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Naughty wife

So I was at work 2 nights ago. Wife texts me. It said, "I'm horny. I want to fuck when you get home." I said, "Sounds good to me!" She said, "Wanna do something naughty tonight?" I said, "Like what?" She said, "A threesome." I said, "Lol yeah right." She said, "Seriously." I said, "got someone in mind?" She said, "Not in particular." I said... [more]

Keyholder Helen

My wife and her best girlfriend have had a sexual relationship since school that continues, I have not minded because our sex and life is great.
Helen has convinced my wife that I should be locked in chastity and she should control the keys plus my release. Helen is coming over this afternoon for the initial locking of a cage she purchased from... [more]

For better or worse. . .

I've been married 4 years. My wife is 26 and is a really pretty brunette. The issue is that she was in a bad car crash last year and spent a month in the hospital. She suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which has changed our lives forever. Thankfully, she didn't die, but she's going to be on disability probably for the rest of her life... [more]

Husband Jealous After Learning Old Boyfriend Made Me Squirt

My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We both dated and slept with other people before we met. That’s never been an issue for him. A few days ago, my older sister and I were together and were sharing a bottle of wine. We got a little “tipsy” and somehow the conversation turned to “old boyfriends.” I didn’t even know my husband was... [more]

Late afternoon

I was layin' down one day next to
my friend she was naked like I was
she asked me if I needed a hand
and I said "no". She said "how about I play with your dick", I didn't
feel like lettin' her play with my dick and she asked me the second
time and I didn't say anything. After a few minutes she reached
over and started rubbin' my dick... [more]

Punishing wife so she'll show me affection

Ok so my friend asked me this question n i thought i might ask it here:
He has been married for 20+ years n have a small family, however he continues to tell me that his wife shows no affection towards him whatso ever. He says sex is non existing and she won't even allow him to pleasure her (making her orgasm) n she won't even give him a bj... [more]

Dating a Nazi

I'm involved with my first serious boyfriend. I dated a couple of guys in high school, but we never got naked or anything. I'm 20 now and this white guy I'm with is really great. He shaves his head, but looks sexy that way, and is 180 lbs of fit muscle tone. He also has a gorgeous penis. It's around 8". The problem is that he is a white... [more]

Ladies what do you do?

Ladies. your man or your boyfriend has friends or you have coworkers that hit on you behind your mans back what do honestly do?
You take it as a compliment cause he’s cute and it turned you on and say nothing ever?
You tell your man cause you don’t like him being around someone that calls himself a friend of your man and hits on you and cares... [more]

Best/Most Memorable Orgasm?

I recently had the best orgasm ever: it's weird, but I came while having a leg cramp at the same time. It felt so good. I've never gotten off that hard ever. Might be the pain/pleasure mix or something. My bf said, "Are you okay?" lol. Oh, yes, I was reallllllly okay. . . .
For the guys and girls: Can you recall the best or most memorable... [more]

Best Xmas present

My Mother in Law gifted to me for Xmas the best ever presents, a virtual see through floral blouse with matching padded bra, panties and suspender belt, leather light brown mini skirt, seamed brown stockings with brown 4 inch heels, everything looks so sexy especially when I am made up and my blond wig is brushed and on.
For five years I have not... [more]

New Year tradition

Each New Year I have a tradition where I list my gift wishes for my wife, divorced Mother in Law, two single Sister in Laws and my eldest sister, this year it was as follows :-
Bright Lime Green pantie and bra set
Bright pink see through lace nightie
Silver four inch heels
Makeup set
Clear plastic or hot red PVC panties
The girls draw one... [more]

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all those that have posted decent, nice, clean, Confessions, Stories or Questions a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, particularly the following:-
Straight males wearing panties 24/7
Straight males wearing Feme including make up and wigs at home with the support of their wife.
Straight males wearing Femme out while accompanied... [more]

