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Total Surprise Gift From Girlfriend

My relationship with my girlfriend is great but the sex activities was getting ho-hum. Judy could see that I was not my self. I was starting to lose interest in her small breasts. She told me she wished her tits was as big as her older cousin's. "Yeah," I said to her. Her cousin Barb has big double or triple D's. "You know Barb been asking me... [more]

I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i... [more]

I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i... [more]

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College hazing

Curious to hear stories of how you got hazed in college. I went to college in the early '90s. My sorority did a few things, like making us sit on a running washer naked and using a sharpie to draw circles on the body parts that jiggled; lining us up and rating our boobs with negative comments; trivia questions where we had to drink shots if we had... [more]

Loving my fat ass

I gained the "quarantine 15" and then some. The combination of gym being closed, limited mobility (at least in the beginning) and stress eating left me with a flabby gut, thick thighs, and man boobs. My jeans are too tight and most of my shirts rise up my belly. The only thing that's comfortable to wear are XL shirts and sweatpants. At first I was... [more]

Flashing mil

One day about 10-years ago. I walked into an area between our bedroom and mil bedroom. This was a an open closet with doors from both bedrooms. On this morning, mil had just taken a shower and was naked drying her body. She was in her bedroom but the door was open. She was bent over drying her feet and she was facing towards me. Her huge saggy... [more]

Why so many tuff guys

Why are there so many tough guys on naughty post. People are just posting whether it’s a true story or a fantasy or whatever why don’t you keep your fucking comments to yourself. What the fuck are you on here for. Your real tough on here but your probably a punk. Stop the bull shit ass hole. I’m from Newark NJ if you feel tough come visit me. I... [more]

Prostate massage

The other day my gf was sucking me and put her finger in my ass. She has done it before but this time she found my prostate. I came really good. I feel now I wanna get my prostate massaged every time in order to cum. She has used a dildo in my ass but her finger actually felt better. I heard of coming hands free and want to try it out.

Message to the webmaster

Seriously dude, here is some advice for your website. In your query that returns the results from your database to the end user. You should put an order by descending date statement at the end. That way the results returned will be in descending chronological order instead of all over the place. You also wouldn't have repeated returns when the... [more]

Guys are so easy it's beautiful

I'm 20f and have been in a couple long-term relationships, but currently single. I've been sexually active for 6 years and I love seeing and sucking on dicks. It was initially a source of intrigue as of course I didn't have one, no dick looks or responds the same, and the whole ejaculation thing is hot to watch.
I have a lot of male friends... [more]

Knight in shinny armmer

Hi everyone it Cassie from Lakeland well yesterday morning about 8 am I get a knock on my door it was him and he came in and grab up and those big arms of his and kiss me and ask me to come stay with him for a couple of days I said yes so I grabbed some dresses skirts pantyhose panties bras make up and away we went so he ask if felt safe with him... [more]

Shaved balls

I’m a married bi curious male. I have shaved my balls for many many years. I dry shave them with a shaving razor. No water, no shaving cream. It doesn’t hurt, never has. I always get a nice smooth finish.
Yesterday I decided to shave all my pubic hairs off too. I normally trim them right down with a hair trimmer but this time I used an electric... [more]

I sucked my first cock

I’m an older guy and I have never sucked a cock. My gay friend and I were talking and I mentioned this to him. He straight out said I could suck his cock if I wanted. Wanted? Fuck yes I wanted to.
He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his cock start to grow. He pulled his pants down and there it was. About nine inches of... [more]

Im curious

Is ther any other men on here that like looking at other mens cocks ?

More of my Knight in shinning armmer

Well it's me Cassie from Lakeland FL.last Saturday night I a call from my Knight and he ask if I would like to go to dinner with him I said yes of course so he ask if I could wear something black and short and I said yes so I got a black mini skirt pantyhose thongs bra shoes all black got ready and knocked on my door I got the door open there... [more]

Im really starting think this is a bogus web page ....

I really starting to think this i a bogus web page !

Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-
What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight... [more]

Rape as a punishment

I'm not really into politics all that much but I usually consider myself a feminist when people press me for my beliefs, and just about everyone I'm friends with is a feminist too.
Which is why, especially as a rape survivor, I feel like I can't really talk about this with anyone.
I don't actually see a problem with using rape as a... [more]

A crossdressers knight in shinny armmer

Hi everyone out there it's Cassie well I get wright to it last Saturday night I got all dressed up mini skirt pantyhose low cut top my 6 inch heels and went out with the girls we two a couple of clubs having a great time and then a guy followed us out and of all us he grab my arm and said hey bitch why can't I buy you a drink I said because I... [more]

Ever been propositioned unexpectedly?

Has anyone here ever been propositioned unexpectedly? You know, hit on or someone hinting they would like sex with you in a context that was surprising to you? Men and women, share your experiences.

My neighbours son

Sometimes i watch my neighbours teenage son, when he is outside in the garden. he has this fit body with a tight, little ass he loves to show. usually he parades around in a tight speedo. i would love to show him how you explore your body.

Some rapes count more than others

When I was a kid (this was about 15 years ago) we lived in a really dangerous neighborhood, and our school was a sewer of theft, drugs and violence. The last year we lived there I was 13. My parents could see what was happening and they were struggling to find a way to move. Even though they couldn't afford it, they gave me a cheap cell phone and... [more]

Father of my child

I'm twin , i have twin brother we been close all are life with did every thing together ,when I was 17 I ask my brother if we could have sex together as i know he be caring and kind for my first time , he said yes, so when to my bedroom we both undressed i lay on my bed we kissed he play with my breast as I rub his cock it grow to 8" in my... [more]

Home school

My school is closed, but I'm a little behind to graduate. My boyfriend's mom offered to home school us for credits. It is basically turn in anything and you're good.
My boyfriend's mom trying to teach us is hilarious. She doesn't know anything about math or science, and she said we're basically on our own and will check our answers on the key... [more]

Hairy asses on women

I love women with a nice ass. I even enjoy eating them. But I’m turned off by a women with a hairy ass. Any other men feel the same?

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