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I Told My Wife

I have been married for almost 35 years. We were talking about one of our friends son's coming out as gay. She thought he was probably experimenting and if it was more than that they should be supportive. I agreed I mentioned that a lot of teens and young adults experiment. She asked me half joking if a had when I was growing up. For some... [more]

Eric and Me

Eric has just turned 70 but quite fit a man but a bit of erectile problems and divorced for the last 30 years. I have known him since the past week and I have found him attractive – gentle and attentive. Last weekend he spent in my apartment – two nights. On the first night he was eyeing my braless tits while having dinner. Do you like the way... [more]

First Time Cuck

I had been married to my wife for nearly five years, and our relationship was as strong as ever. We were still deeply in love, but we wanted to spice things up a bit. That's when she came up with the idea of having me eat another man's cum from her pussy.
At first I was hesitant; it seemed like a strange request. But, I eventually agreed... [more]

Hot wife

My wife and I have been entertaining the idea of her sleeping with another man. It was my idea. She was surprised when I told her that it didn’t have to be a threesome. I was totally ok with her sleeping with another man without me there. I told her that I would like to watch and masturbate while they had sex, but it didn’t have to be every time... [more]

Wife and my ex gf

This is a follow up to a post called wife likes topless parties. In that post my wife invited my ex gf over for a topless party and handcuffed my ex because she likes being helpless. After that party my wife wanted to invite my ex over again to give the guys a girl on girl show. This is what happened.
My wife and ex became good friends and... [more]

Party game went from PG to X

Wife and I - both in our 30's went to a friends party. All pretty classy professional people. Ladies in skirts and dresses - guys in suits w/ties.
The hostess said lets play a favorite game of hers.
Husbands are blindfolded - they try to find their wives by feeling their calves.....above the ankle - below the knee. Feel as long and as much as... [more]

What the hell is all this for

If you want out of a situation so damn badly and you are so fucking miserable why not just fucking leave? What's the point of cussing, bitching, being hateful as fuck, putting down, and name calling non stop if you don't want to be with them. Yet turn around the next day saying you fucking love them and don't want to lose them. Wake the fuck up... [more]


I’m a guy and love to dance. My wife does not like to dance but understands that I do and has now told me she does not mind if I dance with other women as long as she’s there (I’m not going out dancing without my wife). I do often notice women with their spouse, BF, date who are dancing in their chair and clearly want to dance but their partner... [more]

Pregnant wife

After we got married, I kept trying to get my wife to fuck other men. She always said no that she was afraid that she would get pregnant by someone else, and I would divorce her. I told her that I wouldn't divorce her, but she never would agree to fuck someone else.
When she got pregnant with our first child, I told her that I wanted her to get... [more]


Hi my name is Tegan and i am 48 yrs old. I have a daughter Bec and she is 26.
I am married and Bec's father Don is 27. Bec is married to Dan and they live about 20min form where we live. Bec asked me to come and stay with her on a Saturday nite as Dan was going out and did not want to be home alone. Don said it would be ok as he was going to the... [more]

Girlfriend plays naked game

My girlfriend likes to play a game where she gets caught naked or semi naked. My girlfriend is shy and has a knockout body. She knows guys are checking her out all the time and she likes it but is too shy to let them see more. So she came up with this game where she will get caught naked or partially naked. We have been in a hotel room and I will... [more]

Do most women like going topless

My girlfriend has amazingly pretty titties. She likes others looking at them. She never wears a bra and knows her nipples poke through whatever top she is wearing. There have been friends and strangers at the bar make comment about her pretty titties and nipples and she just smiles and says thanks. Other times we have been at bike events or a bike... [more]

Sex therapy

My husband and I have a good sex life. We are both 45 years old and have been married for 20 years. We both agreed that our sex life could be better but were not sure how to go about making it better. The place we went is not clinical at all but more of a relaxing atmosphere and our therapist believed that knowing what each other was truly... [more]

It was weird but not for us

My wife and I have been married a number of years now. All our kids are grown and out of the house. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t old foggy’s. We just had an early start with kids. I’m 49 and she’s 46. We decided a couple years ago that we wanted to spicen up our sex life so we got into an open marriage and swinging.
We are friends with... [more]

Wife Loses her Virginity

Jenny and I started dating in our senior year of high school and I knew right away this was the girl I wanted to spend my life with. She was my first real girlfriend, and I could not wait to get in her pants. I was a shy guy and remained a virgin till the age of 19. Jenny had 4 previous boyfriends, but she too remained a virgin because she always... [more]

GF has requested cum on her face

My GF and I have a great sex life together. If I want to try something she is open to accommodate as I am with her. Lately she had made a request that we tried and now she can’t get enough of it. She wanted me to cum on her face. The first time she requested that I cum on her titties. She gave me a blow job and I pulled out of her mouth and... [more]

She knows but says she doesn't like her tits on li e for men to s

She always says don't post my tits on line but when I do she gets off on it knowing people are staring at her big beautiful tits

Fuck my Wife

I’ve been married to my wife for 15 years. I had always had a fantasy of seeing her have sex with another man but never said anything. It would often be the subject of my porn searches when i masturbated. Finally a couple years ago, I decided to tell her about my fantasy.
We were just sitting having dinner and watching tv when I did it. I... [more]

The day my wife lost her virginity

My wife was 24 years old when she lost her virginity. Before that she used to rubbher pussy against the cock to come without penetration. If the cock is less than 5,5 inches, would happily ask to be fucked in the ass.
That night she was with her bf, who is a well-endowned, a 9- inch thick cock.
They started the night with some drinks and then... [more]

250 Times

I knew that my wife had sex with two other men before me when we were in college. She fucked her first boyfriend for six months and the second for two years before we started dating. In each case she told me that they had fucked 4 times a week. Based upon that, the first guy fucked her about 100 times and the second guy fucked her about 400 times... [more]

Sharing is an act of love

I used to shoot my load listening to my neighbour fuck some girl. I would imagine what my wife would sound like with him and that got me hard and stroking. I got hooked on wife sharing/cuckold porn. Pretty soon I became a premature ejaculator. After 5 minutes of sex I'd cum and say "sorry" to my wife and she would say that "it's ok" but one time I... [more]

Traditional wife

I would love a wife with old school values. One who is very feminine and makes my life easier. One who takes pride in her work and above all else loves cooking, but also irons my clothes and keeps the house beautifully. also, she'd have to take pride in her appearance. Being beautiful to begin with of course,but must love to dress to please me... [more]

Failed D/s-relation pushes me into submissive cravings

My SO have wanted a full on BDSM relationship with me taking on the Dominant role. We have gone from Hotwifing to an open relationship over the past few years.
The problem has been that she cannot comply entirely with my demands and orders (even though she still insists she want this type of relationship with me). I have a hard time connecting... [more]

Love being middle aged

My wife have a pretty great relationship. It’s unlike any I’ve ever had. She’s not the slightest bit jealous of me looking at other girls…or guys. I’m not the least bit jealous that she points out hot guys and what she’d love to do to them if she had them naked at the house. Now that we are middle aged and the kids are gone, life got more... [more]

Innocent looking wife has sexy fantasies!

My young wife, mother of two, sunday school teacher, PTA member....told me she fantasized in high school about being fucked on the bench in the boy's locker room by the whole football team. They just took turns mounting her and cumming in her as she lay there, willingly.
After she read about it in a Penthouse mag she discovered under a couch... [more]

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