Friends Confessions

Cold shoulder after oral with friend

My bff Rhonda wanted to do something special for her boyfriend's 18th birthday. She said he's into porn and likes threesome vids. She asked if I could be the third member and do a threesome for him as a present. I said sure, he's cute and let's just have some fun. I said it has to be a secret from my boyfriend.
We went over on his birthday and... [more]

Helping hand

The last week of my junior year in college (nursing) my roommate and best friend broke both wrists and his right elbow. His mom drove in to tend to his needs during the two surgeries he needed. I helped her quite a bit and she offered me a thousand dollars a week to be his nurse while he healed. I quickly accepted and told the nursing home at... [more]

Female Exhibition

What began as Candaulism with my young fiance', Donna, where I secretly showed her nude photos to my frat mates in college, became vicarious exhibition when she became aroused by it and deliberately let my friends watch her dressing or showering. I was proud of her well proportioned figure and encouraged her to be very casual about covering up... [more]

My Friend's Sleeping Mom

Many years ago (back in the 80s) when I was a teenager I spent the night at my friend Kenny's house.
Kenny's mom was a very attractive woman, with real blonde (as opposed to fake blonde) hair and large breasts.
Kenny was an only child, and his Mom was divorced, so it was just the two of them. Apparently, his Dad was pretty well off and paid... [more]

Big Dan...

My Dad had a party after his divorce was final and invited a bunch of people over. I was 16 then and it was a great party! One of my Dad’s friends, Dan, who was also recently divorced, was around 50 and in really great shape and the salt-and-pepper hair was really sexy. It was around 1:00 am when most everyone left. My Dad, his friend Dan and me... [more]

Man flu!

I was suffering with man flu and my good friend came to visit, I was laying on the sofa and my friend sat opposite I wasn’t talking much I can remember closing and opening my eyes as she tried to chat.
I must of drifted of to sleep and when I opened my eyes I could clearly see my friend with her hand down the front of her leggings rubbing her... [more]

Gym knickers

For a year now I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head that’s never gone away.
About a year ago I popped in to see a friend after the gym had a chat and went home, when I got home I released I had left my gym bag at my friend house, I texted to say I will collect when I’m next passing.
After a few days my friend text me saying I have... [more]


So my best friend says that she needs to see a doctor on Friday to work out if she can tell me this info. She says she’s not pregnant, and she doesn’t have an STD. The only clue she gave me was the word ‘KISSING’. She still smokes but no longer drinks, parties or eats raw fish. No one knows what’s up, not even he fiancé. If anyone thinks they can... [more]

Neighbour big ding dong

My husband asked our neighbour if he could help move our sofa outside as we were having a new one delivered the next day.
My husband returned with the neighbour and he was wearing a T-shirt and jogging bottoms, as he was moving the old sofa I could see he had a big ding dong moving around in his jogging bottoms it was so obvious how big it was... [more]

A little surprised

I was at my buddy's house watching football and his girlfriend Jennifer was there. She's really pretty, nice tits and very fit. She was wearing a tight top and mini skirt, and her ass and legs looked great.
We were all drinking heavily and discussed things we wanted to try, and she said her fantasy was to have two guys. I locked eyes with my... [more]

Like old times...

My old college roommate and I have both been married to our wives for about 20 years. The wives get along pretty well, and will sometimes go out for girls' nights together. When they do, my old roommate comes over and we get high and fool around, just like we used to do in college. I love kissing him, and the way his cock feels in my hand and in... [more]

Thank you

My female friend is using my flat to clean herself up after having sex with another man.
She is cheating on her husband and has been doing so for a long time.
Recently she has been coming to my flat to wash and change her underwear after fucking.
I always get a text saying will see you later, she is always in a rush when she turns up, she... [more]

Post-funeral fucking

An old friend of mine from high school died from cancer at 40 a couple of weeks ago. He was cremated, but his urn was to be buried in the military cemetery under a headstone. He was still living in the town in which I grew up, as did many of our friends. I hopped a plane to go to his funeral and meet up with some of my old friends. My husband... [more]

Weird Friend

I had been seeing this girl for about 2 months, one day her friend Kirsty came round to visit all chatting away nicely and my girlfriend said she needs to drop something to her parents you two stay here I want be long.
I sat back down after girlfriend leaving and Kirsty said you’ve just had sex haven’t you, pardon I said, you two have just had... [more]

Best Friend

Im a little mad at my best friend and I wanna take it out by sucking on her clit right now. I want to eat her so bad but I don’t want to make her orgasm. Because she pissed me off.

Harder & Harder

The way he choked me and the way she licked my perfectly shaven pussy was heaven. My husband went to work and I was home alone. My husband had just paid his best friend to fix our roof. I would, go to the car go to the barn or anything I could to get him to look at me. Since we have 10 acres no one could see me. I walked out to the barn where he... [more]

My First Virgin Screw

It's every guy's desire to sack a virgin, I was 16 in the summer of 1999, when I laid my first and only one! We were on vacation staying at friends of my parents for a weekend whom had a daughter. She was probably 12 at most, her blue eyes and skinny frame almost gave me no interest in her at all until I showered at the end of the day. Abigail... [more]

Is it cheating

Many years ago my best friend was female the village where we lived didn’t have many other people of the same age.
Naturally we formed a good friendship, over time needs got to us and we had sex, both of us were virgins and we taught and worked it out ourselves, it wasn’t a boyfriend girlfriend thing we just had sex when we both wanted... [more]

Had threeway with friend's parents

I recently spent a week staying with a best friend of mine. We grew up together, have known each other since we were 6, but she moved away with her family a few years ago. We're 19 now. I visit them every summer.
I stayed in the guest room, and one night I couldn't sleep and walked down to get something to drink from the kitchen. I had to pass... [more]

I miss her tits

I used to have this friend, M. One time, early in our friendship, I was walking home and passed the main beach of our lake community. She was climbing out of the water by the diving area. She was wearing a bikini. She was drunk, and really happy to see me. She'd just started gaining weight, so her bikini was tight and her big tits and thick thighs... [more]

First experiences

When I (fem) was 8 I had a crush on a son off our neighbors. We often played together and once, when we were alone, we played, "show me yours and I show you mine". It was his suggestion but I immediately was excited. we both took of our clothes and did what it was for. I had seen my dads penis some times and it was much bigger than his, but it had... [more]

My friends butt plug

I went upstairs at my friends new apartment looking for the bathroom and ended up in her messy room. I admittedly decided to snoop and found a small butt plug tucked away and got super turned on.
I kept snooping hoping to find a vibrator or anything else but I ended up being it into the bathroom with me and trying it. Then I cleaned it and put it... [more]

Accidental insemination

I don't have a girlfriend, and neither had my best friend Brad for three years. There were dates here and there for both of us, but no steady girlfriends. We're 23.
We had started a tradition where we go out fishing for a weekend every summer in his old-school Airstream trailer at a campground. The last couple of years it was just the two of... [more]

First touch

I took a little boys clothes off and rubbed his penis.

I promised him he could take nude shots of me

My boyfriend wanted to take some nude pics of me. I said sure,no problem.
He did the usual shots of me removing my bikini top,then bottoms, all sorts of poses ,then tied me to the bed and took more .He opened a drawer and surprised me with toys. He put nipple clamps on, which hurt like hell , put a vibrator in my pussy and played and took pics... [more]

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