Family Confessions

The Wondrous Summer Of '97 !!!

Back in the Summer of 1997, my three Sisters and I were very curious about each other and how our teenaged bodies looked and worked. My "first-time" was with my big Sister when I was 15, and less than a week later, I was both of my little Sister's "first-time".
We four siblings were secretly and constantly experimenting and doing everything we... [more]

Incest galore

Being a mother of two teenagers ( Jack and Jill ) and a widow i found myself having to deal with my sons masturbation went on for several nights and sometimes during the day.. he would hide himself and do his thing ..till one weekend when Jill went to a sleepover and i worked up the courage to deal with him,, sure enough that Friday... [more]

I love my mom so much....

We've always been close, and growing up she was just a normal mom to me. As I got older I began to realize just how good looking my mom was. None of my friends mom's were good looking enough to want to fuck, but my mom was another story. She has a pretty face and slim body giving her a nice tight ass. Although her tits aren't huge, on her slender... [more]

I wanna get caught

I wanna get caught masturbating by my female cousin. She’s single with 2 teen age kids. How can I do this?

My aunt seduced me when I was 14

This is a true story, an account of my first initial incestuous sexual experience and is the first time I've ever shared.
And it happened the summer after my 14th birthday (33 years old now) with my at the time 35 year old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her... [more]

Summer of love with my aunt

This is a true story from my childhood, my first initial incestuous sexual experience happened the summer after my 14th birthday (33 years old now) with my at the time 35 year old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her sister's cabin to stay with her for the... [more]

Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.
As my wife helped in... [more]

How many moms secretly want to fuck their son?

So how many moms out there secretly want to fuck their adult sons?

Sex education 2

Once we got to the seaside it was the best day of my life - me and mom ,sharing a room and getting to see her all the time wearing this white low cut bikini from the 80's all the time. It was a dream come true. Also, she was a different person there - relaxed, a lot more funny, open...I guess al the stress and chores from home were keeping her a... [more]

Mom's Helper

When I was 15 my parents got divorced. Within a year my mom was out of control going out, drinking etc. One night she came home drunk with a guy and ended up kicking him out after a fight. I put her to bed and she asked if I would just stay with her until she fell asleep. She was drunk and most likely high so I wanted to be nice and said I would... [more]

Step-daughter, knickers and paste...!

My very cute 19 year old step-daughter wanted her room redecorating so I was only too happy to help get stuck in with her.
We stripped the room together, with me mentally stripping down her little size 8 frame of course, and then she left me to it for a bit while she went out on an errand.
So left alone with her room, I did what I often do... [more]

Plz help

Please help im done with people saying im fake im not i really need to tell him but can't so please help me figure out a way to tell him or a way to hint it to him i can't stop these thoughts of him fucking me hard and using me as his lil slutty toy
I really want him or someone to just use me as there little fuck toy and take my virginity along... [more]

Watched porn together

Only confession I have is I’ve watched porn with my brother, we both just gave a running commentary on what was going on, must admit when he left my room I had one really wet pussy!

Sex education

I am sorry for all of those who are sick and tired of this kind of posts. I just discorever this place and it says "anonymous confessions&advice".... I need to tell this someone, it's real, happend 30 years ago but i never told anyone.

I was born in the 80's in the Eastern European block 4 years after my brother and my parents had to send... [more]

My mum being used

I'm 20 and my mum is 43. I've been sexually attracted to her since I was around 12. Lately I've been having fantasies of watching her getting used by groups of men, like the dirty whore i imagine her to be.

I can’t help it

I’ve been wanting to fuck my sister bessie for 21 years now I tried letting her catch me jerking off every chance I could the. I got high a few weeks ago and texted her that I was really feeling good on E and all I wanted to do was eat her pussy she never replied a few days later I brought it up and said I was sorry she said it’s ok and just to... [more]

I loved my mom in many ways from a young age

And it was not sexual in any way.
Enough with this underage mom/son or dad/daughter shit. Please stop promoting child molestation and incest you fucking pedophiles.
If you find this shit arousing please get help. If you have already molested your kids, please hand them over to Child Protective Services and turn yourself in to law... [more]

Experimenting with Instant arousal

My son is an older teen. He is a good boy except that his Mom has babied him beyond belief. I guess I get a little jealous at times.
When he was growing up we used to talk about his manhood like it was a finger or something. Starting at about two inches erect and growing eventually into a very nice 6.5, measured.
What I missed was my wife... [more]

Start to the school year

Its been three weeks since the start of the school year. Twice I've caught my son masturbating. I tried not to watch or pay attention. Its his second year in high school and he is doing online learning due to covid.
Everytime he masturbated and i would catch him i was shocked at how endowed he is. My son dose track wrestling swimming team and... [more]

He Banged My Grandmother

I've been seeing this guy. I liked him because of his endowment. He keeps it shaved and clean down there. I convinced him to spend a weekend at my grandmother's place. I think he was seduced by grandma when he and I was sleeping together. I got up in the middle of the night to go pee. My boyfriend wasn't in bed. I figured he got up to snack or get... [more]

I slept with my sister

My sister is 14 yr old red head, I am 16 yrs old. My parents went out of town. I and my sister was drinking to much and we started kissing and we climbed into bed together in our parents bed and we had sex. Six to seven weeks later my sister went to the doctors office and she pregnant.

My 2nd cock

I was 8 and I was dropped off at the uncle's house for a couple of weeks one summer. We went to the lake with all the cousins and when we came back we did the usual stand in line nakid so our clothes could be washed and we all took a shower I was the last kid and uncle was behind me. I had a hard on and the neises mad comments about my big boy... [more]

Bing on demand

She's always been a slut, so while I didn't expect her to try to seduce (because it was a long shot for so many reasons), I wasn't that surprised. But man, I'm hooked on her, she's much older than me but she's wild, she has fulfilled my wildest sexual dreams. She's my older half sister, almost twice my age, but she's gorgeous. It turns me on so... [more]

I fingered by mom's vagina

It was incident just last night when me and my mom was sleeping at night. Due to hot weather I woke up around 2 am in morning. I saw my mom sleeping beside me and she lifted her dress due to heat. I can easily she she was wearing a black panty. So I thought of touching her vagina.
So I slowly started touching her vagina but suddenly she shake a... [more]

My mom became my father's 2 brother's slut

It all started when I was 10 years old and my dad was suffering from severe lung cancer and 2 months later he died during the operation.
My father had 2 younger brothers used to be very caring and helpful to our family when my dad was admitted in the hospital they used to help in financial situations. When I dad died they started to visit our... [more]

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