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Wrong room (got fucked)

Last week my husband and I were out of town visiting an old friend of mine. She's a single mom, and we stayed at her house with her teenage son. A small group of us met up and went out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. When we got back to the house we went straight to bed. My husband passed out in minutes, as did I.
My recollection is a... [more]

Barriers, ground rules, friendship, and loss

My friend Kate [24f] hooked me [22f] up with a blind date named Billy [23m]. She suggested that we double date with her bf Nolan [24m]. They've only been dating for a couple of months. I said okay, that was fine. We had a good time hanging out having dinner at a restaurant.
All four of us went back to Kate and Nolan's house that they rent... [more]

The Bathroom

I recently moved in with my boyfriend everything is going well except for the bathroom, when I go to the toilet to put it bluntly to have a shit I don't like company he will walk in and talk to me I am very embarrassed when he is there doing what I do on the toilet, he isn't bothered when ime in the bath he will come in and use the toilet for a... [more]


I am completely in love with my best friend Emma T. Emma i love you this is BK if ur readung im sorry but i do

Sexual feelings between best friends

I’m female and my best friend is male, we have been friends since 14 both now 27
We’ve come close a few times to having sex, we are both comfortable seeing each other naked, we talk about personal and embarrassing things, if he is at my house and I’m having a bath he’s sits in the bathroom while I’m having a bath.
We tell each other in great... [more]

What’s she trying to say?

For 5 months I’ve been chatting to a lady that walks past my workshop every day walking her dog, we both have the same bread of dog.
We chat for about 10/15 minuets, nothing exciting just day to day stuff, I know she is married with 3 children.
Recently in the UK the weather has been hot and when we chat she has been coming into my workshop to... [more]

It happens with best friends sometime.

It happens. I grew up knowing my best friend from the age of 4 to 23. When we were both mid teens, we were in my room chilling after being in the pool for a while. I had my right hand down my shorts playing with my dick and balls while we watched TV. He was sitting to the right of me and started laughing. I asked what was funny and he replied... [more]

Wet knickers

My wife me and another couple are friends went out for a meal one night . We all had a bit to much to drink , We all ended up back at their house for a night cap . His wife fell asleep so he put her to bed , We carried on drinking and having a laugh my wife was laughing when she said she was going to the bathroom . At the time I did not think... [more]

Is this the new normal?

I'm 34, mother of two, and just started dating again after being divorced for a year. The guy I'm dating is younger, he's 23. He's great, I love him, but it's been weird meeting his friends.
The weather is finally good, so yesterday my bf took me to a BBQ at his friend's house. There were about a couple dozen people there, mostly married... [more]

We Swopped Wives

We have been married four years we were having a good sex life and looking for something different all the time more exciting, we love watching porn all kinds some you shouldn't really see, we have two married friends of a similar age, we openly discuss our sex lives in graphic details, It turn all of us on telling each other what we have done... [more]

Caught a good peek

I went to pick up my friend Lisa yesterday morning to go have breakfast at the local diner. I was early, and she wasn't quite ready, so she invited me into her house to wait. Her husband was in the kitchen making coffee, and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Like his gorgeous ass and cock were in full view. His penis was about 6" and thick... [more]

Big mistake

My best mate was in a bad accident which left him in a chair .Me and my wife would visit him at his home on a regular basis , He his a really nice guy we felt bad for him but he was always happy to see us . He would get in downers get really low so we always tried to cheer him up but it was difficult at times . One day when we was talking he... [more]

Forces Wank

We recently moved house I met new friends at school who I started to pal out with, one Saturday we went in the park we wandered of the main area where we were alone there were five of us, some of the lads started messing around pushing shoving wrestling just acting daft as lads do, then they grabbed me pushing me around rolling over on the grass... [more]


Me and my wife had only been married 4yrs we was both young and naive .I had taken on a job that came with a flat we could not afford to buy or rent at that time , The boss and his wife seemed really nice we both got on well with them , Has the weeks a months passed we all got to know each other quite well and we was comfortable with each other ... [more]

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