Family Confessions

I walked in

I'm only 16, so i don't have that much experience with sex other than porn, but i saw something over the weekend i'm really fixated with.
i was supposed to be out with some friends, but plans fell through so i went back home. when i walked in i heard moans and... "wet" noises, coming from upstairs. So i take a peek and there's my sister, this 19-... [more]

Very Dark Secret

Would anybody like to tell about there darkest secret they never have told anybody about something really naughty that you should really take to the grave, we all have what is called a skeleton in the cupboard, something you are ashamed of, something you have never told anybody about or a special memory, no matter how shocking it is

Wonderful Heels

My wife noticed that I was not standing or walking correctly upright but starting to get a slouch so she suggested that I should start wearing heels where ever possible thinking that would correct the situation.
To start with she had me try her's but they just were not a good fit then we tried some of her friends and decided upon two sets that... [more]

Husband and son mooning

Lately my husband and our young son have been mooning each other. It's like a game to them. And whoever gets mooned has to do a chore usually. It's been happening more and more though and now they pull their pants all the way down and it's not uncommon to see their genitals. My husband seems to encourage it and has on more than one occasion told... [more]

Mom eats my cum

I make my mom eat my cum every day. I beat off at night, and sneak my cum into moms coffee every morning. Sometimes I beat off during the day, and find a way to put it in her food or drink. Don't know why I do this, I think I just like knowing that my mother eats my cum. I get horny thinking about it, then I beat off and give her more cum to eat... [more]

The reason my marriage frustrates me

I've been married for almost 20 years to the same amazing, smart, funny and beautiful woman. We have a lot of fun together, we have no children (by choice), and sex is very good at worst, often incredible. We're both very open minded and spice things up constantly: we're allowed to have other sex partners as long as we inform the other, priorize... [more]

Birds and the Bees from my sister

My confession is my sister taught me everything I need to know about sex.
I’m 49 now and when I was 17 my sister was 25.
We had a funny brother sister relationship because of our strict parents, I was still a virgin and my sister would ask me to lie for her while she would sneak out to have sex with a man that lived up the road.
It was nothing... [more]

Caught sniffing

I'm a boy, in my early teens, living with my divorced mother and my younger sister. I recently learned how to masterbate, and I do it at least once a day. I like to pull my moms or my sisters panties out of the hamper in the laundry room and smell them while I beat off. The smell makes me horny as hell. My sisters panties don't smell very much... [more]

Little horny brother

So for some context my brother is 14 and I'm 16, I am a slut tbh, and I have a great body. I'm not even insecure about anything, I really do have a good body, which is why I'm in this situation. So I recently found out my brother has been trying to see me naked in the shower. I found a camera in the shower earlier, deleted the vid. Then later on I... [more]

Licking The GF's Puss

While licking crazily on my GF's sweet tny pussy (she was 32 I was 43), Pam kept moaning and groaning and hollering "oh god, oh jesus..." I suddenly jumped up and yelled, " HOW IN THE FUCK CAN I FANTASIZE THAT I AM EATING YOUR 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER'S SWEET VIRGIN HOLE WITH YOU YAKING OFF EVERY 15 SECONDS!!!!"
It took 2 hours to convince her I... [more]

I want it to happen again

Ever since we were little, my sister and I had a very strong connection. I can't really put it into words. However, that special connection grew into other aspects of our lives as we became older, and little by little, that included sex.
It was innocent enought at first, like little pecks on the lips when we were alone (we started that when I was... [more]

Should I be Concerned

I am married for the second time I have a 14 year old son, my son and his stepdad get on well which I was glad of, they go to the football together as well fishing and do DIY jobs, they are really pally, I come home earlier than normal from shopping, to find them in the bath together, there excuse was they had been working in the garden and... [more]

Drunk sister sex backfires

I guess I tried to take advantage of my drunk sister but it backfired, and I deserved that. She's a year younger, and we were throwing a house party. I made sure she got drunk, and then extremely drunk. She didn't know what she was doing really, and I asked she said yes so I dragged her into a room and let my imagination go wild. I tied her up and... [more]

My cousin shocked me stupid

My cousin and I were born within days of each other. We've been best friends since birth. Most people that meet us think we're brothers, twins even, because we both look like our fathers and have the same last name. I was the best man in his wedding last year, not his brother, that's how close we are.
He married the coolest chick ever too. She... [more]

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