Family Confessions

Filthy family fantasy

I've got a fantasy about my two daughters,one 15 the other 16 and me being held at gunpoint along with my wife and her father,the gang of men force me to watch them take their turns fucking my daughters in both holes before they turn the gun on me telling me to fuck them and doing the same with my wife's father fucking her

Just didn't know what to say.

Sorry but sometimes ya just didn't want to ever hear that, but I was with my girlfriend at her house and we had some friends and family over and plenty of drinks going down so my sister was sitting with my girlfriend and my sister can't drink and the girls started talking about the first time sex so my sister tells her that I was her first and how... [more]

Family nudists

When I met my wife, we both were divorced and had kids from other spouses. I have a son and she has a daughter. We lived together all 4 of us for about 6 months before the wedding so that we could get adjusted to everyone under one roof. One thing I realized right away is that my future wife and step daughter had no problem being nude. When we all... [more]

Swapping up

My wife and I started fucking my mother in law and her boyfriend within a year after we got married, been doing this for about three years now, it is wonderful fucking, does anyone out there do the same, would love to hear about it/

Questions for mama

I found that asking my mother very personal questions about the guys she dates is a turn on for me, I jack off thinking about what she says, at first she would say nothing, I took this as a positive thing I started off by asking if she had sex with all of them and who she liked best, after months of this I began to ask more personal things like if... [more]

Older Sister

My sister caught me jerking off in her satin and lace panties. She made me eat her pussy with her panties on. They sure got wet. Then one day she told me it was time for me to get some pussy and she straddled me and inserted my cock inside her hairy pussy and rode me with her satin panties on. I only lasted a couple of minutes before I cummed all... [more]

Step Father

Over 10 years ago now and not me, but one of my college friends. I commented when I saw her with a new laptop one day and she told me that her step-father had bought it for her. I told her that she was lucky and she replied that luck wasn't everything. She further told me that once she was old enough that she provided 'services' to him. Started... [more]


I must confess that I often wank over my 18 year old stepdaughter Sophia! I regularly go through her phone hoping to find something x rated and last month I did! Whilst she was sleeping I grabbed her phone and brought it downstairs,I clicked on her deleted videos and couldn't believe my luck! She was in the front seat of a car getting fucked and... [more]


I owe a friend of mine some money,I've paid the majority of the debt off but I'm struggling with the rest! See that daughter of yours he said,get me some pics of her naked and we'll call it quits he said! Cathy my daughter is 45 and married! I came up with an idea of planting cameras in her bedroom! I bought a camera disguised as a light bulb,I... [more]

Forced to watch

I've got a fantasy of being blackmailed and having to offer my wife,daughter,mother and sister to a group of Pakistani men! Forcing them to lick each others cunts before they get gangbanged over and over!! Then the men in my family are forced to fuck them,I get to watch my dad fucking my daughter in her ass,my son fucking his mother with his mates... [more]

Wife aroused by parents having sex

My wife J is a 31 year old fit and beautiful Italian Canadian woman.
We are on vacation with my parents and are staying with them in their beach house. My mom cooked up a wonderful dinner, which was accompanied by a lot of wine.
After dinner, my parents went to bed while my wife and I stayed up drinking and talking for a couple more hours... [more]

Daddy massages

Hey i have a question. i am 16 and my dad and i have a really close bond. He often give me massages and it was nothing sexual for a while. But then he started to massage my butt. Weirdly i really liked it. One time he was massaging my butt intensely and i saw his dick getting hard. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my pussy. He started fingering... [more]

Sucking tit

Several years ago I was around a guy, 60s hippy type, that told me that all his family was into nudism, he says, and I did not feel like he was lying, that his mother would let him suck her tits while yanking off, that she would catch the cum and rub it on her neck. She thought the cum was good for her skin.

My mom

I ain't into my mom like that or want to do anything but lately iv been happy hearing her getting fucked and moaning by some man she met recently I can hear he dirty talk n both moaning I have been masterbating to it a lot and does get me hard and horny

Sons growing up

We've been a nudist family for many years now,we've got two teenage boys zac and Sam,zac is 13 Sam is 14,I've noticed them develop the last year or so especially,we were on our usual summer holidays and about half way into it,we were all sitting down in our cabin watching TV,my husband Carl said he was going for an early night and headed off,I was... [more]

Wife and Step Daughter the same day

I’ve been married to my wife for about 15 years. She had a 7 year old daughter when we met. Over the years I had to get used to some things. Both my wife and my step daughter shower in the en-suite bathroom. No idea why but it’s just the way it’s been. Wife comes out of the bathroom nude and then changes into clothes and that’s totally cool. I... [more]

4way with my girlfriend’s folks

I’m not sure where to begin as I’m a bit lost with the messed up stuff that has gone on besides a few things I did like. I was staying at my folks summer place a few years back with my girlfriend. Her parents were there’s few nights too as the place is enormous.
One night after my girlfriend and I finished having sex I went to catch a shower. I... [more]

Managing Sons' Masturbation Habits

We are a nudist family, we have a no covering up policy and a no shame policy. During warm weather no clothing is worn in or around the house. Nudity at home is basically compulsory, to include sleeping in the nude. Both of my sons have been aware of adult sexual activity from a very young age; they have joined me in the shower, and have seen my... [more]

Black Mailing Uncle

I accidentally sent one of my uncles (my mother's brother) a naked photo of myself with everything on display, I mean my legs were wide open and my pussie was there for him to see. Once I realised what I had done it was too late, all I could was call him and tell him that I didn't mean to send it to him and that I was sorry he had to see me that... [more]


I invite men round to sniff my daughters worn panties.

My mate Neil

I've been with my wife for over 12 years now,there were a load of us growing in our little village of similar age,well anyway the wife and I dated from a young age but unfortunately split up when we turned 20,10 years later we were back together and now we've been happily married as I said for over a decade,about 6 months before we got back... [more]

I had sex with a young man and I later realised it was wrong

I'm a 37 old woman married to a 42 year old man, and I have sexual relationship with other men and my husband knows that.
3 months ago I met this handsome young man at a coffee shop, he grabbed my attention for being so cute and handsome and in someway he reminded me of my husband when he was younger.
I start to flirt with him openly and it went... [more]

Dirty fantasy

I've had two horny and dirty thoughts lately about being forced at gunpoint to fuck my mother and sister! Both are tied up on the bed on all fours whilst a couple of men with machine guns order me to fuck Both of them in their assholes! My other thought is a gang burst into my house take my wife and two daughters upstairs,tell me what they are... [more]

Nephew and niece

In the street where my mother lives,its where I was brought up actually,my sister lives 2 doors down with her 2 kids Michael and Victoria,just recently my sister Has met a guy and Has moved in with him leaving the 2 kids on their own,I say kids! Michael is 27 and Victoria is 22,I had been out on the piss with the boys and in my taxi ride home I... [more]

I was molested by I enjoyed it

Okay, so this is all 100% true. In fact outside of the people involved. I’ve only ever shared this with 1 other person. So here it goes.
I was molested more times than I can count by multiple people when I was a child. The first time that I can remember happens to me at age 5. My mom there had caught me and my 4yo brother playing with her... [more]

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