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Cheating Confessions

Wife cheat with big brother

My name is Raju from navsari,gujrat,india
I want on share my heart breaking story to you guys
I am factory worker who worked in shift .
My mom dad and one big brother and his wife we 6 people in my house live happily..
One day
I found something from my room when I was just coming from night shift and going to bed..and it was condom... [more]

My surprise sex tape

About 15 years ago I went out to see my bestie in Texas. I went to help he get things straighten out so she could move back home. Really I went because I wanted a vacation and just get away for a couple of weeks.
Paula was living with a black man, they had 2 children together, and then he left her.
Well at the end of the first week, another... [more]

Mississippi Trailer Trash Whore & Divorces on the Rise

If hurricanes and tornados weren't enough here in Delta Dawgland eight months ago a husband stealing, weak assed man temptress came with her 55 footer, dogs and fancy Dodge PU truck. 2023 $56k pick up. We are all poor lots on welfare and food stamps driving junkers.
So this 35 year old slut moves her in a fucking mobile home, a goddamn... [more]

It finally happened and I loved it

My wife and I have been talking about her cuckolding me for months now. At first she was shocked when I offered the idea and wanted to know who the girl was that I wanted to fuck. I told her that I didn’t want her to fuck other men so that I could fuck other women. I told her that I found it very erotic one knowing that she was having sex with... [more]

My revenge sex

My wife told me she was a virgin until her first marriage. And had only slept with her first and me. I had asked her because we were discussing sexual fantasy's. I didn’t think her story was likely and told her if she ever wanted to tell me there were more I wouldn’t be upset. I was honest and had told her of all my sexual exploit's including that... [more]

I loved the covid quarantine

So about 4 months before everyone was ordered to quarantine, something interesting happened. My wife and I had been spending every weekend with another couple. We would go out to eat all four of us or we would make dinner at either of our houses and watch a movie. When you get into your 30s and up, you don’t do a lot of socializing outside of... [more]

Accidental text

Wife sent me a few texts and a video the other day.
Her: hey babe
Me: hey yourself
Her: i need some dick soon
Me: I’m always game
Her: I know you are
Then she sent me a video. It was her sitting in the computer chair naked and masturbating.
Her: You like?
Me: Hell yeah
Her: Can you come over tonight? Hubby won’t be home.
Me: This... [more]

She doesn’t know that I saw

My wife and I went to a friends wedding at a nice hotel, and all the friends booked rooms in advance. We danced all night and drank a lot, and when the wedding party was over some friends of the groom invited us to an after party in their presidential suite. We got there, it was bumping, music blasting and the living room set up as a mini dance... [more]


To 💕Love is to Give it Unconditionally😍
Imagine the first week of your honeymoon? Right after the wedding you happily deliver your bride to a group of black and white well hung men who will set the tone for her sexual freedom and pleasure for years to cum. The essence of marital bliss, excitement and immeasurable orgasmic bliss. To allow... [more]

She doesn’t know

My wife is cheating. I know this because of her pussy lips are always swelled up after sex. But I have a secret too. I don’t mind that she cheats.
When ever I see her little shaved pussy swollen I always initiate sex. I always start to go down on her and she always tried to pull me back up. Im into creampies. And when I see the cum start to drip... [more]

Fucked Friends Wife During Game

I often head to a friends place to watch football. My friends wife and I have been flirting for months and during last week game with the Raiders and the 49ers we finally said it was time. Worked out because we're all Raiders fans and they were dominating the whole game so they were glued to the TV.
I said I had to use the bathroom, so I go and... [more]

Small cock and chastity.

I married my husband nearly twelve years ago, and I had found out quite a long time before that, that he had a small cock. Soft, it's barely two inches and hard it struggles to reach five. At the time, I honestly thought it would not matter.
I was wrong.
Eventually, I decided that I needed something better, and on a night out woth the girls... [more]

BIO MOM & SON Intense Exacerbating Sexual Tension

Sub Title; CHEATING on my Dad her Husband A ND
Me 32 mom 49 had.me as a young girl of 17. Dad was 33 my age now. Throughout their.marriage both have played around. Morality is not a cornerstone in my family. Both of my.sisters still unmarried are loose more or less sluts.
The last two years as I completed law school mom and I.have had... [more]

The most awesome slut I've ever had.

I met this really cool guy (Ty) that I really enjoyed hanging out with. His GF was smoking hot but had an awkward looking face that was hard to look at though. One of my other friends warned me about her being a tease to all of Ty’s friends. I soon found out why, She would do things like finger herself (making sure you were watching) when Ty... [more]

Drove wife crazy; Be a slut/whore occasionally. She Finally Agre

Fifteen years ago I was a horn dog who married the town tramp back home. We moved away and two kids later I want p town legs c whore back. She left all that behind until last Friday when she took a complete stranger out of the club to the parking lot and gave him head as I watched. Happy now baby? She said.
I had been bugging her especially... [more]

Cheaters payback

Was good friends with an underclassmen. Got to know his parents and they were highschool sweet hearts. Mom was a looker and his father was cool. Happened one day rumor had it that she had gone and cheated but played it off that he was the one that did. People took sides and it got ugly. Helped move him out of the house and into an apartment... [more]

Poor guy..

