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68 white married man. 6ft 140s. 8 in uncut. Needing white older male. Never sucked a mans cock before. Been wanting to for so long. Need help, teach me.

Showed friend my wifes pictures on computer

Sharing Pictures of my wife with a friend.
This happened last month. I had been drinking and was in the mood to share my wifes pics on different sites. Reading stories of others showing there friends and such. So I call a friend of over 30 years to come over for a beer. { The wife is not home this week, visiting family out of town}. In my shop I... [more]

Fill my Wife’s cum filled panties

My wife masturbates in her silky panties and squirts her cum in them let me know if anyone would be into me mailing them a pair so they to can cum in them also man or woman I’ll pay return shipping to mail them back so my wife so she can wear them with yours and her cum mix next to her pussy are if you would like to keep them that’s cool too

Honey helps Mummy with the bills

It was a small town so everyone that new her or new of her called her Honey because of the colour of her hair as the sun glistens through it. She hated it with great passion. It reminded her of a lions mane wild and unruly. She questioned herself regularly why so many people loved her hair, or better yet why.
Honey was only a very young girl at... [more]

Thank you naughty posts

I just want to thank you naughty posts ,because on this site ,for free I can say things to the world like,I'm a straight guy that has the uncontrollable urge to become the best dick sucking,cum eating whore the world has ever seen,I'm talking about getting that big cock in your hands guiding it towards a wide open watering mouth and gripping my... [more]

Sissy - made or born?

There seems to be a lot of sissies on here, so I was wondering ... is it something you came to in later life, have you always had sissy feelings, or were you conditioned into it?
I only thought about this in depth recently. Before that I just accepted that I wasn't a full male. From very early years, I was frequently spanked by my mother and... [more]

Wife with titties for show

Wife shows off her miltf titties, anyone want to dribble some cum on them wile she sleeps?

My friends husband flashed me

So about a month ago my friend and her husband came over to my house and we was hanging out. Later in the evening i decided to take a shower so i went to my master bath and took a shower. I got out and went to my bedroom and getting my clothes from the dresser still wrapped in a towel. I get my panties and bra and as soon as i drop my towel my... [more]

Husbands porn history

Hello, i am a 25yo married female. The other day my husband who is 28 went to take a shower and left his phone on the bed. I decided to look in it and i went to the browser and looked at his history. He has been watching big tit porn. Hes searched everything from d cup tits bouncing to fucking big breasted women. This makes me feel some type of... [more]

You were not hid very well

Yesterday, I was standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes and looking out the window. I noticed my neighbor in his backyard. He must have been out there for about 15 minutes when he stopped what he was doing and looked all around. I stepped back from the window far enough so that he could not see me standing there. He must not have seen anyone... [more]

My pussy is all over internet

Well, it started one year ago. I was very horny and drunk so I just took my phone and started taking photos of my pussy and ass and videos while touching myself. Then I went on sex chats and started sending them and masturbating to everything men sent me. Some complimented me, some showed me how they jerk off to me, some were asking for more and... [more]

The best

Not naughty, just honest. This is without doubt the single best by far site I've come across. My hats off to the management and to all the contributors.

Nude Photos

My wife used to pose for nude photos many years ago. We both agreed to destroy any prints we had and that was the end of it. I couple of years ago I found an envelope with some Polaroid photos and slides that I'd totally forgotten about. I posted them online and had some good responses. It turns me on that. Other men (and women) have masturbated... [more]

Bus home from a Christmas party

I got really drunk for the first time in years at a Christmas party. A friend dared me to flash a group of guys my tits on the bus home. Stupidly I did and one of them asked if I would take a selfie with him. So now there is some young guy with topless pics of me. I'm too old to be doing that sort of thing, I have kids ffs.
It got worse though... [more]

My gf destroyed pussy

My gf who is 26 likes objects in her pussy. She says she's always used objects over toys. She is starting to take it to the extreme and her pussy is getting destroyed but she likes that. I feel at the rate she's going I won't get to much pleasure from her vagina soon. She's got me to use everything from shampoo bottles to random big objects. She... [more]

Mature wife pics for trade

.my 45 year old brunette wife doesn't know I have lots of naked photos of her ready to trade for other naked wife photos

I love dogs

I'm curious if there's a lot of you that have experiences like mine when I was young. I used to spend lots of time at my friends house after school. Sometimes after dark I'd have to walk home alone the railroad tracks. It was pitch black always and pretty scary. But halfway thru there was a dog run that someone built outside their back fence. I'd... [more]


Does anyone have any good voyeur stories to share?

Idk why I get so horny at work

Hey I’m a 23yo female and I have a bf. We have sex whenever and it’s never been a problem with that. But for some reason here recently I’ve just been getting really horny while at work. I have an office job and have my own office room. I’ll get some free time through out the day and I have started masturbating at work. It started when I got the... [more]

Used a drilldo on my wife

Me and my wife like to use toys often. We have used pretty much everything but I seen a video of a guy using a drilldo/sawzaw dildo on his wife and made me want to try that. I have a sawzaw and I put a small blade on it and took one of my wife’s older dildo and was able to get it over the blade. It was on there good and tight but I still used some... [more]

I fucked up my life.

I am going through a divorce. I didn’t want to and I did everything for my partner and child and I just don’t want to they both give my life purpose. I blamed them and got mad at them as they are seeing other people and it hurts. I love with them and they act normally and still get naked in front of me and have had sex with me several times after... [more]

Helped a mental guy

Hello I’m a 28yo blonde. I have a guy friend who I’ve known for awhile and we hookup sometimes and his brother is mentally challenged. He’s not full blown but he’s really shy and doesn’t talk much and has never been kissed or anything by a girl. He’s 24 and my friend who is his brother brought up to me that he wants to help him and let him feel... [more]

Just one story

When I was young I had a experience with a gay teacher. Life went on. Then when I was 25 I started thinking about it. Then I started jerking off thinking about it. None of my friends knew. I started tucking my ass I would shave my ass and fantasize I was a girl . I had never did enemy thing with a guy . The first time I did was at a rest stop on... [more]

Pee drinking

I was doing the laundry after my daughter had gone out. I emptied the hamper but noticed her school PE skirt was wet. I sniffed it and it was wet with pee. I found her panties and they were soaked. I just couldnt help it, I had to lick them. One thing led to another and before I knew I was sucking the pee out of her panties, it tasted so good... [more]

A horseriders kinky fetish, how i was glad to help out

Several years ago i was doing some work for a guy who's daughter was obsessed with horseriding, she never seemed to wear anything other than riding clothes, tight jodhpurs, long black boots, typical english rider clothes, normally she'd be a bit mucky, dirty jodhpurs, muck spattered boots but if she was going out she'd wear a nice clean pair of... [more]

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