Cheating Confessions

Older woman

When I was in my thirties I was seduced by a fifty six year old woman. The first time we had sex we spent the night in a hotel . She was married but unhappy . She was super horny and hot. We got together several times and I loved being with her. She was old enough to be my mother as her two children from her first marriage were my age. I loved... [more]

Friend with benefits

I have a female friend she a bartender been close many years she got married and had a kid. Her husband hates me of course cause I'm a make and we text each other. Well I'm married anyways we should of hooked up long time ago but we didn't. Well I go to her work she fucked up need a ride home . Jumps in my truck and i can see her panties and... [more]

Pregnancy fantasies

My bf and have been together for a little over a year now. We're do much a like it's annoying at times . Anyways, 5 months into our relationship we decided we wanted to try for a baby . We tried for a few months and I got pregnant but had an early miscarriage. After that ,he didn't want to try anymore and said he was stressed out . I really am... [more]

I'm pregnant but it's not my husband's baby

I have really done it . I was weak . I shouldn't have done it but felt hopeless in stopping it. I was feeling lonely . My husband takes me for granted . He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body. He has a friend who he does guy stuff with. He's always around. He's not married . Sometimes when he comes over for cookouts or like at Christmas he's... [more]

Wife got her revenge!

My wife suspected I've been cheating on her. She saw a message on my phone while I was getting a shower. She didn't let on that she saw it. I thought everything was cool so I went to see the woman later. I came home later that evening and the wife was asleep in bed. So I went to sleep. Sometime in the early morning hours I got up to go take a... [more]

Trying out something new

I work 2nd shift. Once a week we work 10 hours instead of 8. That has me getting out of work at midnight. So the wife is already asleep. About 3 months ago, I started cheating on my wife.
Where I work there are a couple thousand there per shift. About 6 months ago we got a new girl. She was in the same group as me. We worked across from each... [more]


Caught my cheating wife kellywestgate cheating on me

I cheated on my hubby when he was my boyfriend.

I was 17 years old at the time. I was seeing a guy who worked with me at the McDonald's in town. He kind of just decided I was his girl. I didn't like it but since I didn't have a guy at the time let it go. I had sex with him but really didn't want to be in a permanent relationship. Then I met Dave at school. We kissed and fooled around but no... [more]

Guilty and ashamed

I never realised how toxic I am until recently, and I’m sure you’ll all hate me for this. I’m quite a controlling girlfriend, I’ve made my boyfriend block girls on social media, stop talking to friends that are girls, he’s not allowed to go out drinking without me, he has to give me his phone whenever I want it and I scroll through and look at... [more]

I looooove masturbating

Guys my age jerk off once or twice a week. I do it ten times as often. Twice a day on average. More than when I was 18. Before I sleep, often again in the middle of the night, often in the morning.
And for longer than when I was 18. I think. I’ve always been a stroke addict, and never more than now.
Never kinkier than now. I taste... [more]


Just wish my wife would enjoy another man in her life . thats all

Fuck and Suck

My wife doesn't fuck me or suck me. I am 65 and need a young stud to attend to me. Desperate to shoot my load in you and to swallow yours. Break me in and let me feel you cum in me. I will swallow your load or you can pump my ass full. Odessa, TX


What happened to all those good old chatlines? They were free to use and great fun chatting to whoever might be around.

Suck My Cock

I need a man to drain my cock and I will drain yours.

Someone needs to know

Not sure if this is the right place for confessing, but I need to somehow get it out there.
That new job I started 6 months ago? I lied when I said it got easier. Far from it, I still hate it. What kept me there was meeting a very special coworker, one who I had been seeing more and more often, on and off work. Let's call him Harry, but I'm... [more]

Mother-in-laws pussy

When I could feel that she was to the verge of an orgasm, I keep pressing my mouth to her pussy as I licked and tongued her clit. As her gasps and moans grew louder, she started rocking her hips from sides to sides while I held her in place.
"Ahhhhhhhhh Steven...oh god please don't stop." She screamed and finally came into my mouth. Though I... [more]

I watched

I caught my girlfriend fucking her dad!!! I dont kno how the hell it got going but when i came home one day they were naked in my bed. I couldve stopped it bcuz they were just getting starting but as mad as i was i was also mesmerized. This old bastard had a huge fkn dick too. I remember her gagging on it as it barely fit in her mouth. When she... [more]

I'm sleeping with my boyfriends brother

I work with a guy who decided that I was his girl. He told everyone at work I belong to him. This makes me mad . Since I don't have a love interest I decided to sleep with him anyway. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the frequent sex. He is Italian and has a nice thick cock . He's about 6.5 inches but his girth is so wonderful. Sometimes he can't keep... [more]

Whore wife

Well over 25 years later still with slut wife. From when I met her when we were young she cheated with a BBC from there with a couple neighbors I suspect she was getting high with as I worked. Then my sons friends dad ,my best friend and and a few others that I suspect. Now she says and swears up and down that she only cheated once and that was... [more]

Caught my 46 year old wife with 17 year old neighbor

My wife and I own three florist shops in our area. We do very well and she wants for nothing or so I thought. Recently she told me she wanted to work less and enjoy our lovely home and pool. We live in an upscale gated community with golf course. I hired a young college girl to fill in so my wife could enjoy the summer at home . One day I decided... [more]

Post office slut

Someone left a note on my car window a couple days ago telling me that my wife who works at the post office has fucked almost all the men and a couple of the women that works there. I knew this she has always been like that, I can't stop her, not sure I would even if I could. after being married for 12 years and chuckolding all the way I am very... [more]

My wife

Asia total babe

Cheating wife

I love you naughty cheating on my husband contact me

True confession

I love being naughty and posting pictures of me in a ball gag online and hit me

Finally had my as* eaten and pounded for the first time!!

Ok so I’m. A 30 year old good looking white guy average build with a nice cock I’m an absolute freak by nature always been straight but discreetly always has no curiosity. Since I was a young teen I’ve had the idea of what it would be like to suck a dick and be pounded and just submissive to being abused by a big cock. Years I tried to find a nice... [more]

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