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Gross Confessions

Beyond fucked up

It's been a long time I mean six years since I've had sex. Not since my senior year in college and we were both drunk. I'm five foot six red hair large breasts a little pudgy slightly chubby. I'm not ugly just painfully shy.
I was house sitting for my sister while she was out of town. Taking care of her dog and house. The neighbors had a dog... [more]

Horse Dick

I want some horse dick. I wanna get underneath the horse hold his dick in my hand smell his dick rub it all over my face stroke it jerk it then suck it under it should his horse cum down my throat I wanna choke off of it. I wanna takes it cum and rub it all over and in my pussy and Asshole and then get on all fours and position myself so the horse... [more]

Song-Tan Sally

How many heroes on here bit thr bullet and paid Songtan Sally 10,000 Wan for sex? Me and a buddy did, costs us 20,000. Don't remember much of it, somehow didn't end up with anything. We both woke up with her at MA Boogies place and got the fuck outta there. Wild times! She flirted everytime I saw her after that. I just held my head in shame!

New Boyfriend Wants To Piss On Me

I really don't know how else to say it but my title says it all. My new boyfriend has a pissing fetish. We've only been dating for 2 months. He's really cute, employed, fairly wealthy, good dick. Problem is that he wants to piss on me. I just don't get it. I don't see how it's sexy and it's just gross. Am I the weird one for not liking it or is... [more]


I am a 32 year old single mother. I have had a turbulent up bring. I grew up in foster care. I gave birth to my social workers mixed race baby at 17. About 5 years ago i meet my fiancee. He changed my life. We have a big house and new cars. We own a business.
My confession is that i let my lover impregnate my 15 year old daughter. I knew... [more]

OTR TRUCKERS & CD boi-pussy

I'm very bisexual, 34 trashy hot X theaters GH anonymous, seedy shit, dark anon. nasty, cum dump motel ass up, face down never see my penatrator, little head to.prime him 'neath.my blindfold. Then, I got on to long email truckers. Will you be amazed?--When I tell you that around half will have sleeper cab sex? Yes most prefer female lot lizards... [more]

My gf peed outside in front of my friends

My gf is into hiking and offered to guide my friends on a 5 mile hike in a local state park. it was hot and she was wearing a sports bra and shorts. a few miles on the trail she told me she needs to pee and asked me to look out for other hikers. she went behind a tree pulled her shorts down squatted and peed in front of me and my friends. she peed... [more]

I’m a horrible person

I’m 15 and I ate the ass of my 11 year old stepbrother. It keeps me up at night. I need help.

Why did I try piss?

So after 35 years of marriage my wife and I were discussing kinks. Yes we have a few. But never tried piss. I read a story a while back and thought, I'd like to try this. She said she thought it would be gross but I being me wanted to try it none the less.
So this morning I was feeling really horny thinking about this pissing thing. We... [more]

Pee Fetish

I get off on drinking not just my own pee, but anyone's pee.
I first discovered this when I was 14. I used to camp out in the back yard a lot in summer. Sometimes with a tent, but mostly just sleep in a lawn chair under the stars. Well woke up early one morning having to pee really bad. I had my normal morning wood. I figured what the heck, I... [more]

I am a Shemale sissy gurly boi

I am a closeted sissy feminine gurly boi, a Crossdresser and a Shemale. I love to dress super slutty and sexy. I am 5'6" 145lbs fully shaved and lotioned daily silky sissy feminine smooth. I LOVE MEN and CD's/SISSIES/Trans/Shemales I LOVE THE COCK ohh GOD YESS I no longer care to be male or masculine I want to be feminine and have lots of Hot... [more]

Unusual discovery

One day while using the bathroom, I discovered something wrapped up in tissues in the waste basket. Unwrapping it, I found a fresh, rolled up menstruation pad that must have been my mother's. I wanted to learn what this was all about. It didn't smell great, but put it to my nose anyway. And then felt my penis harden at this unexpected find. I... [more]

Horny / wet during pelvic exam

Went for a pelvic exam , not sure if my doc noticed but i was wet and i felt horny af on the stirrups

To the blood…

I recently got divorced from my wife, and have had to get used to living alone, something I haven’t done since college. Anyway, I got a single room apartment, and now live the life of a bachelor. Only my 16yr old daughter ever pays me a visit. After a weekend visit my daughter (Abby) went back with her mother. I was alone, but that was when I... [more]

Helping a buddy move a camper...

I told a guy i worked with for years and stayed good friends with afterwards that i was bi-sexual,, we never talked about me being "bi" after i told him. he asked me to help him move a camper over a weekend. we picked up the camper and drove it to his new camp site and stayed overnight before heading home on sunday morning. settling in for... [more]


Anyone ever tried ass to mouth? What is it like? The thought of being that submissive really turns me on. I want to try it but I'm afraid. What if I get shit in my mouth?

I want to be humiliated In a public restroom

I love being humiliated and I love piss. both turn me on so much.
my biggest fantasy rn is that a big, mean girl will strip me naked one day, put a collar/leash on me then force me to crawl into a public restroom with dozens of toilets/urinals. I want her to shove my face into each one, make me lick all of them clean and drink/eat everything... [more]

What is the matter with me?

