Family Confessions

My other husband

I'm a woman, currently 48. When I was very young, I married a man from Argentina I was deeply in love with. I moved to his country to live with him, away from my family. We stayed married all these years, even though our love started to fade away. These days we barely give a fuck about each other. He travels a lot because of his job, which he has... [more]

My cousin

I’m 52 n my cousin is 45 n at a family reunion last year we got to talking and drinking she still looked hot as the night went on I went into the house to pee but someone was in there n the door was cracked so I peeked in and saw her she was rubing her pussy which was trimed I watched n got hard rubing my cock through my pants while watching her... [more]

WTF, Mom?

I'm an adult, 19f, but I still live at home because I'm saving money for college. My older sister is 22 and she lives at home too. Our mom is divorced from our Dad and is 49.
The weather was bad, so the job at which I work closed early, so I was home early. I walked into the house and wtf, there on the couch was my mom fucking my older... [more]

I am attracted to stepmum and step sister

My dad has remarried, to a much younger woman, meaning my new stepmum is only 10 yes older than me (37) and she is hot, also she has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 17 (and hot). Age wise I am right in the middle, one ten years older one ten years younger. When my dad first started dating Sarah, I thought she was a milf, but a gold... [more]

Sexy niece

Next birthday my niece is 16 she is tall has long legs big butt and big tits a bit weighty but not too bad.
I going to buy her some real sexy underwear as a second private birthday present to give her when her parents arnt around.
Hoping as she hasn't a boyfriend and is a little quiet she will at the very least go home wear the underwear and... [more]

Ex wife fantasy

Want some random old guys to fuck my ex wife in every way must be 70 plus and like slim busty 55 year old brunettes

My Deflowering

My mom remarried when I was in Middle School to a man named Leon. He was a great stepdad and everything. Since I called my bio father daddy, I called Leon Stepdaddy.
Stepdaddy thought that it was a cute thing and didn’t mind me calling him that. I remember that in 8th grade, he let me drink wine while we were watching the movie. I fell asleep... [more]

Help I fancy my brother!

We went on family holiday the week before last, 7 days in the sun, we had a villa with a private pool and i basically lived in the pool for the week. I don't hang around with my brother, we have different friends and interests so I feel like I have pretty much ignored each other for the last couple of years, despite living in the same house lol... [more]


Hi, I'm Jay. I have this sister, about a year younger than me. And she is probably the finest chick I know. I have had a crush on her since I was about 13, and I think Its about time I fucked her brains out. We used to share a room when we were kids, and I used to jack off to her sexy body. I would put my dick in her mouth and make her suck me off... [more]

Saw mum and dad having sex, anyone else had the same experience?

I came home earlier than expected, and I could hear sex noises coming from the living room and thought it was my older brother and his girlfriend. I got tempted to check, and we it was mum and dad. Mum was bent over the arm of the sofa and my dad was stood up, doing her from behind, I could hear and see my dad's balls go 'slap slap slap' against... [more]

I found incest porn in my mom's laptop history

I'm going to a local community college now but will transfer to a nearby university next fall. I'm still living at home, and working part-time at a fast food restaurant, which sucks. Anyway last Sunday my mother was gone all day. I just turned on her laptop to see what she has been looking at when I found the incest porn. It was all mother and son... [more]

Should i seek help? Or should i keep trying?

Well back in 2012,when i 29yrs old n my sister (oldest of 5) was 48yrs-50yrs old (always get her age mixed up by 2 yrs) she was mad at her husband whom she is now divorced from,and she was drinking a tall boy natural light,now her drinking limit is literally one n a half to 2 beers n she's lit so idk how many she'd had but she was pretty lit the... [more]

Went too far with brother

My brother was home from college and we went to a party together. He’s only 18 months older than me, so we know a lot of the same people. We both got pretty drunk and somebody drove us home. Our parents are on a trip so we had the house to ourselves. I took my bra off and flung it across the room. He laughed and pulled up my top and grabbed... [more]

