My wofe and I want a unicorn...

We want a feamle unicorn to please us... Is it possible? A sexy female, not married to please a couple sexually but not need a commitment?

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  • Unicorn aren't real. You could get a horse and stick an ice cone on its head.

  • Wtf ....a unicorn?

  • I joined a couple, but it's tricky. The dynamic must be just right, and jealousy can't be part of it. Also, it would probably be easier to find someone willing to be part of your life/relationship. No one likes to feel truly used. Maybe place some ads. Let her be part of your life a little. Go out with her on weekends and have "dates" all three together - but never make her feel like a third wheel. The dates and friendship will make the sex even better.

  • Also...learn how to spell.

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