Family Confessions

I want it again

My half brother Josh and I had always been pretty close, despite the 22 year difference between us. He’s married with kids and has been for a long time now. Back when I was about 15, I’d stay with him some weekends (maybe once a months or so). Him and his wife would let me drink alcohol with them most times I visited, and it usually ended in him... [more]

Over daughters knee

I'm a dad to a 20 year old daughter and wow even I say so myself she's very pretty and wears fav clothes,heels etc ,what I'd really love is to ask her when all her mates come over on a Saturday eve is to spank me over her knee and in front of her mates if love the shame and humiliation of it all

Dad Is looking at me more now ime mature

I have caught my dad eyeing me up more now I am mature, its my bottom he looks at, my friends say I have an arse to die for, I am 19 is it normal for dad to look at my bulges and curves, I am ok with it now but its a bit weird, comments please. Zelda

Caught being spanked

Hi I'm a 50 year old married guy who has a wonderful wife and 2 grown kids but recently my wife came home early from work as I work from home and when she opens the front room door there I am over my 72 year old mothers knee having my bare bottom spanked bright red with a hairbrush,of course she shouted what the f... going on after dressing myself... [more]


Hi I have always had a foot fetish not sure why but adore slippers,shoes and nylons ,my big sister caught me recently deep down I wanted her to, her reaction was shock at first then laughter I told her all about my fetish and she said she's happy to keep it secret and now I get to sniff her nylon ed feet when she comes home from work and I have... [more]

Horny cousins and creampies.

My dad and his 3 sisters bought neighboring houses so we grew up very close. Cousins' ages were in "batches" as my older brother was the same age as 3 other cousins and the ones closer to my age were all about 2 years older than me. It was the 60's in Louisiana most most of the available work was oilfield or working on boats in the oilfield so... [more]

Seduced by Aunt and uncle

For a few years I was my aunt and uncle's play toy. They open my eyes to sexual fun. It happened shortly after I turned eighteen. I was fishing with my uncle that day. He brought a six pack along. He started asking about my sex life. Without any notice he whipped out his dick and peed right in front of me and shook it. We headed back to the house... [more]

Nude family

I've been dating a man with three children. A boy 15, and two girls, 13 and 8. They're a wonderful family, except for none of them wear any clothes around the house. They hug, sit on each others laps, play, clean, cook, sleep, do all normal family stuff nude. They don't make me get nude, just tell me that I'm welcome too. I love this man dearly... [more]

Hooked on her

Up until six months ago, my older half sister and I didn’t know about each other (long story involving an unfaithful asshole of a dad). She’s much older than me, she’s 37 and I’m 22. There was no ill will when we met. We actually got along almost instantly, way too well actually.
She’s very open minded and very forward. She took me out one... [more]

Fucked my cousin Melissa

One night I was drinking at my place, I had a bunch of people over. At the end of the night everyone went home, and a few people stayed behind to sleep over cause they lived far from me. One of them, her name was Melissa. She had really short hair, but had a sexy ass. I wanted to fuck her cause I was drunk as hell. I was laying down on my couch... [more]

Surprized by Cousin

At age 14-16 I have been jerking all chances I got. Mots in the evenings and in the morning while showering. Once we had my aunt and her daughter hosted with us because of a familymeeting. It was kind of chaotic sometimes for 5 People and just 1 bath. so it happened one morning that I was in the shower and the door opened, my cousin (female) was... [more]

I am attracted to my mom's feet,what should I do?

I am a 14 years old boy,since I was a little kid I loved the way female feet look,smell and growing up I developed a strong foot fetish. At the age of 11 my attraction to feet became sexual and I get aroused by looking at feet. I also watched videos of foot worship on YouTube and I wanted to try it in real life. I have no sister and my school is... [more]

Learned from Mom

Growing up my mom found out that I had my first girlfriend and kept ribbing me about it. It was embarrassing. She asked me if I had kissed her yet, and I said yes, but I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I asked mom if I could practice on her and she could give me feedback on my technique.
We were home alone and she said "sure" and we... [more]

My aunt gives us blowjobs

My mom’s old sister is 56 and divorced. She’s been giving us blowjobs pretty much any time we want. She does me and my friends. She won’t let us fuck her but says she just likes to suck dicks a lot.

I see you

I set up a spy camera in the bathroom as a fake tooth brush to watch my sister in law take showers and play with her self, it’s motion activated so I watch her and my wife and when my 22 year old step daughter comes home on weekends sometimes I watch her to, send it directly to my phone and then I cum to them then put them on the internet but I... [more]

I think Grandpa has hots for me

I'm 13 and a friend told me about this site. I'm unsure, what to do, so if someone did have similar problems, please tell me, what you did!
My grandpa (who I love very very much!!!) watches me when I dress or undress and he does too, when I masturbate.
During the Holidays I live with him because my parents have to work (they never do... [more]

Kissing my son in a adult way

When he was 7 or 8 my son asked after I had said goodbye to his dad, who went to work in the morning, why I am kissing his dad in a completely other way than him. I sure did. With my husband i was a mature kiss and with my son rurely not.
The whole morning he teased me about it. What I do and why I do it and why not with him. After we had... [more]

Doing my son on drugs

We have been late starters. we for the first time did drugs when we both were over 30. We had friends that consumated and they one evening invited us. We first smoked some weed and then they offered some lines coke.
We have been out of the world. When we woke up the next morning, we all were in one bed and nude. The wife of our friend had sperm... [more]

Mentally retarded Brother

I have a brother that is over 30 in between but his brain stoped when he was 11/12. So he is a grown mqn with a childs mind.
My parents did not want to give him in a clinic or a nursing home and they brought him to my dad's mom. She lived out in the country with some chicken, dogs and goats. and she loved having some company and someone to care... [more]

Abused in my youth?

Last weekend we cleared up the attic of my mothers. I found a small boy with pictures as one made them years ago. They must be old because they showed me at age 7/8 (I'm 37 now and married). And the pics were disturbing. they showed me nude with my mom and my grandma. both nude too. I dont have any reminder about that.
Weve been in the bath... [more]

Spying on Mother

For about four years , in my teens, I window peeped on my mother as she prepared for her evening shower or just undressed before going to bed. Once, I was able to climb onto the central air-conditioner unit so I could see in the bathroom window. I got the complete show for long enough to go from start of masturbatory session, all the way to... [more]

Older sister

I'm getting the idea my older sister wants sex with me she is 53 im 51. Should I act on this?

First hand job ever

Well this had to have happened many years ago, I'm not sure but I think I was 13 or 14. I am the oldest sibling and I have several brothers. My youngest brother at the time I think was around 10 or 11. I had just gotten out of the shower to go to bed and my brother came in. I didn't think it weird because being all boys we'd seen each other naked... [more]

Teasing my daddy

My dad always yells at me to close the door to the bathroom when my moms around but when shes not around he leaves the door open when hes peeing, i need his cock ong

My drunk aunt

When I was much younger, I'm 50 now, so 38 years ago, my aunt came to live with us. No idea why my mom put her up un my room, but I shared a room with her. She was 42 at the time. One night she came home drunk (she was an alcoholic). It was around 2 am. I heard her come in, but pretended I was still asleep. Thinking she was gonna just go to... [more]

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