Friends Confessions

Dirty friends

If there are people like you all out there, why arent any of my friends naughty so we can share stuff?

Watching her

Watched my wife fucking my friend and thought it was amazing,would like to hear what other husbands thought about their experiences

Naughty friends

I like the idea of sharing my dirty thoughts and desires with people, and sometimes, why not? also be naughty together. But I dont have this type of friends. I want friends that show their tits, dont mind if I pull my dick out and stuff like that.

Got my friends mom to send pics and touch

When i was around 17 i started to fantasize about my friends mom. We had been friends since around 15 but one day i used his moms laptop and when i got on google i seen her search history. She looked up everything from big dicks to loud orgasms. Right then i got horny for her. The next few months when id sleep over id be on the couch and id let my... [more]

First taste of cum

I went to a college bar one night and met a girl. We swapped jokes for a half hour and through the laughter we became close. Close enough for her to invite me to her place at least.
She was short and was a nurse and was red headed. My favorite! She took control of the sex we had. She suggested the positions and I agreed. I was just... [more]

Best Girlfriend Ever

My girlfriend loves to suck cock. When we first became a couple she told me the only way we would stay together is if I allowed her to suck other guys whenever she wanted. I was turned on by the idea and wanted to watch. At first she said no but would give me details after. Each time she told me about a cock she sucked, she would give me the best... [more]


I used to work at. Place where I really fancied the office manager. She was in her 30s and I was a few years younger. A few weeks after I started she got married but that didn’t put me off as I was desperate for her. Over the next few years we became good friends and she would confide in me about sexless marriage and dressing up to try and entice... [more]

School wank

I’ve always been a heavy masturbator often several times a day. At high school in chemistry I used to sit next to an Asian girl with really long dark hair who I fancied. I’m a real hair fetishist and can’t get enough of the feel and scent of hair. I’d sit next to hair moving my chair back slightly and with my hand in my pocket every lesson I’d... [more]

Happy Halloween Ending

My friend invited me to a Halloween party and said everyone would be wearing a costume. I went to a Halloween speciality shop to find something unusual and not the same run of the mill costume. I looked in the men's section for a while but nothing looked right. The store clerk asked if he could help and I told him I didn't see anything I was... [more]

Becoming a bottom

Retired teacher making about 65% of my pay and recently divorced, my child hood best friend found himself breaking up with his wife too. We decided to move in together to split bills. He was working straight nights so we hot bunked like in the navy and actually shared a one bedroom. Since I wasn't working, I'd pretty much assumed all the... [more]

Next door neighbor and Viagra

My next door neighbor Ron is a widowed 72 yo, I'm 45 divorced man and have been single for the last few years,
I have been hanging out with Ron quite a lot,
We watch the game or a movie at either his house or my house and drink beer or a bottle of whiskey or scotch,
Lately I have been feeling aroused for Ron in a curious sexual way,
He's a... [more]

Fucking friends wife

I started a business with a guy I met at night college while training to be an electrician,after going our separate ways we bumped into each other a few years later, we had a chat and decided to go into business together, now Richard was a lot younger than me,I was 53 at the time and Richard was in his early 30's, things were going great for a few... [more]

Blackmail colleague

I really had a crush on married work colleague and she used to confide in me all about her sexless marriage but how she used to go to hotels with her brother in law and dress up for him. I’ve even been out with her when she was on phone and she’s be telling him what underwear she was wearing. I was constantly jerking off about her and would stand... [more]

First time bareback

My wife and I had a regular swinging partner, a guy we had met when we were out dogging once. We always made him wear a condom when he fucked my wife, although the foreplay would be without. On this one occasion I can remember he was on top of my wife, kissing her and rubbing himself against her cunt and we were all getting very excited. I can... [more]

Thoughts about my mate.

One night a few years ago my wife and I were at our friends house and had a few drinks. It was getting late and his wife went to bed.
We had music on and the Joe Cocker song "you can leave your hat on" started playing. I started doing a make believe strip. My mate and wife started telling me to get it off. I stripped down to my jocks and danced... [more]

Sharing wife and Bi thoughts

One night a few years ago my wife and I were at our friends house and had a few drinks. It was getting late and his wife went to bed.
We had music on and the Joe Cocker song "you can leave your hat on" started playing. I started doing a make believe strip. My mate and wife started telling me to get it off. I stripped down to my jocks and danced... [more]

Sleep over at friends

For the past couple months ive been noticing my friends mom coming onto me more and more when its just me and her. I think about her a lot, and she has seen me checking her out. One night when my buddy had fallen asleep I got a weird message on my phone from his mom, she needed help in living room.
The whole house was really dark, it was very... [more]

The Neighbor Girl

My wife and I befriended the neighbor girl Miranda a year ago. Miranda had gotten herself into trouble and my wife and I were steering her in the right direction, we took her under our wing to help her were we could. For me this all started out innocent enough but as time went on I found her to be a very attractive young woman. Let me describe her... [more]

Banged My Best Mates Wife Who Works At A Brothel

My best mate since high school let slip one night this his wife had started working at a brothel. I thought it was weird so pushed him a bit. Turns out it's this kinky place where you get to sleep with someone else's wife. A wives only brothel.
It didn't take too much googling to find the place. I knew what she looked like and even though they... [more]

Our wives had a contest

So me and my wife had our friends come over to drink and hangout. After we had been drinking we was in the living room talking and somehow we got to talking about sexual things like how often we each have sex and what’s some naughty things we’ve done and things like that. Well then his wife asked I wonder whose is bigger. I laughed and looked at... [more]

Fun with friend

When I was in middle school I discovered masturbation, I had one friend I would talk to about it, he knew about it too. He stayed the night one time and he said we should jack off. We turned the lights off and laid on my bed jacking off. It took us a while to finally get off but we finally did. He stayed the night a second time and we basically... [more]


When I was in middle school there was a short period I was bi curious. I only knew one other gay kid in the school so I messaged him asking if he would experiment with me. That didn't work out but somehow my older brothers friend saw the messages and got my number and text me saying he would love to show me things. He snuck in my window one night... [more]

Good friend liked how I looked

I was away for the weekend by my self, so I thought. I was working on a roof in shorts. Out of the blue a friend came by. We started drinking beer. He got into a pair of extra shorts I had. I asked if I could go naked he said yes. So I did. Drinking beer n naked. So he did then. We drank a lot of beer.. I went inside got a bra n panties on... [more]

Wife said, fuck me if you need to while I'm asleep

My young wife used to tell me, "fuck me if you want - while I'm asleep, or whatever! It'd be sexy to wake up with you inside me!"
One night with one of my male friends over - ( a guy she thinks is super hot) she came down after her shower in her boy short PJ's, laid on our big long couch and after some wine fell asleep.
My bud was sitting on... [more]

Crazy night

At a party in our friends house,it was the early hours,nicola my pals wife had fallen asleep on the sofa leaving me my wife sue and our daughter zoe,a music video came on the TV and there were girls twirking in it,Peter my friend said I bet you two can't do that! Wanna bet zoe said,got up and started wiggling her ass,show her how to do it sue... [more]

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