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Discovered I like wearing thongs

I’m an athletic and in shape straight guy, and recently on a whim I bought some thong underwear (to be clear I mean man thongs, not panties). I’m finding that I actually really like them. They’re light and comfortable and feel almost like going commando but with the support necessary for my package. Ladies, what would you think if your man started... [more]

Being Touched and Examined

Wouldn't say this is a fetish, though there is a sexual component in it. I want to be touched all over my body. To be examined calms me down, especially if latex gloves are used. I don't mean getting fingers in my butt mind you, but things like examining the ears and scalp and obviously getting felt around "down there." There has to be a women who... [more]

Thanks for telling her

Lisa and I were going out and would be gone for several hours, she wanted to have the Sara feed and let the dog's out at some point while we were gone. Sara was a 20 year old girl who lived down the street.
I had been asking my wife to wear top's that were more revealing for a while now, sometimes she would, and sometimes she wouldn't. This time... [more]

Love exposing wife's naked pictures on the internet

Guys have taken my wife's naked pictures showing full face and all and spread them around the web. Her picture has been used for bbw sex site ads, and has shown up on most major porn sites for amateur submissions. I can't get enough of it! She is totally unaware of all of this and I have started showing her pics to guys on skype and they stroke... [more]

To much Booze

Over the holiday weekend I drank three 1.75 liter bottles of whiskey. That is close to 1 1/2 gallons. When I am at home I start drinking first thing in the morning. Every night after work I drink a fifth of whiskey. I have no desire to quit but the amount I am drinking is concerning me as I can't stop.

Fantasy story

So not sure if this is the right place for this as I do not have a story to tell. Rather I want to have a story told about me. I am a white male in my 30s and like to read about how one would use me in any way they sexually that they see fit. I don't care what sex you are and what scenario you want to go with. Just want to read about how I would... [more]


Why do women have to cover their nipples at the beach but men don’t?

Nothing is as appealing than the female form

The female form is so alluring I can't look and appreciate it enough. I'm blessed to live with the lady that I do and lets me look at other women all I want without having a problem. She allows me to look, feel or do anything to her body i want. Yesterday morning we had a huge fuck session.
I didn't want it to stop but we had to go to work. I... [more]

Yummy yummy love to cummy

I will fu(k your d1(k yum yum!!!!

Down on their knees.

So sunday afternoon, I had 6 of my buddies come over to watch some football on my big screen TV in my man cave. Our women were all up stairs drinking wine and doing what ever they do to keep themselves occupied. As we were drinking a few beers and waiting for the game to get started, my buddy Bob asked if we thought the players were going to kneel... [more]

Neon Slime

My niece shares my fondness for all things sleaze. We love strip clubs, dive bars, adult bookstores, x-rated cinemas. Recently, I gave her a tour of the neon slime district of the town in which I live. She's twenty-eight but looks and acts eighteen, is quite pretty, and is an avid understudy of the lowlife. We started at a Mexican restaurant... [more]

I'm worried

I'm 12 and I gave my fist blowjob yesterday. I had already had sex, but the guy had a 'condom' on which meant that I couldn't get pregnant somehow when we had sex. But yesterday after I sucked his dick he came in my mouth, and I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it. I told my friends and they said I could get pregnant, is this true? Because I... [more]

Big cock?

I’m 15, nearly 16. My dick is 18cm long when erect and 13 cm when flaccid. My girth when erect is only 11.6cm and flaccid 10cm. Is this big?

Adult Bookstore Crackdown

I love adult bookstores / novelty shops. I read where almost a year ago, in a small town in northern Fl. , they busted one such place. There was a room in the back, where, for seven dollars you could view porn on a big screen in the company of others. If you were a couple ( a man and a woman ) you could enter for free. Yeah, things happened in... [more]

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