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Why do women douche?

I know douching is not good for you, doctors recommend against it. But, some women still douche. Question: For women that douche, why do you douche?

No panting

I think it's hot when women go out wearing short skirts with no panties. Are there any women do this and does it make u feel sexy?


I love watching videos of women masturbating. Are there any woman out there that do this? I think it's hot and I like to hear about it.

Back pain (pleasure)

Not sure what category this fits into, because it's odd. I'm 57 female, and I've been going to the doctor for chronic back pain. I'm off work, and the pain has been unbearable. I might have to get a fusion, but have been trying alternative treatments at this point.
My doctor has been trying spinal stimulus on me. A few days ago was the first... [more]

Anal sec

I was seeing this lady that was 60 years old. Same age as me. I love anal sex and she never did it before. Well anyway I did anal with her and she loves it. She begs for me to stick it in her ass. She tells me she loves it and that really turns me on. She knows I love anal. I love licking her asshole also. She loves it. She gets on the couch on... [more]


I was in my back garden When I overheard my neighbours talking , Both these guys are single and in there early 60s , My wife's name came up in the conversation so I stopped dead and listened to them talking . Ron said to Joe she loves showing herself off joe said I agree with you she's a slut with her high heels short skirts and low tops , Ron... [more]

First pregnancy

He fucked me. Hard. No protection. Every day. I liked it, but I couldn’t say that. I’d see him coming towards me and know there was nowhere to go but follow him. I wanted to follow. He never used protection. I “got sick” and left school. Our daughter was born 8 months later. I had my first period after I had a baby. Crazy, right?

My neighbor is PG!

Went to a New Year party at the neighbors. Everybody was drunk and many passed out, including the hostess. She had been flirting and playing with me all evening so I decided to take her to bed. Great fuck, nice and tight! She told my wife the other day that she must be preggers, she has missed two periods! I guess she doesn't remember us fucking... [more]

Old widow from church.

My (divorced) mom always left me with an old widow from church because she had to work evenings in shifts.
I was 11 and mom never knew this horny widow was using me because of her sex hunger, which she always had. I always had to lick her hairy gray pussy and suck her boobs. And often for more then an hour, she held my head against that pussy... [more]

Odd Mother in Law Fantasy

Today my mother in law had to take back her dog from an ex. Now she has two intact males, one a Shepherd and the other a Lab/Bull mix, and a fixed female. I don’t know why, but I just dreamed about wanting to see my mother in law naked on the floor with the two males fucking her while the female licks her huge tits. Then when the males are done... [more]


This is a true story me and my wife both go to the same dentist we both went in for are appointments , When it came to the hygienist my wife went in first now I've known him for some time and we always have a laugh I suppose he is comfortable around me . Now my wife hasn't got around to changing her sir name so he didn't know she was my wife , So... [more]

Lazer hair removal down there, Daddy's paying

I hate my pubic hair, when it was long enough to pluck out I did (12 ish) then I started shaving it and then waxing. When I turned 16 I found a beautician who would give me the full Hollywood wax. I'm 17 now and want Lazer hair removal. I want to be totally hairless down there forever with no ongoing cost or razor burn.
I live with my dad, and... [more]


A while back my other half brought up the subject of Dogging she said she was intrigued and would like to see what goes on , Anyway nothing else was said about it some months later we went to a party some distance away , On the way back I remembered there was a known Dogging site so I thought we could take a look so I told her and she seemed... [more]

Apartment "viewing"

My wife and I live apart for work so we have an apartment for her near the university at which she teaches. Her apartment is on the top floor overlooking the courtyard, providing a pretty good view of the apartments across and on lower floors. Most of the units have patios and french doors covered by floor-to-ceiling blinds. I have noticed that... [more]

I want the world to know this

I thought a long time about if I was going to post this or not. Months. Every time I thought about really sitting down and actually typing this out, I would get so nervous. But every time I would think about someone reading this and knowing that this really going on somewhere would get me really wet.
Maybe no one will read this. It's in a... [more]

Old Teacher

I was online the other day and saw that an old school teacher of mine and my wifes started a social media account. I decided to send him a friends request and he accepted. After a few weeks I received a message from him asking how we were doing. So we started to chat and did all sorst of small talk but after a while the talked turned into a sex... [more]

I was last

They ran a train on my cousin I found her layef back with her legs spread open she was wearing nothing but heels and her skirt that was pushed up to her waist, she was passed out in that position there was cum literally around her I tried to wake her up but she just hummed at me and closed her legs and moved on her side she never woke up so I just... [more]

My wife's butty

It was few years ago, I and my wife went to Thailand for summer holidays. No doubt, Thailand is the se*iest destination ever. I was very excited and I told my wife about Thailand and its se* tourist and also my fantasies about it. I asked her to be se*ier during that trip. She agreed and we talked about our fantasies for long time. We went to... [more]

It's funny

Fedex walks to a house guy opens door naked fedex guy sees his package its funny


It's been my fantasy to be alone with a woman dead having her all to myself doing to her what I want to do to her for hours

What is average for a black guy?

Im a black male in SoCal and I watch a ton of porn. It seems like every black guy in porn has a 10 inch dick and I really feel self conscious sometimes when I'm with a new partner sexually because I'm only like 7 3/4 inches. I am really thick tho but I usually hear the standard " Omg, it so so big" but I feel they are bs'ing me. How big is BBC in... [more]

Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk up to a woman and expose yourself. I wondered about it for a while and one day I had the chance. I felt confident and I didnt mind, I saw a woman standing alone in the park. I acted like I was going to walk away when I approached her from behind and I didn't have anything to say for an excuse to... [more]


Once I was jogging and men were looking at my crotch as i pass. Turns out i was wearing a really tight yoga pants my camel toe was showing. It was literally like 2nd skin!
That turned me on and thought of something naughty. so i went to the washroom and removed my panties. I was surprised with pleasure with the results.
Since the leggings... [more]

My Bar Adventure

My Pool Hall Adventure
When I was in Phoenix a few months ago, a guy from the office took me to a bar for a few drinks, after the last day of the audit. We drank and laughed had some dinner, while he was becoming obnoxious. So I left him and went over to a few guys playing pool. I asked if I could have next game. I figured it would give him time... [more]

Needing a spanking

My name is Amanda. 38 years old on November 20 I was hoping to find someone male or female on here who would be willing to give me a really good old fashioned barebottom over the knee spanking

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