Family Confessions

My own son's whore

The first time I let my son take me, he was 15. He was angry at me for sleeping around, so he subdued me one day, hit me, and told me he'd teach me to be a whore if that's what I wanted. He was already taller and stronger than me, so I didn't even fight much. There was no going back after that, so he started to do it more and more often. The truth... [more]

Hottest threesome ever

My teenage daughter and I were doing the naked nasty together one afternoon, like we occasionally do after she gets home from school. Normally we have a good two hours to mess around before my wife gets home from work, but unbeknownst to me, her boss closed up shop early for the day and sent her home two hours early.
We were in my daughters... [more]

Pregnant sister

I met my older half sister only two years ago. I am my father's illegitimate son, and he confessed we were his "other" family. His confession pretty much destroyed both families, but through it all, my half sister and I met and got along really well instantly.
So well that I actually developed a crush on her. She's beautiful, unmarried, funny and... [more]

Pubescent stepdaughter

Long held secret that only my wife knows. Her daughter was 10 when we married. She started to develop when she was 12. My wife and I are well educated and borderline perverted and share some deviant interests. We were living in a townhouse at the time and did not discourage her daughter from parading around scantily dressed, so she was not... [more]


So my stepdaughters always been a problem for me. Problem in the sense that she's gorgeous and 24 and obviously gets me going. I've sneaked plenty of looks and secret pics of her in leggings when she's doing yoga or just around the house. I guess I never thought that was overkill so it didn't bother me and she has a really nice ass. Recently... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said before I been involved with my girlfriends family and some of her friends during the past 15 yrs. I left off telling you of her mother. So I'm going to continue this story.

I get a phone call from Debra, my girlfriends sister. Her husband was out of town and she needed me to take care of something important. Her back door... [more]

Mothers love 😍

When I was 11 I was asleep in bed and I was woken by a wet warm feeling, I now know was a blowjob, and as I opened my eyes I saw my mother leaving my room in a hurry, ever since I've always thought of having sex with her, knowing she's sucked my cock when I was young is fucked up but turns me on... anyone else have feelings of sex towards a... [more]

Fucking ex wifes daughter

I want my ex wife 56 to know I'm fucking her mature daughter 41 every opportunity I get. Like her to catch us fucking see her reaction

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there ! Thanks to my own, dear departed mom for popping me out way back when. Thanks for loving me even if you didn't particularly like me.
Thanks to all you moms for leaving your curtains opened, blinds askew, or careless sunbathing while I peeped and stroked my cock while absorbing your nudity... [more]

Step daughter sec

My stepdaughter would spend the weekends at our house when she was home from college. She was 21 with a great body and a bubble butt. My wife was away for the weekend and my daughter went out with her friends. When she got home she was drunk. She came into my room to say hi. I. I was watching porn. She said oh you're watching porn could I watch... [more]

Aunt jean

Confessing to fucking my aunt Jean I was 15 she was a talk slim blonde 40 great legs and ass very small tits.
She used to come over look after us,when our parents were out.
Must say I enjoyed it as I got to look her over short skirts and knee boots I often went to my room to masterbate.
Well one evening she caught me mid session her smile said... [more]

Suggestions wanted on how best to use my niece-in-law

I'm 61 years old. Married for 35 years. Sex life non-existent. Never cheated, but always looking. Always fantasizing. Beating off a lot. Cruising porn on-line and checking out Naughty Posts daily.
My confession? I've recently started beating off to thoughts of fucking my niece-in-law, Melanie, who recently got married. Youngest daughter of my... [more]

Divorced siblings

A few years ago I went through a rather nasty divorce. Despite my best efforts, my marriage didn't end amicably, and it took an emotional and financial toll on me. Right about the same time, my older sister was going through her second divorce, from an abusive husband. We were close, so we turned to each other for support. She wasn't capable of... [more]

Helping Sis to bed

When I was about 13 my older sister who was 17 at the time came home one Saturday night wasted. She was so drunk her date had to help her to the door. Our parents were gone for the weekend, so I helped her get to her room. I decided to get her undressed and into bed. She was not very cooperative and was just babbling a few words every now and... [more]

Seducing my mom

She was in the kitchen when I came up behind her. I reached around her, sliding a hand under each of her breasts, slightly cupping them. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her 36C breasts felt soft and warm in my hands. Since there was no reaction, I began holding them more firmly, massaging them, feeling her nipples becoming hard. Still no reaction... [more]


I was watching my niece one night when my brother needed a sitter on short notice. Usually he wouldn't ask me but I was sort of like a last resort to them. I agreed to watch her. When they dropped her off I didn't know it would be for all night. I saw them walking up with her back pack. I thought it would only be for a few hours but turns out it... [more]

In love with my aunt

Just that. I'm in love with my aunt. We're both in love, actually. We've been a couple for two years, I'm currently 25 and she's 49. We always had a peculiar relationship. She was the cool, single, open-minded aunt with whom I smoked pot and talked art, politics, and sex and pretty much everything. I got along with her as if she was another cool... [more]

Shopping With MIL

I had offered to drive my fifty-six year old MIL to get her drivers license renewed. On our way back to her house she asked me to stop at a womens clothing store. It was the middle of the week, during the day, and almost no cars were in the parking lot. As we parked, she smiled and said, " Oh, good, Trina is here ! " I asked who Trina was. " She's... [more]

In love

I have a 14 year old sister and i am 23 turning 24 in may and i want to fuck her so badly. what should i do?

Step Daughter thoughts

I'm happily in a relationship with a gorgeous woman but can't stop thinking about her 19 year old daughter when we have sex!
We have a very healthy sex life and play often but when I'm about to cum I usually close my eyes, picture her daughter and shoot my load imagining it was in her instead!
The thought of seeing my cum coming out of her... [more]

Is incest becoming more acceptable?

Should we allow relatives to have sexual relationships?

In love with my step daughter

A little over twenty years ago I started dating a lovely lady Cindy 31, with two children. A boy 14 and a girl 10. We were both just coming out of a messy divorce. Her ex was very abusive and a drunk. My ex left me for her boss. I myself was 42 with two children, a daughter that was 22 and married, and a son 19 in the military.
Cindy was... [more]

Peeking Perv

Growing up our bathroom was connected to a pump house. The pump supplied water to our house. It was accessed outside thru it’s own door. But there was a 10”x10” opening between the bathroom and pump room.
When someone would get in the shower you could enter the dark pump room and spy on them.
I would go in and watch my sister and mother shower... [more]

Can you fall in love with a family member?

I'm in love with my sister. Is that wrong?

Coffee cream

My mother always puts on a pot of coffee in the morning, then takes a shower while it is brewing. I like to pour her a cup and hand it to her as soon as she gets dressed. This morning, I peeked through the bathroom door while she was showering, like I often do. I started wacking my pecker, then I went into the kitchen to finish while she got... [more]

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