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Surely you must know

Recently returned from a 10 day holiday with my gf.
The gf got chatting to another couple that are from where she had grown up so had plenty to talk about.
I got chatting to her bf that was basically a bit of a wet drip.
The funny thing is I had been checking out his gf walking around the pool before meeting them.
Her bikini bottoms are the... [more]

Homophobe Friend Let Me Suck Him Off

I’ve been friends with this guy for 6 years, and recently I’ve been catching feelings for him. Normally telling a friend that you “like-like” them is easy, but my pal happens to be a homophobe. I’ve been in the closet for a while, and only a few family members know that I’m gay. The only reason why I haven’t told him is because I know that if I... [more]

Gang banged among friends

I lived in the greatest neighborhood growing up all the kids around the same age growing up since we could crawl together. Their was 11 of us guys only a year apart old a few two several years older but we all got along. When I was about 12 yrs old Kristy my friends 8 yr old sister started tagging along. His dad left his mom for a young women... [more]

Fucking my ex

Since my boyfriend and I broke up I've been insanely horny. It sucks that we didn't work out. but him and I have come to an agreement to be friends and fuck buddies. I love the way he touches me. it's so amazing when he makes love to me. I have never slept with a guy who has as much endurance as he does. The energizer bunny doesn't have shit... [more]

Confessed to my best friend

I have a very good friend group. We're 6 guys who've all been friends since Kindergarten. We've gone different directions in our careers but we're all really tight.
A couple months ago, after a very drunken night, I betrayed one of my friends and had sex with his wife while he was working. He's a local cop and had night shift.
About a month... [more]

Sharing Wife's Pictures With Best Friend

I have shared nude pictures of my wife with my best friend of 30 plus years. He has jacked-off to them and he has re-payed the favor by sharing nude pictures of his wife so I could jack-off to her. We have talked to and tried to get our wives to try a wife swap. They have said no but I know that they are thinking about it because I have seen some... [more]

Saw Friend's Mom

I spent the night at my friend's house over the weekend. His mom is pretty cool, and let us stay in a small guest house outside the main house. It's basically one room with a bathroom. The privacy was cool, especially since we snuck in a few beers.
His mom is divorced, and had a small group of friends over at the main house. We pretty much... [more]

I talked my friend i work with into letting me blow him

I took my friend an co worker to the lake with me to work on my boat. We finished it an went inside. We have been drinking a good bit. So he changed in front of me. I commented dam u have a big ass dick man.. He said thanks how big is yours i showed him. I have about 7 or 8. I said lets measure. Ok he says. He told me to measure his. Almost 10 .... [more]

I did something really inappropriate

I'm the only single guy in our development. I'm also about 10 years younger than the average in our development. I bought the house 2 years ago because I liked the neighborhood and thought my girlfriend at that time would become more than that. I was wrong.
I get along with everyone in my development but my neighbors, Jan & John have taken me... [more]

What do i do?

I'm home alone for the week and I'm a virgin (guy 16), there's a girl down the road that's really hot and she's had a crush on me for well over a year, I'm really tempted to get drunk with her and get down to it. But at the same time I've fallen in love with my best friend but everytime i've asked her out several times and she's rejected me... [more]

Best anal sex

Since we married my husband pestered me for anal sex always grabbing my bum at every opportunity we tried a few times in the first three years but it hurt like hell he hardly got the head in before I would buck him off so I put the foot down it was just never going to happen.
About a year ago my best girlfriend asked if we did it and obviously I... [more]

Did she notice and liked it?

My(37M), friends wife (31) is a new mum. I am attracted to her boobs. As she is breastfeeding, her boobs r even bigger. On her last visit, while taking her son from her I brushed my hands on her boobs which were very soft and felt awesome. Would she have noticed that it happened? I want to try again to feel them but worried she may notice and get... [more]

Me and my female bestfriend was alone in our classroom...

So here is how it goes, my bestfriend is a little asthmatic. Everyone went to the gym to do the norm but of course she was left behind, I volunteered to be left behind too to guard her(real reason was to just play with my phone). She was just sleeping on her desk and then I called her out because I was gonna' ask something about our clan in Clash... [more]

When my best friend and i spanked and caned each other

It happened one yeat ago when i was 14 i was over at my best friends house as we were in the age where we were all the time together and we were studying i already understood everything as i had payed atention in class so i stopped studying and started going over my unread messages in my phone, she noticed and asked me why arent you studying and i... [more]

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