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Why do i have cuck fantasies for my mom? can someone explain

I have weird cuckold fantasy.. about my mom having sex with strangers and random people in front of me .. why it could b like that.. her age is 56.

Busted by kids

Last night, my wife and I were both pretty fucking wasted on alcohol, marijuana, and a couple of oxycodone tablets we had snorted. We were both unbelievably horny and had absolutely zero inhibitions. We had put our two young children to bed earlier, and we're sitting on the couch, watching porn on the flat screen TV.
We were both buck naked, and... [more]

My wife's cum

I'm not gay, or anything, but I love sucking another man's cum out of my wife's pussy. This just started about a year ago, when my wife came home late one evening, after "working late" at her office. We hadn't had sex in a while, and I was really horny and wanted to fuck her as soon as she walked through the front door. She tried to stop me, and... [more]

Living The Pandemic Lifestyle

Our normal social lifestyle activity has been altered. This stay at home order has us doing things we really didn't expect to do. I live with my divorced mom and our neighbor is divorced also and I pal around with her son that lives with her at times. Since we can't go clubbing we do our social drinking in each other's house at times. Then the... [more]

I admit to being a closeted sissy faggot

Yes, I'm in the closet, though I have been out before. I so much enjoy dressing in femware attire. Without sites like backpage, I no longer can find any pro dommies. That was so much fun being feminized, dominated, exposed and humiliated. The spankings, the cock sucking practice with their strapons. Bending over and being fucked with them. The... [more]

How many guys love short women with big tits

I have been wanting to expose my wife for the past two years she has been sending me tit pictures she has beautiful tits and I think the world deserves to see them let me know what you guys think should I or not

As She Developed

When I was 18, and my peeping partner, 14, one of our targets was a 12 yr. old girl, whom he was crazy over. She was really cute, and had an absolute God-given ass, but, nothing else, no tits and no pubes. Her mom wasn't really much to look at, hanging mams with grey nipples, a large dimpled ass, and a bush that hung down like a beard, scraggly... [more]

Chubby guy nudes?

Would anyone be interested in seeing nudes of a chubby hairy guy? I want to start posting nudes but only if there's anyone who'd be turned on by that. All genders feel free to reply.

Kept secret for years

My oldest son thinks he is my first husband’s. He (the husband) is dead now, and I wonder if I should tell my son he’s actually the product of the best sex with a stranger I ever had. I was at a music festival and I met a guy waiting in a really long line for food. He suggested we go back to his van and wait until the lunch rush was over. I... [more]

Having fun in public

Well hello everyone my name is Cassie I am a older crossdresser and last week I went to the hair salon got my hair cut styled and colored and went and bought a new dress got all dressed up went to the gay club here in my home town got hit on by gay and straight guys it was so great so I ended up going home with this older guy about 55 I suck him... [more]

See Me Naked

My fantasy is to have everyone in the world google "alchatt" so everyone can see me naked.

Not A Sin To Be Pleasured At Times

I moved in with my 52 year old mom to help each other financially. I'm 31 and divorced. My dad left my mom 10yrs. ago when had just gotten married. Mom and I started to form a good bond/relationship between each other. We went to flea markets and church together. We got use to being around each other that it wasn't a big deal to be caught off... [more]

Topless sunbathing

On a recent holiday in the sun, I decided to sunbath topless on a public beach. Not uncommon on European beaches, I think I was more surprised than my husband when i finally got the courage to remove my bikini top. I asked him to apply sun screen to my back and then turned over and asked him to apply sunscreen to my front, well his hands were... [more]

First proper massage

My husband booked an anniversary massage for me whilst on holiday in Europe, had never had a "proper" massage was so looking forward to it, but also a little nervous about it. The day of the massage we walked to the location and I went in and husband wandered off for a beer or two. The place was sumptuous, lovely decor, warm and inviting. I was... [more]

Superbowl Party

One time I was at A Superbowl party at my cousins house. It was one woman there. At half time she went n the room and one by one all the men went n and fucked her. I didnt go n. After everybody left. She went and Took A shower. I ate her pussy for about A hour. She squirted so many times I lost count.

Touched my hairstylist (female) today, finally!

I've been going to this hairstylist every month for about a year now, and my hands are always on the arm rests. As time went on, I noticed she started putting the chair up to a height where my hand could easily fit right in between her legs, and she'd regularly "bump into" my hands throughout my haircut. Today, finally after all this time, I had... [more]

Kind of obsessed

I have never been in a relationship with another woman. I have never had a crush on another woman or at least see one and think that she is hot but I can’t stop watching porn vids of women with big tits and big ass. I find myself almost transfixed watching them.

By the Gleam of the Glans

The co-ed rental house backed up to another property, which was vacated. It had a roaming and lush flower garden. It was easy for my peeping partner and myself to use as a base, to peep on the co-ed house. This was many years ago, long before cameras everywhere, and motion lights.
Our targets were two college girls, one a tall blonde with a... [more]

Time Status Of Confessions

Just out of curiosity; Are naughty posts permanent electronic posts?.

Time Status Of Confessions

Just out of curiosity; Are naughty posts permanent electronic posts?.

Almost...Caught ( No Sex )

My wife had gone to bed, it was late. I sneaked downstairs with my binoculars, and put on black jeans, and a black, long-sleeved tee, and my black Nikes. I poured another tumbler of Grey Goose, drained it, and finished a roach of the green kush. Then, I sneaked out the back door to begin my nefarious activity.
The scalding hot summer day... [more]

OkCupid Meet Up

I’m a 22 yr old female now but when I was 15 I had made an account on OkCupid pretending to be 18. I liked older men when I was a teen and wanted to find a guy on there to chat with. I met some cool 30 something punk guy and we chatted for a week or two before ever meeting up. The night I met him I snuck out my window and he picked me up and drove... [more]


I m a male and pretend I'm a female on omegle. I love to fuck with men about pegging, wearing panties and cross-dressing. I was surprised what men would do and fantasize about. I got men on snap sticking dildos up their ass thinking I'm a women and so muck more. I pretend I'm gay, bisexual, top or bottom. I love the responses I get. Anyway, I feel... [more]

Tasting cum

My girlfriend likes to put my cum In my mouth after she blows me. Or she likes when I lick my cum out of her pussy. I read a lot about men loving to suck cock. I just don’t like how it tastes but I do it for her. I have no desire to suck cock but I read about so many straight men loving to suck cock. Now when it comes to ass I would love to fuck a... [more]

Best Asset

Being raised sex negative in another age had a profound effect on me. When I was a mere lad of eight, I was trying to get the five year old girl next door to show me her's and I would show her mine. Her mother overheard me, marched me home and made me repeat my request to my own mother and I was whipped in front of she and the grinning little... [more]

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