Family Confessions

Loving my mom

My mom is so hot. She is short and fat. She has a nice chest and big behind. I want to breed her. She is 63 and can get pregnant. I want her and me to run away and raise our kids and my sister can have my kids too. Any tips on getting luck with them

My dirty plan

I am 19 female and I am sexually attracted to my mom‘s she’s divorced and single 38 petite big tits I’ve been wondering for years what she looks like naked I want to go down on her so bad when she comes home from work today I’m going to be naked on her bed masturbating either she’ll be interested or she’ll kick me out of the house I took special... [more]

Fucked a few cousins

As my title says i have fucked a few of my cousins qhen we were all younger and it was some of the best sex i have ever had we all enjoyed it just want to hear other peoples experiences if you have any also played with my sister aswell but never got in her pussy.

Step daughters scent

I have been sniffing my 24 year old step daughters underwear since she was 15. She is still a virgin and every chance I get I smell her. Sometimes she lets me give her a massage and I run my hands over her bum or even her very small pert tits and she quickly moves them away. I smell her hair and get hard and jerk off daily to her well worn... [more]

I want to have sex with my mom

So for about 2 years I have been dreaming about sex with my mother, but I don't know how to do it. she turns me on a lot, her big tits and ass, when she runs around the house in only panties and bra, my cock hardens by itself. sometimes I slap her on the ass and doesn't mind it. I think our sex would be great but I don't know how to start it. any... [more]

Girdle Rub

My mom is very pretty long brunette hair with blonde streaks big tits wide hips and a nice round ass.
She is a 35 year old MILF. My dad is traveling sales rep and gone most of the week and some weekends.
My mom is administrative assistant for a company. She always dressed very nice. She either wearing a dress, skirt and on some Fridays she... [more]

Son in law helping around the house

My name is maria im a 68 yo Mexican woman I am about 5 feet tall a little on the chubby side 36 D boobs that are sagging for my age and I guess my ass matches,
I have a son in law Dan that Is a really handsome man that is married to my daughter,
Dan and I text each other just about everyday and I have been trying to find a way to get Dan to come... [more]

I fantasize about having a younger sister/daughter to fuck

I'd give everything to have a loose little sister in my life. I (M31) often fantasize about having a 10-13 years younger sister to slide my cock into. While having sex with my gf, I find myself fantasizing that she's my little sister and it makes me cum so fast! I've made up many a fantasy about walking in on my dream sister in my bed, wearing one... [more]

Mother in law

Anyone have a mother in law that flirts with you and let's you grab her ass and suck her boobs and jacks you off when no one is around

I got married, or was got married, before I was ready for a wife

When my granduncle died I went with my mother to the funeral. We lived in far west Texas, in a town called Hondo. My mother's family is all from the East, but really from the hills of West Virginia up by the Maryland border. I met a cousin, the daughter of a cousin of my mother's. She was friendly and she showed me her boobs and asked if I... [more]

Feelings for my sister

I confess I have feelings for my sister. I have been in love with her since she turned 18. She has a nice body. Nice curves and chest. She has a nice behind as well. How do i get her to notice me in a romantic way. How do I get her wanting me more and more and maybe talk with her about a baby? I need all the tips and advice I can get


I'm 27M, when I was younger my brother and I would experiment on each other. We were curious on why it tickled down there. We used to 69 each other, and jerk one another. We also rubbed our dicks together, but never cummed on each other or did anal. It lasted for at least two years on and off We both were in early teens. I used enjoy wearing silk... [more]

Am I fucked up

I 15 male was in the shower and my younger cousin also male was over and I wanted him to walk in on me and see my big dick or I was going to ask him how big his dick was and to show me but I was too scared and got dressed and now I writing this I want your opinion

Woke up to a big surprise

My father just woke me up with him giving me a blowjob he told me that he has been wanting to kill it for a long time but he wanted to wait until I was old enough. He was rubbing my hairy chest and move down to my belly and then started to rub my balls as he was giving me head. I feel guilty because it felt so good but never had a guy give me a... [more]

I want my grandpa to abuse me

My grandpa used to molest me when I was little. There were times where I’d even let him. It started when I was 7 one night I had fell asleep on his couch, he came and sat right next to me but super close. I was wearing a nightgown. He slowly started rubbing my legs & that’s what woke me up but I still pretended to sleep. He kept rubbing up until... [more]

Is it dirty if I tickle torture my cousin?

I'm M/18 and my cousin is M/17. We always had a really good relationship ever since we were kids and I often hang out with him. Recently we found out that both of us have a huge tickle fetish, and he loves being tickled, while I love to tickle. I usually tie him up in his underwear and tickle torture his whole body for hours, while he begs me to... [more]

Mom got hot seeing son naked

It's just me and my son and we have seen each other naked our whole life. Ever since he has gone through puberty he still walks around with his big dick swing and he keeps catching me looking at it hard or soft and he has one of the thickest cock I ever saw in my life. All I can think is how it would feel inside me and I get wet go to my room and... [more]

Truck stop bathroom

My dad was taking away to our cabin in the woods when we stop at a truck stop to go to the bathroom he said I want you to find out what a glory hole is telling me to go into the stall and and you will see a hole in it I'm one hear someone come in to the storm next to you stick your dick through the hole and the person on the other side will start... [more]

A father helping his son out

13-year-old son was hurt in a car accident and was it in the hospital for a few weeks with a broken arm and a broken leg and some broken ribs. So when he got home I had to help him out with everything including giving him Sponge baths in his bed and being a 13-year-old horny teenager every time I was giving him a bath he would get a hard-on. So... [more]

Sister in law

My father in law caught me having sex with his other daughter! There had always been chemistry between my wifes older sister karla and me and I'd always wanted to fuck her! Karla started borrowing money from me and struggled to pay me back until one day she jokingly said perhaps we can find another way to get even! Oh yeah I laughed what have you... [more]

My wife's mom

So I have a confession my mother in law is a older lady fake tits nice older ass and a fat pussy. I fucknmy wife and want it to be her I've even jerked off to her dirty socks and undies and I can't help it I love my wife but I want her to let me pound her mom while she watches id even let my wife get gangbanged

It's getting more serious

I have hated myself for what's been going on with my step dad and myself but now everytime I walk past him I get so wet and horny and I just orgasm in my knickers everytime I am in the car with him or if he gets our of the bath and he is in his boxers shorts I just want to rip them off and bounce in his big hard cock the truth is I masturbate... [more]

Need all your suggestion....

I am a 17 yr old daughter, and I have no mom. It's about when I was 15 and now I realised what mistake I have done. At that age, one day I was really horny and masturbating in my room and watching porn. Suddenly my dad came in my room without knocking, first it was awkward but then ended up him fucking me...
But the real problem is that it's been... [more]

Is it wrong that I allow my son to masturbate to my breasts?

The last 2 months or so I’ve allowed my son to masturbate to me while I have my breasts out. Just before that I caught him spying on me and when I approached him he admitted he’s always been curious about my breasts. I didn’t think much of it but I pulled them out and showed him. (Kind of a what these they’re nothing special) but apparently he... [more]

Fun with my handicapped husband

My husband was in an automobile accident about 4 years ago and had a long recovery process. He now has a permanent neck breather and a useless arm. Since he could no longer work, we had to move in with my mother and sister. Mom had been divorced for about 15 years. My sister was working but lived with Mom just so she wouldn't be by herself. ... [more]

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