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Other Confessions

Wildest whore I ever fucked

I've had unprotected sex with dozens of street whores, and I've never even thought about going down on them, until I picked up this hot young whore last night.
I took her to my apartment and we got nuded up and jumped into bed and after sucking my cock for a few minutes, she layed back and spread her legs and told me to eat her pussy. I didn't... [more]

Bad dad

I get on here and read posts often and finally decided to post something for the first time. I am a divorced 38yo and have a 17yo daughter who lives with me. Her friends come over quite often and stay the night with her sometimes on the weekends. They are all around her age (16-18). About a month ago I noticed one of her friends walking out the... [more]

I finally squirted!

Didn’t know of anywhere else to post this and remain anonymous but here. I have always seen videos of other girls squirting and I’ve always wanted to but never happened. I looked up ways but it didn’t work at the time. Well earlier today I got home and got the urge to masturbate. I have a dildo and a vibrator that I use sometime but mainly just my... [more]

Im a housekeeper at a hotel and got a surprise

I started a housekeeping job at a local hotel 3mo ago. I’m married with 2 kids and needed to help my husband on bills so took this part time job. I was going room to room doing housekeeping and we must knock and announce ourselves when entering if no one comes to the door and doesn’t have a dnd hanger on the door. I walk into this room and not... [more]

For all you horny pervs out there

This is for all you horny old pervs who are married or have a gf. I am willing to send pics of myself for your wife/gf pics. I’m 29yo lesbian so I do not want to see or care to see your dicks. I am willing to help you and let you jerkoff to my tits and pussy for you to help me and I masturbate to your wife/gf. I prefer unaware bc that turns me on... [more]

Nude in locker room

In the shower and locker room at my local YMCA I go nude. It's all guys, some guys cover up, some don't. I guess there are gays at times and I have never seen activities. In 2023, what is the acceptable way to shower?

The girl I have fucked recently

What is everyone's impression of Chinese women? I recently fucked a few Chinese women in China. They are very lewd with furry pussy and small tits. I like this feeling very much. It's so perfect.

Site issue

Issue with site not letting us comment.

Sent nude wife photo

I recently sent a nude photo showing my wife spread out on the bed to an email address I found on this site. It made me so horny to read what he wanted to do with her.

Company party

The company I work for had a party for its employees. All the wives were very excited They rented a huge room at a local hotel for the get together. Many of the wives ,mine included , wanted to really let their hair down so they rented rooms at the hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive home. We got there early so my wife could fix herself up before... [more]

Shower girl

My wife and I use to meet friends of ours for a week of horseback riding and camping. At the park we went to was a big shower house built like a barn. One side of the barn was for women the other for men. Inside it was one communal room. There were no individual stalls. Just one long room with a pipe overhead and severa shower heads. There always... [more]

How can I post pics of the Mrs

I love showing pictures and videos of the wife,gives me such a hard on .

Seducing a stranger on the plane.

It happened two years ago when i was going on holiday alone and I was on the plane.
I’m on my seat waiting for the time to go by and having all sorts of drinks since i was thirsty.
After a while, I was getting a little drunk and horny. I had to go to the toilet and relieve myself.
The thing is that I needed to relieve this sexual tension... [more]

Why i can't reply

Why I can't reply to the comments of my post?

Guys, what's your favorite outfit to see your wife wear?

Guys, what is your favorite outfit to see your wife wear?
For date night, my wife has a couple of dresses that really flatter her. My favorite is probably her classic little black dress. It hits a little above her knee and shows her large bust off nicely without being overboard slutty. She usually pairs it with suntan or nude pantyhose and... [more]

Question for husbands

A question for the husbands out there --
If you could change one physical attribute of your wife, what would it be?
For me, I wish my wife's tits were prettier to look at. They are plenty big enough at 46D, but her nipples and areolas are a very light pink, to the point that you can barely distinguish her areolas from her skin. I love... [more]

70’s and Early 80’s

How many men and women are missing women that wore feminine lingerie? I’m talking about sexy matching panties and bra’s, slips half and full, open bottom girdles and thigh length girdles body shapers with snap crotch’s. Have any stories about the good ol days??


I find it curious why if someone doesn't enjoy something they read here they feel the need to write a negative comment? It takes time and effort to share content here, and if it isn't something someone likes they can move on to something else. And my guess is the ones who chose to do this are usually the ones who rarely if ever post anything here... [more]

Threats Blocked?

