Gross Confessions


I am noah. I am stupid. I'm addicted to gambling. I quit my job. I stick my nose where it doesn't belong. I am scared to go out in public. I am scared to pick fights with people who can beat me up. I rather annoy people that do not feel well and act like I'm tough when I'm not tough. I am a loser. I have no respect for other people. I litter my... [more]

My friends dog

My friends dog sits and licks himself until his penis sticks out. Then he gets up and humps the air real hard then he sits down and licks himself some more. Yesterday he started licking himself on the couch between my friend and me. She and I both started laughing at him. Then she dared me to touch it. I didn’t want to but she said she had before... [more]

Wtf, sperm on chair...

I work in an office with mostly guys. I’m one of three women. I have a bit of a reputation for being a bitch, but I can be demanding. I have high standards.
Well I got back from lunch the other day and noticed a pool of fluid on my chair. It took me a minute to figure what it was, as it wasn’t there when I left. I swirled my finger around in... [more]

Dirt laying on the sofa

My husband and I have been married for almost 26 years. He has gotten bigger and bigger to the point he no longer works. He is now 375 lbs and growing. At this rate he will be close to 400 this spring or summer. All he does is lay on the sofa feeling sorry for himself eating and watching television. He eats a family sized bucket of KFC with all... [more]

Perley white

My wife of many years won't suck my cock anymore after being a cock sucking slut to me and my friend for years but she's still getting her sperm intake without knowing see every day I jerk off onto her toothbrush and let it completely dry. it becomes rock hard I flex it back and forth to soften if not it would rip her gums open from being dried... [more]

Messy kink

Over the past few years, and months in particular, I've been growing increasingly attracted to the idea of scat play with a female. I read that on average, less than 30% of people ever try to live out or pursue a sexual fantasy. I however, do believe I would like to indulge. I'd like to hear from any Drs, doms, newbies or others who are, or think... [more]

Me and my ways

Since as far back as I can remember I have always had unique and varying tastes when it comes to sex, fetishes and kinks; most of which I enjoy without any sort embarrassment or questioning it but then there are some which I enjoy completely and yet cannot seem to accept it as a part of me. It is a peculiar thing, to enjoying something which... [more]

Piss fart

I like pissing in a bowl and farting to make bubbles which I pop woth my tongue 😜

Shredded my balls

Holy fuck, dudes. Just a word of caution. I bought myself an electric Black and Decker leaf blower with a vacuum/mulcher attatchment, last month, to clean up the maple leaves in my yard. After trying it out on the leaves, I decided to take it into the privacy of my garage and see how it felt on my pecker. It has two speed settings, so I put it on... [more]

I like a woman's natural body odor

I much prefer a woman's natural body odor to perfumes, soaps, and deodorants. I know, most people might think it's kinda gross but I really think it smells good. Especially if she hasn't showered for a day or two.

Sometimes forget to wipe

It happens sometimes in a hurry, other times just don't do it.

Into something bad

I’m into little girls ever since i found cp on tumblr i just want to lick their pink clean buttholes and fuck them does anyone have videos?

Nastiest crackwhore ever

I think I fucked the nastiest crackwhore on the planet last night. I was walking home from the bar I frequent, just down the street from my apartment. I wasn't out to get laid, as I have a steady girlfriend, and also I have a nasty Herpes outbreak on the shaft of my cock, which I usually get every couple of months. It is very painful and is all... [more]

I’m a sick man

I took a homeless druggie home and turned her into a sex slave. I’d feed her, supply her drugs and give her a some shelter for a few weeks. During this time I was very mean. I’d keep her locked in shelter in the back (i live on a farm) while my family was home and allow her inside when they went to school/work. I’d pee and poop on her everyday... [more]

Girlfriend’s mother being disgusting

To be honest I didn’t know where to say this, it’s just a gross thing that happened that I don’t think I could put on confession post. But anyways I was with my girlfriend at her house, I’ve been dating her for about a year. Her mum was never mean to me but not nice either, I felt like she just let me and my girlfriend focus on each other. Because... [more]

Why I like older Ladies

When I was around 14/15 and I was under my hormones, I once heard two of the most popular boys talk about a women they knew and they told each other how they fucked her.
I did not know the lady but I knew where she lives because the boys talked about it. So I took all my courage in my hands and called her and offered her to do her lawn and... [more]

Women with hairy asshole

I think women that don’t groom down by their asshole is gross. I once went out with a girl that was had more hair than me. I love to lick a nice clean shave asshole.

Dirty Foot & Crush

I recently met a female that i really like. She always comes over and cooks for me. She has this fetish of never wearing socks and is always barefoot. Dont get me wrong her feet are lovely on the top and black as night on the bottom. In addition, her feet smells horrible after working in her leather flats all day. She always likes me to rub and... [more]

I want a woman to shit in my face

I want to try it, the thought turns me on

Homeless lady gangbang

A few weeks aback, I was out with a couple of buddies, drinking at a downtown bar we frequent. Come closing time, both of my friends had met a couple of chicks and had left to get their cocks wet, and left me to walk home, as I seemed to strike out with the few women who were left in the bar.
So, I'm walking down the side street that leads to... [more]

Bad anal

I was hanging with my girlfriend and she was in the kitchen making breakfast and looking fine in her sexy panties. I pulled out my cock and asked if she was up for a quickie, and she said, "Sure, but let's make it quick, I'm busy."
I pulled down her panties and asked if I could fuck her in the ass. She said okay. I started plowing away in her... [more]

My Girl unleashed her bowls in front of me

I confess while I was just a teenager , that I had this huge crush on a girl , what did not occur to me was she also had a huge crush on me as well . One day I went to visit her grandma house and I found out she and her mom were visiting there as well , seeing as her grandma used to be my Babysitter. I was in one of the guest bedrooms and she came... [more]

I love to show off

I'm a bad boy! I'm 19 and since I started exploring my sexuality (12/13) I loved to show off. My room has a large window on the street side and I knew that in the morning many kids took this way to school. When I came from the shower, I only put a towel around my hat and walk naked in my room. I knew that all could see me from outside and when I... [more]

What just happened?

I was just fucking my wife and when I ejaculated it hurt and burned like a son of a gun. Now I'm oozing some type of smelly discharge. Not sure what just happened hoping it's not anything serious though. My wife's vagina has her usually kind of urine and fishy smell to it. She said she feels fine. I don't. It hurts like a mother to piss. Plus... [more]

Naughty Babysitter

As a boy I have been abused by my long time Babysitter. She was old (67) and lived in the neighborhood. She touched me after bathing and made me stiff. And she took me in her mouth. Its long ago but I still think of it. Anyone similar experiences with a babysitter?

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