Friends Confessions

That's how I met your mommy...

It was about my second semester In first year, I was sitting beside a thick hot girl, wearing black colour shorts, with a red top and with black frame cat eye glasses. While we are attending our lecture.. I couldn't resist my hand, I put it on her lap for a second pretending to ask a question then I removed it.. But things started getting good... [more]

Sleeping with 3 females one night

I was 18 and I'd been sleeping with a older married women for months. And her 15 virgin daughter invited me to her 16 the birthday party and her family's cabin on a lake
So I ask one of the birthday girlfriend to go skinny dipping and she did and she was also a 15 year old virgin and I tried fucking her on a raft but I couldn't get my 9.5 inch... [more]

Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Having to suck my buddy's cock. Asshole.

New Friend

I met this guy in the middle of the night. Trying to walk off some alcohol. I sat at a park bench and lit a smoke. He was suddenly there in front of me! After getting over being startled he apologized and ask me outright if I wanted a blowjob! I've never done anything gay in my life but in that buzzed state I looked and nobody was around, so why... [more]

60th Birthday

The day before yesterday was my wife's 60th birthday and I arranged for her to have a gang-bang. There were fourteen cocks, six over 50 years old and the others were teens, a few of them grandsons of the six over 50. And of course me and my still functioning 9 inches. The afternoon began with the old guys first, 2 at a time until all of us had... [more]

Camping fun

Had a new employee start at my job we became friends kind of quick working in the same department. He is new to the state. We had a long four day weekend I was talking about some mountain camping.
Kevin my coworker had never been so I invited him. Excited because he never had been up in the mountains really could not wait.
Me and my wife... [more]

Letting a friend sleep with my lover

I've posted a couple of my sex stories on here but I've got many more stories. When I was 18 and I was still living at home with my mom and dad. And I was talking to my mom about my boyfriend and I accidentally told her that my best friends dad was the guy I called my boyfriend and she knew him and his wife and said that she had heard that he... [more]

Shared a video of my BF auto fellating

My bf is hot and in very good shape as a gymnast. His bmi is only 8%. He is able to suck his own dick and has done it for me dozens of times. I showed my gf a video I shot of him doing this, even to the point of ejaculating into his mouth.
She and I were a little drunk. She said it was the hottest thing she has ever seen.
Should I tell him I... [more]


Friends of ours are trying to convince me and my wife to go on a nudist holiday with them and their two teenage kids,im really up for the idea but my wife is going to need a lot more convincing and so to would our two daughters! 15 and 16! What are the other guys like around your daughter Holly I asked him! She's also 16 and has a younger brother... [more]

A crazy night

Y friend and I went to a club in Boston one night and got really drunk. I slept at his house and we shared a bed. Being so drunk we slept in our underwear. After about10 minutes I felt his hand on my cock. I knew he was gay and didn't care. I was drunk and didn't care because it felt good and I was horny. He got me quite hard and then he put his... [more]

Same Room Sex

We went out of town with another couple that we had been friends with for years and because of a mix up in reservations, we ended up sharing a room with them.
After a night on the town, we ended up back at the hotel and after a nightcap went up to the room. We were all a little tipsy as we went to bed. We ended up leaving the bathroom light... [more]

Women love gay guys!

I’ve noticed that a lot of women have at least one or two gay guy friends. Why is that? Is it because they are a sisterhood in search of cocks? Is it because that are no threat to their pussy? Is it because (like men) they love watching two of the opposite sex pleasure each other?
Wanting to hear from women and gay guys for the answer to... [more]

Friends Use My Wife

My wife has gotten fat over the years. She was always kind of a prude, but now she will let me and my friends run a train on her just to make me happy. I love watching her be used like a cum dumpster.

Sexiest thing you've seen your wife do...?

Wife agreed to play strip poker with my and 2 of my buds one night.
This was after some drinking...she came out from our bedroom where she'd prepared for bed - "to say good night" to all of us....wearing only a very short T-shirt and a new pair of lacy bikini string panties!
Her dark triangle was just visible through the panties, and she... [more]

He’s resizing me

I a married 48 year old wife my husband has started letting his friend have me my husband whom I’ve only fucked for the last 20 years is a solid 6 inch’s fair girth but his friend is resizing my holes he’s 10 inch and 20 oz drink girth it hurt me bit feels great too he has resized my pussy and asshole I can’t feel my husbands any more will I... [more]

Girlfriend at nude beach

When my wife and I were living together before we got married, I took her to a nude beach with my best friend from kindergarten. I was very happy that I had a really great looking girlfriend and wanted to show her off to him and the many men that would be at the nude beach. The three of laid together on a blanket with her lying between us. I liked... [more]

Helping a friend

My friend had a side girl that was a bodybuilder and she looked fantastic! He had introduced me to her, and on several occasions, I had covered for him when he was away from his wife and was with her. My friend was also a bodybuilder and was stringing along another woman as well; three women, that’s a lot!
Early one evening, I get a call from... [more]

Wife’s first double

Last night we had a big party at our cabin in the mountains we invited all our friends everyone had a blast we did some eating and a lot of drinking later that evening I noticed my wife had changed into some very sexy and revealing attire she was sitting between two of our friends that aren’t married and somewhat younger than use I could see both... [more]

Wife lap danced my buddies one night

My wife - being very comfortable with my friends - was entertaining us, as she often did in her T and bikini panties one night as we sat and talked....watching her walk around, lay or sit cross-legged in front of us in the living room was fun!
After a few glasses of champagne (purposely offered as it is her #1 "get-horny & flirty" drink!) she... [more]

My best friend sniff my wife panties

Me and my best friend use to play videogames at my place. Yesterday he told me he needs to use bathroom, he was in bathroom and his phone started ringing, when I opened the door to give him the phone I saw him sniffing my wife dirty panties. He make an excuse and leave the house. I know he's embarrassed with the situation, I also checked on his... [more]

Lingerie party

A friend of mine and his wife invited my wife and I, another friend and his wife and another single man to a lingerie party being hosted in their home. When we arrived we were told that the other two women had agreed to model a couple of her outfits and they wanted her to model as well. The outfits they were going to wear didn’t really show much... [more]

Naked on the deck

My wife Margaret and I were staying with my friend Donnie at his beach house on night we all got naked drinking on the deck Margaret was sitting by me and Donnie was across from us we were talking about Donnie’s wife was missing the fun and he started stroking his big dick thanking about his wife Margaret got up and went and sit by her and started... [more]

Friends persuaded us

Our friends nicola and Andrew are nudists and have been on to us for years to give it a go with them,my wife Cathy is the nervous one! We were at their house on a Saturday evening enjoying some wine and a bite to eat,Cathy's answer was that she would feel uncomfortable being naked with strangers,tell you what nicola said why don't we get naked... [more]

Hidden video

I take hidden videos of myself sucking my buddy's cock and getting fucked. He would probably kill me if he knew but I can't resist watching myself suck my friend's cock. I always secretly watched gay porn but it's different when I know that it's me getting getting fucked in the ass in the video! So far my collection includes me sucking him off 12... [more]

I admit it, I abuse him

Ever since I caught my friend in the park sucking cocks I've been using it against him. I make him give me blowjobs whenever I want. I fuck him up the ass and make him fuck himself with things, most recently an aluminum baseball bat! I make him suck my cock while I talk on the phone to our other friends. I make him call his mother and I fuck him... [more]

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