My Sister's Tits

My sister is good looking, but her tits are the best part of her. They're not huge, probably a C or maybe a D cup. The thing is they are so firm, they are really noticeable the way they stick out in must of the shirts she wears. Oh god when she doesn't wear a bra her nipples are always poking out nicely.
It has gotten to the point that I want... [more]

Fingered twin sister when she was passed out, feeling guilty

I am 16 as is my twin sister Lauren ( obviously) we are not identical (again pretty obvious) and we both live with our parents. We are now at the age that our parents will go away for a weekend and leave us to look after ourselves. Last weekend they went away Lauren went to a party, she got back before midnight but was really drunk (may have been... [more]

Mommy caught me wearing her panties

In the summer of my 3rd grade year our washer broke and it would be a few weeks before the parts would arrive to fix it. Mommy explained this to me and that I would have to wear her panties until it was fixed. I loved the silky feel and I had just began masturbating and doing that thru her panties felt wonderful. I even showed them to my best... [more]

My mexican milf cousin

So I live with my milf cousin ever since I was a little kid And it’s her fault that I am all into her Because when I was younger she wouldn’t mind me Seeing her in her panties etc.
Hell when i was like 7 or 8 she would make me shower with her and i remember i would stare at her hairy pussy it came to a point where i would get hard and ill try to... [more]

Lil Cousin Rena

I have this younger cousin named Rena, who I wish to fuck so badly. She lives in a different city than me, but I like talking to her. One time we were talking online, and she sent me a picture of herself. I said I liked it and asked her to send me a picture without her shirt on. She laughed and sent me one of her in her bra, so I got rock hard... [more]

Grandma Brush-Up

Last night while watching the super bowl at my wife’s grandparent’s house, I was sitting on the floor with my legs out straight in front of me. My son came and laid down next to me and my wife’s grandma came over to play with him. Well he jumped over my lap, and then my wife’s grandma leaned over my lap to tickle him. When she did, her tits rubbed... [more]

I never realized how crazy she was

My mom probably had some sort of mental disability but I will never know because she passed away when I was about thirteen, I am in my late fifties now. My dad was killed in a workplace accident and the lawyers had set up a trust fund so I guess that is how she made it all those years without losing everything.
She always had a crazy way of... [more]

Compromised Mother-in-Law

For the longest time, I’ve had a thing for my mother-in-law. My wife is basically a younger, flatter-chested version of her mom. Much flatter... but I still enjoy her.
Anyway, this past week, we all had dinner at my wife’s grandparents’ house, and my MIL shows up in a long flannel shirt (I guess it’s a short dress??). I immediately thought about... [more]

My best friends husband

I’m 28 and was visiting my married friends in Florida over a weekend who put me in the guest room slash home office. I found some of his porn videos and before long was rubbing up a storm and cumming. His wife and I went shopping the next morning and dropped me at home before going to her work. It then dawned on me that I had forgot to put his... [more]

I was Suprised By What I saw

I was something I wasn't expecting to see, at home its me my husband and our grown up daughter, Saturday lunch time I always go out shopping with a friend, our daughter was still in bed, I said by to my husband and left the house when I got in my car I realised I hadn't asked my husband to wash up, I walked back to the house I was going to tap on... [more]

Mature step daughter

Every day my step daughter in her early 40,s looks so sexy I really want to fuck her so good. Looks like her mom only smaller tits mom's 36d she is a 34b other than that they are both slim same height both brunettes have their hair the same easy to mistake one from the other from behind both tight asses. Should I try fuck her?

Sister dating hot lesbian, getting turned on, help

My sister is bisexual, and right now she has a girlfriend. Due to property prices both me and my sis still live at home, and we share the second floor of our parents house and a bathroom. Our parents have been ok with boyfriends staying over and now girlfriends, but for me it's been hard. The sound of two people having sex is a turn on, but not... [more]

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