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Sexiest thing my stone cold sober wife ever did~!

It has been a few years - but I guess what led up to this was a lot of sexy talk during foreplay with my wife the night before....
She's been having fun flirting passively with a bud of mine who has had a crush on her for 3 years. "Passively flirting"?....well, she doesn't say anything particularly flirtatious to him - but she'll wear a very... [more]

Subtle signals for sex

Hi men reading this, what are some of the subtle signals your wife or girlfriend gives you in front of others that tells you she wants to have sex with you today?
My wife would wear matching colored bra and thongs and gives me a peak of it to let me know indirectly that she wants it badly tonight as soon as kid is asleep.
Other times when in... [more]

Long term

So I was in a long term relationship 25 years . We were into some fun and kinky stuff strap on ,dildo, ass eating cum swapping with each other. Well the new girl in my life not into dildos and pegging. How do I adjust to the normal sex ?

Fucking on the dock

My girlfriend and I were staying on Martha's Vineyard in a house that had a dock near the water on Lagoon Pond. We were sunbathing nude on the dock, suddenly she kissed me, and she said let's fuck. I got between her legs, and she guided me into her. Then I heard voices and noticed that there were three guys on a boat watching us. After I came... [more]

GF fucks other guys

When I had just started college, I began dating a beautiful girl. Soon we lost our virginities together and were fucking most nights a week. My girlfriend's roommate also quickly lost her virginity and was fucking almost every night. But she was fucking many guys, in fact most of them were one-night stands.
One night after having sex, my... [more]

My brother's ex girlfriend

My brother was a year ahead of me in high school and he dated girls that were in his class and also in my class. I was shy around girls and never asked any out for a date. My brother would bring his girlfriends to his room at night after my parents went to sleep and would fuck them. He often wouldn't shut his door and I could see his bed from my... [more]

Not the first, but

I was:
Not the first to kiss my wife,
not the first cock that she held in her hand,
not the first to come in her mouth,
not the first to come in her cunt,
not the first to come in her ass, and
not the first to ask her to marry,
But I was:
The one that she agreed to marry,
the one that got her pregnant - three times, and
the one that got... [more]


Is my 5 and a half inch cock big enough

She Enjoys Pleasing Me

I'm in a secret discreet relationship with this old gal who gets her kicks from seeing me getting me get my rocks off onto her and making out with her with love kissing while groping her big aged breasts. She confessed to me she has a thing for younger men and learned I had eyes for her whenever she was over at my girlfriend's mom house. She... [more]

Jenny fucks

Jenny was a girl that I and many of my classmates lost our virginities with when we were seniors in high school. I had heard from several guys that Jenny loved to fuck, and I wanted to fuck someone. I asked her out and we fucked in my car at the drive in. We fucked every Saturday night, but I quickly learned that she was fucking other guys most... [more]

On the issue of cooperation.

My name is adoge. My letter is addressed to the owner of this website. I am a partner of - The new international network of mutual financial support.
Service is designed to ensure that everyone who wants to improve their financial situation, could get support from other people around the world! Working Marketing allows you to... [more]

She seduced me

I was very shy around women when I was in college and one classmate of mine was a very attractive blonde girl. I never got the courage to ask her out and of course another guy did. After a month or so, this girl told me that he had fucked her and taken her virginity. Then she dated some other guys and told me about how all of them fucked her and... [more]

Wife was a good lay

I met my wife when we were both sophomore virgins in college. We hung out but never really dated. I didn't ask her out and soon another guy did. After a few weeks, my wife and I were hanging out and she told me that she was no longer a virgin. I wanted her even more now that I knew she fucked, and I decided that I wanted to lose my virginity to... [more]

My bday present

My birthday is coming up and my wife and I have a long standing agreement that on my bday I can do one freaky thing. Most times it’s anal. This year I changed it up. I told her I wanted sex. She said, “I figure that. What do you want to do?” I told her I wanted her to fuck another guy before I get home and be laying on the bed naked with his cum... [more]

I went to the gym with my girlfriend

I (Male) have been dating this girl for 2 Months. She played as a center in volleyball in high school and is now rowing D1 for UMich and is very passionate about weight lifting. She stands at 6’2 and weighs 215 pounds. She’s not fat, she is just very muscular and a lot of her weight is attributed to her height. While I on the other hand do not... [more]

Unsure Fantasy follow up

This is a follow up to another post that I made called Unsure Fantasy. I want to thank the one person that gave me advice to that post. Just as a recap I like being helpless and planned to surprise my boyfriend by having a couple of his friends tie me to the bed for him for his birthday. To understand the whole fantasy please read Unsure Fantasy... [more]

Bi Brother-In-Law

My husband and I are swingers. We love lots of sex play. My older sister confessed to me her husband wants her to swing so he could show off her long saggy tits and maybe get some oral sex since she's not into that. I guess I'm the sex slut in the family that I secretly keep. My tits aren't as big and saggy as mom's and my older sister's, even my... [more]

I married my ex husband boss

Me and my husband married for a years, he was 16 and I was 15 when we married. After a year he become very abusive and often beat and hurt me. After 7 years of our marriage we move to the city. Since my husband and I are uneducated, he is working as a cleaner in one company and earn less. Even though our family income is less, I'm very interested... [more]

Extra income.

The Deepnfast Social Network of Financial Support is a Service where a one-time donation of $100 gives you a steady, growing income! You can find out more about Deepnfast's marketing on the website! User Support is 24/7! Change your life and get to yourself real level!!!

Wife's Ski Vacation

My wife went on a ski vacation for a week. When I got home from work, she was lying in the bathtub drinking a glass of wine. I assumed that she was sore from skiing and she asked me to get her another glass of wine. She then told me that she was sore between her legs since she had fucked four guys during the week. She said that each of them had... [more]

Need Advice

I want to watch my wife with another guy, I don't care about race, size, etc. I have expressed my desire and tried to lightly talk her into it, but she refuses. Does anybody have any advice. Hell I'd love it if she started fucking a guy behind my back...except I'd like to watch or at least know. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Wife Wanted More

The other night my wife was riding me on the couch, she was super horney and was riding hard. She started moaning saying more,more. She hopped off and started sucking me looked at me and said more again. She got back on and as I put my cock back in her pussy I added 2 more fingers, she let out a loud "fuck yes" she was so wet, I started thrusting... [more]

Mother in laws first thong

My mother in law Socorro is 68 and her and I have a great relationship with each other and I spend a lot of time with her,
The last few months we have become a little more romantically involved sexually,
The other day I asked Socorro to let me smell her dirty panties and she was a little embarrassed about it and she finally gave in and let me... [more]

My Ex step daughter

I have a ex stepdaughter jodi that is 24 years old and I had raised her since she was 8 her mother and I divorced 5 years ago Jodi and I have been communicating with one another on a daily basis since the divorce we text each other every day and talk on the phone and just the last few months we have visited each other a couple times a month,
Our... [more]

I want to get pregnant but I want him to force it on me

I live in another city and have another life. But growing up things were different. One night my mother pushed my father away, he was drunk, so he took it out on me. I was eleven. You don't think that you can take full penetration at eleven but you can. And you can get pregnant. I was sent to live with some relatives where I had the baby and... [more]

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