Time for less smoke and misdirection

I've been coexisting with Sondra for years. We have spent long periods of time apart but one or the other kept our animals and house(my property ) going. I've made more money and always paid a larger portion of everything. I have never had sex until Sondra showed me. She is way more knowledgeable than me. It is a little tough she gave me an std... [more]

Time for less smoke and misdirection

I've been coexisting with Sondra for years. We have spent long periods of time apart but one or the other kept our animals and house(my property ) going. I've made more money and always paid a larger portion of everything. I have never had sex until Sondra showed me. She is way more knowledgeable than me. It is a little tough she gave me an std... [more]

We both went bi bi

First off, this is all totally legit. Couldn't make this up if I wanted. I'm 47 and my wife is 45. We've been married for 10 years
I've been on nights for 6 months now. Wife works while I sleep during the day. So it was the weekend and we are in bed touching and rubbing and kissing. Wife says, "I've been thinking." I said, "About what?" She... [more]

The Lady next door

When at home I always wear female attire and have my eyes, lipstick done and earrings on, about two months ago I was cleaning in my panties, bra and heels and when a knock came at the door I inadvertently just opened it without realising standing there in full view was the single lady from next door about seven years older than I but very well... [more]

Painted beach babe

My husband and I were at a beach where people were painting girls while naked or wearing just a thong it looked so sexy I decided to get done and my husband was all for it the first time I wore a thong and was painted as wonder women it felt so good having people watch and the end product was amazing, walking around having people looking at your... [more]

MIL loves me cross dressing

I have worn panties, bras and nighties since I married, my wife and mother in law know, like and support me, three months ago my MIL brought over a sleeveless PVC black dress with PVC panties that she got off the net they fit perfectly and are so comfortable I wear them all the time at home, she has recently extended my cross dressing by... [more]

My fantasies

Wife and I were horny, naked and in the pre sex touching phase. She asked me what my fantasies are. I said, "Well, I have a few but nothing I'd like to share." She said, "Oh I got to know now." I said, "I don't want to start a fight." She said, "Just tell me. I'm super curious. Come on." I said, "Ok. First one. I want to catch you having sex with... [more]

Three girls me and a dog

I was in the bedroomone day on the bed laying there with three girls and a dog, we were all naked and the girls said they were going to suck the dog and make it cum. They got on their knees on the bed and the dog stood up and one of them took the dogs balls and started playing with them, one of them took the dogs dick and started playing with it... [more]

My Relationship With A Guy

First let me tell you it's not all bad it's that I get up in the morning and find something to do, it's the same thing every morning with me and him. We lay together in the same bed, he has no complaints about me playing with his dick, really he likes it a lot. He's been having a sexual fantasy about being with a woman who has a slit mouth, I... [more]

Three girls, a dog and me

I was alone with three girls in the bedroom one day. The cutest little blond girls were taking turns with playing with the dogs dick and balls for an hour. The dog came and the two girls took turns with me one of them sucked my dick and the other one sucked my balls. I finished twice and they quit sucking me and got on their hands and knees. I... [more]

Cuckold Hubby

I have had a relationship with a young well hung stud at my work for about 3 years about 2 years ago my husband brought up the idea of being locked in a chastity cage so I jumped at it, after he was locked for 3 months I told him about John and explained John would be sleeping with me quite often and he would move into the downstairs... [more]

My coworker

We worked next to each other for about two years when one day while we were leaving work she was walking with me to the parking lot, she had started doing this for a few weeks which I found odd but never asked her about it. We were having a pretty normal conversation when out of the blue she asked me why I have never asked her out to dinner or... [more]

Great wife

So my wife hates giving head. Don't get me wrong, she's amazing at it. She complains that the jaw movement gives her headaches. I ask for head. She says no. One day I asked and she said no. I said, "You know, it's not cool to just make me never get head ever again." She said, "You're gonna divorce me over that?" I said, "No. I want head. Not like... [more]

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