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Enjoyed Thanksgiving this years was the best ever

I’ve been divorced from my wife for about 2 yrs my job had me away from home and we grew apart. I’ve gotten over our breakup but haven’t had anytime since my job keeps me so busy. Back when we first got married we had a threesome with my best friend I wanted to watch her fuck his bigger cock. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever... [more]

Adult Baby post's

It may seem strange but I have noticed there are very few let's say nil post's concerning adult baby fetish on this site, while I and a few of our married male friends love wearing female lingerie and femme gear in general but not so much out in the open my wife has a new friend from work that has admitted her husband loves role playing being an... [more]

My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of... [more]

Quick in and out

I’ve never told this story to anyone, this happened many years ago when I was 16 my best friend at the time had a really hot brother, he was 19
Me and my friend would walk to her house every day after school, her brother lost his job so was home a lot.
He and I liked each other, we kissed when the coast was clear, then on to touching and... [more]

Katie give's in

Katie and I went to a party that was being held by an older ( late 50's ) couple a while back. When we were asked, we were also let known that some of their friends think its clothing optional out back, pool side.
When we met them it was at an art showing a little place for local artist's. Katie and I had noticed a nice painting and up came this... [more]

Twice in one hour

This is a boring story for this site but it ticked my box!
The girlfriend and I got four horse racing tickets given to us, she invited her work friend and her new fella.
Her new bloke lives 5 minuets away from the horse track so we arranged to meet him there.
We are at my girlfriend friends house and she is running late, her friend can’t decide... [more]

School trip

I’m staying with some friends on a school trip next week. We’re sharing a bedroom and we share a bathroom. I think he’s really sexy and cute. I wanna see his little penis so much, how can I do it?

Surely you must know

Recently returned from a 10 day holiday with my gf.
The gf got chatting to another couple that are from where she had grown up so had plenty to talk about.
I got chatting to her bf that was basically a bit of a wet drip.
The funny thing is I had been checking out his gf walking around the pool before meeting them.
Her bikini bottoms are the... [more]

Homophobe Friend Let Me Suck Him Off

I’ve been friends with this guy for 6 years, and recently I’ve been catching feelings for him. Normally telling a friend that you “like-like” them is easy, but my pal happens to be a homophobe. I’ve been in the closet for a while, and only a few family members know that I’m gay. The only reason why I haven’t told him is because I know that if I... [more]

Gang banged among friends

I lived in the greatest neighborhood growing up all the kids around the same age growing up since we could crawl together. Their was 11 of us guys only a year apart old a few two several years older but we all got along. When I was about 12 yrs old Kristy my friends 8 yr old sister started tagging along. His dad left his mom for a young women... [more]

Fucking my ex

Since my boyfriend and I broke up I've been insanely horny. It sucks that we didn't work out. but him and I have come to an agreement to be friends and fuck buddies. I love the way he touches me. it's so amazing when he makes love to me. I have never slept with a guy who has as much endurance as he does. The energizer bunny doesn't have shit... [more]

Confessed to my best friend

I have a very good friend group. We're 6 guys who've all been friends since Kindergarten. We've gone different directions in our careers but we're all really tight.
A couple months ago, after a very drunken night, I betrayed one of my friends and had sex with his wife while he was working. He's a local cop and had night shift.
About a month... [more]

Sharing Wife's Pictures With Best Friend

I have shared nude pictures of my wife with my best friend of 30 plus years. He has jacked-off to them and he has re-payed the favor by sharing nude pictures of his wife so I could jack-off to her. We have talked to and tried to get our wives to try a wife swap. They have said no but I know that they are thinking about it because I have seen some... [more]

Saw Friend's Mom

I spent the night at my friend's house over the weekend. His mom is pretty cool, and let us stay in a small guest house outside the main house. It's basically one room with a bathroom. The privacy was cool, especially since we snuck in a few beers.
His mom is divorced, and had a small group of friends over at the main house. We pretty much... [more]

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