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I ran into my ex last Friday night at a bar we used to go to. She was dressed in one of my favorites outfits she has and was sitting with 3 guys at least twice her age. She is 27 now and we've been divorced for a little over a year now. We exchanged hellos and I just went and sat at the bar to have a drink. A little while later one of the guys... [more]

I am tired of women who judge a man by the size of his wallet

I have been searching for the right woman for years but 95% of the women i meet online only want a man who either has loads of money or is hung as a horse!
it gets tiring after a while its already been proven that a normal healthy woman outlives a man by 2x his life span so why would i look for a woman to take care of when i know i wont be... [more]


STORY .. ... !
In the village i live there’s a WOMAN and HER house was far from my house.
I try many time to get HER CLOSE but SHE didn’t allowed me. But i kept trying and finally SHE broke HER silence. I came HER house 1 evening.
Me : i have every possibility to stay with YOU, what’s YOUR mind is playing. Keep it for few more days,
SHE... [more]

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Time Spent WITH HER .. ..... |!

Staying in a village near the town, and few days later i fund A WOMAN WITH THICK STOMACH. Within couple of months we started talking and HER house was near market place. Soon for personal reason SHE CAME TOO CLOSE. So almost 3 months passed, I came to know that SHE can’t escape me now any more.
...... day
Me... [more]


This was in town, but big rail yard was there. After working for almost 11 hours at night I used to go for walk and return back with our dinner. Within a month i started knowing people around and after couple of month A WOMAN came close to me for personal reason.
She lives beside that rail yard and every night i go there for dinner. Her house... [more]

State Park sex

I haven't seen my lover since Feb. Some of it because of work schedules. Some of it is she works in a hospital. We met in town and I drove to the state park nearby. The upper part of the park was open, its some what out of the way. We drove up there and set out some wine and cheese. We was sipping wine talking in person for the first time in... [more]

Husband won't give me my birthday wish

My husband is a pretty straight-laced guy with not a lot of kinks. I have several, and he is reluctant to indulge me. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that I wanted him and a couple of his friends to roleplay a home invasion, tie me up, and fuck me. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I was kidding.
I am dead... [more]

My Wife Lost her Virginity while I Watched

My wife and I were both virgins when we met in college. When we were just starting dating and not exclusive yet, another guy asked her out and she accepted. He told her that there was a frat party and asked her if she wanted to go. So on Friday night she went to the frat party with him. Not having anything to do I went to the party by myself. I... [more]

Kissing Wife

I want my wife to use her mouth to get another man hard and I want to kiss her while he is fucking her. After he has come inside her I want to lick all of his come out of her before I fuck her. Then I want the guy to fuck her again. I have told my wife that I want to do this and she spoke with a guy at the grocery store and he is coming over later... [more]

Trying to convince my friend's wife to divorce.

I’ve known my best friend and his wife since 5th grade. That’s when I was abandoned and my grandparents took me in. I joined the military at 18 because I didn’t want to go to college and damn sure didn’t want my elderly grandparents going in debt for me.
I didn’t reenlist because my grandparents needed back home. I learned to weld in the military... [more]

I need of more sex

I am a 44 yo male, happily married for 19 years. Life is good in most fronts, but sex life is slow. It seems like for several years now, i have to ask ( almost beg) for sex. How do I get my wife to want sex more often?

Golden Years

Approaching our Golden years, myself and my wife are now well into our 60's, wife is mid 60's I am late 60's we have been together over 45 years now and I still fancy the pants off her. However in the last 18 months to 2 years I have been having trouble keeping a firm erection, I still find my wife desirable and she knows this, however the... [more]

Fat wife gave me a blow job while pooping

Every morning my wife hauls her fat ass into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and looks at Instagram while she poops. We’ve been married long enough now (we’re both in our 30s) that she doesn’t feel she should close the door or anything. So I’m laying there on our bed looking at her from the bedroom and I’m suddenly aroused.
My wife is a fat... [more]

Wife played strip poker

The wife (45) Michelle and I(49) have been happier married for 23 years, dated for 2 years before that. We have always shared our past experiences with each including her telling me about six months into our relationship so 24 1/2 years ago that she played strip poker in the conference room of the telemarking company she worked for with 8 MALE... [more]

Did your wife have more sexual experience than you?

I first noticed my wife when we were sophomores in college. I wanted to ask her out but she was dating another guy. I waited until they broke up and then I asked her out and she accepted. We dated for a couple of months and even though she told me that she was no longer a virgin, she said that she wasn't ready to have sex with another guy and then... [more]

Wife didn't ask

We were at a friend's house. Was the 4 of us. Me, my wife, her friend and his wife. We were outside by his fire pit. We were drinking and eating grilled food. Then she asks him how big his dick is. He isn't shy. He said, "I dunno. Like 7 or so." She said, "Wow. Nice. Is it thick?" He said, "Not freakishly thick. Its not skinny. Why?" She said... [more]

I feel bad but he is such a great guy

I will try not to make this a long story.
We grew up together all the way thru graduating high school, she went off to college and met a great guy. I could not believe it when they moved back but his commute was long for work. About five years later they decided to move pretty far away, almost a 1000 miles, but it was a great advance in his... [more]

Wife's big mouth

Some time ago the wife and i bought a house, it was a fixer upper You know sheet rock, paint molding electrical repairs , that kind of thing.
Every weekend I was happily working on our house, the wife could only do so much and after a while she would have her co workers over for the weekend so she could go shopping with them.
One weekend she... [more]

Somewhat frustrated

I have a new boyfriend, and we're in that phase of the relationship when we're going at it hot and heavy at least once a day. We're also learning about our likes/dislikes, and how to respond to each other's bodies. The first time we had sex it was like he was trying to be a porn star or something to impress me, but I told him to cut that shit out... [more]

Wife's phone.

A strange thing happened the other day. My wife was on the phone and I was in the basement working on some stupid project. She was very quite on the phone so that i didn't notice when she came down to the basement. She hung up the phone and was standing there in front of me naked and grabbing at my pants. She pushed me down on the floor and... [more]

Flirting affects the wife

My wife is easily taken in by any guy who flirts with her.
She is very attractive so men try to flirt with her all the time . i can accept that, in fact i expect it. However, she will believe any compliment a guy will through at her, its like she craves compliments from men. When men do compliment her she sometimes has a emotional affair with... [more]

She's got male friends

I've been dating this nice girl for a few weeks. She has a lot of friends, including male friends, whereas I'm more of an introvert. She's always texting, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, etc. The thing is that a lot of the guys she's friends with are black (she's white). I'm not racist or anything, but I'm a little edgy that she 1) has a ton... [more]

Honest wife advice

Weve been married 20 years, as most couples had out ups and downs. The last 12-18 months ive noticed my wife has been acting more secretive and distant? And i know were not perfect, but i know after this long when something isnt right? Once she in subtle ways didnt want me to go to her office holiday party, i said ok have fun. But was ok with... [more]

Wife Goes Along With My Desire

I married her because I thought I got her pregnant. She's in her early 30's and I'm in my mid 20's. What drew me to her is her huge breasts. She got a kick of having me play with them. Three months into our marriage relationship I had a desire of watching other guys fondling, groping her oversized breasts. She was ok with it. The first person she... [more]

Experienced Wife

When we started dating, I was a virgin while my girlfriend (wife two years later) had sex with two other guys before me. She asked me if it mattered to me that she had sex with them. I told her that it didn't and I liked that she was experienced since I was not. Through the years that we have been married I often think about her having sex with... [more]

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