Gross Confessions

So messed up

So that thing with the 12 year old and 6 year old happened, which is fucked up way too much and is a scenario that makes me cringe so much. Anyone caught searching for this or posting it is apparently being prosecuted or whatever, idk if these are empty threats to stop this being spread however it can be classed as child pornography so probably... [more]

Stalked by a d.o.m.

My g/f and I were at an EDM festival in Miami a couple of years ago. After the 1st long day, we went back to the motel to chill. Early a.m., nobody at the pool, we are in our underwear and we begin kissing and pulling things off. I hear her make a little gasp and she's looking at this old man who was sort of hidden in the corner in the shadows. He... [more]

Came All over My Wife

Last night I was having a great fuck with my wife when for some reason I took my cock out and came all over her. It went all over her, her stomach, her tits, her face and in her hair. She screamed and went crazy. She hated it and is still furious with me.
I know I shouldn't have dome it and I understand why she is so upset but I can't help... [more]

Fuck you all.

All the guys who have hurt me.
jordon at the gym, matt the dr and the ambulance young guy I liked didn't even want a hug or thankyou card. the young police officer who came to see me didn't even want my love. see this is because I am fat. if I was thin and pretty they would want me. If I was rich they would be all over me.
why? why did you... [more]

Liquid fart

About a month ago, me and my girlfriend went out for dinner and a few drinks, at a local Mexican restaurant. We went back home a few hours later, and we were both pretty gaseous after eating bean burritos and having a few beers. We'd been together for over a year, and fortunately, we weren't shy about farting in front of each other. So, anyways... [more]

Don't like it when they do that.

The cat broke my favorite hello kitty coffee mug so I made a complaint to the standards committee about smut movie ads that threaten death and child abuse. from now on when i have a bad day or something bad happens I pay the world back by dobbing something or someone in who upsets me.

Worried my father is trying to sabotage our holiday

I will cancel all tickets for the cruise soon and then no one will go at all and i will get a refund claiming illness or something, we never been on a real holiday being so poor. and this dirty stinky kenfoe yobbo slob yellow raincoat wants to spoil our holiday just because he can't deal with the fact that he raped me and my father hates him and... [more]

She bullies and abuses me

People think I should be grateful for just having the most basic things like a mother but I can't have romance my mother or father, they can't marry and have sex and romance with me or bare me children with them. I want a husband and children. I am sick of hearing "if I were I would be happy just studying" yet they want more and do more. or "if I... [more]

Before we split up

I split up with my boyfriend who I had been living with for seven months, the most polite way to describe him is a filthy disgusting chauvinistic pig, so before I left him I had a plan I poured all his malt whisky down the sink and filled them with my piss and inserted the neck of the bottled up my arsehole a good number of times, I know its a... [more]

Dog rape

We have a Saint Bernard wich we breed on day I was alone and master-baited my Saint Bernard came in and licked my pusy it felt good to have his big sloppy tounge in my pusy so I let him lick for about 10 minutes then I walked away 2 minutes later I was watching tv and he pind me down and I felt his giant penis going in to my busy I couldn't stop... [more]

Husbands cousin

My husband asked if his cousin can move in with us, for a little while, I said sure I had no problems with it. But after a month things started to feel wierd. I thought I noticed a shadow watching me sleep, things in my room seemed out of place. My husband said I was crazy. A friend suggested I put nanny cams in my room, which I did. And after we... [more]

I don't understand it

How is there a fat person fetish? How is that desirable in any way? Is it common??

Wet dreams

I recently fulfilled a long-term fantasy of mine, and it was every bit as mind-blowing as I always hoped. Paradoxically I am not gay, but obsessed with confinement in a rubber bag. I always wanted a bunch of guys to undertake this, and to face-fuck me mercilessly, over and over, taking turns, until all I couldn't swallow gradually overflowed into... [more]

Still a huge mystery

So this ended up happening when I was 16, even now it's a big mystery what exactly happened. My parents were having company over and I'm not exactly sure who they were, to be honest I didn't really care and when my dad told me I wasn't really listening. So I was getting ready to take a shower and my friends we're going to pick me up to take me to... [more]

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