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What a Thrill!

So I'm not a kid any more, but since around 1st or 2nd grade I had friends with whom we'd do 'sissy' things. Pull down each other undies, a little touch. By the beginning of Jr. HS, we had progressed to jerking each other off, and attempting pentation, anally. I did a stint in the military and when I returned hooked up with my old friend and we... [more]


I like to top when 69ing. The wife complains that my nuts are smothering her and causing a form of claustrophobia. I think she’s just making it up. Am I wrong?

Most would call my wife a slut

We are a late 50s couple who have tried most things in the last 15 years or so. It started with swapping with other couples and going to sex parties, but it didn't take long to learn that my wife didn't like me sticking my cock into other women and it upset her, so I gave that up to keep her happy, but she still wanted other men so we changed our... [more]

Wifes bestfriend

So my wifes bestfriend and I have grown a could relationship over 6 years. We not tell dirty sex jokes in front of one another. When she's single, she's very touchy and playfull with me. I joke to her and my wife about theesomes and she laughs it off. My wife gets annoyed and suspects I want one. But doesn't lean into it.
I've told her... [more]

White dick sucker wants black male/female couple

I'm a 52-year-old white man I'm bisexual and I am a bottom and I wish I was sexually satisfying a black couple. I've been watching some of these hypno sissy porns and these tranny videos and oh my God I wish I was this gorgeous as some of them bitches because then I know I would have no problem getting dick and pussy. bibabyboytoy
I like sex... [more]

My Biggest Mistake, losing her.

Her name is Patty. Red hair, freckles, that hair had every color of red possible, she wore it long. She came to our school in the 6th grade.
One look and I fell in love. But I could not even talk to her, I was too shy.
We were in several classes together in High School, I did manage to say hello, but that was it. She was in every fantasy I... [more]

High School Friend

One of my friends from high school would always come over on Sundays to watch football since he was a jock and was QB in high school. I knew that he wanted to fuck my wife when we were in school but she never went out with him since we were a couple. He often talked about the many female classmates that he fucked and I was always impressed with... [more]

Nephews ex girlfriend

I have been texting Lucy my nephews ex girlfriend the last two weeks and she has been sending me pictures of her wearing lingerie,in cosplay and boobie shots, last night I invited her over to my house and it started out with a hugs which turned into friendly kisses.
As the night went on we ended up having a romantic escapade with all the... [more]

I found the line

My Wife and I have a great open relationship. She is happy for me to sleep with anyone as long as I’m safe and I’m happy for her to do the same. Only difference is, I quite like to watch her when she fucks other men. When I do she says it’s different and the guys treat her a little more like a pornstar. They are a bit more rough, always like to... [more]

COVID lockdown is the best

So for the lockdown my wife and I invited another couple that we hang out with a lot to stay with us. Pool our resources and save money. It was a blast.
One night, Steve and I were down in the basement playing ps4. I get a text from my wife Julie. She said, “Hey. We are horny.” I told Steve and we both went up. Girls are laying on the bed... [more]

Bride Used

After we left our wedding reception and drove to our hotel, we saw a strip joint a few miles from the hotel. After we checked in my wife said that she had never been to one. I asked her if she wanted to go and check it out. She said that she did and would change. I told her that I wanted her to keep her wedding dress on.
When we got to the strip... [more]

My trained whore gf

One of the girls I'm seeing is this 16 year old slug, trained to please and loaded with daddy issues. Let's call her Helen. The unusual thing in our relationship is the age gap, I'm almost 20 years older than her. O guess that's what happens when your parents break up and raised by a useless mother.
Anyway, Helen has developed a lot in the 5... [more]

I put a remote kill switch on car to stop girlfriend from driving

When my last girlfriend moved in with me she would go to the 7/11 or Wawa's two of three times a day for something like sour candy, fountain drink, cigarettes etc. We shared my Cobra Mustang so I connected a remote controlled 12 volt on / off switch to the fuel pump power. Just to do it and be an asshole and have power and control I click the... [more]

Doing The Unthinkable

I never thought I would be desired by an older couple but sex is sex and an enjoyment. I enjoy my relationship with Jill and Tim a senior swinging couple. I met them at a meet and greet hosted by the local swing club. They was the oldest couple there and seemed not having any luck in connecting. I placed myself at the table that they was sitting... [more]

GF and the QB

My first year of college my roommate had been the QB at his high school and had fucked many of the girls which he continued doing in college. He often would bring a girl into our room late at night and fuck them while I was already in bed. About half way through our first semester he brought in a very cute blond girl with great boobs. As usual I... [more]

Wife seduced me

My wife had just broken up with her second long term boyfriend when she invited me over to her dorm room. I'm pretty sure that she knew that I was still a virgin while she had been fucking for three years. We made out on her bed for a while and then she stood up and took off all of her clothes. This was the first time that I had seen a naked... [more]

Good Old Days

When I married my wife she was a bit older than me with long saggy tits and had a dark hairy bush. We screwed a lot but she wouldn't blow me. I asked her about what she thought about my cock and told me it was decent but not as big as her uncle's who she saw naked showering. I asked her if she would do a cock as big as her uncles. "Sure now that... [more]

He's My Cousin So What

I was going thru some difficult times in getting a relationship going for me. I'm a BBW and couldn't get into a relationship with guys. All they wanted was a one time deal from me until I gave in to my cousin's sexual cravings. He stopped by to see my brother who was enlisted in the service but told him he headed back to the base. The clothes I... [more]

Days of with mother in law

Since the first time I met my mother in law, there was something about her that made me want to get closer to her. She's 5'0 tall Short hair,in her late 60s arthritis in her fingers, missing teeth, saggy tits , big weird shaped ass, ugly feet and toes. But I have always had a sexual attraction to her and I spend every day off I have with her.
I... [more]

Honey Blow Job

Have been married 36 years and to keep things interesting sexually , I asked my wife to tell me three things she wanted to do that we hadn’t done before. She got embarrassed and told me that I was a pervert, but about a month later she brings a small container of honey into our bedroom. Tells me to lay back and enjoy, then starts to slather my... [more]

I don't want to live.

My wife has told me she is involved with another man. She met him at the gym. She said it started innocently and now they are sleeping together. I had no idea anything was going on. She seemed happy. She was even still having sex with me all the time. I thought things were great. I help her clean the house and spend lots of time with her. We do... [more]

My Lover Too

Being a fat girl you don't have sexual activities much. John, maybe my future step-dad, might become become my lover too besides my mom. Mom is seeing and dating her best girlfriends ex boyfriend. Mom doesn't mind me peeking in when they are having sex. Mom asked me to be more friendly and open to John since he might become my step-dad. I think... [more]

I was turned into a pig

I was dating this girl back in college, I was your average hockey player, I was pretty athletic, but after I met this girl everything changed. We started talking then after a while we hung out, she made a massive dinner and a bunch of desserts, when I started to struggle to eat she made me feel bad so I ate almost everything, by the end my belly... [more]


Ok first…
She works for me in a higher end management position.
We’ve worked together for a year now, I always thought she was beautiful but just not my type.. so I never even thought about going there…
She went out with COVId, and for some reason I missed her terribly. When she came back we had time together and I realized that I’m deeply in... [more]

Wife just told me her sexual history

Just two nights ago, my wife of 14+ years spilled the beans of her past. We were out to dinner, had some cocktails and she was feeling pretty good. On the way home we started talking very platonic about cheating and why people do it, and is it wrong entirely..etc. Just a married couple chatting away. She says, "Let's get the kids to bed and meet... [more]

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