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Friends Confessions

Fucking My Boyfriend Friend

My boyfriend and I got into a disagreement which I went to his friends house and confined into him. I was crying on his shoulder which made him kiss me passionately opening my legs putting my panties to the side fingering my pussy tasting it penetrating my pussy with his long hard cock stretching my pussy with his raw cock cummin inside my holes... [more]


Me and my wife Joanne wanted to try dogging and we both loved it from the off,I loved watching other men fucking her up against our car, I started to tell a few guys at work and showed them a picture of my wife and said that if you want to fuck her just turn up at the dogging area, two of them came to begin with and fucked her,back at work they... [more]

Tricked my friends gf

I went over to my friends house and he wasn’t there but his gf was home. Figured I’d wait for him to get there so I just hung out with her and watched tv waiting on him. I’m 8in and thick, and girls always like it and I have wanted her to “accidentally” see it for a bit now. Well I have a pic of my dick saved in my phone and thought of a way to... [more]

Next door friends

I am an only child, as was our next door neighbors daughter . Our two families are good friends. I was 17 at the time and Joy was mid-twenties. Living in England. They had a pool and are families were often together. One weekend my parents were away, as were Joy’s. Joy was asked to keep an eye on me. The phone rang and Joy asked me to come over... [more]

Wife loves showing bare chest

My wife and I went to a topless beach on our honeymoon. We were both in our 40’s and when my wife saw other women topless she wanted to try it too. We had a great honeymoon and she went topless every day on the beach. She admitted she liked the guys on the beach checking out her bare chest. I took lots of pictures and video of the beach and my... [more]

Husband and his friend doesnt know

29 married f. My husband and his friend whose married also always go fishing or riding dirt roads and stuff like that together every weekend and leave me and his friends wife at our house. A few months back me and her was in my room talking and she seen I had a toy sitting out that I forgot to put in the drawer. She was like is that your dildo? I... [more]

The Neighborhood

My wife and I were very excited to be buying our first house. When we looked at the house, we noticed that the neighbors on each side were black. We didn't have any black friends and thought that we might like to broaden our circle of friends.
Just after we moved in, we were invited to a swimming pool party at another of the neighbors. We went... [more]

6 years.

I Met my wife when she was attending college in the town I had lived in for 10 years, She had a friend she met in college in her first year but her friends last year so they only had one year of college together but became very close and were BFF's for years after, We spent a lot of time with her BFF and her long time boyfriend even though they... [more]

The good ole days

I went to a boudiour photo shoot with my best friend Jazmin many moons ago, It was 2 months before her wedding and I had split with my long term boyfriend and recent husband after finding out he had been seeing someone else for years during our relationship but that's a whole nother story, Anyway we went and she had brought along 10-12 outfits and... [more]

Dear Pete

After the show I want you to fuck me in the mouth. I know you will love seeing me choke on your cock. This is your chance to be my master. On that night I will be ready to get fucked too. You will always know that you are superior to me once you have fucked me in the ass. I know you Pete. You'll get a kick out of cumming inside me. You will never... [more]

Your suspicions are correct

I'm having sex with your wife. Well, I haven't actually fucked her (yet). Have you noticed that Gina started shaving her pussy all the time now? Sorry buddy but it's not for you! One time when she was here alone we were talking and she mentioned that you don't go down on her. Not once. Not ever. I shook my head and said that was a shame. I pressed... [more]

A prediction for Pete

On the night of Thursday, September 28th you are going to cum in someone's mouth. - Curt

I should ask first

I know you talk about being the sex master of your Chinese girlfriend. But would you like to give orders to another guy? No? What if that guy was me? Because seriously Pete, and I really mean this - feed me your cock and I will do anything you want. I'm bi and I really do like pussy in case you're wondering but with other guys I'm submissive and... [more]

Pizza Delivery Dare

First off, you don't even have to say it, yes this was so stupid but this was better than the alternative. My friends and I were playing truth or dare and if you didn't do either you had to send a nude to a ex. It was my turn to be asked truth or dare and I answered dare and my friend says, "Seeing how we have pizza coming in a few minutes, why... [more]

Fun times while married to ex wife

Years ago I found out my wife was fucking her boss. I noticed sometimes how swollen her pussy was when I walked into bathroom as she took a shower after work. After I confronted her though She was going to stop seeing him but I knew she still would so I said let's all get together. So we all went out and then came home. The wife then got on... [more]

I want to blow him

We've been friends for a long time. I know he doesn't think I would do anything gay because I've been keeping it a secret since, well... childhood. I hide it well and I think it's more exciting that way. It's never been anything but "straight" since we've known each other. I gave up driving (just because it's too expensive for my shitty pay) so he... [more]

Surprise by friends at a blind sex party

My wife and I have dabbled in swinging for a while, just to liven things up a little. We were invited by another couple to what they called a blind sex party. There were six couples there including us. How it works is that after everyone is there, the wives all go to separate rooms and get themselves ready. Then the men draw numbers to see which... [more]

Catching up with an old girlfriend who is now a lesbian

Several years ago on a business trip to Charleston, I visited with an old college girlfriend that was now a lesbian and happily married to her wife. We had dinner and drinks and talked about old times and old friends. We hadn't seen each other in probably 25 years. As the night wore on, we talked about her lifestyle and how happy she was to be her... [more]

