Cheating Confessions

Permission to cheat

We are going to Mexico tomorrow. My wife just gave me permission to get a blowjob from a Mexican chick. She knows who I’m going home with. I’m so looking forward to this trip!

Old mom

My mom is 80 needs full time care, I am looking after her but recently she has started confusing me for her husband , who passed many years ago.
She is becoming more forward touching, flashing and being suggestive.
I'm with her all day and I have to confess I have thought about her sexually and the idea does get me very hard.
Should I act on... [more]

Wife not interested

My wife has lost interest in sex since she started menapause. I have started a relationship with a girl from work, she is about 10 years younger and the sex is great. I love my wife but I have needs. I went 28 years with never cheating on her but now a sleep with my co-worker 3 times a week.

My ex-wife was super sexy & cheated

A lot of guys called her 'cute butt'. She had 4 kids with me - and started cheating on me about 10 mos after we married (coming on hard to her boss trying to seduce him - how?: walk across the room naked when he came to drive her to work, "Oh, sorry! overslept let me get dressed!") She was 18, I was 19.
On a dare she necked with her best friend's... [more]

Happy ending massage

I’m a 45 year old married woman. I’ve been married for 15 years and I have been getting happy ending massages for the past 3 years. It’s nothing that my husband is doing wrong in bed. He’s just not built like Adarius.
My husband is 49. He works 2nd shift in a factory and makes great money. As a result, I don’t have to work. I do a couple days... [more]

Be careful

I asked my wife to fuck a black neighbour after a party I made an excuse and left her alone with him she came home 2 hrs later she said nothing happened she now pops round for coffee every day

Tie me up first....

I want a woman to tie me to the bed, spread eagle. For as long as possible, an hour or longer preferably, I want her to play with my cock, keeping it hard the whole time, and stop right before i reach orgasm. She will do this repeatedly until my legs are shaking and my throbbing cock feels like it's going to explode. When she finally lets me cum... [more]

Ex was a total tease

Ok I’m sure all of you reading this are going to have some affiliation with a gf or ex or just a meeting with a stranger or someone you know . Well this is mine and what happened happened
This is not a story it’s true and it isn’t my ex it’s my mates ex .
25yrs ago we were all 18 and hang around in groups and a few of couples hung out as a... [more]

My pretty sister is a slut

My sister is a dance instructor, when I was younger I used to go with her at the dance studio because my mom was working and was nobody home to be with. In one day was an older man who take dance lessons from my sister and after course he invited us to his home to enjoy the pool, I was happy because he give me ice cream and sweets and I enjoyed... [more]

First time sucking cock

I was in my forties, and visited a gay sauna. I had never had any attraction to men but just wanted to experiment.
I had walked round the sauna and finally came to the dark room..I walked inside and sat in the area that still gave some visibility.I removed my towel and placed it over my shoulder to indicate that I was available.
A... [more]


I like watching videos of women pooping.

Fuck my hot wife

MWM. I want a guy to use my wife’s body duck her feel her cunt duck her nipples kiss her

Fuck my wife

I need a hard clean cock to use and fuck my wifes cunt hole. Suck her nipples cum on her. Kiss her.

Cheating on my wife was a delight!!!

I was married for 20 years and for at least half of them I visited an attractive blonde with huge breasts who lived less than a mile away. She gave me really hot tease and denial handjobs. Over the years, I shot enough sperm on her tits to maybe fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. At first she was my girlfriend--or "mistress," if you... [more]

Want to see my wife get gangbanged

I would love to see my wife get gangbanged , is that something that is normal ? , it gets me so hard to imagine guys ripping her clothes off and marking her moan as she comes ove over again !

One afternoon some guy had my wife on the floor...

My wife's best friend told me this after our divorce:
My wife was over at her best friends. Her friends' 35 yr old brother came by. After much wine, at some point he said "Women in this state are lousy kissers".
His sister argued with him....then she looked at my wife and said, "I'm not going to kiss this idiot - YOU show him how good we can... [more]

Just want to eat ass

I’m married and love eating a woman’s ass out. The problem… my wife isn’t into it. I wish I could find a woman in the San Marcos TX area to eat out on the side

Wife’s indiscretion with an ex

Ok this was around 2010 I’d been spending a lot of time in work and online chatting with others and not taking enough notice of my wife , I guess I’ll tell you what she was like then .
She was 41 brunette 5’1” perfectly proportioned but a fabulous arse , she always did have since I met her at 17 and still has a fab arse. Always been flirty and... [more]

Making lemonade

I’ve been married a while. Sex used to be great and pretty frequent. Lately she makes up every excuse to not have sex. I enjoy masturbating but at some point you gotta have something else. A buddy at work has been after me for more than a year. I’m not against having sex with another man but I just don’t want word getting around. A few weeks ago I... [more]

Hot neighbor

Ever since my neighbors moved in I new the wife had a thing for me. The neighbors wife would always wave to me low key if we happen to be living at the same time. I bs with her husband once in awhile and she talks to my wife sometimes . So I'm cutting the grass and my hit neighbor says if I know anything about plumbing that her garbage disposal... [more]

My mature wife 58 is prostituting herself

In March of 2022 we went on a camping trip to celebrate my wife's birthday. The second day I was leaving to do some chores at home and pick up dinner.
She had been gone earlier in the day and started acting weird. I was suspicious and happened to have a sports cam with me. Before I left I hid it in some of my clothes so it could see part of the... [more]

My mature wife 58 is prostituting herself

In March of 2022 we went on a camping trip to celebrate my wife's birthday. The second day I was leaving to do some chores at home and pick up dinner.
She had been gone earlier in the day and started acting weird. I was suspicious and happened to have a sports cam with me. Before I left I hid it in some of my clothes so it could see part of the... [more]

Only because my son gets none

Hi I’ll start with I’m just turned 70 and he’s 49
I just been given a car but it’s up in Queensland and asked my son if he could fly up with me and drive it back thinking he needs a break from his demanding wife any way he agreed
We flew to the gold coast and got a taxi to my friends place which was close by
We stopped for a while had lunch... [more]

New years future mil‘s dirty knickers and dildo

New years night I stayed at my girlfriends mums house because of work. Her mum was away with friends so I was completely alone. As soon as I realised I wouldn’t be interrupted I wasted no time, found myself some worn knickers and managed to search out her hiding spot for her rabbit!!
There I was with her dirty knickers over my nose and... [more]

From possessive and jealous to horny and perverted

Hello everyone! I'm a white man married with a beautiful brazilian ebony girl, she is 30 years old and she is sexy, nice ass nice tits. I know myself like a possessive guy, jealous but something happened and I will tell for you guys.
I gave my wife a new phone like a present for our anniversary, 2 years of marriage, she was very happy with her... [more]

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