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My nude pics online

A few years back I used to share my nude pics while chatting online. It was fun at the time and while it was risky, I didn’t think too much of it or if I would regret it in the future. I stopped all that a long time ago but recently I found out that my pictures have spread and have been posted on numerous web sites and seem to still be going... [more]

I submit to my dog

Several years ago, I discovered I have strong submissive tendencies. I tried relationships with a couple of Doms but something just wasn't right. About two years ago, I submitted to my dog and ever since I have been his very willing and happy bitch. I spend part of every day on my hands and knees while his instincts drive him over and over to try... [more]

Dirty Panties? Sissies?

Is this really what we’re all about? Is this really what we want? I’m so tired of it!!!! Am I alone here???!!!!

Ate my ex

I didn't intend to, but a massage session turned into me burying my face between my ex's legs.
We've been divorced for nearly 4 years but we are civil . I was at her place doing laundry and she asked if I could massage her shoulders and lower back, I must've been doing it just right as she started to quietly moan. I kept going, she started... [more]


I am a male and a gay man, with a boyfriend, But last night he ask me ,if I would dress like a girl for him, and he give me a bra and panties and makeup to ware,I dress up for him and kiss and made love like a boy and girl

First Date

I have been chatting online with a woman on line since Sept of last year. We have talked about meeting. For what ever reason its never happened. She has a son in college. Working two jobs, I work 45 to 50 hours a week. Finally We both had a free day. We met at a winery for a tasting, then went to dinner at a pub. The sparks started to smolder at... [more]


This morning I woak up feeling like I was fucked a lot but I didn't have sex with anyone last night.
I had to go pee like I always do the first thing in the morning after waking up and god a lot of cum flowed into the bowl, now I know someone had sex with me while I slept.
My husband is on a road trip for work and there is no one else here... [more]

Wife holds the key

I am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute boobs and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on. She has very high sex drive and needs sex twice... [more]

I miss my friends

Last couple of years I found random women to share pics and vids with. They were the ones that introduced me to KiK. Now that I don't have my friends anymore, I have nobody to show my jerking and finishing off to, nor do I see nipples and cunts. I know I can go to any of the thousands of websites but I liked to 1 on 1. Also some conversation was a... [more]

Tell me if you think I'm gay, please

I need your help to figure this out once and for all. Not that I think the internet can do that, I'm just interested in hearing all the opinions I can get and weigh them for myself
I'm a married man of 18 years, about 50 years old. My wife and I have a good relationship. We laugh, we have fun, we both work hard, we enjoy each other.
The... [more]

Teenage Boy Nextdoor

The boy nextdoor is around 13 or 14. He’s often outside with his friends (clearly they’re not gamers!).
His house is on a corner of our could-e-sac and it’s angled, so his backyard is really a side yard and faces my large front windows. You can see in my whole house if the blinds are up. I like to stand in the window, sometimes with my top off... [more]

You know what? fuck it.

I'm a healthy, horny guy about to turn 50. I'm happily married and straight. We are very happy together but our sex life has been slow for some time due to a medical reason. We've talked about it at length and manage to have a limited sex life, enjoyable when we do, frustrating when not. I'm much more sexual than my wife is, anyway. The story... [more]

It does happen with delivery men!

I read the post where people didn’t believe women seduced delivery men. I am one that has, among other things.
I am 33 and have a 4 month old whom I breastfeed. I work from home and get Fed Ex packages from work or clients on average, twice a week. We have the same delivery guy and have for as long as I can remember. He’s a very nice black man... [more]

Husband made me into a whore

My husband and I have a strange sex life, I think it’s strange anyway. When we first met me I was with his friend before we started talking. When we started dating he would ask me for details about how his friend and I had sex, he wanted to know everything about every guy I had been with before him. It was hot and it would turn me on to think... [more]

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