Gross Confessions

Disgusting wife

Lately, I have been fantasizing about watching other men fuck my wife. I'm not sure why, but I think maybe it's because she is grotesquely fat and ugly and smells pretty bad most of the time. I think it might help my self esteem to know that I'm not the only guy who would fuck such a nasty skank. She used to be thin and relatively pretty, but a... [more]

Nastiest Tinder hookup

I met up with a guy who messaged me on Tinder for food and drinks. We went to a couple spots and had quite a bit to drink tbh, and I invited him back to my place.
We got undressed and fooled around a little and I started giving him a bj while he was sitting on my bed. I was on my knees and getting into it when I heard his stomach let out the... [more]

Nasty butt sex

I was pounding my wifes pussy last night, doggy style, when she told me to put it in her ass. We usually do anal about once or twice a month, whenever she asks for it. I prefer her pussy to her ass, but it's nice to fuck her up the ass every now and again.
So, anyway, I pulled out of her pussy and grabbed the bottle of lube we keep on the... [more]

Jordan Peterson is a neo-beta self-loathing cuckservative

Pretty self-explanatory

The Pooper Peeper

Driving through the southern states on a trip, alone, I had stopped at noon at a major fried chicken purveyor for lunch. Not saying which, exactly, but they have a southern "colonel" as a spokesperson. It wasn't bad, nor great. One of the sides was some sort of greens, turnips or collards, named " mean greens".
Three hours after I ate , I was... [more]

A bit weird.

This past weekend I was 69-ing my girl. I was really going at it and all of sudden my mouth got a little wetter and tastes of coffee. I had to stop and I ruined the moment for her but I couldn't contain my disgust at the time. I believe she peed a squirt in me without realizing it, because she is a coffee drinker and I'm not so this taste was from... [more]

Boys' Butts

I'm into boys' butts. I especially like teen to college age boys. When I'm with a boy, I like to get him to drop his pants and show me his butt. Once I have his cute little naked butt near my face, I like to sniff it. There is just something so sexy about the sweaty, musky aroma of a boy's butt.

Licking dirty asshole

I love to lick a woman butt hole. I like when it a little dirty. I love sticking my tongue in and out of her butt hole. This really turns me on. Any women out there into this.

Gross out limits are few

So, I really love eating pussy. I mean, it's my favourite thing for sure. What I really love is to eat menstruating pussy. From the salty-iron flavour to the extra fluid and chunks of clot. I'll eat that shit like it's the best breakfast I've ever had. A fantasy of mine is to stretch my girl's pussy so much that I can fit my face in there and... [more]

I would love to lick every pussy i see

I love to lick pussy, my greatest fantasy is to meet a group of friends and have them take turns riding my face until they all cum. They dont even have to be pretty or fit, i like all pussy. I know this is gross but eating pussy is my passion.

I got puked on during a hookup!!!

Last week I went home with a guy friend I'd been flirting with for a while. We never hooked up or anything but knew it was gonna happen that night . We both had a bit to drink but I wasn't super drunk or anything, it didn't seem like he was.
We went to his place and kissed and undressed on the couch. I pulled off his shorts and began giving... [more]

Playing with dog

I use mayo on my arse to get my dog to lick it out , she also licks my dick if anyone would like to see this add my snap c-stoddart17 and if any girls let their dogs do stuff to them also add me you’ll be rewarded

Old sex roles need to stop abusing lives

Offensive "wild oats" concept
I find it offensive people talking about how its ok for any man to sow his wild oats, that is vulgar and how does it label the women he comes upon to sow them with? they are someone's daughters, sisters, or wives or mothers. let them go sow their wild oats in a sex doll is what I say. when you are a woman or a parent... [more]

Bestiality and incest

I confess I an into i****t and bestiality. I practice them with my mom and our dogs, and dad when I visit him. I was raised nudist (by mom) and in a openly sexual house. I had seen mom have sex with male and female lovers, seen her masturbate, and when I was 9 I saw her getting knotted. She encouraged me to watch her (and masturbate if I felt like... [more]

Son has been fucking fruit

My son is really bad at cleaning his room, and last week I had enough of it, so I went and did it myself. As I was throwing away piles of paper and crap from his desk, I came across some somewhat moldy oranges. They were unpeeled at the top, and had what looked like holes drilled into them, though they were uneaten. I was dumbfounded, like WTF is... [more]

Gerbil inside pussy

I saw a video with a women that puts inside her pussy a gerbil and he moves inside her and she had continuously orgasms and she enjoy it very much ... Its a turn on for me Any girls saw this or curious about ?

Wondering how she is

My buddy and I were in Seattle to watch a baseball game. Afterwards we hit some local bars. We decided to cut through some alleys on the way back to the hotel. We came across a passed out woman who had been obviously been throwing up , she wreaked of alcohol and we suspected that she was on drugs too. We then could hear sounds of guys coming... [more]

Sick of sick famous people sicking/sucking up on social values.

Well its t*** and a*** and poopy smell times again for deformed inbred royals, why isn't everyone goooing and throwing fairs and fates parties everywhere in every city corner and town "wow aren't we so happy for the idol rich breeding and f****** sucking up love marriage vows when they don't allow us to and we are not even gay" cuz you can't have... [more]

Are there any girls who will send panties

I love to sniff lick and rub dirty panties on my cock.
They smell and taste so good it feels so good to come and them.
I have been trying to find someone who will send me a pair of their dirty panties.
I love to taste them discharge that leaks out of the vagina that white discharge taste so good it makes my dick so hard.
If you will... [more]

I love dirty underwear

Are there any moms or dads out there with young daughters.
I am going to get right to the point I am trying to find any mom's or Dad's to send me a pair of their daughter's dirty panties I love to sniff and lick their dirty panties especially little Hello Kitty panties or frozen panties or any kind of Disney panties or any panties with cute... [more]

I love to smell panties

I love to smell lick and play with young girls dirty panties.
I love to shoot my big wad of cum in them.
If there are any moms or dads who have young daughters and will send me a pair of their dirty panties please let me know.
I really really really love to turn the panties inside out take the crotch and rub it on the head of my penis and... [more]

What if I wasn’t on the toilet

I will try and make this as clean as possible!
I locked myself away in the toilet for a bit of peace of quiet to have a wank, I was not needing the toilet for any other business apart from the wank!
I was taking my time, watching porn on my phone and was really building myself up.
As I started cumming I started shitting myself, just as well I... [more]

Got hrni

I am 20, female, and i think normal. I work fulltime and live at home. Ihave had a few bfs and have been w my current one two months. Like sex, like being sexy; but ive never watched porn, never wanted to. But i got curious the other day having heard a podcast of all women where they were talking about what they liked to watch. First time i... [more]

So messed up

So that thing with the 12 year old and 6 year old happened, which is fucked up way too much and is a scenario that makes me cringe so much. Anyone caught searching for this or posting it is apparently being prosecuted or whatever, idk if these are empty threats to stop this being spread however it can be classed as child pornography so probably... [more]

Stalked by a d.o.m.

My g/f and I were at an EDM festival in Miami a couple of years ago. After the 1st long day, we went back to the motel to chill. Early a.m., nobody at the pool, we are in our underwear and we begin kissing and pulling things off. I hear her make a little gasp and she's looking at this old man who was sort of hidden in the corner in the shadows. He... [more]

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