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Amateur Night

I took my wife to an amateur night at a strip club in the city about a hour from where we live. We just watched and after my wife saw that most of the women were just normal looking girl next door types she admitted on our drive home that she thought she could of won first prize. We talked about it when we got home and I got an erection knowing... [more]

Life waisted

I met my wife 27 years ago will be in July. We dated around a year and really I was unsure of her. She was sort of young acting and just seemed like she had no goals in life. I guess that came from her lifestyle. Her mom and dad were like that. They lived in an apartment. There is nothing wrong with apartments it's just the walls were bare with... [more]

Pregnant Attraction

I have always found pregnant women very arousing. When I was in college I saw a girl and it was obvious that she was pregnant and she was not trying to hide it. We were at a party and I noticed her sitting with two other girls and she looked so sexy to me with her belly starting to show under the halter top and above her low cut jeans. Her two... [more]

Want to marry a shemt

I t to get and give her all she wants at be there I her forever and love to get together t hay sex orgy's

My wife's tattoos

My wife has the names of her previous sexual partners tattooed on her lower belly. I wanted her to do it and went with her to the tattoo parlor and watched the guy tattoo her. He said that he would cut the price in half if she would fuck him. My wife was very horny and needed to fuck so I said go for it. While he was fucking her the other two... [more]

Wife has Larned a lot.

When we got married my wife was a virgin. I was the first to pop her cheery. She didn't know anything about sex. When she sucked my cock she jacked me off more than she sucked it. About two years into are marriage she had a one night stand. She got drunk with her girl friends ended up going home with a guy. He fucked her really good. She felt bad... [more]

Wife as a sex slave

My wife was asked to be a sex slave for a month and she agreed. At a convention a wealthy man flirted with my wife then surprised her by telling her he would pay her a year's salary in cash if she would be his sex slave for a month. The first time he asked she laughed. Then we talked that night on the phone and maaterbated to the idea of her... [more]

First Cuckolded

When my wife and I were dating in college she also dated other guys. She knew that I loved her and she told me that I couldn't date other girls if I wanted to date her. She usually only dated a guy a few times and when he wanted to fuck her she would break it off. One morning after she had been out on a date she called me and told me to come to... [more]

My daughter

I have a very much overweight daughter that has a black boyfriend at the moment, she has had other boyfriends that were white. my husband which is her stepdad like the fact she has a black lover that he wanted to fuck her in a threesum with her boyfriend. i think he may have already. he says that he would not have a problem with me fucking my... [more]

Coming out to my girlfriend

My girlfriend asked me if she could dress me up in her clothes one night, it was a boring, rainey night & there was nothing worth watching on the television so I said sure. What she didn't know was, I have been a crossdresser all of my life. She shaved my entire body, polished my toenails, super glued long false nails onto my fingers then polished... [more]

Want my gf to fuck other mem

So for about 6 years now I've liked the thought of my gf fucking other guys. It turns me on so bad. Started by her cheating on me when I was bad on drugs. She was tried of my bs. I found out by seeing her texts. But what surprised me was I had the hardest boner reading them. See pictures and videos she was sending. Reading how she meet up with... [more]

My brother and my girlfriend

My brother and I were riding around in my car when we picked up my girlfriend. She got in the front seat between us. My brother's girlfriend was supposed to join us but she couldn't get out of her house.
We went to the drive-in and pulled into the last roll. My girlfriend and I went and got some popcorn and then got in the back seat with my... [more]

Kissed my wife

It was two years from the time that I first kissed my wife until I fucked her for the first time. My wife and I dated when we were freshman in college and were both virgins. I tried to have sex with her but she kept saying that she was not ready. Summer came and we went our separate ways. The next fall I decided that I wanted a woman that wanted... [more]

It's nice having a pool

Mom climbed the ladder and got out of the pool completely nude. I followed her as she walked over to the lounge and laid down on her back. As I approached her, I could see how beautiful she was.
She laid there in the full sunlight with water droplets glistening on her skin. She spread her legs wide and I started moving between them.
"Fuck me... [more]

I thank her boyfriend

I want to thank my wife previous boyfriend for only fucking her once a week. He barely broke her in for me.

Bull calling to my place

An old bull is calling to fuck my girlfriend tomorrow. Can’t wait

Sexual with my brother's wife

My brother and her wife has been living in different countries for various reason(specially stuck due to pandemic). So for about 2 years they have been away from each other. My brother apparently have started to have an affair with one of his colleagues, after which my brother's wife started to go in depression. So to cheer up I started to keep... [more]

Meeting Wife on Nude Beach

The first time that I saw my wife, she was at a nude beach with her then boyfriend. She looked fantastic and I immediately wanted her. I saw her every Saturday all that summer and actually spoke to her several times. Toward the end of the summer she was at the beach all alone. I spoke to her as I walked up the beach looking for a good spot to sit... [more]

Nude Beaches

Has your wife ever gone to a nude beach? Was it with you? Did you ask her to go? Was it before you were together? Was she with a boyfriend? My wife has been to a nude beach with me but also had been to the same nude beach with a previous boyfriend.

Sexual Experience

Being a man in my mid twenties and having very little sexual experience, one girlfriend in college who I lived with for two years after college, I have met a woman that is everything that I want. Very attractive blonde 5 feet 5 inches tall, 120 lbs, smart, has a good job in a bank, great in bed. However she has admitted that she has been with... [more]

Gf only acts promiscuous

Around me alone when we are out she acts completely reserved but when she gets around her male friends she LOVES dressing in see through tops, wears bathing suits that magically slide over easy and will pretend she doesn’t realize it while her smokin ass body and shaved pussy are exposed. 100% loves knowing they are getting off on it.. so why... [more]

Want to touch my neighbor another girl

I lost my job and started spending a lot of time with my neighbor when my husband is at work. As time goes on, we have become trusting friends sharing more and more. We come and go from apartment to apartment without knocking, except when my husband is home. And that's easy because he is 3 off / 4 days on.
So now the problem. I have gotten... [more]

Open marriage

Had a close friend who wound up in an open marriage. They had been married about 2 years when things started to go wrong for him and his wife.
One night at a club we all got together for some drinks and talk about old times, I noticed my friend's wife dancing with some stranger but didn't think anything about it , we all had been drinking a bit... [more]

I'm a cuckold to the love of my life and another man

Before any of you doubt it, I promise this confession is 100% true. There is absolutely no falsehood in any of it. I also welcome all input, both positive and negative, you may have.
I have been in a cuckold relationship with my Queen for the last six years. Throughout our relationship, I have never, ever, slept with her. And she has made it... [more]

Betting wife

The wife and i were in a crazy mood one night so she bet me she could turn on our next door neighbor and never take her clothes off, the loser would have to give oral sex any time and any place the winner wanted.
I of course jumped at the chance to watch her try to excite our neighbor, this guy was in his late 50 s and his wife was a prude as... [more]

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