Friends Confessions

Banged My Best Mates Wife Who Works At A Brothel

My best mate since high school let slip one night this his wife had started working at a brothel. I thought it was weird so pushed him a bit. Turns out it's this kinky place where you get to sleep with someone else's wife. A wives only brothel.
It didn't take too much googling to find the place. I knew what she looked like and even though they... [more]

Our wives had a contest

So me and my wife had our friends come over to drink and hangout. After we had been drinking we was in the living room talking and somehow we got to talking about sexual things like how often we each have sex and what’s some naughty things we’ve done and things like that. Well then his wife asked I wonder whose is bigger. I laughed and looked at... [more]

Fun with friend

When I was in middle school I discovered masturbation, I had one friend I would talk to about it, he knew about it too. He stayed the night one time and he said we should jack off. We turned the lights off and laid on my bed jacking off. It took us a while to finally get off but we finally did. He stayed the night a second time and we basically... [more]


When I was in middle school there was a short period I was bi curious. I only knew one other gay kid in the school so I messaged him asking if he would experiment with me. That didn't work out but somehow my older brothers friend saw the messages and got my number and text me saying he would love to show me things. He snuck in my window one night... [more]

Good friend liked how I looked

I was away for the weekend by my self, so I thought. I was working on a roof in shorts. Out of the blue a friend came by. We started drinking beer. He got into a pair of extra shorts I had. I asked if I could go naked he said yes. So I did. Drinking beer n naked. So he did then. We drank a lot of beer.. I went inside got a bra n panties on... [more]

Wife said, fuck me if you need to while I'm asleep

My young wife used to tell me, "fuck me if you want - while I'm asleep, or whatever! It'd be sexy to wake up with you inside me!"
One night with one of my male friends over - ( a guy she thinks is super hot) she came down after her shower in her boy short PJ's, laid on our big long couch and after some wine fell asleep.
My bud was sitting on... [more]

Crazy night

At a party in our friends house,it was the early hours,nicola my pals wife had fallen asleep on the sofa leaving me my wife sue and our daughter zoe,a music video came on the TV and there were girls twirking in it,Peter my friend said I bet you two can't do that! Wanna bet zoe said,got up and started wiggling her ass,show her how to do it sue... [more]

So horny for my lesbian friend

I have a friend whose a lesbian, and she's super attractive to me. By complete accident, I've gotten a bit of a peak of her nice boobs and her very big ass before. She's slightly fat but just to the point that its made her curves so wonderful, to the point that she's the main reason I love big asses.
Despite the fact that she's obviously have... [more]

I’ve purposely been teasing my neighbors son and it turns me on.

So a few weeks ago I was out in the yard pulling weeds. I should start with a little about me before I go into detail. I’m Carol I’m 51 years old, widowed mother of one daughter who lives with her husband so it’s just me and my two dogs. I have a wonderful married couple who live next to me and they’re son rents their upper apartment. Ok so a few... [more]

Jerking for my neighbor

I love to strip completely nude and stroke my hard sick ever morning right in front of my living room window. My older neighbor watches quite often and I love getting off for her. I sometimes have sex with my gf there also.

Pleasuring her belly

I know a tall beautiful woman, who's belly button is so sensitive she will
have an orgasm within minutes's if her belly button has pressure applied to it.
So one night her and i where watching a movie together, I got up to go to the kitchen and when i returned to the living room she was laying on her back with her hands up over her head and... [more]


Has anyone ever been high and got naked with someone from their own family? Well it's happened to me once at a house party! I was there with my girlfriend at the time and my mate was going out with my sister! There was a pile of coke in the kitchen! We were all dancing when my sister said who's up for getting naked! Without waiting for anyone's... [more]

Being molested

When I was eight I was molested and I liked it.
My mum and dad used to go out on a Saturday night and my baby sitter was a girl called Jenifer who was fifteen I seem to remember. She was beautiful I thought and I really looked forward to her arriving for the evening.
I used to be in bed when she arrived but when mum and dad went out she would... [more]

Sexual pleasures for a day!

When I brought the thought of my wife being with another woman, she was hesitant at first, then over a month or two, she thought it might be fun with our rental tenant, Anita. I asked if she wanted me to call her, but she said she already call and I'm going their tomorrow morning. I thought, I better call Anita to be sure she doesn't tell my... [more]

Best friend massage

My best friend went to massage school and asked me if he could practice on me. We have been friends for 25 years and when he was doing it and I turned over he put my dick in his mouth. Of course I let him finish but I was shocked. He said he wanted to do that for years

Thinking about Halloween

My wife and I went to a Halloween party a few years ago. My wife dressed as a street walker with lots of makeup and clothes that showed off her breasts and legs. I dressed as her pimp. After midnight, most of the people had left leaving only the host couple, us and three single men who we didn't know. One of the men asked me how much it was for... [more]

Girlfriend playing poker with my friends

Friday night is poker night with the guys. Last Friday it was at my house. My girlfriend usually makes snacks and plays hostess while we play poker. I had to work later than usual so I was late getting home. The guys had been there for a couple hours before I got home and started without me. When I got there my girlfriend was playing in my spot... [more]

Halloween party

Halloween season is here and family and friends are getting ready for the fancy dress parties. Reminding me of last year. I went as a eighteenth century bar maid, my breasts pushed up to my neck, and a tight corset. My husband as the devil. Wearing bright red tights, his large flaccid penis outlined inside the tight pouch of his tights. It... [more]

Neighbor Mike has the key to my cuckold cock cage

My wife turned me into a cuckold this summer when I came home early from a business trip to find her in bed with our neighbor Mike.
When I walked in on them, they didn't stop. Mike was pounding her doggy-style against the headboard and she was close to cumming. When Mike saw me, he spit on my wife's asshole and stuck his thumb in it while... [more]

Too much for too many

Went to the bar with my wife and friends to watch Aaron Rodgers still on the bears.
Get to drinking and going hard on the game we two Ubers and ride back to our house.
My wife feels no pain when we get home.
She dose a sexy strip tease getting naked in front of me and my friends.
We put her on a tallish round end table and each one of us lined... [more]

Experiment with my guy friends

I started to experiment with my friends when skinny dipping at the lake it started just watching each other jerking off. Then my best friend had a big tent in his back yard and we would sleep out a few times a week. We would watch porn on our phone and we would all get naked and one night we had got some beer and drinking for the first time it... [more]

Enjoying my new freedom!

I havent slept, my ass hurts, my jaw aches and my legs are still shaking. I look like a mess and just walked home with two different guys cum in my ass. Breaking up was the best thing I've ever done. I love being a slut!

Wife got hot listening in to buddy fantasizing about her

An army buddy of mine really had the hots for my 27 yr old shapely blonde wife.
She didn't help matters by wearing tight little white shorts at our cookouts, mini skirts when we all went to dinner, a pretty little yellow bikini to pool parties, etc.
She couldn't help but notice that he enjoyed looking at her - even though she pretended that it... [more]

So Weird

It's so weird to look down and see my friend sucking on my cock. I'm not gay, I don't think about other guys that way. But it's just so strange to have my buddy suck my dick! I don't think I could do it with any other guy. But because it's him, my friend and buddy, it gives me a rush to just cum right in his mouth! I'm also kind of embarrassed at... [more]

Feminine friend

I have a feminine guy friend Kevin who is a really great person and have a great time when we are together,
Kevin and I have been hanging out a lot lately and have become really close,
There's never been anything sexual with our relationship,
We go to concerts and camping or go on trips out of town.
Kevin likes to dress a little girl like, he... [more]

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