Friends Confessions

Want To Satisfy My Seven Year Itch

I guess I'm tired of married life. I'm raising two kids and my husband doesn't try to be frisky to me. Granted, I put on some weight, but I'm a woman in my mid 40's that craves attention and Paul, friend of the family seems interested in my body. He's dating my husband's aunt. She's half the size that I am. Granted I have big saggy breasts and... [more]

FWB w/ girlfriend's bestfriend

Ik ill be judged thats why I never told anyone but figured the drama loving online people would enjoy this.
I started dating this girl ill call Grace. We were 3 months in when I finally met her bestfriend Ashley (Ashley went to another school). I was in love with Grace at the time i ignored Ashley and whenever shed text me I figured it was a... [more]

She's not all grown up, but is coming along nicely

Sometime back, i posted on this site a story about my helping out a friend of mine with some transportation for her 15-16 y.o. daughter to and from a train station near where i live so she could take the train to her school. i've been off the site for awhile, and can't find my original post, but there's an update. so i need to quickly summarize... [more]

He eats my cum

I have been bringing food to my buddy for years. He doesn't have much and he appreciates the free food. He always thanks me and tells me it's delicious. It's funny because he has no idea he's been eating my cum with every meal! I have to laugh when he eats every bite and licks the plate clean too! One of these days I'm going to tell him that he's... [more]

Innocence Lost

When I was a little boy I had a big secret. I was meeting a man to suck his cock and get fucked in the ass! The man knew me for a long time before he tried anything. But at the age of seven, a boy knows right from wrong and how to keep a secret. I gave him my very first blowjob on my seventh birthday. I sucked his cock almost every day for the... [more]

Their Senior Friends Help In A Reverse Gangbang

I have a strong sex drive and have fucked various age and body shapes of women needing sex, but this was the kinkiest thing that anyone has suggested and begged me to do.
Judy works in an out patient clinic and can supply me with sex meds if I needed them. They decided to hold a special Christmas party for their senior woman friends. Her... [more]

I never thought I was bi-sexual or even gay

My best friend and I went to the movies for free after school, and started fondling my cock in the dark whenever I got a hardon from a sexy scene in the movie. He told me how he could see the big bulge in my pants, and then gently stroke it for me while we watched the movie together. My cock got so big that he had to work it out of my pants in... [more]

He sucks my cock

I call up our friends and talk to them while my buddy sucks on my cock. Sometimes I make him call his mom so I can fuck him up the ass while he talks to her. I like to cum in his mouth right before we meet up with friends. Or to know that he's sitting in a room full of our buddies on an ass full of my sperm after I fuck him hard.

My friend from school

I’m upset and mad and don’t know what to do. So me and a friend went to school together. One day we got drunk and told each other something that I never thought she would ever say which I was hoping she would one day. We end up fucking. I love this woman forever and until this day I fucking do, I’ll die for her, I do anything for her until this... [more]

Roommates with benefits.

Me and my roommate at uni were pretty notorious for striping at a party one time and going down on each other. What the rest of our uni friends don't know is after that it became a pretty regular thing. It was the reason me and her ended up sharing a room in second and third year even though we didn't have too.
I haven't been with another woman... [more]

Is it really friendship?

Sometimes I think the only reason my buddy comes over it is to have me suck his cock. But that as soon as he cums he tosses a bud on the table as payment then leaves. Sometimes he doesn't even bother to sit down. He'll walk in pull out his cock fuck me in the mouth come down my throat and then take off. Oops, he forgot to pay me. That's okay he'll... [more]

FWB for gf

I have this new gf, that I like on so many levels, I’m not always emotionally available for a ton of sex at this point in my life, been there done that. She was married for 20 years and only out of that relationship for 5 months. So my thinking is normally woman in that situation need or desire a lot of sex, I just don’t have the drive at this... [more]


