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Size Incompatibility

I'm dealing with an issue with my new boyfriend of three months. We just started finally having sex, and we're both 19. We were both virgins before we dated. The issue is that he's really big. I'm a small person, 4'10" tall and 95 lbs. He's 6'4" and 230. His dick looks like it's about 8" but of course I'm not going to measure the thing. It's just... [more]


I know this may sound extreme to most but me and my wife have a great sub/dom relationship and we are always looking for different things to do and try and recently my wife had me on my back and she inserted her her high heels while still wearing then down my pee hole ,my God it was painful but erotic too her laughing as she was in and out had... [more]

Bad swap

For 6 years now my husband has suggested that we try swinging, and for the longest time I thought it would be a disaster, and it's now been confirmed.
I finally said yes, I'll try it, and he went and found a couple into it from social media. I'm 30, my husband is 35, and the couple he found were in their early 20s. They weren't married, but... [more]

Need help with wife and our sexual relations.

My wife and I love each other a lot. But I have a pretty small penis. It's not quite 4 inches. Maybe 3.75 inches and about 4 inches in circumference. Anyway I thought things were ok sexually. Then she confessed to me that she fakes orgasms and I have never given her one. Then I found out she had an affair with an old lover about a year ago and it... [more]


Hi I recently caught my 18 year old boyfriend being spanked over his mother's knee was quite a shock should I dump him?

Unwrapped and concerned

I just started dating a new guy. I'm 20 and he's 23. We went out for a couple of weeks before we got naked together. We went back to his apartment and started making out, and we let the clothes come off for the first time. I'm thin, fit and pretty, but I have no boobs and I've always had concerns about how my vagina looks. I mean, it's a normal... [more]

Good Friends and More

When my wife and I divorced her sister and sister's husband became dear friends of mine. I ran into them a beer booth at a community event. They was sorry that my marriage fell apart. I started bumping into them a various bars and events. We started doing things together, dinner, movies, going to races and hanging out at the state park taking... [more]

Falling in love with a hooker

My wife doesn't have sex anymore, so I've been fucking hookers in our city. I found one that I like, and we've met up a few times. She comes from a rough background, and she's 21 and I'm 43.
We didn't even have sex the last time we met; I bought her dinner at a local dive and we had drinks, talked about life, and shared our souls verbally. I... [more]

In a Loving and Sweet Cuckold Relationship.

My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship for about ten years. She doesn't find it necessary to belittle me or degrade me or laugh at me. I enjoy watching her with other men and get very excited seeing her cum. She talks very sweetly to me while she is being fucked telling me how his cock feel and how much she is cumming. She is at her... [more]

My Husband Wanted to Share Me and it has Ruined our Marraige

My husband has always wanted to watch me have sex with a BBC. I finally consented and decided I was going to enjoy it and put on a good show to please my husband. I did too good of a job. I talked a lot during the sex to my husband telling him how incredible this black cock felt inside of me. I did things with this guy I usually don't do. To make... [more]

Family nudity

We have always been a family that has never been concerned about nudity amongst ourselves but last summer my stepdaughter turned 16 and really blossomed, it seemed to happen overnight her breasts filled out nice, firm and round, her legs lengthened and shaped while her butt firmer and formed a fantastic shape, she certainly looked a lot... [more]

A little awkward (no kissing rule)

My husband of 14 years has been urging me to opening up our bed to one of his attractive friends, either in a MFM threesome or just me having my husband and his friend have sex with me back to back. His friend is our age (38m) and is married, but separated 4 months from his wife and I've always thought he was a cute, nice guy. Known him 8 years. I... [more]

Tips Needed

I've become sexually active recently (I'm a girl). I'm short (5 foot 2 in), and built like a brick, though I have 38dd tits. I'm not pretty otherwise. I'm chubby and there is no way of getting around it, even with exercise. I'm a catcher on the softball team, and quite good at it.
I don't have a boyfriend, as I'm not too popular. I've tried to... [more]

Wifes boyfriend in chastity

My wife was telling me about a young hunk that had just joined her company from uni and how she had to buddy him around the company, they became very friendly and would often go out together as he did not have any friends in town.
One night I suggested that if she wanted to have sex with him that was fine with me as long as he always wore a... [more]

Becky a True Milf

I was divorced from my wife at the age of 30. She caught me in bed with her mother. I always had a thing for older women. I guess when I was little I saw my mother's naked breasts hanging down in the farm hose sink as she was taking a sponge bath. That triggered something in my head. I picked up older mature ladies at the bar, but that was a one... [more]

Girlfriends sissy is my husband

My best girlfriend and I have been in a long term lesbian relationship, about 12 months ago we caught my husband wearing my lingerie and heels.
We decided that he should be locked in chastity and would wear only female lingerie and cloths at home, my girlfriend would take control of the keys and be his Mistress, he would learn to do his own... [more]

Company Picnic

We had my company's picnic last weekend, and it was pretty big, maybe 400 people or so. Family was invited, it was nice to meet the spouses of my coworkers and their kids. The BBQ was good, and it was a good time.
They had a volleyball net set up, and my wife said she wanted to play with a bunch of other people. I said go ahead, no biggie... [more]

Boyfriend and ex husband got into a fight

It was saturday afternoon and my new boyfriend (31) and I (30) were on the couch at my place having sex. It was about 1 or 2 pm, and we weren't expecting my ex husband (32) with my son (8) until 6 pm. He was supposed to spend the whole day with him, at a karate competition both were taking part in, in different leves of course (my ex husband is a... [more]

Only one lie

My wife thinks she’s the only person I’ve been with. She believes she took my virginity as teens. Truth is I had already been w 2 girls (once each) before we met. I will take it to my grave unless I get dementia and give it up w o knowing. I’m I a bad person for lying to her all these years? Have no clue what my motivation was to lie at the... [more]

Help me

I’m really not sure how to put this but I was born with two rather large Dicks I have 4 balls everything is completely functional Most woman are scared to have sex Please ask me anything you would like to know Questions only from women Thank you so much

Live in Sex Partner

I've gotten to old to take the abuse of men cheating and lie to me. So I decided to go to animal shelter to adopt a dog to keep me company. I connected with Tucker a mix breed that had Great Dane in him. I wasn't tiny or fragile woman. I was somewhat stocky, so I knew I could handle him. We seemed to hit it off. I was nearly 70 and kept... [more]

I love a tall fat woman

My girlfriend is 27 yrs old and 6-1 400 lbs. I am 5-4 130 lb 47 yr old. I love being out with her in public. People give us strange looks. I love it when she wears tight clothes that show off her huge belly and breasts. In the sack, she loves to dominate.

Suspicious minds

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
So, if an old friend I know
Stops by to say hello
Would I still see... [more]

Upset Boyfriend (Spring Break)

A couple of weeks ago a few female friends of mine and I spent 4 days in Mexico for spring break. My boyfriend couldn't go, had to work, but I'm still in college, so I was off.
We spent our time drinking, clubbing, and sight seeing. One of the clubs was having a wet t-shirt contest, and one of my friends said, "We should enter. We have nice... [more]

My GF just came out as Bisexual

I have been dating my girlfriend for nearly a year, and last night when drunk she admitted she was bisexual. I asked why she only just said and she said she thought I would think she was off chasing girls, needing a bit of both lol. Drunk I stupidly said I don't care if you wanna have sex with other women it's hot (I was thinking about lesbian... [more]

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