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Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and... [more]

I miss my wife

My wife passed 2 years ago, We were together for 14 years. In all ways the best part of my life. As time has gone on I miss so much about her. She was very different from any other girl I had dated, I found in time she really loved to have sex,
By looking at her, or talking to her you would not know any such thing. But once she had your trust... [more]

What changed

I love my wife, to this day I think she is beautiful, with a body I love. Years ago I had asked her to wear tops more revealing, she said she really did not feel comfortable doing that. I gave up asking after a while.
A while back, she started doing things without asking me or that did not make sense, one of the things was a so called loan to her... [more]

Three weeks to make a decision

I’ve met a lovely man, we’ve only been out for coffee four times and so far things seem really nice for us.
His mother has passed away and is now staying with his father for three weeks to help sort things out.
We have been texting each other all the time and just before he had to leave we texted about what we like sexual.
Just about everything... [more]

Always needing a tissue

When I was experimenting sexually as a young teenager with my first boyfriend many years ago, when I mean years ago I mean before the internet.
I thought when boys cum it came out in two jets because the guy I was did this.
I would always have to have a tissue and cover the end of his dick, if I didn’t it would shoot out in two different... [more]

Finding her pics

Going through some old boxes in our attic, I found some old pictures of my wife before we had met. They looked to have been taken when she was in her mid 20's.
They look to have been on a hiking trail in a very wooded area, Some showing her chest and a few full nude near a waterfall.
When we met I knew she liked to go hiking, and still does. I... [more]

First lingerie shopping experience alone

I am a straight male who has been wearing lingerie for 3 years with my wife's total consent like many poster's here who enjoy mild to heavy cross dressing I have plenty of Lingerie and Femme gear now including heels, blouses, skirts etc. and wigs, I love having my wife make me up usually all weekend at home I go Femme it is just so good.
My wife... [more]

Totally under my control

I am so very happy, about three months ago my husband started talking about playing with chastity, I jumped at the idea helping him to select a chastity cage, we ordered a clear plastic one with internal locking device bit expensive but the reviews were great.
When it arrived I shaved him and gave everything a perfect clean before locking him in... [more]

I'm a straight girl who's only ever slept with women, FML

I'm 23 and straight, only interested in men, but the only people I've ever actually managed to sleep with have been other women.
It's not like I'm swimming in pussy either. We're talking a grand total of five or six times that I've ever had sex; it's just that they've all been with other women.
Part of it is anxiety. I'm scared to... [more]

I’m the dog

So all my other friends are the man of the relationships. Well I’ve gone and got myself a dominatrix as a girlfriend. She is cruel and makes life very difficult, but i can somehow see myself falling in love with her. Obviously she’s the the one who wears the pants (and the strap-ons), so you’d think I’m the woman and she’s the man o the... [more]

What’s going on

I’ve met a really nice girl at work, both of us in our early 30’s and we really enjoy each other’s company.
In the two months we have been together we have not had full sex, we’ve done just about everything else.
I’ve fingered her to orgasm loads of times, I’ve cum in her knickers, given her a full body massage.
She has wanked me off, blowjobs... [more]

Trained hubby

Are there any other trained husbands out there? I would like to more ideas of how to train my husband or what else to make him do. My husband currently knows when he gets home from work, he is to put on my bra and panties and prepare my dinner. if the door bell rings, he must answer in what he has on. He also has to go outside in the backyard to... [more]

Not sure what to do now

I’m male and 49 eight weeks ago I met a lady online, she is 55 the first two weeks exchanging emails and pictures about our life’s, the last three we have been using Skype and seeing a lot more of each other!
We have arranged to meet in real life for the first time this weekend, travel arrangements and hotel sorted.
Last week on Skype I saw... [more]

Can you find any honest guys on here any more.

I'm looking for a new boyfriend to chat with . I'm tired of being lied to and not being able to get them up on messenger when I need them. I'm 25 and 5' 4" blond hair blue eyes and single living with my twin brother in al. only serious inquires only . If you don't have messenger e-mail me and ask for invite and I can bring you into mine... [more]

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