Other Confessions

Computer Science College Teacher

I was looking for something to keep me busy at night so I started teaching computer science at a small college at night. It was an interesting environment because as soon as a student thought they were failing my class or would not be able to pass the next test I would get all kinds of sexual offerings.
One time as I was leaving the college for... [more]

Wife sunbathing in public

Age: 46
Height: 5’6’’
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Body: Athletic, firm Bubble Butt, Tanned, Shaved from the neck down,
Measurements: 37D 28 37
Irene and I were out on a motorcycle ride on sunny Saturday afternoon. I drove to a nearby lake and we got off to watch a half dozen or so guys fishing on the shore. Irene asked if... [more]

Freaks Of Society

We're two people that people want to see and masturbate to. Growing up and getting a relationship going was impossible. People would stare at us. Having an oversize dick prevented penetration in a woman. The only woman that would take your dick is one who enjoys beastiality with a horse and wants to feel the pain of taking it. I dated women that... [more]

Giving Wife My Present

This happened during our early marriage years. I enjoyed giving her oral and groping her tits until I knew she orgasm. I never knew if she had an orgasm from my dick. I think she faked it to keep me happy when I pounded her. Two years into the marriage I finally asked her if my dick pleases her. She confessed that my oral did but my dick really... [more]

Naughty Son Pleased By Big Titted Mom

This happened years ago before she really aged and dad caught us. Mom had large saggy tits and I really got turned by her when she was she didn't wear a bra. I was out drinking with my buddy. I was 20 'ish and still living at home. I couldn't fall asleep, the beer in me aroused me thinking of mom's huge tits. My folks always left their... [more]

Connie Britton

So I just read the interview with Connie Britton where she's talking about raising her black son from Ethiopia in racist America. She talks about her "White privilege" and how it's so hard raising her son with systemic racism. Yet not one time did she ever give an example of how her son was discriminated against. Not one time did she point out how... [more]

Shingles tab, leave on or remove

It's funny how professional roofers a d others will say the plastic tab on the back of shingles shouldn't be removed before installation. That plastic tab is there to prevent shingles from sticking together in the bundle, but on the roof, they need to stick together. So what makes anyone think the tab shouldn't be removed? Except for a bunch a... [more]

Wife got dbl'd at event

My hot little wife, 5'4" 123lb reddish brown hair green eyes 36yo who is a confident sexy woman who enjoys sporting activities dancing traveling dining & sex, went to a meet & great past & present major sports professional wrestlers. The show involved meeting these guys & woman along with other ring personalities in a public forum, where there was... [more]

Wife was a nude model in college

I knew when I met my future wife that she was a nude model in college. She told me she modeled nude for the art students as a way of making money. Honestly it never bothered me that she modeled, and in fact I found it quite arousing thinking about other guys having nude paintings of my wife.
We have been married for several years now, and I... [more]

Never imagined this

I am very very good friends with a man who lives down the street. He is 44 and I am 25 (wm). He seduced me months ago. I now know I'm bisexual. We have done a lot together. He had me wear panties and rubbed the outside of them until I orgasmed. My panties were soaked. I do the same thing to him. I am so amazed that I get to experience all... [more]

Local cougar

So this woman I have been emailing for a couple of weeks tells me she loves me we have never met in person but she is a local insurance agent the first time I emailed her she sent me a picture of her tits I thought to my self that’s crazy but cool now she will not stop and cuss me out when I don’t respond right away what should I do

Effing hate shaving my junk

I have an amazing “boyfriend” cock. Its about 8 inches, maybe a little more sometimes. It’s not too too thick. Its just right. My girls love it in all three holes. I just don’t go as deep from certain angles and I am not aggressive about the face fucking. I got divorced 5 years ago and decided to just shave all pubic hair. It was like a... [more]


Do woman like to watch guys jerk off?

Phenomenal tits

Feel free to jerk off thinking of my wifes tits. I can get her to do more show her bad you want it. If you live anywhere close to us and can prove that you are clean. I'm going all the way it's right up our alley is a squirter. Tight nice pussy

Unexpected Doings

I've been laid by guys horny for me. My recent fella is three years older than me and endowed. I'm 18 and he can satisfy me well. He con me into a bi sexual act with a girlfriend of mine with us wearing strap-on as he watched and tugged his dick. I introduced grandma to him. She's 61 and and looks and dresses younger with make up on. My fella... [more]

What do YOU think?!!?

Does anybody here really believe Trump won the 2020 election AND he will be back living in the white House by the end of this year?

Systemic racism

I am so sick of hearing about systemic racism from all the blacks. I'm 50 years old, and I have never seen discrimination against any black people in my life. And I've lived a lot of places in my life. But the last 10 years I've seen more and more black people crying about systemic racism. The funny thing is not one of them can give me an example... [more]

Wet Pussy

I placed an ad on older woman wants younger web site. To my surprise a woman close to where I live replied to me. She was very much older than me. She was looking for someone that was close to her to give oral to her on a regular bases. She complimented on my nude dick pic. She would give me hand jobs for doing oral on her and fingering her. I... [more]

Victoria's Secret

VS must be trying to kill off the company. First they started using fat women as models, then they jacked the prices up on all the items, and now they have brought in Megan Rapinoe (the dyke feminist who hates men) to finish killing the company. Who the fuck do they think are their major customers?? It's mostly men buying shit for their women. My... [more]

Daughter sleep ovet

A few years ago I got married to an Indian lady who had a 19-year-old daughter well wife had a night job and my stepdaughter was happy to chill with me well one night I had a shower and put dressing gound on and come and sat on a chair watching tv she also went and had a shower and put a long t-shirt on coming in living room lying on the settee... [more]


I started wearing thongs in my 30s I wear men’s thongs! I just got tired of briefs and boxers! So one day I was att Target I was looking for boxers well I saw thongs so I bought some! I couldn’t wait to try them on so I went into the bathroom & put them on. They felt great so from that day on I have been wearing thongs! I only wear thongs or go... [more]

Don't know if it's like this in other places, but it sure is here

Where did COVID 19 go?
I can tell you that according to the numbers, less than half the people in my state have received the shot. Yet everyone is walking around without a mask no, going about life like we are back to normal. There has been nothing on the news about COVID for months now and you can't even find anyone who gives COVID test... [more]

Liberals aren't very smart

They claim that rich old white people are racist. You know that is a true statement
They claim that rich old white people are the problem and need to just die. Again, you know that's a true statement. Matter a fact, you have probably said that yourself if you're a liberal.
But here's the problem, Liberals also voted a rich old white guy into... [more]

People get so butthurt over the truth

Lou Ferrigno tweeted "Can’t think of another superhero that isn’t in costume or CGI." And people are all butthurt. WHY??? It's the truth, plain and simple. Or do these people care to prove him wrong?

Liberals piss me off

Liberals aren't satisfied with white people being non racist. No, they want white people to be ashamed of being white. Well fuck that, and fuck you. I'm white and I'm proud. And if you don't like that, you can go fuck yourself you racist motherfuckers.

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