Family Confessions

Step Daughter Lust

My 18 year old step-daughter is so sexy and cute I constantly fantasise about doing anything and everything filthy with her.
I've been licking and wanking off into her dirty knickers for a while now but this morning, as she wasn't there and her Mum had gone to work, before I left, I went in her room, grabbed a used pair, put them on and laid in... [more]

Slut granddaughter

My granddaughter is 24 year's old and a slut! I was visiting just a week ago and spent the night, I heard my granddaughter coming in late and she knocked on the door and ask if I was still wake. She came in and she was telling me about a guy she really likes and said she would do anything for him.
She had been drinking and smoking weed, she was... [more]

The babysitter

I have this niece, who I baby sit from time to time. She likes to get dressed in front of me, and I think she does it on purpose to let me see her naked. She gets down, butt naked and changes. She's really young so Its kind of weird, but at the same time I enjoy watching her get dressed, because her tits are nice, and her ass is perfect. I know... [more]

Males wearing female body suits

My Mother in Law purchased a very nice sexy bright red body suit for me on special the other day, even though I have a nice compact package the front just did not cover me perfectly, usually off the rack panties are perfect, she was suggesting that she should return it but then came up with the idea of wearing it back to front "how great" that way... [more]

The best of both sides.

I'm a single dad with a 9 yo daughter. I'm all she's know. Her mom left when she was 8 months. Last year My 23 year old niece Ashley came by and had her, very sexy, best friend with her named Alexia. We drank and partied all night. From the first night I met Alexia, I wanted to fuck her. Instead I became her weekend baby sitter for her 7 and 8 yo... [more]

Her devotion

My father died when I was pretty young. My mother devoted herself to me after that, but over the years, I could tell she had a strange fixation with me. She started commenting on how much I looked like a younger version of my dad, how she'd do anything for me. Her voice and mannerisms tended to turn sexual when she was with me. And she's always... [more]

First cousin

Hjoked “ I’m your cousin”. He says I know but you’re just so hot.
I rubbed him through his jeans. It seemed so massive. Then he starts groaning and pumping his hips. He came. Right in his pants. It was so hot. He was embarrassed but I told him that was neat. Can I see it? He pulled his pants down to reveal this Huge wet spot. I tugged his... [more]

Halloween costume

Just seen my daughter 22 dressed in her Halloween costume or the little there was of it. My god she's a full on hot body huge tits gave dad a raging hard on xx

Sexy stepdaughter

Love to strip my 41 year old step daughter naked watch her suck on my cock she has such a tight ass and pert small tits . Amazing body get hard thinking about her. I need to cum deep inside her. X

I love making love to her

I believe making love to a woman and climaxing with her is the most spiritually fulfilling thing a human being can do. Nothing beats the feeling of a woman trembling in your hands, gasping for air in her communion with the divine. But I realized I hadn't experienced anything the day my little sister and I came together for the first time.
Body... [more]

I found my dad on Grindr

I decided to message him, and we wound up honing up. He didn't seem to mind that I'm only 14 ;-)

So into taboo family chat especially when partying!

So into taboo family chat especially when partying! Especially young daughter and mature!

Niece Desire

When does someone start having sexual feelings? I guess it depends on the individual. In my nieces case it seems to have been from birth. I remember when she was still in nappies she would come into my bedroom and neal on all fours on top of me. I would just leave my hand lying on top of the covers and she would manoeuvre herself until her loose... [more]

I can't help myself when I'm around my wife aunt

I can't help myself when I'm around her. My wife's aunt is about 55 years old. She's maybe 5'6", 120 to 130 lbs. A beautiful set of breasts that drive me crazy. She's a wonderful dancer and moves so sensually. As much as I try to avoid it every time I am around her I get hard. She came over for dinner this weekend and while sitting on the... [more]

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