Family Confessions

Lucky grandson

I've not long turned 50 and for the last 5 months my 16yo old grandson pops in to keep me company,2 months ago when he came round told him i was feeling old he said you don't look it you look hot, within half hour i had his boxers around his ankles and his cock in my mouth,now every monday evening is are time untill his mom picks him up,the last... [more]


Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

True confession about first time I had sex

The first time I ever saw a grown up woman nude was my mother. I wasn't even interested in girls yet until the first time I saw my nude mother. Now that's all I could think about was the opposite sex and how I could see more. My mother was a very heavy drinker and I really hated her when she was drunk. That all changed when I started to find mom... [more]

Gave my son lessons

I'm 35 single mum 5'2 slim and in good shape my son is 16teen, around 7 months ago we had a chat about sex, needed to no how far he's been with a girl was surprised when he said only kissed,told him when he got back from school the next day go to his bedroom and strip,he was confused but i explained i will do the same so he could get used to... [more]

Cool aunt

You know what a "cool aunt" is: a woman that's considered "cool" for her personality and demeanor, youthfulness, attractiveness or all those things at once, usually unmarried and childless, that also happens to be your very understanding and permissive aunt. The dangers of such women for a guy like me is that you can end up being attracted to... [more]

I found out my brother is a fucking faggot cock sucker

I have a younger brother and he and I play golf together when we can. Last year we hit the back 9 at a nice club up the road from my home. Afterwards we hit the clubhouse for a couple drinks and lunch. He got up from the barstool grabbed his phone and headed to the restroom. I was finishing my beer when I saw what I thought was my phone lighting... [more]

Fun with my little cousin

When I was around 13 I started babysitting my 7 year old 1st cousin for my aunt and uncle when they would want to go out. I would be with her anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on my aunt and uncle’s activity. One night, after she was finished with her bath, she and I were sitting on the couch watching tv, and she randomly got off the couch and... [more]

Family bonding during lockdown

Hope lots of families are using this time in lockdown to suck and fuck. both one on one and orgies!

When quarantine is good

I’ve been having an incestuous affair with my sister since we were teenagers, we’ve kept it going even after her marriage to some rich pig that can’t even get a hard on.
He was left stranded abroad, so she decided to spend the quarantine period at my place instead. We’ve been naked in front of each other for days, fucking spontaneously several... [more]

Miss my aunt

I haven't been able to see my aunt, and fuck, I miss her. She recently got divorced and let's just say she became very open to experimentation. She seduced me and I was very happy to give in. We were a month into our affair when hell broke lose. She fucks like a goddess and now I have to settle for jerking off thinking of her.

Family bonding during lockdown

Hope other families are taking advantage of this lockdown situation to strengthen the bonds between you, one and one and group, as often as possible

Flashing and teasing the peeping small eyes

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. ... [more]

Just came on grandma

Holy shit. I just jacked off and came on my grandma's tits while she is sleeping. She's been staying with us for the past week, because she's afraid of getting the coronavirus. My parents let her stay in my room, because I have bunk beds from when my older brother still lived here. She's on the bottom bed, snoring loud when I came to bed I noticed... [more]

Beautiful 41 year old step daughter

My stepdaughter 41 every time I see her I cant help but thinking of her naked having sex with me she has a wonderful tight body small breasts fantastic little ass imagine her pussy is so tight. Just the thought of her riding me gets me so hard more than her mother ever did.

Inapropriate Photoes of Family

I wont go into full details but I managed to see some old black and white polaroid prints of mum and dad and other close relations you could only them as porn am I the only one to peek

On the side secret

My older sister is a bit of a favorite of the family, smart, attractive, athletic. I'm a little chubby but not fat. She's family and I love her, but we have our issues. I don't like the way she talks down to me sometimes. We're competitive. She's dated 3 different guys in the last couple of years and what she doesn't know is that I've fucked all... [more]

Expecting, maybe

I can't explain why, but I was always attracted to my older sister, who's a little over a year older than me. We hit our teenage years about the same time, so we still lived together when our hormones were out of control. She was always very desirable, and she developed a reputation of being a slut in high school. Let's say I don't like calling... [more]

Have been having sex with my mom for years now

I started having sex with my mom during my senior year in high school and we have been continuing it for years now. We both are married now to other people and when ever we have time alone, we get together and have sex. We have never had any quilt or issues with it as far as I know. Our first time she was drunk and came home and passed out on her... [more]

Told my wife about my taboo history

I have eluded a few times about my sexual past to my wife and last year I confessed to her that I have had sex with a few of my family members and she got turned on. She started to ask me more about it and I told her that I had sex with my sister when I was very young. then I told her I had sex with my Aunt when I was a teenager. I then confessed... [more]

Upside of Corona, brothers sister sex

There is an upside to have to stay home due to the Corona crisis. My two brothers and I can have all the sex we want with no interruptions. We are in our 20's and the 3 of us live together.
My brothers have been using my mouth, pussy and ass since I was 12. Sex is better than ever. Now we don't have to go to work so it a fuck-aton since last... [more]

Wife's Sister

Some time ago i had an affair with my ex wife's sister. It wasn't planned nor was I interested in her sister at all.
It was summer and we on vacation in Pennsylvania near her sisters house. Her sister was married only a year . and my wife wanted to stay a few days with her sister and her husband so i agreed.
One morning my wife and I were in... [more]

My !8th Birthday Present

Mom and Dad divorced when I was 5 years old. Mom cheated on Dad and since the divorce I started sleeping with her and just never stopped. Mom always said she had a special present for me for my 18th birthday. When I was about 14 I started have my male hormones and was getting familiar with my moms body, never sex but feeling around. She made ,me... [more]

Needing advice

I am 28 and married and have always been in love with my younger female cousin who is 27. She is in a off and on relationship and I really want to kiss her and tell her that I love her but I am scared. She has been the center of most of my fantasies since I was 15. She used to have a crush on me but I don’t know if she still does. We are not blood... [more]

Bonding with my stepdad

I first met my stepdad when i was about 6. He was dating my mom and he was what I always wanted. A man to teach me how to be a man. I really got to know him those first few years before we moved in with him, and he was a great guy who was always good to me. That first summer in his house he took me on a camping trip, just the 2 of us at a lake. We... [more]

Pregnant by Daddy

I can't wait until Daddy gets home. I'm finally, pregnant by him. We been trying for 3 months.
Everything is working out perfectly, his divorce from my bitch mother was completed two months ago. She never treated well, or gave I'm what he wanted in bed.
We are full moved into the beautiful house we pick together. And I'm finished with... [more]

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