Once working in a place for few months. I spent very hard days working there and night time i took liquor before sleep. After few months. I Came to know a Woman, but couldn’t sleep with HER. So i was just about to stop talking with HER, and SHE can’t stop for personal reason. I kept forcing HER and SHE always try to escape this. I knew that SHE... [more]


Let’s start from the beginning, i was maybe 9+ years old at that time. I returned from school and it was raining and after changing i went out to enjoy the rain that i used to most of the time. My friend was with me but he didn’t stay for long and went back his home. So i alone started play in the rain and after few times 2 girls came there they... [more]

I'm cruel

I'm kind of embarrassed for my buddy when I see him with my cock in his mouth. It makes me shake my head to know that after I fuck him he walks around with loads of my cum in his ass. He was my best friend for years but ever since I found out he was a fag I think the only thing he's good for is sucking my cock. To me it doesn't even feel like sex... [more]

Sitting On A Girl

It was raining evening, after the work everybody went their home. I took bath and went to the small dhaba near by. And had my dinner first, and then took a night walk. But i was waiting for a GIRL who used to come this dhaba every night. When ever i’ there.
And finally SHE came, after having few talks we started walking towards HER house. Her... [more]


Marnell has the nicest tits of any woman I know. I loved feeling them and kissing them whenever she was away from her husband. The little fish tattoo on the one is super cute. She also would give me the best blow jobs I ever had. Damn I loved fucking her.

Fucking Mom

I'm in ninth grade and played on the freshman basketball team this winter. My coach had a party for us and our parents at his house. He has a big hot tub, which a lot of people were using because the weather wasn't very warm yet.
My Mom wore her bikini and spent a long time in the hot tub. She has an incredible figure and I know she doesn't mind... [more]

Breeding my friend

I've been friends with this woman for over 10 years. She's one of my best friends. We're both married to other people and happy in our relationships. We've always been flirty and had a couple of makeout sessions back when we were both single, but nothing since we've been married.
I often fantasize about her when I masturbate. I've seen her... [more]

Surprise Anal

Four nights ago my wife had a friend over for wine and during the course of the night asked me if I wanted to do Melissa. Melissa had gone to the bathroom but apparently was asking Deb about our sex life, saying she hadn't had it since last summer. We have a marriage that is built on trust, love and sex, so I asked Deb if she'd like a threesome... [more]

Getting women to send pics..

I've developed, and, gotten quite good at getting my female friends and hot older sister to send me face/body, then sexier selfies lately. I don't know where this came from, but, I not only can't seem to stop, but am increasingly getting them to send me topless, nudes, poses, and even do those things while doing other things (beautiful female... [more]

Friend's odd request

I've been friends with Lisa for a couple of years. We met at work, but we spend a lot of time hanging out, going to each other's houses and stuff. I know her family well. She's a little older than me (she's 39, I'm 23), but we have a lot in common and we're besties.
Lisa's marriage has been a little rocky. She tells me all about it. She... [more]

Sharing my wife's naughty DVD's

Years ago I lent a good friend of mine two DVD's of my wife to check out. long story short when he returned them one DVD had a different format without chapters meaning he copied
it and by mistake gave me the copy, he denied it over and over and honestly I kind of knew he
would copy it, cause I probably would of too, just putting it out... [more]

Sharing my wife's naughty DVD's

Years ago I lent a good friend of mine two DVD's of my wife to check out. long story short when he returned them one DVD had a different format without chapters meaning he copied
it and by mistake gave me the copy, he denied it over and over and honestly I kind of knew he
would copy it, cause I probably would of too, just putting it out... [more]

Not quite 4 hour erection, but....

This past Saturday evening I took Viagra and got it on with my wife. It was unbelievable! After fucking her pussy through three orgasms and over thirty minutes she said "Stop! No more!" So she took me into her mouth and I knew by the lack of feeling in my cock that it wasn't going off anytime soon. I enjoyed the sight of my cock going in and... [more]

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