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Met a pornstar I used to masturbate to all the time.

When I was a teen back in the 80's, I had an uncle who had a vast porn collection that I would sneak into and grab a VHS tape when nobody was home.
I was attracted to Taboo 3, that incest series that starred Kay Parker. It had other stars in it but Honey Wilder and Kay were my favorites. This was when hairy privates was still a thing.
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Do you have a preference?

I'm aiming this question to the ladies mainly, but it's cool for men to answer, just let me know your gender. Do you like circumcised penis or non better? I've watched a lot of porn in my almost 50 years and circumcised just looks nicer. I know that non have tons more nerve endings and supposedly sex is better, but I'm just talking about looks.

Dildo up ass

I'm a straight man with a dildo up my ass right now as I'm typing this. When I do blow I get horny and do things I would not do straight. I'll.wear pantyhose take pictures of myself naked.

I think a guy dry humped me on the train

I always get a very busy commuter train home, barely standing room, literally squashed in. Because of how crammed it is slot of groping goes on. Sometimes your not sure if it's accidental or deliberate, but you always feel 'touched'. It's not uncommon for me to feel a guys crotch against my bum, I just tolerate it.
The other day I was on the... [more]


I would like to face time someone man or woman and masturbate together. I did it once with a gay guy. I'm straight. He likes men in jockstraps so I put one on. I turn my ass to the camera and arch my ass out and was spreading my ass. He was jerking off and was saying what a nice ass I have. Then he wanted me to turn around and watch him cum so I... [more]

Dirty talk

Women I love when my woman talks dirty to me during sex. I love when she tells me to fuck her hard. Or she plays and tells me how she got fuck by the repairman while I was at work. Or she tells me u want me to suck your friend's cock while u fuck my ass. Or she tells me two guys picked her up when she was out and got fucked by them. It drives me... [more]


Do any woman like seeing their man in pantyhose or panties? One night I was high and I asked my girlfriend if I could wear her pantyhose and she said yes. She picked out a pair for me. She said I looked good. I liked the way they feel. Now when I go I over there I sometimes hang out in her pantyhose. Would you like to see your man in pantyhose?

Butt plug

Any women out there walk around with a butt plug up their ass?

Teacher And Student

I'm an18yo gayboy, a HS senior who's been intimate with his english teacher, he's 26 married with a new baby. He's the first boy I've allowed to touch me in ways I haven't let others'. I feel so connected to him in so many ways and love our short periods in time when, I give him what he so desires, me for his love. I feel so perplexed, sad and... [more]

Can't help myself

I'm not gay, but I cop an erection every time I see or hear President Trump speak. He is just the greatest president this great country has ever seen, and I literally can't help but rub one out every time I even think of the great things he's doing for our nation.

My Beliefs

I Confess, That I Have Fallen Short Of The Glory Of God, And Am A Sinner; I Ask For Forgiveness From My Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ! The Bible says That “For God So Loved The World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whomsoever Believes In Him, Will Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life!” “I Earnestly Want That Kind Of Life, Too!” (Hohn... [more]

Me and my 2 niece's

I have been in love with my sister since I was 8. I am also a very little tiny girl lover. Her two are making me hard and I love that

Mother in law massage

My mother in law was having hip pain from a surgery. I was getting therapy for a ripped bicep I told her I had some ointment I could massage on her. But she shouldn’t get it on her clothes. She was in a white cotton nightgown To my disbelief she took her panties off in front of me I started massaging her staring at her ass and backside of her... [more]

XXX Store and theatre

I called a Sex shop and told the girl who is the owner that I’m a Nudist, and would pay her to let me come in at closing time to shop when nobody is around and she said ok!

But plug

Hey, ladies, do any of u go out with a butt plug up your ass?Please let me know,

I don't mind getting groped, but I have rules, do you agree?

I am a 25 yo female, petite, and most would say pretty. I was first groped when I was like 13 and I hated it, I eventually got used to it, started ignoring it, and now I really don't mind it.
Public transport is the worst, I can't take a busy train or bus without getting my bottom felt, but it happens every where all the time.
I have some... [more]


Ladies do u like your men in thongs if he is in good shape. Like to hear your opinion. I know some women like their men in panties but that's another topic. Lol


Hey ladies do u like your men completely shaved down there or just trimmed or just let it go. I sometimes shave completely or just trim. Once in a while I like to shave around my butt whole because I like when my girl rims me. I like to hear your thoughts.

Pics of wife

My wife has a beautiful set of tits. Not really huge 34B but no sag at all and to me just perfect. I talked her into letting me take some pics of her topless and then with her totally naked.
I was on the computer one day and was on a site that guys were posting pics of their wives and I asked her if I could post some of her. She was a little... [more]


I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. I am proud to be one and love that I am I suck cock and swallow cum and take it deep in my ass also love to have men explode inside my ass to I dress up every chance I get I have more women s clothes than men I getting more feminine everyday and I love it I love married black men they last longer and cum more... [more]


Any women out there like pegging their man? If so I like to hear why. It's something I may want to try.


Do any woman out there masturbate when driving or in the car. If so like to hear.


I like confessing but no one seems to give feedback. I feel like I'm waiting my time

Panties on men

Any women out there who like to see their man in panties and lingerie. If so I like to know why and does it turn u on?


I don't know why I bother confessing. Nobody responds and the ones that do are years old. I want to see how many of u feel the same way.

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