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Best friend came on to me while drunk

I was out with friend over the weekend, and she was very drunk, i had to practically carry her home. She stayed at mine as she always does after a night out as it's closer. She was very chatty drunk, and out of nowhere tells me she's bi, and fancied me forever. Shortly after that she fell asleep, but i was so shocked. In the morning i wasn't sure... [more]

She doesn't have a clue I've seen her spread open

There is a girl I have known since highschool. She's married with kids. But we still talk. I am a regular at a very popular bar in our area. She also comes to it often. Either with her husband or with another girl I've known just as long. A couple months ago she was there with her friend. She came over to the bar where I was and we talked for a... [more]


This story his about my wife she his ticklish now I know this but not every one we come in contact with does , Anyway when you tickle her at first she likes it but you can go to far so you have to be careful , I just happened to tell my neighbour this in conversation can't think how it came up well my neighbours either side of us are good friends... [more]

Blowjob swap

My bf had a couple of his friends, Rachel and Felix, over for dinner. I knew them pretty well, but not as well as he did. They were recently married and it was obvious they were still in that glowy phase of love. Cute, really.
Anyway, we were all drinking some wine and getting a little loose, when the subject turned to sex and blowjobs... [more]

Got a friend to fuck my wife.

For the past 3 years of marriage I never had any thought of watching my wife getting fucked by another man. But I have to be honest that I've gone to sites on the internet and read stories about the cuckold lifestyle. Anyway a year ago I went to the health spa and met this guy and we became friends.
We talked a lot about what we looked at on the... [more]

Saw something I shouldnt have

I was staying over night at my friends house, we do it all the time at each others places. On Saturday morning pretty early, I needed to pee and the bathroom was down the hall by my friends parents room. I walked down there and the door to there room was open a little, not much. Her parents were fucking doggy style on the bed, facing away from... [more]

When I was a kid me and my friend had sex

When I was at least twelve or thirteen about a month before turning thirteen. Me and my friend Sean who had known each other since kindergarten and we're the best of friends. He was gay, but I wasn't I had a few girlfriend's never liked guys. But one day while we were having a sleep over at my house he said he wanted to sleep in my bed at first I... [more]

Wasn’t expecting that

I’ve only had sex with her four times and don’t want it anymore.
Got chatting to a school Mum when dropping and collecting my son from school.
Went for a few coffees, then a few coffees at each other’s house, then we ended up in bed.
I don’t mind hearing a lady moan during sex but this lady was OTT
She would scream the house down! It didn’t... [more]

How far do you value your friendship

I’m male and my best friend is female, we have a very special friendship, both our friends and family that know about our special friendship think it’s weird.
We have been spoken to many times from just about everyone personal in our life’s saying we should try and move on.
I understand what they are trying to say, we both know if we were to... [more]

Our secret

My boyfriend and I have posted naked pictures on the internet, we loved reading the comments.
We broke up a year ago and I still post on my own.
Last October I told my friend what I did, she was shocked, even more shocked when I asked her to do it with me.
I explained no faces and two girls will make the men go nuts and it’s great reading the... [more]

Girl on girl fight...

Over Christmas I had a few days off and the girlfriend and I went to see her friend.
Her friend is from the gym, she is Polish and stunning looking.
When we arrived her sister was there too, immediately you could tell something was going on between them two, her sister was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs and arms like she had the right... [more]

What a bitch

My girlfriend asked if I could help one of her work college, her husband has left her leaving her with two kids 7 and 9 and she is struggling.
Between us I’m the only one that drives, I’ve been collecting, dropping off basically being a taxi.
I got a call from my girlfriend before leaving work one day, she asked if I could drive past her friend... [more]

Girl talk

Wife had a friend over last night. They are sharing a bottle of wine and watching some show on Netflix. I'm in the other room playing a game. I hear them talking. Her friend Sarah says, "Jeez, I'm dreading spring. Means I'll have to do a better job of shaving my legs." My wife says, "Well, I don't shave anymore." Sarah said, "Your legs?" Wife... [more]

Panty fetish (caught)

My best friend and I have known each other for almost 30 years, since we were in middle school. We were drinking beers and chatting about our wives when we talked about what kind of panties they wear, etc. I said that I'd swap my wife's used panties for his wife's used panties, and he said cool, so we started to do it.
My friend's wife is... [more]

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