Friends Confessions

Cant stop thinking

I never thought that I'd dream about cock like I am at the moment,my first taste was totally accidental,I ended up back at a house party with some old friends and one of the guys there was with my friend from college,it was obvious that they were gay,I had to take a piss and my gay friend Andy came into the toilet with me,he got his cock out to... [more]

Swinging with the neighbors

We lived in a quiet and cozy neighborhood where the biggest thing happening usually involves one of the dad's getting a new mower or a new tool from those fancy trucks. An attractive young new couple moved in and the wife wanted to be friendly so we invited them over for dinner a couple a' times. They were very down to earth and confessed that... [more]

Older couple we knew

My wife couldn't believe her eyes on seeing two people that we both knew, I was a bit surprised in all honesty also in seeing Maureen and Roy, a couple that were more friendly with my mother and father! I tried to keep a low profile but on my way to the toilet Maureen came out the opposite way, we were both shocked to see each other then Maureen... [more]

Shared pictures with a friend.

By lgn
I had been drinking today and was in the mood to share my wifes pics on different sites. Reading stories of others showing there friends and such. So I call a friend of over 30 years to come over for a beer. { The wife is not home this week, visiting family out of town}. In my shop I have a topless picture of my wife on the wall... [more]

Some pictures better not seen

I was on a pictures-only porn site (no videos) and looking at pictures of nude and non-nude amateur selfies - college women. I found a number of nude pictures of the daughter of someone who lives down the street. She's away at college I'm pretty sure. And these pics were her. She is beautiful - stunning. I've masturbated a number of times... [more]

Cold winter morning 1972

It was a very co;d winter morning in 1972. My best friend and I were at his house just waking up. His parents were both at work and no one was there but he and I. We laid in bed talking and we were both 13 at the time. We started talking about girls and both of us were hard in no time. We talked about jacking off and before long we were both naked... [more]

Two couples realize there all bi

Let’s start with we are all in our 30s all very attractive and never new we were bi.
So one night me my wife her best friend and her boyfriend go out.
We are partying all night having a great night now the end of the night comes and no one can drive home so I’m nyc hotels expensive we decided let’s chip in get best biggest toon we can.
(Mind... [more]

Fatty school girl

My name is Jake and when I was 14 in elementary school I had a seatmate, a fatty girl. She was nice and we were good friends. Sometimes we joked about how hormones were unbearable.
We were sitting at the far back in the classroom and once during a lesson she whispered into my ears that if my hormones are high then walk her home cause her... [more]

Our Wives Enjoyed Swinging Just A Bit Too Much

I have a coworker who regularly comes over to our house on Sundays with his wife to past the day. We would chat and my wife would make snacks. I kept beer on hand in the fridge. I started to eye my coworker's wife because she had wide hips. He in turn eyed my wife because of her large breasts that dangled down when she bent over a bit. Weeks went... [more]

Drunk wife

I'll cut to the chase,we were in our neighbours house having a party and both my wife and his had passed out drunk,help me get Louise upstairs dave asked me so we grabbed an arm each and made it to their bedroom,we put her on the bed and with the difficulty of getting her up the stairs we loosened her dress and the top half of it fell below her... [more]

I hope he is my friend

I posted an ad looking to hook up with other guys. I am a male bottom and love sucking cocks.
A guy responded to my ad. We shared some information. As I read what he listed- he might be someone I casually know. He is married to a hot lady
He doesn't know about my sucking cock And I don't know if it is actually him
We have plans to meet. I am... [more]


Jacquie you must remember me from all those years ago shagging in my car. Do you?

My friends mom, my lust, her panty drawer

When I was about 13 I was at a friend's house. It was 1997 so we had just gotten the internet and well...we were 13. So obviously we were looking at porn. He suddenly had to go to the bathroom (def got too horny lol) and his mom wasn't home so I decided to hit her room and go through her panties. Well she somehow got in without a sound and there I... [more]

Wife Fingered by Best Friend

On Christmas of 2022, after dinner was long over and family left, only my wife, best friend and I remained. My friend and I were drinking while we all chatted and bs'd about nonesense. At some point we got on the topic of sex and various aspects, which inevitably led to more.
After talking about outfits and such, my wife casually left the room... [more]

He's my friend

My buddy is kind of goofy and people ask why I hang out with him. I just say it's because hes my friend. He's funny and smart and I tell them he helps me out a lot. Of course I never tell them that hes most helpful at sucking loads and loads of cum out of my cock! He doesn't look or act queer but he gives better blowjobs than any girlfriend I ever... [more]

Inviting my best friend to help me satisfy my wife.

Unfortunately, I've been suffering from ED for about two years and due to my newly acquired heart condition it's become unsafe for me to take Viagra so I'm feeling very sad in that I can't perform as I did when I was young and hard. So now my beautiful young wife who loves sex as much as I still do love it really does miss that great pleasure that... [more]

Dirty friends

If there are people like you all out there, why arent any of my friends naughty so we can share stuff?

Watching her

Watched my wife fucking my friend and thought it was amazing,would like to hear what other husbands thought about their experiences

Naughty friends

I like the idea of sharing my dirty thoughts and desires with people, and sometimes, why not? also be naughty together. But I dont have this type of friends. I want friends that show their tits, dont mind if I pull my dick out and stuff like that.

Got my friends mom to send pics and touch

When i was around 17 i started to fantasize about my friends mom. We had been friends since around 15 but one day i used his moms laptop and when i got on google i seen her search history. She looked up everything from big dicks to loud orgasms. Right then i got horny for her. The next few months when id sleep over id be on the couch and id let my... [more]

First taste of cum

I went to a college bar one night and met a girl. We swapped jokes for a half hour and through the laughter we became close. Close enough for her to invite me to her place at least.
She was short and was a nurse and was red headed. My favorite! She took control of the sex we had. She suggested the positions and I agreed. I was just... [more]

Best Girlfriend Ever

My girlfriend loves to suck cock. When we first became a couple she told me the only way we would stay together is if I allowed her to suck other guys whenever she wanted. I was turned on by the idea and wanted to watch. At first she said no but would give me details after. Each time she told me about a cock she sucked, she would give me the best... [more]


I used to work at. Place where I really fancied the office manager. She was in her 30s and I was a few years younger. A few weeks after I started she got married but that didn’t put me off as I was desperate for her. Over the next few years we became good friends and she would confide in me about sexless marriage and dressing up to try and entice... [more]

School wank

I’ve always been a heavy masturbator often several times a day. At high school in chemistry I used to sit next to an Asian girl with really long dark hair who I fancied. I’m a real hair fetishist and can’t get enough of the feel and scent of hair. I’d sit next to hair moving my chair back slightly and with my hand in my pocket every lesson I’d... [more]

Happy Halloween Ending

My friend invited me to a Halloween party and said everyone would be wearing a costume. I went to a Halloween speciality shop to find something unusual and not the same run of the mill costume. I looked in the men's section for a while but nothing looked right. The store clerk asked if he could help and I told him I didn't see anything I was... [more]

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