Family Confessions

My Sister's Tryouts

I came home from class and heard my mother and sister, Brooke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day... [more]

Twisted sister

My sister is four years older than me and was mostly a total bitch when we were kids. She often got stuck babysitting me and I am sure that has a lot to do with how mean she was at times.
The summer after 6th grade we were given permission to use the next door neighbors pool while they went to stay in another state with one of their kids. We... [more]

My Dumbass Cousin

Me and My Cousin never get along, we've been fighting since we were kids and in particular there were times our parents had to pull us apart because our fighting was seen as embarrassing especially when we were little we fought eachother at Thanksgiving and had to be told to get along.
One time when he came to visit we would play Slap Tag by... [more]

My son took me

This did happen. It is real and I am not sure how I should be feeling about it. My name is Shantel. I am well built 36 years old, 5'2" tall, and 105 pounds with 34b breasts. I have a 18-year-old son, Leroy . He is 5'9" and has girls chasing him day and night when he's not playing sports, or video games. Over the past few weeks I've been... [more]

When I wear bikinis my dad gets a boner

And I’m not ok with it. When we are in the beach I have my bikini in and my dad starts looking at me then he tells me to let him touch me I say no and then he stops when I went to the water I start to see my dad beating to me I don’t know what to do

Don't Treat Me Bad

From the kitchen, Charlie could hear them at it again. His father's voice was raised, but his mother's was muffled. Charlie had heard all the arguments before. It hadn't always been this way though. He could remember when they had seemed to be such a loving couple, but in the last 3 years his dad had become a serious alcoholic and would not seek... [more]

Obsessed with my mom

The first time was fully accidental as I was out of toothpaste and made my way to my folks bathroom to grab a fresh tube. I hadn't heard the water running earlier, and my mom always left the door open when she showered anyway, but not once ever had I even pondered her naked. And the last thing I would have thought was that she would be naked this... [more]

Two missing partners

My wife kicked me out about six months ago, so I'm stuck living with my mother again. Something pretty depressing about having to move back in with your parents after being gone for so long. But that's my life -- pretty depressing. As for me, I'm a 32-year old, divorced, father-of-two. Like me, my mother is also divorced. My father left her about... [more]

Should I do it?

Not actual sex with my sister, but damn near close. She’s really tight and is the stereotypical “careless younger sister” who stretches wherever she wants, whenever. She’s about 100 Lbs and absolutely gorgeous. Her ass is really small but round and visible. I’ve jerked off to her small panties before, but I want to know if you think it’s ok to... [more]

My daughter wants to fuck a black guy

I’m not allowing a slave to fuck my daughter for her punishment I’m going to make her my sex slave

I think my mom and dad were swingers

My mother and dad had an apartment build over the garage the garage backs up to an alley one night i was in the attic of the house looking across to the apartment i could only see that lights were on i could see through a window the hall leading to the bathroom as i watched i saw my mother go down the hall to the bathroom she was nude ... [more]

Sucked my brother

Im a bisexual guy, and when I was 16, I caught my brother (20 at the time) wathing porn. I remember seeing his huge dick for the first time. I couldn't stop watching, my dick was hard in no time. I asked if i could feel it, the feeling of his hard dick in my hands made me so horny.. i was slowly feeling his dick when he asked if i wanted to... [more]

Grand daughter gets excited

I’m an older man, and my wife has children by her first husband. She has a few grand daughters that are in their late teens. One whom I will call Cindy, came to spend the weekend at our hose and help grandma clean a little. Cindy is 17, lovely young body, with very lovely firm breasts. We only have a small place, with only an extra couch for Cindy... [more]

I want to marry my dad

I've always had a crush on my dad, currently a good looking early 50s guy, with a very nice bulge. Since I was a kid I remember thinking he was pretty handsome, but my crush on him only grew because some friends started checking him out and telling me that they would totally date him (and I don't blame them). Also, around a year or so I started to... [more]

I Surprised My Mother

"Oh fuck," Rachel exclaimed out loud and got down on her hands and knees to retrieve the small earring under her bed.
Jacob was just coming out of his bathroom when he heard his mother say, "Oh fuck." Curious, he decided to peek into his mother's room to see what was up. He was still naked, having decided that his mother would just have to get... [more]

Daughter for the taking

It had been a long night and Joe decided it was finally time to go to bed. His wife was out for the evening, and his daughter, Sally, had gone to bed earlier as she had her big graduation day the next day.
As Joe approached the steps, he saw his daughters bathroom light on, and made his way there to turn it off. Suddenly, he felt an arousal in... [more]


Yes it's true... growing up late 60's early 70's ..i remember walking around the house naked most of the summer days..( that was my mom and dad included)we lived in a very rural area so there was never an issue even going outside and getting in the pool..
One weekend when i saw my mother being oral with my father i became curious about the... [more]

Is it ok to give a blow job to my son for educational purposes?

Is it ok to give a blow job to my son for educational purposes?

Naughty When Nude 2

I guess it had been a long time for her. She was turned on more than any woman I had been with in a long time. The Panamanian girls I was used to in Panama took a little more coaxing before they were ready to spread their legs and open the door to heaven. They did have dark areolas and nipples that I always liked. I could tell by how wet my pecker... [more]

Naughty When Nude

This is how it was for me and my parents in a very condensed version. I don't consider this a confession really, so that's why I chose story.
I was raised in an ideal family environment. It would be safe to compare our family to any close-knit family of TV fame. Dad was the straight laced, three piece suit, family provider, and Mom was the... [more]

Daughter Masturbation Noisy

My 13 yo daughter masturbates more and more and gets louder and louder. She is lost and obviously liking it. I want to ask her to keep the noise down but I don't what to say and I don't want to impede her learning. And I worry about my husband because he coincidently gets aroused and starts going after me shortly after her moans begin.

Family issues

I'm gonna be totally open I hope this is ok I'm 34 married children just a genuine person.. but I can't stress enough how bad my thoughts are towards my girl cousin shes 28 we've always been close basically grew up together.. but no word of a lie I think about her all the time this is gonna sound bad but I'd fuck her in a heart beat given the... [more]

My daughter ate my sandwich with cum on it

I made a sandwich for my daughter and went to my room for to cum on it and served it to her she opened it and said “what is that and why is it sticky?” I told her it was it was healthy mayonnaise and I put cum on her food ever sense

I am sleeping with my son with my husbands permission

I am 43. I am married and have a son. My husband is a frequent traveler as his job requires it which leaves me unattended for several days in a stretch. Overtime this sort of relationship has taken a toll on me especially since my sex drive has increased exponentially over the past few years. I use to have frequent arguments with my husband over... [more]

I like it

I met this guy of grindr and his also into mom like me we wear woman thong and dresses together now we both wank over each other mom and when he suck my dick he tell me to imagine that's my mom and when he wank me he tell me to cum for mommy I kind wish she saw it

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