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Wife's toy boy

I am 27 my wife is 26, we have been married for five years, for the last two I have been having an affair with my very hot divorced secretary 35 because we often attend intra and interstate company conferences together and share the same hotel room, all with my wife's knowledge and approval as she says it enhances our own sex life.
Other than at... [more]

Am I racist?

I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm going into 9th grade in a few months. I just want to know if I'm racist, now its not like I don't like one race. It's just that I find black men so attractive! I see myself marring a black man, that's just who I'm attracted to. I like other races too, but black boys are my dreams men. Does that make me racist?!

What a difference

Just before Christmas my boyfriend came home with some viagra, he got it from his friend and wanted to try it.
A few days later we had sex and what a difference, he doesn’t have any problems getting an erection, he was wanting to just try it.
From start to finish his penis was super hard, at one point he was going in so deep it started to hurt a... [more]

I did not think that would happen

My wife and I have been married 8 year's. I am lucky that she is always looking for ways to keep thing new and fun. She let me take some picture's of her with her chest exposed, doing different thing in different top's.
It was fun for both of us. I printed some of the picture's, and after a week or two I kept one in my glove box in my car, she... [more]

What do you guy's think?

My husband has been asking me to wear top's that would allow you to see in my top, Low cut, blouse's that open up as I turn or bend over. I have always thought of this as slutty, he is telling me it can be done tastefully. He would like me to do this and to some degree make it seem as if I am unaware that I am exposed. Mine you he would also like... [more]

The mother of my child doesn’t want sex anymore

We once had a very satisfying sexual relationship after our child was born it started decreasing now I think if she had her way we wouldn’t have sex at all I haven’t sucked a titty or licked a vagina in 4 yrs......I don’t know what’s going on if she is trying to force me to look outside the relationship or what I have been so horny I mastrubate... [more]

Where are the real men

I’m a 52 year old female, been divorced for two years, I have two grown up children, I live on my own, go to the gym five times a week and go out with my girlfriends as much as I can.
In the two years I’ve been officially divorced, separated three years prior to divorce I’ve not managed to find a man with a bit of go in him.
I’ve been on many... [more]

After they are grown

My wife and I have been married for 16 years. We dated for 2 before getting married. She had a 3 year old when we met and we had a baby together after being together a year.
We have always been open and honest sexually. She told me she wasn't with the father of her baby because her daughter isn't his. She cheated on him and got pregnant. I... [more]

Dark and cute

Im Mandy 23 years old. Few months ago I met a guy named Taquan. A 28 year old black guy. Who was cute, very dark skin, really deep voice, athletic, wore baggy clothes. I Met him at a friends house and we exchanged numbers and started chatting I was single for almost a year before meeting him.
We chatted a lot after we exchanged numbers and we... [more]

Why should I

When i was 16 my big brother wanted me to do a gang bang with him and twenty of his friends. I ask him over and over why should i. he keep saying you are beautiful sis and very sexy would you please. i keep telling him no so he send my x-boy friend Joshua over to as me the same thing. and I said why should i. he says because you have a beautiful... [more]

Smitten with a younger girl

So I m an older single guy (41) who recently met a 21 y/o girl at a business function. We connected immediately and I offered to take her out for a drink after the event. We ended up sleeping together that night. This was a week ago. Since then there have been a few texts back and forth but I have been out of town so it hasn't been much.
I... [more]

Best friend again

My husband was out of town working for two weeks, I had a chance to attend a high school reunion but decided against it then my phone rang it was my very best girlfriend that I had lost contact with for years she was coming from over the other side of the country and wanted to see me, so I excitedly agreed to pick her up at the airport and have... [more]

I spank my wife

In this day an age it may be difficult for others to understand this, I spank my wife. It’s a sexual turn on and it is a punhishment. When she is doing housework or just walking by I look at her butt and go up or call her over and feel her butt up and spark her, a real hard good spank, that is sexually exciting to me. In bed I spank her, I have... [more]

I would love to know what is so fascinating with the female body

I just wander what men find so fasinating about the female body. Me and My daughters have just what I call an adverage female body two of us are Blond hair Blue eyes and an averager body. my Baby girl has brown hair and is smaller twe are. I'm 36 the next is 19 and the youngest daughter is 13. I find some times men will bump up against out Boobs... [more]

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