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Friend's inappropriate comments about my bf

I just started dating this wonderful guy about two months ago. He is a dream: nice job, money, great looking, and is a tiger in bed. Well, my friend Laura and I have been friends since middle school, fifteen years at this point. She's seen me date losers for years, and she's happy that I finally found a great guy.
When we go out together for... [more]

Now can we not know about this

Two years ago my wife started a new job, she made a really good friend and she is married, we’ve all become good friends going out for drinks, meals and entertaining at our houses.
Last week the wife and I were at their house and was told her friend had her clit pierced, wow, really the wife and I replied.
I asked what made you do that, she... [more]

You’ve gotta be kidding me

My girlfriend work friend is one hot looking lady, very attractive, amazing figure, she is always wearing yoga pants and yes you can read the lips if you know what I mean!
I don’t know much about her apart from what my girlfriend tells me.
She is 26 and the other night my girlfriend told me she is still a virgin.
This lady could click her... [more]

If I was to have a girl or girl experience

My friend writes erotic stories for fun, I’ve read a few but never really ticked my box.
A few weeks ago she emailed her latest one, it’s been in my inbox since and I’ve not bothered to read it, she’s been nagging at me to read it.
Well two nights ago I did and omg never read anything like it in all my life.
It was about two girls having... [more]


My girlfriend friend is stunning, she is super fit, clean eating, long blonde hair and a figure to match, she really is a special looking lady.
She met a young wealthy guy 7 months ago, understandable we didn’t see much of her.
Occasionally my girlfriend would tell me she has seen her and she is not looking well.
The other day I saw her for the... [more]

I still feel really bad about it

Never told anyone about this, 8 months ago my landlord gave me 4 weeks notice, I couldn’t find anywhere to live on my budget, my friend said I was welcome to stay until you find somewhere.
I took 2 weeks off work to move and find somewhere to live.
In that 2 weeks I had sex so many times with her boyfriend, while she was at work her boyfriend... [more]

Breastfeeding my best friend

My best friend had a baby two months before me. In the last two months of mine I would go to her house (waddle across the street basically) and hang out, just to keep busy and not feel so miserable. When she breastfed James never took it all and it frustrated her. She pumped over course but pumping sucks. I would massage her breasts and squeeze... [more]

My wife

One night my wife got really drunk and passed out cold sleeping. I put her to bed and undressed her but left her on top of the covers with the bedroom door open. I told my friends to go to the bathroom and look for a deck of cards for us to play poker with. First one friend when and he came back all red in the face. The next guy went to look... [more]


I had a girly night at my house and the conversation soon got round to men and sex.
One friend asked do we remember any sexual experience as a teenage.
I didn’t say it as one of my friends would have known who he was.
I had a secret friendship with a boy, both of us 15 at the time, we never had sex but we did fool around touching each... [more]

Why didn’t it happen?

For the last six months my mate girlfriend and I have the biggest crush on each other.
We’ve both been professional about it knowing nothing can really happen without consequences.
For the first time in six months we are alone together and we have plenty of time.
We are face to face with our lips just touching and we start talking, telling each... [more]

Fingered my mates Mum

New Year’s Eve I’m at my mate house party, his Mum is drunk and was very touchy-feely with me.
By midnight the house was packed with people and at the stroke of midnight everyone is going nuts, kissing hugging shaking hands, when my mates Mum hugged me I put my hand up her skirt and down her knickers and started two finger fucking her, for a... [more]

Enjoyed Thanksgiving this years was the best ever

I’ve been divorced from my wife for about 2 yrs my job had me away from home and we grew apart. I’ve gotten over our breakup but haven’t had anytime since my job keeps me so busy. Back when we first got married we had a threesome with my best friend I wanted to watch her fuck his bigger cock. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever... [more]

Adult Baby post's

It may seem strange but I have noticed there are very few let's say nil post's concerning adult baby fetish on this site, while I and a few of our married male friends love wearing female lingerie and femme gear in general but not so much out in the open my wife has a new friend from work that has admitted her husband loves role playing being an... [more]

My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of... [more]

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