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Women watching two men together

I know men love to watch two women together but do women get turned on when seeing two men together. I heard this was true but don’t believe it. Any women out there get turned on by watching two men together?

Man tied

I loved being tied up by my wife! Why are there very few posts about man being tied by there wives?

Funny Faces

My latest g/f, a pleasingly plump, nerdy and brilliant young lady broke into giggles the first time I fucked her, mainly, when I orgasmed. I asked her what was up and she shyly admitted she loved the " funny faces guys make when they come. " At first it made me really self-conscious, but when I finally understood she actually got off on it, I just... [more]

12 years so far.

I'm 25 and what started about 12 years ago has caused me to become a full blown exhibitionist. When I was 13 I began to notice how the boys and even older men were looking at my body. I developed young and although my breasts aren't huge they are B cup and firm. I have always watched my figure and don't want to sound conceded but know I am very... [more]

Wife Stacy and neighbor

I knew my wife had the hots for our neighbors college son. Over the summer he did odd jobs for us to make extra cash. Jon is a tall good looking white kid while my wife is 45 year old fit Hispanic female. We would role play about him in bed often. One day she told me while he was in our house he made a comment about her nice boobs and how he... [more]

I shave my head and everything else

I'm 19 and got tired of looking like a conventional woman (i.e., long-haired, conventional female object) , so I started shaving my head and pussy too. I'm as bald as can be on top and down below, and I love cock. I think my looks intimidate some guys, but those are the ones I don't need. I want guys who love me for who I am and accept my... [more]

Closet sissy

Hi im a very very open minded bicurious closet sissy ,i guess i been curious for many many years,m 53 or should i say sissy m 53,i also looooooooooooove wearing panties and sometimes try on my wifes clothes

Penis examined at doctor

I had a doctor's appointment today and a gorgeous young resident with amazing thick hips and tight pants examined my dick, wearing gloves, but full contact touching and feeling. I have been furiously masturbating over it all day.

Jerking off and cum eating with girlfriend

I have been enjoying jerking off since puberty, after high school my girlfriend and I moved in together into an apartment. Since we first started having sex around age 15 she has enjoyed watching me jerking off. Shortly after we moved in together about two years ago when I was jerking off she told me she wanted to watch me shoot my cum into my... [more]

Butt plugs

Are there any women out there that like to wear butt plugs while out in public?

Can we raise the bar here?

I'm a long-time reader of the site for years, and have enjoyed many of the sexy posts and confessions. But lately it's all about shit like "Let's fuck kids," "How I fucked the dog," "How I licked a tampon from the trash," or "I just banged my meth head grandma."
Let's get posters who are not pedos or total trash to contribute something adult... [more]

2 weeks...

For two weeks I was in the hospital, had a minor heart attack. That's messing with my brain since I'm not even 50 yet but that's not the story.
For 12 days I would just lay there eating bad food and looked forwarded to dinner time because that's when my girlfriend would show for polite conversation and such.
One day I got a text from the woman... [more]

My Sweetcakes

I must confess I turned my wife onto cuckholded best decision ever she's totally open now total honesty between us but she confessed to me she is turned on by black men she never had yet I love it she has black men over here Fucking her and I fuck her last she gets pounded by black cocks and looks at me and says I'm your big black cockwhore it's... [more]

Puyallup, wa

Im in Puyallup wa. Is there anybody wants get off together? hmu!

Visit to the doctor

So a couple hours ago, I took my wife to her post surgery follow up with her doctor. The wife had surgery on her inner thigh due to an injury she susteimed horseback riding. We waited for her to be called to the room. Because of the surgery location on her inner thigh, it is inconforme for her to wear panties, so she has been panty free for a... [more]

Sex at school

I was taking a break from class, leaning back on a wall, smoking a cigarette. A guy came up, I’d seen him around, but didn’t know him, and said “I’ll lick your pussy for one of those smokes.” I was thinking, yeah right, so I say sure, why not. To my surprise he got down pushed my panties to one side and started licking my clit and sucking on my... [more]

This Place in a Busted Nutshell

Lo, the trans man rubbed a mutilated glans, used to be a dick, now it's a clit for a chick, as it sniffed the panties of the incontinent spinster, who is angry at the yoke of her latent virginity, eighty's too long without a tongue or a dong, the next phone call is just a date rape away, bullies run rampant behind ramparts of privacy, the dog... [more]

New pearls

My husband gave me massage pearls. I’d never seen them, he said it was just like wearing jewelry. They looked like a g string made of pearls. After just ten minutes of wearing them I couldn’t believe how wet I was. We were trying to get our regular weekly things done like shopping and laundry but he kept sticking his hands up my skirt. He was... [more]

Is it ok for house guests to have sex and leave dirty sheets?

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay recently, and when they left and I changed the sheets there was lots of cum stains, and crunchy patches, kinda gross, but I was also intregued, this was the scene of some pretty hot sex it seemed.
So is it ok? Does an invite to stay the night cover the right to release your juices all over the hosts ... [more]


I got a bit drunk and had sex with two male friends. I think about it a lot now.

My belly wants attention.

Well I have had this desire for many years. I don't know where it came from or how it got started. It's a dark desire with my lower belly. I love a good knife in my belly. Been doing it for years. Though I long to find someone who wouldn't mind going as far as they wanted. I imagine how a fish gets its belly slit and gutted. And think why can't... [more]

Underage girls

I’ve battled in my head over this time and time again but I’ve just accepted that I’m attracted to preteen/ cusp of teen underage girls.
Is there anyone else out there that feels this way also?
Any women feel this way or ever fantasize about sharing a young girl?
I would never harm anyone.
I just can’t help but and accept that I’m turned... [more]

One nipple 'better' than the other?

I'm a woman who wears D-cup bras, and one of my nipples is hyper-sensitive. Playing with only that nipple will make me come. Repetitively, Loudly. The other enjoys being played with, too, but the hyper-sensitive one always gets the most attention. Anyone else? I figure that I can't be the only one.

My boyfriend cuts my clothes

I’m not sure where this fits. I don’t know if I like it or not. My boyfriend has cut the crutch out of all my panties and the nipples out of all my bras. I still wear them, but I still feel naked. And he’s gotten more, affectionate in public. Pulling up my clothing so I know people can see. One time he got behind me and fingered me, he... [more]

I really kissed my cousin , he became gay , but not with me .

I am a boy and my cousin is a boy too , I confess that I had a huge crush on my cousin , he did not know this , but I liked him a lot , so much so that I wanted him all too my self . I never knew this but he kind of liked me too , but I hated my dad who rarely let me invite him over .
Than one day he finally did come on over and it was just me... [more]

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