Lately I have been having a lot of wet dreams. At first I was glad to be able to jerk because , at age 46, and after a major surgery, I thought I would never again.
But then my joy turned dark. One night as I laid in bed trying to beat it, I could not get the deed done. My wife was sound asleep so I tried getting pervy with her, but nothing. I... [more]

All sorts of wrong, I know.

My neighbor across the hall (Ronnie) is a single dad whose wife left him with two daughters (Elaina & Zoila) little over a year ago.
Although we are good neighbors and have spoken a great deal over the past year, I wouldn’t exactly call us close.
Anyway, my name is David, I live alone in a one bedroom apartment in LA. My own wife left me six... [more]

Sniffing around

1987. Coastal California.
My old man was a truck driver for a refinery and would haul materials long distances. He would be gone for days at a time, sometimes for weeks.
That would leave me alone taking care of my mom and nine year old sister. At age 14, it made me feel good knowing I was given the responsibility of being the man of the house... [more]

That’s is, period!

I get get off to used tampons! That’s right, I do. When I was twelve I used to take my sisters used tampons out of the trash and sniff them. It’s how I popped my first boner. Later I would, sniff around, my girlfriend’s house for her bloody tampons. When I found them I would take them home and enjoy them all night. Then I did the same with my... [more]

Cheer up, guy

I love high school cheerleaders. The uniforms, tied back hair, white socks and shoes, and of course all that jumping around. That’s it. I just needed to say it.

Please to head update #3

Oh yes grandma has pics and video she keeps all the documentation nobody else is allowed to because of grandpa’s former position and grandma is so funny and cute whenever she fucks somebody to make sure everybody who tis in the immediate vicinity stops and watches her. My mom says she’s always been that way she gets off when people see her pussy... [more]

Can't stop thinking about dog shit

My buddies and I had a version of truth or dare we made up when I was in middle school, where one of us would think of something gross or dangerous or otherwise stupid for the others to do, and they'd have to bid on it, and the lowest bidder had to do it(for money, to be clear). It started with jumping off of backyard objects of various heights... [more]


So for some reason every time I eat Green Jell-O my shit turns green and looks like pickles.
So after taking a green shit after eating Green Jell-O I fished my green turds out of the toilet and opened a pickle jar and put the turds in the pickle jar.
Then when we had Hamburgers later that day my family took pickles out of the jar except that... [more]

Ass to mouth

I am a 40 ish male who is straight but loves getting my ass streached, my confession is that I go to people's homes and find objects that would streach my ass hole open and shove them up my ass, mostly drinking glasses and bottles but have taken tooth brushes and fucked my ass then put them back for people to use. Then I jerk off thinking about... [more]

It's been 2 days.

I was forcely fucked by my boyfriend, because he was frustrated of his assignments, I am a petite Vietnamese, my height is 5'0. He literally picked me up and threw me on the bed, I felt very submissive, he pulled my butt up and started rubbing my pussy and spanking me, at first it was feeling good, the. He finger fucked my pussy and I was... [more]

I took a shit in my own mouth

To help you visualise, I'm a slender trans person in my late 20s, with a feminine body & have a dick. I've got small tits and a perky butt, hairless from the eyes down. I've posted my body online before and I've had some interest. I'm not some weird basement creep, i have a job and a family and all that - just a secret kink side i wanna share... [more]

Dog lovin

My wife went to work, kids in school. I got naked on the living room floor. Put on porn. Girls n dogs. Started jurking off. Looked liked fun. Called my dog over he layed next to me as I got off. He started locking my balls n ass. Made me very horney. I started playing with him to. Out came his dick. So why not. I stared sucking him. He got going... [more]

Caught Husband

I recently caught my husband jerking off and licking his cum off of his hands. I don't care that he jerksoff as long as he still sleeps with me, but why would he lick his cum off of his hands and fingers? Is he secretly gay?

My wife let me piss in her pussy

Me and my wife try new stuff often and was trying to think of something we haven’t done and she said she wondered if she could push pee out of her. She told me to pee in her pussy and see so she laid back and held her pussy open wide and I filled her with piss. It started leaking out and she closed her pussy and gave a big push and had my piss... [more]

Extremely gross fetish. No idea where I got it.

So, this past summer I was watching a friend's dogs for a week while she and her family were camping. I am bisexual and a zoophile, so a few times a day I'd suck off the husky(who was the male of the two). He has an insatiable sexual appetite once he realized I was willing, and after some initial awkwardness, he'd barely give me an hour alone. I'm... [more]

Fucked the dad of the kid I babysat

So I worked as a babysitter for a close friends aunt, let’s call her Brenda. I babysat her 9 year old for a few months b4 I quit. Brenda is a sweet, yet stoic lady, and I have gotten a somewhat close relationship with her.
Her husband, James, on the other hand, I noticed a little more responsive and cheery towards me. I didn't think much of it... [more]

This actually helped me get clean

I'm a woman btw. I was already an alcoholic by the age of 13 and a drug addict by the time I was 15. I started out with beer and moonshine and eventually progressed to wine, bourbon and vodka, the same way I later started out with weed and worked my way up to meth. I lived in a pretty bad neighborhood, my mom was hardly ever around, we lived on... [more]


Sometimes I (NB17) genuinely want to be fucked. I know it’s weird to go after older people but, being babied and taken care of would be so fun. Older men have commented on my body and it makes me feel things. Sometimes I want them to take advantage of me, and then treat me like I’m the world.
I know it’s disgusting but I needed to get it off... [more]

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