Family Confessions

I Went Back to Check my Suspicions

I have a 15 year old daughter she is a very forward girl for her age but we are close more like sisters we tell each other dirty jokes some of the jokes she tell me are quite shocking and thoroughly disgusting, but I don't react or appear to be offended because I want her confidence to tell me anything, I know she is sexually active because I have... [more]

Is it ok to go braless at home?

I need help and support on this one so i have turned to the internet. Is it ok to not wear a bra at home?
Ever since i got boobs and started wearing a bra i liked to go without for a bit, but my mom wasn't happy.
Lately she has insisted i wear one as it is distracting to my dad and brother, but this is why i object.
Firstly if it 'distracts... [more]

What should I do with him?

I’m a dominatrix, I’m only 19 but I have always been top of every relationship I’ve had. But there’s a problem that I’m not sure how to handle. I always punish guys, like sexual torture, sadism etc. To discipline them. But I’ve recently realised by younger brother who’s 16 steals my panties. He doesn’t know I know. I’ve considered going all out on... [more]

Fooled around with my cousin

Where I was in my late 20’s I took a part time cooking job at a busy, popular franchise restaurant. I worked with a lot of people around my age, and mostly hot younger servers. I hooked up with more than a couple in the year that I worked there. I worked with 3 siblings in the kitchen two brothers and the youngest sister. The oldest was about my... [more]

A special kind of mariage

I'm a 35 year old woman that's been in a happy marriage for 10 years. my husband is 42. and the reason our marriage is happy is because of a mutual, honest understanding and respect and inconditional love, no matter what the circumstances. and for me, there were very special circumstances, since my older brother and I have been romantically... [more]

Step daughter fantasy

My sexy 39year old step daughter's body gets better and better fit tight small tits wonderful ass so like her mom I'm imagining fucking her when fucking her mom it's such a turn on her mom benefits from the extra hard cock inside her as I pound her daughter.
I really need to get her daughter into our bed I'm sure she would want her step dad's... [more]

Hot tub

My wife her daughter 39 were in the hot tub wife got out left us 2 in there her daughter's so fit I had a hard on as we sat there talking I almost shot my load it was such a turn on seeing her body in all but her bathing suit what a body. When I got back to my room I fucked the wife for hours thinking if her daughter. Xx

Cute Step Uncle - Help

Hi all.
Ok, so my parents are divorced, and my dad has just remarried. She is much younger, which freaked me out at first, but now i really like her. Anyway a couple of days ago her younger brother came to visit, and stay for a bit, and he's cute. He is alot older than me, in fact he is twice my age, (I'm 14, he's 28), but he does not seem like a... [more]

Tired of fucking mom

I'm getting so fucking tired of fucking my mother. I really loved it when we first started fooling around and she taught me all about sex. The first time she let me slide my throbbing cock up her tight hot pussy was probably the best night of my entire life, and I will remember it fondly for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, after 6 years of... [more]

Dirty Photos

If you found nude photos of your parents would you look at them all of would you stop at the first one.

Moth in law

Fascinated by the idea of fucking my wife's mother and my wife's daughter so that I can have 3 generations planted with my seed - I find the idea of fucking them both really horny and get such a buzz from the idea.
Wife's daughter has a similar body shape to her mom except her tits are smaller would love to have them both in bed together and... [more]

Step Brother First

About a decade ago when I was young, 12 almost 13, step brother came into my room when I was at my dresser brushing my hair in just tee and panties. He was 16 and wanted to borrow five dollars. I got up and went to my purse to get the money when he says I sure was looking sexy. I say be quiet and give him the five dollar bill. He says no really... [more]

I film my sister and masturbate to the footage

Especially if she is wearing e.g. a skirt, dress (best with pantyhose) or leggings and others. If you want to trade sister pictures, contact me on Kik: querdenk1

Her 18th birthday

I fucked my niece the night of her 18th birthday.
She's my brother's daughter, and I know she's had a thing for me since she was just hitting puberty, which actually made me uncomfortable: she was only 13 the time she approached me and our conversation turned to very personal questions about my sex life and tastes.
One time last year, when she... [more]

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