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Ladies do you talk about sex with friends?

My girlfriend had a few of her girlfriends round for drinks, I was out with my mate.
When I returned the girls had plenty to drink and still chatting.
I said hello and one asked me about another person, I said I know of him why, he done this and he done that, then the other girls started, yeah and this and that, I said sorry can’t help you.
I’m... [more]


My first remembered sexual experiences occurred in our garden shed when I was felt up and groped by the gardiner.

"Grower" or "Shower"?

My dick is 6.5" hard, pretty average. My question is how your dick works to get to its max. If it is cold, flaccid my dick is about 1". Looks tiny. If it is warm, it is maybe 3". It's very temperature sensitive. I'm a "grower" because it looks small but gets a lot bigger when aroused.
I know other guys who are just plain big flaccid, 5" or 6"... [more]


I’ve watched a ton of porn as have most men, and 99% end with the guy blowing his load on the pretty girls face. I’ve jerked off hundreds of times watching a huge cum blast splatter all over a girls lips, mouth, eyes and hair and loved it every time. Naturally I’ve always wanted to experience covering a woman’s face with my own sticky load. I had... [more]

Sissy faggot boy

Well a couple of days I want to a hair salon and bough as new wig and the owner and me talk for a while about the look I wanted so I Tryed on a few wigs and I found the one and she agreed. So she ask if I want her to do my makeup and put it on the wig then I said how about Saturday afternoon say about four she ok. So Saturday she about three and... [more]

Felt up neighbor

My parents had their big summer BBQ and there were about 60 people who came, mostly family and friends from the neighborhood. We have a big backyard and the weather was nice, so everyone was outside, eating, drinking, talking, playing badminton, etc.
I went into the house to use the restroom. Audrey, who's a friend of my mom and lives a few... [more]

Fixed my boring wife

My wife and I have been married for about five years. Sex has become really boring lately. Trying to get her to try new things is just not going to happen. She hardly ever sucks my cock any more, and she says she'll never give me anal.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I was telling my best friend at work about my predicament. He said he might have a... [more]

Wife upset over porn

I'm over 50 years old, married to my current wife for 16 years now. She gets really upset if she catches me watching porn on my computer, crying about how I would rather have some hot porn star than her, and how if I really loved her I wouldn't have to look at other women. I'm like, fuck you bitch, I'm a grown fucking man and if I want to watch... [more]

Stop Adding Rules

A "confession" site dies the moment you start adding these fucking rules. If people want/need to confess some massively heinous shit; where the Hell else are they going to go? There are plenty of confession sites on the net now, but they're all adding rules and moderators. What's the point anymore? May as well just be a forum. At least there are... [more]

Being Honest

I have submitted my naughty posts in good faith! Babied.

Sensitive nipples

I'm in my late teens and have always had sensitive nipples. Usually when I ovulate or during my period they get erect easily, and poke out an inch or so. Wearing bras was uncomfortable and tended to give me rashes, so I recently stopped wearing them. I feel so much better.
I live at home still and my mom has been trying to get me to wear bras... [more]

A sissy faggot boy

Hello everyone my name is Cassie I am a 100% sissy faggot boy crossdresser well I went on my first date last Saturday night and I got the biggest surprise of a life time we went to nice place to eat then he to me to the beach and the sun was just going down and we stop and he out his arms around me pulledme tight to him and started to kiss me and... [more]


Okay ladies, here is the question.
How many of you have been asked to flash your vagina in public by your boyfriend or husband?
My husband keeps asking me to wear a skirt with no panties while we go for dinner. Then he wants me to flash my vagina to some unsuspecting guy. I keep telling him that I will get arrested, but he says no I won't... [more]

Double Jizz

Success! Never happened before, but I was sucking two guys' cocks and got them both to blow their loads on me at the same time! I looked like a glazed donut :). Probably never happen again. lol

Naughtiest state or country

Roll call.. represent, might let us know where to go for the naughtiest fun!

Sissy faggot boy

How do I expose myself I am a sissy faggot crossdresser boy what the best way

Next step complete

I’ve always masturbated to gay porn and she makes and fantasised about sucking dick and getting fucked. I’ve slowly been taking small steps.
First it was wearing girls underwear.
Then fingering my ass when wanking.
Then online flirting with men.
bought a dildo and fuck my ass.
Next step completed: I’ve just been to the shop in a thong... [more]

Women masturbation

I like to know some confessions from women about what they think about when masturbating

Met a pornstar I used to masturbate to all the time.

When I was a teen back in the 80's, I had an uncle who had a vast porn collection that I would sneak into and grab a VHS tape when nobody was home.
I was attracted to Taboo 3, that incest series that starred Kay Parker. It had other stars in it but Honey Wilder and Kay were my favorites. This was when hairy privates was still a thing.
Jump 20... [more]

Do you have a preference?

I'm aiming this question to the ladies mainly, but it's cool for men to answer, just let me know your gender. Do you like circumcised penis or non better? I've watched a lot of porn in my almost 50 years and circumcised just looks nicer. I know that non have tons more nerve endings and supposedly sex is better, but I'm just talking about looks.

Dildo up ass

I'm a straight man with a dildo up my ass right now as I'm typing this. When I do blow I get horny and do things I would not do straight. I'll.wear pantyhose take pictures of myself naked.

I think a guy dry humped me on the train

I always get a very busy commuter train home, barely standing room, literally squashed in. Because of how crammed it is slot of groping goes on. Sometimes your not sure if it's accidental or deliberate, but you always feel 'touched'. It's not uncommon for me to feel a guys crotch against my bum, I just tolerate it.
The other day I was on the... [more]


I would like to face time someone man or woman and masturbate together. I did it once with a gay guy. I'm straight. He likes men in jockstraps so I put one on. I turn my ass to the camera and arch my ass out and was spreading my ass. He was jerking off and was saying what a nice ass I have. Then he wanted me to turn around and watch him cum so I... [more]

Dirty talk

Women I love when my woman talks dirty to me during sex. I love when she tells me to fuck her hard. Or she plays and tells me how she got fuck by the repairman while I was at work. Or she tells me u want me to suck your friend's cock while u fuck my ass. Or she tells me two guys picked her up when she was out and got fucked by them. It drives me... [more]


Do any woman like seeing their man in pantyhose or panties? One night I was high and I asked my girlfriend if I could wear her pantyhose and she said yes. She picked out a pair for me. She said I looked good. I liked the way they feel. Now when I go I over there I sometimes hang out in her pantyhose. Would you like to see your man in pantyhose?

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