Family Confessions

My going away present.

On the early morning I was set to leave for college, while I was still sleeping, my mom came into my room and gave me a blowjob. I'll never forget it. I woke up during it, she put a hand on my chest and just told me to lay back. I couldn't believe it. All sorts of stuff was flying through my head. I finally began to enjoy it and relaxed. ... [more]

She gave me a release

I know I'm fucked up for it, but the truth is I REALLY have the hots for my aunt. She's a very attractive cougar in her 50s, looks much younger than she has the right to, but most importantly she is the kind of woman I have a serious fetish for: she was a wonderful, huge pair of natural tits. Picture those asian porn actresses with unnaturally big... [more]

Nephew’s Comback

My sister left her husband abroad and moved in with her three children 12 to 15 for a full school year. My husband and I were very happy because our own children had left our nest empty for college. My husband told me he caught my 15 year old nephew checking out my ass as I fixed breakfast in my sleep dress one Saturday morning. I told him to pay... [more]

Wife's sister

My wife was at work n her sister came over we sat and talked she in short skirt n tank her nipples popping through as we sat on couch her legs spread I could see her pussy hair poking out her panties we were drinking n she got to use bathroom as she sat back n legs open I noticed she had no panties on with tht I got hard n she lifted her skirt... [more]

Son's behavior at home

I consider myself liberal minded to a point. I believe that sex is okay IF people are in love and in committed relationships, even if they are not married. I grew up in the late 80s early 90s and remember all the crazy stuff we used to do. I'm a mother in my 40s.
I have an 18 year old son who is attractive and athletic. He's dated girls for... [more]

My aunt

When I was 18 and we had graduation party for me after high school family n friends all there well my on aunt who was high from smoking pot asked me to give her ride to liquor store as I did she bag an to rub my leg n kiss my neck I thought just cause she stoned she unzipped me n took out my cock n jerked me off as I drove as we pulled into... [more]

I did a bad thing

I married a woman with kids from a previous marriage and for a long time, everything has been great. I kind of think I spoiled both of my daughters too much since I love seeing them happy, but I guessed it was better parenting than most. Their real father is worthless and an idiot for walking out on these angels.
Unfortunately the eldest is... [more]

Little lesbians

I was downstairs in the laundry room when my 13 year old daughter and her friend came home. They didn't think anyone was home, because they came downstairs into the basement living room, they sat down on the sofa and started to make out. I was down the hallway across the hallway, I could see into the living room threw the crack of the open laundry... [more]

My spanking

I am 18 years old girl. I want to be spanked every evening by the older man 50+.

Real life

I have to apologize to my mother for the years of having sex with her when I was a teenager and she drinking way to much and she had no idea what I was doing to her. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and she has never said anything to me about it to this day even though I left so much sperm inside of her and on her. Sorry Mom you... [more]

She's leaving him for me

I'm not looking to explain my decision or justify it, I'm just gonna say it. My older sister and I are in love, and in a very addictive, explosive sexual relationship. I've had the hots for her since puberty, and after a huge falling out with her husband, one thing led to another and she confessed to having conflicting feelings for me too. She... [more]


I've recently been having sex with my son-in-law Mark. Before people freak out, let me give the situation some context. I'm 65 and a widow, my husband passed away last year at age 70. Mark is a widower, his wife (my daughter) tragically passed away six months ago at the age of 38 after a battle with heroin addiction. It has been a very difficult... [more]

Cum for breakfast

When we were growing up, my mom always made breakfast for my step dad and us. She never ate, and always said she’d already had her breakfast and she and my step dad would laugh. One day my step brother and I snuck downstairs early and peeked in to the kitchen. My stepdad was sitting in his chair, but my mom was on her knees I’m front of him... [more]

MIL Milks Me

A little after my first year of marriage, the wife and I were vacationing at her parent's house in sunny Fl. I was up early, and volunteered to mow the lawn. The other men had gone fishing, and my wife and SIL had gone shopping. That left me there with the MIL. I had finished mowing and was cooling off in the shade of the porch. She brought me a... [more]

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