Friends Confessions

Too much for too many

Went to the bar with my wife and friends to watch Aaron Rodgers still on the bears.
Get to drinking and going hard on the game we two Ubers and ride back to our house.
My wife feels no pain when we get home.
She dose a sexy strip tease getting naked in front of me and my friends.
We put her on a tallish round end table and each one of us lined... [more]

Experiment with my guy friends

I started to experiment with my friends when skinny dipping at the lake it started just watching each other jerking off. Then my best friend had a big tent in his back yard and we would sleep out a few times a week. We would watch porn on our phone and we would all get naked and one night we had got some beer and drinking for the first time it... [more]

Enjoying my new freedom!

I havent slept, my ass hurts, my jaw aches and my legs are still shaking. I look like a mess and just walked home with two different guys cum in my ass. Breaking up was the best thing I've ever done. I love being a slut!

Wife got hot listening in to buddy fantasizing about her

An army buddy of mine really had the hots for my 27 yr old shapely blonde wife.
She didn't help matters by wearing tight little white shorts at our cookouts, mini skirts when we all went to dinner, a pretty little yellow bikini to pool parties, etc.
She couldn't help but notice that he enjoyed looking at her - even though she pretended that it... [more]

So Weird

It's so weird to look down and see my friend sucking on my cock. I'm not gay, I don't think about other guys that way. But it's just so strange to have my buddy suck my dick! I don't think I could do it with any other guy. But because it's him, my friend and buddy, it gives me a rush to just cum right in his mouth! I'm also kind of embarrassed at... [more]

Feminine friend

I have a feminine guy friend Kevin who is a really great person and have a great time when we are together,
Kevin and I have been hanging out a lot lately and have become really close,
There's never been anything sexual with our relationship,
We go to concerts and camping or go on trips out of town.
Kevin likes to dress a little girl like, he... [more]

Innocent touches?

I’m a 60 yo man and I guess good looking I’m told. Recently divorced and I’m in the house, wife moved. I have neighbors we’ve known for 10 years. She frequently touches my arm or hand or shoulder when talking, even if her hubby is right there. They are 65. Now that I’m divorced it happens even more. Is she coming on to me? It occurs to me maybe... [more]

I had sex with my best friend

I’ve been friends with this girl since we was maybe 16 and now we are both in our late 20s. We have been really close and never done anything out the way with each other and call each other brother and sister. Well yesterday we was hanging out and she was at my house after my girlfriend left. (Gf is ok with her bc she knows we grew up together)... [more]

Bad influence

All through middle school and high school I had a friend that was always pushing me to be more fun and daring.
We were inseparable then and now a year out of highschool we are bunking together for uni.
I'm a bit of a prude and more reserved but she really has helped me have fun!
Now here I am typing this as I just finished sharing a random... [more]


I'm Patrick I'm 45 years old and I'm married to my beautiful wife Tina,the weekend was nearly upon us and we'd arranged to go out for a meal with our friends David and Holly, after a great evening David invited us back to theirs,it was close to midnight and we were doing shots! I helped David out the kitchen with the drinks when he said fancy a... [more]

Drunk wife put on a show for us and then got tasted!

One night my wife and buddy and I all got pretty drunk.
My friend has had a hard-on for my wife for years - because she likes to flirt back - often parades around in the evening in just a T-shirt and her bikini panties. She's 32 yrs old, 5'7", 135 lbs, blonde, brown eyes....with a nice brunette triangle of fir between her legs....a few curls of... [more]

That's how I met your mommy...

It was about my second semester In first year, I was sitting beside a thick hot girl, wearing black colour shorts, with a red top and with black frame cat eye glasses. While we are attending our lecture.. I couldn't resist my hand, I put it on her lap for a second pretending to ask a question then I removed it.. But things started getting good... [more]

Sleeping with 3 females one night

I was 18 and I'd been sleeping with a older married women for months. And her 15 virgin daughter invited me to her 16 the birthday party and her family's cabin on a lake
So I ask one of the birthday girlfriend to go skinny dipping and she did and she was also a 15 year old virgin and I tried fucking her on a raft but I couldn't get my 9.5 inch... [more]

Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Having to suck my buddy's cock. Asshole.

New Friend

I met this guy in the middle of the night. Trying to walk off some alcohol. I sat at a park bench and lit a smoke. He was suddenly there in front of me! After getting over being startled he apologized and ask me outright if I wanted a blowjob! I've never done anything gay in my life but in that buzzed state I looked and nobody was around, so why... [more]

60th Birthday

The day before yesterday was my wife's 60th birthday and I arranged for her to have a gang-bang. There were fourteen cocks, six over 50 years old and the others were teens, a few of them grandsons of the six over 50. And of course me and my still functioning 9 inches. The afternoon began with the old guys first, 2 at a time until all of us had... [more]

Camping fun

Had a new employee start at my job we became friends kind of quick working in the same department. He is new to the state. We had a long four day weekend I was talking about some mountain camping.
Kevin my coworker had never been so I invited him. Excited because he never had been up in the mountains really could not wait.
Me and my wife... [more]

Letting a friend sleep with my lover

I've posted a couple of my sex stories on here but I've got many more stories. When I was 18 and I was still living at home with my mom and dad. And I was talking to my mom about my boyfriend and I accidentally told her that my best friends dad was the guy I called my boyfriend and she knew him and his wife and said that she had heard that he... [more]

Shared a video of my BF auto fellating

My bf is hot and in very good shape as a gymnast. His bmi is only 8%. He is able to suck his own dick and has done it for me dozens of times. I showed my gf a video I shot of him doing this, even to the point of ejaculating into his mouth.
She and I were a little drunk. She said it was the hottest thing she has ever seen.
Should I tell him I... [more]


Friends of ours are trying to convince me and my wife to go on a nudist holiday with them and their two teenage kids,im really up for the idea but my wife is going to need a lot more convincing and so to would our two daughters! 15 and 16! What are the other guys like around your daughter Holly I asked him! She's also 16 and has a younger brother... [more]

A crazy night

Y friend and I went to a club in Boston one night and got really drunk. I slept at his house and we shared a bed. Being so drunk we slept in our underwear. After about10 minutes I felt his hand on my cock. I knew he was gay and didn't care. I was drunk and didn't care because it felt good and I was horny. He got me quite hard and then he put his... [more]

Same Room Sex

We went out of town with another couple that we had been friends with for years and because of a mix up in reservations, we ended up sharing a room with them.
After a night on the town, we ended up back at the hotel and after a nightcap went up to the room. We were all a little tipsy as we went to bed. We ended up leaving the bathroom light... [more]

Women love gay guys!

I’ve noticed that a lot of women have at least one or two gay guy friends. Why is that? Is it because they are a sisterhood in search of cocks? Is it because that are no threat to their pussy? Is it because (like men) they love watching two of the opposite sex pleasure each other?
Wanting to hear from women and gay guys for the answer to... [more]

Friends Use My Wife

My wife has gotten fat over the years. She was always kind of a prude, but now she will let me and my friends run a train on her just to make me happy. I love watching her be used like a cum dumpster.

Sexiest thing you've seen your wife do...?

Wife agreed to play strip poker with my and 2 of my buds one night.
This was after some drinking...she came out from our bedroom where she'd prepared for bed - "to say good night" to all of us....wearing only a very short T-shirt and a new pair of lacy bikini string panties!
Her dark triangle was just visible through the panties, and she... [more]

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