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Gay priest

I went to mass last sunday, at my local Catholic church. I hadn't been to church for a few months, as I had been on a very sinful binge, and was feeling very down on myself and most un Godly.
After services were over, I hung out in front of the altar for a while, praying, and then I went to the cofessional booth to fess up my sins. I told the... [more]

Poor boy, wish I knew him now!

I’ll never forget what I saw as a 16yo girl I’m now 27 and I still think back.
It was my last day of school everyone in a happy mood I remember what was planned as a joke, the boys had planned to tie up one school kid and pull his trousers down, the boy was a really quiet skinny nerdy looking he was always getting picked on I feel really bad now... [more]

Planned Parenthood

I went to three frat parties before I got pregnant. I had already graduated, still lived near Greek row, and was really comfortable in my job. So I decided to save money on a sperm donor, and use a college boy. I would change my look each time, different hair, style of clothes, different house... I started by getting fucked up with a guy... [more]


Hi everyone my name is Cassie Harsh I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl .well i went out last Saturday and bought a new wig and went out with another crossdresser girlfriend and got so many people men and women that I looked beautiful in it made my feminine side bust thur so much now I am a completely feminine crossdresser and I am going to go... [more]

Belly rub and some extra

When I babysit my neighbours' daughter I always rub her belly after we are done with dinner and we sit in the sofa watching TV. Sometimes rub her down below as well.

My Compliments To ConfessionsPost

ConfessionsPost is An Awesome Web Site! Keep Up Your Good Work, ConfessionsPost!


Daddy is sitting right there watching tv with me. I hope he'll touch me later. He makes me feel sooooo good!

Reading Confessions

I Love To Read Naughty Confessions!

X dresser slut

I love dressing up sexy and girlie but last night was first time i did it for someone was in hotel room dressed up i fill huge water balloons for titties in bra i not passable but very hot and slutty ....to be cont..

How many?

How many dicks have you sucked? I’m on 13. I’m a MWM 30 year old from Montana. I’d like to suck multiple at once in a blow bang!


All of you people are such liars! I have never seen so many desperate attention seeking whores in my entire life. "I had sex with a family member", "I am into bestiality", "I'm a grown man who wears panties", "I have weird fetishes, OH LOOK AT ME"!!!
This entire site is fucking cancer. This is supposed to be a confession site, but everywhere... [more]

Not really interested in pussy

I'm straight but don't really like pussy. I don't like to eat girls out or even finger them really. I would much rather play with their tits.

Must be my fault

When I was younger I walked home from school one day and a bunch of boys jumped out from behind some bushes. They drug me down a trail, stripped me and did all kinds of sexually explicit things to me. I told my parents what had happened that evening , almost immediately my dad started saying that I prevoked it be not covering up my breasts more... [more]

I found my 1st bi-curious boyfriend when I was younger

I confess when I was younger , I had a Bisexual crush on a boy who lived about 100 km from me , when I was just 11 years old , I decided to make him all mine by making him my best friend , I’m not sure If he younger or older than I was . But I done bisexual stuff with him , he never slept over my place .
but I wish he did sleep over so I could... [more]

Nude pics

I would like to post nude pics of myself. Where is a safe place to take them?

Yes, i do

I am a average looking office worker, wearing business casual everyday and everybody thinks I'm just a standard vanilla kind of guy but under the business casual, I'm wearing panties and lace-top thigh-highs and wishing I was the bisexual chastity device wearing slave of many of the ladies in my office. I don't know how to approach them, women... [more]

Just want to

Touch another penis. I’m straight and I have been hit in by men since 18. Once in my late 20’s I was going through a dry spell and answered a Craig’s List ad to come up to a Park Ave apartment by a man and get a blowjob while I watch straight porn. He was really nice and saw I was nervous and told me that I wasn’t ready, we parted with no feelings... [more]

Excited and embarrassed at the same time

A long story told short, 7 years ago my daughter was dating a guy that did erotic art sketches his portfolio was amazing.
I kept on joking with him about sketching me and one day all that joking about became reality.
I was fully naked and very nervous he started talking to me and after half hour I started to relax a bit, I asked him a few... [more]


My wife has big boobs she is 4’11” with 38dd breast she sends me pictures every Friday then I show them to strangers on the web and she gets a ton of comments about them she doesn’t think she has beautiful boobs she thinks That they are gross I want to show the comments but she doesn’t know I’ve been sharing the pictures I swap pictures with a lot... [more]

Wife’s big boobs

Hi just wanted to confess how much I love to show my wife’s boob pictures to strangers she is 4’11” with 38dd boobs I love when men and women talk dirty about them she is unaware I do this I have traded pictures with other guys to. She has beautiful boobs and she is a little self conscious about them I wish I could figure out a way to show her how... [more]

Women watching two men together

I know men love to watch two women together but do women get turned on when seeing two men together. I heard this was true but don’t believe it. Any women out there get turned on by watching two men together?

Man tied

I loved being tied up by my wife! Why are there very few posts about man being tied by there wives?

Funny Faces

My latest g/f, a pleasingly plump, nerdy and brilliant young lady broke into giggles the first time I fucked her, mainly, when I orgasmed. I asked her what was up and she shyly admitted she loved the " funny faces guys make when they come. " At first it made me really self-conscious, but when I finally understood she actually got off on it, I just... [more]

12 years so far.

I'm 25 and what started about 12 years ago has caused me to become a full blown exhibitionist. When I was 13 I began to notice how the boys and even older men were looking at my body. I developed young and although my breasts aren't huge they are B cup and firm. I have always watched my figure and don't want to sound conceded but know I am very... [more]

Wife Stacy and neighbor

I knew my wife had the hots for our neighbors college son. Over the summer he did odd jobs for us to make extra cash. Jon is a tall good looking white kid while my wife is 45 year old fit Hispanic female. We would role play about him in bed often. One day she told me while he was in our house he made a comment about her nice boobs and how he... [more]

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