Cheating Confessions

That fertile seed

Right before Christmas my girlfriend cheated on me with a black man. This black man I know pretty well as he has fucked a few women I know. All these women he fucked which was 4 different women all ended up having children by him.
2 of the 4 women has 2 kids by him while the other 2 just have 1 kid by him and all kids are around or under the... [more]

Dear Rick

Every time Gina comes to my house I lick her cunt. You have even called right in the middle of it and talked to her on the phone while I was eating her out! You were actually there while I had my tongue in her pussy! Honestly man, I was only gonna lick her cunt a little bit. But once I got my tongue in there I couldn't help it. I fucked her. I... [more]

Met up with a guy

I am married but met up with a guy out of curiosity. He sucked on my cock for a while, then he pulled down his pants and I sucked on his. As I was sucking on him, I surprised myself as my cock just started jerking as I came down my own leg... then he came in my mouth.

When my son gets cheated on

The couch makes a light noise as Will, my son, sits down with a groan. His hands reach up to cover his face for a second, then I see his blue eyes open under them, looking at me. He said that he needed to get out of his apartment, so I invited him over to watch the Bulls game.
"Okay, what happened?"
Since he moved in with his partner John... [more]

Why take so long to get posted

Work faster please

Dimepiece LA

I've read in that [url=]Dimepiece LA[/url] celebrity streetwear brand is going to open their second fashion boutique in London. Does anyone have any knowledge when this is going to happen and where the store will be located? I would love to get the Dimepiece Winter Pom Pom Knit Cap xx

I bought my wife a massage

For her 52nd birthday I bought my wife a massage. She came home after and told me the masseur was handsome, well built and funny. She liked it so much I bought her another one. This time she came home with red, swollen nipples and her breath smelling like cum.
Each time we had great sex for days afterwards. I don’t know if it is a good idea but... [more]

Beautiful things

You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually something that I believe I might never understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely broad for me. I am having a look forward in your next put up, I'll attempt to get the grasp of it! Beautiful things... [more]

I finally did it

I pushed his door closed as I backed away from him. With a few feet between us, I tugged on my tied belt and let my dress slide off of my body into a rumpled pile around my high heels.
His eyes widened as I stood there wearing nothing but gold high heels. He stood there frozen as I moved towards him. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes as I... [more]

Nice dick

I met a guy who showed me his dick to suck on

I gave a man a blowjob

I’m a man and I gave another man a blowjob. We met on Craigslist years ago and I’m guessing it was M 4 M section
I was very curious about it. He chatted with me online and then invited me to his work after hours. I was super nervous.
I sat in a chair and he stood in front of me and pulled his pants and shorts down. He had about a 8 inch... [more]

Wife does her dentitst

When my wife and I were in our 20's we discussed my desire for her to have sex with another person. She admitted to me that her dentist always hits on her when she is in his office. We discussed this opportunity several times over the next few years and she agreed to pursue it if the opportunity ever presented itself. Fast forward a year or so and... [more]

Wife cheating with coworker who is a widower

Wife coworker recently lost his wife due to Covid 19. After two weeks my wife who is too close to him visited him at his home just to comfort him and which she says led to sex due to over emotion with him unintentionally. She came back that day and was feeling awkward and disturbed. After much cajoling she opened up and confessed her sin. First... [more]

Me and the wife

My wife and I went to another couples house for a cookout and a movie. Everyone was drinking. My wife got too drunk and passed out in the spare bedroom. Mark and Teresa went to sleep. I passed out on the couch.
About 3 am, I got woke up to the sound of a pan hitting the stove top. I woke up and it was teresa. She was topless. She was only... [more]

The hard part is coming home.

I usually don't talk about Vietnam, it was not a nice place. I quickly learned to not make friends, after seeing too many sent home in bags.
I was lucky, I got sent home with two holes in me, alive.
Waiting at home was a wife, one I assumed would be faithful. But she was young, and our first few years before I got drafted were very highly... [more]

Ruining lives

I like all the white hoes.. they tell their husbands it's a girls night out... yeah right motherfuckers you stupid ... the bitches like the black dick.. special when they ask for a condom before fucking i puts it on and pinch the tip with my fingernails.... 9 months later the hoes are popping out a welfare baby...explain that to your husbands... [more]

Mexican American wife 46

I enjoy men looking at my wife pics n vids n get off fir here cuz she sexy nerdy n really nice n it turns me on thx guys

Real world

I'm a married woman of 12 years...I've been fucking 2 of my co-workers for the past 6 months.. I've fucked them more often then I've fucked my husband in 12 years of marriage but he brings home a very good paycheck... if that bothers you TO FUCKING BAD.. i enjoy fucking someone else husbands ...


When i was invited/asked to be one of my girlfriends brides maid i said yes ... by the end of the reception I had sucked every guys dick in the wedding party.. including the groom... and I'm glad i did..
Not blaming it on alcohol I had very little of it ... but i made it up by sucking dick .... by the time i got home my boyfriend at the... [more]

Not what I expected

I decided to only work a half day last night. Came home to surprise the wife. Walked in the back door and into the bedroom to see my wife getting fucked in the ass doggystyle by an old work buddy of mine from my previous job. I said, "What in the fuck is this shit?!" She looked over but Rick didn't stop. She said, "Oh Jesus. Honey, why are you... [more]

Oral Mistress Fantasy

I’m married but we haven’t been intimidate in months. Lately I’ve been fantasizing about finding a woman on the side that loves to give and receive oral. There’s nothing I love more than pleasing a woman with my mouth and fantasize about what it would be like to have someone I don’t know taste me. Is that bad?

Boyfriend's father

When my boyfriend travels, I travel to his father's for fun filled adventure. I learn something new and enjoy it for sex with no headaches and crybaby drama that comes with my boyfriend.

Had sex with my sister

I was 19 and had been broken up with my girlfriend for about 2 months. I came home to find my 15 year old sister and her twin best friends in our pool smoking some weed. I joined their party and started entertaining the girls. Then I became a big hero when I bought beer. As the night went on we talked bout skinny dipping. Eventually I made my move... [more]

Wifes affair

My wife went away with the girls 2 years ago to scotland for a weekend away with loads of girlfriends . then rumours went around that few of the wives cheated and stories went around .my wife said yes it happened but was only a kiss .but one of her friends told me she went further than just a kiss and it was with a guy called alex .i went through... [more]

I want to cheat on my gf

I'm almost 40, never cheated before. I'm in my first serious relationship in a long time, and I want to cheat so bad. Not just to fuck someone else, but because the idea of cheating turns me on so much. Would it be so wrong to do just once?

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