It seems like every time I log into this site (I am not a registered member), I get a Norton pop-up telling me it's blocked a malicious threat. Sometimes I get these more than once. It makes me not want to come here anymore.

I've got a crush on a plus size cam girl

I'm not really into "big" girls, I like them petite. My wife hasn't been giving it up as often as I want it, so I've been jerking it quite a bit watching webstreams on x hamster live. There's a Canadian cam girl that goes by "kittylovesyou" that is absolutely fucking stunning. This girl is so fucking gorgeous that I can (literally!) get off... [more]

Used by my sister's husband

Used for sex by my sister's husband!
So I've been a crossdresser all my life started when I was young....down on my luck in life I lost my job and my apartment, I've been staying with my sister and her husband. So my sister was out of town on a business trip and I thought John was out for the night with buddies....house to myself I took a... [more]

Why I've been somewhat faithful

I guess people are naughty by nature. I certainly have wanted to, but somehow when the opportunity is affored to me, I get cock blocked. I wonder how many other women out there are faithful because something outside their control shut it down for them, because they were whole hearted ready to jump in.

My wife snd her lovers

My wife is 43 years old and loves younger bulls I’m 51 and I can’t keep up with her sex drive she wants me to be castrated so I can not be invoked in her younger bulls fun she loves guys 18 to 29 and well hung she lets all of them cum in her and she wants my cum sack gone anyone ever been castrated for the love of seeing your wife being fucked out... [more]

The portrait

To make a long story short my wife ,42, had worked with Mr Thomas for about 15 years. He was probably close to 55. Through a series of mishaps he couldn’t get a model to pose nude for an art class project. He needed the class to qualify for a job at the museum when he retired. My wife worried over him until she got an idea. She would pose for him ... [more]

How Fast Do You Boys Cum?

18F here and lately all the guys I've been hooking up with all have been cumming incredibly quickly. Like I know I'm tight but coming on but my pussy needs something late lasts more than a couple mins

The ride

I talked my wife into calling off at work and going horseback riding with me. We loaded up the horses and went to a nearby state park. Being the middle of the week the horse area was deserted. My wife looked fucking hot. Her jeans were tight and hugged her ass. Before she got on her horse I said why don’t you take your shirt off and work on your... [more]

Gay or what?

I've been a crossdresser as long as I can remember, that said I've met a guy online been taking for a long time, we plan to meet so I can dress up for him and have sex.....I want to suck him off and have him fuck my boi pussy sooo bad....once I do that am i gay? Or just had a fun time and back to life as usual.

Wife’s tattoo

My strait laced wife finally decided to get a tattoo at the age of 40. We decided that she would get. It in a place only I would see. We went To a local tattoo parlor to check it out. The artist we talked to walked us through everything. He kind of reminded me of a young Sam Elliot. My wife loved Sam Elliot. She seemed quite smitten with this... [more]


None of my comments are showing up, anyone else having this problem? Why?

See through dresses

I've noticed that see through lace dresses are in fashion, at least in the U.K. They are great as it gives women the oppertunity to show off their ass in public, with only a thong or g string underneath. Which of you ladies enjoy wearing them?

First time nude beach

My wife Kelly was 42 years old when I finally talked her into going to a nude beach. At 42 she was still a beautiful woman. She was short, about 5’2” and weighed around 115. Her skin was tanned to a golden bronze. She had a beautiful face with huge blue eyes and yellow blond hair. Her tits were smallish but shapely. She had a tiny waist that... [more]

What’s wrong with this site?

What happened to this site. Seeing advertisements and unable to comment on stories.

Called a faggot queer

Well I am a crossdresser and I was caught by my neighbor sucking two guys and drinking piss from their cocks so he told my whole neighborhood and now they call me faggot queer crossdresser and all the women constantly watching me and I think I love the ideal of being the neighborhood cocksucker and human urinal has anybody out been branded the... [more]

Anyone else remember this porno?

I remember watching a porno years ago where one girl was trans, and she had TWO dicks and a pussy. She started fucking another girl in the pussy and the ass with her two cocks, and then a guy joined the group and fucked the tranny's pussy while she fucked the other girl in the pussy and the ass simultaneously. She eventually came from both cocks... [more]

I tried humping my cat when i was 10.

I wasn't sure if it would be okay to post this onto the other website, so I'm posting it on here.
this has been eating at me for six years.
before anyone comments, i regret this. i would never do this now, and i will never try doing it again. i find zoophilia disgusting and i am very much not one. i was just misguided and stupid.
ive been... [more]

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