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Not the girl I remember

Back in the day when I lived in the city that rhymes with fun I dated a girl, She was short and cute, freckly with small tits but an ass that was amazing, I was the "Bad boy" and honestly I was pretty bad but she fell for me and I used to use her for my own amusement, A few years ago I seen her in the mall, I knew she didn't live in town anymore... [more]

Wife double penetration

Recently we have been smoking weed every night, my wife gets horny and starts dirty talk.
She was riding her dildo and sucking my cock, she looked at me and said that she would like to try threesome or even more.
We agreed to go to a swinger club and there I fucked her with other two dudes. At one point she had a cock in her ass, pussy and... [more]


I have a fantasy of watching my wife getting fucked! She is very timid and i have talked to her about it for a few year's, She is a nice looking woman in every respect but lack's confidence, Our sex life is slowing down, but still good. When men flirt with her she get's quiet and don't know what to do. She love's the attention! I tried to have a... [more]

Stepdaughter Gets Into Bed With Daddy

I was napping when she climbed in and cuddled. Half asleep I moved my hand over and brushed her firm tits. My cock jumped and my hand slid back and grazed her perky nipples this time. She was braless in a skimpy tummy-T. My hand slowly traveled to her tummy and pulling her in and tight and moving my hand downward to confirm she was wearing her... [more]

Hard Core Sex With Daddy and More Total LOVE for One Another

I was young. It was gradual and I don't recall any monumental eperiences. All natural and seemed to fit growing and learning and enjoying life. Actually as a side note, I would love to go back because I appreciate then more now. I didn't get to know my dad so when stepdad took me under his wing I was in heavan. Just because of the male bonding... [more]


Me 41 Her 38 married 8 yrs no kids.
We were so in love could not stand being apart ( syrupy sick clingy) Both very, very limited sex experience couple of rookies in our 30's. For 4 yrs. we and our chosen friends were as boring and dull as paint drying. No oral, missionary and for a max. of 15 minutes kiss roll off to sleep maybe once a... [more]

My squirting wife

Introducing my squirting wife I’d like to share her beautiful photos we always checking here together don’t hesitate to massage us for more picture 💦💦💦💦

My wife will never…

I read all these stories about naughty wives, gf and all crazy sexy things . But my wife never :
Gives me complete blowjob. Never let me finish in her mouth.
Never let me cum on her body. Only once in 10 years of marriage I have came on her big juicy tits.
Never wants to try anal.
Never surprises me with sexy lingerie. Doesn’t even wear... [more]

I still do.

My ex boyfriend used to ask me to send him sneaky pics of my friends and family, I come from a family of 3 girls and I am the youngest, We are all medium built all around 5'5", Slim build and top heavy, My oldest sister has the biggest boobs (DD) then our middle sister has the smallest but is still a solid D cup and I fit somewhere in the... [more]

Better than expected.

I am 43 and my husband just turned 45 - 2 weeks ago, Every year for all of our 18 years when I ask my husband what he wants for his birthday he says "A threesome" so being his 45th birthday I felt like it was now or never, I had always said a hard NO but this year when he said it I actually sat down and thought about it, It was still a no but a... [more]

Wife makes a move

I work in a restaurant. As you can believe, we all talk dirty. A buddy that I’ve worked with in this restaurant with for going on 6 years, has mentioned a few times that he has a big dick. Now, could be that he’s just talking out his ass. I never bothered to confirm.
The restaurant holds two parties every year. One is the annual Christmas... [more]

Queen of Spades Seeks: Normal Cuck. No.Sissy or Freaks

I'm 34 HWP female I'm told I'm a 7.5 on 1-10 scale. Sexy? A foregone conclusion. QoS since age 22. I'm dedicated, it's a part of me, more than sex alone. I am devoted to many not all, of ake zacourse Kings. Should I discover a Caucasian man who'd take me for his wife, he would have to love, cherish and realize as a QoS I must give into black... [more]

A man and his toys, and a girl working her way through college

I was working as a server for a German type restaurant during the summer. Lunch was all business people, mostly men. Dinner, when I worked the dinner shift, was mostly locals, a lot of older retired types. The owner was a Chef in his fifties who had come over when he had been invited to start the restaurant. He now owned it. He was German, so... [more]

Experiencing love for the first time in my life

I grew up in the 70s, mom was a stay at home mom and dad was a marine. Mom wanted me to be a good church goer and Dad wanted me to break hearts and punch faces. I played football but wasn't the quarterback or anything, just a seat warmer. I was a 6'3" muscular guy, I wanted to find my place but never quite fit in.
Girls were always put off my my... [more]

Boyfriend's Dick Is Too Big

Over the past weekend, my new boyfriend and I were going to have sex at his place after a movie. We did just that and I go to pull his pants off and this thing come out and nearly hits me. It's hard as a rock from us making out moments prior. I try to use my mouth but I gag on it. I tried riding it but once it started getting to deep it began to... [more]

WOMEN/WIVES degraded, subjugated, Get No Respect on here.

