Friends Confessions

My First Virgin Screw

It's every guy's desire to sack a virgin, I was 16 in the summer of 1999, when I laid my first and only one! We were on vacation staying at friends of my parents for a weekend whom had a daughter. She was probably 12 at most, her blue eyes and skinny frame almost gave me no interest in her at all until I showered at the end of the day. Abigail... [more]

Is it cheating

Many years ago my best friend was female the village where we lived didn’t have many other people of the same age.
Naturally we formed a good friendship, over time needs got to us and we had sex, both of us were virgins and we taught and worked it out ourselves, it wasn’t a boyfriend girlfriend thing we just had sex when we both wanted... [more]

Had threeway with friend's parents

I recently spent a week staying with a best friend of mine. We grew up together, have known each other since we were 6, but she moved away with her family a few years ago. We're 19 now. I visit them every summer.
I stayed in the guest room, and one night I couldn't sleep and walked down to get something to drink from the kitchen. I had to pass... [more]

I miss her tits

I used to have this friend, M. One time, early in our friendship, I was walking home and passed the main beach of our lake community. She was climbing out of the water by the diving area. She was wearing a bikini. She was drunk, and really happy to see me. She'd just started gaining weight, so her bikini was tight and her big tits and thick thighs... [more]

First experiences

When I (fem) was 8 I had a crush on a son off our neighbors. We often played together and once, when we were alone, we played, "show me yours and I show you mine". It was his suggestion but I immediately was excited. we both took of our clothes and did what it was for. I had seen my dads penis some times and it was much bigger than his, but it had... [more]

My friends butt plug

I went upstairs at my friends new apartment looking for the bathroom and ended up in her messy room. I admittedly decided to snoop and found a small butt plug tucked away and got super turned on.
I kept snooping hoping to find a vibrator or anything else but I ended up being it into the bathroom with me and trying it. Then I cleaned it and put it... [more]

Accidental insemination

I don't have a girlfriend, and neither had my best friend Brad for three years. There were dates here and there for both of us, but no steady girlfriends. We're 23.
We had started a tradition where we go out fishing for a weekend every summer in his old-school Airstream trailer at a campground. The last couple of years it was just the two of... [more]

First touch

I took a little boys clothes off and rubbed his penis.

I promised him he could take nude shots of me

My boyfriend wanted to take some nude pics of me. I said sure,no problem.
He did the usual shots of me removing my bikini top,then bottoms, all sorts of poses ,then tied me to the bed and took more .He opened a drawer and surprised me with toys. He put nipple clamps on, which hurt like hell , put a vibrator in my pussy and played and took pics... [more]

Good old days

I worked in a supermarket store restocking shelves overnight I was teamed up with a girl.
I was 27 and she was 4 years older, we had a right laugh, took nothing serious, both of us constantly laughing and always getting told off.
We finished at 5am and went back to my place, I rented a room in a house with 3 other people.
We would get into my... [more]

Just helping a friend

I help my friend by having a wank over her.
This may not sound right but being honest she doesn’t have the looks or figure but she is one brilliant person.
She was having a bad depressed moment, saying she will never find anyone because of how she looks.
Nonsense I said I would happily have my wicked way with you, don’t be stupid she said, why... [more]

Best friends on another level

I had a long over due catch up with my friend, I was staying the night so we had planned to get drunk.
Her boyfriend cheated on her and she has been single for 8 months.
Drinking and chatting away I asked if she had met anyone, she said no and hasn’t really been interested in meeting anyone.
I asked what you doing about the bedroom department... [more]

Can you blame me

I help my friend a lot, his wife passed away 8 months ago, he has a 15yo daughter.
I don’t really have to watch over his daughter he just asks me to be about in case while he is at work on a Saturday.
It’s a really hot day and I’m watching the tv, his daughter comes in a sits down, fancy a drink I said, yes please, I go get her a drink and when... [more]

Erotic pictures went to far

Awhile ago me and my friend started taking erotic pictures of each other.
We are two females and between us we have a good set up of equipment, my flat is like a studio now, lighting and other props are on display all the time.
We are amateurs but enjoy trying to be creative with the naked body.
My brother is one of the very few people who have... [more]

Took my breath away

It’s amazing how an image can stay in your head.
I saw a video of my friends brother masturbating, I have no idea how she got it but I couldn’t stop watching it.
He is 23 has a flat stomach and a really big cock, it’s really long and thick.
He was masturbating in front of a camera, his cock looked so hard, every time I watch it my mouth is... [more]

When we were young

Back in the 70s not long after we were married, It was just before Christmas so we all decided to go to Burton upon Trent that evening. We took two cars Richard's and mine a Ford Executive Zodiac straight six, 2.6 litre, bench seats, three gear column change, maroon and grey with white wall tires, for those who like to know that sort of thing.
... [more]

I gave my best friend a blowjob

Me and my friend Jerry would hang out all the time after school, at the courts , the lake, his house,everywhere. One day we were at his house and he said man I really need to get off, Do you mind if I jerkoff ? I said whatever you want to do.
He said j/o with me, so i did. Now a new level has entered our lives and when we wanted to,we would both... [more]

Summer break

It's summer break and I was walking my dog and ran into a guy I went to school with named Jason. He is a year older, getting ready to go to college, and we chatted on the sidewalk, mostly "what's up" type of chat. We were never huge friends in high school, more distant acquaintances, as he was the popular jock and hung with a different circle. I... [more]

Best friend loves anal

While my best friend Sue has often commented that sex with her husband Paul was not the greatest and he would never consider doing anal on her that she thought she would love my husband Ron is just fantastic and adores doing me anally, about a year ago Sue asked if she could have sex with Ron, I discussed it with Ron and he agreed but only if Paul... [more]

Mother in Law

On holidays with my wife and her parents in Albuferia a few weeks ago.
We were out several of the nights an one Tuesday night my wife decided to stay in and I said I would stroll down to the bar where her parents went for a drink after eating. My father in law did not stay long as he was tired so I stayed and had a few drinks with my mother in... [more]

What you got

Been friends with this guy from school for a long time. We have always been friends mainly due to me friend zoning him. At least that is what I hear. We went to a party and both of us got really drunk. We helped each other get back to his place where I was going to sleep on the couch.. once we got in the door though he passed out on the couch. I... [more]

I Love This Website

I Love the way this web site operates! Regards: Babied.

Friends take my Cherry in Waterhole

A few years back I went swimming with a couple of neighborhood guys to a nearby water stream. We rode our bikes up to the stream, the guys go let's jump in as they start to remove their clothes down to their underwear. One of them says c'mon Kimberly, hurry up and jump in. I slowly drop my bike and unsnap my shorts when I remembered I had the... [more]

OMG what happened

We had a party last night. Bunch a friends over with a lot of alcohol and some weed. We were having a good time drinking and joking around. Then it got late and I remember a lot of our friends leaving except one couple. Mark and Linda have been friends of ours for a long time. I been friends with Linda since grade school. Mark and my husband been... [more]

Trailer Park

I live in a trailer park, and yeah, there's a lot of stereotypes about people who do, but I can say that most people are totally normal. I'm 60, my wife died of cancer 2 years ago, I've been recovering from a heart attack from last summer, and I can't work and had to downsize and retire early before I can collect social security. That meant... [more]

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