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Wife love's to tease me.

We like to go out, for dinner, or wander around some town's along the river. They have alot of shop's are not the norm.
My wife is well aware that she can get me aroused just by wearing something a bit revealing, and she loves to tease me to see if she can get me to have a hard on as we are wandering around.
It started with her wearing top's... [more]

Smokey black plastic Maids outfit

For well over twelve months I have had a slippery plastic Maids outfit smokey black with white trim so very sexy, three piece with pinafore and thick multi layer petticoat, my wife ordered it off the net and although it was a bit expensive it has been so very worth every cent, she measured me perfectly and it fits so well, I wear it almost every... [more]

Progressing through cross dressing

My husband has been a straight cross dresser for since before we were married some five years ago after we fell in love he told me about it and I really did not mind, I loved seeing him at home in panties and bra along with nighties then he started wearing suspenders, stockings, heels, blouses and skirts the biggest thrill was when I started doing... [more]

My wife is an absolute enigma

My wife is undeniably hot to a lot of people as she draws both attention and comments. She always is professionally well dressed at the office. In public she insist on dressing conservatively that drives me nuts she would never allow a hint of cleavage to show.
Many would kill to have the body she has. Here is why she is my enigma, she is a... [more]

The FINISHER 14” long 8+” thick Dildo

Sexy petite little skinny wife with a porn star sex drive we met and fucked on our first date. I have a above average 8 1/2” long thick cock she wasn’t shy about being a size queen. Telling me she was relieved I had a big dick she looked at me for my reaction smiling. You don’t think im a slut she asked with her forward and honest exclamation to... [more]

Getting her trust back

Two months ago my best friend and his wife invited me out to spend a day on the river on his boat. My wife was invited, but she had to work. There was one other couple there, so five of us. We're all in our late 20s, happily married with kids, normal suburban types.
We were just having fun talking and drinking, when my friend said to his wife... [more]

Help with having mixed raced children ???? in the UK ????

I am a very well hung man with a BBC. I live somewhere nice in England ?????????????? in the UK ????.
I am married and I don’t have any child yet after 10 years of marriage. My wife promised me 5 children before we got married. She already had a son from her previous relationship. I am a very hardworking black man. I am super fit, nice butts... [more]

I want a biracial child

I dream and wish for a biracial child with someone. I am 44 years old, white and am in great shape. I am financially secure and would really want this to happen. I am looking for a black lady who shares my feelings. Let’s chat and make this happen.

Vaginal piercing

My husband is being a nuisance for some time he has been asking that I get my labia's pierced so he can put a padlock through, it is not necessary because I love him so much and would never cheat but he is getting very insistent I am sure it is a fetish he has picked up, I am starting to think I might.
Could any women that has had this done... [more]

My cruel MIL

About seven months ago my wife caught me wearing her panties and bra with makeup on, so embarrassing but she brought me some sexy pantie and bra sets so I thought everything was going to be fine, she told her mother and asked her over to view me in lingerie and makeup, I was so humiliated.
Her mother decided it would be better if she made me up... [more]

Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and... [more]

I miss my wife

My wife passed 2 years ago, We were together for 14 years. In all ways the best part of my life. As time has gone on I miss so much about her. She was very different from any other girl I had dated, I found in time she really loved to have sex,
By looking at her, or talking to her you would not know any such thing. But once she had your trust... [more]

What changed

I love my wife, to this day I think she is beautiful, with a body I love. Years ago I had asked her to wear tops more revealing, she said she really did not feel comfortable doing that. I gave up asking after a while.
A while back, she started doing things without asking me or that did not make sense, one of the things was a so called loan to her... [more]

Three weeks to make a decision

I’ve met a lovely man, we’ve only been out for coffee four times and so far things seem really nice for us.
His mother has passed away and is now staying with his father for three weeks to help sort things out.
We have been texting each other all the time and just before he had to leave we texted about what we like sexual.
Just about everything... [more]

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