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First lesbian sex

What was your first lesbian experience?

Lick me again and again and again (part 2 of 2)

Part 2….
My girlfriend’s fingers on my pussy and her tongue on my asshole created an intensity I’d never felt before. An orgasm was building from her rubbing my clit and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My climax began at the same moment my asshole relaxed a little, opening up to let the tip of her tongue slide inside my ass. When someone... [more]

Lick me again and again and again (part 1 of 2)

During a girls night out about 10 years ago, a few drinks in and a couple rounds of Truth or Dare, a friend admitted she'd never licked a pussy. Move forward about a year, her husband was being promoted and they were moving back to Oz- we live in the US. He moved immediately and she stayed behind to sell their house and wrap up things.
The... [more]

Girls school

I was 16 when my parents unrolled me in an all girl catholic school. They didn't believe boys should be in the same boarding school with girls. The always said that marriage and sex was something for grown up women. I remember our teachers were all nuns except for the principal that was a priest. I always felt embarrassed about standing naked... [more]

New fantasy

I am a single mom and I find myself thinking about an 18yo that looks like she's 13. I get excited thinking about undressing her and taking her over and over.

Lesbian how loves spankings.

I am a lesbian who loves to get a good spanking. i was moving home,so i called a old girlfriend. she has a new girlfriend who has very large tits. she had a wild idea to have sex with her girlfriend. so we work out our fantasy, i want a spanking bad. i got to her house and started to getting drunk. so i start this by spilling red wine onto her... [more]

Dressing my boyfriend

I am a lesbian who is roommate with a male i started having sex with. i planned a vacation where i was at the airport and i was going to meet my boyfriend. i went to the trunk of the car and left his suitcase in the trunk. so we get there and i admit i forgot his suitcase. but i had mine full of pink clothes and ready to dress my new little... [more]

Straight, but have a lesbian fantasy

I had a dream once after watching a softcore movie on cinamax and a year later, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm 25 single, no boyfriend or serious dates for almost 6 months. Never had a lesbian experience either and too nervous to act on it, but after reading stuff on here, I thought I'd share.
So I'm driving down a lonely back highway, it's... [more]

It jut happed

I was 22 when I shared the rent of a house with two college girls. I was shocked when one of them came into my bedroom, laid in bed naked beside me and began touching and kissing me. I was trying to avoid her kisses but ended up with her tongue in my mouth, her hand rubbing my pussy and asking if I liked it. I was embarrassed about it but... [more]

Grandma's New Found Lover

I felt sorry for grandma. She lost her male friend and doesn't socialize. I caught her using a dildo. I knew she would enjoy some company. Her dearest female friend move out of the area to be nearer to her daughter and son-in-law. I decided to fill her void. While we was on the sofa, I confessed to her I was a lesbian and can please well. I... [more]

So curious

I’m 23 and have a boyfriend but I just want to have sex with a girl so badly.
Me and my boyfriend have great sex and I am so comfortable with him but I’ve just always wanted to passionately make out with a girl and touch her boobs and run my hands through her hair.
I watch porn all the time but lesbian is the only thing that turns me on... [more]

I'm looking for a she male and I want to marry him

I'm Loaded with cum and I want to put in his mouth

I'm pretty sure I am a latent lesbian

I'm in my 40's now and have been attracted to women since I was 17 and never acted on it because I haven't been able to accept it. The last few years I have been trying to come to terms with my attraction towards women but feel like I am too old to start life as a lesbian at this age. Not sure what to do.

First time sex as lesbian

Met a girl online and agree to met at a bar. We agreed to dress up, I wore a sexy short black tube dress barely cover my ass and my breast, a pair of nude pantyhose and a pair of 5” sandal heels, braless and no underwear.
When I met her at a bar, she was wearing white crop top without bra showing her nipples, black mini skirt with a pair of... [more]

Mom’s girlfriend is almost the same age as me

My mom is dating a woman who’s only three years older than me. She’s a college freshman. She’s asked to borrow my clothes. I don’t like it.

College for a naive midwestern girl

When I went off to college in the early 2000's, I had a roommate named Pam who was from Pittsburgh. Pam was a bit more worldly than I, although both of us thought we knew more than we did like most kids.
Pam and I immediately hit it off, hung out a lot, and talked about everything. Within a month of living with her in our dorm room I would... [more]

Just started looking at porn

I started watching porn. I have been to many categories. Why do I get the most excited when I watch girl masturbation or girl on girl? I am a virgin and consider myself straight. I like boys but want to touch another girl just once.

Mother is a worry !

My father died when I was 15, my sister 14 so Mom was a widow at 39. As she was an attractive woman I thought she would start dating and perhaps re-marry. But that was the furthest thing on her mind, instead she started seeing other women, first from her work, then from her tennis club. It was subtle, she would invite them around, they would have... [more]

My 21st Birthday

Let me first give you a little background. I am the last of three children born to my parents. I was born on my mom’s 29th birthday. Because of that we have always had a special bond. I always thought she was pretty.
My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was 10. At the time I was never told why, other than my mom was moving 4 hours... [more]

Husband brought out my bi side

My husband and I watch porn together. Gradually we watched lesbian porn exclusively. At the same time he encouraged me to mastrrbate on my own or watch me. Then one day he surprised me with a cam2cam account. We found a cam girl we liked and I set up the TV and camera took off my clothes and masterbated with this beautiful woman.
It took me... [more]


Lesbian but crave for dick every now & than

Just being honest

Lesbian but want dick every now and than but I believe it’s a fantasy

She did it better

One time I got heated with a friend that stayed over. She wanted me to touch her so I did and she said let me show you how to do it. I thought she was going to demonstrate on herself but she put her hand In my pants and started touching me. Then I was moaning a little. She put a finger in and I liked it right away. Then she started going in and... [more]


Please i want a girl or fem enby my age to straddle me and drag blades along my bare skin while she/they call me a whore and then choke me and make me fucking beggg. Im a 17 year old fem enby with too many fucking kinks <3

Jehovah's Witness lesbian

My wife belongs to a Jehovah's Witness church group. She has a ebony friend named Sophie. Sophie comes over weekly to do studies with my wife. My wife and I been married for some time and I let her do whatever interest her. Sophie is a heavyset ebony with large breasts like my wife. Sophie and I get along when she's over doing studies with my... [more]

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