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When and why i started sucking dick

I started sucking dick when i was 15 in high school. Went home with one of my classmates and he started me out innocently and i finally sucked him. It was the most fantastic thing i could have ever imagined. The feel, the touch, the taste, the smell, everything about it was GREAT. Looking back on all that, i could kick myself for not doing my... [more]

Horny at the lake.

When I was in early teens probably 15-16 .My local friend and I were at this town lake beach sitting on the dock.I remembered talking about girls and blowjobs.We were both virgins and not yet discovered real sex yet.As we talked we both had huge hard ones in our swim shorts.We looked at each other and said to bad there isn’t anywhere private to... [more]

I want the cab driver to be my master, I will be his cock slave

Pete. I know what you're into by listening to you talk about your Chinese girlfriend. Whenever you talk about being her Master I imagine what it might be like. Pete, I want you to be my Master! Seriously buddy, I want you to dominate me with your cock just like you would her. Can you imagine seeing me of all people on my knees with your cock in my... [more]


I appear to be a normal, well-adjusted guy. I am! Well, except for the fact that I really really really like sucking cock! It's a great secret that I've been keeping since I was a boy. My first experiences we're with a man who taught me how to suck his big dick. As a result I'm still a pretty good cock sucker. I swallow too! I've always been... [more]

To Pete my cab driver

We've been friends for a long time now that's why I know you would really enjoy making me your cock slave. Forget about your Chinese girlfriend she's too far away. I see you almost every day when you drive me to and from work. My mouth is right here for you to use. You can fuck me in the ass just like you talk about with your Chinese girl. Only... [more]

Curtis Loves Sucking Cock

That's all. There really isn't anything more to say. I do. I love sucking cock. - Curtis

Cab driver and Master

I've been thinking about how exciting it would be if you were my Master and I was your cock slave. It's what you want in your Chinese girlfriend, right? Wouldn't it be fun since we've been friends for so long and never even hinted at anything like this. I know you pretty well by now. I've heard the way you go on with the Chinese girl. I know you... [more]

Master, I had second thoughts

Pete. I've been jacking off all night as I think and write about the things you would do to me with your cock. I have held off until I finally blew a huge load. I was still in the mood when I cummed into my cupped hand and imagined it was your cum as I licked it up. A minute later as I was catching my breath I suddenly regretted having posted... [more]

Ga man 50 yrs old

Interested in swap with another married man. Not gay but curios as i had an encounter with a guy who was 10 years older when i was 17. North Ga area.

Cab driver

Pete, I was so horny last night. I took some magic mushrooms and I had a hard on for 3 hours! They also made me fantasize about you making me do... things. Writing and posting it here just made it more intense. I thought I might feel different today when I'm not so stoned, but I don't! I still want to suck your cock! I still want you to be the... [more]

Cab Driver, Master

I know that being the Master is a fantasy of yours that you're hoping your Chinese girlfriend will bring to you. Wouldn't it be more exciting be the Master of another man? I can suck your cock as well as she can. Maybe better! You keep saying that you want to fuck her in the ass. Why not fuck me in the ass? My ass is tight too! You know I'm a... [more]

First floor window

When my wife and I were living in our first apartment, she would leave for work earlier than I needed to so I would take my shower after she left before I went to work. One day as I was getting dressed I noticed that our upstairs neighbor who was friends with my wife would walk by our first floor window to get to her car. The next day I opened the... [more]

My mom friend

Iv known my mom friends since I was very young she the same age as my mom in her 40s
And she and my mom are very very close and my mom friend got kids but she divorced woman good looking woman.
So it was on holiday when her and her kids come on holiday with us and it we stayed in a hotel but I had the same room as my mom but there a door... [more]

Missing a friend

Last night I had a very graphic dream about a close friend who I used to sleep with occasionally... It was weird waking up next to my wife after dreaming about riding on top of him.
Both of us are now married in same sex relationships. I'm happy for him and love my wife so much. Buuuut I miss him. Sometimes I think maybe I just miss cock. But... [more]

Bad credit fix

Loan offer 3%
Attention: Loan Applicant,
Do you need a loan to solve your financial burden or make an investment? If so! Contact XIMA today for loan assistance. They offer short- and long-term loans with an interest rate of 3%. You can borrow from a minimum of $ 5,000.00 and a maximum of $ 250 million.
Contact us at xima fin group @gmail DOT... [more]

When U Realize She's Not A Good Person

My so called bff is a self serving egotistical narcissistic cunt. She has a superiority complex. She sneak disses her friends n family, alwayz trying to sound like she has more money than her friends n family. She alwayz lies n embellishes shit. Alwayz try to make herself seem like the pretty one on in our circle. Or like she is prettier than me... [more]

Husband's Buddy Dan

I shall never ever forget the time that my hubby's buddy Dan was invited to our house. He was staying over because he lives a stretch away from us.
Well this particular night Dan was both drunk as hell as they had been out all day playing pool & stuff while it did gave me time to hang with my friend Jenny. So I made spaghetti & meatballs for... [more]

Being a teacher!

I have several friends who have 20 to 25 year old sons and daughters. Some of them have had some sort of sex and some haven't. We were having a good bbq a while ago and my friends wife asked me if I wanted to talk to some of the kids about oral sex? I asked her why she and her husband couldn't? I was told that they were imbarssed to tell them so I... [more]

Sucking my first dick

I sucked my first dick when I was 1 1. A buddy invited me over after youth group. We went to his room and soon he was telling me how bad he wanted to know how it felt to have a mouth on his dic! I played it off a while then he said if you will I will! We put our moths on each other’s dicks quickly but for just a moment. I thought that was it but... [more]

I'm cruel 2

I'd like to humiliate my buddy with my cock. I slap him in the face with it as hard as I can and shove it down his throat until he chokes on it. I tell him to make me blow my nuts then I order them to swallow my cum. Then when he does I just stick my cock in his eye and call him a faggot! I tell him he's not allowed to take my cock out of his... [more]


Long story short, my sister in law was over almost every day this summer as her condo pool was closed due to Covid, she’s divorced as is her friend she came with, they had an open invitation to come over whenever. One day I left work early and got home before my wife which is unusual, and my sister in laws friend was in the pool by herself, I... [more]

Good deed for the month!

I'd been complaining to my best friend about being horny and stuck in doors with lockdown. So she dared me do 'the pizza dare'. I haven't done it since I was a teenager, so it was super fucking scary and exciting doing it especially with without all my friends egging me on.
When the pizza guy came I answered the door butt naked to this really... [more]

Looking for c**********

I live outside West Lafayette Indiana and Remington Indiana between Watseka Illinois 1 State Road 24 looking for gay male that would bring adult movies over a girl sucking huge cocks and suck my dick off for the weekend

Two straight boys have sex

When me and my friend who were 8 and 7 we started showing each other our dicks. this progressed to me sucking him and him sucking me. my favourite thing to do was to give him rim jobs. we tried anal but my dick hurt him to much and his was to small to penetrate. we jerked each other often he made me cum lots. we stopped when he was about 12 and i... [more]

Bbw wife

My bbw wife loves to be fucked by some of our friends. Her and I have been married for 12 years and I talked to her about having sex with others while I watch. She was all for it, we only have a few friends and I convinced her to have her pick. She chose of guy that didn't last more than a few strokes in her pussy!
She told me she met a guy on... [more]

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