Cheating Confessions

Got her too

I've been having an affair with a friend of mine's ex-wife for about two years. It started when they were still married. He started drinking, flirting with other women, etc. When he finally admitted he'd been sneaking behind her back I consoled her, which led to her riding my dick on her couch into the early hours of thr morning. She's tall... [more]

What makes a cuck tick

I read a lot of stories on here about guys letting their wives have sex with other men. I'm just curious as to why?
Is there a reason you want her to have sex with someone else?
What do the wives think when asked the first time to have sex with someone else?
No offense, but are you possibly a closeted homosexual?
Do you just love porn... [more]

Hen weekend

With everything starting to get back to normal, my wife and her gal pals decided to take a little trip to Spain for a week. There are 7 women in their little hen party. Two of which I get along really well with and one that I cannot stand.
They had no more and returned when one of the girls whom I get along really well with, stopped by my... [more]

Wife got drunk on vacation

After a year and a half of COVID, my wife and finally went on vacation. On the second night, we went to a local club and both of us got a little drunk. I watched my wife on the dance floor with this other guy. They were grinding on eachother and he was grabbing her tits and ass. I could tell she liked all the attention, because she was laughing... [more]

Wife gets tipsy on purpose to tease

My wife of 20yrs still goes out with her mates .
She is now 44 and looks so good still has the same figure but her boobs and hips are bigger due to a couple of kids but she is still stunning .
Me I’ve left myself go from 75kg to 110kg sadly abs she makes fun of me because of it .
Anyway she tells me she is out on a bender on Friday , this is in... [more]

Exposing myself

I live in an apartment but I’m at my dad’s house for the weekend to visit some family. the weather has been really nice and my dad is at work today and my brothers are out all day so I’m sunbathing (I don’t have a garden) but I really wanted to get a tan everywhere and the house isn’t very overlooked so I’m laying on the deck chair with my boobs... [more]

Life trite

A mortal cut (or viability hacking) is any skill, shortcut, skill, or freshness method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. The expression was fundamentally reach-me-down next to computer experts who suffer from low-down strain or those with a puckish objet de virtu in the ways they can accelerate their workflow in... [more]

Exposing my wife to strangers

I secretly take pics of my wife and share them with strangers

Having sex with a gay male prostitute

I have had this fantasy for a long time… To have crazy gay sex with a hot black man..
I did that last year, got my stuff from a gay male escort website…
I was so horny that my cock was hard all the way to his place in eager anticipation I wore something particularly sexy also because I wanted to turn him on with my sexy fit body all and all... [more]

Bad Boyfriend

When I was at university, I cheated on my girlfriend a hell of a lot. I'm not proud of it but I was a typical young guy, good looking enough to have opportunities for sex with lots of different girls and horny enough to act on it when I could get away with it.
Sarah and I got together in our first year and for the first few months I was a good... [more]

Wife’s sexy legs snd feet

My wife just walked in front of me in shorts and barefoot. She had a big grin on her face and knew I was looking at her sexy legs and feet!! She looked sooo sexy! I got a big hard on!!!! Her legs and feet turn me on!!!!! Her ankles and heels looked so smooth!!! My cock was so hard!

Humiliation of my fat wife

Please help me humiliate and degrade my fat white wife

Wife on vacation

It's no surprise that my wife and I both check out other hot people. We been married long enough to know if someone has a pulse, they're gunna look. I don't care how "in love" you are. Human nature always wins. And anyone who says they don't check out other people is a fucking liar.
Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The real reason for my... [more]

He’s in his 50s!!!!

During lockdown I started chatting to old guys on whisper. I have a bf but after awhile I didn’t even care. I loved the attention. When I met a guy in person I ended up sneaking to his apartment and literally within five minutes of being there I was sucking his big fat dick!!!

Prick teasing

For the last two months I’ve had a massive flirting relationship with a work colleague, she is married and so am I
We both can’t keep our hands off each other, how we haven’t been caught at work I don’t know!
I’ve fingered her loads of times, she’s given me blowjobs, wanks you name it we’ve tried everything all but have full Penetrating... [more]

I never forgot

About 40 years ago I had an affair with a work colleague 20 years my junior. It lasted about three years. She is the only girl I really felt love for (and still do). I have wanked over her ever since. I would love to tell her that and ask if she ever thinks of me. Hey Ho

My fantasy

I have to admit my fantasy has always been to watch my wife fuck another man. I'll also be honest and admit I may have written a few bullshit post on here to play out my fantasy. Only because I have never had the balls to tell my wife about my fantasy.
Well last night we were hot and heavy into foreplay. I mean I was fingering her pussy and... [more]

Wife cheated on me

I stopped home from work to grab a snack while running an errand for work and there was a strange car in my drive way. When I went in I heard my wife upstairs talking to someone. I new I could not stay long and did not want to get in a conversation with someone because I had to get back to work. I know that she did not hear me come in so I... [more]

Fucking my friends wife

Long story short, my girlfriend and our friends wife came up with a plan for us to swap partners for a night. I was supposed to take her to my place while my girlfriend stayed with him at their place.
We started the evening at the bar. I had already known about the plans, but didn't know how the girls planned on making this happen. Also what I... [more]

My slut wet wife

She has a hairy wet pussy that loves being filled with strangers cocks. She loves being creampied and loves to suck that cock after it empties in her pussy.

My dream job

I am obviously not like everyone else, not that I am special… I fantasize about my sole job/career being to lick and suck women’s buttholes. My work day would consist of servicing every type, size, age, and race of female butthole. All would be licked, sucked, reamed and cleaned. I would look forward to work every day and welcome overtime. I... [more]

Wish I had her back sometimes

This girl I dated in my 20's was a lot of fun. We drank, partied, smoked weed, and had sex, lots of sex. She didn't have any problems doing anything sexual and in most cases, was more crazy than me when it came to doing sexual shit. Seriously, I could dare her to do just about anything, and she would have done it. We had sex almost everyplace... [more]

Guy held me down while he was cumming...

Ok so this happened about 2 months. If it matters, I am a trans woman. Maybe that's why he did what he did, idk.
Anyway I met up with this guy and gave him head out in his truck one night. When he started to cum he put his hand on my head, pushed me down and farted in my face. It took me a few seconds to process what happened as he let go and... [more]

I want to share nudes of my wife

She doesn’t know.

More women have affairs than men do.

If the true statistics were know, you would see that more women have screwed around on their partner than men have.
It is a know fact that women are desired by men. Matter a fact, it's much easier to get laid as a woman than as a man. You can see than in pretty much every species on the planet. So if that were true, and it is. Then logic... [more]

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