Friends Confessions

My best friend and I

Back when I was a very young boy I had a best friend who is still a good friend to this day. He and I were together all the time starting in the 4th grade. Not long after that we became very good friends and knew we could trust one another so we started exploring each others young bodies and at night in bed we would quietly get our hands in each... [more]

Threesome With Me Being The Bull

I became good friends this past with my neighbors. I'll be 68 next month and they are 60 and 62. We would sit on their sun deck while drinking beer and shooting the breeze between us. We learned from each other that we used to swing. Bob's wife Betty couldn't believe I was going on 68. I was fit and looked close to late 50's or being 60 yrs. old... [more]

Showing off my wife

I know that I am being seriously naughty; by not telling my wife, but for possibly the last 3 years, I have been posting images of her randomly on-line in various poses, and sexual acts.
Harmless, well for a while - as I would post them without any recognisable features, like keeping her face blurred or touching up her tattoo as it would... [more]

My First Consensual Anal

Almost a year after being raped by the Reid brothers and finding out, thanks to my Grandmother, that I knew how to use my own cock I was invited to spend the night at my friend Terry's house. Terry was about a year younger than me, and like me he was living with his divorced mother. After dinner and helping Terry's mom do the laundry we went to... [more]

Tit Lover

My wife and I were with several couples and we had rented a large beach house. One of the ladies, a very large breasted beauty had a swim suit malfunction while body surfing. We finally got a good look at what she was having trouble keeping reigned in. All the guys, myself included, giggled immaturely and gave high fives. The most modestly endowed... [more]


Drinking at our wifes friends house in the afternoon and planned our night out in town. My wifes friend is good looking. Nice body and ass.
We had our change of clothes to get changed before we head out into the city. Wife was drinking and drunk but was able to manage. We went into the bathroom to get changed. Was helping my wife get into her... [more]

Unplanned pregnancy issue

I'm currently pregnant and it was unplanned. It's more complicated by the fact that it might not be my husband's. It's a convoluted story but I'll try to make it as succinct as possible.
We vacation in Mexico every year. We have a friend couple who lives there and we stayed with them for a week. They are great to us, really fun, and we're all... [more]

One of the Best

One night, a few years back my wife Sharon had a friend named Debbie over and they drank a lot of wine. I had been in the basement watching hockey and after the game went up to offer Debbie a ride home. They were both really drunk and said not until they finished the wine, it was their third bottle, with one more to go. To give them more time... [more]

Stole friend's nudes

Two of my friends, which are husband and wife, live in different town than me and occasionally invite me over to their house for weekends. One time they where invited to a colleagues house, so I had to stay home alone in the evening.
So I found that my friend had forgotten to take her phone, and I looked inside and found tons of photos and... [more]

How can this be

I’m female 36 and my best friend is male known each other since 12.
He is very quiet, single, lives on his own and works in a factory.
This was more my doing then his but I was in a funny mood and encouraged him to bed, in 24 years we have never looked at each other in any other way than just friends so this was risky.
Once in bed he seemed... [more]

I can’t imagine myself ever being so open

A few years ago I met a guy who had loads of energy and very dynamic compared to my past relationships, I was swept away by him and found myself going along with what he liked.
Before meeting him me and my friend would be in bed together, we are fully clothed just chatted with the covers over us, my new guy would visit and sit at the end of the... [more]

Cold shoulder after oral with friend

My bff Rhonda wanted to do something special for her boyfriend's 18th birthday. She said he's into porn and likes threesome vids. She asked if I could be the third member and do a threesome for him as a present. I said sure, he's cute and let's just have some fun. I said it has to be a secret from my boyfriend.
We went over on his birthday and... [more]

Helping hand

The last week of my junior year in college (nursing) my roommate and best friend broke both wrists and his right elbow. His mom drove in to tend to his needs during the two surgeries he needed. I helped her quite a bit and she offered me a thousand dollars a week to be his nurse while he healed. I quickly accepted and told the nursing home at... [more]

Female Exhibition

What began as Candaulism with my young fiance', Donna, where I secretly showed her nude photos to my frat mates in college, became vicarious exhibition when she became aroused by it and deliberately let my friends watch her dressing or showering. I was proud of her well proportioned figure and encouraged her to be very casual about covering up... [more]

My Friend's Sleeping Mom

Many years ago (back in the 80s) when I was a teenager I spent the night at my friend Kenny's house.
Kenny's mom was a very attractive woman, with real blonde (as opposed to fake blonde) hair and large breasts.
Kenny was an only child, and his Mom was divorced, so it was just the two of them. Apparently, his Dad was pretty well off and paid... [more]

Big Dan...

My Dad had a party after his divorce was final and invited a bunch of people over. I was 16 then and it was a great party! One of my Dad’s friends, Dan, who was also recently divorced, was around 50 and in really great shape and the salt-and-pepper hair was really sexy. It was around 1:00 am when most everyone left. My Dad, his friend Dan and me... [more]

Man flu!

I was suffering with man flu and my good friend came to visit, I was laying on the sofa and my friend sat opposite I wasn’t talking much I can remember closing and opening my eyes as she tried to chat.
I must of drifted of to sleep and when I opened my eyes I could clearly see my friend with her hand down the front of her leggings rubbing her... [more]

Gym knickers

For a year now I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head that’s never gone away.
About a year ago I popped in to see a friend after the gym had a chat and went home, when I got home I released I had left my gym bag at my friend house, I texted to say I will collect when I’m next passing.
After a few days my friend text me saying I have... [more]


So my best friend says that she needs to see a doctor on Friday to work out if she can tell me this info. She says she’s not pregnant, and she doesn’t have an STD. The only clue she gave me was the word ‘KISSING’. She still smokes but no longer drinks, parties or eats raw fish. No one knows what’s up, not even he fiancé. If anyone thinks they can... [more]

Neighbour big ding dong

My husband asked our neighbour if he could help move our sofa outside as we were having a new one delivered the next day.
My husband returned with the neighbour and he was wearing a T-shirt and jogging bottoms, as he was moving the old sofa I could see he had a big ding dong moving around in his jogging bottoms it was so obvious how big it was... [more]

A little surprised

I was at my buddy's house watching football and his girlfriend Jennifer was there. She's really pretty, nice tits and very fit. She was wearing a tight top and mini skirt, and her ass and legs looked great.
We were all drinking heavily and discussed things we wanted to try, and she said her fantasy was to have two guys. I locked eyes with my... [more]

Like old times...

My old college roommate and I have both been married to our wives for about 20 years. The wives get along pretty well, and will sometimes go out for girls' nights together. When they do, my old roommate comes over and we get high and fool around, just like we used to do in college. I love kissing him, and the way his cock feels in my hand and in... [more]

Thank you

My female friend is using my flat to clean herself up after having sex with another man.
She is cheating on her husband and has been doing so for a long time.
Recently she has been coming to my flat to wash and change her underwear after fucking.
I always get a text saying will see you later, she is always in a rush when she turns up, she... [more]

Post-funeral fucking

An old friend of mine from high school died from cancer at 40 a couple of weeks ago. He was cremated, but his urn was to be buried in the military cemetery under a headstone. He was still living in the town in which I grew up, as did many of our friends. I hopped a plane to go to his funeral and meet up with some of my old friends. My husband... [more]

Weird Friend

I had been seeing this girl for about 2 months, one day her friend Kirsty came round to visit all chatting away nicely and my girlfriend said she needs to drop something to her parents you two stay here I want be long.
I sat back down after girlfriend leaving and Kirsty said you’ve just had sex haven’t you, pardon I said, you two have just had... [more]

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