Hello Ladies;
Let's explore your roles and functions, your utility to male authors/ confessor on this forum.
Let's explore, yes!
1/Want you used by one or many other men.
2. Want you fucked in the ass( if the peep is black and it is... [more]

How to get the hottest creature The HotWife

Hotwife & Cuckold and the BBC pornography inundates, ubiquitous on all adult XXX sites. All porn consumers are very aware. WHY? Elementary Watson! It's very popular much desired, huge seller generating " I wish my wife was HOT and did that, as you stroke the monkey, you do, don't deny it. The porn star on screen for the time it runs is your wife... [more]

I got drunk and old him everything.

My husband hasn't looked at me the same since I got drunk and told him all about my...Youth. He started asking questions after 14 years of marriage and I know what started it, My mom's uncle died and I felt a huge weight lifted off my conscience and he noticed it so one night I got drunk and laid it all out.
13 years old.
My moms uncle started... [more]


My gf and I were invited by an old friend of mine to stay at a beach house that he was renting while we vacationed. It was a large house that he shared with three other guys who were all working in the area. Each of them had a bedroom and we were going to sleep on a pull-out sofa in the living room.
At bedtime the first night that we were there... [more]

Cant wait to see him

Im so thrilled my boyfriend is coming to see me tomorrow evening and I’m so happy. Haven’t seen him in a month I’ve been waiting to just kiss him on the lips and hug him so tightly. He called today saying he knocked on my window but I didn’t hear it because I was in a deep sleep. And i woke up to him calling to tell me that and I was so bummed I... [more]


After that night of crazyness we talked and she want's to have me watch her fuck someone again? Said he made her cum so hard!!

Watching for the First Time

While we were dating 50 years ago, I encouraged my wife, Julie to bring guys over after work or on the weekends. I would get really hard watching guys push up her short skirt and move her panties to the side and finger her. The first few times, Julie would let them finger her until she orgasmed and then she would give them a handjob. And then they... [more]

Nude Beach

How many of you have taken your wife to a nude beach? Did you take her there to show her off? Did you enjoy watching all of the guys looking at her and seeing her breasts and between her legs?


My wife and i went to a party with another couple, there were about 5 or 6 other couple's there. We had a couple of drink's and began dancing with other couple's, at one point i looked across the dance floor and saw my wife dancing with a very attractive man and they were kissing. I had talked her into no pantie's and a litttle coctail dress! The... [more]

Husband and I both have sugar babies

My husband and I are in our early 50s and live in a classic college town in the South. We own several successful businesses and are very well off financially. While we are happily married and enjoy a good sex life, for the past ten years or so each of us has also maintained a sugar baby. We recruit them from the college in our town. Some of them... [more]

How I met my husband 2

After that Mark started having me join him and Nelly every time about 3 times a week and he kept asking me to do more and more but I always said no to everything except putting his dick away, On my 18th birthday mom threw me a party at the bar even though the drinking age is 19 but it was a "closed door" function with all my friends (6) and... [more]

How I met my husband 1

I am worried that if my husband ever found out the life I led before me and him met that he would freak out and bail on me. Growing up I had a...Checkered child hood. My mom was for lack of a better term...A slut. When I was 12 she left my dad after a long standing affair with another guy she met at the small town bar she owned, By the time I was... [more]

Her Slutty Great Grandmother

I formed a close sexual bond relationship with her great grandmother. If my girlfriend only only knew her granny was a sex slut. Her great grandmother is a wrinkled old woman with fantastic huge youthful hanging tits. I never knew women as old as her could have such hot breasts and could give a fantastic blow job, She takes my cock almost fully in... [more]

Summer of 72

I was working in the mid-west during the summer of 1972. I was one of a crew of 8 college guys traveling around working painting houses. We would stay in cheap motels, two to a room to save money. When we arrived in a small town where we were to paint several houses, we booked four rooms in a small ten room motel. There were two girls that had... [more]

Our semi-polygamous marriage

My wife and I have been married since the mid '90s and are happy. About 20 years ago, one of her best friends growing up divorced her husband because of multiple incidents of infidelity. She had a few dates here and there, but has major trust issues because of her ex and eventually stopped trying, saying it was unfair to the guys she would go out... [more]

The Sexual Revolution

I met my wife in the early 1970s during the sexual revolution when it was becoming common that young women were experimenting with sex and not waiting until marriage. We started dating two years later. and got married in 1975. My wife had sex with several men before we started dating.
For us older people, now in our 70s, was your bride a virgin... [more]

How to connect with people in here

How to connect with like-minded people in here?


It was 10pm we found a small secluded spot in the middle of the city on a busy friday night. I sat on his lap, we talked about nothing and we kissed. I loved the way he looked at me, the way he rested his head on my chest, the way way he touched me gently and the way he twirled my hair on his fingers.
I couldn't stop thinking about the way he... [more]

Wife Often Sends Me Pictures

To make it clear, I'm a cuck. If I'm being totally honest, my dick barely works. Honestly if it wasn't for the six figure salary with health benefits she probably would have left me ages ago.
Aside from that, I allow my wife to have sex with other men. I know my inadequacy so I have to make her happy. Our main arrangement is that she sends me... [more]

I really want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and his best

I adore my boyfriend (who I'll call Darren). He's great to me in almost every regard, and is mindblowing in bed. Which is why I'm really confused why I can't shake off this fantasy.
Darren has had a best friend (who I'll call John) since first grade. They're incredibly close, and I find their friendship utterly adorable. Darren calls him his... [more]

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