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Neon Slime

My niece shares my fondness for all things sleaze. We love strip clubs, dive bars, adult bookstores, x-rated cinemas. Recently, I gave her a tour of the neon slime district of the town in which I live. She's twenty-eight but looks and acts eighteen, is quite pretty, and is an avid understudy of the lowlife. We started at a Mexican restaurant... [more]

I'm worried

I'm 12 and I gave my fist blowjob yesterday. I had already had sex, but the guy had a 'condom' on which meant that I couldn't get pregnant somehow when we had sex. But yesterday after I sucked his dick he came in my mouth, and I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it. I told my friends and they said I could get pregnant, is this true? Because I... [more]

Big cock?

I’m 15, nearly 16. My dick is 18cm long when erect and 13 cm when flaccid. My girth when erect is only 11.6cm and flaccid 10cm. Is this big?

Adult Bookstore Crackdown

I love adult bookstores / novelty shops. I read where almost a year ago, in a small town in northern Fl. , they busted one such place. There was a room in the back, where, for seven dollars you could view porn on a big screen in the company of others. If you were a couple ( a man and a woman ) you could enter for free. Yeah, things happened in... [more]

Tennis Whites

Back in 1990 when I was working construction I had to travel to a jobsite 90 miles away. That required staying in a motel ( a national chain run by an Indian ) three nights a week. I had noticed that the rooms seemed to share a common bathroom vent. You could hear people singing, laughing, or talking, and I finally determined which room I could... [more]

If you had a pretty wife or GF would you expose her?

I do have a pretty wife. Way out of my league honestly. I took her to a nudist club, the one where they hold the Nudes A Poppin contest over the holiday weekend. While visiting there I kept her tits and ass on naked display for 3 days. I admit I was showing her off. Would your wife or GF allow you to expose her naked body for all to see?

Lost my butt cherry

So, after smoking a couple of bowls of some killer bud and drinking a few beers with my girlfriend the other night, we were both feeling pretty horny. We went to bed and started off with the usual oral sex on each other. While she was sucking my cock and balls, she let her tongue stray a little south and started rimming my ass, which we had never... [more]

I love rapeing women

I don't know why, but I really love rapeing women. I'm a decent looking man and have never had any problem picking up women and getting all the sex I want. As a matter of fact, I have been happily married most if my adult life. It's not so much about the sex as it is the act of forcing a woman to do what she doesn't want to do, but the sex is... [more]

I get off to posing as a gay man

I'm 19, female, and pretend to be a gay man on the internet. I go on dating sites, and sext with strangers. I have pictures of my boyfriend saved on my phone (SFW and NSFW), and use them to catfish people.
My sister knows and supports it 100%. We get off together at previous messages and pictures, using toys like dildos and plugs- sometimes... [more]

Couple on the subway.

I saw a couple engaged in a public display of affection on the subway this morning. Mouth to mouth kissing, tight hugging. I was turned on knowing he could feel her tits pressing against him, and that he was probably hard. In fact I got hard watching them. They were not the most attractive people, but it was still a turn on.

Changing room at day camp

When I was 12, I went to a day camp with a big swimming pool. We did not have big locker room, instead we had changing rooms we shared with one or two other boys. I shared mine with this boy who sort of weird. He would wait till I was changing to go to the pool, then come in and watch me strip. In retrospect I am sure he was gay. Thing is... [more]

Love wearing weman bra and panties

I love wearing nice bra get me some water balloons make nice tits and nice panties and dressupup

Revealing swimwear?

Why is it so frowned on for men to wear revealing swimwear? I know that the female body is a thing of beauty and the male body is not (and believe me I truly appreciate the view that the ladies give us men when they wear skimpy bikinis), but why is it that I have to wear baggy shorts? I do wear speedo briefs sometimes at the pool, but I wish it... [more]

I want to be taken

I'm a 17 year old girl. Beautiful black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I'm 5'6" and have nice lips and big tits. I have freaky fetishes and kinks.
A lot of people don't understand me. In everyday life I can be pretty bossy and demanding, but sexually I'm a masochist and sub. I would love for a guy to beat the hell out of me and rape me. I... [more]

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