My ex and I broke up about 2 years ago. I cheated on her a few times and she had enough of it.
We only dated for about a year and a half. she was working and i was studying, so of course i had more free time on my hands and met with more people.
She was a solid 7/10. Great ass, perky D cup with small nipples. She was from greek descent and had... [more]


I am seeing a therapist and we started having sex in her office. The first time was spontaneous. I have no idea but we were on each other in minutes. She is a hot 30 something Asian woman with tats. I told her how beautiful I think tattoos are on woman and that my wife refuses to get a tattoo. I told her I like woman who hve meanings to their... [more]

A REAL TRUE STORY: Marital Fidelity Is So Overrated!

Admittedly, "Naughty" We, contributors to these submitted confession, etc. have sexual desires and proclivities that, seriously we don't discuss in mixed company, be our stories be real or hopeful fantasies albeit, many of us would would they not get us ostrasized, after all talking about or confession may indeed be good therapy and good for the... [more]

Pissed off

I try my best with my piss head of a wife, I really do, but she is a horrible drunk.
She’s sort of ok when sober but she has a perpetual hang over, shes tetchy, confrontational and over bearing. There’s a brief period of pleasantness as she drinks the first bottle of wine but its downhill thereafter. She sometimes demands sex. I’d rather fuck my... [more]

Should i do it

A close friend and I have traded pics and stuff of our wives a few times and we was trading today and he told me that him and his wife has had a 3some before with another girl and asked if me and my wife has. I told him no and she would not let that happen. He asked if I’d ever fuck another girl behind her back and I told him I have once. He... [more]

Finger still inside

Elieen, My roommate, left me at home to spend the night at her boyfriend’s place. I wanted to make the most out of my night to myself, so I bought some wine, put on a movie, and relaxed.
The thing is, wine usually gets me sleepy and really handy with myself. So as soon as I got through my second glass of it, I needed to touch myself.
I took... [more]

My wife went through my phone and found videos of me cheating

My wife is always trying to figure out if I am cheating. She goes through my wallet and looks through my stuff too. I have been cheating for a long time but she never could prove anything until now. She looked through my phone when I forgot it at home and found what she was looking for. I didn't expect her to be home when I got there so I went... [more]

Cheated On My Navy Husband

My husband has been deployed for over 3 years. I'm a 29 year old woman and I had couldn't keep to myself any more. Years of using dildos and vibrators, I caved and had sex with another man. It had been so long since I had real dick that the sex I had felt like the very first time I had sex.

Should I go for sloppy seconds?

My wife and I are no longer together as a couple but for financial reasons we live in the same house. It’s worked ok for a while but recently she has started seeing other men and in fact bringing them back to the house. To be fair she makes sure they know our situation and most of the time I don’t see them.
The issue is that I can hear them... [more]

Husband discovers Wife's dirty secrets

My wife went out with work friends tonight. I knew she would be back late but stayed up anyway just in case she needed to be picked up or whatever. Well, she rolled in about 1:30 drunk af. I promptly turn off the movie I’m watching and we head to bed.
I barely have time to get undressed before she says goodnight and rolls over passing out. Now... [more]

April bourgeois beautiful tits

How are you staring at her to anonymously to the past 12 years I started enjoying it too


My fat sexy ex has huge tits big ass and belly fat But i want to compare with my sister in law witch has small tits small ass but huge belly wanna see if their pussy are the the same wanna fill my sister i law with my cum


My name is Deb and i am 44 years old. I am separated from my husband of 26 years and 6 weeks pregnant with my 19 year olds nephew’s baby. We have only had sex 3 times The first time and the the time i conceived was after a wedding. I got black out drunk and woke up in bed with him. 2 weeks after that we started texting late at night about it... [more]

Fuck buddy

I was in a lay-by last Wednesday and a car parked up behind me and a bloke got out walked back to boot, opened it, rummaged about in there for a mo and then walked all the way around his car back to the drivers side. He opened the door but before he got in, he made a show of undoing his belt, jeans and unzipped his fly.
After he got into the car... [more]

GF Cheated Right Behind To Me

4 years ago my girlfriend, a friend of mine and me were going on a road trip. It's pretty common for us to go once a year. I have van and I can put a bed in the back.
It was almost 2am and we were all tired so I parked in the closest public lot to sleep in. I was being nice for letting my gf and my friend sleep in the actual bed in the back... [more]

Banging Wife's Sister

I've been fucking my wife's sister for almost 5 years now. To summarize, my sister-in-law is a single mother, her husband left her shortly after having her son.
This whole thing started with her and I being very flirty over texts and even snapchat. Hell, my wife doesn't even know I have snapchat on my phone. I literally only have her sister on... [more]

I love old guys!!

My husband and I are in our 20s married 3 years and though I love him I can’t stop wanting and needing other men. Older men. My husband can’t offer what I crave. I can post on different sites and will get over 100 replies. I go for the tall fit well endowed guys in their 50s or 60s that like to dominate and control women. I’ve chatted with over 50... [more]

I'm Addicted To Cheating On My Husband

I'm Susan, 38, married for 11 years and I think I'm addicted to cheating on my husband. Like these thoughts of cheating VERY often occupy my mind.
It all started after a fight with my husband. Nothing divorce worthy, just opposing thoughts. I ran out to get a few drinks to relax. While waiting on my next drink a cute boy, maybe 23ish, come up... [more]

Trade pics with me I'll show you my wife if you show me yours

I enjoy showing off my wife, she does not know about it. But if I see something I like of someone else's I'm not against a little fun if thats what your into. I am Also bi so I'm down with guys and girls. Anyone that would like to trade pics with me and if things go well maybe get together later. Hit me up.

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