Family Confessions

Daughter like mother

My 16yo daughter was going to a party, she asked for a lift and pickup, 3 days before the party I’m now taking 3 other friends!
It was arranged the other 3 girls parents collect from my house.
I’m a single parent and have a really good relationship with my daughter, not much we don’t tell each other, I’ve known for a long time about one of the... [more]

Am I sick

My 14yo sister comes in my room and plays Fortnite before going to bed.
She sits in my chair in just her panties and t shirt with both feet on the seat using the controller between her legs.
When she swings round and asks me a question about the game I can see her pubes protruding out the side of her panties, I can even see the shape, her... [more]

Seducing my Dad

Since my youth I've had fantasies about my dad. I told my husband once and he confessed that he when he was young has been seduced by his dad. None of them has been gay but they must both have been bi. His dad caught him masturbating one evening and took over. he sucked his sons cock and some days later the son did his dad too. His mom did not... [more]

Son loves older women

I live alone with my son. I'm 45, he's 15. His father and I divorced when our son was 4. I've had some friendships and one nicht stands over the years but no close ralationships. I don't know if ist important but I did not have sex with someone for the last 3 years.
It's 2 weeks ago when I came home from work. It was a bit earlier than the most... [more]

Bad Mom?

I am 35, married. we try to get pregnant for a while now, but it did not work upto now. We live in a townhouse and next to us lives a divorced mom with 2 kids. The kids are 8 (girl) and 12 (boy). Sometimes I help her by sitting for the kids, when she has a date. I already knew her before the pregnancies and the divorce amd in the beginning she did... [more]

When I was a boy

I'm 61, married with 2 adult kids who live their own life. Abou 2 months ago, my sister died. We have always been close and since her funeral I ofen think about our youth.
My sister was been 8 years older than me and she often was the one who had to look for me when our parents were at work.
Between me and my (beloved) wife, there is still not... [more]

My aunty took advantage

I was out drinking one night with my brother and some friends, and somehow I ended up downtown by myself after a while of us drinking. I came to on some corner and I was with this lady, I didn't know who she was, I was really drunk and wanted to go home, but she insisted that I come to her place (found out she was my aunty) but she kept hitting on... [more]

I'm in love with my sister.

I'm in love with my sister and there is nothing i can do about it.

Use to play with my cousins tits

When I was a kid age 12 and my cousins 13 and 14 I use to go into there room, lift up there shirt slowly to see there boobs, my one cousin had huge pink areola I use to rub my finger around it. Making it hard, I wanted to do more but I stopped, then my other cousin I did the same thing she had small pink nips. One time my older cousin woke up... [more]

Getting caught

Hi I'm a single dad that still has my 19 daughter living with me and on Saturday nights my daughter's friends come over and have a few drinks before they hit the seafront what I really want to do is to b caught dressed in skirt,blouse tights and heels to see what their reaction is I'd love them to look shocked or better still laughed at I've not... [more]

I can not get high...

If I do I get super horny and will fuck anything. Years ago I had 2 pot cookies and I thought they tasted weird but I like cookies. This happened at work, in the beginning of a long day, at least 14 hours. An hour or so they hit me and the woman who gave them to me thought I knew they were 'special' but to be honest I wasn't paying attention. Then... [more]

Dad doesn't care

I'm slowly losing my mind i think, bc my mom has been having an affair and my dad doesnt seem to want to do anything about it. my mom has been fucking a guy from work and they are a total item, like she has him over to our house and they fuck in my mom and dads bed when my dad isnt around. i can hear them and its nasty. to top it off he has a... [more]

Horny when pregnant

My wife is pregnant with our second. She has been with the first and now she again is highly sexed. She's in the 14th week and its the same as at the first pregnancy. She could have sex nearly all day. What she would never do, she asked me to take her to a swinger-club.
At her first pregnancy I caught her one afternoon with her young... [more]

What would you do if you ordered up an escort and your daughter

This happened to me sort of. Not my daughter but my first cousin. We laughed about it and then we fucked the afternoon away.

Step daughters real hot

My mature step daughters one hot sexy woman age 40 need to fuck that tight pussy cum deep inside that gorgeous mouth xx

Mom caught my sister and I naked, playing house.

Well this all happened back when my sister and I were both thirteen. We are twins, identical twins, when we were younger you couldn't tell us apart. Now that we're older we still look the same from the shoulders up. However from the shoulders down you can she has big boobs and a nice ass, I just got a dick.
We lived in an older farm house, the... [more]

Unexpected incest

I am a college student and am living with my mother at the moment.My father works abroad-The Middle East-and is visiting us just once a year.
We live in a spacious duplex bunglow and have plenty of privacy,which proved to be simultaneously risky and a blessing.
One day,I returned home early from the college only to find my mom and a... [more]

Helping Grandpa (Handjob)

My grandpa lives alone in his house and me, Mom and dad buy for him what he needs and clean the house all 2 weeks. I' 21 now and I know that since I`m 13. At that Age, as all girls, I was curious and I found some sex magazines (stories not pictures) in his garage. From then on I liked it even more to help him with the house.
One morning I caught... [more]

Sind hier auch deutsche Leser?

Hallo. Sind hier auch deutsche Leser und besteht Interesse auch an Deutschen Geständnissen?

Bad Dad

My dad robbed a bank when I was 5. He was caught because my mom called the police. Je was jailed for 7 years. I all the years never heard from him and I never visited him.
When I was 12 ond day there was a knock on the door. My mom went and came back into the room followed by the man she called my dad. He had a gun in his hand. And he was angry... [more]

Almost fucked my sister

One night I slept over at my sisters place. It was Christmas Day so we all partied the night before. It was me and my sisters with their boyfriends and some other friends. We all drank all night until everyone started passing out. My sisters boyfriend went into the room to sleep and everyone went home. My sister passed out on the couch next to me... [more]

She's got me hooked

I have this niece, 7 years old and my sisters step daughter so really she's my step niece. We're not related by blood. This young girl has really got my heart hooked to her. Her beauty is similar to her mothers. I get to babysit her on weekends so watching her grow is quite amazing. She is more beautiful by the day. One day I will have my wish and... [more]


I'm a boy Family is a gud thing. Nothing is wrong with it. Any girls who teases or messes with anyone in there family. Add my snap only add if u really do this. Andyc2104. DNT be ashamed girls that's sexy as fuck. Wen u add me say family so I know where u got my snap from.

Mentally retarded grandmother

My grandma (mom of my dad) lives with us. She's quite old and she's mentally retarded (say my parents). Grandma does not speak since over 6 months now. When my parents are out of the house, I have to watch and care for Grandma. I love to show her my cock. Once I came from the shower and she stood in the floor. She looked all the time at my cock... [more]

Doing it again

So my mother-in-law is a very sexy looking woman in her late 40's. She takes care of herself and knows how to dress to simulate a man. I am a 23 year old man who has to have a lot of sex. For some time my mother-in-law had been flirting with me. My wife and I had not been having much bedroom action but then came the day when I had to take... [more]

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