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Just don't understand

Not sure what has happened to change my wife. We dated for 2 yrs. been married now for 6. Our sex life has always been awesome she could, we could, never get enough. We were like rabbits.
Now all of a sudden, it's like someone turned off her "fuck me switch". She wants nothing to do with sex between us. No fucking, sucking, kissing... [more]

Don't tell her the truth

I've been married 4 months. I love my wife. I'm 24. I just wanted to give a heads up to all of the guys here and say don't always tell your wife the truth, even when she asks for it.
We were lying in bed and my wife asked me about my former girlfriends. Seriously, I only had 2 before her, but one was a girl I dated for 2+ years. My wife asked... [more]

She's too much

I'm dating this girl in college and I'm about ready to end it. We've only been dating for three weeks. She's really pretty and for the most part looks like a proper girl outside of some tattoos.
I don't like her vibe in the bedroom. I'm more of a soft and sensual type, but she is really into being roughed up and degraded. She asks me to slap... [more]

Thankful but Afraid

I'm an engineering student in college and very average looking at best. I'm 5'11", have to wear coke bottle glasses, overweight (230 lbs, being fit would be closer to 190), and this year I just started dating a girl for the first time ever. I'm 22.
The girl I'm dating is a Russian immigrant who is hotter than hell. She is also a student at the... [more]

Wife didn't come home

My wife went to a dinner party at a friend's house. Her friend has a side business selling lingerie and she went over to pick up some things she ordered as well as try on some of the samples with her friends. That's why husbands weren't allowed to go. It was a girl thing. I said "fine" and hung out at home and watched sports and had a few beers... [more]

I Want To Own a Girl

The girl I want to own has to be a very particular and special girl. This girl has been discarded by society. She knows she is beneath men. She thinks she is ugly. She is nice to people even though everyone treats her like a piece of shit. She wants a man to control her life even if it means doing something weird or gross. She is pathetic and... [more]

Can't handle it

Been married 5 years, wife and I are 28, and things have been fine until recently. Like any couple, we've had our ups and downs, our sex life is stale during the down times, but we love each other.
My wife is very tall and leggy, 6'2", and has nice tits and ass. She goes out with her friends and most of the time I don't go, because I work... [more]

Double date (crossing the line)

I've been dating this chick Lauren for about a month, and I like her a lot. We've been getting more serious, and I think I love her. My friends are important to me too, and recently we went out with a buddy of mine and his girlfriend. We had a good time socializing, dancing, and we went back to my place for drinks and a movie.
All four of us... [more]

Not cheated on, but feel like it

I'm 23 and dating this woman who is 22. Of course in the cellphone era, taking vids is easy, and on her external hard drive I came across a bunch of videos of her with her former boyfriends, three to be exact.
Two of the videos are honestly pretty loving and nice, but there is one where she fucked her boyfriend's friend and begged for him to... [more]


I think about having a special girl to do whatever I want with. This special girl has only known to be submissive her whole life. She thinks of herself as ugly. She has no self-esteem. She needs me to control her every move and make her feel loved. Shes nice to everyone, even though everyone has treated her like shit. She is desperate for love and... [more]

What a woman

Not so much a confession but more of a story of how I met my wife. We met on a dating website. I had been without a lady for a few years. Last one I was with couldn't get adjusted to my night shift work schedule. I made too much money to just quit and find a different job so we amicably split up. Working 3rd shift makes it hard to find a woman so... [more]

In Need Of Understanding And Support

I am definitely in need of some understanding and support. The past 6 months have been very challenging for my husband and me. We have been married 2 years. We met during freshman year in high school and dated exclusively in high school and throughout college. We got engaged when we graduated college and were married a year later.
Six months... [more]


I’m 23 female and can’t make up my mind if I want male or female.
I’ve only had sex twice with males and once with female and that was 4 years ago.
Every time I get close to a male thinking this is what I want I back away telling myself it’s female I want and the same when I get close to a female.
If I watch porn both sex turns me on I just... [more]

Taunting my husband

Seeking advice from other wives, mothers, grand mothers, my husband was my first and only lover, his was the first penis that I touched, sucked, and let make love to me. Married many years and I am lucky in so far as he has been a good provider, and has always made sure I climax before he does.
Now the advice bit, recently he has requested that... [more]

Just curious.

You know it is kind of strange but each one of us seam to have a pervert hiding in us. Sometimes I look at a woman on the street that is dressed in a business suit and I wonder what her perversion is privately.
I am a man that screws other mens wives and I have been doing this for years now and it still sparks my imagination at what some of... [more]

Mommies Feeding

My Mommy Sweetie Has Stretched Adult Baby Pink, Heavenly Soft Fleece Diapers, And Footed Pajamas over me, and I Can See that beneath her baby pink fleece footed pajamas, there is the dampness of Breastmilk, just below her neck! She now, places me between her footed pajamaed legs, stretched tightly within the footed pajamas with her, then, pulls me... [more]

My wife is much older than me

I grew up in the eastern part of germany (when germany still was separated) and by my parents I was used to nudism at the beaches. Later being just 20 I fled to western germany. I got a job and a appartment and I discovered swinger clubs. Something I did not know from my hometown. Working much I did not have a girlfriend but I wanted to have sex... [more]

"That's fine" not fine

I've been asking my wife to fuck my friends, and after years of refusing, she finally said yes. I had three guys over and we all had a nice time. Afterwards, my wife said she loved it and that it was special. Of course the whole thing was a secret to the wives of my friends. Their wives didn't know that they were over to fuck my wife.
My... [more]

Just get it off your chest

There have been times when I just want to ask a close female friend what's the best way to suck a dick?? I just want to see how she would react. Actually, most women are terrible at giving really good head. The best head I ever had has always come from shemales or trannys. I guess what I really want her to know is that I suck dicks too. And can... [more]

Swapping: What was it like?

My husband and I (both 25) have just had sex with another couple. I feel like there were pros and cons to the experience. If you have done this, what was it like? Especially the first time.


I'm 26 and married, and my husband and I are mostly good. We don't have kids or want them either. We have pets instead. The problem is that my husband is a total sexual freak.
I love romantic sex and can do it daily, but he's like wanting sex 3-4 times a day. He'll fuck me while I'm trying to sleep, stick his dick in me when I'm trying to get... [more]

Healthy to Mix it Up

Any long relationship can grow stale. I have a healthy relationship because we mix things up. Not just hitting my p-spot, anal, etc. We’ve sometimes
have three sums as my wife is bi. We let some of her friends watch us - or join us. I’m usually the dom, but sometimes she is. I’ve had my cock and p-spot teased relentlessly for hours despite... [more]

My Young Friend

My wife and I divorced three years ago and I have been living on my own ever since. I have tried to form relationships with other women but something is lacking and last January I discovered what it was!!
I joined a gymnasium. I'm 44 years old fit but needed to shape up and I thought joining a gym I also might meet someone I fancied.
I had been... [more]

My first MILF

When I was 17 I was asked to help an elder lady (Jana) out with work around her house and other chores. It was great cause I could use the money.
Even though she was older around 38 I still found her attractive. At that age my desire for love was girls at my school.
There were many I had jacked off to wishing I could have them. At that point I... [more]

It happened with sister

My sister and I had rooms adjoining in the house upstairs. When she was about 6 or 7 and I was 15 she said she had an owee. I looked and it was on her thigh high up. It was a red dot. I touched it and said it looked ok. The next night I asked about the red dot and she showed me and I examined it. I looked at it for a few nights telling her I... [more]

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