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DArren wearing wifes satin and being poz breed

Hi everyone its time i let it out a while ago i meet a fit gay top who only fucked bareback and got me using T well this let me have sex with him for months aswell as in sauna and london all the time i was letting guys cum inside me i loved it but my wife didnt like the fact i was dressing in her clothes and doing it in the house when she was at... [more]

I’ve always fantasized, about letting a woman cut off my penis

Ever since hearing about Lorena Bobbitt, I have had the fantasy of letting a woman cut off my penis. I fantasize of a world where it is legal for women to cut off penises. I dream of just walking down the street, a woman grabbing me by the penis. Pulling it out and snipping it off with scissors. I have thought off being at work, missing a... [more]

Wife’s Bare or Hair

Is your wife pussy and bootyhole bare or hair if it’s hair how much bush is it

I just started watching porn

I’ve never really been into watching porn or doing anything like that but just the other day I decided to give it a try. I am 16 and a couple of my friends have talked about watching porn so I was curious to see it also. I have seen stuff by accident before but I never actually sat there and watched it before and omg some of that stuff is actually... [more]

Role play

I would love to role play mother/son farther/sister rather/ daughter

My neighbor paid me to take nude pictures of me

That was how it started and then offered me more money to touch and suck me. When he took the pictures I would wear a ski mask so if he shows anyone they couldn't tell it was me.

Leak my wife phone number

So that horny guys flirt with her. Alternate to posting online

Wife’s new job

My wife and I was doing well till she lost her job my income couldn’t pay our bills she started cleaning houses one of the couples wife works out of town a lot they are very wealthy she was bent over cleaning the bath tub one day in her sexy tee shirt and Nike shorts when she felt something rub across her ass it was the husband he told her he knew... [more]

Most are fake stories!

I do believe most of the stories here are fake. From web owner or people with perverted sexual fantasies, to entice people to this site. I'm very sure almost every guy knows the consequences of raping a woman (Long term prison sentence). All the rubbish!

Mil pussy

When my mil and I was first met our eyes locked on to one another, we were very much attracted to each other, my wife and I lived out of town a good ways, we had been married 11 years and she dies of blood clot issues, we had a daughter 8 years old and I knew that I had to get back in town around my mil for help with my daughter. My mil was... [more]

Uncle (aunts husband) pinned me against the wall

He tried to hold me and hug me while i was in the kitchen. i ran to the toilet he came from the other door and locked it. I asked him what foes he want. He said don't you know. Pinned me against the wall holding my arms up and tried to kiss me. Isn't this a rape attempt. Scared the crap out of me. I screammed for my granny attention. His grip... [more]

Getting Revenge And A Hot New Sex Partner

I needed to leave the area to help my son with his mother's death. I was out of the area nearly five weeks. During that time my girlfriend of ten years started dating a guy much younger than her. I found out by the phone calls she received when we was together and her lying to me that she couldn't be with me on certain days. Her so called dear... [more]

Pretty Sitting

I'm wondering if there's any BBW's in the Houston area that just like to be lazy and sit and read or watch TV or talk with friends through-out the day and would enjoy having someone to sit on while they do those things? I'm don't care what you look like, what color you are, or how old you are. Just want you to $it on me. Any takers?


I would like to trade pictures of my slut wife

Photos and vids

First time I was naive. At school. First boyfriend. Gave him pictures of me, in underwear, with my knickers off and skirt up. He shared them of course. All the lads in class saw them, god knows who else. I remember being at a party a couple of years later, the lads had a projector, I was one of the girls shown on the screen.
I’ve shared since... [more]

I always wanted to try and be submissive to a woman

I have never met a woman that is comfortable being in control in the bedroom. Are there any females that like to be in charge? Blush I would love a hear a woman say " worship me"

Watching with a smile

I've been watching a news Titan around the necks of Donald Trump's closest allies. I'm watching as Trump gets closer to being charged with criminal intent and a Discovery has been made. Charges are looming and I laugh watching the white trash maga the trumpublicans start to sweat and worry just a little more each day. I laugh at the childish... [more]

Older women and penis size

I am a 65 year old male. Married for 40 years. My wife my sister in law and myself went to a nudist beach last year. We had never done anything like this before. My sister in law, recently lost her husband, had asked us to go with her. It was a bucket list for her. So, the three of us last summer went to Florida. We found a nudist beach on... [more]

Don't know what is up

I'm not sure what is going on.
Me and my wife have always had a very active and healthy sex life.
About a year and a half ago all of our sex slowed down and she did not seem to be quite as into it.
My wife is also extremely conservative the mirror thought of swinging swapping or sharing isn't enough to threaten divorce.
Over the years my wife... [more]

Hot but Poor Daughter

My daughter is a college dropout. Money seems to go through her hands like water. I make soso money, but not great. She's always hitting me up for money. How do I suggest to my beautiful 23 yo daughter to do cam shows to give my wallet some relief?

Whip my wife

My wife is a beautiful tan 40 year old 153 lbs 5ft 7 in tall long black hair and loves sex we have played with the the thought of bondage and whips we have never done this before and she’s into maybe getting another guy that has done this to join us she really wants to do this any comments thoughts or help is needed and welcomed

My original story didn't get posted, now I'm disappointed

I wrote a nice long post about the time my best friend, his wife, and his daughter moved in with me while their house was being built, and how the daughter used to constantly walk around naked. I assume it didn't get posted because of her age (she was young). They were always embarrassed and constantly fussed at her, and apologized for it, but I... [more]

I love being naked outdoors!

I live in the country and have a decent piece of property, but I do have neighbors nearby, including a cop next door. But from time to time when the weather is nice, I'll slip a butt plug in and go outside completely naked and just walk around, or sit on my deck chairs spread eagle, and almost always masturbate. I love shooting my cum on the... [more]

Accepted Her As My Spouse

There was this Slavic woman that got a job where I worked. She was new to the U.S.A. and barely spoke English.Her husband just past away and she was confused. We began to talk t each other and she asked me a million questions. She was a shapely brunette woman mach older than me with good size breasts and a hot ass. I enjoyed her accent as she... [more]

Just wondering

Well I am a man that has worn woman's clothing for about 30 years now and I date only men and have for about 25 years I wear women's clothes 24/7 365 days a year I have a couple of regular guys but they refer to me as a faggot and queer is this true I have never referred to myself as faggot queer I refer to myself as a feminine sissy crossdresser... [more]

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