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I can see you

My wife and I went away for a week and stayed in a nice little a frame cabin along a small river. The close's cabin to us was about a hundred yard's. The people we rented from were nice and it looked like for the most part there son maybe 20 was the one who took care of anything the renter's needed. He was nice and very helpful, even let us know... [more]

Love you huge fat bellies on you

Love you huge fat bellies on you my name is wayne

Who is telling the truth

My mate has finally got himself another girlfriend after his divorce and it seems like everything is going well for him.
We all meet up once a week for a night out and we also catch up during the week separately.
My mate tells me his gf is so different to his ex wife when it comes to sex, she likes doing this and that and is always up for it... [more]

Makeup makes the difference

For years I have worn panties 24/7 along with bras and nighties at home about two years ago my wife convinced me to expand into full on cross dressing and I was so happy that I did I started to wear 3/4 and full catsuits, maids outfits, blouses, skirts, dresses along with suspenders, stockings and heels, six months ago we started with makeup and... [more]

I like to watch my wife with other men

We have talked about this fantasy so many times and I was so excited when she finally agreed to go out in a tight dress which buttoned all the way down the front. I insisted that she was not allowed to wear anything at all underneath.

I would take her into some of the busier town centre bars at the weekend especially on football match days... [more]

My addiction is going to wreck my marriage

It all started when my wife told me that a previous boyfriend had shared her with his friend.
I just couldn't get the image out of my head and found myself starting to search porn sites for images of wives being fucked in front of their husbands. We talked about it a lot and then one day I asked if she would do it again for me. She seemed... [more]

Happy husband

My husband is so very happy and so nice to be around, he has always been a wonderful man and I love him so much, ever since we married he has worn sexy female panties and I certainly did not mind I liked being open in our relationship, after a while I could tell he wanted more female wear so gave him one of my bra's and nighties it was not long... [more]

Wife always seems to attract the wrong kind of attention

My wife always seems to be getting groped, she has big natural breasts and guys just can't seem to keep their hands off them, the most memorable time was when we were on holiday and visited a water park. It was quite busy and my wife had become separated from me in the long queue on the stairway to the top of the slide, I noticed that there were a... [more]

The blinds were open just enough

One Saturday I had a guy from the geek squad come to our house to help fix a problem we had on our computer. My wife had told me the problems she was having and I needed to have him show me how to do some stuff.
Just before he came over I left my wife out on the deck, I wanted to be able to hear the guy when he came and she had some more flower... [more]

If I go to the play

My wife and I had planned on going out to dinner in a small river town about 40 minutes away. The day before she said there was a little playhouse nearby that had a play she would like to see and we could go to dinner later after the play. She know's I don't like plays, I said ok, but you have to do something I want. She said really ok what? I did... [more]

Fun while out to dinner

Lisa, knew I enjoyed her wearing top's that allowed you a view of her chest, and knew I enjoyed other men getting a look also.
We went out one night for dinner at a restaurant about 40 minute's from home. If you could, you could sit out on a back patio overlooking the river, and they had a great menu.
We had eaten there before. When we got... [more]

I showed him her pic

My wife Lisa, is in great shape and has a perfect B cup chest. Once in a while she would be wearing a top I could look in or down a little easier than others.
We had just had a great night out, On our ride home Lisa asked if I had a nice night? I told her yes, it was very nice, Lisa said very, that's good what was so good about it? I told her... [more]

Being Wrongly Shamed

I've been married for 6 years, and my husband has had some weird kink for the last two that he wanted to see me fuck his friends. I've always said "no" until last week. I told him that I'd do it, and with whom I'd be willing. I said I just wanted him to be happy and, of course, I was a little excited about it too. I'm not going to lie about that... [more]

Unsure if I should let her move in

I've been dating this chick for about a month, and she wants to move in with me, but I'm worried, because she's a slut.
We met at a party of a mutual friend. She was getting spit-roasted by a couple of my friends when I initially met her. She let me screw her too, and I appreciated that she told me she had herpes before we went at it... [more]

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