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Motivated FWBs are twice as fun as 10s

I've been with very attractive women and jumped through all kinds of hoops to please them. Inevitably there came a point when it felt as if my efforts to pleasure them were received as if THEY were doing ME a favor. I do enjoy pleasing, but if my efforts aren't appreciated, whats the point.
I also enjoy playing a more dominant selfish role. If... [more]

Cock today ?

How many ladies sucked and/or fucked a nice big cock today ?


Loves to be shared

Tight Wife

I am glad that my wife fucked two guys before me as I work to get my dick inside her tight cunt. I want her to fuck someone with a bigger dick so that mine would fit into her easier. I have invited a black guy who I met at the gym and have seen in the showers to come over to watch the football games on Sunday. Hopefully my wife will want him to... [more]

Wife got pregnant

A few years before we got together my wife got pregnant from the guy that took her virginity. My wife actually told her mother that she was pregnant and her mother said that she would have to leave college and have the baby. My girlfriend told me this when we were just friends before we starting dating. She told me that she lost the baby when she... [more]

Made wife fuck a black guy

I wanted to see my wife fuck a black guy. She didn't want to do it. I kept asking her about it for 2 or 3 years. She finally gave in. I got a black guy to come to the house. He fucked her really good while I took a video. It was great. I wish she would do it again.

How to get sugar daddy back?

So I matched this guy on tinder who immediately asked me to Snapchat. When I did, he send me a text saying that he’s looking for a girlfriend to spoil and make happy, that he pays cash or can buy things up to a very generous amount per month, and that physical dates + nude pics/videos are required. I said I might be interested, and he said send... [more]


Ok so here goes. My wife has always been bi-sexual. It was wonderful early on. She’s a nurse and believe it or no she always seemed to bring another girl around. We shared at first but now she’s 54. She still has girlfriends however I don’t get to join as often. She’s much more into women anymore. Sometimes I watch and other times I’m invited... [more]

High school girlfriend

My wife was my high school girlfriend during our senior year. While we dated we never had intercourse. Then we went to different colleges and agreed that we would date others. During the four years of college, I dated quite a few girls but only had sex with five of them since three were long term relationships. After college my wife and I got jobs... [more]


How long a cock has your wife had and is it yours? My cock is 7 inches and my wife says that both her previous boyfriends had longer cocks. She does say that mine is the thickest of the three of us and that she likes the thickness.


While I had sex with four girlfriends in college prior to meeting my wife, none of them including my wife were virgins. Did you prefer having sex with a virgin or an experience woman? I assume that I am not the only guy that has not had sex with a virgin. Are you also a guy who has never had sex with a virgin?

Wife was engaged

When I asked my wife out the first time I didn't know that she was engaged. I was surprised that we went back to my room after the first date and had sex. As I walked her back to her dorm she told me that she was engaged to be married the next summer after graduation. She also told me that if I didn't mind, that she would also date me.
We dated... [more]


It was only after recently a female friend of my husband commented on her that cuckolds are "bad performers" in bed which hinted on his sexual prowess. My husband got a little upset but he did not want to rebut this female since she was a casual friend from our social friend circle and not from swinging lifestyle. So, he said the more he discusses... [more]

Thinking of "tricking" him

This could have gone under "cheating", I guess, but because of the feelings and the amount of time involved, I chose "relationship". My boyfriend and I have been together for going on 1.5 years. I'm 22 and he's 51. He's married and even though he has promised to leave her almost as long as we been together, he keeps putting it off "because of... [more]

He's Our Savior

We live with my brother-in-law which I really never met when my husband was alive. When my husband died I had no idea what to do or how I was going to make living ok with me. It started when I wrote to my brother-in-law telling him his older brother past away. We began writing letters and then calling each other thru my bad times. He suggested... [more]

Change to our relationship

This past summer with all this pandemic stuff going on we were always home and no where to go my relationship took a turn towards improvement. My fiance and i been together for quite some time. We are both 30 and have a child together. We usually have arguments 2 to 3 times a week. She is beautiful,bright blue eyes, 38dd tits, thick thighs and... [more]


A month before my wife and I got married I received a box in the mail. When I opened it the first thing that I saw was a photo of my wife lying on her back with a guy between her legs. There were several photos of her with this one guy some of them with her sitting on top of him with his dick inside her. Then there was a photo of her sitting on... [more]

Mother In Law

I am married with two kids. However, I've always had a thing for my mother in law. She seems to be a pious person and all and her husband is 68 years old whereas she is 50. She shared alot of her past stories with me and likes talking to me. I dont know if she really likes me or she wants to be close with me in that manner. I know for the matter... [more]

Girlfriend and Wife

With my wife's consent I have been fucking her best fiend for about 2 years a few months ago my girlfriend said she really, really would love to also have a relationship with my wife.
One evening when she was over my wife went for a shower so I sent my girlfriend in, after they washed each other they both began to cuddle and kiss my girlfriend... [more]

Tell me something

My wife likes to casually suck dick. I'll be in the shower. She will come in to pee and open the curtain. I'll ask what she's doing and she will say, "Looking at what's mine. Come over here." And she will suck it. We've been married for 7 years and she will still give me a blowjob like 2-3 times a week. I don't ask. She just does it.
So one... [more]

College GF

When we were Freshmen in college I dated a girl that would five years later become my wife. We dated for about a month but she wouldn't let me get past third base, meaning no fucking. I decided that I didn't want to spend time with a girl that didn't fuck so we broke up. During the next three years of college we continued being friends while both... [more]

My Turn With him

My best friend met this guy. They was together a couple of years. I was envious of her. He tried to hit on me once and I told her. I didn't want to get my friendship with her ruined by him. I was hoping she and I would get it off someday. I like to play with both sexes.
I placed an ad on a dating site. I wanted a companion to do things with... [more]

Friend's Mom

I sometimes sleep with my friend's mom. We're both women and I tend to stay with her whenever she is drinking or is depressed. She has been suffering from depression and I have been staying with her in bed to help her. Sometimes we just talk, other times we make love.

Wedding Night

My wife and I had lived together for two years before we got married. My wife wanted to do something different on our wedding night instead of the husband fucking the wife as we had fucked hundreds of times already. I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me how about you get all of the guys in the wedding party to meet us in the wedding... [more]

Naked Wife

How many men have seen your wife naked? Were any of them friends of yours? My wife had sex with two guys before we started dating and of course they saw her naked. While we were living together I took her to a nude beach and many guys saw her laying on her back with her legs spread. We also went to a nude beach with my best friend growing up and... [more]

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