Family Confessions


My 23yr old sd is making a coffee and I’m front of me as I’m stroking and typing this. Her tiny tight bum in her shorts looks ridiculous sexy and I can see it’s riding in her crack. Can’t wait for her to shower so I can sniff her underwear

I Heard My Sister Having Sex

Just to get this out of the way, this is 100% true, swear on my life and the lives of my family.
Some time ago, about 3 years i guess, I was home sick. I had decided to go down stairs and watch tv in our basement. I guess my sister, we'll call her Chrissy, didn't know I was home. About 30 min after I'd gone to the basement, I heard her exit... [more]

I love to pose nude

Love to see some cum tribute shots on my pics

Desire for Daughter

This is a confession about the love of my daughter's tits. I am an 81 yo man, married to a sexually inactive wife. My daughter is 44 years old. She got married about 11 years ago and gave birth to two wonderful grandchildren, Her husband got out of the Army and was training to work for the FAA on radar systems but while in school in Oklahoma... [more]

Old men

I'm addicted to watching old men in their 60's fucking girls in their 20's! I fantasise about my wifes dad fucking our daughter

Loretta my love

As a teenage boy I always wanted to fuck my mother. To get in bed with her and kiss and cuddle and have sex! One night I was only 12 and my mom let me kiss her goodnight. Then she gave me a loving sexy look and told me to kiss her like I kiss my little girlfriend. I pulled mom close and gave her a really good intimate long kiss, and we kissed for... [more]

Porn star daughter

I've read a couple of stories from the net about daughters admitting to their parents that they have become porn actresses,the daughters just see it as a normal job,one father says that he and his wife found out over the phone that their daughter had appeared in adult films,he said their daughter wanted to sit down with them and watch her on... [more]

Young Cousin in Tights 2

A few months after my cousin and I had our first mutual masturbation session, the opportunity to watch her again came up. My aunt called and said my cousin only wanted me to watch her. She must have kept our secret!
After my aunt left, my cousin asked me right away if we could do what we did the last time. I asked her if she remembered how good... [more]

Lily Part 3

Since her mother showed her how to make herself cum, Lily had used her toy a lot. Sometimes, if she was alone for a while, she would spend an hour or more touching herself. She loved exploring her virgin pussy and finding different ways to bring herself to orgasm. Lily usually did this on her bed, bedroom door locked, tv on to mask any sounds she... [more]

My mom always leaves her panties hanging in the bathroom

She does it all the time, I'm 18 and can't help myself but sniff and huff them whenever she leaves her soiled panties in there. she smells soo goooood,, she also leaves her vibrator in there(which I've used a few times), she sometimes leaves a bit of yummy pussy juice on it! whenever she bends over with her petite ass I can't help but want to grab... [more]

Mommy creams boy’s butt.

When I was about 8 years old, I developed a serious skin infection as a result of swimming in a neighbor’s dirty pool. I had it for a few days, especially in my crotch area. One day after taking a bath I was sitting in a chair in the living room in my robe. Mom walked by and saw the rash on my upper leg. She told me to open up the robe so she... [more]

WTF Neighbor!

I was putting away my daughter’s laundry the other day and her laptop dinged. I looked over and there was a message on discord chat from her friend that said “OMG I still can’t believe you fucked a guy 60 years older than you!!!”
She was in the shower so I opened her laptop and read their chat and couldn’t believe what I read…
She called... [more]

Blackmail SIL or not

My wife’s younger sister Chris will be visiting us very soon for a couple of days. She is divorced with 2 kids but still looks kind of hot.
I know most of the boys where she is from and one in particular has told me he’s fucked her.
ATM my wife and I are constantly arguing and she’s threatened divorce. I’ve had enough of this arguing and... [more]

That time my step sis took sex pills as headache medicine

You read the title right, she really did take sex drive pills, 2 of them no less!! It was middle of summer and I was sitting in my home when I got a phone call from my step sis. I don't really talk with her too much now a days because I was always working, so I answering the phone;"What up sis, need something?" I didn't hear a response from her... [more]

Abused by step father and his friends

I was about 13 when my mum got involved with a guy who eventually became my stepfather, to say from the begining i hated would be an unstatement, he was creepy and evenmore so when my mum was away.
He always followed me around the house, and always made an excuse when i was changing after school to popinto my bedroom despite me shouting at him... [more]

Dad spanks his naughty son

I was about 9 years old, and it was my night-time bath. I was sitting in the tub while the water was draining out. While I’m sitting there, Dad came into pee. He walks over and gets a good look at me and tells me to close the shower curtain so he can have some privacy, and of course I obeyed. Sitting there with the water now almost drained, I... [more]

Uncle Roy

I'm 35 female and spent 15 years sucking my uncle long fat cock. It started one weekend on collage brake. and didn't stop. even after I got married, I would make time to give him his weekly treat. He is 75 and the niece's mature man I have every know. I never told anybody in collage not even my best friend.

Mommy spanks her naughty boy!

This is when my mom caught me "pleasuring myself". I had discovered that when I would lie on my belly and watch TV, I could rub my penis back and forth by shifting my hips back and forth, and it would get a little stiff. I liked how it felt, so I did it when I could. One time my mom saw what I was doing and said "Eddie - stop that or will spank... [more]


I have a fettish about funking my sister.... I'm just curious about how other's have seduced or been seduced and had sexual intercourse. How did it start? Was it a long term build up or just a spair of the moment thing?


Once when I was 10, my grandmother, who was in her 60s, walked out of the bathroom topless. She didn't see me sitting on the floor outside the door. I got a good eyefull of her big knockers. Grandma had really nice tits.

Sex with my step sister

Me and my step sister have a 4 year age gap
Anyways, starting at 14 years old (10 for her) we would start doing lewd stuff. Nothing insane yet, but feeling, showing, and grinding. Eventually I convinced her to try anal and then we did it. She said she liked it, and I guess she did cause we did it a couple times a month up until I graduated high... [more]

Lily Part Two

"Are you ready?" her mother asked. Lily hesitated and said, "I…I mean, does it feel good? It almost seemed like you were hurting yourself."
"Oh no baby, it's very pleasant. Probably the best feeling in the world."
After a few moments, Lily nodded. "Ok I'm ready."
"Ok good. Now, relax, and get comfortable. Take off your pants…now your... [more]

Daily check

When I was young my granny used to check on me frequently during summer times that I spent there. She told me that she had to check if my penis grows well and if all is fine. Told me this is a nurse check and I should not tell anyone about this.
When my grandfather left for shopping in the morning I had to go with her to the bathroom. She sat... [more]

Breast Augmentation Benefits

I met my wife when she was 14 and I just turned 16. She developed early, stood 5'4", weighing about 110lbs with a perfect 36-24-36 body and C cup tits. I loved her perfect body. Fast forward 15 years, we have been married 9 years and have a four year old daughter. She now is 5'7" and weighs about 120lbs, still has a beautiful ass, but her breasts... [more]

Listening to a naughty chat

I came home from work last week and my wife and daughter couldn't have heard me coming through the front door,I heard them giggling then Katie our daughter says it tastes a bit salty! I know my wife said your fathers is the same! You still give him blowjobs mum? It's a man's favourite thing she told Katie, I suppose your right there zac does enjoy... [more]

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