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Wardrobe malfunction

There was a woman in the store and her shirt was rising up. I could see the bottom of her areolas. She walked a little more and her nipples were poking out. The next time I looked, her entire areola was out. They were pretty big areolas. They were dark and she was light brown. She adjusted her top but I just watched them slide out again. Watching... [more]

I want to be a sissy

I want to be a sissy. I want to be forced into feminization and go down a path I can never come back from. I want to be free from any form of body hair, I want my tiny clitty to be locked in cage never to see the light of day again, I want to have my nails painted 24/7, I want to learn how to do my makeup and wear it every day. I want to grow my... [more]

Can Heavenly Soft Pink Fleece Seduce A Man

Can a homemade heavenly soft, airtight pink fleece bag cause sexual arousal, if it’s constitutes an inner liner, with a body length plastic bag stretched over it, and is sealed shut, where the exit end of the c Pap hose exits the bag, and someone wearing an adult pink fleece diaper and pink fleece footed pajamas crawls inside, and using the c Pap... [more]


I feel sick right now Might go clean the house you should be scared a little Honestly YOU are why too judgmental

I Don't know

Fuck you, ya fucking fuckers..

Want to watch my lover spank my hubby

I have the hottest fantasy: I want to watch a strong, big-dicked stud stake my husband over his lap, "de-pants" him and spank his bare ass for me. Do any other women enjoy fantasizing about this?

Reared Ended

I had learned the pleasures of sucking cock during rush week. Fraternity Bros and Fraternity blows. But I never been fucked. Some guys and I were shooting basketball in the gym. Then we had to clear out as the cheerleaders needed to practice in the gym cause it was raining. A few of us hung out by the door and watch as the girls warmed up by... [more]

A celebrity crush

I'm in love with the 19 year old girl who played Charlotte on Nickelodeon's "Henry Danger." Her name is Riele. She makes my dick so hard and always makes me wanna cum. I want to stare at her lovely firm ebony breasts and suck on her hard nipples. I want to watch her put on red lipstick, seductively walk towards me and decorate my face with moist... [more]

My pussy

I have huge lips and small clit if i were a man I’d have micro penis i guess don’t know Husband says it the first one he saw with lips that big an clit that small Best tasting smelling one he’s had smells best after i've cum some even better after lots of cuming Just one reason he married it 🙂

Checking For Responses To Posted Confession.

In My Opinion; Am Wondering If there are any responses to my breastfeeding post. Regards: Babied(Internet User Name).

Killed my wife

Holy fuck. I literally fucked my wife to death last night. Not sure what to do now. We were fucking doggy style and she told me to fuck her hard in the ass, so I pulled out of her pussy and rammed it up her ass. She screamed and said it hurt like hell, but I kept stoking the shaft to her full bore, till I saw the blood oozing out around my cock. I... [more]

Confession of a married couple

I confess that me and my wife have been swinging for close to 14 years now without family or friends knowing about it. We swing in a club and we do it once a month in average. My wife is close to 50, im close to 44.

Red Blooded Male

Is it wrong for me to want to see my 18 yo step daughter naked? She has a killer bod and is always showing a lot of skin. I have even thought of purchasing hidden cams. Wrong? Maybe but is it Normal?? Help

Wife's Abnormal Behavior

We been married for some time and I'm thinking of ending our marriage. We have conversations about our marriage. She knows I cheat on her now and then but doesn't mind if it keeps our marriage going. Whenever I'm really horny she masturbate me until I come or she lets me abuse her long saggy tits.
Recently she got out of character. Going... [more]

A good spanking

I want to put DH over my knee and spank his bare a**. Then I want him to start thrusting his penis in between my legs till he is ready to cum. When he can barely contain himself I want him to flip me over and cut in my a**.


My H says I have an amazing Pussy, says its the best he ever smelled an tasted one of the many reasons he married me :) I smells best after I do a lot of cuming so he likes to use toys and his hands to make me cum a lot just so he can enjoy smelling and licking me I don't mind at all.. life is good


We met our former friends from college elaine was a book worm and always dressed like Mary Poppins sometimes we made fun of her because she was small framed and never had a boyfriend ... when we returned to our house Carolyn left with her husband but Elaine was a bit drunk so we asked her to stay for the night. .. then my husband wanted sex... [more]


Going with no panties under my dress makes me feel supper sexy

Husband and Wife Threesome issue

How do I handle this situation? I had a threesome with my husband and another male. The sex with the other male was good. We have been together maybe 5 times in the last 5 years. I was with him by myself twice and my husband was aware. So now my husband doesn't want me to like the sex with the other guy. It's is a big problem with me liking sex... [more]

Growing boobs

I've gained around 25 lbs during quarantine and a lot of it has settled around my chest. I finally have boobs for the first time ever! I'm so happy. I'm never losing this weight.

Welcome back Naughtypost!!

We've missed you!!


A few months ago, my wife told me she wishes to be fat. I can't explain it, but I honestly get turned on watching her eat unhealthy foods like a slob. It is so hot. I even get to feed her sometimes. I have loved watching her transform from a skinny elegant lady to a gross fat slob.

Use some fucking paragraphs please

There are only 5 or 6 people who post here, but before you post your shit, can you get your formatting right so that you have proper spacing and paragraphs? It is painful to read a wall of text.

Day 3 of giving my husband a deep throat blow job

I can take his 6.5” erect cock all the way down to his balls. It takes a minute to get my mouth warmed up and the back of my throat loose and relaxed. After I work it a few minutes I stick my tongue out as far and flat as I can covering my bottom teeth. I can then take his cock all the way down. The previous two days he has to give me a little... [more]

Female with an extremely high sex drive

I am a woman with a incredibly high sex drive. I need my husband more than he can release. I also masterbate several times a day. I literally cant get enough. I have a huge toy collection but its not the same as being taken bareback and filled up with cum. I have NEVER cheated on my husband and never will. Im not the social type to want to go to... [more]

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