Family Confessions

Real nice Male PVC panties

About three months ago my mother in law had a trip to Europe and brought me two PVC panties made perfectly for men , very sexy and shiny with a wonderful feel when on, I have for years worn sexy panties all the time I love the fit with satin or lace touching my body day long and at home the matching bra sets and nighties.
I am so fortunate that... [more]

Mothers with very busty daughters

Sometimes, it starts earlier than expected. Say at nine years. By the time she’s 11, she’s slender as a rail, very obviously several cup sizes larger than you, and growing fast! It seemed every day those breasts looked bigger, heavier and far more powerful than your own! Brassieres and tops were a nightmare as she burst out of something weekly... [more]

I learned most of what I know about sex from spying on my sister

My older sister always had her boyfriend around whenever our parent were out.
She always made me promise to stay in my room and not to tell anyone about his visits.
I had the loft room which was directly above my sisters and even with my TV on I used to hear the noises through my floor. I was inquisitive to know what they were doing, so one day... [more]

Abused by mother

I was raised by my mother from as early as I can remember. My father left us when I was three years old. I was lucky to see him once a year, if he felt like comming around to visit for a few hours around Christmas time. He told me once that he left mom because she turned into a fat lazy slob after she gave birth to me.
Mom was a very... [more]


If you could would you have sex with your mom or dad? I've had sex with my mom when she was drunk and she thought I was dad. She was so totally out of it that she never once said anything about it the next day when I saw her in the kitchen. So she really thought I was dad but he was down stairs sleeping in front of the TV. I snuck into her... [more]

I know I'm a pervert

I'm a woman, and I was very precocious: I had my "sexual awakening" at age 12, discovered masturbation and got really into it, almost to the point of obsession. I also looked much older than I really was, mostly thanks to a very well developed pair I'm very proud of. I lost my virginity a year later to a guy that was almost 17. I was labeled as... [more]

I fantasize about my dad

(25, AA Female 5'5 100 pounds for the curious?)
Okay this is really embarrassing, but when I get super horny I watch father/daughter porn. I have neverr been abused or anything by my dad, and we had a very bad relationship. I don't like him at all. But sometimes I wonder if he was attracted to me. He gave me a spanking once (with a belt) when I... [more]

Sister is a physcopath

I'm really worried for my sister because I feel like she's either gonna end up in prison or dead in 5 years. She's 19 now and I'm 16, and I don't love her, she is really abusive. She steals from me, humiliates me, abuses me physically and sexually, and is overall just a crazy bad bitch. What I mean by sexual abuse is she used to bite my dick and... [more]

Glory hole surprise.

The small city my wife and I live in has three adult toy shops. I frequently stop into one of them on my lunch break from work, as it is only two blocks away from the place I work at. If I ever get caught going in or out of the place, I just say that I was checking out toys to buy for my wife. The truth of the matter is that they have a... [more]

Cousin wanted me

I was 17, and my cousin was 18. We were both watching a movie after swimming at her boyfriend's house. We spent hours in the sun and she said that I should put lotion on my shoulders so they would not peel from being exposed to the sun. She rubbed my shoulders and told me how strong I felt, her legs were opened as I was between them and I could... [more]

Wife's handicapped brother.

Last Christmas, my wifes parents came to visit us for a week, along with my wifes brother Scotty. Scotty is 28 years old and is mentally challenged, or what I call a water head retard. We only have one spare befroom, so we set Scotty up on the livingroom couch to sleep. Scotty seemed overly excited to see his sister again, he ran up to her and... [more]

Cousin brought up a weird memory

So my cousin recently moved back to my area from abroad. I haven’t seen her in a few years so we meet up for a catch up. I used to go stay with her and my aunt abroad when I was younger for the summers. So one time she took me swimming and I was about 15/16 at the time so I was jerking off anytime I was alone. So after our swim we went to change... [more]

First orgasm in ages

I was living a very unhappy marriage, but at last, a few months ago, my still husband and I started our divorce process. We're still a ways off from finishing it, but we're separated now.
I hadn't had sex in years, and I hadn't dared get close to any other man anyway. I won't get into specifics of how or why this happened (I'm not sure I... [more]

I liked it more

I'm a woman in my 30s, married. I just want to confess that I seduced and fucked someone from my biological family. And I liked it much more than sex with anybody else. MUCH more.

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