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When ever a sexy woman sends me a photo of them nude i can't help but imaging my self fucking the woman and when ever i go to sleep with the photo of the nude woman fresh in my head i have dreams of my self ether breeding them or breaking there mind and i love it


So when ever a sexy girl sends me their nudes i can't help but imagine my self fucking them and when i go to sleep with the girl's nude still fresh in my head i have dreams about breeding them or breaking there mind and i love it.

To Spank or Not To Spank

I've been eyeing my friends ass for a while now, she has a very nice buttocks. I want spank it good. Like if I were to flick a pebble at it, it would jiggle like jello... But how do I tell her? Or find a way to do it? She is kinda of bad girl, but how do I use that?

Good dick sucking in the park

When i was a young teen i would go to the local park and didnt take long to be hit on by a guy i always let them suck my dick it had a life long impact on me i would as an adult sometimes suck a dick too my wife was understanding she to loved sucking a dick or a pussy never a problem for us

I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old Girl

I confess that I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old girl. But it was all right, because both of us are going to Hell already, I just sealed the deal between us.

She wanted to know if we wanted to play a game of Dare, so I said ok, I dared her to show me her Vagina, she said sure “ you wanna see inside or just my Vagina “ I said just her... [more]

Cock sucking to shoot cum

At 14 i got my first cock sucking by a gay man . i let him suck me every day afert school for several yrs. even 2 of his friends . some times on the week ends they would give me viagar .i would have huge cum loads several times all day long. stay hard 2 hrs at a time. the first 2 loads would shoot out 6 inches or more 5 to 6 times. they would suck... [more]


Would you like to see some amazing New Mexico Hispanic tits let me know

I suppose this is rather naughty.

I live on a large ranch, to give you and idea, my driveway is a mile and a half long. Out the front windows are fields, a slough between here and the neighbors, it's close to a mile to their house.
I have a telescope, one of those with several lenses and using the best one I can pick out features on the moon. I use the thing to keep track of... [more]

Neighbourly Kink

I’m a happily married heterosexual (or so I thought) guy but for the past 6 months I’ve been sucking my elderly neighbours cock.
We watch football together at his place with a few beers and sometimes watch some porn.
On the first occasion we were pretty drunk and he’d put on some shemale porn, which we were both laughing about. Without any... [more]

I was an alter boy

The father molested for about 2 years.

Grandma Pays Me

I'm getting addicted to my grandmother's naughtiness. I think she enjoys being an old cougar. I go over to her place and help her out a lot. Then one day I got into a conversation with her about her activities with men she dated and slept with. I told her even though she was old looking her body was still a turn on. "Well thank-you babe." she... [more]

Second cock I sucked

I wanted to suck on another guy cock so when I had a chance to I did it it was so nice couldn’t believe how soft it felt and how slippery it was as I was going up and down on it to me it is so hot I get so turned on as soon as a guy touches my cock I got so hot when I was sucking for the second time that I came in my pants wondering if this ever... [more]

Sex Question

Do girls actually like above-average/big dicks? I know that a lot would be afraid to say yes, but I really want to know.

Why so much fake noise?

What's up with women that scream and moan excessively during sex? I banged a chick last week that sounded like she was getting hit over the head with a tire iron. My cock is only 6 inches long, and not very wide, and she's shit 3 kids out of that baby cannon, so I know damned well she barely felt my wang, and it certainly wasn't hurting her. Maybe... [more]

Sex Slave 3

My master is allowing me to tell you what has happened to me since I last posted. As usual master had me dress up in a sexy outfit for my adventure. He had invited 3 friends over that I did not know about and before they came over he had tied me to the foot of the bed so I could not move my arms. He then let his friends in and after I was... [more]

Straight Guy Wants to try cock

I'm in my 50s, single, straight. When I was a kid, my friend and explored each other's bodies. I particularly was really into stroking his cock, then I started to kiss it. Finally, I was so turned on and sucked his cock. we were 8 years old, but I loved the way his hard cock felt and smelled and tasted.
I was straight the rest of my life and... [more]

Straight Guy Wants to try cock

I'm a man in my mid 50s. when I was 8, my best friend and I used to explore each other's bodies.i actually, I was more into pleasing him. I started just touching and stroking. Soon I was kissing his hard cock, then licking . I finally had the guts to suck on his cute cock.
I never did any guy stuff. I met my girlfriend in high school. we got... [more]

I don't know which is worse

The number of incest and underage stories here, or the people who keep raising their profiles by concern-trolling them. But I'm leaning towards the people furiously jerking off to how much they performatively hate them.

A message for the TROLLS here

In case you haven't noticed the name of this site is "Naughty Posts." When you create a post is says "Be Naughty." Well, "Family" and being naughty go hand in hand with incest.
Nobody reads the tons of comments that YOU write. Hell, your comments are far longer than the original post was. You are dumber than a box of rocks if you think people... [more]


How do I fake a nipslip? Like how to make it look real?

Trading wife nude pics

I love showing nude pictures of my wife. She is bbw with big tits she is 34 Malaysian-Indian also I will like to also trade pics as well.

Call 1-800 FEET

Are you having issues with your Feet, would you like to talk about your feet and talk about any foot related stories, or are you some annoying retarded loser who continues to comment on feet related posts because you have no life at all and have a Foot Sniffer Fetish? Then please give a call.
Did you get arrested for Foot Fondling, smelling a... [more]

Enjoying It Too much

I didn't expect her to go along with my idea and desired wishes but she openly told me it was kinky and it would be fun. I told my wife I wanted her to go braless around the home and in the yard giving people an eyeful. She knew I married her because of the tits that she has and she would tease me with them often by flashing them often to me... [more]

$20 Meth Whore

After 6 months of being cooped up without being able to go out to any bars or clubs, I finally decided I was tired of beating off. I took a cab downtown and got out on 4th Street, where all the whores hang out. I walked down the street a couple of blocks, where this skanky looking chick walked up to me. She asked if I was looking for a date, and I... [more]


The FitnessGram pacer test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin is 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, then gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. A signal lap should be completed each time you hear a sound... [more]

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