Friends Confessions


Me and my friends have been on the video chat site Omegle (it pairs you up with anonymous random strangers) since 2012 when we were just little girls of 10 years old. What might surprise you is that when we were bored we loved watching all the stupid men masturbate and do strange things with their bits. We never felt threatened, we just watched... [more]

My best friend (both male)

My first gay experience goes back to back to when I was 16. My best friend was the same age, living in the same street. We were pretty much everyday together except in school. He went to a different school.
The year I turned 16 I was so horny, discovering my sexuality, masturbating, porn,... I noticed I didn't mind watching gay porn, but I... [more]

Sex with my best friend

I’m not in love with my best friend. I’d never ever consider a romantic relationship with them, but I have considered having sex and mutual masturbation with them. Like, I’ve even imagined it happening and I think I’d enjoy it.
We’ve been best friends for a bit over ten years, we’re both 18 and we’re also very open to each other with talking... [more]

Sucked my brother PART 2

As in part 1 mentioned I'm a bisexual guy. After the adventure with my brother we just never spoke about it. But for me it was the start of watching shemale porn, made me wanting to feel someone's hard dick in my hand. I was 16 at the time and my best friend (who lives down the street, same age)and me where always together. Sleepovers, everything... [more]

My Friend has a Nice Ass

Me and my friend have known each other for 2 years now, and noticed she has a nice ass. Not a "Big Booty Becky" but a nice plump ass, you know? Being a white girl it's actually pretty nice. Why am I telling you this? Idk, I just wanted to tell somebody lol


I want a femboy to my gurl ,I'd get her pregnant.

Secret Cocksucking

Pete, I see you everyday so why not let me suck your cock? You talked about jacking off again today. I didn't hear a word after that as I pictured myself in the shower with you, on my knees sucking on the end of your dick as you cum in my mouth! Seriously, sucking your cock would make us both happy I'm sure! I would definitely keep it secret too!... [more]

Just wanted to share

(Even tho this takes place in highschool no tmi at all just my love story I haven't been able to tell)
My bestfriend Jason dated this girl Jocelyn during freshman and most of sophmore year. They had a rough break up and during the summer before Junior year Jason asked me to help him get her back. I felt bad so I agreed and looked for her in the... [more]


Is everything dead? forever?

My ex and her hubby invite me to dinner.

A few years back, My ex GF and her new hubby invited me over to have dinner. I didn't think too much of it as we always stayed friends. Dinner was great, drinks were great, and she was as hot as ever. I can't believe that I let her go.
What I didn't realize going in was the plan that I was supposed to be the dessert. Hubby has to run out for a... [more]

Mother of Friend

Sex Consoles Friend's Mother ,Later His Wife I was studying M.Tech, and to our shock and surprise one of our classmate and friend Gandhi, was found dead in his room, committed suicide taking arsenic poison. Gandhi was married six months earlier; his wife Madhusmita was studying M.A in English literature at Andhra University. We couldn't understand... [more]

Oh never seen a pair like that

My car stopped working and my husband arranged for someone he knew to fix it.
The gentleman arrived and started working on my car, he spent a lot of time under the car, I made him a drink then the heavens open, it rained for about 30 minutes really heavy, all the time he was still under the car.
When he finished his clothes were soaked, I said... [more]

I’m shocked

Fell out of friendship with my mate for over 10 years, when we hooked up again he had divorced his wife and remarried.
We slowly started making more contact with each other, he told me about his ex then he told me about his new wife.
I said it sounds great really pleased for you, she seems perfect for you, I know he said, you should have a go... [more]

I feel so bad about this, but...

Four months of my life I had the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.
My best friend broke up with her boyfriend, she was really heartbroken.
A few weeks after the break up I was driving past her ex boyfriend apartment (diverted traffic sent me this way) I generally thought I was trying to help my friend.
I knocked on his door and you could... [more]

Couple sex with our best friends

Sometimes my wife and I fantasise about having couple sex with our closest friends while we have sex. We talk about sharing a holiday with them. The sexual tension between us all. I whisper in her ear about how Matt (friend), gently glides his penis into her, while softly rubbing the inside of her thighs. About how I love watching her orgasm with... [more]

I’m so jealous and now hate my best friend

I set my best friend up with my brother in law, my friend is a single mum, she’s not had much luck with men so I arranged a “meeting”
It was very obvious it was a set up so me and my husband pretended we had to leave.
Next day my friend said she liked him and both had a lot in common, daily my friend would tell me all the gossip.
It seemed like... [more]

Friends BM

A few years back like 3 4 years ago I had this ex but we broke up all on good term and went different ways still kept a little contact threw social media and sort and threw there I found out she was going out with 1 of my friends and they kept it a secret and he come clean I told him it dont bother me and it didnt iv gotten used to life without... [more]

The Naughty Dare I'll Never forget

Years ago when the VCR was invented my Wife
and I were already into taking naughty polaroid
pictures, purchasing my first VCR made it even
better, every weekend I took naked pictures of
her and recorded her performing striptease for
me, it was a wonderful time. We were also into
fantasies and dares coming up with different
sexy fantasies... [more]

Nudist spa

About 12 years ago I was in Colorado for a convention There were a couple of days off during the meeting. A colleague, female, asked if I were up to something she had not done before. I asked what? She said she had aways wanted to go to a nudist spa pool day spa. Her husband would not go. I said the same, my wife would never go there or nudist... [more]

Nudity at home

My wife and I are nudists and we are nude in our house all the time. We have gotten some complaints but the law is that in our own home and it is permitted unless we are provocatively displaying ourselves. We also have gotten a lot of inquiries about sex. Not in real obvious terms but like ".. well you know!" We probably do have a lot more sex... [more]

I haven't told my wife

I was over at Tim's place last weekend and I was chatting with the people there. A couple asked me if I enjoyed being with a couple and I said yes so they got up and told me to get in the car. Both of them are 22 and I am 58. She is very pretty with C size tits and he is 110 lbs. As we went a few blocks she asked me if I enjoyed oral and I said... [more]

Senior nudists

When I retired I joined a senior citizens club, just to meet people my own age. It seemed most were widows and very few men. As I had a car, I was able to pick up and drive members to various functions, clubs for dinner, movies etc when required. The club was council organized and used council facilities for meetings but then the council decided... [more]

Helping a mate renovate

Sorry a bit long, but enjoy as I did :)
My mate was renovating his bathroom kitchen and building his outdoor deck. He being a tradie, I thought I could learn a thing or two so I offered to help.
I guess he took advantage of the situation and I was doing all the heavy lifting. I'm well built and hit the gym as much as possible so this... [more]

Drunk at camp

We decided to go camping but have always arranged cabins so this time we wanted to experience outdoor first hand and got new tents and camping equipment. We then drive off to a friend of my dads who owned a massive piece of land and decided to camp along the creek. We went is 3 cars, they had them their partners, I was alone with all the tents... [more]

Wife shared and threesome sex

Yesterday in my dream my friend came visiting and we end up cajoling my wife to have threesome sex. He had a nine inch cock when erect compared to my 5 inch size. I saw we getting naked and myself guiding my wife to sit over my friend's erect cock and putting he hard cock into her wet pussy. I could feel the hardness and throbbing of his strong... [more]

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