a BAD husband and always have been

I'm now in my third marriage and I've never been faithful or given the marriages a chance. Although it's hard to admit it, I've always been tempted by other women, attached or single, and they have always been there in front of me to enjoy regardless of the consequences, so I've just helped myself.
It has cost me two marriages and two long term... [more]

I don't think I cheated .......

So I'm a 28-year married woman. My husband believes I cheated on him, but I don't think I did.
A few week ago, my sister and her husband were having friends over for a party. My husband works some Saturday nights as a bartender, so he couldn't go. I went alone.
We all got pretty drunk at the party, and the topic of what woman had the biggest... [more]

Wife's fantasy is to be caught by me

Wife's biggest sextalk foreplay fantasy is: when she climbs on her on her pillow and masturbates - she loves to imagine sitting on our kitchen counter as she is being noisily fucked by Fabio. "He's huge, thick, and so stiff he can lift me up to the counter with just his penis! His hands are huge and he has a very tight grip on both of my ass... [more]

How I had sex with Marnell

She made the mistake of marrying a drunk who was 12 years older than her, and really only married her because he's chronically unemployed and wanted someone to support him. But since he knocked her up in her sleep, she ended up marrying him. Fucked up, right?
Anyway, she wasn't getting any at home and was in the middle of a month long dry... [more]

Daughter in law

My daughter in law knows she can trust me with private matters she doe`s not seem able to trust with anyone else,She is 36 and recently at a large party she caught on but put up with my son seeming unable to take his eyes of the barmaids bottom and flirting with her.My daughter in law looked pretty down and so i just quietly said to her if i was... [more]

Allow counseling ?

Hi everyone my friend and I have been together for almost 5 years she is 20 years old I am 25 years old she looks really good she has a small body and a beautiful butt and a round and perfect mouth and most importantly I really love each other inside .. We lie about 4 times a week or so I'm her first, and my cock is average I have about 6 inches... [more]

Sister In Law 3

We went to a casino my brother his wife and I. He loves to gamble so when we checked in we took the luggage to the room. My sister in law was already hot and moist from her pussy. We got on the elevator some people were in we wnt to the corner and she stood by my side the people were facing the door. i reached under her skirt and started... [more]

Marnell has a nice pussy

Marnell has a sweet, juicy, hairy pussy. I would eat her out all day while her husband wasn't there.

When We Split

When We Split
When We Split
(Have I Married A Slut)
Suzanne ( not her real name) and I have been happily married for some time now but like a lot of young couples we had ups and downs, four years into our relationship when we were still dating we had a row and split for about five weeks when we got back together I asked her if she’d... [more]

Which is worse?

Ok so I've been in the adult business since 1998.
I met my wife in 2000. I got her involved in the adult scene shortly after meeting her doing mainly adult movies or modeling shoots and helping out with adult parties
6 years after that i stopped doing the party scene. My wife went off of the adult scene.
2007 I started doing shoots for... [more]

Really not vanilla

I wrote before about my cheating whore wife. Almost a year after finding out that my wife was a cheating cunt, she's still in my damn house. I've been treating her like shit, and she seems to like it. She works full time. Has to be home immediately after work. No playtime with her friends, no social life. No money because I control it all. I told... [more]

Bonus Money

A month ago I got my bi-yearly bonus. It was pretty substantial. I mentioned to the wife a few ideas of updates to the house. She said, “What if we put in a pool?” I said, “Why a pool?” She said, “We already have a privacy fence. I’d be able to lay out on the deck naked and sun tan or swim naked. We could have sex in the pool.” I said, “A pool is... [more]

Health & Fitness

Robustness & Suitability The impact of appropriateness on defenceless haleness is fast and able ballast loss that does not masquerade as any iniquity to health. Creation of beautiful cast reliefs, safe stress liberation improvement and normalization of snooze

Any bi curious males :

Any bi curious married males in Savannah,Ga. area ?

How do I respond

My wife called me into the bathroom last night and told me she’s seeing another man. I asked of course to clarify what she meant by “seeing”. She said she’s been having sex with another man. A lot of sex.
They met after working out. She is 25 and h e is 21 years her senior. I’m frozen with fear, disbelief and confused on how to move forward... [more]

Wife has cock breath

My wife and I have a hotwife/cuckold fantasy. Instead of intercourse we often have "playtime", which consists of her pleasuring herself with a vibrator and me, humping her thick thighs and sucking on her tits while we tell stories. One fantasy I like is her fucking her boss and coworkers. Yesterday I watched her brush her teeth extensively in the... [more]

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