My Friend Wants To Fuck My Husband

Last year during a new years party a close friend of mine confessed to me she found my husband very attractive. I had suggested to her that we could do a 3some but she wanted the 1 on 1 time with him in bed.
I really don't want to sing my husband's praise but he's fantastic in bed. Gives me multiple orgasms, eats me out and that dick don't quit... [more]

Hillsboro Inlet girlfriend trade incident

I was single and I recently lost everything including my reputation. All I had was my family and three friends that stood by me. Three female friends that I had known for over 10 years. I did not know the strength of these friendships until I knew it. It is hard to explain but you know someone for a long time and then something happens and it... [more]

#32, I Will

Pete, September 28th we're going to see that concert. If you want, after the show I will suck your cock. I had a good chance to look at that picture you "accidentally" left on your phone for a few seconds too long. I know it was yours and I think you showed it to me on purpose. Since then I have wondered what it might be like to suck on it! I'm... [more]

My friend's hot mum

“So I’m 25 yo and have known a friend who is 21 for about 4 years. We used to hang out at his house. He has a mother who has a very good figure. She’s divorced, 44 yo, brown hair, super fit with a nice figure.
One day while using tinder, I saw a familiar face. It was My friend's hot mum, we matched instantly. I have always used Tinder to... [more]

Young wife gives older bud an eyeful of her panties

I came home one day and found my 26 yr old sexy blonde wife visiting with my oldest golfing buddy.
He was 64 yrs old at the time.
He made no bones about flirting with my sexy wife (5'6", 130lbs, long blonde hair, cutest tight little ass) and she would tease him back.
So, I come home and she is sitting in our big rocking chair, in a pair of her... [more]

Want To Bang Sister's Friend

I'm sure this is basic for here but I want to fuck the hell of of 1 of my sisters friends. Smoking hot, big tits and nice big lips that looks like she know how to suck a good cock and she's only 20

I turned my straight friends gay

(I had taken many dildos and did anal training before since I am closeted) was at a sleepover with 3 friends we were playing a game and I made a bet that the loser would have to give the winner a blowjob we were gonna take turns 1v1ing and I and my best friend were up first I ended up losing and swallowed on purpose they ended up deciding that... [more]

I Want To Be With Her

My name is Hanna, 19F, and I've recently come to terms that I have been in love with my best friend of 4 years. My best friend Gina started dating this guy a couple months ago and it's been eating at me that she's eventually going to fall for him and I'm not going to stand a chance. Her new BF is whatever, I don't really have anything bad to say... [more]

The party

My wife and I were invited to another couples party. We were told it would be a little wild. I asked he several times if she was sure she wanted to go. She said that we needed to let our hair down. After everybody had eaten and had several drinks the hostess dragged all the women off with her. The host gave each of us men a piece of paper and a... [more]

How Do I Tell My Friend I Want To Fuck Her Boyfriend?

My friend is dating this stunning 6'5" man and since meeting him it's all I've been thinking about. It doesn't help when she starts talking about the amazing sex they have. I get soaking wet when I think about and how amazing it must feel. If anyone has tips or advice I'd love it

Ruined Friends Relationship

Long story short, I planned out a break up for my friend (now ex-friend). My friend was dating this lying fucking cheater and she didn't believe me. We got into a pretty heated argument and flat out said she didn't want to be my friend any more. But I wasn't going to leave her knowing this fucking cheating loser is dating her.
So I got an app... [more]

Used Spycam on GFs Sister

I managed to work in a spycam on my GFs sister. She's 19, decent body, great tits and DSLs that could rival a pornstars. I've been jerking off to them since I got them. I can't get enough.
Shame she's 6 years younger than me and I'm out of her age range because if I was her boyfriend I'd railing her every second. My gf can't even compare in... [more]

Friend Let Me Join In

I'm James, 21M. Been single all my life and was a virgin up until recently. My friend and his girlfriend, Tyler and Megan, both around my age.
I got a phone call from Megan randomly a few weeks ago on Thursday and was asking some pretty personal questions. She brought up the fact I was a virgin and said something like, "so would you like not to... [more]

How I came to join the other 'guys' for dinner at Tino's

I got transferred to the offices in Southern California, between LA and San Diego. The offices are in a non descript tower and I live in a condo rental a couple of blocks from it. During the pandemic we had to work remote and that sucked and it was terrible. California got crazy.
But before the pandemic when I was settling in I looked around... [more]

What a wonderful woman

I was 16, ice skating on the neighbor's lady’s pond. My dad said she was a spinster, that she grew up on that farm and stayed there all her life. She never minded if we skated in the winter or fished in the summer just knock on the door and let her know.
You know when I was that young it is hard to judge the attractiveness of older woman, She... [more]

My 34 yr old wife stripped for my bud & me

This is NOT a fantasy of mine! - my first wife was a real flirt, and could be very forward with my male friends.
So this is a true retelling of that special night...
My SoCal born first-wife was 5'6", 130lbs, teacup+ teats, and THE cutest tight little ass you ever saw! Short blonde hair and green eyes.
My friends called her "Cute Butt", for... [more]

Friends from 3rd grade

Why didn’t you suck each other when you compared cocks & jerked off together, most young boys did & some still do……

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